How long does Adderall stay in your system?

Adderall levels peak in the bloodstream about 3 hours after taken orally, compared to 7 hours for Adderall XR (extended release). But when is Adderall out of the system totally? More here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Dili Gonzalez, M.D.

Peak levels and half life of Adderall

There are a number of different variables to consider when estimating the metabolism of Adderall. These include:

  • Adderall vs. Adderall XR (instant or extended release)
  • Age, weight and general health of patient
  • Dosage
  • Means of administration (oral, smoke, injected, etc.)
  • Type of amphetamine measured (dextroamphetamine or levoamphetamine)

Peak levels – During clinical trials, peak plasma concentrations of a single dose 10 or 30 mg of Adderall to healthy volunteers occur about 3 hours post-dose for both d-amphetamine and lamphetamine. In comparison, maximum plasma concentration of Adderall XR is about 7 hours.

Half life – When administering Adderall normally, the average elimination half-life for d-amphetamine occurs at 9 – 11 hours post dose vs. 11.5 – 14 hours for l-amphetamine. The mean elimination half-life for Adderall XR is about the same as for Adderall instant release, but varies according to age and body mass.

Adderall testing: How long does Adderall stay in the system?

Adderall is made up of a combination of amphetamine salts: Dextroamphetamine Saccharate, Amphetamine Aspartate, Dextroamphetamine Sulfate and Amphetamine Sulfatem. These substances can be measured in hair, oral fluid, sweat, or urine as part of drug testing. In fact, blood tests are used to distinguish therapeutic use of Adderall from abuse. This is why doctors and employers use drug testing in the first place: to tell if you are addicted to Adderall, or not.  And urine tests can detect Adderall for days after your last dose. But how long does Adderall stay in your system exactly?

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Positive tests for Adderall depend upon length, frequency, mode of administration and amount of use. In other words, the longer and heavier you’ve been using Adderall, the more likely it is that Adderall is detected in your body and the more likely you will experience withdrawal from Adderall is you stop dosing. Urine testing can generally detect use 1-4 days after your last dose of amphetamine but you can test positive for amphetamines a week following heavy chronic use.

Problems with Adderall?

Do you think that you have a problem with Adderall?  Are you mixing alcohol and Adderall? Are you snorting or smoking or injecting Adderall? Have you started obsessively thinking about taking it, or are you taking more than is recommended? Can you not live without Adderall?

If you think that Adderall has become a problem in your life and you are ready for help, you can get it. Please ask us your questions about Adderall addiction below, or send us an email. We respond to all questions with a personal and prompt reply.

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  1. I was out on adderal at a very young age and used it started to abuse it through my twenties it ruined my life by misusing it and still at 53 feel hi have some brain damage I’m off now but my 31 year old sin gas become addicted to it. He also takes kratom he us so moody and angry and depressed. He feels hopeless he doesn’t reach out for help like it’s his big secret of denial if addiction I know he’s afraid of withdrawal. U know my witgdrwl was so so so bad I couldn’t function for a tear or two from depression and anxiety. Please help us.

  2. I’m very upset because my doctors said my drug test showed adderall in my system and I know I have not taken any how else would that show up on my test I admit to taking hydrcone pain pills but besides what the doctor prescribed which is zopidem and clonazpam I am not using or taking any other narcotics, plus they said another drug showed up on my test zellar

  3. I am stressed out worried about my probation officer doing a urine test on me and me failing for adderall as of today I have taken a total of 7 adderall 20mg tablets in over the last 5 days and I have to report on the 20th of this month will I pass the urine test if I stop using 5 days before my test ? Or how long does adderall stay in your system after the last dose ?

  4. I am addicted to adderall. I have abused the drug up to 9 pills a day. I decided to quit cold turkey. I have been clean for 7 days. The withdrawal symptoms are severe. How long will the withdrawal symptoms last.

  5. Are their any addiction / rehabs that accept Medicaid ins.for adults in the
    NW ArKansas area.
    My daughter is 32 & has been taking adderall for 10 year and her doctor will not refill her adderall. Nor does my daughter want the adderall refilled.
    Her withdrawals are unbelievably frightening for the both of us!
    She’s in a constant panic , crying, rage, fainting, tearing at her clothing. This is horrible for all of us more so for her as she continues to be a mom of a 9 year old daughter. Thank you for any help you can offer.

    1. Hi Brenda. Call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best treatment.

  6. I took 20 Milligrams of Adderal today. I’ve always thought about taking a little extra because I like the “high” feeling it gives me and I always want to replenish those good feelings witch only last for about 35 minutes. When I crash off of 20 it’s almost like I go to lower levels of depression then before I take it. I mean, it does help me focus, I just wish the constant ” life is great feeling” lasted longer. Today I took my prescribed 20, but I decided to go upon my idea I had thought about for
    about two weeks and took 40 Mg about 5 hours later and the high lasted longer and didn’t crash to bad, just really wide awake. Is this a sign of abuse that I feel I want to replenish it? I have Adderal because I struggle with ADHD and Depression, but am Ieven supposed to get euphoria from It? I haven’t told anyone because I really like the euphoria and I’m worried if I tell them I get happy from it, my parents might take it away and get something else for me, which I don’t want to happen. I am scared to tell them. What’s your opinion on this?? I dont feel right if I dont take it. I mean I can still get by in life, it’s just I don’t have that confidence and positive attitude if it’s not in my body. Is the “Not feeling right” called normal balance and I’m just spoiled with getting extra dopamine levels in my brain? Am I just thinking I’m depressed without it, when I am really feeling normal balances in my brain? So like when the high diminishes am I going lower than normal or just back to the normal brain levels of feel good chemicals?? Also and instead of taking regular instant releases would it be better for me if I did XR A dderal so I don’t get all the euphoria at once so it’s like spread out during the day? Please respond soon, Thanks!!

