How much Wellbutrin is too much?

Afraid of taking too much Wellbutrin? You can overdose on Wellbutrin, but even at lower doses of Wellbutrin you risk severe adverse effects. More on Wellbutrin overdose and safe dosing inside.

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Wellbutrin is an antidepressant medication used to treat depression, seasonal effective disorder (SAD) and to help people stop smoking. In this article, we’ll look at the safe amounts of Wellbutrin and how much Wellbutrin it takes to overdose.  Although using Wellbutrin to get high is unlikely, we also review some of the risks of taking high doses of Wellbutrin.  Your questions about too much Wellbutrin are welcomed at the end.

Wellbutrin strengths

Wellbutrin comes in a tablet, as well as a sustained release and extended release formula. Wellbutrin may be prescribed in strengths of 75mg or 100 mg. You can develop a tolerance to the medication and eventual dependence on Wellbutrin if you take it long term. If you become physically dependent on Wellbutrin, doctors will have you decrease your dose gradually rather than stopping all at once to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

How much Wellbutrin is safe?

While it is possible to overdose on Wellbutrin, it’s never safe to take more than the recommended amount on your prescription. However, even at normal therapeutic doses, there’s a slight risk of seizures (about 4 in every 1000 patients), and this becomes more pronounced at doses higher than 450 mg per day.

How much Wellbutrin can you take at once?

Up to 100 mg of Wellbutrin should be taken at one time. And there is no medical reason which justifies higher doses of Wellbutrin. Plus, taking Wellbutrin in large quantities to try to “get high” is unlikely to result in any kind of euphoria, and is very dangerous.

How much Wellbutrin to overdose?

Cases of Wellbutrin overdose have been reported where individuals survived taking 12 g of the antidepressant medication – that’s 26 times higher than the maximum recommended daily dose. However, for many people OD on Wellbutrin occurs in lower doses, between 5.4 and 9 grams. But even at thes lower doses of Wellbutrin, you’re still likely to suffer adverse side effects which could be dangerous.

Toxic levels of Wellbutrin in the system

You can overdose on Wellbutrin by taking it orally. But it’s easier to overdose on Wellbutrin by taking it in ways other than prescribed (more frequently, in higher amounts, or by trying to abuse Wellbutrin). In fact, crushing a Wellbutrin tablet and snorting Wellbutrin SR, or dissolving it in water and injecting it, increases your risk of overdose or severe side effects.

Furthermore, how long Wellbutrin out of system can be long, because of Wellbutrin’s long half life and slow rate of absorption.  This is why traces of Wellbutrin can remain in your system for days to weeks after last dose.

How much Wellbutrin is fatal?

Any amount over 5.4 grams could be fatal. While some people can take much higher doses and survive, it’s not worth taking the risk. Individuals can react very differently to Wellbutrin, so it’s important to only take it as directed by a doctor.

How much Wellbutrin should I take?

You should take the amount of Wellbutrin prescribed to you by your doctor. Never take more than recommended by a medical professional, and only take this oral medication as directed.

How much Wellbutrin questions

If you still have questions about Wellbutrin and overdose, please leave them here.  We are happy to respond to your questions personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. My doctor prescribed 150mgXL once a day then upped it to 300mgXL once a day. I still have some 150mgXL left. Is it OK to take 2 150mgXL at one time until they are finished?

  2. I have been taking Wellbutrin 450 for several years my therapist thought that maybe I’m getting too much cuz I’m kind of Flatline. Becoming somewhat reclusive.

  3. Did i take to much 600mg of welbutrin? Should i got to ER i am a survior if Tramatic brain injury and having migraines

