Does Wellbutrin show up on drug tests?

No, Wellbutrin does not show up on a standard urine screen drug test. But Wellbutrin can be detected using blood tests. More on Wellbutrin detection here.

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No. Wellbutrin won’t show up on a standard urine screen, such as a DOT 5 panel screen, that are used by many employers.

Why? Because most medical professionals agree that you cannot get high on or  addicted to antidepressants, so the abuse potential for Wellbutrin is low. However, Wellbutrin will show up on special blood tests which look specifically for prescription drugs. More here on drug testing for Wellbutrin. We invite your questions about Wellbutrin use and testing at the end.

Why order a drug test for Wellbutrin?

Can I get high on Wellbutrin? No. For most of the population, Wellbutrin is not a drug that can get you high, but it does cause a physical dependence with long-term use. Therefore, Wellbutrin drug testing may be ordered for medical reasons on occasion. While Wellbutrin abuse isn’t a huge problem, isolated cases exist of people attempting to get high on Wellbutrin by crushing and snorting pills. This can be dangerous, as snorting Wellbutrin or smoking Wellbutrin leads to emergency room visits for seizures.

Be cautious! Abusing Wellbutrin recreationally or in doses/ways other than prescribed can lead to addiction. Learn more about Antidepressant Addiction Treatment Programs and Help to get ready to find the best recovery options for you.

Types of Wellbutrin tests

Wellbutrin will show up on a blood toxicology screen specifically ordered for Wellbutrin. Blood testing for Wellbutrin shows the amount of Wellbutrin in your system, so doctors will be able to tell if it’s consistent with normal prescription use or not.

Wellbutrin detection

Blood toxicology screens for Wellbutrin measure the amount of prescription drugs in blood serum. The testing isn’t meant to screen for intermittent use of illicit drugs, since those often fall beneath the threshold required for a positive result. Instead, the test that doctors order for Wellbutrin is looking for medications which could be the cause of someone’s symptoms. Additionally, blood tests for Wellbutrin are used to monitor Wellbutrin use in people with prescription drug dependence.

Wellbutrin cutoff levels

Typical therapeutic use of Wellbutrin results in blood plasma concentrations of 10-100 ng/mL. Higher concentrations due to Wellbutrin abuse or overdose can cause health complications, or increased adverse effects from the medication.

Positive drug testing for Wellbutrin

If you have a prescription for Wellbutrin, there likely won’t be any questions if you test in the normal range. In fact, a positive blood test for Wellbutrin is unlikely to impact your employment or cause legal trouble due to the low abuse potential of this drug. However, Wellbutrin drug testing may be ordered to determine if your dosage needs to be changed, or to determine how to proceed if your doctor is slowly tapering your use of the drug.

Wellbutrin drug test questions

Do you still have questions about drug testing for Wellbutrin? Please leave your questions or comment here and we will do our best to answer you with a personal and prompt response. If we don’t know the answer, we will try to refer you to medical authorities who do.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I had to take a drug test for approval to get my Tramadol refilled. I tested positive for amphetamines. When I looked at my results I almost died! I thought my Dr wouldn’t believe that I wasn’t taking anything. Once you test positive for something they will do a confirmation test…that so definitely come back all negative IF YOU REALLY DIDNT TAKE AMPHETAMINES. So you have nothing to worry about. The point of a confirmation test is to CONFIRM FALSE POSITIVE RESULTS!!! I looked up my meds I take which are only 5 and 4 of them said false positives are a possibility.

  2. Wellbutrin shows up as a methamphetamine. It’s showing up on my Suboxone urine drug test. They are telling me they can’t give Suboxone when you do methamphetamine which I don’t do. So I guess I have to stop taking Wellbutrin.

