How long does hydrocodone stay in your system?

Hydrocodone shows up on drug tests. And it can stay in the hair for up to 90 days. Learn more about the length of time hydrocodone stays in the body here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Dili Gonzalez, M.D.

Got mandatory or random drug testing for work or school coming up? We review half life, detection times and signs of hydrocodone problems here.

Half life of hydrocodone

The half-life of a 10 mg dose of hydrocodone is about 3.8 hours (± 0.3 hours). This means that it takes almost 4 hours for the body to process this amount of hydrocodone and eliminate half of its compounds from the system. Withdrawal symptoms from hydrocodone usually begin to manifest 6-12 hours after your last dose of hydrocodone.

Hydrocodone drug testing

Employers usually want to check for hydrocodone before employing you to ensure safety/drug free workers, to check after an on-site work accident, or to identify drug problems. Drug testing is not generally not looking for current impairment or drug use but for past use of pain meds like hydrocodone.

It takes only traces of hydrocodone or its metabolite to be present in the blood or urine for a hydrocodone drug test to be positive. This measure is known as a “cut-off level,” and some drug tests set a low cut off level to determine passive users and to decrease the chances of negative testing.

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How long is hydrocodone in the system?

Drugs are eliminated from the system at different rates and thus detectable for different periods of time, often long after the drug’s effect has worn off. Hydrocodone has a certain “detection window”, which is the amount of time after ingestion during which evidence can be detected by a drug test.

Hydrocodone detection times are unknown for blood and sweat screens. However, hydrocodone can be present in the saliva 12 – 36 hours after last dose or 2 – 4 days in the urine. Hydrocodone is also present in the hair for up to 90 days after last dose.

Hydrocodone and addiction

Hydrocodone in often prescribed combination with at least one other medication and is used to relieve moderate to severe pain or to help relieve coughing. If you like the euphoric effect of hydrocodone, and take it for non medical reasons, it’s possible that you may be addicted to hydrocodone. This is because hydrocodone may be habit-forming, and you can develop both a physical and a psychological dependence on the medication. Here are some tips for taking hydrocodone and avoiding addiction:

  1. Call your doctor if you develop a strong desire to take more medication than prescribed.
  2. Do not crush, chew, snort or inject hydrocodone.
  3. Do not take a larger dose of hydrocodone.
  4. Do not take hydrocodone for a longer period of time than prescribed .
  5. Do not take hydrocodone more often than prescribed.
  6. Take hydrocodone exactly as your doctor describes.

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  1. I’m trying to understand exactly how long it takes for complete amount of hydrocodone to leave entire body. I read about half life of hydrocodone, but am not understanding how long the entire amount has left the body, particularly for urine tests. I’ve been taking hydrocodone 10 mg q 6 hours since Tuesday. Today is Thursday.. I’m planning to take about 6 10 mg pills til Saturday. May have urine test this coming Tuesday. Will the hydrocodone be entirely out of my.body and not show on urine test this Tuesday ?

  2. Today is one week of hydrocodone. I tapered very slowly. In fact have approximately 150 pills left.

    Dr said I’d feel awful for a few days. I realized today, although my anxiety is realistic… it’s related to my brain wanting the pill.

    I’m sick, VERY depressed, weak, light headed, cramping muscles, no appetite, stomach issues, headaches, emotionally drained, numb.

    I had NO idea! I thought I did so good stopping the med.
    I was so relieved I didn’t have withdrawal symptoms… until days later. Now I’m reading months!
    My Dr is an ass. A real jerk. No support there.

    What can, what should, I do to get myself through this? I have no close family or friends. My illnesses apparently got in their way. So I’m alone, but caring for my chihauhau, Tia, who also isn’t feeling well.

    I have phone communication w a few friends I met in fibro/ neuropathy groups. No one can stop this…
    What can I do, I’m starting to feel restless leg syndrome and my forearms feel tight, I have pain everywhere.
    TY, Pam

  3. Ok so I have a drug test for a job Wednesday and it’s only Saturday..I have taken 6 7.5 hydros, will it still show up on my urine drug test?????

  4. I take hydrocodone 10 mg prescribed 2x per day for chronic pancreatitis. I split one each in half and only take it once a day. Can i safely stay on it forever ? It really helps me mentally and physically and don’t want an increase in frequency or higher dosage. Is it ok to syay on it?

  5. I took hydrocodone for headaches that i was having about two months ago. Haven’t taken anymore in about two in a half months. Will this effect my chances with passing a hair follicle test?

  6. I’ve been taking hydrocodone now for about 10 years for back pain. How long will it take to completely leave your system? And what can I expect while weaning myself off ?

  7. I have been thinking about getting my cdl again. Haven’t had it since 1990. I now how hbp and take ocycodone for back surgery. Should I even try?

  8. Hi I was just wondering if someone at the age of 30 took 6 hydros m-325s in one day not all at once would that be out of their system within 3 days? This person has no hydrocodone in there system as of now so it would be a one day thing

  9. I have a prescription for tylenol 4, I take 2 per day and have done this for over a year, I also took half of a Norco 10 about 30 hours before having a 5 panel drug test. The test came out non-negative. When they send it to the lab will they be able to tell a difference in the drugs I took?

    1. Hi Top. Generally, hydrocodone can be present in the urine 2- 4 days after the last dose. However, for chronic and/or heavy users this detection period lasts longer. Also, hydrocodone is present in the hair for up to 90 days after last dose. If you want to learn more about drug testing, I suggest that you download our FREE e-book ‘The Definitive Guide to Drug Testing’ here:

  10. Hello, I have been on Suboxone for 10 days. I have had a rough week and I gave in and took one half of a Norco 325. I test for sub doctor on Tuesday at one o’clock. Will this 1/2 Norco show on my test. I am the biggest fool. And I am so frightened. I know I should have thrown the stupid half pill away.

