Cold turkey Percocet

Should you stop taking Percocet cold turkey? No. Going cold turkey can cause unnecessary discomfort. More here on suggested ways to stop taking Percocet, with a section for your questions at the end.

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Percocet withdrawal can cause extreme discomfort if abruptly stopped, especially for long term users. Here, we explore the recommended ways to quit Percocet. Then, we invite you to ask questions about treating Percocet dependence or getting help for Percocet addiction at the end.

Going cold turkey Percocet?

Percocet (main ingredient oxycodone) is narcotic pain reliever that is used to treat moderate or long term pain. But even after a few weeks of regular dosing, your body can become dependent on Percocet. When physical dependence on Percocet occurs, the body will go through harsh withdrawal symptoms when dosage is stopped abruptly. What kinds of symptoms occur?

When you go cold turkey off Percocet a rush of uncomfortable symptoms will flood your body, resulting in muscle cramps, and disruption of sleep, vomiting, and diarrhea. If you quit Percocet cold turkey, you are also more prone to relapse to manage both the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. So instead of going cold turkey Percocet, how can you avoid severe or intense Percocet withdrawal symptoms?

Cold turkey Percocet withdrawal

How long to withdraw from Percocet? Percocet withdrawal symptoms usually last a week, or so. Symptoms can include fatigue, confusion, chills, extreme drowsiness, sweating, stomach pains, anxiety, back aches, joint pain and strong drug cravings. If you do gradually reduce your dose of Percocet, symptoms tend to be a lot less intense.

Cold turkey off percocet

Going cold turkey off Percocet is not necessary and Percocet should not be stopped abruptly. Especially if you are seeking treatment for Percocet addiction.  Instead, medical professionals use a method called tapering, which lowers the dosage of Percocet over a period of time (at least 2-3 weeks) so that your body can adjust slowly and avoid severe withdrawal symptoms. Seek a tapering schedule, or calendar, from your prescribing doctor when coming off Percocet. This way, you can work with medical supervision to mitigate and avoid unncessary withdrawal symptoms. Generally, the course of withdrawal is a 10-25% dose decrease per week, with decreases occuring at no more than 50% at any one time.

Quitting Percocet cold turkey

Some people do need to quit Percocet cold turkey due to medical need. So, what are the clinical traits that should be present to quit Percocet cold turkey? The people who are best suited for quitting Percocet cold turkey should have the following characteristics:

  • good health
  • keep other drugs out of your system
  • no health conditions that could be triggered by withdrawal
  • strong determination

Stopping percocet cold turkey risks

Trying to quit percocet addiction abruptly can cause severe adverse side effect, so it is best to seek professional help. Most people do not need to go through immediate Percocet detox and risk serious discomfort. Risks of stopping percocet cold turkey include:

  • chills
  • perspiration
  • restlessness
  • rhinorrhea (runny nose)
  • severe aches
  • vomiting

Get off percocet cold turkey

Medical professionals do not recommend stopping percocet cold turkey abruptly. Going cold turkey off Percocet can result in severe pain and health complications. Medical professionals recommend that instead of quitting cold turkey you get tapered off percocet over the course of a few weeks by lowering the dosage. Your doctor will monitor your progress to keep withdrawal symptoms minimal.

Can I quit percocet cold turkey?

It depends on your situation. If you are a heavy Percocet user, you may not want to quit Percocet cold turkey. If you have been addicted to Percocet for months or longer, a slow taper can also help mitigate symptoms until you can seek alternatives. In the end, a doctor can help advise you on your choice to taper or quit Percocet cold turkey. But ultimately, the decision is yours to make.

Cold Turkey Percocet Questions

If you still have questions about quitting percocet cold turkey, please post your questions below in the comment section. We will try to respond to all comments promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have been on 10/325 Percocet for three years, my Dr. retired and I had to go cold turkey and I m 78 yrs. I am having a very hard time. How long do you think the symtoms will last?I can’t find another Dr. that will prescribe it. I also am also stage 5 chronic kidney disease. several other health issues

  2. first time visiting this site but NEED HELP dr put me on perk 10 four times a day and past 3 months she has increased my break through pain i didnt no what it was she never told me! 1 month she put me on oxycotin 10 two times a day i was ok but slowly stayin to myself away from anything n bedroom next month i go in SEVERE pain n neck shoulders hip everywhere my hubby told her that med wasnt workin for me to put me back on the one b4 that NO SHE UPS OXYS to 20mg 2x a day! on 3rd day i kept throwin up called her no return call i had go thru withdrawls by myself!! 8 days my hubby called her because she left message with receptionist she was writin me new script on 9th day she leaves message for me to come n 730 n morning i was so sick weak i layed n backseat of car up and back ( mind you i hadnt ate n i couldnt remember when so i go n she cuts me off cause i wouldnt take the upped OXYS!!!! so now i have no dr and slowly decreasing perk 10 but im not myself, weak, ect what i need to no also is i was on expanzpa for break thru pain i found a bottle with 30 i wanted her put me back on them so i i am down to 1 none n 2 days feel terrible but i want to go off the perk 10;s also im tired of drs giving me wrong meds!! how many do i need to go down daily or every 2 days b4 i dont need them? right now im takin 2 cause pain is aweful!! im to old for this stuff!! 8 yrs ago i was on methadone i was sick, i tapered myself off them but while on i was on couch 2yrs no energy ect but i no i can go off perks if ive done with oxycotin and methadone but tomo try 1 and half or what HELP NEEDED ASAP ty

  3. Help out of meds and wanting to STOP NOW. I take at least 15 10mg Percocet a day, can I do.this alone? Truly have no.choice since am.out of meds. Any answers or help please would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Kerry. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for your.

  4. Day 2 of cold turkey Percocet I was taking them and didn’t need them At all everyday for about 3 months or less. I used to work at club and bought them illegally now I depend on them to feel normal . I deleted all the contacts . I don’t have the best insurance right now the only symptom I’m experiencing is the craving and fatigue . I don’t have proper insurance to afford medical treatment . Do you have any suggestions so I can kick this mess on my own . I want my life and mind back . Sober is the way to be without craving drugs! I will never take one ever Again once I get through this becUse I know what it feels like to be dependent and it sucks . I miss the days when I didn’t know what a damn Percocet was ?

  5. I have read all of this why and what will happen if I quit cold turkey. For one , I was using 10/325 for over 10 years. The effects I had from taking it was scary as it caused a breathing problem to the point of thinking I can’t breathe sometimes even causing hyperventilation. Try that for 10 years! You do not get use to it! The day I quit was the day I actually found less overall pain through out my body. Percocet also was the cause of my leg pain. After 4 days without percocet I just about had a 90% relief from leg pain. I knew then that This was the thing to do. YES, there was more tension or nervousness as the days went by but keeping myself busy solved most of that problem. I did sleep better but for less hours. After 5 weeks I was pretty much feeling great and no breathing issues at all. One thing you mentioned, Strong Determination, I have it and it is needed with no question. Lucky for me I am a very Determined person. So with all that said, I’m glad I did what I did even if it is not supposed to be done as per what the doctor stated. Of all of the possible side affects that could happen, only two were a problem. I still would recommend one to try it cold turkey for faster relief. Percocet is a good drug for certain pain but in my case, it caused other and more pain that didn’t exist before I started on it. .

  6. Hello, I went cold turkey on quitting Percocet and alcohol today. I was using 6 percocets, and 6-10 beers a day for 10 months.

    I purchased these things to help the process:

    – Ativan
    – clonidine
    – gravol
    – imodium
    – Benadryl
    – gastrolyte (for dehydration)

    I’ve just hit the 24 hour mark, and this has been the least worst withdrawals I’ve gone through so far since I was prepared.

    I’ll update this as the days go on.

    If you have any more suggestions for home remedies/withdrawal from home.. please share them here.


  7. good morning my fiancé is doing cold turkey Percocet ,today is 8th day that he is off it,but he is not getting better, he has strong convulsions ,his family giving him strong alcohol so he can sleep and go over it, I don’t agree with that, I tried to push them to call 911 for him so they can take him to ER, I was hoping that hospital could do IV for him,but I’m not sure if they really gonna help, can you please tell me what should I do in this situation, I’m cared that my fiancé will die or will have brain damage….

  8. I’m reading you all story and I can tell u Percs almost ruined my life. I lost my job almost lost my home I was taking like 10 percs a day which cost big doallars. The first week is the most hell I’ve every experienced I went cold turkey. When I got through that week I felt like wow I never thought I can go 1 day without. Your moody u sleep a lot ur body in is hell ur skin itch on the inside diarreha nausea headaches sweating can’t sleep DONT wanna be around no one . But that’s just it Then it’s over. Well I got my job back my home is out of Foreclosure and I tell u it’s the best thing I’ve ever accomplished. I never in life wanna have surgery again cause that’s where it all started. But take it one day at a time Go to a church and talk with your God and he will help you get through it! U can’t do it alone get a good support system. YOU CAN DO IT IF I CAN!!!

  9. My husband has been on pain meds for some time due to several different health issues. He has severe degenerative arthritis. He had legg-calve perthes as a child but was not diagnosed until he was 26. Since then he has had two total hip replacement, a spinal stimulator put in for his severe back problems and other med issues. He has been on pain meds since he was probably 27 or 28. He wants to go on a med for the burning sensation in his feet but in order to do that he needs to go off his pain meds. I don’t fell like this is a good idea at all. My husband has severe anxiety and depression to go along with his pain issues. Please give me some feed back on what he can or should do coming off the pain meds.

  10. I have been using hydrocodone and recently started oxycodone yesterday. I have joint pain and painful numbness and tingling in both my hands. I stopped taking the oxycodone and was wondering how long will it take for the pain to go away in my joints and hands??