  3. So my dr put me on Wellbutrin xl 150mg been on it for close too 2 months and also taking Hydroxyzine Pamoate 100mg she said it didn’t show up in my urinalysis and that I’m lying about taking my meds .. my question is does this actually show up in a urinalysis to check your levels since it isn’t a narcotic

    1. Hi Nolan. Wellbutrin won’t show up on a standard urine screen, such as a DOT 5 panel screen, that are used by many employers.

  4. Hi, I’m starting treatment at a reputable pain management clinic following an MRI and consultations with the neurologist for my cervical neurothapy
    After my diagnosis and a urine drug screen was ordered before treatment can begin. The drug screen came back positive for methamphetamine, I was
    Informed of this by a certified letter from the Dr telling me that he would be unable to treat me because of this, I was very upset by this and began to be rack my brain trying to figure out if I had told my doctor everything prescription and over the counter I had taken.
    When I remembered that I had taken some of my husband’s Wellbutrin for several days in a row before my drug screen, never even crossed my mind that this may be the reason why , now I know I shouldn’t have been taking my husband’s but wanted to try it because of the success my husband was having with it and I was not having much success with my cymbalta for my depression so I took the easy shortcut and am now paying the price for it
    I don’t know what to do, because I really like this Dr and all of the great things I’ve heard about him.
    I’m wondering if he will believe me,and forgive this mess up on my part, and now fearful of being blackballed from the pain management community that I do desperately need, how do I clear my reputation, and now fear that I may not be able to go back to my previous pain management Dr who has been treating me for the past 2 yrs,, who I have a perfect screening record with and this new Dr knows that because I released my records from him to treat my case
    I wanted to give this new Dr a try because he came so highly recommended and was just not having much success with this Dr after multiple nerve blocks, nerve rosatomies, and controlled substance meds.
    I’ve had 5 level cervical fusion surgery performed approximately 3 to 4 years ago, but still suffer with extremely painful neuoropathy and now fear no one but will treat me now
    Please help

  5. I am suppose to be taking Wellbutrin and viibryd. I had to take a UA test today to see if I am taking these? First of all I could hardly pee let alone so there was very little urine to test but what little bit I did pee would not come up to temperature. Aside from those 2 drugs I also take pain medications, Xanax, and Amitiza. What should I do or should I be worried if these don’t appear in my urine? I am confused and need to have answers. If someone could answer me back I would appreciate it very much.

  6. I had a positive urine with Wellbutrin and I take suboxdone with postive for amphendamine? In my system I just had taken one within the half hr qhhwm going in for my urinalysis. The only thing I have taken is what I mentioned above. I have been told by many people it can test positive for amphendamine. Is this true cuz I don’t want to get in trouble for this!! I have done no other drugs at all I have been clean for for 1 yr I just wanted to ask so I know thank you!!!

  7. I wish people would stop assuming that a person is taking too much of their meds just because that person said in a previous comment that they felt that they got “high” from taking the gabapentine & bupropion. First of all, I also take both of those drugs & I have been for well over 10yrs & I really don’t think they ever get me “high”. I don’t remember feeling anything when I take my bupropion. Now, on the other hand, I do “feel” the gabapentine, but it’s definitely not a high. Now, back to the previous comment I mentioned earlier, that person did not say that they were taking more of those 2 drugs to get high. They simply said that when they take their normal doses, the feel that they get high, but, the only thing they’re experiencing the effects of the meds & therefore assuming that, that’s a high when really it isn’t. Thank you all & please be kind to one another. Not everyone is perfect!