  4. I was told that Wellbutrin had very similar effects to the body as that of cocaine. But the bigger reason I was curious was that it was also sworn on by many that snorting a fairly safe, amount of the ER, not only made you feel instantly better with your severe state of depression, but you actually got a good feeling calm, and a sense of being okay. I am not proud and did not do this to try and get high. My depression is so severe, I am willing to go to just about any extreme to feel even better for a day, 2 hours, whatever amount of time.30 mins. I crushed and snorted in a very finely crushed state 300 mgs of The ER. Why would this be so easily crushable? If its ER and it is supposed to be so dangerous to crush and ingest? And Why did I feel almost instantly better after taking my time and slowly making my way thru the 300 mgs of ER? I did not do this to get high. I did this because of I do not find a source of relief for my severe depression I can possibly see the worst. It’s been an ongoing struggle and every attempt has failed up til this as well as I felt a little bit of relief while just taking it the right way. This was an experiment as I have read people swearing on it, if not overdone, allowing the ER, dose of 300mgs or so, the chance to work by Snorting or other fast ingestion of the ER, tablets has almost instantaneously worked for many people to feel a sudden relief in their depression. So, what are they not really telling us here about this drug? Of course I know its not meant to be snorted and I most likely will never do it again. I will be asking my psychiatrist about this very same question. And there was no hallucinations or seizures or anything except a relief, a very noticeable relief in my severe depression. Who can either tell me why this worked so well when its clearly wrong to crush up your medication and snort it over a period of time like a half hour or so, to get the best results. I am sure I cannot be the only one out there to try this. I am not suggesting by any means for anyone to do this. However, I am in such dire straights with depression I am literally crippled by it most days. I felt relief for hours even into the rest of the day after Ingesting in this manner. This is a very true story. And it did actually have slight similarity to how cocaine makes you feel minus paranoia as well as wanting more and more as it didnt wear off. Very confused. SWIM.

  5. I take 300 mg, once a day. I think that, for me, that’s the safe upper limit. 150 mg is insufficient. I have never crushed any med. If you mistakenly take a double dose (600 mg instead of 300 mg), I would urge you to call your pharmacist or your doctor’s office. It’s likely that one time would not be a problem. But I may be mistaken, but I think 450 mg is pretty much the upper limit for prescribing. I am not a pharmacist or doctor, so I could easily be wrong. Just a long-time patient. 🙂

  6. Jane, are you eating pretty healthy and exercising at least an hour a day? If yes, great, then I have nothing to add. If not, try that instead of adding more medication.

    Something I notice as my wife takes more and more Wellbutrin is that she generally feels bad physically, what seem like allergies and then also nauseous. Has a hard time riding in cars.

  7. I was perscribed Bupropion SR 150 mg Tablets (12 H), taking two a day, but I have become immune to this strength. Can I safely take 3 a day for 10 days or do I need to switch it up to 300 XL?

  8. So I’ve got a wife that often takes way too much of this because she thinks it helps keep her awake. (Doubtful) Here’s what happens sometimes when she takes around 900MG –
    1. Gets really antsy
    2. Heart racing
    3. Panic attack

    Just thought people might be interested in that info.

    Sometimes I convince her to wait it out and her body calms down after a few hours and she goes to sleep and wakes up feeling okay. Other times she is convinced she is going to die and we go to the ER and she gets some sort of IV that is a sedative and she calms down after a couple of hours.

  9. My 86 year old mother is about 165 lbs. The doctor has her on Ativan 5mg. once a day and 75mg of Wellbutrin in the morning and 75mg in the evening. She is still depressed and worries about everything. She isn’t sure she wants to live any more. Is she maybe taking too much for her weight? After being on Wellbutrin for 2 months she’s already lost 20 lbs. She said she feels extremely weak. (she recently had 3 stents inserted into her heart and all 3 were blocked) She asked her doctor what the problem could be with her medication and he just doesn’t answer her. Any ideas? Should she maybe wean herself off at least 75mg of the Wellbutrin?
    I appreciate insight.

  10. Im taking wellbutin to help me stop smoking and to lose weight im on 300 mg 1x a day i just started taking these again today i had quit for a few months so i took the 300mg and i also have the 150mg 24hr and couldnt remember if i use to take them together or not or just the 300mg so like a dummy i went ahead and took both now im reading all this stuff on here and im a little freaked out should i be worried????

  11. I recently discovered that I was accidentally taking twice the amount of Wellbutrin as I was supposed to be.(600 mgs. instead of 300 mgs.) I did get headaches and confusion. I also gained about 8 pounds very quickly, and nothing about my eating had changed. Can weight gain be a side effect of taking too much Wellbutrin?

