Can you get high on Wellbutrin?

You probably can’t get high off of Wellbutrin without overdosing on the medication. More on Wellbutrin side effects and dangers of taking Wellbutrin here.

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Probably not.

Wellbutrin is classified as “non-abusable” by the Federal government, despite the fact that it has some stimulant effects. In fact, you probably can’t get high off of Wellbutrin without overdosing on the medication. Wellbutrin has stimulant effects, but more on par with ingesting a cup of coffee than taking amphetamines. Although Wellbutrin can cause hallucinations, that’s a symptom that you’ve overdosed and need to go to the ER right away.

More on using Wellbutrin below.

Wellbutrin chemistry and use

Wellbutrin contains bupropion, an antidepressant of the aminoketone class, whichis chemically unrelated to tricyclic, tetracyclic, selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor (SSRIs), or other known antidepressant agents. Bupropion is used to help relieve anxiety and seasonal affective disorder. Bupropion is also marketed under the brand name Zyban as an drug to help cigarette smokers quit in treatment for nicotine withdrawal syndrome. Wellbutrin comes in sustained and extended-release formulas.

How does Wellbutrin work

Wellbutrin increases certain types of brain activity – but exactly how it works isn’t presently clear. At higher doses in lab animals, Wellbutrin does produce stimulant effects – but it also causes seizures. However it works in humans, Wellbutrin has been clearly linked to seizures at a rate higher than other antidepressants.

Abuse of Wellbutrin

The U.S. government classifies Wellbutrin as a “non-abusable” drug. There have been a handful of documented cases of people attempting to get high off of Wellbutrin by crushing and snorting the pills, but usually these cases resulted in very serious side effects.

Dangers of Wellbutrin

Wellbutrin should never be taken except under the supervision of a doctor. In fact, Wellbutrin can cause very serious side effects. For these reasons, Wellbutrin is not a drug you should be using casually. If you’re taking Wellbutrin for a mood disorder and experience any of the following symptoms, talk to your doctor right away about changing your medication. Adverse and potentially serious symptoms of taking Wellbutrin include:

  • depression
  • delusions
  • hallucinations
  • hostility and aggressive behavior
  • homicidal thoughts
  • psychosis
  • paranoia
  • seizures
  • suicidal thoughts or attempts

Can you I get addicted to Wellbutrin?

No, you can’t get addicted to Wellbutrin. Wellbutrin is not habit-forming and Wellbutrin users do not exhibit the drug-seeking behavior one would expect to arise from an addiction. There have been a few reports of Wellbutrin abuse, where the drug was taken crushed and inhaled nasally. However, these patients suffered seizures and had to be admitted to the emergency room.

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Questions about Wellbutrin use

Please leave your questions about Wellbutrin use here. We will be happy to try to answer your questions personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. So to answer the question “will this get me high?” The answer is, it is possible to alter your state of mind and I mean seriously alter your perception. Is it dangerous most likely especially in the dose I took 24,5.11ft,174lbs I didn’t notice anything wrong till I started to fall asleep and when I would almost be asleep I would go to the black void of nothing and then like a rush of adrenaline I would instantly sit up and notice that I was scared. In my opinion I think I may have died 3 times the 3 times I almost fell asleep. But other then that very much like an lsd trip with visuals and minor body high like it felt like my feet were being tickled.

  2. I took about 26 150mg pills and expierenced sever hallucinations I would say on par with lsd tracers, distorted hearing, distorted sight ex, my brother was driving me to my mother’s and when the turn to her road came up it litterally felt like the slowdown took an hour…. I was able to litterally Gage my level of consciousness and when I felt it slipping I would go to this black void and then almost instantly I would feel true fear like I’ve never experienced before and jump back up. I was scared to fall asleep more like terrified to close my eyes. I no better then to believe what I am seeing with my eyes so when light was bending around the room to took the form of a dragon and I thought it was the most amazing thing ever cause I knew it wasn’t real how ever I could definitely see someone being terrified of the shit I saw

  3. I was prescribed bupropion for a dopamine receptor disorder I have been dealing with for a few years now ,long story . Anyways I only took one dose of 150 extended release after several days of taking ltyrosine on my own as a dietary supplement , and I felt immediate energy and fast heart rate . However the stimulating effects became too much too fast and I quickly told my doctor I would like to discontinue after the one dose .It is now 5 days after that single dose and while my mind feels at ease again ,my blood pressure is still elevated and I am wondering what I should do at this point to help remedy ?