  11. I took my mother to a dr.appt today, for a refill on her percocet. Dr. Wanted her to try othrr pain management strategies. Long story short, he got upset with her and told her he sick of people like her drug seeking. He refused to treat her anymore. What will her withdrawel symptoms be like? Do we have recourse with this P.A? How do we go about a complaint procedure? She was wanting to taper down, but not cold turkey. Thank you for your time.

  12. I think I’m addicted to Percocet what should I do i have a primary care physician put I’m a little nervous to go to the doctor and tell her what should I do i think i may be going through withdrawals

  13. If you quit oxy cold turkey because you ran out of them 2 weeks before your scheduled refill from your pain management MD, you’re 10 days out now and gone through the worst of the physical symptoms, why would you want to go back to taking them again?

  14. My brother has been heavily using percocets for many year now. Taking many a day. Started recreationally. It has gotten very very bad. We finally got him to admit he has a problem and he moved in with mg parents to get better. He suppposably has quit cold turkey. I say supposably because, Yes, he went threw horrible withdrawal. Throwing up, aches, every symptom possible. But that started almost two months ago. It’s been maybe 7 weeks and literally it’s like every weekend he goes back to withdrawal. He’s Chatty Cathy nonstop talking mon-wed. Mr. Perfect. Saying everything one wants to hear. Actually talking too much nonstop about himself and all the amazing stuff he plans on doing. However, then by Thursday, Friday he crashes and can’t function again. It’s like the withdrawal all over again, minus the vomiting. But falling asleep practically standing, nasty as hell, angry, thinks he’s perfectly fine. Claims that because he’s just tired because he can’t sleep and hasn’t slept in days. But he’s sluring and truly just looks horrible.

    Now this pattern has repeated almost every week in since he quit.

    Now we all swear he’s still using. But he swears he’s not. And it’s all from not sleeping. He is also still working.

    Is it possible this is all still his brian reacting to not having the drug. Or is he still using. I hate to not believe him if he’s telling the truth. But it’s so hard since he’s lies for years and also since literally he’s mr. Chatty Cathy perfect, happy and nice for 3-4 days then by the weekend he’s like a walking angry, diarrhea zombie. Is it withdrawal cause he’s still taking? Or still part of the cold turkey original withdrawal?

    Please. PLEASE share insight!!

  15. Hi, I’m also new to this blog. Unfortunately for me I’m a former Meth addict been sober for 8 yrs now praise God. But I’ve had to lower back surgeries. 1st one 4 yrs ago and had to come down from Norcos. This last surgery was about a month 2 weeks. Doc had to go fuse more of my back. Before surgery I took Norcos for pain and after surgery Percocets. My withdrawals have real bad so far. I was taking from 1 pill every 4 hrs to 1 pill every 8hrs. That was super horrible to. Then I took 1 pill away n it pretty bad. I also moved from southern Ca to northern Ca and I don’t have a pain specialist yet. I’m running out of the Percocets anyways and I’m always afraid of getting hooked on anything else. Even thou I hate taking pills. Anyhow the night before yesterday I was only going to take one but the withdrawals have been so intense and I thought to myself cant do this again. So I went cold turkey yesterday and the withdrawals have been intense anxiety up the roof along with everything in your list except vomiting. I did try to smoke pot for anxieties. But it made the pit of my stomach ache really bad. I do have all the symptoms you mentioned except the I am also 50 yrs old. Today has been a bit better, but If you can give me any suggestions i would appreciate it. Thank you

  16. Two weeks ago I went through bad withdrawals from xanax after 18 years, It was awful. I have been taking 6-7 Percocet 10 each day for 18 years as well. I want to quit those as well. Will withdrawal symptoms be similar like xanax withdrawal? I know tapering is advised, but I am addicted and this is why I think cold turkey is my only option. Any suggestions or info is welcome.

  17. I’ve been taking Percocet for a yr now , between 15 to 30 me a day. I want to stop bad ! Is there a way I can withdrawal without medical help ?!??? Plz I want to stop

  18. Cold turkey percocet..! I was in an adcident, underwent years of facial reconstructive surgery and a rollar coaster ride of narcotics for pain managment.. by the time I was nearing recovery I had been on percocet for seven years, not weeks, YEARS! I wanted off so bad, the doctors wanted to prolong treatment of course, and even at the suggestion to get off percocet wanted me to go on a methodone program; no thanks! Was so sick of the drugs I just wanted out, no time for subsitutes, just wanted to be done. Despite the doctors recommendations, I decided to wuit percocet cold turkey.. it wasnt a three week withdrawl, more like 2.5 years until my body temps were properly regulated, two years of restlessnights, cold sweats, chills, stomache issues etc etc. Suffered bouts of extreme anxiety, at times I thought I was having a heart attack! Was a rough ride to say the least,but I did survive! No relapse, in fact, havent been to a doctor since for anything, eight years behind me now; never again!

  19. I am trying to quit taking them because I went from 5 mg to 15 and I am scared I don’t want a take them any more what can I do I have state insurance and it seems like all the places that will help don’t take my insurance and they cost a whole lot it’s sad when help cost you more then it does to.get off the stuff the doctors give you it’s like they trade ya health for money

  20. I have only been talking Percocet 7.5 for about a week this time ,it’s been 48 hours since I’ve had any,I feel kinda bad but lm trying to be strong. I was just wondering if vi will have witdrawel

  21. Hi everyone, this is my first day off percocet. I was taking up to 10- 10 MG a day. I was in a bad car accident a while back and I was prescribed them. I feel like I am missing out so much and I am afraid to go to my doctor and to tell him I am addicted to them and have no one to talked to. Can someone help me with a site or someone I can talk to about it?

  22. Had been on Percocet 7.5/325 for about 5 1/2 weeks. Had surgery for femur fracture. Was down to 1 1/2 tabs per day, stopped completely 3 days ago. I feel began feeling restless and anxious about a day later. Is this from withdrawal and how long will it last and how can it be treated. Thanks

  23. I just quit percocet 37 hours ago cold turkey after taking for around 6 months. The only side effects so far are night sweats, and not really wanting to be around people. I’m not taking anything except for my daily dose of effexor..I actually feel a lot better today, I actually want to get out of the house and do something. Is this normal or am I going to wake up to a rude awakening on day 3?

  24. I am a recovering addict ive been taking percocet for about three months i just had surgery March 22 im healing very well ill have ten years clean October 14 this year its time to get off these pills i take them as prescribed ive got two left what should i expect to go through for how long

  25. I am going on my second day of not usings Percocet I stop for 2yrs and started back to using for like 1 yr 1/2 iam trying to go cold turkey i was abising 10mg to 15 mg to 30mg only wen I couldn’t find 10mg and I work so iam trying the best I can do iam a guest-room attendant how can u help me go cold turkey i haven’t use no drug in 2 days painful stomach pains and headaches so bad neasua and diarrhea. My last dose was tuesday morning

  26. Sir. I did the cold turkey on Percoset 2-18-17 and yes it was a bit antsy with restlessness. How ever when I read about the side effects of leg pain and back aches (which I was taking it for the past 7 months!) After 2 days ALL leg pain is gone and my back feels perfectly normal. At this time I do not have any pain and seems that I also do not have any withdrawal symptoms, with that said I do expect something in the future and awaiting it with interest if any. Thanks for your info on this subject as it really accurate as far as I can see as it fit my situation. Larry

  27. I had to take percocet 5mg for 3 month because of a neck sergury , my doctor said he cant give me any of it after 90 days , i have few tabes and iam taking just 1 every day but al so scare of beeing out of it , is it will be so painfull for me??

    1. Hi Hany. I suggest that you speak with your doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule to quit Percocet safely. Also, consult with a pharmacist to recommend some over-the-counter medications, teas and remedies to ease percocet withdrawal

  28. Hey guys,
    I was taking perc10/325 4-5 a day for 5 years. I would also do the perc and beer combo at night. I was taking them just to be normal not even to get relief anymore.
    I quit cold turkey and I found it pretty easy to get off this nightmare of an addiction . I used the same method
    That I used to quit smoking.( ‘easy way to quit smoking by Allen Carr, highly recomended)
    Basically the first 3 days were the physical pain , mainly cramps and insomnia, but I also had the ’empty’ feeling like as if I lost someone, that was a bit tougher for me but I basically stayed positive the whole time knowing that the pain I’m going through was the ‘demon’ leaving my body and I felt really excited that I would finally get my life back. Every time I got a craving or a depressed feeling I remembered that it will all get better soon and that this ‘slavery’ will soon be over. I kept a positive attitude and always tried to smile.
    Basically this is how I would sum up the withdrawal.
    Day 1-3 a physical withdrawal. ( hot bath and sleeping pills recomended)
    Day 3-7 more of an empty feeling ( remember that you are escaping this nightmare and be happy about it because it soon will be over!!!)
    Week 1-3 more of a mental empty feeling.( you will start to feel much better and it’s very important that you remember how shitty life was on Percs and how happy you are to be off)
    I’ve been off for 4 months and I couldn’t be a happier person.
    Just remember that life is way better off this nightmare of a drug and yes you will go to social events not needing them and you will be just as high and happy, I promise you!!


  30. I just wanted to say that I had been taking prescription percocet for over ten years because I “needed” them. It started with a series of surgeries that never got better for me and I am always in pain from. I actually have been on many types of pain medication but they all do the same thing. I finally took a long hard look at my life and said, am I taking these because I am in pain or am I taking these because I want them? I quit them two weeks ago! I had pain in my hands sure but I just took acetaminophen. As far as side effects, I did really well. The only thing I noticed was I was cold but I am always cold so that is kind of normal for me. I had stomach issues too but I also tend to have that problem so not sure if that was from withdrawal. I can admit I was and am addicted because I want them. I have the craving but no more! It was an eye opener for me. I also decided to go cold turkey of my bursbar and I have to other medications that I was put on that I am tapering down. I will have my Bachelors in just a few short months and I want to have a clear head. Doctor’s really need to do more research before they hand out this medication but until they do, you do they research before you take it. After all, it’s all body and our lives! I hope this helps someone and good luck with the withdrawals.

