Does Tramadol get you high?

Can Tramadol cause euphoria? Yes. But it rarely does. In fact, Tramadol is thought to reduce risk of drug addiction to prescription pills. More on how Tramadol works and how it can get you high here.

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Tramadol can get you high. But this particular type of pain medicine carries relatively low risk of addiction because its euphoric effects are only mild, and sometimes imperceptible. Compared to the euphoric effects of OxyContin, for example, many less people report a feeling of well being after taking the drug.

But you can get addicted to Tramadol. We review how Tramadol works and its addictive-ness here.

7 – 14% people may get high on Tramadol

In clinical trials, 7% of people reported central nervous system stimulation symptoms such as euphoria up to 7 days after starting regular doses of Tramadol. The number jumps to 14% for people taking Tramadol from 31-90 days. This is probably because Tramadol has mu-opioid agonist activity, which triggers chemical reactions in the brain to stimulate feelings of well-being.

Tramadol is a different type of pain killer – how it works

Tramadol is considered an “atypical” pain killer because it works in a slightly different way than other opioids. In addition to being a weak opioid pain killer, Tramadol acts on the central nervous system in two ways.

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1. Tramadol binds to opioid receptors int he brain to help relieve pain (analgesia).

2. Tramadol affects certain neurotransmitters in the brain to decrease the perception of pain.

In this way, Tramadol has properties that provide pain relief while minimizing euphoria (a feeling of well-being), the medical term for feeling “high”. Instead, Tramadol has been shown to be effective and well tolerated for pain conditions and is unlikely to lead to either physical or psychological dependence.

Is Tramadol addictive?

Tramadol has a reputation for having less risk of addiction than other opioids. While this assumption is probably true, the evidence for Tramadol’s addiction riskiness is weak. In fact, post-marketing surveillance studies have reported an extremely small number of people developing physical tolerance to the drug or patterns of abuse. Still, the drug can trigger addiction even in people who don’t have a history of drug abuse or previous addiction.

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Am I addicted to Tramadol?

One thing is for sure, if you’re looking to get high on Tramadol, you already exhibit one sign of addiction: using prescription drugs for non medical purposes. Get familiar with the other signs of prescription drug addiction so that you can get help.

And if you’re worried about being an addict, don’t think that people will judge you. These days, addiction is less stigmatized as we understand more and more about the brain science behind the disease. You can get help if you want it. In fact, ask your questions about Tramadol below or send us an email. We respond to each query personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I Have never experienced tramadol to be addictive. I could be on it now they just messing with your desire to get jigh. You can research all drugs on the food and drug administration. Few studies

  2. Tramadol is an antidepressant that give mild pain relief.if you take other antidepressants with serontin in it you will become very ill. Not all that great. If you are truly in pain and suffering from depression. Just my experience.

  3. I just had cubital tunnel surgery and this fifth carpal tunnel related surgery. I never take anything stronger than Tramadol, and actually prefer Tramadol/Acet, buy my insurance won’t cover it. This time I got my usual Tranadol HCL 50 mg but from a manufacturer I have never had before. They are white oblong pills with 377 imprinted on them. I took one pill and got completely high (I have never been high so I am assuming that’s what it was), I was jacked up, but then I started throwing up and experienced the high and nausea for a little under 24 hrs. Not sure what to do at this point. It’s now Friday night and also Labor Day weekend…. I’m afraid to take anymore, but the pain is really starting to ramp up….

  4. How is this drug processed by the body. My dad has pancreatic cancer and spread to liver. Is this drug beneficial or more harmful for him.

    1. Hi Maccathy. The safest way to quit tramadol is by slowly reducing the daily dose over a period of time. I suggest that you consult with a doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule. Another option is enrolling into a rehab program. You may call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted tretament consultant who can help you find the best rehab for you.

  5. Tramadol is not safe at all. I know this is an old blog, but new reports are showing it is addictive, and has side effects. People, mostly the elderly, have been dying because of it. It was first made to take the place of Methadone, but was found to be ineffective. So, the maker sold it as a pain reliever, which it doesn’t work for that either. Yes, you can get high on it, but would have to increase the dose. It gives me no pain relief unless i take Motrin with it, and the withdrawal effects, for me, really suck. After this last dose Im on, Im done with it. I’ll stay in pain. After i stop taking it, I get lethargic, my legs feel like lead, I get short of breath easily, severe depression, almost suicidal, but i combat that. It sucks that this is now the only thing drs give out to help with pain, and at the same time, know the side effects.

