Can you die from taking Adderall?

Yes, you can die from taking Adderall. But the risk of sudden death from Adderall’s effects on the cardiovascular system is low. More on reported cases of sudden death as well as how to avoid sudden death risk factors for Adderall here.

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Yes, you can die from taking Adderall.

Misuse of Adderall can cause Adderall high effects … but taking Adderall to get high can also cause sudden death and serious cardiovascular adverse events. While rare, some people who have taken Adderall as prescribed have died in cases of sudden death.

Here, we review cases of sudden death from Adderall and the risks involved. Please leave your questions about taking Adderall in the comments section. We answer all honest questions about Adderall with a personal and prompt response.

Dangers of Adderall ingredients

The two main ingredients in Adderall are dextroamphetamine and amphetamine salts. These chemicals are central nervous system stimulants generally used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Stimulants increase brain activity, resulting in greater alertness, attention, and energy. But amphetamines like Adderall can also cause unwanted stress on the body, especially in the cardiovascular and nervous systems. In fact, the FDA has required that manufacturers place this warning on the Adderall label:

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The least amount of amphetamine feasible should be prescribed or dispensed at one time in order to minimize the possibility of overdosage.

Serious adverse side effects of Adderall

The serious side effects of Adderall can affect many systems of the body, including the endocrine system and the gastrointestinal system. Adderall can even trigger allergic rashes on the skin. However, the two main systems that have can be affected most seriously by Adderall are the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. Changes in the central nervous system and cardiovascular

Cardiovascular – Some possible side effects of Adderall include rapid, strong, or irregular heartbeat, elevation of blood pressure, and destruction of heart tissue resulting from obstruction of the blood supply to the heart muscle. Sudden death is also a possible affect of taking Adderall.

Central nervous system – Adderall can significantly affect the central nervous system and can make symptoms of motor and phonic tics worse. In addition to overstimulation, restlessness, and dizziness, Adderall can also trigger more serious nervous system side effects such as tremor, seizures or stroke. Psychotic episodes have also been reported at recommended doses, although severe psychosis is often associated with chronic abuse of Adderall over time.

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Can Adderall cause death?

Yes. But the cases of sudden death as a result of taking Adderall are few and often associated with underlying structural heart defects or predisposing factors for sudden death. So few that the FDA has decided to continue to allow Adderall to stay on the prescription drug market to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. And although some people who have died suddenly from Adderall use have died of no known cause, others show similar patterns of underlying conditions which probably contributed to sudden death. These common medical conditions have included:

  • family history of ventricular tachycardia
  • fatty liver
  • heart attack
  • type 1 diabetes mellitus
  • underlying structural heart defects (abnormal arteries or valves, abnormally thickened walls, etc.)

How to avoid risk of sudden death caused by Adderall

Even before you start taking Adderall, talk with you doctor about sudden death as a possible effect of amphetamines. Together, you can assess the benefit versus risk for therapeutic decision making. Be sure to tell your doctor about any family history of the medical conditions listed above. And remember that potential risk factors include cardiac abnormalities that may be undiagnosed, positive family history for ventricular arrhythmia, and as yet unidentified factors that may cause excessive levels of stimulant to accumulate in children who are taking apparently normal doses.

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Additionally, sudden death caused by Adderall has been associated with very rigorous exercise, heat exhaustion, dehydration and near drowning events. As much as possible, avoid these situations to prevent serious cardiovascular adverse events. Finally, only take Adderall as prescribed. Taking Adderall to get high, without a prescription, or using Adderall other than prescribed (snorting, chewing, injecting) can result in sudden death and/or serious cardiovascular adverse events.

Are you taking too much Adderall?

Amphetamines like Adderall are psychologically addictive. The potential for addiction to Adderall increases even more if you are misusing Adderall without a prescription, or taking Adderall in ways other than prescribed to get high (higher or more frequent doses, chewing, snorting, shooting).  But you should know that withdrawing from Adderall should be completed under medical supervision.

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If you are worried that you are taking too much Adderall, you can get help. Speak first with your prescribing doctor and tell her/him what’s going on. Or leave us a message and let us know how we can help. We’ll refer you to local resources so that you can get the help that you need.

Please leave your questions about Adderall use below.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I took 2 Adderalls of 20mg at the same time , but they were 1 year and 4 months expired and the next day I took one of 20mg as well . And I went to the hospital got it all cleaned out it’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t been feeling so good .

