Adderall overdose: How much amount of Adderall to OD?

Children and adults can overdose on Adderall, when taking amounts more than prescribed. More on exactly how much Adderall is safe for you and the amount of Adderall that causes overdose here.

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An Adderall overdose can be fatal for adults or for children.

And even if you don’t die during an Adderall overdose, OD’ing on Adderall can cause permanent damage to your body. So can you prevent an unintentional Adderall overdose? We’ll review the risk factors for Adderall overdose as well as recommended quantities for safe dosing to avoid Adderall death cases here. We invite your questions about Adderall and overdose at the end and try to respond to all Adderall questions promptly.

How does Adderall overdose happen?

In general, the time Adderall stays in system depends on dosing frequency and amounts, but it can be detected in urine for days after last use.   But sometimes people take too much Adderall?  How and why?

There are a few reasons why someone might take too much Adderall. Adderall helps people with sleep disorders like narcolepsy stay awake, so it can be used to try to increase alertness, But increasing the frequency of Adderall dosing or the amount of Adderall that you take is an easy way to unintentionally overdose on Adderall. Taking Adderall for getting high can also result in an overdose. And some people overdose on Adderall as a form of self-harm or as part of a suicide attempt.

Adderall overdose – How much is too much?

One special danger with Adderall is the fact that it’s often prescribed to children suffering from ADHD. In fact, it is much easier for a child to overdose on Adderall than an adult because of the difference in body mass. The fatal amount of Adderall varies from person to person. And even normal doses of Adderall can (infrequently) cause sudden death. In general, 20-25 mg/kg of a person’s body weight is considered a fatal dose.

In children – The typical dose of Adderall is only 2.5-5mg per day. It should never be given in doses larger than 40/mg per day.

In adults – Adults may receive anywhere from 5-60 mg of Adderall per day, depending on their situation. But even at normal therapeutic doses it can be dangerous and cause stroke or sudden death. As little as 30 mg of Adderall can be dangerous to some people, while doses as high as 500 mg have been reported as safe in people with chronic exposure and histories of Adderall abuse. 70 mg in one day is considered the maximum safe daily dose.In a 150 lb adult, the fatal dose would probably be about 1360 mg.

Adderall overdose complications

Cardiovascular problems are the biggest risk of overdosing on Adderall. But Adderall can cause heart and lung problems even at doses lower than OD range.

Adderall overdose prognosis

In an emergency Adderall situation, you’ll need to receive immediate medical attention. The prognosis will depend on a number of different factors, including your own size and body chemistry. Because the results of Adderall overdose can be so unpredictable, it’s best to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Adderall overdose amount questions

This medication should only be taken in the doses recommended by your doctor. And Adderall abuse (taking Adderall to get high) poses a real risk of death and overdose. You’re increasing your risk of overdose when you snort or inject Adderall.

If you have any questions about safe amounts of Adderall in your system, please leave them here. We are happy to try to help answer your questions about Adderall, and will try to respond with a personal and prompt reply for all legitimate queries.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. If I’m a 17 year old boy and weigh 120 lbs, how much 20mg adderall XR can I take without overdosing??

  2. I took 220mg of Vyvanse, I weight 155 pounds. Just to be safe I went to the hospital which I am currently at. I’m just wondering if anyone else has been in my situation. I’m on max dose (70mg) currently I have a very high heart rate. I’m assuming I won’t die because I’m in a hospital but I’m sort of worried. I took 180mg at midnight and 40 more at about 3:30pm. I wasn’t feeling the 180 anymore so I took the 40 knowing I was already on a high dose. From what I understand vys leave your system after 14 hours so should I only have 40 in my system? If so why do I have such a high heart rate. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense I’m mostly just looking for understands.

  3. my dosage is 15mg but i accidentally took an extra 10mg to see if that could help even further. I don’t know whether that’s too much for me, I’m 15 and weigh about 130lbs exactly. Was this too much, or will I be fine for now?

    1. In terms of are you going to die, no you’ll be fine. It likely will not have adverse effects on your body. But definitely dont get into the habit of trying new doses. That’s how tolerance and addiction are built. And trust me, adderall is one of the last substances you want to be addicted to. While not the same as meth, it is still an amphetamine mixture, and has terrible effects on the body and mind over time. If you’re worried about your dose not working, let your doctor know and they will likely work with you. Amphetamines ruin lives if you’re not careful, so please be careful.

  4. Hi there, I’ve been on dexedrine for about the last three years. My current prescribed dose is 60mg a day at around 7ish, 12ish, and 4ish. I am 21 years old and weigh 185 pounds. I’ve always been pretty responsible with taking the medication at the appropriate dosing windows. Prior to this semester I had only taken over the prescribed dose a handful of times- these instances occurred during finals season. However, this year has been particularly challenging. Since the start of the year I have become increasingly bound to all-nighters during which I continue to take dexedrine. I’v pulled plenty of all nighters in the past but refrained from taking additional medication, this is to say that I am familiar and aware of what it feels like to be up for 2 or 3 days at at time. The reason I am writing this post though is that I’ve been up since Monday at 3pm and have since then consume approximately 105-125mg of dexedrine. I called poision control this morning and explained the situation, they told me I should probably push my dose window back today, However, I need to finish this work tonight. I have not taken any dexedrine since around 4pm. I feel physically fine other than occasional acute pain near my heart. I am otherwise very healthy, I am a varsity athlete. Basically I want to know, if this situation arises in the future, will I be able to take that 10mg I think I need right now or will it have extreme adverse affects on my health. Sorry- to clarify^ The time stamp on my end says 4:16am posting time. My local time is 9:16. At this moment I have been up for 54 hours straight and, other than mild drowsiness, acute pain, and a slight reduction in speaking ability (all other motor skills are fine) I feel okay. Thank you.

  5. hello.. okay so i am two months from turning eighteen years old. 5’5 , and i weigh about 131 lbs ? well anyway i’m not prescribed to anything. the last medication prescribed to me by a doctor was for depression a few years ago but i stopped taking them. i have never taken adderall before until about three months ago maybe. i was out with some friends , of course drinking because that’s how teenagers are unfortunately. but i was offered one pill to keep me up. of course i had to know what it was for and if i was able to take it so i asked what it was and i looked it up to make sure. so yes , i took one. the next morning i was acting really weird and i wasn’t really concerned because i assumed i was fine and that it was jus the comedown because it was my first time taking one. i was with my sister who is sixteen years old , we had jus gotten home and i’ll say this was about 6-7am , she took one too but she wasn’t feeling what i was feeling. she was normal. but i wasn’t physically able to do anything that i tried to do. like i couldn’t make complete sentences , i talked like a robot , i looked like i had no emotions at all , and i couldn’t use my phone right. she told me to sleep it off so i tried. i was fine later that day , but there’s another story. so last night i was with the same people okay ? we were chillin in their garage listening to music , drinking and smoking weed.. and before i started drinking with them , i was offered the same pill. i knew i didn’t like the comedown the last time i took one eight ? but i wanted to stay up with them.. so me and my sister took one together , but she ended up leaving me there almost an hour after we did , then she took one more before she left. then maybe 30 minutes or an hour after she left i took my second one. i swore i was sober too.. but i was hella talkative and asking everyone a BUNCH of questions. so then a few hours after my second one i took one more.. i still didn’t feel any different so i gave up tryna drink. so i jus sat there with no one to talk to because everyone was asleep , and i felt like i was getting tired but i knew that if i went to sleep then , i wouldn’t wake up until around 8 pm or so. so around 5ish i took one more to keep me awake the whole time.. and all throughout the day i couldn’t make full sentences , i could not see anything on my phone , so i started to freak out a bit because it started to get bad. i was tryna tell someone i was scared but i couldn’t tell anyone what was going on. it was like i wasn’t even there. every time i would try and say something to someone only a hum would come out. and i jus sat there staring at what was going on around me. then around like 6-11pm i was trippin really bad. i felt like a zombie. like o couldn’t do anything right. i was past a cigarette and it was close to the end and i started to look at the cherry and slowly turn it closer to my skin. and i couldn’t stop. i kept digging my nails into the palms of my hands when i really wanted to say something. it was almost like i could only actually comprehend anything in my brain but nothing else. like i understood what everyone was doing and saying and i was aware of my surroundings , and i had multiple conversations with myself in my head jus tryna say it out loud but i physically couldn’t. and nobody understood that i was tryna tell them i needed help. it was almost like i was possessed with something and every time i would try and get help they would try and stop me. but it started to wear off around midnight and all i could do was cry. i felt hella dead inside and outside. all i wanted to do was sleep but i couldn’t. the tears would jus keep pouring down my face like it was raining. i had a lot of suicidal thoughts but i didn’t wanna talk to anyone at all about it. and i still feel like that. and it’s now 4pm. all i can do is lay here in bed staring at the wall not moving a muscle. i don’t know what any of that means , but i feel like no one understands what i was feeling.. what does this mean ?

  6. My daughter tried to commit suicide by taking 50 (30mg) adderall IR. She survived. She is in treatment for depression, anxiety and low self esteem. She did this due to a boy at school bullying her for over a year on Snapchat. Then when he and her attended the same high school the situation got bad. She didn’t feel that telling the school or even me, her mother could stop the situation . She only felt it would make it worse.
    I’m wondering if there are any long term bad side effects she may suffer from in the future for consuming 1500mg of amphetamines all at once, she had no tolerance to the drug and has never abused any drugs. She was just looking to die when she did this.

  7. I’m 18 years old. Both of my parents work and they rely on me to get my 10 year brother ready for school in the morning. This includes giving him his daily dose of adderall. 17 days ago he changed from 10 mg to 15 mg. The tablets were 5 mg, so I would give him two every morning. When he changed to 15 mg, I didn’t read the label and my parents didn’t specify that the tablets were in higher doses and he should be taking only one tablet each morning. I’ve been giving him three tablets each morning. He’s been taking 45 mg of adderall every day . I don’t think can’t I can live with myself. We’re taking him to the doctor but I don’t know what the results will be. What have I done to him? What if he’s severely poisoned?

  8. Hi, I’m new to medications and am currently taking generic adderall 7.5 mg for ADHD but I don’t really feel anything from it except slightly more concentrated but not enough and I can feel it wane on the afternoon. My insurance is ending so I can’t see my doctor again so I’m stuck on this dosage until I get my insurance back and want to know if maybe I should try taking two doses in the day? I’m a 330 lb female so I would like to also know if maybe the low doses may not be affecting me as well because of my weight?

  9. Hi. I am currently a freshman in college and I have been prescribed adderall since freshman year in highschool. I started to abuse adderall IR on and off during my late junior year, taking 20 mg all at once rather than two 10 mg spread out during the day, then taking 30, 40, and so on until my script began to run out. From there things only got worse, and in the beginning of my senior year I got my dosage raised to 20 mg and I was taking an average of 60 mg a day. On my biggest binge I took around 120 mg, mind you I am 106 lbs and 5’5”. I have had several instances where I thought I was dying and I believe I have weakened my heart because now even when I take my prescribed 20 mg dosage, I feel tingly and disoriented. Because my biggest fear is a stroke or seizure, could these feelings just be anxiety from the fear of having one? I had my BP and heart rate testing recently (about four weeks ago) and everything was normal.