  12. I was prescribed Wellbutrin 300mg a long time ago back in 2004. On Christmas Day of that year I had a mental episode and it didn’t take my entire prescription to quickly cause me a body canna tonic seizures(ambulance in route), then losing consciousness (as loaded into ambulance), for finally following 2 weeks of coma in the ICU before waking up. I was hooked up to a catheter and many other things. They said midway during the ICU I had attempted to rip out my catheter so they cuffed me to the bed. I actually don’t remember doing that and why I was so confused as to why my arm stopped moving and couldn’t even realize it was restrained. My thoughts are only capable of wondering why did my arm stop. I looked at my arm I saw a cop around my arm but couldn’t put the two together thinking it’s restrained. Just, meh. Next thing I remember someone comes in to take my catheter out then I remember just being wheeled off to the psych ward. I didn’t even know until last year that they did CAT scans of my head every day while I was there. My mother never told me they did and I didn’t read it in my records until now. Some mother. She was the reason i was there.

  13. My husband is supposed to take wellbutrin 2 times a day he accidentally took another one and forgot he took it. Will anything happen to him is he in danger

  14. I forgot I had taken my meds 7 hrs ago and took them again. Usual dose is 450 mg Wellbutrin and 20 mg Prozac. Can this hurt me if it only happened today and 7 hrs apart?

  15. I haven’t taken my wellbutrin in months but was having a panic attack and took two 100mg pills at once to try to stop the anxiety attack. Am I at risk for overdose?

  16. I have been taking Buproprion 300 mg daily for about 5 weeks. I have been having terrible joint pain in my legs -to the point where at times it is hard to walk, my feet, hands and fingers. I have had a red rash on my face for the past 5 years. I have been to 2 dermatologists and they say it’s rosacea. I went to my dr. a few days ago with my joint complaints and told her I think it is the medicine, as I have not had these issues before. She does not think it is the medicine and wants to test me for lupus based on joint problems and rash on face. I am scared she is going to want to medicate me for a condition I may not even have. Has anyone else had problems with their joints while taking Buproprion?

  17. My daughters Dr. Prescribed Wellbutrin for her 150 mg per day. Isn’t that above the legal dose taken at one time.?

    1. Hi Ann. Everything you consume goes in you milk. I suggest to consult with a pediatrician before taking anything.

  18. Hi,
    I was prescribed wellbutrin in 150mg for a month and 300mg the next three months. However, after finishing the 150mg and shifting to the 300mg, I couldn’t resist the side effects after a week. The side effects are persistent headache/ migraine, nausea, loss of appetite, constipation, vomiting and a general feeling of not wellness. I am very underweight to my age (since childhood) and weigh only 50kg.

  19. Thank you ..With my TBI its tough to remember ..I have to say I felt very hyper..and had a really bad headache I get traumatic headaches but this was different and my words and thinking got distorted and I haven’t done that in while since all the therapy ..I said to my fiance that he has another job again helping me with my pills…I have alarns a pill container and write things down but unfortunely with my brain injury I still forget things or not remember things at times…but I think he’ll help me more …I am on other meds too so I take many meds throughout my days My Wellbutrin is the one that scares me the most ..Thank you!

  20. I normally take 150 mg bupropion HCL SR 2 times a day …been on them 3 years but since I suffered a TBI I am forgetful and usually forget to take the second one even with my pill container but today I took 3 by accident not realizing I already took my second pill while we were out …got home and thought omg I already took my second one …what should I look for or have my fiance look for since I have never done this before ?

    1. Hi Mary. If you don’t feel well, go to the ER. Please, be careful when taking your pills in future. If you had problems remembering when you took your last dose, I suggest to work on a system for memorizing things such as writing down the time when you last took the pill.

  21. I am prescribed 300mg Bupropion HCL XL tablets, one daily. How many grams does 9300 milegrams equal out to? I am curious so I know how much I take in a 31 day month.

  22. I have been on 450 mg of wellbutrin daily for years. I inadvertantly took 900 mg this morning. Left message with doctor office but no response. Is there any danger or side effects(other than normal) ?

