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Does Vicodin show up on drug tests?

Types of Vicodin drug testing

Drug testing is a science and ranges from highly specific, and expensive testing that require skilled lab technicians …. to quick and easy tests that are cheaper. Most commonly, drug tests for Vicodin use urine, which has the benefit of being inexpensive and less intrusive than other types of tests (blood test). Although Urine testing is the most cost effective, reliable, and widely used test for Vicodin and hydrocodone, it does have its disadvantages. Urine tests for Vicodin cannot indicate the amount of Vicodin in the blood and can be easy to alter. Other testing and screening tools use specimens other than urine (sweat patch, hair testing). The main types of drug tests used to detect Vicodin include:

  1. urine
  2. blood
  3. hair
  4. saliva
  5. sweat

Urine testing for Vicodin

One single dose of hydrocodone can be detected in urine for 6-24 hours after consumption. However, the sensitivity of detection relies upon the precision of the test. In a recent study, urine samples containing low to moderate concentrations of hydrocodone went undetected a by conventional commercial immunoassays called Coat-A-Count morphine in urine (CAC) but were detected by other tests such as TDx opiates (TDx), Abuscreen radioimmunoassay (ABUS), and EMIT opiate assay. All tests in the study required a 300-ng/mL cutoff.

Vicodin detection times on drug tests

Vicodin will show up on a drug test if you take Vicodin within a specific amount of time of the test. But this time period (detection time) for Vicodin varies according to a number of personal and individual variables. To summarize, how long Vicodin stays in the system and whether or not it will show up on a drug test depends on a few factors.

Will Vicodin show on drug tests?

The amount and frequency of use, a person’s metabolic rate, body mass, age, overall health, drug tolerance, and urine sample will all determine whether or not Vicodin shows up on a certain drug test, or not. In general, the following guidelines apply to opiates such as Vicodin, Codeine or Morphine.

Saliva tests – Opiates can be detected in saliva 12 hours – 5 days after taking them.

Urine tests – Opiates can be detect 2-4 days in the urine.

Hair tests – Opiates can be detected up to 90 days in the hair.

Why order a drug test for Vicodin?

Courts, schools, workplaces and living environments order drug testing for a few reasons:

  • Drug tests can help identify and treat Vicodin addicts.
  • Vicodin drug testing can determine the presence of hydrocodone in the body for medical purposes (help evaluate overdose or poisoning).
  • Vicodin drug testing can determine the presence of hydrocodone in the body for legal purposes (pretrial court monitoring of drug use).
  • Drug tests can help monitor Vicodin dependency.
  • Drug testing for Vicodin might help predict and reduce the drug’s misuse.

Vicodin testing discussion

If you’re wondering whether or not you should reveal your Vicodin use to an employer, school or partner you are not alone. Many people wish to keep their medical status private. However, if you are using Vicodin as prescribed you should have nothing to worry about. If you’re trying to cover us Vicodin use for some reason…you might have a problem with addiction. Do you have a question about Vicodin testing? Please ask below. We’ll be happy to help.

Reference sources: Forensic drug testing for opiates 1995
Pretrial drug testing: an overview of issues and practices

Photo credit: IITA Image Library

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216 Responses to “Does Vicodin show up on drug tests?
4:07 pm May 2nd, 2011

Nice blog. I think good quality Vicodin shows up on drug test. But good Vicodin testing should show even small amounts of the drug.

6:11 pm August 21st, 2011

Hi, I think I might have took a vicodin about 7 months ago, I can’t remember though, at the most I took two over two days, will this show up on a hair drug test?

12:30 am October 6th, 2011

Hi, great article, I had a question I hope you can answer. I take vicodin often and have to take a drug test really soon. I was wondering if I could disclose to the lab a prescription that is rather old,( that I had for a tooth extraction?) Please leave a comment asap thank you
ps the script is about a month old and only for 5 vicodin.

lousy drug user.

9:08 am October 6th, 2011

Hi Matt. I personally think that honesty is the best policy. If you submit an old Rx for recreational drug use, you could complicate the matter, especially if you were taking regular doses of Vicodin over time (chronic use) or Vicodin in higher doses.

This may be a wake up for you to examine your Vicodin use. Are you ready to stop?

5:02 am October 8th, 2011

Well I finished the drug screening today, and found out it was a 9 panel test. So the pain killers will show up. Apparently I have to wait for the results, then its the reviewers discretion.
I have my prescription that is only a month old…hoping that works. As for quitting, I know I should, and hope to be drug free within the next month.

1:39 pm November 2nd, 2011

I got prescribed vicodin, with tylenol in it. My older brother is also prescribed vicodin but his has ibprophen in it. He cant take ibprophen so i traded him. Will his and mine show up the same in a drug test?

7:45 pm November 2nd, 2011

Hi Sarah. The main ingredient in Vicodin is hydrocodone. The hydrocodone that is in Vicodin will show up on drug tests, and it doesn’t really matter if it’s mixed with ibuprofen or tylenol or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). But if you are taking Vicodin for a medical reason, be sure to tell the doctor supervising the drug testing.

2:04 am November 28th, 2011

I take vicodin for an injury from my time overseas. My job requires to carry a firearm but I never take it while I am on duty. I only take it at night so I can get in and out of bed. I never disclosed my situation to my employer due to discrimination when I disclosed it to other jobs I interviewed for. I have a yearly physical in 2days. I’m unsure of what panel number it is. I quit taking it Saturday and just take Excedrin to tuff it out. I am completely legal , i have all my paperwork and up to date perscription but i am worried that it will show and i could lose my job. In hindsight i may have screwed myself. Do i have reason to worry? I take 5/500 hydrocodone.

5:46 am November 28th, 2011

Hi Nate. It sounds as if you may be right on the border of detection for Vicodin for this upcoming drug test. I understand not disclosing medical information for fear of discrimination. If Vicodin is detected in your drug panel, simply present your prescribing information to the testing center. If you are taking Vicodin as prescribed, many testing centers will then re-test or confirm the presence of hydrocodone and metabolites and declare a “negative” test if you are using it within the limits. I wish you the best.

2:14 am December 9th, 2011

Hi I took 2 vicoden m267 and the next day was drig tested, approx24 hours later. I was told that the detection. Is based on how many milligrams they were and how often I use them. I use them very rarely ,and also drank many liquids ( water, coffee,) prior to screening. I
What’s my chances of passing? Thanks

10:06 am December 9th, 2011

Hi Jones. If you have a prescription for Vicodin, then you can show it to the physician who oversees the drug testing. If you are taking Vicodin for a medical reason, then you will probably pass the test. If you are taking Vicodin recreationally and have no prescription, you will most likely test positive for Vicodin and fail the drug test.

3:23 am December 15th, 2011

do drug tests show how many percocets i have taken and milligrams or does it just show if i took them or not?

10:20 am December 15th, 2011

Hi Mack. Most standard 5 panel drug screens test for the presence of five types of drugs in the body. These include:

amphetamines & methamphetamines
phencyclidine (PCP)

Usually, a general screen will test for minimum levels or concentrations of these drugs in the body which indicate use and misuse. They do not report on exact amounts, however. Usually, standard screens report a “positive” or “negative” test. But, of course, there are exceptions. And certain types of drug tests can indicate amount of use, as well.

What kind of drug test did you take?

2:36 am December 16th, 2011

My husband took one of my loratabs for a migraine a few months back will this show on a hair test? He only took one pill.

11:10 am December 16th, 2011


Hair drug screening assays for opiates like the hydrocodone found in Lortab are fairly accurate and precise. Test systems using ELISA reagents and micro-plate readers can measure not only whether the drug is present, but how much. However, the qualitative detection of opiates like hydrocodone require the drug to be present in hair samples at or above 300 pg/mg.

Whether or not it is present in the hair, your husband may want to self-report use of Lortab in order to be honest with whomever ordered the drug screen (employers?)…does this help?

1:50 pm December 16th, 2011

Yes thanks for the help. This test is for a new job that’s giving a huge pay raise and we don’t want anything to jeopardize that. He is scared if he said something it would be wrong cause he took one of my pills. He didn’t even think about it at the time of the test cause its just not something he thinks about. When he got home he remembered also It wasn’t his script. Its so crazy cause that pill was the only one he has taken in years. Do you think if they find such a low level they will say he failed it?

2:06 pm December 19th, 2011

My husband took a lortab 7.5 at eleven thirty pm and never takes them he was hurting really bad from being sick and had to go to work they drug tested him at 5 am and he panicked and put some water in his urine test. It wouldn t show up on the cup test so they are sending it to a lab can you tell us is it going to show up in his urine test?

2:09 pm January 17th, 2012

there is definitely a good chance that it will crystal they will also more than likely detect that he had tryed to dilute it with tap water

2:25 pm January 18th, 2012

I took a Vicoden 5mg. at 9:30 p.m. It was one of my husband’s… I was having back pain. Just my luck, I had a random drug test the next morning at 9:00 a.m. Would it show up?

3:01 pm January 18th, 2012

Hi Tammy. In a standard 5 panel DOT screen, yes, Vicodin will most likely show up if you are taking it other than prescribed. Please let us know the results, and just keep in mind that if you need to take a pain killer, it’s against the law to use someone else’s. You must have a prescription for pain medicine to take it legally.