  6. Ive been continuously taking oxy and hydrocodone 10 mg up to 5, 6, even 7 for years now. Im 30 been taking them since 18.I was dropped from pain management for an office mix up and was forced to possibly lose great job i had just started being dropped and forced into withdrawrl. I couldnt find anything on the streets except roxycotton 15s and 30s and now i find myself seriously hating this situation. I have medical issues so just not taking anything for pain my quality of life is miserable. The withdrawel is so bad and lests so long ill lose my job. Please anyone thats been in my spot please reach out to me im extremely desperate

    1. Hi Jacob. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab program for you.

    1. Hi Steve. Taking Hydrocodone and Tramadol together can be dangerous. The usage and effects of these two drugs are quite similar. Mixing them together increases the risk of serious side effects such as: seizures and respiratory depression.

  7. I take ahigh dosage of pain prescription drugs. The withdrawal is horrible. When I run out of the oxycontin I feel bad. Would a low dosage of tramadol help me from the withdrawal? I would rather die than go thru the withdrawal.

  8. I seem to be addicted to tramadol though all I need is 50mg a day but I can’t seem to be alert in the morning until I take a capsule. Please I need your help, I am already struggling with diazapam.

    Thank you

  9. I wouldn’t recommend taking them with the intent to get high. I took 200 mg and it was not a pleasant experience. I became very dizzy and felt extremely nauseous and sweaty. I slept on and off for almost 20 hours straight. It was terrible! The next day I felt completely hung over, fuzzy, and tired!

  10. I have been on doctor subscribed tramadol for a fairly long time, but not necessarily for pain. I take tt for RLS, or restless leg syndrome. Has anyone else reported this symptom? If I try to stop taking it or run out of it, I have a problem relaxing or going to sleep. I get a feeling of uncontrolled leg movement, and as soon as I begin taking it again, that feeling goes away. Thank you.

  11. This information is not relevant anymore. Tramadol has been considered one of the most addictive drugs recently and for people like me, who suffer from fibromyalgia, I can attest to that claim. It is highly addictive and very dangerous.

  12. so I have had a horrible experience with this drug it is absolutely addictive I dated a girl for six years she took it everyday it was a huge problem the only thing that mattered was the pills she was never diagnosed by any doctor for any pain ever. She found her addiction from a friend at work gave her some pills and she pretty much never look back. When I met her she was already addicted Within probably the first three months I broke down crying asking her please stop taking the drugs I don’t want to lose you the pills someday. I won’t get into the details of the insane person she was but it was bad. She begin a regiment of about 180 50 milligram pills every 7 to 10 days she would take 10 or 20 in a day. I actually got sucked into it and began to take them with her for a while. Then I realized I was f****** up my life and got off of it. This is where everything turned I really wanted to to get right I always thought that if she could just stop the drugs everything would fall into place. This was also a huge mistake as anybody can attest to, an addict will only stop when they want to so everyday was filled with lies it got very dark very soon. The bottom line is I loved her very very much and wanted the best for us this led me down the road to hell. She would get a job and then a terrible attitude about everybody at the job and then fired and do the whole thing over again. We got to a place where we both agreed this was it I watched her detox which was terribly hard but absolutely necessary then when she sobered up she got another job and everything was beautiful I thought then a few months later I found out the day she got her first paycheck she got more pills. Mind you she didn’t have to search for this she had already set up accounts with fake pharmacies through the internet and had phone numbers for multiple pharmacies “dealers”. Now these people don’t care about anything but money so whenever she would get it she would buy drugs. I’m not trying to bash the girl I’m trying to tell you how real this addiction can get after researching it I found out that Tramadol enters the same cell receptors as heroin. My girlfriend turned into a heroin Junkie. Once I found out about her taking pills again and lying nothing was going to be the same again. I won’t go into the terrible insane crazy things she did to me and lied to me about basically everything I had thought about her was shattered. After kicking her out I told her to get into rehab and we can make it work of course she would lie to me about rehab and I would take her back. Basically long story short after 6 years with her I did end up losing her to the drug after she refused to take part in a Holiday weekend we broke up and she never wanted to be truthful after I found out terrible things about her cheating she got incredibly violent attacked me was arrested and now it’s over forever. Please for the love of God anybody that can get away from taking it please run no matter what you think the drug will change you. The addiction is real and absolutely debilitating one of the saddest things I’ve ever dealt with in my whole life.