  4. I was taking Wellbutrin for about a year and a half. It started off at 150 mg slow release and I immediately noticed a mild stimulant euphoria. Even more so when I chewed them. I sought out the drugs by having multiple prescriptions at multiple pharmacies and lying to doctors so that hey would most likely prescribe them to me. I upped the dose after a few months. I became obsessed with sexual gratification like a cocaine or amphetamine high does. I had trouble sleeping and frequently stayed up for days at a time. The high was not pronounced like the aforementioned drugs but was nonetheless a high. I started to become paranoid and hallucinated complicated stories with invisible beings and voices that would try to force me to do crazy things. I was completely psychotic. I split up with my gf because she couldn’t stand seeing me like that plus I became dangerous I think. I would swing away at invisible things. Totally f ed up. I was told to leave work because I couldn’t even add simple numbers. I forgot my middle name. It was bad. My scrips ran out so I went to walk in clinics and had the docs prescribe Zyban to chew as a replacement till my scrip would renew. My father had to call the EMS five times and I spent several days under observation with heart monitoring etc. Because it can alter your heartbeat quite drastically. I was 5 years clean and sober before I started the Wellbutrin. I knew it would give me a buzz before I started seeking it out and did the research. The psychosis was the most horrible experience I have ever had. It was completely real regardless of how I would try to logic out the hallucinations to fight them happening. The delusions overrode the logic and reasoning so I started to believe the conspiracies. I ended up drinking alcohol and the hallucinations stopped almost immediately. Then my alcoholism took over and I blew up my life and ended up in the street and in shelters for a few months. I was spotted by fellow A.A. friends who took me to a detox. I’ve been totally clean for 3 months. I am going to counselling etc etc. Good luck to all who escape the hell of Wellbutrin/ Zyban/ Bupropion. Yes it is psychologically addictive and mildly euphoric.

  5. THIS ARTICLE IS WRONG – YES, YOU CAN GET ADDICTED TO WELLBUTRIN. When I first started taking it, it felt like I was taking some kind of street drug – it DID give me a euphoric feeling and make me feel really good. When I got off it, the withdrawal symptoms were bad. I think authorities want people to believe that antidepressants aren’t addictive because of money and because people on antidepressants are easier to control (I’ve known people on antidepressants who are like zombies – no emotion).

    1. Hi Christina. I would never doubt your personal experiences, and believe that you have indeed experienced some euphoric effects. However, Wellbutrin users do not exhibit the drug-seeking behavior one would expect to arise from an addiction. This makes the needed markers for diagnosing addiction to not be met, thus the claims.

      Withdrawal symptoms are reaction to a natural and expected human adaptation process called physical dependence. This means that your body becomes accustomed to the substance in the system and stresses out when it stops getting it (when you quit or significantly lower usual doses).

  6. If I want to have a night out and drink some alcohol is it OK to stop the well Butrans three days ahead of time is it still safe to drink alcohol

  7. Shannon… Taking wellbutrin as prescribed is not the problem. We are talking about snorting and shooting it in excess. Crush n snort a line of Bup XL and tell me its not addictive and I will buy u lunch

  8. I have been on Wellbutrin for a yr now. I have fybromyalgia and my dr thought it would help. I don’t see how it can be addicting to you. I can go days without taking it and feel the same. I take 150mg twice a day.

  9. If you have been off Wellbutrin for over 3 weeks and Dr increases dose to get u back on how long does it take to work and is increasing dosage ok

  10. Little do these ppl know that yes, in fact you can get high on Wellbutrin. Addicts can inject Wellbutrin and it gives you a “cocaine” high. So it’s not only Ritalin that is being used as the cheep man cocaine, but now Wellbutrin is another cheep man cocaine.

  11. I was recently put on wellbutrin for a stop smoking aid. I am some what depressed at times could THE wellbutrin help with this also.

  12. i hthis maave degenerative disc disease,for 20 years.severe nerve pain in lower back.also very fatigued and depressed from chronic pain.on vicodin for 2 yrs.but started to take over my life.tried cymbalta ,helped nerve pain but couldnt sleep,couldnt stay awake.was scheduled for epidural tommorow,but recieved call fri.,ins.wont cover.see pcp doctor tommorrow.sounds like wellbutrin may help.will ask for it.quality of life has not been good with constant pain.pray this helps.any advice?

