Hydrocodone detection times

Hydrocodone doesn’t stay in your system long. Blood and urine tests probably won’t pick up hydrocodone if it’s been several days since last use. More on the detection window and drug testing for hydrocodone here.

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Hydrocodone is most likely to be found on a drug test if you’ve taken it within the last 24 hours. After that, the amounts in blood and urine are low enough that many labs won’t pick up on them.

Here, we’ll look more at how hydrocodone is metabolized and how it stays in various bodily systems. Keep in mind that hydrocodone narcotic addictive and can lead to side effects hydrocodone withdrawal, even when used as prescribed.

If you feel that you have lost control over your Norco use and drug seeking behavior, and want to get better…but you are worried about what happens when you finally seek help, you can learn more in this GUIDE on Norco (hydrocodone) addiction treatment programs and help. Your questions about hydrocodone use and detection are welcomed at the end.

Main hydrocodone uses

Hydrocodone is used to treat moderate to severe pain. Hydrocodone works by changing the way the body and brain respond to pain; it also affects the part of the brain that controls the coughing reflex, which is why it’s so useful in prescription cough syrups.

How do you take hydrocodone?

Hydrocodone is usually administered in pill form, and is only available in combination with other non-narcotic painkillers. These include acetaminophen, and aspirin. Sometimes hydrocodone is used as an active ingredient in cough syrups. However, hydrocodone is usually taken orally, both for medical and illicit purposes. Many people may take hydrocodone in combination with alcohol, which can be extremely dangerous and raises the risk of serious adverse effects.  And you should always take hydrocodone as prescribed.  Can you die from hydrocodone?  Yes, especially when you take hydrocodone more often, in higher doses or in ways other than prescribed (snorting, inhaling, injecting, etc.)

Peak levels and half life of hydrocodone

The half life for hydrocodone in the typical adult is just under 4 hours. In fact, hydrocodone reaches its peak level in the blood after about 1.3 hours. The amount in someone’s system will vary on the kind of medication they’ve taken: hydrocodone as a painkiller or anti-tussive cough medication.

Hydrocodone drug testing detection times

Hydrocodone is metabolized fairly quickly in the body. It’s difficult to detect hydrocodone in someone who isn’t a heavy or habitual user, especially after 24 hours or more. However, hair sample testing may detect the drug hydrocodone for up to a few months after the last dose. More on the types of drug testing for hydrocodone here.

Hydrocodone detection time in blood

Because of its short half-life, hydrocodone is unlikely to be detected in the blood after about 24 hours. A blood test would mostly be useful in cases of medical emergency, impaired driving, or any other situation where there’s reason to believe someone is currently under the influence of hydrocodone.

Hydrocodone detection time in hair

Hydrocodone can be detected in hair. Hair testing for hydrocodone can usually uncover substance abuse that occurred several weeks before, a time frame during which urine tests will no longer be accurate.

Hydrocodone detection time in urine

Hydrocodone reaches its peak concentration in urine after about 8 hours. At that point, levels of hydrocodone in urine begin to taper off. Depending on the dose taken, hydrocodone may only be detectable for 6-24 hours after taking the drug.

Hydrocodone and addiction

Like all opiate medications, hydrocodone is addictive. Hydrocodone addiction is characterized by drug craving, in spite of negative life consequences and even when the drug is out of your system. Even if you don’t get addicted to hydrocodone, users can easily develop a tolerance to hydrocodone, leading them to take hydrocodone in progressively larger doses to achieve original effect. Hydrocodone also fosters a physical dependence, even in people who are using it for legitimate medical reasons like pain management. People dependent on hydrocodone experience withdrawal when they lower dose or stop taking hydrocodone completely. Hydrocodone cannot be stopped abruptly without causing cravings and physical side effects and you should always detox from hydrocodone under medical supervision.

Problems with hydrocodone?

If you think that you have a problem with hydrocodone, you probably do. If you’re addicted to narcotics, there are support groups and medical treatments available to help. If you’re a patient with a hydrocodone prescription and you’re having to take large doses for pain relief, speak to your doctor about adjusting your dosage or trying a different medication. If you’ve developed and dependence on the drug, but want to quit, your doctor can help you slowly wean yourself from the drug.

Hydrocodone detection questions

Do you still have questions about the detection time for hydrocodone or how long hydrocodone stays in your system? Please leave your questions here. We try our best to answer all legitimate questions about hydrocodone with a personal and prompt response.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I took 9 pills of 5/325 at 5:30am. I had a urine test at 1pm to see the levels in my urine. I weigh 148lbs and am a 43 year old woman. My daily max dose is 6 pills. What will the urine test show?

  2. In my last 2 drug screens Norco (hydrocodone) did not show up in my urine. The RX was written take 1 tab 2 x daily PRN for severe pain. I take at least 1 tab a day sometimes 2 times like RX says to depending on the severity of my pain that day. Some days I don’t take any. I know when I had the tests done I took it like instructed. So why isn’t it showing up? I don’t understand why it didn’t. Can you please explain to me why?

  3. I took 1 hydrocodeine at 6:00 pm and it’s the only time since February of last year! I had a UA done at 11:00 am today
    Will it be detected?

  4. Please help. I’m sorry to say I had a weak day. I am on suboxone program, but I just injested 140 mg of Hydrocodone. I’m so sorry to admit to this. I actually want to just tell my doctor but afraid that he may send me to rehab and I have 3 small children. When will my urine ever test negative again. Sincerely, never touch again.

  5. I am taking Norco 10/325, 3 or 4 a day.
    Recent urine tests are showing a false negative. I have recently started taking Metolazone 2.5mg, 1 a day, also Lasix (Furosimide) 20Mg 2 a day.
    Normally I take all medication first ting in the morning along with 2 norco’s. Other Norco’s are a lunch then dinner.
    Would the Diaretics be the reason for false negatives???

  6. i am in pain management for my knee and back. i do not take any kind of pain meds except for tylenol. i fell and wrenched my back and twisted my knee. i took a hydrocodone at about 8 pm. the next morning i was called up for a random drug test at 4 pm. what are the chances i’ll pass? i am extremely stressed over this.

  7. I have a drug test ua I take 10/325 Norco and live in CA but I have a prescription from pain dr can they fire me?

  8. I dont take hydrocodone but i was hurting the other night and took half of one around 10pm then the other half 3am. Next morning i had to take a drug test for work at 1pm. Do u think it would show up?

  9. I took norco 10/325 I took ten over a 5 day period it’s been 20 days and tommrow I have 12 panel drug test will it show up in my urine . I’m back on my normal stuff now Nuysenta and oxycodone 4 a day me taking left over norco I’m worried about

  10. I hope this helps ease your mind..
    Hydrocodone reaches its peak concentration in urine after about 8 hours. At that point, levels of hydrocodone in urine begin to taper off. Depending on the dose taken, hydrocodone may only be detectable for 6-24 hours after taking the drug.

  11. If you took a one time dose of half a hydrocodone pill, would that show up in a urine or swab test four days later?

  12. I was told I can take hyrocodone 8 hour before work 12 hrs later I I’m taking a test , will hyrocodone be detectable 10 mg of hydrocodone

  13. I’ve been taking 10/325. for years as I’m on a pain management contract. My question is, with being a regular user of norco, how long does it stay in my system? Thank you

  14. Taking 7.5mg hydrocodone post one surgery, but need to do a drug test for job starting 3/12. Have been on hydrocodone since 1/17/18 post surgery. When would it be safe to take the drug test and not have it positive for hydrocodone?

  15. I consumed 20mg of hydrocodone at 6pm on 1/29/2018 and have a unexpected urinalysis at 830am on 1/31/2018 what’s the chance of it showing up in the screening? It’s been more than a year since the last time I consumed hydrocodone.

  16. I had a dot drug screen Monday and Friday was the last time I took 2 narco 10 mill will it show up as a positive drug screen I was taking them for about 4 days

  17. Hello I took 2 10/345 Hydrocodone pills at 2pm on Saturday. I might get tested on Monday at 930am. I’m 24 year old about 160pds. I’ve been drinking water cranberry juice and taking charcoal pills on top of vitamin c. Do you think I’ll pass?

  18. I took 5 10mg loratbs. Clinic said a week or so later it showed up. Impossible I didn’t take once they said to stop. How’s this possible? Am I getting railroaded? Thanks for reply.

  19. I’ve taken one (some times two norco tens) everyday for the last two months for major headache (not my prescription). I’m on the heavier side and not very active. How long should I stop taking them before they leave my system for a uriene test? Thanks

  20. As for hydrocodone, what is the metabolite and do most labs look for that or the hydro itself? If so how far back can the metabolite be detected in the urine?


  22. Okay so if I took a quarter of a hydrocodone 10 and then get a sweat patch drug test put on my arm 5 hours later will it show up traces when they take eye patch off and send it to the laboratory I never take the stuff so I was just wondering can you please answer me

  23. If u take a quarter of a hydrcodone 10 an 5 hours later get a sweat patch drug test put on your arm will it show up an I never take them so my system isn’t use to it.?????

  24. Ive been taking hydrocodone almost 2 years following a double mastectomy. Now i need to give urine sample before i get my prescription each month. I also take numerous meds for my cancer, blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, cholesterol and leg cramps (tramadol). My urinalysis comes back negative each time. Why? I take tramadol and hydrocodone every night and most mornings. Why am i still negative? Pain management is ready to cancel me from the program. I’m at a loss and will surely hurt if cancelled. Help please.

  25. I was prescribed hydrocodone for pain in my legs. It’s getting so bad to the point where it’s hard to carry my 8 month year old daughter. I really don’t want to take any pills, but If the pain gets so bad that I have to take them, will it be safe if I’m breastfeeding? That’s my main concern.

  26. I took 16 10/325 hydrocodones today. I don’t understand how the 1/2 life thing works. How many hours would It take until I could pass a urine drug test. I am 160 lbs and workout some but have a lot of fat. If the 1/2 life is 4 hours and I times that by 16, I get 64 hours. I add 8 hours for the original effectiveness and I get 72 hours. Does that sound correct?

  27. I am a paraplegic and have a lot of back pain mostly due to UTIs. But as I’m growing older it seems that I have more pain and it happens every day and I Have Become lacks in cooking and doing things around the house. It makes me depressed. Lately I’ve had to take a10 Norco at least once daily. I always fear that I won’t become addicted. Is taking one a day too much? I had to take more than one a day last week because I had abscess teeth that had to be pulled. Am I addicted?

  28. If i havent took no hydrocodone pills in a week..will i be clean cause im with the suboxone program..and my doctor gives random drug test (unrine) …but the readon i took the hydrocodone in the first place was cause i had a allergic reaction to SOMETHING..and my whole body was in pain…i need to know if i will be clean im worried. Thanks

  29. I took a one M365 pill which is 5mg hydrocodone and 365 mg acetaminophen on Tuesday night and 2 Wednesday noon. I drank alot of water Thursday night through Saturday. I had to take a DOT drug screen on Sunday morning at 9 am. Do you think i will pass the test?

  30. i go to a pain clinic every month , i get 60 hydroscodone 5mg/ 325 s, i take 1.5 every every evening, between 8 pm and 10 pm, when they do the urine test they say it doesnt show much like it should ,is there a reason for this?

  31. I have taken t fr two day t S the 20th and my appt with the pain clinic is the 27. I have no Percocet left except for the one before I go. When should I stop the Norco? I’ve had 3 back surgeries with a multi-level fusion. I weigh 150 but I do have fat on me. Please I need some help

  32. If you are prescribed 120 hydrocodone/acetaminophen 10’s and you only take one every 6 hours by September 28, will I have enough in my system if I took 30 within those days and still be able to receive my script[t/?

  33. My wife is on 5, 10/325 Norco’s a day She had an urine test done on 8/28/17 and she received a letter yesterday saying that she is dismissed because she failed the test. She has lower back pain bad even by taking them and now since they will not see her again, what will become of her at 67 years of age and in really bad health and have major surgery in 2015 that almost took her away. She has been on them from the mid 90’s and by taking five a day it should have shown up at the least. They send the test to Florida which is, depending on what city about 9 to 12 hours and being left in the office for 20 or more before sending it off could that be a factor or not? She has to take atorvastatin 40mg, warfarin sod 4mg, and isosorbide monontrate daily and have her IRN checked every other week. Any help with this and how bad could the withdrawal be on her after taking them for 22 years?

  34. Took one 10mg hydrocodone at 2am, 5 mg at 4:45 am, 1000 mg Boswellia at 7:45am. Urinalysis with GS/ML shows NO detectable levels of hydrocodone in my urine collected at 9am. Why would that be?

  35. I took one hydrocodone-acetemenophen 5-325 tablet at 8:30 am on 9/2/17 for severe back pain and spasms. I never take this kind of pain medication, it has been years since I have taken hydrocodone. How long will it be detectable in a urine test?

  36. I last took 3 10mg oxycodone with the last dose at 730pm on Thursday. It was the last of my pills. I had a surprise drug screen on Tuesday morning at 9am. Will it show up on the screen? I’m worried they’ll cut me off. I run out sometimes 6 to 7 days early. I take this medication for breakthrough pain. I take Tramadol ER as my everyday.