  7. I have taken too much Adderall. 23 whole tables. Each table is 30 milligram. Having trouble with heart feeling like it is beating fast sweating upper torso especially back of neck & under arms.

    1. Hi Lisa. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  8. Hi King! Please read the comment on my son. As far as what you did being fatal, there were a couple of things that really stood out. The combination of Adderall and coke could potentially speed up your heart rate enough to cause it to “jump time” so to speak and put you into cardiac arrest. Alcohol as well as Xanax are both respiratory depressants. That’s not good. The biggest factor is the one we don’t really know. Tolerance (how much can you safely put in your body at one time) is a big unknown because we don’t know how much is too much until it’s too late. As a mother of an addict, I beg you to please not go down that road. If you want to do anything, just stick to good old fashioned weed- not laced with anything, just weed. And even that in moderation. I never believed it to be a gateway drug, but my son sure made me a believer. He can’t even smoke without eventually moving on to heavier stuff. Whatever you decide, just be careful and keep in mind, there is always someone out there that would not want to face tomorrow without you.

  9. My son, almost 31 has been an addict since age 21. He has always dated older women and a 36 year old woman turned him on to Lortab at 18. I don’t think he has been clean and sober more than 6 months at a time since age 21. He has been strung out on pretty much everything. Lortab, then oxys, meth, you name it. About 6 months ago, he found a psychiatrist that prescribed him Adderall and Xanax. He is currently prescribed 5 30mg adderalls per day and has a script for 120 “bars” of Xanax as well as 90 “footballs.” I found out recently that his is injecting both. When he runs short, he resorts to IV oxy ERs. I didn’t even know you could inject ER oxys! His emotions are all over the place. The family is in shambles because I won’t give up trying to get through to him that he has such great potential without all the drugs. He hasn’t been able to get a job because of some legal crap his dad put him in with a dirty cop. I’m not kidding about the cop, you can google John McDaniel, Prattville, AL. He already needs heart surgery due to MRSA from IV drug use. The love of his life died from a drug overdose as well as another woman he was dating. Both of them passed while they were broke up- primarily due to drugs. I have tried to talk to the psychiatrist (I am on his HIPPA form) but my son has managed to convince him that I’m the one who is strung out. Even with all he is prescribed, he still runs short. I am ADD and he is legitimately ADHD. I just kind of factor my ADD in as part of my personality and learn to live with it. He has been in rehab but in small town USA, it seems like every time he tries to get straight, people come out of the woodwork with something. I initially started reading this because 0ccasionally I will take a half of one of his 30mg Adderall to give me the extra energy to get things done around the house when I fall behind. In fact, I have one in my pocket right now but may have to take a drug test for work next week. We have had to break down the bathroom door and take the needle out of his arm and his dad do CPR until the medics arrived. I have sat by his bed with him on a ventilator, just crying and praying more than once. My mother wants to have him put on antidepressants but I’m afraid that would just be one more addiction to deal with since, if he goes on antidepressants, he wants to take Lyrica. I don’t really know where I’m going with this. I guess part of me is just venting. Part of me is looking for something I can do to help him that I may not have thought of and part of me is begging anyone with an addictive personality NOT to get tangled up with this stuff. I know my son has to want to overcome it for it to ever happen. It kills me to see him nodding off in his plate. It angers me to see this knowing the potential- and it’s not just because I’m his mother that I say that, the potential he has just being shot up his arm and down the toilet because of all the drugs. I have cried, I have yelled, I have prayed. I just don’t know what else to do. BTW- the Adderall in my pocket is now down the toilet. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  10. I have taken Adderall for the first time last night about 4 am and about 12pm that afternoon I had a feeling that my nipples were rubbing up against my t shirt and t shirt only if felt as if my both nipples were leaking for the next 4 to 5 hours later I take the t shirt off that leaking feeling went​ away and the nipples stood erect like never before and I don’t have big nipples at all never did before,put the t shirt back on and back comes the slight pain that I had before of that being the leaking finally it went away after about the sum of about 5 hours.

