Hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms

What are the symptoms of hydrocodone withdrawal? Hydrocodone withdrawal starts with runny nose, watery eyes and sweating. Then progresses to uncomfortable symptoms of nausea, restlessness and even insomnia. A full list of symptoms and why they occur here.

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Withdrawal from hydrocodone is difficult.

When you take away chemicals like hydrocodone from your body, chemicals that have altered your brain, you’re in for a pretty harsh reality. Your body and brain can react strongly, even violently, sometimes.  The hydrocodone withdrawal timeline of symptoms peak anywhere from 24-72 hours after last dose, but acute symptoms usually resolve without medical intervention within a week or two after detox begins.  So what can you expect as you withdraw from medications that contain hydrocodone?

When does hydrocodone withdrawal occur?

Withdrawal symptoms occur when you lower doses of hydrocodone, or stop taking hydrocodone abruptly after taking it for several weeks or more. This is because the body makes adjustments to adapt to the presence of hydrocodone over time.  And getting high on hydrocodone comes with a cost.   So if you take hydrocodone every day for a few weeks, your body gets used to the medicine. Hydrocodone bind to receptors in the brain and blocks the feeling of pain. And when hydrocodone is no longer present, you experience both the pain that you were trying to block, as well as other symptoms that the absence of hydrocodone provokes.

The good news is that slowly tapering off hydrocodone meds and slowly lowering doses may help relieve these symptoms. But what exact symptoms occur after you stop taking hydrocodone?

Symptoms of hydrocodone withdrawal

The intensity and character hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms are directly related the total daily dose, the interval between doses, the duration of use and the health and personality of the user. Withdrawal symptoms usually appear shortly before your next scheduled dose if you decide to stop taking hydrocodone cold turkey. Early withdrawal symptoms often include:

  • runny nose
  • sweating
  • watery eyes
  • yawning
  • As hydrocodone withdrawal worsens, symptoms can include
  • abnormally heightened sensitivity to pain
  • chills alternating with flushing and excessive sweating
  • cold flashes with goose bumps
  • diarrhea
  • drug craving
  • increased blood pressure
  • increased heart rate
  • insomnia
  • involuntary leg movements
  • loss of appetite
  • muscle and bone pain
  • nausea
  • restlessness
  • severe depression
  • tremors
  • vomiting

If you go through withdrawal are you addicted to hydrocodone?

No. Just because you go through hydrocodone does not mean that you are addicted to it.

In fact, physical dependence on opioids like hydrocodone is expected if you have been prescribed hydrocodone for more than a few weeks. But physical depedences is very different than addiction. The symptoms of hydrocodone addiction include mental compulsion to use hydrocodone, in spite negative consequences of use. In other words, hydrocodone addicts continue taking hydrocodone even in the face of problems with their health, jobs, or family life. By contrast, long-term use of hydrocodone can result in two medical conditions. Although these conditions may also be present during addiction, they are markers of physical dependence.

1. Tolerance – After time, higher doses of hydrocodone are required to get the same initial effects (pain relief).

2. Withdrawal — The body adapts to the presence of hydrocodone and withdrawal symptoms occur if use is reduced abruptly.

Can I treat hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms?

Yes. There are medications and treatments that can assist you during hydrocodone withdrawal. Even if you are taking hydrocodone as prescribed, withdrawal from this opioid can be very difficult. This is why doctors suggest that all people withdrawing from hydrocodone do so under medical supervision. There are medications and treatments that can help make withdrawal more bearable.

If you think that you may have a problem with hydrocodone, don’t be afraid. There is help available. Please post your questions about hydrocodone detox and withdrawal here. Or maybe ask questions about potential hydrocodone addiction. We are here to help you find your answers or connect you with people who have been through hydrocodone withdrawal.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I’ve been taking Vicodin for a few weeks now and just quit 4 days ago. I feel pretty good except from r pain of a surgery 2 weeks ago. Is it ok to take a pill for pain. Will that start the withdrawals Iover again ?

  2. Renae I have gotten off myself once by taking soma or methacarbomal along with tramadol….my only thing is if you have any vacation days and someone to keep the kids a few days because you will be weak and its very frustrating and you wouldn’t wanna not have time for the kids or not be able to keep and eye on them (depending on how small they are) they also have this thing call the Thomas Diet if that’s the correct name. you will not have energy for weeks or at least 2-3 and you will crave them even after yu feel you have weathered the storm…..This is so hard to do and stay at it. Very reason why I’m back were I started and this time I need HELP!

  3. I need help. I was in a house fire a few years ago and was prescribed hydrocodone and after about two or three years of them giving me the script for 4x a dam 10 mg I begin to get really sick so I started purchasing them from other people and I’m sick of it. I want a normal life and it just doesn’t seem possible.

  4. I’ve weaned myself off hydrocodone down to 1 or 2. 5 milligram twice a day is there any other medicine I can take that can help with leg cramp withdrawals to completely quit the opioids?

  5. Hi, I have been taking 2-3 10mg norco for SEVERAL years. Lost count 🙁 I know I need help. I’m scared. I’m nervous and I’m ashame to say the least. I am a single mom of 2 young children who need me. I am on day 1 if tapering my self off. I took one half this morning and just now. I definitely feel adgitated and irritable. I feel like I’m starting to withdrawal due to the reduction. Any advice would be appreciated. I want to reach out to a Dr but I am scared they will notify my job ? I work in healthcare. Please give all and any advice.

    Thank you

  6. My Dr had me on 8 10/325 a day and then dropped my as his patient saying I failed a urine test that said I had NO norco in my system. That’s impossible I took my meds. He didn’t call the urine place either or retest my urine. Needless to say I now am tapering off these pills and so far so good I’m down to 3 a day for the last 4 days today I’m gonna go down to two a day then one then none. My question is I keep reading horror stories about getting to where I’m out and that cares me. Am I gonna turn into a sweating runny nose crazy person!! I feel find. I do have a bad rash that I think is because of this BS and a slight head ache but other than that I am ok. So do I need to go to a treatment center? I was offered but I just don’t feel like I belong there with them calling me an addict because truth is I didn’t seek out this dose I was told my my Dr this is what I need to do for my pain.

  7. I’ve been going to pain management for my neck for 4 yrs and recently decided to wean myself off my pain meds bc I seem to be requiring more and fear it may become a problem I’ve been taking 10 mg Hydrocodone 4x a day for a couple yrs so I’ve been reducing the milligrams each mo and now I’m on 5 mg 4x a day and was wondering if the withdrawals are still gonna be terrible or what if anything I can do to help with this.

  8. I’ve been taking norcos for about 7 years but only 1-2 days now I really wanna get off, but everything I read scares the crap out of me. I’m scared to withdrawl, when I do have them I feel mean and just don’t feel normal, I truly hate that I did this to myself, I have strong will power but Idk if I can get through this. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  9. It’s been 4 days now with no Norco 10’s, I have been taking them on and off for about 3 years now but the last 3 weeks got up to 10 a day. I am having all the symptoms that are mentioned on here, this does suck but I am determined to beat it cold turkey. It helps reading the comments and know that what I am feeling is “normal”, the first 2 nights were really bad, no sleep, diarrhea, chest pain (which still comes and goes), hot flashes w/ cold sweats and lack of energy. I will beat it, It helps smoking pot b-4 bed time but I still wake up and have restless legs, I feel so stupid (at times during the day) but know this will pass going on day 4 clean and It feels like things are looking up today. I am still hurting but I am not going back, at time it feels like I am dyeing but from what I read it’s pretty normal? Thanks for all your help! Going through this really makes you see how strong you can be and knowing I am not going to just fall out and be dead from not having it but my body and mind are trying to trick me into thinking I will if I don’t take that little pill.

  10. Hello this is my first time posting & hopefully I can get some feed back I have been taking 30 to 40mg everyday for the last year I have maybe miss a day here & there which was pure HELL… I finally come to terms that I want to quit I am on my 42hrs but I just took 10mg I don’t even know why because I don’t feel anything I guess its just the addict in me & just tasting the taste of the pill which I believe I am addicted to as well. Now I am feeling horrible because I really wanted to make it to the 48hr mark with no pills in my system also I cut back for 60 to 80mg to the 30 40mg a day. The first 24 was the worst for me RLS anxiety panic I even cried smh but I did have the help of clonidine that I got from a friend (I Know I Know) but it helped alot but not with the cravings also didn’t help much with sleep either or sweating. Today I felt so so with some diarrhea a lil RLS & chills I also took another clonidine But my problem is when presented with the chance to take a pill I DID smh even tho it was only 10mg scared that I may not have the will power to say NO when faced with the chance to pop… Any advise on how to say NO I know that sounds a lil stupid but any advice is welcomed. Also it may just be me but I felt like the first 24hrs were the worst I may be naive but maybe my withdrawals won’t be that bad after the first day…

  11. I am taking hydrocodone 10/325 2 time a day for over 6 month, I have lung cancer and undergoing Proton radiation and chemotherapy, I am now taking four a day, trying to cut back causes extreme stomach pain, any suggestions?

  12. I go to my Doctor once a month. He writes a me a Prescription for 120 Norco 10/325s. I take them all within 7-10 days. Then, I Detox for 3 weeks and go back to my Doctor for another refill! This has been going on for 2-3 years! I don’t seem to have any .. Major Detox Symptoms. Is this because I don’t give the Detox any time to really set in? I do go through the mental depression, etc. I’m 64! Way too old?

  13. I’ve been off and on. 10 mg for about 3 years.. new 30-day script every month.. At first it was for back pain(USMC) then it turned into dealing with marriage issues and divorce. Now it helps with my social anxiety. Which when I use I feel more open and motivated. At first a script lasted 20 or so odd days ,now it’s no more than a week. I use for the high but I subconsciously enjoy the social lift. I want to stop because I know the rigid health problems ,but I need the high and social help

  14. Hello, I have been on hydrocodone for 8 years for chronic pain. At my highest dose I was taking 37.5 that was prescribed to me. Well than the tolerance builds and started getting extras off the street. Well, I got caught by my doctor with hydromorphone in me. I was truthful with her about it all. So she cut me down to 2-5mgs a day. I’m not happy with myself but in have a few different pain issues I’m working thru. The main issue is I had a knee replacement and it was wonderful and lost 100 pounds on my own, felt the best in my life. Than one day I was electrocuted and it went all to the knee replacement and blew it all apart. So I will have pain for rest of my life and going on surgery number 5. I want to b free from the narcotics and I’m getting there. First step was my weight. After the accident I couldn’t walk well. Half a block and I couldn’t take it any more. So bariatric surgery is ahead of me. I signed up for the 6 month class and following thru. After that surgery my bone doc is going back into leg to correct it more. Than from working so hard all my life, I got the worst case if bone spurs and the fasciitis, so painful to walk first thing in morning to bathroom. That will another surgery. So I’m banging my head how to get off these and not have to go thru withdrawal after each operation. So I been keeping at 10 mgs a day. But I ran into a doctor that is a friend also and got talking to him. He said to ease the pain of withdrawal, to get a herbal pill called Kramptom. It helps u thru withdrawal emencely. I took 5 every 5 to 6 hours, when I felt withdrawal coming on. After 4 days I was good enough to stop the Kramptom. Now this does not take your normal pain issues away. Only withdrawal issues like back pain, teeth hurting, runny nose, irritability, restless leg syndrome…..ya everyone, it took that away. So I took Tylenol every 6 hours and it took the edge off enough to bare the pain. So my question is, since I have all these surgeries lined up will I go thru withdrawal every time I’m on pain meds for a week after surgery. Or should I stay on a low dose till all the surgeries r done than come off the hydrocodone? I personally do not like how they make me feel, but my body is addicted. I feel like I’m going in circles with this issue.

  15. I was a an addict to opiates when moved from one town to another I abruptly stop taking them cold turkey it’s been 1 week since I’ve had one pill my question is how long will my brain get back to normal I would take 3 10 m at a time so like 15 a day to nothing I went threw withdraws not really bad but I knew what they were ..when will my cravings stop

  16. Had many of the symptoms of withdrawal… buf didn’t realize I was suffering from withdrawal. Probably stopped too quickly..but, 1/2 tablet every once in a while stopped the symptoms. Just takes a while longer..but, more comfortable. It’s only a pysical dependence..not cravings at all. I was sick, but now feeling better.and that 1/2 tablet makes a difference.

  17. Hi, I have been taking Hydrocodon10-325 for about 6 and a half months now for herniated disc and complex regional pain syndrome. I’m afraid I’m going to get addicted to them. I’m prescribed 1 every 4 hours, I take 1 every 6 hours , or go longer when I can. Sometimes will take it before 6 hours, but never every 4 hours. I’m also worried about my Gabapentin . I have been taking 900mg at night and I went to pain management and he put me on 1800 a day. I’m a very small person 85 lbs and that doze worries me .
    Thank you

  18. I have been addicted to norco ever since a surgery a year and a half ago. I started taking it daily a year ago when things got stressful. Then I found out my husband was having an affair and it made it even harder to stop. Taking it was the only time I felt happy. Well I want to stop and it is obviously harder to get the more you take it. I was taking about 4 5mg pills a day. Now I have weaned down to 2.5 mg once a day. I have four days left. The physical symptoms are controlled pretty well with a xanax. Mentally I feel very depressed and wonder when I will feel like my old self again. Will my brain readjust and start making more dopamine again?

  19. I have been taking 1 10mg of hdrocodone with Tylenol a day for 2 months, will I have withdrawal symptoms if I stop cold turkey? How intense should I expect it I can’t let my family see me going through withdrawals.

  20. i think im.addicted to norco i preasentlt take 10 325 for when i had surgery 2 months ago and i take 7.5 325 at night for xhronic pain those ive taken for years the 10 325 i take cause they arw there but im going to b put in a week and im afraid of whats going to happen cause i tried once before not to take the 10 326 and just the 7.5 but didnt work ive had thr sweats and stuff so bad one day ithought i was going to pass out and die also had other systoms my main thing is i dont want to b in a physc ward cause i was there before for od and i didnt like it i wish there was a way that i could just b in a rwg hospital bed its not like im suicidal but i do have feelings of breaking things what do i do

  21. Hi, my husband been taking the Hydtocodone 10 for about 7 years. He decided that he wanted to stop. He went to his doctors and they set him up on a plan. They gave him buromorine 8mg. This is the start of his second week. He stop the buromorine about 3 days ago. He slept a lot when took them. Now when he is having a bad time he is taking his Xanax. Today he only took one. He is still super tried. Is being super in the 2nd week normal?

  22. I had total knee replacement on 06/23/2017 and was prescribed hydrocodone. I stopped taking it and having quite a bit of pain after 3 days. Should I call my doctor and have a renewal of the of the prescription?

    1. Hi Deborah. If the medication is helping improve the quality of your life, then I am sure doctors will have no reason to to provide a prescription. But, I’d also advise you to be careful in the future and not only rely on hydrocodone for pain relief. Exercise, massages, and other less-potent medications may be enough to manage pain as you heal from the surgery. So, don’t leave these options out.

  23. I am a 68-year-old woman with severe arthritis and disintegration of discs in my back with numbness down my leg, as well as hips, knees, and neck. I have been seeing a spine and pain doctor for about a year. She was prescribing me three 5.325 hydrocones per day. She recently increased the dosage to four 5.325 per day. I am very mindful of the danger of addiction, the fact that after you take this for a while your body requires more to maintain. However, I have stuck to what the doctor prescribes, other than an occasional really bad day, wherein I might take another one-half of a 5.325, so 4-1/2 per day on a rare basis. If and when I am feeling well enough (after surgeries) to stop taking this, if I take 1/2 less per day for about a week, then continue this amount until I am down to nothing, would that prevent any significant withdrawal. I don’t feel that I am mentally addicted, but maybe my body is. I don’t crave more. In fact, I don’t like the feeling it gives me when I take the extra 1/2 per day or if I take 2 within a short period of time between them. Dizziness and just not feeling right … I guess maybe some people would call it high, but I certainly don’t like it if that’s what it is. I am just wondering whether or not if I decrease by 1/2 tablet per day per week until I am down to nothing, would I have withdrawal symptoms?

  24. Hi i have been on narco 10 325 for about a year .i take 4 to 6 a day. I have quit more times than i can count .i always starting using again because of lack of energy. I have not uses in five days i feel fine but know energy. Any advice

  25. If I take my last hydrocodine tablet at 3 pm will I be in withdrawals when I awake in the morning? I am nauseaous when I wake up also get nauseaous every four to five hours a day is it the pain pills causing that?