  37. I am in a sober living, here narcotics aren’t suppose to be taken, I recently took about 5-6 5/325 norcos, when should I stop taking them if I want to pass the drug test, and I don’t get in trouble and kicked out? I THINK, it’s a 5 panel, HELP PLEASE!!

  38. I would like to know if I take a drug test on Thursday, and it’s Tuesday and I need to pass it, when should I stop taking it, I just started taking it, and don’t normally take it, when should I stop taking it to pass the drug test? I take about 40mg a day? Any suggestions?

  39. I am currently taking Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen 5-325 and taking nothing else. When I took a UA it should up positive for oxycodone, why did that happen?

    1. Hi Brenda. It depends on the drug test that was taken. High levels of hydrocodone may show up as oxycodone if they use the 10 panel test. You can request that your test sample is sent the lab to get exactly what’s in the drug screen.

  40. What can cause a false negative the pain doc said my wife should range between 3000 and 5000 her score was 50 almost non exsistant? My wife takes 4 7.5 hydrocodone daily

  41. My wife takes 4 hydrocodone (7.5) daily same time every day, her state drug test showed only (50) the doctor said the range is 3000 to 5000. What could cause this?

  42. I have taken 10 mg hydrocodone every four hours six a day four years from three shoulder replacement one done twice did not realize the addiction I’m two months now without it really sucks and I wish I could sue the pharmacy i’m better but I still get hit I have good days last longer but still get bad days can’t do nothing I advise never ever do the stuff take the pain

  43. I have taken 10 mg hydrocodone every four hours six a day four years from three shoulder replacement one done twice did not realize the addiction I’m two months now without it really sucks and I wish I could sue the pharmacy i’m better but I still get hit are you good days last longer but still get bad days can’t do nothing I advise never ever do the stuff take the pain

  44. Taking Norco 60 mg for seven years For chronic pain.

    Doctors taking it away from me. Have a urine test tomorrow s
    hould be off 30 mg I’m only off 20mg.

    Are the test that accurate?

  45. I have two prescriptions for hydrocodone 5/325 18 in each that are back from 2015 i never needed them but recently i have an now have a pre-union drug test hair an pee are they still valid to use or am i screwed

  46. I take hydrocodone 7.5 4 times a day and have for several months, if I quite taking them how long does it take to be out of my system. I have a pre employment drug test coming up on 7/18 which is wendsday and don’t know if my prescription will cost me the job or not. Please help

  47. My husband fell off a ladder at work 3 years ago, and is prescibed 10/325 Norco, 5 per day.
    He is going in for a pre-employement drug screening and he is worried that he will test positive and not get the job.
    Will he test positive? Will he be ok if he brings his presciption in with him to the drug screening?


  49. I had a surprise drug test at my doctors office when I went to pick up my script. I have been on hydrocodone for 4+years. 120 7.5mg tablets for 30 day supply. Recently due to opiod epidemic and new policies my doctor has to decrease the dosage by ten each month and refer me to pain specialist. My last script was 100 tablets for 30 days. Dosage directions are 1 tablet every 6 hours AS NEEDED. I took 1 tablet Monday at noon. tablets through out day on tuesday and 1 tablet on wednesday at noon. Went to get my script on thursday at 930am and was urine tested. I tested positive for my adderall which I am to take 1 30mg tablet twice a day but negative for opiates. Was told they were sending it out to lab. Today I had to go in and ask for results as noone contacted me. They said that results were indecisive. When I questioned them what that meant the said that i came back with 0 being my number for they hydrocodone. How is this possible???? I understand about the abuse of prescription drugs and would not be arguing or trying to understand if I was wrong but I know what I took and when and cant understand this. Now I am not able to get either prescription(neither of which should be stopped on the spot). From my research and the anount of time I was on them just stopping could cause serious medical problem. I have seen that hydrocodone is metabolized rather quickly anyway(from my research depending on things like tolerence, metabolism dosage to name a few it may only be detected 6-24hours depending on the individual) and the adderall speeds up your metabolism. Could the adderall have had an effect on how long the hydrocodone was present??? Noone at the office seems to be able to explain this. If i had anything to hide or not hide so to speak I would have left and not taken the test and just got an automatic failure but that is not the case. I am 33 years old 5’3″ and 130 lbs. I have always had a high metabolism my entire life to the point it was hard for me to put any weight on until I had my 2 children. Even after my 2nd child I had lost all pregnancy weight in 3 weeks. Please help me understand this. Thanks

  50. I have taken a hydrocodone on tuesday but i have a UA on Monday i am scared i may come out dirty but im not addicted i jus have bad back pain an no insurance. Will i become clean by then?

  51. T,

    I’ve had similar problems with that one & klonopin. I take 10/325 for cancer. The other for insomnia. The Klon wasn’t showing yet I was taking. Sometimes the hydrocodone wasn’t showing yet I was taking. It turns out, klonopin will not metabolize like other benzos so testing for that in urine is worthless at this date so a blood test is needed as half the pop will test negative. A lot of doctors don’t seem to know it. Mine does now. As for the hydro, that depends on your body & each body is different. Do you notice it tends to help your pain rather quickly yet won’t last too long?

    Best thing you can do is write the time down when you take the med & take it 3 hours before you know you will be tested just to make them happy. It is more likely to show in their primitive testing at 3 hrs after. Peak is 6 hrs but for someone like you or me our systems seem to be pushing it out a lot faster which means 3 hrs. It means it might not be detectable in our systems at 6 hrs so be sure to time it so if appt is 2pm, test 2:30p, you took that last one at 11:30a aprox. Many of us are getting blamed for very strange things. I’m over 50. I’ve never done an illegal drug in my life. I take my meds right & I don’t drink. I’ve never had any addiction problem & have a real medical problem needing various meds yet I always feel as if am being accused of something wrong. I don’t like it at all. I’m close to getting an attorney and am working on a book about this problem.

  52. I take prescription hydrocodone 5/325 and I am tested by urinalysis each month by my doctor. For some reason it’s not showing up and my doctor assumes I am not taking it as prescribed. What can be happening? I take it every 12 hours.

  53. For the last couple months I’ve aquire Norco/hydrocodone, between 5-10 mg. & occasionally 5 mg generic Percocet. I’ve taken no more than 1 a day maybe 4-5 days a week, if available. I have awful joint pain due to arthritis and I also suffer from recently acquired Neuropathy..I’m Hep-C postive, but not chronic. Will that hinder a clean urine? I need to test clean on urine test in 7 days. I intend to have a serious discussion with my long time physican about any options I have. I take the addiction I have with opiates extremely serious and I am more concerned about a LP lost on you. I just need to get my life back and get a clean urine and keep it that way. Thank you for your time

  54. I took 2 7.5 hydrocodone pills yesterday and 1 today – i received a phone call about a new job & have to do a urine drug screen in the morning – the pills are actually my sister’s rx, I twisted my knee slipping down the steps – I used ice etc – what is the likelyhood of the meds showing up in my urine? I could tell them I took them – from my sisters rx? yikes –

  55. My son & law took 2.5 mg for pain 2 months ago my daughter is a nurse and gave it to him without prescription would one small dose show up in a hair test?

  56. a friend took a few hydrocodone about every Two weeks or so but hasn’t taken any in about a month… Will it be detested in a hair test now.he has a prescription.

  57. if a person takes 3 pills of hydrocodone every day, but it didn’t show up in the urine test. How the person can demonstrate that has been taken it?

    thank you, for your help.

  58. I have been trying to find a real answer but have been unable to find one for my question.So my question is I am prescribed oxycodone but I was out of town working and I took a loratab 5mg with my other medication I only took that one loratab because i asked for a ibeprufen but was handed that and took it with out looking and just found out it was loratab 5mg but i have been taking my oxy as prescribed how long will the loratab be detected in a urine test

  59. I had a pain doc do a urine test today. I had a 7.5 around 5 am and the drug test was at 10am. I don’t always take as many as prescribed because of different levels of pain. Can he detect this?

  60. If I took one hydrocodone 5 325 and I’ve only taken the one in five days will I pass a drug test 48 hours from now? I’m fit and drink alot of water if that helps

  61. I have chronic back pain and took 10 mg of norco on Monday, I had a surprise drug test on Friday around 10 am, I weigh about 240 pounds not too much body fat and drank plenty of water, what are the odds this will show on the test after four days?

  62. I drive tractor trailer which requires Class A commercial license with federal medical certification in Wisconsin. I am prescribed one 10mg vicoden after work and allowed one more at bedtime if taken 4hours after my first dose and 12hours before I drive truck again. I was issued Federal medical certification. However, I am unable to find a straight answer on what Wisconsin considers drugged driving. I weigh 160 5’8″ tall. Example I took my dose exactly 12 hours ago start driving and right out of the parking lot I get rear ended then have to take post accident urine test. Will I be considered DUI/DWI? Are there and dection levels required to be charged as DWI for vicoden or would any dection be enough to bring charges?

  63. I took 3 hydrocodones yesturday and one this morning around ten would that be in my syatem to pass the drug test for pain management thats all im asking please let me know thanx

  64. I took a pain pill a few weeks ago. I had back spasms, took the pill, then THREW UP a few hours later. I was then, a few days later, contacted by a potential employer for a hiring session. They did a hair sample drug test. I don’t smoke, rarely drink and DEFINITELY don’t do ANY type of narcotic. Will that one time of me taking a pain pill negatively affect my hair follicle drug test?

  65. I took 30 mg of hydracodone and have a 7 panel urine test in 2 days. I am not a user of the medication all the time but have used for the last 5 days what are your suggestions for detoxing my body. I know I can drink lots of water and green tea? I’m 5’2 and 120 lbs.

  66. If i suppose to take 4 7.5 loratab 4x a day and ran out and i take 2 10 loratab before urine test can they tell that i havent took 7.5 the whole month

  67. Hello, My Pain Management doctor has me take a urine test every month. I’ve been taking Hydrocodone/Acetamin 10/325, twice a day. When my urine test came back, my Hydrocodone/Acet showed ‘Negative’ and Hydromorphone ‘Positive’. My doctor thinks that I’m not taking my medication or it is not working, when in truth I am taking it and it is helping minimize my pain. I am not taking Hydromorphone and never have. How can I talk with my doctor about this, I don’t think he believes me anymore and that’s not fair, since trust is so important between doctor and patient. Please help, am at wits end. Thanks for your assistance.

  68. I took 1 5m hydrocodone 23 hours ago and had to give a urine sample for drug court. Will it show up on the urine test?

  69. Quick question, I have a drug screen on weds at 2:00. I took one lorcet Saturday night around 10:30 or so. I don’t ever take these, this is the first time I’ve taken one in about a year. Should it be out of my system by weds? This is a standard five panel drug screen in a cup. Not sent to a lab. Thank you

  70. Hi, I need some help and have a couple of questions. I have several things wrong with me and go to pain management. I am prescribed 5mg norcos for three times a day. I have passed all of my urine tests so far. After reading several sources on the internet, it seems hydrocodone is very hard to understand and has a crazy window of detection, that is hard to understand. Some sources say it stays in urine for 2-4 days and others say it can only be detected from 6- 24 hours after use. I don’t understand why there is such a gap. It would be hard to understand how the drug wouldn’t show up only 6 hours after use. It just doesn’t seem accurate. My question is if I took one 5mg norco, which is 5mg of hydrocodone and then 10 hours later, took a urine test ,would I pass? I believe I should, and if so, how much of the drug would be shown in my system? For example, at 5:10 am I took just one 5mg hydrocone and then I had a urine test at 3:00 Pm.It just seems so confusing to me the window of detection times for hydrocodone. Someone please give me honest, truthful and accurate information as possible. I appreciate it! Thank you! Love Kelly!

  71. I am prescribed Norco 5/325 mg TID. So.etimes I have to take 2 at once in the morning to co gr8 pain and be able to move and then my last dose later in day. Will this affect .y blood levels ifphysician does drug test ing even though I still only take 3 a day

  72. I normally take 4 30 mg oxycodone every day, down from 10. My medcheck is in 3 days and I’m almost out of oxy because my knee went out and I used a few extra. I have some old hydocodone and want to take 1-3 per day for the next 2 days just to help with withdrawal. Will it show in my urine if I have a test on my appointment day? I also have 1 30mg oxycodone left for the last day/appointment day. I will drink lots of water, too. Also have Xanax. Thanks for reading this, hope u can advise.

  73. I take 7.5 mg of hydrocodone(also has acetaminophen 325 mg) after dinner every day as prescribed by my doctor.Di you think I will flunk a drug test for Amazon for a job I’m trying to get? Thanks…

    1. Hi Dianne. You can report that you are on the medication and provide a doctor’s note confirming that before the drug test is performed. They usually ask you whether you are on any medications anyway. You are OK as long as you are not abusing the medication – which you are not since it’s prescribed.

      Good luck with getting your news job!