  11. I just took a half of a 20 mg of Adderall I snorted a couple of lines of cocaine and took to Xanax and also drinking never took Adderall before my friend gave me a 20 milligram of Adderall and I broke it in two three pieces and took two pieces equals half of 20 milligram it really kept me focused and not tired but then again I’ve been snoring cocaine less than a gram of cocaine I took two Xanax smoke some weed and drank like a 40 ounce beer I want to know if I’m at risk because I’ve been doing too many drugs at the same time but I didn’t know the difference can somebody please tell me if I’m OK it’s the first time I took it and I only took half of 20 milligram I don’t think I’ll take it again unless I need to I just need some advice if all the drugs I took combined that lead to death very worried which I won’t do it again but I feel good I don’t feel no type of way but from all the articles I read about Adderall I could be dangerous so can somebody please provide an opinion to what I am on right about now I appreciate you guys

  12. I took four 30 mgs of adderall thursday i have never done them before. I have a drug test monday at noon what can i do to make sure im clean?

  13. I take adderall every day as perscribed, which is 30mg twice a day. I have been taking this medication since I was a kid, over 11 years. Ive been having issues because I get drug tested randomly in the am, which is usually right after I take it, does not show in urine then but then I have been getting drug tested later in the day at my doctors office and it always shows there but not at the other facility I go to in the am. Why is that? I am starting to think the place I go to in the morning isn’t conducting a reliable test or their up to something. I have showed my proof but they try to say its because I know I am getting tested at my doctor, when actually I didnt even know the doctor was testing the urines for drugs at first and then when I found out about my medication not coming up at the facility I go to in the am, I asked my doctor to test me everytime I go and everytime it shows at my doctor but at the facility in the am it doesnt show, or shows up once in a while. It sucks because they won’t even look at my evidence but then they want to speak to my perscribing doctor which they will tell it does not show in urine there but wont mention it shows at my other doctor later in the day. I see my persribing doctor tomorrow so i am going to show her all these drug screens from both places and see what she thinks because i need her to see everything not just the one place I think is up to something but i was wondering if there is any other reasoning adderall would not show in a morning drug screen but then shows in the afternoon one? Could there be a logical explanation, like my body matabilizes it faster then most or are they up to something? I dont know what to think. At first they told me i needed scientific proof showing that I do take my medication as perscribed and i lucked out, i found out my dr was checking my urine too, i was so excited to show them, but they refused to look at it and now they say they need to talk to my perscribing dr, which they have done years ago when i started at the facilty. I dont trust them to speak to my perscribing dr after all this so i have not signed release, and like i said i will talk to her myself tomorrow with all my evidence but i thought I would ask this question online and hopefully have more evidence to what is really going on.

  14. I had a huge addiction from the 11th grade all the way till my freshmen year of college. At first I would only use it for test and sports but then it became an everyday thing. I would use it just because I thought it would make me better at life. It got to the point where I was taking two 30mg pills cause one was not doing it for me. Adderall has definitely effected me mentally and is not a joke. I have been adderall free for the past 4 months and it is extremely hard for me to continue being sober. There is not a day I haven’t thought about adderal since I stopped. Adderall is not cool. Adderall doesn’t make you smarter. Adderall is not a joke.

  15. As a child in middle school I was bullied because I was different. Couldn’t sit still, failed every test , could not concentrate and was very fearful and anxious.
    School required my parents to take me in for an eval for ADD/ADHD. I got put on ritalin. After a few days I would flush it because I remember feeling very depressed and tried to end my life as a child. After 3 more years of flushing and lying that I was taking it , the doctor did bloodwork and seen it wasnt in my system. I was afraid to be honest that it made me feel depressed and that I didnt sleep for 4 days straight in the 5th grade. I didnt want to go to the nuthut.
    So… He upped the dose. All of a sudden I was a rockstar.
    UP until 2 years ago. My dependancy turned into an addiction which alcoholism sprung in . My 2 best friends were that pill and my drink. Im 36 now but 2 years ago I went into cardiac arrest. My tolerance was so high I was taking 5 30mg addys per day. Then that specific day I drank . I drank about a 6pk of beer and felt tired and decided to try to snort it to see if it would work. had my neighbor not come over cause my door was wide open I would be dead.
    I decided enough was enough. But that wasnt enough. It had a grip on me and I tried to fight the disease alone. The disease of addiction. I got to the point where I couldnt live with or without either. I tried to die. Little did I know I sniffed one more adderal except it wasnt the normal adderal . It was a 30mg XR. broke uo the beadlets and off I went. That night was bad. This time I didnt wake up in the er. I woke up in ICU after 2 weeks – they didnt think i was going to live. My blood alcohol was 4.9 % which is lethal. But I remember I didnt feel buzzed at all. Also I thought I had friends there with me partying. But it was just me.. I was found in my yard facedown after a grand mal seizure .. my cardiac health was at the point of heart attack ( 34 years of age and in good healthy shape ) . My doctor told me even though my age was young … I wasnt going to survive another year if I kept on.
    He sent me home after a few more days of observation with a small amount of antiseizure / anxiety medication. And said you will never forget this . I went home empty …. lost scared and confused. That was the last day of the last very small dose to have me weaned off . That night and the next 16 nights were hell. But something happened. I cried out to God to help me . I had had enough. I wanted my life back.
    Shaking and not feeling normal I took my butt to my first AA meeting ever. And 2 years later here I am . Sober, getting married, still have my job and now helping others recover.
    I have never done any other drug. Adderal and alcohol almost killed me twice . Now just because someone has an addiction doesnt make them bad people. It actually makes them strong people . We admit we are powerless and thats the first step and reach out for help. I went from being a firefighter / paramedic being a jerk to OD people to becoming one. I humbly retired and told the truth about what was going on. I have been welcomed back with loving arms
    To run the advanced life support ambo and especially give some positive guidance to patients whom have addiction.
    Adderal is evil and ritalin.. well i dont know you would have to ask my middleschool toliet. Do NOT take others meds.
    The 30mg XR was given to me a few days before that last incident with instructions. And ×2 was at the point where doctors said i wouldnt make it. The withdrawl is awful. But if you believe in A God pray your butt off . Call AA in your area or the number these ppl have here. Ir msg me.
    We are all human, imperfect and loved.

