How to withdraw from Valium

The best way to withdraw from Valium is to taper doses of diazepam under medical supervision. Can you withdraw from Valium at home? Maybe. But how much medical attention do you need? More on withdrawing from Valium here.

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Ready to withdraw from Valium?

Be prepared. Valium (diazepam) is a benzodiazepine used to provide short term relief for anxiety. But Valium can be tricky and dangerous to withdraw from, provoking adverse events, especially if you go off Valium cold turkey.

Q: What does Valium withdrawal feel like?

A: A restless insomnia combined with a high sensitivity to your environment.

But, if you are physically dependent on Valium it is crucial that you slowly reduce diazepam intake and taper off Valium to minimize the severity and intensity of withdrawal symptoms. Here, we explore the Valium withdrawal process, Valium withdrawal symptoms how long they last, and how to ease withdrawal symptoms. Plus, can or should you withdraw from Valium at home? We then invite your questions about Valium in the comments section at the end.

When do you withdraw from Valium?

Withdrawal happens to everyone who comes off Valium after developing physical dependency to diazepam. Because you can quickly develop a Valium dependency, doctors don’t recommend that you don’t take Valium for more than a four (4) months at a time. In fact, the longer you take Valium, the worse the withdrawal can be. Withdrawal symptoms are more likely to occur in people who choose to go off of Valium suddenly or who stop taking Valium cold turkey. It is important to note that you may experience withdrawal in a delayed fashion. Some Valium users have reported withdrawal symptoms from Valium showing up weeks after stopping Valium or occuring unexpectedly.

Withdraw from Valium symptoms

Below is a list of symptoms you may encounter at any time as you withdraw from Valium. Keep in mind that any of these symptoms may return, or rebound, days to weeks after acute withdrawal has worn off. Make sure that you address these symptoms even after acute withdrawal has ended. Know that as you withdraw from Valium, symptoms may spike again so that it doesn’t affect your mood or depress you. Withdrawal from Valium symptoms include:

  • abdominal pains
  • dysphoria (extreme dissatisfaction with life)
  • extreme anxiety
  • headache
  • insomnia
  • muscle pain
  • restlessness
  • sweating
  • tension
  • tingling of the extremities
  • tremors

How long to withdraw from Valium?

Upon stopped or reduced use of Valium, you can expect to feel acute withdrawal symptoms for the first week after last intake of Valium. However, prolonged symptoms can continue to occur for up to 6 weeks after you initially withdraw from Valium. In some cases, patients have reported protracted symptoms up to a year after they stopped taking Valium (though this cannot be considered withdrawal in a pharmaceutical sense).

In general, people who’ve developed a high dependency on Valium will have a harder time, as withdrawal symptoms can linger due to psychological effects of withdrawal. Because of the nature of benzodiazepines, Valium symptoms will seem to get easier and then suddenly out-of-nowhere- strike or rebound with their initial strength. Rebound symptoms of withdrawal can make withdrawal more uncomfortable and means tha Valium withdrawal usually takes longer than other drugs to completely resolve.

How to ease withdrawal symptoms from Valium

Be careful with the medications you use as you withdraw from Valium. For example, make sure any over-the-counter medications that help address aches and pains do not interact negatively with valium. Make sure that you are getting plenty of Vitamin B, potassium and zinc to help with mood, restlessness and help replenish missing vitamins that are need to promote body health. Tapering Valium doses is another way you can ease withdrawal symptoms. If you think you may be addicted to Valium, seek an addiction treatment facility where communication and monitoring address the psychological upsets which can occur during withdrawal. Medications prescribed to ease withdrawal symptoms from Valium include:

  1. benzodiazepine substitution medications help ease symptoms by switching from a long-acting benzodiazepines to short half-life benzodiazepine(s)
  2. chlorpromazine hydrochloride, pentobarbital, phenobarbital, or haloperidol for symptoms related to psychosis
  3. phenytoin or barbiturates for control of seizures
  4. propranolol to adress all of the symptoms of diazepam withdrawal

How to withdraw from Valium safely

It is important to avoid the use of alcohol and other drugs are important for not only inhibiting dependency but also to alleviate potential withdrawal symptoms. Other medications and using alcohol could actually be lethal. DON’T stop cold turkey as the symptoms can be severe and life threatening especially when mixing with other substances as already mentioned. You run risking seizures and potential mental conditions that may drive you to self-harm because of how overwhelming withdrawal can be.

You may want to withdrawal from Valium under detox or at a facility so that acute withdrawal is being addressed. You may also want to seek out a rehab facility or support groups to help give you a foundation to detox from withdrawal so that you do not find yourself relapsing. The biggest thing that account for Valium relapse are the mood changes, depression, and anxiety that reaper during withdrawal. Safely taking care of your mental health really helps your withdrawal from Valium effectively.

Can I withdraw from Valium at home?