  74. Hi I took 4 7.5 and 2 3.5 vics today and I have a ua Thursday I am around 125-130 lbs and I don’t sweat much naturally how long will it take for me to be clean for my ua?

  75. I will have two take a hair test that is typical a 90 day test, I took about two 5mg and one 10 5mg lorcett in one Saturday night, I never take them, but have to take a test in about two a a half months,for a really good job,with two or three pills show up..

  76. My doctor requires regular urine testing to make sure my prescribed vicodin 10/325 Norco is in my system. He informed me that I tested NEGATIVE last month.
    My question is this:
    How SOON after taking vicodin is it visible in urine tests?
    If the medication was taken only a couple (2 hrs) hours before the urine test, will it show up?
    ALSO: How often are urine drug tests incorrect? Is there a percentage for how often there are false negatives or positives?

    Thank you for your help!

  77. Hi,
    Took a 5/325 Hydrocodone tablet for pain at 11pm on a Saturday night and was randomly drug tested on Monday morning at 1130 a.m, Will i come up positive?

  78. I took 3 norco 10s on Tuesday. I have a probation urine test on Friday. I use to be a heavy user and last week did a system flush with a quick flush system. Do you think these three pills will show up in test? Last one was at 730 Tuesday evening and test around 10 or so Friday morning

  79. I have a prescription for Hydrocodone for chronic back pain. I have to go in to see the Dr to take a urine test to be able to keep getting my prescription. I try to only take them when I am having pain because I don’t want my tolerance to go up so that they remain effective without having to take more. If I am having a really bad day, I will take 1 1/2, but usually only take 1 every 8 hrs. My concern is that when I go in for a urine test, I want to make sure they can see that I am taking them and not selling them. If I take one the day of the test, will they be able to detect it? Thanks, John

  80. I took 2 Norco 7.5s at around 9 pm last night, I have to drug test within the next couple hours, how can I pass this test?

  81. I take Norco 10/325 90 a month, and work 80 hours a week, ,I am a pastor. My newish doctor is freaking about the new eyes on opiates, and in Jan 18 I got my script so on Feb 16 I called doc office, she said they are doing it different, you have to come in every month. I said I will be right . She said the soonest will be 22nd. But that will be 5 and a half days, and it wont show . I go in on teh 22nd, and on the 13th of this month 9 days before my next appointment doc says no norco in urine I wont write you. He said Noprco shows for 10 days. WHAT? I tol;d him no it does not, just refer me to pain doc please, but now I have researched this, and I am going to give him one more chance. He is guilty of several things. BUT is there something I am missing? DOES it show for 10 Days???

  82. If someone is taking one or two 5MG or 7.5mg of hydrocodone a day how high will the levels be in urine? I have a prescription for these medicines but am concerned about the levels that will be reported for a forensic urinalysis.

  83. I took a 10 milligramLortab a couple of weeks ago i had a prescription from the dentist in my med cabnet i onlt took one after twisting my ancle cani pass a hair test im not a abuser what can i do should I worry bout i

  84. I have finally agreed to go to a pain clinic. I have some serious health issues and was supposed to be in a wheelchair 7 years ago. I’ve been taking 4-10 Lortab 10s a week for the last 5 years, depending on money and pain level. I haven’t had anything since Friday and go to this clinic on this Friday. I’ve already been told they are going to do blood and urine. Today has been HORRIBLE with pain so bad it took me almost 45 minutes just to get out of bed. Am I wasting my time? I know pain relief is just a phone call away. If I’m going to fail their tests anyhow, why in the world am I curls up in a ball suffering?

  85. I take 10mg of hydrocodone 3 times a day doc prescription but he thinks I am not taking it because it don’t show in blood drug test. now he wants to cut me off what is the reason it don’t t to another place paid for test marshow in test.also it shows barbituates witch I don’t take I took test mar 1st at doc. and I could not believe it so I went to another place paid for a test and it was the same
    please help if you can

  86. I do cocaine occasionally and crack and I was taking Vicodin how long before out of my system so I could do a urine test

  87. A friend had given me several 5mg methadone for pain approximately 6-7 days prior to a urine drug screen for a job. However I was prescribed hydrocodone 4 days prior to the drug test for a dnc procedure I had. Therefore my drug test came up positive for hydrocodone and was sent away to a lab. Fortunately I did have a legit prescription for the hydrocodone but my concern is that with further testing in a lab the methadone show up. This is my question to you. Will the methadone show up even if it didn’t show on urine test??? I really need this job! Thsnk you

  88. I take Vicodin 10-325 four times a day and every time I take a urine test it shows that there is no Vicodin in my system. How can that be? It makes me mad that it looks like I dont take my medication. Can my body matabolise vicodin that quick?

  89. I have a drug test on Wednesday aandt 9am like a idiot took atless 8 hydrocodone 10/325 last one was around 8pm what’s the chances it will not show up? This is for a job and the prescription was over a year old when I had dental work and I’m almost shore he won’t take that in consideration

  90. I was prescribed Norco 5/325 for shingles pain. I took about 20 over a period of 9 days, the last being one yesterday afternoon. The doctor has changed my prescription to Gabapentin, which interacts with hydrocodone. Is it safe to start that today or do I need to wait? I’m in quite a lot of pain, but I don’t want a bad reaction.

  91. I’m on u.5 have been for 6 years Im in pain mangement I missed app but I had some ran out Friday and I found 3 in my med planner I’m afraid if I take th I will get tested wed. And get kicked out

  92. U/A on Thursday.
    If i took a couple of hydrocodone today (Saturday) will it be detected?
    Horrible cramps. Ibuprofen not cutting it.
    Haven’t taken hydrocodone in months prior.
    Thanks in advance.

  93. I take hydrcodone 5/325 twice a day for pain. With the weather change i started taking more. I ran out of my meds 2 weeks early and ended up having a random saliva test that said i had no levels of my meds. Could it be out of my system or could it be because it was a saliva test

  94. I take norco off and on ..I have taken 10 in past two days. I have a urine drug screen done my mass spectrometer in 5 days. Will it show up.

  95. I accidentally took cough syrup with hydrocodone and had to take a drug test 40 hours later, it was a urine drug test, I am currently on oxycodone and I am wondering if it will show up

  96. I need to test positive on a urine test i only took a half of a tablet of 10 mgs of hydrocodone will it come out positive an i took it 3hrs before test?

  97. I might have a urine test for work Monday… I snorted five hydros 7.5 mg …and today may do the same…Monday afternoon would hydro show up on my test if I drink tons of water on Sunday and Monday and don’t touch any those two days?

  98. Short and simple here but I have a drug test on Monday the 5th of December. I snorted a half of a hydro 7.5 today around 11:30am. This was the first one in WEEKS that I’ve had… My question is will this be out of my system before Monday since I didn’t take it orally? And if it’s not is there anyway to get it out of my system by then? Since I’m not prescribed hydros the judge won’t be pleased if it’s seen in my system.

  99. If I took 20 mgs of hydrocodone in the last 24 hours how long will it take to pass a UA? I am 41yrs old and weigh about 160pounds.

  100. Hi I took half of a 7.5 mg of hydrocodone Monday evening around 10:00. I have a drug test Wednesday morning at 9:00. Will my urine be clean ?

  101. I take 500/325 twice a day. I fell and hurt myself and took 4 in a day instead of just 2. I have to take a urine test at my pain doc in about 36 hours and DONT want her to think in abusing my medication. What is my chance of my urine drug test being normal?

  102. I have been taking Norco 10mg, 3 times a day as prescribed. If I stopped taking them sat would they still show up in my urine Monday morning

  103. If a person take hydrocodone on a Saturday and had a random drug test on Tuesday morning would it caused a positive test result

  104. Well i took one hydrocodone pill (7.5) about a month ago and i had a old prescription for it when i had minor surgery months ago.Now i habe to take a drug test for a custody battle amd I’m afraid it gonna show up.Will it still show if I only took one over a month ago.

  105. Hi! Does a urine test specify whether hydrocodone or dilauded was injested or do both drugs show up positive for hydromorphone and doesn’t specify whether it’s hydrocodone or dilauded.Thanks for your help!

  106. When given a urine test,will the test be able to decipher whether it was hydrocodone or dilauded that was ingested?I’m aware both drugs metabolize as hydromorphone.thanks ?

  107. Hi! I am going to my pain clinic this evening and I’m a little worried. I was aching so badly that I took my hydrocodone a couple of nights when I shouldn’t have so that made me short this month. I took one at 6:00 this morning. I was thinking of taking 2 at 10:00 or 11:00 this morning so it will show up on my urine test this evening at 3:00? I need for it to show up so they will know I’m taking them correctly. Thank you so much.

  108. I don’t take pills but I just had dental work done and I have a hydro 10mg. I have a drug test Wednesday at 10:30am for a job. Will I pass?

  109. I had a hair folicle test done yesterday 10/25 I did one hydrocodone on August 8th will it show up on the hair folicle test.

  110. Okay guys to those of you wondering if hydrocodone will show up on a urine test here is my story. two days ago i took 10mg of hydrocodone and was worried it will show up in a 6 panel dip stick urine test. I first bought a urine test at walmart and i came up negative. i decided to test myself because my freedom depends on it. If i failed the home test kit i would have made sure i had an accident and drove off the road without involving innocent people in the scheme. Its that serious lol. Anyways when i took the 6 panel dipstick urine test at pre trial services i PASSED! i think there is alot of confusion about the detectable times and i believe i know why. When you research online i have found different time frames because NOBODY discloses the specific test given. what i mean is that if your only taking a 6 panel dip stick test without it being sent to a lab you will PASS if 48 hours have lapsed. Now that being said if that urine sample was sent out to a lab im sure you will FAIL because a lab is more extensive in testing. I dont know about the saying that hydrocodone is not an opiate it is an opiod argument so it will not show up. my feeling is that to be safe assume it is an opiate. I cannot gaurantee my claims will be true for you but it was for me. Again if you know the urine wont be sent to a lab you will be fine in 48 hours. I recomend buying a at home test to be sure if your freedom depends on it because if you fail that then make sure you dont even take the test somehow.

  111. I took 3 10/325 narcos on monday 9-30 at 2pm i have a drug test on 10-5 at 8:15am will i pass i havent taken them in months

  112. Hello! My sister have me, what I thought was a Tylenol, but it was acetaminophen/hydrocodone 5/325 for my migraine. How long does this drug stay in the system/urine? She gave this to me on a Thursday morning, would I be clean a week later?

  113. My 14 year old daughter had complications from surgery and uses tramadol and vicodin for pain. She always takes 2 tramadol avday, ALWAYS, sometimes three. And vicodin she is allowed one a day but only takes it when she really needs it. She last had vicodin when she was in the hospital on Friday, so three days ago. But today at her dr, her drug test came back negative. That’s not even possible as she really takes her medicine. So now her urine test gets sent out for further tests. My question is one, HOW does she possibly have a negative test? And two, will the test they are sending out detect her medicine and show she is taking her medicine, so we will be able to get her prescriptions? I’m stressing bc I don’t understand how this even happened,

  114. If I took 5mg of hydrocodone only once how will it show up on a hair drug test? Can they tell it was used once or will it just show I used it and they can interrupt it as abuse? I took it once for pain now I have to go for a pre employment drug screen

  115. I took one of my wife’s hydro codons pills 5mg I believe. The first time I ever took one in over 20 yrs for pain. It was taken 8 hrs ago will this show up on a pre employment drug screen after 24 hours?

  116. I have a script for hydrocodone 10mg/500 I take as needed. I recently had to take a urine test for my doctor. I had taken one the night before and that morning. My appt. Was 12:30 when I took the urine test it didn’t show anything. I explained to her I had taken them she refused to write any more scripts for this reason. She didnt believe I was taking them. I was very ill and have a very high tolerance to medication. Could this be a factor? I honestly don’t abuse or sell my medication. Why did this not show on my urine test?

  117. I am prescribed from Pain Management Center norco 7.5/325 2 times a day for 30 days for bulging disk and herniated disk. I don’t need to take it twice a day everyday but there comes a time when my appointment is coming up and I sometimes get dropped to see that I’m taking the right dose so they could continue prescribing the strength and quantity. there for 5 days before every appointment I stick to the prescribed agreement and never been flagged for not following doctors order. My question is how many days before appointment should I take this medicine to be on the safe side in case they want to collect urin to check on my levels in order to continue treating me?


  119. I don’t take hydrocodone everyday but I took one 5 mg 30 min to an hour before urine test and it did not show up can you explain why

  120. I haven’t taken any hydrocodone in 5 days. I was prescribed it for the previous 7-8 years but only took 1-2 -10mg tablets as needed for pain. naturally I had some saved and was taking them as needed for pain. Is this still detectable if I’m urine screened for a new job? Mostly what I’m reading is the longest detection times are 1-6 days after the last dose.