5:22 pm January 18th, 2012

I had a 5 panel test 48 hrs after I stopped taking my prescribed vicodin and it didn’t show up. I didn’t tell them I was on any prescribed medication other than my blood pressure meds and to my knowledge i never tested positive. I figure if i would have tested positive then they would have questioned me. I’m not saying that no 5 panel tests will pick it up but from what i understand, the typical test does not because vicodin breaks down to opiods not opiates. Like i said, i may be wrong but i Aced mine. Btw….we all know its wrong to take someone else’s pills even if we are in pain but we all speed in a car, jay walk and break other laws. Just be careful when taking them and don’t use them as recreation. Go to the doctor and get the perscription to be 100 % legal.

3:01 am January 19th, 2012

Thanks for the input~ 🙂 I took the vicodin last Wednesday night. I took the test on Thursday. Still haven’t heard anything… Of course I had the weekend and MLK day to contend with. Should I of heard something by now? What sucks about the whole thing is I do not do this sort of thing…I really was in misery with pain that night with back spasms. I actually went to the doctor the next day, Thursday, and my doctor prescribed flexiril. If I could do it all again, I wouldn’t of taken my husband’s vicodin and I would of suffered through the night cause now, I may loose my job 🙁 I only pray it does not show up…

Cristal brunner
2:53 am January 24th, 2012

I took 3 5/500 vicodins this weekend and had a 3 panel drug test today. Will I test positive with a 3 panel test for them? Thanx

2:52 am January 25th, 2012

Tammy, I had the same situation. Did you ever hear anything back? Or did you end up passing?

12:49 pm January 25th, 2012

Hi Cristal. It depends on what the 3 panel drug screen includes. Usually, employers use a 3 panel to detect marijuana and/or cocaine use. The third drug types they are screening for can include either opiates or methamphetamine. If you were screened for opiates, Vicodin may show up. Let us know how it goes.

8:05 pm January 26th, 2012

Hello. I am currently taking 1 30mg ms contin 2x daily, and 1 10mg methadone 3x daily. Also I have fentanyl suckers 400’s to use daily. I will be having a urine test in 5 days to make sure that I am in fact taking the meds prescribed to me. (among these There are also a few more that are prescribed). My question is If i was to take 3 vicodin 500 5 days before the urine test, would they detect the vicodin?

12:08 pm January 28th, 2012

Hi Janine. Testing for opiates which are ordered during opiate based treatment programs can detect types and amounts of opiates which are based on specific drug metabolites. I would suggest, just to be clear and open…that you disclose the use of the Vicodin even before it is possibly detected. If you want to get better and overcome addiction, it’s always best to be honest and then move forward.

9:21 pm January 29th, 2012

Well, today is January 29th. I have never heard anything back from the random urine drug screen I had a few weeks ago. So, I am assuming I passed! I really think I would of heard something by now. So, my original question was this, “I took a vicodin 5/500 at 9:30 p.m. and was given a random urine drug screen the next morning at 9:00 a.m.” I worried the vicodin would show up. Luckily, I have not heard a thing!

11:45 pm January 29th, 2012

But it will be five days since i took it. I took 3 vicodin…So it should probably be out of my system for a urine test. That is the first time i have taken them in a year, Just want to know how long that should take to get out of my system. Do you think it will be noticed? I really would appreciate your opinion.


4:17 am February 1st, 2012

Ive been looking into the whole vicidon deal as far as hair follicle tests go. And if they do a 5 panel vicidon wont show up. It has to be 12panel extended for synthetic presription drugs.When they say opiates they mean things like heroin.

3:47 pm February 3rd, 2012

Hi Janine. Do you have your testing results? Can you let us know what happened?

10:00 pm February 12th, 2012

I have a hair follicle test coming up and im prescribed norcos 10mg hydrocodone 2 times daily for pain. I take them in the evening and sometimes ill go 3 days with out taking them then ill be in bad pain again and sometimes I may take up to four that day. Considering that I abuse it once in a while will I fail my hair follicle test for my new job?

12:48 pm February 14th, 2012

Hi Mike. If you take Norcos for a medically approved purpose, and have a prescription for them, you may be in the clear. However, hair analysis for drug use is more sensitive for rapidly excreted drugs such as opiates and can indicate the level and frequency of drug use over known periods. So if abuse was occurring above the limits of your prescription, this may be noted on a hair follicle test.

Please let us know how it goes.

10:20 pm February 14th, 2012

I have a few injuries that I still haven’t had surgery for, Plus Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, ect.
I’m on a “Pain management contract” & My Dr. has had me on Oxycodone & a few other meds for a while.
I also have access to Hydrocodone, which I am not prescribed, & I sometimes take one on days that my meds dont seem to be quite enough to manage my pain.
I have to give a urine sample each month, which I dont mind cause I just usually make sure to not take any Hydrocodone for several days before each apt. & it doesnt show up on the urine screening.
However, although I had to give a urine sample as usual at my last apt a couple days ago, I also had to give a blood sample so they could “check my levels”, which I’ve never had to do before.
Now I’m worried about & wondering if the Hydrocodone is going to show up on there, even though I hadn’t taken any for about 4 or 5 days & when I looked it up online, it said that it shouldnt show up on a blood screening for as long as it does on a urine test.
So, Do you think that I have anything to worry about?

10:35 am February 15th, 2012

Hello Michael. From my reading, hydrocodone can be detected in drug and urine samples for only 1-3 days after last use. http://www.agencymeddirectors.wa.gov/files/opioidgdline.pdf

I would suggest, however, that you review your pain medication with your doctor and find the right prescription combination for analgesia so that you can avoid future scrarmbling or drug testing fear.

4:31 pm February 23rd, 2012

My boyfriend is about to be submitted to a 10 panel hair test. He abuses pain killers such as hydrocodone, oxycodone and morphine. He has taken all this in the past 7 months. Will the test break down each individual opiate and exactly how long will it possibly go back if taken off the head and the body?

12:23 pm February 24th, 2012

Hello Courtney. Thanks for your question. Hair tests detect opiate use that has occurred between (approximately) 10 and 90 days prior to the test (depending on the length of the hair). Drugs and drug metabolites remain in the hair shaft indefinitely, and provide a detection “window” of approximately 60 days of use can be seen in one inch of hair.

And as hair assays are designed to detect morphine-based compounds, it seems like your boyfriend’s opiate use will be detected in both frequency and combined amount of metabolites which register in the hair.

9:13 pm February 24th, 2012

i took a half of a vicodin in late december 2011, will it show up on a hair test now feb 24 2012?

9:24 pm February 24th, 2012

Hi Steve. Thanks for your question. Hair samples for drug screens are notoriously accurate and precise. If you have an inch of hair either on your head or body, the hydrocodone may be present in the hair up to 60 days before your test. Please let us know how it does.

9:56 pm February 24th, 2012

If you take vicodin prescribed by the doctor and took suboxone for 2 days then the day of doctor apt took your normal dose of vicodin I would say 2 hr before apt would the vicodin show up on the drug screen or would the suboxone being in your system not let the vicodin show up???????

10:11 pm February 24th, 2012

Please no judgement just need answers my sister is tired of taking her vicodin but is now faced with her body being addicted to it and she tried talking to her doc about it and he just said she would not need suboxone if she wanted off so she was to scared to tell him so she just got it from a friend but she new she had a doctor apt today so she took a Vic but now she is worried it won’t show up

12:31 pm February 25th, 2012

Hi Pinky. Do you know what TYPE of test your sister takes during her doctor’s appointments? Here is what I know.

1. Suboxone and Vicodin contain different ingredients. Suboxone contains a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone. And Vicodin contains hydrocodone.

2. Suboxone drug screens are usually ordered when a patient is taking prescription Suboxone. Neither buprenorphine or naloxone will appear as an opiate on standard testing for opiates, they only appear on special tests. Doctors only order Suboxone-specific in a clinical setting when they suspect that the patient is not taking Suboxone and is selling it instead.

3. I’d suggest that if your sister fears withdrawal, she come off Vicodin at a detox clinic. She can get Suboxone there, if needed…as well as other drugs that can help ease withdrawal.

Does this help?

9:27 pm February 25th, 2012

How much daily use would result in a positive urine test for benzos with a 200ng/ml cutoff for a 120lb woman?

12:15 am February 27th, 2012

Hi. I had 3 three teeth removed on 12/27/11. My dentist prescribed my 20 5/500 Vicodin I took two a day for about a week. I had to take a hair foliciles test on 2/24/12 for a new job at MGM casino.will this show up on my 5 panel drug test.

12:33 pm March 2nd, 2012

Hi Jason. Take your prescription or a doctor’s note with you to the testing center. The Vicodin will show up in your hair. But you should not test positive for Vicodin abuse, even though it’s in your system, because you were using Vicodin as prescribed. Just present your prescription to the Medical Officer in charge and you should be set.

9:10 pm March 2nd, 2012

Thank you for your answer.

2:53 am March 5th, 2012

I am curious about the amounts that would show on a 10 panel test. My current boyfriend and his ex are in a nasty custody battle. She recently tested positive, but the following 2or three tests were clean. Even though she admitted to the judge and others that she had taken medications that should have shown on the test. What gives here?

8:03 am March 5th, 2012

Hi monkeygirl. If she has a doctor’s note or a prescription for Vicodin, the test will come up negative. Or if she cheated in the test and presented someone else’s urine as a sample, she could test clean. Let me check on the minimum amounts of hydrocodone that standard 10 panel drug screens test for an get back with you.