  11. A friend whats to know if she took two five mgs over a eight hour period two days in a row starting Fri and sat would she be ok for drug test on tues? Hydrcodone 5 mg four total for two days?

  12. Hey I have a doctors appointment tomorrow at 9 am I know I’ll be tested for sure I’ve been getting hydros from a friend at work for pain I got tired of doing it the wrong way and decided to see a doctor I haven’t had anything at all since Sunday morning at 9 do you think I’ll pass a urine test

  13. I have been prescribed by pain management doctors 7.5 milligrams to be taken 3 times a day of Norco I get a urine test to make sure it’s in my system how many days before urine test do I take it to ensure that

  14. I really need to know if I took 2-5/325 hydrocodone yesterday if it will show in my UA today. I took 1 & 1/2 at about six p.m. then another 1/2 about midnight and took UA at 9:30 a.m. please give me straight answer. I am 5’3″ tall and weigh 125 lbs.

  15. I go to pain clinic. last time I got tested it showed marana. so 3 days before I went to have back done I drank 64qz cranberry juice 2 times a day and water . so when I went the drug test came back I had no pain medication in my system . so now they refuse to give me pain meds . I don’t understand I did take pain pills but cut down

  16. I am 25 weeks pregnant and I took pain medicine almost every other day until 3 days ago. I feel like trash. I want to know if I have damaged my baby or if he/she will be born with withdrawals. I am not taking another one.

  17. I have been on hydro’s for about 2 years my work is starting drug testing in 3 weeks and im in management if I stop now and stay clean for 3 weeks will it show up in my system?

  18. I was wandering I take fiorcet for my chronic migraines. I had take them sometimes daily. I do have a tolerance to them so I have taken up to 4 in a 4 hour period.. will that cause me to fail a blood test

  19. I ran out of my Percocet from pain management so I took norco from a friend for 4 days I have a Percocet to take on Monday Tuesday weds day when I get my test done will it mask the norco so I don’t get cut off my Percocet

  20. If you have childish how long will it stay in your blood because I have a blood test tomorrow but I haven’t taken any hydrocodone in about a week and a half will it show up on the blood test tomorrow

  21. I take half a norco yesterday because sometimes I get bad back pain sometimes and am currently breastfeeding. I know not to give my child breast milk after taking this because of the side effects it could have on them. My question is how long does it take for it to finally leave you system and breast milk? So its safe to give it to my child.

  22. Hi my friend took 90 mg vicodin about 3 days ago and he has a drug urine test on June 9th will it all be out of his system by than

  23. Hi my cousin took 3 pills of hydrocodone seperately because he was in a lot of pain & was having fever on Monday, he doesn’t abuse or anything, it was just that day for his pain. He had a urine test at his job today Wednesday afternoon, he says he’s been hydrating do you think it will be out of his system & not show?…his job doesn’t approve condone. He’s 190 pounds & 5’10.

  24. I am 103 pounds and have taken three Vicodin 7.5 Sunday night. I have a urine drug test Wednesday afternoon. Will I pass? I have a fast metabolism.

  25. I took one 10mg hydrocodone one friday nite. Will it be out my system by monday morning. Have only taken that one pill and im very active.

  26. I’m prescribed norco and I went in to get a new prescription and the doctor gave me a saliva test. I had not taken one for 3 days, they r only for as needed. Am worried that it won’t show up and he will stop my prescription

  27. Back on February 4 I took 1 to 2 hydrocodone 10 / 500 for 4 to 6 days and then didn’t take any after that will I fail my hair drug test that I took today March 12

  28. I took Hydrocodone for 12 years. No doctor ever told me it was addicting, and my brain
    was making major problems. I thought it was dementia, but a new doctor said it
    could be due to Hydrocodone. I’m cutting down slowly and the doctor tells me my
    brain will be normal again after the drug is out of my system. I sure hope it does!

  29. I have taken 2-10/325 hydrocodone 12 hours ago. I hurt myself at work. I weigh 125lbs. I am very active at work. Is this enough to show up on a urine drug screen. Also if it does by showing up is it going to be a an amount to worry about. I got them from my husband who has a sqript. Thank you for your time.

  30. Hi, i took 15mg of hydrocodone in one day for the first time. Im wondering how long it will be before it will not show up in my urine. I’m a male, 18, weigh 150 with very low body fat.

  31. I take Percocet 5-325 which is prescribed from my Dr. I had Norco’s also that was given to me by my Ortho Dr. after a surgery. I accidently took the Norco that I had left over, which I didn’t like, and now I have a Dr’s appointment on January 13th of next year. Will they be able to detect that on a urine test if I get selected. I know it’s like 16 days away, but I really need to know. Kinda freaked out about it. I put the other’s up so it don’t happen again. Stupid me I know. First time i’ve ever mixed up a script..

  32. Hi I’m a 47 year old woman I’ve abused hydros for about 3 years now. I take anywhere from 6 to 20 every day. I have severe pain it’s almost impossible for me to move without a couple every morning do to my disability. I want to be free from this dependence should I just quit or be we end from them or go to a detox center?

    1. Hello, Kandy. Experts claim that tapering the drug gradually is the best way to quit it. So, I’d suggest you consult your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule just for you. Good luck!

  33. Will 10mg of lortab be out of my system by Christmas? I have to take a drug test around that time and I don’t want to fail. Please help!

  34. Hi there. I took a drug swab done for a prospective employer. I took 2- lortabs just the night before. Naturally my screen came back positive? I gave the lab my prescription info and now I’m waiting to hear my results from that. I have two questions. 1. Can the panel tell the Amount of hydrocodone in my system. 2 can I be legally turned down for the job because of this? This is a prescription I have for Degenerative disc disease. Please let me know your opinion. Thank you!