  10. The 1st day i started back on my reg dose of 40mg later that night i became very weak breathless and everything hurt. Even my lungs felt as though they were starting to fill. This is the 3rd day and boy im in such agony but dont get me wrong i did go to the E.R. but they misdiagnosed me with a stomach flu. Haha. My muscles were burning. Im now going to go to a walk-in. Do u feel im taking too much. It just doesn’t seem to work unless i do. Oh my guess is i also may have pancreatitis

  11. Hi, I’m 18yrs old, 140lbs and about 6’2”….I went 3 days with no sleep, no food and took probably about 10-12(10mg generic methylphenidate pills) each day. I was out with friends and suddenly fainted and later I suspected I had hypothermia, Cold sweats, loss of consciousness,(previous) frost bite had become much more severe, I started slurring words, couldnt move at all, extremely low heart rate, I couldn’t even get out of the car to walk up to my apartment(two of my friends carried me) …I’ve taken more than that in a day prior but I fear that may have been an overdose. My core temperature was at about 95.6degrees, it was no less than 65degrees outside that day and sunny. I’ve never had this issue before or since, but I have had trouble staying warm, my body temperature seems to adapt to wherever I am(almost like I’m “Cold Blooded”)….I fear it may have been an overdose. Could it have been? And if so how do I know how much was too much? I still take Adderall(generic&real) when needed(not prescribed) but I haven’t binged like that since. I do notice my heart rate increases when I take it but nothing too severe. Im mainly concerned this could be permanent damage to my body.. Sorry for the long post, I appreciate the time reading it and look forward to hearing back from you.?

  12. What happenes if u are supposed to only take 20mg and I took 20mg I don’t want my parents to know about this j just want it over

  13. My doctor prescribed me 30 mg. XR Capsule 2 x aday. I weigh 258 lbs. Is this amount to strong for me to take ?

  14. I am wondering what symptoms I should watch for if I think I took too much Adderall. I am prescribed 30 mg a day due to hypersomnia (I am borderline narcoleptic) and I usually take one 15mg pill first thing in the morning and one 15mg on my lunch break, however, I think I accidentally took my afternoon dose twice. My mouth is unusually dry, I feel dizzy and it also feels as if my heart may be racing slightly. From what I have read, I don’t think I’m in danger of dying but I just wanted to know if there is something I should watch out for that would prompt me to go to ER.

  15. I take up to 60 mg of Adderall a day . My Dr started me on it several months ago . Since day 1 of taking it iv’e been having issues of edema in my legs and feet . It causes me to weigh 20 pounds heavier than my normal weight . When i lift my legs it feels like i’m lifting led . I’ve heard some people say that adderall doesn’t cause edema , but it can make edema symptoms worse . I agree with them because iv’e been on adipex in the past the sped my heart rate up like adderall does and it caused my legs and feet to swell so i struggled with edema with that as well . Then again iv’e heard other people say that adderall actually causes edema . I don’t know if it does or not , but it sucks big time because i need my adderall . It really helps my depression ( which is what my Dr prescribes it to me for ) and i shouldn’t have to struggle with edema because of it . Could Adderall really be what’s causing my edema ??

  16. A friend has been taking 50-55 mg of Adderall for over a year now. She weigns about 130 lbs. and is 5 ft. 5. I have noticed a change in her personality. She stays up to all hours of the night doing painting projects and working on other things. I am concerned about her.

  17. So yesterday was my first time consuming Adderall…I used it to get high I consumed 240mg of aderall I felt good for the first few hours but once it started wearing off I felt weak and dizzy I never ate anything….later on that night I threw up all the water I had drank and I never fell asleep now today I woke up with my heart beating and pumping hard Everytime I would stand up….I finally ate some food and drank water and I imideatly felt better and my heart stopped pumping fast….am I ok? you think I overdosed or I can just treat it here at home.

  18. My daughter took about 6 to 7 of her 20mg adderall and she weighs about 170 something. She is not having any of the symptoms of overdosing. Not sure what to do.

    1. Hi TAMARA. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  19. I’m prescribed 20 mg adderall for mornings and 10 mg for afternoon. My cousin decided he wanted to try and get high and stole 4 of my 20mg to swallow and snorted 2 of my 10mg. I need to know if I should be worried about him overdosing. He looks kind of spacey and out of it like he’s in a trance but he’s replying normally and talking perfectly fine. He just looks.. out of it.

  20. Hello, so I am a boy and I will not reveal my age. However I am faily young but a young adult. I take Adderall sometimes to stay up at night and to stay focused. Every once in a while I take a 30mg tablet or even half or a quarter to get me through school. I am pretty fine, I was wondering what would happen if I took more. I don’t want to overdose, and I also don’t really need it ass well. I took one not to long ago and I’m feeling fine. I give a lot of my success credit to Adderall. I really love it and I am now a straight A student. My uncle and brothers think I have ADD, but I have not said anything to my parents. I also take other things, and I was wondering what drugs or substances I should not mix with Adderall. For example I deal with depression and anxiety, so I have to take depression pills, will those affect me in any negative way?

  21. I’m 14 5’2 100lbs and I got 2 20mg pills from a friend and I took them both at the same time and not knowing better i also drank a monster energy drink. about an hour later i started twitching sweating excessively shaking and shivering and I get extrememly paranoid and get super scared of loud noises so my friend told our school nurse which called an ambulance and when I got to the hospital I was given a pill to slow my heart rate and then was sent home. What will be the long tern side affects (ik this post is old and nobody will read this but I’m scared)

  22. I weigh 370 lbs and took over 200 mg of Adderall
    This morning. I am not having any real side effects
    Except for I feel off, have a headache, and don’t
    Feel right. I can’t get help because then my
    Psychiatrist will stop prescribing it for me. I usually
    Take 30 mg 3x per day. Just took another 30mg
    Tablet. It is bad to go to sleep? Will something
    Happen in my sleep?

  23. It all depends on how much you weight, eat, drugs you’ve done in the past, there are many factors to the question. In my case, I take ,”” prescribed”” 20 mgs twice per day. One time I took 3 and nearly lost my mind. It’s a very fine line for everyone. I take alot of very powerful drugs, Xanax, Adderall, methadone, for the past 14.5 years, remron, and lamictal, heart meds, lung mds ,I have emphasema , past heroin addict, past marrajana
    Smoker, 2 packs of smokes per day, I can’t do anything because I’m literally slowly dieing actually faster than slowly. So Adderall, everyone is different, it’s all bad. Don’t take any of any medications. They just want your $$$$

  24. Hi, About 2 days ago(it’s Thursday today) I popped a 30mg adderall and I smoked some weed( this was my first time ever taking adderall and I don’t have ADHD). Ever since I took it, my hear rate has been really high in the 90-130bpm range. What should I do?

  25. Hi, I was prescribed adderall and, I am almost certain I overdosed on it or took too much of it consistantly years ago. I have just been too scared to take it again because I have severe anxiety and think I will die from it. I wanted to take it tomorrow. I divided a 20mg piece into four and was going to take 5mg but now thinking about cutting the 5mg in half. Can 5mg of adderall kill you or cause bad effects? I’m honestly asking this so my anxiety about it will go away. Any information is wonderful. Thank you

  26. @yas just calm down. Don’t take that much that would be an entire days worth. Heart racing is a symptom of coming down it will pasa. Just try to relax and play some video games. Don’t induce panic on yourself you ok. Yes you took a ridiculously large dose but just don’t make yourself worry too much that won’t help. Stay calm.

  27. Okay so I took 3 25mg adderalls today. Which added up to 75mg and this is my first time in a very long time that I’ve taken it but I took it to get high. I took the first one around 8:10am maybe, and I took the second at about 8:40am and the third at about 10:30-10:35am and I was on cloud nine for a while but around 11am when I went to lunch at school I felt nauseous. I had lost my appetite and decided to eat some strawberries and drink some milk and juice but whenever I drank or ate anything I nearly threw up. I still felt fine after that though, other than still being relatively high, but around like 2:30 or so on the way to my home school (I go to an alternative school) I began feeling sick and my stomach began hurting and I ended up throwing up. I still have the feeling of being high and like I’m walking on air and all that but my heart is racing and I feel nauseous and lightheaded and I feel restless and fidgety. And (this may not be the best website to use because like the memes kinda show how it is) I used WebMd Symptom Checker and it said the top possibilities were Side Effects From the Medicine, Allerigic Reaction, Constipation, and Drug overdose. I’m 16 and honestly I’m kinda freaking out and I’m literally on the verge of a panic attack and I don’t want to take my anxiety medicine just in case. I really need someone to reply about this because I don’t want my parents to find out because I don’t plan on using again because of a promise I recently made to someone, but I need to know what to do. Like if I go to the doctors about it, the school (which is ran by the juvenile justice system since I was sent there for assault unfortunately) and my parents will find out and honestly I don’t want them to be anymore disappointed than they are. So can someone please reply quickly.

  28. I believe I have adhd but have been self medicating and I alsp.believe I’m predisposed to addiction. How much adderall in one day is too much? I take 10 mg every 4 hours In the morning but it’s the evening now and I feel chasing

  29. adderall will kill you so fast it’s unbelievable!. the fillers and binders just clot in your veins every shot, and your veins just dir from one shot in the one vien, it has with me anyways. I hurt all the time from what injecting adderall has done to me. 44 years old and won’t live probably no more than a few more years. Bad stuff guys and girls.

  30. i need to take adderall for heath reason 30mg EXtended release every day but im afraid that i will die in 10 years if i take it every single day is this true? what are the long term risks im afraid of dieng from this drug but at the same time i need it? PLS HELP SOMEONE

  31. Hello, over about 1.5 hours I have taken 150-175 mg of adderall. I’ve bee on add meds for 8-9 years so I have developed a resistance to it. I am a 17 year old female, 5’3.5′, and weigh 112lb. I have an extremely active lifestyle. My normal dose is a 5mg in the morning at 4, 25mg at 7, and 5 at 4 in the afternoon. This has been low for me lately though so I have developed a resistance to that amount. I also took normal doses of ibuprofen for an injury and excedrin (asprin, acetaminophen, and caffeine) for a headache. I took all the extra as part of a suicide attempt, but have remembered it is my brother’s birthday tomorrow and it would be to selfish to ruin that for him. Because of this I can’t die yet. My symptoms are shakiness, i believe i am slightly high (i’ve not been high before so i cannot confirm), extremities are very cold, and some of my face is very cold and starting to go numb and tingly. I also have a muscle pain in the indie of my mid thigh. I also urinated, and the urine was very concentrated despite having about 10ml of water over a 30 hr period before that. Through research I have concluded that i have not od’d fatally. However, I would like to check that i will not have permanent damage until I can do this again.
    Please respond quickly. Thank you.

  32. I took 2 20 mg adderall and got kinda high on it. Then I felt the fatigue from lack of sleep catch up from the 2 days before (where I took 2 20mgs and got super high) and now I’m experiencing a few symptoms of od could that be fatal. I don’t want to tell my mom if it turns out I’m not. But I don’t wanna die either

  33. I am 16 years old ,I weigh around 140 pounds. I took 4 – 20mg Amphet Salts extended release at 8:00pm. I am not prescribed adderal and this is my first time taking adderal. I am a lean/muscular male who does sports. It’s 3:0am and I can’t fall asleep.Will I be okay and how long do you think It will be for the adderal to run its course ?

