Does Tramadol show up on drug tests?

Tramadol won’t show up on a standard drug test. But Tramadol does show up on drug testing for prescription medications. More on the types of drug tests that might be used to detect tramadol here.

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Yes – sort of.

While Tramadol isn’t going to show up on standard drug tests that, say, a new employer would usually have you take, Tramadol will show up on a toxicology screening specifically designed for prescription drug detection. More on drug testing for Tramadol here…but if we don’t answer your question, please leave it for us at the end.

Why order a drug test for tramadol?

There are a few different reasons why you might be tested for Tramadol. The first is medical.  Dangers of Tramadol including serious side effects, drug interactions, or overdose may require medical testing.  If you’re admitted to a hospital and they suspect an overdose or need to find out what medications you’re taking, they’ll run a screen. You might also need to be screened for legal purposes. For example, if you’ve been convicted of taking the pain medication to get high off Tramadol without medical supervision.  In other words, positive drug testing for Tramadol without a prescription puts you at risk of legal consequences.

Types of Tramadol drug tests

A blood test, Toxi-Lab A, can determine if there is Tramadol in your system or not. However, the test will not be able to show the level of the drug. The result will simply be a positive or negative. Tramadol can also be detected using special urine or hair tests, but there must be some reason or suspicion that Tramadol is in your system for these tests to be ordered.

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Tramadol cutoff levels

In hair tests, Tramadol can be detected at low levels – those which would appear in normal use as prescribed by a doctor. In one study, a concentration as low as 0.176 ng/mg was enough to show up on the test. Anecdotal evidence suggests that urine tests are not as effective, since Tramadol leaves the system fairly quickly.

Positive drug testing for tramadol

If you have a prescription for Tramadol, it shouldn’t be a problem if it shows up on a drug test. If you test positive to Tramadol and you have a prescription for the drug, it should be easy enough to explain to employers, doctors, and anyone else who might request a drug test. However, in several states Tramadol is considered a controlled substance, so if you’re using it without a prescription, you may get into some legal trouble.

If you test positive and you’re using Tramadol illegally, there will likely be repercussions. The exact legal status of Tramadol depends on where you live, so if you’re concerned about it showing up on a drug test, find out what your local laws are.

Questions about Tramadol drug testing

Do you still have questions about Tramadol showing up on drug tests? Please leave us your questions about Tramadol drug testing here. We try to respond to all questions with a personal and prompt reply.

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  1. Do 5 and 7 panel ua’s differentiate between Ultram and Opana, or, are will the result simply show positive for opiates?

  2. Hi I’m wanting to know how tranquil shows up I a urinalysis ? Doesn’t it fall under the same category of testing as say oxycodone? So if you are taking both would they be able to tell you are taking both or would they .org test under the same category?

  3. Hi i have to take a 6 panel drug test, i hear alot of mix answers when it comes to testing positive. My last dose was at 9pm. 4/15 when do you think it would be out of my urine? And will it show on a 6 panel? Thank you in advance.

  4. I was prescribed Norco for years a long with xannax. After new laws I was told by my np that they could not prescribe both. I chose xannax. I told Dr I had 63 norco’s on hand and was told to take them but he would not give me anymore which was fine. So urine showed up norco. During another appt tramadol showed up. A friend told me it was a arthritis drug and gave me 4. I took those and it showed in urine screening. I had no idea it was a controlled drug and did not know it was a prescription drug. So now I have been notified by dr. I am no longer a patient due to these 2 urine tests. I am heartbroken due to fact he has been my dr. For 40 years. I am in horrible pain from necrosis of hip joint and rely on over counter meds until I get hip replacement. What is lowest mg of tramadol to show in urine test?

  5. This same thing happened to me. I’ve never taken tramadol and the Dr. Said I have a positive result in my ua. The meds that I take every day are Zoloft, wellbutrin, protonix, atorvastatin, and suboxone.

  6. Is a urine level of 6785 ng/mL extremely high if the cutoff is only 25ng/mL? I have a valid prescription for Tramadol and take it as prescribed (2 tabs TID). But my levels (to me) look ridiculously high and I’m afraid it’s going to make me look like I’m abusing it which i am not. Please help. Thanks.

  7. I took a 14 Panel Urine Drug Test and they said it was positive for Tramadol which I’ve never taken. What could be the reason it showed positive?

    1. This same thing happened to me. I’ve never taken tramadol and the Dr. Said I have a positive result in my ua.

  8. My doctor prescribed Tramadol 200 Mg I took it in had wait a day do to Sams club pharmacy was out , once wife brought it home it says on bottle Tramadol HCL 50mg tablet caraco, did they fill wrong level?

  9. I took a 100mg of Tramadol 3 weeks ago is it a enough to make it to my hair follicles to show up on a hair test I have never use tramadol before or since then test

  10. in our office we use INSTACUBE oral drug test.
    i had a potential employee test positive for COC(the orange label)
    he said he taken 2 tramadol pills the morning before coming in and his orientation was in the morning as well?
    was tramadol the reason for a positive on that strip?

  11. I recently had a urine drug screen show positive for Tramadol. I am currently taking Suboxone, Zoloft, Buspar, Doxepin, Lisinopril, Fenofibrate, and Enpresse. Could one of these, or the combination of them, cause a false positive? Please help!

  12. i have a positive tramadol test and i never take it but i am on chronic Fexofenadinee (fexol) anti-histaminics
    does it can cause false positive results
    many thanks

  13. Does tramadol 50 mg come up on a 13 panel drug test ( like for department of children & family drug test ) and if so what will it come up as on the test. Will I test positive for opiates?