  2. I have been using adderall as well as energy drinks and eating about 5-800 calories a day, I do this for college and in a few days will be able to stop when finals are over but also have a very difficult relationship to food and am worried about the combined affects of what I am doing to my body. This has been going on off and on for about a year, and for the last 2 weeks every single day. I have been unable to find research or effects of what this combination can do to the body and believe those warnings will be the only thing to really help me stop abusing it before going to my doctor and losing my prescription (I actually have severe ADHD). If whomever is addressing this has any information on what I am doing to myself medically, I would really like to know. Thank you.

  3. Im a 54 year old male and been on 45mgs of adderall a day going on 5 years. Never felt better in my life.
    My doctor says if i stick to the prescribe dose (45mg a day) there should be no problem. No history of high blood pressure or heart problems on both sides of the family. Also i walk 6 days a week 35 minutes a day. Im 5’11 176 pounds and very active. Does this sound like im doing the right thing?

  4. I am 16 weigh closer to 135 pounds and what if I took 80mg of adderall. I was prescribed 20mg but I increase more and more. I took 60 today at 7:20 am and am going to take 80mg at 7:00 tomorrow. Am I over doing it. Will the 60 and 80 overlap and have bad effects on me???

    1. Hi John Doe. Please use your medications only as prescribed by a doctor. Don’t put your health at risk.

  5. Hey Lydia or admins. I am a 20 year old 180 lb man and for the first time I took one 20 mg Adderall pill to study. I was not able to sleep at night. It’s been more than 13 hours since Iv Taken the pill. I Feel better after a three sleep. I have light stomach pain, and feel a tad bit nauseous. Nothing to crazy, just a bit paranoid about any underlying conditions such as internal bleeding or a ruptured heart vessel. Should I be worried with amount considering my factors? I will also note that I had coffee an hour prior to taking the pill. Definitely will not try again as the come down is a bit unpleasant.

  6. Something isn’t right. I feel like I babble now. 60 mg Adderall xr for several months I think I was better around 20. now I feel scatter brained and the drive to work hard 20 hours a day but not the ability to focus. I have discipline to not golf and instead work, but I end up not doing the work just thinking about all the ways I want to do it. I sleep fine. sex drive is through the roof at times, then nothing. right shoulder hurts to lift it. tremor in right arm I had all my life but seems worse. it seemed better at first. I babble now more and faster . even when trying not to. I like having the energy to do things. was definitely in a bad way before. what should I do?

  7. I am a 44 year old, otherwise healthy female who has been taking Adderall by prescription since 2005. i weigh 115 lbs, 5’5 & began with a 60mg daily rx, taken as prescibed until 2008 when I went through a very difficult time in my life. At that time my rx was increased to 120mg daily but it had no affect so I took 200, 30 mg tabs a month obtained by whatever means necessary until 2011 when I quit altogether. In 2015 i began taking 90 mg per day, as prescribed but my tolerance is so high that I feel absolutely nothing after taking it and can sleep soundly even after taking all 90 milligrams at one time. could 13 yrs of use kill me or do signifigant damage to me? The psychiatrist that prescribes my Adderall assures me that my rx dose is safe because though it is high, he says I’ve built up to it slowly over the past 13 years and that that occurrence is quite common. Does this sound legitimate in your opinion? I take no other drugs or narcotics.

  8. I’m a new mother (age 26) and I was prescribed 5mg of adderall daily because I am going back to school to get my RN as I am an LPN. We didint learn much about CNS stimulants. I has PIC during my pregnancy and was induced. I also had a history of heart palpations. I am worried or heart attack, stroke or sudden death. What are my chances. I don’t know my family history (I was adopted) and I have taken addrrall in the past (middle school) and never really had issues.

  9. I have been prescribed adderall for a few years, but a small dose (i think) of 10mg IR twice a day. Recently my doctor switched me to 15mg IR twice a day because I didn’t think it was working as well as previously. i had 100 of the 10s leftover when I switched to the higher dose. Adderall usuaually makes me really bubbly and happy, with a slightly raised heart rate. I was upset last night and took 30 of the 10’s, so 300mg, because I had read that really high doses can cause extreme euphoria. I took my pulse after about an hour and it was 30 bpm lower than usual. That didn’t last long and now my heart is really racing. My hr has been 120-180bpm for a few hours, measuring after sitting for a few minutes. My blood pressure machine also kept saying “pulse error” so I’m not sure if that meant it was too high or irregular. Now I am really sleepy and tense, I can’t stop clenching my jaw, and I’m freezing with numb hands and feet. I’m not sure if these side effects are dangerous, I have a history of overdoses as suicide attempts so I don’t want to go to the ER if I don’t have to… will I be okay?