  34. Adderall is not something to mess with. I’m 15 and i’ve struggled with drugs since my 13th birthday. I have drug addict parents and it was easy to hide from them. They were always high and I often took drugs from the while they were on a binge. I’ve done almost every drug you can think of, off the top of your head. It started with weed, to celebrate me becoming a teenager, with my older friends. Little did I know, 4 months later, I would be admitted to a hospital for cocaine overdose. After that week, of no drugs, I stayed away from them for about two weeks. Then I started popping pills to help with the stress. I popped at 2mg Xanax everyday for about a week, before I changed my dose. I abused drugs in my past, so I was familiar with how to dose myself, without overdosing. Then I moved on to adderall. Again, slowly making my dose higher. Then I started mixing the drugs, just to get high. About 3 months after my hospital stay, I was admitted again for perscription pill overdose. I was in a coma for several weeks. Then I was admitted to a rehab facility to take me off drugs. When I turned 14, I was able to go home, with weekly check-ins. After I was “STABLE”, and had no more check-ins, I started shooting up heroin and popping more pills again. Just out of habit. I was on a 6 day binge of speedball, a heroin and cocaine mix, when local police found me, on the side of the road, with no recollection of who I was, where I was and what drugs I was on, just that I admitted to being on them. When my tox screen came back, I had Heroin, Coacine, Adderall, Xanax, Weed, and other perscription pills. One more speedball, which I later remembered I was on my way to do, would’ve killed me. my parents were on a binge as well and were caught, and now, they are both spending 60 years in prison for drug possession and child neglect. I was put in rehab again and taken out of that hazardous environment, and now I’m 7 months clean. I’m lucky that I’m alive today and speak at many events to prevent drug use in teens today. PLEASE USE MY STORY FOR A REASON NOT TO USE DRUGS!!! DRUGS ARE NOT TOYS AND SHOULDN’T BE USED!! MOST ARE NOT AS LUCKY AS ME!!! Please be safe in todays toxic environments! Thank you, if you have read this far. Please don’t make my mistakes!

    1. Thank you, Marrah, for your input. I am sure it will help out other readers looking for advise or information in this comments section.

  35. Im 29 5’9 200lb athletic and have no medical issues.. I enjoy the speed buzz from Adderall a couple times a month (No more than 4x’s a month.. I snort Adderall almost every Saturday at a frat party and I do it bc I don’t drink and it makes me enjoy socializing alot better since I don’t drink.. I snorted 100-120mg in a 3 hour period. Do you think that’s an OD amount or what is your opinion on a certain guarantee OD snorting it and within what kind of time frame.. I feel fine and don’t have any negative symptoms just got paranoid bc I normally only take half that amount so this is the first time which is why I got paranoid

  36. A lot of people posting here seem to be having adverse reactions. Most of the doses people are having problems with don’t seem that dangerous. Taking that amount evry day certainly will have bad side effects, like no emotions, no sleep..feeling short of breath. But what do you expect. I pop a 30mg every now and then to get things done and I feel great, even go to the gym hard, my heart doesn’t seem to race that bad. I know if I wanted a 60 mg dose would feel great but I just wouldn’t sleep the next night. Most of you people aren’t over-dosing, just experiencing an adderall crash – much like a hangover I suppose.

  37. i will like to get a price list of how addy is been sold and the nearest reliable store. i want to get some please some one help me out here. urgent

  38. I’m a senior at University majoring in Computer Science and have been prescribed adderrall on and off all my life due to ADD. At first I was prescribed 20 mg XR every morning and took 10 mg in the afternoon. My dosage was recently upped to 30 mg in the morning and another 10 in the afternoon. I don’t see myself as an addict but I have noticed my tolerance has built up due to straying from the prescribed schedule. I began taking 2 20mg XR pills every morn

  39. I have been taking 15mg adder all twice daily for many years but the last two days taking 15 mg yesterday in one dose and today 7.5 two hours apart. I thought yesterday I must have taken it twice when I thought it was only once. So I took 1/2 of a 15 mg early this morning . 2 hours later I felt fine and even some extream hungar. So I was convinced yesterday would be an isolated incidence. I thought to myself I surely must have taken more than I had remembered by mistake. I decided to take the rest of the 15 mg . 1/2 hour later I started to feel just as horrible as I has yesterday. Sweating profusely and somewhat glittery. It is more than likely a coincidence but I will mention it anyway. I have a sharp pain in my lower abdomine on my right side today. Has anyone else suddenly ultra sensitive to medicine they have taken for years? I have read a good deal about patients with the same dose becoming less effective over time but how often does the opposite happen? Could the manufacturer make a more potient tablet than usual?

  40. I take a total of 60 mg per day(20 mg – 3 times a day.)
    My question is would it be ok and safe to increase my noon
    Dose to 30 mg? At this point, after being on adderall
    For years and after my noon dose, about 1hour later
    I am literally falling asleep. I can’t afford to be falling
    Asleep, because I have things to get done daily.

  41. Im an 18 year old student at concord high school and im in school rn and in the past 5 hours ive taken 150 mgs of adderall, 1 for every hour. I weigh 125-130 lbs, can i overdose??

  42. I have been taking adderall to maintain my two jobs for the past few weeks now, I normally stay up for about two days with the help of adderall XR and then take a few days off. I weigh 160 pound and am 19. I have been up for about 30 hours and have taken 45mg of XR spread out about every 8 hours in 15mg increments. I noticed today that the white in my eyes have a yellow tint to them. I also have been having stomach and chest pain all night. Do you think the yellowing of the eyes is due to the sleep deprivation or the adderall? And is it dangerous?

  43. SO… i was supposed to take a 54 mg tablet of concerta (alternative to adderall) every morning for a week – while i was away at vacation – BUT i forgot. i didn’t want to bring them home cause i knew i’d get yelled at. i also didn’t want to throw them away because they are expensive. SO, i took all seven tablets this morning. how long would it take to feel symptoms and what should i do if i feel any. the only thing i’ve noticed is that i am never hungry. thanks to anyone that can help. i am very happy with the life i have and REALLY don’t want to mess it up.

  44. I’ve been taking adderall for about 10 years. I now have a 3 yr old son and a fiancé. I NO LONGER want to take adderall. It’s a terrible cycle and I want out. I love my family more than anything and I want to get rid of this adderall addiction. I just don’t know which way to turn.

    1. Hi Kay. I suggest that you call the helpline on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  45. i took 2 30 mg doses of Adderall at 10:00 am. i took 3 10 mg of Amphetamine salts at 9:50 pm. I cant sleep. i have a rapid heart rate and i cant stop shaking. What should i do?

    1. Hi Robby. I suggest that you call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

    1. Hi Josj. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  46. I am prescribed 20mg of aderol once a day i took 2 pills together in 1 day by mistake i am 17 years old and 4’9 and a half and i weigh 150 pounds should i be worried about this

  47. My 18 year old son just informed me that he took 150mg of adderall tonight. He’s almost 6 feet tall and weighs about 145-150lbs. He seems ok, but is messing with his mouth a lot and keeps saying random things every so often and then follows that up with never mind. I’m not sure if I should just watch him and wait it out, or seek medical attention.

  48. Hi i tried to kill myself with about 15 to 25 (not sure exactly how many) 15mg adderal pills. what side effect are possible. i feel like my heart rate is higher than normal and i’m fidgeting a lot more. plus i cant seem to get an erection.

  49. Im kind of worried about overdosing on adderall even though im doing what dr says. At 1st he prescrbed 1 10mg tablet daily then each week increases by 1 more 10 mg tablet till i was on 3 tablets a day at same time. Since that was working he has me on 1 30mg tablet 2x a day. But i am still only taking 1 30 mg tablet n sometimes will tske tge other one.. But since i have been on the 30mg tablet i feel worse. I am so tired n start to doze off alot of times throuhout the day. But when i took 3 10mg tablet at same time i was good most of the day. Dr has me on adderall due to my severe narcolepsie. Im not sure why i feel so different even though the mg’s r the same. He told me to go ahead and take 2 30mg tablet at same time. But im scared to death because im not sure if im feeling bad because of the change or something else. What are signs of overdose? U cant overdose on 2 30mg tablets can you? Oh another thing. I have severe health problems n severe chronic pain due to health illnesses n severly messed up back n hips. I have been on so many pain meds n no pain meds helped with the pain. When they start helping my body just absorbs it so fast that an hour half later i need another pill then another one n another one and so on. After years n years of taking pain meds they never helped like they should have. So when in severe pain would just take more n more. Then a year half ago i was trying to fine some help for my pain cause so severe everyday was just hard to get out of bed to use restroom. I then found Methadone treatment. I wished i did investigation on methadone but all that kept replaying in my mind is on methadone u dont feel alot of pain n will make it where ur not depending on hydrocodones. So needless to say 1st 3 months i had no pain at all. Then i guess as my body got used to the methadone n i kept going up in mg. Now im on 150mg of methadone everyday n if i do take any other medications i cant feel anything different. So with that said if i was overdosing i wouldnt know. So i guess im asking if the signs im having with the 30 mg tablet of adderall is a sign of overdosing. Its hard when ur body does not show any affect on any meds. I want to get off of methadone ,ut im scared if i do i will b so deoendent on them again n try to buy off the streets. I want to get better. But i cant give uo the adderall due to if i do i will b in n out of sleep all day n passing out all day. Anyway. Is 30mg well 60 mg of adderall safe while taking 150mg dose of liquid methadone every day

  50. My friend said that she took 100mg of adderallbc she was feeling depressed and stuff but she only weights around 90lbs…is it enought to OD? im scared for her

    1. Hi. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  51. So this kid I knew gave me some addreall because I couldn’t focus in class I took 20mg 30 minutes before class it didn’t do anything for me in fact I fell asleep in class as normal when I got out of 1 st period I was upset that I could not focus and understand the material so I thought I would take more I took a lot more I didn’t count how many I took, but I think I injested about 110 mg of addreall I didn’t really know what it was expect for hearing that it could help me focus, after finishing a lot of catch up work that I had to do I am know laying in bed with a massive headache and can’t sleep I am 17 and weigh about 135 lbs I know IT is not right to take people’s medication but I had a f in this class because there is so much work and I never seem to get it done oh and my heart beat is normal but I got really paranoid for a while I was a dumbass and did not research this stuff before I took it I just wanted a better grade but I fear I have done some damage to my body I can’t tell my parents cause they would kick my butt and it would probably ruin my life I have never used any prescription drugs before and I am very much against them but in this case I was desperate to bring my grade up I can’t go to the doctor because that would require me to tell my parents ,I did get a lot of work done but I very much regret taking these and I don’t regret a lot of stuff in my life .I do play a lot of sports and I feel like it would be a smart decision if I tried to not be as physical, all though I still have to go to practice and I am kinda shaking like if someone just drank a bunch of coffe I really hate addreall now because it did not work as I expected and I feel like I might be in a very bad situation I feel like I have turned into something I never wanted to if I had the choice I would go back in time and not take it because I feel very bad and I feel like I look like a tweeker, and agin I may have taken more or less than 110 mg that’s just a estimate I defiantly took a lot cause I felt like it wasn’t working then bam!! Next thing you know I’m pacing back in forth at 11:00 at night in my bathroom my sister warned me that this stuff is dangerous but I did not listen to her because of how much good stuff I have heard about it, it did help me complete my work , but with a cost , there are no magic shortcuts I have decently learned from this experience I feel like tomorrow I won’t be able to function right is this a possibility? Oh and I also cat stop tapping my foot, and there are these very plesurable tinglely sensations,will people be able to notice and how long will the side effects last like the headache,tapping foot and not being able to sleep I just want to be my normal self

  52. My psyc Rx me Adderall for ADD, Without it I can’t work.Ii take 60mg / day. What would an Adderall overdose feel like? I know the amount is different for everyone.

  53. I’ve been taking around 90 to 100mg a day for about 6 days now and feel kinda anxious at times but overall ok, other than my chest being a little sore. If I keep going at this rate will it catch up with me if I’m taking too much or will my body get used to it. I’m not prescribed 100mg a day but I can’t see my doctor for about 2 months I’m out of town working.