  35. Hi ,I am in pain management back home I have been staying here at my aunts house since 6 days before Thanksgiving ,I have been taking Hydrocodone /300 2 – 3 a day while here ,Back home I’m on oxycodone\ 10 mg. & morphine 2 x a day I have a drug test on the 12th of this month ,urine test will the hydrocodone be out of my system by then?

  36. I’m 33 and 122lbs I haven’t taken Norco for quite a while and I was in pain so my mom have me 4 Norco 10 325s I took two on Thursday one and a half Friday and half Saturday morning at around 430am. I have a dot 5panel drug screen on Monday. Do you think I’ll pass it.

  37. I took a 10 mg pain pill hydrocodone with ace Saturday for my pain wasnt prescribed to me.i have a random drug test tuesday…can i pass a urine test?

  38. im taking hydrocodone 10-325mg and pain doctor gives me 112,plus im using fentanyl patches every 3days… now for my last two visits i take a pee test and he told me thay cant detect any of my pain medicine… im taking them and before my due day to see him i run out of pills im in more pain he isnt the most kind doctor its his way or go see someone else..he wont raise dose or give me anything different i dont like percocects,,,.and he ask me if im selling them or not taking them i dont know what to do to prove im taking them..i do have a past of taking alot of pain pills when i was dealing with my cancer…i want to know how to prove im taking them..before he tells me to get lost…

  39. Hiya. I go to a pain clinic and ran out of my meds. I went to the ER & was given meds. I am prescribed Norco 10 but the ER gave me 5mg. I have one left and my apt with pain management is Monday. If I take my last one Monday around 9 will it show for my apt @ 330?

  40. I’m in a lot of pain being pregnant. I’m 30 weeks and my daughter is on a nerve so I can barley move. Its Friday, I was wondering if I have a drug test Monday then would a half of a half of a 10mg hydrocodone be out if it’s a urine test. I have a very high metabolism and I’m 19 I weigh 132 now that I’m pregnant before I’ve always weighed about 100-103 pounds. (Also do not want an opinion about me being pregnant and taking a half of a half. I am in so much pain)

  41. It is big time addictive. Stay away from it. Take 800 mg of ibuprofen or aspirin for that matter. Stomach bleeding is better than addiction to that crap unless you have had serious issues with past bleeding. You don’t want to end up in(what was useless to me) opiate rehab that is expensive and varied in individual effectiveness. Been there and done that. Bye.

  42. Hello, I have taken 12 10mg vicodin in the last 4 days i have a saliva test for my job monday afternnon do you think I will be ok and pass it by then as long as I dont take anymore?

  43. I have been on hydrocodone since 2006. I have a very bad lumbar disease. I do not want an operation. I am so immune to the hydrocodone I do not want to take it anymore and I do not want to go any higher. Will I go through withdrawals even though I took it as prescribed it’s been a long time 9 years of hydrocodone. It is not help me I’m wondering about withdrawals

  44. I shard half of a percocet 10mg and half of a vicadin 5mg yesterday (thursday) and I have to be drug tested on tuesday.. I haven’t used in months and my system was clean before. Will I pass??

  45. Hi I have a RX for Norco 10/325. I have a pre employment drug test on Monday. it is now Thursday. If I don’t continue to use the Norco will I test clean (Negative). It is a CDL position and don’t want to take RX with me.

  46. This is absolute gibberish. Oxford studies have shown that in therapeutic use, HC, HM and NHC are not detectable even at the 50 ng/L cutoff past 50 hours. Why put these false and alarming facts out for people to read, SAHMSA findings are almost identical to Oxfords. Only in exTREME cases of daily addiction are HC, HM and NHC levels detectable past 50 hrs. Ludicrous!

  47. I have taken 10/325mg (2) 2x a day for 6 yrs. I’m 49 yo,200lbs. Female. I had to submit a urine drug test for my surgeon before a surgical procedure ; it’s a new requirement d/t changes in control schedule of hydrocodone . I came off the hydros for 8 days, drank lots of fluids during this time, basically did the things recommended during detoxing. Do you think I tested clean?

  48. So I applied to work at a place and they drug tested me I forgot that I took 1 hydroxide me this past Saturday so today makes 3 days since I took it now I do. It normally take them I don’t do any drugs but I was having back pain and just took one so will that show in the urine test?

  49. I was prescribed hydrocodone for pain in my tooth..i took one dose only then I had my dental procedure done…I have no more pain I don’t want to take anymore of the hydrocodone. I only took one…iam discarding the rest I have no more pain…how long will the one I took stay in my system???

  50. I take Norcos on a daily basis for severe back injury, 4 back surgeries, looking at a 5th surgery. My doctors says it is not coming up in my urine. HOW CAN THAT BE?????

  51. I have taken hydrocodone 4 times sometimes 6 a month supply……. .My Question is there anything over-the-counter or will the ER help??

  52. I am a retired disabled Army vet and have been on some form of pain med for the past 5 years with the most common one being 10/325 hydrocodone. At one point, my Dr had me on 2 4 times a day. I am now on 1 4 times a day and that does not help my pain at all. I know that it is because I have been on them so long that I have built up a tolerance. I would like to flush my body, so that taking just 1 will help the pain. I am 40 years old and weigh about 140 with a good amount of muscle. About how long will it take to flush the meds from my body?

  53. Hi I have a prescription for hydrocodone from 7/1 and my instructions are 1 every 8 hours as needed for pain. I had 42 of them and still have quite a bit left since they are only for when I have bad pain. I have a drug screen tomorrow for a new job and paranoid to take any today for my back pain and RA because I don’t want the drug test Dr. to tell me my script is too old. It’s really not. I know I’ll get a call due to taking Adderall.

  54. I havent taken hydrocodone/acetaminophen 5-325 TB in about a couple weeks and am in wicked pain today. If I take one will I have withdrawals after. Try not to take it unless I need too?