  23. So I was on 450mg of wellbutrin, and I had one episode of seizures on it(with no prior history of having any seizures before). My psychiatrist and nuerologist seem to think the seizure was cause by sleep deprivation in addition to the high dose of wellbutrin. I am now sleeping fine, but obviously was taken off the wellbutrin (which was an antidepressant that actually helped a lot). Do you think I could talk to my doctor about putting me on a much lower dose of wellbutrin, or is that just insane to ask.
    I dont respond well to a lot of meds, but this one worked well for me.

  24. I take 100-200mg buproprion daily, for a sporatic mood disorder. I also drink socially. I a pretty weird guy normally ; ) but my thoughts get really weird when If get a hangover. So I’m wondering if I don’t take wellbutrin on the days that I drink, if it will lessen the potential to react with the alcohol.

  25. Hi,

    I take Wellbutrin 300 mg every morning. I am trying to loose weight (only 25 lbs) so started to take Contrave. I am only going to take 1 daily for the first few weeks, is this safe? I am a non smoker, 54 and healthy with no blood pressure problems.

    Thank you!

  26. My MD has me on 200 MGs both a.m. and again p.m. for a total of 400 MG daily. My MD said this is the maximum dosage amount. Is this a safe dosage?

  27. My doctor prescribed Wellbutrin for depression and to quit smoking. She prescribed me 150 milligrams per day. Can I take 300 milligrams a day to help me quit smoking?

  28. I take name brand Wellbutrin 150 XL which has helped depression, but it causes dizziness and tinnitus? How could I reduce Wellbutrin and have it still be helpful? Could I take 50mg twice daily of the immediate release or do you have another recommendation. Of course I would discuss this with my doctor.

  29. I feel like I need to take more than prescribed by my doctor of my Wellbutrin SR. I’m very depressed, and I have bad anxiety issues. What should I do? This isn’t the first time I have thought about killing myself with pills.

  30. My wife takes 1350 mg of Wellbutrin per day. We get 3 prescriptions per month. Her doctor is prescribing this amount. Should I presume that what she is taking is okay?

  31. I took aboit 50 100mg in 3 days .my vision os very blurry and i have the shakes and my knees want to buckle from under me sometimes

  32. I have been on 120 mg of cymbalta for over 2 years. My doctor had added 150 mg of Wellbutrin about 6 months ago because my depression was getting worse. That stopped working for me after about 5 months and he put me on lexapro with the cymbalta which did not work at all. Now he has prescribed 450 mg of wellbutrin along with my 120 mg of cymbalta all to be taken at the same time. Does that sound reasonable to you or should I check with my doctor again about the wellbutrin dosage. thank you.

  33. What is a higher dose-Wellbutrin SR 100mg twice a day or wellbutrinXL 150 once a day?
    I am trying to find a way to reduce my dose because I am losing my hair and the medicine makes me anxious.

  34. I got confused and took two doses in the same morning. My normal dose is 450 milligrams per day. That means I probably took 900 milligrams this morning. I’m feeling a little light-headed and my blood pressure is in the 150s/70s. In light of my elevated blood pressure and light headed feeling I think it might be a good idea to refrain from exercising today.
    My body weight is 215 pounds. Would it be a good idea to increase my water consumption?
    Do you have any other suggestions?

  35. I have colitis and most mornings after taking the medication I see the whole pill in my stool. What do I do take another one bc it hasn’t disolved I’m on buproprion hcl XL 150 1 x per day.

  36. Since a lot of people have worried about overdosing on bupropion on only 300 or so mg, for me it took 800 mg for me to experience adverse side effects. A few days ago I took 500 mg at night, then in the following morning I took 300 mg more, mixed with 175 mg of benadryl. I experienced black specks in my vision, absence seizures, and when I talked to someone I couldn’t tell if I had actually said something out loud or if I just thought it. Reality was incredibly distorted. I ended up sleeping it off and I’m perfectly fine now. I know doses will affect people differently based on body weight, height, etc. but it took 800 mg for me for side effects to kick in. Also, anyone thinking of taking an overdose of wellbutrin for whatever reason, don’t do it. It’s not fun, it’s utterly terrifying.