  31. Hi, I was on Percs 10/325 for five years. I was up to 5 a day.
    I just quit cold turkey last year using the same method I used to quit smoking.
    ‘The Easy Way To Quit Smoking” by allen carr. Quitting smoking was pretty easy using his method so I applied the same mentality to quitting percs cold turkey and it was the same. The first few days were tough, but that physical discomfort and the empty feeling you get when withdrawing was the body healing itself and getting rid of the “monster” inside. It felt great getting over percs. For me, it was complete slavery, and many times I would mix with alcohol to amplify the high,furthermore risking my health. After a week off I felt amazing, and I realized that this whole time I was using percs just to feel normal not even getting high most of the times. After a week I was back to my old self and can’t even believe I was addicted to percs to begin with. for those of you quitting,look forward to becoming your old self again. Yes life is even better off percs, way better than the shitty high you get on percs, and you’ll be way happier off of percs.
    In short, I recommend you read “The Easy Way To Quit Smoking” by Allen Carr, and apply his method (which is amazing and makes quitting anything easy) to perk addiction.

  32. You people are a bunch of wimps. Just shut up and go cold turkey and stop being so scared, your not going to die for gosh sakes. Trust me I have had a total of 5 major surgery’s and been on every pain med out there at extremely high doses. You are not going to feel good for a week or two but your not going to die an, you will get through it with a little will power. Stop all this crying baby BS, man up and get done you wimps.

  33. Hi I’m sharday and about two weeks ago I found out I’m pregnant I’m I’ve be taking percocets for about 9years I need to know if anyone can help me on info if I’m going cold turkey will it harm me or the baby I took two 5 just before I found out I was prego

  34. I have been taking percocet for 6 yrs. i had knee surgery and was subscribed them. I’ve tried to step dose down many times and I cant seem to do it. So I’ve taken some time off work and am going cold turkey. I and super scared of withdraws. I have never delt with them all the way through. Looking for some advice on what will help me through this like anything over the counter?? Tank you for any advice at all. Don’t have health ins. so its to expensive to go to Dr.

  35. I have been taking Percocet 10 x 4 daily for the last 6 yrs. my PCP has prescribed them to me without me ever having a problem. Unfortunately he closed his offices last month and the new PCP I’m seeing has referred me to a pain mgmt center, which is fine, but they can’t get me in until oct 31.. I took my last pill yesterday & now I’m completely out. The new Dr says she doesn’t “feel comfortable” writing a script for me for just 2 weeks until the pain clinic can get me in. She doesn’t seem to have any discomfort allowing me to go thru cold turkey withdrawals tho. I’m already having terrible diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, and just all over pain in my joints & muscles. I just don’t know what to do & i would be so grateful for any advice on how to best manage these withdrawal symptoms. I’m so tired but can’t sleep. I’m sweating like crazy & I can already feel dehydration setting in. HELP PLEASE!

  36. I have been on 10mg of Percocet for months and somebody just stole my scrip . From what I’m told , my doctors won’t prescribe me more because there is so much addiction . I would like to just be free from the drug but I’ve been off only one day and I’m having violent symptoms . What can I do ?

  37. Hello, need some advice, want to make sure I’m not making a mistake here and want an idea of what to expect for withdrawal symptoms. Have been on Oxycodone/acetaminophen tabs 7.5/325 for 1yr 4 months straight after cervical fusion but the surgery wasn’t done like it should have been and left me with a pinched spinal cord thus the pain killers for so long after surgery. The pain is intense everyday but I’m not having the back of my spine removed. The Dr gave me an ultimatum, surgery or no pills, no taper schedule either, yes he’s an idiot i know. Hind sight is 20/20. So here I sit at day 2 cold turkey. I was on them for a while but I’m thinking at 2 a day that’s not much, but I’m not sure if quitting cold turkey is dangerous. Day 2 symptoms came fast…severe restless leg syndrome, massive migraines, feel like I got hit by a bus, can’t sleep, irritable, short temper, upset tummy…it’s hard but is this the most i can expect? Can I do this without ending up in the hospital? Thanks

  38. Hi. I recently detoxed from percocet, by using Suboxone for about 1 1/2 weeks. So I am off the suboxone and have been off percocet for 11 days.. However I started getting severe pain. I found a few percocet in an old bottle and took about 6pills. Will that cause me to go thru withdrawl again? Or will I be ok, since it was only a few. I am just really scared now. Thank u so much!

  39. Just Asking a question. What is the difference between dependent and Addictive? I have been using Percocet for on and off daily for Chronic Pain. It is ordered every 6 hours When needed 5/325 I take 2 a day some times 3 or sometimes 1 depending in if i am able to tolerate the pain on that day. The weather and activity play a major role on usage it is proscribed by a doctor About every 2 months. Unfortunately I am unable to get to the doctor this week to get Prescription for it so I am taking Tylenol it just fills the pain from a 7 to a 5 . Not feeling withdrawal symptoms only the usual Pain. Am I addicted or dependent. Respectfully Angie

  40. ok so day two off percs i was eatin 30-60 a day not mg’s but pills … i moved to japan so pretty much forced myself to quit… oxycodone is not prescribed unless your a cancer patient here so no way of getting it …. I’ve wanted to quit for a while so I’m glad to be here in the situation… but for me its restless ness and and pain … their is no way a jap doc will gimme anything so anything else to recommend ?

  41. i need to quit cold turkey, i have good overall health and i am determined. i have experience the symptoms associated with quitting cold turkey, and i am on day 3. i feel i have come too far to go back and not sure if i want or even if tapering is right for me. How much longer will these aches last? i was only taking about 2 percs a day, at 5mg, so about 10mgs a day. Do you think cold turkey is an option for me

  42. If I was put on Percocet by a pain management doctor and I don’t want to continue to take them after 2 years of being on them should the doctors at pain management help me come off of them? Or no? Didn’t know if they would help me or not? Or would I have to talk to my primary doctor?

  43. Omg i stopped Percocet 6 1/2 weeks ago after a 5-year Run i took 15-mil not more than 20-mil a day, i still feel Bad 🙁 i ca t seem to eat.. I feel as if i have a sour ball in the middle of My Stomach how long will that last n i just have No get up n go Help. MAE..

  44. I’m trying to quit cold turkey this is my fourth day the pain is getting worse should I take a small dosage or try to get through the week I have been taken them every day for a year

  45. Ived “kicked” perks, herion habbits many times. Sickness sucks but it’s your body/mind healing itself so think of it as that. Currently on day 2 of kicking a 300mg perk habit cold turkey. Yes it does suck suboxone can help a lot during first 3-5 days while body adjusts (I have some on hand but would rather punish myself) also benzos of any kind are very helpful especially at night. Eat, drink water stay positive think of it as a game (a shitty game). While in active addiction we have no quality of life there’s a light at the end of tunnel.

  46. I’ve been recreationally addicted to the perc 30mgs for 10 months. The first couple months was 1/day gradually increasing over the months to 6/day these last couple months. 7 days ago I decided that I was done. The only symptoms I’m feeling on day 7 of going cold turkey is sweating, diarrhea, and not being able to sleep. But I can definitely feel that it’s almost over. The first few days were the absolute worst. I relapsed a few times within my 10 month addiction. I feel If I can go 7 days then I can keep going. I gotta say, I’m really proud of myself but it just takes some strength and motivation to do it. I convince myself this whole time that “it’s almost over” and I made best friends with a fan in my face 🙂 anyone can do it!

  47. Hey this is the first time I’ve ever posted in a blog before. So I’ve been taking Percocets on a off for about 2 years. I’ve never had a problem stopping before because I would only take it now and again when I was either going out or wanted to have a good time. Recently my brother passed and I have been taking them every day to lift my spirits or wake me up or because I have a headache. I went from taking maybe 5 mg to up to recently 20-25 mg a day jus thinking about it makes me sick. I’m on the journey to trynna quit but it’s hard because I have children and idk how i even have the time to go thru withdrawals. What makes matter even worse is my bf who I live with get a prescription for them which gives me more access to them. He knows how I feel about quitting so he says he won’t give it to me but I know that won’t last long and I can easily persuade him. My bf gave me some tremadol to try to wean me off but I just don’t know what to do. Any advice will be grateful. Thanks!!

  48. I quit cold turkey 10 days ago. I still feel very out of it, confused, and have very bad migraines everyday. I only have maybe a few hours of clarity every couple days. My stomach still hurts all the time too. I have depression and anxiety as well. Is this normal? Could these drugs have permanently caused damage to my brain and body? And could the sudden stop of using them have caused further damage? Because I’m not feeling any better.

  49. Hi, I have been taking percocets for 3 months shy to a year. Was hit by a semi and had some damage to my back. I am trying to stop taking them I was taking 8 a day sometimes a half hour early. I am terrified of dying and want to be able to get off of them I went from 8 to 4 and today only taken two of them. Feeling out of it tired but too afraid to go to sleep. Not my self I used to be. I have a daughter on the way and want to be done with them for good. Any advice I also have chronic asthma. Feels like my chest is heaven and twitching of muscles. Any advice on what too do.