  16. I take one here and there….maybe 1 or 2 times a month..I tool a 30 milligram one last Thursday…..would it still be in my system? I want to go Donate plasma …..

  17. At the age of 14 I take 40 milligrams everyday prescribe discourse, I have built up an immunity though which is quite the pain in the ass because during school I can’t do s***. The side effects are also a pain in the ass because they include sleep deprivation and loss of appetite. Now it does stand to reason that I may have booked up a I meant tolerance to this drug due to the fact that I started taking it when I was in kindergarten. Until now I did not know that out of all will sometimes used as a recreational drug. I find it quite odd. The reason for the side effects being so specific is that it was engineered to help pilots stay awake and not needing maintenance while slide

  18. I take my last dose of Adderall which is one and a half of Adderall 15 mg at 4 PM. Could this be the reason why I do not sleep well most nights? I cut off caffeine, energy drinks, E- shots and any other uppers at 12 noon. I do a good job of following the rules to get a good nights sleep. I just found out that Adderall has a half-life of 10 to 11 hours and that is why I am asking this question. Thanks

  19. I snorted adderall at a party ( which I will never do again) and I have to go take a drug test ( urine) for a new job I’ll be starting will the drug show up in my urine? My drug test is for Wednesday, all together i ended up snorting 60 mg. I’ve never done this before, and certainly won’t do it again but I’m so nervous that it will show up.

    1. Hi Donna. The best way to withdraw from Adderall and to minimize the effects of withdrawal on the body is by tapering and reducing your doses of Adderall slowly over time. It is also considered the safest way to withdraw from Adderall. This way you won’t run out and you will also avoid most uncomfortable and severe withdrawal symptoms.

  20. I think my niece and her girlfriend are abusing adderall. They are speedy one minute and don’t sleep then they arefalling asleep instantly. They told me one time they took a month’s worth of prescription in two weeks which was 60 pills. Can you tell me what the affects of abusing them is? Does it make you sweat allot, speed, crash, mouth and faced twitches, weird eye movements, weight loss and moody because these are things I’m seeing in them. Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Tina. Yes, those are all symptoms that may suggest someone has been abusing Adderall. Misuse of such medications can bring bigger problems in the future if they don’t stop their habit. Have you informed her parents about the odd behaviors? You can speak to your granddaughter’s school counselor or doctor and determine the best course of treatment for her. And thank you for being such an attentive and caring grandma! Best of luck!

  21. I took extended release adderall, the generic version. Have a script. I decided to stop. Been a week now. I do not crave it or anything crazy like that. But I am still so tired every morning. How long does the tiredness last? It’s the main reason I am stopping at all. If I miss a dose, I become extremely tired.

  22. Hi Tim. The half life of adderall is about 12-14 hours, this means a dose you ingested will be halved in amount during that time. So, yes…if you take one adderall in the morning, by the next morning the previous dose would be eliminated.

  23. I have been abusing adderall on and off and have been snorting/orally swallowing 40-60mg a day, I am 16, 170 pounds. If I do this 3 days in a row, would the previous days mg be out of my system? I am worried about oding by taking it for consecutive days. Thank you

  24. My dr forgot to call my Suboxen prescription in so 5 days and I started taking 150 mg a day for 90 a day but I have Lupus suffer from extreme fatigue, anxiety depression and I have been on so many depression meds they do not help anymore, I seen a phyiactrist and she said Adderall would help with all my mental sickness and it really does, I am not going though the bad Adderall crash I will ask to be slowly weened off

  25. There is a reason that doctors keep prescribing this drug to patients and it is kept as a schedule 2 drug (clear medical benefits but a high potential for abuse). It really does help patients that DO suffer from ADD/ADHD. If it did not, adderall would be moved to a schedule 1 drug (no clear medical benefit and very high potential for abuse).
    Physiologically it is widely accepted that people with ADD/ADHD have lower levels of two neurotransmitters, dopamine and norepinephrine, than do non ADD/ADHD suffers. The role that dopamine plays in one’s brain function is most associated with cognitive alertness. Norepinephrine is responsible for vigilant concentration.
    ADD/ADHD medications, such as adderall and ritalin, increase levels of said neurotransmitters in the brain of anyone. The difference for people with ADD/ADHD is that this increase just brings their brain’s chemical balance closer to that of a normal brain. Which, as a result, allows their brain to function more normally; helping them to focus, be more attentive, and, therefore be less impulsive. These medications do not increase their IQ, it just gives them the ability to better tap into the IQ points they do have. Putting them into the more normal chemical range that permits them to be more contemplative, insightful and, therefore, use their intelligence.
    However, the side effects(many of which are listed above by others) that this increase in dopamine and norepinephrine incur upon a person whose brain has a normal balance of these neurotransmitters are; increase in heart-rate, elevated blood pressure, loss of appetite, and hypomania, amongst other things.
    So in summary do not lie to your doctor to get a powerful drug that you do not need and then expect everything to be hunky dory. Our brains are not meant to be f’ed with unless there is a legitimate medical reason for it. And I’m sorry, but needing to pull an all-nighter to study because you’ve been procrastinating does not qualify!