  14. My daughter tested positive for Tramadol during a urinalysis with her drug court but is not prescribed tramadol and swears she hasn’t taken it.
    Are there other prescription meds that could have caused a positive urinalysis?

  15. Please I’m an adict of tramadol I can’t go a day without taking it because if iI don’t take it for a day ibecome very weak please how can i stop taking tramadol without been struck by it please help me

    1. Hi Brown. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab program for you.

  16. i take tramadol and my doctor ordered a drug screen comprehensive serum plasma test is this to check on the tramadol what drugs does it screen for?

  17. Will 50mgs of tramadol show up in dot standard 5 panel test taken 11 days ago ,hair sample taken.i would appreciate an comment asap.thankyou.

  18. I have to test at maryhaven and I have a pic of what all they test for is there anyway u can tell me if the tramadol will show up

  19. My friend took a few tramadol over two days. He didn’t take any for two days and on the third day was drug tested and it was sent to a lab. How long can a lab detect if tramadil had been used? It is being specifically tested for tramadol

  20. Hi, I am in drug court and had a positive drug test for tramadol. I have NOT taking any of this! This test had been sent to the lab and everything. Then they told me they would be running another test to make sure it wasnt just a false positive, that it would be breaking down the chemicals or something to see if it was really there. And said it was very accurate! And I go to court again and they said it was positive still, that the 2nd test they did confirmed it. But wont give me any proof or even tell me the type of test they did the 2nd time. They know my list of meds I take, which are methadone, lamictal, keeflex. I take tests at my doctors once a week and methadone clinic as well, both test were done same week and were all negitive. What should I do bc they are saying those test dont matter! Who should I talk to to confirm that it is 1 of my medications im prescribed causing this if thats the case? Or will a hair test prove its not there?

  21. Had tramadol show up in a urine test which i take monthly and have no idea where or how it could have. Haven’t taken knowingly or can’t explain Do you have any idea ??

  22. my husband was told he failed his urine test for tramadol and does not never has never…how can we prove it is a false positive? this is for pain manangment

  23. Will tramadol show up on the first initial lab drug test? I believe it’s called immunoassay. I’m in an outpatient drug program and took 1 tramadol a cpl days before my drug test. Our drug tests are always sent to labs.

  24. Hi! I’been taking Tramadol for at least Two years because of lower back and neck pain, I am about to apply for a government position where they will make blood and urine drug tests , do you think I will get in trouble for that?

  25. I have been on pain mgmt since 2011….butrans patch and norco for break through pain.havent had increase in dose, ultra conservative with taking meds etc…Last month urine screen shows tramadol…Like 177 mcg I think? I have never taken it or any medication from anyone. If I was so desperate for a pain pill and borrowed one I would tell my Dr.

    But Dr says everyone denies a false positive. I am devastated because I don’t lie and I know they don’t believe me and I don’t want on my chart. Also worker comp surely to use it against me.

    Any help to get to the bottom? Should I have a hair test done?

    Thank you for any info….

  26. I just took a 5 panel DOT drug screen on Tuesday and I was wondering if I will fail it because I tool 100mg of tramadol Sunday and Monday night. I’ve been doing a lot of research online and mostly of what I’ve seen is that it won’t show up unless their specifically testing for tramadol. Thank you for your help


  28. I tested positive for tramadol I haven’t been prescribed it for about a year but had it laying around and had some pain and took it just so happens I got sent down for a drug screen they send it off to a lab to lab results said it was 10 times over the laminate don’t quite understand what that means maybe you can give me some information on what they consider a limit is that so many milligrams within a 24 hour. i’d really appreciate some information on how they rate your levels in your urine thank you

    1. Hi Margeret. First, a hair follicle test doesn’t mean that they will use only a hair from the head. They may use body hair as well. Also, there’s a chance to call you again when your hair grows long enough to do the test. And, the drug may be detected up to a 90 days in a hair follicle test. Finally, if you want to learn more about drug testing, you may download our free e-book ‘The Definitive Guide to Drug Testing:

  29. Hey, I have a question about tramadol! I took 2 50mg tabs and I have to do forensic fluid testing… I was unaware that they test for tramadol now a days! So how long can that amount be detected in my system when having to take a mouth swab test???

  30. I currently take Methadone at a methadone clinic and am subject to random UAs. Im assuming Tramadol would show on their tests is that correct and if so how long does tramadol show up in a UA?

  31. Does detection of Tramadol / Ultram require a blood test / Toxicology test? Or can it be detected through a specific type of urine test? I know the FAA/DOT are stepping up to start the testing for more prescription drugs,in California. Wood Tramadol test positive like Vicodin would test positive?

  32. No one has really answered if tramadol will show up on a drug screen? I’m in drug court and get drug and alcohol tested. Do they have to do a specific test for tramadol?

  33. I take tramadol ,,a legal script from my Dr lol,,,I was tested the other day for a pre employment 10 panel test,,tramadol will show up!! It starts with a “M” word but can’t remember,,,can you tell me what it shows up as

  34. I have taken tramadol for the last 6 yrs. prescribed. I took a urine test because of new regulations, and it did not show up. I feel they used the wrong test to detect it. I got the lab bill today and they used, definit22 up and definitely 8-14. I also took Anvil for sore throat. Why did it not show up? Did they do the right test?