  26. I don’t know if it’s mentioned anywhere here, and most people are completely unaware, but before you decide to discontinue, check out Kratom. I ran out of Norco (10/325 4X) 3 days early- my bad- began feeling all kinds of awful after 12 hours and had some samples I was testing. Took a half-teaspoon. It works

  27. I recently had knee replacement. I was on 2 tablets every four hours for the first three weeks and even though I slowly weened myself down. I am at week six since my surgery and I have only taken 2 pills in the past week for pain at night. I am now having extreme irritability, trouble sleeping, nausea, and an odd taste in my mouth. If any of this is due to withdrawal what can I do and how long do these symptoms usually last?

  28. Hi, I am trying to stop using Hydrocodone again, this is about the 5th time I have tried but my dependence is a secret and I have zero support. It would mean a world of difference just to be able to have somebody to talk to when I feel like I’m giving in. I really need moral support if anybody could help me I would be so very appreciative. I have a LOT that’s not going right for me and I feel like a horrible Mother and wife and I would love to just get everything off of my chest to someone. If anyone can help me for a few weeks while I battle this it would make the world of difference that I need. Thanks in advance

  29. I take 10/325mg Norco 4times daily for cronic Pain. For about 8 years. What can I do about my severe pain and how bad will the withdraw effect me. Im scared at both.

  30. Hi.. I’ve been taking 3/day of 5-325 I took 1.5 in the morning then 1.5 late afternoon of Norco for pain. For 1.5 yrs. I am ready to be off of them. I have started to taper off. I started my first week at 1 in the am and 1 in the pm. 2nd week 1 in am and 1/2 pm. Im having some withdrawal symptoms. Any suggestions on how to continue to taper and when to just stop?

  31. I had knee surgery on 3/28/2017 I was in the hospital for three days I given morphine and Tylenol with codeine when I came home I was prescribed Norco until last week then I was prescribed tramadol but bothmade me itch I stop taking it is the withdrawal systems nausea loss of appetite can’t sleep andweight loss depression

  32. i have been on norco for about 5 yrs then my doctor cut me off so i went on stronger stuff like morphine i was on that for 2 yrs then i lost my sorce but now i want to get off them completely but i dont know how the withdraws arent real bad but i feel like i need them and sprnd ant extra money i can to get them..it all statwreed cuz i had a major back surgury befor that i never toch the stuff i just want my life back the way it was

  33. Yes I have been seeing my same dr for yrs and I’m on xanxa 1mg a day and just know in 2015 been put on hydrocodone 10 325 for my back and I’m not having no surgeries.The dr had me to get a Mir well the back surgeon said that my back is in really bad shape so the Dr that.I was seeing quit the clinic and has gone to work in the hospital so the new dr.that.I got will not give me my meds so she’s sending me to a pain management could u tell me exactly what they will do because they won’t be able to see me until mid June well so.I will be out of both of my meds the 25th of this month so what can.I do in the mean time because. I know I’m not suppose to stop these meds cold turkey so could u please give me advice on what to do cuz.I’m a 55 yr old women with very low tolerance to pain.I will not be able to make it.I take 4 a day and could u also tell me what the pain management will do? £I’ve already had 3 shots in my back and they didn’t help at all but made me very sick.

  34. After surviving level four larynx cancer pain in pronounced everyday. My Treating just moved back to Europe. Which leaves you to find a new treating. The group set me up with a intern less than 30 years old and he is stuck with the new opioid bull from congress, and the states of California. The Intern ;rnrgptme he want me off opioids and onto better medications like NSAIDs, but they cause my stomach to bleed, because Gird. So NSAIDs are a full no go in my case. the Intern told me to take Tramadol, My repeating trail by self NSAIDs.. The Soviet is near never-not accross Europasf my main contestes

  35. I have been on hydrocodone for 7 years. I started with 5mgs and took them for 5 years than they stoped working so I went up to 7.5. For a brief period of time I took 10’s cause I had 2 teeth that were infected and I got them pulled and went back down to 7.5’s at 5 a day than dropped down to 4 a day. Well they were not working for all the pain issues I am having. So I got some Percocet off the street and man, did I feel like a normal person. U c I have always had pain when I was on Vicoden. It never totally took pain away. In fact I was in such pain I have collapsed a few times and puked all over myself and I sweat horrible when I’m in pain like that. I try to push thru it but I have pain I don’t feel cause of a leg injury. I was electrocuted after a wonderful knee replacement, also have spinal stenosis, lower back pain from gaining so much weight, and severe bone spurs on bottom of both feet and arthritis all thru my body. I was a hard worker in my life. I’m in the process of bypass surgery, after I loose the weight than foot doctor is going to perform surgery on both feet, and leg doctor is going back into my leg. And weight loss will help with all the issues. Now, as I was reading up on being healthy before this surgery I am trying to come off of the hydrocodone and as stated I’m down to 10 mgs a day. But when I saw the barbratician, she saw my face and the pain I was in and she said that it’s premature to b coming off them and wants me to go to a pain clinic. Well with so many ppl abusing their meds the doctors don’t want to give them out. So I’m stuck and I can’t do much without the meds, I have no life, I sit home a lot and do nothing cause the pain is so horrific. So what do u think I should do cause I b going on pain meds after each of the surgeries, and what dose do u think I should b on and what kind of pain medication?

  36. My question, I have been on loritabs for about 19 yrs for arthritis pain. My medical Dr sent me to a pain management about 4+ years ago. One of the requirements was to stop smoking which I did. I was taking 3 to 4 7.5/325 a day, some days more if In pain. I had an appt this past week at 10:00 and the nurse called me at 8:30 and said he was dismissing me as a patient because the last three urine specimans showed I had amphetamines in my system, I explained to the nurse that I had not taken anything except what they prescribed, he also prescribed me 240 tramadoyl to take a month. So he just left me having to stop cold turkey because my appt was for refills only. I am shocked but don’t know what to do. And if it is so, why didn’t they say anything the first or second test to ask questions. After taking all that for this long and then having nothing to take is rough. Would it be possible to find another pain clinic or what should I do????

  37. With my doctor’s help i am quitting hydrocodone 5/325 from 4 a day down to 3 then decrease more until I am off. What will be the severity of withdrawal be? I have been taking them for about 15 years. I’m a chicken to quit cold turkey.

  38. I had been off norco for 5 months. Run into a old friend of mine got started back on them taking 2 a day for last 3 months i stopped taking them again. How long will the withdraws last for taking 2 a day ?

    1. Hi Glenda. Withdrawal begins generally within 6-12 hours after the last dose of hydrocodone. Symptoms usually peak somewhere between 24 to 72 hours after discontinuation. Now, how long will they last is a very individual matter. Usually, symptoms may persist for 2-3 weeks. But, some people feel better sooner, and for some it may take several weeks to months to no longer feel the effects of withdrawal symptoms.

  39. I have been suing norco 10/325 for 20 years. And about 14 years ago. I fell into a depression. I have sinse been On depression meds. I had 3 back surgeries that have repaired my back. Now is the time to get off the pain meds, but I am finding that the meds have been controlling the depression much better than the depression meds. I have tried 5 times to get off the pain med and 6 to 10 days into it my depression is so bad that I no longer want to live. I really could a hand. The addiction center I looked into in GR Mi wanted 17,000.00 my insurance will pay about 2,000.00. I cannot do that. Thank you for your time. Kim

  40. I have been taking 4 7.5 for two years I tell my doctor it doesn’t work and all he does is raise the amount it started with 2 and then 3 and now 4 I am worried that if I keep taking high dosages it will eventually catch up and hurt me

  41. I am desperately seeking help to stop my addiction to opioids mainly hydrocodone, I don’t know where to start or begin to look for assistance and I’m very shameful of family and friends knowing. I live in Mobile AL and I now longer want to keep loosing jobs or the lies my family doesn’t deserve that and I’m ready to start my life completely over I am married with a 2 year old son and they deserve better . Please will someone help me with this journey

  42. I am 72 hours from not having any Norco 10/300- I was taking up to 6 tablets daily. I’ve never been on any pain medications prior to my diagnosis with breast cancer.
    I’m very emotional, crying, irritable, shaky, isolation from others and the inability to focus and work.
    I’ve been off work since Wednesday and to read it peaks at 72 hrs, I’m about to loose it! My pain is like 10/10 no relief.

  43. Hello i have been taking norcos since may 26 2016 so almost i used them after a c section when i had my son and at first i used them of and on but for about 8 months now i took about 4 to 6 a day the reason i toke them is a month before i had my baby i got in a bad car accdent and i did not take any while prego i just delt with it but it got wores and wores so about 3 days ago i went for 4 to 6 aday to 3 then to 1 and then today i toke half of one the leg cramps started last night and today it has benn hell for me i cant stop moving my legs and they are in horible pain my hole body hurts but mostly my lower back and legs i have been sneezing and yalning alot and supper nauseous and i just feel supper off o and bad anxiety i dont want to go to the hospital i dont want to risk gettig my child taken away becuse i am an amazing mother the only thing that i did wrong is tae the norcos and thats bc the pain i go thur from my back is unbarble and its hard to take care of a baby when ur in that much pain but i am also scared that i can die from withdrawling without a doc around to help is it posible to die on what i was taking ????? I and hurting really bad but ill learn my lesson and hopfuly not go back to thid life style

  44. I have been taking 5 norco 325/10 for two years,I’m out in a few days what kind of withdrawal if any should I experience!I’m a little nervous,what should I do

  45. Hello, I’ve been taking hydrocodone 10/325 four times a day for Chronic Pancreatitis for the past two years. I want off this medication and I think I’m gonna be able to take a month off from work(with pay of course) to come off of it. I’m sure when I see my doctor in a couple weeks he’ll be on board with me. What is your advice on how to do this? What should I expect?

  46. I have been taking hydrocodone 10-325 for over 6 years for back pain and I am 82 years old. I take two per day 8 hours apart. Just recently I have been experiencing extreme loss of energy. I have not stopped taking it but wanted to know can my energy loss be attributed to taking it over all these years. When I take it in the afternoon my energy level comes up but not to what I would say is normal. I have been seeing my Doctor about this problem and he is doing extensive blood work. He also stopped my Crestor for two weeks to see if that helps. I just this AM thought about the hydrocodone and what effects it might have on me.

  47. I was prescribed hydrocone 9 years ago with my right leg apputation. I have been prescribed them since. My Dr, refused to renew my prescription this month so now I am having to do without any.I had a heart attack in Nov. 2016. I am afraid I may not survive the withdrawals now. What do I do now?

  48. I have been taking hydrocodone 10/325 for 6 years. Most of the time it’s been 6 tabs a day for a chronic pain issue. I decided that I didn’t want to take them anymore and I stopped cold turkey almost 36 hours ago. I had to be sent home sick from work yesterday and when I tried again today to work only made it a few hours. How long before I start feeling well enough for a whole day? I’m having muscle discomfort all of the time and sweating at night mostly. I’ve been taking ibuprofen and clonidine and trying to sleep as much as possible. I had diarrhea only a little bit. How long before I start feeling human again?

  49. I have been taking hydrocodone max dose for over 5 years and decided it wasn’t doing me any good anymore. I stopped cold turkey and have not had any symptoms except for a little runny nose and restless legs at night. I been off of them now for 3 months. Am I just lucky?

  50. I have been taking pain medicine for about 10 years. morphine, hydrocodone mostly bit others as well. Currently I am taking prescribed morphine 15 mg every 8 hours no more than 45 in a day and hydrocod/acetam 10-325 every 6 to 8 hours as needed. I have been taking one hydro in the morning and one in the evening for a long time now. Also I have moved down on morphine from 30 mg 1/2 in the morning and two at bedtime. I had a good 1/2 bottle of the 30 mg tab and have used them on the worse days so instead of 15 three times a day. I took a 15 am and a 30 at night. stating within the 45 mg the doctor asked me to.
    I said all that to say. I had to switch doctors and my new doctors want me off all my pain medicine that I have used for years for multiple pain related conditions. both the new primary doctor and the new pain doctor said they would help me come off the pain medicine. So now I call to get a refill appointment and the doctor wants to talk to me on the phone tomorrow. I just know they don’t want to give me any more medicine (after one month of the lowered amount) and I really don’t know what to say to them. I have a heart condition (heart attack two year’s ago) and I am honestly scared to death to go through the withdrawals.
    So what do I say to them?
    And if I am taking morphine will I still have withdrawals from hydrocodone if I stop taking it cold turkey? I am about out of everything. I have 19- 30 mg, 38- 15 my and 27 hydro. I know that sound’s like a lot but not when you are taking two and three a day. any help will be greatly appreciated

  51. I have done this before and stayed clean for 6 yrs. I just don’t want to go threw this agian. What over the counter medication can I get to help me. Plz need to know asap.

  52. I broke both bones in my wrist almost 8 weeks ago, while in Thailand. I didnt start on hydocodone until a week later when i got back in the states. I started with 7,5 mg and then was prescribed 5 gm – both of which i cut in half a lot and would only take one every 12-24 hours. I would have never thought i would have gotten dependent on them but when i go longer at times without taking any, i fell almost like i have the flu. It doesnt always happen, but has, and even taking 2.5 mg relieves those symptoms. I want to just get off completely because i feel my arm no longer benefits from them. do you think i will go through a hard time at these low levels of consumption over 7 weeks. Right now has been 28 hours and doing ok, but i think ive had the real flu so feel like crap anyway. your thoughts

  53. Hello- I have ankylosing spondylitis and fibromyalgia, with that comes a lot chronic pain. We are currently trying some Meds that are not classified as painkillers, but I have been taking 1 to 1 1/2 5/325 hydrocodone’s a day for about six months. If I stopped taking them cold turkey she would I expect to have withdrawals, since it’s such a low dose?

  54. Hello I had been taking NorCal for two years everyday taking four pills a day for a sever back injury as prescribed and I cut off cold turkey I didn’t know about tapering im 4 months clean and I’m still going threw some withdrawals it doesn’t go away right away the body pain dose and the restless legs dose a bit but mentally it’s not easy at all

  55. I’ve been on 5/325 hydro’s for about 2and a half months, how extreme do you think its going to become to guit them. My doctors have been giving me trouble about refills,so I’ve not taken any in about 18 hours. I can definitely feel symptoms of withdrawal. I’m in blood thinners, Eliquis so I can’t take aspirin or ibuprofin for pain. So I’ve been taking regular Tylenol for pain. Its not much help. How long do you think withdrawals will last and how bad they’ll become?

  56. I know that I’m addicted to hydrocodon acetaminophen 10-325, I’ve been taken it for over 15 years, I’m responsible with this medication, but 4 weeks ago I gave left Pennsylvania to move to Florida for my husband ‘s work, and I cannot get a doctor to write me a script. I had my paperwork faxes to two different doctors’, one said NO flat out that he will not see me, the other doctor said he cannot give anymore people this medicine. I must admit I am very scared of what if anything is going to happen to me. Can I die going cold turkey? I mean 15 years is a long time and with the new laws in Florida I’d have to go through a lot of red tape to get a doctor that might give me a script. I just to take up to three pills a day, and while running short I cut down, yesterday I had a pill and a half, and now I’m outwith no one to fill them unless I go back to PA, but that is to far to drive every month an we don’t have $ to fly back and forth……looking for some answers and maybe even some advise.

  57. I am currently tapering off hydrocodone and have looked at a lot of different recommendations to help aid the slight withdrawal during tapering. Looking for some tips or suggestions on supplements to take that might be helpful during the tapering process. I already have very high anxiety headed even before I started taking the hydrocodone about a year-and-a-half ago. I’ve taper down from 70 milligrams a day too 40 currently with some difficulty. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I did get clonidine from my doctor to help with withdrawals when I jump off. My goal is to taper down low enough that my withdrawals are minimal. In years past due to a chronic medical condition I’ve had to be on hydrocodone before but never this much and for this long. And I also didn’t suffer from such anxiety back then either. I taper off 40 milligrams that I took every day for 7 months. I did a rather quick taper on that one and did suffer some minor withdrawals. Only tapered for about a week and a half. Other times I had been on them for up to four or five months and about a 3 week taper down-to 2 milligrams a day and had no withdrawals. I want to try to taper down as quickly as I can currently butt with jumping through the roof. Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated thanks

  58. I’ve been taking 10/325 for 2 years 8-10 pills a day and then for 8 years Vicoding 500mg before the Norco..
    Im on my 3 rd day of cold turkey..
    How much longer for withdrawals ?
    Thank you

  59. Hi my docter gave me norco 10s to take for four days because of this painful test I had to take at the hospital. Will I have withdrawals after taking this mecine for four days. I’m scared. Mrs Portia

  60. Hi I am a true addict of almost 3 years now. I took anything & everything I could get my hands on. I havent had anything since Sunday at 6 p.m & having a few chills, little diarrhea but no sleep last night. Would it hurt me to take 1 pill or is it best to just stop?