  13. Tremidal was given to me for it feels like a pinched nerve. How does it work for rhat and it doesn’t seem to mix well with pyc meds.

  14. How can I come off 25 -26 50mg. Tramadol tabs at least twice a day.Yes, I said 25-26 50mg. I know I’m addicted. Scared to wean off. Did the increasing dosage occur because I developed tolerance?

    1. Hi Rachel. It seems to me that you’ve developed a tolerance to Tramadol, and that’s the reason for increasing the dosage. I’d suggest you consult with your doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule if you want to wean off Tramadol.

  15. Tramadol isn’t even an opiate it’s an opioid-like drug but it’s by far an opiate. I took tramadol for a while and I can honestly say that I did get sick because of addiction withdrawals. Very sick and I know about drug addiction because of my methadone use and quitting it cold turkey.

  16. I was taking about 20 hydrocodone a day. I was very addicted. I ran out one weekend and a friend of mine had some lyrica. I haven’t taken a pain pill since. No withdrawals no depression it was so easy using the lyrica. Anyone who wants to get off of pain pills I know this works. I will answer any questions

  17. I need help.really help me Ive suck blackdick for tramsdol before. IT SMELLED AND TASTED SO NASTY I CANT GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD PLEASE HELP ME

    1. Hi Yes. Call the number displayed on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant that can help you find a treatment program for you.

  18. I have taken Tramadol for several years for osteoarthritis. I remember the first two or three days I felt really good but after that I can’t tell if I have taken it or not. I am sure if I stop taking it for a week or so my symptoms would get much worse. I have taken trips and forgot to bring it with me and I did not have any problems not taking it. It is very mild but does help keep my pain under control.

  19. I was prescribed this after surgery. I’m kinda afraid to take it after reading the views. I’m on pain but do not want to be addicted to these things. Please reply. Thanks

  20. Taking 6 tramadol with a couple of tylenol will give you a buzz and take away some of the pain. Taking 1 or 2 is not going to help.

  21. I have taken tramadol for three or four years now.. Going very few days without any. The days I have none I seem to be moody or just down. I started taking these for knee and back pain I am only 25 years old and feel like I’m 50, I’m worried my body has become dependent and I’m scared to seek help because of how I will feel the first few days of not taking any.. I would much rather take aleve than the tramadol but it alters my mood and makes for better days. Help!

  22. My friend is addicted to tramadol and he has been taking it everyday for the past three years. He takes it with two pills of lyrica every morning. I want to help him to stop but I don’t know how. He wants to stop as well but his solution to fix his addiction is to take anti depressants as a substitute. I don’t know what to do to help him with his addiction problem. He claims that if he goes cold turkey he will not be able to get out of bed or go to work or do anything. He has reached a point where these pills no longer make him high but make him feel and act like a normal person. What can I do to help him?

  23. I take tramedol for my back pain I like it better then the oxys hidroco etc I take 3 tramedol at 9:00 am I’m good till 5 or 6 pm and I don’t get that high junky feeling it gives me energy

  24. I’ve been on tramdol and paxil for over a year. And the other day I had a seizure for the first time. Can tramdol cause seizure?

    1. Hi Albion. If you are looking for an addiction treatment, then call the helpline you see on the site to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  25. Tramadol is the ONLY non-narcotic painkiller that Actually helps my pain without turning me into a Junkee!! I thought it was Great when i found it but Now my state just out of the blue decided it was a narcotic and so illegal all of a sudden!! What?!? This is ridiculous to suddenly classify a non-narcotic painkiller as an illegal Narcotic when it is scientifically and chemically NOT a narcotic. This got me to wonder why and to dig deep into why and how the legal system “functions.” Turns out that The Cops literally WANT as many of you and your family members as possible hooked on HEROIN and other hard drugs rather than safer and LEGAL painkillers!! This is how they get their millions of dollars in grants and toys and thru a trickle down effect this bounty makes its way into the pockets of individual officers!! They keep the jails full of people who dont need to be there while actual dangerous criminals walk the streets freely or get arrested and almost instantly released. They know EXACTLY what they are doing and it is both Sick and Evil…………