  10. I’m 12 weeks pregnant. I was doing great. I had to stay up to get some stuff done 2 nights ago so I took ONE 20mg. But that one.. Turned I to another one 7 hours later. And another and another. I’ve been up for 2 nights now. I haven’t took one in 3 hours so I’m tired and having all the come down symptoms. But I’m worried about my baby. I’m terrifed. I already have anxiety from stopping the aderal. I have probably tooken roughly 140mg in the past 48 hours. Do you think my baby is going to be okay? I don’t need a lecture because Ive been crying and stressed all day.

  11. Hi everybody, I’m 22 years old (almost 23) and I was recently forced to admit to myself that I have a severe addiction to Adderall. I was initially prescribed medicine for ADHD when I was very young, somewhere around 6 or 7, and I have been on and off it ever since. For most of my life I disliked taking it, and I never even considered that I could become addicted, but somewhere around a year and a half ago I began abusing it. I cancelled my prescription because I was afraid of what was happening to me, but now things have gotten even worse. My addiction controls almost every aspect of my life, and several weeks ago I reached a new low and began stealing pills from a family member’s prescription. I’ve been wracked with guilt and self hatred ever since. This isn’t who I am, and I just want things to go back to normal. I honestly don’t know how it came to this point, but I can’t allow my problems to hurt the people I care about and I am willing to try anything to get out from under this. If anyone knows somewhere I could call or someone I could talk to, or anything else that might help, I would appreciate it greatly.

  12. I am 20 years old and I took an adderall 25 mg xr the other day. I had taken the adderall at 10 am and i didn’t feel any different. However, later that night around 9:45 pm I felt very light headed and then my heart started to beat so quick that I was convinced I was having a heart attack, I instantly collapsed and was in the worst pain of my life. Luckily, my friends were their to calm me down, and then drove me to the hospital and they quickly helped me by giving me an iv and getting medicine inside my body. I am curious, was I close to dying? Please let me know. Thanks.

  13. I’m addicted to extremely high doses of Adderall. I’d like to find out some kind of information on rehab centers. If that’s where I would go to overcome this addiction?

  14. Shae here, 22 was just prescribed adderall 20mg in morning and 20mg in afternoon for my age and I’m only 140 pounds does that sound like that could harm me? I take my blood pressure ever hour or every other couple of hours and there irregular but they said that the adderall would do that I don’t feel my heart is pumping fast or slow just pressure there should I be more worried?

    1. Hi Shae. First, I suggest you speak with your doctor about all symptoms you have. Then, if you still don’t trust your doctor, seek second opinion.

  15. I took adderall yesterday for the first time (2 pills ). I took it after i smoked weed and i only took one at first than i took another one because i thought it diddnt hit me than after a couple more hours i smoked again and now my heart and chest feels like its closing in and hurting alot. And every time i walk or go upstairs i run out of breath really easly and cant breath as easy. My brother said it just the side effects and i should wait before seeking attention . Im 15 and weigh 115

