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What are Valium withdrawal symptoms?

ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Symptoms that occur as you quit Valium can vary from depression to increased insomnia. They can last for at least 6 weeks after stopping Valium, so strict medical surveillance is important throughout this process.

Are you deciding or considering Valium detoxification? If so, we invite you to read and obtain information in this article, which will clarify many doubts about it. You can expect certain symptoms to manifest in your body during the detoxification process


Psychoactive Effects

Valium (diazepam) is a central nervous system depressant. It is a benzodiazepine medicine used to treat anxiety and sleeping disorders. When used appropriately and prescribed for a short period of time, benzos are very effective in treating these disorders. However, any patient who has taken a benzodiazepine for longer than 3–4 weeks is likely to have withdrawal symptoms if the drug is ceased abruptly. The risk of inducing dependence can be reduced by issuing prescriptions limited to 1–2 weeks supply.

Why Does Withdrawal Occur?

Withdrawal is likely to occur in anyone who experiences Valium tolerance symptoms, including those who gradually comes off Valium as well as those who suddenly decide to stop taking it. Why does this happen? Withdrawal occurs when you stop taking habit-forming drugs because the body becomes used to and adapts to chemicals.

So, when the drugs are no longer present, the body still acts as if they are… until it normalizes again.

So how does this apply to Valium? The diazepam contained in Valium interacts with the central nervous system as a depressant, much like alcohol. Because of this, Valium slows the brains responses down and can create a calm sedation of the body. However, when you stop taking Valium, the body (which has been compensating for the lack of diazepam by speeding up its responses) does not know the difference. In this way, withdrawal symptoms occur during the period of time as the body adapts to the lack of diazepam.


Those who stop/reduce use can expect to feel the effects of withdrawal peak between 3 to 6 days after cessation. It is important to note that you may experience withdrawal in a delayed manner. Some people have reported withdrawal symptoms showing up weeks after stopping Valium, for example.
Additionally people report Valium withdrawal symptoms for up to a year after they stop taking Valium.

Those who have developed a strong drug dependency have a harder time during withdrawal, as withdrawal symptoms can linger due to psychological effects of withdrawing from the medication. This may be one reason why you may experience symptoms long after you stop taking Valium. In fact, a 2015 article by BMC Psychiatry says that even if you have taken benzodiazepines at low doses and as prescribed by a doctor, you may stil experience hard withdrawal symptoms.

Common Symptoms

If you are now asking yourself: “Can I stop taking Valium?” The answer is… It is not easy, but neither is it impossible. You can do it! Especially if you get the right medical help.

Understanding the withdrawal process is important, because individuals who are going through withdrawal are at a higher risk for relapse. The sudden appearance of rebound anxiety and physical symptoms can be immediately countered if the individual begins to take Valium again; this makes it extremely difficult for individuals to discontinue Valium on their own without professional assistance.

Many people may find that the symptoms of withdrawal (see this list of symptoms) are typical of their previous problems such as insomnia or anxiety. Common symptoms follow, organized by symptom type.

General symptoms:

  • Headache.
  • Muscle pain, stiffness and aches (limbs, back, neck, jaw).
  • Musculoskeletal.
  • Palpitations.
  • Sweating.
  • Tremor, fasciculations.

Neurological symptoms:

  • Confusion, disorientation (may be intermittent) – a common cause of confusion in older patients.
  • Delirium (in the absence of autonomic hyperactivity) – particularly in older patients.
  • Delusions, paranoia.
  • Dizziness, light-headedness.
  • Faintness or a sense of unsteadiness.
  • Grand mal seizures 1–12 days after discontinuing benzodiazepines.
  • Hallucinations (visual, auditory).
  • Paraesthesia, shooting pains in neck and spine.
  • Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears.
  • Visual disturbances (blurred vision, diplopia, photophobia, vision lags behind eye movements).

Gastrointestinal symptoms:

  • Nausea.
  • Anorexia.
  • Diarrhea (may resemble irritable bowel syndrome).

Psychological symptoms:

  • Anxiety, panic attacks.
  • Depression, dysphoria.
  • Distortions of body image.
  • Feelings of unreality, depersonalisation, derealization.
  • Irritability, restlessness, agitation.
  • Perceptual distortions – sensory hypersensitivity (light, sound, touch, taste), abnormal sensations (e.g. ‘cotton wool’ sensations).
  • Poor memory and concentration.
  • Metallic taste.
  • Nightmares
  • Rebound insomnia.

Generally, milder withdrawal symptoms (especially dysphoria and insomnia) have been reported following abrupt discontinuance of benzodiazepines taken continuously at therapeutic levels for several months. The more severe withdrawal symptoms have usually been limited to those who received excessive doses over an extended period of time.

Treatment and Tapering Regimens

NOTE HERE: Doctors recommend that you withdraw from diazepam under medical supervision in all cases.

How can you best pass through withdrawal from a strong medicine like diazepam? Often, tapering down doses a little at a time can help significantly. The gradual decrease helps with depression and insomnia. However, any medical detox from Valium requires medical supervision. Here are some main concepts to keep in mind.

  1. The first step in the treatment of benzodiazepine withdrawal is to stabilize the person with an adequate dose of diazepam. The doctor calculates how much Valium is equivalent to the dose of benzodiazepine that the patient currently uses, up to a maximum of 40 mg of diazepam, stabilizing it with this dose of diazepam for 4-7 days. For people taking less or more than the equivalent of 40 mg of diazepam, the program of low dose reduction and high doses of benzodiazepine should be followed, respectively.
  2. The period of time between each dose reduction is based on the presence and severity of withdrawal symptoms. The longer the interval between reductions, the more comfortable and safer the withdrawal
  3. In general, withdrawal symptoms of benzodiazepines fluctuate; the intensity of the symptoms does not decrease steadily, as is the case with most other drug withdrawal syndromes. It is not recommended to increase the dose when the symptoms get worse; instead, continue with the current dose until the symptoms disappear, then continue with the dose reduction program indicated by your doctor.
  4. Symptomatic treatment can be used in cases where withdrawal symptoms persist.

It is important to be careful with prescription and over-the-counter medications that are used to help with symptoms and that do not interact negatively with the diazepam contained in Valium. As you’re quitting and lowering doses, you should also avoid the use of alcohol and other drugs to prevent further chemical dependence. Seek the advice of a doctor about other ways to relieve related symptoms.

You may have been taking benzodiazepines for an anxiety or other psychological disorder; following withdrawal from benzodiazepines, is likely to experience a recurrence of these psychological symptoms. Seek psychological care to address these symptoms. Often, lifestyle changes or new behaviors can be more effective in long-term care of anxiety than strong, depressant drugs.

The Ashton Manual provides you with simple Valium tapering schedule.

Detox at Home

It is never advised that you detox from Valium at home, on your own. The sudden interruption or reduction in the use of Valium may be tempting for those who want to end dependence on Valium. However, what may seem like a courageous decision could be very painful and dangerous without getting the right help.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) both discourage rapid cessation or reduction and without medical surveillance. Instead, these institutions recommend that detoxification should include a gradual reduction program of Valium to reduce the risks.

Another potential danger, which could be serious, is unwanted relapse. By trying to detoxify at home, you may be unable to tolerate withdrawal symptoms. In these cases, you can re-use Valium to avoid more agony than the cessation of consumption may produce. A relapse will certainly delay recovery efforts and could generate frustration. However, relapse can be prevented if you have access to adequate medical and psychological support that is usually available in detoxification programs. Do not be afraid to ask for help, this could save your life.

Safety First

If you have decided to quit Valium, it is essential that you follow the advice given in this article so that the clearing process is as smooth as possible, both for you, your family and those around you. Here are some safety suggestions:

  • Always withdraw under medical supervision.
  • Look into contraindications of Valium with other medications.
  • Seek the help of a medical detox clinic, when necessary.
  • Seek the advice of a medical doctor with experience in benzo withdrawal.
  • Taper doses.

NOTE HERE: Any concurrent alcohol abuse could make a volatile situation even more dangerous. Self-report any medications or drinking before you attempt withdrawal.

Your Questions

Do you still have questions about withdrawing from Valium? Please leave us your questions below, and in a short time we’ll try to get back with you. If we don’t know the answer, we will refer you to someone who does.
You are not alone! Leave us a message. Privacy guaranteed.

The Journal of the Royal College of General Practioners: The benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome and its management. 
The National Pain Association: Abrupt Withdrawal from Pain Medications — Information and Caution. 
Toxicology Data Network: Diazepam.
NCBI: Clinical Guidelines for Withdrawal Management and Treatment of Drug Dependence in Closed Settings.
NHSTA: Highway Safety Drug and Human Performance Sheet for Diazepam.


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672 Responses to “What are Valium withdrawal symptoms?
9:09 pm January 10th, 2013

I have just read this nd the symptons you describe are spot on although I could add to he list. But I am still so shocked at the effect it has had in so short amount of time…..I smoked for 35 years a ever had any withdrawal symptons but this is absolute hell. X

1:23 pm January 13th, 2013

Hi Gwenda

I was taking valium prescribed to me by my doctor and he tapered my dose from 10mg to nothing in 4weeks.

I am on day 7 of not taking anything and I find that the symptoms are terrible in the morning. Lack of sleep and waking up feeling completely wired like my heart is going to explode. Its also difficult to eat in the morning but when I can eat I eat banana and take valerian root to take the edge off a little. My doctor also prescribed a beta blocker for heart pulpitations.

How long have you been going?

4:08 pm January 14th, 2013

Yes. Early waking in complete anxiety every over heightened panicky, going to loo more times also . Pains in toes stomach fingers ….keep thinking I have kidney stones or gall stones but all test clear…..the heart palpitations are awful aren’t they I suffer with dis rhythmic heart beat occasionally so this is like you now exaggerated. It is the most awful thing I have ever been through….I was taking 15 -20 mg per day for 6 weeks..then stopped suddenly on nov 15th….my god did I know it was so ill I could not get out of bed and got flu on top of about 50 withdrw symptons. Then the doctor said I urgently need to go back on the diazepam and be weaned off them slowly reluctantly I agreed that was the week before Xmas. It was his prescription of 5 mg twice a day for 3 days then 5 mg just once a day for three days then 2.5 for three days. I did that but all the symptons came back not quite as bad but still in lots of stomach pain toes hurt neck and arm and fingers even tooth ache. And still very confused can’t think straight vision still blurred heart goes off every other day and stomach acid…etc. I feel as if the dam tablets have absolutely destroyed me so I know how you feel x

6:57 pm January 19th, 2013

I was prescribed Valium to take twice a day been on it for around 2 months missed a appointment and I’m out and they won’t refill being since is a narcotic or whatever its classified as so I had to stop taking it when it ran out which was about 5 days ago now I have problems sleeping chest feels tense some tingling in my left arm on and off and way more alert ans sensitive to everything is there anything I can do to ease these I’ve became really aggressive and I’m not liking it at all any info would be appreciated

9:47 am February 1st, 2013

Hi Jeremy. It sounds like you’re describing Valium withdrawal! If symptoms are persistent or become more profound, you can request medical intervention using benzodiazepine substitution medications. This way, you help ease symptoms by switching from a long-acting benzodiazepines to short half-life benzodiazepine(s). Otherwise, the following medications are prescribed for more serious withdrawal symptoms: FOR PSYCHOSIS chlorpromazine hydrochloride, pentobarbital, phenobarbital, or haloperidol; FOR SEIZURES phenytoin or barbiturates. Otherwise, propranolol can help you adress all of the symptoms of diazepam withdrawal.

However, these meds are usually prescribed to people who have been on Valium for over six months or at high doses. It’s possible that your case is mild, and you must need to wait out the discomfort for a while.

Seek help and advice from your prescribing doctor.

4:41 am February 20th, 2013

Hi I am 42 and have been taking diazepan 10mp one at night for 16 years now . I have decided to get off and free myself from the person it has created . I have never taken more than precribed but relize now that I have been showing some of the symptoms of withdraw while taking one at night. My bodey has been craving more. I have been having trouble with the stress of running my bussenss and not able to think clearly. Blurred vision aswell all the symptoms I also know that it has changed me to a person who has a fogged personality . My fellings seem dull also I can be mean at times to my family . I never reshearched it before but now know I must get off the stuff to get my life back in order . I want to show emotions and smile more and think decicevly about magor problems without overthinking them over and over> The drug only 10 mg a night turnred me into a slow thinking robot >No more coming down slow ASAP

2:42 pm February 21st, 2013

Hello Kevin. Good for you. I’d suggest that you consult with your prescribing doctor to get a tapering schedule (or find a new one). You need to come off diazepam slowly, especially after long term use. The usual course for a taper starts around a minimum of 6 weeks, but you can extended it, as needed. Alternately, you might try consulting with a pharmacist for advice on tapering. Good luck and please keep us posted about your efforts!

gob smacked
6:08 pm February 21st, 2013

I have just come across this, are you being serious telling someone that they can taper with in 6 weeks. it took me 62 days to taper off 1 mg yes 1 mg, what you are suggesting is not even what Ashton tapering states,Ashton states to taper 1 mg every 1-2 weeks I have yet to know one that has done this and I am a member of a forum, so I would tread carefully. even at my tiny reduction I am having w/d sxs.

2:55 pm February 25th, 2013

Hello gob. Thanks for your response! Yes, to clarify…. the taper for Valium can be from 6 weeks to 6 months and varies on a case-by-case basis. Those who can handle a more “aggressive” taper may consider a 6 week taper. Most will benefit from a longer withdrawal process. Thanks for sharing more about your personal experience coming off diazepam and making sure that the facts are straight!

3:45 pm March 17th, 2013

I am just reading some of the blogs. I realise I am not alone, somehow makes me feel better.They are really good and informative.
It’s the awful nights that I find the hardest, such negative and hopeless feelings, I hope they pass?

1:18 pm March 19th, 2013

Try some baclofen. While it doesn’t hit the Gaba A receptor, and mainly the pathway leading to the Gaba B within the Gabaergic system, it may help for SOME in alleviating some subconscious anxiety. It’s difficult in explaining but when I took Baclofen(30mg) it helped with a feeling of as if your anxiety has been unmasked because of feeling a calmness I haven’t experienced since a few years back before I started to take valium for anxiety.
That being said, while some feel Neurontin, Lyrica can help, which it very well may, the misconcepti9on for many is that it directly is a gabergic drug-this is not true. That is why it is relatively safe on medically supervised dosages in helping some with calmness, anxiety, tension. One thing I realized is that withdrawals for me were very psychological. The reality being the difficulty in controlling the psychological anxiety, which lead to some physiological discomfort. Just my opinion, and I respect others.

1:21 pm March 19th, 2013

@addiction blog-Yes, beta blockers by helping the physical heart palpitations, arythmias would lead to one feeling physical better, hence reducing indireclty their anxiety. Many times, proponal I helps tension in heart, feeling of that tightness, which alleviates the unwanted anxiety. That is very true, and thanks for mentioning that!

12:14 pm April 11th, 2013

Thank you for the reply ‘D’
I have heard of, Baclofen, several times, I will give it a try.
The last 5mg of valium seem to be the hardest. Every cut is difficult it brings the same problems every time. I just stick to one rule ‘having made a cut I stick with it’. I’d like to think this is a good rule? Down to 2mg daily now and about to make another cut. Not looking forward to it.
Valium is unlike ‘Z’s they just seemed to fall away the lower the dose became.

12:46 am May 9th, 2013

i took10mg diazepam 3 times a day for 15 years. then reduced to 5mg every 3 days for 3 weeks.. then 0 now for 16 days…i did have shaky hands in am and convulsed a little at night before falling a sleep for a couple weeks.and also had a couple panic attacks while awakeningin the night(scary) now 17 days later a little anxiety under pressure etc…but will continue with 0 as i have taken this for way too long…over the years i have learned how to handle stress and thinkican do without the daze…

7:03 am May 13th, 2013

I just don’t seem to be able to get over that last hurdle.Got it down to 5mg daily then tapered a quarter every 4 weeks. It had its ups and downs but I handled it.Then I made the mistake of cutting the last quarter in 2 weeks instead of 4.
Everything was as usual, ups and downs, for the first 10 days then wow! the bottom fell out of my world.Panic attacks,hot sweats in the night,nightmares you name it I had it the only thing that helped was to go back on the valium again. Feel stuck now and not sure where to go, or what to do, next.
Should I taper the very last quarter a lot, lot slower?

4:10 pm May 13th, 2013

Hi Keith,
Sorry to hear about your struggles, but glad to see you have been tapering down and soon you will hopefully feel much better.
In terms of whether you should taper the last few mgs slower, it all depends on your mental status and physiological state. Go with how your instincts. I know it’s tough, and I really applaud you for getting to the point you are at right now. It is why, while some feel the use of certain medications to help get off the final mgs would be counterintuitive, I disagree.
Every person is different in how they respond to medications. Based on whether you are taking other meds already, any physical ailments, substance abuse and what kind all takes a role in whether some of these should be used. Here is both prescribed and herbal type agents that for some is very effective in alleviating most of the psychological and physiological distress.
Gabapentin, has been used and for some been effective in alleviating anxiety, even on small dosages along with muscular and neurological type sensations. It has complex properties in terms of what exactly it does, but it seems to modulate GABA. Clonidine, a blood pressure medicine, could help for some with anxiety, hot flushes, hyperthermia type symptoms and sleep. Codeine with butalbital or Tylenol could be very useful if used for only a short amount of time as well. While some of these drugs many would say would be counterintuitive to take, I disagree as it always depends on individual needs, circumstances.
Aside from baclofen, Soma another muscle relaxant has very good sedative and anxiolytic effects.
There are also different herbs that I used as well when getting off benzodiazepines. While there are differing opinions on whether some of them should be used, for me it helped and in speaking with others, they have used it also when down to the last few mgs. Passionflower, Skullcap, Kava, Valerian has good synergy. Using it with chamomile tea(non-caffeine) is a good combination. I recommend extract, not pill form as the liquid form is more suitable under these circumstances.
I hope you are feeling better and if you feel you want to taper off more slowly instead of using other alternatives, than there is nothing wrong with that at all. Just thought I’d give some more alternatives as they have helped me when down to the last mgs.

2:52 pm May 14th, 2013

Hi Dan
thanks for your blog I it found very helpful.
Thank you for finally ‘leaning’ me in the way forward for which I had began to think I needed.
That being a little bit of help with the final couple of hurdles.I tried several beta blockers last week and was amazed the relief it gave. Sadly they ran out just before my set back but I am in the process of getting some more along with a muscle relaxant and then having another go.
It may be all in the mind but I don’t care switching from to another knowing the other is very much easier to stop

5:27 am May 29th, 2013

I’ve tried tapering off Valium (Sleep Apnea) on several occasions after being on it for about 7 years. I find it causes an immediate bad nights sleep…or even many, until I start taking it again. Along with it are headaches, dizziness, and the foggy brain from not sleeping well. I just found Somnapure, and was taking it for three nights, while tapering down from only 2mg of Clonazapam, then a week of half, and a day or two of half again. Thanks for posting this. Last night was the first night of none at all, and bam, the sleepless “nights from the Hot place” are right back. Today was a very unusual and cloudy day. Eye achiness is a big symptom. Now, I understand why 3 day attempts were useless, and I hope this one week taper will be enough. Thanks again.

5:39 am June 9th, 2013

I’ve been on 1 mg of valium in the morning for 2 yrs and I want to stop. Can I just cold turkey being such a low dose ?????

5:15 am June 11th, 2013

Hi Michael. Generally, it’s not advised to stop Valium cold turkey at any dose. Seek counsel from your pharmacist or prescribing doctor to set up a tapering schedule.

12:40 pm June 16th, 2013

I have been struggling for more than a month now and seem to be going backwards, not forwards.
Trying to stop the last couple of mg just seems something I can’t manage?
The feeling do not get easier as you taper down. I find they get more itence

12:45 pm July 9th, 2013

I have been with drawing from diaepam for nearly a year. started on 10mg a day and reducing very very slowly. im now on 1mg a day and feel ok. My doctor said i can stop that img at any time and i will be fine. i really want to as i feel better without it, as soon as i take the 0.5mg i get all anxious and feel tense. Is is ok to stop I have had very little withdrawl sysmptoms so far. Just wanna be off nasty drug.

david payne
6:27 pm July 19th, 2013

yes ! i have been takeing valium for 25 years under doctors care ! what do i do ? i am very worried can u help me ?

david payne
6:40 pm July 19th, 2013

who am i or what have i become someone plese tell me wake me up and tell me its just a bad dream ! some people may think that this is a joke but really its not i had almost 4 nervous breakdowns theyput me on this

2:00 am August 5th, 2013

I have been off diazapam for 32 days,however the withdrawls are too severe to keep going. My dose was 6mg/day. I’m considering resuming .5 at night and then continue with the reduction at a slower pace. I was on the diazapam for 7 months.I started reducing 1.5 mgs, then .5 after, and then .75 within a eight week period, down to nothing as of 32 days ago. Your insight would be appreciated.

Thank you very much.

7:35 am August 13th, 2013

Hello Sandra. What withdrawal symptoms are overwhelming for you? Have you considered seeking treatment from a psychotherapist to learn ways to cope with anxiety?

3:34 am August 14th, 2013

I take 1 to 2 mg of valium a day, will this low dose make it easier for me to withdraw from as I have been on this dose for over 2 years and am not sure if I still need to be on it. I’d rather not be on it but do feel the dependency for it.
thank you. Michael.

9:50 am August 14th, 2013

Hello Michael. you can get over the physical dependency through a taper and withdrawal. What does your prescribing doctor recommend? I’d seek a medical opinion first.

10:02 pm August 14th, 2013

My whole chest and upper body was racing like a car with the gas on, I went to emerg and put me back on 5 mg 2.5 am 2.5 pm. How ever waking up two hours after my last dose with huge heart pain and racing. Also I have stomach pain. Any help would be great. I feel like this will never be over. Oh I am taking a sleeping pill??

10:31 pm August 14th, 2013

Oh and I have no energy at all its gone. When I do do something the next day the withdrawals are more Intense.

1:05 pm August 15th, 2013

Hello Sandra. Have you prepared for withdrawal with the help of your prescribing doctor? You need a very gradual taper to come off strong benzos like Valium. And an individualized tapering calendar which is supervised by an MD.

8:00 pm August 22nd, 2013

I have read down through the posts, but see little about acute insomnia. I built up to 15 mg of valium a day for maybe 20 years. I have gone through all the symptoms of withdrawal and would feel great about it…except I CANNOT sleep. I can go for days with no sleep. Wondering if I will ever have normal sleep again!

5:05 am August 23rd, 2013

Hello Joyce. It sounds like you are describing some of the severe symptoms of PAWS, or post acute/protracted withdrawal symptoms for Valium. What does your prescribing doctor say?

12:00 pm August 23rd, 2013

I have left the doctor that had me on Valium for years. Have been off Valium 4 months. Thought surely by now I would be sleeping, at least some. I started with another Internal Medicine Dr. I realize I am in acute withdrawal, but am at a loss as to what I can do. Both doctors, the one previously and my current doctor prescribed Trazodone for sleep, but I have had side effects from this…terrible cold sweats. So quit taking it a couple weeks ago. Now I am not sleeping at all and feel I have hit a wall as I don’t think there is a safe answer here. Feeling pretty desperate.

friend thats been there before...
2:36 am August 24th, 2013

Hi, I have some advice that im pretty sure will help u solve you problems. After being on a benzo ( valium) for “years”, then being completely off and benzo completely would leave me to believe that yes u are in acute withdraw. Now im not sure how your tapering down process went from when you were using for those few years consistently to then completely stopping at 4 months…(HOPEFULLY YOU DID SOMEWHAT OF A GRADUAL TAPERING PROESS FROM THE YEARS OF VALS TO THEN OMPLETLY OFF IN IN 4 MONTHES. LUKILY for you I had a very very similar PERSONAL; experience around 9 months back. With the years of benzo usage u take the trazadone isn’t gonna do shit for u (first hand exp.). So what I would recommend is going and seeing you doctor and telling him that u are feeling REALLY SHITTY–> ” acute withdrawal symptom’ and the trazadone is 100% not working at all, even maybe tell him it upsets your stomach so he doesn’t just say take more, tell him about some of the blogs u have been reading of people with first had experience with this same type of situation and that most patience and ALL doctors were recommending a very gradual taper from Xanax, so that the withdrawal experience will be very little if not nothing at all…. PLUS U CAN DIE FROM BENZO WITHDRAWL, NOT JUST OVERDOSE,,, WITHDRAWL DEATHS IS MAJOR EVERY YEAR…..DONT BELIEVE ME LOOK IT UP…So I would just explain what is going on and that u cant sleep and feel like ur withdrawing because of trying to stop to quickly without the correct tapering, monitoring, or follow up to how I was doing, and ask if u an make an appointment. Then when u talk to the doctor tell him u feel like u did the tapering down process to fast and that you need help getting off these drugs safely and in the correct and proper manner conserning the amount of tapering schedule to end with NO or VERY LITTLE withdrawal symptom’s.

david johnson
3:12 am August 25th, 2013

i really need help ! what do mi do ?????????????????

4:34 am August 26th, 2013

Hi David. If you are feeling bad as the result of Valium withdrawal, it’s important that you get medical help (if you haven’t already). At the least, you can call your prescribing doctor and ask for an individualized tapering schedule. But if this is an emergency, you may need immediate care.

1:13 am August 28th, 2013

I got a shot of Valium at hosp. and then was taking 10mg at night for muscle spasms due to back injury. Its only been 5 days but tonight I didn’t take one and I have the hot and cold sweats. I feel like vomiting. Could this be withdraws?

8:00 pm September 12th, 2013

I’ve been on Valium for 6 months for meiners. I want to taper and dr told me to go from 7.5 mg x2 daily to 5mg 2x daily and I’m on day 7 of that and I feel like I’m going crazy. I’m nervous anxious and had trouble sleeping and woke up last night with my body trembling felt like the whole bed was moving, finally fell back to sleep only to wake up again with hands trembling and shaky for a week now. I think I’m bring tapered too fast. So I’m staying on 5mg for a few weeks then I’m gonna try 5mg in the am and 2.5 in the pm. It also does nothing for my anxiety and panic attacks at all.

10:59 am September 13th, 2013

Hello Netty. Hmm. I’m not quite sure. I suggest that you call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for more information about possible causes. Additionally, report the symptoms to your prescribing doctor.

c dellavalle
5:34 pm October 14th, 2013

I am on diazepam suppository since 5 days twice a day I need to stop the drug can I withdarw from that drug

3:31 am October 15th, 2013

Benzo withdrawal is the worst drug withdrawal in the world!! If you have been on them for long periods of time be patient because it will be hell at first but stick with it gets better.

6:15 pm October 16th, 2013

I took Valium for ten weeks. Started on 10 mg a day and then drop 5 mg then back on 10 and my tenth week took 5 mg and stopped. Been off one week and main symptoms very upset stomach, heart racing at times, have no energy cannot sleep,some sweating, muscles in neck tight…had taken it for muscle spams in my neck. Had to come off of it because of the upset stomach and headaches I was getting from aside effect of it. Are these all normal W/D symptoms and how long should they last. Only took it for 10 weeks!

4:38 pm October 22nd, 2013

Hello Kari. Yes. Unfortunately, these symptoms seem typical of benzodiazepine withdrawal. It only takes a few weeks of regular daily dosing to provoke dependence, and then withdrawal, upon cessation. For help managing withdrawal symptoms, I’d suggest that you consult with a pharmacist, your prescribing doctor, and/or a psychologist for tips on management of symptoms.

1:45 pm October 23rd, 2013

I have been on Diazepam 5mg for about 15yrs. I am epileptic therefore several other medications. It has been recommended that I withdraw this drug and have started by taking 1/4 of the drug away at a time. Any idea about how long it will take or is this an individual thing?

3:35 pm October 27th, 2013

I have been taking 5 mg of diazepam at night for one year then went to half at 6pm and other half at 10 pm how do I start to tapering off

1:39 pm October 28th, 2013

Hi Roger. You’ll need to consult individually with your prescribing doctor for a tapering schedule. Each case of diazepam withdrawal is unique and requires special supervision.

Theresa Reed
7:03 pm October 28th, 2013

Well I’ve been taking valium for 24years 10mgsx3 a day. My dr retired.and the new dr wants me off.I also started noticing my memory fading and struggling to put a sentence together with out other words showing or not showing up. 2 months into my tapering im dowm to 28mgs a day. Just going very slowly. My withdrawal symptoms are definitely insomnia can’t eat numbing i my fingers always cold . And body aches like crazy. I’ve been using trazadone but not helping.Plus I have been a long term user of percocett. My real problem is no one in my family understands.Why I am so tired no energy and really not myself. I’m really doing all this for my family. My husband doesn’t understand. And I have not been staying at our house. Our kids are there and I don’t want them to see me like this. Well I maybe be valium free in 15months.That is how long they told me it would take. But I will also be estranged from my family. I wish they would understand

1:54 pm October 31st, 2013

Hi Theresa. I think it would help you and your family to SHOW THEM what Valium does to the brain and why withdrawal is so difficult. Make it physical and relate-able. Shown them a YouTube video about it. Search for videos about “How Valium works”… or Valium withdrawal. They need to understand the science before they can understand the symptoms.

Bill L
7:11 am November 10th, 2013

Hi, I took valium daily for about 20 yrs..5-15 mg, 11 months ago I started a taper of about 2 mgs every 2 to 3 weeks. It took about 6 months complete. The last 3 weeks were .05 mgs a day. Its now been about 5 months since that last dose.. I think i had almost every withdrawal symptom in listed.. If someone had told me i was dying i would have believed them..just this last month im starting to feel what its loke to be alive again and free from valium.. just remember it will take some time, the withdrawals wont be turned off like a light switch.. hang in there, you will get well..if i can do it anyone can..good luck ! Read the Ashton manual online and find a doctor that will work with it..

Theresa Reed
1:31 am November 14th, 2013

Thankyou Bill L for sharing with us. I know I am not alone.So as of November 12 they have taken me down 1mg.So 9mgs 3 times a day. So what I have been feeling still body bone aches always very cold. My talking seems really messed up.No appetite no sleep just don’t want to do anything. My left arm shakes . paranoid feelings feel like the secret service is watching me.Losing my balance tripping and banging into stuff dropping stuff. Feeling really bad I know it’s not am overnight fixer as im typing my fingers are numb . Also total confusion forgeting things my memory is horrible I want to read back on this blog just to see the changes. Substance abuse counselor suggested my dr and I follow the Ashton Manuel. Which we are doing. She had no idea of the manual but has taken the time to research it. I think Dr’s are not up to date with this. I have found drs very unsympathetic to the valium. But lucky I found someone now who is willing to help I do know it will get worse first then better but I will do it nit from research I’ve done it sounds like after using valium for as long and the amount the long term effects are not good but one thing at a time I guess

Theresa Reed
9:43 pm November 14th, 2013

I would also like to add from what I’ve researched valium withdrawal should be taken seriously at the ER well im human and since ive been taking 30mgs a day for over 20years I slipped up came up short on my valium so went to ET thinking they would help me with enough pills til I saw my dr NO I told him im in the process od withdrawing bent my leg and leg took my blood pressure told me thersa I’ve done die diligence and basically sorry about your situation. .I explained to him now that you have told me you are not going to get ur functioning pill I was going into full panic attack I said seriously you are going to let me walk out of here with no help he said he had done everything he could do for me I told him well I guess I will be back with seizures later honestly some Dr’s need to be updated on these pills and I understand the epidemic with all pills they need to understand amd and not stereotype or discriminate

Theresa Reed
10:22 pm November 18th, 2013

I apologize if I am over commenting but for me im finding some relief as I am lying here with my phone. I am down 3mgs from 30mgs a day so I am at 27mgs now. These last 3 days have been quite brutal. Still insomnia bad body aches and pains all over. No appetite no energy everything is such a chore alot are here is not getting done. My eyes really bug me and certain noises are so irritating and amplifying. I know now I wish I never started valium. But I am following my schedule after one slip up at the beginning. I wish it would not take so I to get off valium. Plus we cannot afford an in house center to go to.I have faith I know its a struggle but if I can do this I can do anything

10:28 am November 23rd, 2013

I have been taking temazepam 5 mg for 3 months and now I am taking instead 3.5 mg of diazepam now for a month at night . I suffer-from panic disorder and can not take antidepressants due to heart problems .
I her night sweats and my anxiety/ panic attacks are now better controlled on CBT. My GP advises me to stay on that dose until my panic disorder is better . I also suffer from insomnia.
Should I start reducing diazepam now?

shaun walbridge
11:58 am December 11th, 2013

Hi there i was on diazepam 10mg for over a year maybe sometimes 15mg then was told by my gp to just stop them but i wasnt comfortable in doing that so went down to 4-3 mg for about a month i started getting few strange symptoms like feeling wide awake and then started having ringing in my ears that made my nerves seem to vibrate to certain sounds like a fan ect very strange? sometimes it sounds like a field of grasshoppers going off if that makes any sense i then decided to just stop taking them and the symptoms seemed to stay the same until after about 9-10 days i was lying in bed and suddenly started having panic attacks mega anxiety couldnt sleep at all my nerves or muscles seem like they are vibrating inside so fast that its not possible to go that fast blured vision slightly off balance all the time also feel like im full of electric that is trying to fire all the time causing pins and needles feeling also tight muscles need the loo every time i drink or eat anything no appetite and theres more i can list but the worst is this nerve vibrating feeling through my whole body i just have no clue what is going on ive told my gp but was told its not withdrawl symptoms its just hightened stress but feels so much more to me as im so worried about this any support or info would be amazing thanks

shaun walbridge
12:06 pm December 11th, 2013

sorry i also forgot to mention heart palpatations and fast pulse rate even though i was trying to relax and do deep breathing exercises it was so scary i called ambulance but heart was fine just had fast pulse was told to try and calm down but i did seem calm to me but was still racing.thanks

9:03 am December 12th, 2013

Hello Shaun. I wonder if you might consult with a psychotherapist or psychiatrist on this issue. The symptoms can be both physical and psychological, and treatments can include CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) or stress management. These medical professionals can help you sort out the longer term withdrawal and rebound symptoms from those that can be self-managed. I wish you the best!

Bill L
5:59 am December 13th, 2013

Hi Theresa, i just became aware you wrote to me about a month ago. How are you doing? I wanted to say how important it is to have a doctor work with you whiile your going through this.. I hope you get a MD, not just a counselor. Its very important to watch your blood pressure and pulse..I had high bloodpressure and tachycardia …he gave me clonidine which helped alot with withdrawals and blood pressure , pulse.. Now on a beta blocker..Atenalol…Its helped alot too…Just remember everthing your going through will eventually pass…you were on it for along time too, like me.. its been 6 months since my last dose of valium and i feel like ive been born again.. Most of the physical problems are gone except muscle tension and anxiety…i can also relax now without having to take a pill… another medicine thats helped with nerve pain and sleep has been elavil, it works great.. I no what you mean about drs not caring much, or knowing much about withdrawals…i went through a couple before i found one that cared…its like they dont want to fix another doctors mess.. I had to have my eyes checked for problems, my heart by a cardiologist.. And a colonoscopy because of gastro problems…In the end it was all withdrawals…If you can, talk to you family about it . they havent went through it so they cant understand.. it might be embarassing but its the best thing… Theres a guy on youtube named Mark Thompson, he has some good videos on valium addiction, his stories and advice helped me… Let me know how your doing, hopefully i can give you advice on any symptoms your going through…God bless, Bill L

7:22 am December 17th, 2013

Hi there,
I started taking valium to try and manage my anxiety but my anxiety has gotten worse, I was on 2 millagrams, I cut down to 1 milligram, a week later, than cut down to 1/4 for a week, than just stopped them, (I have only been on valium for about two months)
Im getting some withdrawal symtems of dizziness tiredness, matalic taste in the mouth, heart palpitations sweetiness and eyes are getting blurry…. how long will these symtoms last?

Vanessa teel
12:38 am December 29th, 2013

Just want to let everyone know how bad Valium is. My mum must of been taking these tablets for about 15 yrs. she decided she would try and come off them herself. She became very depressed tried to commit suicide 3 time , the 4 time was too late ! All through my childhood she was on these , I ask why did the doctor keep prescribing these tablets for so long….. After reading about Valium I never relies how addictive they are . There so bad. .A must is to get medical help when you need to come off them.

Theresa Reed
4:15 am December 30th, 2013

I am so saddened reading the last two blogs.I wish I never ever started using vakium. Today is one of my worst withdrawal days. …..I am at 26th a day now from 30th. I started the 26th tapering a few days ago my Dr and I are doing a schedule. But today all day and right now my chills body aches mood swings body spasms are so intense is hard to deal with….Clint dine seriously is what I have for withdrawal. It is not working. I just want it to go away. My insomnia is brutal please don’t let me be up all night like this. I have to remember that I have been taking this lovely little blue pill for over 20 years.I thank god I am not suicidal. ..I have my family grandkids husband kids. And they need me . But with withdrawal it messes with your mind so much . can’t the Dr’s give me something for my pain. And to make me sleep. I already take per concert for chronic pain but of course they will not increase the dosage. I am at 80mgs a day. I’m tired I just hate everything I don’t want to do anything but I have to cause of my family and animals. I hate hate hate hate my body and self right now Thank you Valium

11:31 am December 31st, 2013

Hello Theresa. Hang in there! We’re rooting for you! You can do it!!!