  35. Hi, I go to a Pain Clinic for severe shoulder pain, and RSD. I tested positive for Tramadol on a U.A. it was a total accident why it was taken. Even though my fault, my wife accidently gave me Tramadol instead of my Percocet. They look similar so I didnt catch it until a few times after I already took it. With having a prescription in the past 90 days, and is able to be seen on my OARRS report will a Pain Management Dr. kick you out of the program for that. I’m worried they will, and I can’t afford to be. It was a mere accident, which again is my fault for letting her help me. I should add I’ve been to this pain clinic for 18 months, and always have tested consistent. Never ever failed a test before.

  36. If one has been smoking marajuana and they are required to take a random drug test , will prescribed Tremedol mask the thc from marajuana??

  37. I was given a prescription for tramadol and have been taking for a few days now. I went and had a urine drug screen and it tested positive for methadone. could this be from the tramadol??

  38. if my wife accidently took one of my 50mg tramdols on sunday and she is getting tested on tuesday being a urine test would it show up in urine test?

  39. I have to get a comprehensive urine drug test from my dr.would tramadol show up in that test and if so how many days before its out of my system to where I could safetly take the test and pass it.

  40. Is there an over the counter drug test that will detect tramadol? My husband is an addict and has a “friend” that will supply him with them. He’s been showing signs of being on them again and I want to find out for sure. He says no, but he’s always said no when it was yes.

  41. I am very upset , I go to a pain center and when they did my urine test it showed I took a drug called tramodol? I started taking benedryl for sinus and insomnia , will the benedryl make it look like I have tramodol? In my urine? I have never taken this tramodol, so I am very concerned if this is because of the benedryl? I have been with my pain center for years , I would never take anything not prescribed by them, why would it show tramodol in my urine , pain center was ready to throw me to the curb and I never took this other medication tramodol? Does the benedryl cause this to happen? I also on occasion take ibuprofen 200 mg , please let me know , I have left message for nurse to call me at my pain center but I have had no response , I have appointment in week n half, thank you for your time , my pharmacist said this can happen I wanted to check with other people as well I am very upset over this

    1. Hi Chuck. Tramadol shows up on drug screens and is detected in tramadol-specific blood and urine screens only 2-4 days after use.

  42. How soon will tramadol show up on a urine test? Say I took it at 5 pm, would it show up on a drug test at 9 the following morning??

  43. What would cause a false positive for tramadol ? I do not take it and some how my doctor said it was in my urine test at the same time they said I was also positive for codeine, which I never take . I was taking .Dilaudid that I was prescribed.

  44. I take prescription tramadol, I also have to test for state probation, should it show in my us what would it show as? Basically what would I test positive for?
    Thank you

  45. Please tell me can Tramodol 500mg show up in the urine as a positive heroin metabolite by Immunoassay. If so, on a testing panel why would it not register for positive Opioid also. Please explain, some explanation better than none. Need a response soon, persons freedom at stack . Thanks

  46. I was in a car accident hospital prescribed tremadols and norflex. Drug screen for probation came back positive for oxycodone that I never have taken. Is that from them, also gave me a norco 10 in er.
    Was later prescribed flexiral the same week

    1. Hi Tom. You may ask for a confirmation test when the sample is a suspected positive sample during screening. False positive samples from the screening test will almost always be negative on the confirmation test.

  47. Does tramadol show up in a 10 or 12 panel drug test? I have a bad toothache ache and was gonna take some of a old script but I don’t wanna fail for a drug screen for

  48. Was on Oxi…incredible pain…Shingles! Wow what fun! Went back to Hospital and they wouldn’t repeat Oxi and gave me Tramadol…much better…handled the pain just fine. Out of pills now and pain is back….How long does this shingles thing go on??? Now I have to back to the hospital one more time as my doctor works such limited hours. I don’t think I could get addicted to any drug as I don’t like taking them at all. I would be a good case study! I am praying that after the next round of pain killers if I can get anymore will be enough to outlast the shingle pain!

  49. I took 200 mg of tramadol 24 hours before a urine test that was sent to a lab. Do they test for this? Its never shown up on the regular 10 panel….

  50. I took a low doe tremadol today at at around 12 pm and have to take a mouth drug test at 830 in the morning..will drinking lot of water??? Thank u

  51. I do not use drugs but have back pain i usually take ibuprofen and aleve in the past 3 months i have taken one 7 mg hydrocodone and aweek ago i took one 50mg tramadol will these show on hair follicle test no kore than i took

  52. I go to a pain clinic.i take my tramadol as ptescribe but my drug screen is showing negative can yuo plaease jelp me understand how this can jappen. Im in jeopardy of being discharged for non compliance!#

  53. @Christy – Yes, Tramadol can show a *False* positive for THC/Marijuana. If this has happened or is happening to you,.. ask for the test results to be confirmed with the mass spectrometry (MS) ie: gas-chromatography-mass spectrometry — More commonly referred to as simply (GC-MS). Typically false-positives are from panel immunoassay urine drug screens. (The type that analyze / test urine immediately, not in a laboratory setting. )

  54. Im on tramadol 200mg n do USA’s 3x a week will tramadol come up and what will it come up as do i need to tell them im on it Thanx

  55. Hi there,
    I am under DR. supervision and I am taking Tramadol. I really like it and it helps my pain from a car accident. The last two times I’ve had my UA it doesnt show up. How can I make it show up? Maybe take my prescription right before my appointment? It needs to show I’m taking it.
    Thanks Karen

  56. Im having neck and shoulder pain and a friend gave me a couple tramedol to help, but Im Wondering if a cps saliva test will show tramedol and if so how long does it stay in your system? Thank you for your help

  57. I just noticed that tramadol is now considered a narcotic in Virginia and Kentucky. Well I am on parole in Kentucky and have to take an urine drug test tomorrow. I’ve been taking tramadol for about a week now everyday. Will that cause me to fail my drug test? Replies needed quickly please. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Brabara. You can check with the lab to see if the test was confirmed with GC/MS or if this was done using immunoassay technology that can give false positives. Have you recently taken any other opiates (e.g., Vicodin). Those could cause a result that shows opiates in your system.