  16. Hello, I’m 44 I was diagnosed bi-polar when I was 13 and was not medicated until I was 28. I took medication for about 18 months then would stop and have bad episode and start again. This went on for years. Finally at about 38 I got on a good regimen and I was stable until about 42. I was very overweight and depressed and high anxiety. I went back to phsychiatrist and he said I was originally misdiagnosed and I have ADHD. He took me off my bi-polar meds and put me on Adderal, (15 months later I’m taking 3 x’s daily 30 mg) topimax (100 mg at night) , and I kept taking wellbutrin 300 daily. I was doing awesome until about 3 months ago. I talking very awesome. My life has completely changed. I own my own company for the past 22 years and this last year we have done more than 10 x’s the productivity than ever before. My desk is beyond organized, my home is spotless, I could go on and on. About 3 months ago I found out some very troubling news about my 15 year old daughter and finding this out and digging further has opened a pandoras box for my family. (me and my daughter, I’m a single mother by choice, my daughter was from a sperm donor) At first I was very depressed about this news and staying up all night researching and researching. Now I have changed into a different person. Slowly. I see myself (intelectually) I can see the change. I have lots of memory loss. I do things like change my passwords and then the next day I can’t get into my accounts. I have 5 different calanders to remind me what to do…and a paper in my purse to remind me to check my chalander. I am also doing unbelievable out of character stuff like (I don’t drink liquor) I got drunk with my daughter one night. It was insane!! I have gone on shopping sprees and I barely remember them. I have the most unbelievable outgoing personality!! Talking to everybody…even interupting other peoples conversations when they are talking at the grocery store. Like right now I can’t remember what I wrote at the begining of this message. Something is terribly wrong. I took my daughter to the dr the other day (same dr since she was 6 mo old) and she pulled me aside and said I don’t know what’s going on with you but are you under alot of pressure, are you taking your medicine? I told her what happened with my girl and she freaked out and I kept telling her more and she said just watching you (we were with her for 2.5 hours) I think you have phudodemincia….what ever that is!! I told her i’m not manic…I’ve been manic so many times and this is not it. She agreed this is not mania, this is much more serious, I’m on the edge of a nervous break down. Have you ever heard of this??

  17. Hello, my name is Steve and this drug almost killed my daughter! I am holding these drug companies responsible for these lies! I will take what ever action necessary to stop big Pharma from killing my children or any of my family members!! You have been fucking warned!!

  18. I just turned 19, am 106 pounds, and 5ft tall. I’m not prescribed anything but I have been taking 25 adderall XR and 30mg vyvanse alternating between the two for about three weeks to help me get up in the morning and stay up. It helps me focus at school and get my tasks accomplished quicker. I don’t get tired and always feel happy. I try to take it at 7-730 in the morning so that when it reaches its half life I will be able to go to sleep at night, I also smoke weed to help sleep as well. When I’m on it my mind races, my cheeks get red, and I drink tons of water but don’t eat a thing. When I ran out of the pills I didn’t go to school for 3 days because I had no motivation to get up or do anything and felt like a zombie, I also was getting waves of dizziness and blurred vision, and when I tried to eat something it just came right back up like my stomach couldn’t hold it down. I’m assuming it’s because I went from taking a lot to none at all. Will my body ever be able to go back to the way it was before the adderall if I continue to not take it? If so, how long will this take?
    But I’ve also recently read that you shouldn’t take adderall if you have hyperparathyroidism. In February of 2015 I had a parathyroidectomy and they took out the one that was overacting and my calcium levels all went back to normal, will taking adderall give me a higher chance of sudden death or stroke even if the parathyroid that was overacting was taken out?

  19. I am a high school student that is trying to do good in school it is really hard for me to focus and one day my friend gave me Addarll. I Took a 30mg pill I was alot more focus in class and could keep up with what my teachers were teaching. I didn’t feel any side affects at all I was just more focus and even calm in class. But I work out alot and I don’t want my Hart and health to be bad or experience sudden death please help.

  20. Hi I’ve been thinking about taking adderall for weight loss? How safe is it to use this drug? I’m seeking to lose about 20-40 pounds but I’m afraid I can trigger something in my system and have a sudden death
    Please advise

    1. Hi Paola. Weight loss is a common side effects of Adderall use. Moreover, when you are using it when you don’t have ADHD may cause serious other side effects such as mood swings, headaches, hypertension, anorexia, etc.

  21. Last November I took 3 pills 30mg adderall. I’ve been taking adderall recreationally for a year and a half so I didn’t see a problem with that dosage. Stupidly, I also took 4 large cups of coffee through out the day. Up until at night, I got my first severe panic attack. I rushed to the ER and they said everything was fine. It’s been 5-6 months now and through out that time I’ve gotten severe anxiety, panic attacks here and there and a lot of mental confusion and lack of attention. Truth be told though, I have been improving VERY slowly by time. I still can’t drink any alcohol as it causes severe depression (also after that adderall abuse in nov), also I can’t take any vitamins as b12 causes me to be too alert and later I get a small panic attack and shortness of breath….but I noticed I’m starting to be able to focus a bit better, social anxiety has been going away. All Drs I’ve been too said that I’m having a neurological chemical imbalance (dopamine, serotonin, etc.) my question to the blog is, do you know anyone that went through what I have? If so, will I be ever able to go back to normal? (Trust me, I’m only asking this cause I miss my old self! I’ll never take a pill again in my life!!!) I hope this story shows that these pills aren’t worth any grades or whatever the reason you take them unless prescribed.