Crystal Mastroianni
7:02 pm January 4th, 2014

can withdrawal from valium cause an intense feeling of pressure in the head with tingling/numbness sensation in the face

Bill L
1:12 am January 14th, 2014

Yes it can Crystal..I had that bad..and a pressure in my eyes..lasted about a month..migraines too and never had a migraine till the withdrawals..

Bill L
1:18 am January 14th, 2014

Hope your doing better have you been? Just remember its going to take a few months even after your last dose..dont get discouraged..i know easier said than will be worth it in the end..i feel like i did in my 20s now and im 54 yrs old…thats just how much the valium had me screwed up..If you have any questions let me know, ill keep up daily on this blog..God bless Bill

8:12 pm January 14th, 2014

I have been on valium for 10 months as a vestibular depressant for meiners disease. It helps that a lot but I feel like I’ve been on it too long. I take 7.5mg twice a day. My Ent that prescribed it has moved out of town and I don’t know a taper schedule but I also don’t want to get vertigo again everyday like I had. Should I continue on the valium or try to reduce it? I just don’t want to be dizzy every day from my inner ear disorder. It doesn’t help with my anxiety or panic attacks at all. Never has and I have developed this disorder since I developed meiners disease. Any suggestions would help.

11:01 pm January 14th, 2014

I was on benzos for 38 years for a runny ear.

I I have weaned off of them now and have been off for 3 months but my symptoms are getting stronger still could you tell me if this is normal for some people.

6:24 pm January 25th, 2014

Just a quick question can the doctor stop 4mg of Diazapam and 3.75mg of Zopiclone after 26 years because he has done that to me and said I can’t have it anymore I am feeling quite ill and just wondered if anyone can give me any advice please? Thankyou

Bill L
9:09 pm January 31st, 2014

Not a good idea Jenny…i dont know about Zopiclone..but you should wean off the valium slow..lts not that big a dose but the fact youve been on it so long means your probably dependent…i was on valium for about 20 yrs, the last 5 yrs should have told me to get off..i was having withdrawal symtoms even while on it because i never really raised the dose… gettting off it was the hardest thing i ever had to do, but looking back the best thing….work with a doctor , and see if they will let you wean off slowly, like over a few months..lowering the dose every couple of weeks ..the Heather Ashton method is the best..look it up online..good luck,Bill

6:35 pm February 2nd, 2014

Taken 15mg for ten years. Many failed withdrawals because unbelievable seizures knocked me out on highway. I’m lucky. It was cold turkey, and I never believed in tapering, as I am now. I know my difficulty breathing is the heart muscle connected to lungs. I feel like I’m suffocating in the morning. Take the medicine and begin yawning like crazy until I feel normal. Down to 10 mg a day within a month but do worry. Do share if you can.

6:14 pm February 8th, 2014

I have been taking valium 2mg 2times daily for 2 years. I started gradually decreasing 1mg/day each month. I’m now on 1mg once daily and since the switch from 1mg twice daily to once daily I am having most of the classic withdrawl symptoms. My question is should I be having these symptoms when I’m weening so slowly and on such a low dose? Does this make sense? What can I do to alleviate the symptoms?

Sophie Marie
3:51 am February 28th, 2014

My mother was diagnosed with manic depression when she was young and had shock treatments. She is now in her 80’s and has been on a high dosage of 15 milligrams of valium a day for the last several years. She went in the hospital for a minor surgery last year and it went well but the day after her surgery the doctors had stopped the valium cold turkey and I was unaware of it. Each day, she got more anxiety & started having all kinds of withdrawal symptoms. On the 5th day, she coded & her heart stopped. The night before I found out that she was not getting her regular medications. I am furious…I’m not a medical dr or nurse and would know that she could have a heart attack if the symptoms were bad enough and they were. Why would they be so stupid?

Theresa Reed
2:45 am March 5th, 2014

Well I have not been here for a bit,and it’s always so sad… Sophie I’m so sorry,maybe if the drs were more informed of this pill,your Mother and you would be ok.Drs are unsympathetic,alot of them just want to wash their hands of you.Nothing good comes out of this pill,only while your taking a good amount.Well down to 25mgs as of last week,my eyes blurry,numbness,really,really cranky.Not happy at all.Really dizzy,don’t want to do anything,just took 12mgs,but still in my dosage for the day,just so I can float and not care.all part of the withdrawals ,nighttime still brutal,horrible sleep,looked like I’ve aged 10 years and the sweats chills leg and arm kick outs are really messed up,Thanks Bill L. The kind words mean alot

8:14 pm March 6th, 2014

Great honest inputs on this line. Took valium 15mg a day for ten years and after two months down to 10mg but I go through that morning jag of hell as well. Physical needs fluctuate, so I use trazodone for sleep. The heart is a MUSCLE and therefore is greatly affected. I yawn like crazy when I take the valium now but know it’s because my heart is relaxing again. It’s an ancient medicine, but at least we didn’t get oxycodin or other morphine models.

1:27 pm March 12th, 2014

Hi am 25 and I Had post traumatic stress after I and my family was attacked by armed robbers and since I dint understand my body anymore I went to see a doctor who put me on diazepam for 3weeks but the symptoms got worse cos I became unnecessarily tired and yawned alot so they ran a blood test and found I had malaria which was treated but after a while I started noticing sever headtension, trembling hands, serious ache in the eye, over sensitivity to light and sounds, insomnia, obsessive thoughts and I was a bit sluggish in thinking and unable to eat but I had to force myself to eat something 3times daily cos my body needs the nutrients to survive . But then I read about the symptoms of the drug and decided to stop at once but before I started noticing the symptoms i was on 2.5mg and d doctor increased it to 5mg so I went cold turkey from 5mg. The 1st week was hell, the second was ok except for the eye ache, the 3rd week was like the 1st but a bit mild and now m on my 4th week and I still get mild headtensions and mild ache in the eyes. Some times I get depressed cos these feeling make it so hard to think you are getting better but I force myself to be happy with the hope it’s gonna get better. So far I can go about my buisness, hang out with friends even though my eyes makes me feel like m drunk and hurts like a bitch. Most people don’t understand unless they are in this position so I stopped talking bout it. So I noticed I hardly sleep when alone so sometimes I sleep over at my sisters and I feel the more I get some sleep the better. So it can only get better from here so hang in there.

4:08 pm March 13th, 2014

78 year old taken benzod for almost one yr on off 5 to10mg stopped cold turkey 3weeks .all hell now due to withdrawal…dot know what to do.plz plz advise asap

Theresa Reed
4:06 pm March 14th, 2014

Just by any reading or research.You should not stop cold turkey……please see your dr.

sandra townley
7:03 pm April 1st, 2014

I have been on Valium for 2 years was taking 10 mg am & 10mg pm for the past 6 months I’ve been on 2 mg am & 2mg pm. I cut down by 1mg a week ago but have noticed like a tight feeling in my chest & feel like I cannot catch my breath. Is this a withdrawal symptom.

5:30 pm April 5th, 2014

Jennie and Doctor….you need to have an emergency supply on tapering because it has ‘kick-backs’. No doctor knows what the feeling or consequences are. I told my doctor if he was willing to bet his life on his opinion…he discontinued seeing me when he felt his life was threatened as mine was. You’re the best judge, but he’s not your ‘mother’.

Bill L
4:46 am April 10th, 2014

How are you doing Theresa? Ive found a great benzo support group online that i wish i had known about a year ago… nevertheless its great to talk to people about what their going through , kinda of like one big family…email me if your interested..hope to here from you, God Bless

Theresa Reed
9:14 am April 14th, 2014

Thank you Bill L. I will keep that in mind…Well the tapering has been brutal,starting 24mgs tomorrow.But it’s an absolute struggle,just very panicky knowing I’m going down,in the dosage.Effects really sticking out is my. Speech and the way I talk and say things,how they come out how I pronounce my words repeat myself,and while I’m not aware I’m doing this,my kids tell me,Mom you have already told us that so many times,stop it,my confusion,I feel real lost and stupid…And body pain aches chills still and the not sleeping trazadone and clonidine,don’t really help…Plus I’m on percocett for chronic pain,so I’m in a real mess….don’t feel social,not on the computer much,have volunteered for my kids,cause just trying to be normal as normal can be,with this hell I’m going through.Otherwise leave me alone don’t call me it will go straight to the answer machine,let me just sleep,so I don’t feel like this.Live on my couch pretty much,don’t eat or drink much.Still just hating it all,o also on antidepressants But don’t think they are helping.Sorry about venting,and cranky just telling the truth.My heart goes out to everyone with their daily struggles not easy and stay strong! Well I’m going to try and sleep now it’s just after 2am,and 7am comes quick

Theresa Reed
4:19 pm April 14th, 2014

Well had 2 and a half hours of sleep. Rough day yesterday.
Slipped up ended up short by a couple of days. .Severe withdrawal. Though I was going to have a heart attack, stroke. .Just really messed up and scared. My husband took me to the ER.Dehydrayted, and just withdrawal. Had my first seizure. They gave me 2 bags of fluid.Spent the day there. But the Dr I saw and treated me…Treated me like a human, a person. She was compassionate and understanding. She actually praised me. ..Saying you are doing good this will happen. are trying and it’s not easy but keep it up. Shocked since the last time I had to go to Emergency the Male Dr was a complete very mean unsympathetic person who just stereotyped me as a drug addict looking for pills and sent me home. Didn’t know what to expect yesterday but all I knew was I needed medical help. Made a big difference to Me.

10:43 pm April 15th, 2014

When there is pain in the chest its the heart, it will cause the lungs to have a hard time. I take that as a sign to let up on my abstinence.

8:19 pm April 24th, 2014

Still going through withdrawal after 9months complete hell, muscle cramps, pins and needles all over my body all the time, can’t
Sleep. I’m completely drained don’t know how much more I can take…. 25years I was on this evil drug.

sally lammiman
5:37 pm May 14th, 2014

have been on diazepam for 4 months 10mg daily. how much do I reduce dosage

Angela H
1:41 am June 13th, 2014

I have been off diazepam since the end of December after years of 20mg a day. The withdrawal has been hell. Many doctors who all think I’m crazy. Today after a month of some relief the symptoms have returned and as usual I’m scared. The head pressure is the worse. It feels like there is not enough room for my brain and my head is going to explode. I often feel dazed like I’m in an alternate reality. Is it normal to still feel withdrawal symptoms? How long will this last? Please help!

1:04 pm June 16th, 2014

After eighteen long months, of trying, I have finally done it (detoxed from all benzos) hooray!
I have not posted anything, on here, for more than a year now but I have often sat and read the comments.
I have no advise to give anyone as I realise everyones struggle is different, just to say for me the last year has been long and hard. In the end I had to seek professional advise. I just could not do it on my own. He led the way and I followed. I will be for ever grateful to him.
I wish everyone well with their struggle

3:32 pm June 16th, 2014

Down to 10mg from 15mg, but explosion occurred. Doctor offered anti-depressant, declaring most people do this to help taper off, but don’t see any mention of it here. What’s the truth? Thank you.

Deborah Bennett
11:46 am June 17th, 2014

I was prescribed kolonlopam for sleep. After many years on this drug, it stop working. I then learned with the help of the Internet how horrible the drug was that I was on. My doctor told me I couldn’t come off. I sought other help and took diazapam to tapper off. I have been off diazapam now for 4 months. I’m still having trouble with sleep, sensitivity to sounds and stinging in arms. I also have mild depression. My question is can I take herbal supplements, such as 5htp or St John’s Wort to ease the insomnia and depression.

7:26 am June 23rd, 2014

Been off this hellish drug for 3 months now after a very long tapper Feel much better memories returning nomore pains in chest and back everything is returning back to normal.. all i can suggest is long tapper from 20mg i got down to 0.05 and held for atleast 2 weeks then nothing held strong for that week i remember it being very slow painful thinking i couldnt swallow worse feeling..
Honust if i can anybody really can key is tapper really Slow listen to ur body

11:10 pm June 23rd, 2014

Brutal hell! I can’t believe how my body, head and emotions are changing. Down to 23mgs a day, but I have light noise paranoia and horrible body pain. I can’t stand people, I have to think should I just stabilize and not continue. My whole body just hurts and feels numbs and tingly. It’s hard to put it in words…Dr suggests to stop valium taper, but because I need strong pain medication, taking me off pain meds is a double edged sword for me. What did I get myself into? I’m seeing a psych. and trying to figure out what to do with myself…

3:59 pm June 25th, 2014

All doctors are bombarded by professional salesmen, or at least their ‘buyers’ are, and the ‘buyers’ are offered incentives’. Doctors just don’t have the time to fathom that they’re ignorant and ‘drug peddlers.’

Charles W
2:17 pm June 29th, 2014

Have been on prescribed Valium 145mg & Remeron (Mirtazapine) 30mg for 6 years. Have some very difficult life issues that have gone on for many years, and won’t end anyrime soon. I’m 61. I already have “tolerance withdrawal” I DESPERATELY , DESPERATELY want to come off these poisons. Any advice would be very deeply appreciated.
Many, many thanks for any help you can offer. I’m in the UK.

11:26 pm July 13th, 2014

I been trying to come off it but now I’m taking 2mg a week because I feel very hot and not sleeping. When will I need to stop?

Steve vessel
1:11 am July 31st, 2014

Help husband/me been off 6 mo. Hard withdrawal s all the time and now worse. What will help something? I hav all the symptoms but 1 no seizure yet!! I can’t do it prob. Goin bac on valium! ! #!/&***/##!!##&*&*#——– this drug should be banned! !! Thanks and any advice would be great! ! ♡♡♡♡♡ sorry!!

Ken H.
10:01 am August 14th, 2014

I ran out of my diazipam 7 days early. Do I need to wait the full 7 days or can I get it filled sooner?

Ken H.
10:04 am August 14th, 2014

I ran out of diazepam 7 day early. What’s the ealiest I can get a refil?

6:45 pm August 15th, 2014

Lots of bull cr*p side effects etc getting off tranquilizer’s. I took tranquilizers most of my life oxazepams for 11 years Just cut down and I had no problems Now diazepam’s for 3 years 10mgs sometimes 5 mgs ONCE a DAY I read about terrible side effects stopping ,I am stopping and I am sick of being terrorized by drs and people .I do split in pieces I am sure I will be fine I am sick of drs trying to stick me on anti depressants to fill their wallets while empting mine No dr if I have a problem like I keep reading about horrible side effects I will kill myself and I in mean it. If poor robin did I can too. this is a evil world any ways.

Ken H.
4:12 pm August 19th, 2014

I don’t understand why I ran out of valuim(I admit I took more than I should have for a few extra stressful days)a week ago and can’t get my refill for 2 more days yet I haven’t noticed a single side effect. The only change is that my anxiety has gone up but that’s why I’m on it to begin with. The only side effect I have when I’m on it is sleepiness which I could do without but the trade off isn’t worth it. Without valium my brain goes into a chaotic hyper mode. I like calm and clear thinking.

9:12 pm August 19th, 2014

Well been at 22mgs for the last few weeks,tapering from 30mgs a day for over 20 years…..Dr. does not think to taper anymore…I know we are struggling in our own ways.i cannot handle the tapering.I am overwhelmed with everything.I hate everything don’t want to do anything.severly depressed.Cant handle how I feel.Losing my mind.trying to follow the Ashton Manual.But I honestly don’t think it’s working or going to work.i need a new Dr. Have referral to Pschyciatrist ,but wait til next month,I need help now……Thinking seriously just going to emergency,seeing the psychiatric dr there.Maybe they can help me now…..I am not suicidal.Just wrong meds I’m on need to stabilize.

12:55 am September 1st, 2014

Now tappering off of 6 m ativan a day I can hardly stay a wake. 25 years use on Ativan tap on Val under docs care down to 3 m after 6 months a day want to sleep all day.. Gone through insomnia.

6:44 pm September 1st, 2014

Hello I have been on Valium 5 mg for over a year due to vertigo . I have to take it everyday due to the vertigo , if im ever able to get rid of the vertigo , how long would a taper off of 5 mg take ?

10:06 am September 29th, 2014

I have been taking valium now for a couple of years now. Only 5mg. Was supposed to take three times a day but was only taking twice a day then cut down to just at noon. I don’t like it as it makes me extremely tired and I end up sleeping all afternoon. I am currently down to 1 at noon every other day and next week will go to half. My biggest problem is headaches. My head hurts from the time I get up till the time I go to bed and aspirin does nothing. I don’t have a lot of the other side effects except once in a while hot flashes that come with the shakes like you get when you don’t eat. I don’t sleep well at night but I contribute that to sleeping all afternoon. Any thoughts?

12:03 pm September 29th, 2014

Hi Michelle. Physical stress, lack of sleep and missed meals can cause and intensify headaches. You also might want to avoid certain foods and beverages such as chocolate, nuts, aged cheese, yogurt, preserved meats (hot dogs, bacon) some fruits (e.g. red plums, oranges) and alcohol, red wine and caffeine.
However, for a diagnosis, you’d need to consult a doctor. Preferably a headache specialist who is best able to diagnose, treat and manage headache disorders.

5:48 pm October 2nd, 2014

hi guys i came off 15mg diazepam in 9 days im in rehab at the moment its one of the worst withdrawels ever its a withdrawel not any 1 will understand if they havnt been on valium so its easier to know other people are experiencing the same i was starting to feel like i was physically getting better apart from blurred vision and a bit sore legs then lastnight it came back with a vengance then today is just my vision and slight sore legs but i know it will be back even the doctors in the rehab im in dont know much about the withdrawels and this is a 5 star private treatment centre so thanks guys for being able 2 read this and feel a bit better stay strong ,shaun

1:39 am October 6th, 2014

Prescribed for vertigo took 2.5 mg for a week only at night then had another vertigo attack an d increased up to 5 mg . Feel nervous anxious and out of control, would like to quit altogether as they are causinge social anxiety but scared of seizures where do I go fr
Here I am put of the prescription now and though I don’t want to take them I feel helpless . Can’t drive or function please help me .

4:23 am October 7th, 2014

Sorry I have not read what anyone has going to be a little selfish,and talk about myself.Im pretty sure I posted a comment a few months ago,but I don’t see I don’t know if the Administration took it off,or in my paranoia and memory loss,I’ve had confusion.Im just Angry,mad,very moody Watch Out! Well when I first started on here, I came here for support,I find writing down how I am feeling with my tapering was helping me,and just talking with other people walking in my Shoes.Now 22mgs after months of tapering,starting from 30 mgs for over 20 years.I don’t think nothing is helping,I want to float,I want to be stress not getting it unless I’m taking very frustrated,Dr says let’s stop tapering,it’s not working,coping skills suck.I know Valium is going to be and has been very hard to taper from,Let’s talk side effects,flashers,feels like bad acid trip x1000!!!!!! Vision messed,memory loss,repeating myself! My kids get a laugh about that! Confusion,Airhead ,Space Cadet Zombie.Lets talk about Real side effects,it’s happening to me,Sorry this isn’t a Happy Positive You Go Theresa! You are doing Great Post! I’m not. Plain and simple,it’s hard,struggling everyday! I do have some Very Good Days! But I’m being Real Honest this is the way it is for me….Treatement centre wants to take me down 5mgs in 10 days? I know it’s not possible…..but whatever I don’t think the new Drs of this time have a clue of what they are dealing sweep me under the rug,cause we don’t know what to do with you Theresa. Good Side/Bad Side to coming off the rx I guess I’m on the good side.This is real withdrawl,not candy coated.As I sit. here arms hurting burning pain shooting down my arms,body pain and aches .I still want to show the not so fun side of the tapering…Good Luck to You!

7:37 am October 23rd, 2014

I think diazepam is a good and gentle medication. Even as much as 20 to 30 mg per day is harmless as long as you don’t mix it with harshly addictive drugs like alcohol. Diazepam is getting a bad rap, and there is hysteria surrounding all meds in the same class. I wouldn’t worry about taking it unless it clearly impaired functioning or daily life in general. No need to seek treatment or “supervised tapering,” the latter giving a physician something to do when they could use their time more wisely on something harmful. Start with alcohol!

2:18 pm November 8th, 2014

Hi. I have been taking diazepam now for 7 weeks along with Pristiq. Prescribed for anxiety and depression. I have 10 – 15mg a day but since my Pristiq medication as been doubled I am having all sorts of side effects that seem to be what everyone had described. Tremors, confusion, no appetite, dry mouth, exhausted but can’t sleep, muscle weakness. My doctor says i am still adjusting to the medications and to increase my diazepam by 5mg which I am reluctant to do so have not yet done it. I don’t enjoy this at all. I am moody and erratic and do not feel myself. I realise coming off this will not be easy but after reading others replies it has made me feel better that I am not alone. Thank you.

8:47 pm November 11th, 2014

i have been abusingValium for more than a year I am due to hopefully detox soon in the next few weeks as a long waiting list I can see myself takin between 50-100 mg daily I am scared off withdrawals do you no how long my detox will last I am in the uk thanks very much

11:12 pm November 15th, 2014

My parnter has been on vilium for a long period off this now, and the doctor started him on 10 a day then slowly reducing him down currently he’s on 3 day and then 2 then 1 then nothing, but last week at his appointment the doctor said instead going 2 then 1 a Day we will stop you at 3, has you have completed the program , . Is that right what they have done to me, I an worried about the side effects.

7:14 pm November 17th, 2014

I have been on this med for a medical condition called multiple sclerosis. Somehow, the med bottle was lost as the symptoms appeared. A former RN. I thought I was having a ‘flair up’ of MS, which actually is like the symptoms of withdrawal.

Six days without this med, and i feel like my skin is going to crawl over my brain.

Insomnia is the worse.

10:33 am November 18th, 2014

Hi Gayle. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for you considering the MS. The withdrawal must be wearing you down completely. Call your doctor for help, you shouldn’t be doing this without medical assistance.

9:14 am November 20th, 2014

Well now at 22 mgs,starting my tapering,quite a few months back,I found the first few mgs the hardest,but I am going really ,really slow.Ive really expeirenced the major mood swings,where I could really use lots of Valium to mellow me.But I only have a certain amount of medication on hand,so I have to take it properly.Yes,the restless legs,chest tightening,light flashes,seeing things………But also memory,confusion,forgetting things,but I think I’m maybe stabilizing somewhat.Just really really slow,and everyone is different.But I will post in a few weeks,and see how I feel seems it takes some time for certain withdrawl symtoms ,and I am coming from 30mgs,daily for over 20years

1:42 pm December 14th, 2014

Hi, I have been on valium for about a year or so. 5 mg but not every day . Sometimes a few times a week sometimes nothing for a week. Had surgery recently and had valium daily for couple weeks . But because my use was not everyday so I need to taper. The disease I had causes muscle pain etc so I’m wondering if I can stop cold turkey . As I witkdnt know how to twist because it wasn’t every day use . I have a lot of the withdrawal symptoms but they are similar to parathyroid disease which I had . Any advice ? I really want off this tablet as didn’t realise it could cause all this and it’s scary the horror stories I read

2:01 am December 23rd, 2014

Went from a 2 month period when I used about 2.25mg a day xanax per day. Doctor switched me to valium 2mg 3 times a day(6mg) for 30 days but was not told to taper. Started tapering 30 days ago and have slow tapered to 3mg total. No harsh symptoms during this time and have adjusted dosage immediately when symptoms occurred. Figure to slow taper 1-2 months more to finish more or less following the Ashton method for this relatively small amount of medication. Does this sound ok

5:25 pm January 7th, 2015

I have been taking valium for several months. Stated 2.5mg 2x a day for an dotty and muscle spass recovering from 2 disc herniations in my neck. I tapered to only 2.5mg and was off for several weeks, then only took 2.5mg at bedtime. Is 2.5 mg a day enough to cause withdrawal or insomnia? I stoked because it wasn’t being me sleep any bettet and was reaching fir benedryl and didn’t want to become dependant. I also stopped caffeine cold turkey and have avoided the Nasty migraines and nausea as I am juice fasting and detoxing with organic coffee enemas which causes your liver to dump toxins immediately (see Gerson Therapy or Google benefits from coffee enemas) however my insomnia is thru the roof, that’s why I am quitting the Valium and getting off caffeine. Is my dose of 2..5mg a day enough to cause withdrawal symptoms and sleeplessness? I have gone back to natural sleep blend with calcium,, magnesium, valerian, Gaba and a little melotonin, but still can only sleep 3-4hrs a night. I am hoping it’s just temporary unroll my brain calibrates. Any thoughts?

8:04 pm January 16th, 2015

I am tapering off 5 mg. once a day. I can not sleep for than 2 or 3 hours a night. Is this dangerous to my health. Thank you

5:13 am January 17th, 2015

Ive been cutting Valium for a little over a month now by making 1mg cuts every week. I’m now at 1mg and feeling ok. Remember to cut by a maximum of 1mg every 1 to 2 weeks. You should be ok if you do this. This is called the ashton method.

9:41 pm January 18th, 2015

Been taking 5 mg only if I woke up during the night for the past 3 years. I used it more for a sleep aid. I never took it during the day. Do you know what the proper wean schedule would be for only taking 5 mg? Do I start at 4 mg for one week, then 3 mg one week, 2 mg one week, 1 mg one week then .50 every other day (1,3 5,7) then done?

Thank you.

3:02 pm January 20th, 2015

Hi Maggie. Unfortunately, insomnia is part of the course of withdrawal symptoms from many medications. Your brain chemistry is repairing itself as you taper, so you might experience improvements with the insomnia as you continue. You can talk to your pharmacist and get some OTC sleep aid; many people have said the Valerian root extract to be very helpful. Good luck to you!

4:54 pm January 20th, 2015

Hello Fran. Doctors recommend doing the slower taper. So, instead of reducing 1mg a week, it’s better to reduce a .50mg weekly, but it will be less stressful for your organism. In the end, you should do your taper according to your needs, so just listen to your body and if you need, increase or decrease the amount you are tapering.

8:21 am January 26th, 2015

I feel disassociated with the outside world I have been taking 5 ml valium for 10 years and now are going cold Turkey

12:41 am January 30th, 2015

This is TO THERESA REED. You are probably done with your taper, maybe someone else is thinking about things the way you have been. I am tapering from 40mg of Valium a day for 12 years. I’m down to 1.25mg. One more cut and I’ll be done. The list here is correct but missing many symptoms. For a complete list of Bezo w/d symptoms see:
You stated that you have left your family for the time because you don’t want you’re children to see you like this. That is about the most selfish thing I ever heard. I didn’t think it would be possible but you are giving drug addicts a bad name. Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and do the right thing! You aren’t going through anything that everybody else that has successfully tapered off benzo’s has been or is going through. You have the oxy so maybe you don’t have it as bad as a lot of people that have nothing to fall back on. You stated that you haven’t read what people are posting. Why do you keep posting so often if you don’t want good advise? HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF YOUR OTHER HALF DID THIS TO YOU?
Some would like you to think it’s so personal it’s easy for some people to stop. That just isn’t true, it’s hard for everybody. Just stick to your taper, or go slower, what difference does it make if you take a couple extra months? Do you want your kids to be traumatized for life? That’s a load of CRAP! Get Yourself together, stop feeling sorry for yourself and raise your Children. Weaning Valium is rough but what harm are you doing to your kids? You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope your kids are stronger that you. Is this somehow they’re fault?
Sorry for the tough love, couldn’t help myself. You need that and more until you snap out of it. You don’t need a shrink, just a spine.

8:15 pm January 30th, 2015

Family Doctor prescribed Valium 40mg a day 12 years ago. I went down when he told us he was moving to 10mg and couldn’t take it. After 6 weeks of agony that wasn’t getting any better went back up to 15mg, felt better and stayed there for a year. The new Doc wanted me to drop 5mg a week then stop. My resting heart rate went up to 141 BPM within a few days. Being a Heat Attack survivor I found the Ashton Manual but thought it was too ridiculous, but I have gone slow, kept reducing every 7-10 days, it has been around 5 months, much longer than I wanted. I am now taking 1/4 of a 5mg pill (around 1.25mg) and the side effects are much better. I know I can do this now, this is the 3rd day and I’m going to 1mg tonight. The small cuts like that are not noticeable for me. I intend to make 1 more cut and ride it down to 1/2mg.

One thing I found that was a terrible setback was a steroid injection. If you are tapering please don’t get any steroids if you can avoid it. It magnifies the anxiety many times, at least for me. That was my biggest mistake.

3:47 am February 5th, 2015

Thank goodness I found this site, I am so full of pressure in my chest and hands and head at this stage after coming off Valium completely for 4 weeks now, this has helped me to carry on and not give up, just wish it would end quickly, so I can get my life back with my wife and children I feel they are being deprived of a husband and dad but I am not in any real state to do a lot about it at the moment. I will fight this and not ever go back on that crap!! I don’t know how I would have coped if I was working at a job, but as I am on a disability pension I feel good that I can at least do this at home everyday without worrying about getting paid every week in a full time job.

2:23 am February 8th, 2015

I have had a really bad cough coming off Valium it hits harder at nite time when trying to sleep. I have taken Valium for 49 yrs. and last 1 1/2 yrs. have been weaning off very slowly. I have been through a lot of side affects this seems to be the most annoying. There does not seem to be a lot of info. On this withdrawl that I can find. Can you help with this. Thankyou

12:24 pm February 9th, 2015

Hello Penny. That’s a rather unusual symptom of Valium withdrawal. I believe it’s best to go and get checked by a doctor. I know people have reported cough as a side-effect while taking Valium…but not in detox. Best of luck, Penny. Hope it gets better soon and I apologize for not being able to help, really.

dawn dews
6:32 pm February 11th, 2015

I’m on 6mgs a day and reduce to 2 and a quarter of a dose slowly at the rate of reducing a quarter even 4 weeks , last Friday I reduced from 2 and half of dose to 2 and quarter . So after the next 4 weeks I will be down to 4 mgs . Since Monday I feel really low . No up and go in me . I’m on cope ciperlax at 20 mgs for depression but my doctor said I need to stay on theses for my periods as I used to have 2 good weeks and 2 bad weeks , but I need to come off the diazapam , I’m 48 and my period s are early now

9:35 am February 12th, 2015

Hi Ivana, thank you for response. Yes I did read that coughing is one of the side effects also. I am still on 12mg. Daily but being on v’s so long it collects every where in ones body. The Valium stores in the body all parts of it and then slowly comes out it seems in intervals. Then as you taper it seems to take time to feel the withdrawl, I would just like to say if you can stay in bed without guilt that helps. I have been fortunate enough to be able to do so and get done what needs to be. It is the worst thing ever I have been through, every withdrawl described I have had and not over yet. The days differ from one to the next but the being constantly tired is another hard withdrawl I find. Thank you everyone this helps to be able to talk and be understood and to know we r not going crazy but through withdrawals. Hang on we will get through this. Penny

1:40 am February 18th, 2015

I took 10mg of diazapam on Saturday night not stop my seizures and I am shivering and do not feel well atall when can I ex to feel better and will paracetamol help or will that make me feel worse thankyou for any help you can give me……sam

6:11 pm February 20th, 2015

I have taken 2mg of diazepam for the last 5 months and are tappering off taking 2mg every other night. .I have 2 more tablets to take out of the 14 the doctor told me to taper off with then stop. I am getting anxiety and my head feels strange

9:54 pm February 20th, 2015

Day 51 benzo free. I had a great day yesterday and I felt like my old self. Today I had a wave but it didn’t last too long only 3 hours. My sleep has come back and what I have learned is there is no linear straight line when coming off a benzo. Everyone is different. I am convinced that working out 7 days a week for 90 minutes a day does help the healing process.

8:29 am February 23rd, 2015

Hi Wendy, this is a very difficult time for you. Coming to the end is scary, I am already thinking about it and i am no were close to the dosage your at. I am on 12mg daily and very very slowly tapering this is our key to succeeding coming off these pills. There is no race or time that should be put upon us. If you can convince or ask your Dr. To let you take this last leap of being free from this drug into your own hands your success will be less stress, anxiety and a lot more successful. It does not matter if today is the day or 4 months from now. Just slowly shave the pill little by little every week even. It does not matter if you are at 2mg. Or 40mg. The feeling is incredible scary to say the least and like I said there is no time line. Do not pick a day when it will be. You have come this far now go all the way on your own time line. Wendy please go slow you take the control and I no you will be successful more so with a lot more ease. Good luck and hope to hear how every thing goes for you. Penny 4th try at this and I am doing the best ever because I am doing it very slow.

7:36 am February 28th, 2015

Im at week 7 now of complete withdrawal from Benzos, it has been absolute HELL, but at this stage of recovery im feeling so much better in the way that I can now get my head around the main stresses all you guys and gals are going thru. Its not an easy ride by any means, in fact I at my docors request spent 2 days in hospital just recently trying to find myself again and have come home a happier person. I must tell you all that you can get thru this, I know after 30 YEARS on Benzos what you are all feeling, but you will get better, I repeat YOU WILL GET BETTER!!!!!

2:24 pm March 6th, 2015

I was on 7 mg diazepam per day for 3 months and began withdrawing under my doctor’s supervision at 1/2 mg at a time 8 months ago. Severe heartburn and nausea put me in the hospital 5 months ago and I am still chasing down those symptoms. I got down to 2.5 mg at the end of 2014 but suffered severe withdrawal symptoms – the electric buzz, hot flashes – so went back up to 3 mg in mid January. Withdrawal symptoms have continued unevenly – I will feel like I am normalizing at 3 but then things go bad again. I’ve now been back up to 3 mg for 7 weeks and suffering the worst withdrawal symptoms yet – hot flashes that won’t end and cold chills and electric buzz at the same time. All of this has happened even tho I am withdrawing under my doctor’s supervision. Is it common for the body to take 7 weeks to normalize at a new dosage?
My gastro problems have continued all along, even tho I had my gall bladder out, and I have become anemic because I have that tendency and have not been able to take iron supplements. With my doctor’s encouragement, I have seen a homeopath and am taking a very low amount of drops she proscribed to help the nausea. I am getting acupuncture once a week. I will see my doctor again today but could use some encouragement that I will get thru this, because right now everything we have tried has failed to help me and I am getting worse even tho I haven’t changed the dosage of the diazepam for 7 weeks. Does anyone have any thoughts? I really need help.

7:17 pm March 6th, 2015

It could be any number of things unrelated to diazepam to cause your distress, and maybe your doctor has some ideas. On your own, you should probably raise the dosage to 4 mg. Remember, this a soft drug. 4mg, even when combined with a quart of alcohol, will not kill you. OR, if you drink at all, try 4 to 6 oz of wine to take the edge off. (I myself can’t drink — one drink is likely to send me off on a binge, even after 35 years of sobriety.) If 4 mg of diazepam works by itself, that’s the answer. You’ve developed a tolerance over all this time, but don’t worry about it. (My main symptom when stopping, sometimes using benadryl for sleep at those times, is nightmares.) It affects sexual performance, at least in men, if you take a lot of diazepam, like 20-30-40 mg a day. Morning erections disappear in some men, but it depends on age too.

8:44 pm March 20th, 2015

I took diazepam l to 2 mg. a day for l2 years. I tapered off in Jan. and it is now March and I can’t sleep more than 2 or3 hrs. a night. Dr. Gave me trazodome and side effects bother me. Volarian doesn’t help. How serious is not sleeping for so long. I feel spaced out. Please help me. thank you

11:13 pm March 23rd, 2015

Margaret-Sleep is so powerful that it will come back. It takes time. I went off of 5 mg of Valium on 1-1-15 c/t and sleep has just returned 2 weeks ago. My shrink told me to use meditation oasis when I could not sleep. It’s wonderful. Google it or download it on your iphone under podcast. It really works. Try to go to sleep every night the same time and realize that it can take 8 weeks for your sleep to return but it will return in time. You must stay positive and be patient. I’m almost 12 weeks off and doing much better. I can tell I am healing!!

11:59 pm March 23rd, 2015

I have found that accuuincture works well for anxiety, panick attacks and tapering off valium, however it is very expensive and insurance does not cover it.

10:19 am April 5th, 2015

Hi, my doctor did a rapid detox in hospital from 50mg to 20mg in 6 days, I was in utter hell. My dose was put back up to 40mg 5 days ago but I am not feeling any better. Why???? Please help

3:10 pm April 6th, 2015

Julia-once you drop so quickly and reinstate your body does not stabilize on a lower dose. Google kindling and the Ashton Manual. Please print the Ashton Manual and show it to your doctor. Most doctors do not know the proper way of slow tapering off a benzo. They like to write the script but they don’t care if patients suffer. I believe for you to stabilize he would have to increase your dose over 40 mg at this time.

10:30 am April 17th, 2015

I am trying to get off 10mg valium per day. On bad days 22.5 and good days 5mg. The valium(pax) is no longer working an actually ameking me feel worse. Started just now taking valerian tabs 45mg. Can you give a schedule or how I can incorporate the valerian tabs (calmets) in this proses. Some days I can’t leave the house, stay alone and have not been driving for over a year. Also in divorse proses(verbal abuse cause the anxiety) Please help! Regards,
Cape town
South africa

12:02 pm April 17th, 2015

Hi Ilse. do not discontinue Valium without your doctor’s approval. No prescription drug should be discontinued or its dosage altered without consulting a doctor first. It is actually not advised to take any Valerian until you have completely stopped using Valium for a few days to a week. After this period passes you can use Valerian safely, but if you take it while still on Valium, you can experience unwanted symptoms. Valerian can intensify the effects of benzodiazepines, such as Valium. I strongly advise you to use both medications separately and as you were directed.