  8. I’m taking Wellbutrin and also at the time antibiotics and other cold meds(over he counter) and some how tested positive for Crystal meh during a methadone urine screentime now I no I certainly have not done hat or any other illegal​ drugs .Iv currently been clean for 6 years and am working with children’s aid society and the out come of this may outcome in the loss of my children when actually done no such thing PLEASE help my life and the future of my family

    1. Hi Jenna. Maybe, Wellbutrin and antibiotics have made some interaction to show up as meth. I suggest that you explain your doctor, and ask him/her what to do. Also, keep in mind that certain food may cause false positive. For instance, tonic water can cause a false positive for opiates in your system if you drink it in larger quantities. If you want to learn more about the causes of false positive and what to do next, download our free e-book ‘The Definitive Guide to Drug Testing’, here:

  9. Hi I am on methadone maintenance at 68 mg daily I just started wellbutrin XL 150 mg tablet
    My question are their any problems with taking these together besides probably coming up with a positive UA I don’t see anything online about taking these together so just making sure I’m sure my Dr would not have prescribed me the wellbutrin if it didn’t​ coincide with the methadone
    Thanks for any info on this

  10. I just got a call from my probation officer she said I tested positive for amphytimines !?! She said it could possibly be from my Wellbutrin? I’m paying to have my sample sent to CA for further testing.

  11. I took 150 mg of Wellbutrin XL three times in one day by accident. I wasn’t wearing my glasses and got the label confused with ibeprophen. I work for the Federal government and they do random drug testing. Sometimes urine, blood or hair follicle test. Will it show up in either of those tests? How long will it take to be completely out of my system because it was not precribed to me. It was a scarey mistake. I can’t afford to lose a job I love and I’ve worked so hard to get. Please help me. I’m really worried!!

  12. Will wellburtrun xl 150 show on a 12 panel drug screen? I have heard it will give a false positive for certain drugs..not worried just wondering because i am prescribed this medicine

  13. Hi I’m interested in how wellbutrin test in urine I am having. False positives for amphetamines but some times it doesn’t give a false positive I’m taking only what I’m prescribed why does it show sometimes and not others
    Thank you RICHARD

  14. I was told that there is a chance taking bupropion will provide a positive methamphetamine test result. Is that possible?

    1. Hi Steve. It seems to me that in some cases there is a chance for false positive. I did some research and found this:

  15. I have been taking Wellbutrin SR at 400 mg for the past several months. I recently had a physical in which a blood and urine test were done, and the only problematic thing that came back was a positive result for amphetamines. My psychiatrist questioned if I was doing meth or taking any other similar sorts of drugs. The truth is that I am not. Not only have I never done recreational drugs, I never plan to.

    She told me that the test may have just been an error, so she sent in an order to have me take another urine test. But once again, even on the second urine screen, the results tested positive for amphetamines.

    I shared with her what I found regarding wellbutrin and false positive amphetamine results. She said that she had never heard of that, but was willing to look into it. What I’ve found out is that wellbutrin (aka bupropion) is in fact an amphetamine. It is found in what is essentially the “amphetamine family” of drugs. Specifically, it is a beta-keto-amphetamine.

    Coming from a biochemistry background, a false positive in this context makes a lot of sense. Urine tests use an immunoassay to test for the presence of a variety of drugs. These tests use antibodies, which are meant to bind to amphetamines based on their chemical structure. Given that wellbutrin has a chemical structure that is very similar to that of other amphetamines (because it is a tri-substituted amphetamine!), including methamphetamine, it is reasonable to expect that these antibodies will also bind to wellbutrin.

    I’ve posted a link that shows a fairly comprehensive list of substituted amphetamines, and bupropion is on that list. If you put the structure of wellbutrin and methamphetamine side by side, they have a great deal of similarity.

  16. I took a drug test yesterday (Monday) that should of been ready today per Quest Diagnostics. I just called & was told it had not came back yet. The woman on the phone then asked if I was taking ADHD or anxiety medication and I said yes because I’m currently taking Wellbutrin xl 300mg. Her response was it probably won’t be back until Thursday then. Why is this???

  17. I need help can u test positive for meth by any chance I need to know on a five ir six pannel pee test tell me whats up I take 30 to 450 at times and paxil as well im going fir a goid job and in to a program I cant be pisituve I dint drink ir yse ir even smoke is it possible

    1. Hi Amanda. Are you perhaps taking or have taken a benzodiazepine medication before the test? Some lower quality tests tend to lump things together; probably the combo of what you’re on caused it. Hope this helps.