It depends. To withdraw safely from Valium at home, SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE. Outpatient detoxification from Valium is reserved for people whose doses were mainly in therapeutic ranges, who do not have polysubstance dependence, and who are reliable and have reliable significant others to aid in monitoring and supervising their progress. If you meet these criteria and are working with a prescribing doctor to taper doses of Valium slowly over time…. then yes, you can withdrawal safely at home. However, even with sound withdrawal treatment, seizures and delirium are possible. Additionally, you should not to drive or operate dangerous machinery as you withdraw fro Valium and perhaps for several weeks thereafter.

For people who have used high doses of benzodiazepines for an extended period of time, hospitalization is always prudent. But if you plan to stop Valium cold turkey, it is NOT recommended that you withdraw from Valium at home. Valium is one of the more delicate medications to withdraw from. Valium is a depressant and affect your breathing, moods, and can depresses breathing. It acts much like alcohol in the body, so if you have an extreme dependency or think you may be addicted to Valium, withdrawal can be dangerous and life threatening. In these cases, there are too many possible complications and withdrawal from Valium is NOT recommended at home.

The best way to withdraw from Valium

The best way to withdraw from Valium is to taper doses under medical supervision or to seek professional medical help from a detox clinic. During tapering, you slowly reduce medication intake and taper off Valium while supporting symptomatic reactions. Physicians recommend that reduction happen in weekly increments or until the presence of withdrawal symptoms emerge. After this, the rate of reduction should decease slowly as to minimize risk of withdrawal symptoms. Once symptoms have waned, further reductions should be made until the last few milligrams of diazepam have been administered.

How to deal with withdrawal from Valium questions

Dealing with withdrawal from Valium can be frustrating and complicated. Do you still have question about Valium withdrawal? Please ask any questions you may have and we will get back to you personally and promptly.

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Valium used for alcohol withdrawal
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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have been prescribed diazepam for 20 years now. I take it for generalized anxiety disorder. I have kept the dosage under control simply because of concerns about effects of long-term use of prescription drugs. I have to consider the reason I started on them, and what complications may occur over and above the common symptoms of withdrawal. The GAD is still a problem, more now than ever and I question which is the better decision. I am unable to seek professional help such as a therapist for the anxiety.. I see a clinical doctor through access health coverage. They do well to help providing as much as they are able to, and I am grateful for that. My concerns tend to extend beyond any sort of information I inquire about regarding anything that will exceed a 10 minute limit for visits and their required guidelines. Social Anxiety is more accurate in my own opinion. I have stopped the diazepam or attempted to over two weeks now, not entirely. I did experience a massive panic attack today that prompted me to research it more. I did take a reg. dose to counteract that and it helped. Any suggestions?

  2. I was on valium at 17.5 per day but for about 20 days I go confused and was taking 30 a day. Will I have withdrawal symptoms if I go back to 17.5 mg>

  3. Hello my name is Danny and was taking 5 ml diazepam twice a day for a month and my doctor started me on a 14 day tapering schedule and now ive completed it a this is my 5th day without diazepam and today is by far the worst withdrawals ive had. Im waking up dizzy. My surrounding don’t feel real, can’t concentrate on anything and my hands are shaking. Is this normal?

  4. I’ve been on 15mg of valium for about 10 years and decided to go cold turkey after learning about the benefits of vitamin C for withdrawals. I’ve been putting 5X 1000mg of vitamin C pills into a liter of bottled water. I let pills dissolve and drink half I the morning and leave the other half for nights. The vitamin C mega dose definitely helps almost eliminate all withdrawal symptoms mentioned on previous replies. I am hopeful that the vitamin C mega dose will continue to alleviate withdrawal. Hope this helps.

  5. Dear Folks,

    I used to take 40 mg, of Diazepam, per day (Doctor prescribed), for about 20 years (to help me sleep). I’ve been tapering off for the past 4 years (with advice from my Doctor). Now, I’m down to only 4 mg, per night. Can I safely go down to only 2 mg, per night? Thanks for your help and your Addiction Blog. Benny July 17, 2017

  6. I’ve been taking 2 tabs of Valium 5mg for 5-6 years a new doctor reduced dose to 1 tab no taper between the doses. At same time reduced methadone 20mg daily and Vicodin 10/325 8 tabs daily to 1/2 within 1 week. Withdrawling from home is this safe tapering amounts in the home setting or should I be under medical supervision in an inpatient setting. I’m very concerned regarding safety of said reductions.

    1. Hi Christine. The best way to quit any drug is under medical supervision. Why don’t you call the helpline on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for you.

  7. I have been taking 30 to 40 mgs of diazapam for over 6 weeks , I stopped over a week ago , but am experiencing severe depression and thoughts of suicide, anxiety is through the roof , I have a history of substance abuse , gave up alcohol almost 2 years ago , and off all meds 6 months ago , but on a recent trip where diazapam is available at almost any pharmacy I was taking them instead of drinking , now I realize it was a stupid thing to do as now I am now paying the price , any suggestions for an holistic approach to my dilemma?