5:56 am April 19th, 2015

How long does it take to withdrawal from 15 years of Xanax use? I took 3 to 4 mg daily the last year. Prior I took 1.5 mg daily. I am having stomach aches, diarrhea, brain zaps, tinnitus, clouded mind, and crying jags. Thanks!

2:54 pm April 20th, 2015

Hi Stan. It would be best if you could do a slow taper and reduce your doses gradually. The general taper dose is 20% off your current dose for a week or two, then another 20% reduction (or you can do 10% reduction if you want a slower taper). So, it may takes weeks and months to get to the point where you will completely stop taking Xanax. You can ask your doctor or pharmacist for advise and help during tapering, withdrawal and detox period.

9:07 am April 22nd, 2015

i have been with detoxing from Valium for about 3 weeks. and i am finding it hard to deal with the withdrawal , what is a good way that i can cope with the Valium Symptoms?

5:11 pm April 23rd, 2015

HI. I have been on Diazapam for five years with doses 1 – 2mg daily. My doctor stopped the prescription ten days ago and I have had withdrawal symptoms which came on 3 days later. I could continued the dose but decided, with my doctor, to stop. Which in hindsight should have tapered. At least to 1/2 mg daily. Feels much like an everlasting hangover back of the head down to my shoulders. My cognition is off. So ten days now and still hungover, and feeling very tense. I will be seeing my doctor over the next few days who is monitoring me, but I do feel quite awful. My pharmacist tells me because of the low dose I shouldn’t really be feeling rough for more than a couple weeks, but it seems to me 6 weeks at least seems looming. Can’t say I’m sorry about the Diazapam, because I needed it for long while when things in my life got bad, but I see that I should have been more careful in the long run.

5:16 pm April 23rd, 2015

Hi. Forgot to say that I do take 1.25mg Bisoprolol for other reasons and it does help with the symptoms.

1:13 pm April 24th, 2015

Can elavil be used for sleep during valium withdrawal

5:50 am April 27th, 2015

I have been taking 5 MG of Valium per day for about 6 years as I grind and clench my teeth. I have cut back to 2.5 MG for about a year. How do I wean myself off such a small dosage?

1:26 pm April 28th, 2015

Phil- I was on 5 mg for 3 years which I used only as a sleep aid. I went off Valium c/t on 12-31-14 c/t. I am now 17 weeks off. I had w/d symptoms for about 13-14 weeks. What helped me in recovery was I worked out every day for 90 minutes and I ate very healthy (lots of brain food). You were on it for five years so you can expect to feel w/d s/x for at least 4 months. It can take up to one year to be completely healed from withdrawing from Valium. Good luck and hang in there. In time it does get better!!

Phil Walden
4:34 pm April 30th, 2015

Thanx Fran. What an angel. I woke today with dreadful headache, and with giddiness of the withdrawal felt so dejected with no way out. And then I came across your post and I saw light at end of tunnel . Someone had read my post and …
Thanx again.

9:13 pm April 30th, 2015

Well,it’s been awhile since I posted,but I do read this blog.Im now at 20mgs a day,for the last month.Been doing a very slow tapering.Started at 30mgs.The real symptoms I’m feeling,are irritability and the senses the light and sounds.Noises are very amplified,and really really bother me.But pains and chills,I seem to handle.Anger as well,snapping very easy.but,I will get through it.I thought it was going to be worse,but tapering slow,is very important.My Dr. is Absolutley Amazing in helping me,also very understanding.I will write at 14mgs,and see the symptoms then.Good Luck to everyone else on the same road

9:30 pm April 30th, 2015

BTW feeling sorry for myself…… Some pretty harsh words bbarry….You are quite ignorant and rude.Im giving drug addicts a bad name,shame on me.Yes this is a blog,not a bashing blog.You don’t know everything I’m going through,so don’t give me your tough love.I will post whenever I want,but certainly don’t want your bs…..

helen turner
8:28 pm May 3rd, 2015

i m going on my 5th week of detoxing from valium, how long will my eyes be blurred, and how long will it take to be normal again. thank you

2:07 pm May 4th, 2015

Helen-My eyes/vision was blurred on and off for about 4 week (but it wasn’t all day mostly when I was reading or typing). I remember they were very blurred in my second month off and then in my third month off. Most of my s/x always always came back twice but not as strong as the first round because the brain is re-balancing and then it get’s it right!! I’m almost 18 weeks off and my vision is normal. My grass looks so green and the world looks so big:) All the s/x’s will eventually abate and my the 4th month I barely have any physical s/x and NO anxiety!!!

6:06 pm May 5th, 2015

hi my mum has been on valim now for 30 years! I just want to say how awfull these drugs are and how bad they have affected her life she was put o them at a young age from her doctor she didn’t know they were addictive at the time as they used to give them out like smarties! she has tried coming off them in the past but has been unsuccsessfull .. she even got to the point of being sucicidal only to be admittedto accident and emergency by her doctor then to be sent to a mental health unit then to be sent home again because it was an addiction this went on for years I couldn’t believe no one would get her the right help she so desperately needed im utterly disgusted by the nhs all she wants to do is come off them and be drug free and to live a normal life these drugs have taken her life over for years , ruined relationships, employment , my relationship with my mother growing up witnessing her always depressed or trying to withdraw off these pills the doctors put her on in the first place ,last week she finally decided to take her self off these pills she so desperately wants to be rid off without telling anyone as she didn’t want to worry anyone I only found out a couple of days ago I think she is so brave to go this alone as she didn’t want to worry anyone , I only found out because of her odd behaviour when I popped in to see her she has been off them a week now but I am very worried her behaviour is very odd she will be talking normally one minute then , just stare into space its like your not there , shes also been behaving very out of character and seems confused is this normal? she seems very adamant she wants to do this and I don’t want to stop her but as I have seen her battle for years , I went round there today and she has drawn a cross on her tv and taken all the fuses out she is diplaying a little paranoid behaviour that is worrying are these all normal symptons like paranoia etc of withdrawal and does seem odd at times but other times she seems normal its the first day today I have seen her dressed and she actually done some shopping for herself so surely that’s a good sign ?

4:05 pm May 6th, 2015

Julie-If your mom was on Valium for 30 years she can not just stop taking them cold turkey. That is VERY dangerous and she could have a seizure. She needs to find a doctor who can put her on a VERY slow taper.

9:23 am May 10th, 2015

Have now done 4mths of complete withdrawal from 27yrs on DIAZOPAM AND VALIUM and am happy to say that my symptoms now are mild anxiety, vibrations inside my body, mild heartbeat in my chest and ears, some whoosing in ears, and now my sleep is starting to improve also. Does seem a little weird to be happy about those symptoms but considering where and how far I have come, they are quite easy to manage. Hope this gives you fellow sufferers something to look forward to and not to worry about when you reach this stage of recovery. Good Luck!! Will keep you posted!!

9:31 am May 10th, 2015

Hi FRAN, can you tell me please if my symptoms are correct as I have explained as my Doctor says nothing really ,just listens to me. Waiting in anticipation for your reply. Cheers Richard.

10:52 am May 10th, 2015

Hi again, one final comment on symptoms, also still get flu like symptoms?

5:31 am May 11th, 2015

My daughter (32yrs) has been on diazepam for 3 years. She was on alprazolam before that for about 4 years. The diazepam dose was started at 240mgs a day. Every person I’ve ever told this to, is so shocked at this amount. The psychiatrist she now sees is shocked by this as well. She has managed in the last year to come down to 52mgs a day currently. She is now tapering at 1 my drop every two weeks. She is now sick every day. How on earth is she going to get through another two years at this rate to finally get off this horrible drug. Her last 5 years has been a nightmare. Her words….suicide is a much more inviting idea if I have to face this withdrawal for the next couple years. On top of all this she has has to deal with a chronic illness. somebody please tell me there’s a way out of this. Doctors aren’t quite sure how to deal with this.

3:07 pm May 11th, 2015

Richard you symptoms are completely normal and most PDOC’s do NOT know the w/d symptoms. Complete healing can take any where from one year to two years until all of your Gaba A receptors have upregulated and Glutamate prunes back. Some people heal sooner however healing is not linear. My hair was shedding and breaking a very common side effect to stopping a benzo and my PDOC said I was in menopause. WRONG. Have you googled benzo buddies? That’s been a life saver for me.

4:33 pm May 11th, 2015

Richard-Flu like symptoms are very common. I only had that when I was in acute w/d and it only lasted a couple of hours. If you can exercise you should. It will help you heal faster.

5:19 am May 15th, 2015

Thanks for the reply, I will check out benzo buddies as you suggest, and in reply to the flu like symptoms I have had this symptom for months and months and it comes and goes frequently. I also get roar pain sensation in my tongue and my eyes are still blurry. I was mis diagnosed by a SHRINK with suffering from Panic Attacks and put on calmers(ALPRAZOLAM) back in 1987 but when I finally collapsed at work in march 2000 they told me I had a broken back for 17 yrs and that was my pain in walking and NOT bloody panic attacks at all. BASTARDS!! I would love to sue them all!!???? They have ruined my life for the last 28 years and it,s still going on as you would know they put me on VALIUM to help come of the ALPRAZOLAM. NOT HAPPY FRAN.

3:34 pm May 15th, 2015

Richard-I am so sorry to hear this. There is a class law suit going on now google it. Hopefully with a very slow taper you will heal!! You will find other people on benzo buddies who have similar experiences as you have. I hope you feel better.

8:59 pm May 20th, 2015

I have been on Valium for 20 years . Trying to get a job but my drug test came up positive for bionezpaime . So can’t drive a truck not sure if this is true . I have gone cold turkey for a month . And fell like I’m dieing shaking. Can’t think straight won’t to kill my self . And freezing I won’t a job badly but can’t take them because of the drug test. Can some body help me thanks

1:35 pm May 21st, 2015

Hi Peter. Benzodiazepine withdrawal is one of the toughest things you’ll go through in your life. Stay strong and you’ll make it. My advise to you is to seek medical help and most definitely seek psychological help and support. Whether it be joining group therapy, going to psychotherapy, joining a 12 step program – make sure you are treating your mind along with clearing the drug from your system.

12:32 am May 21st, 2015

I have been on 1/2 diazapan 5mg a day for a along time and have now tried to get off by doing 1/2 one day and a 1/4 the next and so on. I have had ringing in the ear for years that I could tolerate but now it is beyond handling and just started this bad only days after reducing my dose.. It is frightening not knowing how long or much worse it can get. I do not want to take more to get rid of this problem of ringing and not sure what the answer is. A Dr has wanted me to get of Diazapan, which I will say a different Dr put me on and now the new Dr wants me to go on Prozac but I really feel I can cope with nothing now if I can get over the side affects. How does one handle this and how long would you think the side affects should last as my amount was not what some folks say as in taking 5mg a day.

2:06 pm May 21st, 2015

Frieda-coming off a Benzo is very hard work and it’s not fun. I suggest a very slow taper. Have you read the Ashton Manual? Dr Ashton is a pioneer and she ran a benzo clinic for 30 years. I would google her manual and follow her taper guide. Dr. Ashton believes in cutting every 2-3 weeks and tapering very small cuts. You have to listen to your body. Most doctors are not aware of the Ashton Manual, hence I would print it and show it to your doctor. Just about everyone on Benzo Buddies follows the Ashton Manual. Good luck!

4:37 pm May 27th, 2015

I have been taking 15 mg. of Valium for years-5 in morning/5 at noon and 5 before dinner. How do I reduce the amount I take. I am also taking oxiecode for pair related to a severs fsll/. I don’t like taking so much medicine. If I reduce 1/2 of the evening dosage for a few weeks and then reduce 5 mg before dinner will Imbe Ok. What withdrawal systems can I expect?

4:47 pm May 27th, 2015

Julie-You can NOT reduce Valium that quickly you will have horrible w/d symptoms. Please google Dr. Heather Ashton and read the Ashton Manual. Dr. Ashton is a pioneer and ran a benzo clinic for 30 years. She has some tapering schedules that you can follow. I would also google benzo Since you were on such a high dose and if you cut too much (1/2) you can have a seizure. Please read the Ashton Manuel and log onto Benzo Buddies. You must taper off VERY slowly. It’s not a race to get off Valium. It’s about coming off it very siowly and less trauma to your body. Good luck!

4:58 pm May 27th, 2015

Trying to stop valium Took low dose l0 years and have not taken any since Feb.1,2015. Still having sleep deprivation with only average 2 hrs. per night. Very occasionally will sleep a little more. Doctor wants me to continue valium but I don’t want to ever use it again. He also suggested sleeping pills that I don’t want. I am 79 years old and in good health and want to stop. How long can I go on like this and not damage my health. Would it be better if I just start taking it again. Please help, I am desperate. Thanking you in advance.

5:25 pm May 29th, 2015

I take diazepam to treat Meniere’s Disease. But the side effects are worse than the dizziness! Is there any other alternative?

6:19 am May 30th, 2015

Can muscle weakness and a creeping sensation like restless leg be symptoms of valium withdrawal?

11:31 am June 1st, 2015

Today I felt a bit low. 7 weeks now and I feel that if only I could clear my head… As soon as I’m feeling good recently I rebound back, altho nothing as nasty as when it first hit me those weeks ago. The tinnitus has waned and the jerks seem to disappear and then reappear. Still a little unsteady but not like it was, but my sleep is at an all time low. waking every hour or two. I’ve even had the occasinal anxiety attack. My big problem is that my regular doctor who stopped my diazapam dead after 5 years, does not know about benzo withdrawal and is sceptical that my symptoms are from that. Altho I have seen another locum doctor who knew all about this prob and had no doubt at all what I was facing for a few months at least. And suggested I contact some people who deal with mental health and additictions such as MIND.
I’m hoping the next few weeks will bring further healing, even if slowly.

8:58 pm June 1st, 2015

Is there ANYTHING I can take to help me sleep while weaning off of the Valium??? I’m getting desperate. I also have MS and need some sleep in order for my MS to stop flaring up.
Thank you

12:14 pm June 3rd, 2015

Hi Sandra. You need to hang in there. It may take months before you can finally sleep through the night. Quitting benzodiazepine drugs is one of the hardest withdrawal and detox experience ever. Seek psychological help from a therapist or counselor to help you stay mentally strong and moving forward.

Lady Fran
1:38 pm June 3rd, 2015

30 years of usage now off Valium, what are the effects don’t sleep much think it is going to kill me help

1:56 pm June 3rd, 2015

Phil-Unfortunately most doctors do NOT understand the symptoms of a Benzo w/d. They just assume that you are making it all up or there is an underlining condition that was being covered up while you were taking a benzo. Have you read the Ashton Manual yet? I suggest that you show any doctor that you meet with the Ashton Manuel. What saved me after c/t off of Valium is that I joined Benzo There are thousand of members who have withdrawn from a Benzo and everyone on their web site is there to support each other. The information on their web site is beyond valuable. You are still in the very beginning of healing and it can take at least one year to heal from a Benzo. Most people do turn a corner and feel better after 4-6 months. I am 22 weeks off and I feel so much better. I’m not 100% healed however I am about 90% healed. My most recent s/x was cog fog. However since I started taking 1 teaspoon of Omega 3 fish oil it has helped me. When I first came off a Benzo I was waking up every hour during the night and that’s normal. My sleep has been restored for about 5 weeks now and I am getting 8 hours of sleep per night. My advise would be to hang in there and know that coming off a benzo is VERY hard work. You will heal but in time. Time heals all wounds.

2:00 pm June 3rd, 2015

Chris-I’m sorry to hear about what you are experiencing however it’s all normal and they are w/d symptoms from coming off a Valium a benzo. I suggest that you read the Ashton Manuel to learn all about a Benzo. Hang in there. It takes time to heal from a Benzo perhaps one year if not longer but everyone heals.

2:04 pm June 3rd, 2015

Susan. I’ve noticed some retless leg over the past few weeks.Defeinitely part of the overall w/d. Not noticed any muscle weakness tho. Not sleeping has been a major problem. I have been using Potters Nodoff (Passiflora) which I found very useful. Worth a try, altho I only need a fraction of the dose recommended. Rather than 2 caplets at night I’ve found 1/4 of a caplet does me fine.

7:01 am June 4th, 2015

Hi, I stopped 5mg of diazepam 5 weeks ago and didn’t know the effects until finding this blog, I was on 15mg 10 months agofor 4 weeks then was on and of 5-10mg for 5months going crazy as I didn’t know the effects of reducing the dose, my skull felt like it was exploding, my neck wanted to crack and my stomach was bloating and felt like it was rock, constant dizzy spells and foggy brain, things were a million times worse when I stopped 5 weeks ago, my wrist, neck and skull wanted to constantly crack, I felt like I was passing out every 5 seconds, foggy brain, under my skin was burning all the time, my bowel is very irritable, found it hard to urinate, I could go on and on but my biggest question is the constant foggy brain feeling like I’m passing out constantly and I feel constantly hungry as my gut is so painful and if I don’t eat I get hot flushes and get really bad fainting feeling and sweats like diabetics get, I’ve had a million tests done and I’m in perfect health even though I’m in a wheelchair from a spinal injury 17yrs ago and I’m 32 yrs old, is anyone else experiencing these symptoms, it’s been 5 weeks and my brains worse and my gut isn’t getting better even though I’m on nexium due to an inflammed stomach and crazy acid levels, getting chest pains now to, please help, thanks

11:50 am June 4th, 2015

Hi Chris.
I had big problems with my head the last seven weeks. What you describe sounds the same as what I had.! My balance was a mess and my head bursting with stuff. Its slowly easing off now but occasionally rebounds back and I can see that it will be a long time before it settles completely (if ever). It will settle for you. Having said that, I don’t recognise the physical symptoms you describe, altho I do know that the withdrawal will make everything seem 10+ times worse than it is. I think you might seek more support from your doctor, particularly for your physical.
Hang on in, and whatever try not to panic.

2:00 pm June 4th, 2015

Please note that I did NOT post the comment about 30 years of usage with Valium. I have no idea who posted it. Thank you.

2:47 pm June 4th, 2015

Thanks for reacting, Fran. It’s another woman named Fran that posted. I added “Lady” so we can tell you two apart. I hope now there won’t be any mix-ups.

3:05 pm June 4th, 2015

Thank you Ivana for getting back to me. Hopefully this will resolve any confusion.

10:13 pm June 11th, 2015

Hi all how is everyone doing !?

11:24 am June 12th, 2015

I have been taking diazapam for six weeks 2mg do I need to wean myself off or break the pill in half please

4:13 pm June 12th, 2015

Hi Mandie-If you were taking Diazepam for 6 weeks you should 100% wean yourself off slowly. I suggest you google and follow the Ashton tapering method on the Ashton Manual. Dr. Ashton recommend that you cut or taper no more than 10% every two weeks. Most people find it easier to switch over to Valium liquid as opposed to cutting pills. There should be no rush coming off a benzo and it should be a smooth slow tapering.

5:53 pm June 12th, 2015

Hi Mandie !You will be a lot better if you start now as not been taking them long. You are doing the correct thing in trying now !

11:20 pm June 13th, 2015

My GP of 4 years has retired, now I have a new doctor. I am on 20mg of diazepam daily but now my new DR refuses to give me any more tablets. I’ve explained that I can’t go ‘cold turkey’ (I’ve tried but started hallucinating and turned to alcohol to alleviate the anxiety). Apparently, the British government have deemed valium a health risk and have stopped prescribing them. I’m 40 years old and they said my blood pressure is sky high. Not very surprising with the amount of liquor I have to in take to feel ‘normal’. My weight is average for my age but I feel that my new doctor is killing me. I threw up blood last night with severe heartburn. It is a living hell. Any advice would be most appreciated.

6:41 pm June 17th, 2015

Is it normal to get withdrawal symptoms even with slow tapering? Are internal vibrations and mild tremors consistent with withdrawal especially first thing in the morning when I wake up.? Any help would be appreciated. I am currently tapering from 10 mg per day but have been on klonopin then Valium switch over for approximately 18 months. Also taking 20 mg of Paxil under supervision of psychiatrist. Thank you in advance for your response.

4:46 pm June 18th, 2015

Hi Jeff. Yes, tapering doesn’t completely relieve withdrawal symptoms, but lowers their intensity by a lot. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist to prescribe medications for short-term use or suggest over-the-counter medications that will help you manage the withdrawal symptoms and make the whole process more bearable.

2:05 pm June 18th, 2015

hi I was on valium for 6 years started at 2 mg in creased to 10 mg over time didn’t seem to help much anymore no doc ime not increasing again made a decision to taper off told doc I wanted to do it at my own pace took my last one 5 weeks ago felt ok bit up and down but this last week all sorts of things going on apart from the normal things that happen if you can call them normal the awuful muscle cramps in my legs at night are bad is this common p.s. it taken me 14 months to stop

11:42 pm June 19th, 2015

I have Tinnitus. I have had it since 2002. After exhaustive testing as what the root cause might be, there is no answer. My doctor prescribed a 10mg diazepam, directions: take 1/2 at bedtime and 1/2 in the middle of the night If I wake up. It worked like a charm! I had several hours in the morning after I awoke with No ringing in my right ear. I felt great… that I had at least a few hours of peace (and, I arranged my work-life so I could spend the mornings at home (to enjoy the peace).
After 12 years of doing this, I found that I had become tolerant to the drug, (Fall of 2014) and my regimen 5 & 5 was not working. So, I started to increase it on my own to 5 and then 10mg. (doctor recommended). I didn’t want to do that. And I just decided to stop taking the diazepam (cold) and then took Ambien (zolpidem) instead.
It was not helping the tinnitus. That was around April 1st, 2015. Now, my sleep doctor/pulmonologist (I use a CPAP machine, had a sleep study last Sept, and was found to have sleep apnea)… he prescribed trazodone 100 mg to help me sleep. I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks and still only get 4-5 hours of sleep a night. Some nights I just want to SLEEP! So, in the middle of the night, I might take a zolpidem. Is that bad? I try everything, including regular bedtime, no TV, book only (kindle with the brightness turned down), yoga music on Pandora, and also have some guided meditations on my ipod. Nada…. stayed awake awaiting sleep last night for 3.5 hours (finally, at that time, I melted 1mg of lorazepam under my tongue). And finally after a half hour I went to sleep. Do you have any advice for me? (Usually my problem is not “getting to sleep”, but “staying asleep”. I have been experiencing a side effect and not sure which drug it is, thumping heart (not anxiety… like in tummy, more like high blood pressure beating, I do take HBP medicine, ordinarily controlled with my HBP regimen) starting between 5 – 7pm…. goes on & off until bedtime, mostly it stops around bedtime. Just spoke with my doc, told him about the thumping, he asked me to keep taking the 100mg trazodone for another (4th week). Any advice out there? Thanks!
P.S. I cannot use Valerian or Melatonin becuase I have to take Coumadin (blood thinner).

Linda Billman
8:30 pm June 21st, 2015

I have been taking Diazepam for quite a few years. I have stopped taking Diazepam for 3 weeks now. I have been having a drugged feeling and blurred vision. Could these be withdrawal symptoms? Thank you for your response.

12:53 am June 22nd, 2015

I’m down to 4mg and going thru hell. Was at 30mg and tapered very slowly. My mind won’t shunt off,very dark thoughts,violent thoughts of hurting people. Has anybody have these problems and if so what did you do. Thinking about going back to klonopin.

5:01 am June 26th, 2015

Has anyone used Gabba Pentin while withdrawing from Valium?

2:01 am June 27th, 2015

My pain doctor is taking me off because he says its not his place. Either my seizure dr or reg.dr should write it.I’m med. retired and very sick. Loss of weight to 79lbs./gallbladder just removed/found cancer cells in pancreatis/my youngest son is losing his sight and my home burned. My dr says its cause I smoke and unless I stop then I will be off of them. Is it really the FDA? Please help me.

8:46 pm July 1st, 2015

I changed from lorezepam to diazepam and have just begun a slow taper. I am feeling so exhausted that I am able to do so little. I lie down for hours and hours and now so worried I have CFS as well as anxiety and withdrawal feelings. Can exhaustion get this bad with diazepam use and watering.

10:26 pm July 2nd, 2015

Need to withdraw from ativan after 25 years at 1 mg a day. It doesn’t work anymore. Its making it so much worse. And terrible headaches everyday

4:40 pm July 3rd, 2015

Hi Cheryl. Ask your doctor to help you create a tapering schedule that will wean you off slowly, thus minimize the withdrawal discomfort. Your doctor can also prescribe other medications to help you treat the withdrawal discomfort, or even over-the-counter medications can help relieve unwanted effects.

7:45 pm July 4th, 2015

Hi everyonr ,I am now at the start of 7 weeks cold ,i was on 30mg a day Diazapam and 40 mg ztemazapam night , i stopped the temazaoam 3 months ago and the Diazapam almost now 2 months after 4 months of tspering to half the dose then a wuarter i went cold with nothing ,I ferl eorse some dsys and not to bsd others ,the sleep is rrturning ,but the feelings of unsteady and vacsntare still here ,the light and the noises are very heightened ,and my fingers still ferl odd ,Sometimes headache and sickly feeling , i have felt better dome some days but so bad others, I dont know when this will eventually go ,but i do know it will eventuallly be better ,and this helps knowing this ,some say it is yesrs ,others monthd ,but i do ferl slightly better after 7 weeks ,hope this helps some.

11:38 am July 5th, 2015

Hi, it’s been 3 months since stooping 5mg cold turkey and I’m still suffering withdrawals I think, is this normal? I suffer wobbly brain, some anxiety attacks, sweats, aching bone joints, feeling abit crazy still, anyone else suffering this or other symptoms?

5:35 pm July 5th, 2015

Hi Jane – I totally understand. I’ve been weaning off Valium for almost 6 months now. I was on 25mg but now down to 12mg. The biggest side-effect I’m experiencing is constant fatigue. I too thought I might have CFS but then I realised it’s a common side-effect from Valium withdrawal. I’m really struggling with this. Does anyone else experience this and if so, do you have any advice?

12:43 am July 8th, 2015

Hi I have been tapering my self diazipan for nearly 22weeks iam buying five mg yellow diazapan ihave got myself down to two 5 mg tabs a day its been very hard but I wont to beat the benzos they are the worst drug I have ever tryed even comeing offsmack is 10 times easyer to come of than benzos but it was still hard to an extent so anyone thinking of comeing off benzos best of luck john from Glasgow I will let you’d know how iam getting on thanks

5:37 am July 8th, 2015

I’m taking 5mg of valium every day, for long time, I want stop with this. Can I take buspar instead. But I don’t know when I can start the Buspar, I’m scare about the withdrawal of valium. What I can do?

10:14 pm July 13th, 2015

I thought that I would leave my ten cents, having been an addict on and off for several years. To help people & ease their pains while stopping these horrid and highly misused/understood things. these are my express opinions and not medical advice & shall not be taken as such.

I’ve been on upwards of 200mg of opiates/Day for months. the best way I HAVE FOUND would be to take Tramadol 50mg tabs twice daily (1morning/1night) for 3-4 days with LOTS of antioxidants and food ! thats the real trick though. FOOD, if you eat 3 good meals a day & lots of fluids (Gatorade etc) you’ll feel like a champ. well maybe not exactly that well but close. I can recall coming off of 150mg Roxy’s 4 times just by eating well and not taking any medicine other than non narcotic sleep pills. under doctor supervision all times. Live in… they were mesmerized at how all the other patients were taking ambulances to the hospital, vomiting, shaking, etc etc… Force yourself to eat. all that stuff is stuck in you from taking meds. you want fresh new healthy foods in yourself to push that stuff away.

Back to Tramadol, i prefer the HCL but thats just me, i like the non hcl for the mornings because it acts faster & stronger for that (oh im awake now & the withdrawls are sneeking up fast) feeling & HCL at night. it’s an Opioid that acts on the Opiate receptors, you want to ween off this too as it WILL cause different kinds of Withdraws you DO NOT want to feel. but they dont last a long with me personally.

Vicodin. strange stuff personally, ive had two 7.5 mg’s before for two days straight, felt fine for a week then…. had to go to the hospital with what seemed like was food poisoning. almost died, from something that small. discharge from every orfice. ugh pale white complex. guess i have a long fuse. another time i took tow vicodins, 10mg 2-3/day for 3days. thought i had been poisoned. TWO MONTHS LATER !!! so it’s iffy and completely blindsided me but it does happen & when it does, be prepared with something to take. just because you got through it doesn’t mean its over. you’re susceptible to relapse for about a year.

My back pains come & go but nothing as bad as the repercussions of taking pills for it.

5:16 am July 18th, 2015

I am down to 4.0 mgsof valium after almost a year of cutting down from 30 mgs once a day that was given to me to get me off of ativan. I am cutting the valium dose by .5 mg every two weeks. Have stomach issues, palpitations, irritable. I find that taking some cannabis oil helps a lot. I take Cannatonic oil and I would not be this far if I didn’t have it. Some days I don’t need much Cannatonic. Other days I take up to 5 a day. Very weak formula but helps calm the nerves and helps with sleep. Anyone try it?

11:25 pm July 18th, 2015

I’ve been weaning off valium since December and being able to read this blog has helped me a lot. I’ve been having all the withdrawal symptoms everyone else has experienced. However I have lost a lot of weight and I haven’t seen anyone else mentioning that symptom. Am I the only one? I’m starting to worry that it’s not a withdrawal symptom and could be something else. Has anyone else noticed that happening to them?

9:06 pm July 19th, 2015

My wife is stuck overseas unexpectedly for maybe a couple months; withdrawing from 10-15mg /day for the last 2 yrs. Any ideas to mitigate withdrawal symptoms using over the counter or herbal remedies? She is 100% out of script and cannot taper off slowly. She is very miserable! I suggested Chamomile tea; opinion?

10:56 am July 21st, 2015

Hi Rob. I’d advise her to see a doctor in Europe. After two years she may need antidepressant prescription pills. Otherwise I recommend she rests a lot during the acute withdrawal phase and to take Vitamin B, Potassium, and/or Zinc can really help to support body repair and replace the lost nutrients and vitamins your body has lost during Valium withdrawal. It is also best to avoid other benzodiazepines and alcohol use.

8:19 pm July 20th, 2015

Yes I am using cbd oil also. I just discovered it last week. I am amazed at how much easier it has made the withdrawal .I’ve been weaning off 20 mg of valium for 8 months now. I just made it down to 1. 5 mgs of valium. I stalled after the drop from 2.5 mgs to 2mgs. The symptoms of withdrawal seemed to get really strong. So I was afraid to lower the dose. After trying the oil I managed to continue with the withdrawal process. It’s still hard but using the oil has made a huge difference. I’m not nearly as depressed. I’m sleeping much better and longer. The anxiety that was so overwhelming is pretty much gone. I really didn’t expect it to work. I’m so happy that it has.

1:26 pm July 26th, 2015

Hi guys i get so emotional reading all these comments.
Brings back alot of memories of what i went through the last 10 weeks.
Im happy to say that im 10 weeks clean off valium, i had been taking 5mgs a day for nearly 2 years.
I learnt the hard way of giving up this horrific drug because i did it cold turkey. I ended up in the ER 4 days in a row and then was addmitted into mental health. I can honestly say was the most horrific thing thats ever happend in my life. Being on such a small dose aswell i honestly thought i was dying, dont let a small dose foul you.
I went through every withdrawl possible aswell.
But this is where i have a question for people that are in the same boat! Im past the worst. I now though after 10 weeks have the horrible headaches that just wont leave and terrible blurry vision. Is this normal? With being on this drug in the first place for my anxiety its starting to cone back again with these new symptoms. I just wasn’t sure if really bad constant headaches and blurry vision is one of the withdrawls??
I hope you all get better and get through these hatd times. I no how hard it is : (

5:52 pm July 26th, 2015

I’m posting again because the CBD tincture I’ve been using to wean off valium has been so helpful. In fact I lowered my dose by 1mg instead of. 5 this week and still the withdrawal symptoms have been easily manageable. I’m so happy I’m going to be completely done with this godawful process in the next 2weeks. It’s been a long hard 9 months going from 20 mgs to 1mg. It’s been worth it though. I feel much more alive and awake and happier. I feel like I lost 10 years of my life to that horrible drug.I can hardly wait to stop taking it entirely. Keep at it all of you who are persevering with the worst withdrawal ever.It’s will end and you will be thrilled.

10:28 pm July 26th, 2015

Oh my ,I am now 11 weeks completely of ,i was on 30mg aday diazapam and 40mg temazapam,i took myself of them after many years ,my doctor gave me them and increased the fose when i was hoing through a very hard time with my husband Ex husband now …… and one dsy i decided i must grt of them do i did mot grt my tsblets the following month when i decided …,and that was November ,i had some spare from sttemps to stop before ,so i tried my tapering as it is called,and miw it has bern 11 weeks completely free,i started by cutying thr temszapam to one 20mg,then none, then g of diazapam ,then 10 ,then half which is 5mgthen 2and. half ,the. Nothing at all, after 7 weeks i felt s lityle bettet ,but oh noy now ,my legs feel like i have volts of elecricity going through them ,i fsll forward nearly with my balance ,and my legs ferl odd and do heavy ….my heart races and the dleep is disturbed agsin ,..,anyonr been of them for a few weeks like myself ,how are you doing .i would love to know,,It would help me Understand this horrible feeling ,it is shocking ,…..

7:10 am July 29th, 2015

I was given diazapam about 15 years ago for anxiety and am so angry that I wasn’t given any information about how addictive it was……I am so sorry for all of us that r suffering from trying to get off of this monster of a drug!!!! I have been slowly tapering off of this drug for over a year along with pain meds.
I have discovered something lately though that has been shown to help with the withdrawal symptoms and I would like to share this with you all. It is a supplement called PREGNENALONE, which is a natural hormone produced in the body. It also minimizes the side effects of the diazapam or other benzo drugs while taking them without lessening their anxiety reducing benefits. Please look into this ……..I just started weaning off more again now that I have been on pregnenalone for a couple of months and have had no withdrawal symptoms . I will try and update my progress and hope others out there will give this a try…..what have u got to lose????

2:09 am July 30th, 2015

Hi Ivana, im a follower on this site after coming off valium and diazapam for 17 months now of complete withdrawal after 30yrs addiction and i need to know about some ongoing symptoms i am having please. My head feels like its going in waves all the time and anxiety still plays a big part whilst trying to sleep as im only getting 3-4 hrs sleep at best. It seems just recently my sleep is worse than it has been for a while now. Any thoughts to help me continue this fight please. I’m using magnesium tablets to help with anxiety and that’s all i use. Waiting in anticipation for your reply. Also i am still grinding in my feet and whooshing in my ears is this all normal after 17 months of total withdrawal please? Thank you, Richard

5:47 am July 31st, 2015

sorry its been 17 months in total, as i weened off over a 12 month period and now i have done a further 5 months on zero medication. Sorry about the split messaging. My posting dated July 30th 2:09am should have said Alprazolam not Diazapam

5:50 pm July 31st, 2015

This is for Lisa regarding her last message and using CDB tincture. Could you give us some idea of how you use it – amount, time of day etc, strength of dose etc. I am currently titrating from Zopiclone over to Valium so that I can do the Ashton protocol.


7:38 am August 2nd, 2015

I was on 10mg valium for more than 4 years. I wanna quit, need help.

1:13 am August 8th, 2015

Hi Carolyn. Just saw your post. I’m using the 10 drop quantity suggested on the bottle directions but I’m using it 3 times a day. It’s tincture by sootheen co. It’s supposed to be 100 percent cbd. Not 24 percent which is what else I’ve tried. I have also tried capsules and their zzzcbd liquid specifically for sleep. The tincture worked the best for me. I’m so relieved it works. This withdrawal has been such a never-ending struggle.

1:20 am August 8th, 2015

I should also add that after I weaned off the last half a mg I did have stronger withdrawal symptoms so I still think that even with the cbd helping, there will be some symptoms just go slowly.

5:42 pm August 9th, 2015

My Dr gave me an RX of 5mg Valium for a bought of insomnia. I took 1 in the morning yesterday and 1 last night. Hoping I don’t have to take anymore. So I have to do a weaning process just from taking 2?
Thank you for your reply

8:37 am August 12th, 2015

Its it because I with draw from diezapem when back on it that the reason why am not able to sleep it use word wonder me me I used to sleep like a bady with5mg now I’m on 10mg and unable to sleep I need your advise

3:50 am August 13th, 2015

Have managed to get down to 2.5 mg diazapem. Now having major back pain, cant sleep. New withdrawal symptoms for me. Originally started for muscle spasms caused by antibiotics? ? Taking baclofen and oxycontin for pain & still back psin coming through. Am due to reduce dose again tomorrow, id this pain normal ??

11:30 pm August 15th, 2015

I have been sick for 5weeks with leg and arm pain and muscle tightness in legs and arms neck too. Just now thinking it must be because I stop Valium sometime the end of June. Been very sick not knowing I need to come off slow what must I do to get my body back. Was on for 5plus years and taking 20 mg per day. It’s to late to start back

4:11 pm August 16th, 2015

I’ve been taking (1) valium pill a day, for a week. Does this make you extremely tired, after you stop?