  121. How did hydrocodone after one dose in hospital show up in my urine ten days later I can’t take this drug makes me very sick doctor gave me wrong medicine and now they say it showed up ten days later how is that possible

  122. Hi my name is pamela i have been having gum surgery for past 2 months i was given norco 10/325 i probably took a total of 16 a month so total of 32 in a 60 day period i still have over 50 left which i flush anyways i have a real good job offer and i was told they do hair testing . im wondering if the norco is in my hair and how i can get it out. Or should i just be honest about my gum surgery. I still would like to know how long it would stay in my hair and if theres something i could do to get it out .Thanks, Pamela.

  123. I recently had neck surgery. I took my prescribed hydrocodone with acetaminophen 10 325 tablets. I took 1 tablet Monday night before bed, 1 Tuesday night before bed, and one Wednesday before a drug test via blood. Will it show up?

  124. I have a question I hope you can answer I took one hydracodone pill about 4 days ago I have to take a toenail drugtest in 10 days will it show up

  125. I took three Lortab 7.5s Sunday the third one between 6-7:00. I have a urine test Wednesday morning. Will they show in the test?

  126. I donot know where some people get their misinformation. NO doctor, drug screen, can determine you are positive because your drug screen indicated you have high level of the medication that you have a RX for in your system. If you have a script for oxyxcodone and you test positive for it, you are NEGATVE regardless of the level as long as you have a valid script. The medication could have peaked in your system right when you peed in the cup. Therefore, abuse can not be determined. Check with any lab toxicologist and they will confirm this. That is why DOT drug screens do not report a level- you are either positive or negative!!!

  127. I am prescribed norco 5/325, 4 per day for fybromyalgia. When I went in this time, I was told I only had trace amounts in my urine on my previous visit. I also have been diagnosed with Sjogren’s (sp?) disease and tardive diskenesia. Between the three, the meds leave me very dry and I consume an average of two gallons of water daily. Could this cause a lower than normal urine showing of the hydrocodone?

  128. I got a really bad sunburn this week on my back, butt and legs. My mother in law gave me two 5mg pills of hydrocodone today ( July 1st) to help with the pain bc it was so bad I couldn’t even sit down without crying. If I have urinalysis on Wednesday will I be OK? I’m 5’3 and 125 pounds

  129. I took a half of a pull it was 7.5-325 hydrocod/actem
    I have a drug test on monday will I be ok. I had a toothache

  130. I took 2-10mg hydrocordone yesterday at 9am…i have a test at 530-6pm tonight. Will it be detected in my urine? Especially if I work out twice today?

  131. I hurt my back at work this past Tuesday morning and my husband offered me one of his vicodins. I only took a half of one of his pills (a whole one is 10-325MG). I unexpectedly was offered a job I had applied for sometime ago Wednesday. They are requiring me to take a urine screen by this Saturday. This was a one time thing, there’s no long term use. Do I need to be worried about it showing up on this urine test?

  132. I have taken this rx for sometime and recently had lab work done which is re we uired by law i have no problem with that.
    What. Was strange is i had taken it about an hour before my appt. And it did not show up in urine test.
    Thus causing embarrassment and futher lab work.
    To prove to my doctor i was indeed taking this med. Along
    With all my other meds.
    Please tell me what could have gone haywire

  133. If 6675 milligrams of hydrocodone and 4040 milligrams of hydromorphone are present in the body after 5 days what does that mean are those high levels

  134. I am breast feeding been on hydrocodone for 2 weeks from haveing a csection. I have been pumping and dumping but today took my last doses want to known when it will completely be out of my breast milk?

  135. I’ll tell you what’s NOT fair. I’m 47, on disability, have had 3 full hip replacements one of which dislocated twice ! They tore the Meniscus which required ANOTHER surgery. I’m eat up from neuropathy from Diabetes. My hip & knee pain is constant, the ONLY medication that gives me even a 60% quality of life is Hydrocodone. THEY TOOK ME OFF OF IT !!! After 5 years ! SMH It’s NOT MY FAULT that there’s an epidemic of IDIOTS out there, why should I have to pay ? Every Dr I see look’s at me like a pill seeking drug addict !

  136. I am on Hydro 10’s. I took an old 7.5 today from previous script. Just seeing if I could get by on them. Well I can’t and will take my 10’s tomorrow morning as prescribed. But was just notified I have a UA tomorrow. Will the 7.5 show up too on it? I just don’t want to be ‘kicked out of my dr’s office as they are doing that now for anyone on these types of medications.

  137. I’ve taken one pill 12 days ago and it’s the only pill I’ve taken in Atleast a year for my back and had a pee and hair test today will it show up as a positive detection?

  138. I took two 5/325 mg hydrocodone on Sunday and two on Monday the last one at about 3pm. I am scheduled for the works drug test today ( Tuesday), will I show positive?

  139. I am prescribed 2 morphine 30s and 3 percocet 10 a day. I have a son who is an addict and he stole all but 1 and a half of my percocets. If I have an 11 a.m. appointment at pain management and will be urine tested, when can I take the pills I have and be able to pass the urine analysis? They do not check levels, just if the drugs are in your system.

  140. I’ve only took 4 narcos and I’ve e gotta take a urine and blood test in 48 he’s will I pass they were taken in 2 days

  141. Hello…I took a 5mg hydrocodone 4 days before a drug test not knowing I was getting one.I never take this stuff but had a bad tooth killing me .So I took one.It has been almost 3 weeks and I haven’t done any more because I need to pass a hair test.I have a hair drug test next week and not sure if this crazy 5mg pill will be in my body still.

  142. I’ve been in an out of dentist since March getting work done to my teet . I’ve been prescribed norco(hydrocodone) every time. I normally jus take them halves at a time once or twice a day. Last time taken was a half on Monday. I have a drug test on Thursday. Will this show up

  143. Hey. I put a straw in my mouth. I was playing around with it. blowing in and out. and later i realized it has been used for snorting hydrocodones. will that make my drug test for my probation test positive.? I have to take a test in. 48 hours.?

  144. I have been taking hydrcodone 7.5/325 for 30 days now and have a urine test tomorrow, I take it as prescribed but for the last week I have had severe diarrhea. I have been taking Pepto Bismol and finally Immodium. Will these OTC drugs have an adverse effect on the test? Should I tell the nurse about them? Thanks

  145. I took one 5 milligram hydrocodone and now they want me to have a urine test within the next 48 hours will I pass the test I’m 5-11 200 pounds I also am a veteran and they want to do a urinalysis on me now and I have the prescription but it was from 6-7 months ago. My doctor retired and I didn’t get the new prescription refilled but I still had some left which I would I was taking only when it got where I couldn’t stand the pain no more. So I called and talked to him about getting it refilled and they said I would have to come in and take a urinalysis and I just took a 5 milligram then at 8 o’clock on Monday night and the way the web sites that I’ve seen about hydrocodone stay in your system says 4 days in a urinalysis what are my chances of passing the test

  146. I have been taking hydrocodone 3-325 1 every morning for a year because of a severe auto accident along with fentanyl 75 mg patch every 72 hours. I took a drug screen at doctors office and it came back negative. The doctor accused me of selling my pain medication and will not administer anymore. I never sold or even gave my medication away. I can’t deal with the pain. Why would a test come up negative? The test was completed over 24 hours since my last dose.

  147. Hi. I’m currently attending a pain management clinic. My doc had prescribed Norco 10mg every 12 hours, I don’t like taking pain meds period (doc knows this),use to break in half- but lately my pain has gotten worse so been taking them more than usual because of P.T twice a week (he knows this to). I know this sounds bad but I dont remember if it was last night, or night before since my last dose. My doc gave me a random urine test today, will it still show in extended test if didn’t take this morning? Thanks!

  148. The last time I had lortabs was 10 days ago n they are 7.5/325. I’ve been taking them on and off for about 8 months. They were prescribed to me by my doctor for an injury I sustained to my lower back. My question is since its been 10 days since I’ve had a lortab,and Also that I’ve been taking them over the course of 8 months averaging 1pill every other day can it be detected in a urinalysis?

  149. I have spent the entire day reading EVERY single post on this page and i need to say a few things, first if your taking your pills but you still test negative it is because they are checking your tolerance and the levels that “should” be in your system, say you get prescribed one 10/325 every 12 hours but you take 1 3 hours after your last one they can tell if you are not taking as prescribed and thats why ut would show as negative, Doctors are not stupid and neither are the new urinalisis test they have these days, they can tell if your taking your pills earlier then prescribed they can even tell if you took a norco or a loratab YOU CANNOT beat the new quantum urininalasis test they have these days, they can tell if youve drank to much water and they can tell if you deluted your urine they also test for SG “specific gravity” and urine PH among other things. Now do any of you idiots on here that are abusing pain killers then ask a quistion if youll get caught or not and notice the moderator doesnt answer your question? But answers others with real questions that a addict wouldnt ask? My point is stop abusing pills thats why these urine tests these days cannot be beat is because of all the abusers. I am a pain managment patient and i take pain killers every day “as prescribed on the bottle” and thats why i never have a problem when i have a urine test at my pm. Now if all you abusers would take your meds as prescribed then your urine levels would be correct and you wouldnt be here asking questions in the first place, the moderator isnt going to help you get away with abusing your pills and if your not taking them as prescibed then YES your levels will be off and will be given a negative even tho there is some in your system, its testing your levels of what it should be FOR what your prescribed nit just if they can find any in your system, and i would put money on it that 90% of the people asking questions here have been kicked out of there doctors office and reported to the dea because if you abuse narcotic pain meds the dea is notified. Anyways ive said what i had to say.

  150. Have not taken Lortab 10 in 37 days. I was a 8 pill a day person for knee pain. I would like to take just one due to pain today. How long till this one would be out of my urine. Age over 55…20 pounds overweight..female…mild exercise.

  151. I need hydrocodone 10-325 to show up on a saliva test. If I take 1 at 10 pm the night before and then take 1 at 4 am will it show up on a saliva test at 8am? Please respond to my email address.

  152. I recently had a heart attack and I was hospitalized and thoroughly medicated. The next day I was taken into surgery and had a stent put in. There was a problem with the surgery and I ended up with a pseudoaneurysm. I was hospitalized again and pumped full of meds. Not to mention I have 17 different prescriptions that are taken on a daily basis. The cutoff level was 50 nanograms per milliliter I tested it 83 milligrams per milliliter. I would like to know with all the different meds and I had intravenously and taken orally which included hydrocodone at the hospital why would it show up two weeks later in a urinalysis? Is there a reasonable explanation for this? If so, tell me because I was taken off of my pain meds due to a positive test 4 hydrocodone
    The doc tells me that it could not be a false positive because they do a secondary test. Please help!!!

  153. If I took 30mgs of hydrocodone Monday and 5mgs of hydrocodone tuesday at 7 pm would it still be in my urine at 10 a.m. Thursday

  154. I have a urine test in 4 days. I only have a half of a 7.5 loritab left to take. I need this to show up in my urine test. It’s for pain management. Will this small amount show up in my urine? And how long before the test should I take it so it does?

  155. I need to prove to Kaiser Permanente that I have been talking Norco for my back pain for 1 1/2 years, 2 or 3 a day. 2 urine drug tests have been done with negative results, therefore I am red-flagged in the system. I am very concerned about this as I get the “attitude” when see the dr. .What can I do to prove they are wrong?

  156. Look I took a half of 5mg /325mg hydro last night and I have a drug test on Wednesday which is 3 days from now and I need info on how to get it out of my system before then please anybody give me info please please please I need help! ?

  157. Hi I’m I have a prescription for 5/325 Percocet and have taken a 10/325 Percocet. Will it show up completely different on a urine test for a job?
    Thank you for taking the time is reading this.

  158. Hi I recently had a drug test come back negative for my vicodin and the doctor is now taking off my medacine it’s really frustrating cause he acts like he don’t care I don’t want to be labled like this and it’s not right the last 3 times right before I took my drug urin screen they had me drink about 5 cups of water 2xs it came up inconclusive the last time it didn’t show at all I am on alot of different medacines and I per alot because of my sugar pills and bs pills I take about 23 pills a day is there anything at all someone can digest please help me

  159. I’ve been taking hydrocodone for bout a month or lil more I’ve stopped so is 6 days long enough for me to pass a urine test please help asap I’ve stopped last wed was last time taking I have a urine test this wed please help it’s been 6 fays

  160. People just keep asking the same questions. If you’re frightened of a drug test, then you’re probably an addict straight out. Don’t know what you wish to hear on this blog anymore….All this blog shows is that denial runs real deep in addiction. Druggies will do and say anything to keep their drug of choice.

  161. I cannot function normally taking prescription narcotic pain medicines i.e.: sleepy, memory, alertness, etc. My pcp put me on the butrans patch 10, then 15 mcg, and I don’t have any trouble tolerating that (long term lower/mid back; cluster headaches; ibs ~ all worse w/age). I recently had a urinanalysis, and Vicodin showed up. However, I’d not taken Vicodin and have, in fact, a rather severe allergy to it. Approx 9 yrs ago, post-sinus surgery, I took the Vicodin that surgeon prescribed, once arriving home. The result: a call for the squad & hospitalization stay. How is this possible? And, equally as troubling, given 3 uninanalysis’ over the last two months (March & April), differing results came back for all three; all from start to lab=all different labratories, provided 3 different results. As the patient, I don’t have any control over that, and don’t know what to do, or where to turn. The dr no longer wants to prescribe Butrans, but my husband & I have found through research, that I cannot stop the patch abruptly. My pcp sent my to a different dr (addictionologist re: specialty prescription-this n’ that-whatever), and this dr wants my to stay in rehabilitation hosp for 28 days!!! What’s on earth?!?! My pcp also has an addictionologist license. Please advise.