    Anyway, doctors got me systematically “hooked” on opioid painkillers!! This is Way too common and once it happens there are two things that typically happen: the doctor keeps the patient “strung out” for many many years OR if the DEA has gotten involved in local state law, the doctors will have to “cut off” tons of addicted patients. They get you hooked on purpose bc it is VERY profitable for doctors and pharma corps to do so. The DEA and cops dont like patients getting a steady supply of pain meds from a doctor bc it is Legal and since no crime is committed nobody goes to jail. Cops Hate this!! They want addicts out on their own bc they have to break the law to aqcuire their meds and have no one looking out for them!! So doctors have began PUSHING anti-depressant meds on patients who Do Not need them bc it is the next most profitable (not most costly, most Profitable) medicine to have a patient hooked on. Also, the cops now have countless otherwise regular law-abiding citizens out trying to help themselves get meds since docs and no one else will help. The cops keep their jails stuffed full of mostly decent people, they get millions and millions and millions of dollars in Federal and State grant money to fight the “drug problem” that they themselves have purposely helped to create. So Big Pharma and Big Law both make Millions and Millions of dollars by victimizing people with medical problems just trying to help themselves bc No one else will help them!!

  26. Unfortunately, I am well-acquainted with Both Horrible pain (back etc) and all manner of pain meds. I was always the kind of person who had NO interest in opioids or taking pills to get High or whatever. But after having my back and other areas injured in an accident that was the fault of someone else, i held out as long as possible before needing help was no longer an option. The Crackpot doctors who plague the medical industry tend to cause way more problems than they ever solve!! I was still really young when I saw a “specialist lol” who told me there was Nothing anyone could do to help me and that I would Have to take narcotic pain meds to get Any relief and have Any quality of life at all. I didnt want to believe that so instead of a 2nd opinion I got like 4-5 opinions from doctors and specialists over the years. NONE of them help or actually even try to if it is not profitable enough…..REMEMEBER on top of anything else, hospitals clinics and all doctors offices are One thing: a for-profit Business!!! The incentive is not necessarily to help you but to do whatever action is Most Profitable to the practice or doctore!!!

  27. I have been taking tramadol for a year now.. I.take 2 as soon as I get up and one in the middle of the day..I buy them so when I have none around I.go threw really bad with draw symptoms I have rls at night really bad I sweat. I cry and get really angry at the littlest things with out it! Please don’t continue to take these and think you won’t become addicted! Both me and my sister are addicted to these!.I spend so much money on these cause I can’t bare to think about going a day with out them!

  28. What is the best way to deal with tramadol withdrawals ? How can I get some sleep at night and overcome the insomnia that comes with it..?? I dont have access to THC or benzos or anything like that to help me relax, any home remedies thay could be done?

  29. I have been through treatment for severe alcoholism a few times in my life. I also have used cocaine recreationally When I was in treatment I had a horrendous toothache and the doctor offered me Vicodin. I told him was being urine tested on a weekly basis at the center and it was not allowed, so he suggested Tramadol which does not show up as an opiate. It truly works on pain for me. My feeling is that it’s just slightly weaker than a 5 mg Vicodin.So being the personality that I am, I like to take 2 .LOL. There is a slight “high” feeling with them but mostly I have found they give me energy and pep to accomplish the tasks ahead of me. I have recently turned 50 and am a remodeling contractor so each morning seems to be filled with more aches and pains. I find Tramadol to be a miracle drug for me as long as I take one at a time every 4-6 hours. It allows me to function in my work which is very demanding on the lower back and knees. I’ve been alcohol free for several years thanks to God and the 12 steps.