11:07 am August 17th, 2015

Hi Norma. It might, but things will go back to normal several days after you stop taking the Valium. Also, keep in mind that Valium is not recommended to be used for longer than 2 weeks.

12:06 pm August 17th, 2015

Have been taking 6mg diazepam a day for over 3 months. Had already been through a benzo withdrawal from Xanax last year(awful). Dr assured me that this would not happen with Valium. I stopped cold turkey 2 weeks ago and my withdrawals are worst than last time. The worst is the constant nausea haven’t eaten anything in 2 days, insomnia, severe anxiety. Just wondering if anyone knows how long these symptoms will last. Cant believe i am getting withdrawals from such a low dose…..

6:02 pm August 17th, 2015

I am 78 and my dr gives me 10 mg to take 3 a day I take 2. I have been on all kinds of tranquilizers for almost 50 years . I am physically ok but I am general anxiety all my rotten life. I feel better with valium. I am monitored every 3 months and taken stuff all my 50 years with no health problems. why at this age would I stop Dr knows this. Who cares if I am addicted at this age. Soon I will get some illness at 78 and die. so big deal I hate being old and if this help I will not stop. Thank you helene

5:05 pm August 18th, 2015

I need advise been on diazapam 35years have reduced from 80mgs over the years to 12mgs. My GP retires in 10months I have spoke to him this morning I could tell he couldn’t guarantee that the new GP would still prescribe them. I am really frighten as I am quite happy on this dose and don’t want to be suddenly told to stop or reduce. I was prescribed these when I lost a child in 1982

7:54 pm August 20th, 2015

Hi Due ! I. Was for years on 30mg and 40my temazapam , i wanted to come of them and stopped by tapering over 6 months , i had a lot spare from times that i did nit take all the full meds each day ,at 3 months i was on half that dose the next month half again ,then jyst a quarter of 10mg , it was hortible and i felt so ill but kept it up until i was ckear of all medication ,now i am at 12 weeks with nothing , i still have sleeplesd nights every other night ,then one night i grt about 5 hours .i am exhausted .my palputationd are hortible and scary ,i have the elevtric buzz going right though my body .sometimes a little. Sivkly feeling ,but the sounds and light are hortid …i could cope with this if i could sleep ,i am so very tired , but really you should try to come of thid dlowly now ,becsuse they are stopping the msnufacture. I read and thise taking these could be suddenly left helplesd ,ask your doctor about these being taken of! how is everyone else doing here !!

7:55 pm August 20th, 2015

How is everyone?!

3:22 pm August 23rd, 2015

Only take 1 mg as needed any withdrawal

9:26 pm August 23rd, 2015

Hi, I’m in my late 20’s and have always had issues with anxiety. In 2011 I started having severe panic attacks and was prescribed Valium. I am a petite woman so I took half of a 5mg tablet in the morning and the other half at night. I did that for about a year and decided that I wanted to stop taking the meds. So I went to only taking half of a 5mg at night. I started a new job, moved, and had other life events happen that were stressful so over the years I’ve remained on the half of the 5 mg at night. It’s now 2015 and I’m thinking about stopping the meds all together. My worry is like that of everyone bad will the withdrawal be. And what is the proper way of tapering. I asked my physician and she said just to take half (of the half) for 3 days then to stop. That seems like a very quick taper for someone who’s taken the medication for 3 yrs. I want off the Medicine but I don’t want to start having panic attacks again. Any suggestions?

1:16 pm August 24th, 2015

Anyone experienced loose stools indigestion and lack of appetite as withdrawal symptoms?

7:49 am August 25th, 2015

Hi Kendra ! I wouldn’t say you can be alright. in 3 days becaude you will feel trrrible ,the doctors have no idea whrn it comes to stopping ,you will havr to do a slower taper than this ,the dose you took was still 5mg a dsy and will give you more or less the same withdrawels as everyone else as it is over 3 years tsking them …,according to many on only a low dose ,thry have thr same W/S as those on a higher dose ,i would tske a longer taper..tty half of the5mg every othrr dsy for a month ,then half every day for another month ,then nothing evrry other day for a month thrn stop to getvwell from them ! Dpesk with your doctor and trll him this too ,a slow taper is the secret to stopping this hortid pill !

7:57 am August 25th, 2015

Hi Marlene ! Yes these Symptoms. are common in W/D but you can always make sure with your Doctor! there are do many Sympoms as the dsys and weeks pass ,but they will eventually ease .good luck in your taper !x

10:35 am August 26th, 2015

Thanks Veronica.

12:02 am August 28th, 2015

I have been on diazepam 15 mg a day for 18 years now. Doctor has started to reduce them 2 months ago…. help

1:51 pm August 30th, 2015

Hi Sue-Great job coming off 80 mg of Valium. What I would recommend is that you print a copy of the Ashton Manuel and bring it to your new GP. Coming off a Benzo is no walk in the park and it’s so important to taper off of it VERY slowly.

1:55 pm August 30th, 2015

Linda-Most people can reinstate for a proper taper no longer than two weeks after stopping their last Benzo. I would suggest you read the Ashton Manual. Of course when you reinstate a benzo after stopping it there is no guarantee that it will help with your present w/d symptoms. Most people who go off a Benzo and reinstate sometimes develop kindling which makes their recovery even worse than the first time. These drugs are poison!!

I c/t’d off 5 mg in Jan and I am pretty much healed now. It takes a very long time for your Gaba A receptors to upregulate in your brain. In the end we all heal however it can take a long time. Good luck!

4:53 am September 4th, 2015

Hi John ! how are you doing ,i hope it’s a slow taper that the doctor suggested ,if not you must tell him this is what you want very slow as this is the way to get of them and stay of them , good luck ..

10:06 am September 6th, 2015

Ive been taking valium for the last 3-4 years.I brought myself down from 30mg daily(although i was binging on top about 2-3 times weekly).I then stabaluzed on 10mg for 6 weeks.
Ive now dropped to 8mg and the withdrawels really kicked in after 7 days.It toik me by suprise at how intense they were.I experienced Extreem anxiety,panic attacks,disorientation,sensitivity to light and especially sound which made me irritable and angry.Ive had the sensation of unreality.Ive been confused and it feels like my thoughts are going 100mph but my reactions are confused and flaky and i forget things and cant think rationally.Is this normal?

6:54 am September 9th, 2015

Hi Matty ! yes these are all ver common symptoms of w/d ….you will maybe get more and very different ones ,but hang in there it seems like you are doing well so far, the main thing is to keep a long slow taper and it will be quicker and easier in the long run with less intense symptoms .good luck with your taper and remember always someone here so no one feel;s alone in this ..

8:05 pm September 10th, 2015

I have been on 2mg Diazepam 2x a day for a year for vertigo due to Meniere’s. It has helped a lot I don’t get as many vertigo attacks but I don’t want to have to take this forever. I am 64 years old will be 65 in two months.

11:42 am September 11th, 2015

Hi, I cold turkeyed from 7 mg valium 5 months ago, not realizing the outcome. I`ve been very sick mostly with muscle pain and anxiety. An added problem is a nerve pain in my back. My doctor has given me Elavil 10 mg to take but I`m wary of starting another drug. Would the Elavil help or is it inadvisable to take it?
Many thanks

7:12 am September 16th, 2015

Hi Patti ! if you are ready to stop taking diazapam because you no longer need it ,then it is wise to just taper very slowly ,the slower the better results with less severe w/d symptoms, you take 4 mg a day now ,so if you start by just reducing to 3 and half mg by cutting one in half and do it until you don’t feel any symptoms from this cut ,do this by half each time until you are on the last quarter, until you feel ready to stop this , good luck with your taper !

7:23 am September 16th, 2015

Hi Joy ! if your doctor has given these for pain ,then i would check to see they arn’t addictive first ,or ring him and ask ,you don’t really want to take something else that has these effects ..if you still are having w/s still and the back pain is part of it ,then it’s up to you to decide if you want to carry on until the w/s subside ,or take these pain relievers , most on here are tapered of them and all going through w’s ,some have already passed this and are feeling much better and happier now , good luck in whatever you decide , and let us know as always here to help !

7:28 am September 16th, 2015

I should add to that the back pain, is a symptom of withdrawal , lots have complained of this ,one side at the bottom of the back ,hurts more when you change positions ‘or move !

7:29 am September 16th, 2015

No i didn’t add on my comment ,that back pain was a symptom .

5:03 pm September 16th, 2015

Hi, I’ve been taking valium since 2003..however have been abusing my presctiptions. I’ve come down alot, however still take up to 120mg 2-3 times a week. My prescription is fortnightly, I have lately been giving about 70ml of that away to a friend, which means i get 1 less dose (which i usually take on or near the second week). And i am having severe mood swings, insomnia, anxiety, paranoia and a couple of weeks ago, jusgt felt really strange and was hallucinating.
I need to know if this is due to how im taking my prescription?…..I dont want to go back to taking it every day but do want to cut down how much i take… i doing it too fast?

Thnk you for your help.

3:41 am September 18th, 2015

Anyone else using Gabba Pentin to help with back pain and anxiety? My doc prescribed to me, I’m down to 7 mg. diazepam from 12.5 since June 11, had done the crossover from 1.2mg Clonozepam (had been on that since 2007) in March. DIdn’t taper diazepam (wish I had) in April and May due to fear of back pain (herniated discs). Anyway, the Gabba Pentin makes me sleepy but it helps my back pain. I haven’t driven much on my own since March since doc dosed me on days (now take 5mg diaz at bedtime and 2mg during the day). Having tough time with anxiety and depression but lonely!!!

5:19 am September 19th, 2015

Hi C ! Yes all the symptoms you describe are typically W/D..from Diazapam /Valium .you should do a very slow taper of these ,it is very important or you will have a lot of very bad withdrawal symptoms .if you can even them out daily .then do a tiny cut in the dose as and when you feel you are able ,it will be much better with less severe Symptoms and a much better chance of getting of and staying of them .it all takes time and you cannot hurry this, you should really not give your medication away,you will not have the right dose you need to start with….but yes it is the best thing you can do ,if you are ready and wanting this .also have a word with your doctor and let him know …he will help to ease you of this , ……good luck and let us know how you are doing ,we are always here to help so you’re not alone in this ,you may want to check out benzo budies , they have some great feedback of starting to taper and the end of it …good luck !

7:31 pm September 19th, 2015

Veronica thanks for your reply. I am seeing my doctor in November. I will talk to him about the diazepam. I have been thinking and I have really had at lot less vertigo from Meniere’s in the past year taking the low dose diazepam and it works. I don’t want to go back to being flat on my back dizzy everyday and I am not taking anymore than the 2mgs 2x a day.

8:24 pm September 19th, 2015

I had to do 40 hyperbaric oxygen treatments sprawled out over 3 months and I finished a week ago and just stopped taking my valium cold turkey not aware of withdrawls, but almost right after I stopped taking my pills I get really hungry but once I try to eat I would get very nauseous I haven’t been able to eat in over a week now and I am getting very weak loss of intrest I was supposed to go back to work today but I have been having anxiety and today was off the chart I thought I was going to have to go to the emergency room my anxiety was at a high point I couldn’t even breath could this be from stopping my valium cold turkey ? help me I need to be able to eat again for strength and need to find out about my anxiety I only weigh like 75lbs recovering from cancer a year 1/2 ago

12:27 am September 20th, 2015

I just had a call from a friend who is on 80 mg Valium – 4 x 20 and she is starting to talk about suicide. Her brother killed himself earlier this year, and she blames herself. She bing drins on the weekend, and her father is an alcoholic. What can I do to help?

6:13 am September 22nd, 2015

Hi patty ! that is good that you’re speaking with your doctor , he will help you in whatever you decide to do .i do understand about vertigo , it is terrible .i have had it also before and don’t want it again…good luck Patty and you are very welcome. !

6:25 am September 22nd, 2015

Hi Lora ! yes indeed it does sound very familiar with w/d ……it is never advisable to just stop taking them cold turkey …a slow taper is the safest way and most effective ……you should take them again but slowly taper of .the sickness is a symptom yes , but you have to eat ….please go back to the beginning then slowly taper .even over a short time of takling this , you will get withdrawal symptoms .even after a week ….if you have not got any left then you should ring your doctor straight away and tell him this and to also get another perscription ..try not to worry and eat chicken soup with some bread ,if you cannot eat anything else and plenty of fluids to .please ring him straight away as you cannot go without food , if you have some left ,then begin again on the same as you were on before you stopped….good luck .always here let us know how you are .take care Lori !

11:01 am September 23rd, 2015

I know it’s very selfish but when I found & read all these threads it made me feel better knowing there are so many others experiencing this savage hell that Valium leaves you in. Been 5yrs now started tapering last January from 140mg am now on 3mg. I was lucky as after my Dr washed his hands of me I found a very sympathetic physiatrist who lets me go at my own pace. N.H.S/ Dr’s are generally useless & ignorant of the brutal reality of Valium. As I’ve gone so slow it’s only in the past few months I’ve really felt w/d kick in (come off heroin & crack before and would say it’s just about up there with the heroin) Want to tell you all that it is achievable, I have noticed my speech is better- am confident & articulate, my depression has lifted a lot, that mental fog has gone, I feel like my old self is returning and that feels GREAT but yes am feeling rough, can’t get out or do much, am lonely, sit about a lot but I know this will pass.Please keep at it folks, if it’s getting to brutal slow your tapering down if you can, especially when you get low- ADVICE: if you can’t eat then buy some multi vitamins and 5htp diet /vitamins it will help give your brain ingredients to make chemicals it needs faster. Also try get some sort of exercise if at all poss I have run 5 miles a day throughout my detox ( ok so maybe not run it, run, stop, sweat, breathe -I look bloody ridiculous but am past caring) PLEASE DONT GIVE UP. xx

11:57 am September 23rd, 2015

Just wanted to add if your on an anti-dep and your having trouble sleeping -or even if your not and your not sleeping & getting desperate then consider asking for Mirtazepine & don’t panic it’s non addictive you can’t get a tolerance to it, I’ve been on it yrs now it has a sedative effect ( similar to Valium 30 mins after u take it with the drowsy bit) even at my worst w/d times ( which have been as bad as ending up in A&E then countless admissions) I’ve slept 6/-8 hrs at night after taking 45 mg and recently cut down to 30 mg and still sleep fine. I would never recommend anything that would mess folk up & it’s been a god send to me I feel so bad for those that aren’t sleeping at all or very few hrs & you can take it for months/yrs with no tolerance building at all. Just thought it’d be worth mentioning. Also to the poor souls who’s Dr’s have changed or want them off the Valium ASAP ( one way to terrify the life out of you for sure) ask to be referred to an addiction specialist. Almost all areas have a body that helps drug users/alcoholics with either a psychiatrist, prescribing Dr or both & though u may not want to be labeled that way you will at least stand a reasonable chance of getting some sympathetic help- be sure to get your Dr to continue prescribing until you are registered with them though ( they are usually happy to get rid of you.) good luck.x

11:10 pm September 23rd, 2015

I was only on vallium 3 to 4 weeks I just sopped last night & my stomach hurt all day today. How long will my stomach hurt. & have to keep going to bathroom every time I eat.

7:45 am September 24th, 2015

Hi Manfred ! very sorry to hear of your friends unhappiness, ..i don’t know any way you could help other than being a good friend and letting her know that you and many others care about her , being there for her in times of stress helps .always a shoulder and an eato feel wanted and cared for r are very much needed when people are feeling this way …..they sometimes feel as though ,they are useless .no one needs them and won’t miss them .you can sit with her and tell her she means so much to you and life can be very rewarding too .maybe just walking and talking could be helpful ,.you could ask her to see a councillor and go with her,.she is obviously carrying the guilt of her brothers passing with her ..tell her no one can be to blame unless they actually caused this .patience ,talking and being there is an immense help to someone as they are usually so lonely .ask her to open up here ,i will talk to her .and make sure she doesn’t take to much of valium .no more than perscribed ……..maybe her doctor could be told about this ,as after a long time on these ,you can actually have W/D Symptoms as you become tolerante to them .has she considered tapering of .maybe not a good idea at this moment , .hope you can talk to her Manfred , please let us know how she is ..we’re always here..ok wish you the best.

5:01 am September 25th, 2015

Hi Paul ! ..It sounds very much like anxiety ,maybe you’re tense with not having your tablets , this is a withdrawal symptom , but just to be safe ,i would see the doctor with it and get something for it .you should really taper of ,even though it was only about a month you were on them ,you will still get symptoms …try taking half for a time ,then a quarter until the symptoms ease of …slow taper is always the only way to be effective with less symptoms .good luck !

8:35 pm September 29th, 2015

I have been on valium for like 20 years for Fibromyalgia and started weaning off 3 1/2 weeks ago. I was on 5 mg. and now down to 2.5mg. I got Kavinace from ebay (120 pills for $46.95 and free shipping). At night I take 5-HTP, 2.5 valium, and TMR Fit Series Clean that I got from Drug Emporium. This is a liquid that you keep in the refrigerator and you just take a cap full at night. Helps me to sleep.

12:19 am September 30th, 2015

I’m wondering how bad the withdrawal symptoms will be for the last 1mg of Valium. I’ve weaned from 20 to 1mg since December 2014. I’ve stayed at 1mg for 2 months waiting for my brain to heal. Now that I’m feeling ” normal ” I’m ready to give the last milligram up. Also, should I cut the milligram in half and wean off or is it better to just go for it. Does anyone have any idea.

4:08 am October 1st, 2015

Lisa, I would just go off. How long did you feel bad as you cut back? It will be 4 weeks Friday for me and I feel really bad.

6:30 am October 1st, 2015

Hi Lisa ! always if you can, go for a slight cut each time ..yes cut the 1mg to a half and take this dosage for a time , when you feel like it makes no difference anymore to taking half ,then stop .you have done great congratulations on getting this far … are you sleeping as many say they’re still affected with the problem ,even when all other symptoms have vanished .keep us posted it’s always lovely to hear a happy ending to these .good luck ..

6:40 am October 1st, 2015

Hi Sasha ! thank you for that ,i am sure if anyone is unable to sleep much ,or not at all it could be very useful to them if not addictive .sleep is the big factor in getting of these …it is so very bad with people unable to get any ,or very little .it is worth looking at everything that can help .thank you .

6:06 pm October 1st, 2015

Hi thanks for answering and thanks for the advice. I’m just getting over strepthroat so I’m waiting to be healthy to finish this never ending withdrawal process. I actually feel much better now, I slept for 3 days when I first got sick so it helped my brain to finish healing I guess. I’m really hoping this last milligram won’t be as terrible as the other 19 were. I’m really not sure whether or not to just stop or wean. I’m feeling so normal I hate to jump back into withdrawal symptoms. BUT I do want to finish this. I’ll stay in touch. This site has really helped me quit this horrible drug.

6:19 pm October 1st, 2015

Sorry forgot to tell you about the sleeping. I have been using benadryl to help me fall asleep and I had to increase my antidepressant after the depression got too overwhelming after about 8 months. I also exercise alot. Walk dogs, do 15 miles on a stationary bike and most helpful has been yoga. I found that it calms me down and helps with a lot of the withdrawal aches and pains. Also niacin helps I found, the kind that makes you flush. I did try medical Marijuana but it made the anxiety much worse. Cbd, helped the anxiety and depression. I hope you all get through this and can get back to enjoying life. As I said I’ll keep in touch and tell everyone when I am finished. Thanks again

9:33 pm October 1st, 2015

Hi Veronica! I have been at 2.5 mg. valium for 4 weeks. How soon should I cut back some more?

11:11 pm October 4th, 2015

I took lorazepam for 6 yrs with ambien for about 3 yrs. I have stopped the ambien completly and very seldom use the the lorazepam at all. My doc’s idea is to wean me off all lorazepam move me to valium and oxycodone for for my pain issues. Sometimes I have all the symptoms folks talk about other times It doesen,t seem so bad.. I just started eatting after a month but work in a med office and am a pastor. My boss understands but I am scared my normal life is over. I had the withdrawal symptoms while taking the damned thihgsas they were were presscribed. Now they want me to use Valium to get off lorazepam, does that make sense and how long will ittake?Is there anything tro help me sleep better than melatoin. Made it 65 yrs and now it seems to have turned to a real nightmare. Any help or suggestions?

11:51 pm October 4th, 2015

Thanks Veronica. I’m going to cut the milligram in half. I think it’s going to take longer but hopefully I can function during that time. I will be so happy when this is over.

1:55 am October 6th, 2015

I went to the Dr. today and she told me to just quit taking the 2.5mg valium. I don’t think I will do that. What do you all think?

7:33 am October 7th, 2015

Hi Valerie , Absolutely no .do not stop it completely at once .you will have W/D Symptoms just the same .cut it to another quarter then try every other night or day until you feel like you can go two nights …then every three nights and so on .this is much better and you will not suffer the W/D ..good luck and post and let us know how you feel Valerie …

8:38 am October 7th, 2015

Hi Roger , if you are not hardly taking the tablets and you have similar or the same symptoms as others on here ,then you have probably got the w/d symptoms too .i don’t know why your doctor would want you to take Diazapam now in place of your others as they are very hard to withdraw from, most on here have been on them and say it is the worst of any ….i would suggest you carry on taking your tablets as it isn’t often .take one when you really need or start to take half .then a quarter but very slowly ,only when you feel able to make a cut do so . and carry on with it .it seems like you are going through the w/d now so it wont take as long …you will need your pain killers so need to see the doctor and make sure ..i can’t really say what is good for sleep as it is a main problem with everyone going through this .it is time really that will heal ,but you could try herbal or sleep video’s .some say they help and maybe worth a try ….i wouldn’t say your life is over ,it may be a lot better after this ,many are in their 60’s like you and look forward to that day when they feel good again .it will happen Roger , try and be optimistic and post to let us know .good luck ..

8:48 am October 7th, 2015

Hi Lisa , that’s great you are getting some sleep and others can try this to thank you for that .i hope you carry on feeling better and hope the depression is not to much ..exercise seems to helping a lot with you and it’s very healthy too ..good luck with the rest of the taper Lisa back and let us know ..

8:53 am October 7th, 2015

Hi Connie , how are you doing , if you have been taking 1mg for this time then you need to cut it .by taking it even later .try another day after you feel you need it and carry ion increasing the days .you will have a better stop .good luck Connie ..

3:19 pm October 9th, 2015

Hi Veronica! I had cut down some for three nights and cut down to one quarter last night and having some W/D symptoms but not real bad. I’m going to stay at a quarter for a few days. I just seen your reply today. Thank you

7:39 am October 10th, 2015

Hi Valerie . yes just cut to what you feel comfortable with , carry on until you feel alright with that cut ,then another cut when you are ready , always the best way .good luck with the taper .always here if you want to post or need advice further..

6:35 am October 14th, 2015

My question is after taking 5mg Valium once a day and sometimes twice a day for 33years, is it normal to be still be suffering side effects, my balance is still sometimes a little off at night, still suffer with anxiety, my sleep patterns returning to normal, thank god, my GP dose not know a lot about Valium withdrawal. I forgot to say that I stopped Cold turkey, had no idea of side effects,Thanking you

2:05 pm October 14th, 2015

Hi everyone, after reading my initial question, I realised that I forgot to say how long It was that I stopped taking Valium, it is exactly one year. I would like to recap 5mg once a day, sometimes twice a day over 33years.I stopped Cold turkey, I had no idea of the side effects, I suffered loss of balance, anxiety, insomnia, going to the bathroom 4 times a night and more. I’m pleased to say that I now sleep a lot better, and only go to the bathroom once a night, I still suffer from anxiety and my balance is a lot better, but I still have problems with being off balance a little, usually at night, has anyone else had these side effects and how long do they last? I have no idea and as most of you would know it’s really frightening, any help would be appreciated. PS my GP dose not know a lot about Valium withdrawal.

7:57 am October 16th, 2015

Hi Lyndy , you did stop rather abrubtly so yes this will be still w/d symptoms that you have , a slow taper would have been much better as you withdraw slowly ,hence the w/d symptoms come slowly ….there are many of them and balance is one many do complain about ,this and the clumsiness ,also speech that is messed up because words that are not meant to be said come out and visa versa …many have arms and legs that twitch and so on making them kick out a little and yes going to the bathroom is another …i am pleased most of your symptoms are now gone and hopefully so will this and the anxiety ….a few take much longer depending on the way they tapered ,some months and some years ,though after a year things will soon be much better , those that have come through this good always say they still have some symptoms left but not as bad and that these to are much better ,usually anxiety and the balance are among them ..just give it a little more time and if it isn’t getting better then ask tell your doctor ,it could be the anxiety that you still have ,though this to will get better …you have done great Lyndy to do this cold …post back and let us know how you are and continued wellness to you ..

9:07 pm October 16th, 2015

I have been taking 80mg of diazepam and up to 30mg of zopiclone. Is this dangerous

2:11 am October 21st, 2015

I stop taking valium almost 2 years ago and i still have this shakiness in my legs .
what should i do ?

7:54 am October 21st, 2015

Hi Dean , what did your doctor perscibe you …i can’t say what amount is dangerous as i really don’t know but it does seem a lot to be taking and different ones too….if your doctor persribed this then he will know best what you need , if not then you should go and see him and tell him ,if you want to stop it will take some willpower and it isn’t easy but you can do it like everyone else that has .good luck .

4:57 pm October 21st, 2015

I’m one week off the valium and doing good. Some jitters and a little dizzy. Just so happy to be off them. Now it will take time to get my sleep/wake cycle back. Last couple of nights have been a little better.

11:52 pm October 21st, 2015

Hi everyone just found this page. I am on 7mg diazepam daily since 4th May 2015 for panic attacks,omg they worked wonders at first now my body is used to them. I am totally paranoid! Which is horrific! Thoughts of suicide constantly! Shaking & so nervous of everything & everyone. I used to be the life & soul of the party now I don’t know who or what i am any more!!!!! Trying to cut down on them with docs orders, but so scared and my panic attacks are bad. As I said the paranoia is beyond belief. I’m also on mitazapine for depression. Anyone got any idea if these tablets can be mixed with herbal remedies to ease the withdrawal symptoms please? Whoever invented this drug obviously hasn’t been on them! Thanks. Good luck to all xHelp!!!!!!

6:34 am October 23rd, 2015

Hi Von , it sounds like they really do not agree with you ,maybe when you first started taking them ,the calming of the panic attacks felt good so you thought they were doing good , everyone has a very different tolerance to different drugs ,.what i suggest is you speak to your doctor about changing them for something that is non addictive , there are a variety of different medication to take for panic attacks and nerves in general .these are obviously not for you ,but you will still feel the W/D Symptoms from first taking them ,just cut down very slowly as your doctor advises ..if you have no other health issues then herbal is fine ,but always check with the doctor, some herbal have to be checked with other medication …keep the slow taper ,but get them changed for one that will help you .try to speak with a doctor about this and he may advise that you see someone to talk to , a lot of this is anxiety caused and it is this that needs treating .the cause and the anxiety ….deep breathing 478.technique is very good and calming ,try this to relax and also don’t worry, .this all adds to anxiety and panic …walks and talks are needed .good luck and let me know Von what the doctor say’s …you will be alright if you try and stay calm …..

6:39 am October 23rd, 2015

Hi Valerie ! that is great , i am very happy for you and hope it continues to go well , keep it all up , the dizziness and jittery feelings are all part of the W/D .but if this is all that you have it’s very good news .Lots of luck Valerie thank you for coming back to tell us …

6:44 am October 23rd, 2015

Hi Jlynn , this is great news that you are 2 years off , the shakiness is part of withdrawal , and although it is 2 years since you have been of them ,most people are left with one symptom that lingers longer , a lot have some anxiety ,others odd sensations ,yours is the shakiness so just try to put up with it until it finally goes away , you have done great though and only have this …..let us know when this to has gone ,and continued recovery ….

5:49 am October 27th, 2015

Please help me. I went off Valium 7 weeks ago. I reduced it to 1mg and then went off it. What are the withdrawals Im going through now? Please help me. Im not coping and want to die because its all too much. Pls help me

5:40 pm October 27th, 2015

I have been taking 10 mg of valium a day since 2012. 5 mg in the morning and 5mg in the afternoon for severe anxiety and panic attacks. My Dr wanted me off of them so he gave me 5 mg so I halved them and took them the same. They have always helped but I didn’t want to rely on them forever. I no longer take them now as of a few days ago. I have felt pretty much like I’m dying. Stomach pains, severe anxiety, really bad headaches, flu like symptoms, shaky feeling, weak feeling. Went to the ER thinking the worst but they seemed to think everything is fine except for anxiety. I now take Buspar 5mg in the morning and 5 at night… Do these sound like normal withdrawal symptoms?

3:39 am October 28th, 2015

Is bloating a symptom of cold turkey Valium withdrawal after 15 years of daily use? Is vafginal bleeding a symptom. My fiance is the subject and she is 60. How about severe diahrrea?

9:05 am October 28th, 2015

Hi Astrid , you say you went of Valium 7 weeks ago and cut straight to one , ….this is not tapering and you will feel terrible with this , you didn’t say how long you had taken them for ,or how many ,if you have been on them for years rather than months then you will have bad w.d symptoms and it looks like you have now .the w/d symptoms all vary ,and there is lots of them from light sensitivity and shaking ,no sleep ,palpitations in some upset tummy’s head buzzing unrealistic feelings there are just to many to write down ,and they do last for months ,my advice is restart them on a lower dose and start to taper gradually just do a small cut when you think you are ready ,see your doctor and tell him how you feel ,. you did do a rapid cut then stop to quickly ,…..can you say how long you took them and how many …Hang in there Astrid , everyone is going through this who was on these …you will get through ..good luck .

6:37 am October 29th, 2015

Hi Mark , Bloating is a symptom of withdrawal yes ,it has been mentioned many times ,but i havn’t heard anyone say about bleeding , it could well be but ask your fiance to get this checked by her doctor , all symptoms are best checked if they are different , there are very many but i havn’t heard anyone say this , you could go to Benzo Buddies pages and you will have to sign in ,there are a whole list of symptoms both men and women ,some specifically for women ….please let us know how your fiance is Mark and good luck with the coming off ..

6:41 am October 29th, 2015

Hi Mark ,yes an upset tummy and dioarrea can be another ,but like all severe symptoms ,please get them checked by your doctor to be sure all is well .

6:46 am October 29th, 2015

Hi Bethany , sorry you feel like this ,but yes these are all typical w/d symptoms , you have really cut to much at half straight away then half again , ask your doctor to do a slower taper , seeing as it’s only been a few days it should be alright , go top the half again but cut to a quarter when you are ready ,then an 8th until you are ready takes time and the slower the taper ,the better you will manage , was to much to soon , however everyone still gets some w/d symptoms even with a slower taper , they really are terrible ,but you will get through them ,hang in there and good luck ..

10:06 pm November 2nd, 2015

Had bypass surgery. Started tramadol and 10 mg Valium 3 times a day, then stopped in 4 weeks. I then had mouth surgery, which was so painful and took 20 mg Valium and oxycodone/acetaminophen 325 mg 3 times a day for 7 days. I stopped all meds 3 days ago and am depressed and sleep often, as well as when I am awake I feel like a zombie. I can’t get out of my own way. How long will this take. Does drinking good fluids help it pass?

7:13 am November 3rd, 2015

Hi how is everyone doing, hope things are not to bad and at least starting to heal a little for those that are slowly tapering and for everyone else that has not long been tapering , stay with it and you will get there , good luck .

10:50 am November 4th, 2015

Hi I’m presently in 10 mg of diazapam have been for long time every time it gets reduced I suffer severe tight chest pains are there anything a physiatrist can give you to free you from this drug plus I also feel breathless in morning which doesn’t help when you have kids to care for

3:25 pm November 4th, 2015

Hi I wanted everyone to know that healing really happens! I c/t’d off 5 mg of Diazepam on 12-31-14. I c/t’d off not knowing that I had to taper. I do recommend that everyone taper off very slowly and they follow the Ashton Manual. I turned a big corner by 6 months off and I was healed by 7 1-2 months. I’m currently ten months off now and I feel GREAT! My memory is as sharp as it was when I was in my 20’s. What helped expedite my healing was eating very healthy (lots of fruits and vegetables) and I was able to exercise 2 hours a day. Exercise is great for the brain and healing. Wishing everyone a speedy healing and keep telling yourself that you will heal. Time heals all wounds.

5:55 pm November 4th, 2015

I was taking Valium for 3 days, & since then I can’t sleep. I’m having cold chills at nights. Can I take a herbal supplement to help with my insomnia.

8:02 am November 5th, 2015

Hi Louise , there are no Supplements to replace or act like Diazapam at all , but there is many herbal supplements to take to help ease the Symptoms , Valerian some have tried ,but i don’t know if these would help you , shop around and see what what else suits you ,you may want to get some Magnesium tablets as most people are short of this and it plays a very big role in good health and sleep , if you are lacking in this your sleep won’t be good and many more things , .you should see your doctor to get the Symptoms checked ,just to make sure it’s withdrawal and tell him also that you can’t cut anymore until you feel better , cutting to quickly has more withdrawals and more severe ,.you will feel better ,good luck !

8:17 am November 5th, 2015

Hi Marcia , yes the Valium you took for three days helped you sleep because it relaxed you ,now you feel tense so you get chills and maybe flushing to , the trouble with this pill is that ,no matter how long or not so long you have taken it , it will leave you withdrawing when you stop could try Valerian ‘or one of the other herbal Supplements ,also try taking Magnesium ,most are lacking in this really important mineral and it plays a really big role in health and sleep , you can also use the Spray behind your knees and around your feet before bed to help with sleep ,and epsom salts is loaded with it, use it in the bath and if you soak your feet to relax ,use this, just bear with it ,you will be alright soon and good luck !

8:27 am November 5th, 2015

Hi Fran, Congratulations on getting of these ,that is wonderful news and certainly lovely for all to read ,very encouraging too , seemed to have done so well and stuck with it , thank you for coming back to tell us i am sure everyone is needing to see a success here to help them see that you do heal ,no matter how hard ‘or how long …i hope others come back to, Would be nice to if Teresa Reed stopped by to let us know how she is doing , .thank you again Fran and lots of luck for the Future !

5:29 pm November 6th, 2015

I have been taking 2mg (prescription) diazapam ONCE a day, when necessary, to combat muscle spasms due to MS…rarely more tha 3 x2mg tablets per week. .Once did needed one tablet a day for a week.) I have other prescription meds which I’m told are not a problem with diazapam.) A week ago I stopped diazapam on being prescribed (over the phone) antibiotics for a urine infection. I am now out of my mind with anxiety and fear. I am afraid of everything and think that my stomach/ bowel upset, nausea and no appetite are signs of serious disease. I imagine I may have every illness the the sun. Can’t bear food, and am an emotional mess. Being housebound, with no family/ loved ones/ frIends left aIIve, (and so coping alone as I usually do,) I am hoping that these awful fears and symptoms are just diazapam withdrawal….,which I can weather, however awful. Doctors are no help as they don’t visit and don’t know me, and just want to dispatch you to hospital or a Home to get you off their backs…which is hell on earth. (Am a very young 81)

6:41 pm November 6th, 2015

I’m at 55 your old male I think I am going to volume withdrawals but not sure I’m getting violent body jerks when at rest could this be because of the value withdrawal thank you

4:34 pm November 9th, 2015

my symptoms are: all day upset stomach, dizziness, low energy and depression.
Does this sound about right?

8:18 am November 10th, 2015

Hi Kenny , yes it is a symptom of withdrawal that many have asked about ,especially when tired and not sleeping well, is this when you are tired also ,or just randomly , good to hear you are tapering of , good luck with this and let us know how you are doing !

8:23 am November 10th, 2015

Hi Jerre , Yes it is another classic symptom of withdrawal, the upset tummy and the dizziness should ease of ,it may come back from time to time as they all do , try to cut out dairy for awhile to see if it helps ,you could get some soothing medication from the chemist to try , ask what they suggest for this , Good Luck and let us know how you are doing .

3:20 am November 11th, 2015

My 5 month old baby daughter is currently being weaned from her Valium. She has had no withdrawal issues but I’ve noticed that her eyes will go back and forth. This is something new that has been going on for a couple days now. Is this a withdrawal/side effect from weaning the valium.?

3:24 pm November 12th, 2015

Hi Kerri. Take your daughter to the doctor or to her paediatrician. It may be a side effect, and you shouldn’t let it go unattended.

4:16 am November 11th, 2015


I’m no doctor, just addicted to 15 mg of valium, but I have experienced a total absence of anxiety from withdrawals when I fasted, with just water. The addiction symptoms you describe disappeared with me until finally I came off the fast 3 days later.

5:34 am November 12th, 2015

Hi Helen ,yes these are all typical withdrawal symptoms , try to eat soft bland foods to help with the tummy , Rice,, Apple sauce is very good with meals , toast ,bananas ect ,try to get something from the doctor for this to and tell him about it ,he should know what is best to take , but don’t worry as this makes it all worse, just know that it is all typical withdawal, Anxiety is always the last to heal …..let us know how you do and good luck !