  54. If you find yourself going from taking adderall to get stuff done that had to be done in a short time that would normally take double that time. To everyday cuz it seems like there is no finish line in sight, and is now going on three months at high doses. Not even to get high,at this point but rather to just to be able to function. The highest amount taken ever was 8 or 9 30mg in 24 hours with a sleep session of about 4 hours in this frame of time.

    I’ve been using adderal going on 3 months. Started to get more accomplished, now just to make it through a day. Today I’ve taken nearly 8 30mg ir tablets. I’m not prescribed. Not now. Its not an option to bring it to my doctor. I’ve done sine research as to what I need that can help quit. My question isv what is a good dose schedule over how much time to minimize lethargic episodes which I only have because of this drug. I want and need to do that. But can’t find anything that will start me down the correct path. I’ve conquered far more physical withdrawals on my own. So I have the will power. Just need a guide as to how to taper and how fast in order to get myself where I can safely rid myself of this god awful monster of an addiction that I’ve created. Thank you in advance for any advice going forward.

  55. Hi, two days ago I took 80mg of adderall for the first time, and I got headaches, stomach pains, and shortness of breath. I am no longer having any symptoms, but I’m worried about if it left any damage on my liver, I’m 17 and weigh 145. Please help

  56. I have just moved my 14 year old son into my house , he is being prescribed 3 types of ADHD meds a day and not to mention it is by two seprat docters a day, I’m worried he is on too much it totals to 110 or 111 mg a day… He is a small kid 95 lbs soaking wet ….is this safe please help

  57. I have a person in my life that is taking 210 mil of extended release adderall everyday … Is she going to die ? She is taking them orally! This is personal and confidentially given information .. I need an answer .. It is beitaking because there is too much work to do and she is extretADHD and has been on this medication since 3rd grade .. She is prescribed to 2 30 mil a day .

    1. Hi Carole. Is this dosage from a doctor? Is she using Adderall as prescribed? If the answers are yes, then she’ll be okay.

  58. So, I have been diagnosed with add and it is recommended by a doctor for a 20 mg xr release once per day. I’m 15, male, 155 pounds, and 6’2. So my parents decided that I’m not permitted to get this perscription because they are afraid that I’m going to end up being a drug dealer from getting a perscription or something. I know this is wrong but I took one of my dads 20mg xr and havent much more focused. The only side effect I experienced was loss of appetite (but that may have just been from the 2 chipotle burritos the day before lol.) So now my friend said he would give me a 30mg xr release tablet to help me for my 200 point adv english test. I’m not saying I will do this because I am aware it is illegal to take drugs not perscriped to ones self, but am wondering if this dose would be too much.

  59. For all those reading. I have had a seven year addiction to adderall. I usually take three to five hundred milograms over a two day period! I have felt every single Side effect of this medication. I usually lose ten pounds from not eating and stay up for three four days straight. My heart races the entire time I get blurred vision. Driving and going to work when you have taken this much is very tricky. I think the worst thing of all is the the look on people’s faces when they talk to you while under the drug. I looked really fucked up in the face, throat closes up, when I try to talk the words come out like gibberish. This is why I hate going into public when I’m on it. i definilty feel damage to my kidneys happening after I am done taking it cuz I will drink almost a gallon of water and still pee the darkest yellow pee I’ve ever seen. As for heart and lungs it only hurts after the first day then usually goes away. My brain as well. The worst long term effect for me is the physical discomfort from not being able to sit still and stop moving my arms and legs around. I can barely walk sometimes my body is so soar. My advice stay as far away from this drug as you can if you don’t have add or ADHD. I wish I never tryed the stuff.

  60. I’ve been abusing adderall and vyvance taking about at least 200 mg of adderall and 150 mg of vyvance together in the last 36 hrs I have consumed about 500 mg of adderall and about 200 mg of vyvance I am 100 pounds anyone know if I’m overdosing my chest hurts all the time and my lips are numb most of the time I have also lost my temperature feelings of warmth if anyone can let me know if I’m ok I would like some advice I have a two year old son and I don’t want to die

  61. I’m slightly worried, I’ve taken adderall before, no problem.( even though I’m not prescribed it) But I took 2 20mg today(4/22) around 9:10 ish a.m. and around 9:50 a.m. my heart was pounding, and it was faster than normal. Then around around 10:20 something, my hands began to shake. (But that’s normal for me because I have anxiety.) I also felt thirsty and it was like no matter is much i drank I was still thirsty. Next period was lunch and I was starving. But as soon as I got my food and sat down I lost my appetite. Third period rolled around and I was ok, I actually got my art project finished. But when forth period came, I was walking up the stairs and I got super dizzy and my heart started pounding and racing again, and when I got into class and got to work, my hands started shaking again, but it wasn’t because of anxiety this time, and my leg started bouncing up and down. When I got home (5:30) I just got this really bad headache, but it’s only on the left side of my head. And I thought drinking water, and taking some ibuprofen would help. Well it didn’t. So then I took a shower. And my feet started to look like a tint of purple, and I got worried so I got out. Well I still had a headache, and then I just got this wave of nausea, and it hasn’t passed. Neither are going away. (4/23) And now it’s 2.30 in the morning and I can’t fall asleep. And I still have a headache and nausea, my hands are still shaking and I have no clue what to do. Any advice would be amazing.

  62. My name is Chad and I’ve had a traumatic brain injury. 15 years ago severe brain injury. I was ejected from the vehicle and the front lobe of my head was hit. I am dependent any stimulant because I cannot function or even drive a vehicle until fully awake by a stimulants such as adderall. The state of Alabama requires me to take Adderall XR 30 milligrams twice a day plus a 20 milligram immediate release at 2 o’clock. I have been on this medication for about 12 years. I do not like Vyvanse or any of the other stuff. I wants was on dexedrine 15 milligrams 8 day and my insurance stop covering it. It was very expensive for the insurance company to pay. I would advise anybody anybody two at least getting a pre-authorization on Shires Name brand. Or the Teva brand that looks exactly like the name brand. The activist brand that is tan and a solid color , I am telling you right now do not take it. It has kept a lot of people in bad shape. It is not the same crap. My trashcan wouldn’t even accept it. I hope this helps someone. They do not take the amount that I take. Unless your doctor or psychiatrist says it’s ok and prescribes it to you thanks for letting me share

  63. So I’m 5ft3in and I weigh 160 pounds and I’m 15 years old and I am prescribed 40 miligrams a day for my ADHD. And I was being stupid and so I took about 215 miligrams. I fully awake and can’t sleep but I feel nauseated. Should I throw up all the pills or just leave it their.

    1. Hi Charleston. Vomiting may not help eliminate toxic effects. Tell your parents ASAP, and call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  64. So I kinda went overboard snorting adderall over Thursday night, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday total snorted 11 over 30 mgs. I weigh 214. Yes I know it was stupid my blood pressure is up, shortness of breath, some hallucinations also due to lack of sleep as well. Can I sleep this off or am I in danger

  65. if someone would adderrall and it being 24hr/20mg
    And take it at a time then after 6 hours of when it wears off then take more adderrall then would that be a over-dose?

  66. Im wondering about the long term effects of adderall on the brain. Ive looked it up but dont really have the specific answers i need. Does one with adhd who takes say 60 mg maybe 4x per week have risk of permanent brain damage/nuerotoxicity?

  67. I took two 30mg Vyvanse this morning around 10 and I took two 50mg Adderalls around 12:30. I’m 15 5’10” and about 130 pounds. I didn’t feel the Vyvanse kick in so I took the Adderall. I had a lot of school work to do in my next few classes so I needed to be focused so I ignorantly took the two 50mg Adderalls at lunch. Everything was fine the rest of my classes. Except for the fact I was kinda getting hot. I did all of my school work and then some and the end of the day came. So I went to get on my bus to go home. I started getting nauseous and light headed on the bus and my face, some fingers, and some toes got a little bit numb. I finally got home and I threw up and I wasn’t as nauseous afterwards. My heart started beating really fast though and every once in a while it would skip a beat. It’s now 7 p.m. And I still feel pretty bad. My stomach hurts, I’m light headed, a little bit of numbness, and my heart is still beating abnormally fast. I’ve been laying down in my bed resting ever since I threw up. Am I going to be okay? What should I do.

  68. Hy i have taken like 18 20mgs of amethemphatamine salts throughout this day, i was trying to get over an emotional issue. I have a history of 5 years worth of stimulants, 2-3 with adderall. One 30 mg used to rock my world, and now it takes like 90mg to feel anything. Today, i think i took more than i usialy do but im not un-used to high doses so im calm and collected, nobody seems to notice im on them, i ate dinner and have been drinking water. Im doing the math, and 18 ×20=360mg right? i may have got it wrong. im fine, but i was just talking with someome and hey were concerned and now i wonder i im concerned. Ive taken doses of 160-210 regularly before, like 2-3 times a montb. But i must say, this time i got a little giddy. Is there anything i should watch out for? please answer Back soon. Oh and one more question will this affect my circulatory system? And does this mean I’m am in danger? What kind of permanent damage can be caused? Reply soon please Thank you

  69. Hey I’m prescribed 20 mg of adderall twice a day (the short term release not extended release) and I have ADHD. Well, I started taking the full 40 mg once a day instead of spreading it out. Also, I started snorting it because i heard it could really help you focus. I snorted 40 mg one night a few weeks ago, and then continued doing this. I’ve stopped snorting completely, since I’ve had restless nights and numbness. At times I don’t even know where I am, fully, and have lost a lot of weight. The last time I snorted was two days ago and it was 20 mg. I still orally took a 20 mg yesterday and one today. I don’t feel all the way right. I don’t know what to do. Is this permanent? Can I detox from this? I’m so scared

  70. Hey Adiction Blog,

    Today was my first day of taking aderal (I am not formally diagnosed but should probably have a light prescription, my parents did not want to put a “label” on me) I am 16 and 135lbs today I ingested 4 15 mg with a 45 min gap between taking two pills. The pills were really but I did not notice much of an effect but I have gotten side effects such as slightly shaky legs, beating chest, and dry mouth, but otherwise I feel totally fine and I planning on bring up with my parents to actually get a prescription. I wanted to know why there was not a big or sudden impact like with weed? (And don’t worry I am feeling just fine right now)

  71. Ok so I took two 20 mg slow release pills by mistake, totally forgetting that I had already taken it. I’m really shaky and jittery right now, will I be ok?

    1. Hi, Alexandra. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  72. I am 5’9″ and 111 pounds and I accidentally took 2 or 3 more 30 mg of adderall then I’m prescribed and also had 2 5 hour energies and haven’t been able to sleep could I have overdosed

    1. Hi, Ratherbeunknown. Please consider that it is illegal to consume medications other than prescribed, and you put yourself at risk. If you don’t fell well, call 911 ASAP.

  73. I took 8 10mg ir adderall in a period of 24 hours. I’ve done adderall one other time and did about 100 xr and felt like this too. My head feels foggy-like and my hands are numb, my knees go on and off numb, my arms are numb (no pain in left arm), and I have a headache. My heart beat also goes fast then slow but I’m not sure if that’s anxiety and stress since I’m very full of both. Is this a matter I need to take to a doctor?

    1. Hi, Hilary. If you still don’t feel well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk, or call 911 ASAP.

  74. My friend is prescribed by his Dr 90 mg of adderall per day.
    However he gets Adderall from another friend and I have noticed he takes up to 300 mg in a 24 hr time frame.
    He is an ex meth addict, does not drink nor use meth any more.
    He also has severe complex PTSD (unmedicated).
    Is he taking the 300 mg to get high (takes tablets not inject or snort)?
    He says he takes it cause it helps his PTSD.