  26. Adderall is the reason i lost two jobs ( 6 figures ), it made me to do crazy , stupid thing ( hypomania ) for which i got arrested and spent 2 days in jail.
    If you don’t have ADDH, it’s very very dangerous drug.
    Good luck.

  27. this med is for adhd.add if ur using it for other reasons and have nither ur just silly giving a med to help ppl a terrible name.

  28. I am on a high does of adderall xr. I am abusing it and really want to get off of this stuff. I just don’t know how? What is a good tapering schedule? I don’t take the same dose everyday so does that complicate things? I usually take about 50-60 mg and sometimes 90mg. Anything you can tell me I would appreciate.


  29. My sister has a definite addiction. Has been taking for many years but the last 6 years she continues to to get worse. Jerky movements often losing balance not seeming to remember things, paranoia, retreating from the family. Thinking we don,t want her around. Sometimes as many as 10/20mg. daily . Always is worse when a family event is planned. Always cleaning, rummaging and straightening. Makes you very nervous to be around. Terrified she going to have a car accident and she drive her grandchildren on occasion . What do we do to help her. Her husband just seems to be an enabler.

  30. I took adderall here and there.only took iy for like a month here n there. It was to kinda help my opiate wd . Well it helped that sort of then I started mixing them. I have adhd so thought it might be a good thing to take till my opiate wd end. Does any one know if this is a good idea? When I do take it it keeps me up all night if i take to much n i snort it all. so I use xanex some times to fall asleep dont know if that helps or just the add wearing off some one help me I dont even want to take suboxine anymore which when u stop taking sucks too. It just sucks feeling like shit alll the time. Does any one know a quicker or good way to kick wd. And are addorall wd worst than opiate use such as op80 or I was takin about five or six 15mg oxycodone a day or some times more for over three years. I pay ten bucks for a thirty of adderall it gets expencive is that a normal price? Thinkin about going to get a script of adderall and take as perscribed what does any one think? Please help

  31. Lets say a friend of mine started taking adderall and methylphenidate pills 4 days ago for the first time and unprescribed. she’s had at least 180mg of adderall and 180mg of methylphenidate so far. She wants to take another 20mg adderall now but she has a heart condition and her heart rate has been around 150 (triple the usual), she’s dizzy, lightheaded, hasn’t slept or eaten much in days, she feels like she’s going to pass out when she walks around sometimes and she can feel her heart beating in her chest but she says the side effects are kinda decreasing. Do you think if she takes another one it’s going to be way too much or that it won’t really make a difference?

  32. Hi Joe. Intensive treatment programs for oxy will most likely treat you on the standard of abstinence. I know that it sounds scary, but you just need to learn ways and skills to cope with the stresses of life. It’s a never ending learning process, so just take it one step at a time.

  33. thing is that it stopped being fun after about 6-8 years (most people dont get to have fun that long before it is avoiding misery, not fun). Once you go too far,its the rest of your life sober,and many of us dont want that. Unfortunitly I think I now fall into that catagory. I am tapering oxy,weed,and xanax now (only took adderal maybe 30 times,and that was over the last 6 months,never more than 3 days in a row). I am scared shitless of the rest of my life sober,so i hope i can do it on my own,then when sober even a few days (been 5 years since a day without ungodly amounts of oxy) i plan to go into intensive therapy with the hope that i can play around in the future. its likelooking over a cliff for me to think of spending the rest of my life totally sober.scary as hell after ‘playing’ my entire adult life

  34. Abe, nothing you are saying is untrue persay. what you need to keep in mind is that no matter what you think 6 months or 3 years into your experience, you do not know where you will be in 4 years. I played around with everything under the sun. for over 20 years, i dont think i had more than 10 sober days (80% of those days just weed though, but used everything from time to time, even coke almost everyday for over a year) you name it I more than experimented with it. I would have said exactly what you did for 10 years, now i do not exactly disagree, but like I say,you don’t know whats in the cards until the dealin’s done. the odds are way against you, i hope you beat them

  35. Hi Abe. I hear your disappointment and confusion. But taking Adderall to study can start you on them path to addiction. This is why the school takes it so seriously. Did you have any problems stopping Adderall?

    I have some advice. Talk to someone. If you are at home , you need for variety in terms of guidance. Your parents are probably trying their best, but it might help to talk with another adult outside of home about life stuff, like a mentor. and if you’re still smoking weed, then there must be something else going on for you, as in emotional or psychological stress or unease.

    Is there a person like a coach or a counselor who you trust and can meet with regularly?

    Also, do you play sports?