  58. I was takin ms60 miligram and oxycodone 10. Then I was changed to ms 15mg and Ms 60 mg. Both times my test came back tramadol. I am 66 yrs old. I have not taken tramadol. I have started taking vitamins so I can try to come off of some of the pain meds. I also have fibromyalgia so vitaminsp.

  59. Yes I take a icup drug screen for probation an recently got test I took tramadol the day before my test, they also send my test off to the lab will it show up since I took tramadol or do they have to specifically test for it once it gets to the lab

    1. Hello, Jim. Tramadol isn’t going to show up on standard drug test, but it will show up on a toxicology screening specifically designed for prescription drug detection.

  60. I am taking Tramadol HCL 50 mg – 8 tablets per 24 hours and have been for some time . My Doctor recently performed a drug test (urine sample ) to see if I am taking them (some new rule) the test found no trace of the Tramadol just 3 hours after I had taken two . How could this happen ?

  61. Hi there I am scheduled for my very first appt at a pain specialist I was wondering if you knew they do drug screens for tramadol? Also if they do and I am up front with the dr and tell him its in my system will that diaqualify me in reciving any help?

  62. I have been under pain control for many years (10+). I have NEVER abused my medications, in fact I typically will have meds left at the end if 30 days. Recently, I tested positive for Ultram. I have no reason to lie about this to you….I did not take Ultram/Tramadol. Can you tell me if this is possible?

  63. Will tramadol show on a 1 panel home drug test for OXycodone? I believe that it will not – but as Anon asked, it is not an opiate, but there is such a big debate.

  64. The MOST BASIC question has not been answere. I take about 200mg/day of Tramadol (prescribed, but at a lower dose – 50mg, which does nothing. Will a potential employer, say the US government, does their basic drug test, will the Tramadol, assuming they are not specifically looking for it, show up as an opiod? There is a lot of debate about whether or not it is an opioid – very technically speaking it is not, but since it acts just like one and effects the brain and pain receptors very similarly to an opiate, would it test as one or not??

    1. Hello Anon. Thank you for your question. Since tramadol isn’t an opiate, it shouldn’t come up. But, it really depends on what kind of drug test you’re having, but it will not show on a urine test. Plus, what’s most important, with your name on the prescription there won’t be any problems explaining a false positive.

  65. recently urine drug screen came back positive for tramadol good bit I have never taken in my life take Ativan, glucophage, neurontin, insulin some ibuprofen can’t understand why that would be any suggestions? Gina thank you!

  66. Tramadol showing in newborn poop but I didn’t even know what tramadol was till dr told me , so what else could give that reading???

  67. I am currently taking tramadol an will be taking a drug screen the I cup in about 24 hrs do you think will show up?! Its for an addictions place. I have severe lower back pain an the meds they are giving me are just not helping so I’m just curious if by taking the tramadol if it will show up in this I cup test. Plz help asap.

  68. I know someone that has degenerative disc disease, a herniated disc, and awful sciatica problems. They were prescribed tramadol from their doctor but sometimes it doesn’t help. They have been able to get loratab a few times when the pain was uncontrollable but they don’t take it often. They have to have regular monthly drug tests and possibly a hair follicle test. My question is, is they took a loratab to help the pain, would it show up differently on a urine/ hair follicle test than the tramadol. Tia

  69. I have recently taken a pre employment drug screening and tested positive for cannabis, I do not use this substance! I have seen online where tramadol can cause a positive reading for THC. I would like to know do u concur? I really have been looking forward to this new job and am very distraught! please help me out with this problem.

  70. I have tramadol in my system. I got a mouth swab drug test today instead of a urin test. Will it show up on the swab test or do they have to ask specifically to test for tramadol?

  71. Are levels of tramadol detectable? I’m prescribed 50 ml every 6 hours but I took 3x 50ml at once. Would that be detectable?

  72. So i just had an icup instant urine test come back positive for cocaine, and literally havent even seen the stuff in years. 2 days before, i used a ringworm cream, and later on that night was in the emergency room because what was assumed o be ringworm, turned out to be some crazy hives that i broke out in all over me. my facial features were starting to swell, so i was given a shot of epinephrine, prednisone, and pepcid ac because it has a histamine blocker. Now, i am a member of the nj drug court program, and im also not dumb. Prior to any treatment,i made the doctor aware of my situation, and was assured that none of this would throw off the drug test i knew i would be having. My instant icup test tested positive for cocaine, and i told them to send it back to the lab. My question is has this happened to anyone? What is the likeliness of a conformation test proving there is no cocaine in my system? Are these conformation tests reliable?…or am i getting arrested tomorrow when i report. HELP PLEASE!

  73. I have diabetic neuropathy and take tramadol for the pain. I will be applying for a concealed carry pistol permit in NC in a few months. Will tramadol be detected in their drug tests? I do not know what kind of tests they do though I’m sure its either blood or urine. Thanks.

  74. Hi I have a question I was ay my doctors and before I was called back I took 3ultrams and they did a swab test of my mouth will it show up it was like 1hour later

  75. I tested positive for tramadol but did not take it what would have caused that or what medications show up as that ???

    1. Hi Katrina. False positive results for tramadol have been observed in patients who were receiving treatment with the commonly prescribed antidepressant drug called “venlafaxine”. Have you been prescribed or recently been taking this medication?