  30. I need help can u guide me in the right direction I am on methadone for pain and it is not working I don’t know what to do or were to start I’ve been to some many different doctors

  31. Hey Sunshine,
    I have just taken one of these pills(377 white) and I DID NOT like the effects. I was in a car accident. The airbags sorta punched me in the chest. HURTS!!! So, I took one of these pills (a friend gave me one). I was ok at first, thinking that the pill was weak. Then I felt little spurts of dizziness while laying down. After that, my whole demeanor changed. I scared my boyfriend because I was basically void of emotion. I wrapped a belt around my neck and tightened it. I could still breathe, but it was labored. I can’t even explain why I did it. I just felt like putting a belt on my neck. I was overly mean to the bf as well. VERY irritable. I completely hate the way tramadol makes you feel. I’ll just take the watson 3202s was prescribed until I’m healed.

  32. My father has scoliosis in his back and 4 disks in his neck. He is 58 and has a back of a 78 year old. He has broken his back in a train accident and falling off a machine when working on lights than slipped in oil at another job. That’s when it got really bad! He used to take hyros for his pain than ambien to go to sleep. He is also on depression pills because of not being able to work he has had a lot of depression. He changed doctors and his new doctor has prescribed him this pill tramadol. Since he has been taking this he has not been the same. He acts weird. He is always moody or angry! At night he takes the ambien and tge tramadol as he used to with hydros. But at night time is when he gets ugly! He starts talking crap and is very loud and upset about everything. My dad has always been very loving and kind so this is ver abnormal of him to be acting this way. Has anyone else experienced this from taking this pill? Also, he has been forgetting a lot of things! Thanks in advance!

  33. I want to get off of Tramadol. I have been on them for almost two years after i used them to replace Norco which was very addictive and had nasty withdrawls when i tried to stop taking them. I was in a accident and take them for back pain but Ive built a tolerance that has me taking up to 10 pills a day and I want wean myself off of this nasty dependance. Can you help?

  34. If u crush the pill n snort it will it make u more high ? N chance of u getting addicted more. a friend of mine is in need of help.

  35. My husband had been on pain medications for back injury was prescribed 120 oxycotin generic plus tramadol at the same time for pain for about five years became addicted wound up he overdosed on tramadol eight years ago terrible that drs would keep prescribing these addictive drugs for so long terrible

  36. recently I ran out of vyvanse. for 3 days I was ok, then began terrible anxiety and fear. I also reduced tramadol at the same time from 12 to 6 per day. which caused the fear and anxiety?

  37. I’ve been taking pain pills for 2years but for the last year I’ve been taking tramadol I can take up to 13 a day yes u can say I’m addicted to them 120 can last me maybe 2weeks. When I’ve tried to stop I can’t sleep at night my nerves are out of control my legs fill weak and limp n I just can’t function .I wish to stop taking tramadol cause I know I’m way beyond abusing them .how can I stop ?

    1. Hello Armida. After using Tramadol regularly for a long time, you cannot just stop. Going off Tramadol cold turkey is actually one of the most effective ways of quitting the medication, simply because it produces withdrawal symptoms that are harsh and unbearable. You should, instead, taper your doses gradually over a period of time. Doctors generally recommend a 10% reduction every week (or every other week) and then a 20% reduction every 3 to 5 days. But, it’s best to talk to your doctor, who can help you construct a tapering schedule that will fit your needs best and won’t cause severe withdrawal effects. Your doctor can also help you treat withdrawal symptoms as they occur, thus increasing your chances of a successful detox.

  38. Hi Tim. If you are able to get through the week without heroin, maybe you can not use it during the weekends either. I understand this is not as simple, that’s why I suggest going to counseling therapy. It will help you gather strength and skills to avoid binging.

  39. Hello,
    According to me overdose or excess of anything is harmful in the same way Tramadol is harmful when it is taken in excess. Otherwise, it is the best pain killer as it relieves moderate to severe pain easily and is very affordable also.

  40. Hello,
    I take one 50 mg tramadol a day, and my doctor said she is no longer going to refill my prescription, am I going to go through withdrawls?

  41. I only use Tramadol when I have severe pain and the only thing I notice is that I get more emotional and my feeling of time dissapears, however this can also be the fever and the extreme tiredness I have prior to usage

  42. I’ve been taking 8 Tramadol and 2 Amitriptyline tablets every day for just over a year now. I’ve suffered with Chronic back pain in by lumber spine for about 2 years, which I’ve been told by the Doctor’s is caused by excessive wear and tear, which in turn is causing inflammation of the Facet joints. About 10 days ago I had Denervation done, and hopefully this will help..! At the moment my pain has increased, which I’ve been told is normal.
    But my concern is when or IF the pain starts to decrease, How do I get off the painkillers as soon as possible, but safely as possible? Also is it possible that taking all these tables for so long could cause me any other long term problems? as I have suffered with a lot of side effects with these tablets and still do.