  13. My boyfriend was prescribed wellbutrin 2 weeks ago, used up all the rx ended upbun hospital for withdrawal. Was given more at his next dr visit which was on fri. It was a quantity of 60. It is now tue morning. I snuck his bottle and counted,30 are gone. He is extremely aggressive and angry but totally high.This drug is very addictive and perscribed like candy. Beware

  14. As far as seizures, an 8 week study was done with 3,200 people taking 450mg a day. There were a total of 13 reported seizures. That is 0.04 percent or about 4 out of 1000 people. Its also been documented that the risk of seizures are related to patient factors. These factors include previous head trauma, a history of seizure, excessive alcohol or benzo consumption, use of antipsychotic medication and some anti depressants.

    This article suggests that everyone who snorts buprpion ends up in the hospital. But the truth is that while peope end up hospitalized, there are many more that do not. This is the case with every drug being abused. If you are an addict you know that. Its rolling the dice. And we accept that. At least i do.

  15. oh…I forgot to add to that, that I just weaned myself off of subutex by addicting myself to this crap and lots of neurontin. fml. it never ends. any suggestions for at home withdrawl of neurontion? i know about the magnesium but….

  16. hI. ODD that KELLI is your name. Anyway, I didnt think there were physical withdrawls from this buproprion….I snort on the daily as welll and have also had a seizure and been hospitalized. Not until I read this blog did I realize it was the damn wellbutrin. I sit there and clean out my nose with a netty pot just to get it to go down, cuz its so infected…and, no, im not gonna shoot it fuck all that….yes, i shave it! rehab is not an option in my life, bro so stop the happy horse ill save your life shit. idk i just dont know.

    1. Hi Kelli. Well, you are not alone and don’t have to quit on your own. I know it’s harder that way. But, you can seek the help of professionals who are trained to treat addiction and dependence in patients. You can ask your doctor for a referral to a detox clinic in your area or call the FREE helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers.

  17. I was extremely upset today. Long story, but i dont wanna talk about it. So upset that i took 4 wellbutrin 75mg pills which equals to 300mg. Its been about 30-50 minutes, and i am having pretty bad stomach pains, and i feel like when im sitting down, i cant stop shaking back and forth. I feel like an anxiety attack is coming. And when i measured my blood pressure, it was 141/66 which is way higher than what my normal bp would be.

    I forgot to mention that when i tried standing up, i couldnt really keep my balance. Im standing in one place, but my body just keeps kind of rocking back and forth

    1. Hello Rebecca. How are you now? In situations like this it’s best to go to the hospital as soon as possible and seek doctor’s help. Since it’s not safe to drive in such condition, you should call a cab or have someone from your friends or family to drive you there.

  18. For me, Wellbutrin has been very addicting. I have been taking 200mg of Wellbutrin XL since April 2015. The first three weeks or so that I was on it, I was definitely feeling the effects but then I started needing more to get the same high. I have been able to convince my doctor that my younger sister has been stealing my pills and he hasn’t questioned it once. He just keeps prescribing more and I keep taking more. I do have to say that the hallucinations aren’t fun when I actually have them, but other than that the high is pretty amazing.

  19. I took/take wellbutrin for years for mild depression. I am an addict as well. I am clean from heroin 5 years and i recently discovered snorting bupropion. I never was much for stimulant drugs but i tell you the truth… This is abusable. And i KNOW it is soooo bad for me. I just cant believe it, knowing how commonly prescribed it is. I just wanted to throw my two cents in. I am an addict and i really do believe this pill should be controlled a whole hell of a lot more! Poor mans cocane… Agreed. Parents beware as it is becoming more common in my city in the midwest.

  20. Hi Mike. You can see your doctor and ask for a refill, only risk is he might not believe you and cut you off completely. You can talk to a pharmacist about over-the-counter medications you can take to ease the withdrawal.