  61. I was 48 hours off hydro’s and couldn’t take anymore so I went to the er and got a script my hip partially dislocates when I walk anyway when I got there before I had taken anything my blood pressure was 162/138 and the nurse asked me if I have high blood pressure and its normally very low this was super high anyway I’ve been with out noe for 24 hours and I’m having chest pain and left shoulder pain and I keep felling like I have to burn but can’t should I go to the er or chalk it up to withdrawal I’ve been on anywhere between 40-80 mg per day for 3 years

  62. I had sciatic pain, I was prescribed Hydrocon 7.5-3.5. I took them for 24 days, first, 1 pill every 8 hours, as the pain decreased 1 every 12 hours, 1 a day and at the end half of pill. I took a total of 42 pills in 24 days. I stopped them without knowing I was going to get withdrawal symptoms.
    I have nausea and not appetite for 6 days,
    Would you please tell me how long this will last?

    I was prescribed Hydrocodon 7.5-3.25 for sciatic pain. I took 42 pills in 24 days.
    When the pain decreased I stopped them without knowing I was going to have withdrawal symptoms.
    Now for 6 days I have nausea and no appetite.
    Can you tell me how long this will last? I mean in average

  63. Hey I have been on 10/325 norcos for the past 3 year for hip pain I was hit by a truck while on a four wheeler and now my hip parcialy dislocates when I walk. Now if I go more that 8-10 hours without taking them I get leg cramps like you wouldn’t believe headaches runny nose constant yawning and tearing up and my blood pressure was 162/130 I feel like death but I’m tired of counting pills to make sure I have enough to get through the day. I don’t want to hurt but the WD are worse than the hip pain I’ve been without for 18 hours now and feel like a sack of crap anything I can do to get past this mess without hurting?

  64. I have moderate to severe spondylilthisis. It’s been about seven years since diagnosed. I have been taking between 5 and 7 norcos a day. Days I work as a machinist (10hrs aday) I take between 5 and 7. Days off I’m able to get by usually on 4 to 5. But now with all the bs wuth the dea and there bs response to fix the opium crisis I was refused my prescription for not getting injections that should be up to me. And they (my so called doctor that I seen one time because my other doctor took a year off work with out even saying a word) are refusing to write any prescriptions. They basically pushed me off to deal with the pain management clinic and refused to offer any help leaving me to deal without pain medication for 3 weeks. So I get back to the pain clinic and get the shots that they say are optional (sure they are) 6 injections, L3 L4 L5 facet joint injections. And now the pain management doctor said they can only give me 3 a day. If I didn’t have to work and didn’t have a tolerance built up from taking then for over 6 yrs that might be ok. But now I’m in alot of pain and having withdrawals. And I am going to have to tell my work i can’t do my job anymore. Atleast not what I am there for. So I ask you what is your thought on this please and thankyou for any response…

  65. I had neck surgery a little over a year ago. I had two herniated disk. Was only able to afford one to be repaired at the time. I have pains in my neck, arm along with numbness in both. To mask it is have been taking narco 10/325 the while time. Having to increase the dosage over time. Now I want another Avenue because when I run out I get a bad case of withdrawal. Nothing ever experienced. I have a full time job that is very laboring so if I run out I can’t afford to take off work. I have heard that suboxone is used to treat the symptoms. Is this a safe decision to make? Any advise Is helpful

  66. I have been taking lot tab for years 4and 1/2 tabs (7.5) a day I want to quit taking it but I am afraid I won’t be able to get anything for my pain anymore I am in quite a bit of pain and that’s what frightens me

  67. hi i have had severe back pain for 2 years after my accident and my spine is messed up i have been getting hydrocodone 5-325 for 7 months now or more and on my bottle it would say max 8 a day i was taking 8 a day and took my last one yesterday and ran out i want to try to stop taking them cause i feel i have got dependent on them and i am asking if it is normal to feel tired and depressed and want to do nothing but lay in bed and not do anything i dont even want to fuction on a daily basis and the feeling in my heart and chest scares me and everything and i am not sure if this is normal

  68. I have been taking 50mg per day for 3 years now, I have got myself down to 10mg taking two halfs.

    Last two days I have did the 2 halfs, but OMG IM HURTING SO BAD READY TO THROW IN THE TOWEL AND JUST TAKE THEM, ANY OVER COUNTER MED THAT CAN HELP WITH THE TIREDNESS AND OVERWHELMING BODY ACHES, I have tried Tylenol aaaamd Ibuprofen, NO RELEIF, Just wanna curl in fetal position and stay!!!

  69. I had taken 50 mg of Norco per day for about two months after hip surgery and broken leg. Nine days ago, I stopped taking it completely. Now my pains, aches, and restless legs are twice as bad as they had been. What non-narcotic will give me relief without messing up my stomach?

  70. Hi I have psoriatic arthritis really bad I was dignosed over 6 months ago. I am on 10.5 for pain but I have to 3 a day to get through even with all the other medications I am on for the psoriatic arthritis. When I do not have the 10.5 I can not move hardly. Even with the pain medication it just makes it a little easier to move about. I do not want to become dependent on this pain medication but life without it is horrible pain.

  71. I have been on hydrocodone and morphine for a year-and-a-half due to a back injury and I am trying to withdrawal off the hydrocodone I went from 5 pills a day down to 2 a day and I’m noticing a little shaking and muscle cramping is that normal and what should I do to get completely off it

  72. I’ve been using hydrocodone/acetaminophen for 10 mg/325 a couple times a day for about 6-7 weeks now, should I expect withdrawal symptoms? If yes, how bad/long

  73. I’ve taken 15-20 lortabs a day for some time…been on them for about 8 years now! I’m so lost and confused. I’ve never done any other drugs. I was in a house fire were I was burned and was prescribed these for pain…after they stop prescribing them I started buying them off the street were I’ve been doing that for the last 6-7 years. Can methadone help if not what do I need to do? I work andi have children and I don’t want my boys to know something is wrong they are 19,18 & 15 years old!!! Help!!!!!

  74. I have been on Norco10/325 one tab four times a day,for the past four years. Today my doctor stopped the Norco and put me on Morphine 15 mg once a day. I am worried about possible withdrawals. Will I have them? And can you offer me any advice that may help. Thank you.

  75. I hope you can help! I injured my back over 15 years ago and over the 15 years have been constantly on eather oxycotten or the last 3 years hydro codon 10/325 x 4 to 6 per day. I am now in my. 9 th week of recovery from my 3 rd back surgery, this time they got it. My pain is gone. I have been also depressed during these 15 years, I and my Dr.s don’t know if it was the pain or the heavy use of pain killers that sparked the depression. I have now twice tried to get off the hydro codon with horrible suacidel depression. I have only been able to stand it for less than a week each time. Please advise me that I can have a future without these drugs. I am currently on wellbruton.

  76. Wow, this has been a crazy week. I went for med refills. Soma 3x day and Norco 7.5 2 x day,, as well as gabapentic 600 2x day for extreme sciatica. This mixture has worked well for 5 years. Never failed a drug test. I will mention I’m on Wellbutrin, 200 mg Zoloft over 20 years for panic attacks, anxiety, depression. At one point I tried Cymbalta so I could go off all four of these Meds, the pain relief was wonderful, but the panic attacks started in just 3 DAYS, I was bawling about what if my dog died, I would never find another dog this sweet, I couldn’t quit crying and shake it from my mind. So now back on these Meds to get my serotonin back up however I had to jump to 600 mg Zoloft a day til I recovered. Dr let me get back down to 200 over period of time.
    This is also perfect mixture for now my serotonin levels seem just right. When I moved to this new town husband lost his job and I couldn’t stop crying, panicking, where I was only on 100 mg Zoloft, GPincreased me to 200 Zoloft daily. Id tried several times to titrate down back to 150, 100 a day for the past few years
    I failed drug test THIS Tuesday at refill day. Saw my doc for 30 seconds, he introduced me to new PA who was to take docs place and “learn the computer” with me since I’m such an easy patient, I even reminded the guy before he left the room to check if it was time for a UA. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I FAILED, and the nurse even said we’ve sent it off for recheck,We will just hold your rx hostage til then. I have plenty built up, not a hoard but you know, an extra bottle I guess I could spread out and just be in pain half the time.
    Nurse also said I can try another UA and talk to pain doc at my next two month visit.
    Did I screw up taking my full 200 mg for the past year.? Nurse said it could be anything. Antidepressant even,Mao I asked Benadryl,mets. She said, no prescription drugs
    How can they treat people like criminals and not even give them a chance to explain. Yes I’ve signed a contract, I’ve heard he could drop me with a snap of his finger.
    Maybe I should get off all pain med and muscle relaxers. I don’t think I would survive, it’s 2pm and with only naprosyn taken 10AM, my sciatica is shooting thru the left leg like fire, and I’m not sure I’m a candidate for going off pain Meds. Please just chat with me like a sister. I see you are so good with all these folks. You are a godsend for me today just to sort of vent. I’m so confused.

  77. I have been on prescribed norco 10/325 6 tablets a day 1 1/2 every 6 hours. Because of the new regulations my primary doctor sent me to a “pain specalist” but he wants me to cut my dose in half. To take one pill every eight hours. I have many health issues, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, diabetes just to name a few. Can you tell me should I expect to experiance any withdrawal symptoms once I start cutting back?
    Thank you

  78. I have been taking large does of Vicodin for my RA, lupus pain, ostoarthritis and migraines from seizures. I am also over 60 I want to cut back but the pain is bad and the amount I’m taking isn’t helping! What now

  79. I have taken Vicodin every day since 2002. It varied but the dose was 7.25. If the pain was moderate I only used 2 a day. If the pain was worse I followed the every six hours . I voluntarily quit taking any narcotics May 5. How much longer? Depression is the hardest part although I take antidepressants slready

  80. I’ve been on a pain contract for a year for 4 5/325 hydro a, day I normally take five to six. I like the way it takes the Iain away it also makes me feel decent on top I’ve also bought 10/325 from a friend but my intake even with the 10s has never been more than 6 a, day period I’ve done this for two years straight never I’d had the lfc done no liver issues yesterday I ran out completely can’t fill until tomorrow yesterday was horrible craving sweating cramps I’ve been out since Sunday at 730 pm today I feel fantastic other than just a,lil tremoring nothing severe like yesterday I feel really amazing ik the diareaah will probably come on today. Other than that can I say I’m pretty much out of the woods as far as the whole dope sick feeling goes or should I prepare myself for another day? Tia

  81. I take norco twice a day for about a year. I also take alprazolam 1 mil before before bed. I have anxiety attacks and am also being treated for Anklosing spondlitis these two pills help with pain- if I don’t take them I get major symptoms- I don’t sleep get hot and cold clammy sweat – heart palpitations etc. not sure if this amount is considered an addiction- I never take more then prescribed- I’ve also lost weight- just wondering if this is considered an addiction

  82. Hi! I was born with a rare muscle disorder called Paramyotonia Congenita with periodic paralysis. I have always had muscle pain from this. I also have fibromyalgia degenerative joints and cronic back pain. The muscle disorder has to do with the nurves sending continuing rapid impulses to the muscles to stay contracted. Anyway, I have been on 3 to 4 10/325 hydrocodone for several years now. I never take more than prescribed. So why would I need to wean off of them, unless it’s to take a better med for my symptoms?

  83. Hi my name is Sarah. I have been taking 10/325 6 a day for the past 6 months for back pain. I want off of these meds and I have easy access to get them so it’s been very difficult considering I can’t function without and the withdrawals are horrible. I’d like some help easing the withdrawal so please let me know how I go about doing this. My zip code is 60148. My family has no clue so I would like this all confidential. Thank you.

  84. What do I take if I ever stop taking Hydrocordone? Is there over the counter items that I can buy for the withdrawals?

  85. I was taking 8 vicodin a day for a couple of years and decided to stop. I stopped 2 days ago and have had no withdrawal symptoms. Is that possible? My Dr. Gave me low dose clonidine is that why I have no withdrawal symptoms?

  86. I have been on 10 mg of norco for bout a year, because I need a reverse shoulder replacement. I now had to have back surgery increasing from 50 mg to 750/325 to 10 for shoulder to 2, 10mg every 5-6 hrs for back which was 3 weeks ago. I now am feeling of panic and clostaphobia. Is this due to the increase, and how do I taper of or do I need medical help?

  87. Hey first I want 2 say I am not an addict. I know this bc if I don’t take the hydrocodone I don’t have mental WD. OK so here is my story. I am 30 yrs old & a diabetic. About a year ago I started suffering from sereve abdominal pain. Well along with the abdominal pain came slow digestion. When I first started taking the hydrocodone I had 2 take 20-25 mg at a time 2 help. Now for the past 3-4 months I have been having 2 take about 70 mg at a time to help. I am scared 2 come off the hydrocodone bc the pain gets so serve that I can’t even eat but I am also scared 2 continue taking bc I am scared it is going 2 kill me. I also know taking that much coming straight off is going 2 affect my sugar levels & I will be going through major withdrawals. My question is do u have any advice on how 2 taper myself off? The only person that knows I take that much is my husband & I am scare for others 2 find out bc of them always treating us with DSS for something. Thanks for the advice.

  88. Hi, I have been on 10mg Vicodin for years, I occasionally will go a day without (sometimes 2 days) and I never notice much symptoms, maybe a little jittery. Should I taper 5mg for a week then 2.5 a week or would it be easier to just quit at 10mg? Thank you!!

  89. What’s the best way to get off hydrocodone to lower it how much should I lower than a time I’m trying to come off if I take 7.53 times a day

  90. What’s the best way to taper off hydrocodone that I’ve been taking for two years from the doctor I take 7.5 three times a day

    1. Hi John. You may seek help from your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  91. I’m wondering if he’s with drawl responses address situations where people have been prescribed the drug for more than 30 years ? I’ve been tapering off simply because the government demands it although in truth I believe it’s probably not a bad idea? I expected more pain with less use I’m just concerned that the validity of my prescription and the desire not to deal with the government get off of it is going to leave me with a useless low-quality existence in life !
    I must’ve tried 20 other drugs before I finally ended up on the hydrocodone when they asked me for my drivers license for it that was it next to be asking for DNA .
    So what are some recommendations if you require a pain medication for a valid pain control but you don’t want to deal with the humiliation and shame that the government is now put on people with legitimate pain ?
    Thank you

  92. Can hydrocodone abuse (i.e. Taking over twice the prescribed amount per month) and its symptoms be misdiagnosed somehow as MS in a female by a physician who is unaware of the scope of the hydrocodone usage?

  93. I am concerned about my spouse. She has been taking hydro ozone for atleast 5 years since a back injury. These days she is using twice the prescription in less than a month. Don’t ask me how she gets it. But at the end of the month she becomes VERY irritable and withdrawn. A few years ago her doctor told her she was developing MS. She is being treated for MS but my concern is that her long term hydro use is manifesting itself as MS symptoms. Obviously her doctors are unaware of how much she takes. We have discussed this possibility but my concerns really upset her. Very defensive. My question is this – am I crazy for having this concern?

