Can you overdose (OD) on hydrocodone?

It’s difficult to overdose on hydrocodone alone. But hydrocodone is usually combined with other, more dangerous medications. More on hydrocodone overdose, drug poisoning, and safe dosing for hydrocodone here.

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Yes, you can overdose on hydrocodone.

But it’s difficult to overdose on hydrocodone alone. Hydrocodone overdose prognosis is generally good as long as your breathing has not been compromised.  In fact, it’s more likely that other drugs which are combined with hydrocodone will provoke overdose first (acetaminophen, for example).  Still, death from hydrocodone is possible.  More here on how to avoid accidental hydrocodone overdose. And we invite your questions about hydrocodone overdoses at the end.

Can you overdose on hydrocodone?

Yes, you can overdose on hydrocodone. The amount of hydrocodone necessary to OD will vary from person to person, depending on previous exposure to narcotic pain medications – and it will depend on what medication containing hydrocodone you’re taking. Many times, hydrocodone is combined with acetaminophen, which is much easier to accidentally overdose on. So without overdosing on hydrocodone at all, it’s possible to suffer severe health complications from other substances in your pain medication.

Keep in mind that it’s easier to OD on hydrocodone when you are taking hydrocodone to get high. In fact, hydrocodone abuse increases your risk of death and overdose. You’re much more likely to overdose when you chew, crush, snort or inject hydrocodone pills or when you mix hydrocodone and alcohol. This medication should only be taken swallowed as a whole pill, and only in the doses recommended by your doctor.

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What happens when you overdose on hydrocodone?

The most dangerous complication of hydrocodone overdose is slowed or shallow breathing. Hydrocodone overdose can cause your breathing to stop completely. Other medications (such as acetaminophen) combined with hydrocodone may also cause overdose, or make these effects more pronounced.

How many hydrocodone is too much?

Doctors recommend no more than 10 mg of hydrocodone at one time – the reported fatal dose is 90 mg, 9 times the maximum dose prescribed. But the hydrocodone is actually safer than the acetaminophen it’s usually combined with – which can cause liver problems at fairly low doses. If hydrocodone is mixed with other medications, such as acetaminophen, it’s be much easier to overdose on the combination drug. You can overdose on acetaminophen before you experience problems from hydrocodone. Taking more than 4 grams of acetaminophen in one day can poison you and cause permanent liver damage, even liver failure – and many medications contain 500-600 mg of acetaminophen per dose.

As for the hydrocodone itself, the safe amount of depends on your individual tolerance to opioid medications. Hydrocodone is usually started at smaller initial doses to make sure it’s safe. The amount of hydrocodone which provokes overdose depends on your previous exposure to opioids. You can take higher or more frequent doses of hydrocodone safely if your body is already tolerant to hydrocodone, opiates, or opioids. You should only take as hydrocodone much as your doctor recommends, and take it only as directed.

Hydrocodone overdose help

If you’ve taken a high dose of hydrocodone and experience adverse side effects, you should seek medical attention immediately. In a serious case of hydrocodone overdose, your doctor may administer oxygen to help you breath better. Hydrocodone overdose can be deadly – as can the combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. The lack of oxygen reaching your brain due to depressed breathing can cause permanent brain damage.

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With acetaminophen-containing medications, you have about 12 hours before any permanent damage sets in – but it may take that long to experience overdose symptoms. So if you suspect you’ve taken too much acetaminophen for any reason, prompt medical attention is needed.

Overdose on hydrocodone questions

If you have any questions about safe amounts of hydrocodone in your system, please leave them here. We are happy to try to help answer your questions about hydrocodone, and will try to respond with a personal and prompt reply for all legitimate queries.

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FDA Safety Communication: Prescription Acetaminophen Products to be Limited to 325 mg Per Dosage Unit; Boxed Warning Will Highlight Potential for Severe Liver Failure
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  1. I am a 62 year old woman I weigh 130 lbs and I accidently took 4 m365 of hydrocodone / acetaminophen. I thought I was taking my daily pills from my pill box and took them from the wrong compartment. I have been taking hydrocodone for 6 months three times a day for pain . We do not have a hospitial in our town. What should I watch for?

  2. I just got a prescription of Norco 7.5 and I am super depressed, I was thinking of taking the whole script but didn’t know if it would help me. What would the side effects be and could/would I die?

  3. I had my wisdom teeth removed earlier today. Im in severe pain. I took 2 hydrocodone acetamin 5-325 MG pills at around 4 pm today. It’s close to 9 p.m. now and I took 2 more. I’m fine?

  4. I have a friend who took six Tylenol fours and five lortabs 7.5 for pain. Over the last 12 hrs can she overdose. She is scared to go to sleep but won’t go to the hospital. Can she do if she goes to sleep. Please help she has two small kids.

  5. Hi I was prescribed m366 two weeks ago and I lost the last couple I had. A friend just gave me m365. Is it okay to take one in a day?

  6. I been at the hospital for a week and i been given 10-325 every day every six hours, now iam out and i took 3 5-325 at once about 4 hours ago and iam not feeling any high any more , i want to feel an affect and also take the pain away , so i was thinking of maybe popping 2 more of 10-325 but iam also taking antibiotics and also take diabetic medications am i at risk of overdose if i take the 2 10-325 ?

