Help for tramadol addiction

Help for tramadol addiction includes treating the physical and psychological dependence on tramadol. More on how to do that and where to find help for tramadol addiction here.

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Tramadol is widely used as a pain killer because of its lower potential of abuse. But addiction to tramadol still happens in about 10% of those who use it.

So what can you do if you or a loved one cannot stop taking tramadol? We review how to treat addiction to tramadol and what you can do about symptoms of tramadol addiction here. Then, we invite your questions tramadol addiction help at the end.

How to help tramadol addiction

For those then that are addicted to tramadol, finding opiate specific treatment is imperative. The main stages of treating tramadol addiction include:

1. DetoxDetoxing from tramadol is often the first step in addressing tramadol addiction. During tramadol detox, medical staff supervise the removal of tramadol from your system. Specifically, detox is a period of withdrawal and body adaptation to the lack of tramadol in the system. Medications may be prescribed during this time to address specific withdrawal symptoms.

2. Physical stabilization – Long term tramadol users may experience PAWS, or protracted withdrawal symptoms, such as depression or mood disorders. In the weeks and months after withdrawal, heavy tramadol users can expect mood swings and trouble sleeping. Medications may be prescribed to address anxiety or depression.

3. Psychological treatment – The bulk of tramadol addiction treatment occurs during psychotherapy. Combined with behavioral therapy, psychotherapy addresses the underlying reasons why you use tramadol and replaces self-destructive patterns with life affirming ones. Medications may be prescribed to address persistent drug cravings.

Getting help for tramadol addiction

There are several ways to find help for addiction. The following types of approaches address the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. Therapies can include one or more of the following types of therapy:

Bio-Social – Considered a holistic model for treatment, this type of help for tramadol addiction aims to understand the intricate nature of addiction and how it all interrelates.

ClinicalClinical therapies work with psychological underlying conditions and aim to target and treat any underlying mental health.

Medical – Aims to treat withdrawal symptoms and to target the actual receptors being effecting in the brain chemistry. There are where detox and medication is prescribed.

Social – Works to integrate supportive group therapy and a community of addicts so that they may work off one another learning skills and find commonalties.

How to help a tramadol addict

If you’ve noticed that a friend or family member is showing signs of tramadol addiction, there are ways that you can help. The most simple way to help is to get involved in the treatment of your loved one. Understand that tramadol addiction can be treated like any other disease. And get informed about it. Other ways to help a tramadol addict include:

Drug abuse interventions – To help a tramadol addict, you can plan a formal or informal intervention. During an intervention, you present the facts, observations, and your point of view. Talk to a professional interventionist to define the who, what, where and why of an intervention.

Setting boundaries – Another way to help a tramadol addict is to quit enabling. Do not give an addict money or allow them to stay in your home. Allow an addict to experience the real consequences of use.

Seeking family therapy – During family counseling, you can address possible dysfunction, and become a part of the process. Joining a family support group like Narc Anon can also help. In regular meeting, you’ll meet others who have close family members struggling with substance abuse. Listening and sharing stories can help others overcome negative perceptions regarding substance abuse and get their own lives back on track.

Tramadol addiction helplines

Finding treatment for tramadol addiction shouldn’t be hard or uncomfortable. Here are some tramadol addiction helplines sponsored by the U.S. federal government that can help.


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health SErvices Administration (SAMHSA) is a great resource to look to when you are looking for help with tramadol addiction. Their website is a great place not only to find treatment but legal help as well. They also have a Spanish speaking line.


If you feel that an addiction is leading you to thoughts of suicide please call this suicide prevention hotline . They can help you.

Help with tramadol addiction questions

Still have question about how to help tramadol addiction? Please share your questions and experiences about tramadol in the comments section below. We will answer your questions promptly.

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