I understand it must be difficult to sit by and watch. But I’d suggest that you support your boyfriend by focusing on things you can both control, like quality time with the kids.

8:06 pm March 6th, 2012

I passed I just had to show my prescription.

2:22 am March 7th, 2012

I have been prescibed vicodin 4 6yrs and have been on a drug contract 4 5 of them. I take 6 7.5/500 a day. My question is…..if i have a urine test 2moro at 1:30…how much vicodin would i have to take 2 show up in the test. I have been out 4 4 days n just picked up my script 2day? Do i have to worry bout levels in a standard doctor urine test.

5:18 am March 7th, 2012

Hi traci. Thanks for your question.

As long as you are following the contract and taking Vicodin as prescribed, you have nothing to worry about. Take a doctor’s note, ,your contract and/or your prescription to the testing center, and present them to the Medical Officer in charge of testing results. The hydrocodone will show up on the test results, but if you are taking Vicodin within daily allowance amounts, the test will come back “negative” for misuse. Does that make sense?

2:24 pm March 7th, 2012

Yes it does make sense thank u…but i guess what i really wanted to know was….if i had been out since friday n i took 2 pills yesturday n 2 2day will that be enuff to show up on a standard doctors office urine test this after noon? And if it will show-will it show that my levels r off cus i was out for 4 days. Im just terribly nervous. Ive never broken my contract and i dont want to start now. Thanks 4 helpn……

6:50 pm March 7th, 2012

Hi Traci. Drug testing under expected levels may be noted by the doctor. Your doctor will wonder why you aren’t taking the medication as prescribed, but a simple explanation should suffice. If you have a track record of correctly taking your pain medication over a period of many years, you have build trust. Furthermore, I think that doctors are more concerned when you take MORE than you are prescribed. But if you need to, your explanation should make sense to your doctor. Let us know how it goes!

9:47 pm March 11th, 2012

Thanks for the reply and for looking into my original question. ” How much daily use would result in a positive urine test for benzos with a 200ng/ml cutoff for a 120lb woman? ” I believe the way this test works she would show up positive, regardless of having a prescription or note, and she would than have to explain herself to the judge. I am really curious if she is using more than what she’s been prescribed. Thanks again for any additional advice you can offer.

8:50 pm March 16th, 2012

Its illegal to posses drugs, not use them…

4:26 am March 17th, 2012

This is not true. If you use narcotic or DEA scheduled prescription drugs without a prescription, you are breaking federal laws.

4:06 am March 18th, 2012

I have to take urine test to get my script for lortab tens. How much and how ling should I take it, to make sure it shows up? I’m 190 lbs

6:08 pm March 18th, 2012

I don’t take vicodin often but have back problems. If I tool one Sunday mid day and get randomed Monday morning what’s the chances of it showing up? I know there’s a detection window of 1-4 days but I know friends who take a lot more who have passed their tests.

1:05 pm March 19th, 2012

Hi Debbie.

Why are you NOT taking your Lortabs?

Hi Joe. It’s really hard to predict or give odds about whether or not a urine sample will come back clean, or not. This is because each person’s metabolism, weight, size, medical health, and general physical condition are different. To expect the worst, your odds are probably more likely to test positive than negative.

John Doe
1:38 am March 29th, 2012

Been taking 10mg vicodin once a day sometimes twice a day not at work of course but i take a dot 9 panel test id say 8 in last three years but safty regulation handbook dot says consentration levels has to be 2000ng to be positive in the intial test i havent failed one once i got hurt real bad five years ago still depented on them need surgery but it was a workmans comp deal patched up and put back to work my family doc says i need surgery sometimes i have script sometimes i dont.

John Doe
1:44 am March 29th, 2012

how many 10mg do you have to take to reach that 2000ng i really do wish i could get the surgery and drop the habbit .

5:00 am March 29th, 2012

Hello John Doe. I really can’t say, but this might be a question for a pharmacist. Each person metabolizes hydrocodone differently, so detection levels and corresponding doses will depend on your body’s capacity to process the drug.

That said, it sounds as if you are taking Vicodin for real medical need. Is there something that is preventing you from getting the surgery? And you scared to stop taking Vicodin? The withdrawal can be difficult, but it might be better than continued dependence.

5:58 am March 29th, 2012

I ran out six days ago.

11:39 pm March 29th, 2012

Hi Debbie. From my reading, it should only take one single dose of hydrocodone taken 6-24 hours before a urine screen to test “POSITIVE” for hydrocodone. If, however, the urine screen also reads levels of hydrocodone in the blood, you may want to consult a pharmacist for more information.

John Doe
2:59 am March 30th, 2012

Na ,not scared at all tired of living with the pain still work for same company it was work related they have been heha’n around about gettin me back to dr. little scared of pushing the issue hard because the last co-worker that pushed his issue got fired but i do know that they look at every employee with different eyes im scared of telling them that im taking meds for my pain without a script ive had 2 different doc ‘s one theirs that does my pysical say my rotary cup feels torn to her because i dont have full range of motion and still swollen and its been 7 years back when it happened workmans comp doc tole me it would take several years to heal and now im startn to think that there must have been some stayue of limitation on it and im screwed and i cant afford 2 im the only one my family depends on i cant pay for the surgery.

4:27 am March 30th, 2012

Hi John. I see. Thanks for more explanation.

It sounds like you need a full evaluation with an MRI. Continued damage is possible, especially if you are repeating actions with your body at work (repetitive motion) in your job. Is this required of you? I know that insurance coverage is a big issue for many people, but if you don’t get the problem taken care of, it may grow worse over the years.

I’d suggest that you disclose your pain level to a doctor, and request a follow up with an orthopedist. And check with the company human resources manager to see what the statute of limitations is on work related injuries. Furthermore, it is possible that doctors in your area accept sliding scale payment. Although this means that you are responsible for the cost of the surgery, it can also significantly decrease the total amount and be paid off over time.

You and your health are important! From my perspective, taking care of yourself if the BEST way that you can continue to take care of your family.

12:16 am April 3rd, 2012

My boyfriend he pulled a muscle at work today, and he took 1 5/500 vic, if he goes to the emergency room tonight after work will it show up on a drug screen? Not sure what type of screening.. It would be for Workers Comp.

3:28 am April 3rd, 2012

Hi Angela. It is difficult to predict whether or not specific doses of prescription drugs will show up on drug screens, or not. Individual metabolism varies by person. But Vicodin is usually present in urine for a few days after dosing. Still, ER visits do not usually include drug screens unless a drug overdose is suspected. I’m not sure, but for a pulled muscle, shouldn’t he see an orthopedist instead of going to the ER?

keisha B
10:49 pm April 4th, 2012

Hi, I’ve been taking vicodin for some time now. I have a drug screening on the tenth of this month, stop taking vicodin today do you think it will show up????

8:41 am April 5th, 2012

Hi keisha B. Thanks for your question. If you have been using Vicodin with a prescription, there will be no problem if you are taking Vicodin as prescribed. Just take the Rx or a doctor’s note to the testing center and you will test NEGATIVE.

If you’ve been using Vicodin recreationally, we advise that you disclose use to your employer or probation officer before the test. This kind of honesty can open the path for new opportunities and growth. But if you’re just trying to dodge a drug test, we suggest that you take the testing seriously and consider stopping the habit. Hydrocodone can be detected in urine 2-4 days after last use, but chronic or heavy use might be detected for longer.

12:13 am April 6th, 2012

Hello, I have an upcoming pre-employment drug test and wanted to know how long prescriptions are valid. I have been taking prescribed vicodin for jaw pain but the script is a month and a half old. I was prescribed 30 pills to take one every 4-6 hours as needed for pain. I took a few the first day I received them and then I didn’t need them for a long time. My dog recently banged her body against my face which caused me a lot of facial pain so I’ve been taking them again this week. Just didn’t know if a prescription that is over a month old is valid. Worried and don’t know what to do..

4:00 am April 6th, 2012

If you take the basic 5 panel urine screen (thc, coc, pcp, opi, amp) that the DOT and most companies give as a random screen you will NOT test positive for opiates while taking Vicodin or Percocet. Whether its an RX or recreational use. Research, common sense, and personal experience makes me 100% positive that this is correct. I’ve had a large amount of dental work done on and off for the last 2 years and have been given six random 5 panel urine screens. 5 out of the 6 I’ve been taking percs or vikes for the whole week leading up to it. I never told the screener and never got a call from an MRO to explain.
The opiate (OPI) screen tests from morphine, codeine, and heroin. Hydrocodone and oxycodone do NOT fall into this class. They are synthetic opioids and an entirely different chemical compound.
Mind you now I’m only talking about the basic 5 panel screen. Federal guidelines for the DOT issued urine screens don’t test for the synthetics. It’s up to your company to request the further testing. Most company’s will not foot the bill to screen for the expanded opiate/opioid testing.
Like I said though- you will NOT fail the standard OPI screen while taking vikes or percs. Saying Vicodin or Percocet will test positive for opiates is like saying excessive coffee drinking will make you fail for amphetamines. Hope this helps..

4:23 am April 6th, 2012

Hi JP. That is a great question. In other words – what’s the statute of limitations for prescriptions during drug testing?