  22. Hi, I’m 26 and took adderall XR from the time I was 11 till I was 17 as prescribed for my ADD. I stoppedal taking when I moved out of my parent’s house because I couldn’t afford it. Well I finally got back on it 4 days ago, I was prescribed 3 20mg IRs a day. I usually only take 2 because I value sleep. Today something very strange that I don’t remember ever happening before occurred. I was smoking a cigarette ( I only smoke about 5 a day) and driving home from work roughly 4 hours after my last dose my vision dimmed like somebody turned the sun down, my entire body started to tingle, and I felt very strange. There was no pain, I could still think and concentrate on everything going on around me. This lasted for about 5 minutes and went away as fast as it happened. I had not eaten or drank very much today, is that possibly a cause or do you have any idea what on earth happened to me and if it’s connected to the adderall? An info is greatly appreciated

  23. I have been taking adderal for about 7 months and my tolerance has risen obviously.I usually have no issues besides trouble sleeping,sweating,shortness of breath.Last night I took 135mg of Ir at 7pm and around 12 I felt dizzy and very confused like almost a blackout and i usually take no more then 100mg was this a negative side affect or a Overdose and will lowering my dose back to 90 prevent this

  24. My son is 12 and takes 10mg of adderall should I be concerned at this dose I’m worried I didn’t want to put him on medication but he started failing school and being very defiant should I be worried

    1. Hi Sam. If the medication and the dosage is prescribed by a doctor, then it’s okay for consummation.

  25. Im 19, I have a prescription for a 40mg IR daily. Before college I tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle as much as I could to compensate for some of the unhealthy decisions I sometimes made. I don’t drink. I used to occasionally smoke cannabis. Now I only smoke tobacco (light) on and off. Trying to quit for good, not just for 2 or 3 months then get stressed and start up again. I dont have withdrawal from nicotine. I recognize what ticks off my craving and distract myself. As far as the adderall, I only take 20 mg in school (b/c I don’t want to waste the effects between classes and being hyper distracted when I’m not doing school work), and I take 40 during the weekends to clean and focus on getting all my hw done in one pass. I try to not take it at once, but stagger it 1 hour at least. 20 at 11:00 and another 20 at 12:00. And yes i drink coffee with it b/c i can’t help myself. I try to be relatively stress free and eat the goods. My focus now is to stay hydrated during the day as that was my biggest problem. I also confess to skipping breakfast sometimes, but I don’t lie to myself and eat at school. My biggest concern is that although adderall has a stable effect on my ADD, it kind of sucks now. While medicated, I still can’t focus, yet I’m able to make high power rockets and cnc machines like it’s nothing. I don’t want to be on meds, but I can’t find an atmosphere willing to let me be me, nor can I be convincing enough to get people to understand “This is repetitive and boring, therefore Ill do more interesting things.” Maybe I just have to wait it out.

  26. Why is Adderall legal? I mean, I don’t understand if it can cause destruction of heart tissue leading to obstruction of blood flow to the heart…? Why is this ok?

  27. is 17 i believe and has adhd.. And everyday out of the week hes only supposed to be taking only 1pill to help him focus.. But 2days out of the whole week there will be times when he’ll take 2or3pills at a time, and he said he kinda became addicted and i did my research i read him affects of over using adderall from the healthline website.. I read him withdrawl affects.. Everything like every part of info he could possibly want or need to know about the affects or withdrawl from taking more than needed.. I gave him lile back to back info.. Like he isn’t highly addicted but he sorta is.. And i told him to go to the doctor cuz he’s been takin like 2or3 pills a day twice a week when its supposes to be only 1pill everyday.. But even tho its nothing severe in the moment.. Since hes only been doin this for like not too long..he said he would rather just stick with the withdraw.. But i already did more than i could do.. And told him what to do just in case

  28. hi. I’m a teen and I was prescribed to start taking 5 mg of adderrall xr, but someone transferred the prescription wrong and i was instead taking 60 mg of aderrall a day. I felt pretty sick, and after about 8 days on and off taking it, we stopped and realized I was overdosing enormously. I’m so scared! Is my body all screwed up from this?! By the way, I’m very small… about 90 pounds,