  50. Hi I’m new to this but I rather be honest so I can get help. I abuse Percocet by not being prescribed it I wold get from a friend.I take about 4-5 a days depends on the miller grams. Sometimes is mostly always 30mg if I don’t take that I would b two 15mg on Saturday I started throwing up continuously I can’t eat or drink anything without throwing up.I have hot flashes and I can’t sleep.No energy at all body aches all over. I would appreciate if someone had some insight to help get my body back to normal

  51. I’m a chronic pain patient. I never got off my pain meds after my back surgery in 2010. I was called a chronic pain patient and was giving enough drugs to make me comfortable. I was on a Nucynta and Percocet combo. 150 mg Nucynta twice a day and 4, #10 percs a day. My insurance company decided I didn’t qualify being on Nucynta (after I had been on it 3 yrs). So they cold turkey me off it. It wasn’t too bad an experience. My dr upped my percs to 6 a day in the meantime until we got the insurance figured out. I figured it was a great time to check my pain need since I was already off my Nucynta. I wanted to make sure I was only on the lowest I needed. So I started cutting back my percs too. I cut myself down to 5, #10 (remember I was cut all my Nucynta too). My goal is to see what is really a happy medium. Meds that takes care of my pain but not on too much extra. My question is if I cut back by one pill and it’s been 10 days and I’m still pretty miserable. How long does withdrawal take for each pill cut if Ive been on this stuff for 6 yrs. I can’t tell if this is withdrawal or if I’m at the limit of where I need to be for my pain. Am I expecting too much to have no withdrawal after 10 days being cut by 2, 150 nucynta’s and upped a perc? I really want to see if I can take less that 5 percs a day. When I first started on Nucynta I was taking 4 percs a day alone. I would expect to be able to get back there… Thanks!
    PS: They gave me a drug test for my insurance and proved I’m not addicted. I’m always trying to cut my meds… hate being on them at all.

  52. My husband has been taking percocets for over two years to control pain. He has recently had surgery to rectify the problem, it has been seven weeks since his surgery and he is still taking percocets, in fact he is taking more than the prescribed amount because he says he still has pain. They finished and his doc wouldn’t give him anymore until next month. He has been without them for 5 days and has been experiencing side effects such as insomnia and suicidal thoughts. He wants to get off of this med and has heard that methodone can help with the withdrawal symptoms. Would you recommend this to help him get off the percocets? And if so, what would be a healthy dose of methodone to take?

  53. hi im having such a hard time tapering that’s why I wanted to just stop cold turkey but I have mood disorders and anxiety to begin with. I hate being on these things . I want to get back to my normal self but its so hard. im use to taking 15s 4 times a day for a shoulder tear and I also have c5-c6 disc bulge, however, I don’t need to take Percocet 15mg. I could take a 5mg. now I look for that energy burst that I use to get and it keeps me happy and going all day. this is what I do everyday and been for 3 years now. I did stop cold turkey 2 times and lasted about 2 and a half months, but then I went back cause of stress, it just makes me forget about the bullshit in my life. sad to say this is how ive been getting through being out of work, my husband on disability and 3 kids that drive me crazy. everything is on my shoulders so I feel overwhelmed and this is how I get through everything. thruth of the matter is im not happy with myself and what ive become, I wanna be normal again. how should I taper myself down at home. im scared to tell the doctor my secret in fear of him not giving them to me anymore.

  54. Hello my name is michelle. I know someone who is addicted to percocet 30s. Hes been on them for about 6 months now. He smokes them. Ive convinced him that it needs to stop but withdrawals are horrible. He use to do 6-8 a day but he has tapered down to 1-2 a day. What can he do to help withdrawals and how long will it last?

  55. I am a 62 year old white man. started taking Percocet 10 before my surgery. I had 2 disks fused in my upper back and immediately after surgery I developed what the doctor described as ulnaropathy in my right elbow. When I walk or carry something, my right elbow feels like I have a 100 pound weight pulling down on the nerve and stops me in my tracks because of the pain. The other day I received a letter from my doctor saying he can no longer prescribe my meds so I decided to quit completely and see if I can find an over the counter meds that I can use instead.
    Although it is not cold, March 15, 2016 in New Orleans, 80 degrees outside, my feet feel like they are freezing. I feel confident this is from detoxing and my body convulsing in its own way. I have done the cold turkey thing although I do have meds left.
    Of course my stomach aches constantly and my feet feel very cold almost all the time. I have done cold turkey once before only to return to active addiction. Basically the same symptoms again and if I remember it took a week to feel relief. Should I stop and do the reduction thing or continue on my quest to cold turkey?
    I also might add that I also decided to quit cigarettes while I am getting off the Percocet. I have been smoking for over 45 years and now starting to feel the elephant sitting on my chest.
    I do not have a primary doctor and have been on disability now for almost 4.5 years.
    Suggestions please!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Had severe hand trauma cut 3/4 of hand off. Had surgery and recovery is on its way. I have been on percocet for 6 months now 4 to 6 pills a day. And want them out of my body. At this point rather deal with the pain of recovery. Can I do cold turkey and just stop taking them. Or do I need to slowly come off. My question is if I just stop taking them. How long will I be sick what should I expect to deal with and will it only take few days to recover from the meds in my system. Have already tried and have very restless nights and leg cramps. How long does this last. And how should I go about stopping.

  57. I had foot surgery one month ago, I’ve been taking 2 percocet every 8 hours for pain for a month. Now I’m getting ready to come off of them but I’m worried that I may have a hard time ? Is it going to be as bad as I think it is going to be?

  58. Help!!!! I was taking a good 16-20 10mg Percocets a day I found out I was pregnant so tried not to take them anymore I all day last Saturday with none, by night fall I was dying woke up 3 am migraine, completely week, fever, chills! Took a pill to take the edge off & read it was not to stop cold turkey while pregnant so over Sunday I took maybe 5, Monday 5, Tuesday 5, Wednesday 4, Thursday 4, Friday 4, then did not take anymore after 1:40 pm Friday! I am at 52 hours since last pill symptoms I am having diarrhea, chills, sneezing, and lethargic ( I feel like I am trapped inside a paralyzed body) how much longer before I get strength back???!??? Plz help!!!!!

  59. How can i wing my self off 10mg percocet i been taking them know over a year i use to take to or three a day know sence i have this nerve pain threw my spinal cord to my feet and i also have type 2 diebities and im tired i want my body back and healthy

    1. Hi, Connie. It’s possible to consult with your doctor or a pharmacist to help you create tapering schedule just for you.

  60. Hey my names Dave and I been smoking perks for about 2 years everyday about 11 a day, they were 30mg, but I been clean for about 7 days and got all systoms still, what’s going on? Please reply!! Thanks you

  61. My son has a slow growing appendacial cancer. He stays in pain. The doctors placed him on Percocet 10 180 monthly and 90 Dilauded . I feel he is taking way to many Percocet. Be is out within maybe 15 days. Then he can’t get out of bed, severe stomach pains back pain, throwing up, sweating stays double over in the bathroom. I am worried he is having withdrawals and that’s what is causing the pain, not the cancer.

  62. Having read this, what if Percocet was bought from the street? How can you taper off when it was never prescribed to that person?

  63. I have taken percocet off and on monthly for 20 yrs. I have MS so for my 10-14 days of really bad pain i would take 2 5/325 every 8 hours. Then my days where its not so bad i would take nothing. The past 3 months i have been taking them every day and i noticed the other day i was so achy like a flu bug then my leg pain started and i took 2 percocet and the pain and flu symptoms went away. Yesterday i didnt take any and by noon again i had flu symptoms. So i took 2 percocet and felt better. I talked to my hubby about it and he has a cousin that was addicted to them years ago so he asked him about the withdrawl symptoms and we discussed it and realized thats what is happening with me. My nose has been running like crazy, im flu like and the pain in my back and leg is very intense when i dont take them. So yesterday i decided no more pills. I have hit 24 hrs without them i didnt sleep and i took melatonin. I took aspirin for the aching and used a heating pad. Cough candy for my sore throat and cough. But is taking aspirin just a replacement for the percocet?

  64. Ok after reading more of this article i know i am more than likely addicted. So when it says ( decreases occuring at no more than 50% at any one time) what does that mean)?

    1. Hi needurhelp. “…with decreases occurring at no more than 50% at any one time” means that you may start cutting your dosage down, but not 50% right away. It needs to be cut down gradually. I suggest you consult a doctor or a pharmacist to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

    1. Hi, Marcy. Have you tried consulting a pharmacist? Also, you may ask him/her about over-the-counter medications, home remedies and teas to ease withdrawal symptoms.

  65. I only take 4 to 6 pills ( 10 mg ) a day how should I lower my self should I lower a day. In other words I take 3 then next day take 2 so on and so on till by next week stop all together. I know I feel symptom but not as bad what’s your idea

  66. This is my third day detoxing from percocet and I am pregnant I kinda had no choice I’m not doing as bad bit mentally it’s taking my energy way. I want to be stronger for my other children and my husband but sometimes I want to relapse do you have any advice?

    I have been taking percocets for 6years. This is my third day detoxing from percocet and I am pregnant I kinda had no choice I’m not doing as bad but mentally it’s taking my energy way. I want to be stronger for my other children and my husband but sometimes I want to relapse do you have any advice?

  67. my boyfriend has been taking percecets for about 6 months takes about 6-10 a days. i been dating him for past 5 months and now he just told me of his addiction and wants to quit. he wants to do this cold turkey. what do you recomend me doing for suport while he goes through the withdrawels?

  68. I have been seeing a Pain Management doctor for five or six years. I have been on 10-325 mg Percocet for the last year and a half. Prior to that 80 mg OxyContin for several years. I had back surgery last month and want to get off this medication. I was taking up to six Percocet a day. In the last few days I have decreased the qty to one every eight hours. Should I attempt to stay with the one every eight hours (I am miserable) or should I halve them and take one half every fours hours. For starters on for a short period of time. Thanks

  69. Have been taking Percocet 10/325 for a year trying to come off . Had 2 haves test and 2 haves today . Going to pain Dr tomorrow I do not want to go back on it anymore. Just screws up my life. All I care about is the pills. Going off its hard but it will be worth it. The withdrawals are horrible. Taking bc powers and Benadryl

  70. I have serious pain, a bad car accident. I woke up one day and I had to have the pain med. it’s a beast not a monkey. It’s hell. I’m determined regardless of the pain. I’d rather have pain and alternative s then a beast with its claws in me. My heart breaks to know I’m here at this time if my life. Praying for ANYONE trying to kick this.