  55. if I take 7.5 lortab Friday morning and have to take a utube test Monday morning will I be cleared of any traces

  56. Hi im carrol I’m guessing I’m about 100 pounds I wasjn a car wreak the put me on hydro 10s for about 6 months or so n I had missed my last appointment be realized I felt fine with out them this was about. A month’s ago n I went in to take a drug test for a job n I fail there was two pink lines bt u could bearly see the other one how is that???

  57. Hi I take lortab 7.5 and I have a drug test for pain magement coming up on the 16 of next month but I’ll take my last dose on the 14 will in show up or will it be out of my system by then please I need to know this is very important I only take two a day

  58. Hey I’m 44 years old 180 lbs an healthy; I took 4 Vicodin 5/500 on Friday with 2 cans of beer but have been clean for the past 3 days…got up tue.morning drank 2 cups of water 2 cups of coffee, 2 vitamin c 1 b 12 & 16 oz cranberry juice within a hour & took the ua test…my pea was cloudy but still had yellow tint but not dark with over 80 hours clean & my system semi flushed – should I test positive for alcohol or Vicodin ??????

  59. I’ve been taking Lortab 10 for a couple years now. I’m trying really hard to kick the habit. I started feeling really bad a day or so after taking my last one. A friend gave me a hand full of suboxone.. it really seemed to do the trick.. My question is.. I’ve been pill free for a whole week and so box one free for two. I’m feeling anxiety but I’m not craving the tabs.. How many days does it take for both to be completely out of my system?

  60. Thank you for the info, Hydrocodone, can also have doing long term effects on gastrointestional fuction,
    Believe me I went through it, but getting better Jerry.

  61. its Sunday and I took 6 hydros yesterday and 12 today. How soon will I be clean. I’m very healthy and work out everyday.

  62. I do not take hydrocodone on a regular basis i take one every once in a while for mograins i was wondering how long will it stay in my system. It has been about 6 months before the one i took tonight.

  63. I have taken about 6 /5m of oxycodone an about 8 norco in the past 4 days I will be testing in 10 days will I pass a urine test?

  64. My doc just told me that very minoot traces of hydrocodone showed in my urine…he told me it wasnt working and took me off it cold turkey! I have filed a greivence because of other issues with him playing GOD!. IM 55 yrs old and have every single disk herniated in my spine..he told me theres nothing wrong with me and he didnt want to see me again!

  65. I am having Bowel problems, because of constipation, its like my bowel shut down, I was on them for 7 years Hydrocodone 10/325 six tab a day. I hope my bowel problems go away with time, in the mean time I need to take Miralax daily and milk of mag as well. Can you give me a time duration as to when my bowel will fuction normal again? Thank you Jerry

  66. Ive been taking 10mg hydrocodones 4x’s a day for the past 6mo. How long will it show up in a urine test?……..simply curious

  67. i do not understand if all this is true why when i take hydrocodone 3 times a day 7.5/325mg and when i went into the doctor he did a blood test because i could not get a urine sample for him and somehow my test came back negative i was sick for 3 days 5 days before this appt and did not take my meds on those 3 days would this be why this happened because now he threw me out of his practice and i do not have a doctor for me and my kdis

  68. I take Hydrocodone/acetaminophen 7.5-325 T 1 every 6 hours as needed for pain as prescribed by my Dr. I have been being treated for Bronchitis and ear infection in both ears. I haven’t been taking them because I was running a fever and instead took 2- 325 mg. acetaminophen to help bring down the fever. I went to see her today and had a urine drug test,I haven’t taken the Hydrocodone in 5-6 days. So what happens if there is none in my system? I think she is more interested in finding marijuana, but it was sent away to a lab and I don’t know what kind of test it was exactly. I will test negative for marijuana,but what if there is no Hydrocodone in my system? I am 60 yrs. old 205 lbs. and drink a lot of liquids-being diabetic. Will my explanation make sense to her? I am back on them now after the appointment and would gladly retest anytime. Please answer, I’m very worried.

  69. I took hydrocodone 10/325 for 7 years. Took me two months to get off. I went from 6 per day to 4 per day immediately , then 3 every 8 hours, then two breaking them in half every six hours,, then half tab every eight hours, I then was down to one 10/325 , I broke that in half and took every 12 hours. for 3 days .Im now free of hydrocodone for seven days, I was so upset for what the drug did to my body. and never want to look at another one, I took them for severe low back stenosis. I have experienced no pain since coming off of them. I did have the usual constipation, and now with inflammatory bowel syndrome. I hope my approach can help some one get off them with minimal with drawl. Jerry

  70. I have been on Hydrocodone/Acetomen0phen 10/325 for about 2yrs taking 6 tabs per day. I have not taken them as prescribed & often run out. I have a drug screen 3/2/15. I will be out of tabs 2/23/15 due to doctor cutting dose. Will they still show up in my system?

  71. Curious

    I have been using hydros 10mg for years. In the past 3 months have increased usage above and beyond what physician recommended for pain control reason. I took a drug test and now he is calling me back in for another one. . Can a urine test go back and monitor the levels in your system over time like a diabetic who gets there HgbA1C monitored?? If it specifically asked for/

  72. Hello,
    I took 1 Hydroco/Acetamin last night around 11pm because of a fall I had. I have a saliva test tomorrow around 2pm. I have the prescription left over from surgery so I have proof of it, but I am curious if the 1, 325 MG will show up tomorrow?

  73. My pain management doctor is giving me a urine test in 6 days. I am on hydrocodone 5/325 three timea a day. I am also on the fentanyl patch 75 mcg/hr every two days. What should my hydrocodone levels be for this test, or will it just be a positive /negative scenario? Being on the patch i don’t always take three pills a day. If i take them three times a day until the test will that bring me up to the level she might be looking for? Thanks for your help.