  76. does teramadol show up on 5 panel hair test?
    last time I used was 40 days ago, I took for one month 7 or 8 pills(200mg)

  77. I am under care for chronic pain and take only oxycodone 10 mg, ativan for anxiety, gabapentin and meloxicam. I recently tested positive for tramadol. I have never taken that drug in my life. It is the first time I’ve tested positive for it and I’m very concerned. Is there anything in combination of what I’m taking now that would cause that? I also take otc Aleve every now and again for inflammation and flonase and alleges for allergies. I was also given a flexeril recently for muscle spasms. Any of these may have caused this false positive? Please help. Thank you.

  78. I take hydrocodone 5-325 twice daily, Ativan 1mg three times a day ,oc meds ibroufen as much as 800mg, nyquill to sleep. at the time of drug test I was in phy therapy for shoulder getting steriodes by ultra sound twice a week -tested positive for tramadol-dr. said cut off was 100 and mine was 2000–what might have caused it

  79. I took hydrocodone on Thursday afternoon or evening. I have test for work Monday morning. Will the hydrocodone show,?

  80. will a Tramadol show up in a urine test for a new job where u urinate in the lil cup if I took one yesterday and I have to do a test tomorrow morning?

  81. I would like to no if anyone took Tramadol for about 8 months then stopped, and got very debilitating tiredness and fatigue, and hopelessly depressed,i have other health issues but don’t think they caused it, I was just wondering,thanks anyone????Linda

  82. I was told it will not show up,but to be on the safe side,taper off of it over the next few day,s,Hair follicle test I believe will show , how many times you pooped , LOL , those test show every thing

  83. I currently just started pain management for a bulged disc and was prescribed tramadol and flexeril. I live in Florida and I don’t know if they will drug test me only being prescribed these drugs. Im really worried about them testing seeing I smoked with a friend. Can anyone help? I really don’t want to get kicked out of pain management.

  84. I have a pharmchek/sweat patch/drug patch on. Although i do have a script for the medication i would like to know if it will show up because if it does it will just be a hassle getting everything to my probation officer and explaining things bc i was out of town when i got it and wasn’t able to tell PO i was leaving town.. so if anyone knows that answer i would really really appreciate it I will be off Probation in weeks. I haven’t used prescription drugs in over a year. long story short i broke my back a year ago and was prescribed oxycodone and got hooked. i was pulled over without my bottle and gave a statement which basically got me on probation. anyways if someone could let me know if tramadol will show up on a pharmchek drug/sweat patch i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  85. my doctor assistant called an told me tramadol was not showing up in my urine, an if it happened again, they would quit giving it to me, i have taken 6 to 8 pills a day for over 2 years an had taken my morning 2 before i went for my visit… i am 67 yrs old with rheumatoid arthritis, an a bad knee an back, and it really made me feel bad that they said that to me, does it not show up in a urine test, please reply so ill know… i know for a fact i was taking it, thank you

  86. Just wanted to let people know about tramadol and my drug hair follicle test. Mine came back NEGATIVE which is awesome because I had a shit ton of them a couple months ago 🙂

  87. In one of your earlier posts you mentioned that tramadol could be detected but not the levels, now that tramadol is now has a class lV classification is there new testing that would show the levels? while doing a little research online I read about ”chromatographic techniques must be used to detect and quantitate these substances” in English I’m guessing that means a special and expensive test! Do you know if this kind of testing has become mainstream?

  88. i was using inj nelbin 10mg some time 2 and3 per day from last 8 month from last 4 day i left it.last two weeks i took it 1 per week,but i want to know which test will perform for check its level in my body by blood test and urine.the blood test and urine how much data show last months please reply me as soon AS POSSIBLE.that my job metter.

  89. Hi Donie. It depends on many things, but since you have not taken tamadol long-term, it shouldn’t be detected in about 1-2 days after you stop taking it (in blood and urine tests). Hair sample tests can detect tramadol for weeks and months to come. Here’s a tip: Make sure you notify the doctors and nurses that you are taking the generic Wellbutrin, Neurontin and Synthroid as prescribed before the test is run. This way, any false negatives can be taken into consideration.

  90. HI, I have been taking a few Tramadol a day for this past week for pain, however I am not prescribed this medication. My insurance company requires that I take and pass a 9 panel drug screen panel and a urine test, (not sure if this is just to test for pregnancy) so that I can be approved for specific treatment medication. I took 2 this morning, if I stop today, will this be out of my system by a week from today? Also, I’m prescribed the generic for Wellbutrin, generic for Neurontin, and Synthroid. Would any of these medications effect anything in these tests? I have never had to take these kinds of tests before.

  91. So if people start to sell and specific drug or it becomes popular; Does that then make it become eligible for a narcotic, even if it doesn’t have the actual opiates like other pain killers?

  92. I would like to know if tramadol will show up as buprenorphine in a urine drug test. A friend tested positive for buprenorphine but has never taken this drug.

    1. Hi Russell. That is highly unlikely because Tramadol doesn’t contain any buprenorphine. But, it is possible that a drug test comes out wrong because of a human mistake, bad test kit…You can ask them to send the specimen to a lab for a second checkup.

  93. Will tramodol show up on a home urine test as an antidepressant. I have a prescription for tramadol. I have an appointment with a pain managment dr today but don’t no why the home test showed up with a positive for antideprsant. They will probly give me an urine test but not sure with it being my first visit.

  94. Hi Sean. Depending on the dose and the last time it was taken, yes-it can be detected.

    Hello Nicole. Every drug stays detectable in hair for a long time. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can have a hair sample tested.