  37. I’ve been taking Wellbutrin @ 300 mg. daily for over a year, but just had it increased to 400 mg. The doctor said I was on the highest dose she could give me @ 300, then upped the mg. after all. So, I was wondering how safe it was to take that much. After reading these comments, looks like it’s not that bad comparatively. Anyway, the higher dosage has taken me from severe depression to mild depression. Just 100 mg. has made all the difference. I can’t tolerate those serotonin drugs like Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, etc. because they make me really sick as well as suicidal. I’m glad that Wellbutrin is the one thing I can tolerate for treating depression.

  38. Have you ever heard of a situation where a person doesn’t metabolize Wellbutrin correctly and must take 900 mg to 1200 mg a day to get the result that a “normal” metabolizer gets at 250 mg a day?

  39. My doctor prescribed Wellbutron (Bupropion) 150 mg for a week. Then 300 mg after 1st week. I didn’t know it was being prescribed for depression. I thought it was for fibromyalgia. I can’t sleep regularly and I have a lot of various pains. Could this be true?

  40. My Dr. Prescribed 150 mg wellbutrin once a day since cymbalta had been making me sweat like crazy and personally I think the meds have stopped working. He didn’t tell much about this medication but all I see are bad comments and side effects. Has anyone experienced good things? I like to have a glass of wine once in a while but the website says you shouldn’t have alcohol while on wellbutrin. I’m at the point where maybe I need a second opinion about what medication to take.

  41. What is I am on 300 mg a day for about a year and because I couldn’t remember if I took one dose, I took another two 75’s when I’m supposed to take two 75mg IM three times a day?

  42. Hello,

    Thank you for all of this helpful information.

    For 3 months I have been taking 150mg of Wellbutrin a day and noticed that my previously severe depression had subsided. I felt better and slightly more active, but still not quite like myself again. I mentioned this to my doctor and she recommended increasing the dose to 300mg a day and suggested that it would give me even more energy.. I have been taking 300mg a day for about a week and my mood, energy levels, and physical being have changed drastically.

    I now feel more sleepy. I yawn and sigh a lot during the day. I have noticed that I don’t talk as much as I normally do and feel much more introverted. I feel complacent. I have noticed that my hair is falling out a bit more and I have to urinate more frequently and suddenly. Today these new symptoms have worsened. I experienced anxiety, a low mood, slight depression and self doubt, and am easily triggered to cry.

    I was wondering if anyone else has experienced these side effects from increasing their dose. I am not worried about overdosing as mentioned in this article, but am wondering if this is a clear sign that this new dosage is too high for me.

    I do have the intention of discussing this with my doctor after the weekend, but am looking for personal experiences that may be similar.

    Any and all tips and expert advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you

  43. I’ve been taking buproprion and Wellbutrin XL since 2007 – 8, approx. I began with bein rx 15mg. I now am supposed to take 450mg, the strongest dosage.

    While I enjoy the fact that I have not gained any substantial weight over these past years, there have been times when I have gained Tenn Yuo fifteen pounds and then I’ll lose them again by not eating add much and watching my intake.

    Drinking? I DO NOT abuse alcohol. Well, let’s back that up, I no longer drink spirits. Anything that comes in a bottle with an overage of 20% alcohol, I won’t drink it. Vodka, tequilia, rum, whiskey, liqueur, not inside of me, thank you, but red wine and beer, I do drink. I will drink about for to five glasses of red wine AT HOME and odd to bed, I go. Same with beer, I’ll drink three or four beers eerily watching tv and off to bed I go. I’ve experienced no side effects thus far but i WILL say that I could never ever drink that much before. I do not feel the effects at all, so, I quit while I’m ahead. I’m in my later years and I will be seeing a therapist in the next coming weeks because it’s my belief that number one, the dosage is too high, number two, I’m scatter brained instead of focused, number three, I’m shopping like a maniac. The very things I’m not supposed to be doing, I’m doing more of. I WILL say that it does help curb the lows. The depression times aren’t as horrible and they last only moments.

  44. I take one 300mg pill a day and I am on a host of other drugs is this dangerous? I am irritable and anxious all the time in fact I get very aggressive should I be taking something else instead of Wellbutrin? thank you.

  45. Hi deb. You might want to check in with a pharmacist for a professional, second opinion on dosing levels. You’ll need to consult with a medically certified and trained practitioner for qualified, trustworthy information.