  8. I was on valium 5mg twice a day for 2 weeks. And i am sweating like crazy at work
    What can i do to reduce these symptoms

  9. I was taking between 2 and 4 mg Valium at night for many years. I am not on any other medication and have been off alcohol for 10 years.
    I decided to quit and I am now nearly 4 weeks off. This is pretty difficult. I am very tense physically and stressed. In relative terms 2/4 mg does not seem a lot.
    Is it possible for you to give any idea of how long these withdrawal symptoms are likely to last?
    I would appreciate your view. Patrick

  10. i am taking 15 mg of valium a day i am also on a antidepressant plus a heart pill i would like to withdraw from the valium these are 5 mg pills could i reduce 2.5 mg per week thank you

  11. Is there anything I can take to ease the withdrawal. Anything otc or organic like kava kava, melatonin to name a couple. I’m terrified of the withdrawal stage. Please help! Thank you

  12. I have been on valium since 2004, after sudden weight loss and back pain from bad l5 disc in back, I was diagnosed with p.t.s.D., Anxiety, and panic attacks. I had three back surgeries but now am only on Tylenol 3, and Motrin for pain, I stopped my antidepressant and seem fine on that., Everything I suffered ended up being caused by one thing, but because we were in a drought for over ten years it didn’t show till the rains came back. I have R.A. a sneaky autoimmune desease that has to be caught during a flare. The only drug left to remove is the valium but I was on 40mg a day I’ve tapered but I’ve noticed a muscle spasm from stomach to back if I try to stop. How slow should the tapering be.

  13. Hi, I started my taper from diazepam in December, was 5mg. I am now 3 days to go after finally getting down to .05mg. Once I stop will I suffer withdrawal symptoms for long? I was on them for 2 months. Thanks

  14. Pamela-It’s advised to taper of valium very very slowly. Long and steady wins the race. Have you read the Ashton Manual? Dr. Ashton recommends that you taper no more than 10% every two weeks. If you need help with tapering log onto benzo

  15. Hi just recently given 2 Valium at .05 about 4 days ago started taking 4 a day. If I go back to 2 a day and have the pills given to me by husband as to not abuse will this work? I have I think 50 left. Suggestions please and in house treatment not possible. Thank u

  16. I have been on diazepam 5mg for 2 months. I break them in half and was taking as two separate doses. I have tapered the morning to1.25 and l take 2.5 in the afternoon. I will remain on this level for 14 days and l am on day 7 . Will the withdrawals get better soon and do l get new withdrawal symptoms with each reduction? How long are these withdrawals expected to last? Please help. Thank you. Jane

  17. Anxiety and depression with agitation post surgery. For over two years treated with various anti depressants not tolerated. Now on low dose mirtazapine but was given diazepam 5mg at night and up to 4mg in day from start of illness. Cut night down to 4mg but having problems, some days worse than others, suicidal thoughts etc. Thinking of cutting to 3mg at night after a month. Is this too fast? All my MHT suggest is take more when feeling bad.

  18. I am tapering off 35mg of Valium under the guidance of a psychiatrist. I have been on Xanax for 6 years now and it wss swapped to Valium for taper. In 2 months i have come down over 30mgs but am now suffering severe withdrawal symptoms and have gone up a milligram to settle my body down. Should this taper be more like a year considering the extent of time i was on benzos?

  19. i am on 5 mg valium-pax to help me sleep iwould like to come off it .how much at a time and what intervals do i use eg weekly or 10 days ? i have been using valium for a year now. lookin forward to some advice as i dont want to go turkey regards orlando

  20. I have been on diazepam for over 20 years now,I started off on 10 blues a day in a rehab,but when I came out they kept me on 10 yellows 5 MG’s a day,now I’m trying to stop at home can anyone help with a home detox,as my doctor wants to cut it to 10 whites aday ,is the doctor being fair with me please help,thanku yours Ross

  21. I’ve been on Valium and temazipam for 10 years , my doctor took me off my sleeping tablet quick , now is rushing me off my Valium tablet to quick , with no thought off asking me how I feel should I go and see my doctor , I believe in quitting but think am being rushed.

  22. advice on withdrawing from 8 mg valium per week taken for around 6 months following and during zoplicone taper which was completed 4 months ago

  23. I posted earlier in this thread (3:18 am February 5th, 2015) and am happy to report that I successfully tapered off valium and managed to do so without any particularly debilitating side effects. It took nearly five months to do but is totally worth it to be free of benzo’s!

    To anyone going through the withdrawal process, or considering starting it, don’t give up hope. You can do it too!

    1. Hi Michael. Thank you for writing back and for sharing your positive outcome with other readers. I wish you all the best in your Valium-free life.