  21. I went to the doc to get help quiting smoking and he prescribed me bupropion didn’t work for the smoking but my wife told me I should stay on it cause I communicate with her more I didn’t notice any change when I first got on the meds but my wife said it was like flipping on a switch and for the life of me I couldn’t see how anyone could od on this stuff to get high

  22. Hey Jim, I’m sorry to hear that man, because if you are a quarter as uncomfortable as I am because of this garbage, then you’re not a happy man at all. Jeod(and everyone, really), I’ve been reading a lot of comments saying they CAN induce seizures. While I’m in no way trying to make anyone feel that’s not something to worry about, I think you might actually have to have some level of a genetic predisposition to seizures for it to be a real concern. And I only base that on the amount that I’ve done. Because there have glimmers of hope where I’d get myself to stop taking them for a month or so, only to ultimately fail…..

  23. You are being facetious right? Of COURSE it will give you a nasty high AND is VERY addicting if you are a Moron ( me) and insuffulate ( snort ) this crap it will absolutely mess with your quality of life. It is a humiliating and nasty addiction in MY opinion and although I am sure the people at this website mean well in MY opinion they are dead wrong. Seizures are awful sure but if you have ANY proclivity to speed like drugs and snort these you will. be chasin this ugly gross seizure awaiting dragon. Be good. or be good at it. Cheers

  24. I am very much addicted to snorting wellbutrin. This is not a joke reply. I have a ritual of getting home from work, stripping down to nothing. Shaving the bupropion, cutting it and smashing it. Snorting as much as I can in my left nostril so it burns, and then I literally masturbate for HOURS. Not one or two, I’m talking 6 to 7 hour long masturbation sessions. And I don’t ejaculate multiple times. This is all to lead to one immense glorious orgasm that can’t be met by any other means. I’ve tried multiple times to stop abusing it. But my doctor(who I’ve asked personally to stop prescribing it to me) constantly refills it when I send in the request to refill along with getting my emergency supply. If my insurance doesn’t cover it, I end up paying out of pocket for it, and let me tell you it is outrageously expensive. I want people to know that this drug is very much abusable, and I wanted to share my experience in case someone else is in the same boat, because I felt like I was the only person in the world doing what I’m doing.

  25. Lol this is bs wellbutrin is actually very abusable and in canada people are shooting it and snorting it and I can tell you myself that wellbutrin creates a stimulated euphoric feeling when snorted or shot.

  26. Thank you, Chris. That was really helpful. I’ve been snorting Ritalin for years, and I’m trying to ease off of it. I was prescribed Wellbutrin and I was hoping I could snort that just to get me off the Ritalin. So it’s helpful to see that some people do that.

  27. Bupropion’s primary action is through norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake inhibition. It binds selectively to the dopamine transporter; although its behavioural effects are more so a result of its inhibition of norepinephrine reuptake. Therefore it’s a mild psychostimulant (very mild in comparison to amphetamines). To state that it has absolutely no potential for addiction is false. Any drug that increases concentrations of dopamine has the ability to create euphoria, and subjectively a “high”. Lastly, the implication that the very few who had abused it, experienced seizures and were admitted to the hospital is ridiculous. Although many seizures have of course been recorded, there are many people who insuffalate the drug, experience a stimulant-like high, and do not experience a seizure.

  28. Hello Maria. Thanks for sharing more about Wellbutrin’s addictive potential. You can call 1-800-662-HELP for advice on treatment (it’s a government run hotline). Or 1-800-662-2873 to reach Recovery Options, another hotline. Reach out and you will find help.

  29. This drug can be abused and it can be addictive. My husband was prescribed it and he crushes it and snorts it up his nose. When this becomes to irritating he smokes it. He lies to doctors, saying that he lost it so he can get more. He agreed with me that it was causing him problems and told me to throw it into the garbage. He later went through the garbage to get the pills back. He has a serious problem with this drug that the medical community gives him without any limitation. Any suggestions for treatment are welcome.

  30. Hello Brad. This question would be best fielded by a pharmacist about the interaction between bupropion and amphetamine salts. But I did find this article that may help you in your search for information called, “Effects of bupropion, nomifensine and dexamphetamine on performance, subjective feelings, autonomic variables and electroencephalogram”

    Please let me know if this helps, or not.

  31. I was put on 150mg XL a yer or two ago. I stopped taking it about 3 months ago, my choice. I just started taking it again last week, however since going off it my doctor has prescribed 20mg adderall once a day for adult ADHD. Does adderall add to any of the effects of wellbutrin?

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