  7. I have severe arthritis, both knees bone to bone, I take hydrocodone, the only thing it does for me is to make me sleep, it does not stop my pain, I wake up in pain, and I go to sleep in pain. Is there really a medicine that can help ease my pain? And if not, why don’t my doctor just tell me. I go to a pain clinic, if there is nothing they can do, why not just tell me.

  8. My friend just took 9 hydrocodone pills that expired in march, and took 14 acetaminophen 500mg will he die if I don’t do something?

  9. I took 4 10mg of hydrocodone 8 hours ago now I am throwing up and dry heaving what can be done what does that mean

  10. Hi I was prescribed Hydrocodone for pain because of wisdom teeth removal it said to take one pill every 4 hours for pain I think I took one before I went to sleep then I woke up and took another I think it was within 2 hours of each other but I’m not sure will I be ok I feel really sleepy but I’m scared to fall asleep will I be ok?

  11. I accidentally took 4 7.50/325 norcos with 3 10mg flexeril. I have been on this medication for years but usually only take one or two at a time. I got mixed up while filling my pill container for the next day and thinking I was taking my nightly vitamins and supplements and accidentally took a whole days worth at was. Do I need to worry?

  12. I just had a lot of teeth extracted and I am hurting really bad because of the weather. At the moment I am taking 7.5-325mg of hrdrocod/acetam one ever 4 to 6 hours. Would it be okay to take two at one time to help with the pain?

  13. I am prescribed hydrocodone – Acetaminophen 5-325 tabs, yesterday I took them on an empty tummy, ate lunch but still felt sick, my tummy would hurt, and I felt nauseous. Later that night I took my second dose 6 hours later, from the first dose with my antibiotic, I felt hungry, with an upset tummy, I didn’t eat because I had an uneasy feeling like I would get sick. Later, maybe 4 hours in after taking the hydrocodone I threw up. I ate some soup, and went to sleep. This morning I took my dose of antibiotic, and hydrocodone on an empty tummy, when I got to work, and hour later I had a snack to eat to help calm my tummy down, later I threw up again, around 4 hours after taking the medicine. What does this mean? Am I allergic? Is the dose too strong? (Even when taking this medication I still feel pain for what it’s suppose to be treating)

  14. I take. 2. 7.5 /325 mg Every 6 hrs, or as needed, have for years for severe arthritis and back pain, alway write down, tonight wrote down, do not remember taking and did not look, as had been 71/2 hrs since I took any, and took 2 more. If I did take a double dose in 1/2 hr, is there danger iof overdose

  15. I took one of my old hydrocodone pills from when I had my wisdom teeth pulled to maybe ease the pain I was having due to a uti. I know it was dumb but now I’m scared to fall asleep. I didn’t do it to get high trust me just wanted to sleep and ease the pain. Please let me know if i will be okay. I’m 5 foot 133 pounds

  16. So I just got my hydro uped to 10/367 from 5/325 tonight was the first time taking them I accidentally took 2 and a half with out thinking 40 min to an hour go by I made myself throw up and immediately started drinking water and eating a little to soak up anything left I do feel them but not too extreme I do feel nauseous still but worried I’m going to over dose. Is it possible I still can over dose?

  17. lol i see people on here that take 2 and freak out ……ur going to be ok i just took 7 and do it all the time iv taken 10 and just got sick and thru up …..10/325 ……..(but every one dont do what i do just cuz im dumb dont do it …….) be carefull start off small see what ur body can take and lisson to it …u will know if u need to go to hospital

  18. Hi, thank you for you time. I have been taking Hydrocodone for about a week or two straight every night before I go to sleep, I only take one per day. It helps me sleep and with my shoulder pain. Should I stop taking them? Or only use them from time to time? Thank you again

  19. Last night I took at least 20 Vicodin tablets with 5/325 strength. My vision got blurry, my hearing was weird, I got really slow and weak, my breathing slowed down, I became extremely sleepy. I’m 15 and 150 lbs. According to all the stuff I’ve read, I should be dead. I think I’m gonna get through the hydrocodone OD but I’m very worried about permanent liver damage from the acetaminophen. Can anyone help?

  20. From what I understand, oxycodone is more potent than hydrocodone. Pharmaceutical companies produce 30mg and 40mg oxy pills that are directed to be taken as much as 4 times a day. On the high end, that would be 160mg of oxycodone, a more potent opiate than hydrocodone, but your article says that it only takes 90mg of hydrocodone to kill someone. This just doesn’t make sense to me. How can a more powerful opiate not be deadly at 160mg where a less powerful one can kill you at 90mg. Also, and I know these are extended release, but OxyContin come in 80mg pills, and can also be prescribed up to 4 times daily. That’s 320mg of oxycodone in one day! People aren’t dying from those scripts if taken properly, so how does 90mg of hydrocodone kill a person. I’d just like some clarification on this. I guess 90mg seems really low and, while it might get you sick, I just can’t see it killing someone. Is it because it’s combined with Tylenol. I’m unaware of any pure hydrocodone pills, like the 30mg and 40mg oxy’s, that aren’t mixed with Tylenol. I guess if there were 500mg of Tylenol and you took nine 10mg hydrocodone pills that would be 4500mg of Tylenol, which is quite a bit, but still doesn’t seem like enough to kill you. I hope someone responds to this, I would really appreciate some Insight. Thanks for your time.