  162. I have a prescription for hydrocodone 5/325 I have only taken 2 pills out of it within the past couple of weeks because I dont like taking pills unless I really really need to. I currently am trying to transfer jobs so I will have to take a hair follicle test I was just wondering if this will show up on the test even though I havent taken it constantly and its a low dose.

  163. I need an expert opinion on how long hydrocodone stays in the urine. I have found so many different opinions regarding this issue, and I’m seeing a new pain doc and need an accurate answer. Please help! Thanks in advance

  164. I went to my pain mgmt appt last week and instead of the regular urine test done in the office every 3 months , it was being sent out for therapeutic testing and I had to sign request. I am prescribed 10-325 norcos not to exceed 5 a day, for a total of 150 per monthly Rx. I am 64 years old, weigh 168 lbs, am Diabetic. I have chronic back pain plus have had both shoulders and one knee totally replaced and am facing a second time around shoulder replacement. I try not to take all of prescribed norcos as directed unless the pain is unbearable, especially if I am taking care of my grandchildren, for obvious reasons. Does the therapeutic urine test shows how many pills I take a day? And, if so, for how far back in time. I am worried because last month I underwent an injection under fluoroscopy to my RT shoulder so I even took less norcos during the 10 days afterwards to see if I felt any improvement, which I didn’t. I am afraid that my pain management Dr, who has also been giving me injection blocks to my back and hips , will not give me Rx again for norcos. I have been seeing him for over 2 years. So my main question is can this therapeutic urine test show the discrepancy in how I take my meds. Sometimes I take 2 a day other times I take up to 6 or 7 when the pain gets real bad, thank you.

  165. Hi, so I have a urine drug test for probation on Tuesday at around 3p.m. Today is Sunday. I take them because I have an infected tooth and no insurance. When is the latest I can take a Norco for it to have enough time to be out of my system to pass the urine test?

  166. I have a 6633N SAP 10/50 gcms drug test. I’m assuming all the cutoff levels are below 50… I have taken Vicodin 40mg daily for 2 years. How long until I have absolutely NO Vicodin in my urine? I have one chance to get into school. Please help! I have been drinking alot of water and haven’t had any for 4 days. How long should I wait to take the test?

  167. Hello, this is urgent! I need help calculating the maximum amount of days it will require 15 norcos taken ocer the course of 48 hours to metabolize out of my body for either a full panel extended opioid urinalysis or a blood test. Please help!!!

  168. Hello, I was having a tooth ache & was given 1/2 of a v3601 pill @ 6:45. I found out that I have to take a urinalysis test sometime after 4p.m. tomorrow. Will i pass the screening, & is there anything that I may be able to do to help the process? Thank you

  169. Hi my name is Laura and my question is I take 1 10 mg of percosets hydrocodone 2/3 times daily for chronic pain. I’m given 30 days worth monthly so how many days after I take my last dose will this med stay in my system? Now I know everyone matabolises there meds differently so does a 200mcg levothyroxide pill taken once daily or one 10mg ambian at bedtime or 150 mg zoloft once daily interfear in anyway with metabolising or breaking down the hydrocodone does it clear out of my system faster or can these meds cause a faulse negative in a urine tox screen. I need to show a positive urine test for percosets and I’ve had 2 tests come back neg and my refills where given a few days or more late and they tested me 2 months in a row so now the doc has refused all my meds I’m trying to fight this or prove if I can I take my meds all I have is pics of all info on the pill bottle with my meds on the lid that shows I still had a couple left when I was almost due for refills when I was told my test was neg. yes anyway a big fat humiliating embarrassing situation due to the treatment I got from the doc and spoke to me very rude and nasty basically calling me a lier so I need some answers please Thank you

  170. My husband has been taking hydro 10/325 one in a half everyday for about 6 months . He has a drug screening ( urine test ) for a new job . How long will I take for these to get out his system ?!

  171. I had a urine drug test it came up positive for Hydrocodone which I have a prescription for NorCol but why does the urine drug test comes up negative with hydromorphone

  172. i never take hydrocodone but i have taken five 10mg pills in 2 days. since i never take them on a regular basis how long will it stay in my system? a urine drug screen like a 20 panel test.

  173. I really need help, today is Thursday march 10th 2016, I am checking into a 5 day detox program in which I will have suboxone treatment after. My problem is i have to fail the urine test Monday march 14th and also be in atleast 8 to 12 hours of withdrawals. I am an IV heroin user and refuse to relapse to get into this program. So I decided the lesser of two evils is to take hydrocodone 10/325 but I’m afraid I don’t have enough to fail the test and be in withdrawals…..how many can I take daily to fail the urine test on Monday and also feel withdrawal symptoms can any help me please

  174. I snorted a 5mg hydrocodone last night I have a urine test the next day. I drunk alot of water I’m peeing clear and pooping out water will I pass?

  175. I haven’t had a pain killer in years and rarely even take tylonal or ibuprofen. Saturday at 10pm I took one 5/325 Percocet. I’ve got to go back to work Tuesday. 54 hours later, if presented with a random 5 panel urine test…can I pass it?

  176. I have taken Vicodin for 5 years every day well I haven’t taken any for roughly 72 hours and have a drug test today will I fail?

  177. I have been taking Norco 10/325mg, one every 6 hrs., as prescribed for chronic back pain by a local pain mgmt. clinic. They do a drug screen on my urine every mth.and up until last mth the results were fine.
    They claim.that my latest test did not detect Hydomorphone.They told me there was only two possible reasons for that.One being that I was not metabolizing as I should be, which was promptly

  178. I took 70 mg of hydrocodone today. I have a ua scheduled for monday. This is the only hydrocodone I have taken in two weeks, what are the chances I will pass?

  179. My hubby took 20mg of norco for three days about 2 wks ago. He had a hair test today is he going to fail?? He isn’t an abuser by any means. I’m praying all is good for him.

  180. Will 40 mils hydrocodone be detectable after 24 hours by a 150 pound female, who doesn’t use them regularly, takes b vitamins, and drinks a gallon of water/day? (Very sensitive urine screen.)Tia.

  181. I have been taking 10.325 Norco for about 5 years have to take a drug test for new job driving truck how long till my system would be clear

  182. If I test positive for opiates Hydrocodone) on a 5 panel test. I take 2 10 mg a day for about 3 months. If they send it off to the lab will I be under the cut off level?

  183. I have had back and shoulder surgery and take 4 to 5 10-325 daily of norco. for going on 2 year’s. Prescribed. Have to take a dot physical for cdl. To return to work. First question will I have withdrawals if I just quit? I have to take urine test for dot in a month so do I have time to get out of my system

  184. I have been on 10/325 norco (generic) for MANY years for cronic pain. I have ITP, Portal Vein thrombosis, and lupus. Here is my dilemma. I now have a new doctor, and my old doctor retired. I have seen him twice.. and both times he has submitted me to a urine test. It came back negative. I wasn’t overly surprised, as I had hadn’t taken one in over a week. Now, last week, I had taken 1 at 1pm. I get to my dr’s office at 1:30. they sent me RIGHT away to the hospital for a blood and urine test to check my opiod levels. I am NOW receiving a letter stating it’s not showing in EITHER test. Yes i KNOW I took it at 1. I am at a loss here. I feel like they think i’m doing something illegal. I am in too much pain, and too many health problems to go without pain meds. Can you help me understand this????

  185. I took my last does of norco 108 hours (4&1/2 days) before a drug screen. I had been sick with a virus that caused severe diarrhea and vomiting the day before and the day of the random ua. I was so dehydrated that I had difficulty providing a sample but finally did. Now I’m told it’s positive. Is that possible after 4&1/2 days of last ingesting hydrocodone and could the dehydration have caused the positive?

  186. I am a heavy user of hydrocodone I have two weeks off work when will it be completely out of my urine I will be tested when I go back to work

  187. If u take1 and a half10 325 lortab 6 hours before your doctor appointment and u have been drinking alcohol will it still show up in your system

  188. I am volunteering for a study on opioid inhibitors.I don’t normally take hydrocodone but woke up after a concert and a lot of headbanging to an incredibly sore neck. I was in tears. My friend gave me two hydrocodone around 9AM. In 4 days I have a screening for opioids/opiates. I am young and healthy, do u think I’m in the clear? Different websites say different things..I’m getting nervous.

  189. Does it matter how many pills of hydrocodone you take then stop A few days after the urin test will the pills still show up on a urin test?

  190. I take hydrocodone about 4 times daily for chronic and often debilitating pain. How long does that stay in your system at that rate?
    Is Hysingula as good? At what mg of Hysingula would be equal to taking the 4 Vicodin daily?
    Please respond to my email.
    Thank you,

  191. If someone take hydro codons 4 times a day along side a water pill and always being dehydrated what should his percentage be a day

  192. I took “3′ 500 mg hydrocodone Thursday and may be drug tested on Tuesday for a job…how long will it be detectable in saliva and urine

  193. I have been taking hydro ten 325 for a year from a pain clinic. I fell short this month and have been taking percocet. Don’t have a script for them. My clinic drug test I think in office but not sure. Can I take someone’s clean urine and put part of a hydro pill in it and pass. I’m not sure what the metabolite count is I hear about. Please help pass this test

  194. If someone takes a 5mg lortab this past Thursday and one the day after and had a drug test for pain management the fallowing Monday which is this past Monday would it of shown up in their system ??

  195. I have an appt Feb 29 w a new primary. Pain Management Dr had me taper off hydrocodone Jan 21 using 5mg , 3/day for 1wk, 2/day for 1 wk, 1/day for 1 wk, then 3 pills left to take 1 every other day. I have been taking 15 mg/ day ever since, though, because I cannot get out of bed otherwise. How many days before my Feb 29 appt should I stop taking them to have a clean blood & urine test? I took 15 mg at 9:30 am today, Feb 22. I have a 2:00 appt tomorrow with Sleep Disorder Dr. Will it show up in her labs? (I have been on hydrocodone since 2010, and the past 1 1/2 my scrip has been for 8 7.5 mg/ day. I have always taken as prescribed since 2010. Thank you for your blog and for your prompt reply!

  196. True story. Took 8 10/500mg hydrocodone fri around 5pm.(at 1 time) Took non dot urine drug test Monday morning 9am sharp passed. That guy Kevin has no clue what he’s talking about. 5’10 185lbs. Somewhat active. Hope this helps someone

  197. I have been taking norco 10’s – 55 mg. How long will it stay in my system? I want to take Suboxone, and don’t know when to begin it. Please respond in my Gmail addy. Thanks!

  198. I have a drug test if I use hydrocodin 10mg and 8pills a day for the last 2 days will it be gone out my system
    In 3 days if I do not take

  199. My mother-in-law has had diarrhea and bleeding for over a month, she takes hydrocodone for back pain. New law requires u/a to continue on pain meds, the hydrocodone is not detected, is it possible that with her colitis has caused it to be flushed from her system? Her pain med Dr has dropped her due to not seeing any in her u/a.

  200. I have been prescribed 10mg of norco. I take 4 for times a day along with my .25 mg if xanax. I have bone spurs and fibro.
    I went to my pain management clinic and they need a drug test so they did a blood one.it came back neg (for everything). Now because of my terrible fibro fog my mother reminds me and watches me take then every day
    My doctor called me in for an other blood test again it was negative! I don’t understand because 2 days before the last test i went in for an employment drug test and that came up positive.
    I don’t understand and i don’t kniw what to

  201. I’ve been told even after taking my hydrocodone that it is not in my system that I’ve been accused of not actually taking the drug for my pain management and I know I have. what I need to know is can the amount of fluids are drink because I drink a 12 pack or more of Diet Pepsi everyday and a half a pot of coffee or more and I’ve been told my pain medicine is not in my system. my family doctor dropped me from 6 of the 10 / 325 a day. I had neck surgery in June 6th .I have severe neck pain I struggle just to hold my head up.

  202. If you have been a regular daily user of norco 7.5 (3-5 tabs) per day. Female 160 lbs. 5.4 how long will it take for the drug to be completely out of your system.

  203. if i had a 10 and 7.5 hydrocodone 48 hours until i get drug tested and have drank a gallon of water and a gallon of cranberry juice will i pass

  204. I was giving a prescription for norco 10 mg and I was only taking half a pill in the morning and half at night because I have nerve damage due to accident so they make me itch but was taking them for a week I stopped them today but I have a new job drug test in two days will it show up

  205. I weigh 235lbs I took one single pill form of hydrocodone for throbbing tooth ache about 2 months ago what’s the possibility it shows on a drug screening hair and urine test for pre-employment hiring for a job?