  43. Hi Julie. Physical dependence on tramadol can occur after daily dosing over a period of a few weeks. But dependence IS NOT the same as addiction. To be addicted to tramadol, signs of psychological dependence also need to be present.

  44. Please no not do this ! All the reviews make it seem like its a weak drug but I did this and it fucked me up more then OxyContton, shrooms, exctasy , and cocaine. Well the come down at least. I’ve never been scared to go to bed till I did this. I’m 5’6 and 120 pounds and I took 3 of them this Christmas Eve and I started to feel the high at around 8 at night , conveniently as I was opening presents at my grandmas, then I go home and I start feeling really funny, like no other high, it’s like you’re functionable but you get like punches in your Bain of your whole body shutting down I’m literally calling my friends and telling them I love them , that’s how I sure I was I wasn’t going to wake up. So I try and go to sleep I lay down around 12 at night and its like my body is so tired but I couldn’t sleep I finally pass out at 2 and then at 4 in the morning i wake up in a panic and my heart is beating so fast like I just went running and I finally fall back asleep and then wake up again at 9 and decide to stay up, and I kid you not I was still just as fucked up as I was when the high started, and I could not be like that around my dad so I take a hour long shower and get out and I feel a little more sober but this time I feel really sick but I shake it off , then I go into my living room to open presence and as I’m opening them I throw up and for the rest of the day I feel like I have the worlds worst hang over on fucking Christmas of course. And till this day I’m having random swings of weird come down effects. I feel like a chunk if my brain is missing. Tone honest I’m all ways the one to encourage any drug but please ignore everyone else and please don’t do it !!

  45. One of the most important things we leave off these discussion about addiction and in particular amphetamines and opiates is that nearly no one simply takes them to get “high”. Some experiment, and they do seek danger, but the majority of people who become addicted to opiates do so especially because they are treating anxiety or depression – or their impression of such.

    Most discover by accident that the opiates – whether it be vicodin (hydrocodone) oxycontin (oxycodone) or whatever – helps their mood. Most don’t feel high, but they feel back to their baseline – which most of us assume is the happy, content, productive me. It may be a false euphoria – meaning we are a little high, but most feel “stable” not high

    I HAVE to say here that …I am a physician assistant and I have worked in psych AND I have taken opiates and had my own battle and I feel so strongly that SSRI’s have been shown time and time again not to work in studies – AND anytime a drug company starts selling it to docs and patients by saying you “have to take it for a couple of months for it to take effect” is a lie – this is their gimmick to 1. recoup their money on a product that does not work (2 months of sales is pretty good for a pricey med), and 2. get you taking it for 60 days which has been found to be just about right to create a dependency and reliance (a “habit”) on it. So it’s just a lie)

    So the problem is people are treating depression and the like, not pain, though we all know we can all “feel” pain when our body is hungry for opiates – and we also know every addict and seeker will always say pain, even if they take it for the daily anti-depressant effects.

    It works wonders for depression and anxiety – tramadol has been studied as an anti-depressant – for a short while – then the baggage comes with opiates and it’s downhill. The tolerance makes us need more and more and the psych effects of ANY anti-depressant/euphoric that helps us starts leading us to believe we should NEVER hav a negative emotion. Take a pill if were sad, take oone if mom died, take one if we have to face a crowd, take one before the big game, take one if were nervous about speaking in public, take one if we have to see the judge….and so on. Somehow this younger generation was given the message were always meant to be skipping and seeing rainbows and sunshine. But we have a gamut of natural emotions, So the opiates start being taken LONG before a real emotion, but in ANTICIPATION of the emotion and off we go. But pain is not the reason – it is psych/emotional factors they take it. The addiction comes after that.