MROs (Medical Review Officers) who supervise all drug screens usually ask for one of the following to confirm the medical necessity and use of prescription drugs. A copy of the prescription, the medicine container with the appropriately labeled prescription (or the label from the container), or a copy of the medical record documenting the valid medical use of the drug during the time of the drug test. Furthermore, MROs may contact the prescribing physician or the pharmacist who filled the prescription to verify the information provided by the donor.

In terms of what is an “OLD” prescription, expiration dates refer to shelf life. It’s not illegal to take one’s old medicine. But the way that an MRO will review OLD RXs is rather ambiguous and depends upon the individual. Doctors know that real drug abusers USE drugs, they don’t store them. If your prescription was written in the last few months, you’ll probably be OK. Prescriptions over a year old may be a little suspect. But call the testing center and speak with a specialist (you can do that, you know?!) to find out.

Does this help?

4:55 am April 6th, 2012

Thank you both. That helps a lot 🙂

10:24 am April 9th, 2012

Hi griffin. Hydrocodone can be detected in oral saliva solutions for only one day after exposure (even less 7-21 hours after taking it). So your brother will probably be OK in terms of passing the test…but we always advocate for honesty during drug testing. Is he on probation, random employment screen, or pre-employment drug test?


9:44 pm April 9th, 2012

My brother had a saliva test for work. He took a 10mg hydrocodone 40 hours before it. Will it show up on the test?

11:17 pm April 9th, 2012

Hello. So I have a friend who snorts advil, tynenol, asprin… alot of over the counter drugs. His parents found some of his friend’s weed (not his own he doesn’t smoke marijuana) so they decided they were going to drug test him. Will his snorting over the counter stuff show in a drug test? and if so what kinds of drug tests would show it?

2:26 pm April 10th, 2012

Hi LS. Most urine drug screens test include five (5) main classes of drugs: Marijuana (THC), Cocaine, Amphetamines, Opiates, Phencyclidine (PCP). If you don’t know what kind of drug screen it is, though, it’s difficult to know what drugs they are testing for.

3:04 am April 12th, 2012

I have taking 3000 milgrams of vicoden every day for 2years for pain. I have a script for lortab 500 twice a day. Anyways I am takin a new job and will have a drug screening next week. Do I need to worry since I am takin more then I am presrcribed.

7:04 am April 12th, 2012

Dear Jeremy,
3000 a day? The most in any hydrocodone or Lortab and is only 10mg, however they can put like 750mgs of Acetaminophen in the strongest tabs, are you sure you are not talking about the Acetaminophen?

If it is the 7.5/750, (7.5 is your Lortab strength and the other number is your Tylenol dosage), you are talking about 4.5 Hydrocodone a day, let me know which number you are giving me because if it is the Lortab strength you are talking about, that’s VERY dangerous, I can’t even imagine living through that much, and yes I have taken Lortab in that strength, but no more then 4 in one day, big freaking horse pills those things, write back, Buddy

2:28 pm April 12th, 2012

Hi Jeremy. Yes, chronic drug use can be detected in pre-employment screens above the level that you are prescribed. Drug metabolites are measured in very precise amounts of nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL). So if you are above the cutoff level for therapeutic use, it can be detected.

4:27 pm April 12th, 2012

Its the 5/500 loratab. The smallest pill u can get. I take 6 a day but my script says 2 a day. so they will notice the diffrence on the pre employment drug screen. If I go down to 2 a day for a week before will that help?

11:51 pm April 12th, 2012

Hey chris my buddy takes any painkillers 5-6 a time and he gets randomly tested DOT style which is 5 panel. He got tested couple months ago and only tested positive for amphetamines from taking a adderall. So I believe your correct about it not showing up. hope this helps anyone else. If anyone finds out differently please post

4:50 am April 17th, 2012

Hi Jeremy. We don’t consult on how to avoid detection when you aren’t using hydrocodone as prescribed. Instead, we suggest that you are honest and either disclose use before a drug screen or wait for the results.

4:18 pm April 17th, 2012

Jeremy, I’d suggest you talk to your Doctor and how your tolerance on your Vicodin is not working like it use to…..you will be surprised how much they will listen, especially on something like this,
(Of course if this is a good Doctor who will spend time with his/her patients). If you were prescribed 4 tabs a day, and now you have to take it 6 times a day for the medicine to work (assuming you are using it for the right reasons), their are a plethora of other medicines out there, like Ultram, or lyrica, Or in some cases depending on what is causing the pain, time released pain killers.

I had a similar problem with Vicodin ES (7.5/750), So I was referred to a pain management Doctor told them about how my Vicodin just doesn’t work as well as it use to. After an exam and a urine test, She was suggesting something time released, meaning every hour for 12 hours a day I would get a small dose of this medicine.

Problem is if you have a background of drug abuse, they will not prescribe the Pill. I was offered a new drug called Opana ER, but that was hard to get, and most insurances won’t pay for it. So they gave me a choice of either Avinza (type of morphine time released), or Oxycontin.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Oxycontin before, it’s really been given a bad rap, because it was probably one of the biggest prescription drugs sold on the street. Well at first I was reluctant because of the stories I heard, but they have recently refurbished the drug so it’s almost impossible to be broken up or crushed like the ones in the past were. Because a lot of teenage kids were crushing it and snorting it, because it’s like several Percocets in one pill and doing the crushing makes it VERY dangerously potent, like taking 10 Percocets at one time. That’s why you would here so much about it. That is the most popular known Pain killer. they come in 10mg to 30mg’s for time released.

There are other time released drugs as well even some patches like duragesic. You really have to take a look at yourself and see if you can talk to a doctor, preferably a Pain management Doctor, be honest with them, they won’t judge you but be honest, best wishes, and be wise, BuddyD

PS: Vicodin can also be damaging to your liver over time just FYI

1:44 pm April 19th, 2012

I took a 500 mg vic in febuary.. i have a hair test next week.. odds of passing.. i dont use.. i only took ine for back pain after a snowboarding accident in febuary

8:32 pm April 19th, 2012

i took six a 25mg adoral at 9am six 100mg norcos and a qtr xanax bar at three pm if i take a mouth swab at noon or little after tomorrow will i fail

8:40 pm April 19th, 2012

Hi John. Single low doses of hydrocodone are much less likely to show up on a hair sample test than chronic, regular use. It is, however, possible. So in terms of odds, it might be good to cover yourself by self reporting the use. We do recommend a policy of honesty during any type of drug testing, as we believe this is more conducive to long term positive outcomes.

1:52 am April 22nd, 2012

I just want a straight answer….there are WAY to many opinions and non experts answering these questions. I took a 7.5 mg. Vicodan 4 days ago….no, I do not have a prescription, just lower back pain that comes and goes….no, I am not a frequent user. Will it show up on the test I took today? Don’t need preaching…Random test, and one of those ‘bad timing’, stupid decisions, want to get some decent sleep, Getting a nida 5 at 8am
Anyone that can be helpful, would be appreciated. ALSo….If i don’t pass what will happen?

1:57 am April 22nd, 2012

What will happen, since my job popped a random on me….? Drugs suck!

2:01 am April 22nd, 2012

Revising….will it show up on the test I got popped on me today…i am taking in at 8am Sunday morning.

2:10 am April 22nd, 2012

Chris? Do you know for sure about hydrocodone not showing up on NIDA 5? My job is riding on that fact….i think. Hopefully it is out of my system in the usual 72 hours…that i have seen on many websites. Regardless, I am so sorry I took this stupid pill. My pain went away temporarily, but it was not worth the risk of my living/kids/home/car, etc. Flipping out…….worry wart

11:25 am April 26th, 2012

Hi Meagan. It’s really difficult to predict the outcome of a random drug screen when the drugs that you are being tested for have been in your system recently. It sounds likely that hydrocodone can be detected. Did you get the results back?

2:47 pm April 30th, 2012

I took only 2 ryzolt about 2 weeks ago for excruciating tooth pain (they were not my prescription they were my fathers). I have a job interview this coming up friday (5/4/12) and then two weeks after that I have a hair and urine drug test. Will those show up in my hair? I know for a fact that I will pass the urine test. But I’m not quite sure about the hair.. This would be my dream job so I’m extremely worried about it..

7:59 pm May 1st, 2012

Hi Katie. I don’t really know. Single occasion, single doses of hydrocodone are much less likely to be seen on a hair test than chronic use. But it is still theoretically possible. Please let us know how it goes.

11:20 am May 11th, 2012

I am a driver with a large union company. I was injured 15 years ago on the job and have been taking pain medication for probably 13 years. I started with 2 Darvocet a day for 12 years and recently had to change to Norco 2 a day for last the last year. We were all informed a few months ago that if caught taking prescribed Vicoden we would be fired on the spot. I get random tested anually and am also concerned about my commercial drivers licence. I can usually control the pain by not bending over but with a physical job it is difficult. What are my options I am now 2 months drug free and in a lot of pain everyday.

2:12 pm May 11th, 2012

Hi humanman. Thanks for your message. I wonder if the human resources department of your company can point to the exact policy of “no prescription Vicodin” in your employee handbook. Are they targeting the non-medical use of prescription pain relievers? If so, this would make sense. But as far as I know, prescription pain medicines, when taken as prescribed, are not the legal basis for firing an employee. However, I could be wrong, so check up on the policy first.

Second, there are a number of options for non-opiate or narcotic pain medications. As I driver, I can see how the use of narcotics may be of concern, especially in driver impairment. Google search “pain management alternatives site:.gov” and check these results for more information.