  24. Hi I have been taking diazepam for a very long time and I have a new Doctor who wants me to come off them in 2 weeks , my dosage is 10 milligrams . I don’t feel comfortable doing this, however she won’t perscribe me anymore due to the other medications I take. If you can give me any advise on this I would greatly appreciate it . I have been nauseated and dizzy, sore throat ect could this be from coming off the diazepam ? Thank you much. Julie

    1. Hi Julie. I suggest you talk with your doctor about your concerns, and ask her to help you create an individualized tapering schedule for a longer period of time. Also, speak with a pharmacist to recommend some over-the-counter aid, teas and home remedies to ease withdrawal.

  25. I have had a valuiam addiction for over 10 years I suffer from really bad exciety I only take them to get through my day to feel normal I never get in to states or anything to be honest no one knows that I take them I hold down a full time job and look after 2 kids but Jst lost 2 friends to street Valium last week and am really scared and dnt no what to do please can you help thank you

  26. I’ve been on diazepam for about 3 months because of insomnia 2mg a day. 2 weeks ago doc advised to try reducing dose to 2mg on alternate days. I want to come off them totally. Can I now just stop or just increase the days between doses. Not seeing my doc for another week. Desperately want to stop them but been getting odd feelings with breathing and palpitations.

  27. Hi I have been using.diazepam for nearly 20year’s.but gradually stopped five month’s ago.cold doctors wouldn’t help I have experienced all of withdrawal symptoms AND more.recently relapsed.And am scared too live without itSOMEONE PLEASE HELP

    1. Hi John. Why don’t you ask a pharmacist to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule? Also, you may call the number you see on the website to consult with a trusted treatment consultant.

  28. I have been on diazepam for 20 years…taking, as needed. Prescribed up to 40 mg per day. I have taken far more than 40 mg at one time. I have gotten myself down to twenty mg per day for the past couple weeks and for about a year tried to stick to 3.5 mg per day, tho not constitant with that. I am extremely depressed, tired, fatigued to the point of almost non functional. I have MS. SO symptoms are hard to sort out. Not much drug rehab help I’m my small town.
    Thank you, Kishi

  29. I tried SO many times to bring my symptoms to their attention but they just didn’t listen?? I couldn’t understand what the hurry and point was? The reasons for Valium being prescribed to me have not changed or gone away and I have now become a recluse in my flat,I have to force myself out with my dog,I haven’t bathed in a week and I am so depressed I just cannot carry on,a dreadful twilight zone existence ?

  30. Hi , I have been in a top rehab center in Toronto a dozen years ago to get off 5 years of 3 times maximum dosage of a lesser known benzo called Tranxene ( I believe its no longer manufactured ) to treat alcoholism . Though I saw the best local specialists , drs , all believed I had very little chance of stopping it due to amount ,length of use . Long story short one rehab was willing to take me if I lowered to a certain level and after finishing I finally kicked it using Valium to wean off it .
    Years later I have been off and on as I needed to wean off opiates for several severe injuries and that would cause anxiety in me . Now I’m struggling to get off of my latest use of 15 mg a day and my question is two parts ,1/ is it better to wean off opiates first or can I wean off Valium and do the opiate weaning without .
    2/ when weaning on a set schedule and you slip up 1 day ,do you need to start from start again or continue the next day at your weaning dose .
    Thank you and have a great day ,Paul

  31. Having had a sharttered leg, 3 months expecting amputation, I am proscribed 50 ml of physeptone daily (1mg/1mg mixture) it does not always kill the pain…. Understatement….. But I cope… However sometimes I hit problems…….. So I bought some Diazepam….. A lot. Taking anything bertween 100 to 800mg a day for roughly 2 weeks. I seem to have an unaturally high tolerance to anything but for educational purposes DO NOT follow my example. You may die. Anyway all ‘good’ things must end so I thought time to stop….. Or more truthfully ” Whaddya mean you ain’t got any” 3 days later woke up sweating. Took physeptone…. Still yawning etc. Damn those MSJ’s……… Black market reasonable quality diazepam about 2 millimetres in size. So here I am…. Sweating yawning and when I get my paws on some if I am still rough I will taper. I sort of hope I can’t get them but if tha postman shoved some through my door that packets getting ripped right open. Anyway off to the chemist tomorrow. Nytol does help and is used in some clinics to increase the effect of physeptone. But what I wish to say….. I really sympathise with all you having to experience withdrawal…… Good luck and maybe an idea would be to keep a strip of diazepam and only use when needed. However try to put things in perspective… Your withdrawal is a bit better than open heart surgery with no anaesthetic or lying in a minefield with your legs somewhere other than on the end of your body. It’s hard but at the end of the day….. Humans adapt. I wish you all luck