  46. Thanks for sharing everyone i was addicted to percoct for 3 years and been clean for over 2 years through rehab and NA, in case you wondering i stopped after being arrested for forging scripts and the judge ordered Treatment court. But back on track i tried tramodol about ten at a tine when i was using and to me at lease they only masked my withdraw from opiates they dont work as suboxone or methadone and after about 30 min. it was like i never took them, withdraw came right back. In closing, pain pills they are life destroyers unless used responsibley ill never get those years back again!!!!!!!

  47. Hi Chuck. I know that my father has experienced relief from an ankle injury using Percocet. His pain is also chronic, and he has been using Percocet for 35+ years. Are you looking for an opiate alternative completely, or are you still open to taking opiates or opioids?

  48. I am currently undergoing physical therapy. It seems to be helping with ankle function, however, does nothing for the pain. Tramadol is a very strange drug. I have been taking it for just over a week now, and can compare it to nothing else. It has minimal effect on pain control, yet is very helpful with my sleeping? I dont feel the same euphoria as an opiate, but there is definetly something there when I take this medication. I am discontinuing this drug and am going to attempt to control my pain in some other manner, as this drug has not been very helpful. Any suggestions are welcome.


  49. Hi Chuck. I am truly sorry to hear about your lasting pain from the automobile accident. Will physiotherapy, acupuncture, or other methods help?

    To answer your question: Yes. If you take Ultram daily, over time you will need to continue to take it to avoid withdrawal.

    In terms of dependence on tramadol, your body will necessarily develop the characteristics of tolerance (needing more tramadol to achieve similar pain relief over time) and withdrawal (symptoms when you cut back on dosage or eliminate tramadol totally) when you use tramadol. However, this is not addiction. Addiction is characterized by compulsive need and use of a drug despite negative life consequences. And we addicts use drugs to numb emotional or psychological difficulties or trauma in life.
    As long as you are taking UItram as prescribed, you should not experience this type of addiction. Instead, physical dependence will be a characteristic feature of the medication in the long term.

  50. Hello,

    I had a major automobile accident in october and am still dealing with residual pain from a severe ankle injury. I have been prescribed everything from percocet and daladid to ibuprofen and norce over the last 6 months. Opiates have had the most success in pain control, however, I refuse to become dependent upon a strong narcotic and have transitioned to high dosage ibuprofen over the last month. The pain relief from ibuprofen was proven to be minimal in my case, so I have been transitioned to 50mg ultram. Is this a drug I will be forced to take on a daily basis to avoid withdrawals, and how high is the addiction rate. I have unintentionally withdrawn cold turkey from opiates in the past (not realizing I was physically addicted, as I have have no background in drug physiology) and would rather be stuck with limited mobility than endure that again.

  51. Hi Paul. Thanks for sharing. Do you have a plan for avoiding Tramadol in the future? Do you know how to manage cravings and urges to use?

  52. I just got off of a good 30 day binge of the drug. I was taking 2 pills a night at first to help me sleep..and it did, in fact, get me high. So then I continued taking them just for that feeling. I am a previous heroin/other opiate abuser/addict. I never went to rehab or anything, just kind of quit cold turkey from my daily use. I was still known to get high on opiates from time to time.. once every few weeks maybe. Having a bunch of tramadol just laying around brought back those same types of urges.

    I didn’t take any for the past 3 days and am experiencing no withdrawal effects at all like I did with opiates…aside from a small craving. But that’s mainly due to boredom really. I will make no further attempt to obtain the drug. If I happen to have another surgery and get some prescribed, then several happy days will ensue.

  53. i need help
    instead of Methadone for addict treatment, can Tramadol does the same effect of Detoxing with

    what would be the dosage ??? to get off the withdrawal of opiate???

  54. Yes it will make you feel slightly light headed and feel you want a good sleep – a sort of basic euphoria. It is really no substitute though for street drugs as you will never find a DR willing to give you enough. Most DR’s now are very careful with this drug due to many high profile addicts who use it as a legal form of heroine. To keep the high going due to tolerance you would need an unlimited supply. By which time you would have busted your body out like Heroine addicts do.

    The high wears off in time and all the funny feelings after about a year or so on it you probably will get only pain releif then. It is a very good pain killer for those in chronic non-life threatning pain.

    You do not require much for pain management you should always start low and work to the lowest acceptable level for you. This drug will become dependent and if you want off it you do not want a mountain to climb to do so by over indulging in it.

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