  95. Hi. This is a difficult topic, but I need some piece of mind. I think I may have been given Tramadol (with ill intent) by my boyfriends mother. I do not do well with any pain meds, do not take them, and always have extreme adverse effects if anesthesia is needed. I also have extreme adverse reactions to MDMA. So I avoid all opiates, opioids, and mdma. I am prescribed adderall and alprazolam, but do not abuse them. That was the history- here’s the incident. My boyfriend was given some pure methamphetamine before Christmas, which he saved for Christmas day. Mainly to deal with the stress of going to his parents. We each did a line about 10am. We arrived there at 2pm. By 2:30 I was extremely nauseous with a sedated, vertigo type feeling. Similar to coming out of anesthesia. I had the chills, cold sweats, fever, headache and was not sleeping, but very weak and had no motor skills. I had to lay down while dinner continued as if no semi conscience person was in the other room. My boyfriend took me home after that, but returned for dinner. I proceeded to shiver, sweat, spasm, and sleep for 7 hours. She gives Tramadol daily to her pet pig (I am 90#) and makes no excuses as to her disdain for me. I should have gone to the ER, but never imagined anything like this could happen. I took a 12 panel home test the next day and sent it in to be screened. As expected, high level of MET, (11k ng/ml,) AMP (5k), and 350 ng/ml of alprazolam. She is not quite stable, but is it possible I had SS? How long can I have my hair tested after the drug would have entered my system, and could small amounts be detected? Thank you

  96. Hello their!
    I took a large quantity of Tramadol Ultram and I did a 5 panel urine drug test and i tested positive for Morphine .How come? Is it a possible? Does Tramadol test positive for morphine urine drug test???

  97. So I had hernia surgery on Aug 13 2014, took a urinalyisis for probabtion this morning on 1-6-2015, will I be able to use that prescription as a valid excuse if it does come back positive for oxycodone which I was prescribes????? I dont have the container i discarded it, I took the last 6 pills saturday evening for my back but i could get a prescription record from the local hospital to prove. Would I still get in trouble???

  98. I,ve been on suboxone for 4 years,,am going to have a by pass of the heart, i been down in my back several time, Tramaddol I thought a safe drug. I’ve been taking it off and on, will my sub doctor find it on a drug test of is it my best bet to tell him.

  99. Tramdol can be found and has lvl,s now if a specfic test is used. It say’s in your system 3 days. It half life is short so it quickly lowers lvl in blood. I know this because I got in trouble with the law in michigan. I just got off phone with a toxioyglies out of Grand Rapids, mi. spectrum health. Forgive my spelling please.

  100. Im on suboxon and I ask my friend for some Tylenol she gave me a handful of what she thought was Tylenol come to find out she accidentally gave me tramaidol and now I need to know if it’s going to show up in a drug rest

  101. I’m prescribed hydros 7.325 – I broke my back – changed doctors – long story short – I ran out of hydros and have an old prescription less than 6 months old – I go to a pain clinic for back injections plus my pain medication ( hydros ) when I have my drug test for hydros will tram adolescents also show up?

  102. I am also taking diovan HCT which has a diuretic. Can the combination of the Adderall 60mg a day and diuretic cause a false negative for Tramadol?

  103. I am currently using a Fentanyl 50 mcg pain patch and take 2 to 6 50 mg Tramadol for break-through pain. I tested negative for the tramadol. Can Adderall cause a false negative?

  104. Jocelyn, Wiki basically 9 hr. isozyme O-desmethyltramadol is what tramadol reacts with. And that is what has the 9hr. half life.
    In my case with bad kidneys it takes longer. I have found no where that it states how long to completely leave the system.

  105. I just recently had drug screen from Michigan police. They tested for tramadol found it and had a value. . They are saying that I was under the influence. I have looked all over the web and have only seen a qualitative test for tramadol. Which is yes or no. They are saying that they tested blood and now are able to do a quantitative. Which means there must be a therapeutic lvl established. Does any one know what it is.

  106. Since Tramadol is now a narcotic does it show up in a drug screen for a Dr office. They do not send it off. They use a test stick in the office.

  107. Is Tramadol currently being drug tested with the recent drug schedule change? I reside in Texas and have not been able to find any answers. Also-How long does Tramadol stay in your system? There seems to be so many different answers for this question. Thanks in advance 🙂

  108. I go to a pain management clinic and have had 7 back surgeries so I do have reason to be on pain Meds but they do random drug testing. I had to go to the ER because of a abscess tooth what I was going for was the antibiotics I knew I needed but they gave me tramadol 50mg for pain as well the ER doctor told me it was non narcotic so I’ve taken only 5 and they didn’t help with the tooth pain. What I need to know is how long would it take 5 50mg Tramadol to leave my system today is Saturday I took them on Thursday and I go to my PM doctor Tuesday will it be out of my system by then or will it show up in a drug test and if so what will it show up for? Since it is non narcotic?

  109. Hello Rick. Tramadol can be detected on a ua test. Still, it depends if the drug test specifically has an enzyme to cross-react with Tramadols unique metabolic byproduct.

  110. To detect Tramadol, does the urine drug screen have to be specifically for Tramadol or will it show up as an opiate on a standard opiate screen?

  111. I have a few questons. What is the best way to get off tramadol safely. I don’t want to have a seizure. I’ve had them before. I am also prescribed diazapam 10 mg. will that help the process if in fact I need to. The situation is complicated. Long story short I may have to do out patient treatment in a center. Both of this medicines help me with the issues. They will let me stay on the diazapam but not sure if the tramadol. I don’t know what type of test will be used. Probably a urine test and not sure the panel. Help on any or all of these issues I’d greatly appreciate. Thank you very much.