  32. I’ve bin on Valium for ruffle ten years and in that time I’ve had a ruff time with doctors messing me around an making me un well , I have bin withdrawing for a while now with no help of doctors but I’m be cuming unwell and need help

  33. I have been prescribed Valium for Rape Related PTSD for a little over a year now. I don’t abuse it, but would like to wean down from it. I take 20 mg per day right now. I want to come down to at least 20-30 for awhile, and, of course, with my doctor’s guidance. I read that tapering by 10% of the daily dose per week is safe, and will produce the effects. I am in therapy, and still have major panic attacks, even on the Valium, and nightmares, but I’d like to at least lower the dose. I’m not sure my doc knows (he’s old school). Detoxes in this area of my small town in Nova Scotia, have waiting lists, and as I’m not “addicted” to this (yet I know I cannot just stop it), like my Celexa, I know I have to taper. Can you advise ?

  34. I have been off diazepam for 9 months, but still suffer from severe brain fog, loss of smell, loss of taste, mild hearing loss, a burning sensation with every breath. Should I give in and try some Dilantin or other med to make me more comfortable?

  35. I was on 30mg of Valium a day and I have been BRUTALISED;my clinic have forced me to come off with NO MEDICAL SUPERVISION,they continued to hack me down DESPITE me telling them about what I SEE now are valid withdrawal symptoms??

    1. Hi, Ruth. I’m really sorry that you experienced that. No one should do that! Did you complain about this to customer services or even the Head of the clinic?

  36. i have been taking valium for about 2 years now and have decided to cut down, i have been taking 3 x 5mg daily and have cut down to 2 1/2 Tablets for 2 weeks now is this too much to drop to start weening myself off?

    1. Hi, Sue. If you want to wean the drug off, I suggest you consult your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule just for you.

  37. I was put on klonopin .5mg as needed for anxiety with breathing issues in Co. Moved out of Co and breathing returned normal.At this time I was on this dose daily. I decided to stop the med as I was having head zaps. I have a previous severe traumatic brain injury from a car accident. Right subdural hematoma. So I’m sensitive to every med. Worst pain ever.went back on it daily. The Dr said such low dose should be ok to stop . I started seeing psych he weaned me down to .125mg with 2 ml water and took 1 ml. Still bad head tightness. Said I need Valium . I finally agreed. Now having severe tinnitus, head pressure, sinusitis, dizzy, depersonalizations. I’m only on 2 mg bedtime. At times go to 1.5 cause I hate this drug. HELP!

  38. Hi Pam. Dependence on a benzodiazepine is a hard habit to break. Look into the Ashton Manual for tips on withdrawal protocols, and advantages or benefits of getting off these kinds of drugs.

    You’ll need to consult with your psychiatrist about advantages vs. disadvantages of continuing Valium. We tend to have the opinion that these strong psychoactive drugs do more harm than good in the long term. In fact, they are really only meant to be prescribed for 6 weeks or less.

  39. I’ve been on 2mg of Ativan for 8 years for anxiety and my psychiatrist wants to ween me off of it with Valium over 10 weeks. Will I have to ween off of Valium after that?

  40. I really don’t know if you good people will get to read this I just hope.i am 55years old I should of died along time ago I used every type of drug and pharmaceutical from the age of 16. I have or should I say was on dizapen for 20 odd years,40/100,mg a day plus I know what you are all going through,and the sad part no one cares,it’s like I’ve been telling them about my symptoms over & over again,they think stop to many symptoms,I ring,D/A Services in Canberra/Australia,my capital and he tells me that I would be going through a massive chemical imbalance,the local D/A wanker disagrees.its like did they go to different medical school or what. My local doctor who by the way also has medical students at times ,disagrees with every thing I tell him and tells the student (I’ve never heard of this chemical imbalance)I what to reach over the desk and rip his throat out. He will not read your blogs for himself,and must think I’m just full of it, you see I was on a drug called Nembutal when I was just 19 years old 100 mg capsule,50 to a bottle,I should use them for recreational use on weekends and holidays till I started using them full time for sleep. I came from a very violent background.MY FATHER WHOULD BELT MY MOTHER MY SISTER AND MYSELF,until I was big enough to hit him mother is dead now,my father died of cancer my sister is gay and I’m proud of her.and when I was withdrawing from the Nembutal within a day or so I had bad halusanation and I took a life with my bare hands, my mother. Yes I was I jailed for some time and my sister stood by me all the time,my father went back to Italy,but before I got out of prison the doctors put me on the VALIAM and 4 different doctors agreed to keep up with the medication,until the present doctor after 1/1/2 years of prescribing it he cuts me of he told me I was missed diagnosed,what makes him so right and the others wrong. I was working had I classic muscle car I am in a relationship with my COURT APPOINTED PSYCHOLOGIST YES after my time with n prison they WHOULD only let me out if I agreed to see her. And they told her to keep a very close eye on me and she has been for 20 odd years,something good happen out of all that,we just have to keep it low. But back to the withdrawals you good people out there I Joseph frank Cortese do know what you are all going through its been 14 months of HELL for me I’ve done nothing for all this time I’ve fallen so many times,blacking My foot,put my head trough a mirror (. 10 Stitches in my head. Dislocated my shoulder bury my hand twice ect ect. my mouth is in all kinds of distress I have a constant (not ringing )in my ear but something is making a sound. AND ALL THESES DOCTORS can’t believe me when I tell them it’s the Valium withdrawal. Maybe my mate is right,someone should kidnap one of these professionals and give them a good habit and let’s see how they explain it. Because for all this time I haven’t been able to drive my car walk longer than 15 minutes sleep or the most important one for me. Make love to my woman properly