5:52 am May 16th, 2012

It’s me again. So I tooke those two ryzolt(tramadol) on April 17. My drug test will either be monday May 21 or June 11. Since I’m not a chronic user should I be alright? And I also have short hair if that helps.. Why do they only stay in your hair 90 days? Does it become weaker as the days go by? I’m confused..

3:35 am May 29th, 2012

Hi I am not a drug user but had bad teeth pain and took a vicodin for the pain which is left over from my husbands old prescription. I had forgotten I may be drug tested at new job tomorrow when I realized this I threw up the vicodin(maybe 10 minutes after I took it) will this show up in a urine test? Wish I had just asked someone to go to store and get me advil but I couldn’t wait wanted relief. Does anyone know if it will be in my system if I threw it up????? Am really worried

4:13 pm May 29th, 2012

Hello Katie. Thanks for your question. Drugs are detectable in hair about a 1/2 inch every 30 days. So, drug screens estimate for short hair that drug use is detectable for 90 days to account for a 1.5 inch sample. I’m not sure if a one time use of tramadol is detectable, though. Although it is possible theoretically, it seems less likely to be detected given such a small amount. From what I’ve read, hair samples tend to give testers a better idea of more regular moderate use or heavy use.

6:05 pm May 29th, 2012

Hi Jay. I’m not sure if hydrocodone will have been metabolized in your system, or not. Hydrocodone (the main ingredient in Vicodin) peaks in the blood about one hour after taking it. You do have chances of passing the test, but I cannot estimate the odds. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

5:08 pm June 18th, 2012

hi i have a hair follicle drug test today i had a proscription for Vicodin i had gotten a while back for really bad migraines i was getting i never used them because the headaches stopped but lately they came back and i took like 1 Vicodin a day i didnt abuse the use of it but now i have a drug test will i be okay as long as i take the precipitation with me?

6:08 am June 24th, 2012

I have a prescription for Vicodin that I got in January after I had a c-section I take it very sparingly and still have a few pills I take evey once in a while because I still get pains in my surgery area after long busy days at work (I work 10 hours on my feet lifting heavy things) is this considered a current prescription or could I get in trouble for still using it? Thanks!

12:39 am June 26th, 2012

Hi Amanda. Yes, take the prescription to the drug screen with you. If you are taking Vicodin for migraines with a prescription, the Medical Review Officer will compare the level of hydrocodone metabolites in your sample with the expected levels for therapeutic use and dose. As long as you fall within the norms, you should test NEGATIVE for Vicodin abuse.

Hello Mom0104. Hmmm. That’s a good question. Although in your mind, you’re still using Vicodin for pain related to c-section surgery, the prescription itself may have been for short-term, acute pain AFTER the surgery. In order to be totally covered, I’d suggest that you see a doctor and update your prescription for the occasional pain that you experience.

7:03 pm June 26th, 2012

I’m confused by all of the different answers here. I took one single vicodin (5/500mg) on Monday, around 3pm. I have a 5 panel drug screen with my probation officer at 9am Wednesday morning. Is this likely to test positive?

7:31 pm June 26th, 2012

Hello Kristina. It is possible that you test positive for opiates (although some people claim that opioids like hydrocodone do not show up as opiates on panel screens). To satisfy your curiosity, you can buy a home test and drug test yourself before the official test. But otherwise, each person metabolizes hydrocodone within a different time period, so it is very difficult to predict whether or not hydrocodone will be detected.

5:50 pm June 27th, 2012

Just as an update…I passed my drug screen today. 🙂 So for others that might be wondering, I am 5’2, 125 lbs, 32 yrs old, but not very active. I took one vicodin 5/500mg on Monday around 3pm, and had to do a 5 panel drug screen Wednesday with my PO at 9am, and passed. I’m NOT a frequent user, I had taken just the one. Flushed my system out ALL day with water on Tuesday tho, so that probably helped. Thanks for your info. Hope this helps someone else too!

9:11 pm June 28th, 2012

I take Norco and Oxycontin for chronic back and neck pain. I called in my prescription refill today and my doctor’s office called and said I needed to also take a urinalysis test today when I pick my pills up (reasons unknown to me). My question is, can the UA detect if I’ve taken more than the prescribed dosage of my meds? I have had worsening pain and have needed to take a couple extra pills per day. I know it’s not what I’m supposed to do but I did it. Now I’m worried. This is the first UA my doctor has ordered. I usually am ordered blood tests (every 3 months) and have had no problems with those results. I appreciate your help.

12:34 am June 29th, 2012

Hi Anastasia. Random (or semi-random) urine analyses are part of the protocol for pain management treatments involving opioids. The tests screen for patients who take more than prescribed AND less than prescribed (presumed to be selling or giving the drugs away to others). These screens will detect levels of oxycodone and hydrocodone and other opioids in your system, so if you’ve been taking more than you’re prescribed, you may (just out of necessity and protocol) be asked to see another doctor.

11:04 am July 3rd, 2012

From my past job testing, I was specifically told that on a pre-employment 5-Panel Drug test Vicodin will not show up.
This was told to me by my screener, because I kept insisting she take the information off of my prescription bottle because I really did not need any problems with the test that could hold up my job position.

10:42 pm July 28th, 2012

Hi my question is I took 20 5m/500m Generic Vicodin’s over the course of 48 hours I started on a Tuesday evening and took my last 2 and half pills Thursday morning. I had a drug test the next Thursday morning so I had a full 6 days of no use. I am 33 years old 5’7″ about 155lbs. and in relatively good health basically no health problems. Will that 6 days be enough time for it not to show up on a urine test ?

1:32 am July 31st, 2012

Hi Michael. It’s hard to predict. Heavy dosing in such a short amount of time may pass through the body relatively quickly, but it also depends on how much Vicodin you took before the binge. If you take Vicodin chronically, hydrocodone can stay in your system for more than a few days after last dose. But it all depends on your metabolism, general health, body mass, etc. So, if you are worried, buy a home test kit to try to predict the results before the official test.

3:47 am July 31st, 2012

Thank you for responding I just wanted to add that I hadn’t taken any Vicodin or anything for 14 days before the binge and that I was just curious what you would think is relatively fast ? I have a pretty fast metabolism I would say I’m pretty skinny. I’m not going to buy a drug test because at this point it makes no sense because now I haven’t had anything in 10 days. I need to know if I would be okay last Thursday which will be 6 days with nothing after the binge ? Thank you

1:02 am August 1st, 2012

Hi Michael. I guess we’ll have to wait and see….

2:19 am August 3rd, 2012

Thank you so much for your quick and timely response to my post. I took my test as directed and heard nothing back from my doctor so I’m presuming that what she was looking for was answered and she was satisfied. I did wait a few days before taking my test (because of the half-life info I read about) so I’m not sure if that helped or not. Perhaps she was looking for something else. I’m not sure and I’m more than likely not going to ask her about it. Thank you again for your reply and your dedication to helping others.

4:47 pm August 3rd, 2012

You are welcome, Anastasia. Please let us know how we can help further.

5:08 am September 15th, 2012

Hi. I just went in for a hair test today for a new job i just got. In 2008 and 2009 i had 2 hip reconstruction surgeries on each hip and was prescribed loratab for both. Half way through the second recovery they were proving ineffective so the doctor gave me something stronger for the pain and i saved what i had left of the loratab (probably 20-30 pill or so). I have taken them off and on for pain in my hips and back since 2009. I took them 3-4 times in the between the months of feb and mar because i injured my hip playing basketball and took my last pill about 2-3 months ago due to back pain which i have been seeking medical help for ever since. I do not have my original prescription for them but i am guessing i can get my records pulled to supply to the drug testers if they find the trace amounts. My question is will they take an old prescription and okay it? What do you think?

1:01 pm September 16th, 2012

Hi hipman. A wise Medical Review Officer can identify valid prescription use and discern it from problematic use. Yes, go through and get copies of your old medical records and your old prescription to present to the Medical Review Officer. The thing about drug addiction is that drug addicts DON’T HOLD ON TO OLD PRESCRIPTIONS. They ingest the drugs as quickly as possible.

4:53 pm September 18th, 2012

I have an ongoing prescription for 5-500 MGs of Lortab three times a day. I have chronic neck pain from a broken neck and subsequent surgeries. Some days I get by with one…maybe two..but some days I take the three. depending on the pain. I have a employment drug test coming up. I have read that I need to take a note from the doctor to the drug screeners. I guess my concern is whether they can disqualify me from a desk job if I have this ongoing prescription? I feel like I should be a productive member of society and can be a very productive employee…given my 26 years of experience. Any thoughts?

11:10 am September 22nd, 2012

Hi Greg. My one thought is: GO FOR IT! The drug screen itself will come back NEGATIVE for drug abuse, and whether or not you currently take prescriptions is an issue of medical privacy. As long as your drug screen results land between established norms, your drug test should be clean. Good luck on the job!

7:57 am September 24th, 2012

I got a prescription for hydrocodone 2 months ago for 16 pills. I had an ear infection and only took half of them. I just had another ear infection last week and took some. I also had a drug test at work. Is my prescription still valid?

10:33 am September 25th, 2012

Hi John. Yes, you can try to submit your prescription for your ear infection as valid for the drug screen. Prescriptions can be valid for a year or two after initial writing, but the determination of validity will be the decision of the Medical Review Officer at the drug screening laboratory.