  71. Hi I have been addicted to percacets for over ten years now I did all of them but now I am trying to quit I was doing ok but yesterday I could not take it anymore and I got 3 perc tens and I took all of them with on a 24 hour period dose that mean I am starting the prosscess all over again?

  72. I understand the symptoms of going cold turkey from percocets but if someone has takin it for 2 yrs and just stop can that cause death?

    1. Hi Nikea. Medical professionals do not recommend stopping percocet cold turkey, especially not if you have been chronically taking it for 2 years. In cases like this, a slow taper is the best way to minimize the withdrawal discomfort. You should see your doctor to get help on creating your individualized tapering schedule as well as for medications that can assist you during this phase.

  73. My son is a recovery addict from heroine he has been clean the almost a year he kinda fell off the wagon he’s been doing perks for a month how hard is it going to be to get off them. I told him he needs to get out of where he lives and leave all his friends they are no help how bad will his withdrawal be from them I told him to stay stronge he can beat this

  74. I have used percocet for 2 yrs now and started cause I was depressed over a situation in my life. It made the emotional pain go away. But after a few month I didn’t feel like I needed them anymore but I found out the hard way my body was addicted so I couldn’t stop. I never had a script so I got them off the streets and it took all my money. I would also buy suboxon and keep a stash of them so if I ran out of money and could not get percs I wouldn’t have to go threw wds. And this went on for 2 yrs. I quit taking everything 5 days ago and I feel better than the first 3 days but I don’t feel great by anymeans. I have been back to work now for 2 days not by choice but to keep my job. It sucks but it can be done you just have to keep your mind off of it and stay busy at work even thou you have no energy. The only symptom that hasent subsided is the rls that I get at night when I try to relax or sleep. I take a hot shower right before bed and that helps the rls and let’s me fall asleep. This whole journey is insane and it sucks but I can finally see the light and I am hoping with in a few more days I will feel a lot better but how ever long it takes I am determined to do this for myself and because my 1yr old daughter doesn’t deserve a drugaddict father. I know there are plenty of ppl like me out there and I hope reading my post will help you get threw the hard days to come from detoxing off percocet

  75. I had surgery early November. I have never taken percocet before. I am no longer hurting and decided I would just stop taking it. This is the most uncomfortable I have ever been. I also have found out that most medical facilities have no idea what this is. I would really like to stop taking this medication

  76. I quit cold turkey. I was taking them for 9 months. Really hooked for 4 months. Everyday between 30 and 50mg. First two days were rough but I kept telling myself I could do it. 3rd day was horrible and didn’t sleep. 4th day was the absolute worst with every symptom you can think of bothering me. But day 5 it started to get a better everyday . About day 17 I was totally functioning and happy. It is really hard and easier said then done. But it can be done

  77. I been taking percocet over three years then it got up to me taking10 a day I don’t want kill myself but I don’t have the MO spend on the pills or to see the doctor

  78. I have been on percocet for I say 9 years and I was using it very heavily in the beginning. And then in the last yeaar have gone down from to 5 day 2 3 a day and now I’m doing sometimes two sometimes three how would I handle going cold turkey I just want to stop I’m tired of the medication. It’s not really the pain that I’m dealing with. it the emotional addiction now.

  79. So I’ve read all these comments & suggestions. I started taking them 1 month ago I went from percocet 10’s ingesting them then quickly jumped to 2/30′ sometimes more & snorting them. I’m on day 3 of cold turkey I must say day 2 was rough, today I feel a little bit better, REMEMBER PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION is what I’m told in 12 step meetings. I thought about tapering off however I’m just tired of the whole thing!!! Anyhow I just wanted to get this off my chest. Peace

  80. I started to use perc 30s for recreational use I have had a prior addiction to ketamin
    for 10 years but has only the psychological withdrawal I batteed that addiction making numerous
    Attempts and never being successful for longer than 4 months…I now have neat that addiction for 3 !onrhs and only engaging myself with use 1 time and actually hatwsbthe feeling it gave me and I ended up vomiting which indicsted to me my body was actually rejecting it..but I now have am increased use of peecoset due to tolerance and I didn’t know what that was I just knew I didn’t feel the euphoria I just needed more to get some type of high….I actually hate the high and I do think !y addiction is more breaking the need to snort something as a reward or just warting the brain to give me something fun to do and I never really thought about what I was actually doing to my body and my nerves and that I couldn’t just stop due to the physical addiction I now have to break… I want to stop cold turkey i don’t want to take meth or subs to just get hooked on that high… I need to end the insanity and become drug free completely so I can properly staer to medicate my my newly diagnosed bipoal 2 and ADHD with a post traumatic anxity disorder I’m just forming due to recently ending a 15 year relationship that ended in me being completly left to deal with a harsh rumor if me performing arts that were so far fetched and only to made up delusioms and frabcations that I was to later find out after he beat me up for it and I knew I didn’t do it he actually was the one who did those things and he projected his actions on me which lead to me finding out he is a narcissist sociopath…. So I did what I only knew to so to suppress feelings and all its did was give a new addiction but I’m hoping that because I am not completely addicted I’m actually wanting to just have the will and my sincere reason of wanting to end the abuse I am now plundering onto myself and become a healthy well balanced individual and start to live life on lides terms without drugs and an abuser and be completely free of that world of chaos to give myself my life back and my family their piece of mind…I want to know with all this I just told u can I safely end this cold turkey without bringing any new problems or new developments that can harm me and put my family through any unnecessary trama that they don’t need to witness. If it’s just a matter if hot n cold sweat and insomnia and nausea I can handle that I just need u to tell me what to expect and what is the drama free safe way to keep my parents at ease….I have the will the desires and the motivated passions to do this and I went to primary physician and told him I was doing this and he prescribed me 2 medications to take morning and night to help me to get past withdrawal at a much more tolerable pace… One script is clonidine and the other is gabapentin….is this a safe solution and to stay strong and not give into triggers and temping thoughts


  81. I have been snorting Percocet for 3 years. Started dabbling in oxy 80s. And 24 mg dilaudud recently. I I went cold turkey for 3 days. Due to damaged muscles, etc and a heavy labor job. 45 year old woman who is doing a 22 year old mans job. I do need them for the pain. 2 more weeks and I am finding a easier job. No more need for Percocet then. 4 day of cold turkey withdrawal, I got my percs from the Dr. I am probably still going to snort. Going to try not to. If I stick to the three percs a day and no other drugs. Will the withdrawal be as bad as what I just went through? All drugs I do are straight from the Dr.since my husband is prescribed 100 mg of dilaudud a Day and has just 45 oxy 80s to be released. He broke his jaw in 27 places. Car crash. A ” friend showed me how to tamper with the oxy neos. (snortable) my question again. If I leave all drugs alone and stick to snorting, gonna try to start swallowing. 3 percs a day. Taper down when work is done. Will the withdrawal be any thing like the hell I just went through.? Day four, with my job which demands extreme energy. I was torn. Would I have the energy of a 99 year old? Or do I taper after 4 days of cold turkey? Took 3 percs yesterday. And wondering if I should keep doing the same or get right back to cold turkey? Our financial situation depends on me so much. Which solution will give me the most energy for the next two weeks?? Sorry to ramble but this is the first site I found that I can ask a question. Thank God. Cause I have had so many questions 🙂

  82. Hi I just wanted to let you know my story……I bought percocet for my bf for his birthday to do for fun just 10 5mg perks I loved them they were fun and made me really sociable. So I bought them again a few weeks later this time 20……and a few more times throughout the months……then one time my guy didnt have perks he had only 80mg oxy I had refused those a few times but this time I said ok…… and my bf crushed and snorted them it was great I felt so at ease with everytging in my life. It has been 2 years in November and I have had at least a perk and at most an 80 every single day until last Monday. My life had been dependant on getting perks and oxy just to do things in my life like visit my friends go to my cottage go to work and so on. It started to consume me and my bank account. I was lying to my bf the man that I love the most, my best friend he had no idea how much I was doing and on top of everything I have a beautiful little girl who means everything to me that I was depriving her of a mother because by the end I was a zombie. I knew it had to stop so I made a plan I said next week I will stop I will tell my mom and she can help me with my daughter while I go through the withdrawls. Well on Monday I couldnt get anything and I refused oxy because I tapered down to only perk. I did it I went through hell on monday I had the hot sweats the cold sweats the restless legs I cried I was frusterated. I didnt sleep I bought Immodium Tylenol 1 and sleep aids (I have read many a blog before I did this) day 2 was a bit easier still had body aches and restless legs. Day 3 got better I laid on my couch most of the day and then treated myself to McDonalds. Today is day 4 I laid around most of the day watching whatever was on tv but when I switched the TV to youtube and searched my favourite songs it pumped me up it got me off that couch I listened to Collective Soul Better Now and it was like my theme song I felt better newly calibrated and this is one thing I have not read in any blog is listen to your favourite songs music sendS endorphins to the brain and it truly helped me. My withdrawls were not nearly as bad as what I read about and maybe yours wont be either, but you will never know if you do not try. Get through day one and the rest will come to you as it did for me knowing I will live a better richer life. I send prayers to all of you who need to do this…..dont be scared to ask God for a little help along the way because I know He was with me.

  83. I’m over five days cold turkey. Biggest difficulty is severe dizziness, seems to be getting worse. First three days were Hell but this is causing fear. How much longer?