  94. Just found your website today by accident. I found out that sometimes when taking larger daily doses of Norco’s urination was getting really difficult, after reducing the dosage to 2 a day my urination was much better. 1980 I started taking Vicodin 5/500 4 times daily for lower back problems. After failed back surgery the med’s continued at the same dosage. Until around 2006 and then I switched to a fairly low dose of oxycodone 4 times daily. Then in 2011 I switched to Norco’s 10/325 until now. So now you know i have been taking these drugs since 1980. Currently I am also taking 4 25mg of Lyrica which helps me enough to allow me to reduce my regular dosage of Norco’s. I also have Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy with muscles around my spine starting to atrophy. Only a few muscles. I am 69 years old. Using the Lyrica I found it very easy to lower my dosage of Norco’s to about 2 a day by breaking them in half whenever the pain allowed it. I don’t walk very well but I have never given up trying to walk better (longer walks). I fall a lot due to the MD and re injure my lower back and destroy my feet. Here is where I am going with this. Whenever I lower the Norco’s to 2 a day and sometimes to 1 1/2 a day for several days, I never experience any withdrawals. A long time ago a pharmacist explained to me that if there is no pain or it is very low don’t take a pill. That way I’ll know if I’m addicted. That was in 1985. I am retired for 14 year, worked on Boilers and suffered greatly since 1980. I never get High off the drug and my body never seems to grave it either. My sciatic nerve flared up 2007 received 4 cortisone shots until 2010. During that period I stopped taking oxycodone for two months consecutively and never experienced any withdrawal either. What the hell is wrong with me? (Kidding of course). When the sciatica gets really really really strong I take up to 600 mg of Lyrica because back then I had a scrip for 100mg 3 times a day and I used them up as I saw fit. This went on for 8 months. No more shots in the back because I don’t trust the effect it has on muscle tissue. I finally worked my way to the 25 mg Lyrica 4 times a day, and Norco’s 2 to 4 times a day. I haven’t re injured my back or feet from falling for about 3 to 4 months now and the little walking I can do helps with reconditioning all the muscles in my body. In the last two weeks I’ve walked every other day about .4 to .7 miles using two cain’s like cross country skiers and in the last two days walked one mile for each day. Hopefully as the distance increases the pain will deminish and the sciatica and surrounding muscles may get better. I darn well know that if I never had this Muscular Dystrophy ( Limb Girdle) and the muscles were normal I could get the body well enough to have a much better life. I read some of the emails in your website and not very many people talk about exercising at all. That is a big mistake. I have suffered very very much with pain but I never gave up. And I have never experienced withdrawal during the time I had cortisone injections L5,S1 right side and I finally stopped the pain medicines for I think 6 or 8 weeks as stated above. Unfortunately, I was living in Minnesota during that time and numeriously falling on did me in. Now I have lived in California for 5 years and still recovering from the falls from the ice. Still, never had withdrawal. Maybe because I always took my time eliminating the Norco’s because as the pain lessened I reduced the pain killers. Sugar is addictive for me, and so is smoking weed. Although weed produces nausea and I rarely do it any more. And daily working on my sweet habit. I use Vipassana meditation for mental health due to the pain in the body and mind. Doing this for over 10 years now. Whether I’m on the cushion or going about in daily life. I stay home a lot due to body weakness the MD is gaining strength and my muscles are losing it. Spinal atrophy is a B___h!!!! I’m grateful for the pain in my life since it changed my attitude for the better. Before that I was an A_____e, according to my closest friends and my grandmother. Now I see every one has lots of pain (physically and mentally) in their lives not just me. Any thoughts Doc????
    Sincerely, david

  95. How bad will with drawl be from taking 3 5/325 norrco a day?..I am now cutting back to 2 to start one at 1030 am and one at 630???Is the best way? can you still get withdrawls doing it this way?

  96. Been taking 2-3 7.5/325 hydros a day for 12 days. Cut down to two on Saturday and one on Sunday. It’s now Monday/ what should I expect for withdrawal?

  97. Getting all of the detox tremors etc. Can I do this alone by cutting down to a half 350 Norco and should I see Dr tomorrow..Should I see Dr tomorrow and take prescribed in smaller amount tull tomowwow

  98. Hi i have taking hydrcodone and percocets for about 4 years now but not under a doctors supervison 1 or two ten milligrams a day,because i lost evyesight in my right eye an have headaches in my and couldnt get no.help or nothing for so started getting off streets but dont abuse them ,just dont what to do bout this,thank shane

  99. Iis it alright to take 800 IBUPROFEN FOR PAIN While you are having withdrawals from Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen I stopped cold turkey I am on the 4th day it’s been bad but I have very bad knees and cannot move without something…I’m having a knee replacement soon. And I sure don’t want this drug again.

  100. I took 180 tramadol per month plus hydrocodone 120 10 mg. I finally got extreme bowel issue after years and that is why I must quit. I went through a lot of slow withdrawel since Oct. 20. Taering over 4 months it is Jan 29, 1016 and I went thru 2 days with no drugs, but I almost died because I could not breathe on account of the tramadol. It is a vicious drug. I cured that with a hydroxizine that dried out my muscus membranes so that I could breathe. It was really scary. Then I had to take a hydro to control the diarrhea in order to take a friend to the doctor and now I am starting into wthdrawel again and the restless leg has started. Can an antidepressant be used or it that just going to prolong things?

  101. Yes I’m physically dependent on hydrocodone,don’t have the money to see a doctor,is there anything I can get for the withdrawal symptoms? Please I need your input,trying to quit!!

  102. I’ve been taking hydrocodone/acetaminophen 10/325 for about 2 years for severe back and nerve pain. I have been taking 3 pills per day and I’m tapering off 1 dose per step down. My plan is to step down 1 tablet for a week, etc. Until off. My regular dosage was 3 per day, now I’m on 2 per day for a week, then I plan on 1 per day for a week then off. Is that step down going to be too fast? I’m on my 3rd day with 2 per day and I feel rough. I’m able to stand this but I don’t know if giving only a week between steps is going to be enough. I’m 61 years old and I just don’t want to be on this medication any more. I had spinal fusion surgery and was left with a lot of nerve pain, that’s why I was prescribed this, but I just want to quit and learn to deal with the pain other ways. Please give me your advice on stepping down from 3 per day to off. Thank you.

  103. Ive been taking hydrocodone for about ten years off the streets. I have take my last dose yesterday MORNING about 830am. I cant sleep, eat, and constantly going to THE bathroom. I reallt need help going THROUGH these withdrawals.

  104. Ahhh! The wonderful world of norco and the pain relief it brings…until you run out weeks before your refill. And then the anxiety and stress has you scrambling for ways to get more. So today it starts. I took my last pill this morning. Down from 6 a day to 4 to 2 to 1. Within 4 days I weaned down. It’s not the ideal way but it is what it is. I know I’m going to feel like crap with sweats, skin crawling, headaches, insomnia, and irritability. Thanks norco! But I also know that in a week, I will feel like a million bucks. I’m going to regain my memory, assess my true pain, and wake up normal without depending on a damn pill. I’ve stopped before so I know what to expect and for others who don’t, you will survive! You’ve got this! Drink lots of water, eat healthy food not heavy stuff that will weigh you down, tell yourself that you control your life, not the pills. I feel for anyone going through withdraws and having the anxiety but it will subside. Ride it out and stay positive! I’m looking forward to getting myself back. It’s about time!

  105. Hello,

    I have took pain killers off and on since 2009 With no prescription. I haven’t took any for about a week. The only thing I am facing is negative thoughts, anxiety and restless legs. Is this withdraw? How long should I expect this anxiety. It feels like my heart is racing and my hands sweat not all the time but it goes through out the say. Please help I don’t want to feel anxious.As I normally dont. Nobody knows I hide it.

    Thank you

  106. Hi I have been off norcos for 2 days and I’ve never felt this way before!. I usually take 4 to 5 10mg norc for my sciatica pain and my disc is out to a side but not to where I need surgery. I can’t explain how much pain I’m in. I’ve been gagging for everything I take or even when I yawn and my body is sweaty and I have goosebumps everywhere. I can’t sleep and I have been crying so much. The other part that’s bad is that shake so bad that I can’t walk good at all. I can’t even pick up a water bottle without shaking so bad. I have diahrreah too. I told my doctor how I’m feeling and for the past 5 days I’ve been taking wellbutrim and for some reaso, today was the worst day!. My body is on fire and I have a fever. My anxiety is so bad that I can’t stop moving. What should I do? Please help.

  107. Ive been taking 6-8 percocets a day for about 8 months and decided to stop as of sat evening and iam just wondering if im in for any kind of withdrawals and roughly how bad and how long before it all subsides ?

  108. Hi I am writing because my doctor disappeared from the office and I received a letter that they will no longer be filling my prescriptions I was taking a 180 10 325 norcos I was taking lyrica also xanax and ambien I have not had time to find a doctor that can see me before my script runs out I am so scared and have no idea what to do

  109. Ive been taking around 20 norco 10s a day sometimes more and I ran out yesterday. It’s there anything I can do to help these withdrawals. They are very bad already.

  110. I ha e chronic lower back pain nervve burn pins needles in both legs at times had 3 MRI they see nothing serious I have pain constantly at si joint. I’ve been on hydro for 3 years I take 12g once in morning then at ev ening 24 g total a day. When I go off after 1 day my chronic pain gets really bad whole back gets really irrated hardly can fun tion is withdraw part of this or could I still have an undiagnosed back problem. I’ve been to physical therapy,chiro,. Want to get off but chronic pain gets really bad. Thanks eddie

  111. I have been taking 6 10/325 for six years. Recently, because I had incurred pain from a couple of additional sources. I hot into my left over stash and increased my dosage to 8 a day…I mentally feel very bad for doing that. But now I’m counting these things and timing the intake and all of the other ridiculous addicts like me do. Without a doctor’s intervention I would like to know how I can do this on my own. Thank you very much!

  112. Sorry I was writing and somehow I wasn’t finished. I just want to get off these pills I only had a few left! I’ve been curing them in half and also 1/4 they are , hydrocodone 10 325 I don’t have very many left! What is the best way for Mt to ease the w/d I have to work.I wish I could talk to someone in here as soon as possible. I have , oxycodone and a lot of them but
    I stopped taking them bc my pain wasn’t that bad so I was switched to the hydrocodone! Please help me asap! I’m scared I will use the oxycodon to keep from going threw w/d
    They are 30 mg! Idk… what to do! Pleas help me!


  113. I need help from someone!I only have a few pills left and I want to tapper or wean my self off them! I don’t or can’t afford taking off work I’ve been taking Hydrocodon 10/325
    I’ve had this bottle since 8/10/ 2015.I was taking them for my sciatica and ack back. I would take them for several days but know more then 1 and half.was waiting on , synthetic shot.
    Well I got it but it did not help so I tried not to take this medication bc I did not want to get addicted to it.well I guess I am stop taking it for two day and I was scared to death. Now that I know what it is

  114. Been a habitual user for 8 years. Military accident left my leg a mess. I’ve had to increase my dosage through Doctor only once. Now,it is needed again. However, I don’t want them, but I need them. t the same time, I can’t live without them, but I do like how they take the pain away. Do I tell my doctor to change me to something else? Will there be something else that takes the pain away? I am very addicted to them, but as I said, they do take the pain as well. I’ve just realized that I take them when I go into stressful situations, etc… as well.

  115. I would never take it while breast feeding as they do not know all the effects that it has particularly on a baby too young to tell you how they feel . They ( the medical community ) gave it out like candy to the point that 80% of pain meds world wide are taken here in the USA . I not only am a college grad but managed a pharmacy for years and trusted that no bad would come to me if I was taking a medication properly under a doctor’s care. Today I cannot stop taking it and can barely lessen my dosage to wean myself as I want more of it rather than less to do the same job it once did for my own pain ( I was injured in a workplace robbery ) Today they are trying to reduce the amounts prescribed by doctors even those who have been taking it for years like myself. I no longer produce dopamine needed for being able to sleep properly and all the other functions related to the production of dopamine ( such as happiness ) . I have rebound headaches caused by this drug , I have a feeling that the trouble I am having with not only my kidneys but my liver is due to years of hydrocodone taking as well as my having problems with breathing normally . I never missed a day of work in my life .. today I am disabled with constant health problems most of which I blame on my medical dependence with hydrocodone. I detest it . Please anyone reading this be honest with yourself and recognize that this drug isn’t like a blood pressure med or a Tylenol . It can rule your life forever .. DO NOT start it at all . It’s grip is relentless .. Good luck to all .

  116. Hello,
    My wife has been on hydrocodone for over 8 years and takes 60 pills per months. I am not sure of the strength of them but what legal options do i have to talk to her doctor concerning her clearly being addicted? We are separated but i know she still takes them since she is still on my insurance and these show up on my monthly statements.

  117. Hello there! I have a few questions. I had a baby in May. I had a herniated disc in my back which worsened after labor. They give you Norco and ibuprofen in the hospital for pain after giving birth and that actually did help with my back pain a little. My pediatrician and the back surgeon continued to prescribe Norco while I was breastfeeding insisting it is safe but it makes me so nervous!! Had surgery in August which did help a little but still in horrendous pain. Have tried a couple of spinal injections and getting ready to try a third. I saw a pain doc right before my second injection and she acted shocked I was given Norco while nursing. I asked her why they give us it at the hospital then and she said that it is true that it would be the best one to take in this circumstance. She said she never gives pain meds to nursing mothers but gave me enough to make it to the injection. Injection did not work so I am still taking the Norco and ibuprofen. Take 3 ibuprofen every 6-8 hours and 1-3 Norco pills spread out in a 24 hour period. (Dosage is 5/325) after the surgery I was taking 6 a day. Now down to 1-3. I am so terrified that it will have affected my baby after 6 months of it or that he will be addicted. They told me barely any of it if any gets through my milk and to continue breastfeeding but I am so scared. Any advice/suggestions?

  118. I have many pain issues. I started taking norcos so I could function. It made me able to do my job, take care of my children and I never felt high. It just returned my pain. I had been taking so much ibuprofen, my IBS was out of control. My pain issues are not resolved, but my new pain doctor won’t prescribe any norco. My old pain doc did, and I was on 40-50 mg per day. I didn’t realize within 12 hours I’d be a wreck. I’d been taking it for over a year, as I tried to function while going from one doc to another trying to get answers for my pain. I did then get to another doctor and asked him to give me just a few 5/325 norcos so I could trailer off. I was down to 15mg a day. But I’m out and I’m hurting so badly and having some withdrawals. Legs hurt, back hurts, restless, agitated and anxious. I took a meloxicam, which the new pain doc prescribed but it doesn’t help much. And a Xanax. I have so much I need to be doing. Is there anything I can do? I feel awful. Please help. Would I have symptoms from such small doses? Or if this all just my pain now that I have no meds for relief?

  119. Over five years ago I was playfully thrown on my desk at work, knocking me out, injuring my Occipital nerves and was given Hydocodone 5/325 , four times a day. Within one year I was prescribed Hydrocodone 10/325, six times a day. I have tried to manage this but am now at 10/325, four to five times a day. Irregardless of my constant pain, I would very much like to get off this medication. Can you help?

  120. I have been under a Doctors care for pain management for several years. I wound up getting put on Methadone for pain and now it is affecting my heart so I am having to ween off. I am having a very uncomfortable feeling in my chest and throat. It is like a heaviness and like I’m not getting a good breath. Is this a withdrawel symptom and how long does it last?

  121. I have been takeing oxycodone 30mg every 3 to 4 hours for cronic pankrieitus and liver disease. I have been ordered by the pain clinic to taper down to 200mgs dailly. I also take oxycontin 40mg every 8 hours. Once I began the taper off the 30mg oxycodone to 9 tabs instead of 12 tabs a day in which I have been on for 6years I developed serious leg cramping and also c-diff when I ran out 2 days early for my next refill. I was hospitalized and put back up to 12 tabs of 30mg oxycodone every 4 hours. I was put on antibiotics for about 20 days and released from the hospital back to 9 tabs of oxycodone and I had break thru so bad I again run out 2 days early on my next refill. I believe I am again developeing c-diff and I just finished up my antibiotics about 2 days ago. Can the withdrawls from oxycodone give me c-diff again? I am not going to tell my doctor until I am sure its c-diff for sure. I know the smell and my diarrhea sure smells like it again. And do you think that the taper is really called for? It is all about the abuse of others that I believe the taper is bieng ordered?

  122. I am a 54 yr old female with heart disease (CAD) Highh Blood pressure and i am diabetic. I also had a heart attack 11months ago and a stent was put in..IS IT SAFE TO ABRUPTLY stop Taking my norco. Ihave taken 40-60 mg per day sometime up to 120mg a day. Ive been on these for so many yrs..say minimum 10 yrs. Im scared i will have a heart atteck from withdrawl causing addional stress .. is this dangerous for me

  123. Hi everyone,
    I’ve been on Hydrocodone 10/325mg 3 x a day for almost 10 + years, then got Tramadol added 5 years ago + a bunch of other meds. I just went to a new Pain Mgmt physician & since my pain is getting worse, she took away my both of those meds & put me on 15mg of Morphine 3 x a day instead. I’ve been feeling horrible for the past couple of days, including stomach problems, body pains etc.. I didn’t think I would have WD, but does it mean I am?

  124. Hi I have been taking Norco 5s for the last 12 days I took maybe 23 pills in this time for lower back pain. Today I suddenly started feeling cold sweats, and terrible leg pain like muscle an bone pain what can I do?

  125. Ive only been on oxy for like two weeks when the pill wears off I feel as if I have a uti. Im confused because I went to planned parenthood and they said tests came back negative. It hurts to stand, I’ve been trying to take azo and thats the only think that helps other than oxy. Wondering if what Im experiencing is a symptom of withdrawl.

  126. i was on norco for several weeks. first on 10 mg 3 times daily, then 5 mg 3 times. But was taking medication which
    my doctor did not know, interacted by increasing hydrocodon blood plasma level substantially. When I learned it, stopped taking that medication and started to take 5 mg 2-3 times a day, then started to taper.Do not how to taper, feel miserable. I have left noro enough fot 30 days. Am cutting pills in quaters. please help me with advise. I am older man, cannot go to rehab.

  127. So long story short I have been taken 7.5 Norco’s for about four weeks for pain 4 to 5 Times a day I seen that clonidine was used as something to help relieve some of the symptoms of detoxing but I did I was Times a day I seen that clonidine was used as something to help relieve some of the symptoms of detoxing but I did not know that unaware of this til reading . Unfortunately I already take that and I was taking that at night along with the Norco I’m still currently on the narco as needed unfortunately I already take that and I was taking that at night along with the Norco I’m still currently on the narco as needed for the pain but I find I arch sweat and itch a lot when I don’t take it . Thoughts on this ?