6:13 am October 21st, 2012

i have a question-i am to take a hair follicle test this week and for the past 90 days i have had approx 12 mg dilaudid-10 mg morphine and 500 mcg of fentanyl

will my test come back as a heavy /constant user-or moderate -daily


7:26 am October 22nd, 2012

Hi Kathy. That’s a very interesting and specific question. I’d suggest that you talk with a Medical Review Officer at a drug testing laboratory to find the answer. We just don’t have the expertise required to answer so specific a question.

4:09 pm November 9th, 2012

I have never taken a drug test before and have a job offer that requires one. I take prescribed vicodin (broke my neck and 3 surgeries later). I understand, based on this blog, that i shall be fine if i take rx with me to test. However, Does the drug testing people tell my future employer that i take vicodin? whether or not its legal/legit, i feel an employer would look down on someone taking vicodin.

2:41 pm November 13th, 2012

Hi Stella. It really depends upon whether or not your future employer is using federal guidelines and a federally certified lab for drug testing. If using a SAMHSA certified lab (only 35 labs in the U.S.), the test results should remain private. However, if the drug testing occurs in another of the thousands of labs in the U.S. without donor’s rights procedures in place, the lab can inform your employer of the results…

Is that more clear for you?

4:05 pm November 16th, 2012

So to confirm I understand, basically unless I go to a SAMHSA lab which I doubt as it’s a small company, the lab can tell my employers about the prescribed vicodin i am taking?
Do you have an opinion if i should try to hide it using any certain products? Or just roll the nice? Not taking isn’t really an option as i can’t physically move without them in morning 🙁

12:46 pm November 19th, 2012

That’s what I understand, Stella. They even do sneaky things like ask you on the intake form whether, or not, you’re taking Rx pills. And then they disclose THAT to the potential employer. This is why it’s important that potential new employees know that their rights to privacy are protected by SAMHSA certified labs more than “independent” labs.

Do you know if they are testing for Extended Opioids? Also, does the job you’re applying for involve driving or operating heavy machinery? My opinion is that it’s really no one’s opinion about what meds you take when they are legit. But on the other hand, as an employer, I much prefer a drug-free work zone than working with people who are taking psycho-active drugs. That’s my preference. But I wouldn’t personally cheat on a drug screen. That seems like bad karma. I would take the test, and if my Rx use doesn’t conform to the employers’ wishes, I would look for work elsewhere.

11:11 pm November 30th, 2012

hello,i have a blood test at work,i have been taking an old script of vicoden perscibed for a tooth ach.i hurt my back,my questioned is will it show up in a blood test,and how long do you have to stop taking it?

4:33 am December 4th, 2012

I have a slight addiction to Vicodin have been on and off it for the last few years. This year I have had several perscriptions for it, but also obtain it illegally when I run out. I do tend to abuse it. A few weeks ago I was perscribed another 60. I chewed through those like M & M’s I then bought about 15 illegally. Since then I have gone 1 and a half weeks without it. I am getting a promotion at work and will be subject to a Hair test. Not sure if it is 5 panel or 12. I have read that 5 panel does not test for perscription drugs, just opiates like Heroin. In either case I am really worried, because I have been contracted at the company for 2 years, am engaged, and have made financial commitments for after my promotion. This would be very embarrasing if I fail, not to mention I would lose my fiance, and most likely get evicted. If I present my prescription bottle at the testing will that prevent chaos in my life. Oh BTW I have vowed never to take that junk again and am doing very well without it.

7:27 pm December 10th, 2012

I have a pre-employment drug screening coming up in a week or so. I don’t know if it its urine or hair. I took 5 Vicodin over the course of 3 days about 3 weeks ago for back pain when I threw my back out. These were left over pills from a previous prescription for my wisdom teeth removal (6 months ago). What do you recommend I do?

4:54 pm December 18th, 2012

I am normally prescribed Norco…I ran out yesterday morning and took avinza time release laterin the afternoon. I have a urine test at pain management today. Will the avinza show in my system?

4:48 am December 20th, 2012

hi i have a panic disorder with agoraphobia and ocd. before i had xanex prescribed to me but i stopped going to my other doctor and im going to a psychiatrist but they want to give me a drug test on monday before i get my xanex script again.but meanwhile while i didnt have my script i have been taking 10 mg vicodin about 4 times a day. because with my disorder when i have panic attacks i have to hurt some one or rob someone or do something to scare myself out of having a panic attack so it was necessary for me to take something to be calm. i am 5″9 150 pounds and skateboard every day also stay very hydrated and have a high metabolism how long will it take for vicodin to get out of my system.

8:05 am December 20th, 2012

Dear Joe (December 4th @ 4:33am

lol… I”ll be prayin for ya, there’s still hope for ya…. tk care.

1:10 am December 21st, 2012

I take about 1 vicodin a day for the last two weeks, will I test positive if I stop using for 24 hours?

8:21 pm January 29th, 2013


12:01 pm March 2nd, 2013

I read through this thread and I am sorry to see the fear that the above people have because they have pain and legitimately need perscription painkillers. What does the government and private sector plan to do with all the unemployable people?

11:09 pm March 6th, 2013

how come my hydrocodone does not show up on my urine test i take it daily but it don’t show up in urine test i take 7.5mg 3 to 4 times a day.

4:35 pm March 25th, 2013

Hi, Mickey wrote 11:09 3/6/13 I have the exact same problem…I am prescribed…I need more some days because I only take 3 per day…my doc says my tests are too low!!!!! But I NEED these plus more….so why are my levels showing up low???? Or different? Please help so frustrated….so much pain and all they want to do these days is get you off the meds that work….

3:33 pm April 4th, 2013

I recently found out that I have to take a 5-panel hair test in 5 days and am quite nervous. I had my wisdom teeth pulled out last May and received a prescription of Vicodin which I ended up not using up, and I also had a septoplasty on my nose which I received Nucynta and also did not use up.

I ended up injuring my ankle badly in the middle of January and went to the ER, but when I was asked if I needed any pain meds from the nurse or doctor, I said no because I figured I could use the ones I had if I needed to. So the 2 months after that, I took about 10 Nucynta and 4 Vicodin throughout the period, and have now been off for about a month, but have this hair test that I need to do in the next week and know I will receive a positive for the test for opiates. I am planning on bringing in my paperwork from the ER as well as the prescription bottles since it has been less than a year and they are not expired, but I am nervous since the pain meds I was prescribed were for different surgeries and not for my most recent injury.

I don’t know what the best way to handle this situation is, whether I should consider buying a detox cleanse for my hair or just being upfront with the company, but this position is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

11:45 pm June 27th, 2013

can a single dose of 3 vicodin be detected in hair

11:04 am June 28th, 2013

Hi Janet. Technically, yes. Even a single dose of Vicodin can be detected in a hair analysis for extended opiates.

8:26 pm July 8th, 2013

I’m in pain management and have been taking (1) 7.5/500 2 twice a day for 2 years, I have failed every drug screen I’ve ever taken until my last Dr random and preemployment. I took my meds the day before and day of both times. I don’t understand why I’m passing them now.

7:00 pm August 4th, 2013

addiction blog,
ive heard this in a few places…
is this true?
“And if they do a 5 panel vicidon wont show up. It has to be 12panel extended for synthetic presription drugs.When they say opiates they mean things like heroin.”

7:02 pm August 4th, 2013

also, do most companies do urine testing? what percentage of companies do hair testing? i would imagine that is rare and for more high level govt jobs and things?

5:34 pm August 7th, 2013

I took a swab test and they didn’t ask about any perscriptions I was taking I did nt think I had any thing to worry about do I im still awaiting my results

911 please help me
10:20 pm August 26th, 2013

Ok so I’m preceribed Vicodin 500 mg by my pain management dr. I suppost to take 3 a day but I have lost my purse with my pills in them and I take a urine test when I go in but I found a half of a Vicodin 500mg in my cupboard if I take it the day before I go take my test or the morn inning of will it show up in my system so I don’t get cut off meds. Thank in advance plz help

911 please help me
10:21 pm August 26th, 2013

Mary with the swab test as long as u didn’t take nothing the day u went n took it you’ll b fine

9:01 pm September 13th, 2013

i used vicodin for 2 days because of a toothache till they put me on antibiotics it was a month ago would that small amount show up on a hair drug test?

9:03 pm September 13th, 2013

oh it was only one pill per day which was all i needed

2:00 pm September 16th, 2013

Hi Slyvia, for how long? A one time episode may go undetected but daily dosing of hydrocodone may show up on a hair analysis.

Shauna P.
5:59 pm October 9th, 2013

Hi, little confused right now. Have been taking 5mg hydrocodone religiously 3 times a day for almost 3 yrs. Also require drug testing so they can monitor my usage. The pain center I use has switched toxicology company and the past 3 drug tests they have done have shown negative for my hydrocodone…. they completely stopped the prescription and scheduled for me to come back in 2 weeks to go over the testing ….. am concerned about withdrawals but they said I should have any seeing how they aren’t in my system(as that is what the test shows). I know what I have been taking and for how long…. why is it not showing up in my test and is it true that I wont have withdrawals because their test says I am negative? Please help with this…..

6:40 pm November 18th, 2013

I took one 10mg Vicodin. One time. Will it show up on a 12 panel hair test???

9:09 pm November 21st, 2013

I took 4 vicodin one time about 2 2-1/2 months ago. I have a 6 month hair test coming up. Will this show up?