  41. I saw an interesting article when I was going through withdrawal. It helped me a lot. I don’t remember where I saw it online. It was an explanation of what happens to your brain during withdrawal. It explains that withdrawal from Valium is very similar to having brain damage. It talked a lot about how the brain heals itself in a very not uniform way. That explains the symptoms coming back as well as the reason for the vision problems, the heart palpitations, the auditory hallucinations, the pain, etc. Knowing what was going on helped me to calm down and that made it possible to wait sort of patiently, until the symptoms went away. It gets easier and easier with time. Sorry I don’t remember where I found that info

  42. I’ve finally finished weaning off Valium. What a relief. Doctors who prescribe this drug should have to experience withdrawal. I was on 20 mgs and it took me 11 months to finally stop it. I had been taking 10 mgs for 10 years and increased to 20 about 2 years ago. I have ptsd and depression. The worst part of weaning for me was the depression. Everything is awful during withdrawal but I couldn’t handle the depression which seemed to get worse, never better, during the withdrawal. I ended up taking more antidepressant. Sleeping is still a problem, but exercising helps. I know it’s really hard to do when you’re so tired and your body is so painful, but I found it really helped. I found that yoga was really helpful also. It has a calming effect. I also used sleep hypnosis videos from YouTube to get to sleep. I took benadryl to sleep and a half of a muscle relaxer. Sleeping is still hard but it is getting better. The only other thing I found helped was CBD, in a tincture. It seemed to alleviate depression and anxiety. I sleep much better since I started using that. It’s been 2 weeks since I had the last of the Valium. Now I’m finally feeling better, almost normal. I hope you all keep going. I’m sure you’ll be happy once you’ve recovered. Good luck

  43. I c/t’d off 5 mg of Valium on 12-31-14. I turned a big corner by 6 months and I was healed by 7 1/2 months off. I want everyone to believe that healing really does happen. What helped me a lot was that I worked out every day during recovery (two hours a day) and I continued to eat very healthy (lots of brain food, fruits and vegetables). I never doubted for a second that I wouldn’t heal. Sending good vibes to everyone for a speedy recovery.

  44. I have been taking 2 to 4 mg of valium for about six months now but without a prescription my dr told me to reduce by 1 mg a week and thats it would it be fine to just stop at 1mg or to go down to 0.5mg for a week an then stop or would i have to go even lower my gp wasn’t very helpful obviously because of no prescription

  45. I was given , before extreme bladder mesh removal surgery , 10 mg. valium to be inserted 3 xs a day vaginally for 3 weeks and 5 days. Day 2 after surgery I was sent home with directions to insert rectally 1, 10 mg. tablet 3xs a day until I see the follow up surgeron. I just discovered I am 4 days short of the amt. of tablets I will need to take me up to the follow up visit. Am I in danger if I just Continue the Valuim until it runs out ? Which will leave me 4 days with no valuim. I have 3 days of the valuim left should I start to taper back now?
    I tried getting in touch with the nurse but have not heard back as it is was later in the day on a Fri.the beginning of a weekend. thank YOu , Maryann

  46. I was Rx’d Xanax 1.5mg in April 2014 for tinnitus and the associated anxiety. I reached tolerance and started experiencing chronic pain and other neuro deficits later that summer. I switched to Valium and embarked on what has now been an excruciating 14 month horrific slow taper. I’m down to only 1.35mg of Valium and simply can’t taper anymore. The withdrawal side effects are just to severe and I’m barely functioning. I’m considering the Coleman Institutes flumazenil detox. I have to get off of this stuff but simply can’t do it anymore without help. Do you think this is a good course of action or are there other good alternatives? Yes, I have tried holding and my symptoms do not improve.

    1. Hi Mike. Yes, when time for extra medical help in benzo withdrawal comes it’s best to seek some. The decision is yours, and I can only suggest that you read reviews and testimonials from people who already went through the process. Keep in mind that even after you stop taking Valium, the recovery process will still take months or even years before you can start to feel your old-normal-self.