  128. Reading all of these posts I can’t help but wonder how much we suffer from the SHAME! and the association of being an addict that comes with taking pain medication, The complications I don’t feel like I should be driving anymore I have to have someone take me someplace or I have to gear my whole morning around the thousand milligrams of Tylenol so I can go to work take my pain medication at work and then wait for it to wear off so I can get in the car and drive home it’s a tremendous responsibility . For me it’s l a weakness of the mind… It seems like if you’re maturing properly that in that process you may have wanted to be out-of-control as a child but as an adult you want to be in control ! I want to go in with hat and glasses with nose and a mustache on them to get the prescriptions filled.
    And I in fact to change pharmacies three times because one pharmacist that I know is clearly making snarky comments and judgments about me . I don’t want to be seen taking them, I never let my children know that I was on them, it’s also disappointing and expensive. And lastly I refuse to drive home to get them if I don’t have them I am not going to change my daily process to come home and get drugs . I hate who I am on these things . My father the kernel is probably rolling over in his grave !
    I have this idea a dream that if I had someone to cook my meals clean my house give me a massage along with my acupuncture my chiropractic treatments and everything else I spend money on outside of the drug in order to try to avoid having to take it, that I might not actually need it ! In other words if I was rich enough to not have to do anything but walk and meditate get massages acupuncture and he told me organic food what I need this ???

  129. I’ve been on hydrocodone for about 30 years! One mishap after another, falling out of the back of the pick up truck on the freeway @ 16… Then I slid down a makeshift stairway decomposed granite that flipped me up into the air and knocked me unconscious in a pile of busted up concrete it damaged my neck and spine… recently I was run completely over in a parking lot while walking, Those might be the most extreme issues . Years ago I was told that I had MS, now they say I have dicoid lupus.
    My question is….. if you have legitimate pain and you’re allergic to NSAIDs what are your options ?? I feel like a slave to this drug and I have all these allergies now that I got from having an MRI with GAD!

    When I get generic versions of drugs some drugs, I often have allergic reactions, and since generic versions change every time you get a prescription filled you never know if you’re going to get the one that you have a reaction to ! so I’m now being forced to pay nearly $500 a month for a drug for my pain that’s the only one that I don’t seem to break out in hives ,welts or have breathing problems with!
    Something they didn’t think about when they made all these new laws and rules something that applies to many people to have insurance you can’t be covered by non-generic versions of the drug because we all know the fillers are different they really aren’t exactly the same drugs . It would be cheaper ???? And to Chris’s statement below you should always worry about liver damage that’s why they’re starting to come up with drugs that don’t have any acetaminophen them.
    It’s not the opiate that’s the problem .

  130. I have been using 60-90mg of hydrocodone for several weeks after being hit by a car six mths ago; left with 5 Herniated & 2 bulging duscsvin my neck & spine. I put off going to pain mgt despite the insistence of my orthopedic surgeon until the pain became so severe I was instructed to D/C my P.T. I also take Tegritol for a neurological disorder that results in migraines which in turn can cause seizures. I am also prescribed 75mcg Fentanyl patches I do not use, but I want to get off the Percocet. I have about 60 left. A. What is the best way to slowly detox myself, &, B. will Subutex & or Kratom help reduce w/drawl symptoms?? Any relevant, knowledgeable, i.e. useful feedback wld b greatly appreciated. Pls feel free to contact me at my email. All enlightened responses will be graciously & gratefully recvd. Thank you. Karma being a Law binding the ignorant while gvg Freedom to the wise-it is my intent that your good karmic influences be reciprocated exponentially. As Einstein aptly noted: “We cannot solve the problems of the World w/th same level of consciousness which created them.” i.e. Mine…Likewise it is clear, Atoms which fall out if the Gravitational Pull of other Atoms, become their own center… This may also serve as an appropriate metaphor for chemical dependency* Sincerely, Carter Price

  131. I had back surgery 11 weeks ago. I started taking Norco st 10 mg for a week; then 5 mg for 3 weeks: back on 10 mg 4x a day by mistake for 3 weeks; back to 5 mg three times a day. All the while feeling terrible. I had never heard of Norco but knew I couldn’t take Vicodin. I wanted off. It never helped anyway. I started tapering and got down to 5 mg a day and then went to my GP. He finished tapering me off and gave me Gabapentin, and

  132. I’ve been taking hydrocodone for about 4 years now. I take 20-40 10/325 pills per day. I’m planning on quitting tomorrow by taking 10mg pills of methadone. I’m not sure how many I will end up having to take but plan on only talking 2 at a time and waiting to see how I feel after one hour. I have to stop taking these pills or I’m going to my family and home. I can no longer afford to pay $5 a piece for them not to mention the mess I’m sure they’re making of my health/body. I’m scared. I have a kidney stone disease that causes serious pain and I’m afraid I won’t be able to take it. My question is well the addiction to the methadone happen right away or will I be able to come off it in a week? If so, how long will my withdrawal likely last from the hydrocodone so that i can take down the amount of methadone I take as fast as possible? I tried over and over to reduce the amount of hydrocodone I take but just can’t stay and lower than 10 a day. Would i be better off going back down to 10 a day then dropping off cold turkey from them rather than to use the methadone? I can’t afford to buy more but will find a way if it’s better. I can’t go to a rehab because being banned from any pain medicating for life won’t work when I’m dealing with kidney stones the rest of my life. Suggestions please?

  133. I’m on my 5th day Vicodin free. My feeling is over but when will I start feeling that it’s worth it to stop. Don’t know what to do, still not sleeping

  134. My husband had both his knees replaced and was put on Hydrocodone 7.5/200mg taken as needed for pain so there would be days he would take at least 3 to 4 a day during his healing and rehab and has been on Hydrocodone for at least 9 years now, he tried to go off but the withdrawals were just too rough. We decided to taper, so he went from 3-4 a day, then he got down to 1 day, then 1 every other day, then we started cutting in half and this was taken every day for a couple of months and now currently he has been taking half a pill every other day. The only symptom he seems to be having is very sleepy. Is there a way that we can trick his brain by thinking that its getting what it wants without really giving the Hydrocodone. I think he is probably at the point where he should stop taking all together but I’m afraid he will go into something to severe. What would be your best advice. His doctor has told him that he will know when he’s ready to stop taking the Hydrocodone and I’m thinking he should be completely off by now but my husband is still wanting to take a half a pill every other day for a little while longer which he has been doing this now for over a month already. Please let me know what you think?

  135. I had surgery on July 31 in my cervical spine. C3-c6 posterior a rod was inserted on each side with 6?screws. Also removed inside of C4 because it was fractured and rubbing against cord, causing serious balance problems. Today is day 32 after surgery and I am weening off Of hydrocodone w acetophemine 7.5/325. 48 hours weening, went from one every 4 hours, 2nd day 1/2 every 4 hours, 3rd day 1/4 every 4 hours. 4th day day, none–taking otc extra strength Tylenol. I have extreme nausea, sweating both hot and cold. Disruptive sleeping , feeling similar to flu symptoms. What should I do?

    Also was on a muscle relaxant and am weening off in same time schedule and amounts as hydro codons. Any advice?

  136. I already took hydroccodone for about 3weeks I take a tablet and half every night but now I’m run out and I feel like my arm and my leg is in pain is that a withdraw and I’m yawning so much I feel desperate stay in bed or siting

  137. Hi, I have been taking Norco since a Motorcycle accident in 2002. I have some displaced ribs, a non repaired collarbone that is non union and overlapped by an inch or more, fractured pelvis and the worst injury is my scapula hit the road hard and is displaced (that side is flat and the other side has a wing-bone that sticks out normally) and has a big hunk broken out of it that they think was pulverized, the missing piece is nowhere to be seen.
    I have tried to keep the Norco use down and have never abused it. I take 2 a day and sometimes I break off 1/2 of one and take it if the pain gets too bad. I take one when I get up in the AM and one before dinner then I wait until the next morning to take another one. I have wondered if I am physically dependent and never associated night sweats with the Norco. I routinely go 18 hours between the one before dinner and the one the next morning. I am in plenty of pain but was always afraid of addiction. I guess it’s too late, after 13 years I’m not immune to it. This morning I must have picked the bottle up and put it back without taking one. By mis afternoon I had a pretty good belly ache.
    For the past few years I have been getting severe night sweats, never linking it to the hydrocodone. So, is that what addiction feels like? Also getting a runny nose in the morning but am on night oxygen, I thought it was from the oxygen going in my nose all night.

    What am I to do? I have severe pain. One Radiologist called my chest severely deformed from the accident. I burned out on aspirin long ago with other work related problems with my hands and arms. Burned an ulcer in my gut taking aspirin now it gives me a terrible belly ache. Same with Motrin.
    I don’t know what to do now, there is no way I can go with nothing. I can take Tylenol. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Do the night sweats sound like addiction to Norco?

    I take only 2 a day of, except once or twice a moth I take an extra 1/2 on a really bad day is 7.5-325. I live with some pain but really don’t want to live with excruciating pain every minute for the rest of my life.

    Thank You for reading!!

  138. My name is Stephanie I have been taking lortab canes for almost 5 years I went to the hospital cuz I was trying to get off of them last year but my heart rate dropped it would not go above 40 so they prescribed me medicine and I went back on I’m trying to quit again I haven’t had one in three days I feel like crap my heart feels like its so slow I’m dizzy lightheaded pale

  139. I ran out of my Norco 5/325 and I had some Percocet left from before so I took half a 5/325 is this ok and will I have any withdrawls, I took my last one of Norco 10 hours ago, I’m not stopping the Norco I just ran out I see my doctor tomorrow.

  140. Hello…I’ve been taking norco for 6 years now. It’s prescribed for my shoulder injury. I take 40-50 mg a day. I have been wanting to quit for sometime now but I am afraid of the withdrawal process. I have read sooo many horror stories and that always changes my mind. This last script I got I took more than my prescribed daily dose and I will definitely run out before I can use my refill. I have NEVER went without a pill during the 6 years….so I am super nervous. I do have a wife that knows about my usage but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t understand the severity of the withdrawal process. I’m a 41 year old male and I’m in average condition health wise. Im not sure why I’m commenting on here…maybe I’m just looking to talk with someone that understands and can help me through it. I currently have enough pills for 4 more days. I hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks for reading. Peace!

  141. I been off since Sunday night and it is Wednesday night my leg cramps are hurting me more if I realax how much longer do I have for the pain to stop when I relax when its time to sleep at night. I got off once before with nothing and ot took me three days for everything. I don’t want to take.any other drug to get off lartabs I want to see how long.it takes thanks I did wein my del down to two a day bit the legs still hurting recalling bad.

  142. I’ve had 3 major surgerys in a year. My last dose was 7.5 mg of norcos 3 times per day. I’ve not taken it for 3 days. How much longer will my symptoms last? Mylingering ones are ddiarrhea, sever exhaustion and depression. I’ve been on norcos for a year

  143. I took Norco for many years. My pain management Dr. gave me 10 mcg Butrans patches and said to ease off the Norco. The first two days I had intense cravings for the Norco. I kept two pills for an emergency. On day three no cravings. It’s day 7 today, and I’ve hardly given the drug much thought. I did NOT go through any of the withdrawl symptoms listed. I’m supposed to change the patch every six days, I’ve been 8 days on the patch, but put one on this morning. I plan on eventually phasing the patch out too. I am 66. Am I on the right path? I’d appreciate your input. Thanks.

  144. Are there any over the counter solutions to offset withdrawal symptoms from opioids? My nose runs and runs. If feel that I am going crazy at times. I run a business and I’m struggling to seem “in control” at all times. Please help me.

  145. Hello, I’ve just taking my last few hydro 10 and I’m out for who knows how long. I could use some advice and help with goin through the withdrawals cause its been bout 4 years of taking, 3 to (maybe) 7. Depends on how many I had that day. Send me a email anytime. I’ll be up most the nights cause it’s impossible to sleep. Thank you.

  146. I had horrible withdrawal for 2and half days i couldn’t take it anymore i Took two pills to make it stop will i have to start all over? I have 3 pills.left but don’t plan on.taking them

  147. My husband is going on 8 months taking Hydrocodone he had a 14 pound tumor on his left kidney then did chemo because it was cancerous the thing about it is he gets very moody he snaps for no reason and im fed up I want him to get off of this medication to return ti being normal I just dont know how to do it or help him

  148. What up doc. Js had a ? I pop a few narcos a few days back first time ever. N I noticed Im going thry some withdrawal bt I only pop them that day. Do I gotta see a doc o will I b ok

  149. Can you die from lortab withdrawals???? I went from 40-60mg a day to 20 a day. Today ive had 10mg and plan on 10mg tomorrow then 5mg for 2 days then stopping fully. Im shaking and have chills so far. Can withdrawals make me die???

  150. If I have a legal prescription for Vicodin and Clonazepam – I have a disorder that causes pain, not a surgical candidate because of the disorder – pre-employment drug test, can they refuse to hire me?

  151. Had major spinal fusion from T2 through L4, a twelve hour surgery the last one in 2007. Have been taking Norco since that time. The last year or so I jave been taking 6 Norco (325 tabs) each day. I am sick of taking pills and want to see the pain level lowered or without. Since the first of the year I have been cutting the dose by half a pill once a week. I know in the past if I cut out one pill at a time I get severe physical withdrawals and feel very sick. Doing it this slowly doesn’t seem to cause to much trouble, not super easy but not horrible. I have never felt a high or any kind of psychological dependence from this medication. For me the physical addiction is not easy but want to know if you think I am handling this the correct way?

    Thank you for your time and I hope for a response.

  152. If you are having withdrawal symptoms from hydrocodone 10/325 after a few days of no use and then use again will the symptoms stop? I’m wondering this BC I think this is the problem I have…

  153. I have been taking lortab 10 for 12 years. Im going onday 7 of withdwithdrawal and I have went through every single symptom I have seen to expect with loratab withdrawal but the weird thing is my heart is dropping I went to my Dr cause I was passing out and they sent me to the hospital my heart beat was 15 that was 2 days ago now it goes up n down from the 30s to 70s. Normally my heart rate was in the 90 to 100 area. Has anyone else experienced this and if so is it permanent or something that will get better with time

  154. I have been taking 4 10/325 norcos for about 6 months due to 2 surgeries. They haven’t worked for a while and I get more relief from ibuprofen. So I want to stop. My question is, I asked my doctor for a tapering schedule and he has me taking two a day for a week then one a day for a week and then a half a day for a week. when I read on here it seems to me that that’s a little too fast to taper off what kind of symptoms can I expect? I tried to stop on my own and had anxiety muscle pain diarrhea and other symptoms described here. Is that a good tapering schedule or not. I start tomorrow Thanks for any input

  155. I know im addicted because I overtake my meds and run out early every month….my question is this,Do you start going into detox automatically after your last one runs out?

  156. Hi ive been taking hydrocodone for about a year, gradually dosing myself higher and higher. Ive had medical issues that allowed me to have the pills from hospitals but my doctor has yet to know ive been taking them. Im now taking 4-5 10mgs a day and I want to quit cold turkey. My biggest concern is telling my new doctor that I have been on pills, I dont know how shell react I just want to stop and im afraid of the withdrawal. Will she flag me and have me sent away or is it a good idea to ask for her help? Anxiety is the biggest problem for me.

  157. I had a spinal fusion T2 through L4 in 2006. My body rejected the fusion and we had to repeat the entire surgery in 2007, this one was successful. Since that time I have been left with chronic pain. I used to take more Norco when working. I had to stop working 2 years ago and since that time take approximately 6 Norco a day along with 2 Promethazine a day. I take the Promethazine as I have extreme nausea without this medication. I take 3 Norco along with 1 Promethazine at 6:00 am and repeat this same scenario at 3:00 pm. All the time I have been on this medication it has never made me sleepy. Now i notice even if it’s been hours since I have taken the medication if I sit down to,watch TV or go to a movie I literally cannot keep my eyes open. This has been going on for the last 6 months or so. I thought I read somewhere that drowsiness can be a sign of withdrawal, is this true? I really want to be off all of this stuff, I hate it. I am worried though about the pain because even with the medication it takes the edge off, it has never taken the pain away. In any case I seem to be hyper sensitive when withdrawing as I have done it before. As I mentioned I used to take more when working. What I do is cut down very slowly, by cutting the Norco in half and sticking with that dosage 1 week at a time. In the past I have to cut back more quickly but the side effects are quite difficult. I experience all of them, hot and cold sweats, diarrhea, etc. I am concerned though about this overwhelming sleepiness I get when sitting. Should this go away without all of this medication and could it be a withdrawl side effect?