  36. well mr addiction blog hay its me abe the pearson who wrote that smartass comment up there well now im expelled from school for “abusing a controlled substance” cuz i didnt have a prescription i mean idk i didnt think it was fair cuz i wasnt abusing it i was really using it to study well now i went against my probation and im expelled and now i miss all my friends but more importantly im prolly gonna go to juvi now im doing homeschooling and well im 5 months clean from taking it no offence to anybody but ima stick to weed bye any1 got any advice plz message me thanks 🙂

  37. As a once a week user, I never experienced withdrawal. I’m just glad I recognized the horrible side effects before it became a problem.

    Again, if your need it to compete, you’re not worthy!

    Quit using now. Save your life!

  38. Hi Lawrence. Thank you very much for sharing more about Adderall and how it can affect someone who is snorting or chewing it to get high. It is my hope that your experience can help someone else who is thinking about abusing Adderall, or who needs help stopping.

    How did it go during withdrawal?

  39. I just want to add one more very important point.

    If you need a performance-enhancing drug to compete – in school, in sports, or at work – then you’re probably not qualified to compete in the first place.

  40. To everyone reading this, I am a 35 y/o healthy male. I have a great job as a high-end salesman. I started taking (snorting) Adderall one night a week a few months ago while partyng with friends. I have snorted as many as 5 20/mg pills in a night. First of all, you definitely can’t feel the effects of alcohol – fun but scary. Secondly, the side effects have been terrible.

    Although I’ve been eating the same amount, I’ve experienced significant weight loss, constipation beginning a two days after use, headaches that last for days thereafter, and even sleep problems that have lasted a few days. Depression is also a problem. Additionally, I experienced a long-term sinus infection.

    I have tried many drugs in the past – weed, etc. I was a big coke user for a couple years recently as well (pre-Adderall). I have found that Adderall is the most powerful of all due to its significant side effects.

    Increasing your metabolism to such a high rate eats your intestins, creates A-fib (abnormal heartbeat), and temporarily increases body temperature. Anythng that creates A-fib the way Adderall does, causes long-term heart damage that is permanant. I know how it effected my heart because I can feel it. It will also ruin your teeth due to teeth-grinding and decreased blood flow to your gums. Do you want your mouth to look like that of a heavy meth user?

    While drugs effect everyone differently mentally, it has the same – or simillar – effects on your body. While both are bad – Adderall is way worse for your mind and body than even cocaine.

    Adderall will kill you. The question is when.

  41. Hi Marc. Good for you for wanting to live life drug free. But I am not clear in your comment about the exact reason for stopping Adderall. Do you think that you have taken Adderall use to abuse again? Why did you get another prescription for Adderall?

    Either way, we did a series on Adderall withdrawal on Addiction Blog a little while ago. You can find good information about withdrawal duration, treatment, etc. here:

    Does this help?

  42. Hello, I was just prescribed 30mg a day on February 1, 2012. I have 4pills remaining and will be out very shortly. I have had a problem with many drugs in the past as well as adderall. I was taking 110mg a day for a couple years and went thru hell for months. Swor I would never touch it again, but I did. I have been to treatment centers, outpatient and horrible pains. If I try my best to break these up what should I expect from withdrawals. Like I said it is only a couple weeks anything I can do to help the possible pains besides never going near this again. Thank you so much for your time and any information would help. A bit scared finally have a job and don’t want to lose it again to this stuff!!!!

  43. Hi Abe. If you are taking Adderall without a prescription, and even if it helps you, this is technically called abuse. If you take Adderall for effect over time, you can become addicted which means that you cannot stop taking Adderall, even when you want to and in the face of negative consequences.

    Addiction may seem far away until it bites you in the tail!

  44. hay ppl how is aderoll ruining ur life and getting u addicted to crystal meth im taking adderoll for fun and its actually helping me like wen i take it in school i can study better and stuff so watever it aint like im gonna wake up and say o i took aderall now let me go buy some meth wtf som ppl can handle taking drugs and some cant and jst go completely down and become homeless crackheads all depends on the pearson

  45. Molly dont take aderall anymore because your using it for the wrong perpose. I took aderall in high school and it pretty much ruined my life since because it caused hallucinatory problems i cant get rid of even though i quit taking meds a long time ago. It causes depression, wieght loss and is highly addictive. try excercising more often or eating healthier. DO NOT drink if you take it because the pill will not allow you to feel intoxicated which could be lethal without you knowing it. the medication is awful and is no way to cope with ADD or ADHD. dont take it trust me. your story sounds like mine i was introduced to it, said what it took to get prescribed it, and then my mind got messed up because of it. i will never take a pill like that again.

  46. Adderall is a wonder drug if you know how to manage it. I was late for all of my friends in high school to using substances…didn’t get drunk or smoke pot until I was 16, which both happened on the same night. Three months later I had already tried shrooms and cocaine. I never became addicted to any of those things, but did smoke pot every day. When I was 17 and girl crazy, my grades at school began to slip. My parents took me to a psychiatrist and I was prescribed Ritalin. All of the sudden, studying became fun for me. I had a daily routine…I would take one 20mg Ritalin during the day at school, most of the time snort, which would keep my focus throughout the day. Then I would go to sports practice, when I got home I would snort another ritalin, do three hours of homework/study for SAT’s, and then smoke pot and go to bed. I only mention this all because even though I am a very good test taker, I cannot sit still for a second to study. Snorting Ritalin got me a 1410 on my SAT’s and a 3.7 GPA. On the weekends I would do ecstasy and drink, but I do not attribute any of this to the Ritalin.