  112. question- Will tramadol show up on a 9 panel urine test? If so what as? I do have a prescription for the use of tramadol for pain but my have to go into an out patient treatment center for a month to possibly 3 months. I’m am wondering if I should discontinue use? Also if so how to detox safely from it? Thank you very much for any help you can give.

  113. Yes, but it shows on a ten panel as PCP. Don’t ask me why, but it does. Effexor and Paxil (SSRI anti-depressants) Also will give a false positive for PCP. Be sure you always tell the testing administrators all of your prescriptions Scheduled CII,CIII,CIV or non scheduled as interactions and false positives are common among the 10 panel instant tests.

  114. I had a routine drug urine test as I see my doctor for severe anxiety. I take tramadol and Xanax. I am very confused at what my insurance Co listed. Can you explain each test.. 1. Opiate(s) drug and metabolites each procedure 2. Methadone. 3. Drug screening quantitative benzodiazepune. Description says Assay of Opiates. Assay of Methadone and Therapeutic assay. I never abused drugs. Where is the section where tramadol is looked for. I am totally confused.

  115. I have prescriptions for my tramadol and meloxican and my generic brand of flexeril and was given a random urine drug test on Monday and it was sent out this past Thursday. I’m not worried about whether I passed or not but I’m wondering if any of my prescription medication will show up on my test… Any input will be helpful.

  116. I use to be etrely addicted to a lot of prescription medications including tramadol. I have been clean of everything almost over 2 years. I recently had something happen and now I must PROVE myself. I need guidance on what type of test I can take that will go back the furthest (which seems to look like hair testing) for 90 days – to test for at the very least tramadol and an 8,9 or even 10 panel with it. Please please direct me were to go. I never thought I’d be crying my eyes out trying to find a way to TEST me for drugs. It’s just my sobriety is very important to me!! Thank you!!

  117. I recently had to do a pre-employment drug test. I was taking Tramadol at the time, but it didn’t show up on test. I got the job and loving it! It was a good lesson for me and I never intend on going through that stress again! It’s simply not worth it. If you have pain, see a doctor. DON’T purchase ANY medication form an on-line “pharmacy”…..

  118. I had 250 mg Tramadol 2 days ago and today I bought a home test kit for Opiate and the result was negative. Should I still be concerned that Tramadol being showed upon drug test?

  119. I have a drugs test at drug advisers soon testing 4 opiates etc, I have been taking tramadol which I no is opiate based so will the test cone back as positive 4 opiates? The test is a swab test not urine!!! Plz get back to me I would appreciate it thanks

  120. DW, if that is the only medication you take rhen yes it could. Some over the counter medications can make you have a false positive for a number of things. I take anti depressants and bendryl, when i went for my probation drug screen i had a false positive for methadome because of the benadryl. If you google what medications can make you have a false positive, one of the websites will give you a list

  121. It is Saturday morning and I take tramadol for chronic pain. I am scheduled for a 10 panel, non-dot urine test on Monday afternoon for pre-employee screening. Will the Tramadol show up ? Thanks for your response…

  122. I was curious if tramadol showed on just a regular 10 panel urine drug test? Not testing spec for tramadol…..just a normal 10 panel test. Please respond asap. thank you

  123. Researching the causes of a false positive for Tramadol from an “instant” drug screening test. I take Venlafaxine 3 x 75mg daily. Am I right in thinking this could be the cause? Thanks

  124. I live in a sober living and was prescribed tramadol buy my doctor. Will it show up on a 8 or 10 panel urine test?

  125. I am a compounding pharmacist that compounds Tramadol in a lab. I don’t wear a mask and believe I have occupational exposure because a recent hair test was positive (hair taken from my leg), but my urine test was negative. I have not ever in my life taken Tramadol. How could this be?

  126. Thank you for your interesting information but i just need to know if specifically ”Discover 14 line drug test include a test for tramadol ultram?

  127. Does Tramadol shows up in urine test especially using the discover 14 line drug test including:

    AMP | Amphetamines 1000 ng/ml
    BAR | Barbiturates 300 ng/ml
    BZO | Benzodiazepines 300 ng/ml
    BUP | Buprenorphine 10 ng/ml
    COC | Cocaine 150 or 300 ng/ml
    MDMA | Ecstasy 500 ng/ml
    THC | Marijuana 50ng/ml
    MTD | Methadone 300 ng/ml
    mAMP | Methamphetamine 1000 ng/ml
    OPI | Opiates 2000 ng/ml
    OXY | Oxycodone 100 ng/ml
    TCA | Tricyclic Antidepressants 1000 ng/ml
    PCP | Phencyclidine 25 ng/ml
    PPX | Propoxyphene 300ng/ml

  128. What are the names of Tramadol-specific drug tests? I am in a recovery program and were prescribed them for dental work but apparently cannot have them. Then was notified that I was being tested specifically tested for Tramadol. How much are the tests and how reliable are they? i have been clean off of opiates for almost 5 months and am doing really well and don’t want this to result in an expulsion from the program.

  129. If they do a drug test at a pain clinic in Tennessee will tremadol show up on it even if u are taking lortabs and morphine

  130. I took tramadol for the first time tonight and I have a drug test at my dr in 7 days will the tramadol still be in my system and show up in my drug test

  131. I took 2 tramadol on Monday evening for headache .. I was told it was safe to take …. I have a drug test fri afternoon… Now I’m being told that I’m going to fail…. I hate drugs and scares me to think I would go to jail for 2 tramadol.. Yes I know I should of researched it but I didntt….. Will this show up on my test……

  132. I am in a recovery program, and get random drug testing for opiates. I do have a prescription for tramadol. Will it show up as opiate in my urine?