  84. Hi, I just found out that my daughter, 23 is addicted to percs. She is a single mother with a 5 and 4 year old daughters. She is in denial. She takes anti seizure medication too. If she tries to quit cold turkey how might that effect the seizure issue?

  85. My husband and I have been taking percacet for almost 3 years now. It started the first year several times a week, 1-3 5mg percs, then last year went to everyday percs and a few times a week a few 30 MG perc. The last year everyday we have taken a 30 MG perc and if a good weekend to just get high up to 2 30 MG perc. We are together at our braking point as it is taking all fron us. Especially financially as we buy this from others. Everyday we say today is the last day. Well, I hope today is the last day. What should we expect from the withdrawalsame amd for how long. We are in good health for the most part.

  86. Hi, my dose is 3 10mg of percocet in the mid-morning, then 2 10mg later on in the afternoon (for 3 years). I don’t want to talk with my doctor about going off of it because I don’t want him to cut off my prescriptions. I may need it later. Looking at this blog, it sounds like cold turkey is not the way to go. What can help with my withdrawal? Valium?

  87. I have been taking percocet 10/325 3x a day for 2 years for chronic nerve damage cause by the Shingles Virus two years ago. And also I am taking gabapentin 300 Mg. 2@ 3 x a day 1800 mg per day .I no longer want to take the percocet so I stop taking them 7/18/2015 Ii do not like the feeling of stopping them and I don’t want to take them anymore. I am going to pain management for them. I am in so much pain but I refuse to take them. Is there a medication I can take to get these feelings I’m getting.

    1. Hello Gary. You can take care of most other withdrawal symptoms at home using over-the-counter NSAID’s, hot pads, massage creams, or nausea/vomiting treatments. Also, there are muscle relaxers, flu medications, and sleep aids that provide help for Percocet withdrawal symptoms. Ask the pharmacist at the local pharmacy to suggest what’s best for you.

  88. I went 4 days without talking them but my cramps got real bad and took one but the only withdrawal I had during those 4 days was restlessness. So cold turkey yes or no

  89. I have been taking percocet 5/325 for the past year 3 times a day. But have decided to quit cold turkey. Since its not a high dose and not abusing them how long should it take for then to leave my system and the withdrawals to go away? Please help

    1. Hi Marue. Whether you’ve been using Percocet as prescribed for pain relief or abusing it, withdrawal occurs when you stop taking Percocet after a period of continuous daily use for more than 3-4 weeks. So, it’s recommended that you decrease your doses of Percocet over period of several weeks at a rate of 20%-25% every week. Going cold turkey is not advised. You can expect Percocet withdrawal symptoms to last anywhere from 1-3 weeks after cessation.

  90. I have had partial knee replacement. They gave me Percocet for pain. I took it for 4 to 5 days 2 every every 4 hours with 2 Benadryl because of itching. Then I just started taking 1 or 2 a day. I already have anxiety attacks and take Cellexa for that. I’m am now experiencing depression along with the anxiety. I’m am not taking the Percocet at all. Could the Percocet have caused the depression due to the way I came off it. Thanks

  91. My husband quit percocet 30 mgs his was doing at least 10 a day we are on day 6 now I had him at the hospital last night for severe dehydration and they gave him some sort of patch that is suppose to help with some withdrawal symptoms but he has been up all night very confused is this normal I have no idea what to please help!

  92. I decided to go cold turkey off of my percocet cause I’m sick of planning my days around my pills. Well I’m.withdrawaling bad from it plus I was on tramadol for 3 yrs and.flushed them too. None.of the doctors or hospitals will help me.detox now. Can someone what I can take to get off of these withdrawls? Any help.will be appreciated.

  93. I decided to quit percocet cold turkey today. I ran out of my percocets but I was wanting off of them anyway. I have already quit tramadol thanks to the percocet but I was tired of being dependent on the all tue time. I have degenerative disc disorder with mylopathy and sciatica in my back and yes I am in severe pain but I still hate depending on the percocet. I went 12 days without the percocet then lastweek went back on the percocet for about 5 days. And now I want to of it. I’m tired of planning my days around the percocet.

  94. I have been taking prcocets for 9 months tomorrow I am going to stop taking them, I am going to go cold turkey how long will it last, and will the pain be unbearable

  95. Hello I have been taking started with vic 10s for a few years then started perks a year ago we all know how that story goes 1 turned into 2 then 3 then 4 then up to 10 at a time that’s when I realized it was a problem so I have decided to quit so I went two days with nothing and I was so miserable I messed up I feel so stupid its hard I got 3 little ones sges 2’3’&8 and I just wanted to feel normal for a bit can someone please tell me …is the withdraw process gonna start all over again?

    1. Hi Rains. No, that’s not how it works. But, the detox process wasn’t really completed, so you will feel withdrawal symptoms again if you quit again. But, you shouldn’t be giving up Percocet cold turkey. I suggest you do a slow and gradual taper, of about 20% decrease each week or every other week. This may take longer, but the withdrawal symptoms will be significantly less severe. Also, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about what medications can help treat some symptoms as they appear.

  96. Hello so I am a former addict I went into a methadone clinic for about 8 months. They kicked me out due to not bringing in my adderall one time. So I went down 5mgs a day after being up to 100 mgs a day on methadone. Took about 2 and a half weeks before my last dose. Didn’t feel anything until I got to 5mgs. The second day was more like the 3rd day. I then started using suboxone on day 2 bc the restlessness and body akes were way to much. Well I was on and off with that could go 4 days without. Well I came to Ohio and started using percocet and I’m now having body akes. I woke up this morning after an he of sleep with tummy pains that come and go almost like the flu symptoms. And now I have diarrhea. I have been taking 7.5 mgs couple times a day for a week. And now I’m taking a half when the pain is unbearable. Now this isn’t going away weather I take more or not what could this be? Or is other just accompanied by withdrawls. How long does this part last I can deal with anything but tummy pains and diarrea

  97. Percocet withdrawals are awful. AWFUL. I would have to say that I was a heavy Percocet user for a few years now, and now I’M DONE!! I did not want to reduce my pills for months, all the while feeling like crap. I tried cold turkey a few times, and then I found this listing online for SF Heantos. Have you heard of it?? If you’re addicted to opiates, I’m here to say that this stuff makes it possible to quit cold turkey! It puts you to sleep and takes away most of the withdrawals. I did do my research. Luckily, I didn’t try all of the other products online to help ease the symptoms – because I read that this one has been proven by scientific studies and gotten 9,000 people in other countries to stay clean from dope, stuff that’s way worse than Percocet. Like methadone and heroin. Heantos is made by the government of Vietnam.

    I used a little Heantos to help me do a fairly fast taper, then I did the detox for a few days. I slept a lot. I was a bit uncomfortable, but nothing unbearable. On the fourth day, I went to the farmers market!! I bet most of those other products are unproven, but just check it out – I’d hate for people to suffer if you don’t have to.

  98. I have been off and on Percocet 10 days of and then took about 30 in a weeks period and am on day 4 and seem to be ok.. I took 2 neuron tins a day and they seemed to help .. Pray pray to the lord was a key in my situation.. I hate pain pills!!!

  99. For almost 2 years I had a really bad pinching in my back and my doctor could not figure out what was wrong with me. The pain started minor I only felt the pinching when I was doing dishes so I assumed it was the position I was in that was causing the pinching. Then it just started to get worse as time went on it started as a constant pinch and I couldn’t handle it. So my doc thought it was arthritis and it wasn’t he said maybe a pinched nerve maybe muscle damage he never wanted to do tests which I kept asking for but no he just started giving me pain killers such as tramadol and tramacette after a while what he was giving me wasn’t working for the pain anymore so I asked for Percocet and he refused and said he does not give out that narcotic. I asked for it because I had uses it before when I broke my wrist and it worked like a charm. Eventually I met people who had Percocet and started to buy it because I couldn’t handle the pain and my doc wouldn’t help. I finally said to him I need an mri, he agreed and I waited and waited for the results I finally made an apt to find out for him to tell me it’s nothing just inflammation. I was furious the pain I felt was definitely not just inflammation. So I stopped seeing him and continued to buy pain pills whatever I could get to get rid of this pain. I recently moved to another city and have a new doc who has all my files from my last doctor. He looked over my mri and said omg you have so much nerve damage I’m not sure if there’s anything we can do for that. I was so pissed I could not believe my last doctor couldn’t look at that mri and tell me 3 years ago that I had severe nerve damage. Anyway so now this new doctor has now put me on 2 percocets a day. The reasoning for this is because he now thinks I have not taken them because my last doc didn’t prescibe them. Obviously I wasn’t going to tell him I had been buying them and taking them for 3 years. I take maybe 15-20 percocets a day and he has me on 2!!! Which now I still have to continue to buy them and it’s getting too much for me with money I cannot afford it anymore. I just want to say yes I am addicted but I’m not addicted to get high I’m addicted to rid of my pain. I am going to talk to my doctor tomorrow and need help on what to say to him to up my dosage without him thinking I’m just some drug addict. Please I need help or I will be forced to go cold turkey and I’ve heard horrible things and I’m really scared to go through that. I have 2 kids I need to make dinner for and take to school. I hear a lot of people aren’t normal when they take the percocets. I am the same person while I’m taking them and I think that’s because I’m not trying to get high. I have more energy when I take them because my pain is gone and I can get things done. If anyone has anything to help me talk to my doc or if he refuses I need help to go through this withdrawl cold turkey pleas please please anything will help. Thank you.