  47. I’m down to 5 mg a day from 30 mg a year ago. I did develop tinnitus and I’ve had it for about a year since my withdrawal. How do you suggest I get off the last 5 mg of Valium? I’ve been dealing with dysphoria for almost a year now and I’ve been very unhappy with my job at the call center. I’ve been out of work again for a month. Again how do you suggest I get off this last 5 mg? I will say that when you smoke marijuana once in awhile it does make you feel better temporarily.

    Plus I forgot to tell you I’m taking 50 mg of trazodone at night for sleep. Is trazodone bad for you?

  48. Who can help me? My doctor is useless their advice is take a diazepam!! I have no one and I feel like I’m losing my mind this is not natural and I am scared. I am on week 5 and I feel horrible this is the worst Iv felt since I stopped, my body is aching and my mouth feels like Iv sucked soap. No sleep, no appetite because food has a vile taste. My whole self feels wrong.

    1. Hi Angie. How long were you on Valium and did you taper doses down or quit cold turkey? I’d suggest you take some over-the-counter medications for a short-term to help you lower the intensity of some of the withdrawal symptoms. You have made it for five weeks and it’s not logical to get back on the medication again. The other withdrawal symptoms will begin to subside soon, but it will take longer for your sleep patterns to return to normal again. Hang in there and ask a pharmacist from your local pharmacy to suggest medications that can help you treat muscle pains and nausea. Also, see if you can find support groups in your area for people who are also detoxing and know what it’s like to be in your shoes. This kind of support really helps.

  49. I have been dealing with PTSD, panic attacks, and extreme depression for 10yrs. I served in the military for 6yrs, spent 3 of them overseas. I had my left foot shattered, and my right wrist is now fused. I started taking diazapam approx 4yrs ago. It was only 5mg and on an as needed basis. So I went through them quite often. Now I am on 10mg 4x’s a day. I also take 40mg celexa, and 40mg protonix daily. I went cold turkey 4 days ago. This is hell. Day 2 I was in the yard stacking logs, and trying to get the police and paramedics to lay down behind cover. Officer Smith in Mena, AR decided to hit me in the back of the head, busting it open and hit me with the baton end in the stomach to calm me down. Then arrest me for disorderly conduct. Needless to say my wife called in my refill, and is making metake my dosage again starting today. She’s not back from work yet, and I’m going crazy like a crack head. Anything herbal or OTC I might ha ‘ve at the house to help my situation until I can pick up my script?

    1. Hi Mike. Call your doctor or ask the pharmacist at your local pharmacy about what you can take to make things easier. I hope this is over soon.

  50. Thanks for having this blog. I’ve been weaning off of diazepam since December and seeing what other people are going through has helped me keep going. I’m now down from 20 to 2mgs.My doctor was not terribly helpful during this. This has been a big help. The end is finally in sight

  51. Im into the end of my second week of valium withdrawals cold turkey ! I was,nt quite sure what was happening to me at first. I started experiencing panic attacks. but I really thought at first the panic attacks were a result from stress in my personal life. I;ve taken valium in the past and never experienced the withdrawals I have right now. Looking back it might be that whenever I stopped, it was never longer than two weeks. This I think gave me a false sence of security, unaware that it can take that long for withdrawal symptoms to first appear. I have a prescription for Trazodone 50 mg. that I should have been using all along. I got those for just this reason, to prevent addiction. Trazodone is a non narcotic hypnotic, My question is should the Trazodone help get me through this!

    1. Hi Neil. You can consult your doctor or the pharmacist at your local pharmacy about the best course of treatment for your withdrawal symptoms. You can also check if Thrazodone will help you at this point or only make things worse.

  52. Hi Michael. It sounds like a plan. It’s great that your doctor is aware of your tapering schedule, so if any withdrawal symptoms arise you can contact him/her to prescribe any other medications or OTC’s that can help you manage withdrawal. Good luck and feel free to write again if you need any help during the tapering process.

  53. Hi there,

    I’ve been taking 2.5mg valium every three days for over a year and recently tried to extend the number of days from 3 to 5 and suffered horrible panic attacks and other physical symptoms (it took about two weeks for these to occur). My dose equates to 0.83mg/day which is quite small – I assume a taper is still a good idea.

    My plan is to reduce the dose by 10% every two weeks and then when only 20% of the original dose remains, go down by 5% every three or four weeks. My doctor is OK with prescribing me a valium suspension so that I can measure out the minute doses correctly.

    Do you think this is too slow or am I on the right track?

    Thank you, Michael.

  54. To Annie, sorry I didn’t reply I just noticed I got replies. wow, after what you’re going thru, maybe I won’t. I also take high dose of pain meds for my NF< and chronic nerve pain/ damage/ Fibroymalgia, and I am worried either my Dr. will retire or something will happen and I can't get the meds. the valium is only at night , but it helps w/ the tightness. I am trusting in God that when the time comes, he will get me thru it. my Dr. doesn't feel I can go off the pain meds and function b/c my condition is serious. thank you and I pray that you're ok

  55. Hello, Ive decided too go ahead and cold turkey from adderall 30 mgs. 2 a day. It now has been 4 days and Im feeling a little better, stilll going through stomach pains not so bad, eating not that great, well woke up from sleeping alot and my mood is doing alot better.