  133. Hello Dedra. Tramadol is a class of special opioid unto itself and it usually not picked up in extended opioid drug tests. I would be surprised if it did appear.

  134. I’m on pain management for my herniated discs and I take hydrocodone and nuerotin but my hydrocodone seems to not help anymore so I took some tramadol ( an old bottle i had laying around from the beginning of my pain management appointments) I was just drug tested by them today, my question is, since I had a previous prescription for the tramadol, will they find it in my system and will i get kicked out of their supervision? I’m really worried because I’m in constant pain if I’m not on any medication and I’m on Medicaid so it’ll be hard to find another pain management doctor in my area 🙁

  135. If I was specifically tested for neurontion and ultrams on a urine test being sent to a lab will they show up an what will they show up as?

  136. Please explain why my drug screens keep showing I am taking a benzodiazepine, when Tramadol is the ONLY med I take, although I take it in large doses.

  137. i took 2 50 mg tramadol this morning and have to do a urine test for my dr to get my medications renewed and he tests for tramadol. Will this show up on the lab results or will it be out of my urine by than?

  138. I am taking tramadol from long time and I have a drug test for new employee next Friday does it will show and how long I have to stop before the test

  139. Hi Liz. Assuming that you are taking tramadol with a doctor’s prescription … each state has its own laws governing legal limits for driving while using opioid narcotics like tramadol. Check with your state’s attorney general office for a precise understanding of the law.

  140. Hello Lee. The main application of oral swap drug test samples has been for testing for the more common drugs of abuse such as amphetamines, cocaine and metabolites, opioids such as morphine, methadone and heroin, and for cannabis. Because tramadol is in a class of synthetic opioids of its own, a special tramadol oral swab test is required…and tramadol is probably unlikely to be tested orally.

    Oral fluid should not be seen as a specimen that replaces the use of other specimens. Urine should are seen as the specimen of choice. This is because while highly accurate, oral swabs must be administered quickly after drug administration. So, the detection window for drugs test orally is usually within a day, or so of use.

  141. I haven’t seen any mention of swab testing.How many days will it take to pass a swab test if you’ve taken Tramadol.Are swap test more accurate than urine testing.

  142. Hi Suzanne. Thanks for your message. Have you looked into other alternatives for pain medication? Did your doctor provide you with any other options?

  143. my medicaid doctor upped my tramadol in june 2012 from 140 to 280.a month that was 8 pills a day for a series of ailments such as a remaining herniated disc from 2 cervical surgeries, carpal tunnel in both hands, and a quadruple by pass. i was also prescribed citalopram,and timolol along with latanoprost for glaucoma. i had to stop the citalopram because i was afraid of a stroke, principly because every time i’m in a lot of pain my blood pressure skyrockets over 200. i only took tramadol for those 2 months. i saw or felt absolutely no good reason to continue. my pain was constant and no benefit resulted. why allow me to suffer like this as i age.

  144. AB,

    Thanks for the comeback. I’m now on something called Effexor.
    I was to take it morning and night but it kept me awake so now I”m just taking it in the morning. So far it’s doing nothing for the pain and makes me feel a little edgy. It’s almost the way I remember a mild hangover. It’s been over 26 years:-).
    Is there any danger of this affecting my ability to drive an 18-wheeler?


  145. Thanks for the comeback. I do have a perscrition for Tramadol. I’m under a doctors care for chronic pain. He put me on something called Cymbalta but I couldn’t stand it. Five days of not sleeping, frazzled nerves and inability to concentrate were enough. It’s too bad because it did the trick on the pain but messed up my head. Is Cymbalta also a simulated narcotic?

  146. Hi Kevin. Tramadol isn’t usually detected in a DOT standard 5 panel test. The addition of tramadol, fentanyl, nalbuphine, butorphanol, pentazocine, and buprenorphine should be considered a the new version of this standardized test, but are not currently detected in the “opiates” part of a DOT 5 panel drug screen because as the body metabolizes and excretes metabolites of tramadol and other synthetics, the drug test is not specific enough yet to detect these compounds. Instead, an “extended opiates” test specific to tramadol is required.

  147. Thanks for the comeback. One more question;

    ,”However, in several states Tramadol is considered a controlled substance,”

    Where is Pennsylvania on this?

  148. Hi Donnie. If you are taking tramadol and can present a prescription, you should have no problems. Legally, if you are taking tramadol without a prescription it depends on which state you are in. Some states have classified tramadol as a narcotic drug, while others have not.

  149. Hi Eric. The sensitivity and specificity of drug screens vary, and all can yield false-positive or false-negative results. Urine based drug tests are especially subject to false-positive and false-negative results. Not to mention clerical errors.

    During your talk with the MRO, you can request a tramadol-specific test in order to prove that the drug is not in your system, and not a general screen. Or re-take the initial test.

  150. I recently tested positive for ultram and have never taken the drug. I am talking to a MRO in a few days. I only take tylenol and advil. Is there any reason for this?

  151. Hi Trey. Thanks for your question.

    Like other opioids, Tramadol does not stay in the body long. Hair samples can detect drug use for weeks or months after dosing, but blood or urine screens are only reliable for a day or two.

    In terms of a 10 panel probation test…do you know what the test name is? You can find out of Tramadol is covered by asking the screening center.

  152. Will Tramadol show up on a 10 panel probation drug test, what will it show up as, and how many days does it take for it to leave your system in terms of taking a urine drug test?

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