2:47 pm November 12th, 2015

I have been prescribed diazapam for spasms due to MS, i.e,.a 2mg tablet when necessary, which is neve .more than one 2mg tablets 2 or 3 nights per week but some weeks without any at all. I find Imhave become anxious and fearful. Is that some kind if wothdrawal symptom in between the tablets or a cumulative effect of having used them over a year?

4:13 am November 13th, 2015

I’m relieved to tell everyone that I took the last half a 1mg of valium a week ago. I’m DONE! !!!!That was the worst 11months of my life. Doctors who prescribe valium should be forced to do the withdrawal. I should say I was on 20 mgs for two years and 10 mgs for the 8 previous years, so 10 yrs total .The first 15 mgs.were really hard BUT the last 5mgs were torture. I had to wait a lot longer in between cuts and I had to definitely stay with.a half 1mg cuts. I’m still having withdrawal symptoms since I finished only a week ago but slowing down the process did help alot. Whoever is doing this GO SLOWLY. Exercising was really the only way I could do this.I ride a bike and do yoga. The yoga is very relaxing and I exhaust myself on the bike. I also listen to guided meditation on utube to sleep. After 8months of withdrawal I had to increase the antidepressant I take and I discovered CBD tincture which seems to help the depression and the horrible anxiety the withdrawal causes. I take benadryl now to sleep. I do feel better in a lot of ways and now I’m totally alert when I wake up in the morning. I’m sure as time passes I’ll continue to feel better and better. I wish you all the best. You can do this too.

1:46 pm November 13th, 2015

Lisa, Congratulations! I’m happy that you made it. And, thank you for sharing you advise with others. Success stories such as yours do make a difference and can motivate others currently going through the tapering process or thinking of quitting.

4:56 am November 13th, 2015


Valium has a ‘half-life’ which means withdraws don’t occur immediately. Some residue IS in our system, but it eventually catapults. I’ve had no symptoms for days, then I’d ‘conk’ out. Lose consciousness. Happened while driving a car. I went through a cross street and into someone’s back yard. Thank God, no one was hit or hurt…………it’s a sh***y drug to be addicted to.

8:46 am November 13th, 2015

Hi Kerrie , please get this checked right away your daughter is only a baby ,it may or may not be due to withdrawal , please take her right away ,maybe ring him/her to call out to see her quicker ,hope all will be well, please let us know how she is !

8:56 am November 13th, 2015

Hi Helen,once you have started taking these, you will feel the affects of them when you stop taking them , these are anxious nervous and even fear , you say you only take about two to three times a week , so the days you are without them are anxious , yes it is typical withdrawal from them ,even for a few days , see your doctor and explain this to him , he may alter the dose so you are taking less ,but taking something everyday, he will know what is the best course for you personally , …hope you get this sorted and feel better soon , let us know , and post back when you want to if you are alone , we are always here..

3:14 pm November 13th, 2015

Lisa-Congratulations upon successfully jumping. You will feel better in time. I have been working out for the past 24 years 7 days a week and I am convinced that is what helped expedite my healing. I recently read a wonderful book “Spark” by Dr. John Ratey and I contacted him during my healing. He told me to continue to work out every day since exercise is great for the brain and I should incorporate HIIT and lift weights daily. When you work out your brain releases a chemical called BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor). This chemical is like a fertilizer in the brain and helps the brain make new cells which is important when healing. The brain is plastic and it will heal in time. Once again congrats!!

7:48 am November 14th, 2015

Congratulations Lisa ,thank you for coming back to share this with everyone ,it ia always very inspiring to hear these stories and so pleased you stayed with this slow taper of your last 1mg , it really does make it better to stop . hope everything will continue to get better , lots of luck, and thank you again for sharing this .

10:28 pm November 14th, 2015

have taken different daily amount of diazepam over the last 6 weeks and am down to 2mg a day.
can withdrawal symptoms from diazepam cause really bad burning across shoulders.

9:31 pm November 15th, 2015

I have been on diazepam 5mg 3 times a day for about a month and my doctor has reduced me to 2mg a day im feeling dying bad migraines head spinning and shakes i dont know what to do as no one is helping me medical wise how long will these withdrawels take to disapear

7:24 am November 17th, 2015

Hi Ange , yes it is a typical w/d symptom but shouldn’t last to long if you only took them for 6 weeks , good to see you are down to 2 mg , and carry on the taper until you feel you’re ready to stop ,also you tell your doctor when you’re ready and when you feel you’re able to stop , Slowly is always the way no matter how long ,or how much, try some herbel supplements for the dizziness and shakes also tell your doctor as he may help , good luck with this …..

7:30 am November 17th, 2015

Hi Donna , yes indeed all these are typical w/d symptoms , again try herbel supplements and tell your doctor to ..the w/d seems rather quickly rather than slowly , ask your doctor to keep you with this until you feel better , the amount is 15 mg a day for a month, this will need a slower taper than what your doctor has perscribed , the fact is Doctors havn’t a clue when it comes to withdrawal ,even though some do speak as if they do ,so have a word and good luck with the taper and seeing the doctor !

5:19 pm November 18th, 2015

Is it possible for someone who has only been on diazepam for 2 weeks experience withdrawal symptoms?

8:15 pm November 18th, 2015

Is having your face feel sun burned and looking flush one of the withdraw symptoms??

7:46 pm November 22nd, 2015

took 2mg on off for seven months. how likely to hve side effects. dr said none

7:52 pm November 23rd, 2015

My doctor had me on 10mg of Valium 3x a day for over 5 years and it ruined my life. My judgements became irrational and I made so many bad personal and financial decisions that it’s beyond ridiculous. I decided now after losing almost everything including a marriage, home, and my retirement that it’s time to get off that POISON once and for all and get my life back on track.
It’s been 3 weeks of HELL and TORTURE but I am determined to follow thru.
The worst part is the insomnia, headaches, ringing in my ears, feeling of being in a fog, panic attacks, muscle pains, restless legs, cold sweats, hot flashes, a taste that closely resembles aluminum in my mouth, feeling like everything is going in slow-motion, and extreme sensitivity to light.
And they say Cannabis is bad for you… are you kidding me? I smoked weed my entire adult life and gave it up with zero withdrawals whatsoever. This stuff should be illegal and the company that manufactures it shut down. When these withdrawals are over and that poison is completely out of my system, I’m going back to mother natures weed. It works for everything including anxiety, insomnia, and appetite. Enough said…

2:35 am November 24th, 2015

Connie-Unfortunately doctors are not benzo wise when it comes to coming off a benzo. I would highly recommend that you do a slow taper for at least 3-4 months. Some people can come off a benzo after years of being on it and not have any problems, and other people can take a benzo for only 6 weeks and when they come off it they have a very hard time. Nobody knows how they will react to stopping a benzo until you start tapering. You were on a small dosage which is a plus. Please google the Ashton Manual to follow her taper schedule. Good luck!

2:38 am November 24th, 2015

Linda-YES that’s a side effect. I had ti for one or two days but it passed.

7:45 am November 24th, 2015

Hi Dee Dee , yes it is ,you will have some withdrawal though not severe and not for to long, good that this is only two weeks of you taking them , hope you soon feel better .

7:48 am November 24th, 2015

Hi Linda , Yes this is a typical w/d symptom, good luck in your taper .

7:51 am November 24th, 2015

Hi Glen , Yes you are absolutely right ,they are terrible and it’s such a shame that no one is ever told about the months of withdrawal and feeling so ill , nor the many many different w.d Symptoms that there is with them .

7:55 am November 24th, 2015

Hi Connie , yes after 7 months of taking this and two mg , you will have w/d symptoms , many different ones and it will still take time and willpower to be free of them ,.good luck with your taper .

4:48 am December 2nd, 2015

Does a slow taper from 40mgs of Valium decrease the paws effect?

3:06 am December 3rd, 2015

Hi Gregory , Yes it is always better to taper slowly , your symptoms will not be so severe and you will manage them better , always a good way , good luck in your taper ..

1:00 pm December 3rd, 2015

Hi ive been tsking 2, 5 mil of val every morning for thr last 7 years now ive moved states my new dotor wants me to go see . A medical person to see if I need thrm its going to cost me $300 to see this person I dont have that sort of money . I told my dotor this but they want see me intil I have seen this other prrson . So is it safe for me just to stop taking my valium what I have left I have 5 left witch last me 10 days

7:55 pm December 3rd, 2015

I am 7 days off 2.5 mg of Valium which I took for 2 years. Feel anxious mostly from reading about all the withdrawal symptoms. What is the likely hood of me having a seizure.

5:03 am December 4th, 2015

Hi Jason, No you can’t just stop without getting some severe symptoms that do not go away for at least months ,it isn’t your fault that you take these ,nor is it your fault you cannot afford to see another medic just because you moved State , you must tell your doctor that you need to taper ,he cannot just stop these pills cold ,it is dangerous ,doctors know little about the symptoms , see the Heather Ashton Manuel online and print it ,then show your doctor this ,tell him you have been advised not to just stop and go c/t please taper slowly Jason and good luck !

8:10 am December 5th, 2015

Hi Laura, no one is really at risk more than another, but you will have w/s with 2.5 mg ,only if you’re very fortunate would you get of with having none,seizures are not top of w/s so there is every chance you wont have any of these , good to hear you have decided to quit these drugs , hope your taper goes well ,if you’re tapering that is, good luck Laura !

7:46 pm December 6th, 2015

Over the past 3 or 4 years I have been taking diazepam 10 msg regularly but not every day until about 6 months ago when I took once daily. About 6 weeks ago I began weaning off taking 1 x 10 msg every other day and 5 msg the day in between, then a couple of weeks later cut to 5 msg every day. I managed ok with a couple of days taking 10 msg again. I then went to 2.5 msg daily for past week plus. I have not taken any for 3 days. I tried this no medication before and got very upset on the third day so I am concerned about what might lie ahead for me if I continue to stay off all diazepam. I am sleeping well though some nightmares and waken waken with a headache but it goes away in a couple of hours. I do meditation (. Mindfulness) from an app on my player each day. I know I am doing the correct things and am drinking plenty of water and keeping busy BUT I am concerned that I am rushing things and may experience some bad effects like a seizure, which would seriously scare me. I live alone. Can anyone please advise. Thank you in anticipation.

8:36 pm December 6th, 2015

Is it possible to take my surname off the comments please. I ‘d be so gratefulh

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
10:23 am December 7th, 2015

Of course Anne. We always do! I’ve already removed your surname. Have a nice day!

9:06 am December 8th, 2015

Hi Anne , if you seem to be doing alright with this taper, it may be right for you , but if you start with any other symptoms then take them daily with just a small cut slowly , the best and safe way is always a long slow taper , it is up to you of course ,but it is the best , good luck in whatever you choose .

11:00 pm December 10th, 2015

I have taken Valium since I was 21 I’m now 58 I have taken large amounts I have a large tolerance to Valium I am trying to get of I’m feeling depersonalised , I’m also withdrawing from Endep can you pls help I think I have to do Endep first

7:24 am December 11th, 2015

been on valium for about 3 months now at 2.5 mg. starting to crave more ,but need to get off , what is best way to go to withdrawal??

Mrs pat
12:48 pm December 11th, 2015

Hi I have been on 60 mg daiezepam for years to help me sleep I cutting down but is there anything that I can take a take the edge off i am under my gp and seeing a physciotrist under the nhs every two months which I feel is not enough time but what can i do hope you can help Thanks

8:58 am December 13th, 2015

Hi Mrs Pat , yes that is a really large amount , the only thing you can do is to taper really very slowly . just maybe by 2 mg at a time until you feel ready to cut again , carry this on until you feel thast you can stop the last altogether , nothing really act in the same way ,but there are lots of herbal and supplements that do help ,also some take seroquin ,this helps with sleep . i hope you manage to taper and be free of these ,good luck in this !

8:46 pm December 13th, 2015

@David-I would recommend that you google the Ashton Method and follow her slow taper. I believe you should cut no more than 10% every two weeks. The slower that you come off Valium the more likely you won’t have too many symptoms, Coming off Valium even at a low dose is no walk in the park. Some people can come off a Benzo without any problems while other suffer with a lot of w/d symptoms. Good luck.

8:19 pm December 14th, 2015

Ive been on a high dosebof valium/klonopin for three years (20mg/6mg). Apparently i have a high tolerance (never heard of that but thats my doctors answer). Anyways,I tried to wean off of it slowly but it never worked for me. I decided to quit cold turkey six weeks ago and after going thru hell, i am finally able to sleep a little every night. Propranolol helped a lot. However recently I started experiencing tremors and muscle weakness on my arms, legs and jaw. Is that normal? Ive been to three doctors and they all suggested i start the medication again but i honestly dont want to.

9:10 pm December 14th, 2015

Well, it’s been six weeks off the Valiums and I feel great! I have to be honest and say that a few days were pretty rough going and I almost gave in an took one to ease the withdrawals – but I was strong and just plowed through. It’s great to be free again !! Good luck to everyone else & be strong because the withdrawals do pass.

9:15 pm December 14th, 2015

Deborah-Unfortunately everything you are experiencing sounds like it’s all benzo w/d. Why don’t you google the Ashton Manual and you can review all of the weird s/x’s that come after stopping a benzo. I c/’d off of 5 mg and it was no walk in the park. Every day that you are not on a benzo your brain is healing and reverting back to homeostasis. Unfortunately it can take a very long time to heal. If you can exercise and eat healthy! Exercise helped expedite my healing.

10:36 pm December 14th, 2015

I would like to say I started taking diazapam in 1982 when I lost our baby, I ended up on 90mgs, we moved areas so of course changed GP.I had to have operations due to the difficult labour and damage I occurred. The medical profession treated me like rubbish because I was on diazapam. My new GP has always treated me well and with respect (we moved 1982) I had three young children when I lost our baby. I have worked when I was fit after the operations till 2010 when I retired. I am now on 11mgs please listen to me. I really don’t think your brain has to heal, everybody on here must have a reason for being on this drug. It’s like people who have two large glasses of wine every evening. People who are addicted to nicotine. I am not mentally ill like some poor soles I am a NHS brushed under carpet mistake. Please stop thinking thoughts like your brain got to heal etc…

12:56 am December 15th, 2015

For the past 1-2 months I’ve been having this feeling like the neck muscles/back of neck is really weak. It causes me to feel dizzy/fogged/disorientated, because it causes my head to feel heavy almost like it’s too heavy for my neck, and overall just feels heavy and dizzy. My legs feel like they moving & I feel like I’m tilting to a side. I need this to stop.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
10:39 am December 15th, 2015

Hi, Marcia. What have the doctors said about your condition? Do you take some medications about these withdrawal symptoms? In some cases home remedies (teas and massage oil) and hot baths are helpful. So, try them.

2:41 am December 15th, 2015

Am having withdrawal now of Camacho valiuum bromazepam most painful experience and brutal the fluid in head mucus unreal experience it hurts like crazy pls dont use the drug ur life be ruined takes years to heal been 6 now still suffering

1:01 am December 18th, 2015

Hi Veronica,just been reading through the blog, how people are suffering so much with little no help from the professionals. What a horrible day I have had signing for diazapam prescription, now a so called Controlled Drug.

5:25 am December 18th, 2015

I’ve been off Valium for a year and my biggest struggle now is falling to sleep naturally. Although I’m still sensitive to light, noise but I can deal with that. I take Benedril to help get some sleep. Otherwise, anxiety is improving and all the other horrible systoms have improve. I just want a restfull night sleep.

2:43 pm December 18th, 2015

-Deborah-Great to hear that you are improving, I’m almost 51 weeks off Valium. My PDOC suggested the BEST meditation which I use if I wake up during the night and I can not fall back to sleep. It’s by Meditation Oasis and it’s called “Relax into Sleep Guided Meditation”. You may download it for free if you have an iPhone under Podcast. It works for me better than taking a Valium. Good luck!!

8:27 am December 19th, 2015

Hi Sue, yes it’s terrible the w/d symptoms and how long they last for some , they really are suffering and there is nothing to help but time and willpower , i did say on here that there was word that Diazapam /Valium , was going to be withdrawn at some point and so it was best to do a slow taper of , maybe it’s not going to be now ,but it has gone to controlled, it’s heartbeaking to hear some suffer when they have only taken medication perscibed for them by their doctor .they are looked down on my a lot and it is never right , these doctors should be sorry and aplogise first ,then try to help their patients when weaning of ,,,instead they scorn them and have no time for them…hope you’re ok Sue , hope all is well with you , Thank You for posting Sue!x

9:35 am December 19th, 2015

Ihve stopped diazepam suddenly but the withdrawal symptoms r not going even one month is over I used to take morely of diazepam alprazolam.i think iam morely addicted Pl give any advice…..

8:30 pm December 19th, 2015

I have been taking 5mg a day for a year and half for a panic attack had. I have never had one before never been an issue really. I have stopped taking Valium 3 weeks ago and felt good the first week but the second week was hell. I couldn’t focus on anything I thought my heart was beating out of my chest. The third week seemed to be going better in tell I seemed to have a this urge for a deep breath that I cannot satisfy. This brings on my panic attack. I just want to see if anyone else has felt this breathing problem?

9:10 pm December 19th, 2015

The dizziness is horrible.

8:40 am December 21st, 2015

Hi Sriirangam, this is typical withdrawal and it’s only been a month since you stopped taking them ,sso you will have withdrawals for quite sometime yet , some heal faster and other are months , you really should have done a slow taper ,it is always better and less brutal, try seeing your doctor and ask him if he would help you to reinstate to taper ,lot’s of luck .

8:47 am December 21st, 2015

Hi Blake , Yes you have typical withdrawal symptoms with this one , there are many different heart issues with people here and this is one of them , you didn’t say if you had tapered ,so it looks like you stopped suddenly , you will feel them more intensly with stopping fast ,it’s alway’s advisable to taper , maybe if you did some yoga and deep breathing it would help you ,exercise is really helpful through this , do some deep breathing too , lot’s of luck to you .

2:54 am December 24th, 2015

I have suddenly stopped Diazepam after 2 1/2 years of 10mg nocte, after a back fusion of L5/S1 and S2, laminectomy, 6 screws and rods. I am having moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms, what natural remedies can I take to help ease with these symptoms?

6:53 am December 29th, 2015

Valium withdrawal is the worst I have ever encountered. Felt my heart pounding in my chest for weeks, and thought I might die. I have never experienced anything worse. The constant pounding of my heart nearly drove me insane. And the anxiety, inability to sleep were terrible. I don’t drink, but went out and got some rum and had a few shots each night, and I HATE the taste of it. Topped it off with 2 benadryl just to get a few hours of sleep. It stays in your system a very long time. Terrible drug to come off of.

7:17 pm December 30th, 2015

I have been on Diazapan since October 2015 taking 2.5 dosage once night just before bedtime for an anxiety disorder associated with vivid dreams. Brought on by Minex for arrhythmia. My Gp suggested I try to control my arrhythmia with breathing and counselling. I stopped Minex 2 weeks ago and am doing well with therapy. As my anxiety has subsided during the day and I’m able to live a relatively normal life I have started to reduce my Diazapan by shaving off a little of the 2.5 tablet over the past 4 nights and feel ok except for sleep disturbances and rapid dreams I hope to keep reducing the dosage over the next two weeks. Can this be achieved in this time frame or should I reduce slower over a longer period. My Gp is happy for me to reduce but suggested cutting 2.5 in half over 2 weeks to Nil I have anxiety over this and so am asking your advice please Kindest regards

10:16 pm December 30th, 2015

I withdraw of 9mg of diazepam over a year ago very slowly and althougth it was difficult at times I succeeded but I still have 1mg to withdraw and I am worried that when I stop completely I will have withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia. Is there a way to awoid this? Many thanks for your help.

2:21 pm December 31st, 2015

I’m on my 3rd week now since quitting this evil drug and I’m doing ok, there is hardly any withdrawal now. The 1st week after stopping was the worst with intense agitation and confusion. 2nd week was slightly less and as above 3rd week I feel I’m back to normal now. Won’t be going back to this evil drug ever, I was prescribed about 3 years ago and found I was purely addicted to it. I was originally on 5mg twice a day and tapered slowly. I got to 1mg once a day and was stuck there for almost 4 months, then finally I just stopped. If you are thinking of taking this drug I wouldn’t advise it as its more addictive than heroin/crack. Good luck to everyone who is trying to come off this and remember it can be done, and you will find you own self again.

5:21 am January 1st, 2016

Hi Luba , you say your doctor wants you to cut your tablet in half ,then stop over two weeks , i know you havn’t been on them long ,but even so you will get symptoms , if you’re feeling alright with how you are tapering now , then continue as you are , to go quicker would be to send you into symptoms , it takes time ,you are doing the correct thing , tell your doctor this and he will make sure all is alright , .Good Luck Luba!

5:27 am January 1st, 2016

Hi Paulette , if you have been a year tapering and you feel alright , just carry on with the 1 mg until you can have three quarters , then half until you are down to a quarter of 1 mg , carry on with this quarter until you can take it just every other night , then every two nights and so on , this will free you from symptoms hopefully , Good Luck with this small cut !

5:35 am January 1st, 2016

Hi Kate , you should never stop suddenly taking this ,but very slowly over some months , this is always the best way to have less withdrawal symptoms , nothing can substitute this , but you can try different herbal supplements , if you are having bad symptoms see your doctor , he may want you to reinstate ,so you can taper of slowly, try yoga and get some walking exercise as it helps with sleeping, and a good diet to ,if you feel no better ,then you really need to ask your doctor ,as you did come of them to quickly , Good Luck !

8:41 pm January 3rd, 2016

Down from 10 mg to 3 mg…severe headaches kicking in now..any painkillers you can recommend ..

2:17 am January 4th, 2016

i use it by one week but not all days…how much time of use the valium it can give withdrawal symptoms?

6:49 am January 4th, 2016

Hi Sue’s, most painkillers do the same , be careful with them as it’s just as easy to be addictive to these too,especially when if you need them every day,you could just try annadin ‘or paracetamol as Paracetamol acts as a muscle relaxer to and most of these ache’s are from withdrawal, good luck in the last 3 mg and happy for you !

7:02 am January 4th, 2016

Hi Maninkari , if you take them for over 4 weeks then you certainly would get some w/s..i suggest you still do a longer taper then it won’t be so hard to stop completely., a lot does depend on the how higher ,or lower dose you were perscribed, but any at all causes withdrawal. good luck .

3:20 pm January 4th, 2016

Sue-When I had a headache I only took tylenol extra strength or regular.

3:23 pm January 4th, 2016

Maninkari-If you only used Valium for one week you do not have to taper. Valium and all Benzo’s are only to be used for 2 to 4 weeks. I hope you never take another Benzo ever again, These drugs are poison and most doctors have no clue how to taper off of them properly and what using a benzo long term truly does. Good luck!

3:25 pm January 4th, 2016

Paulette-Great job on tapering off Valium. Everyone is different and hopefully you won’t have any insomnia since you are tapering. I listened to meditation oasis to help me sleep when I first c/t’d off Valium. I’m now sleeping a solid 9 hours a night and I am feeling great!

7:00 am January 9th, 2016

Well my comment is going to be shock. I am 62 yrs old. I was prescribed Valium after hysterectomy at 40yrs old. At this time addition was not considered as it was not used by
Addicts as that was not a problem considered. I take my meds as prescribed with altering. I took this daily with one doctor giving me 10mg 3x day with ultram (not considered a narcotic) for fibromyalgia. The relief of pain was wonderful. I unknowing this was considered bad for me. Since I have degenerative disc, scoliosis and fibromyalgia. . When you have such debilitating diseases you welcome the relief. If you are overwhelmed with these diseases and find these meds make you able to function somewhat, you have no intentions of stopping the meds and becoming a vegetable. I will take the meds to function through my life. It is difficult to watch people functioning as you are totally incapacitated by your body. I am going to doctor that will give the meds I need. I today take 5mg x3 day. As well as other meds that are frowned upon today. Well I am going to live out my days being mobile for as long as I can. I am hoping by spring I will be back riding my horse and grooming my horse, cleaning my own house and live. I did have to go on disability when I was without my meds due to the illegal use others d
Use. I am not giving up my meds for a recliner and tv

5:42 am January 10th, 2016

Geneva , Why have you looked and found this site if you are not concerned about your med’s , no one has asked you to give them up, many on here have completely given them up and are doing great living a whole new life ,better than ever , wish you well .

6:14 pm January 10th, 2016

I have been on Valium 100+Mg for about 3 years. Am desperate. what can I do ?

Mrs pat
8:25 pm January 10th, 2016

I am on 45mg diazepam 10mg is there anything i can take any none addictive to take the edge of i have been on this drug for 12years now

12:40 am January 11th, 2016

Veronica I messaged a couple of weeks ago regarding diazapam now being a controlled drug. I not sure I should be saying this. My husband of 47years is type2 diabetic, he does get black moods when his sugars are high or low. My husband has always been a good husband the thing is I am so concerned with this diazapam issue I can’t tolerate his mood swings, tonight we got abusive towards each other. I have health issues but my GP doesent take it serious like my husbands. At this time I want more support of my husband.

7:00 am January 13th, 2016

Hi Sue, yes i remember you saying about having to sign for it now as it is a controlled drug , i hope one day there will be a tablet to take as and when it’s needed without it being addictive , the problem lies right there…..after a couple of weeks they should be stopped ,but people are not told this and suffer terribly when they try themselfe’s to stop ,it’s so wrong….if you are having some troubling times with your husband , could it maybe be that he needs a different medication , i know when blood sugar is unbalanced it makes moods up and down , try having a word with his doctor to see if another med would help , how are you doing with your’s , it’s very hard when you’re trying to reduce yourself … to your husband , maybe both of you are tense with some anxiety , illness does this ….have a good long talk to see where the problem lies , i’m sure you will get back to been happy Sue!

7:11 am January 13th, 2016

Hi Richard, all you can really do to get of these is to taper of ,…you want to do a very slow longer taper….people vary some take longer than others a lot longer , try by cutter 1mg as and when you feel that you can , keep it up then hold the last amount you are on, until you feel you can stop this too …’s hard very hard ,but it’s the only way to be free from them and eventually ,you would be free…relaxation exercise diet and a hobby can help through the W/D eating good and clean helps it ……good luck Richard ..

7:25 am January 13th, 2016

Hi Mrs Pat , .it’s good that you want to be of these addictive pills ,i can only recommend that you take some herbal remedy’s and exercise , listening to soothing videos about sleep are very good too ,, and a good diet is always a help, try magnesium supplements to help with sleep , they have helped many just by helping with sleep alone , this can be very troubling w/s, have a good diet too …some supplements are good , and your doctor may suggest something , ask what he would suggest, good luck Mrs Pat.

9:00 pm January 13th, 2016

1 of the biggest tips that helped to stop using diazepam after 5.5 years of use, WAS TO QUIT ALCOHOL USE FIRST! After i stabilised from that i started to taper my valium and it went alot better then tapering while drinking. Good luck! It’s doable but you really need to cut alot of corners. Avoid coffee, go to bed every day the same time, make sure your room is dark etc. Good luck!!

10:51 am January 14th, 2016

I have been taking 5mg Diazepan twice daily for 12 months. Under my Doctor’s supervision I am reducing by 1/2mg per day possibly over 1 month at a time. Should I experience any withdrawal symptoms during this time.

Awaiting your reply and thank you


5:26 am January 15th, 2016

Hi Jan , this is good that you are reducing your dose ready to stop ,however it’s hard to say if you will have any symptoms , though i would say you will , maybe i am wrong as every one is different and all take differing times to heal, see how you feel when you are down to the last half and hold until you think you can stop .maybe cutting it to a quarter .good luck with this and hope you will be symptom free .

10:40 pm January 15th, 2016

I can’t submit a comment, I get notified that my post looks like a spam 🙁

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
8:26 pm January 18th, 2016

Hi, Hellen. We had some technical problems connected with our comment section, now it’s okay, and you may submit your comment. Also, have in mind that first we moderate the comments (because of discrimination, and false facts), then we publish them. So, please be patient. Thanks for your consideration!

11:41 pm January 15th, 2016

How to taper down from 3mg Valium that my sister has been taking it since April. She was on Xanax 0.5mg for 3 years, then went off Cold Turkey with no withdrawal symptoms and after 4 months off it she started taking 0.5 Xanax again. She switched to 2mg Valium in April and cant get off of it. She reduced it to 1.5 and had a major crisis. Now she is on 3mg per day but wants to get oof sowly. The doctor adviced her to go cold turkey but she is scared. Any advice most apretiated

2:06 am January 17th, 2016

Will halogen help with withdrawal symptoms?

4:54 pm January 17th, 2016

Thank you Veronica for your reply..depression low last couple weeks as withdrawl symtom..I know will pass hopefully…stayed put on 3 mg for last month until depression lifts a bit.xx

12:07 am January 18th, 2016

Hi Hellen, your sister really does need to taper slowly of the diazapam as it has shown that stopping cold has showed unpleasant symptoms and they are usually more severe the second time it seems , tell her to ask the doctor to help her through this taper to tell him , she wants to taper .not stop cold ,i wish her good luck and congratulations in wanting of these ..

12:09 am January 18th, 2016

Hi Christina , i really have no idea about this ,never heard it before .

7:56 am January 18th, 2016

Hi Sue’s ,Sorry about this depression and hope you soon feel better , the withdrawal symptoms are horrible and there are so many different ones ,each equally as bad when they happen…i am pleased you stayed on this very slow taper ,it will help and you will be much better for doing so …good luck Sues and hope you are soon well !

7:32 pm January 18th, 2016

Veronoica Hi, Thank you for your answer. Her doctor is convinced that she will have no troubles at all so she decided not to listen and tapper down, but I was wondering if anyone can suggest a tappering schedule. She went from 3mg to 2mg 3 days ago and she is determined to go with 2mg for 2 weeks. Is that too fast? Should have she gone from 3mg to 2,5? or shall she stick to 2mg and see how it goes? And what if she has some withdrawal symptoms? Shall she go back to 3 or? The doctor was no help, and she got a second oppinion, still got the same answer

12:46 am January 19th, 2016

Hellen-The slower you taper off Valium the better. There is no rush when coming off a benzo. I would recommend tapering 5-10% reductions every two weeks. Most people complain it can get tricky when you hit 1 mg and smaller. Some people can come off a benzo without any problems and other people are very sensitive. Best to slow taper and listen to your body. You can always hold if you have bad symptoms and wait until your baseline is better.

7:42 am January 19th, 2016

Hi Hellen, Yes tell her to stay with the 2 mg taper for as long as feels she needs to ,then to cut it to 1 MG .stay with this until again she feels ready to reduce further then taper to half of 1 MG…Continue with this amount until again she feels she is ready to stop this …’s no point trying to do it quicker as she will have bad withdrawal ,Slower and longer are always much better ! i’m afraid Doctors know nothing about this ,only writing and handing out pescriptions , hope all goes well for her Hellen , good luck in the taper!

7:43 pm January 19th, 2016

my dog was on valium for seizures for two days , a total 10 pills where used. They didn’t work so we took him off ot them Will he have withdrawal symptoms and if so what kind

8:32 pm January 19th, 2016

Hi Veronica well thought I would just give you a quick update my husband has started going to the hymn and a meeting to try and control his sugar reading. I think I feel a little more positive. I googled NHS controlled drugs, diazapam comes under Class 4 instructions are in black and white. The patient needs to sign for drug at pharmacist, if a representative is collecting meds they should sign. It no way states that patient or representative needs to sign at GP surgery. I have stopped reducing due to all this fortunately only on 10 mgs. I see my GP on Monday and at this moment feel very annoyed. 36 years on this drug and never abused it and being treated like a drug addict. I will let you know if I get struck off from that practice xx

10:00 pm January 19th, 2016

Hi Veronica I spelt gymn and it printed hymn, will keep you informed a x

12:07 pm January 20th, 2016

Benzodiazepines are the worst drug in the world. Imo they are worse to come off than Herion, Alcohol and even Cocain. Very very bad drug! It should be banned. I’m speaking from personal experience!! Stay away from this type off drug you will regret it.

11:35 pm January 20th, 2016

She cut it down from 3mg on January 15th and it has been 5 day already, she fells asleep forgeting to take it (she only takes it at night) and she wokes up around 3-4am and then she takes it, the thing is that she started taking it to help her sleep after the anxieties but as even if she takes it at midnight she still wakes up around 3am. Today she told me she felt dizzy and like someone is pushing her so I guess it is part of the withdrawl even though the doctor told her that it’s not from that and that she should go and ee an ear doctor (she also had some tinitus in one of her ears) . Fran you suggested 5-10% reduction but how is that possible when cutting the 2mg pill is barely possible,. I think she should try and hold on to 2mg for as long as she can untill she doesn’t feel anything( even though cutting down from 3mg to 2 is almost 33%) What if it gets worst? Shall she go up to 2.5mg and then go down from there or is it not a good idea? Should she try to endure and cope with any other symptoms she might face? After 2mg she will get 5mg and cut them to 4 so she will combine i/4 of 2mg with 1/4 of 5mg which will make total of 1.75mg and then go down to 1.5 mg till she reaches 1mg. Hope it will only be like today, dizzy a bit and thats it 🙂 Thank you ll for the support and the help. we really apretiate it a lot!

11:48 pm January 20th, 2016

Are these common symptoms of weaning off Valium after I used to be on 3 pills 5mg every 8 hours now I’m down to 1 every 24 hours can anyone tell me if these symptoms I have are from weaning off I feel like I’m dieing

Bad heart palpitations that last 5 mind or ten even less and very fast heart rate everyday

Blur vision seeing things that ain’t there and seeing stars or flashing lights or spots

Headache brain zaps and tingles face feels cold and numb

Ears ringing and I feel deaf

I get mad easy and I have bad memory I say things to my love ones that I don’t remember and it hurts there feelings and I can’t even remember last night or most things

Extremely weak even when I sleep a lot and muscle pains chest pains knee pains

Cold hands and feet while my body is hot!

Cant sleep

Loss of feeling to touch

Feeling as if I’m in a dream constantly

Seeing things spin

Neck pain

Feeling sick a lot

Anyone please tell me if this is normal of weaning off and if I’ll be OK???????? Or should I go to the er and be seen

7:24 am January 21st, 2016

Hi Devon, yes all the symptoms you mention are indeed part of withdrawal , however you can see a doctor to get a check over ,the trouble is that doctors just do not know these withdrawal symptoms , my asdvice to help you further to share all this with others going through this and with the very same symptoms is …type in Benzo Buddies forum on goole and ask to join.these are people who have gone through it and set up the site for others to help them , you will get all the support and help from experienced people there .but yes these symptoms are all part of withdrawal , good luck Devon!

7:28 am January 21st, 2016

Hi Hellen , all i can suggest to you is that she hold with the amount she is taking and feels comfortable with ,until she can cut some more , the way to get of these is a long and slow taper , only cut when she is ready , good luck with the taper !

7:37 am January 21st, 2016

Hi Sue , great news that he is going to the gymn and meetings , i hope it goes well for him you must feel a lot happier with this …I’t’s ridiculous to hear that you have to sign at a doctors surgery for your medication, i can imagine how horrible you must feel , you arn’t a drug addict and don’t abuse them so forget feeling like you do , if they are treating you this way .i suggest you write to the medical ombudsman and put exactely how they treat you …’s the doctors that give these so easily , but then try turning on the patients they have made dependent on them …wish you well Sue and your husband ..thank you for updating and good luck with your taper ….don’t forget to get a letter of and you’ll feel better !

7:40 am January 21st, 2016

Hi Julie , i have never heard of a dog or animal put on these so i don’t know if She /He will have W/S .you could try asking your Vet …

7:42 am January 21st, 2016

Hi Grant , Yes Indeed ..they are terrible , unfortunately many more will be put on them for trivial as well as more severe problems , very sad and needs attention to the pescribing of them so readily.

3:24 pm January 21st, 2016

@Hellen-What your sister should do is she should get liquid Valium which is SO much easier to taper off from than a pill. A lot of people end up doing a daily liquid taper and they cut a tiny tiny tiny amount every day. It normally takes about 10 days for symptoms to show up. I suggest your sister hold for a couple of days if she encounters a lot of symptoms, wait until her baseline improves and then continue daily tapering off liquid Valium. The worse mistake would be to increase your dose tapering. The idea is to get off a benzo VERY SLOWLY so your body and brain can adjust to all of the changes.

3:29 pm January 21st, 2016

Grant-YES Benzo’s are terrible and very addicting. They should only be used for two weeks however doctors have no clue about this and how difficult it is for some people to come off of them. We are all different genetically and that is why some people have no problem coming off of them. I c/’t’d off 5 mg of Valium and I did heal. It can take about 6-12 months to feel better and some people say it can take up to two years. The only way to heal from taking a benzo is to get off of it very slowly and continue to stay off of it. Every day that you are NOT taking a benzo your brain is healing. It’s very important to exercise and eat very healthy (lots of brain food and vegetables) Exercise is GREAT for the brain and I worked out two hours a day 7 days a week. I know this expedited my healing.

10:23 pm January 21st, 2016

So if I was precribed half of lorazepam, to tapper off it I must take a quarter until it’s done?

2:20 am January 22nd, 2016

how can i tapper off lorazepam?