  21. This site is well intentioned. Unless you have shot up 100mg of hydrocodone or so, chillax, you don’t need to call a poison control center if you took 5 or 6 pills, as long as that is the only drug you took. You don’t need addiction help unless you have withdrawal symptoms and can’t stop. Some of these posts are WAY overblown.

  22. I am seventy three and had surgery today, was given hydrocodone-acetaminophen 5-325mg and mistakenly took 2 pills instead of one as prescribed, should I be concerned,

  23. Took around 9,10, maybe 11 hydrocodone 5/325 over a period of maybe 3-4 hrs. I have built a tolerance very quickly. Sometimes I’m afraid to go to sleep for fear of not waking up.Am I pushing things to far here. Want to get off them and I know I can but I do like the high I get from them. Tell me what u think.

  24. Over 4,000 mg of Tylenol a day will cause you to go into liver toxicity, over 1500 mg at once could carry the same risks. It doesn’t matter if you take a 10/325 or a 5/325…use multiplication folks…it’s the 325 mg of Tylenol in each pill to worry about. Start back from the hour of your last dose and count back 24 hours, now multiply 325 times how many pills you took in that 24 hour period…if your number comes up higher then 3500 then slow the f–k down. Also, if your gonna be stupid and take hydro to get high then don’t take more then 3-4 at once or you might get liver toxicity. More then 3-4 pills at once won’t make much of a difference anyways you will be so stoned from narcotics you will be liking or pass out and waste the experience. Take your 2-3 pills and then wait 8 hours so your brain can reset then take your next dose.

  25. I keep reading on here if people wanting to kill themselves by taking pain medication with Tylenol in it. Heads up, don’t do that crap. Your not going to just pass out and die like in the movies. You will go through 4-5 days of the most horrific pain and discomfort known to man as your bodily organs slowly start to shut down do to renal failure.

  26. I am a female in my late fifties and I have been on ms contin for over 10 years at 120 mg every 8 hours. now my new Dr. has me on 30mg every 12 hours but that dose does not work. he said a higher dose now would stop my heart is this true. thanks for answering my question

    1. Hi Kari. If you don’t feel well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk, or call 911 ASAP.

  27. I overdosed on hydrocodone a few days ago. I was in the hospital. But that was like 3 days ago and my stomach still hurts. I don’t throw up anymore. But I do have pain in my stomach.

  28. I took two 5-325 hydrocodon acetaminophen every 4 hours, so I took 8, and I hadn’t eaten any food. I was throwing up all day because I was so nauseous. Is it because I didn’t eat or is that too much for my body to handle? I weight 133 lbs. Can I take some now for the pain I’m in? I last took it at 9 am and it’s currently 10 pm. and I’ve eaten some food, had lots of water, and ginger ale. Is it safe to take at least 1, or will I start to feel sick again?

  29. MysteriousMysterion You need to be more worried about the heavy drinking than the hydro use. Ive been on Norco 10/325 for 9 years now due to cancer surgery. People run into od issues when they mix hydros with alcohol or benzos. The idiot high seekers in this country have made it nearly impossible for those of us who truly need these medications to get our prescriptions. If all youre looking for is a high smoke a big fat doobie. Youll not only be high but youll be more relaxed than you’ve ever been in your life. Leave our pain meds alone!

  30. i’ve had two 5-325 hydrocodone acephetamine and i weigh about 160lbs n after a heavy amount of drinking worried it may have some after effects on me. after seeing the amount others were taking i actually feel relieved…i thought i went too far. Now i feel silly for asking…

  31. Hello, so a while back when I was perscribed I remember taking 2 pills of hydro. I was still in pain so I took two more. Not knowing the risks. Now that I have researched more about this I believe that it could of did something to my body. I have no symptoms but I’m just worried my liver is skrewed. I did start almost passing out feeling sick and tired the day of the event. What should I do?

  32. This question isn’t for hydrocodone overdose. It’s the pain medication all together that worries me. My right hand, knuckles, finger joints, wrist an elbow hurts badly, and fingers are more stiff, but hurts when I bend my fingers. Like severe carpal tunnel. Today I took for pain: one 7.5 hydrocodone along with one 500 mg tylonol to help boost the pain relief. I was unaware I shouldn’t do this. A few hours later I had to take another 7.5 hydrocodone. Maybe six hour later I had to take an 800 mg ibrophrophen. My hand hasn’t stopped hurting like this for hours and seems to be getting worse. I have cervical spinal stenosis and chronic migraines is why I am prescribed these medications. I have never mixed these medications until today. Even though they weren’t taken at the same time, all together, I’m still almost positive its why my hand feels like this.

  33. My nephew is using hydrocodone and oxycontin together recreationally, and we are naturally worried. Aside from the general risk of overdose, does the combination of both of these drugs present any specific additional complications that may compound the risk?