  158. Today us day 3 without hydrocodone. I have been taking Imodium AD the whole time and I have had 0 withdrawal symptoms. Not sure why this time. I’ve been thru this before and usually can’t handle it after the first 24 hours and relapse. I’ve heard the Imodium AD helps in large doses so I tried it. So far…NO symptoms at all. If it stays like this…I will never take a pill again. I know I can kick this and I’m going too. Imma keep taking the Imodium AD and pray. Good luck to anyone going thru withdrawals.

  159. Ok I’ve been reading up on the withdrawals of hydros and perks. Since I’m withdrawaling from both will my symptoms be worse than just detoxing from one? (I’ve been an addict for 10 yrs)

  160. I’ve been taking hydrocodone 7.5/325 for 14 yrs along with 50mg of fentinyl. I stopped the hydrocodone. Still have the sentinel patch.. will i go though withdrawal??

  161. I am in trouble (I am severely depressed). I have been prescribed Hydrocodone 10/325, 1 pill / 4 times a day for about 3 years now. It is prescribed for coughing (I have pulmonary fibrosis “IPF”, so getting it scribed is very common and looked at as a typical script for the untreatable, ultimately fatal disease), but to be honest, I have found myself using it to help me get through severe anxiety and panic attacks, then I take 2 pills at a time and another 2 later in the day when I am fretting about seemingly everything. I have tried several anti-depressants and also Lorazapam and Clonazapam @ 2mg., but nothing works as well as codeine. I have had the codeine syrup before and it worked very well to calm me down, so I know I am psycho-dependent on the medication. I have been told that emergency rooms use NAC N-Acetyl Cysteine (by intravenous) for overdose victims because it helps remove the toxin from the body as quickly as possible, do you know if it helps with the mental withdrawal issues? Any advice? I am VERY worried about suicidal issues as well. Thank you for your time.

    I have found that eating anything at ANY time (before, during) I am taking the H-10/325, that the relief of the medication almost immediately stops. I rarely eat at all because the relief, even if I eat considerably before and seemingly give the food enough time to digest, does not allow the relief to happen. Any ideas regarding?

    It’s a mental game… I am losing!
    Thank you again.

  162. So I went cold turkey off prescribed vicodin and it was hell! I went through the 3 day hell and am starting to feel ok again but my back still hurts, and I’m curious If I did take a pill from time to time now if the Dts will just come right back? It has been 5 days since my last and would like to take one today for my back but NEVER will take enough to have Dts again so I was hoping someone could help me?

  163. I have been taking hydrocodone and percoset since I was 15 prescribed by a doctor and now the new doctor has taken me off my medications. I have been taking up to ten 10/325 hydrocodone’s a day. She refuses to give me any help and I am experiencing withdrawls what do I do at home dealing with this cold turkey to survive? I am puking having diahrea and sweats body aches and I just want to cry.

  164. I have been taking 1-2 pills of NORCO (lowest dose) every 2-3 days for pain in both hands due to Arthritus for the past 2 years and have not experienced the need to increase the prescribed dosage or any withdrawal symptoms. I have tried 800 mg of Ibiprophen but it rips my stomach apart. I am always concerned about transitioning on my own to a higher dose for fear of being formerly addicted. So far so good.

  165. I’ve been taking hydrocodone for almost 10 years. Recently I ran out and have not taken it for about 4 days. I am trying to get the paper script since it’s been reclassified by DEA. I live 45 miles from Dr. and have no car to get there. My mother is going to pick it up for me tomorrow. Anyway, why didn’t I have withdrawal symptoms during these last few days?

  166. One of my family member has been talking 10mg for over 9 years and he takes about 5-8 within 10hours he works two jobs so day and night, day time three days a week and night 5days a week. He starts out taking 8-10 when he gets his refills but then cuts down to 5-8 when getting low. I’m worried because he doesn’t have time for the withdraws. But he’s just going to be taking more and more… I guess I’m asking is there a point where there’s no turning back. Like they become you?

  167. My best friend has been on 150 mg a day of oxycodon 30mg she went to the hospital. They reduced her to 5mg four times a day. She’s is anorexic she went through having withdraws. She doesn’t eat she’s been in massive confusion. After a day or two she got a little better. The doctors released her she was giving 7.5 milligrams twice a day. Its been 9 days now and she’s back in the hospital after 3 and she’s very confused she doesn’t know the year she doesn’t know what’s happening to her she doesn’t even know her name. Does anyone know if this could happen because of how sad she was withdrawn

  168. I have taken hydros, roxy, Vicodin, basically anything I could get for 6 months straight now. My tolerance was up to about only 40mg a day. I haven’t eaten a pain pill in ten days. But I have no energy still!!! However I’m coming off a 14 day prednisone treatment also. I just want to take one 10mg pill or half to help with the pain and no energy but I’m afraid if I do it’ll start my wd symptoms over. Will it??

  169. My dr switched me from narco to Tylenol 3 today I am a heavy user of hydrocodone, up to 200mg a day im so ready to be done with hydrocodone im scared of withdrawal should I expect withdrawal while taking Tylenol 3?

  170. Good old FDA changed labels on Qualitest Norco and I have been taking it for a disease since 1999. It’s on back order until Monday or Tuesday. I regularly take 2 once a day. Can I take 1/2 in moring and 1/2 in evening to stop withdraws??? All the pharmacies in my county are out. What are we suppose to do? At least we should of gotten a warning!!!

  171. Im only 23and just recently stop taking 10mg norcos&i just wanna be able to get through this all its been very hard i was on these pills for 3 years taking 3 day i just want the anexity&depression not to over take me

  172. Hello –

    I write this post with a great deal of shame and embarrassment – but since the responses I’ve seen here have been very kind of non-judgmental, I could really use some advice and positive reinforcement. So, any input that can be provided would be extremely beneficial.

    A few years ago, I started taking hydrocodone occasionally for headaches and frequent muscle and bone discomfort that I was experiencing. My mother has an Rx for 10/500 Lortab, and offered me some to help. She was strictly thinking of my well-being as all mothers do, and was not aware that she should not offer up her medication to anyone. I began taking them only when needed – but as time evolved, I would at times take one just to take one – and when I ran out, I would ask her for more (which she was glad to provide).

    This has been a very rough year for me, as I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma and had a kidney removed in a very painful procedure. As a result, I’ve received various Rx’s from both my urologist and GP for the associated pain from the surgery (which was in February), as well as headaches that I seem to experience fairly regularly. Since I only have one kidney now, I’ve been told be to careful with the anti-inflammatory meds (which is why my GP gave me the Rx for Norco rather than telling me to rely on Advil or Aleve). My last prescription was a month ago for 40 10/325 Norco, and I’ve been taking 2 a day even though I was not necessarily experiencing pain – so at this point, they are gone.

    Here’s the embarrassing part. When my own prescriptions have run out, I’ve taken some from my Mom without her knowledge. She doesn’t take them often and hasn’t discovered yet that any are missing, but at some point I’m sure she will. I keep swearing to myself that I won’t do it again, and yet I do whenever I’m about to run out. I have gone a few days without them and experienced extreme anxiety, as well as other withdrawal symptoms (most notably, diarrhea). I want so badly to remove them from my life, and at this point I know that I’m exhibiting classic addictive behavior.

    I’m a successful professional, but all of the developments this year (the surgery, my Dad’s passing, and loss of my job due to facility relocation), have made me turn to the pills for comfort. I used to be extremely physically active and want to resume a regular exercise routine, but so far have not felt motivated to do so. While I’m only taking a couple of Norco’s a day, I do feel that I can’t function without them. I’m still able to do everything I normally do as long as I’m taking them (including some very stressful job interviews in recent weeks), and need to retain at least some energy while trying to get this problem under control.

    I want more than anything to remove these from my life, but I don’t feel comfortable discussing this with my doctor. I even lied to him at one point about them being stolen, and he gave me another Rx without hesitation – so I don’t want to betray his trust anymore than I already have. I’ve been sitting here all night thinking about what a horrible person I am, and that’s getting to me more now than anything else…but I’m terribly afraid of the physical and emotional withdrawals when I stop taking the pills.

    If anyone can please tell me the best way to handle this to clean out both my body and my conscience from what this drug has done to me, I would be so sincerely grateful. I want to minimize the impact so that I can move on as quickly as possible, before I spiral any further into something that could potentially rob my self-control more than it already has.

    Thanks so very much!

  173. This Thru, my PCP IS CUTTING back my Norco 10-325, eight a day to 6. I’ve been using 8 for 3 years! I have Multiple Sclerosis, T.H.R. in left hip, Right hip cracked in 5 places in 2011-no surgery upon my request ; livi in rehab 2 mo. Broken left humerus 2003. MRI’s reveal all my spinal disc affected in different ways.My back, across my waist is constant pain standing. I had 2 more refills of 8 a day, and my Dr said to try to start cutting back, and I have. tried, but I have pain in so many places, I have been adding Naproxen to help a little, but. my Neuro, doesn’t like me taking them. I’m really stressed about my Thur vist, which will startmy new dosage. I’m out of remission w/ my M.S. I was in intensive care, not expected to live, dx w/ pneumonia. . Now falling alot again, and don’t know how I’m going to handle only 6 a day, at this stage of my life. I’m 64, but. Have always looked and felt 10 yrs younger; and told that by alot of people. What can I do to cut down on my pain and anxiety? Please help!! Thank you

  174. well its been about 11 days of no hydrocodone /acetaminophen 10-325. the withdraws were bad at first with my left leg acting like it was asleep and wakening up to the part with the needles in my lower leg that kept me from getting a good night of sleep. I was getting about 1 1/2 hr and getting up for an 1 1/2 hr then trying to go back to sleep. It did not work very good. after a few days I went to my doctor and she gave me some Tramadol 50mg pills. Its working good. I hope I am finished with withdraws from that other stuff. All this from back surgery. a fusion of 3 of my vertebra. 6 screws 4 rods and now its 22 weeks later and I am NOT walking better. My doctor is concerned about that I am not healing better. That makes me feel better, He is “concerned” that I am not getting better. Its $180,000 later and I cant use my rowing machine MY DOCTOR said I could use “after” I get the surgery. Wonder just how long after I am going to half to wait ? any one out their had a fusion on the lower back with 6 screws and rods. How long did it take to get back to some what normal. The way I walk now is not normal, and my lower back is all ways stiff like a board. any advice on how I can get better??

  175. Hi, any info would be so appreciated. I’ve been taking Norco and Percocet for herniated cervical discs for over a year and then had knee surgery 6 weeks ago after an injury. I weaned down to 1 and a half pills a day with no problems but all of the sudden the last 10 days have been horrible. I wake up after only a few hours of sleep, am agitated and my legs hurt. I feel sick to my stomach and have diarrhea. I try to hold off as long as I can and usually take one norco or half a Percocet about 6 am and within half hour feel better. By mid to late afternoon the symptoms are back. I’ll take half a Percocet, be ok until bedtime. Symptoms begin about 9 pr 10 but I take a Klonopin and able to sleep about 5 hours. I wake up and start all over. I was taking about 4 a day and now that I’m at 1 and a half feel I won’t be able to cut down to much less. My doctor thinks taking this small amount is not addiction or dependence, that I must still need it for knee pain( I do have pain after work, on my feet all day in a kitchen). Is waking up feeling like that addiction? I want to stop the opiates to assess my real pain and not feel awful in the morning. Thanks for any input!

  176. about 25 weeks ago I had a fusion on my lower back. 6 screws 4 rods and a scar about 8 to 10 inches long. After the surgery I was on a morphine pump. one of those you can push the button I think every 10 minutes I think. It was when ever the light came back on. At first I did not know what it was. The nurse came in and told me. I then knew what it was because my wife had one for her ACL surgery. She pushed it as much as she could. I thought ho hell this is just wonderful? Well I did not use it much. I looked at it as well if I have pain I will use it. What I was having is just stiffness in my lower back. That was no big deal, I have had that for over a year. The 1nd day all the doctors came in about 30 minutes apart. The 2nd day the 2nd doctor came in and asked about the pump? He asked me if I was using it? I said, well that is for pain right. He said yes. I said I am all ready on hydrocodone /acetaminophen 5-325 and cyclobenzaprine 10mg pills. I have used the pump for some pain but I don’t have that much pain. He then said, you have not use it very much. I told him I have used it about 4 times and I don’t see any difference, so no, I don’t use it much. They took of off the pump that afternoon after using it only 4 times. That crap sure cost a lot for only using it 4 times. Well by the 3rd day I had every thing that was attached to me gone. I was time to go home. I was sure STIFF al hell but not much pain. So I had me a walker to get around the house and things went not to bad. The pills lasted me about 20 days so at about 18 dayd I called my doctor and got the nurse and it was time for my check up so that worked out good and got a refill on my drugs. One thing thing on my new drugs, these were Now 10-325T. I had 5-325 so I called and asked why they were 10s and not 5s. NOT the doctor but the nurse told me because I hade the cramping when I was getting low on the drugs I had “she” bumped up my drugs to the 10s. ??? So I stayed on these till about a month and thought I would cut back my 3 times a day to 2. Boy ho boy was that not a smart thing to do. The cramping got real bad so I went back to 3 times a day. I finally cut back my meds in the 4 month to 2 times a day and was fine. On the 19th week I looked and I had 2 days left of my drugs. I called the doctor and his office told me that my doctors nurse was in clinic and was not at the office. I told this lady I would run out of my meds on Sunday and this was a 3 day weekend and I would run out of them. I don’t think that would be a good thing. This (#$#@) told me that I should have called earlier if I was going to run out of my meds. I said, well that did not happen and I am still going to run out of my meds, so I need then refilled. This (*#*#) told me to call back on Tuesday to get my refills. So now I will be out on Saturday night, all of Sunday and Monday, and get them some time on Tuesday. Wonderful. Well I started to look up what was or might happen with no drugs and from 2 times a day to nothing. At first it was ok. Then on Sunday night I had some milled cramping in my gut, not to bad. I had decided that what I had read about this drug and what the doctor DID NOT tell me about this drug, I was not going to take it any more. Something like 24 weeks was long enough. I was not going to get addicted to this crap. But then the left leg from the nee down to my foot was ok during the day but at night it was like a leg waking up from falling to sleep and waking up at that point where if you move your leg, it is painful as hell. I was getting about 1 1/2 hours a sleep a night. yes the insomnia, restlessness, involuntary leg movements, chills alternating with flushing and some sweating and these dreams I am having are NUTS. If I watch TV and their is a movie I watch, when I do get to sleep, I dream of that movie and I am in it and can’t get out. This has been going on for 4 or 5 days. The worst one was I was back at work at the prison and we were having a riot. That scared the crap out of me. End of Story. My question is how long is this going to take before I am back to some thing like normal. Help. Not going nuts but you never know?????

  177. Hi. Just looking for advice I guess. I was addicted to hydro about 5 years ago. A girls I work with gave me about 13 325mg pills. I started just taking one and went up to 2 a day and yesterday afternoon took my last one. I feel pretty bad today. Can get out of bed w such body aches. Do u think it will get much worse w only being on them a short time ? I have to work tomorrow.. and im worried now

  178. I have been taking 4-5 10/325 tabs for about 4 years now for prevention of rib pain. I have recently had a real problem with ringing in my ears . Can this cause this??

  179. Been taking norco for a year 1 pill a day 5/325 am I gonna have bad withdrawals I was told I have a fatty liver I believe that is what caused it so medically I need to be off of them

  180. I have a call in to that pain clinic dr now, an will ask for clonidine only, bc i think that might help?…I really do not know what to do. I also have severe asthma and take theophylline daily, 300mg po TID. I cannot afford another out of pocket visit to them as it is $165.00 and I am now not working. I lost my job of 12.5 yrs 2 months ago due to other reasons. Bad management which was new. Please help me. I do not know how to handle this to be out of the hight blood pressure and short of breath problem : it gets super super bad. Thank you!

  181. August 18, 2014 11:30 am
    Hi my name is Mary and I had been on morphine sulfate 30mg TID for 3 yrs, and I am having a very hard time weaning off from it, but I did that, and now I had only 1/2 tab of a 15mg tablet left and waited 2 days without any of the medication at all, just tramadol that my pain dr prescribed to get off of these bc i told them i wanted to wean off gradually because trying to quit cold turkey 5 times in the previous month did not work for me. I end up with a sever hig blood pressure headache and sever electric shock like chills so bad that my body will not warm itself. What do i do now. I am completely oout of medication and hurting with headache and high blood pressure. It pounds and pounds.