    I went to college on a baseball scholarship and stopped taking Ritalin because it did stop me from putting on weight when i was lifting alot. I did begin to drink alot more, as most people do in college, but stopped smoking pot really around my sophomore year. That spring I tore my shoulder and was out for the season. My grades were not what they should have been, so my shrink from home suggested this new drug called adderal. Immediately, my GPA went from a 2.1 to a 3.6, I would sometimes take too much and pull all nighters working, but I was actually enjoying the work. The next year I began to play again, and stopped taking adderall. I definitely began to drink more, but again, it wasn’t because I was taking the adderall, it was more because I wasn’t taking it. I smoked a little pot, did a few shrooms, and drank a lot the rest of college, but graduated. I didnt end up making it as a baseball player, but got a job working for a very good company on Wall street a few months after school.

    I think cocaine made a comeback in NYC in the mid 2000’s, because it seemed to be everywhere when i was out. That is one thing that made me drink more. About 5 months after i got the job, i began to start studying for all of the regualtory licenses. I had not taken adderall in 4 years at the time, but my uncle had a prescription to it. He gave me some pills and I banged out 4 tests in 2 months, normally this takes people around a year. I found a doctor who gave me a prescription for 30mg a day. From there, my career began to skyrocket. I worked 12 hour days, and finally began to experience what others had said, and what you folks are talking about with adderall and drinking. I began to go through 30 day prescriptions in 2 weeks, between me taking them later at night out at bars and giving them to friends. when I didn’t take them, I would occasionally dabble in some cocaine, but was always very careful not to combine the two of them.

    During this entire time, i was always either single or living on my own. I had thought about going off the drug a few times, but ultimately it hurt my performance at work and my overall focus on my career. I got into a serious relationship with a girll and we moved in together. She began to get frusterated with the long hours I was putting in and my constant focus on work. She herself had a cocaine problem, but by that point I had grown out of it. in an effort to try to get her to stop doing that, I stopped taking adderall and my career fell apart. i didn’t turn to any other drugs, although i may have drank more due to being unhappy with my career. i ended up quitting my job, we broke up, and I moved from NYC back with my parents outside of Boston.

    I took another job, my current job, in the finance industry about 3 months later. For the first year, i muddled through and didnt really get anywhere. About a year later, 4 months ago, I moved to Boston to be closer to work. I found a doctor and told him my story, minus the recreational drug use. he never asked, but besides taking a percocet here and there, I havent touched an illegal substance in over 3 years. In the past four months, my sales numbers have tripled and i enjoy working, preparing for work, and mapping out my future. I definitely do take too many pills once alot of the time, but am much smarter now about knowing when I can afford to only get a few hours sleep, making sure I am always hydrated while taking it, and the dosage my body can handle. My doctor is pretty flexible about giving me a new script a few days before it runs out, so if I do run low, I can always pace myself until I get a new one on not take for a few days.

    I obviously have a lot of experience taking this medication and a lot of experience experimenting with other drugs. The only time I have ever felt depressed and/or overextended is when I do not get enough sleep. Even though I have been able to stop the drug, and all others, and time I have wanted to, I am addicted to nicotine (which i cannot stop), and therefore probably am considered an addict. The only real negative affect of the drug for me is what it does to my social life, but that is by choice. Adderall makes you become much more focused on what you want to be, some use it to party (which i have in the past), but now i only use it to do work. It 100% enhances me, and whether it is talking to clients, strangers, or women, I am a better conversationalist on it. I recently went to get a prescription of it and found out that the company has discontinued producing it for the near future. I did fill up my last prescription, but when it runs out I may not have it for a while. I think I will probably go on Ritalin, but the affect is not the same. Either way, and no offense to those of you this happened to, I could never see the lack of having adderall causing me to develop a major substance abuse problem. At the same time, I feel that because I am in a better place now, that my life will not begin a downward spiral like it did last time.

    In conclusion, if you have ever seen the movie Limitless, there is no doubt in my mind that NZT is based on the idea of Adderall. It truly is an amazing drug, and those who are healthy enough to take it, and can handle the responsibility of managing a possibly addictive substance physically, mentally, and emotionally, should not be afraid to because it really can do wonderful things for you. Meanwhile, I may grow another head out of my neck on my 45th birthday, but that is only one of the possible future side affects down the road and 16 years away….

  47. The name ‘adderall’ is not permitting in the UK as is in the USA . My temporary GP needs to know ‘what is the equivalent doze to prescribe here in the UK (under an accepts name in Britain as he does prescribe children, but he is not familiar with udult doze.Why I ask the expert pharmacist.

  48. Tomoteo,

    Thank you for your story. I had taken adderall a bit in undergrad and grad school to help my studying. I also took it a few times to party, but could never get a hold of enough at once to take it regularly and get addicted, thank God.