    1. Hi Jennifer. I suggest you call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  34. @DAN your information is incorrect. i took 5 yesterday , and it took over 4 hours before i started throwing up my stomach , feeling sick , sweaty hot. this was 5 10/325 hydrocodones. don’t tell people that is safe. it’s not. yeah it depends on the person but NOT every person has high tolerance. its not over 2k of APAP to worry about 2k = 2 grams its 4 GRAMS. dude , get your FACTS straight. Moderator , please do not un apporve this post 🙁 ignorance just bothers me

  35. Hey there , i just took 20 10/325 hydrocodone 1 hour Ago. I feel no effects ? I do not take these type of medications a lot , therefore i do not have a tolerance. should i be worried ?

    1. Hi, Joseph. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  36. You guys should feel perfectly comfortable taking 2, 3, 4, even 5 hydrocodone at a time without worrying, and even then, it’s not the hydrocodone to worry about. Depending on your tolerance you’re just gonna feel better and go to sleep. It’s taking over 2,000 mg of apap at once that isn’t that great, but still quite far from fatal. A 150 pound person would have to ingest around 30-40 pills containing 325-500 mg apap to be fatal. Lower amounts can cause liver damage and not be fatal, but not these people taking 2/3/4/5 pills needed for pain management.

  37. My son us taking 1 oxycodone 7. 5 4 x daily as well as zamcam 325, and an inhaler plus zyrtec daily. He us waking up xxx each night wuth panic attacks. Is this good or bad. It concerns me with all these meds taken together.

  38. So I got my wisdom teeth out last week and I’m suppose to take 1 5-325. Well I did and I wasn’t feeling any relief so about a couple hours later I took another.. That still was helping and and another 3-4 hrs went by and I took another.. Am I going to be okay?

  39. I got what I thought was called a Molly drug to help w staying up and pain. The pill I google is L484 which is 509my acetaminophen and some my of hydrocodine or done. My friend said to crush it and snort it. I’ve been up for two days. I feel alright. Starting to have Flem in my throat and blowing nose now has blood. I am scared what would u suggest.

    1. Hi, Rick. We want to help you, not to encourage you taking a huge amount of pills that may lead to OD. Please, reconsider what you are planning to do. Think about your loved ones, and remember you are not alone.

    1. Hi, Sharon. We are here to help you if you have any problem with addiction. Please reconsider what you are planning to do…think about your loved ones… Remember you are not alone! Talk with somebody about your problems.

  40. My friend took 3 hydrocodons (5/325) & 2 oxycodons (5/325) all at the same time with a shot of vodka . She’s 5″4 and weighs about 180. Is she ok or do I need to take her to ER. Hurry please !

    1. Hi, Allen. I suggest you take your friend into hospital to be sure that s/he is okay. Also, if s/he doesn’t feel well, call 911 ASAP.

  41. I mistakenly took one hydromorphone HCL 8 mg twice within one hours time. Can I experience any complications. I suffer from severe neuropathy pain in the feet and hands and usually take one tab every 4 hours to control my pain. My other meds I took at 6:00 am which was synthroid 100 mg; pravastatin 20 mg; Docqlace one tab and Amitza 24 mcg

    1. Hi, Linda. Hydrocodone is usually not prescribed to children, and teenagers. I suggest you consult a doctor or a pharmacist before giving hydrocodone to a thirteen year old.

  42. My wife accidentally took two hydroco apap 5-325 mg just after taking two Advil PM. She is 5 ft. 9 inches, 210 lb 55 yr old with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. She has never taken the hydroco apap before. She normally takes one advil PM about twice per week. She did not take her daily prescription of Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine 400mg). Should I take her to emergency?

    1. Hi, Graig. If your wife doesn’t feel well, take her to the ER, or call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  43. I’m thinking to end my depressing life I can no longer live this way my life is empty and very lonely I can’t bear to be rejected one more time I have 11 hydrocodne/acetaminophen 5-325 TB I want to know if that is enough to end this life of mine? I’m 165 pounds please I need help

    1. Hi, Will. We are here to help you overcome an addiction. Please, consider once again what are you going to do. Everything will be fine, if only you give it a chance…

  44. I have been on pain medication for several years due to chronic pain with cervical surgeries. My current daily dose of hydrocodone is 2 – of 10/325 (aceti). I also take a daily dose of Exalgo 32 and 2 to 3 Somas. I have taken these quantities for at least 4 years. If I stop any of these medications suddenly; would I expect to have withdrawal complications? Thank you.

  45. I. Am on hydrocodon for a compressed fracture I took one 7.5-325 @ 3:00 and laid down woke up 4:30 @ thought my last pill was at 10:00 am so I took one at 4:30 should it be OK what should I watch for ? Been on medication for 2 weeks and was on tramadol 50g before that for pain.

    1. Hi, Danny. We are here to inform and help everyone in need. So, please call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk, or call 991 ASAP.

  46. His reasoning made sense. He said when you get used to having something to treat any and all of your problems constantly. When you finally run out of that substance, the pain intensifies greatly. However, you tolerance take much long to decrease. I’ve seen the best of them go down to their knees and through the ground straight down to hell just because they thought it would be a smart idea to shoot up pure Oxycodone (Oxycotton) one night. The only way that any of my friends have escaped these drugs have been through death. It’s really sad to me too because a lot of my friends were good people who just were prescribed something to strong or just didn’t realize the power of Opium and the Poppy. With anything that makes you feel that good, theres always a price, and its a big one. Believe it!