  182. I really wish some one was on here that was like chat ive read all your messages, im telling you I felt like all you guys did at the beginning I took them bc they made me have energy no pain etc,, than it increased over the years I woke up one day and decided im done im tired of being tired I was constipated tired barely wanted to do anything etc,, finally three days ago I looked at myself and I remembered why I started taking them and now why I feel so lousy I want all this over no more meds im tired of living behind the meds no one knows about my issue around me bc im functional but just in days I already feel some better but not much bc im still going through the body withdraws I dropped almost anything I picked up an I could barely move around help me please anyone that can give me options to reduce withdraw process please

  183. i have been taking hydrocodone for 5 years and I wanted to stop myself completely im at the 48-72 hour mark and during the day I have minor aches and stomach hurting I cant sleep much ive been tossing and turning and cant seem to get in a good enough position im having the hot and cold sweats and chills and goosebumps and I feel very weak what can I take to ease the symotoms of withdraw someoplease give me some ideas ive tried nyqil and hot baths not working,,,,

  184. I have been taking hydrocodone for about 1 year but just for the past 3 months taking it on a daily basis up to 4 pills a day10/325. I feel i am addicted to it….I have to drink it daily…..and now I have a right lower back pain could it be my kidneys…I need help please I am clueless I also feel I am misusing hydrocodone and fell im addicted to it…

  185. i just had a very nasty infection under my arm that had to be lanced. i do not take pain pills maybe every once in a while and i have taken Tramadol but script expires before i use the bottle. but in reading the blog here which has been most helpful to me. i believe between the six hour doses i experience uncontrollable shivering which i gather is a withdrawal symptoms do not take the pill early as i personally think that might lead to more problems. i have taken just three this last one only after trying Tramadol which did not work and after that medicine had left my body. Truly the shivering was awful. i took the pill at 2:30 am and have just now stopped the shivering. i am so glad to know what this is and i will be careful not to stop it cold turkey thank you for this wonderful blob

  186. If I have stopped but on the 3rd day I take some 7.5s does this start the withdrawal process all the way over? And if I wanted to take them on occasion with no withdrawal how long do I wait till I can use recreationally?

  187. Hi everyone, I’ve been reading through the posts from everyone and I think I’m starting to realize I might be addicted to norco myself, a few years ago I was prescribed vicodin 60 pills a month 5/500, for migranes, it was the only thing that would take the edge off . But then I noticed that this medicine made me feel like I had energy and I felt so positive when I took them so it became more of a self medicating thing since I have always struggled with depression. For the first time I felt great. I had this prescription for 6 months. And it lasted me about 8 months, but then last October I decided I was going to go back to the dr for my migranes and now I have back pain, major back pain, she gave me 45 a month for 6 months 5/325 norco. But when I went to go see her in june she up’d me to 80 a month. But my presc. Is for 120 4xs for six months and Its been a month so I can get my next refill if I want but ive only got like 15 pills left. Ive been taking 4 /6 pills at a time. And I feel like crap if I dont take the pills. I dont even want to take them but its like if I dont then I can get nothing accomplished.im afraid to go get my next refill because im afraid I will over dose because I took six at once the other night and it was like nothing. Please tell me what I should do. Thanks.

  188. I have been going to a pain mgmt. center for a neck injured during an assault and robbery at work for 12 years now. Highest dosage of hydrocodone was at four tabs of 10/325 a day . I would break them in half but still ended up taking a total of four a day . I didn’t abuse but would take sooner than the 6 hours at times from not keeping a vigil on how I was taking them . I would basically take them when I felt my body needing them . At the end of 30 days there were times I was short a few days because of the way I was taking them . Deciding after getting a toothache that was not made better by my use of hydrocodone that the meds were no longer useful and those aches and pains I felt in the AM were not just from old age ( I am now 61 ) but mini withdrawals . I decided to talk to my doc about stopping them all together . He gave me less pills to start out with in an attempt to taper my usage.. I ended up in a tailspin thinking that something else was going on with my as I couldn’t breathe properly nor swallow right and , of course , ended up anxious because of the condition .After Barium Swallows , scoping of my esophagus , a biopsy of my throat , Cat scans and MRIs of my brain , esophageal motility studies and the lastest torture , the BRAVO pH monitor that was attached to my esophagus all to help determine what was causing my incredibly disabling illness of the breathing /swallowing problem . Headaches were so bad that at one point they put me in the hospital because they thought I had had a stroke. After all these tests ( many which were straws that the doctors were grabbing at as they really didn’t listen to what I was saying about my symptoms ) I do believe it is all hydrocodone related . I believe that I am having both withdrawal for taking less ( down to a max of 3 10/325 a day ) and having symptoms from the use of the drug itself as I have tried increasing it back to what I was taking only to still have problems. My question is where do I go to find a doctor that knows anything about hydrocodone side effects AND hydrocodone withdrawal ? I have mentioned about hydrocodone to EVERY doctor I have seen ( gastro , ENT , neurologist , GP , the hospitalist , even a psychiatrist that I saw briefly , and I mean briefly , as seeing a doctor today esp ecially when you are in the hospital is like speed dating they are so in and out ) and all just blew it off as I wasn’t abusing or taking that much . What is ” that much ” if your body develops a sensitivity to a drug .. and at the same time my body is rebelling because I am taking less.
    I have missed my daughter’s wedding because I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s fun ( yes, it is that bad ) I live to get through the day and pray to get through the night . I am scared to take any other drugs as it seems that my body is having problems with a lot of drugs that I used to be ok with such as my blood pressure meds .
    I guess asking what kind of doctor to go to and wanting to know how rare is it for someone to develop breathing /swallowing problems after using this drug for 12 years ? May life is destroyed as I no longer can even read to my grandbabies or sing to them ( shortness of breath , too ) Worst is not knowing what is happening and the anxiety that results. Now my doc put me on Lorazepam which is yet another drug to have to deal with withdrawal . I am alone trying to deal with this as I wouldn’t know who to even ask . That’s why I came to you . Please , please help me .

  189. I been taking hydrocodone 10/325 for 3yrs and it doesn’t help pain any longer just keeps me from feeling like I’m gonna die. I have steal parts in neck where three vertabra are fused. I now have another disc about gone in neck and three in back. I want to stop meds for awhile so they will work better. What do I do? I do not want to take anything stronger.

  190. Trying to wean off hydrocodone, but struggling. Been on it for 5 years and have decided I’d rather manage pain without the use of drugs. Hydrocodone makes me irritable, depressed, lazy anti-social and yet I still take it and can’t wait for my next dose.

  191. Due to sever PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease, bad circulation in the legs) I have been on Hydrocodone 10.350 for the last 2 years. I was also on Fenenal patches 75 mg. I had to have my leg amputated last year and stayed on these drugs for several months after the surgery. I managed to get off the patch but stayed with the hydrocodone. Last month I was no longer in any pain and felt I did not need them any longer. I contacted my doctor and started to taper off them very slowly. I went from 4 a day to 1/2 a pill 4 times a day. The next week when my refill was due I went to 5’s. I took 1/2 of them 4 times a day for a week then I started to cut the 1/2’s in half and took that 4 times a day then went to 3 times a day then to twice a day then once a day from 3 days then stopped it all. I was also given Clonidine to help with the withdrawal issues. I still had some withdrawals but not as bad as they could have been. It has been a week now since my last dose. I still get the runny nose and nervous once or twice a day. I am feeling so much better and looking forward to a more energy and sharper mind. I am starting to realize how foggy my mind was all that time. So good to feel my normal self emerging again.

    Getting off can be done. You just need to do it slowly. If you can be under a doctors care all the better. I was lucky. I was not addicted to the pills just physically dependent. Good luck to all of you trying! You can do it!

  192. I have been dealing with a basic opiate addiction for almost two years now. I was first using opiate pills. I tried to get off of them by going to a methadone clinic. Unfortunately the methadone clinic is too far away and does not accept any (including mine) health insurance. The gas money and the price of going was costing me almost $1000 a month which is basically what I was spending on the drugs to begin with. When I expressed to the clinic that I wanted to taper off of the methadone because I could not afford it anymore they did begin the taper from 60mg dropping me 10mg a week, and because I have the worst luck in the world when I finally got down to 10mg for the week, I was in a very bad car accident and the methadone clinic kicked me out for missing a couple of days. Methadone clinics work a certain way and are kinda strict. I was paying $15 a day for my “dose” as they call it and $20 a day in gas to get there and get back home. And you have to be there every single day except Sundays. They will let you take your Sunday “dose” home. If you miss a day they can kick you out. I actually missed a couple of days from the car accident being so severe. I was not getting high or taking any medication on the days I missed I just was extremely sore and had no transportation to get there and back. When I realized that they would not take me back my addiction started again. This might just be justification but I needed something from being so sore from the accident and I was beginning to start having withdraw symptoms. I am sick and tired of being addicted to this drug and am more then ready to quit. Im at the point where the only thing holding me back from quitting cold turkey is the fear of withdraw for two weeks and the fact that I have children to care for and would not be able to if I were that sick for that long. I was wondering if a hospital might admit me for 4 days to a week so I could be quickly tapered off of the drugs but also be monitored by doctors while doing so. I have tried to just slow down on my own at home and I just get entirely too sick and can not do it alone. But I absolutely do want to be done with this nonsense and am at the point where I’m desperate. I am just terrified of the withdraw symptoms and would feel much more comfortable knowing that I’m in the hands of doctors and nurses while going through something so painful and scary.

  193. Hi. I have been on norco 10/325 3x a day for over a year post ACDF C5/6. I have never taken more then prescribed, well my spine surgeon has dropped my insurance and after a few months they usally made me come in to get a new script, last time it cost me 250 dollars because the insurance issues. So they gave me a number of another doctor who I called and made an appointment for 8/18. Well my meds run out on 7/20 and they wont refill it unless I come in. So starting monday i will be going from 3 a day to none, my question is what should I expect. I only take it for the pain i still have not for fun. I called my primary to see if he would give me the script for a month but he said he couldnt and that the original spine doctor should give it to me even though they dont take my insurance. Am I going to have withdrawl sysmptoms?

  194. Geesh were do I start I am 31 years old I was prescribed Vicodin 90 count 5/500 when they still had those for several different medical issues none of them severe but the pain was always there. I got a 90 count which for awhile lasted me sometimes even Rolling over to the next month. About a year later I started to notice I was running out before the next refill taking more then required and not because I wanted to but because they started to wear off faster. At that time I should of let me
    Doctor know I was experiencing withdrawl when I ran out and nipped that in the bud right then and there. Well the years went by and all of a sudden I am an addict my 90 day supply ran out in 3 days I was looking on the streets had several different connects and was spending money I knew damn well I didn’t have. It was bad 🙁 but I am so very thankful I stayed with norco 10/325 altho I was taking over 30 a day I never took them the wrong way never went the cheaper route and did heroin I thank God everyday for that. Well a few weeks ago a friends daughter told me about methadone now before that I read up on everything that had to do with quitting and I tired the natural way the vitamins etc but my body and the pills are so intertwined the withdrawals always won and I would just pop a few norco and id be fine sad horrible cycle. Well she told me about this program and I was scared at first because of what I had read but I was at
    My wits end my life was beyond bad so I said hey I will go and I am so happy I did it saved me! Lord Jesus I feel free I am at 40mg and the only
    Withdrawl I feel is sweating 🙂 I can sleep! I don’t have that horrible feeling of moving those weird body spasms now I can up my dose so I won’t swear but I want to taper off this med and it’s going to take time and that’s ok it took me years to get here so I know it’s going to take time to get better. So for anyone looking for help just try methadone it’s worth it yes some people think you trading one med
    For another but your trading your lifestyle for one dose a day! Getting your life back no more
    Pills so more money!

  195. I’ve been highly addicted to hydrocodone and alcohol for 6 years now….Prescribed for 5 years and always combined with alcohol.
    It started with 10 mg/hydrocodone 500/acemetaphine, 3 times daily for 4 years. Alcohol 12-15 beers daily. Alcohol would increase the feel and I would forget all the pain and also forget the problems of life.
    I work in construction and have for over 25 years. The pounding has taken its toll from pushing myself for years. I function quite well with this but it does affect some things, especially now as it takes long to crawl out of bed and down my 15mg of hydrocodone, sometimes 975 acemetaphine, sometimes 1475 when I take a Tylenol with them and now I do that amount 3-4 times daily; and of course my alcohol at 12-15 daily starting early in the morning cause I can’t get going really good until the combo affect.
    I blow through my prescription in 15 days and of course have an overpriced side hook up to continue to get to the next prescription all while struggling with bills.
    I have three beautiful young kids and would do anything for them but yet I drowned myself daily and cannot move without my pain killers and alcohol.
    I also am affected with an impending divorce,missing not being with my awesome kids nightly ,and a wife that has has decided to be with a coworker (again) which definitely makes me drown more.
    Would love to quit and don’t see how cause when I am out like today I don’t even want to move from the bed.
    I’m at a loss as I feel I need it all to function but know its been a long time since I’ve been sober for an extended time and dream of the days I felt good and sober which in reality is probably over 30 years as I am we’ll into my 40’s. I wish to find the most affective way to quit it all while still being available to work and be with kids, coaching their teams, and not feeling the massive withdrawal affects I do bad chills…poor eyesight…massive pain throughout body,over emotional ,crying at the slightest thoughts or even TV shows I wouldn’t normally.
    Please give me a way to do it slowly!!!!!
    Only happy when I’m high but want to be when I’m sober, so I can be sober!

  196. I’m having withdrawal symptoms from hydrocodone I took for three weeks for knee replacement pain. What can I take to help reduce these? It’s Sunday and I can’t reach my doctor.

  197. i have been with a pain doc and have had Percocets for years and recently i had to have surgery for an amputated finger after agun shot wound. my surgeon wants to give me meds for pain but my pain doc said he would handle my pain. he is not helping me but i was told my surgeon has priority since he just did my surgery for upto 90 days. is this true im desperate

  198. My dr. prescribed me 10/35 mg of norco 6 x per day for over 10 years. I have severe neck pain due to work and auto accidents. My pain fluctuates…sometimes it’s extreme and nothing makes it better. Taking more meds only makes me feel sick. The last time I was at my dr. I told her I was doing better and was able to take less. She cut me to 120 per month instead of 180 per month. This last month was terrible for me and I went over the amount 6 days prior to my dr. appt. I sent in for a refill request. I got a call from the office staff that has no medical training questioning me why I was asking for a refill. She said the doc. already prescribed you med. She went on to drill me how many I take a day. Told her it depends on the day. She said what do you mean it depends on the day. I said, some days are worse then others. She said, you still aren’t answering my question. I again said it depends on the day! Then she reply’s I’ll speak to the dr. about this and hung up on me!!!! Next day she calls back and said Dr. said no, she won’t provide me anything till I see her next week.

    The dr. knows she has been prescribing me the same dosage for over ten years and I have never asked for more or have ever ran out. I feel like I am being punished for being honest with my doc. and that she doesn’t care about my well being because she knows I can’t see her for a week. I have no insurance. This dr. is my worker’s comp dr.

    Not to mention feeling horrible I am outraged at the receptionist. She has no medical training and has no right to ask me any question about my condition and meds, let alone judge me for it. Huge HIPP VIOLATION!!! She should be fired!!!

  199. I was a recovering addict. I’ve been taking two 10mg norcos a day for 8 days. Will i have withdraws if i stop now?

  200. Congratulations Gina! That’s wonderful news! At this point in time, and considering your state, I’d suggest it’s best to consult a doctor that can check your blood work and assess your physical condition to help create a tapering schedule and give you some useful advise about what you can do, what to expect…perhaps your doctor can advise you around some diet changes and vitamin supplements. Wish you all the best!

  201. Hi, I have been taking Norco 10/325 for almost 5 years and I got up to 6 a day. Some days the level of my pain got so bad I would take more. A few years ago I lost my mom, my best friend and grandma. All within a year and I got so depressed I started taking them to stop my depression. (I was abusing them bad, but I got that under control for the most part) Found out I was expecting about a month and a half ago, so got down to 3 pills a day and was starting to get ready for 2. I lost the baby… I started taking 6 again, I even took 15 plus a few times in the weeks to come because I’m an idiot, but guess what just found out I am already pregnant again! I am not going to beat myself up, I should’ve gotten off completely by now and if I would’ve been doing that instead of feeling sorry for myself I would be off. I cant do anything now, I started taking 3 for the next couple days and I also am taking Ativan to cut the edge off a half of a pill. I hope to quit the Norco in 2 weeks. Please advise me! I would love your input…

  202. I need to find a Dr that will write because my last Dr retired and I’m tired of being in continuous pain in oklahoma City oklahoma any help i would forever be thankfull!!!