10:38 pm January 22nd, 2016

Hi Fran I have just read your experience, and I think what you say is brilliant I think what people are thinking ‘Oh I don’t feel good today, I can’t do anything must be diazapam withdrawal will it every go away!’ Everybody has bad days diazapam users or not. I totally agree keep active, my experience is two days after reduction begin to feel symptoms of withdrawal, then in about three weeks I even out, then of course I think I don’t want to reduce but I do and I try and think positive and I do. I am so please that Fran has added a positive to this blog. Please think of cancer suffers they cope, so I am sure this blog needs a approach like Frans

12:22 am January 23rd, 2016

Thanks Fran, will tell her to get the liquid Valium. She is 100% determined and she will tapper as long as it takes, she is not worried how long it’ll take as long as she is off. The vertigo was for 1 and a half day, she told me she has constant stiffness in her neck and tinitus (buzzing in one of her ears) oh and also a back pain but that is expected. It is day 7 now with the cut from 3 to 2mg and I am praying for her every day. Thank you all for the support. Doctors deffinitely have no idea how hard and difficult it is, and she also started doing some exercises like squads, launges, plamks every day 10-15 min per day.

9:30 pm January 28th, 2016

I need help i have been on these for 15 years and i am so poorley i am ging through hell

6:20 am January 29th, 2016

0I want to go from p m 10 mg valium twice a day got 10mg at night

8:02 am January 29th, 2016

Hi Beverley, you didn’t say if or not you were still on them ,or if you were tapering and i can’t really answer you as i don’t know your situation ,if you are tapering and was 15 years taking them ,then it will be tough for you , patience and a determination to stop by way of a very long slow taper is what is needed if you want to get of these , Taper very slowly and only cut when you feel comfortable in doing so,until you stop ..good luck Beverley!

Mr William
4:36 pm January 29th, 2016

I did not want to detox from diazepam after 23yrs but my local drug tea told me I had no option everyone was was to detox at one recover, bury, cdt , lancs, bl9 7qj I feel as if I just want my life to end

2:02 pm January 31st, 2016

My mum was on Valium for 50 years. The doctor just stopped them because they said she didn’t have a mind for them anymore(waiting on a diagnosis for the start of dementia) that was six months ago. She is now in a mental health unit (had to be sectioned) through mental health issues. Could it be due to not having Valium anymore

3:44 pm January 31st, 2016

Mr Williams I was prescribed diazapam 34years ago. I lived in Bury and the local hospital gave them to me after a medical mistake. I had been left on my own when I was giving birth to my daughter. I had complications and the staff were changing shifts. My daughter died after 20mins when she was eventually born. I now live in Stockport, I have reduced right down to 11mgs. My GP retires in June but have been guaranteed that I will still be prescribed them. I saw the Practice Nurse last Friday as I suffer from asthma. They are a stage 4 controlled drug she said. Mr Williams I reduced from 90mgs I worked full time and helped look after my young grandson. What on earth is going on, if after my GP retires I have problems getting my diazepam prescription i have made my mind I will sue the NHS

8:05 am February 1st, 2016

Mr Williams , you should never have just been stopped after so long and your doctor is not acting his position by doing this ,it is a very neglectful act on his part , i suggest you go and seek another doctor and sign with them as he obviously doesn’t know very much ….see another doctor and ask him to go back on these ,tell him what happened and you could then do a slow , very slow taper of with help from him/her …sorry this has happened and hope you can get some help from another ,or see the doctor you are with now and tell him this is very wrong , he cannot treat you like this .you must to get help of some kind with this , Good Luck and i hope he works something out for you .

8:09 am February 1st, 2016

Hi Pop , if you want to reduce from 10 mg twice a day , then start by very slowly , take the time that suits you best ,you will know how you feel..cut only a fraction each month or when you think it’s alright to ..if you are continuing with 10 mg after this it should not take so long , Good Luck with this .

7:19 pm February 2nd, 2016

Still struggling with headaches and depression..dr just reduced my Valium from 3mg to 2 mg (from 10mg)..think it was too reduction I’m only gonna go sure I had small convulsion ..quite scary!..slow slow guys.x

8:30 am February 4th, 2016

Hi Sues , try and see your doctor and tell him that your reduction is a lot more than others on the forum , you should just cut by a fraction you need to take about two and a half mg to have less withdrawal symptom’s , clearly another doctor who doesn’t have a clue , go and have a word and print him a copy of the ashton manuel .a few have done this, hope your headache’s soon ease and depression .good luck .

8:41 pm February 9th, 2016

can i get kindled if i take one small dose after 4 month soff? or is this unlikely

9:26 am February 11th, 2016

I have stoped taking valium 10mg after 30 years
Now i feel restless,anxiety,nasal block,congested lungs.
Tell me what to do. I don’t want to take it again.

Veronica .
6:44 am February 12th, 2016

Hi Jon, if you want to get of these then you can’t start taking them when you feel you want to ,not if you really want to be of these , after four months of it’s a shame that you are thinking this way ,it is alway’s up to you but no one would say yes to this , good luck in your taper !

3:10 pm February 12th, 2016

Sue-Thank you for the nice message. I am a cancer survivor and if I could survive cancer I could survive c/t of 5 mg of Valium. I have always been a VERY positive person and this only helped my recovery. If I had a wave I accepted it and said it was all part of healing and this too shall pass. Sorry to hear you are suffering from depression and headaches. Did you ever think to try to do daily small baby cuts? I used to belong to a benzo web site based in the UK and so many people tapering off Valium did tiny daily cuts with little side effects. The good thing about this is you listen to your body and if the s/x’s are bad then you hold until your baseline improves.

10:03 pm February 12th, 2016

iam 11 months off of Valium and i have Dystonia, will it go away after 1 or 2 years since mine was bought on from a medication . after using it for 15 plus years. any response will be appreciated. Thank You Helen

Veronica .
6:53 am February 16th, 2016

Hi Helene , i don’t know the answer truthfully to be able to say either way , but if it was caused by taking a medication , then it could quickly go away after stopping , everything takes time and it may be a couple of years , or a year but judging that medication was the cause , then halting from it should cure it ,..

1:44 am February 18th, 2016

Hi can i post my withdrawal

Veronica .
8:42 am February 19th, 2016

Hi Davu , Yes you can post it .

6:28 pm February 19th, 2016

hi i have been on treatrmnet for over 20 years of diazepam and temazepame and am wanting to know what the withdrawl symptoms would be when coming off them i take them to feel normal this is hard. Will this cause memory loss and confusion.

10:36 pm February 19th, 2016

I’ve been off valium for 60 days still feel like shit whats up with that .. Headache sweaty palms and weak..please do you have any answers??

9:48 pm February 21st, 2016

I did started to whidroal disepam( I used 2/meg Nithly after few month whidroal symptom made me very bad .for this reason I stated I a happy and very things go well .iwooud like replace other drug to get reed ofit

Veronica .
8:04 am February 24th, 2016

Hi Brian , you have been a longer time user than some and so you will have w/d symptoms yes , i cannot say which or what because every individual is different and can have the same ‘or different w/d symptoms , confusion and memory loss is not one that is common , maybe a little short memory but not memory loss , it’s a long slow taper that’s needed here and the longer and slower will be much better , you will get through it , there is a site called Benzo Buddies , google it because may people are there and can help you through it all,they are great people who have been through it , ask to join and you will see the different times people are at , good luck with your taper ,it’s the right way .

Veronica .
8:12 am February 24th, 2016

Hi John, you didn’t say how long or how much your medication was . yes you will feel bad ,did you taper or stop c/t .if you stopped c/t it will be much worse, try and exercise and have a good diet as this helps, it may last a few more months or maybe it wont but stay with it and know these w.d symptoms are intense there are many different ones so dont panic with not knowing what is wrong , you may want to ask your doctor for help going through this .good luck with this .

5:51 pm February 27th, 2016

My memory is impaired. I have been weening myself off now my memory seems worse and I am dizzy. This comes and goes. Along with the other’s symptoms. Will my memory come back. It’s seems to come and go. And my heart races if I don’t take the meds. Currently at .5 a day. Was on 30 mg to 20 mg 15 mg 1 mg. 5 mg. coming off in the last week fast. 15 mg to 5 mg.


10:50 pm February 28th, 2016

I am slowly reducing diazepam. Used to take 1 3 times a day now take a quarter in the morning cut out the middle and a quarter at night. I have started bitting the inside of my mouth all the time. I really won’t to get off them. When I get up my head feels heavy. My hearing keeps acting like going into a tunnel. My neck hurts at the end of the day. Only a little bit to before I am off them then what happens

Veronica .
5:41 am March 1st, 2016

Hi Danny , sorry you’re having this memory symptom ,yes it will come back in time ,everything in w/d is horrible and there are so many symptoms that ,you just have to remind yourself when a new one hits , it is withdrawal as it usually is and others are going through the same , try not to cut it so fast as you will have a much harder time later in w/d ..try holding now until you’re feeling less anxious then cut but only a very little bit . a long slow taper is the way .good luck with the taper it’s good to know you want to stop these Danny !

Veronica .
5:52 am March 1st, 2016

Hi Diane ! it’s good that you want to be of these and a long slow taper is the key to not having such a bad withdrawal , biting the inside of your mouth is a symptom as is the blurry sounding ears sometimes the ears feel like there is presssure in them or a booming sound like the beat of your heart but magnified ..head pressure is common it’s likened to a tight band around it sometimes . there are so many different ones that people just don’t think they can be withdrawal ,but they are , keep cutting only very slowly ,don’t rush it or it will take longer to heal from them ….you will eventually feel like you’re healing but it takes some time , longer for some than others, the neck can become like you have a squeezing sometimes , it is horrible but know it is withdrawal …it is easier knowing everyone else on these have gone ,or are going through the same ,Good Luck Diane and remember don’t rush this taper take the time that is needed for you !

Mary poppins
9:42 am March 2nd, 2016

I’ve been taking 100 mgs of valium once a week for a year. Can this punt cause withdrawl if discontinued?

Veronica .
7:27 am March 3rd, 2016

Hi Mary,yes you will get w/s if you stop suddenly and even after you taper you will get them unless you’re very lucky , you must taper off .start with just 10 mg now then taper as you feel .the long slow taper will benefit you . good luck .

12:04 pm March 3rd, 2016

Hi all…down from 10mgs to 11/2mg now..taken about 8 months slow taper..been hard at times..depression,headaches..etc..but easing now ..slow slow at pace your comfortable with!..dr told me I can jump off at 11/2mg but I’m not going to..will continue .5mg reductions..good luck to you all.x

3:57 am March 4th, 2016

The side effects & withdrawals are worse that the original issue – what is up with that ?

J Diani
4:41 am March 5th, 2016

Can withdrawal also cause irregular heartbeat? I was on 5mg per day at night to help relax and then sleep…since I stopped about a week ago, yesterday and today I have had flutters and irregular heartbeat…on and off…that’s why I am asking …I am also sick with a nasty virus…which is why I didn’t need anything to sleep ..I simply passed out!

Veronica .
8:17 am March 8th, 2016

Hi JDiani, yes this is a withdrawal symptom for many and they have had ecg’s ect all were good, it’s early yet so you will probably have more different things to come, you didn’t say if you taperd of or not but you should always do a long slow taper as this will lessen symptoms and be easier ..great that you are of them good luck.

Veronica .
8:19 am March 8th, 2016

Hi Joe , yes sadly enough the withdrawal is worse very often, hope you do a long slow taper first …good luck with stopping .

1:54 am March 9th, 2016

I have been on Valium and other benzo for years now I have to stop as I tapered my head feels awful and other senses are horrible cold feet tingling sensation tight chest pain and I’ll feeling does elavil help

Veronica .
7:17 am March 10th, 2016

Hi Sylvia , yes you have w/s you didn’t say how long you tapered for, it’s a lot better to do a long and slow taper,it helps as it easier on the w/s .i don’t know what really helps with it but peopler have tried many different things , exercise and diet are helpful even if you don’t feel like give it a go and see how you feel, also maybe a beta blocker would help with chest issues, you can try herbal remedies too , many try these .hope these ease for you and good luck.

5:37 pm March 13th, 2016

Hi. I have been taking Valium for atleast 3-4 months now and I have tried to go a day without it and I can’t it makes me feel all weird and I hear noises and get all paranoid and have palpitations what can I do to prevent this??

9:18 pm March 13th, 2016

Is it just as hard and take just as long if I was only on 2mg twice a day. In fact I took 4 half’s four times a day. Been on it for about 3 years. I have cut down to two half’s a day.

Veronica .
8:20 am March 15th, 2016

Hi Myhairi, yes that is because you are withdrawing when you stop,if you want to get of these drugs you must start to taper , the taper should br long and slow and you decide how and when to cut …only cut a fraction at a time from this dose ,it will be a lot better with less symptoms ………you have taken them for a few weeks now so you will get withdrawal symptoms …just cut very slowly at only a fraction. good luck with your taper .

Veronica .
11:22 pm March 15th, 2016

Hi Irene, yes it will be about the same as three years is a long time with these ,sometimes the w/s are a bit easier but not always and if you do want to get of them with less intense symptoms ,you must do a long and slow taper , take as long as you wish only you know when you can cut each time .cut a fraction only, it will be a lot easier …good luck Irene !

9:55 am March 16th, 2016

i have been taking valium for acute anxiety for 6 years i have been on a dose of 10mg a day split morning and night i am trying to cut down started at reducing morning dose to half tab 2.5mg after a month i am experiencing tremors anxiety sweats i also suffer from major depression and am on imipramine 120mg split morning and night and quetiapine for anxiety also are the symptoms i am experiencing common i dont want to increase dose again so will try and battle on how long will these feelings last look forward to your reply many thanks

Veronica .
5:00 am March 17th, 2016

Hi Linda, these symptoms are the most common one that nearly all suffer yes,It’s hard to say how long these symptom’s will last because everyone is different ,some are alright after a couple of months and others are longer especially if they still are taking medication…only do a slow taper and do it long with just a fraction of a cut ,as this is the best way , it’s good that you are trying to get of them, you may get other symptom’s too like Insomnia and vibrations in your legs arms ect ,some fullness and buzzing in the ear and even what is termed benzo belly so try not to worry ,they are withdrawal symptom’s which if you are concerned then check with your doctor to be sure .good luck Lynda.

8:29 pm March 23rd, 2016

Does withdrawl seem to have causation of mild manic symptoms?
are there reports of mild, manic symptoms due to the increase in sesation, or rebound?

9:17 pm March 23rd, 2016

I have taken 4mg a day for 3 months for anxiety,apart from its benefits the withdrawal side effects are unbearable. I have tried a planned reduction but have failed and crave for the next dose. It has made me depressed and withdrawn

Veronica .
7:36 am March 25th, 2016

Hi Does, yes the symptom’s you describe are typical of withdrawal ,many say that they think they are losing their minds ,not thinking clear unable to make sense of things and confusion are all part of this ….try and do a very slow and long taper so you feel the symptoms less and they are less intense ……it’s good you are trying now as it isn’t to long on them ….good luck.

Veronica .
7:38 am March 25th, 2016

Hi Chris , what you’re feeling is withdrawal, this is another typical symptom….make sure you do a long taper and a slow one .you will feel less intense symptom’s ….Good Luck with your taper.

9:55 pm March 26th, 2016

Hello everyone,
I am new to posting anything on a message board but I am hoping my experience can help other people. I have been on diazepam for 15+ years. 20mgs once a day at bedtime for RLS and basic insomnia. A year ago my doctor called and said I needed to start tapering off a mg at a time. This is very difficult in my busy life, plus we also tried supplementing with Gabapentin, but that made me too groggy. I was also being over-prescribed Vicodin. I was taking 8 10/325 a day too for a few years! I was able to kick the opiates pretty fast. Took about 2 weeks. When I finally decided to say “I am not messing around anymore, I want to know what this long term use (I never abused the diazepam) but did abuse opiates, I believe…to have that “up” feeling that diazepam had depleted from my brain….I decided to go to psychiatrist who could help me come off the diazepam more quickly. It’s been AMAZING and at times very hard. Diazepam depletes your Serotonin and dopamine levels (among a lot of things) which can cause so many negative issues such as depression and lack of motivation along with so much more! I have gone from my normal 20mgs at night down to 5mgs a night in two months, under my psychiatrists care. I will tell you my saving grace, is this Dr who (like myself) did not want to be put on other habit forming drugs. He also diagnosed me with Executive Disorder (aka: ADHD) although I don’t exude the symptoms you would think and he highly dislikes the term ADHD as it can mean so many different things. He put me on two “old-school” meds (he also dislikes all these new drugs that cause more harm with their side effects than the original issue) Guanfacine to help with my serotonin and dopamine levels 1mg/3 times a day and 1 30mg tab at night of Remeron (both used to be used for high blood pressure) but studies show these help with depression, anxiety and sleeplessness. I am not saying it’s easy. Now that I am down to 5mgs notice I feel very angry inside and irritable. I know it’s to be expected but it still doesn’t help the home life and marriage. When I am done with the last 5mgs I will also stop the Remeron shortly after. I hope when this ends that my brain will start to secrete my “happy” hormones again and will start to feel “alive” again. I did not want an anti-depressant yet as I wanted my brain free of the diazepam and then see how I feel. Even my original Dr that prescribed this to me many moons ago said how sorry she was she ever put me on it. Who could have known new studies show long term use of diazepam can cause early Alzheimers and dementia, and trust me I needed no help forgetting things already. So it can be done, even while maintaining a full-time job and thank god I have an amazingly supportive husband who’s patience is to be applauded with a moody, angry, sad and sometimes lazy wife due to this BS. But you know what? I get up every day, try to get to a Zumba class when I PUSH MYSELF VERY HARD (lots of taking in my head to get there and sometimes I make it and sometimes I don’t.) I hope to increase this when I start to feel a little more “up”. If someone who has taken it for over 15 years EVERY NIGHT, and kicked opiates anyone can! I am grateful I never abused it, I never felt a high like I did with opiates, and anyone talking about headaches or pain…my back pain, shoulder pain and headaches all went away after stopping opiates..,DO NOT replace one with the other. It would be easy for me to say “God just a couple of Vicodin so I can feel good and productive today” but i know it won’t last and you can not imagine after starting the guanfacine how much more clear headed I am. I know I still have a long road as I have all of these negative emotions but under the care of someone who actually knows the brain I feel confident my husband will have the “happy me” back soon! Hope this helps and happy to “listen” to anyone here who needs to vent because I wish I had had someone to talk to who understood everything I had been going through as no one else gets it.
Onthemend and hope the anger ends soon..I don’t like feeling angry ☹️

10:03 pm March 26th, 2016

Hey folks,
I have been coming off of 15+ years of diazepam use, 20mgs a night, under a psychiatrists care. All while maintaining a full job. I Would love to share experiences with others, as he is working miracles in the 3 months I have been tapering. I am now down to 5mgs a night. Yes, with help of other meds that ARE NOT addictive and have no habit forming components. I won’t say it’s easy. The irritability and anger that it has brought out is hard to deal with at times but thank goodness I have a very understanding husband. He just wants his wife back to her happy self and I am getting there. Just taking the emotions, which are soooo up and down right now, one day at a time!
Thanks in advance,
Almost there

3:29 pm April 5th, 2016

Please help, I have been addicted to valium. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow but am so scared of the withdrawals. Any advice please?

8:37 pm April 5th, 2016

I am coming off valium cold turkey and it sucks I missed my counseling appointment so my pysch won’t prescribe me any valium till I get in and see my counselor twice so by the time I see him it will be 2 weeks I can’t take this. The withdrawal symptoms are so bad. Any suggestions?

Veronica .
9:54 pm April 6th, 2016

Hi Kelly , your post just came through Today 6th April pm… will have seen your doctor by now so i don’t know what he said ,but it’s a fact of all the thousand of sufferer’s that doctors will never agree that withdrawal is bad and lasts for a lot of weeks , they think it’s just a few day’s and the symptom’s are not like they’re told , because they actually don’t know ,they only know what they are told from the big pharma company’s or the Chairmain for them….all i can tell you is …Do Not withdraw cold .take a long slow taper and cut only a fraction in the time you think you can .say a quarter of one of your tablets ,then an eight and hold until you feel copmfortable in that .do this only in small cuts and good luck in your taper.don’t be frightened of the symptom’s they’re withdrawal ….lot’s of different ones ..

Veronica .
10:00 pm April 6th, 2016

Hi Rhonda, you shouldn’t come of them c/t.can you ring your doctor and ask him to leave you a perscription until you can see him., tell him you can’t just stop ,that everyone is supposed to do a long slow taper with the doctors help … will have withdrawals symptoms yes ,and they get intense .you need to taper a fraction at a time as the symptoms last for some time too ,lots of different ones and can become very frightening ..hope you are able to do this ,please let your doctor know you need them to taper …good luck ….

1:33 pm April 8th, 2016

So i am on day 7 of going cold turkey and have not experienced any major symptoms apart from itchting and slight visual disturbances . This is my 2nd time going cold turkey from a substance the last was morphine sulphate of which i didn’t experience any major withdrawal symtpoms. I’m just wondering do some peoples bodies react better when withdrawing from a substance because i seem to manage going cold turkey from substances quite well once i realise i am addicted?

2:31 pm April 9th, 2016

Liam Everyone reacts differently when coming off Valium (a Benzo) and this is due to the fact that we are all genetically different. Valium has a very long half life almost 200 hours. I didn’t experience any withdrawal symptoms for 19 days after I c/t’d off.

8:48 pm April 9th, 2016

I’ve been taking Valium for a little over 3 years for anxiety and depression after my Dad died. I take 2.5mg in the morning and 5mg at night. I desperately want to stop this medication and/or use only prn. My doctor and pharmacist both say I should have no problem just stopping the medication but I don’t want to take that chance as I live alone and don’t want to risk any severe side effects. Is there a safe taper?

Veronica .
5:48 am April 11th, 2016

Hi Liam , many do not experience symptoms at first,it is much later .

Veronica .
6:10 am April 12th, 2016

Hi Marilyn, that is nonsense , if you are really very lucky then you wont suffer withdrawal but this is more an exeption, the fact that it’s over three years and seven and a half mils is enough to give you the same withdrawal as others, please don’t leave yourself with none after you decide to stop ….you must do a long slow taper to reduce the symptoms …it does usually take around 6/10 months but everyone is different , some bonly need a couple of months others longer .you will know when you feel ready to cut each time ,,,keep it minimum ,dont make large cuts .ask your doctor for help in a taper then you can speak with him about it as you would wish’s really good that you are wanting of them now …hope it goes well for you ,feel free to post anytime for support ..lot’s of luck ..

1:49 am April 13th, 2016

I have been having Terrible shaking and weakness for a few weeks (worse than usual). I have Fibromyalgia and have been taking 5mgms of Valium at night for many years, but have decreased the amount and how often; would this be causing my increased weakness and shaking? Thankyou

Veronica .
7:04 am April 14th, 2016

Hi Bronwyn, yes it is withdraw and maybe you shouldn’t miss taking any at all but just reduce it very slowly each night, maybe a small fraction of the 5 mgs to with before you start to miss nights wthout any will be better ….this is a typical withdrawal symptom , wait until you feel ready to make a cut in it , this is the best way or symptoms will be worse and longer …good luck in your taper .

1:06 pm April 14th, 2016

My psychiatrist just abruptly stopped my valium after 8 years because I missed 2 appointments. Can he just do that without tapering me?

8:52 pm April 14th, 2016


I have been using/dependent on benzos for about 15 years. Through out this period I was in denial of my increased addiction. I “cold turkeyed” off of Ativan twice, once while starting a new teaching job. Yes, now I see that I was not doing anything positive for myself. Next I was prescribed Clonazapam – up to 80mg. per day. I told my doctor that I wanted to taper off this benzo. He immediately replaced Clonazapam with Valium sans cross over.

I had to educate myself and become my own best advocate. After spending time in a detox center at an overdose of 120 mg. for about a week, I began this process.

It has been nine months, and I am now taking 42.5 mg. per day. The withdrawal
symptoms related to tapering cuts had been manageable up until 3.5 months ago. I wake up
each day with your above listed symptoms; the worst being severe depression combined with nausea. Occasionally I’ll hit a window of well being, but the rest of the time I feel that I am merely
Is this normal?

Thanks for your response.

Veronica .
8:59 pm April 15th, 2016

Hi Frances, yes this is normal as you were on such a high dose , it is going to be a long time before you are fully healed ,everyone is different but usually the longer you have been on them and given the dose you were on you could be in the protracted group of withdrawing symptoms …..i suggest you take a look at the Professor Heather Ashton Manuel online, it is a marvelous write of simply everything about these tablets , the harrowing withdrawal and the time it takes too … will at least see just what they do and what they affect in the body ……She took many many years of studying these drugs and of those suffering ..congratulations on getting of these and good luck with your taper Frances!

3:55 pm April 20th, 2016

Valium reduction I’d been on 10 mg for a number of years then 9, for 6 months now. At 8. What is the best incrimental reduction to avoid side effects. Also on Remeron for sleep. Have chronic pain syndrome.
Irritable bowel , thyroiditus, severe osteoporosis Thanks.

Veronica .
9:50 pm April 20th, 2016

Hi Greg, there isn’t really one that’s worse than any other reduction , not when reducing as each reduction brings about the same , the best way for you is to test the water with each cut , seehow you feel and if you are feeling worse than the previous cut ,then don’t cut ,just carry on like this until you feel that you can and don’t notice the cut … is the best way to have less severe withdrawal’s …long and slow as there isn’t a time for anyone ,everyone is different , it shouldn’t make any difference to your sleep or pain as long as you only cut when you feel you are alright with the dose you are at , it’s great that you are wanting to get of these .Good Luck with your taper Greg!

2:32 pm April 23rd, 2016

Have reduced from 6mg of valium a day after 5 months to 1mg for the last three days. I am starting to get increased anxiety and pins and needles. Is this a normal reaction. Thanks

8:18 pm April 23rd, 2016

can diazepam detox cause head pressure and bad headaches

Veronica .
11:31 pm April 25th, 2016

HiPatriciaYes unfortunately head pressure along with stomach neck and ear pressure is very typical of benzo withdrawal, you probably will feel pressure of other parts if you have head pressure so don’t worry about this , good luck in your taper and remember a long and slow taper is the best way .

Veronica .
11:33 pm April 25th, 2016

Hi Chris, Yes it is normal and these two symptoms are very typical like so many others .are you doing a long and slow taper so as to reduce the severity of symptoms , it is the best way to stop ..good luck with your taper.

5:52 pm May 6th, 2016

Using valium to taper off 3mg. Ativan that was used for 4 months…how many mg. Of Valium needed to taper off of benzos…..panic attacks are constant on 5mg. Sleep issues
.not wanting to be with people..not able to drive

4:29 pm May 9th, 2016

Been on a low dose of diazepam for 6yrs just completed my last dose 2 months ago and still getting bout’s of low mood is this common? Thankyou

7:11 pm May 9th, 2016

My husband has was taking 1mg xanax 4 times a day for 6years for very high anxiety they stopped working so he was put on 10mg valium he has been taking them for over a year, he has also been taking 15mg morphine for severe pain for a year before morphine he was taking norco10/325 for 4 years he has prostate trouble and the urologist is going to do a test and says he should stop taking all medications 8 days before the test he has very high anxiety and a bad temper I am very worried about what will happen what do you suggest

Veronica .
1:36 am May 10th, 2016

Hi Dorenda, Valium is a benzo, if you have started on 5 mg and the w/d symptom’s are to much just try upping the dose a little and holding until you feel calmer , then do a long slow taper .remember the longer and slower ,the better it will be with less severe symptom’s .don’t start your taper feeling like this though up it to seven and a half ..wish you the best and Good Luck.

Veronica .
5:32 am May 11th, 2016

Hi Kath , yes it a typical symptom and it will probably last for some time yet so don’t worry , equally it could just go away but you have been very fortunate to just get this , it’s good to heatr just the one symptom ..I hope it does go away quickly for you and maybe in the meantime you could try taking something herbal and magnesium too .this is alway’s lacking in us and so very good for overall health and sleep .Best Wishes to you Kath .

Veronica .
5:40 am May 11th, 2016

Hi Sheila, you have every right to worry about this as withdrawing from the Valium will bring withdrawal symptom’s ..there isn’t anything that can be taken either in it’s place .I would suggest you get your Doctor to phone or write to the Urologist and tell him that a c/t withdrawal from this is dangerous and will cause severe withdrawal symptom’s …the anxiety would be ramped up so it is not advisable to just stop …I hope they can do the test still .Best Wishes Sheila .

12:17 am May 12th, 2016

my son suffers from schizophrenia he takes serequel for his illness,but also has been prescribed valium for a lot of years.My concern is he is seeing a new doctor and he wants my son to stop taking valium,my son is now having terrible withdrawral symptoms,which are worsened by his schizophrenia,would Inderal be a medication he could take to lessen the side effects.

Veronica .
5:40 am May 13th, 2016

Hi Lynette, i don’t think the Inderal would have the same affect as the Valium would because one is a tranquiliser and the other a beta blocker ….the Inderal will have a calm affect but not like the valium does , your Son should have tapered of them if it is such that the Doctor wants him of …have you spoke with him and asked why he want’s him of while suffering his illness still… I would ask a second opinion on this .it doesn’t sound right as these tablets and other benzo’s are used to help with this Illness ….Speak to your doctor and voice your concern or see another , don’t stop your Son just cold of these .if he must be of then a long slow taper is needed which is usually month’s ..Best Wishes and i hope this can be resolved correctly …

6:04 pm May 21st, 2016

I have finished my last withdrawal of diazepam 3months ago with the other withdrawal’s l did they did’nt last as long …is this common thankyou

3:56 am May 22nd, 2016

I have been on 20 mg valium for five years. I went to an addiction specialist and he immediately stopped the valium and put me on phenobarbital for 2 days. He is now weaning me off the phenobarbital. He says all of my symptoms, shaking, severe anxiety, etc. are in my mind, and that I need a therapist to deal with my anxiety. Is this withdrawal? Is it safe to withdraw like this? I’m a little scared.

7:26 pm May 23rd, 2016

Felt ok this morning then this afternoon started to feel low again ( not sleeping very well) was worried in case this is not down to the diazepam and going to be like this for life….is this just the diazepam messing with my brain thankyou

2:35 am May 24th, 2016

i know neurontin can cover symptoms of withdrawal from valium but i dont know how much it takes to cover for 30mg. a day would you tell me

Veronica .
3:46 am May 24th, 2016

Hi Kath, yes it is common to have a longer withdrawal each time …the more times the more Intense and longer ..good luck and do some exercises it alway’s help with a good clean diet .

Veronica .
3:59 am May 24th, 2016

Hi Amy, I am so sorry that your therapist is treating you like this …he clearly hasn’t got a clue about these drugs and withdrawal ..please find another one or doctor that knows something about these …It’s hard because not many do and think a couple of weeks is alright .you need to taper of Valium …slowly and over months , some taper quickly but are more prone to intense symptom’s … is anytime over 6 months .under if you wish but the longer the better ….there is a forum called Benzo Buddies …go on google and type it in and you can request to join there ..there are many hundreds there of all ages and all have come of a benzo .be it Valium Diazapam Zanax ect …..they have every symptom including shakes anxiety Insomnia Pain and dozen’s more ……the good thing is that someone will have what you have and share help or advise with you …everyone helps each other ….good luck and please seek another who knows .also ask your Pharmacist and tell him…..

Veronica .
3:46 am May 26th, 2016

Hi Kath, Yes it is withdrawal symptom’s you have .sometimes they ease up then come back even more I ntense …they will be sticking around for awhile yet so try not to panic as other symptom’s may show up too …withdrawal has many over time .Good Luck.

Veronica .
3:50 am May 26th, 2016

Hi Britt, I really have no Idea about this and as far as I am aware there isn’t a cover or substitute for any benzo withdrawal …many try supplement’s and herbs to help but they don’t mask the symptom’s at all ….exercise and a healthy diet can help but you have to try different ones …hope you can find something for you .Good Luck in your taper .

6:30 pm May 26th, 2016

Thank you Veronica so so much l think people on here will agreed with me when l say you give us so much reassurance when we start to faulter it can be difificult at times and when we need that bit of encouragement to go on you are always there and l thank you for that…. You are a star thankyou againxxxx

2:36 am May 28th, 2016

AHi Kath, Thank You very much for those kind words , i really appreciate it ….I hope you are doing alright though the terrible symptom’s make people feel just the opposite Sending best wishes for a good healing from this ! x

6:12 am May 29th, 2016

Hi Kath , Thank You very much for those kind words It’s very kind of you ….people do need someone to be there for them because even the closest of family sometimes will never understand the terrible withdrawal symptom’s .wishing you good health Kath and Thank You again.xxxx

10:37 am May 31st, 2016

Hi again Veronica…… I am getting things whirling round my head like…. What if these symptom’s are nothing to do with diazepam my mean symptoms are : cramps in my carves and feeling nervy and very low one day l will think yes it s DEFINETELY then other days l am worrying all over again, you have given me loads of reassurance and l am still having these crazy this tipical of the situation sorry to keep bothering you love kathxxx

7:51 pm May 31st, 2016

Would it help me to and see my dr about going on an antidepressant to help me over this

3:03 am June 1st, 2016

I’ve only been on valium for one week and only taking half of a 5mg dose once a day.
Will I have to taper off or have withdrawal?

7:12 am June 1st, 2016

Hi Kath , the symptoms that are suffered are so many and you wouldn’t even have heard of many before this ..the cramps are really very typical symptom’s and a lot have them in their fingers as well as calve muscles ….the whole muscle’s in the body can be affected and are really painful and weak …the depressed feelings and worry stay around for a long time and are one of the symptoms that linger ,or can linger for months ….if you could hear of some symptoms from heart palpitations to intruding thoughts .seeing horrible images , being frightened of the dark…weak passing out feelings .the tummy swelling and being hard ….breathless tight throat squeezing in the .heightened senses ,..ears buzzing .electric zaps in the body .or legs feet arms ..Insomnia ….balance , lead legs jelly legs …bruising .there is so many and so many people with the same ones ….if you want Kath ….you could google Benzo Buddies ….go to their forum and ask to join…you dont give any details .keep yourself private with a name you choose and address too … will find so many with exactly the same as yourself and are able to then worry less as they will share with you ,and it helps each one …..this can be really frightening Kath as the symptom’s can be things you wouldn’t think possible from stopping these..things that you didn’t hear of before like the hypnic jerks that stop a lot sleeping ……it’s best to know that even though everyone is different and can have hardly no symptoms , equally some can get a lot of different ones .the gabor receptors are damaged and have to upregulate to what they were and takes a lot of time ……give it a thought Kath but if you dont wish then just write here …whatever though don’t think it’s not withdrawal because it’s too bad .it will be if you didn’t suffer it before ……okay Kath wishing you lots of luck and try not to worry .! xxx

5:22 am June 2nd, 2016

Hi Tova, ..It’s good that you don’t intend to take Valium after a week and no you wont have any withdrawal symptoms after this short time and such a low amount …..wishing you well .

5:26 am June 2nd, 2016

Hi Kath, …no try not to take anything other than a herbal supplement or Magnesium an AD can make things worse and also have withdrawal symptoms too …..exercise is helpful and a good diet as is being outdoors ..walking ect..xx

4:29 pm June 2nd, 2016

Thank’s so much Veronica…. Have’nt felt too bad for the last couple of day’s almost back to my normal self however l stopped the withdrawal early last year as l found out l had lung cancer had half my lung removed then soon after l had an op for a hiatus hernia which was in danger of strangulating then l caught then caught a virus whilst inthe hospital so l could’nt carry on with my withdrawal till early this year….. The year before that went in hospital for the h h op but they had to stop the procedure because of a fast heart beat l knew l had this but did’nt think it was important but down they have put me on a heart tablet in case l have a stroke at that time l was reducing the diazepam but was unaware of what it could cause also a blood pressure tablet which in the past l was told it was like a teenager’s the doctors knew l was withdrawing from Diaz but did’ seem to think there was a problem there…. Sorry to go on l will get in touch with BB thank you for being therexx

6:51 am June 3rd, 2016

Hi Kath .so sorry you have been ill and i hope you are making a good recovery from this and it continues to be good …I can imagine the doctor’s because none of them are actually given the truth about them ..they know that you should only take them for2/3 weeks and that’s about all ….It’s good that you are not feeling too bad these past couple of day’s ,let’s hope that it is all going to be over very soon, you have been through enough with illness …..the heart tablets yes you really have to take so it’s not an option …but it’s good that you’re off the Diazapam once the symptom’s have all gone away will be so much better ….don’t forget though Kath they do have a habit of going and coming back for a while so don’t panic if you get other symptom’s is usually the withdrawal from these …Benzo Buddies is really good because you can compare the time and the symptoms though some have them earlier and some later , you don’t feel so alone and people are all very nice …You don’t go on Kath ..I am alway’s here and don’t mind at all, you keep well and wish you continued good healing and health .xxx

4:47 pm June 7th, 2016

I was switch from 7 months being on colozepam to vallium. I have been on valliun going on three months down from 55 mgs had suicidal idealations on 45mgs and taper to ten from there by a doctor continue to taper down to 2 mg. been on 2 mg for a few weeks. cant taper yet because I am in withdrawal from lexpro and waiting until I stabilize. is it harder to get off of 2mgs? how do I taper saftely?