  18. So I have read everything I can find, will a dwi blood test shoe false positive for amphetamine and methamphetamine if I have been on bupropion xl 150 twice a day?

  19. I tested positive 3 test in a row for tenazipine. I’ve never taken it be t I have recently started new medications. One of them is wellbutrin to add to my paxil. Can wellbutrin combined with other medications show positive for tenazipine? Please help. I know 100% I have not taken anything not oerscribed to me.

    1. Hi Amanda. What is it exactly you have tested positive for? Is it perhaps temazepam? Please let me know the correct name and brand name of the medication they say they detected.

  20. I am writing to see what I can do in my situation i have.been on Weinstein for four months, I have a long history of prescription drug abuse, I when I started on it I did awesome I had my motivation and ambition bag, then one day I seen somewhere that people crush it up and snort it, so of course I had to try, well I’m beginning to think I am definitely addicted to this drug, I personally don’t necessarily a high, but it does speed me up, I’ve been snorting this for a month now and I Will run out of my script way ahead of.time, my question is is there any way I can go back to taking as prescribed, I know it’s commen sense to let it go right away but I don’t want to because when I first started taking it it was great I don’t know how to handle this

  21. Hi there! 🙂

    I want to be sure that Bupropion 150 mg will not show up on DOT urine test. I see that you mentioned that it will not. There are other posts that state that Wellbutrin shows up as positive for amphetamines on a drug test! Please help and let me know which statement is correct here. Thanks!~

  22. I just started taking 150mg of Zoloft and 300mg of Wellbutrin. My question is how long will it take for my levels to reach peak plasma? I had stopped taking my meds and now the VA is testing me. They just don’t work for me and the VA just keeps upping the dose instead of giving a different med. It’s all about money as these two meds probably cost them pennies.
    Thank you

    1. Hello James. Researchers concluded that in men, following oral once-daily dosing over the range of 50 to 200mg for 14 days, mean peak plasma concentrations of sertraline (Zoloft) occurred between 4.5 to 8.4 hours post-dosing. For Wellbutrin, following chronic dosing, the mean steady-state plasma concentration of bupropion was reached within 8 days.

  23. I took Tramadol for kidney stones. It seemed to fix everything about me that was broken. My attention span was greater and I could sit in meetings and not lose track and easily process everything that was being discussed, my energy level went up, I could get more work done and not procrastinate, I could stay up later with my family rather than fall asleep on the sofa, my anxiety was gone, I could go to a wedding and dance and mingle, I no longer felt awkward or like I was being stared at. I felt happy, not anxious, not high, just content, but very lucid and clear headed. It was a coincidence but after the kidney stones I hurt my neck in martial arts, I was given more Tramadol by a different doctor, then someone I know through my sister told me she was prescribed 30 (50MG pills) each month but they did nothing for her so the gives them all to me.. It has been a year and the effects have not diminished. I find it very strange how this drug found its way to me once I realized how much good it could do for me. If you do a google search you will see that many other people have the same experience that I had.

  24. 41% of tests with false positive amphetamine results were related to Wellbutrin use (Casey, Scott, Tang, & Mullins, 2011).

    Casey, E. R., Scott, M. G., Tang, S., & Mullins, M. E. (2011). Frequency of false positive amphetamine screens due to bupropion using the Syva Emit II Immunoassay. Journal of Medical Toxicology, 7(2), 105-108. Retrieved from

  25. I recently tested positive for alcohol on a urine drug screen. It had been weeks since i had consumed any alcohol? Is there anyway that wellbutrin will make my urine drug screen test positive for alcohol?

  26. If your perscribed welbutrin and I do a little more than prescribed like.. 75-.100mg extra am I gonna pop hot on levels in a ua. I did a u.a last night…and they know I pop hot for amphetamines because I’m on it but will they test levels? Even tho I’m on it?