  74. Hey, so it’s been about maybe 2 or 3 days since I’ve taken hydrocodone, but I have a drug test today and I’m worried about it showing up.. is it going to? Our how can I make it say negative?

  75. Hi there I took a norco at about 4:30 today , & most likely tomorrow morning I will have a urinary drug screening from my probation officer , is this one norco going to show up on my test ?

  76. I took a hydrocodone 10mg yesterday, not a habitual user or addict. I took one the day before yesterday as well. I don’t have a prescription for them. I got a call today wanting me to come in for a job interview tomorrow and if I do get the job I don’t know how long from then I will get a drugtest. I am 5’5 1/2 and about 225-230 pounds.. not a heavy drug user… also I smoked marijuana about two weeks ago and I’m also not a frequent marijuana user. Whats the possibility for being clean?

  77. I take 5/325 Hydrocodone 4x daily. I took a urine test at my pain mgtment and it came back negative that I wasn’t taking my meds as prescribed. Also I am taking Lyrica and have a pain pump with fentanyl. Have been in pain mgt since 2007. Have never had a problem and always take my meds as he has prescribed. Was wondering how this can happen.

  78. how long does 12 loratabs 5/325 stay in your system if you took them 4 a day for 3 days. I have a urine test on the 1st. It will be 13 days since I took them. Will I be safe? Will it be out of my system?

  79. I’m supposed to be going to rehab this week, but you have to pass a drug test to get in, I messed up and took 3 10mg tabs, how long will it take to be able to pass a urine test?

  80. I’ve been taking Norco on and off for over a year and I’m pregnant my baby is due the end of October, if I stop now will it be out of my system? Please don’t judge me I already feel like a horrible person!

  81. Hi! I’ve been Norco free since August 11th. Took the last one on 08/10/14 at 9pm. I’ve been on them for 5 years. The last year I took about 30mg a day. I feel great now and don’t want them ever again. My question is: I have a 7 panel drug screen for a job and I know they test for opiates and oxycodone among other things. The drug screen is on 08/27/14. It will be a full 16 days without it. I did take midol during the time frame. I’m 5’8, 135lbs, 30 years old. I understand that it’s 2-4 days to leave your system but after you’ve been using it for 5 years, does the same logic apply? Should I be worried? I don’t have a current script.

  82. Hi Wallflower. Check in with a pharmacist to get more information about how oxycodone is related to your heart diagnosis. The more medical knowledge, the better you can make a decision.

  83. Hi i was reading all our comments. Thank you for the imformation. I am on oxycoden my spellin is not great , but I take 10 mg every 4 hours. Ihate having to take all the meds i do but I have had several back surgerys and need another one . I am sick of being cut open and not getting any better from it. I have notruoble with the doctors I have. I have tried to just stop taking the meds but 3 of my doctors said I will always have to take them and one of m docs frecked out and said I stopping this med with my heart probelms , I could have a heart attack . This scares me alot… is this true. He is my main doctor. thanks for any input.

  84. Took 6 hydrocodones on wed and I do 2 hrs of physical activities a day and sweat a lot plus drink close to a gallon of water per day will I show up on a ua if I take a drug test the next Friday at 1:30. That is 8 1/2 days since last use?

  85. I was on 10/325 Hydrcodones every 4 hours for around 3 years. I was taking more than I was supposed to and more often than prescribed. Of course I’d run out and I was getting 180 pills a month. I could go through them in 2 1/2 weeks. Then suffer till I was able to refill, then the cycle would start all over again. I had finally had enough and wanted off these damn things all together. I asked for doctors help, they were going to put me in a residential place here, but when they did the checking, there was NO place for me since I am on oxygen 24/7. So, of course I felt totally defeated & beat down. I even asked one doc if she could give me something else besides Lortabs to help me get off of them, she gave me 60 more Lortabs a month, so no help there. What I ended up doing was just going cold turkey, but I had no choice, I had no one willing to help me. The withdrawals were awful, but I think I’m through them now. It’s been 15 days and no pills except for the ones I’m suppose to take. I’m still having some cravings, but not really that bad. Funny thing is…These doctors have no problem getting you ON these damn pills, but when you ask for help getting off of them, “sorry, nothing I can do”…Pi**es me right the hell off, it does. Thank You for letting me vent!

  86. I am a patient in a pain managment program for a herniated disk. I get a drug screen randomly to a sure that I am taking my meds and that I’m not taking anything not percribed. I have found myself in many situations where I have had to worry about outcome of these drug screens. I am not a person who takes ANY illegal drugs but many times I have taken a test where I have taken hydrocodone instead of my oxycodone jyst because I ran out of my due to a lot of pain and taking extra. So here are a few examples of what I have went through if it helps ease anyone’s minds a bit. I no what worry is. I no it to be a fact that opiates are out in 3 days. I had an entire script of 20 hydrocodone 10’s that I took in a matter of 3 days then only 3 days after discontinued use I was given a drug screen and passed. I always save at least 1 oxycodone to take the evening before I go to be sure my meds show. Also the drug screens that are given to me are the expensive ones sent out to a lab. I also took a few Xanax for help with sleeping prior to last test and discontinued use of those 9 days before testing. So like I said to ease anyone’s minds I beleive opiates are out of your system in just 2 days

  87. Would like to know how long or wait time for a person to show positive on a random piss test for Xanax or/and Norco 7.5? They test me to see if I am taking the prescribed meds, but I have shown negative. I go every month, so like to know when (if I haven’t been taking them like I should) to wait before taking them again so as to show positive at the time of appointment.