7:54 pm June 7th, 2016

Hi again Veronica. Well the low mood is back l was hoping this had gone for good but no such look l can cope with the physical symptoms but this is something else at the moment it does’nt seem as bad as it has been but it’s bad enough having been rid of it for a while. I don’t know if this is anything to do with the Diaz withdrawal but l have started to have food craving’s luckerly it’s mostly salad and raw veg l can hardly get it through the door before l am diving in to my bag to get at it even before it’s been washed at times. Also l don’t seem to be able to stand very long before my back start’s to ache l don’t want to blame everything on the withdrawal but would appreciate any of your superb knowledge Thank you Veronicaxxx

4:17 pm June 8th, 2016

Stand up and muscles contract so fiercely I gave to sit back down,Forget walking ! Last time I could walk was in March 2013. My doctor took me off 40 mg of Valium in Feb-2013 in 3 weeks. Each year I get worse plus in year two I acquired Benzo belly and year 3 I got agoraphobia . My only other symptom is severe tinnitus and I never had any mental symptoms but these physical one have stopped me from living any kind of live. I have been in my recliner 24/7 and can’t get to my bed as its upstairs.Just getting a shower is beyond belief,difficult ! My neurologist says I may never get better as any medicine he tried made me temporarily worse.Been looking over 3 years for help but either they feel I am exaggerating or they sympathize,and can’t offer any help. It’s hard to think my life is basically over plus my wife is put her life on hold caring for me.

12:01 am June 9th, 2016

I was on 4 mg Valium for 4 months. I am tapering 3mg two weeks, 2 mg two weeks and 1 mg 2 weeks. My tinnitus is very loud and at times my head feels strange. Are these withdrawal symptoms?

6:08 am June 9th, 2016

Hi Kath, everything you say others have said too , the mood will be very on/off and it doesn’t take an event or anything for it to come back ,as I said before they do come and go even a year later .the back is a typical one and a few say it is one sided like an ache other say a pain like ….some are lower some top but this is the nature of withdrawal ..similar or slightly different and some the same as others , like the food craving is typical and for some it’s sweets or spicy foods so salad and veg is a good craving to have, if the symptoms you have go away the keep coming back it is normal during this and also for new ones too, it doesn’t seem to matter about how many weeks or months go by , always new symptoms crop up .there is a lot on this written by Proff Heather Ashton and you can read it all ….go The Proff Heather Ashton Manuel Online Kath ..there is every symptom there and it is very good …..She used to run a clinic for withdrawal ,many have felt much better reading this and it details everything … okay Kath hope apart from this all is good with you! xxxx .

6:25 am June 9th, 2016

Hi Arnold, that is the worst thing for any doctor to do.I am so sorry you have had to go through all this should have tapered of these at least over a year there is no wonder you feel so bad and reinstating benzo’s will only make withdrawal even worse …don’t lose hope of not being well again , there are many who are just the same for as many years and more …there is a forum you can go to ….It’s exellent for people to share there symptoms and say what helps them and there are hundreds going through this ….go to google and type in Benzo Buddies .you will have to join with a password you choose and a name anything you wish ..not your real name or password and you don’t give your address or anything ….everyone on there is going through this because they didn’t know about withdrawal and you will feel much better when you can speak to others on there ….also there is a manuel you can read .go to google and type in Proff Heather Ashton Manuel online .all your symptoms are stated there and more .She became wise to these drugs years ago and later opened up a clinic to help people …..there are video’s on you tube too of real people going through this ,also a documentry is coming out next year and the trailer is there .real people again ….You will get through this Arnold ….It is terrible you were took of within three weeks but it will get better ….I hope this helps and you will be relieved when you see others with the same as you and those who are through it even after 456 years …..good luck Arnold !

6:38 am June 9th, 2016

Hi Jackie , every taper should be done over months .slowly and only slightly …you have tapered to quickly and the doctors know nothing about how long it really takes ….all i can suggest is that you hold the 2 mg and don’t taper anymore until you feel like you are ready too, you could ask your doctor to read the .Proff Heather Heather as many have asked there doctors to do ….maybe even copy some of it for him or her to read .good luck Jackie and don’t forget to hold the 2 mg .

10:57 am June 10th, 2016

Hi Veronica just wondered if you would mind if l sound off today….For a start l am so fed up with this one day l feel like this withdrawal is improving and then wham new symptoms like yesterday for instance just out off the blue the back of my knee started hurting can hardly walk than today l was at the hair salon and had to keep going to the ladies felt so sick when l came home l slept for a solid 3hrs now it’s 7pm and just going back to bed. I am crying while am writing this never know what’s going to happen next l know l was on the Diaz for 6yrs but only a low dose and l did the withdrawal slowly and last year l did’nt withdraw at all started to withdraw the rest of it January of this year been off completely since the 1st of March l know you have been there for me and told me this can happen but l just wish the bad dreams and everything to do with this would just end…rant over

4:04 am June 11th, 2016

Hi Kath, Yes it’s always good to have a rant because that’s just what this stuff does to the body …It revs up new symptoms and even the symptoms that are present can get more intense too …the bad dreams are suffered by a lot and nausea too….there could be many more new ones as the .Receptor’s try to upregulate .the whole central nervous system is in shock and it’s down too .there is nothing for it so it keeps firing but can’t regulate hence all the new symptoms and old ones too ….all you can do really is try and eat clean organic ..dont have fizzy drinks at all or any processed foods try to cut down carbs sugar gluten and wheat …exercise helps with mood and sleep and magnesium supplements are good .it’s a long journey for many and not so long for others .the amount taken sometimes makes no difference ….large or small ….some who take hardly any have terrible symptoms some taken a lot can be better quicker .there is the different ones too Xanax ect ,..they are even stronger ….just cry it out it’s better than holding it in and if you can sleep do it because soon you might not get any .Insomnia can hit later around 2/3 months or later and last for months …some are years , the drugs are really brutal …when you get new symptoms just accept if you can and say okay i knew i would get more and i am ready to deal with it ….it’s like you are in control of it all then …maybe yours will not be too bad and soon be over ,b ut be ready for new ones then you wont feel so bad when or if they do show up ….hope you get a little relieve even just for a day or two …it is an ordeal to keep pushing through each day ….hope you have a good weekend Kath and dont be afraid to rant on….it will get better .xxxx

11:26 am June 13th, 2016

Thankyou so much Veronica it helps just knowing someone understands even your nearest and dearest don’t’ so you end up keeping it to yourself…. Thanks againxxxx

12:37 am June 14th, 2016

Hi Kath, You’re welcome …this seems to be what many say and that they think it is better in a week …not the case though it takes months and more for some .xx

3:30 pm June 14th, 2016

Hi again Veronica…. I was very low yesterday and today not to bad however the depression seems to have been replaced by flul like symptoms today and headache, l know l could have a way to go but do these symptoms get any easier as time goes on……. Thankyou

2:04 am June 16th, 2016

Hi Kath, yes there can be a long way to go.some are healed more quickly and you could be one of these , but equally some take many months .they change and new ones appear ,sometimes they reappear and can be more Intense than at first .the flu feeling is one that many get and is known to reappear too, muscle tension and a vibrating electric feeling in the feet and legs is one most get ///tight band round the head /tummy and chest too is another …pressure squeezing feeling in the neck and throat and a hard to swallow one .bloating and breathless is another ….these are the ones that are typical with depression being another .nervousness ….twitching itching .flushing …weight gain or loss …..pain in back.tummy arm’s legs …..the back pain is one that’s typical…..feels like it’s your kidneys but it isn’t it hurts they say……nightmares jerks images .ringing in ears and tingling…….hairloss and eyebroes.cog fog toxic feelings and memories that make people may not get any,or a few .i hope you manage to not get any more .if people know they are less frightened when or if they do get any of these …it’s hard to imagine what they cause hope your feeling well Kath and take care …xxxx

12:52 pm June 16th, 2016

Thankyou so much Veronica…. This is not easy but l will try to take one day at a timexxxx

6:31 am June 17th, 2016

Hi Kath, no it is said it’s one of the hardest things anyone can do..all you can do is try Kath …many have failed and started again …It is a lot worse with each time ……wishing you a lot of luck with this …xxxxx

8:57 am June 17th, 2016

Hi Veronica sorry to bother you again…. Keep worrying that my symptoms have nothing to do with the withdrawal…. The other day the pain in my side was so severe l convinced myself it was pancreatic cancer…..l know you still get withdrawal’s even on a low dose l started on 6mg 6 year’s ago but last year l was only on 1mg for the whole year l am finding it difficult to understand how coming off (in affect) l mg could cause withdrawal symptoms l suppose worrying about it is”nt helping if l just knew for curtain it was withdrawals then l’m sure it would be much easier to bare you must think l’m a right wimp

5:56 am June 21st, 2016

Hi Kath, if you are worried you can have it checked to ease your mind …one of the symptoms that is typical with nearly everyone coming of these is the pain in the lower back at one side .either in the side or lower back.many think it is their kidney’s .I can tell you it does go away but ut takes about three weeks maybe not so long for everyone ….there are so many symptoms that are unbelievable in this withdrawal and people worry it’s something else …if you were on a forum were people are sharing stories and getting support you would see they have the same …it is worrying and some are so frightened that they are at the er a lot of times .another frightening one is jelly legs and weakness .tight chest with pain .this is another all to familiar symptom ….the time you were on them is a lot longer than some and not as long as others but even after 8 weeks people are ill and are taking over a year to heal ..even with a low dosage ….some only have been on them 6 weeks and are ill ……just try to remember this withdrawal from these will have many symptoms and scary ones …hope the pain soon subsides for you and healing goes good Kath xx

9:31 am June 30th, 2016

Hi , have had no Valium for seven weeks . I tapered slowly under medical supervision for some five months after having been on and off the drug for 35 years . But now feeling very flat and listless . Have become a recluse and I just want to sleep . Don’t feel depressed , more like I’ve hit a wall . Am utterly drained . Is this state all that unusual ? Is it me or does withdrawal have something to do with it ? Thank you . Julia

1:05 pm June 30th, 2016

Hi Veronica well l seem to be largely over the depression my main symptoms now are…. Feeling really tired, fussed head and a real lack of motivation also aches and pains have gone too. Do you think at this point the withdrawal symptoms are on there way out. Sorry if l am asking to much of you but lam desperate to be myself again love kathxxx

5:33 am July 1st, 2016

Hi Kath , that’s great news and it could be the finish of the symptoms or coming to a close of them as some do heal pretty quickly yet some are still getting the acute symptoms from the start back at over two years ..I think the other few symptoms will soon be finished …tiredness and the cog head are all typical and the lack of motivation also but hopefully they will soon be gone ..hope everything else is good with you Kath and you continue to be well and happy …xxx

1:21 am July 2nd, 2016

Hi Julie , Yes this is withdrawal and you will feel some symptoms foe a time yet …this is the jet lag feeling you have …some people find that when they do manage to get a good nights sleep .they feel like this and like something is missing from them …this is down to the nervous system not getting the drug and the gaba is down ….over time this will keep trying to upregulate and each time might leave you feeling flat and listless , only time will help to ease all this …It becomes a friend and enemy too as it takes a long time for many …..feel better soon ,x

10:22 pm July 2nd, 2016

Thank’s so much for your reply veronica….. I got diagnosed with a low acting thyroid function back in 1999, since then l have been taking thyroxine and and attending regular blood check’s(only once a year now ) and had my annual check up last week l was very surprised when l got my results stating that my thyroid was overactive and my gp want’s to see me as soon as possible could this be due to the diazepam withdrawal as it seems it’s gone from one extreme to the other…ThankyouX

4:38 pm July 4th, 2016

Saw my gp Veronica said everything is fine must be the benzo feel so run down grrrrrrr

9:46 pm July 4th, 2016

So im really wanting to stop valium after being addicted for a year taking 4 10mg each day.

I live in the uk and have booked an appointment with my gp to talk about this, has anyone any experience on what will happen i have been getting my valium illegally and im not even sure of the legitimacy of the pills as some work really strong and some don’t. Just really nervous about what my doctor will say

1:38 am July 5th, 2016

Kath-I’m sorry that you are suffering. I had over 75 symptoms when I c/t’d off 5 mg of Valium on 1-1-15. I am happy to report that all of my symptoms have abated. Some of the symptoms are very scary. I think you should google Benzo Buddies and join their forum. I was on it for about 8 months and it helped me reading that other people withdrawing from a benzo had the same symptoms that I had.

4:15 am July 5th, 2016

Congratulations Kathy! Keep posting. It helps all of us. The drug is affecting each nerve we have, now discombobulated by withdrawal.

6:09 am July 5th, 2016

Hi Kath , yes it will be the stopping taking of them’s one of the symptoms .lethargy listless fatigue it seems no one misses out getting hit with these …you could try some magnesium supplement it is one mineral that is almost always lacking in most people and is excellent for health…cherry juice is good and some people swear by bone broth for health …avoid to much dairy and caffiene sugar …the only thing really is time as people are different and some are soon back to health ….hope it soon passes for you and it’s great that the dr said all was alright …okay Kath stay well . xxx

4:31 pm July 6th, 2016

Hi Fran thankyou for getting back to me l have been off diazepam for over 4months now the depression has gone and aches and pains what l am left with is lethargy lack of motivation and just wanting to lay about…. Can you tell me how long it was before you started to feel significantly better… I have tried to get onto benzo buddies but keep getting told my email is’nt valid thankyou again

8:09 pm July 7th, 2016

Hi Mike thanks so much for your post hope everything is alright with you…. This morning managed to do quite a bit of ironing which had been hanging around for a while went out for lunch with friends then came home with the fog head again but greatful for the rest bite this morning….. Keep me posted on how you are doing wishing you good healthx

5:28 am July 8th, 2016

Hi Antony, You really do need to be careful about taking tablets that are not pescribed for you it could be dangerous and it is against the law as thy are classed as controlled now ..I don’t know what your doctor will say as i don’t know of anything of this nature but you do need to get his/her help and advice will have W/D Symptoms so you need to be able to join others that are tapering ..I do hope everything goes alright and good luck in your taper..

2:21 pm July 8th, 2016

Hi Kathy-I turned a HUGE corner by 6 months. I have been exercising daily for the past 24 years and after speaking to Dr. John Ratey the author of Spark he suggested that if I wanted to expedite my healing I should exercise every day and lift weights. When you exercise you release a chemical in your brain called BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotraphic Factor) which is like a fertilizer in your brain. Once released you make new cells and connections. It takes a long time for your GabaA receptors to grow back or up regulate and for Glutamate to prune back. However rest assure the brain is incredible and it will return to homeostasis in time. Time, eating healthy, exercise, no alcohol and staying off a benzo are the only things that will heal you. I would create another email address. I lived of Benzo buddies for the 6-8 months and it was so helpful. It’s a great forum for people suffering when stopping a benzo.

6:11 pm July 8th, 2016

Thank’s so much for your advice Fran…. I will but into practice what you have said l do drink a little wine usually with my evening meal did’nt realize this would hinder my recovery so thank you for that…I love walking but have’nt done it to the standard l did because of a lung op last year although the lack of motivation does’nt help either. Love n best wishes to you Fran x

2:35 pm July 10th, 2016

But l am excited to feel excited again Hi everyone just thought would let you know….. Only wrote a few days ago but felt this was important… We are setting off for a big family holiday on Tuesday and lam sooo excited well beyond excited really, by now you must be wondering what the big deal is, we’ll will tell you… For the last 7yrs l have’nt felt remotely excited about anything l did wonder why but thought it must be an age thing not for one minute did l think it could be due to the diazepam why would l? Anyway it is out of my system now and has been for nearly 5month’s l do still have insomnia and lack of motivation with flu like symptoms but quite mild to what it was l am excited to be excited which is wonderful hope it helps anyone who may read this love to all especially Veronica n Franxxx

8:58 am July 15th, 2016

is lower back pain related to valium tapering comes and goes

6:19 am July 16th, 2016

Hi Linda, yes it is a typical one …mainly it is one sided either left or right but can be middle …it does go this one quicker than most others .

3:23 am July 17th, 2016

Hi im 12 days off valium2.5 mg three times daily..when cam i expect to feel better?

6:32 am July 19th, 2016

Hi Brenda, It really does depend on the Individual in this process , some are just a few weeks ,others are a month and some are months and months .the first month is hard as you’re in acute and for some the next two months after ..symptoms vary …It does get better for everyone though..time is the important factor here …don’t set a time to heal or expect a time …you will heal when your body has recovered from use of the drug..congratulations on getting of them and wishing you lot’s of luck.x

9:31 am July 21st, 2016

I keep forgetting and am totally exhausted from stopping diazepam 5 mg. Not being able to consintrate for long.stuck in bed from excustion.

2:56 pm July 28th, 2016

Can’t believe it the depression is back after 6 weeks of been rid of it this withdrawal sucks

5:00 pm July 30th, 2016

hi, i was put on valium 35 years ago.i moved and the doctors here have been trying to get me off valium. my question is, can it cause muscle tightness in the back and tingling in the hand and feet

5:56 am August 3rd, 2016

Hi Roy, yes muscle tightness and pain is one that affects most because Benzo’s are muscle relaxers …you will probably have a lot of muscle aches and pains to come in the limbs and all over …there are a lot of frightening symptoms so it helps if you know to start with ..Good Luck in your taper and remember long and slow are the answers …alway’s go slow especially after a high dose over years …doctors usually haven’t a clue …ask them to read the Prof Heather Ashton Manuel Online !

12:00 pm August 3rd, 2016

I was taking diazepam 1milligram 5 nights a week for sleep M-F…for about 7 mts just stopped going on 8 nights without it,no really bad withdrawals except a slight headache…is it possible to have more symptoms down the road,as I fear having a seizure

6:26 am August 4th, 2016

Hi Mary, yes you could still get symptoms further out but maybe you won’t because many do escape them, your dose was very low so this is good …try to meditate or yoga and walking is good to get well from this …Good Luck on getting of them ..hope it goes ok for you .

8:40 pm August 4th, 2016

HI…. The depression l have through withdrawal abated for well over a month then came back after my holiday it was a long flight and l had jet lag could this be why the depression is back thankyou

1:40 pm August 8th, 2016

Feel so bad today with depression l have had good window’s so maybe that’s why l feel bad… Could you tell me if l have had long periods of feeling better l am on my way to recovering thankyou

2:00 pm August 11th, 2016

My docter has taken me off valium i have been on them since 2001,i was taking 3 5mg a day.since moving home to be with family after the death of my older sister she has cut me down to 1 a day then 1 every other day then nothing.It took a lot of strenth for me to move as i suffer from bad depresson.and cronic pain from my back,from what i have read i should have been weaned off them.My last visit o see her she told me she was getting told off at every practice meeting,becuse i was taking them.So she just stopped me taking them.I would have not had this treatment from my previous practice,i can now not leave the house because of the terrible withdrawel systems,i do no think i am been treated correctly just to make the numbers look good at my new practice Please Help me as as i feel terrible.Joan.

9:51 am August 17th, 2016

Can anyone please help…. Been off diazepam fot 5 1/2 months now the symptoms l had are all but gone but the depression has revved up is this common thankyou

2:24 am September 7th, 2016

why would anyone ever want to quit Valium unless they have Klonopin?

8:18 pm September 17th, 2016

I feel like a different person. I feel like I am in hell. indescribable! why would any dr put you on a drug that has horrible side effects without it. I hate all of my drs but I hate myself too, for not considering this as a choice. I need to be on valium the rest of my life! this is so unfair. I will worry about the dilaudid when I get thru this. I cant go thru my marital assets in front of anyone if I do not have access to this. my new dr (joyce ward) left me hanging Friday. so I am alone this weekend and have not slept in over 2 wks had 3 teeth removed and I am sure I have many cavities from the dry mouth. I am so sorry for my kids. I hate palmer had to see me mourn my mom. very selfish of me but not surprising. oh if I could turn back time. pls forgive all those that I hurt and know that you don’t see it when you are in it. it all seemed normal. 10 great yrs gone from drugs. the good thing is my kids don’t use drugs regularly and I hope their children will be the same. I love my children and grand children, hope they are happier than I am.

4:20 pm October 3rd, 2016

i hav tapered off zoplucone and hav not taken any for 5 months i had taken 7 .5mg once aday for 9 months i am 71 and hav taken roughly 8 mg valium per week to help me with indomnia and paws i think from zops would that 8 mg valium per week make me tolerant i only take it when a necessary and how should i reduce it thank u

5:33 am October 13th, 2016

Hi James, if it’s only when needed and 8mg a week just start taking 7 and then 6 5 and so on …dont cut quickly ..only when you’re ready even if it takes a year or more …good luck .

12:51 pm October 21st, 2016

Can you just stop a low dose, sporadic valium habit? I would take 2.5 mg once or twice in a day every few weeks. Sometimes I would do this for two consecutive days. Then I stop for weeks or sometimes months. I’ve done this over a period of maybe five years. I take it for muscle/neck pain and also to put me to sleep. I now realise this is not good on any level and am wondering if there could be any withdrawal symptoms. In the past month I’ve been taking it a little more often as I have bad anxiety.

6:03 pm October 28th, 2016

Currently on 5 mg Valium to help (water titration) withdrawal of 1/4 mg clonopin.
(Was on 1/2 mg clonopin for many years until my “doctor” cut me off due to my age.)
I self tapered down to 1/4 mg clonopin with moderate to severe withdrawals.
My question is, I’m on Valium while very slowly tapering clonopin. Is this correct?
I’m still getting withdrawals, but not as severe. Your opinion please. Thanks

1:22 am October 29th, 2016

my doctor put me on 10mg of diazepam twice a day for anxiety after I quit drinking.(I don’t drink anymore). This was 6 mo. ago. IM still getting refills. The drug doesn’t work as well anymore. I never have taken more than the prescribed amount, lots of times less. I think its time to stop for awhile. With the length of time and amount ive been taking should I expect withdrawals? Since the tabs are scored Ive been cutting them in halve as a taper effect. I thought Id just taper the best I can. Sometimes I still take them whole but never exceed the prescribed amount, IM 67 yrs. I just havnt been feeling like myself lately. Gut feeling its the blood work is all good except for ekg (illegular heart beat. MY question. Is, is the amount of the prescription a lot .or am I in the withdrawal trouble range? Your input would surely be appreciated. I live 120 mi from the nearest Doctor. Thank- you, sincerely Eldon

1:21 am October 30th, 2016

Hi Ellen, No if you have been okay for months and only taken the small mg one day or two with months in between then you wont get addicted to it … try to not take it for more than a few days at a time …

4:16 pm November 5th, 2016

I have been taking 10mg of diazepam 3 times per day for 5 years. I was surprised to find out when my prescriptions were sent from one pharmacy to another that the diazepam did not go with the rest of my medications. I found out from the pharmacy that my Primary Care Nurse Practitioner’s
nurse had called the pharmacy and canceled my 3 remaining refills. Tow days ago when I woke up in the morning I had a not on my head and had bitten my toung. I believe I had a seizure in my sleep.

9:22 am November 16th, 2016

I am in the process of withdrawing from a 40 year benzo addiction. During this period I have been addicted to everything from heroin to alcohol. I stopped drinking two weeks ago an began valium withdrawal a week and a half ago. I immediately cut from 10mg nocte two 5mg One tablet. last night I reduced a further quarter tablet. The symptoms are horrific but I have had six grandmal seizures when trying this before. I am doing this with my local GP. Can you tell me if there are any supplements I can take to alleviate the symptoms

4:15 pm November 27th, 2016

I am going to just throw this out and see if anyone can help.

I am 60 years old and have been taking 30-40mg of Valium since I was 25 years old for severe panic attacks.

Recently I made the stupid decision to stop cold turkey. As you all know this did not go well and within 3-5 days the withdrawal symptoms came on with a vengeance.

Racing Thoughts
Joint Pain
Diarrhea and constipation

Needless to say I am back on the medication. This is all prescribed by my MD and none of the medication is Street purchased”.

I want to quit this shit and am interested in some suggestions that are outside the box that have worked for others. Enough is enough.

Thanks in advance

4:01 pm November 30th, 2016

I have gotten rid of 25 years of back pain using Dr John E. Sarno’s TMS technique. I am now off all pain pill, muscle relaxants and COX-2 inhibitors. I did all of that in just 2-3 weeks. I take 10mg of Valium at bedtime (25 years). I decided to treat it the same way with the mind-body technique. Big mistake! 100% totally sleepless nights for a week. Uggh! I am now using the CBT program and I am going to go back on Valium and reduce it over 4-6 months. I think that is the best way to proceed. Doing both at the same time was just too much for me.

12:32 am December 8th, 2016

Ive been reading the posts of the last several months on here.. What I now know about Benzo that i didnt know when I tapered off 3 years ago is unbelievable.. I joined some benzodiazepine withdrawal support groups on Facebook.. I now know that benzos should be tapered no more than 10% a month.. A slow gradual taper is whats needed… Because i went too fast i am protracted, which means my withdrawals have lasted more than the 23 months in which most people are recovered .. Please read the Ashton manuel on line.. And join a Benzodiazepine support group online on Facebook… Beating Benzos is a good one… Benzodiazepine withdrawal is a very serious issue…

5:40 pm December 9th, 2016

Can you get muscle cramps with withdrawal of diazapam.

10:54 pm December 17th, 2016

I have weaned off valium gradually from 10 mg till stopping completely on Nov 11. I am now having extreme anxiety along with extreme anger, rage and irritability. Is the extreme anger, etc from the withdraw?

6:56 am December 25th, 2016

I’m experiencing most withdrawal symptoms but having hard time breathing.chest and lungs tight causing fear anxiety. I have asthma. Also the dosage has been very high for three years. 30 Mg daily or 90 a month. Also on Norco pain meds three times a day. Don’t know what comes 1st cart or the horse!!

1:31 pm December 26th, 2016

Ive been taking valium for about 8 mobths. I was tak ing 5 mg in morning and 2.5 milligrams at nigut. I was given them for body cramps and muscle spasm. I get an itchy throat when I take them so I take with benedryl. I also have several food allergies. Ive become tolerant so my body wants more. I want to know how to safely taper off this drug. I don’t like it and it makes me have uncomfortable side effects.

1:45 am December 30th, 2016

I went to a new doctor I’ve been taking Valium 5 milligrams twice a day it just took me off of it cold turkey I’m having a hard time what do I do

6:41 pm January 4th, 2017

I’m recently cold turkey, for about a week, been taking 15mg 3x a day for 20 years, doctor forgot to write proper dose, last night, I was able to take 10mg to help me sleep, odd that I had night sweats and very high bp this morning. Why is my body delaying reaction, I took the med and it got worse.

8:24 pm January 24th, 2017

I was prescribed 25 mg daily. I was taking.5 mg in morning,in the evening 10mg. and before bed 10mg. I have been off this cold turkey for 16 days and feel terrible. How long will this last? I live in an area with a deficit of healthcare providers so am doing this alone…..I really don’t feel well. Can you please advise me? How long will I feel so terrible. This is horrible.

5:28 am February 24th, 2017

I was taking 20 mg a day for three years for depression, anxiety,,I have had shock treatment for depression. with some change not long lasting. I an doing Ketamine treatments for 8 months. with some relief again sort term. I have reduced Valium with the care of my Doc. to 15mgs with some withdrawals. Crying, no sleep( put me on ambien 20mg.) Am in still on a large dose? I am a recovering drug and alcohol for 20 years. Sid my doc put me a high dose?

8:35 pm February 24th, 2017

Deborah-Please google the Ashton Manual where you will find the proper way to taper off Valium. IMO you cut too much. Best to taper off VERY slowly with no more than a 10% cut every two weeks or even one month. The faster you cut the more withdrawal symptoms you probably will have. Ambien is a cousin to Benzo’s and it binds to the same GabaA receptor as Valium. IMO you will have to taper off Ambien as well. Most doctors are clueless how to come off these drugs.

6:36 pm February 25th, 2017

Hello was on lorazepam 1mg every day for 2 years stopped 28 Nov put me on 10mg diazapam for 12 weeks since that day I have had splitting head pains and stiff feet I dropped to 9 mg last week and had 6 great days today crying feel sick head really bad is this normal I know it’s a bad drug to come off no pain killers seam to help been told common symptoms of LZ withdrawal any advise would be nice thanks Lee

9:36 pm February 25th, 2017

i have been on 10 to 20mg of diazepam for 18 years, treating PTSD and Major Depresive Disorder, i have also been taking up to 140mg of oxcycontin/endone daily for 12 years. Deciding to reduce pain meds, over 8 months am now down to 10mg oxcycontin and 10-20mg endone, next i will be dropping off the oxy. over the past few months it has been very hard, balancing major depression, severe pain, so i increased my diazapam to 40mg or more a day, just to try and sleep. recently i ran out of diazepam, so i thought i would tuff it out cold turkey, wrong. for the first three to four days it has been worse than hell, no sleep, and disturbing repetitive thoughts pounding in my mind non stop, over and over 24/7. could not do it, i got some imovane to help with my sleep, and put myself back on diazepam 10mg of a night. i just had my first full night sleep in months. have also lost 30kg in 8 months, due to the meds/depression and poor diet. my advice is do not drop off any major med during a period of depression, taper down and have weekly doc consultations. it is a tuff road, but one that can only be walked by you alone. i will continue to taper off, just do not try and be a hero.
i would rather have physical pain than mental torment from the ups and downs from the major meds.
diet/sleep and slight exercise are very important key factors in all of this and of course if possible be with a GP/Psyc as much as possible throughout it all. Nothing is impossible, keep it simple, you can achieve it, Good luck

8:25 pm March 11th, 2017

I ran out f my clonopin 0.5mg for two weeks. My Dr was on vacation and my primary care Dr was on vacation, two. I tried to tough it out, Now I am expericing heavy eyelids, no motivation, and lethargy. What shall I do??

7:46 pm March 13th, 2017

Hi I’ve been on 6mg a day of diazepam 7 weeks and I’ve been taking 50mg of trazadone for 2wks then I’ve gone up to 100mg of trazadone so for the last three three weeks I’ve been reducing my diazepam I’m now on 2mg diazepam n stil on 100mg of trazadone can this make me feel worse or shud it make me better but I’ve stil got to go down 1mg of diazepam then off it all together but I’m scared my anxiety wil return

2:30 am March 14th, 2017

Thanks for your post. I have found that tapering down my dosage has helped me with the withdrawal symptoms greatly!

3:37 pm March 15th, 2017

I started with a .5mg Ativan script prn bid. Now 6 years later I am on 15 mg. of Valium bid. Started with 20 bid in July and I’ve just been able to get down to where I am now with a doctor and the taper system,. It is hellish. I wish someone made me sign my life away when it was originally prescribed. I didn’t know. I miss work work from home, and don’t tell them why. Just say I’m having anxiety and agoraphobia. They are understanding, but I worry that my quality of life will never be the same as it was when i started taking benzos. I hope I make it through to the other side intact. I want to reduce faster, but it’s so difficult to tolerate even at 2 mg drops.

9:01 pm March 15th, 2017

Warning: Anxiety may be the least dangerous of the symptoms. I had none when I stopped cold. 3 days later a seizure while driving. Just went unconscious. No one warned me but I was extremely lucky. Good luck! (Taper off )

12:51 am March 17th, 2017

As I read I feel sooo sorry for all of U!! As I have lived thru all the PAWS, well from the start of My Husbands dealings with Valium. Took for prob. 8 yrs. from the VA, they give them out like candy there, he was also prescribed Oxy something, but he never always took the prescribed dose, less, and then one day, Cold Turkey, and man o man, talk about hell, the poor man! but then we are in this thing for 3yrs. and the PAWS, post Acute withdrawal syndrome, these things never just go away, and yes, some things may never be as they were due these things! and all of a sudden, just hit you in the face, but that is the nerve damage from what this crap of a drug does to you! Just be patient could take years, but you will learn to maintane! just pray and pray and pray for the strength to get you thru this, he is really the only hope. But God takes don’t take a drug to help with the probs. of the other, it is just a horriable thing to do to mind and body. God bless you all who are going thru, and good luck!

3:19 pm March 19th, 2017

My doctor suddenly stopped 10mg Diazepam, 7.5mg Zopiclone (after over 10 years use) and about a month later I got these horrific burning skin sensations in feet, legs, arms, hands, face. It felt like I was being burnt alive every minute of every day, and eventually took an overdose of non prescription drugs and ended up in ER. My doctor never monitored the withdrawl at all, he didn`t even tell me what could potentially happen. He literally didn`t want anymore to do with me. Three months later the pain is even worse and am now even getting electric shock like feelings on skin. Is all this skin burning just due to withdrawl? Shouldn`t my doctor have tapered me off these gradually or has he mucked my body up for good?

5:17 pm March 20th, 2017

Can the withdrawal symptoms for one month cause shortness of breath , numbing sensation over entire body !

4:10 am March 21st, 2017

Hi Hedy.. Your post stuck out to me.. Everything you described i had and still some. I was on valium for 23 years. I tapered in 2013. Yes your doctor should of tapered you .It is recommended a reduction of 1% every 2-4 weeks.I tapered too fast, in about 6 months.Im protracted, meaning withdrawal symptoms past 23 months..Please read the Ashton Manuel on line and take a copy to your doctor.Another thing is join a benzo support group on Facebook. Beating Benzos is a good one. I still have burning skin, but its getting better.Good luck

8:58 am March 24th, 2017

Kimberly Marlene Samantha Donohue and everyone here needing support ..Yes every symptom you have said is a withdrawal symptom and common in withdrawal…they can last a few weeks but can last years … Shortness of breath pressure in chest/abdomen electric buzzing sensation in limbs or anywhere …brain fog joint pain back pain stomach cramps … dizziness weakness nausea …Insomnia .tooth and gum pain… light sensitivity ..noise sensitivity ..tinnitus flushing face and burning skin… heavy led legs ..faintness balance Issues …palpitations hypnic jerks twitches ….bowel and bladder Issues ….benzo belly (swelling) headaches pain in limbs ….hunger or no appetite ..hearing sensitivity cog fog…..jelly legs ect ect ect …there are so many symptoms that most do get ..It is still wise to see a doctor if any thing worries or bothers you …Intrusive thoughts and seeing things that aren’t there even horrible things like shadows ect …there is a site called Benzo Buddies that hundreds of those suffering have joined…they help each other by sharing there symptoms and answering … It was set up many years ago and is now recognised by many doctors …to join you google it …ask to join by filling in a members card online …no one knows who anyone is …you give any name .. different email and password ect …you will soon see thousands who are going through the same as you and all have the same symptoms … It is a wonderful help and the only real help in this …everyone there even the owners of the site have gone through this … It is a life saver …going through this the site has become everyones salvation … Good Luck to everyone and best wishes …

1:02 am March 30th, 2017

I was put on 2 mg of Diazepam 3x a day for my inner ear. He wanted to suppress my vestibular system. I’ve been on it for 3 weeks. It was helping some symptoms but I was still having some and they said give it more time. They told me I might have to be on it for 3 to 6 months. I was told by the office if I come off of it too soon my inner ear problems could come back 2x as bad. I called the doctor and said I was still having problems and they said come in for testing but I can’t be on any diazepam for 2 days prior to testing. They are weeding me off at 2 pills a day for 6 days then 1 pill a day for 6 days and then go to nothing for the test.
Being on it for 3 weeks will I have bad withdrawals and have you heard of the inner ear problems coming back worse than before because I was only on it for a short time?
I’m scared to death my ear symptoms could be worse than before. I just hope I don’t!
Thank you!

1:56 am April 1st, 2017

Hi Kristin, I don’t think after three weeks use your ear problems will be worse ..It’s just that you won’t have the lighter sensation to it without them but it’s good you are coming off now as they are very addictive and take a long time to heal afterwards or most do with the exeption of a handful of people ….maybe you can have another med that will help it …you shouldn’t really have any withdrawal symptoms either after the short term use and if so it will be minimum…try not to worry …

8:27 am April 17th, 2017

I am 62 year old person , suffering from COPD, GERD and hypothyroidism and Fibromyalgia from about one year. Doctor has prescribed me Valium 10 mg to be taken at bed time.I would like to stop using this medicine and would like to shift for herbal product.
You are requested to kindly suggest how i should start start tempering the dose.

2:31 pm April 20th, 2017

Hi Rasiklal. The best way to withdraw from Valium is to gradually reduce Valium doses with the help of a doctor, rather than go cold turkey. Benzodiazepines are generally reduced by 10% every two to four weeks depending on the level of Valium in the system. It is always best to withdraw slowly, compensate for reductions in doses and adjust a tapering schedule than to try and withdraw rapidly from these types of drugs.

1:14 pm April 18th, 2017

reducing diazapam gradually have been on for 18+ years but cant stand the dizziness or any movement of head is this is this common thanks

1:06 am April 20th, 2017

My doctor just stopped my valium, which i have been on for over 17 years. The same dose 10 mg 3 times a day. I am so scared because i just told him that i didn’t believe it was doing anything for me, d0 to the length of time I’ve been on it and the dosage the same. In return he just stopped it,i have none left i dont know what to expect and if there is anything i can do or buy to help. Please HELP me very very scared.

7:56 am April 20th, 2017

Hi Norman, Yes dizziness nausea ect are withdrawl symptoms …very typical ones like vertigo is … you will have to wait it out ..sometimes it is soon gone and sometimes it lingers or just on/off …best wishes with your taper .