  100. I’ve been on Percocet 10/325 for more than 6 years for chronic pain. My husband has been as well. I saw that withdrawal can cause psych emotions to show if untreated. This may have happened to my husband. He had been repeatedly arrested for DV. He threw a glass at me a year ago and hit me causing me to get 6 staples. Since then each time he’s been attested is because I was hit with something he’d been throwing. He was also admitted against his will for concerns of him hurting himself and having no remorse for terrorizing his family. Now we are apart and i feel the best gift I can give myself and my kids is to stop taking the meds myself. I’m on day 2 and the pain is bad but I’m managing. I’m praying for all of us and now I’m preparing for day 3 which I’ve heard you say is the worst I’m allowing myself to be guilt free. If commitments are missed I’m not freaking out. This is the first time in longer than I can remember that I’m not obsessing or trying to control anything. May God bless all of us. @joe from 2014 I hope you’re doing well. I liked your post

    1. Hi Sue. How are you feeling? I didn’t get to answer your comment on time when you posted it, but I hope you managed to get through the first stage of withdrawal successfully. I advise you to seek doctor’s help during this period, since there are some prescription medications that can ease the withdrawal discomfort. At home, you can treat your withdrawal with flu and cold medications you can easily get at the pharmacy. Peppermint and ginger teas can help lessen the nausea, stomach upset and GI tract problems. Also, try hot baths, hot pads, hot/cold creams, massage therapy and/or acupuncture to address muscle aches.

  101. My doctor cancelled my appointment, made a new one for 2 weeks later and then would not renew my Percocet prescription unless I saw him personally. This option was not even offered to me. I have had an infection in my abdomen from hernia surgery in august of 2014, am diabetic and have a host of other medical conditions. I went through shakes, chills, hot flashes, diarrhea, nausea, high glucose levels, depression and exhaustion. I am going into my second week without them and still feeling depressed, tired and ill, not to mention being very upset with that doctor. His nurse suggested that I go to emerg. to get a refill. Like who was she kidding? Yup sit there for hours only to be told I have to see the doctor who initially gave me the prescription? Been there, don that, got the t-shirt!! How can a doctor live with himself for doing this to a person? I had already cut down from over 40 pills a week to under 20 and he still did this to me?
    Angry, but Just venting……………….

    1. Hi Betty. No doctor should make a patient go off a drug cold turkey in such a emotionless and forceful manner. Did you get your refill eventually?

  102. For all of you that are considering doing this.. keep in mind, that you WILL be going through the depths of hell to get to where you want to be. The bottom line is, you have to be strong, and you have to have a reason to do it. Mine was my Family. It took 11 days for me to fully recover from the withdrawal. But I did it. The pain, and discomfort were unbearable at times. I tried EVERYTHING that I saw online to help ease the symptoms, and NOTHING, at all helped. You need to have a support system, and you need to be strong. You can do it. You just need to convince yourself that you matter enough to live.. and know that there are so many people out there that actually care. You are better than this, so just do it.

  103. I have been addicted to Percocet for 12 years at least. Currently on day 9 of cold turkey and actually I feel pretty good right now. My question is does the brain deactivate or eliminate the additional receptors it created or do they go on craving?
    SD Morningstar, age 69 in Arizona.

  104. Hi, I was on percocets after having neck surgery and I ended up stopping cold turkey, and now I have extreme restlessness and it is excruciating. It’s ongoing 24 hours a day and I have no idea what to do. I can not move around as I just had screws out in my neck and my Dr. Said no movement. What can I do to reduce this symptoms of withdrawal?

    1. Hi Trevor. Many people say hot baths, hot pads, and hot/cold creams can really help during Percocet withdrawal to address muscle aches. Massage therapy and acupuncture have shown some promise in clinical trials in treating Percocet withdrawal symptoms. You can also treat your withdrawal with over-the-counter flu and cold medications from the pharmacy. Ginger and peppermint teas can address symptoms of nausea and gastro-intestinal upset.

  105. I’ve been on percocet on and off for 5 years. For the last year and a half I’ve been taking percocet consistently at 4-8 a days. In the last year I went to 8-12 a day. I know that 12 in a 24 hour period is the maximum for the ‘safe’ range. However, in the last 4-5 months I’ve been taking 1-2 every 1-2 hours which is over the 1-2 every 4-6 hours. I’ve also been staying up for 48 hours at a time and taking the pills the same way usually equalling about 36 percocets duing that time frame. I have an enlarged and fatty liver, a 3×4 cm cyst growing in my spleen, endometriosis, Polycysitic ovarian syndrom, bi-polar, anxiety and low blood pressure. I’ve recently just started having seizures (most likely from the amount of percocet I’ve been taking since I’ve never seizure and I’m not epileptic) and I also OD-ed but luckily was able to be woken up and didn’t need medical attention. I tried for 3 days going from the 36 or so to 12 and for 3 days.. That drop seemed to have barely any immediate effects besides extreme fatigue, sweating, chills, hunger spells, and leg cramps. However, when I gave up on this failed attempt of tapering, I went right back up to the high # and I tried to commit suicide 2 days after I stopped tapering, and I also cut my arm, had terrible crying spells, hallucinations, and anger. So I guess after all there was severe symptoms but the ones I couldn’t control the ones that were not physical.. Happened days later. I want to detox and do it cold turkey at home. I called some detox centres in my area and asked them their process, and basically for non-medically assissted detox it would be the same doing at home with a good support system and some over the counter medications. I found the Thomas recipe online and for all the ingredients to start my detox tomorrow and also a lover cleanse detox. I’m scared Of medical complications that I don’t know about or won’t be able to tell the difference between severe withdrawal symptoms and medical complications/emergency. I’ve read that quitting percocet isn’t life-threatening, but can cause medical complication but never list what these possible complications, and or solutions for them or warning signs to notice them. Could you please tell me what the percent it is that I’d actually die from doing this, and also what the complications are with warning signs and solutions if any besides calling 911.
    Thank you so much in advance!

    1. Hello Kara. You don’t have to start everything tomorrow. See a doctor first and get examined. Your doctor will give you a clearance to begin detox treatment if you are in a good health condition and can bear the potential withdrawal symptoms. Cold turkey detox is only suggested when it’s absolutely necessary and safe, but I don’t think you can benefit from abrupt cessation of the medication. Your doctor can also provide clear guidance and suggest other medicines (prescription or over-the-counter) that can ease this process for you. Please don’t attempt anything on your own and seek professionals help.

  106. I am on Day 4 of Cold Turkey from Percocet. I was buying them on the streets after I couldnt get rx’s anymore. I bought some fake pills, and now have no choice but to quit. I am also tired of what I am doing to my family. I was using an average of 8 to 9 of the 10-325 per day. I realize my addiction is worse than most people’s, because I was abusing the drug, and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for home remedies that may help with the withdrawl symptoms. It is hard for me to get out of bed because my stomach is in so much pain. I have become well aquainted with the fetal position, because it is the only somewhat tolerable way to cope short term. I am sleeping about 1 hour per night, my skin is itching and crawling, I sweat uncontrollably, have explosive cramps and diarrhea. Im only 44, so life is long from over. I just need help before I go insane. Thank you.

    1. Hello Tommy. There are muscle relaxers, flu medications, and sleep aids that provide help for Percocet withdrawal symptoms. NSAIDs (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) can treat aches and pains. Plus, these are all over-the-counter medications that you can get at your local pharmacy. Good luck!

  107. Hi Todd. You can treat your withdrawal with flu and cold medications you can easily get at the pharmacy and NSAIDs (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) for aches and pains. Ginger and peppermint teas can address symptoms of nausea and gastro intestinal upset. You can also take hot baths, hot pads, and hot/cold creams, and get a massage during Percocet withdrawal to address muscle aches. Vitamins and supplements can help replace the nutrients you have lost such and as vitamin D and E, as well as an overall multi-vitamin. You can use natural herbs for sleep aid (melatonin, chamomile, linden). I hope this helps.

    Also, if you want to find resources for pain management, support groups or addiction treatment you can search You can also call 1-800-662-help (4357) – a national hotline designed to get you in contact with any help you need during the withdrawal period. Best of luck!

  108. If you do not have insurance where do you go? Someone gave me them for migrane head ake didnt tell me what it was so I found out and stopped but I am haveing all of the withdraws what do you suggest

  109. My question is I was not prescribed the oxycodone I was getting off the street and I was taking any where from 100mg to 300mg in a 24hr period ….I am scared to death to quit cold turkey ….and suboxin drs are just crazy here in Smyrna tn and inpatient care is out of the question due to an autistic daughter ,,,,,what do I do to quit taking this addictive crap. It started with back pain and I just increased and increased till I do not hot to stop. What happens if I cant get into a suboxin clinic??

  110. Hi everyone my name is Stephanie I am 19 years old and my mother is asking me for help to get off her pills. (Percocet 5mlg) she has been taking pills for about four years. About 12 years ago she use to smoke meth then quit cold terky so I know she can do this. They say when you have had previous addictions especially an addiction to hard corendrugs like that then begin them a second time around it’s twice as hard to get off whatever drug you are using. So I don’t know if this is a reason for it being a lot hareder for her but I do known her withdrawals are like watching something from a horror movie. If she can she can take or snort up to 80 5ml. percorcets in one day and I’ve heard of her doing much worst than that. She does snort them most of the time, but now she wants help and I just want to know how I can help her I know i can control her dosage but what about other things like words of wisdom or certain foods to keep her energy going or anything else that will help with the fevers and the aches please help me any advise would help I also have been taking them and though it’s not an excuse I’ve been so stressed because I am afraid to wake up to my mother uoverdosing or worst her dead. And also I domt want to become what she has become but I know I am not the one to worry about so please help if you can. Thanks and God bless

  111. Hello all! I’ve been taking/prescribed 5/325 percs 1 every 4-6 hrs sometimes up to 6 per day (30mg) for almost two year’s. I have realized for the duration of this time I have not been happy and just feel like Ive been sleep walking though life and not really enjoying or feeling it. I’ve always taking the meds as prescribed and have never ran out or missed a dose. But I have decided that I want to get off these thing’s and enjoy life again. I work full time and can’t afford to miss work. With the amount I’ve been taking would the withdrawal be that bad?