11:00 pm January 21st, 2014

I am prescribed to take Vicodin 750/325 2x a day. Sometimes I take Hydromorphone 4 mg and methocarbamol 500mg but 2 pills of the methocarbamol at once because 1 does not help the pain from my muscles tightening. Like I said I have a prescription for the Vicodin but not the methocarbamol and Hydromorphone 4 mg. I also have a prescription all of the following …for Xanax .50 mg 2x a day and lyrica 75 mg 3x a day and I take 600 mg of Advil 2x a day and metformen 1000mg 2x a day.

My question is will they be able to detect specifically that I have taken Hydromorphone 4 mg … Only took 3 of those pills this week in place of taking the Vicodin and can they detect I took 2 pills of the methocarbamol detect those two meds through the following blood tests I have to go in for… CBC, BMP, CK, thyroid panel and a blood test for rheumatoid factor?

If they are able to see through those blood tests that I have specifically taken Hydromorphone 4mg and methocarbamol 1000mg then how long should I wait before having the blood tests done where it won’t show up? Or would my prescribed meds cover it up… (The Vicodin, lyrica, and Xanax ).

My dr is giving me these blood tests because he is trying to find out why I am having all of my pain. So far he got me a MRI which showed I have a really healthy back except I have a slightly bulging disc. He is sending me in for a EMG testing for nueropothy if any of that information helps. I know he wants to test my muscles because of my numbness in my limbs…all 4 hence the EMG and one of the blood tests I mentioned above… He also mentioned the possibility of RA.

But before I get the blood work done I want to make sure he will not see that I am occasionally taking …specifically taken Hydromorphone 4mg and methocarbamol 1000m

Thank you

6:45 am January 22nd, 2014

I have a prescription for Norco 10/325. I ran out of my pills and I still had severe neck pain. I acquired some Generic Norco M367 pills from a friend. Will the two forms show up different on a urine test? I am going back to my job and I don’t want to give a bad UA. I have the opportunity to be honest with my employer and let them know my situation. I don’t abuse meds but the pain was unbearable and my insurance was canceled when I left. I had to find something that would help me. This will be a pre-employment drug test and I don’t want to screw it up. So again my question is will Norco and the generic Norco show up different on a ua?

Kirk pennant
5:55 am February 5th, 2014

I just wanted to say that you are wrong about using Vicodin for pain as prescribed by dr. I listed all drugs on employment form was drug tested and then fired when test came up positive even though they were very happy with the 10 days I put in. I had been taking Vicodin for som time seeing a pain dr and all other employers in the union were extreamly happy so laws are not out there for the person that has been hurt and still wants to work

12:51 am February 10th, 2014

I took 2 narcos on Friday at 8 pm will they be out Monday at 12pm

2:03 am March 7th, 2014

I have been clean since Dec3 2013 and I took just one pecocet 10/325 and have a hair follicle test in about two to three weeks will the pico grams be enough to show up

8:42 pm April 11th, 2014

I was prescribed to hydrocodon in December 2013 and I had some left and I took a couple Wednesday April 9 2014 and got a drug test April 11 2014. Will I fail the drug test?

Gordon Owens
7:34 am May 7th, 2014

I am prescribed Oxycontin @ 80mg bid and Oxycodone@ 30mg qid prn. I foolishly took hydrocodone about 36-48hrs prior to a U/A for extreme pain control. It was ineffective. Am I in trouble as far as the hydrocodone showing up???

Joseph brashears
2:43 am May 9th, 2014

I took one vicodin this morning for a severe tooth ache, I was peeing in a cup 3 hours later, I DONT abuse drugs rarely take any thing stronger than aspirin . Will I test positive on my pee test

Belle B
11:40 pm June 18th, 2014

I took a oxycodone- acetaminophen 5/325 yesterday. Will it show up on a hair drug test in a month?

8:57 pm July 23rd, 2014

Strange but true. Been taking oxycotin/hydrocoden since 1995, As of recently I been taking oxycotin and oxycodone but smaller amounts DAILY. why did it come back negative in the pee test for opiates. Just a month or so ago it was positive. My drs behavior has change considerably? I asked today to be tested again, he refused so I went to emergency room and waiting for results

10:18 pm August 10th, 2014

i have ra and have been taking hydroodone for about a year. I take this in the evening. I try and do every other night. I go for a pre-employment health screening on 8/11/14 i went by pharmacy and printed a copy of my script which the last one i had filled was on 4/22/14 for a 90 count. If I take my script with me and tell them will that disqualify me from working there. I take this script legally and have been going to the same physcian for a long time.

6:38 pm September 10th, 2014

I took a vicodin for the first time ever yesterday at 7pm for pain.. i have a drug test tommarow. i am very fit and have almost no fat i been drinking a lot of water and cranberry pills and green tea do you think it will show up on my urine test?

3:43 pm September 19th, 2014

I took half an lortab Wednesday and had a drug test Thursday do you think it will show in my system because that was my first time taking it in my life.??????

4:07 am September 22nd, 2014

Hi! So I had 4 Vicodin over the last month to help me sleep (the last from a back surgery I had last year) (and rarely took maybe one a month for pain over the last year )and it’s been about 10 days since then and I’m taking a urine drug test in 4 days for school.. Do you think I will be ok?? Thanks!

5:08 am September 24th, 2014

My Dr prescribes Suboxone and adderall monthly he commented on my last apt a urine drug screen from me in the next visit I forgot and kept smoking pot and took a pain pill or more, my apt is in 20 days any idea what might show or comment regarding the test

3:04 am October 2nd, 2014

i am curious, I took a vicodin on tuesday night for pain, I have a current prescription for it, I went to a job interview on Wednesday, they called me wednesday evening to come in on thursday at 4pm for a job offer an that intails a drug test. will it show up on the drug test? I only took one dose on Monday an one dose on Tuesday evening.

2:25 pm October 11th, 2014

My aunt is in a custody battle and will probabally have a drug test. She has a script for Vicodin tramadol and Robaxin but doesn’t want to disclose she has taken the meds, because she rarely takes them. What kind of drug tests do courts usually use and with that test how long should she with stain so it won’t show up?

8:48 pm November 13th, 2014

Hi. I took 2 vicodin 10 mg each this morning for back pain.I havent taken any besides that but I have a drug test later today I just found out. The cutoff for opiates is 300 ng/ml do u think it will show up in my test. Im really hoping it doesn’t. Please let me know wat u think

10:30 pm December 22nd, 2014

Hi. I took hydrocodone for a couple of days probably in October due to back pain…but the pills were prescribed to my mom. I have a drug test coming up that will require urine and hair sample…should I be worried?

6:18 am January 27th, 2015

I took about 10 5mg hydrocodonep Friday night in had a send out Monday at 12am. The line on the 12 panel was very light so is the send out going to test positive

9:22 pm February 4th, 2015

Does Vicodin show up as an opiate on a drug test

8:36 pm February 14th, 2015

I have va medical, I live in CA, and have been using medical marijuana for 20 years or so. I also have 3 herniated dics, 3,4, and 5. I have a bad shoulder the va tried to do surgery on but fucked it up.
Now my va dr is trying to cut me off the vicodin because I use medical marijuana. I was wondering how much vicodin will be in my urine if I’m using 3 750 pills a day. I need to do a drug test for the va, and need the vicodin in my test results without the marijuana. I know how to alter the tests, but need to put vicodin in my alteration urine. can you help?

6:17 pm April 1st, 2015

I took 1 vicodin in mid January. I have a non dot hair follicle test April 3rd. Am I screwed??

8:01 pm June 26th, 2015

i have taken numerous drug tests on hydrocodone. I only take 5 mg’s at a time, maybe 3 x daily. I don’t understand why all the internet information say’s that you can’t pass a drug test. These have all been pre-employment tests for driving.

I have a prescription. I do not get drowsy like some people do. I actually do the opposite.

6:48 am September 8th, 2015

I have been taking norco for about 5 years now, I have herniated disc, stenosis, sciatica, a tear in disc tissue, and severe arthritis in my hips. I am just now going to go back to work that has a “drug free” work environment in Florida that requires operating some machinery. I do not have any issues with it making me sleepy or hampering performance in any way, I am afraid to ask if they will hold the fact that I have been going to pain management against me, without it I have a hard time even walking, with it, I can almost appear normal, and I want to appear normal. At the pre-employment drug screen, if I tell the lab people I am taking Norco and bring the prescription, do they have to tell the people screening me that it showed up even if I have a prescription? I am trying not to take any at all till the test, but I wish I didn’t have to hide this way. I get tested in about 5 or 6 days

9:14 pm September 29th, 2015

Hello, I had a hair follicle drug test today. About 5 months ago i took 2 vicodin for pain. They said the hair follicle test goes back a year will it show up ?

9:39 am October 10th, 2015

what does Vicoprofen and Codeine and how will they show up in a urine test? will vicoprofen show up as Oxy or Opiate what about Drugs like Tylenol #3 or fiorinal what does that show up as in a urine test will all of these drugs show up as opiate or can the difference between them show up??

3:09 am November 10th, 2015

Hi, I have taken vicodin in the past month but I’m not prescribed to it. I am prescribed tramodal that I take everyday for chronic headaches. If I said I had a doctors visit and they gave me vicodin would that help the outcome of the test?