  29. A doctor prescribed Adderall XR 10mg for my ADHD daughter. I am preparing for 4 x 6 hour exams spread over 3 weeks ( Reactor technology, Transport phenomena, Chemical Reaction Kinetics and Advanced Engineering Mathematics ). I started using some of her medicine – 3 weeks now just to get pass this exams. I only take 1 x 10mg in the morning and 1 x 10mg at about 1pm. Can this cause problems ? I am 38 and in very good health ( exercise every day for at least 45min, good diet – no junk food, no alcohol or smoking )

  30. Hello,

    I had went to a psychologist to seek help for my issues that reflected my personal and academic life. She told me she is sure that what I am going through is ADD but I needed to seek testing to know for sure. She also further indicated that she believes I worry too much (she’s probably right considering I’m on here in the first place). Anyways, I went to my local physician and he told me he did not do ADD testing but because the psychologist suspected it, he will give me a 30 day dose of 10mg Adderol to take twice a day. I hear of Adderol and while I wanted help this is not what I wanted. I told him my concerns about this drug (since I’ve heard about it in college) and that I thought it would be a little too strong for me. He told me to finish my prescription and then if it wasn’t working try something else.
    To begin with, I indicated I was athletic. I have low blood pressure, I am a 20 year old female, 124 ibs. And 5’2. As a college student, I have developed the taste for grande black coffees as well. Only once a day. The drug in the beginning made me feel like I was high and I did not appreciate it, however the more I was taking it the more those symptoms decreased and I felt like I could actually focus. I felt normal for once. However, sometimes I get dizzy, my treadmill stopped my workout because it said my heart rate was too high (which doesn’t happen) and my appetite is gone. Sometimes I find myself taking deep breaths and my pulse will be higher than normal. I’m concerned if I’m doing the right thing for my body. I don’t want a stroke or seizures and I do not want to start developing heart problems. Should I stop taking this drug and seek another medication, or should I do as the doctor instructed and report back to him after my 30 days?

    Please help,

    I feel as though I have been misguided. One psychology visit and a trip to a doctor I don’t even know isn’t convincing enough more me. Is this the right thing? Or am I putting myself in danger?

  31. My 12 year old nephew died. Our attorney told us his level for his adderol in his system was higher than what had been prescribed. What does the drug do in the system after you die?

    1. Hi Mary. I’m very sorry for your loss. Such a young boy! Now, to answer your questions, death follows after the body’s main organs have stopped functioning, which also causes all organs in the system to shut down. If his adderall levels were high at the time of death, since the liver and kidneys have also stopped working, the amount stays the same as there is no way to metabolize or eliminate it from the system.

  32. I’m 20 years old and recently got my hands on some adderall. I took about 4 30mg XR for 3 days straight. My heart started beating irregular and I was hallucinating and I kept having panic attacks. I thought I was gonna die. It’s been a few days since I have taken them but my heart still beats funny. Is this a long term effect? Should I see a doctor?

    1. Hi Alex. Yes, if you have an underlying condition for a heart disease that you weren’t aware of, the Addreall may have caused some damage. The increased heart rate can damage the heart muscle (usually only after long term use), but anything is possible and you cannot know for sure unless thoroughly examined.

  33. I am currently 18 years old I have been taking adderalls for about 4 years now I was first prescribed with concerta then I was moved to adderalls starting at 5mg and over time it has been increase now I am taking 25mg I do have history of abusing adderalls (snorting) and I did some research recently and I believe it caused me uticaria a allergic reaction to heat and cold. I am still taking 25mg and I am no longer abusing the drug but I have been having constant chest pain,and dizziness when i am behind the wheel but my question is should I stop taking the medication? I am really scared when I am taking this drug but I take it knowing that I am going to accomplish things.

  34. I have been eating high doses of sugary products (would be considered a sugar addict) and take 25 milligrams of Adderall. In the past if my body sensed overload amounts I would get a weird sensation in my mouth. Also, I would grind my teeth terribly. Now everytime I have even a Hershey bar I get the sensation I wait til it passes and have more sugar. I’m not use to not having it anytime I want so this is difficult. I literally can’t take my meds until it wears off.