  206. i took a yellow hydrocodone at 7:30 am and got tested at 9:30 am did it come out in my pee?
    please awnser as quick as possible

  207. I have a drug test with my doc Friday I have one 7.5 norco left I need to test positive for this drug, my appt is at 330 give or take a few. How long before my appt should I take it n will it be enough to show positive?

  208. I have a doctors appt on Wednesday at 3 pm. I took more NORCOS 10/325 mg than prescribed this month. I only have 2 pills left & I might be given a urine test to make sure I have NORCOS in my system what is the best time to take the 2 I have left.

  209. So I am prescribed norco 10/325mg every 8 hours for pain from my pain management specialist. I ran out of my medication early. I have been taking this drug for about a year now and I have a drug test coming up. My last dosage was about a week ago and my drug test will be about 2 weeks out from when I had my last dosage. My question is because I have been taking it so long will it still show up in my urine or does it still only have a life of about 2-4 days on a urine test. I don’t know what kind of urine test a pain management doctor does.

  210. I took 50mgs of vicidon on Friday and 50 mg of vicidon on Saturday and 50 mg of vicidon on Sunday last dose was at 11 pm Sunday Will it show up on my urine test on Wednesday at 9 am im a 6 ft 240 lb male please email your thoughts ty Mike

  211. I recently tested positive for hydrocodone but I only take percocet as prescribed. I’m really frustrated. What can cause this? Please help.

  212. Is it common for gabapentin300mg cap & allopurinol300mg tab& hydrocodone5mg/ 500 to sleep hours after taking. It does me like that daily. I don’t like being drowsy every day, i also take losartan 100mg tab,furosemide20 mt tab, amlodipine besylate10mg tab& aspiirin81mg for high blood pressure.

  213. I have taken large doses of lortab throughout the day. How long should I wait to go to sleep? Can you overdose after the medication wears off?

  214. January 19 2016
    Are there any ways to help flush hydrocone out of your system, How many hours does hydrocone stay in your systemm usually.. Thought I couldn’t get an apponitment until January 28 2016, now they decided they made a mistake and gave me an appt this Thursday 21 2016. Chronic pain neurostimulator not helping have to use some pain medication.

  215. I was using hydrocodone as prescribed unti a few months ago for chronic back and leg pain. Hurt my back started using more., went to a rehab in va,, somehow was arrested for forbidden tresspassing. I was in new river valley region jail, going cold turkey off all drugs including clonazepam, prozac, robaxin, gabapentin, ibuprofren, prilosec, chlonidine, amlodopine for 21 days, a felony charge also was included where 3 so called witness lied about my actions. (These felony charges were dropped because the liars(did not shop up in court to testify).
    Anyway there was 21 days before using hydrocodone than I used about 8 -10 hydrocodones 5 to 7.5 and 10s for about a month to now. I’ve read that 8- 24 hours is a life time for hydrocodone.
    Will I be okay if I stop using for 8 to 24 hours before pain management gives me a blood or urine test?

  216. I am going to be urine or blood tested for Hydrocodone in about 24 – 30 hrs by my pain management that wants to start me back on 7.5 325 hydrocodone acetaminiphine but there was a 6 day period from the time my wrist surgery hydrocodone ran out to the time I will be tested and started back on 7.5 hydrocodone. I had been told 3 times that I couldn’t see the pain management dr. until Janurary 28th. They called me today and said I now had an appt in less than 2 days(they had made a mistake by not scheduling my appt sooner). I have been taking 6 -10 hydrocodone/325 acetaminephine or more for about 7 days given to me by a friend. My question is what can I take or drink to flush the drug out of my system as fast as necessary to give a clean sample Thursday around 1:30 to 2:00 pm.
    Thank you in advance

  217. I need to know if I stop using some 10 mg of hydrocodone by Friday will it be out of my system by February 6 th on a ya test

  218. If I get a saliva test sent to a lab will it be able to tell that I took 5 hydrocodone at once instead of 5 throughout the day

  219. My dr. pecribes my 5 milligram loratab and they havent worked well so my mom has givin me some of her 10 millgram loratabs and was woundering if my doctor would know if i was taking them when i do my urine test..thank you

  220. I was wondering if a drug test will just show I have hydrocodone in my system, or if it tells how much is in my system?

    If I take 3 the day before my appointment, and one a couple hours before my drug test, is there any way he can tell how many I’ve taken that week?

  221. So i took half of a hydrocodone 7.5mg last night, i have a drug test for work tonight or tomorrow, will it show up on the test?

  222. hi I took a vicodin yesterday at 12 I have been up all night in pain and drinking water and peeing non stop when will it be out says:

    I took a vicodin yesterday at noon I have been up all night. I have been drinking nothing but water when will it be out of my system

  223. I have an ADDICTION e problem but need to take pain meds because of severe health problems….I ran out of my pills early and had some hydrocodone.. I took 30 in 2 days… I have s drug test my next appt in two weeks

    Will it be positive?

  224. I have a question. I have been seeing pain management monthly since August and my urine tests monthly have showed the opiates they have been giving me, until this past Monday. None showed up, which caused all kinds of problems and attitude with the pain nurse and doc. I don’t understand. I have been taking my Norco 10mg every 5-6 hours and for about two weeks, even an extra half of a pill 2-3 hours into every dose because I’ve been in so much more pain in several areas of my back instead of the usual one area at a time that usually hurts. My back/neck has many spinal abnormalities.. my surgeon calls my back a train wreck. Nice. lol Anyways, my question is (because I think since that Thursday before hand that I had a bladder or UT infection) can peeing constantly (no exaggeration, every 10-20 mins) for 5 days including and especially the more of the test cause my meds (even the one I took at 8am on the Monday morning of the UA) not to show up on the urine test. My Adderall XR was the only thing that showed up. Of course they didn’t ask me why I had that in my system. They just jumped to all kinds of conclusions. I do have to say that I had just been switched to this pain doc (same office) because my original one left the practice. So first visit with the new doc and his nurse. He came in hollering at me. I’m like woa.. i tried to tell them that I actually called the main office on Thursday to let someone at my surgeons office (all same building) that the steroid injection isn’t working, the pain feels like it is coming from lower in the back and feels worse than ever. The pain sometimes makes it really hard to walk. The main office asked me why I hadn’t called before this if I was in so much pain? I said I figured I’d just have to wait until my surgery since this didn’t work. So since I had a pain management appt coming up and he works with injections too, the receptionist said he could help me figure out what more was going on. So she moved my appt up by squeezing me in that next Monday. That’s when everything fell apart because the first thing that was done was the urine test and the nurse came in all frazzled and angry.. and judgemental.. asked me only two abrupt questions and left the room. It was a horrible visit with the doc.. I so didn’t not deserve to be treated like that by them or anyone! I did make a complaint with HR.. and he’s known for being like this I guess. HR called me back within a couple of days and had it worked out with my surgeon and another new pain doc to refill my script next week and to see the surgeon this month instead of next month. It is getting worked out.. but still I want to know why my Norco 10mg meds didn’t show up on the urine test causing all of this crap. Any ideas? Please, it’s really bugging me.

  225. Hi. If I am not a heavy user of hydrocodone and haven’t taken it in weeks and take 2 5mg hydrocodone with Tylenol how long will it be in my urine? Or is that even enough to stick in my system?

  226. Hi, I am disabled and have been on hydrocodone for 18 years for pain I have for some reason failed a test in the past. I am Currently taking hydrocodone 10/325, Duo nebs, Pro air inhaler, Symbicort, Singulair, Vitamin D 1000 Units, Lipitor 10 mg, Claritin, xanax .5 mg, celexa 40 mg, naproxen 500mg, Metoprolol 25 mg 1/2 tab daily, nasonex, Aspirin 81 mg daily and Lasix 40 mg daily. Would anything I take affect the outcome of my test and make it negative? I am worried if I have another test what would happen. This medicine helps me to be able to function. I am in pain even with the medicine but without it I can’t get out of bed.

  227. I took 4 10-325 hydrocodene pills Sunday at around 10:00 am I have a saliva drug test Tue at 3:00 p.m. it will be roughly 53 hours since last dose am I likely to pass I weigh 176 lbs.

  228. My cousin took 5 norco 10 for one day he had a drugsreen in 30 our he had a script of 7.5 my qeustion is will it show up Hi on level or show up any does the 10 and 7.5 mater PS was at doc office thanks alot

  229. Ive been taking hydro for more then 3 months for medical purposes associated with major surgery. I will be taking a drug test for employment within the next two weeks. How can i naturally get the drug out of my system?

  230. I take hydrocodone 10mg 4× a day as prescribed. But last month i took 10 more throughout the month, because i had extra. Can my dr tell that i took the extra??

  231. I urinated in a bottle that hydromorphone had been in
    Over 2 weeks ago i would like to know if hydromorphone
    Will still be in that urine in that bottle

  232. If someone is prescribed 7.5/325 norco every 4-6 hrs. max 4 and he took an extra pill for 3 days M,T & W (at night for pain) then went back to his normal 4 max and was tested a week later on Wed., would the levels register that ?

  233. How long will 14 5 mg hydro ozone stay present in the urine? I took them over 4 days, the last being last Friday it’s Wed now, almost a week later. Please try to reply quickly. The information is greatly needed. Thank you so very much.

  234. How long does it take for Norco to get in your system. ….Even though I have a prescription I am concerned about the fact that my job is doing drug test

  235. io take subutex and tested positive for bup gave them my script info they cleared to go back gt to work and the client would not let me come back because they say it was a mind alltering substance so im pretty much screwed is that legal. its a constuction job !!! and been therefor 7 months before this happend?????

  236. I took an oxycotin & a 10 mlg norco at 9:00 a.m. I just found out I have a dr. appt at 10:30a.m. tomorrow . If I am going to be tested how can I clean out my system by then

  237. If I took 1 and a half hydrocodone pills then 1 the next day. Will it show up in a hair follicle test 3 weeks later? They were 10 mg.

    1. Hello Tammy. Usually, Vicodin lasts for about 4-6 hours. But, it can stay in the body for a day or two after you take it.

  238. I take about four hydrocodone 10s a day and I have to pass a urine test on Friday today is Monday will I be able to pass it If I stop and don’t take any on Wednesday or Thursday and take the test Friday morning?

  239. Hi, I went to detox to come of Klonopin since my Dr wouldn’t take me off. They cut my Norco off, and its been 2 weeks since I’ve had any. Then last Sunday I was given a 10/325 & Thursday 10/325, then Friday morning 5/325. I am 5’6 or 5’7 and weigh 100 lbs. Do you think I will pass my urine screen Monday morning? Will it be able to detect it in my system?

  240. I took a drug test on Monday. And my last use was on the previous Friday . Will hydrocodone show up on the urine test . A little over 48 hours from not taking hydro

  241. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I have all my mes in my system with one additional whicn is weed.I got urine from my niece she doesnt smoke but he does take all of the meds I take except for the norcos.How can I can I get the norco in the urine without it clumoing up and makng a residue film around the cup?I was told I would have to extract the asprin from it before I dtop a little of the nto the urine because the asprin makes the ring and clumps.I was told I would have to boil the norco in water then strain the water through a clean cloth.Can anyone please help me with this.

  242. My Doc called and said hydrocodone failed to show up in my urine on the last two tests and I sure as hell have been taking it like I am supposed to , before the last test I took 2 at bedtime and one the morning of the last test and was just told it did not show up again , I don’t undestand this . She said they will do blood test next , I told her that is fine with me . What do you think is going on ?

  243. I took 8 pills of 10/335 norcos Monday night at 8 and have a test this up coming Monday at 1:15 will it still be in my system?

  244. I’ve been taking tylenol 3 for back pain. My pain management doctor takes a urine specimen at every appointment. At today’s appointment he said the urine specimen taken 8 weeks prior tested positive for hydrocodone. How can that be? I have only been taking my prescription medicines: tylenol 3, celebrex, protonix and a muscle relaxer. It’s a third party testing. Is this possible?

  245. I took three 7.5 Norcos about two weeks ago and i’ve got a hair follicle drug test comming up tuesday of next week. Will i pass it, i’m 5′ 9” and about 180 lbs and this is the only time i’ve taking any Norcos or vicaden in years

  246. I took a 5mg norco Thursday morning about 6:30am because I had a bad tooth ache I have to drug test 10:30am Saturday. Will it show up??

  247. I use to take about 7 vicodins a day for 3 year I hadn’t taken any for 3 weeks..I took 1 24 hours ago will it show in a urine test tomorrow

  248. My dr prescribed hydrocodone 10-325 mg..I have a dr appt Tues morning..If I take one pill the day b4 every 6 hrs will it show up on a bloodtest Tuesday morning..

  249. I took a half of a vicodin 10 on tuesday about 65 hours later i had gotten a suprise drug test from my po i have not taken any other kind of opiate in about two years! Did i pass my urine test?

  250. Like a dummy, I was with some friends Tuesday night and one of them gave me 2- 500 mg narco pills. I’ve never done pills before at all until this, we were also drinking alcohol.