  88. I remember taking 3 – 5/500 hydrocodone on a Sunday night and had a urine test Tuesday morning and PASSED. Couldn’t believe it! That was some 15 years ago and now have a drug test in 3 days and I just took 4 – 10/325 hydrocodone. Based on my last test 15 years ago, I would think I should pass this test in 3 days. My metabolism rate must be pretty fast, but that was 15 years ago. I wonder if it slows down with age. Anyone know? Thanks…

  89. My son was given Hydrocodone 5/500mg for pain after having an incision and drainage of a abscess. This was about two months ago. He went for a drug screen using hair for pre-employment and the test came back positive. He told the job he had a rx. for hydrocodone and the reply was that it was showing up as an opiate and they don’t know what it is. It can be pills or heroin for all they know. This seems unfair to me. I read that on a hair test Hydrocodone can show up for ninety days and if a person can prove that they have a prescription for the drug, should this not be taken into consideration?

  90. I took 6 7.5mg of hydrocodone today (2-25-14). I have a drug test next Tuesday, May 4th. Will I have that out by then? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  91. Hello I have been having a lot of backpain my friend gave me 3 of her 5mg hydrocodoneS I took them at 2 in the afternoon and then was called in to work and had to take a drug test at 7 that eveING was wondering if that would show up on the test I rarely take any thing for pain thank you

  92. I been taking pain pills for 2 years an I have court feb 4th an they are probably going to drug test me. but I cant fail or im going to jail, but the withdrawls are to bad! if I take suboxone instead will I fail the drug test?

  93. I took 1 hydrocodone pill about 6-7 months ago that I had leftover from a surgery for a migraine. I may have to take a drug test: urine, hair or fingernail, not sure. Will that one time dose show up in any of these drug test?

  94. I took like 20 pill of waston 385 to night 11/6 nd I have to take a drug test on 11/8 for my PO at 1245 I will b clean cuz I don’t want to go to jail or what should I do to get clean by then

  95. ive been taking hyro 10-650 for a very long time. I want off them and have been for 2 days now. im doing better then I thought I would but have no engery. how long before they leave my system and I get back to normal? id rather feel the pain then be addicted to theses. very ashamed of my self.

  96. Hi there, Lynn. I took a (1) Vicodin 7.5 on Tues (9/17)around 10am (none RX) and took my oral drug test (DSAP 6) today at (9/19) around 10:30am. Will I be able to pass the oral drug test? fingers crossed

  97. I have been on norco 10/325 for about a year now, and I do have an active prescription. My doctor also prescribed fioricet as well.

    It was Wednesday morning about 6am, and I took 1 Norco pill. Wednesday at 10:30 I had a job interview. After the interview, they gave me paperwork and I had to get a pre-employment drug screen by end of day, on the same day, Wednesday. I did the urine test same day about noon time. On the following Tuesday, the medical review officer calls and wants the Rx info on my fioricet as I tested positive for that, nothing else.

    It had been about 24 hours since my last fioricet, but I take x4 norcos/day, every day…for about a year.

    My question is how did noro…opiate not show in the drug screen???

    I don’t really give a rats arse about passing as I have a legitimate Rx, but I was completely puzzled as how an opiate did not show in my screen.

    I ended up getting the job because everything checked out and the MRO reported negative.

    …but….can anyone tell me how come my norco did not show?? I am curious.
    thank you

  98. I have been taking 2 loratab 10’s almost on a daily basis for the past month due to back pain but do not have a prescription for them. I possibly have a drug test tomorrow or the latest Monday…The last day i took them was this past Tuesday the 23rd…Do you think they will be out of my system if I have to take the drug test tomorrow??
    Thanks for you help!!

  99. I have been reading so many sites…How long will Vicodin 7.5 stay in your urine for a urine lab test….It seems there are so many different answers…Please help

  100. i took one hydrocodone 5/500 for four days from 3/31-4/3 for my back pain. i got the meds from my wife. i have to take a drug test on 4/11. will it be detected? thank you in advance for your answer.

  101. I am prescribed norco 10, 4/day from my pain management doctor for nerve damage and herniated discs. I seriously sprained my ankle last week and used a few pills extra for a couple of days. My appointment is tomorrow but I am out of medication now. On Saturday I took 1/2 tablet (5mg) in the am and pm, then nothing all week until 9pm tonight (12 hours before my urine test) I took my last 1/2 tablet (5mg)… is a single 5mg dose after 5 days of no medication still show up in my urine after 12 hours? I don’t want my MD to drop me becsuse he doesn’t think I am actually taking it, so I WANT it to show up… will my urkne test positive tomorrow? Should I try to hold my pee for all 12 hours until the test, or is it ok to go when I wake up, then Will I still test positive for the test 3 hours later?

  102. hi my name is richie and i am on probation . i have to inroal in a oasis program, i have 2 doctors one is my phsycotrits and 1 is my primary care doc i take klonapin through my phsyc,and norco10/325 from primary care doc . i dont want my primary care doc to know, and i have urine test on march 20 ,will my test show positive for norco if so what can i take to block from urine test .on probation for a dwi .i dont drink but that night i went to a bachelor party and had a couple of drinks if my primary doc finds out he will not prescribe me my norco 1 take 4 a day 120 a month and i need them for my pain i am on disabilaty what should i do i dindnt tell my probation officer anything yet

  103. i took two 7.5 vicodin and took a urine test 44 hours later. what are the odds i passed? thats was the first time ive taken them in years. does drinking alot of water hepl it get out of your system faster because i drank over two gallons in that 44 hour time frame?

  104. Hi Jo Ann. I’m not quite clear on the situation – did you already test negative? Are you wondering what can cause a false negative for hydrocodone?

  105. I take hydrocodone/ace 8-9 pills a day and in pain, i took a test in cup at doctor office show negative how it was send to a lab I only thing idid was drink a lot of water. will come back positive

  106. I took a urine test didn’t but drink a lot of water two days before but still took hyrocodone/ace 8 pills a day will test positive, been taking medication for some but urine that didn’t show anything but was the meds?