  47. I was once told by an amazing psychiatrist that had attended Harvard for years. If you plan on taking pain meds for chronic pain, then you will never go anywhere in your live. You will never make anything of yourself and you will never stop a seeking type of behavior. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, when it comes to chronic pain…..Deal with the Goddamn pain. Then he repeated it 2 more times. He said my dreams, my aspirations, and even talents I don’t know I have yet will never show themselves while being treated for chronic pain with opiates. I was like…DAMN!!! I love Opiates..

    1. Hi, Bob. If you don’t feel well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next. Or, call 991 ASAP.

    1. Hi Josh. That’s a low dosage but if you have never taken them before, your body has to build a tolerance. I believe you will be ok, but call your pharmacist for more professional info.

    1. Hi Paul. If you suspect you’ve taken too much hydrocodone/acetaminophen, prompt medical attention is needed. Especially if you have recently started taking the medication and don’t have much tolerance built up. I suggest you Call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 to speak with a poison expert and get instructions on what you should do next.

  48. I just took seven 5/325 hydrocodone tablets, two hydroxyzines, one zyrtec, my depression medicine, ropinorole. Is this going to hurt me?

    1. Hi Stephanie. Please ask someone to drive you to the hospital where doctors can assess your state and the risk of overdose, so proper medical actions can be taken if needed. If there is no one who can drive you there, Call 911.

  49. You won’t die if you take 2 damn pills U have been on Oxy witch is a stronger pain med for years I take 30mg ever 4 hours I am still alive. Hydor is fun to take to get high off it takes about 15-20mg to do so…7.5-15 mg of oxy and to any one taking Ibuprofen for pain your stupid ibuprofen is not a pain med it is only for swelling it has not pain relief properties. PLEASE peoples DO SOME HOMEWORK AND LEARN ABOUT PAIN MEDS IF YOU PLAN IN TAKIMG THEM.

  50. Im on hydrocodone temporarily for migraines. I took one for hours ago and took a second one a min ago. My doctor says to take two at a time but i never do because a single pill usually does the trick. However i was conversing when i took the pill and think i might have taken a pill before that one. So i would have taken two 4 hrs after the single . Will i be okay since its been 4 hrs?

  51. If someone was on methadone and stopped at 25 mg and is now on loritab 10 perk 10 and take anywhere from 5 -15 a day , and want to stop but is to sick to stoplwhat is something that can be done to help with the pain and sickness while detoxing, if tgat person gets a script of zanex could that be used to help detox . And how long does it take before they are completely sober to where that person is no longer sick?

  52. Hello , my name is Dejan , lm worry about my hydro usage , l start with 3 pills 10/325 about 7am by noon L have inside me 9 pills by night lm from 15 – 20 pills last 60 days , l did try to stop but some how l cant pass day 5 , can you help me

  53. Someone took 10. Obviously Id need to call poison control but what would you say the chances of living are without any medical attention?

  54. Last night I took 20 hydro’s they were 10’s all at one time I was put on a new depression med and I had crazy thoughts in my head and I did it so this morning I woke up with a splitting headache and a fever am I dying

  55. I’ve been taking hydrocodone with acetaminophen for pain after my surgery. I was prescribed 7.5 and have been taking it but it’s not really helping so I took that and then half of a pill. On the pill there’s a little groove so I know it’s safe to break. My question is am I going to overdose in the middle of the night because of it? I weigh 165 lbs. Am I gonna be okay?

  56. I took a total of 92.5 mg of hydrocodone last night at work and I’m completely fine.
    So you all have nothing to worry about.

  57. i relapsed this past wk taking about 4 – 4 1/2 grams of acetaminophen via Percocet a day for 4 days I have an extremely high tolerance and on day 5 I wasn’t thinking straight and I took about 35 10/325mg percs over about 8-10 hrs. I was doing some research and now I’m afraid I might die. I don’t have any symptoms of an overdose though and it’s been approx 40 hrs since I took the last 10 pills. Is that normal, could my liver still fail? Or am I ok? And should I go to the hospital tomorrow even if I still feel normal? I was gonna go tonight but I can’t. Thx any input is much appreciated

  58. I have been prescribed, from two different doctors Oxycodone 5-325, one every six hours for pelvic floor pain. The other doctor prescribed hydrocodone 5-325, one at bedtime for severe nerve pain from carpal tunnel and herniated C5/C6 discs and Neurotin 3x a day. I get much more relief just from the oxycodone alone for the nerve and pelvic pain. I’m confused about which is safer to take to reach maximum relief. I’m also concerned about taking all 3 of these meds (oxy, hydro and Neurotin (I have never done this). Presently I’m only taking the oxy which relieves both the nerve pain and pelvic pain. I’m very confused, please help

  59. I have been taking hydr/ty for about 4 or 5 days, I also take advil also 2-4 hours after Hydr if still in pain. Today, I got a rash it hurts at the touch, but doesn’t elitch. Should I be concerned.