  35. I am 21 years old and I have only been on Focalin since August of last year. Recently I have been crushing up and snorting my 30mg XRs. My heart rate increases significantly and it makes me really nervous. This is going to sound absolutely ridiculous but it is somewhat embarrassing/frightening to ask but have you heard of people that take to much of a stimulant get aches in their groin? I have no idea what the appeal is for snorting this drug is but I just want to take it normally and not cut myself off of it completely due to the impending withdrawals and I know that it can really be useful to me if I just took it the correct way and the correct dosage. Any advice?

  36. About 8 hours ago I drank one energy drink, 1 hour later I took one pill then 4 or 5 hours later I took half pill and drank some coffee and right about now I just took the other half pill.

    This was really stupid and I recognise it.

  37. what would be considered a high dose of adderral . Found out a friends child has been taking about 40-50 mg. of adderral a day for about a year. is that too much? what is the best way to come off of it.?

  38. Hello. I take Adderall regularly about 45mg doses of instant release. I am prescribed 30mg but that doesn’t have the desired effect so I take 45mg. Lately I have been having regular heart rates around 92bpm as of right now, yet I’m experiencing a feeling like heart palpitations. A sudden butterfly like feeling in my chest that goes up and feels like it comes out my throat and makes me kind of sit up more and take a deep breath. It’s been happening for the past month or so, I don’t take adderall everyday but I notice if I take it for 3 days in a row.. on the 3rd day those feelings are the worst.

    What is this and is it a cause for alarm? My heart rate is fine and I’m not experiencing any pain in my chest. Although I will say that there have been times I have felt random sudden sharp pains in my left hand, I’m not sure if that’s attributed to it since they seem to occur at different times..

  39. Mat, seem’s like your trying to get a heart problem. Combination of Adderall (A prescribed stimulant) with Caffeine (Stimulant) it’s causing a lot for your body to handle. Please be careful if you notice side effects while on this stimulants, such a sweat, temperature increase, heart beat increase, over-alertness, & over thinking, small anxiety, etc. Please note, this drug is prescribed to people who’s in needs of it. After use, your brain will automatically start becoming natural in order to maintain a regular thinking level & super dependent on this stimulant (Non-Use causes Low-thinking level due to its # of uses in the past).
    In my suggestion, stop taking this Stimulant. I did it, and if you look back in this comment box. I was the first one to comment on this when I was 17 & how I use to take this drug.
    Changing my lifestyle to exercise, eating healthy and vitamns,have given my brain & myself more benefits long-term and everyday use, this is my new addictive drug!

  40. Hello Mat. I believe you are doing ok. I also understand the pressure to do well on exams, but it’s causing your organism so much stress, and eventually things can get out of control. I’m not trying to scare you, sorry if I sound preachy.

  41. If you could like respond ASAP cause like my final is tomorrow…… I took a 10 mg ir and got a 100% on my chemistry final. I just wanted to share 😀 but like please respond asap because I want to know by 12/11/14 THAT’S tomorrow by the way
    I also drank a triple espresso ha…….30 min before I took the 10 I did the math and It was 77 mg of caffeine and 10 mg ir is that stupid? i was a little hyper during second period but by the end of 6th I was completely normal…… I took another 10 mg ir like 7 hours after my first should I be alarmed?

  42. Hi Danielle. I’d suggest that you seek medical help immediately. Blood in vomit can be a sign of a number of medical conditions and may or may not be related to Adderall use.

  43. I took 3 of the orange pill adderals yesterday at once and 2 today now am throwing up big amounts of blood?? Should I be worried?

  44. I overdosed last night. I took my moms adderall which is 20mg per pil . I counted 17 that I swallowed. I’m having almost every symptom but I have not vomited yet. I’m 15 years old and weigh 120-125 pounds. Please respond quickl .

  45. Hi. Do you know of any instances where a healthy adult with no pre-existing heart conditions has died from an overdose, as a result of abusing Adderall? Considering how powerful a central nervous stimulant it is, I looked online expecting to see tons of stories of overdose deaths from abuse of adderall. However, curiously I can’t find any. Nor can I find any statistics on deaths per year or anything like you would find with a drug such as heroin.