    But this summer I just graduated from grad school and happened to get a hold of a lot of it. For the past few weeks, or maybe months, I have taken large amounts, ate, and slept little. I started with 2 or 3 20mg IRs a day, and quickly upped it to 5,6,7 or higher a day to continue to function. Finally I ran out, and decided to not get anymore.

    That was last week. This week has not been fun. I have had no energy, no motivation, and my friends think I’m acting really weird. The worst part is at night when I’m alone. I’ve begun to get really depressed about everything, even though I know its illogical.

    I’ve been reading many stories online about people that have been doing what I’ve been doing these last few weeks, for years. They talk about having a void in their lives now that can’t be filled, and that they are forever changed. These stories have scared me enough that I am never getting it again. I feel pretty bad now, I can’t imagine if I continued doing it for years.

    Thank you again for your story, it has helped me to decide to stay clean. I’m glad I discovered this early on in my addiction. I hope I start feeling back to normal again soon and can return to my normal life.


  49. Molly,

    I’ll tell you my experience with that drug and it may help you decide what to do. The long story short is that I became more and more addicted had numerous alcohol induced blackouts while drinking on it and eventually graduated from Adderal to crystal meth.
    I was first introduced to it in high school when I asked a friend(who has ADD) if I could have some of his. We did some light partying that night, no big deal.

    Once I got into college I found even more people with this perscription and began to take it regularly during “crunch time” at the end of the quarter, using it to make up for procrastination and get stuff done. I had a few initial “epic successes,” busting out all-nighters and passing papers, but this what short-lived. I began to up my doses, get too jittery and try to balance myself out with weed and alcohol(which of course was no good for the academics).

    I also began to take the drug more regularly while partying–you can drink more, you are more energetic, talkative and even horny. The flip side of the coin is that this upper allows you to over extend your drinking. As a result I had numerous episodes where I drank until I was blacked out, having my crazy antics relayed to me the next day(a truly disgusting feeling). And of course, as I began to over extend myself, I began to compensate for exhaustion with even more of the drug.

    By the time I was in my senior year I became acquainted with people who did meth and partied on that a few times. Near the end of my senior year I was partied out, fatigued and had a mountain of work that needed to be done to get my degree. I was desperately searching for Adderal or other “study drugs” but couldn’t find any. One person I called(my weed dealer) didn’t have any “study drugs” but did have some Crystal meth at a reasonable price. I snorted small amounts for several weeks trying to get my thesis knocked out. In the end it was barely passable, I had to admit to my professor what I had been up to to explain the uncharacteristically low quality of work. I remember that, while most of my classmates where celebrating and in a jovial mood upon graduation, I was strung-out, skinny and had ENORMOUS amounts of anxiety about whether or not I would earn my degree. I also developed some serious dental problems from clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth as I slept.

    I managed to quit the meth on my own, have only taken Adderral once since and just recently decide to become completely sober. I’m going for 90 AA meetings in 90 days.

    I didn’t come from a shitty family–I don’t have any mental disorders–I am an intelligent person–but those chemicals got a hold of me in serious way. I don’t know where you are coming from but I hope you take this away from my story:

    –Adderall can get anyone into trouble(not just addicts like me)
    –The negative effects compound on each other as you continue to over-extend your mind and body.
    –Adderall is not the answer to academic problems
    –It can lead to use of more serious uppers and can draw you deeper into using other drugs to balance effects.

    I strongly suggest you to cut your losses while you are ahead. Fail a class, miss a party, lose your job–but don’t continue to take it. If you feel like you have developed an addiction, seek help. It took me 13 years to do that and I wish I had done it sooner.

    I’ll be praying for you.

  50. The first time I tried Adderall was a year ago I bought from a friend because I needed it for my finals. I had to take 2 pills in 3 hours that night just to stay awake and write a paper. When I finished I fell right asleep. I never thought about using it again because I felt the drug didn’t work. Two days ago my friends and I snorted (the same prescription) Adderall because we had heard you high quicker, we had taken a few shots before so I was feeling pretty buzzed. When I felt the Adderall kicking in I started feeling sober and alert, my friends and I kept drinking through the night. About 5 hours later I was feeling drunk and sleepy but my friends were still wide awake, they suggested I take another pill. I opened the capsule and just ate the powder. The feeling kicked in and I stayed up all night. I had work that day starting at two and was really nervous to break down and crash while at work. My friend gave me a third pill to take right before work. I got home from work about 6 hours after taking the pill feeling extremely sensitive and depressed. I also noticed I have this tiny white spot which feels like a coldsore which I looked up and can be caused by Adderall. I forced myself to eat a yogurt just because I had not eaten anything all day. I got ready to finally go to sleep because I was exhausted but I couldn’t sleep, my friend said I had defiantly crashed by then and I should just relax. I fell asleep around 3. I woke up today at 6 am just on my own. My eyes are completely blood shot, I still have no appetite, and I can not go back to sleep. I desperately want another pill because my body is exhausted and I have a lot I need to do, I know that Adderall will give me the strength to do wake me up. But at the same time I do not know what harm this drug is doing to my body. I am having a serious craving for the drug even though I have only taken and felt the affects once.

    Please help me what to do

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