  60. You people are such lightweights and paranoid. In a suicide attempt I took 90 10/325 Vicodins in a six hour period. All I felt was tingly. My breathing stayed normal, I didn’t get sleepy, nothing. Then at hour six I started to become violently ill throwing up over and over. I could hardly close my mouth because it seemed to be frozen in an open position from vomiting so much. After an hour or so of this, I simply went to bed, very disappointed that it didn’t work!!!

  61. I took over 10 times the max dose of hydrocodone once plus more than 6 grams of acetaminophen and went to sleep and I was fine the next day.

  62. My sister said my Mother had taken 40 hydrocidones in a 2 or 3 day period.The 10s.She was coherent.Would’nt that be an overdose? She is 80 years old.

    1. Hi Laurie. 400mg is a high amount of hydrocodone to be taken for a few days time. Have you taken her to the doctor yet? If not, please drive your mom to the hospital to be examined by medical professionals.

  63. I have Crohn’s disease and am in constant severe pain. I take htdrocodone-acetaminophen 10-325. Its take 3-1/2 3-4 times a day to feel any decrease in pain at all. In the last few days they seem to have stopped working completely. I’ve taken 4 and felt no effect. Im scared to any more but i cant handle the pain, and I have a high pain tolerance. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi David. It’s best to see your doctor. I believe that your tolerance levels have increased, which is stopping the medication from working as it used to. See what your doctor thinks and ask him/her whether a dose increase or switching to other pain medication can help you manage your chronic pain.

  64. I have taken somewhere between 10-12 hydro-acetaminophen 10-325 in the last 4-6 hours. Been taking pain med for over 2 years due to chronic back pain. What should I do?

    1. Hi Terry. You need to be seen by a doctor at the hospital who can assess your risk of overdose and possible organ damage. Ask a family member, your loved one, a friend or someone you trust to drive you there.

  65. I have a high opiate tolerance and I just took 4 Morris, I usually take 2 tylenol 4 w codeine or two MIRVing at a time.will I be ok

  66. My friend ate 36 5/325 in less than 48 hours with no sleep.He seems fine but he says he is going to take more.What signs should I look for incase of overdose???

    1. Hi Nancy. Overdose symptoms may include slow breathing and heart rate, severe drowsiness, muscle weakness, cold and clammy skin, pinpoint pupils, and fainting. Please be careful and don’t hesitate to take your friend to the hospital if she displays any of these symptoms. The most dangerous one is the slowed respiration that can lead to fatality.

    1. Hi Joel. You can call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 to speak to a poison expert and tell them how much you have taken of which medication, and they will instruct you on what you should do next. It’s a free phone line and can save you a great deal of trouble.

  67. If someone is opioid tolerant from methadone, how likely are they to overdose on a 70 mg hydrocodone (Norco) dose without taking any methadone in in the same day & how long will it take for that overdose to occur?

    1. Hi twhg. 10 vicodin pills are the same, regardless of whether you take them whole and they dilute in your stomach or if you put them in water and then drink the whole thing. Either way, taking as many is not recommended and risky.

  68. I took 1 hydrocodone-acetaminophen 5-325 and 1 oxycodone-acetaminophen 5-325 with 1-2 hours of each other did I overdose?? I got really sick, I threw up, felt dizzy and disoriented and I felt like my breathing got slower. My husband did call the pharmacy and ask if I should go to the ER and she said for him to just monitor me and make sure I don’t have labored breathing or that I haven’t stopped breathing. While I am feeling better then I did, I’m afraid to fall asleep because of what she said about possibly stop breathing? Granted, my breathing is much more normal now but I do suffer from anxiety which I know isn’t helping the situation because that can affect my breathing too. I took both of those for a headache that the first pill didn’t seem to help and before I took the other one, I Googled if it was safe and I thought I saw it was… but then I had those side effects. Any info will help, thank you!!

  69. My girlfriend had some neck spasm and I gave her two generics for norco 5-325mg hydrocodone. She had also taken a cyclobenzaprine 10mg. She took this at 10:30pm, it’s nearing 12:30 am, my question is… how long would I need to wait before I can be sure she did not overdose? I’m very worried.

    1. Hi Dave. You can get her to the hospital to avoid any major risks and dangers of overdose. I hope she’s OK by now…

    1. Hi Bob. Call 1-800-222-1222 to be in touch with the Poison Control Center. You can talk to a poison expert over the phone and get a better idea of what can happen and what actions you should take to prevent possible damage.

  70. One of my friends, who is 15 years old, took 12 vicodin will he be ok? Please try to reply back ASAP he means a lot to me please!!

    1. Hi Madison. Please Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. It’s a free helpline and you can get over-the-phone instructions on what you should do next. If your friend is having adverse reactions or is becoming unresponsive don’t hesitate to Call 911 immediately.

  71. I have been 33 days completely free of hydrocodone after a 53 days of tappering off

    My mind is clear. Energy returns daily. However I have to take ibiprophen 4 times/day for pain

    How long will it take for my brain to produce its own endorphens? I took Hydros for 5 years medically prescribed. I suffer chronic back pain and osteoarthritis. I refuse to take any alternative meds such as neurontin. Ibiprophen takes my pain away

    Are they addictive?