  46. Hello RJ. In adults, the symptoms of ADHD are more difficult to define. This is largely due to a lack of research into adults with ADHD. I’m not sure you have this disorder, and I don’t believe taking drugs will help. If you are feeling that you aren’t motivated, find something that you are interested in and pursue that activity. Try to correct the behavior you don’t like, if you think you are lazy, disorganised or unfocused you should work on changing your behavior. Drugs like Adderall should only be prescribed and used if necessary. And believe me, you can change your lifestyle and behavior, a drug should be the last thing you turn to.

  47. I am 24 years old. After talking with my doctor, he asked me if I have ever been seen for ADHD. I was left back in pre know and ever since then. Everything has been a struggle. Only now did I realize there might be a problem. I always thought it was just lazyness. Then after talking to my dad, he said there is a history of AD HD in our family. He wants to prescribe me Adderall. Will I be safe when I have obvious signs of AD HD?

  48. Hello Amanda. I’d suggest that you seek help from your prescribing doctor. Note the symptoms, when they’ve occurred, their duration and intensity on a calendar and then present them to a medical professional. In addition to advice from your MD, you can also seek more information from your local pharmacists.

  49. I have been on Adderall 15 mg twice a day for about 4 years. I got off it while I was pregnant and have been back onnit about 6 months. I have anxiety and have been able to control it. Ive never taken more than I should or bumped up my dose. I take my first pill around 7 am and the second between 130 and 2 pm. I dont have a history of heart problems and recently gave birth about 16 months ago. The last week I hVe been having a sli gt jumping feeling in my chest. No pain no shortness of breath. Its happened for about a week and its only about 3 times a day it happens. I have a habit of freaking out too soon and want to know if this is bad shoukd I stop takin it.

  50. Hello TJ. It’s possible that you either have a high tolerance to Adderall or that you are abusing it. I’d suggest that you be honest with your doctor. Perhaps another ADD drug like Concerta would work better for you…but you need to address is as a clinical situation before you can know what to do.

    Good luck!

  51. Dear writer,
    I have a history of abusing illegal drugs and alcohol, and at age 24 have recently been diagnosed with possible ADD and put on adderall 20mg per day is what is prescribed. I honestly do feel like I have some degree of ADD and have since I was young, I just never really saw a Dr. ever until recently when I got a real job that provides insurance. Anyway the first day or 2 was great but after a couple days I found myself feeling like I need 2 pills, then a few days later feeling like 2 isn’t doing the trick anymore…. A few days I took 5 or 6 20mg pills. I have abused adderall and other pills recreationally a few times in my life as well. I know what the right answer is to this situation, but does it sound to you like this is a bad idea and I need to tell my Dr. what’s going on?

  52. Hi Sean. The drug testing center administration or a Medical Revoew Officer will call you and request that you present your prescription or medical records to account for levels of amphetamines in your system. As long as you are taking Adderall as prescribed, you should not be testing POSITIVE for abuse … and the test will come up NEGATIVE.

  53. I have been prescribed adderall by a doctor. I had to do a random DOT drug test on Friday. Im sure it will come up positive. Whom will contact me and what questions will they ask of me?

  54. When I was 14, I intentionally overdosed on Adderall. I took about 900 mg. total. I blacked out on the way to the hospital, and remember bits and pieces after that. I cussed out the doctor, tried to pull the tube out of my throat that they were feeding me charcoal through. I remember vomiting and my sister coming in and hitting me out of frustration. I nearly died, but today, my heart takes hours to slow down after any physical activity, such as climbing up the stairs. Is that directly attributed to the OD? And will it be like that for life?

  55. Hello Carlos. Taking Adderall to enhance performance is misusing the stimulant medication. Is it dangerous? From what I’ve read, Adderall can cause cardiovascular problems in people who already have problems. One possible effect is addiction. Another is physical dependence, which occurs after you take Adderall daily over the period of a few weeks.

    Long term effects of Adderall are still unknown. But you certainly don’t want to get used to taking amphetamines in order to achieve mental clarity. Are you ready to try other ways to study which don’t involve Adderall?

  56. I’m currently 17 years old, turning 18 in a few months. I just started taking Adderall, I take around half of a 30mg Pill a day to focus on my school work and other learning activities. I do not have a prescription for it, but not addicted either. I just found this very helpful to concentrate on basically anything I need to get done as well as doing research. The effects last me around 4 hours but I am worried this could affect me or maybe later on in life, could this be possible ?

    (Excuse my bad grammar)

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