  46. My Dr has me taking 300 mg ER Welbutrin and I take 2 every morning. She also said that we could go more if needed. I am reading all this about not taking over 100 mg each dose and I don’t know what I should do. Do I stop taking the meds?

  47. I’m 33 years old. I took Wellbutrin for 5 years at 300mg/day after my sister died. A year after stopping the medication I started having non epileptic seizures, weakness, and migraines. I had never had any of those problems before. The first month I had over 120 seizures. They have tapered down greatly over the past year and a half. Nothing seems to help but muscle relaxers, lamotragine, and Zoloft. Could the long use and then stopping have caused these?

    1. Hi Sandra. Depends on how long you’ve been taking the Wellbutrin. If it’s been a while, your body has grown tolerance to the medication and there shouldn’t be any serious or worrying effects. If you do, however, experience any side effects, don’t hesitate to Call Poison Control on 1-800-222-1222 and get your risk of overdose assessed.

  48. I took bupropion sr for 6 months .I had ear problems the whole time, not ringing but popping and cracking and was real sensitive to noise. went to two ear nose throat drs. they could not find any thing wrong with my middle or inner ear. I was not able to do daily dutys at times. are these normal side effects?

    1. Hi David. Actually it’s “up to 100 mg of Wellbutrin should be taken at one time” meaning that that is the maximum recommended amount of Wellbutrin that should be taken in one dose. Now, doctors may recommend you take 2 or 3 doses daily, but each taken dose should never exceed 100mg. And the subtitle where you read it says “How much Wellbutrin can you take at once”, which makes the paragraph a true answer.

  49. Hi, I was prescribed Wellbutrin to stop smoking pot, but last night after my first dose of 150 ml, I couldn’t sleep all night, I also have a very loud ac, and the whistling of the ac made me think some one was yelling, but when I shut of the ac it went away, can someone tell me if I take this for two weeks, will I be able to stop taking then?

  50. My husband was prescribed 3 (150mg) Wellbutrin daily. The pharmacy changed the prescription when refilled to 3(300mg) Wellbutrin daily. We didn’t think to check the pharmacy because the pill bottle had a sticker that said pills may appear different due to generics. My husband too the prescription for two months and while we were out of town he start having stroke like symptoms and was rushed to the emergency room. After a few hours his speech came back and then so did his motor skills. The ER release him and said it was anxiety. Then he had several more events like the first so after we got home the next day and he was still having the symptoms, we took him to a different hospital which admitted him. After a couple days in the hospital and MRIs and Cat scans they started questioning the high dosage on the bottle. Has anything like this ever happened and Is this possible? He was prescribed 450 mg total and the pharmacy ups to 900 mg. he is still having dizziness, headache, blurred vision, can’t drive, gets the shakes, can’t remember things he did yesterday and is not able to go back to work. How long will this last and is there anything you can suggest for him to do.
    Thanks for any advice you can provide.

  51. I have been on 3 wellbutrin 150 mg xl for quite some time, prescribed by a cnp who specializes in phsyciatry. I moved and am seeing a new cnp who is family medicine and she wants me to take wellburtin sr 3 times daily instead. She says that I am very near overdosing when I take 3 xl’s.

    Aren’t they all the same doseage, just different in the time frame they enter your body? I was always told the xl lasts 24 hours where the sr is 12 hour. I just want to make sure that I have the correct information when talking with my provider.

  52. Hello Jay. I cannot advise you that it’s ok to increase doses on your own. In fact, using your prescription medications in any way other than prescribed is considered drug abuse. You’ll get through the prescription faster and will be left without pills for a few days, and then withdrawal symptoms will step in. Or your doctor can drug test you and your levels will come up higher than they are supposed to be, so you’ll get discontinued. Worst case scenario, you can get highly dependent or addicted to it.

  53. I have been on 150 mg of Wellbutrin for about 6 months. I am also in therapy.

    I have just come back from a stressful holiday with family and cannot get a hold of Dr or therapist. Out of desperation I took 2 tablets 1 morning while away, and felt great, a bit euphoric actually in comparison. I am struggling to get my emotions under control, even now that we are back home. Can I just increase my dose to 300mg without consulting a Dr?

    Thank you.