  27. Hi Carmen. Doctors can order a test, with or without any obvious reasons behind it. Maybe he just wants to check the levels of metabolites in your system, or it is just a routine check-up he needs to do. If you are taking it as prescribed, you have nothing to be worried about.

  28. I have a question about Blood toxicology screens for Wellbutrin. I take Wellbutrin SR 150 mg twice a day. After what length of time will a doctor order drug testing specifically for Wellbutrin to determine if my dosage needs to be changed? Is it standard procedure for the doctor to order a Blood toxicology screens for Wellbutrin even if I do not have any drug dependency or am not taking any medications which could be the cause of symptoms etc.?

  29. I have to take a drug test for probation & my friend is giving me her urine because I smoked weed last week. She takes welbutrin and topamax on a normal basis. Will the welbutrin show up in a lab test for probation?

  30. I took a wellbutrin over a week ago, and had to take a urine screen for my pain clinic. Will it show up n my urine screen today?

  31. I had to take a pee test for work because I hurt my shoulder. I take Bupropion and my test came back positive for amphetamines. Could someone tell me if that’s normal

  32. This is really irresponsible to put this incorrect conclusion by your INCOMPETENT “medical personnel” on the web- REALLY IRRESPONSIBLE – you do DAMAGE to innocent people with this crap.
    WHO on Earth (I mean, HOW DUMB can a person get?) would think that the drug testing-UA company/their technology, would actually be looking for the EXACT CHEMICAL OF BUPROPION HYDROCHLORIDE IN URINE?????!!!!!!!!!!!
    IT IS WELL-DOCUMENTED THAT BUPROPION CAUSES FALSE POSITIVES FOR AMPHETAMINE USE!!!! Don’t know why? Why don’t you do some research and try to FIGURE IT OUT, if you are at all competent enough to comprehend it.

  33. I need to do drug screening for school and I am under Pupropion HCL or Webutrin.
    It may affect the result in order to report to my school ?

  34. So I have a pre-employment drug screen Monday. today is Friday and I took one wellbutrin yesterday. I haven’t had to take them in over a year and recently I’ve felt depressed.. so I took my very last one yesterday. I’ve called the pharmacy and it’s been so long since I’ve taken them it’s off record on my profile. via Walgreens. I completely forgot about my drug test on Monday. There will be absolutely nothing else in my system.. and I’m kind of starting to panic because I don’t have my prescription anymore. Will this one tablet really show up as an amphetamine? Do I need to worry so much? I’m legit freaking out

  35. If a blood test came back with a positive level of 200ng/ml, how long would it take before it is completely out of the system and a test could be taken that would come back with a negative result?

  36. Hi Dude. No, Wellbutrin should not show up on the P.O drug test. I would suggest that you ask your probation officer for help dealing with depression. I think that ‘s a great sign of taking responsibility and owning your own mental health issues. And your probation officer may be supportive and helpful.

  37. So Im on probation an im trying to quit smoking cigs an my buddy gave me one wellbutrin to help me stop smoking cigs also because of my trouble of the law iv been depperessed about quitting hang out with my old friends an being fired, i just want to know if it comes up in a P.O drug test from providence hospital. Thanks

  38. Hi just a mom. I’m so sorry to hear of your son’s addiction. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of Wellbutrin during drug testing. I hope that this additional piece of information is helpful to others. I wish you and your family all of the best.

  39. Hi Just wanted to add this to the findings in urinalysis of Wellbutrin. This drug can and does cause false positives in urine testing.It is therefore extremely important that you have your prescription current and available for your employer or other powers that be.

    DO NOT assume that Wellbutrin is a “safe” drug! It is a drug and it can be abused and if the user has an addictive nature it can be addicting. Careful monitoring and adhereing to the dosage is imparrative.

    I have been watching and dealing with my son’s addiction to prescription drugs for several years now. We are finally seeing the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

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