  56. Hi Rob. If you are planning on tapering from Valium, I suggest you do it gradually and slowly in order to avoid any adverse withdrawal symptoms. You can ask your pharmacist for advise on any over-the-counter medications and herbal remedies that can help you relief the effects of the withdrawal.

  57. Is 15 mg of Valium a lot to withdraw from after taking it for five years? I developed tinnitus I think from abrut withdraw and August 2014. I just started taking 15 mg like I was taking previously. I’m afraid to come off a Valium because of the tinnitus because I do think it helps. I take 20 mg of Lexapro and 100 mg of tramadol a day. It’s hard to find a doctor that truly understands this and the tinnitus

  58. Hi Luke. You might want to do a slower taper. Have your doctor help you create a tapering schedule that will make withdrawal as pleasant as it can be. I hope it doesn’t lead to any health risks such as seizures. But, you may want to be under doctor’s supervision in order to avoid any.

  59. I have been taking valium for 13 years now and i am down to 4 x 2mg per day which i am struggling with, especialy holding down a full time job.
    My doc wants me to drop to 3 a day but i am getting very weird feelings which i am assuming are withdrawls. They range from being jumpy. Seeing the ground move. Heart pulputations. Feelings of passing out and falling. Being unsteady on my feet and unable to make eye contact or hold a convosation.
    should i stay on the 4 per day for a bit longer and if so will these feelings get easyer as my body gets used to less diazepam in my body or have i built up a amunity and this is gonna get werse the less im taking. I then assume after i have tappered it will reach a hole new level of withdrawls! Also i had petit mal epilepsy when i was younger and am terrified i may have a seizure when coming off these. It has been controled for over 15 yrs is it possable coming off the valium could trigger this off again? I am not taking anything for that if that is of any help.
    i look faward to a reply.

  60. After reading many of these stories i really wonder if it’s worth stopping? I used diazepam for sleep issues and never noticed anything but drowsiness as a result of taking it. I had no trouble dropping from 20 mg to 10, 5, 2.5 then half of that. When it went to none approx. 3 weeks ago, all hell broke loose but it never occurred to me it was from this. I have taken morphine for pain approx 10 years and was “punished” for getting sick with a flu and vomiting a lot thus losing the dose of pain meds i couldn’t hold down several times. This was the first time i EVER ran out early, but due to a witchhunt mentality at the Emeline clinic in Santa Cruz, CA the doctor (a replacement for my original Dr.) hacked the dose by over 1/3 causing horrid pain and illness that never stopped. The morphine was being tapered also and after the dose was cut i assumed it was the cause. I can see i was wrong as the withdrawal symptoms are similar initially but quite different after a week or so. I have a lot at stake as this affects an innocent person i am responsible for. We had an active, decent life until the pain med was hacked and the diazepam stopped, now i can barely function and things are falling apart quickly. After seeing people still suffering after 6 mos., 1 year, 2 years… What is the use? Just to say you stopped? The paranoia instilled in physicians regarding harrassement by the DEA is causing many legitimate patients to suffer horribly, sone of these people will turn to street/illegal drugs which will bring much needed hero status back to the DEA by creating even more work (and more funding!) for the already useless agency. Most Americans think the war on drugs has been helpful (poor idiots) and it has for the DEA, it costs billions each year to pay these worthless warriors while drug cartels, violence and a lucrative market for illegal drugs continues to grow because of them and the mentality of hateful ignorant Americans who think drug use is a morals issue. I wish i never touched diazepam as the insomnia would’ve passed, but the pain is horrific and that medication was a blessing. Now what?

  61. Hello Susan. Bless you!

    Check with your doctor for a tapering schedule, and look into getting 2 mg doses during the taper. You want to slowly, over the course of several weeks, get your body used to lower doses of diazepam before totally eliminating it from the central nervous system. While no one can really anticipate or forsee exactly what kind of discomfort withdrawal will bring…you can definitely minimize the severity and intensity of symptoms by a slow and gradual taper.

    Hope this helps!

  62. i have taken dizapan. the generic valim, 5mg for years, i was taking 10 , mg then i cut down to 5 now i am cutting the pill in 1/2. i have Neurofibormatiosis, Fibroymilgia and i get very tight when i go to lie down, however i do want to stop the valium. it has been 10 years. i do not abuse them . i am not able to afford vitimans and my Dr. knows this. i am 56 years old. will i suffer much? i do want to stop.
    i know it will be hard to be comfortable when i sleep but i am ready to deal with that. thank you

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