  107. i am 5 10. weighing around 140 pounds. i took 4 hydrocodone 10 mgs. 2 of them on 12/29/12 and 2 more of them 12/30/12. i have a piss test on 1/2/13 by my po at 3:30 pm and drug consular at 5pm. will i pass my piss test? the last hydrocodone 10 mg i took was at 5 pm 12/30/12

  108. hi i took 3 vikes as i am perscribed today and am wondering if they will still be in my system for my pain management apt. monday at 11;40 because i ran out now.

  109. Hello. I had a very very sore throat that had started on a Thursday, got worse by Friday evening. Had some leftover vicodin (5-500) that I was prescribed to use as needed for breakthrough pain for my sciatic. I had gone to the doctor Friday around 5pm just for a swab. Myself and the nurse thought that it was strep. Around 8pm that same night, I had a fever and glands were really swollen. Took one of my vicodin, completely forgetting I had a drug screen the following Tuesday. Called the advice line, they spoke with a doctor who said that it would be ok to take 1-2 every 4 hours as needed. I didn’t take any more because I kind of freaked out about it. Non-DOT drug screen was done around 2pm Tuesday. The bag they put it in said Quest Diagnostics. I have a prescription, for the back. However the doctor said for the throat was ok. What are my chances for passing? And if it comes back positive, the paperwork said that I would have to pay for the second (two containers were filled) to be tested. Shouldn’t they automatically do a more thorough test just to be sure anyway?

  110. I am not a drug user but I am almost 50 yrs old – things hurt. One week ago today a friend gave me a (one) pain pill with hydrocodone/acetaminophen combo – I think it was a 7.5mg.
    I am scheduled to take a drug screen for entry into a healthcare related school and I am worried I may test positive- what do you think?

  111. I was taking 10 mg hydrocodone for about a year from my doctor. 5 weeks ago i was switched to oxycodone 7.5 mg. it sucked for helping my pain. about 3 weeks ago my dentist did a lot of dental work and perscribed 50 norco pills. i stopped taking last saturday, about 7 days before urine exam. i am prescribed morphine sulfate and percocet when i took the test. prior to that i was on lortab 1omg for 9 months. i got drug tested today at my pain man. office. will the hydrocodone show up on the drug screening?

  112. Hi Mimi. No, most 10 panel screens do not test for opioid metabolites. In fact, to detect hydrocodone, you need a particular “Extended Opioids” screen. Call the testing center to confirm what is included on the ten panel, however. You can never be too prepared!

  113. I was taking 10 mg hydrocodone for about a year from my doctor. 5 weeks ago i was switched to oxycodone 7.5 mg. it sucked for helping my pain. about 3 weeks ago my dentist did a lot of dental work and perscribed 50 norco pills. i stopped taking last saturday. i got drug tested today at my pain man. office. will the hydrocodone show up on the drug screening?

  114. I have been taking 10mg lortab for the last year and morphine sulfate as well 15mg. last month my doctor switched me to 7.5 percocet and it was awful hardly covered my back pain. i had dental work done last 2 weeks and and had taken medicine until 3rd of november. I got drug tested today at my pain management doctors office. will the hydrocodone show up in my drug screening? difference of about 6.5 days.

  115. Hello Georgette. I’d suggest a full disclosure about your hydrocodone use with your doctors. Are you prescribed daily doses or as needed?

  116. Iam perscribed 120/750 hydrocodone a month for serious back pain, I been in process of moving my doublewide home for 30days, I some days took only 1 750 and other days 4, some days none stressed out and sleeping forgetting to take meds, sometimes I dont use all my perscription unless I need it, sometimes I just take aleve, will I be fine if they take my levels, should I just take more to get my levels right before I go back to doctors, Or will I be fine , I cant lose my perscription just this month been unusall.

  117. Hi iluvmybabies. Hydrocodone can be detected in a hair test drug screen. The test needs to be specifically designed to detected opioids like hydrocodone, but even one time detection is technically possible. It’s really hard to know what kind of effect the shampoo has on the hair analysis test. Plus, while hair analysis drug tests are known to be highly accurate, they can also be affected by hair treatments, hair color itself, as well as the testing method. So while I’m hopefully optimistic for your sake (and the sake of your children), detection is possible.

  118. Hi. I’m 27 female about 200 lbs Caucasian. Am ordered to do a hair follicle test for CPS… Have a very colored past… The test is 10/11/12 the last time I used was around mid August and before than months and months the only reason I did was because I had a killer toothache.. I took 1 Vicodin the bottle read with actametaphine 500/5mg. I got some detox shampoo this test decides my fate… I don’t wanna lose my babies!!!!! I am a prescribed methadone client…. Any advice for me????? HELP

  119. Hi D. In theory, the acute side effects of taking hydrocodone should pass as the drug leaves the body and the effects wear off. If symptoms such as headache and sore throat linger, it’s possible that an underlying medical condition is causing these symptoms, and you can proceed to your family doctor’s office to seek a diagnosis.

  120. Hello, I took 1 7.5 mg of hydrocodone Friday around noon, and the side effects are almost unbarable. How long will it take for the side effects such as Sore throat, and headaches to go away?

  121. Hi Dee. The detection window for hydrocodone in urine is about 2-4 days, depending on how your body metabolizes hydrocodone. You will be tested right around the detection window, so it can really go either way. Please let us know how it goes!

  122. I took hydrocodon 5-500 on sat. for my back and its been about a week since I took it prior. I have a drug test for new employment tomorrow which is wed. Will I be ok? I really wan this job and I know i’m not a user but for the position I can’t have any kind of pain meds in my system. Please help me. I’ve searched all over the web and even called the er an pharmacy and no one knows!

  123. Hi Rocky. Depending on the laboratory and the technique employed, cutoff levels may differ. High cutoff levels for hydrocodone during the screening procedures will generate false negatives because although hydrocodone may be present in significant concentration, it can still be below the designated cutoff and would therefore be reported negative.