  54. Hello Andi. You are at a high risk of having seizures. Do you have anyone to drive you to the doctors? If not, Call 911.

  55. Hi Susan. If she took 15 Wellbutrin pills from 300mg, she basically took 4500mg. That equals 4.5 grams. It is close to the amount needed for an overdose, but since every organism is different, some people need less to overdose. I hope she gets better soon. How is she doing?

  56. My daughter took approximately 15 of the longest release tablets of 300mg some time between 10:30 pm and 3:00 am last night, and had severe hallucinations and seizures, which the hospital has not yet been able to get the seizures under control. She lost the ability to speak coherently at about 3:20 a.m. and is currently under strong sedation since they had to put her on a ventilator in order to keep her airway clear. I thought this would equate to 3 grams, but it looks like it equates to more than that – what is the actual gram count in 15 300 mg XL or whatever the longest release tablets are?

  57. I was started out taking Wellbutrin 100 mg for one month (increases by Phycho MD) the following month to 200 mg followed by 300mg. My memory became horrible. Couldn’t remember things I did on a daily basis plus grew very impatient and mean. I didn’t want to take this medication anymore and didn’t want to get in touch with MD because She’ll just say give it a chance or we’ll try some other drug. I have ADD THAT’s why I wanted to try a med, but it only made my systems worse. I cut my 300mg pill in half and took it (150mg) for a week then cut that 1/2 into 1/2 (75 mg) for 1week. Now i just read you should never cut or crush them, so now I’m a little scared,cause that’s what 8
    Cause that”s what I did. I feel better off the Med have been juicing,exercising,and trying to get more sleep . I’ve had trouble sleeping and nightmares,other than that , i don’t think I’ve had any other side effects besides headaches as we’ll. I have 3 days left (of my 300mg pill cut into 1/4 equaling four 75mg each) should I go cold turkey at this point or continue to take the last pill I cut into 1/4ths?? thank you.

  58. Hi ttapp. Call Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 for a free, over the phone assessment of the risk of overdose and with help on what to do next. If you start to feel some adverse symptoms and reactions to the pills, you should immediately Call 911.

  59. took am meds 300mg wellbutrin x,l synthrod125cg and adipex p 3.7 aprox 6.00
    at 11.00 am took all again, forgot I took it earlier. nurse at drs no help please read and advise

  60. I take 200mg extended release right now and my psycoligist wants me to stay at it but I have problems more with SAD but when I do have SAD then I seem more like Major Depression issues. I want to come dow to 100mg for the summer. Is this a good thing to do. I am also talking to my Counsler and my doctor about all this but hopeing for more info on if I should decrease it for the summer.

  61. Hello Jessica. I’d suggest that you consult a pharmacist…by phone. I’d ask for an assessment of risk to your person, and a suggested tapering plan. Best of luck to you.

  62. Recently I started taking my boyfriends bupropion because his mom said it helped her lose weight. I started at a lower dose, but as my tolerance built I increased the dose, wanting to keep my appetite very low. Currently I am taking two 300mg pills every morning. Some days I experience a dizzy uneasy feeling, and I worry about other on and off symptoms. I am also taking suboxone, and baclofen. I would just like to know if I continue to do this staying at the same dose, if that isn’t high enough to be too dangerous. Been looking online and I cannot seem to find anything that will answer my question instead of scaring me with pages of symptoms. I would really appreciate a response, the answer that I get will help me to determine what course of action I should take, as I don’t want to put myself in too high of a risk. Thank you

  63. I will be having lap band surgery soon and I need to know if I can crush Wellbutrin 100 mg into a powered form or very small crushed pieces? Please contact Asap. Thank you.

  64. Hello L and Melody. I’d suggest that you call a local pharmacist to talk about mistaken increased doses of Wellbutrin and the side effects. A medical professional is the best source of information on drug effects and can help you identify steps you need to take.

  65. Was originally prescribed 150mg for two weeks with an increase to 300mg the week prior and of my period. At one point, it was decided to change to 300mg everyday. I mistakenly continued to take 1 pill for two weeks and then two pills the next two weeks – meaning 300mg for two weeks and then 600mg for two weeks. I did this for about 9 months. Can you tell me the implications? What kind of effects and how long they may last? Thank you –

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