    Question is tomorrow morning on Friday I have to take a pretty employment drug screen, should I be worried about the outcome of the urine test?

    Thank yiu for your reply

  251. I took one 5mg of hydrocodone and have a hair test in about 50 days will the test be that sensative to pick it up? I really need to know thanks

  252. I’ve been taking norco 10mg 2-3 times a day for around 30 days….how long will it take for the norco to be out of my system so I am able to look for work and pass a drug test…thank you for your answer and ur time

  253. I used to take 5 10mg hydrocodones a day for a month ive been off of them for 5 days and i have a urine test tomorrow will i be clean

  254. I had a laminectomy and I was prescribed vicodin 10/325 I had a bottle of wine yesterday, unfortunately im in pain today is it ok to take a vicodin today? How many days should I wait to take vicodin after drinking?

  255. I take oxycodone (percocet) on a regular basis and ran low and had a few 3-4 hydrocodrone (Lorcet) i wil take 1 on friday night and 2 on sat and go back to oxycodone on sun will the hyrocodone be detected i am having brain surgery but have deg,disc in my neck will they detect the hydrocodone

  256. I have been taking hydrocodone for some years now but I had skipped about a week and a half and I went to the doctor and when they took my earring they said that I didn’t have any in my system so I would like to know how long does it take to get out of your system

  257. I took a norco 10 325 this morning if i took another one that same night will it show up the next day in a urine drug test

  258. I took a norco 10 325 Sunday morning. If i take another one Sunday night will it show up in a urine drug test on Monday morning?

  259. Okay, so I had some hydrocodone left over from having some dental procedures done. My doctor, who takes up to 5 days to write a new prescription, wrote my roxicodone to take a 30mg, 4 times a day. These pills are microscopic almost, so cutting them is nearly impossible without crushing half the pill or more. Any ways, did run out of my roxicidone like a day early. So I took 1 hydrocodone. That was prescribed before I started ever seeing this doctor ir did a pain contact. I’ve had 1 back surgery and am classified as failed back surgery syndrome. Yeah the hydrocodone was prescribed for my mouth, not my back but they were mine. I got popped with a random, I told them what I did. Because the doctor was sick, they didn’t know what He might do. I’ve got an appointment this week with him.though so I’ll be sure I explain what and why I did it. I had about a 80 hr time lapse from dose to year y by urine.

  260. I took 3 10mg laritab (hydrocodone) and i havent taken any in months but i need to know about how long it will be in my system please

  261. I took 4 Norco 10/325mg at 4 pm. I’m 5′ 7″, 147 lbs. How long should I wait before doing an ‘in-home’ urine test for Opiates to get a NEGATIVE result?

  262. I took 4 hydrocodone 10mg on Friday last one was at 11pm Friday night I have a drug test Tuesday by urine will it be in my system I am 5’2 and weight 127

  263. If you take 10 hydrocodone in 2 days will it show in a urine test at a lab for hydrocodone 20 days later if you drink lots of water and pee 8 to 10 times a day

  264. I took 2 norco on sunday and one on monday i hzve an urine test today at my pain management dr and was wondering will the norco be detrcted. I am prescribed oxycodone daily. I had an old script for the norco

  265. I have to take a hair follicle test coming up. I’m on Morphine for pain. Between s month to 1 1/2 months ago I took one maybe 2 of my Mom’said hydrocodone pills to see if they would work as good as what I’m on. Thinking about having my doc change my script if it did. Anyway will the Lortab show up on the screening? And if so I bought a detoxifying shampoo. Do you know if it will work or should I bleach my hair before shampooing?

  266. Hello i took about 3 norcos thursday night last night and have a drug test on saturday morning at about 7 its for a job i realy want. I dont have a prescription but really needed them because i have chronic joint pain. It is now friday at 1146 and im really worried please comment back

  267. I take 3 oxycodine 10 mg daily. Out of town 72hrs ago and used 3 if my old hydrocodone. Will that show differently on a urine test or was the three days long enough

  268. I had two Vicodin 10mg offered to me yesterday 9-15-15 and I was hurting very badly so I took them I have to see my doc tomorrow 9-17-15 @ 9am will it still be detectable in my urine? Been drinking straight water and Gatorade

  269. I took 20mg of hydrocodone at 9pm an have a drug test at 1:30pm on Thursday. It is a standard 5 panel used by probation an parole. I’m 165lbs an tend to do alot of activity. I haven’t used pain meds in many months so should I be in the clear???

  270. I still don’t know exactly what the detection time for hydrocodone is, ( in a blood lab test, that the lab would mainly be searching for hydrocodone in your system) can u elaborate more on this example?

  271. If I took a 10/325 mg hydrocodone and 30 minutes later my blood was drawn, will it show up or does it need more time to absorb?

  272. Hi i took one hydrocodone at 7.5 325mg friday 11am-12pm i have drug test this following wensday will i be okay its a 5panel drug test

    1. Hi Ken. As explained in the text above, because of its short half-life, hydrocodone is unlikely to be detected in the blood after about 24 hours.

  273. How long will it take 3 10 milligram hydrocodones to show up in a blood test. I was pulled over on a suspended license new I was going to jail so I took my last three right when I got pulled over well he wanted a blood test because he thought I was DUI on drugs so I declined state of Georgia to get a warrant for your blood had taken to around 7 a.m. but I’m very careful and do not drive on my medication the only reason I took the 3 because I stay in severe pain and didn’t know how long it would be before I got bonded out but my real question is how long would it take them to hit my system if they gave me the blood test an hour after I took them driving now going to show in my blood test

  274. If I took a total of 40 mg hydrocodeine over a 2 day period the first part of July would it appear in a hair drug test that will be taken during the first week of September?

  275. I have a friend that has been taking hydrocodone and oxycodone for 7 plus years, and is now having to take a UA to get her children back, she was getting a script but medical insurance got cancelled due to being let go (not fired, laid off, And could not afford the high ass cobra packages of health insurance) they had a old bottle of extra meds that has been trying to slowly take and what not.. Anyways to my questions.. As today is 8/27/2015 and the hearing is Oct 14th 2015 @9am.. How long will it or would it take to be able to pass a UA cause this person has serious issues and needs the meds bad bad.. From RLS TO CYSTS that are damn near cancer to sciatica to some really messed up vertebra in lower back due to a bad bad epidural experience 8 years ago.. She loves her children want them back so bad.. But she has good days and bad days OF pain like everyone else.. So again.. Of 7 plus years of taking them and her slowly trying to taper herself off which IS not easy.. How long could she stop taking them long enough to pass a drug screen.. How many days before the court hearing??? Please please help we need answers

  276. I took Norco 10/325mg 3-4 times a day for years, but my urine drug test showed very low levels. How is this possible ?

  277. If I took eight hydrocodone 10 mg in one day how long will it take to get out of my urine for an upcoming drug test?

  278. Why would my urinalysis lab tests show I’m taking less than prescribed if I’m taking all of them. Recently my dr. Cut me back because he said it’s showing I’m hardly taking them. Which is very wrong because I take all my prescription. I weigh 110 have a fast metabolism, don’t drink much water. What could it be? I also take half the pill of hydrocodones apap 10- 325mg instead of the whole at a time. But equal out 4 pills total. What could be the problem?

  279. I take hydrocodone and I took a drug test for my pain Dr and it came back positive for oxycodone why I may not get my meds wen I go back on Friday

  280. Will hydrocodone 7.5 x’s 2 be detected in a drug test (urine) after about 50 hours.my current weight is 140 and am 5′ 5″

  281. I haven’t taken any kind of pain pills for at least ten years. I am on methadone. I took a vicoden 7.5 at 3pm. I had a suprise urine Monday morning. What are the chances it was still in my urine?

  282. What is the quickest hydrocodone can be detected in a urine drug screen. If I took a hydrocodone and then had a UDS 1 1/2 hours later will it show up?

  283. I’ve been prescribed hydrocodone for pain management for the last 8 years due to permanent injuries sustained in a car accident. I recently quit taking them all together about 4 days ago but I was in such pain I took 1 Norco 10 today. I have a drug test Monday if I don’t take anymore will I be able to pass the urine test Monday today is Thursday??

  284. I took one hydrocodone acetaminophen 5-325 tonight 8\8\15 at 11pm, I weigh about 165 and am 6’5 how long will it be noticed on a urine test for ?

  285. I took a 350mg tablet of hydrocodone last night about 11pm. I was called for an interview today. I have a drug test in one hour. Will it come up. I’m not a habitual user?

  286. I took 5 #10 narco on on 7/31/15 then took 5 #10 narco on 8/1/15 and 3 #10 narco on 8/2/15 and on 8/3/15 took 3 #10 narco on the 8/4/15 took 3 #10 narco and on the 5 took 9 # 5 vicdin now on the 8/6/15 I have to give blood for my drug test how long will it take to get out of my blood

  287. I took 30 mg. Of hydrocodone on August 1st around 5 pm. I have a urine test on Tuesday August 4 at 4:45 pm for my treatment center. The test costs 25 dollars and I’m not sure how many panels it is. Am I in the clear?

  288. I take hydrocodone. 10-325mg. I have a bulging disk, server Rheumatism, muscle spasms and other problems I take it for.I keep testing negative in ny urine and my Dr gets on to me. I always take it at least an hour to an hour and a half before I go. I take it every day. Why is this happening. And what can I do to solve the problem?

  289. Will Norco 10’s and Tylenol #3 show up as the same thing on a urine drug screen ?? Thanks for your time and what you do for all of us !!!

  290. I recently had a reinjury to my back and used one old generic vicodin (left over from having a tooth extracted a year ago) I had left from a prescrip. The next day ironically, I got called for a hair test. I have never nor do I now recreational use ANY drugs. Should I have a problem with my hair sample being positive? I’m worried. Back pain is better and I have not taken any more since….just ibuprofen.

  291. If i took one 5mg hydrocodone a month ago will it come out on a hair test. I have been clean for over 9 years.

  292. i took 8mg of hydrocodone on July 18th then 8 or 9 more mg on July 19th my drug test is today the 24th am I clean? (Btw that was the first time I’ve ever done it)

  293. I have to test for probation I ended up in the ER June 23,2015 since that day I’ve been taking hydrocodone/acetaminophen 7.5-325 T 4 tables a day till I see my doctor I took one 7 am and went to test at 3 pm will I come out positive for meth

  294. I am being tested from my urine and I am prescribed norco 10-325 for my chronic back pain ,nerve pain, and arthritis in my lumbar. I was questioned about my medication use and the tests saying that it looked like I abuse the medicine or that my pain is not being managed. I take the medicine as needed for my pain. I would like to know if I lower my doses and or don’t take my medication beforehand (urine test) if my levels of this medication will be lowered? And by how much ? I am female and weight is 260 height 5’6. I have been on this medication for years to manage my pain. Hopefully you can answer my questions. Thanks

  295. Y does the pain clinic say my test show I’m not taking my norco 5 mil. When I do take them? I had no problem for first 3 mths but the last 2 they have been questioning me.

  296. Hello I have a prescription for norco to take 3 7.5mg pills a day but often I take more for my pain and I am going in Friday for a pre employment drug screen I’m hoping two days of only taking my recommended dose is enough for the levels to show up normal if uou have any suggestions please let me know

  297. I took a 325 mg hydrocodone 7 days ago for back pain I have a irine drug test being conducted tonight will it show on my urine drug test

  298. I take 1 hydro 10 a day and have a saliva test in 6 days if I stop now should I pass and I’ve been taking 1 a day for about two weeks

  299. I am prescribed valumn and norco i take them as little as possible but am being asked to have a urine test done i guess to make sure they are present in my system? I am xoncerned that i do not take them often enough to show up as i did a urine test for my job about 2 weeks ago and no one has contacted me for a list of current medications. How long after taking them will they show up and is it levels they are looking for?

  300. If I took (2) 10/325 norco on Tuesday and Thurs I took a home test kit and it was negative. Same day I took have a 5 panel with detection levels for probation will it be negative as well?

  301. I took not quite half of a 5mg hydrocodone on Sunday about 6pm and was given a urine screen at 7:30 on Tuesday do you think that it would show up? I have a prescription but just don’t want any trouble. thanks

  302. I am prescribed hydrocodone and I take them on a daily basis however two days prior and the day of test I only had a half each day and my urine test came back negative well the next wk I took a blood levels test and took several at 8am and around 3 I took the blood test that was then sent to a lab 2 hrs away and it also came back negative. Why is that?

  303. I just recently went to my pain management clinic. I am prescribed hydrocodone 10/325. I take them as I am supposed to. But at my appointment, they had me take the mandatory urine test. For some reason the test came back negative. I don’t understand how this could be. I do everything they tell me to. I see every doctor in the building they want me to see, have every test they order to have done, to get to the bottom of what else can be done for this pain. I even get injections that aren’t making a difference so far,if anything, they’ve added more pain. I also am on prescription diuretics from my pcp,that I take daily, so I obviously urinate Alot,and also have a chronic diarrhea problem I take prescription medication for daily also(it slows it down some,but doesn’t stop it completely)so I do have to keep myself pretty well hydrated.. Could either or both of these things effect how the test comes out reading on the hydrocodone at pain management? I am very confused over this negative test,and am fairly new at this,so I don’t understand. If someone could help me understand,I would appreciate it, I have to go back in a couple weeks,and they want to check it again. If it happens to come out negative again, I still will not be able to explain why, even though I am doing everything as I am supposed to. Please help me understand.