    I dont want to depend again in any meds
    Please reply
    Best wishes to all for 2015

  72. Hello Della. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for a free, over the phone assessment of risks and danger. They’ll give you instructions on what you should do next to avoid any troubles.

  73. 8 pills of hydrocodone was taken was in pain but drank water threw up all of them did I OD on them? I drank 2 super large glasses of salt water threw that up I got all the pills on the first time am I going to be okay? What do I need to do now?

  74. i take hydrocodone 10/325’s 4 times a day, along with 15 mg. morphine time release twice a day.. I am very tolerant to both drugs, and can vary the dose higher or lower when needed. I have taken over 9 hydro’s in the past in over a 3 hour period, without the morphine, and vomited. Since the morphine was added , I have much more control of my pain, and take the correct dosage of hydros now all the time.

  75. Hi again! I left Alaska and we came to Hawaii for 10 days. I have one week now with no hydros! My mind is clear. No fuginess. My energy is getting back! I eat organic chocolate and drink 3 cups of Kona coffee daily. I never like chocolate before. I eat just 1\4 piece/ day. I walk a lot. Pain is unbearable sometimes and I take 600mg/ ibiprophen with 2 zantac 2x/day after meals. I apply arnica several times/day in my lower back where my pain is located
    I am taking the multi vitamin and eating healthy. My body craves for protein as beef even though I was vegetarian. I am following my body cravings for now with beef to get extra vit b
    I am so happy I let go of the pain killers. I am so happy i broke the mental chains. I remember so many times wanting to commit suicide because I believed that I was never going to make it

    I suffered cancer and went to long TX but this ordeal of letting go of hydros was worse than cancer TX
    Thank you for being with us
    Love to all of you

  76. Hi Pirinola. I’m so glad to read you’ve made it. Take your time again. Your system will need time to recover and get completely used to the absence of a chemical that was a part of it for such a long time. A good multivitamin after a small meal can give you a burst of energy at this stage. You should start getting more energy back as 1-2 weeks pass. And from then on it should be only getting better. Keep us posted, and please write if you need help with anything else. Good luck!

  77. Dear Ivanna:
    I completed my tappering off yesterday. I had 7 bills left and I flushed them in the toilet.
    My WD’s are gone; however my energy is very low. It took me 48 days the tappering off instead of 51. The last 3 days I only took half pill/day and my body did not need any more. I took hydrocodone for 6 years as you know. The last 2 years 7 pills/day.
    When is my low energy going to return? The doctor wants me to take Neurontin but I don’t want to do it. I rather deal with pain with exercise, arnica, hot showers and massage, I do suffer from chronic back pain and fibromyalgia. But after so much suffering with the WD”s I feel that I can handle everything. My only concern is so low energy. Is this going to pass? When? What should I do to help it? Please advise our dear Angel. Pirinola

  78. I have sever chronic pain from idiopathic neuropathy. I was diagnosed over 20 years ago with pain and tingling in my feet, and it has progressed to both my legs and is extremely painfull. I have been taking Lyrica for about 5 years and my dose has recently been increased to 200mg 3Xs. About 2 years ago my pain mgmt Dr. added Tramadol 100mgs 3Xs. I had taken this medication for many years before and had been off it for 6 years, before resumming. My pain has been progressing quickly this year and my Dr. has added Hydrocodone/Aceteminafin 10/325 as needed up to 3Xs. I do not require this medication all the time and only use it when my pain gets out of control and I can’t take it anymore. I was getting no relief from one tablet so I took 2, but only once during the day. I rarely take this drug every day, and have avoided narcotics for years even thou I was in allot of pain. (I have very little balance due to the neuropathy and have walked with a cane for 13 yrs.) My Dr. said he was concerned that I had taken 2 doses at a time, and that I could over dose. I thought this was a rather sever reaction. We discussed this, but I am new to the use of narcotics. I understand the seriousness of these types of medications, and I monitor myself very well. But what do you do when you can’t tollerate the pain? What’s next?
    I also am totally open with all my Dr’s regarding any health issues and medication. I hide nothing. I would appreciate your opinion about the use of these medications.

  79. Hello Dana. Speak with a pharmacist or call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an over the phone assessment of risks and danger.

  80. Hi Pirinola. Tapering can’t really erase all the withdrawal effects, but it makes them milder and more bearable. If the withdrawal is too harsh, maybe you need to slow the tapering down.

  81. I took Hydrocodone for 6 years medically prescribed for chronic pain and fibromalgia. I retired to stop taking it. From 7 I went to 5 for 5 days and the tapering off is going decreasing half pill every 5 days. The WD’s have been awful. Benadryl liquid for children helps. Half cup 2X/day. Tomorrow I will take one pill per day. I wish I could do it cold turkey to stop the agony, but I kept learning that the tapering will help more if I do it properly. Do you know how long I will suffer after I am off completely? Total tapering will be 6 weeks and one day. I never want to take any pain killers again. All started with cancer. I wish I could have known this before I agreed with my doctor to take hydrocodone. I refused any other pain killer. They wanted me to try them all. My instinct told me “be careful” learn from others. I even attended NA meetings to talk to addicts because they know more about pain killers than doctors! They told me “don’t worry, you do it for pain, you have never abused them”. However my WD’s have been a nightmare of pain. Please advise if I should do cold turkey now or complete the tapering off. And also what to expect in the future. Please! Thank you! I love you guys.