5:30 pm April 21st, 2017

I’ve been on Diazapam 20mg a day 8 months ago and have tried to taper off by taking 10mg at might only which has helped minimise withdrawal effects. But since I’ve went down to 5mg at night the withdrawal symptoms have kicked in really badly. Severe crazy nightmares with excessive sweating maybe 3 times a night and brain zaps.By the way I’ve been on the diazapam for almost a year and decided to withdraw without a gp’s monitoring. Could someone please explain why this is happening now…thanks

3:49 am April 22nd, 2017

I have been taking 5 mg of diazepam for three or four years. I have peripheral neuropathy
and wonder if this could be caused by diazepam. Even if it isn’t the cause, I would like to
stop taking it. What dosage should I take daily to withdraw safely.

Thank you

6:52 am April 30th, 2017

Hi Angie, the withdrawal symptoms you are having are very typical withdrawal …the Gaba receptors are down and have to get used to going without the drugs they have been used to …It takes time to heal from withdrawal and many symptoms can occur just depending on the Individual … the Neurotransmitters are constantly trying to fire up hence the brain zaps and nightmares along with other symptoms …keep on a slow taper at your own speed … many people don’t have a doctor monitoring them …Doctors do not believe anyone has the symptoms they do or take as long to heal as they do …most are clueless as they are not taught this in medical school …read the Professor Heather Ashton Manuel online …She ran a clinic for people withdrawing …also there is Benzo Buddies …a forum run by someone who has gone through this …It now has thousands and is spoken dearly of by Heather Ashton…some doctors now are looking there …..people share their symptoms and it is all they have in this …they regard it as the one place that helps them and comforts them …. google it and ask to join….you don’t give your proper name or email and password on what gender …..type in Benzo Buddies then withdrawal support …. you will be pleased you did … Good Luck with your taper.

6:32 pm April 30th, 2017

I am in the throws of these vicious withdrawal symptoms myself from 7 years Xanax to Klonopin to (now) valium. NO WESTERN DOCTOR, OR EASTERN for that matter, knows anything about this subject. Western wants you to take more if you’re anxious, and eastern knows how to relax the body but has no clue of the nature of this nefarious monster called Benzodiazepines. I even spent $2,500 upfront for a concierge doctor/”expert” on drug withdrawal in Beverly Hills no less who, in the end knew nothing about what he was doing, the magnitude of the challenge and robbed me of not only $ but valuable time. FINALLY, and thank God, I came across THE ASHTON MANUAL. This is the way, the only way, explains everything one needs to know (strongly suggests you transfer your addiction to valium because of way longer half life) about getting off this stuff. It (so far – 4 weeks in) has made it CONSIDERABLY easier to deal with. The manual is not only comprehensibly informative but emotionally supportive in that it identifies and explains withdrawal symptoms and the reason for them and assures you “You can dot it!” By the way, in closing, it is counterproductive to use “maskers” as homeopathic, and natural remedies to accomplish this long taper to freedom. All of us who have attempted this (and temporarily amazed at quick success) are sadly mistaken, not to mention horrified, when Godzilla returns to rear his ugly head. Good luck, get THE ASHTON MANUAL, you can do this!

3:41 pm May 5th, 2017

I wake up at night soaking wet is this normal. I had a doctor give this to be under a generic name and I did not know it was Valium. I went to my new doctor and she told me what it was. I have been taking it for sometime now. I ache all over and want off these what can I do..

4:08 am May 9th, 2017

I keep reading about gaba receptors being compromised by benzos. Confused about it. Then is it wise to take Gaba supplements during benzo withdrawal? Thx.

12:40 am May 11th, 2017

i took valium 5mg for five days the last night can i just stop

1:35 am May 11th, 2017

Hi Betty, If you want to get off the drugs you need to consider first how much you can taper then make it very slow and cut only when you feel able to ,…It is a long process in that you need to do it gradually … try a fraction by fraction cut …take of a little with a knife or razor ..this will ensure you are doing it very gradually … Good Luck .

4:02 am May 17th, 2017

Hi Nicholas, Yes just stop it’s only 5 days so you will be fine .

4:05 am May 17th, 2017

Hi Hal, You reallydon’t want to take any supplements until you are sure ..Gaba is not one to take …magnesium is good as it helps with a lot of things ..take supplements only if you need to…Good Luck.

6:29 pm May 28th, 2017

Hi i have been taking valium for about 7 year’s now on and off.. 1 year ago i decided to just stop taking it i lasted 8 weeks cold turkey.. But the side effects of depersonalisation spinning 24/7 hallucinations anxiety attacks diarrhea social phobia light and hearing sensitivities and generally losing my mind.. So when i thought it was going to get better as time went on it just got worse.. I went to my doctor and she told me it would be a better idea for me to do a slow taper.. So i started of on 6mg twice a day, i dropped 1mg a month.. When i got down to 6mg… i then dropped to 5mg then 4mg to quickly within around 5 week’s.. So after taking 2mg twice daily for around 3 weeks i started to get panic attacks sleeping difficulties and generally just feeling really strange foggy and dizzy again i have since increased my dose back up to 2.5mg twice daily for three weeks but still feel really strange still like nothings changed don’t sleep just toss and turn and dream all night.. So in the past few days ive gone back up to 3mg twice a day to try to level back out but it feels like its making me feel worse when im taking the 3mg twice a day im lost really lost.. My doctor told me to level back out at 2.5mg twice a day and then drop by 0.1mg every 2 weeks with liquid valium… I’m seriously lost and am so confused on what i need to do.. Thanks for listening Mark..

6:43 pm June 2nd, 2017

I have been taking Valium 5mg tabs twice daily for over 5 years. I saw a new doctor who cut my dosage in half. Also cut my Methadone and Vicodin in half at one time. I did say I wanted to taper off of the narcotics but I’ve been thrown into a severe withdrawal on all 3 at once. I’m a nurse myself I cannot function like this. I wanted to taper off. I have never abused these or any other drugs I’m doing this from home. I am returning to work in 3 days and I’m scared to death I will ironically appear to be on drugs. I can’t get off the couch or bathe I am experiencing all the symptoms of withdrawal. How can I educate the doctor about how to properly and safely taper me down ? I have a history of seizures which I forgot to even mention to her. I feel like I need to be in rehab but cannot afford it. Thank you

1:43 pm June 15th, 2017

Hello, everyone. Cav someone give me some sdvise, iff been on valium 5 mg for 6 months occasional use, once, twice a week . Now its week 1 whitout them and i feel strange, but not hell. my question is ,what should i do in this situation ? if i whil feel bad, whil taking valium make things good, or it whont ?

6:17 am June 18th, 2017

Hi. I came off all my medications including the following: Duromine, Seroquel, Prozac, tramadol, metformin 7weeks ago, went cold turkey, (Doctor said be fine, finding a new doctor). On day 4 ended up in Emergency department with seizures, they used IV diazepam to stabilise me, since then I had 2weeks of 10mgs 3x daily, then 4mgs 3x day then 2mgs 3x day. I am finishing my last weekly dose next Friday and wondering if I will have any side effects as I was only on it for such a short period?? Thank you in advance!

3:07 am June 19th, 2017

I had been dependent on alprazalam and clonazapam and various combinations of antidepressants, add on and anti-osychotic meds over a period of 10 years for treatment resistent anxiety,depression and social anxiety. I still was not feeling better and changed psychiatrists. I am only on one antidepressant, pregabalin and the calculated the equivalent of clonazapam and alprazalam at 70mg. I weaned off all the antidepressant meds first and have been weenie of diazapam. Now down to 50. I have had the insomnia after my final antidepressant (mirtazapine) was withdrawn and it continues. I sleep but keep waking up. I am also extremely tired all day. Like could stay in bed tired. Also spells of anxiety most often social or expecting social/stressful situations. Also a bit oversensitive and in arguments periodically. The social anxiety was because I’ve had several chronic pain conditions and lived alone. But I was getting out and doing more slowly and steadily. But then I had a bad leg break and 2 months in bed. My main concern however us the incredible tiredness. Is it from being weak, how do I fix it, what advice can you offer. Tried starting a slow and steady exercise plan with walking and increasing time and duration but chronic pain flare ups made it impossible to stick with….thinkinking more exercise might give me more energy and a break from this chronic fatigue. HELP

5:07 am July 24th, 2017

I have been on a prescription for diazepam for over twenty-five years. Under doctors care. I am 58 and the past few months have been hell. I am grateful that the doctors wanting me off are doing a slow taper.Each taper has been HELL. Yet I have been able to cope. Until now that my daily dose is 2 mg. I am having major Respiratory, lung and sinus, problems.I was put on another cortical steroid. Anxiety like I have never felt before.Even problems with BM. Not to mention the many nights spent up trying to outlast the night, the anxiety seems to be winning.I trust my doctors. But I really feel like death. I was up to 30 mg. up until 3 or so years ago, I was at twenty mg. before the taper started @ four months ago. I must mention I am on two opioids. At 58, I understand the doctors are trying to prolong my life. But I feel that the opposite effect is taking place.I am literally at wit’s end. Or so it would seem. Every LONG second I live.Thanks for the forum.

11:32 pm August 7th, 2017

Can you wean off 10 mg valium, using 0.25 mg Zanax?

9:52 am August 9th, 2017

I’ve been on diazapan for over a year now my physiatrist has dropped me from 6mg a day to 4mg my anxiety is going through the roof what should I do

1:06 am August 12th, 2017

I have PTSD and It’s the hot flashes, sweating and trembling that get me. I thought I was fucking nuts for a couple of weeks until I found this thread. I never knew a withdrawal could last so long and be so uncomfortable/painful and intense. I’ve been on 10-15mgs for a year and I’ve been going through withdrawals even while still on the Valium. I did not abuse my prescription but I did make the grave mistake of frequently drinking while taking it. BIG MISTAKE. I stopped cold turkey a week ago Monday and I’m never looking back. The gym and healthy living are how I’m able to get by. Everything else seems mental. A few tokes of a good Indica settles me down if I really need it. I’ll keep you all posted. Today marks the end of week one..

12:38 pm August 25th, 2017

I have had severe sleep disorders ever since I was little. Each night was the same, laying in bed for hours, tossing and turning, often waking up on the floor, or half hanging off the bed. Each morning when I had to wake up for school as a child was painful and exhausting, and as a result of lack of sleep, finally, 10 years ago, my doctor referred me to a neurologist who ordered a sleep study for me. The results were not surprising; I only had about 2 hours sleep all night and did not reach stage 4 REM, only stage 2. My muscles were constantly twitching and I don’t remember sleeping. As a child, I was paranoid about sleeping over at friends’ houses. I would be alone in the dark as the rest of the girls were finally able to sleep within an hour, easily. There were numerous nights where I tearfully called my parents to pick me up, wide awake and afraid because sleeping was usually on the floor. I have a slight curvature of the spine, making it extremely painful to sleep on hard surfaces. After the sleep study, we began (my pcp and me) to try various medications to help me feel refreshed upon waking. I began taking 10mg of valium before bed each night in 2008, and 10 mg Ambien to help me sleep faster. I had been taking Flexeril for a car accident pain in 2003, to relax my tense muscles in order to sleep. This year, the laws changed and I am no longer able to take these medicines which have helped so much in getting me to sleep and feel refreshed in the morning. I have tried breaking the tablet in half, with doctor’s instructions, for 3 weeks, and have never felt so much anxiety in my life. my pcp moved away to another state away from here in Hawaii, so in the midst of changing doctors, the new ones don’t know me and have recommended I see a psychiatrist because of the tension and anxiety I have begun to experience with the horrible withdrawals. I have not been able to eat during the day for 2 weeks, and I was already underweight to start with. Now I am 5’9 and weigh 110 lbs, I weighed 125 lbs 3 weeks ago. Please help! I don’t know how to stop the crying and shaking and my chronic pain has gotten worse due to lack of sleep. My new doctor said that even though I have the medical cannabis card, it’s not legal in the FDA yet, and until that time I have to give a urine analysis randomly to see if any thc shows up. I tried pure CBD and it does nothing for the pain or sleep issues. Please help!! I’m crying as I write this.

12:33 am September 5th, 2017

Hi Lisa, I am also crying as i write this. I had spinal surgery 7 weeks ago and was given valium for muscle spasm for about 5 weeks before the op. Very small dose (so i thought) of 1.25 – 2.5mg maybe 4 times a week. I stopped it after the op which incidentally has not been a total success, and about 4 days later started the most horrendous withdrawals, became delirious etc and was taken to hospital as everyone thought i must have an infection, but general consensus was symptoms of benzo withdrawl. I was put back on 2.5 mg a day in a divided dose and in 4 weeks have just got it down to 1mg day in divided dose of half mg morning and night. the last week i have dropped by 1/4 mg and the withdrawals are still horrendous, flooding with anziety all night, hot sweats, mood changes, the full monty. My surgeon scoffed and told me i was being “ridiculous” My Gp says she can’t believe such a small dose would make me like this so not much support there.. From now on I am going to try dropping by 1/4 mg fortnightly but i am worried that the longer i take this poisonous crap the worse i will be. Trying to recover from spinal surgery and coming to terms with continual pain when i thought the surgery would fix the problem plus withdrawals is just horrendous, my husband is at his wits end and his anxiety is through the roof over it all. Just need support as hubby away all day at work and i have resrictions on driving and walking physically impossible. If I taper more slowly will i just be prolongong the agony?

2:21 pm September 24th, 2017

I am currently taking 4 2mg diazepam every day which I have taken for 3 years, will it be easy to taper off them gradually

9:33 pm October 12th, 2017

I did a phenobarbital detox at a local hospital over a period of 30 days. I was taking 35 mgs of Valium over 24 hours when I went in. During the detox I began having withdrawals at 90 mgs Pheno and hand a rough time the rest of the Pheno taper. My Doctor was dismissive of this and I left the hospital after completing the Pheno taper. Within a week i knew I was in protracted Benzo withdrawal. I reinstated Valium after a month of hell and to my dismay I could not stop the withdrawals as I started out taking three equal doses a day of 8 mgs. i slowly increased the dose, suffered withdrawals for teo days, then increased the dosage. I had to do this until I finally was at 75 mgs per 24 hours! I spent 18 months tapering to 27 mgs per 24 hours. I was active and exercised every day, bike riding and strenth training with elastic bands.

Then out of nowhere I became extremely exhausted and tried to taper but had severe withdrawals for the last two months and can’t taper. I am now exhausted and stuck. I do take 40 mgs a day of progesterone which helped in the past (approved by a Doctor) but now I am still exhausted.

I consider myself a drug dependent, not an addict. I get no pleasure from Benzos and never look forward to its use. I got hooked by a Doctor originally because I had undiagnosed Celiac disease and couldn’t sleep. The Doctor never informed me how addictive Flurazepam (Benzo) was and after four months I was dependent. She kept saying I don’t know what’s wrong with you. A ten minute internet search revealed the problem. it’s a much longer story but I was cold turkeyed before and had to reinstate after nine months and wound up on a much higher dose just like my hospital experience.

Do you have any idea why my taper came to a screeching halt with all this exhaustion?


6:03 am October 13th, 2017

Hi Lisa, You need to taper long and slow ..keep the taper until you can feel less intense symptoms …not many doctors recognise the symptoms of withdrawal as being withdrawal but they are and there are very many of them …you have typical ones ..withdrawal symptoms can last either weeks months or years so don’t think it can’t be withdrawal …It can and if you take even 1mg for two weeks they can cause months of withdrawal symptoms … tell your hubby to just help you by being supportive …It will lessen but taper slowly until you are taking a crumb… Good Luck.

6:09 am October 13th, 2017

Juliet, the above reply is for you ..I have got the name mixed up sorry …

6:23 am October 13th, 2017

Hi Lisa, sorry about the mix up of names …you say that the law has changed and you can’t have your tablets …tell your doctor to read the Professor Heather Ashton Manuel Online …he or she will then realise that you can’t just stop taking your must taper and it takes a while to do so… do a long slow taper ..have a look at Benzo Buddies website will have to join under a made up name and different password ..everyone has gone through or going through it and help each other …there is one site that is just for newly withdrawal’s then other site’s there for protracted ect,,,you may have to fill the password bit a few times until it is through but that site is a gift to thousands and some doctors now are joining to read it ..Good Luck.

6:25 am October 13th, 2017

Hi Patsy, everyone is different it could be easy for you or not so easy …start tapering slowly and see how you feel. Good Luck.i

6:33 am October 13th, 2017

Hi Everyone, I am sorry that no one has answered you ..If you are still on this blog please write in again and I will try to answer all of you …Regards Veronica. Christine …tell your doctor to read The Heather Ashton Manuel online …mostdoctors have not been taught this in med school ..they have no idea of the severity of symptoms how many or how long .. it can be 2/3456 years . or google Benzo Buddies ..this was looked at also by Professor Lader tell him ..and Heather Ashton who speak about it being such a wonderful help to thousands and a life saver . Good Luck .

6:37 am October 13th, 2017

Hi Jerry,, you need to google Benzo Buddies and join ..there are thousands there that will share with you ..they all help each other and yes some symptoms are terrible sound like you have the breathing one with air hunger and suffocating feeling..a typical one …Good Luck.

7:01 am October 13th, 2017

Hi Dennis, No you can’t taper Valium using Zanax…the other way round is the usual ..just a slow taper of Valium. Good Luck.

7:03 am October 13th, 2017

Hi Mandy, you need to taper slow ..tell your doctor you need a slower taper and to read The Heather Ashton Manuel online…all doctors are starting to read this the truth about withdrawal…Good Luck.

7:12 am October 13th, 2017

Hi Jerry, you need to join Benzo it ..there are thousands that are withdrawing ..they help each other and have your symptoms there are so many symptoms it is hard to even contemplate but true …you might need to keep giving a password but it is a life life saver and a very rreputable and respected site ..Good Luck.

7:17 am October 13th, 2017

Hi Mark…what you have done by withdrawing then taking again is called kindling … it makes withdrawal worse if you keep doing this …just stay with whatever dose you are taking now and slowly taper that grain by grain…try joining Benzo Buddies were there are thousands going through this …lovely people helping each other..Good Luck.

7:20 am October 13th, 2017

Hi Dan, hope you are doing alright … if not and you are still tapering go slowly Good Luck.

7:25 am October 13th, 2017

Hi Deidre, hope you are doing better … it is a l;ot to withdraw from and it was to quick…don’t withdraw any more yet and stick with some exercise …take it slowly and try taking magnesium to help with sleep …google Benzo Buddies were there is thousands going through the same ..lovely people helping each other ..reputable and respected site …you have to make a name up and different password one knows who anyone else is or were from .Good Luck.

7:29 am October 13th, 2017

Hi Mandy, taper slowly until you can feel less anxiety …it is a long process ..Good Luck.

7:33 am October 13th, 2017

Hi Christine…you have been cut too quickly …tell your doctor to read The Heather Ashton Manuel online… and google Benzo Buddies to join yourself..they are lovely people going through the same and help each other .. make up a name password ect …they don’t want to know who you are it’s private ..Reputable Respected by many doctors and Heather Ashton who speaks of it in her books ….Good Luck.

12:05 am October 20th, 2017

Hi Veronica
Thanks for your messages, I am now down to 1/2 mg day and have done this by dropping 1/4 mg every 3 weeks, but this time the withdrawals were bad 4 days after reducing the dose but then went away for a week only to return with a vengeance a few days ago. I am waking all night with a hot burning sensation throughout my body and a racing heart for which i take Propranolol. I have never had any time in this whole process without horrendous symptoms and now i am totally exhausted, crying all the time and seriously depressed and feeling mentally very unstable due to the protracted nature of all this. My problem is that i have to drop another 1/4 mg next week as my liver function tests are not ok and then drop it completely after another 2 weeks. My husband is now completely crazy with it all as well and it doesn’t help that I’m on my own for 12-14 hours a day whilst he’s at work. I’m thinking of checking in to a mental health unit but I’m scared that they won’t understand the nature of this process and give me more Valium. My doc gave me some Largactil because she thought I was showing signs of psychosis (even reducing from 3/4 mg to 1/2 mg) but i’m scared to take anything at all anymore. I am so sorry that we are all having to go through this, all I keep being told is that it will end at some point, but no-one seems to have any idea of the hell i am in. I’m from Australia and drs seem to give this poisonous crap out readily over here with the false belief that short duration and low doses are ok

7:16 am October 26th, 2017

Hi Juliet, Yes it is a frightening and awful journey yet doctors are still handing them out to everyone who complains of something..these are not the answer and it’s the doctors fault that there are now millions global that are suffering…they are even now going to have a 24 hour helpline in the UK for people going through hospital or Institute can help in this because they don’t even recognise the symptoms and they can get worse as the months pass with a lot of different ones …the good news is that it does ease and becomes more managable but it can take months before it does or weeks for some ..there is a phrase were you are in acute withdrawal..this phrase is the worst and last’s typically between 6/10 weeks …after which it should lessen..then there are new one have what is called windows and waves …the window will make you feel great like you are healed …it can last a week or a month a day or a few hours as everyone is different …then a wave will throw you right back in..sometimes feeling worse and with some other symptom…you should try not to take anything at all antibiotics if you can help it …nothing to replace the benzo or to help it though your doctor might try to convince you it’s okay…It really wont be ..they do not understand benzo withdrawal ..they have no idea because they were not taught this in med school…the Insomnia is one that most have going through this with as much as 9 consecutive nights not sleeping,,this one is a long lasting one if you get hit with it ..It goes away and comes back. try taking a bath with epsom salts as these are packed with magnesium and magnesium helps with sleep also it is a supplement you can take in tablet or powder form. It’s an awful situation and no one knows the awfulness unless they have dealt with doctors family friends one. there is a group called benzo buddies that was set up years ago for people by someone who went through this..It is a wonderful site with people from every part of the google it then ask to join… you give a password and make a name up..a funny name ie teabag..flower sunny…something like this and you should be accepted ..never say were you are from or your name..just private … the people help each other and are so kind, every symptom imaginable someone has had or they have so you will never feel alone or scared.some doctors now are looking on there and reading to find out the truth about benzo’s…that site is a lifeline to thousands ..alway’s someone will answer you and will have the same as you . there is also an online manuel you can read ..The Heather Ashton Manuel online …this lady is now an old lady who gave years to helping people withdrawing …she set up a clinic for them and she knows the suffering that happens in withdrawal ..she speaks about benzo buddies forum and say’s it has saved life’s and that it was the only help there was until a few years ago and it is still the best help…In Interviews ect on you tube she talks about benzo buddies saying without that wonderful site people would be left helpless in this frightening situation, she is much loved and respected by strangers that have learnt so much and been comforted by reading her manuel, there is now a page/ group on fb that is set up for her called Heather Ashton Tribute by her Son and people are saying thankyou and sending letters to her ,,She is ill now and is 85..take a look ..there isn’t much yet as people are just finding out . Your husband should look on the benzo buddies site to see just how bad this is for everyone …maybe he will be more supportive if he does. if you are not ready to full taper the last mg ..hold on to your taper for longer, until things ease. good luck and let me know if you joined BB. you will be helped there much more than anywhere.

4:44 pm October 26th, 2017

Cold turkey survivor here. It’s possible, it just takes time,

5:45 pm October 26th, 2017

I must complain about the percentage of ladies commenting compared to men. We are emotionally different. I must also warn you about stopping cold turkey. I did it without symptoms several times and felt fine for a couple of days, then simply ‘blacked-out’, unconscious. It happened while driving my car, went through a stop sign, right into the backyard of a home. By the Grace of God, no one was hurt. Incredibly dangerous.

9:03 pm October 26th, 2017

Well primarily this blog is about reducing or cessation of diazepam, I am sorry to say that I am on it for the long haul. Have been using 10-40mg per day for 20 years now. Tried stopping a couple of times with success on some occasions not on others, however: I realise that I can not change this world that I live in, it is a depressing state of affairs from war to poverty. I have to avoid the majority of humans on this planet as well as the 6 O’clock news. This may be contrary to the whole idea of this blog, to reduce or stop the intake of valium, however why not try the reduce method as much as you can as slow as you can. Monitor your moods closely I suggest with a health professional in place as well if needed. Avoid the nasty people in this life and the terrible news that is so pumped down our lives every time we turn a corner.
I do not mean completely put your head in the sand, but you can change your life a lot to avoid the nasty situations we often find ourselves in and reach for the bottle of meds.
So first things first. Don’t be afraid of taking valium all your life in small and controlled doses (when absolutely needed).
But before you do try some avoidance techniques, take yourself away from stressful environments if possible, stay away from people who are always negative. Start saying to yourself you are going to be more positive now and little things are not going to have you reaching for a bottle of meds. Try new and exciting activities like:
Going for a walk, run or ride, swim, deep breathing, go to the Gym, travel on a different mode of transport than usual. Avoid negative people and or situations. Read a comical book.
Do not think of your past unless it is of the good and funny things you have done.
Like yourself, try to change the way you portray the “you”.
Have faith in your creator and all the goodness is this life.
take care I hope this helps you,
all my love Mustafa.

3:43 am October 27th, 2017

I have been addicted to valium for over forty years and am terrified to withdraw more than one half per night can you give me any advice?

11:17 am October 27th, 2017

Hi, I have been traveling for 3 months and had insomnia for the first 25 days. So I went to the doctors and was given Valium 5mg. I took that for 1.5 months. About 3 weeks ago I was switched to Xanax .25/.5 for about the past 3 wks. I have had really bad insomnia since then. So the doctor than gave me ambien 10mg and I am still having insomnia. Only sleeping about 2-4 hours a night and then with 6 hour days every 3 days or so. I’ve been trying not to take the Xanax and just the ambien. Is the a mistake? Please help the symptoms of high heart rate, muscle spasms, and poor thinking are very bad

12:57 am October 31st, 2017

Hi M
It sounds to me that you are experiencing benzo withdrawals from both the valium and the xanax. You will need to reduce very slowly but even that may not stop the withdrawals. I took 1.25 – 2.5 mg of valium on and off for 5 weeks prior to spinal surgery and when i stopped the week after surgery I experienced terrible withdrawals, including racing and pounding heart. I have a cardiac condition so my dr gave me Propranolol for the racing heart and it helps with that but it won’t help the confusion or muscle spasm. I have managed to reduce from 2mg to 0.375 mg and it has taken 4 months of slow taper but withdrawals still terrible. You need to see a medical professional who is knowledgeable about Benzo withdrawal symptoms, many medicos are not knowledgeable and can be downright dangerous, the first dr i saw wanted me to reduce from 2mg in a week, thankfully i didn’t listen and read the Heather Ashton manual instead. I consider all benzos as absolute poison and being on this crap has definitely impacted on my recovery from major surgery in a very bad way. You need a lot of support to get off this crap. Good luck

6:34 am October 31st, 2017

Hi M, You have been given one benzo to topple an other benzo and that is bad…It clearly hasn’t helped your situation in fact has made it worse … benzo’s are not the answer to anything ..they harm more than ever doing good…start to slowly taper off them and forget about the zanex..the problem’s that benzo’s cause are not worth it …taper off and tell your doctor to check out Professor Heather Ashton online…he should never have given them, he is another doctor that is clueless about the damage and harm..Insomnia is a typical one that many have during whithdrawal , no matter what you take a benzo for you will have many more symptoms that take a long time to heal than you did Initially…take a look at Benzo and ask to join..thousands there have been severly harmed by them and will help you with symptoms, because they have or have got them all…doctor’s don’t recognise the danger of these because they have not been taught this in med school..they are now reading PHA…and looking at BB… good luck ,

5:12 am November 1st, 2017

Hi Will, Yes you are a long time taker of them and tapering half a tablet a night is far too fast need to start with about a quarter of the tablet until you feel you can manage that amount alright then start with half , see how you feel and taper slowly, don’t cut anymore until you feel comfortable then cut to 3/4 of a tablet..carry on until you think you can cut a whole one ..this should take 4/6 months depending on the amount you took ..start again with another tablet and do the same …carry on until you are ready to jump…In the meantine Benzo Buddies and ask to join…the people will help you more there than anywhere as they have gone through the same as you and many have been as long as you taking them, look at the Professor Heather Ashton Manuel online.. It will help you much…good luck

9:56 am November 17th, 2017

My Dr has abruptly stopped diazepam 5mg daily after 20 years. My withdrawal symptoms are too much for me to deal with. i feel suicidal now, iv been 5 months sleeping 1.5 hours a night and im exhausted but my brain cant relax. Its like im dropping thru an elevator opening every 2 or 3 minutes. I cant find any help here in this small township. im also coping with morphine reduction withdrawals by 50% after 25 years and experiencing the most severe abdominal/pelvic cramping. please please help. Im at end of my rope. i dont think i can go on. Is there an end in sight for me.

2:20 am November 19th, 2017

Hi I have been told by the addiction prescribing service limited that if you withdraw slowly off diazepam you should not get withdrawal symptoms is this true? Also I have been 6 months on 1 mg lorazepam and they advised me to switch onto diazepam as longer lasting and to try 10 mg equivalent. Before lorazepam I had a solid 3 months of no sleep and severe aniexty. I still have aniexty and worry daily of how I can come off lorazepam I am also taking 300mg progablin, 20 mg proxetine, 10 mg amitripline. I would really appreciate a reply. Thank you Tanya

12:55 am November 21st, 2017

Hi Tanya, i was prescribed 2mg of valium for 5 weeks prior to spinal surgery in july for evere muscle spasm which was gripping my sciatic nerve and causing excruciating pain and have been withdrawing slowly since then with horrendous withdrawals even on a slow taper so i don’t believe the addiction precription service!! i am now withdrawing by 0.125mg every 3 weeks and am now down to 0.25mg daily and still horrendous withdrawals, so i would recommend only withdrawing from this toxic crap with a lot of support, however, you may be one of the luckier people. Good luck

6:32 am December 5th, 2017

Don’t ever think that valium withdrawal can’t kill you, i just had a stroke which my dr has attributed to my poor little old heart not coping with the rate of 160 bpm and BP of 180/110, resulting in arrythmias. I took 2mg a day for 4 weeks prior to surgery and have had horrific withdrawals since. I got down to 0.25mg daily and then stroked out, luckily I had great ER crew and am hoping to be ok however i still have to come off the 0.25mg and it’s feeling pretty scary right now as i’m expecting the severe withdrawals to hit any day. If this doesn’t prove that this is deadly stuff than nothing will.

8:16 am December 22nd, 2017

It has been 5.weeks.since my last dose of valium. The muscle.spasms, headache, out of control blood pressure, insomnia, night terrors, talking to the living and dead when I am sleep. I feel like I am losing my life and mind because of valium. Over five years of taking it.and no Dr. Said stop.taking it until this so called epidemic. I hate what it is doing. Totally bizarre and I am 62 young right now, aging every day. Help.

4:39 pm December 22nd, 2017

Are you completely out of everything? Did your Dr put you on some kind of taper program? Trust me I know how hard it is and I know what you’re going through..benzo withdrawal is hellish to say the least. With Xmas around the corner I imagine its even harder for you, Do not give up, you can beat this! If you have pills left you need to ration them and stick to whatever regiment you Dr. has outlined for you. Listen, educating myself was one of the only tools that made me feel better. Read “The Body Keeps the Score” by Besser Van Der Kolk. Do yoga if you can. Your brain has been rewired from years of Valium use, your entire mind is like a giant alarm right now you need to do some deep breathing. You’re not alone I’m 6 months clean and still battling. Anxiety doesn’t just go away and there is no cure all for it. You need to re-learn how to do basic everyday things like working in teams, collaborating with work associates and things like that in order to get a rip on your anxiety. Listen to what your body is telling you and try and put yourself in the moment. Stop telling yourself that “you cant do this” or “that this is forever”. People who’ve experienced some sort of trauma in their lives have a misconception of time. They believe that what they are feeling now will last forever and that’s simply not the case. Try not to let this consume you. Do things that make you happy like petting a dog or going for a walk because it helps lower cortisol levels in your blood.

I’m telling you that you can do this Michelle…and anybody else who is reading…. reach out to this post, I’ll be checking it religiously. If i can do it so can you.

“PMA” – Positive Mental Attitude

12:03 pm December 25th, 2017

I have been on valium for 10years and 3rd attempt coming off.cold turked twice .this time tapering from 15mg down to 11 ..I thought the other 2 attempts were bad but this is horrific.cant eat. or even take care of myself.what is scaring me the most is I have this really weird feeling in my head all time like tin of worms it’s scary.will my brain fully recover and are these feelings normal.

5:41 am January 11th, 2018

Im now 14 days after last grains of valium. I was on 2mg of xanax for 27 years. The withdrawals I’m going through are hell. My body is turning inside out. I’ve been Hallucinating for 3 months while I was cutting down 1/4 by 1/4 first of 5’s then of 2 mill.
I walk my dogs but find after the first 3/4 of an hour my legs turn to jelly and stop moving forward. I feel like I’m falling to one side or the other. Im in pain all over all pain is enhanced !
I want to go back on it. This is horrible. I keep wanting to take 50 or 100 mill to stop this!

3:25 pm February 6th, 2018

I took 2mg Valium every night for sleep for about a year. I work nights and have to get up early with my kids. The sleep was great when I was on Valium. I stopped taking 2 weeks ago. I don’t really have a problem falling asleep but I wake up after 4 hours and can’t fall back asleep. I feel more tired in the daytime than before. Also, I feel REALLY tense and anxious. Very nervous as well. The complete opposite of relaxed. Is this normal withdrawal symptoms? Is 2 weeks long enough? How long do I keep waiting? It was only 2mg at night. Any additional advice would be appreciated. Thank you


3:11 pm March 5th, 2018

Hi, I’ve been on valium for 3 years 10 mg daily. For a vestibular disorder. Weaning is 7.5 for 2 weeks, then 2.5 in am and 2.5 in the evening for 2 weeks, then 2.5 daily for 2 weeks, then a quarter for 2 weeks, then stop. Is this a good way to wean off? Thank you!

10:24 am March 15th, 2018

I was given diazepam for two weeks 2mg twice a day. The third to last day I took 6mg. As this was the day of a medical termination for health reasons and I was very panicked. Since I stopped taking them I feel horrendous. Can’t stop crying anxiety is bad can’t concentrate. Had suicidal thoughts due to how I feel. Just don’t enjoy anything. I am in withdrawal or suffering due to other issues. I suffer from antenatal depression hence why I had to terminate. I was 5 weeks 3 days, I feel OK about the decision as I have two children who need me a lot. I thought my hormones may babe stabilised a bit by now. I’m very scared.

12:56 am March 16th, 2018

As a nurse and someone who takes Valium for a chronic back injury and PTSD I do not believe these articles are based on pt centred care.
For chronic illness such as pain the diazepam is of great benefit as a muscle relaxant, stops spasms and referred back pain due to supporting and distributing back support, where muscles cease up and are felt like “eggs” across the non injured back.
As withdrawing, what is not explained well is irritation, physical symptoms which is a special kind of hell coming off suddenly.
Health professionals miss the obstacle and hesitation of pt’s who have tried and failed many times.
Most rehabilitation programs are cold, judgemental and soul destroying. I have never heard any pt stating to me that they want to grow up to become addicted. For whatever reason, they holistic approach to tailor individual care is missing.
Withdrawal from Diazapam should be streamlined to cater to individual tolerance. Reducing my 10mg Nocte dose took over 4 months, reducing the medication by small doses 2.5mg or 1/2 a tablet every couple of months. This minimised withdrawal symptoms greatly.
Most healthcare professionals forget when the withdrawal is completely withdraw from any prescription medication there is residual pain and flare ups, which makes this issue a continuous circle.
More accessibility to non medicinal access to non invasive ways to control chronic pain needs to be available and tailored to help patients manage and control residual pain. Currently access to pain clinics focus solely on trust, high staff turnover so report building and trust is constantly broken and the experience of judgmental healthcare workers are cold, off putting and traumatic. Patients are often labeled as “precious” or “non conforming” and yes patients circle the chronic pain cycle feeling unsupported.
Personally, this drug was by far the most difficult to withdraw from, with an 18 month wait to see a pain clinic which is solely reliant on withdrawal and not other helpful features.
We are taught multiple chronic illness is common, yet we treat patients appallingly.
More research with input from patients will keep the momentum of trying and adjusting to needs and situations would be beneficial and supportive of patients wishing to withdraw and manage withdrawal of diazapam.

3:40 am July 15th, 2018

I’ve been on 10mg of valium for 30 yrs while drinking. Can you suggest a safe taper?

9:03 pm August 1st, 2018

My doctor took me completely of valium and I had been on it 30mg a day for 20 years.. i immediately went into horrible withdrawals and kidney failure. At hospital they said I only had 24 hours to live. And she did it to me twice???? Both times cold turkey. Is this normal?

5:05 pm October 1st, 2018

I have detoxed from Diazapam after 50 years. Prescribed for epilepsy. Detoxed in 2002 and stayed on 2.5 mg as no longer had epilepsy. Also on zopiclone. Came of zopiclone 2015 on neurologist advice. Took me a year to recover. Then she suggested come off the 2.5 mg of Diazapam due to headaches. Went cold turkey ar 1 mg after 6 weeks nightmare was so ill body so week GP and psychiatrist said Inhad to go back on. My body twisted all ways ar first and the pain was tremendous could only take 0.25 at a time had to get up to 4mg per day this is so painful with the tugging in my head and body. Had to be cared for. Where can ai get help. Thanks.

10:32 pm October 2nd, 2018


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