7:40 pm November 14th, 2015

Hi I had a bad tooth and my mother gave me two 500mg vicodin I took wend.morning I don’t take them at all I took them at 6 am well I hurt my foot at work they sent me for a drug test on Fri at 1000am I took the test and now I’m worried I may test positive for opiate I’m 27like 8% body fat fast metabolism and work in a metal foundry should I pass

7:50 pm November 14th, 2015

I took two 500mg vicodin wends hurt my foot and had to ft ake drug screen for work fri i took them at 6am wends took the test fri at 10am i took vicodin that one time will it show up and do u think i will pass

3:33 am November 24th, 2015

my husband took a urine drug test today they claim a trace of vicodin was in his urine after they gave him somethin gto drink will a dipstick urine show a trace wondering how this could be

5:07 pm December 4th, 2015

I took a 2.5mg/162.5 vicodin Wednesday night about 11 something pm. I was called in to do a random drug test about the next morning about 10 something am. Will the vicodin show up on the test

7:53 am December 6th, 2015

I’m on suboxone I had ran out early took 3 Norco 10 then found some of my suboxone in my dresser 24s later so I took suboxone since suboxone knocks opiates off the receptors and I have urine screen in 4 days I never use Norco just that once cuz I was in a lot of pain so I will be a full 4 days clean off the Norco wat are the chance for Norco not being in my urine

5:16 am December 9th, 2015

Will a store bought drug test show vicaden as cocain ?

Thank you

4:09 pm December 9th, 2015

There are so many different drug tests out there. Some are all-encompasing, some are not. Vic does not show up as Coke. Vic is an Opoid, Coke is an Opiate, yes the metabolites (which is what they are testing for) are indeed similar.

One thing I can guarantee you: For me, 10 mg. of Hydrocodone does NOT show up in your typical DOT UA!!!! EVER!!!!!! I dont care what anyone say’s. I carry my prescription papers, but I have a fast metabolism and the metabolites for 10 mgs are NOT high enough for the drug screen to be called into question.

I’m not one of those guys who likes to disclose things if i dont have to. Not your business what I do or how I do it. I am accountable to myself only. If I had an issue with said prescription, I would not use it.

I have tested this theory MANY times in the last few months for randoms and pre=employments. I am always looking for a better job. Vic is not an issue for me. It is only an issue when I stop.

I actually only take 1/2 of a 5mg pill 3 x daily. Thats NOTHING to most folks, but it works just right for me. Any more than that and I DO have issues… like 10 mg 3 x a day is WAY TOO MUCH for me. I get aggravated and can’t sleep at night.

5:40 pm January 6th, 2016

Hello I have a 10 panel drug test for school next week. I am prescribed vocoden for migraines prn. I have had a migraine for 3 days now so I am taking the vicoden. Will this be a problem to my school ? Or am I in the clear as long as I have a persciption? Also does a 10 panel detect how high my levels are? Because when my migraine did not subside I took more than perscribed. Thank you.

5:20 am February 29th, 2016

Hello just wanted to ask quick question what does Painmangement doctors test for my aunt went too see her doc Mon on 26 she wanted to know if doctor could tell if she took 4 a day instead of 3 a day she atop 4 days before and took them right she in alot of pain but shez driving me nuts about her test. Any info would be grateful thanks buy the way it was norco 10

4:50 am March 28th, 2016

Hello i took a vicodin 5 two days befor My urine test will it show up and what can i do to get it out of My system? Help asap

12:01 am May 21st, 2016

I took 2 10/325 today and have a drug test in two and a half day . Not sure how many panels but it is a mouth swabbing test. Will they be able to detect the use? Thanks!

5:23 am August 23rd, 2016

Do hard on pills come up in a drug test

12:50 pm August 24th, 2016

Hi Brian. A standard five-panel urine test screen for marijuana, cocaine, PCP, opiates and amphetamines. Extended panel testing can include alcohol in addition to other drugs such as MDMA (ecstasy), Percocet/Oxycodone, and Tricyclic Antidepressants. Although there is still a debate going, male enhancement medications are not confirmed to show up on standard drug test.

3:10 pm September 8th, 2016

I am taking fiorinal with codeine ,5 a day because of severe pain after a car accident. When my pain doctor takes my urine for drug testing hydrocodone shows up in high enough levels to assume I am taking Vicodin . I do not take Vicodin and don’t know what to do. Can you explain why hydrocodone is showing up in high enough levels for the doctor to accuse me of taking Vicodin. A few times I have taken 2 fiorinal with codeine right before my appointment and was then drug tested. If there is anyone that can help me it would be greatly appreciated. I am a 56 year old retired school teacher and I do not take Vicodin .

11:36 pm October 3rd, 2016

I am obese with a very slow metabolism. If I took 5-10 ten mg Vicodin today (october 3rd), would it show up in a December urine test?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
5:58 pm October 4th, 2016

Hi Jennifer. Usually, Vicodin can be detect 2-4 days in the urine. If you like to learn more on drug testing download our FREE e-book:

5:29 pm October 20th, 2016

Hi, I took 7 roxys 5 days ago, that was my first day taking them, I was in a accident and needed relief,I have a prescription but have a urine drug test today, I don’t want them to know, I think it will be sent to the lab,will it pop uo?

4:11 am October 22nd, 2016

How long will it take for Vicodin to show up in my system for example if I have to take a hair follicle test at 4 p.m. and I took a Vicodin at 3 p.m. will it show up in my system

10:15 pm November 19th, 2016

can a saliva test distinguish different benzos or does it just come back as benzos. I ask this because i have a perscription for both klonopin and xanax and i just want to show the klonopin bottle so they dont think im a druggy. they r 2 different psychiatrists too and i really want this job. please help i go on monday

6:17 am December 24th, 2016

My question is, a month ago I took 2 vicodin and now I have to do a DOT drug hair follicle. How long does that stay in your hair and will that show on the drug test?

2:13 am January 8th, 2017

I took a vicodin 2 days ago i have a test on this Tuesday will i pass

12:01 am January 31st, 2017

I took a vicodin yesterday and having a drug test done for a new job tomorrow will it show up i have not taken them in months i took it cause i had broke my ankle this past summer and only take them when i can’t bare the pain will it show up???

6:49 am March 3rd, 2017

I re-injured my knee when a physical theripist pushed way too hard when stretching it after a total knee replacement. I had saved up some of the Vicodin I had been taking over a long period of time just in case for some reason it is impossible to get any Vicodin such as in a disaster and the pharmacies are closed down etc., I just like to be prepared and have extra heart meds, asthma meds, pain meds etc., on hand, so I save it up for emergency. I had extra pain, and so several days in a month’s time or so I took five ten milligram Vicodins a day instead of four ten milligram Vicodins a day. I am wondering if when I take a drug test in a few days if I they will be able to tell that I took more than the prescribed 4 a day. I was in terrible pain and I was not abusing the medicine, and I didn’t want to call the guy and ask him as he does not particularly like to reply to telephone calls, in face, he often does not reply at all. This is not drug abuse, I have often been given an extra pain pill by this same pain management man at the pain clinic such as when I was recovering from surgery on the knee. Normally they give a urine test. It will be about 6 days since I took over four pills as prescribed. Will that be discovered on a urine test or if any other type test, since I did leave a message and asked if it would be OK to take an extra pill but he never answered, I am afraid he might give me a hair test or a saliva test.

8:36 pm April 18th, 2017

I took one 7.5 on Sat at 1:00 and had a drug test the following Mon at 11:00 What is the likleyhood that i showed negative?

5:18 am April 22nd, 2017

If I have a prescription for hydroco done and take vicodin will it test differently for drugscreen

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:26 am April 24th, 2017

Hi Willia. Vicodin is a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. So, the level of hydrocodone might be higher on the drug test results. I suggest that you consult with your doctor about the combination and interaction of these two medications.

4:23 am July 20th, 2017

My husband has to take a required UA on July 26 to check levels of Vicodin he is rx 90 3/325 3x a day but some days takes 4 and runs out. He’s kept enough up this month to take the correct amount for 5 days before his test. Should it show up ok for his screening?

11:39 pm August 14th, 2017

I’ve taken only 1 vicodin yesterday (Sunday) and 1 adderall today (Monday) and rarely ever use and have a saliva test tomorrow Tuesday, possible to pass?

2:32 pm August 15th, 2017

Hi Mel. A mouth swab drug test is also known as a saliva test. Opiates are detectable in saliva 12 hours – 5 days after you take them. So if you have taken Vicodin and Adderall you will probably be positive on a saliva drug test the next day.

6:00 pm September 22nd, 2017

Will 1 10 mg vicodin show up in a hair follicle test. I have a presciption for it, but its well expired- i just keep it for emergencies. Will the 1 vic show up?

7:20 pm November 2nd, 2017

I have tested positive for Vicodin I do not take Vicodin I take oxycodoneCan someone please tell me why I am testing positive for Vicodin

12:17 am November 15th, 2017

I need Help! I’ve taken 12 vicodin since Sunday and I need to drop Friday by 1pm. Will it be out if my system since Tuesday night?

5:24 am January 19th, 2018

I took one 750mg Vicodin on a Wednesday. I have a hair drug screen Friday. Will hydrocodone show up on my results.

2:56 am February 16th, 2018

I took 1 Vicodin for tooth pain about 2 months ago. I had a hair follicle test done today. Will this show up? Wondering if I should go ahead and get my medical record so that the testing party knows it is a legitimate Rx. Please advise. Thank you.

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