  75. I am 14 and I weigh 130 pounds and I’m 5 foot 9 and I’m prescribed 36 mg of Concerta daily for ADHD. A couple days ago I took 360 mg of Concerta for the first time and I was fine. I was talkative and my left leg couldn’t stop tapping if I started to tap. I laughed at stupid stuff and my pupils were dilated. I got 1-3 hours of sleep and had a extreme dry mouth. So I don’t think people that have taken Concerta before can OD, but people who’ve never built up a tolerance might OD. Anyways I just wanted to know if a 160 Heart Rate is normal for abuse similar to this? Thanks have a g’day.


    1. Hi, Sammantha. We’re here to help you… Please, reconsider what you are going to do. Sometimes parents forget how they were acting when they were young. You may talk with your mother about your problems, and try to find common ground.

  77. I have been prescribed 20mg 3xper day (instant release) for ADD and to help with depression by my DR. I found that between 60 & 75 mg spread out throughout the day works best for me. It has helped tremendously and I have no desire to increase this dosage, as it then actually works against me in terms of concentration. I am 5’11” and weigh 200lbs. I am very active with a physical job. Is this safe for me ? I feel great and my avg BP is around 135/77 ?

  78. okay im 14 and 4’11 and im 87 pounds and i have ADHD and i have to take a 25 mg Actavis Adderall XR every morning and im only have to take one thats what the doctor said but i i didnt end up taking it in the morning and so i went to the store with my mom and it was like 3pm when we got back and so i told my mom i didnt take it in the morning and she started yelling at me kinda and told me to take one right now so i did and i was so upset i wanted to end my life (i wanted to end my life for the other reasons too) so when she walked away i took another one and then another one and i think one more and then at like 8pm i went down staris and took like 4 and then i went back up staris and i was getting light headed everytime i stood up and i was calm and chill not like yoo chill like the weed chill but like a quit chill and i just felt hi i dont know if i was hi please tell me

  79. I’ve been taking adderall since 2003. Ever since I lived on my own and had to have 2 jobs I’ve needed adderall to stay focused at work and to stay up. I’m prescribed 20mg and lately I’ve been taking 1 pill at 8pm then another at 12am and then another at 4am. It was ok at first but lately I’ll start twitching with my hands, my heart will flutter, my breathing will be really heavy, and I’ll just feel really weak. I’m wondering is just Bc in too tired or is it Bc of overdosing or something else?

  80. *True**Do Not attempt anything contained in this comment, I am responsible for me I’ll leave that at that, but just don’t try it k*In no way am I encouraging abuse or justifying the contents of this article, I know all the dangers, I know what the numbers say, but this sh*t is my story…

    I’m 25 years old just got out of college and started work. Been on Adderall IR for about 9 years starting at 20 mg XR and progressing to a “prescribed “(real and verified) 2xdaily 30 mg IR. I don’t have to explain to those of you who know where this is going that 9 years of that much forking adderal undeniably has its effects.

    When I turned about 22 sh%t hit the fan in my life and already being exposed to copious amounts of amphetamines by this time, I really f’d up. Starting on a gradual incline I’d say I went 40-60 mg.daiy to easily over 100 mg. From there it goes ,when I’m running on empty, just H20 and addy, avergage 15-20 hrs of sleep during my maintenance job at a large manufacturing facilty working 40-50 hrs and sleeping roughly 25-30 hr on the weekend, known to have a 300 mg day, but it all seriousness I’m average 110 mg daily with minimal sleep mon-fri. easy.

    My body and mind, they don’t belong to be anymore. My body, A walking, for the most part fully functional robot on auto-pilot, being controlled by my brain, and he just doesn’t know wtf is going on mainly due to the fact he’s not receiving adequate amounts of blood flow. This means my hands and feet, grotesque, clammy, ice cold, but painless. Mt legs and feet don’t exist to my nervous system unless I hurt them, other just another result of the walking zombie adderall has developed me into. Oh yeah, tooth decay is real apparently.

    I know where this road leads guys so don’t preach, when you’re thoughts are so many yet so frivolous, the shear realization of the absurd lifestyle you’re living will drive you mad. The thoughts of all the Dumbarse decisions you’ve made and how you’re going to make up all that amphetamine you wasted on your Rx, because you’ve taken 60 30 MG tabs in eh 15 days or so, there’s 15 more to go until we get a refill


    However I feel, rather, I know that this drug that I live so dependent upon and rely on, will eventually somehow someway…kill me. Be careful my friends. This is no game nor toy for anyone under the age of 18 in my unprofessional opinion. It can it will and it has killed and it will kill again, be smart.

  81. To those who are not prescribe to Adderal… It’s really not that big of a deal if you do it once in a while but dam yah need to chill I just got done reading everyone’s comments and yah are taking way to much… Listen I know everything about this drug, that being said you guys should delete Adderal from your life before the Adderal deletes you. This shit is no joke… Just think of your loved ones how they would feel walking in your room seeing you laying their straight dead… “Say no to man made drugs”

  82. My son takes addarell 25 mg he took it this morning at 6 30am we had an argument about 6pm and he took 2 pills do i need to take him to the hospital

  83. Okay if I have three b/937 20mg adderall pill’s. And I took one 2:00pm. Then popped two less then 30 minutes. I waited till 6 and I started playing domino’s then started smoke blunt. I had my heart beating on my chest and me shaking bad and it was getting hard to breath. I way 174.2 pounds and I’m 6’1ft tall. My question is what made me have them side effects. Was it because I took too many at one time or because I mixed it with marijuana. Or was it because I stayed up for 2 dayz before from being on adderall and to much stress on my soldiers ? Please anyone help with this I just need to kno this why j don’t overdose. Reply asap thank you

    by reno

  84. Well I have been taking 3 30mg ir everyday .Sometimes turning into a watery mixture then put in butt usually 30 to 60mg .i plugged two 30 mg ir at 7am and and took a 30mg at like 5to6 in evening and a 200mg caffeine tablet ,so now my heart is beating really fast and hard ,and my chest is kinda tight.

  85. Its been my fourth day taking adderall 15mg. I’ve been really jittery which Ive heard was normal due to my body adjusting. I’m 5′ 3″, 21 years old and weigh on average 116 lbs. I realize its only been four days but my appetite has immensely decreased. I also feel like I can feel my heart beating without trying to feel it. It seems rather fast. Is this just my body adjusting?

  86. Swim took 180mg of amphetamine salts [ ten 10 mg, two 30 mg, one 20mg} plus a 70 mg vyvanse in less than 36 hrs with no sleep. Swim finally slept for 3 or 4 hours but the next day swim’s lower back and stomache as well as his muscles ached. Swim is used to Adderall bingeing but now he is worried he might have messed up his kidneys or liver. No fever but definitely flu like symptoms. Did swim overdose?

  87. Hi I am 24 years old my weight is and I am prescribed adderall XR I have been feeling depressed and last nite I had wanted to kill myself because I am always being put down by everyone I know and so I took 75 pills of 10 Milligrams I have been on adderall before growing up and in 2012 I don’t believe abusing pills but last night I wanted to die because I also lost my children and am dealing with as a war inside I don’t talk about my feelings much and so last night I felt like I would be better off dead which I know is a lie I believe I took the adderall around 8:30 and it is 735 right now and my tonsils are swelling I can feel them swelling but I think it is because my body is dehydrated around 4 this morning I had been extremely sweaty i felt extremely hot and my husband tells me my hands are freezing and now I am getting chilly I also I have been supppsibly hallucinations I am shaking I was doing fine till I started putting fluids in my system now my chest was racing it feels like my heart going fast then it stops I haven’t felt it race since 30 minutes ago I don’t want to go to the hospital because I don’t need to be hospitalized I don’t like any drs or hospital

  88. Hi I’ve been taking adderall heavily for about a week and a half now and I plan on completely stopping tomorrow. Will I be going through some serious withdrawal or?

    1. Hi Evan. I don’t believe it will be a full withdrawal, but you can expect symptoms to occur. To treat withdrawal effects as they arise, you can pay a visit to your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist about which over-the-counter medicines or herbal remedies can lessen the level of discomfort.

  89. I took 2 30 mg extended release at 3 in the morning but actually got some sleep. I was wondering if I take 2 more at 3 in the morning again to type an essay, will everything be okay?

  90. I took two 40mg tablets today around 4:00 P.M and have not slept since. I feel like I will never fall asleep. Is there something wrong with me? What should I do?

  91. Hey I’m 6ft 205 pounds and I popped 3 20 mg pills and about 4 hours later popped 4 more 20 mg pills it has been almost three days and I have been experiencing headaches and stomach pains and when I stand up and move I’m dizzy what should I do

    1. Hello Joe. That’s a lot of pills in a short period of time. I’d suggest you contact your doctor, or if the situation gets worse, it’s best to call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 FREE to speak to a poison expert who will advise you on what you should do next.

  92. hi so I would appreciate it some insight rather than only “call poision control”. im 18 160lbs and two nights ago I pulled an all nighter to complete work and other things I fell behind on (I’m a college student) throughout the night I ended up taking 5 30mg pills. I got new meds for school after not taking them since middle school for ADD. I stopped taking them at 14 and started taking antidepressants at 16. two nights ago I was up all night attempting to accomplish work but ended up only severely focusing on one paper that didn’t even need attention but I couldn’t take my eyes off it, literally. the whole night I had dry mouth, when I stood up at 1:15pm the next day after sitting since 10:30 pm the night before (without standing) I nearly fell over due to light headness and dizziness. that day I only slept from 4pm-5 pm and experience excruciating migraines, dizziness and hallucinations all day, then I was up again the next night until 5:30am and slept till 8:00 am and in total I have only gotten roughly 4 hours of scattered sleep in about what is now 61 hours I believe, along with that I’ve been having headaches, ocular migraines, no appetite, blurred/spotted/vision with mild hallucinations & dizziness. now it’s the 3rd night at 2:30 am and I have not taken meds since the first night. I haven’t told my mom because since I wasn’t unconscious or puking I assumed I was gonna ok, should I tell her? should I go to the hospital? is it too late or out of my system to seek medical attention? was this an overdose/ am I going through withdrawal? why can I still not sleep? by the way NEVER doing this again. closest I’ve ever gotten to serious drug od or withdrawal and im in so much pain. much respect to those who have survived serious withdrawals and recoveries.

  93. Am 55 years old ,i take 20 mg . I have ptsd , I can be slow ,,withdraw , day dream , I take to get going ,i worry it kill me ,in the end , sometimes I don’t want to do anything , that why I take it. I weigh 185 ,5,10 tall , I eat good ,sleep good , on it . not sure if I should stop , if I ask my doctor am afraid he will take me off and I won’t have it .