    I have vacation time from work starting next month, should I wait until then to stop taking them?

  112. Hello Felicia. Tapering is definitley the way to go off Percocet. Plus, it can be done at home, and there are over-the-counter meds and other remedies that can help with the withdrawal symptoms. But, how much Percocet is he taking?

  113. Hello, I came across this site in search of trying to help my boyfriend quit percocet cold turkey. But all I’ve been reading is its better for him to taper off of them . This would be a good choice if he had medical insurance but he does not, so he is not able to go to a doctor. So i would like to know is there anything that i can do for him or get for him to help deal with the withdrawal symptoms?

  114. Hi my name is Deborah. I’m 46 been in the perk train for 8 years its ruining my life.I can take as much as 200 mills a day and still walk strait.I have put my husband in debt. lost interest in everything. I feel broken.I hate what I have become.I kicked perks for six months was doing fantastic I got a job was contributing to my home it felt wonderful. on April second 2014 my husband and I were in a car accident. and thus my addiction came back full force.I have two pinched nerves two small tares one buldging disk and one disc that’s now bone on bone.I hate whole life surrounds around having peeks everyday. I’ve sold everything of value pawned anything I could.I even stole from my husband’.God help me.this is just the tip of the iceberg.. I’ve lost friends family and any dignity that I have left.its a road to hell.I want off this merry go round. I’m scared of withdraw I’ve been there many times.I don’t have insurance. I’ve called places to get help but to no avail no help in sight.I am filled with shame. All I can say is plz to anyone who has ears DON’T EVER START WITH PERKS! its a road of self destruction…

  115. You can do it ! It is exactly 72 hours since my last perc. Ive been using percs for the last 4 years, and the past 6 months I have been using 12-17 a day, percocet 10/325’s. Its not easy but it hasn’t been that hard either. A lot of the stuff I read had me scared to death of the withdrawals. Get to your Doctor and have him put you on suboxone. I have been using half of the amount of suboxone that my Dr recommended and I have been fine. It took a day to get used to it but now, the 3rd day, I feel like the old me. All that mattered was chasing that high. I lost interest in friends, family and life. With me it was more mental than physical. Now I feel good. Previously, I couldn’t imagine life without percs. As of right now I have no desire/thoughts for them and forward to life without pills. I followed a method I found on the internet rather than my Dr’s method as he makes very good points about not using to much subox. Prayer really helps too. The day of my last dose I went to a local church and begged Jesus for his help, I put my life in his hands.Good Luck if I could do it ,anyone can.

  116. I need pain medication for severe unprovoked vulvodynia. Percocet is ok- I have cut back dramatically, but I cannot let my pain get out of control. If I do, my anxiety level is high. My ob/gyn has tried some long acting pain meds, but unfortunately, the one almost killed me (fentanyl)-way too strong and oxycontin or oxyneo was not effective at the dose he had me on. I also realize that you need to take the short acting med with the long acting med- in the beginning- because they are not effective immediately. I cannot take the ssri’s which sometimes are helpful for women who have vulvodynia- too many side effects. I only take my percocet as needed, and when my pain is really severe, I sit on a bag of ice for my lady bits. Any suggestions would be helpful. I know how to taper and get off the percocet- it’s just that I have so much pain in that area. I am a nurse and I work in a psych hospital- I have lots of access to doctors, psychiatrists, etc. My obgyn does not know any pain management specialist who does a pudendal nerve block, which would totally solve my pain problem. I would be free of pain meds forever. Plus they are very constipating, which puts more pressure on that area and causes more pain.

  117. i guess i am here for Support i am a percocet addict of about two yrs my doctor prescribed me the fives now i get tens i am tired of this addiction i have ran my family in debt witn this i can go through my whole script in a week in a half now i am on almost 24 hours cold turkey and i am about to head to

  118. I have severe unprovoked vulvodynia, so I do need some pain medication. At times my symptoms are severe. My dr. had me on fentanyl- only a few days, but it put me in a coma, also oxycontin(oxyneo)- could not tolerate the side effects and was very depressed. All in all, for my pain, the percocet seems to work. I only take it if I need it. Addictions Canada has reassured me that I am not an addict, but should I try something less harsh- like tyl. no 3? Plain tylenol and es tylenol are not effective- ibuprofen and toradol gave me a stomach ulcer. Any suggestions would be helpful. I would like to get off percocet, but tried cold turkey- side effects were terrible.

  119. Hello Emily. Yes, changes in mood can be related to Percocet withdrawal. Untreated psycho-emotional issues related addiction can also manifest when an addict is without their drug of choice. Have you considered family therapy to address addiction with your family member?

  120. A close family member went in for surgery and we found out that he has been taking Percocet for years. He has been on heroin in the past . He was taking his own percocets in the hospital till we found them in his drawer and gave them to the staff. He will be hospitalized for another week at least. His personality has been extremely cruel and mean to us since postoperative day 2 . Is this normal for withdrawal from Percocet?

  121. Hello Vivian. Speak with your doctor first. You need medical supervision of dosing anytime you take a strong opioid like Percocet (which contains oxycodone). Your case is individual and requires professional medical advise.

  122. I am 87 years old. Have been taking percocet for only one week. I think it is causing diarea. Can I just stop taking it ?

  123. Hello Bobby. It sounds like you are describing the phenomenon of increased tolerance and physical dependence. Long term use of Percocet can cause harm to the body…have you reviewed long term effects of this opioid with your prescribing doctor?

  124. I have been takeing Percocet for about 3 years,2 to 3 per day for hip and leg pain.oxycodo\acetamino 5-325 mg.i am not addicted,i do not crave the this bad for my system,or should I try something else,or try to gradually ease off these and see how the pain is without them.they are not keeping the pain down as they were a year ago.

  125. My PM Doctor told me not to come back to his practice because I had trouble getting a driver for when I had injections. He gave me one last script of Percocet, and I thought I would be able to get a new PM doctor soon. Turned out that it is taking over a month and I still have not heard from the new one, So I had to go cold turkey. I am wondering how long these terrible symptoms last. I fell like I am living in hell. I feel like I am going to loose it any minute. I cannot take this pain that I have ALL over my body. I have no energy at all, I am sick to my stomach and I have bad headaches everyday and night I can’t sleep. I feel like my skin is crawling. I am not a real healthy person. I take aspirin all day long. Nothing helps I may sleep 2 hours at night, if i’m lucky. I just want to scream or hit the wall. I am very moody. I actually feel like I can’t walk at times, my legs feel so heavy and hurt. Can anyone please tell me what I can do? My family dr will not help me. My back, neck, hips, legs and knees hurt. I have fibromyalgia and 3 slip herniated disc This is the worse thing ever. Please help..

  126. Hi Melissa. Each case of withdrawal is unique. Symptoms peak about 3 days after you stop taking Percocet…if you need help, you can always seek medical assistance at a detox clinic.

  127. Will it be hard for me to stop cold turkey from percent 30mgs, . I only have been taking once a day for almost 4 months straight. I’m on 24 hrs from not taking one and a feel fine, am I going yo to get worse?

  128. I took 5 percocet 5s in one day which equals to 2 & half i took 8 more tens stopped usin on 3rd of mo .have a urine test on 13th will i be clean of perc by 12 noon on 13th .i am on hydrocodone i am really scared pls hlp me jody

  129. Well definitely this is not easy. ..its very hard but never impossible. ..being addicted will destroy mmany happy it almost did with mine…in life u have to make sacrifice ..either u live a normal sober happy life or ur addicted and alone…im going to make it short. .I became addicted 4 yrs ago…and recently the cat got out the bag entire family found out about my problem…so now came the time to decide. ..withdrawal is scary but ur not going to die. Day 1_3 r the worst but with lots of will power n a little bit of valium u will be just fine. .day 4 u wake up n fine much better…now im on day 5 n im feeling a lot better. .now its just a count…u can do me a pill is not worth ur life

  130. Last dose,Mon @ 815A, took 3 inhales marijuana on Wednesday, to help ease withdrawal, called pain management requested clonodine this Wednesday A,how much longer? chronic percocet user for over a year due to chrohn associated pain. surgery done this past pls answer asap

  131. Hello Nicole. You can consult your state attorney’s office to see if there are laws in your state which would require enforced drug rehab if your F-I-L is found to be abusing drugs. In the meantime, you might want to organize yourselves and conduct a formal intervention with the help of a professional counselor with the aim of getting him in addiction treatment. You can consult the APA’s psychologist locator tool to find certified and licensed psychologists in your area. I hope that this helps!

  132. Hi, I’m new to this blog. I’m posting here because I don’t know who else to talk to. I found out a few hours ago that my father-in-law has been crushing up his percocet and then snorting it. My sister-in-law caught him in the act and confronted him about it. He says it’s for his “breakthrough” pain because it works faster. He just kept coming up with justifications for why it’s not a problem. My husband was devastated when he found out. We already new he was an addict, and that was bad enough. No one knows exactly when he started snorting it, but we have all noticed his bizarre behavior as of late. He falls asleep standing up, while talking to people, while trying to make food, etc. He’s also still driving around like this. We’re all terrified he’s going to kill someone/himself when he falls asleep at the wheel. Also, he smokes inside the house and falls asleep while doing that as well. The house could easily be burning down around him and he’d be in such a deep stupor I’m afraid he wouldn’t wake up in time to save his own life.
    I guess I’m just scared and frustrated. He’s a grown man who, so far, hasn’t hurt anyone but himself. So there doesn’t seem to be any kind of legal recourse. Any advice for adult children of an addict? Any techniques that could help my husband and his sister get through to him?

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