    You can request or confirm that your urine sample undergo a separate immunoassay for the “Extended Opiates” group of drugs. Consulting the lab, including consulting the medical review officer, or pathologist for the lab, whenever unexpected results are returned is frequently beneficial. At any rate, negative screening reports should contain a statement with reference to established cutoff levels.

  124. Hi Rocky. Acetaminophen may produce false-positive test results for urinary 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid. I’d suggest that you return to the testing center and request a re-test.

  125. I was wondering if I took pain medicine hydrocodone for a month and only took 1 to 2 a day and the day before I had a drug test I took just one will it show up in my system.cause they r saying I failed the last one but I know I had taken my medicine what else would cause you to be negative in hydrocodone

  126. Hi mo. Sorry, we cannot advise on how to avoid hydrocodone detection that is above prescription use. I’d suggest, however, that you seek another pain doctor who has more of an understanding of your level of pain, and can humanely advise you on alternative medications or doses to help alleviate the pain.

  127. I get tested for hydros by my pain managment clinic to make sure im taking it like im supposed to ( 7.5 norco 2x a day) however i had a nerve block procedure done T4-T5, T5-S1 ive been in incredible pain since, i called Dr. to see if i could up xs taken per day ( barely helped before the procedure) she said no, but i have anyway by 1-2. My question is how long before my next appt do i need to start taking them 2x a day to test that way?

  128. Hi Yankee. One time use of Lortab usually clears the system within at least a couple of days. Plus, most drug screens DO NOT detect opioids like hydrocodone unless it is an “extended opiates” specific test. So, you should be OK when it comes to a 72+ hour detection window.

  129. I took one lortab on Friday at 5. I forgot that I’m getting drug tested on Tuesday morning. The one lortab was all I’ve had in months. Will it still take 2-4 days since it was only one? Will drinking lots of water help?

  130. Hi weezer. It’s tough to say. Drug detection depends on many factors: age, body mass, frequency of use, metabolic rate, drug tolerance, overall health, urine pH, etc. But chronic and long-term use of the hydrocodone found in Vicodin typically result in detection periods near or at the upper boundary of the drug detection window. In this case, it seems that hydrocodone is mostly metabolized within 3-4 days after last use.

  131. I would like to ask, how long does it take a habitual/heavy vicodin (10/500) user to get a clean urine? Get it out of their system?

  132. Hi Ebyonie. If you have a prescription for Vicodin, just take it along to the drug test. If you are taking Vicodin as prescribed, you will not have a problem and should test NEGATIVE, as long as the hydrocodone metabolite levels fall within the expected norms. However, if you are not taking Vicodin as prescribed or don’t have a Rx at all, you will probably not pass and test POSITIVE.

  133. Hi, I take 1/2-1 7.5 apap/750mg vicodin a day. I have. A drug test. In. The. Morning, at. 9am. I took. One. At. 4:00pm. Today wondering. If i will pass a urine or saliva screening. ?

  134. Hi Terry. When you present a prescription for Lortab to the Medical Review Officer (MRO), the person in charge of reporting test results to your employer, the MRO reads the presence/levels on the drug screen and reports a NEGATIVE or POSITIVE drug screen based on whether or not you are taking Lortab as prescribed. So even though hydrocodone is physically present in your system, as long as you are taking hydrocodone as prescribed, the drug screen should test NEGATIVE.

    I am confused as to why you have tested POSITIVE in the past….?

  135. I have taken lortab 10 for several years I always test positive for this on my employment drug screen / test I have a presciption 3 times a day I have RA and my back has been broken in 4 vertabrates do they check my actual drug level or are they just checking for the presences I never miss work and I have had several promotions I also was on compensation for the back injury as it was work related does work know I am on this or is this screen always negative because of the prescription.

  136. Hello H. Thanks for your question. Hydrocodone Dos build up in your system. As you become tolerant to the effects, you have to take more to get the same pain relief. But hydrocodone will leave you body totally once you stop taking it. The process is called withdrawal and can be uncomfortable. Withdrawal lasts from a few days to a couple of weeks, but most symptoms are gone after about 7-10 days. Are you thinking of stopping your Lortab?

  137. I have been prescribed lortab 7.5 for 3 years now and i have a drug screen for school coming up. I know Im fine because i have the prescription, but Im curious as to how long they stay in my system because I’ve been taking them for so long. Do they compound in your system? Im so confused by all of it.

  138. Hi Lynn. That does seems weird. Maybe it was a case of “CYA”? I do know that in opiate treatment programs (for former drug addicts), drug testing is part of protocol…but this does not seem the case with your husband. Anyway, I hope that he gets his meds sorted out…and let us know if we can help further!

  139. I really don’t know why she tested for it. Maybe to be sure he was taking it? Which really didn’t make sense because he told her the RX ran out five days prior to the visit (he had his RX bottle with him). He had one left over that he took the night before. She’s not his regular doctor and was leery of giving him a refill. She said that she doesn’t usually prescribe “that type of medication”. She did give him a much weaker version of the same medication that would last for a few days and told him that if the meds showed up in the lab work she’d call him in the rest of his medication. None of it made a whole lot of good sense to me.

  140. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for your question. Perhaps the levels of hydrocodone were undetected because they were under the cutoff levels for misuse? I’m not sure. Also, why was the doctor testing in the first place?

  141. Hi there. My husband has a RX for Norco 7.5. His script ran out on a Wed. and he was unable to make another doctor’s appointment until three weeks later. So he decided to see another doctor in the same practice. This was the following Monday. So five days later. He had one of his pills left over and he took that Sunday night (I know because I handed it to him). The new doctor ran a urine screen and the medication didn’t show up so she sent it off to a lab (haven’t heard anything back on that yet). So why didn’t it show up in the urine test? Just to clarify my husband did not run out of his medication early. He simply failed to reschedule with his regular doctor on time.

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