  94. I’m seventeen and weigh about 140 and I can take 200mg adderall (four 50’s) it makes me sweat really bad and you can’t sleep and you can land planes on your pupils but it’s all good. 50xr four of them at once is in my system for two days roughly

  95. Hello, kinda crazy how I ended up on this blog in the first place, and I actually am prescribed adderall 30 mg. twice a day and have been on this medication for 4 years. Also, I am a Female, 36, 130 lbs. I start reading thru some of this stuff and I am just blown away….I am not passing judgement on anyone but it is just scary. Going to the ER isn’t an option because my parents are to strict…..???? I also had strict parents but I guess you would want to live???? Your parents I know would want you to I know because I am one. If you have to post to a blog hurry hurry or someone please help! Maybe you should RIGHT NOW call 911 or go to the ER! I am absolutely not trying to sound like a jerk or come down to hard but DO NOT TAKE ANY PILL WITHOUT DOING YOUR RESEARCH. Pill ID you can look up any medication, for free, anonymously. It is GREAT they have these blogs because I know people are scared. What these people are doing is GREAT! Be Careful!!! ADDICTION IS REAL!!! PEOPLE DIE EVERYDAY! If your trying to study for a test can you take one more???? If you are asking that question maybe you shouldn’t you might not be around to see your score. Is it worth it? Ask yourself??? This medicine is not candy it is prescribed for a reason. Different people have different conditions. By the way it’s not cool to get on here and say I have taken way more than this one or that one. For now you did, maybe not next time. Back in the day how much Meth I did….. That’s great!!! What do you look like now? You got all your teeth???? Your shaking, your sweaty, yeah your high. Not trying to “bust anyones balls” just trying to get a little awareness out there, people Love You, people Care About You! ADDICTION IS REAL! I am not a Doctor but I do know a few things. What everyone is doing here is GREAT raise Awareness! Be Aware of what your taking! I hope maybe something I have said touches someone, stops someone, or helps in some way. God Bless.

  96. I was curious I have the 20mg generic pink adderrall and was curious what overdose symptoms were like cuz I taken it couple times before but I’ve been binging the last couple days and have eaten like 100 mg per day I believe in doses of 40 mg per dose

  97. I took the 8 hour adderall today at 6am for work. (prescribed for me of course.) I then took another one thinking it would be a good idea because I had to work again around 3 pm. my hands were shaking and I had a panic attack and felt nauseous. That all subsided and I now have a killer headache. Should I be concerned about it? It’s throbbing on the right side of my face.

  98. I am on a prescription for 20mg slow release adderall. This morning I couldn’t remember if I took my pill. I ended up deciding that I hadn’t. Now, about 2 hours later, I am sweating and my heart is pounding. Clearly, 40mg is not enough to OD, but should I be concerned or am I just being silly?

  99. I’m 15 years old and about 110 pounds. On Friday I took three 30mg adderalls and then today (Monday) I took two more. Is the adderall from Friday still in my system? And why does my heart feel like it’s racing ? Should I be concerned ?

  100. I took 960mgs 2 Fridays ago, & I took 690mgs today. Only 6 were 15mg XRs.. The restimated 20mg IRs. I have a ridiculously high tolerance. I don’t sleep the whole night, however, I’m scared I’m gettin near the OD number. I weigh 223, so I am a lot heavier & feel like I need more. Check my pulse with blood pressure cuff, etc. Any suggestions on what to do or how to detox myself at home?

  101. Advice needed!! Hey,so i have known without a doubt that i have some pretty hefty (but not severe) ADHD. I have done some beyond extensive research on Adderall, side affects, normal dose amounts as well as recommended intervals, and how to make sure that i am staying safe. i know you won’t agree, but i self-diagnosed myself. By def. i am “abusing” since i lack a prescription…but i’m not looking to get high.I’m looking to improve the quality of my life on a day/day basis by reducing my ADHD symptoms that cause me issues. i have had prior experience with adderall for finals when i was in high school i could take anywhere from 30-120 and feel fine/perform normally without symptoms and get like 98% on finals. I was much younger,dumber, and not as educated about health risks. What i’ve ACTUALLY been doing for a few days is taking 20mg adderall XR, orally, no more than twice a day!And won’t raise my dosage!! It’s been working fucking miracles, i’m a 5’9″ ,18yr.old male,with a strong build weighing 155. Started out at 20mg a day for 2 days to give my body time to develop more of a tolerance to the drug and its usually side affects, which were very odd/new at first, but now are almost unnoticeable 4 days in. Although i feel so much more capable. I’m also not a person with an addictive personality,i’ve experimented with quite an assortment of drugs(tend to have a high tolerance with Alc as well as weed.) Not addicted to weed,nor ALC. The only drug i’ve ever found myself with difficulty sustaining from is cigarettes); but I’m also not a chronic cig smoker. i’ve been monitoring my behavior, symptoms, and my RHR which is well beyond safe(I’m an athlete.) Anything that protrudes or worries you?? And how do i effectively approach my dad to convey I’m serious about getting tested? and doing this the right way…

  102. If a 150 lb average built female takes 3* 30mg. Adderall at the same time, then repeats in 4 to 5 hours later and up for days at a time? What do I say to her?

  103. I’m 14 I took 30mg of adderall and I have no add or add my Friend who took it with me is very sleepy and I was wondering if it was okay and if it’s safe to sleep

  104. 21 year old female, 5’3″, 110 pounds. I have been taking adderall IR for about a year and a half now to treat ADD.

    *i also take 40mg celexa for depression and general anxiety disorder (mostly social anxiety)*

    Started out on 10mg 3x only at work (5 days a week). Tolerance set in about 8 or 9 months in. Doctor upped dosage to 20mg 2x daily. Withdrawals started to set in on the weekends when I wouldn’t take adderall. Extreme fatigue, foggy brain, hunger, etc. so I began taking adderall on weekends to avoid withdrawal.

    Tolerance built quickly after upping dosage so now I take from 50-80mg daily.
    The problem is this, I have lost about 15 pounds since starting the medicine and kept it off the entire time. I used to casually pop blackheads or ingrown hairs on my legs, but only if there was something noticeable- I liked it and would do it for a minute and then stop and go on. Now when I get home from work I spent on average 3-4 hours picking at my skin, legs, face, arms, back, anywhere I can get to where there might be something I can pop. I DO NOT think there are bugs in my skin.. Only looking for acne to pop. So that results in me staying up until around 12 or later then getting up at 6 for work. I work a lot now so I take a lot of adderall. Most I’ve taken in a day was 90.
    People comment on my pupil size and ask why I have scabs all over my back and legs.

    When I was taking 30mg daily when I started, I would take Ativan(my anxiety med) to help me fall asleep. I would say I’m a naturally cautious person- don’t trust people I don’t know. But while taking that dose, for a few nights I felt as if I were being followed, like someone or something was in my house trying to taunt me. I was whispering so they couldn’t hear. I was very very scared. Obviously there was nothing in my house. Stopped adderall after that then started back up after trying that shitty Ritalin.

    Sometimes now when I take 70mg in a day I get SMALL feelings of paranoia and anxiety. But it subsides the next day. I crack my back and knuckles a lot, learned how to crack my neck so now I do it daily. Hack up mucus a lot, smoke a lot(was a non smoker before), experience very sore/tight muscles especially in my back and neck.

    I drink a lot of water but never really go pee and when I do it’s very yellow and smells strong.

    The weird thing is, when you first take adderall you are so hyper and jacked. When I take it now I remain very calm, I’ve always been a low energy person, but it doesn’t give me the energy like it used to. So I end up taking more just to get through the day.

    My body has become completely dependent on adderall to function. I had memory and brain fog before taking the drug but when withdrawals set in a can’t think straight or even get out of bed, and usually those days are very hard to remember. Because I’m so out of it. So you can see why I don’t stop taking it.

    Any comments on my situation? I would like to quit taking adderall but I believe in order to do that I would have to dismiss work for a few weeks so recover but I can’t afford to do that.
    Any advice or comments are very welcome

  105. I took 75 mg in one day without knowing the doc increased my prescription from 20 To 30 mg. I took 30 mg , then another 30 mg 3.5 hours later, then another 15 mg 2 hours after that. I am a 24 y/o 130 lb female. Is this an OD? Long term effects to my body? Do I need to go to the ER? What should I do?

    1. Hi Sarah. How long have you been taking Addreall. If it’s been a while it is very possible that you have developed tolerance to the medication and will not suffer great risks. If you do feel unusual symptoms, then it’s best to ask someone to drive you to the hospital or Call 911. I’d personally advise you to seek medical help and not risk by playing the odds.

  106. I don’t mean this as a bragging right but I think I take the crown on this one when it comes to pills. I had a once a month tradition I would do with a bottle of 60 20mg Adderalls: survival records. I would time myself and see how quick I could blow through the whole bottle and survive. My average was 8-12 hours starting with 10-15 in one gulp. I’ve been found dead twice doing this, but this last one was the grand finale to all of it. I ate 45 20mg Adderalls in 3 hours starting with 20 in one gulp, and then I ate 4 grams of meth in one gulp. I spent 2 days in the ICU. They put me under with that anesthetic that killed Michael Jackson, but the drugs would over ride that stuff off and on. My skin turned a rich red, my body would spaz out to the point where I looked like a giant blur, I would scream so fast that I sounded like I was speaking in tongues. My pulse would spike continuously into the 3-400s, temperature spiked to over 120 (I have records to prove all of this. My kidneys and liver failed by the end of the first day. I survived like always with flying colors, but now I’m permaneantly

  107. my friend took a 25mg adderall XR at about 7:30am and he took a 10mg of a variation of adderall IR. I’m worried about him. is he going to be okay?

    1. Hi Meee. I suggest you call the national poison control hotline at 1-800-222-1222 to speak to a poison expert and get instructions on what to do next.

  108. I’m curious to know if there are any specific symptoms when you od On Adderall? What should we be looking out for? And would OD symptoms be the same in children and adults?

  109. Im very curious on how adderall does work, im 16 weigh 145lbs and im male. I do have add and purchased a 30mg adderall and am wondering how it will go with my body. I am a heavy smoker/stoner. I smoke everyday about 4-5 times a day. I am very lean(95-96% muscle) I go to the gym about 5 times a week.

  110. I am fourteen, 5’4 and 115lbs and took 144mg. it hasnt done anything yet and i took it over an hour ago but im scared what will happen.

  111. I’m 15 and 115 lbs and I intentionally took about 400mg of adderal 36 hours ago. I am normally prescribed 20mg a day and I have on occasion taken 40-60mg on days I was up all night for exams and was completely fine. I am still having symtoms such as dry mouth, dizziness, fatigue, and delusions. Along with blurred vision and a mild tension headache.

    But I also have not slept in two days, which sleep deprovision has similar side effects. Since it’s been 36 hours since I initially took it am I still at risk of overdosing, cardiac arrest or a blood vessel rupturing in my brain?

  112. hy i just recently began taking adderall i see a regular md who is not to familiar with adhd meds . i was diagnosed with adhd at 17 currently i am 27. i took adderall when i was diagnosed but only took it for a month and decided to stay drug free. now my current situation i have failed several courses in university and almost was kicked out of school but i apealed. well as a last resort i have come back to adderall but i have noticed that i get used to it quick i started with 10mg then jumped up to 20 the first 2 weeks of 20 mil were good but dont want to keep on adding a higher dosage of this med. my question is how to know when you are on a stable dosage i currrently weight 166 lbs i am ispanic and was wondering around how much should i take. when i took it in highs school i went up to 30mg but then started having bad side effects such as rapid heartbeat. i dont want to take it at that dosage.

  113. I took I think 3 or 4 of 10mg of Adderall I think that’s what he has took it around like 6:30ish on it’s 5:00 . And it was just for fun Cuz my friends told me it gets you high so I just wanted to try it for the heck of it and now I’m looking up all these things and it’s saying it might take me 20 hours to go to sleep… And i don’t know what to do. It also says the come downs are ugly . What do they mean by ugly?? How bad are the come downs . I’m getting pretty scared Haa.. Please help. I Haven’t had any sleep but I am sleepy tho I’m just afraid to sleep afraid I might not wake up

  114. What are the cognitive effects of stopping usage? What are the physiological effects from taking it as a young adult in old age?
    Do not answer unless you are certified to do so.

