Does Adderall get you high?

When taken as prescribed, Adderall increases dopamine slowly in the brain. But you can get high on Adderall in high doses, or by crushing, snorting or injecting it…while Adderall addiction risk increases. More here.

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The short answer is: YES, Adderall can get you high.

But, if you are taking Adderall as prescribed for ADHD or ADD, you will probably not feel the euphoric effects of Adderall at all. This is because you start to benefit from the therapeutic effect of Adderall as the medication slowly and steadily increases levels of dopamine in the brain. So, although euphoria is one adverse effect reported as a result of taking Adderall, normal use of Adderall does not usually get you high.

If you want to get high on Adderall…there are ways to do it. But you risk getting physically and mentally addicted to its effects. We review the risk of Adderall addiction here.

Getting high on Adderall is drug abuse

Amphetamines, such as Adderall, are stimulants that often come in pill form and are prescribed by doctors for medical problems. However, amphetamines can also be abused. That is, you can take Adderall without a prescription, take it in higher amounts or crush, snort or inject it. If you are crushing Adderall, snorting it or injecting it … you make get high, but you are also disrupting normal communication between brain cells. In fact, brain circuits and addiction are closely related. So getting high on Adderall may lead to the cycle of addiction.

Adderall addiction

Although, Adderall use over time may cause physical dependence, Adderall dependence symptoms end after a period of withdrawal. In fact, Experts believe that people taking Adderall for ADHD do not become addicted to the stimulant medications if it is taken in the form and dosage prescribed. In contrast to physical tolerance and dependence, addiction is characterized by cravings, obsessive thoughts and mental preoccupation with Adderall after it is out of the system.

Who are Adderall addicts?

Although experts have not yet proven a relationship, adolescents treated with stimulant medications may be especially susceptible to misuse of Adderall and potential addiction. But anyone who takes Adderall to get high has the potential to develop addiction to amphetamines.

Adderall questions

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