  82. Hi Abby. Well, anyone else who doesn’t take your age, body mass, health state, medical conditions, tolerance etc. into consideration will say yes. But, the truth is that depending on many factors, plus interactions with other substances…it just might.

  83. I accidentally took too much hydrocodone but went and was treated for Tylenol poisoning. They said I came in time and should be fine but I still feel sluggish and slightly dizzy. How long can I expect these symptoms to last?

  84. The info given on this site is wildly innacurate. No one has died from 10/325 in the country with that being the only drug in the system. First to reach a level of toxisity on the narcotic your liver would get up and die. The only other remaining way is to take large doses and combine with benzos or booze, that is how a majority of people over dose. So our leaders who won’t answer a straight forward question like is weed as dangerous as heroin make these moronic rules. I believe the most effective way would be PSA or signs at the pharmacy stating

  85. I say anyone talking about 2 or 3 don’t need to worry. Unless you are allergic to the codeine then you get sick and feel like shit. I would say be more worried about getting hit by a car while walking than overdosing on 2 Hyros 5 mg OMG. I have taken pain meds 10/325 for 10 years. The only big factor is the 4 grams of acetaminophen. This is what is going to kill you to do that you would need to take 14 10/325 per day for about 60 days and then you might start experiencing problems. Now that they only make it a max of 325 acetaminophen you have very little to worry about. this is a government scare tactic you have more people dying from Heroin that is what needs to be concentrated on because when you can not get you codeine then you must take heroin to get your opiates. That is why the breakdown on pain killers. The government as silly as it sounds is in the heroin business and more they can limit pain pills more heroin they sale. believe me they make much more on that drug than some pharmacy drug they have to split with so many greedy people. It is all in your head eat the pills and tell you have no more take a shit for a few days and you will be fine. In my case much worse. It has already got me to the bad point almost impossible to stop so they want to put you on Suboxone a drug worse then heroin. It is a crazy freaking world we live in.

  86. Hi Kimberly. You also, can call the Poison Control Center for more information on what to do. The number is 1-800-222-1222.

  87. Hello Micaela. Call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 for a free, over-the-phone assessment of overdose risk and advise on what to do next. If things are getting worse don’t hesitate to Call 911. Your life is more pressious than what doctors will think.

  88. I was suppose to take 2 5-325 hydrocodone this morning but by mistake I took 4. Along with another kind of pill. Also 4 for that one. I had all the symptoms of a over dose and sleeped most the day. I got very starteled by every noise and kept waking up. Well tonight I had more pain in my leg from the accident so I was suppose to take 2 more but accidentally took 3 with a stress relief pull and I now have the symptoms of a over dose again. What should I do ??? I don’t want to go the doctors and them thinking I tried to kill myself because I didn’t and I’m just very worried I’m only 16.

  89. I have been on hydrocodone for 12 yrs, it amazes me when i hear people overdose on it,…What? Our government has got people convienced its killing us..they have their gready hands on the control of our medical and prescriptions..all i can say is focus on the crack heads and meth users, herion ect…oh yea they cant control that! Im in chronic pain and have to deal with drs and pharamacies treating me like im smoking crack when i fill my scripts..omg get real people wake up…

  90. I take lortabs recreationally. I take them frequently and have a decentable tolerance. Usally 30-40mg will get me going but this time I took 60mg. I was fine for a while, just enjoying the high but my mom left so I smoked some weed..a couple bowls nothing too bad. Well about an hour later I am sooooo tired I can barely keep my eyes open. The weed paranoia kicks in and now im FREAKING OUT that my breating is going to stop or some shit. Am I ok?

  91. You certainly CAN break Vicodin in half and you are smart to request the lowest dose of acetaminophen in your prescription. If you break a pill in half, as per the understanding between you and your physician, you are taking half the dose which lasts for half the time. If you are lucky, you should be asleep by then. Speak to your MD about tapering down. Opiates can cause constipation, headaches, and nausea. There are also options if you take Vicodin to stop pain and help you sleep – other, non-addictive options which are also prescriptions.

  92. I took a friends prescribed hydrocodone pill for “fun” and now I’ve had the feeling of throwing up and dizziness and sleepiness. I’m around 96-99 lbs. I haven’t thrown up though. And I feel a little better but my stomach still feels a little odd. should I be worried?

  93. Hello Stephen. You can become tolerant to hydrocodone over time, which is what it sounds like is happening. Have you consulted with your prescribing doctor? I’d suggest at least a phone call…if not, an in-face visit. While you may not be at immediate risk of overdose, because your body has adapted to the presence of opioids, you are probably physically dependent on hydrocodone and will go through withdrawal when you run out. Seek medical advice and good luck!

  94. I am taking 3-10/325 at one time but only once a day. I have gradually gone up from 1 pill a day to 3 pills a day in the last month. Have 15 left then I am done. Is this too many at once?

  95. A friend of mine had a child who died from hydrocodone overdose. He was 21months old. My question is, how long would it take for noticeable symptoms to develop in a 21 month old child who was given a lethal dose of hydrocodone?

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