  115. Hiiii uhh I’m ricky I used to be prescribed adderall but it’s been awhile. I ate 5 30 mg adderall over the course of the day and I’m not like dead just some minor chest pain, am I okay to get drunk?

  116. Okay so I took 170 mg of adderall throughout the day. 75 mg at about 8am, then another 75 mg at like 12:20, plus an additional 20 mg capsules that I took at 12:30-12:35. I had the crazy jolt of energy and what not, but not until I took the second dose at 12:20 and the energy lasted until about 2:15. But since then, (it’s now 7:20pm) I’ve been so paranoid and panicking about the amount that I took, and I feel my heart beating abnormally fast right now and it has been since I took the second dose. I have shaking, profuse sweating (which in used to because I never stop sweating. Especially my palms) and slight abdominal pains. I’m 17, weight 160lbs. and I’m about 6’1″. I haven’t eaten all day so that could be part of my stomach pains, but I’m still feeling jittery. Even since I started typing this, I felt it kick in again and pretty hard too. I’m really worried right now because I don’t know if I’m OD’ing or not. This is not something prescribed to me and I have had a slight addiction to adderall before but I haven’t taken it in a while. Recently tho, like the past few weeks, I’ve been taking it every so often, like 20 mg a day a few times a week. So this was a really heavy dose on my body since I’ve never taken more than 75 mg at a time. I don’t know what to do! Will I sleep tonight? If I do, will I have a heart attack throughout the night and die? Will I just start convulsing and go into a coma any time now? Somebody answer me soon please, this stuff is making me have zero patience

  117. My name is Donna &Thank you so much for all your storys, ive had a bad addiction to meth for 23yrs now and 11 yrs ago, accidently got hooked on morph by mistaking it as a common ” miracle pain relief tab”, I had no clue these pills were going to have, Major Excrutional Agonising, withdrawal symptoms within roughly a week after using a 60mg ms contin and/or 100mgs everyday. I have currently stopped using meth for four weeks up until today for goodness sakes. I am covered in speed sores again badly over my body, and all my bones are aching bad as usual. Im rubbing Paw Paw cream all over me, because they look so severely infected. Its that bad that the public people would look at me in discust if they saw my skin right now!. Can someone Pleeeaase help me on any advise for a quicker remedy maybe. Thank u..

  118. Hello Cassidy. I suspect that your reactions are a cause of the large doses of Adderall you started off with. The body needs time to develop tolerance to a drug, and the frequency and amount of the medication you took was just too abrupt for your organism. It is not, however, an overdose. Please be more careful in the future and if some symptoms last longer or get more severe, don’t hesitate to see a doctor.

  119. 118 pounds,
    5ft 8in tall
    Age; 14

    My name is Taylor and I have been trying to focus on my big Essay that is due in the morning…
    I have kinda like a mix up of ADHD and ADD. I’ve been haven extra trouble focusing tonight on my homework. I already took my morning dose [(at like noon tho)- late], and so I took another n the evening, and after being frustrated with myself because of not being able to keep a good train of thought, I took ANOTHER like 20 min ago.
    – I take 25 mg per capsule
    According to ur website; I might OD……………
    Now it’s like a ADHD MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE OR SOMETHN…..I kinda have this weird tingly shake, and I’m crazy energized, and when I talk its kinda of rushed and stuff. At first (after taking #3), I could control myself because I was so pissed of @myself, and after a little bit of that, I just Started Crying I Guess……..
    Is this normal?
    Did I OD?
    How to get rid of these effects by tonight?
    Will I be like this Tomorrow?
    I need help fast!!!

  120. THNX SO MUCH 4 the VERY valuable info This whole website is very nice, organized, and useful
    Thank you much! Its great to have this kind of a website
    Sincerely, Taylor

    1. Hello Taylor. Thank you for the kind words. You just made our day! Kind regards from the whole Addiction Blog team.
      I’d advise you to Call the Poison Control Center at at 1-800-222-1222 to talk to a poison expert. It’s a free line and you’ll get further advise on what to do next if there is need. If you’ve been taking the medication for a while now, you have built up tolerance and you’ll be ok. Call the number anyway, and please be careful in the future! And good luck on the essay 🙂

  121. I just recently tried adderal for the first time yesterday unperscribed to not feel so tred throughout the day. I’m reallly small about 5’1 and 95lbs i took half of a 30mg in the morning and 12 hours later took a full 30 mg tablet. The next morning after that I took another 30 mg tablet and now a day later I feel really sick is there a possibly of an OD?

  122. My 23 month old son accidentally ingested a 30mg instant release Adderall tablet yesterday sometime between 10 am-12 pm. I didn’t realize until about 3 pm and then called poison control and took him to the ER. We were there from around 3:30 pm -11 pm. During that time they did an EKG, blood tests, monitored his heart rate, took a urine sample for a tox screen, face him fluids through IV and gave him a dose of medication to help calm him down. Tox screen showed positive for the Adderall and besides being dehydrated (at least when we cane in) everything else cake back normal. He screamed and cried literally the entire time we were there up til the last hour or two where it was still on and off. (He HATED the IV and was trying to rip it out.We knew that he wouldn’t sleep there but thought for sure de would fall asleep on the way home since fe had been up since 7:30 am without any nap. Well, it now 4:30 am the next day and he STILL has not slept. Is there anything I can do to help him fall asleep? How long should this go on for? Should I go back to the ER?

    1. Hello Worried Mama. What a nightmare! I’m glad that your baby is doing ok now. As for the sleeplessness, I’d advise you that it’s best to see a doctor look into the situation. It is definitely a consequence of the pill, but you’ll get more info on what can be done by a medical professional. I wish him fast recovery!

  123. MATT I just read your comment about the girl that gets six 30mg tablets a day and it still doesn’t cover her 16 hour day. That’s what I’m dealing with but I’m only on two 10mg a day. I swear I can have a full night sleep, wake up, drink a pot of coffee and take my medicine and I’m ready for bed again. It’s like this 7 days a week 24 hours a day. I’m sure I have done more then her six 30mg in one day and was still sleepy. I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle because now I’m scared I wil overdose. By the way if you didn’t read my other comment, I have a sleep disorder, narcolacy. I would love to have some of your energy.

  124. Hi, I’m 220 pounds and 5′ 11″. I have a sleep disorder and I’m prescribed Ritalin two 10mg pills a day which I’m sorry, it’s just not enough. I read that my dosage should be six 10mg or three 20mg a day. There have been times I have been able to get addarall and no not from a dr. I honesty couldn’t tell you what the max mg I have had in one day but without it, I can not stay awake. I don’t take this medication to get high, only to stay awake but now I’m a little concerned. I had no idea people could overdose on this. I don’t really feel like I can stop taking because I can’t just stay home all day and sleep. I guess what I would like to know if the max mg of someone of my size. I’m at a lost now.

  125. My current prescribed dose is 90 mg/day. I have taken higher doses in my younger adult years and took a stronger medication (Dexedrine) at 120 mg as a child. I can take 30-45 mg of the tablets and take a nap. I am hyperactive and these make me tired. I have been on hyperactivity drugs since I was 5 and I am 34 and 5′ 7″ and 165 lbs and male. I know a 300 lb guy who takes 2.5 mg of ritalin twice a day and he can barely eat or sleep because it is so strong. I knew a girl on 30 mg of Adderall 6 times/day and she was 5’1″ and 100 lbs. And her meds lasted 2 hours so that 6 tablets didn’t even cover her 16 hour day but she slept and was fine. Her liver was off or something so 30 mg 6 times a day for her was like 30 mg 2 times a day for the average person.

  126. Hi kha. Why don’t you talk to the pharmacist at your local pharmacy, maybe they can help. I still believe the best thing to do is to go see a doctor, and you should definitely do that if the people at the pharmacy suggest the same. I hope you feel better soon.

  127. I was abusing adderall two days ago. They’re 18mg tablets and I took 6. I’m 115 lbs and am 17. I’m 5’3. Since I took it I’ve been seeing black dots, I’ve been unable to focus, extremely nauseous, have had an unbearable headache, and haven’t been able to stay awake. What should I do? The ER isn’t an option. I have extremely strict parents and would be kicked out of my house.

  128. I am prescribed adderall but rarely take it. I’m 19, 5″8 and 130lbs. I took 30 mg at 6 pm last night and later forgot I had taken it so had a few cups of coffee. I didn’t really sleep last night but feel fine. I do have a bit of a high heart rate though. It’s around 110. Is that okay? Do you think it will go away? I am pretty healthy and usually never mix the 2 but want to know how long my heart rate will be increased

  129. Hi Court. I wouldn’t suggest you do that. Even if you don’t OD (and I’m not saying you won’t), you are causing too much stress to your organism with binges like these. If you feel good and slept well, wouldn’t that be enough to help you study?!

  130. I took way too much adderall over a 24- hour period. Somewhere between 180-200 mg. I was recently prescribed them, and binged for finals week. I brought myself to the ER lastnight and was treated with an IV of fluids. Once I got home I slept for a good 13 hours. I feel okay now, a little shaky. My question is, and this may sound stupid and so be easy on your criticism and answer… Would it be okay to take a 10MG IR to help me study for my final tomorrow? Or will it put me at risk for OD?

  131. DEV24, you are having what’s called a panic attack.
    Panic attacks are completely non-life-threatening, as is 30mg of amphetamine. You are not even remotely near lethal or even toxic dose at 30mg. That is, unless you have a diagnosed or silent heart defect, as in the several of the very few confirmed death cases.
    This blog exploits the readers’ general lack of understanding about drugs (and medicinal chemistry in general) in the interest of fear-mongering that doesn’t really match up with the facts.

    By the way, here is just one study about the relative toxicity of racemic amphetamine (as found in Adderall):
    The toxicity study is on dogs, but all mammals have very similarly functioning central nervous systems and hepatic detoxification/excretion machanisms, so the LD50 data is considered valid without the need for human experimentation.

  132. Hi Gary. 200mg is quite a lot and nowhere near the recommended safe doses. Call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 for a free over-the-phone assessment of the risk of overdose. Their poison experts will suggest what you should do next, but blood pressure isn’t something to be overlooked.

  133. i weight 125lb and i took 200mg its sunday night and i took them friday my blood presser has lowered and i fainted at one point walking up stairs. i have notice the veins in my skin are hiding and i am wondering if this is permanent. note i get really bad head rushes anyways and i am no longer in pain but blood flow feels constricted. i have not eaten either. will my blood flow return to normal?

  134. I have been taking 20 mg of adderal for several years. My doctor began 6weeks ago to ween me off by gradually reducing my dosage. I came off completely 3 days ago. Since yesterday I have been having severe abdominal pain. I just spoke to my doctor who doubts if it is a result of coming off federal. He said it sounds more like a gastrointestinal problem. However, I read that this could be a withdraw symptom. I’m not sure what to do. Can you help me?

  135. I took 40mg of adderall at once with no perscription , just to get high , its been a day and im glad i havent died , but the high is over now and i feel like a hangover today. Any suggestions? Im 14.

  136. my 4 year old great grandaughter took about 7 adderall pils she is in the hospital inanother state what are the results of this will she be ok.

  137. Hi Annie. I don’t mean to be patronizing, but I hope you do realize that taking a medication that you don’t have a prescription for, is considered to be abuse. I’m aware that many students take it to enhance their earning abilities, but I do believe it’s a high dose to start with.

  138. I take aderal for pleasure once a week and it usually last a couple days. ..I’m averaging 1000 to1500 milligrams during this time…. I want to stop because I know I can die by taking these extreme amounts… what can I do to stop this addiction?