  304. Pain dr says I am going to be due for urine test (sends to lab) problem is I took vicodin 10-500 instead of norco 10-325’s do they check the acetaminophen levels? Or should I be ok? Took same dosage just the 500 vs 325 content is different. Any help would be great

  305. To answer two questions. Hydrocodone is very addictive and a tolerance level is easily built up. It is also one over the oppose that is abused most and overdoses are common; especially in chronic pain patients, or use in conjunction with other opioiods and benzodiazepines. The reason for the extensive overdoses is that it is prescribed in post-operative, ER, and by PCP’s. More readily available due to new laws than Oxycontin / Oxycodone, Morphine ((Ms Contin ER), Hydromorphone ((Dillaudid), Fentanyl, and other drugs included but not limited to Midazolam, Methadone.
    Hydrocodone can be taken after taking Suboxone but not after. Serious medical issues can result including death!
    Withdrawal and leaving the system; actually depends and acts differently in each individual. Usually within 24-72 hours of Nausea, Vomiting, Diahrrea, abdominal pain/cramps, weakness,sweating. Drink plenty of fluids take appropriate vitamins recommended by a physician will aid in reducing discomfort. Withdrawal from opiates and benzodiazepines chronic and recreational can result in Seizures, heart arrythmias , and even death resulting. A seizure from Benzodiazepine withdrawal, like Aprazolam can affect the hypothalamus gland increasing body core temperature so high it damages the brain,in chronic addiction. I have seen 1 patient die after this with a core temperature of over 108.00 degrees. Had to due a nasal intubation due to the jaws being locked so tight could not even pry open.

  306. I want to know if 86ng/ml is considered a high level of hydrocrodone in a blood test was prescribed 10mg/325 of the medication

  307. I took 10 7.5 on Friday. I have a urine test Tuesday morning. I’ve been downing water and watermelon starting Saturday. Should I pass? I’m not a usual pill taker, I used to be and relapsed

  308. How long after taking does it take narco to show up in u a? ? My mother takes them regularly but test says not showing up? In u a. Or lab work? How is that possible? ?

  309. I have a suboxone appt. Tomarrow and i took hydros an hr.ago cuz i have to be positive on my Urine test tomarrow in order to get my subs. My question is will i have enough in My system for my appt tomarrow

  310. I am prescribed to hydrocodone and have been taking it regularly as prescribed. My question is, My last does was 3 days ago and have an appt tomorrow and I’m afraid I won’t show positive in my urine test because my prescription ran out 3 days before my appointment. Is this a possibility?

  311. I got app at 1pm today at my pain clinic , im prescribed percocet 10, but i took lortab 10, the last one was sunday morning & i took a total of 10 of them over the course of weekend, i will have urine test today , will the hydro 10s be detectable, im very worried & i took some somas(325mg)the same time period & 10 of them also. Thank you

  312. If I took 3 hydrocodone tens 36 hours. Before my urine test would. I test positive?? Also if I drink water before I take it would that help? I’m only 172 ponds

  313. I have been on 5/325 x 6 daily hydrocodone for 6 years. They lowered dosage to 4 a day. Recently I was told I do not have enough metabolites in my system to prove I am taking it as directed. I told them need to take 2 at a time and 1 is not enough. Therefore by the time my apt is every two weeks with u/a there is lower amounts of these so called metabolites. My question is how many metabolites and how long would 3 hydrocodone 5/ 325 stay in system? I do 5 are my medicine on time but need more than directed and now afraid they are going to shut me off rather than up my dosage. I do not understand. 5/325 is mostly aspirin anyway can’t it be part of the problem?

  314. I took 2 5mg Hydrocone from an old prescription a little over a month ago. Would that amount be enough to show up in a hair test?

  315. if you take your wifes lortab for a tooth ache? How long will it take to get in your hair follicles? if wait two weeks and shave my hair off? will that erase all traces of drugs that can be detected?

  316. My husband is 6′ 418 lbs.how prescribed 4 hydrocdeone. 10/325 per day. How many will he need to take for a good level in his body. We have 2 weeks, he hasn’t been taking them

  317. Hi, I’m prescribed 30 mg norco for chronic pain daily. My urine was not showing the drug in it. So I offered a blood draw. I had taken 5mg just 90 min prior to the blood draw. The test came back neg. Next time in clinic, I took 5mg in front of nurse, than 60 min later had blood drawn. This time blood tested positive. I am also nursing a 1 yr old. How is this possible?

  318. I am prescribed hydrocodone for plantar fasciitis by my physician. I am scheduled for a urine screen on Tuesday of this week for a new employer. My foot is hurting but I don’t want to take the medication if it means not getting the job. What do you recommend.

  319. From my experience this is accurate.
    I am 230 lbs and 5’9″ – have some muscle but a lot of fat.
    I took hydrocodone regularly (40mg per day) and as I was quitting I took a 10mg and some codeine cough syrup 9 days before my test. Then, 5 days before my test I relapsed and took 52.5 MG of hydrocodone. After 118 hours of my last dose I passed on a First Check 4 drug test home kit. Then when I went in and took a 12 panel test I passed which was 12 hours (130 hours after last dose) and passed. I didn’t dilute or drink excessive fluids. I drank 4 cups of coffee and one cup of water starting 2 hours prior up until I went to urinate.

    Given my weight range, my lower metabolism and nearly no physical activity I cannot image hydrocodone showing up on a test longer than 5 days.

  320. Why do my urine test read low like having one pill every few days or so even though I take 3 to 4 norco a day is it to do with my other meds that I take which are Lasix and metolazone

  321. I am perscribed 60 mg hydrocodone 10/325 daily for chronic back pain, from my POW years, although i live in constant pain,verified by cat scans and mri s the VA is constantly screwing with veterans that require such meds,and on many occasions get our meds to us late.So i have learned to try not to take all my daily meds,so when they are late, i have some to fall back on. Well it seems that the v a tested me for illeagle drugs and found none in my system,but also asked why i wasnt takeing the hydrocodone.I was shocked,but latter remembered that i had been reduceing my intake.So my question is how much hydrocodone do i need to take and for how long to show i am takeing it regurlarly??Now that the new laws passed involveing this narcotic, they are buckleing down. I would like to get off of it entirely one day,so i am also reduceing my intake for this reason,but i’m not going to tell them that,or they’d reduce my scrip for sure Please email me privately..thankyou so much

  322. I talk large doses of Hydrocodon (60mg per day) and Morphine (75 mg per day) for pain control. I’ve been on the same dosage for over 6 years and it has become much less effective. Also my urine drug screen shows high levels of both drugs for morphine 4884 and Hydrocodon 296. They are marked as high on the drug screen, but I’m not taking additional drugs. Is my body metabolizing these more efficiently and could that be why they are less effective? I’ve been trying for several years to get an increase in these medications, but to no avail. I’ve lost 10% of my function a year over the last 3 years and constantly think of suicide due to the poorly managed pain, but when I had kidney failure the same dosage was effective in managing the pain.

  323. Hi Lily. The elimination time depends on many factors, plus you have to take into consideration what are the other medications. Talk to a pharmacist at the local pharmacy, just to be safe.

  324. If I’ve drank ,6 16ounces of water I have urinalysis in the morning at 9:30 10:30 am this morning I took 20 milligrams of hydrocodone will it show up

  325. Hello so I took 3 10\325s.How long is the active ingredients at work.Is it only 4 hours.I take other meds.And I’m a very caution.

  326. I take hydrocodone 10/325 last month when I went to see my Dr, he gave me two months worth and said he would see me in December on the 29th. My dilemma is, is that the first months prescription I got late because I only get my disability check once a month. So I started taking them when I bought them. I get my other refill on the 3rd of December. My question is since I started taking them late and soon to start on another refill when it’s time to go back to see my Dr, and he gives me a urine test, will I have a positive result? I can’t afford to lose my Hydros, because I suffer with chronic back pain and fibromyalgia along with a bulging disc. I just wanted to make sure that I would be okay. Thank you for your advice.

  327. I guess im getting busted bc I have five days to a u a.Just wondered am a chronic user.20 hydrocodone in 4 days.My levels is the concern.For two a day.Instructed per day.Metobolized level.Can the liver dispose of in this time frame to level out.

  328. My question is I had 2 leftover hydrocodone 7.5/200 I was perscribed in February of this year I took both of them this morning (wednessday) around 11:00 am and now I have found out I have a pre employment ua I have to take at 9:30 am Friday morning I still have the prescription bottle but I have no medication left. If I fail the drug test would my empty prescription bottle still count?

  329. Kimberly,
    Have you eaten poppy seeds, taking any cough medicine with dextromathoraphan, or been on antibiotics such as cipro or levaquin? All of those things can make you test positive

  330. I tested positive for excessive amounts of hydrocodiene. I am allergic to it. I did take it several months ago, why would it show up as massive amounts now? I haven’t taken it since February.

  331. Todd. I think you will be OK. Like I said half life has it out of your system in 5 days. That’s kinda cutting it close but all the literature says 3-5 days. Hydrocodone really doesn’t stay in your system for long. If you are really worried tell them you have taken cough medicine with dextramathoraphan in it (like Vicks 44). That ingredient is know to cause false positives

  332. Hi I have taken two 7.5mg percacets for a week straight with last one I took was 4 days ago. Will I pass a urine screen tomorrow with it being my fifth day clean??? Kind of worried about a job I need to get and the interview is tomorrow. Thanks.

  333. Paige. You should be fine. Hydrocodone is out of your system in 3 days. Since you only took the two small doses probably even less than that. Like 25 hours based on its half-life

  334. I took half a 10 mg hydro condone Tylenol mix at 3 pm Wednesday. The other half at 5 pm. Never taken it before. Drank lots of Gatorade and water to speed up the process. I took a pre employment drug test at 11 am Friday. I weigh 140 lbs. what are the chances that I failed?

  335. I have a question. Here’s some background on my situation. On Wednesday at 3 pm I took half of a 10 mg hydrocodone Tylenol mix. At 5, I took the other half. I have never taken this before this instance. I went for a laboratory (routine) drug test for pre employment Friday at 11 am of that same week. About 41 hours after taking it. I drank extra water and some Gatorade to help speed up the process. I weigh 140 lbs. my question is, what are the chances of me failing this drug test? Again, first time taking it. 41 hours later. Drank Gatorade and water to help. Please let me know I really need this job!!! Thanks!

  336. I took 1 hydrocodone pill 8 days before a hair 5 panel drug test. I am not a frequent user. Will it show up on the panel?

  337. I have been going to a pain clinic for a year. Unfortunately, last month when I was randomly screened (urine) the test came back negative for hydrocodone. I was given a half rose of what I previously had been given with instructions to return in two weeks for a repeat screen. Since I was given half the number of pills I was trying toake them last. I took one 20mg around midnight and a second one at about 3:30 am. My appointment was at 1:30. I was told its still negative. But they will send specimen yo an independent lab.

    I don’t understand why it didn’t show up? Also this independent lab has the capability of testing half life. Shouldn’t they be able to detect the med?

    Thank you

  338. I have a suboxone appt. @ 9am in the morning.. I took some loritabs today will I be able to pass the urine test they are going to give me at my appt. in the morning??

  339. I had to take a urine test to check if I was taken my meds, well I have not been taking my norcos so I hurried up and took one and twenty min later I peed for them do u think it will show up

  340. If a person only takes 1/2 of a 10mg daily for the past 6months absolutely no more than that and has not had any for the past 2 weeks what will show on a hair follicle drug test if they take one now

  341. I took 2 10/350’s of hydrocodone for my carpal tunnel, i am prescribed the med but took 2 at once instead of 1. I am staying very hydrated, weigh approx 140 lbs. I have a urine analysis in approx 48 hours. It is the test cup with the 7 drug test strips right on the cup. Will I test positive in that 48 hours?

  342. Anyone who believes hydro is not detected in urine test less than 72 hours is deluded or was given a false test to scare a person because with technology of 2014 & nanogram testing you take it 7pm Friday night just 5mg and it is going to show at 6pm MONDAY night too. No way around it at all no matter your body type or what you do other than make your urine test positive with very clear so they know you tried to flush it out which is impossible now. As a scientists I know these facts & as a person tired of drug addicts making it hard for those in real pain from diseases from MS to Cancer, move to Portugal! You will be busted up to 7 days later but certainly 3 to 4 days not an hour less than 72 hours. That is reality. It’s BS out of system in 6-30 hours. Not sure what idiot came up with that one.

  343. I took 1 & 1/2 norcos once day for the past 3 days., i stopped 6:30 Friday morning. I have a urine test on monday morning at 8am. I’m active and I metabolism quickly. Will i pass?