  139. I am 17 years old and have only had a very low dosage of adderall a few times before. Im interested in taking a 30mg pill for a few tests i have tomorrow, but i am concerned about how ill react to this higher dosage. I weight around 135 pounds and measure about 5’8. I am not perscribed to adderall and i dont really have any other experience with “uppers”. Would it be safe for me to take the 30mg?

  140. I took one 30mg of Adderall and experienced what others have said. I took one about 3pm and at 2am that night. Bam! I was pissing every 15min palms were getting sweaty. My hands and feet got numb and tingly. And my heart was beating not really fast. But hard! Then it would beat out of rhythm and I had short breaths as if I was on a freefall ride. I accepted the fact I was gonna die that night. Said my prayers and passed out. But I woke up and here iam! BE CAREFUL WITH THAT STUFF! LOL

  141. Hello Irina2525. See the number in the comments above? Call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222. It’s over-the-phone and free. You’ll tell the poison expert on the other end of the line what you took, how much and what’s happening now. They’ll tell you what to do next.

  142. Can u OD on ritilian and still survive I took 1400mg of Ritalin yesterday at 3:30 and I got shaky like an hour later and then that same night I couldn’t sleep at all,that night and i had more symptoms like dry mouth and sweating and then I was going to the bathroom like crazy taking like these really long pees and today I’m just shaky and I regret because I still want to live and I only did it because I get abused from my mom but its like 18-19 hours later what should i do please respond to this as fast as possible and I don’t want her to know I overdoesed please help me I am really regretting me doing this now because I know relizes that I’m really worth it

    I’m 14 and I, wiegh only 102 and now my hands are getting numb again. Oh yeah, last night they got numb please help thanks and will I,survive if I don’t get help like is it even worth it still a mean I’m not sure what to do. Because its been almost 24 please help

  143. Hi Connie. You can Call 1-800-222-1222 to get in touch with the Poison Control Center. You will talk to a poison expert over the phone, and he/she will help you assess the risk of overdose and to get suggestions for how and when to seek medical help.

  144. Hi… my fiancé recently passed away and we just received the toxicology report saying that his levels of Adderall were just above the lethal dose. They said his was 550 (blood level) and 500 is lethal dose. My question is he only took a total of 5 30mg tablets that day and I read on your site that a lethal dose is over 1000mgs so if he only had 150mg how was this a lethal dose? Why did the medical examiner say that, who is correct?

  145. Hi. I am a 14 year old girl, 116 lbs and 5 feet tall. I do not have ADHD but but I don’t focus on cyberschool very well and was introduced to adderall about a year ago to help me focus. I would take half of a 20 mg pill once a day and it would do the trick. After school was out I stopped taking them but school has started again so I have started taking the adderall again. At around 1:15 in the morning on Sept. 4th, I took a whole 20 mg because I was a bit behind on work. This kept me awake all night before I decided to get some rest at around 10:00 am. But at midnight on Sept. 5 (tonight) I took half of a generic pink pill which is 15 mg I think and it’s making me feel very odd. I’m actually very tired and not alert like usual. I have a killer headache and my head also feels very heavy. My heartrate is fairly normal though. Basically I’m just incredibly worried that I have overdosed on adderall. I don’t know if the previous 20 mg pill was out of my system by the time that I took the 15 mg. I really just need to know if I’ll be okay or not.

  146. Hi Lexie. When someone takes adderall, the heart rate and blood pressure can increase. Another side effect you may experience are palpitations of the heart. Tell your parents and have them take you to a doctor for examination.

  147. Hello Dave. Please check in with your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist about the limits that are best for you, personally.

  148. Hi…I take a 20 mg of adderall in the morning and another 20 mg at noon and then at 5:30. I take a 30 mg tab is that yo much to take in 1 day I’m 5 ‘ 11 255 lbs plz let me know thanks for your time

  149. I’m lexie I’m 15 I weigh 130 pounds and I took 2 15 mg adderall and now I’m laying in bed and I can see my heart beating out of my chest but I feel fine what should I do ?

  150. Hello Eddy. The dose you took is not considered to be lethal by doctors. However, your symptoms are on the list of side effects from Adderall, including your sleeping problems (insomnia), dry mouth, abdominal pain, loss of appetite. Medical professionals advise people to stop using the medication and call their doctor upon experiencing any of those side effects. You should definitely see your doctor ASAP.

  151. I took a total of 90 mg of xr adderal over the span of 2 days. Now I feel sick to my stomach and all dried out and my side hurts. I haven’t gotten any sleep and didn’t eat hardly anything. I am 145 pounds and age 23 and I took it to get hi. Am I going to die or whats going on with me ?

  152. Hello Jamill. Call 1-800-222-1222 to get in touch with the Poison Control Center to assess your risk of overdose and to get suggestions for how and when to seek medical help.

  153. I need a quick response please some one. I’m 15 bout to turn 16 on June 10th i have ADHD and i use to take adderall but they took me off it 5 months ago and i haven’t touched it since until today. I have adderall xr and my prescription was 30mg. I took 3 pills out of the bottle and gulped them down with some water. I’m having some serious side effects such as dry mouth. Shaking. Chest pain. I am constipated. Numbness trough my face and my legs. I took all three of them about 6:30 so far it’s been about 6 hours since i have taking them and I’m worried that i might die BECUASE of od.

  154. Hi guys! Wow, Lucky you’re very fortunate! Might not be if you tried again, & i hope you have sought out & received the help you need to be OK! ?

    Pauline: i also always had a high tolerance to drugs & back in the day, I also abused Meth ,& all kinds C2 Rx drugs lol) tho 0 @ sametimesame time tho. Diagnxd w/ adult adhd so my Pdoc rx’d three 30mg tablets daily. Pfff i never followed that! Did I mention @ the time I was tiny like about 120 lbs & only 5’4. Also w/ extra tabs. the night was more fun & exciting. Lol. Also, for sure I always sweat too, & usually pretty hot, I was still maintainimg work & staying upright, LOL! & & did very well @ my job! Well 1 night & lucky was just standing on a rubber mat–& I blacked out & when i awoke, had soppimg wet pants & a sore tongue from biting on it hard during the Grand Mal Seizure. Lucky didn’t go into coma post g.m seizure & not wake up cuz that can happen on Adderall OD as well. in ER dr knew was from my Adderall Rx cuz he’s all you took too much Adderall, didn’t you? I said yep & shut up. Did you most addicts w/various drug choice say seizures are ‘par for the course’?

    Lastly, I had never OD’d even once during 3 yrs chronic meth use! Honest to God! Peace out!

  155. I’m prescribed 60 mg of adderall a day in less than 24 hours i’ve taken 200 mg. i feel fine just getting hot and sweating alot. I have abused meth and adderall in the past I have a high tolerance.

  156. Let me begin with this is 100% true and I thank God that it did not turn out much worse. Among numerous other meds prescribed by my psychiatrist I was on 30mg of Adderal as needed up to 3 times a day. In a suicide attempt I took over 200 30mg pills along with over 100 other pills including Ritalin, Intuniv, etc and a magnum of wine. Amazingly, I survived with no current visable side-effects. PLEASE be careful with this medicine!

  157. Hello Paulette. Please call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for help in identifying, diagnosing, and getting medical recommendations for this dosing.

  158. My sister took five 10mg Adderall and she weighs about 125 and is 15 years old my mom and her are on the way to the hospital, will she be okay?

  159. Hello Calvin. Hmmm. I have not heard of brain damage as an outcome of amphetamine use at high doses. However, you can call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 or contact a local pharmacist for more information,. Given that you’ll be applying for the military, you’ll probably have a full physical and be evaluated for cognition, at which point you can also see the results of where you are in terms of mental ability.

  160. Hey, im very concerned I might have possibly overdosed and not known. First and foremost I weigh 150 pounds I stand at 5ft 11in. I was on 70mg of adderall xr everyday for 2 weeks straight, my main concern is if this is enough to cause brain damage? I had many of the symptoms of an overdose the last day of the 2 week period I was taking it…. did I possibly od? Also I was not taking it to get high I was taking it for exams I had the last 2 weeks of school. I don’t want to see a doctor about this because I plan on going to the military and this would automatically disqualify me from getting in. Feed back and answers to my two questions would be much appriechiated, thanks!

  161. Hello curious…Call 1-800-222-1222 to be connected directly with the Poison Control Center who can advise about possible poisoning.

  162. Hello Brian. I’d suggest that you report these symptoms to a doctor…and check in with a pharmacist to confirm how often similar symptoms occur for other Adderall users. Do you have a prescription for Adderall or were you just trying it out?

  163. I weigh about 145 lbs, I’m 5’9″, and 19 years old. I took 40mg of adderall at about 6p.m last night. I experienced intense headaches and stomach pains accompanied with nausea. After getting no sleep i started to vomit at about 8 a.m this morning and have been feeling nauseous every since. I have only taken adderall once before.

  164. I have a friend of mine who called me in concern for her grandchild. He is 10 years old now and has been on Adderall for 5 years. Last year, he developed mild muscle tics in his right shoulder and right arm. She called the doctor and immediately told her to stop the adderall, and she did. This was 6 months ago. These simple muscle tics has led to more severe tics only on his right side. His knee going up to his chest. His right arm flailing, facial tics, excessive humming. When she returned to the doctor for more answers, he explained that he was born with tics. And because he was reaching puberty, they were just coming out. I’m not a doctor, however I am a teacher at a school that he attended for the first 5 years. Last year he moved to Grand Island as a healthy young boy, and know cries because he can’t stop ticcing. (Also, I’m not sure what dosage he was taking, but she found out that the dosage was higher than what’s prescribed by an adult) Could Adderall cause this much damage to a young boy? Especially if he had too much? Please reply and if you could advise what to do, we would very much appreciate it.

  165. 152 lbs. 9:40pm yesterday, took 4 30 mg. capsules. This happens to me reasonably frequently, I forget my meds in the afternoon and don’t watch the clock when I go get them, so I accidentally take them in the late evening, but this time it turns out I DID get my afternoon meds and I took the meds in the evening a total of three separate times I’d estimate probably about 20-35 minutes apart. (I was watching TV and didn’t have my phone w/me to check the task off. My normal dosage is 60 mg a day and I’m 14 years old. (It should by this point be fairly evident why it is that I have to be on 60 mg a day (1 30 mg tablet in the mornings usually about 7:30am, and then another 30 mg tablet when I get home from school about 4:45. Anyway, it’s now like 6 am and I haven’t slept at all (I have insomnia so I’m used to that) and I’m also used to the sick to the stomach hypertense feeling of having taken 2 or 3 pills by accident IN THE AFTERNOON but I didn’t eat anything yesterday so pretty much completely empty stomach and the whole nausea hypertension thing is a lot worse, I’m not gonna OD (I’ve actually been on WAY higher doses then right now and was fine, but I was wondering if u knew of anything that help with the stomach, (whenever this happens it takes like 3 days for the Aderall to exit my system and I generally lose 2 or 3 pounds from being so f*****g hyper and never slowing down and while I do need to lose some weight, this isn’t really what I had in mind. (If it helps, I play the saxaphone, and whenever I’m coming down off a dose like this, like the next day, I can’t play because when I try to blow steadily into my instrument I can’t because my diaphragm and stomach are shaking)

  166. Hi Stewart. I’d suggest that you call you local poison control center for more information on what to do. You can call the national poison control hotline at 1-800-222-1222 to be connected. Also, more help here:

  167. if you take a few pills,like i did today, and afterwards, you feel like you might have taken too much adderall, what should you do?puke it up?

  168. What should one do durring a over dose? Besides of course see a doctor. I guess a better question is what should one do if there wasn’t a doctor while overdosing?

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