  203. I had failed major back surgery which involved 8 vertebrae, two rods and 16 screws, a couple of screws broke on the bottom left allowing the rod to curve & leaving me mainly in a wheelchair. My meds have changed alot over time but for sometime now I have been taking hydrocod-APAP 10/325 1-1 1/2 x every 8-10 hours, lyrica 100 mg x2 daily and methocarbamol 750 mg. x2 daily. We now have a new person at the dr. office who is an APN, FNP-BC whatever all that means but she is taking me off the hydrocod and put me on oxycontin 20 mg. every 12 hours and I am having problems. A PA tried me on 30 mg. oxycontin once and I zoned out on that so I dont know what the symptoms from being taken off one may be as opposed to the symptoms of the new is. Can you help me any ?

  204. What meds is there that you can take to make you feel better I get so depressed cant eat ,no entergy and start hurting all over

  205. Help!! Ive run out of hydrocodone. .ive been taking 6a day for 3months. I cant lwt my family know..what can i get from the drugstore to curtail this? I have to work

  206. I have been taking 7.5 Loritab for about 2 months twice daily max usually its once a day. What can I expect for withdrawls? I own my own business and have three kids so I am scared that I will be stuck in the bed which I cant afford and I want off this stuff I think an OTC pain med will work just fine now but I am scared to just stop taking them and the Dr is no help he has not returned my call for two days now 🙁

  207. Hello My name is Tracy and I have been taking loritab first 10 mg twice daily and now I went down to 7.5 once or twice daily for around two months due to an injury. I no longer have pain that requires this I could get by with OTC pain meds but I am a nervous wreck that I will have bad withdrawls as I am a business owner and mom and dont have 24 hours let alone weeks to lay in bed sick. My husband’ brother takes suboxone and thinks I should do that to get off but I am scared of replacing one with another I know nothing about. Can I do this comfortably on my own or do I need help. My husband think I will be fine as I only take one or two a day never more. What do you think? Also I was given xanax for anxiety and have been taking that at night (it makes me too tired to take in the am as prescribed) I want off of this too it only mildly helps with the anxiety and I feel terrible about myself taking two diff types of narcotics. I feel like a drug addict and I never wanted that for myself. Help what should I do?

  208. I have had chronic pain for 14 yrs. due to an accident, 2 back surgeries. my dr retired so I got a new one that took me off hydrocodon cold turkey. Is this normal practice with out telling the patient that is what she is doing?

  209. Hey I been taking hydros pretty regularly for the last 4 yrs the last 2 it’s gotten worse and especially the last yr it started getting really bad all my money went to them it was taken more and more for me to get that feeling I liked today is day 9 without any the first 5 days or so was bad but now I am feeling a lot better is it normal for my appetite to pick up cause I been eating a lot I know I lost weight and look like a tooth pick lol I want to gain and look better 🙂 I still get the urge to have the hydros but I know I don’t need them and can’t afford them I put my mind to it and I know anyone can do it if you have mind set on it just would like to know all the after effects thanks

  210. Hello Dee. I’d suggest that you schedule a physical exam with your primary doctor. You’ll need a medical opinion to determine which of these symptoms is caused by acute or protracted withdrawal and which may be caused by other conditions. Best of luck to you!

  211. I have been taking Lortab 5/500 for 5 years for Back problems and Migraine Headaches. Would normally take 6 a day which was prescribed. I decided to stop taking them three weeks ago today. I went through the withdrawals but after 6 days I was feeling a lot better. It was difficult but I made it. Not sure if I have an addiction as I don’t think about taking them. I have a bottle of them in my medicine cabinet. My question is about vision problems. Ever since I stopped taking them I have has blurred vision. Is this normal and when will it get better? Also, I’ve had increased heart rate since stopping them. How long will this last? Thanks a bunch.

  212. Hello Bob. Yes, extreme fatigue is both an acute and a protracted symptom of hydrocodone or opioid withdrawal. In other words, fatigue can happen in the 7-10 days during acute detox and can persist for weeks to months after withdrawal.

  213. I have been on Lortab 10’s and Oxycodone for 2 years now. I will get a script for 120 lortabs and 90 oxy’s per month. I still ended up going to the streets to buy them. My oxys would be gone in a period of a week. The Lortabs would last maybe a week and a half. I was taking up to 20 pills a day. My body built a resistance to the meds. I thought they were doing me some good for the pain that I have from my 6 bulging disc that I have in my lower back. I tried to come off of them on my own and ended up sick. I still used the drugs. I would go to the dr. to get injections in my back and neck once a month in hopes of getting more from the Dr. One Monday morning in the shower I broke down and said to my self that I can’t live like this anymore. I decided to do something about it. I done some research online and found out that the Hospital in my own town has a detox unit. I called them and gave them my insurance information over the phone. They told me that my deductible was $1,000 and I needed to have that before I could come in for help. I talked to my boss at work and he didn’t hesitate to write the check for a grand. He said all the pay back that I needed to do was to get off of these things and stay off. I called my husband and asked him if he could do without me for 7 days. He was floored! He knew that I had a problem, but he just didn’t know how bad. I was spending $180 3 times a week for a couple of weeks that I didn’t have any left from my scripts. I would even go to the dentist to get them. And I Don’t have a tooth in my head! But my dentures was rubbing and all I had to do is ask for something for pain…..well, there is 15 or 20 more pills that I don’t have to buy. Those would be gone in a day’s time. I had a friend that would give me 20 out of her 30 pills each month and she didn’t charge me. I knew on the 17th that I had a for sure hook-up for some pills. But the other times, I ended up giving my money to another “friend” for my fix. He got 120 a month and I would end up buying them from him for $7 or $8 a piece. He started out at $5 for a while and he went up when he noticed that I was hooked. I thought I had to have them. Hell, I was paying this mans bills every month! $180 a day and 3 days a week for 2 weeks. I started adding this up and said Hell NAW! He even found friends of his own that would have them and I would end up buying them also. I really thought this man was my friend, but I have now realized that he was just using me because I was addicted. Well, on a Monday morning 3 weeks ago, I broke down while I was in the shower…. I told myself that I couldn’t live this way anymore. I made my decision at that point and time to get some help. I took that first step. It was hard, but I felt like it had to be done. When I called my husband and told him that I was going into the hospital for detox, he didn’t really know how to take it. He is my world and he thought that he had failed me because he couldn’t help me get off of these. I told him that he hasn’t failed me at all, that it was me that was failing US. I couldn’t do that anymore. I love my husband with all my heart, soul, body and mind. We are one together. I was at work when I decided to go to the hospital. I went home that afternoon and packed my stuff for the hospital. My husband and I went out to eat and he then took me to the hospital. I didn’t know what to expect. But I aced it. I am now 20 days clean. I still have my days, but I have a lot of folks that support me and I manage to get through it. I am so Blessed to have the folks around me that loves me for better or worse. I am still going to aftercare and I am going to find a N/A group to go to. My neurologist told me that I needed to be on Suboxone. I done research and found out that it is another narcotic. I just detoxed from a narcotic…..why would I go to another narcotic? I made the decision to not get on Suboxone. and I think that I made the right decision. I had the tremors really bad after my second week and my doctor gave me Klonipin once at night. I know it is a benzoid, but I couldn’t handle the tremors. I couldn’t write. Now, that I am on klonipin, neurotin and relefen I am doing great. My body still thinks that I have the tabs because I still get that high feeling. I just ride with it because I know that I haven’t done anything to make that high. It’s really weird. I hope this post helps someone make it through the withdrawl of opiods. You just have to have determination and the will to do it. You CAN do it. Hugs to all and God Bless!!

  214. I am 41 12yrs ago I had C3 thr C6 fused with titanium plating and screws which made matters worse caused nerve damage now nerve pain in arm and headaches muscle spasm etc. Just when though all was under control off all pain meds for yrs back working L4-L5 exploded is how doctor put shattered he said had discectomy/lamenectomy disc fragments landed and crushed l4-5 and s1 nerve root and cause drop foot made neck problem a joke pain irrectractable constant been back on pain med for 3yrs only norco 10/325 with neck was on avinza 90 3 times a day as well as forgot but patches etc but anyway question is 3yrs norcos 4 times day 10s now im getting extreme sweating and mood swings feel sick why and what is doctor going to do? need help cant live like this on but not sure what to do without oct 28 1pm have surgury date for neuro stimulator implant for lower problem which hope buys me 10 yrs or more anyone have problem like this not addicted atleast psyc but not saying physical because know physically I prob am but what now?

  215. I have decided to stop taking my Norco. I was taking 10/325 – 8 pills a day for 2 years & it needs to stop.

    I took my last pill yesterday at 12 noon.

    I already feel anxious – and it is only 18 hours. I usually take 2 as soon as I wake up.

    Should I be worried??

  216. i have been taking approx 40 mg of hydrocodone for 8 months. prescribed my PM. An addicted fam member stole the rest of my script, not due for refil for another week. i am so scared as i have 2 small kids and work full time. how long after my last dose will it get bad? i had the last full dose, 10mg, at 8 pm last night.. and half of a 5mg at 10am this morn.

  217. Hi Pat. First, consult with your prescribing doctor. Also, talk with your pharmacist. Get a tapering plan. Ask about clonidine. Once you are down to almost 0 mg hydrocodone a day, the withdrawal symptoms are much less severe. Then, plan to rest during the detox. And get supportive aids such as NSAIDs, heating pads, gels, massage, etc. to support the aches and pains. You’ll get through hydrocodone withdrawal as long as it’s well planned and medically supervised.

  218. I have been taking hydrocodone 10/325 for about 4years now. I take an average of three a day and have taken as many as six under extreme pain and have cut down to two for some extended time. The pills have the effect of giving me energy for a long time but are now starting to tire me. I try to cut down to get off them and I have terrible symptoms, running nose, watery eyes, irritable and a lot of other things. I will be 70 this July and I need to get off these…what is the best way?

  219. My mother is 92 year old and has been on Hydroca APAP 10/325 for 10 years. She now lives with me and we decided to go off the drug when she developed a stomach bug over a month ago. I read about the withdrawals and she has experienced most of them. It has been 14 days and the pain in her stomach and back go so severe I took her to the doctor. He has since run all kinds of tests and she is currently hospitalized for additional tests. I told him about going off the hydrocodone. Since they are finding nothing they are thinking that maybe it is still withdrawals and suggested that at 92 she may need to go back on them. Why would we want to do that at this point? Is that the only way we can get her back to good health? She has lost a lot of weight because of loss of appetite and I have given her pedialite to keep her dydrated. Any thoughts?

  220. Hi Patsy. No, you are not required to be hospitalized during hydrocodone withdrawal. However, you should seek help from your prescribing doctor and ask for a tapering schedule. This is the #1 way to help yourself prevent intense or severe symptoms of withdrawal. Additionally, you can consult with your doctor about at-home treatment for hydrocodone withdrawal and schedule phone call check ins. However, if you are extremely dependent on hydrocodone (physical dependence) or have developed an addiction, an in patient detox clinic may be the best option. Inpatient treatment during hydrocodone withdrawal can be supportive in terms of prescribing medications as well as psycho-emotional support to prevent relapse.

  221. Hello Barbara, Opiate or opioid pain medications may provoke this reaction in the skin. These include both generic and name brand medications which contain tramadol, hydrocodone and oxycodone. Before starting a new course of anything, consult first with a prescribing physician to weigh your options and to report the side effects. You can also report the adverse side effects to the FDA on their Safety Watch website.

    Also, I’d suggest that you consult with your local pharmacist and see if there may be some over the counter pain options that can help you address pain.

  222. Hello ricky.

    Self-dosing for pain and withdrawal can be tricky. I’d suggest that you bring these questions to your prescribing doctor and try to work out a regular dosing regimen. Normalizing your intake will make withdrawal less likely, and can regulate pain at the same time.

  223. i have taken norcos 10/325 for about 3 years at very high doses some days(15-20) and minimal doses(1-2) others.. i took 5 on thursday, 3 on friday, and 2 on saturday.. i have already had the allergies and fever and anxiety(which is the worse experiance out of all of the symptoms). i did take 1 5/325 norco monday evening, do you think the one 5 will cause the withdrawals again. or do you think the 1 pill just took the edge off? and mind you that one 5mg norco is going to do nothing for me, but i still took it too try and take the edge off and i guess it did, i just wanna make sure the physical withdrawals dont get bad again off of that one 5.

  224. Hello Marian. A doctor has the obligation to prescribe what s/he thinks best for a patient. But you can always seek a second opinion or another doctor who diagnoses and prescribes differently.

  225. A friend of mine suffered a major injury and was referred the workmans comp doctor, let call him the spine snake and after years of seeing ( and that was literally all he did not once did thisdrdo✌him g? And the serttlemet came thru this dr would not renews his prescription my friends has had withdrawals terrible is this illiegal

  226. I co not want to detox off my Norcos 10/325. I take two a day and 1 10 mg valium that I also do not want to be detoxed off of. It has worked to 12 years. “If its not broke don’t fix it”. However my doctor is tryomg to get me to go to steroid/cortizone injections and I and my family are not comfortable with that since I am doing so well on my medications. Can the doctor make me change what I am presently on?

  227. Ive been on 30-50mg for the past 3-4 years. Its time to stop, My question is I dont get a buzz at all anymore & they dont work for pain anymore. If i cut my dose in half for a week then cut that in half etc. Will I be able to work & how bad will WD be? Does the Thomas recipe work? I have a bottle of xanax they gave me when mom passed away. Take them to sleep im just worried about work. You say 2 weeks and its over with? Im sure the mental part will last much longer but I really do want off. Id check into rehab if I had the money but… What does the hospital do if i go & tell them my problem?

  228. Hello Wesley. The cravings that you describe are totally typical of opioid withdrawal. It takes days, weeks or even months for the cravings to ease and treatment usually includes some kind of opioid substitution therapy (like buprenorphine or methadone) or behavioral treatments. Seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist to address the mental obsession issues and you can feel better quicker.

  229. After reading a new post I am certain that I am truly addicted to hydrocodone. I have taken anywhere between 3-9 loratab 10’s for 22 months. The longest i have been off them is 3 days, with unbearable pain and urges. Three weeks ago i decided to try methadone, i have heard that they prevent urges for up to 48 hrs. at first i took 2, then moved up to 4 a day. Then after going through this with loratabs i decided that it is time to quit for good. It is now thursday, and last friday i took my normal 4, then i went almost 72 hours without them, i cut my next dose down by half. I took two sunday night at 11:30 pm. Then another 48 hrs i cut it down by half again, taking 1 on tuesday. I was very surprised, though the WD’s were not fun they were still bearable unlike when i was on tabs, last night was the first night i had trouble sleeping. I slept a total of 2 hours, and at 4 am (almost another 48 hrs) i cut down by half again and took half of one. It helped a little. that is where i am at now. i currently have half of a methadone left, and no matter what i will not get any more. Besides the physical discomfort, my main problem is the urge to go by some and let the pain be over. its been miserable for 5 days. and I plan on sticking with it with everything i have untill it is over. A, for my wife and son, B, for myself and career. MY question however is: When will i have my life back? When will I be able to through a day without thirsting for opiods and without the physical symptoms. I want to no longer itch for them. How much longer in hell do i have?

  230. Hi Michelle. Post quitting help. Good for you. Here are some resources that can help:

    1. SMART Recovery – Definitely recommend. They have worksheets on the their website and are a true “self-help” program. You can join in on meetings, or do the work on your own. Totally free and based on psychological treatments.

    2. Counseling – Check the American Psychological Association’s website at locator[dot]apa[dot]org for a listing of nationwide psychologists. This is DEFINITELY a good idea, especially for dealing with cravings and to start to dig into the underlying issues about hydrocodone use.

    3. Support groups – NA or even AA can help. Membership is free and anonymous, although the dogma can get people down. Check their websites for listings of local meetings or call their national hotlines to get connected to your state’s hotline.

    4. Your friends and family – Seek support from those who love you! Do things that you’ve always wanted to do. Make dates. Get your calendar full. Go and live life!!!

    Hope this helps!!!

  231. Hello Addiction Blog,

    I am on my fourth day of withdrawal from 3 years of Dr prescribed Norco. 10/325 4-6x a day. I did quit cold turkey (my choice) after weaning down to one pill a day over a period of two-three weeks.

    I have went through severe w/d’s in the past from running out of my rx early, so knowing what to expect I really tried to prepare myself the best I could for the two-three weeks post quitting. I HIGHLY recommend tapering to everyone. Even if you have to hand your bottle to a very trusted person and have them dispense them to you daily, trust me it is worth it when you take that last pill. The physical pain and depression from coming straight off your “normal” dose is so much worse than a little bit of work to gradually lower a dosage.

    I did a lot of research and I setup a nutritional plan for myself before quitting. I am taking a multivitamin, ibuprofen, St. Johns Wort and super B complex as supplements. Make sure you are within safe doses of all supplements as sometimes they can be hidden in other drugs & if you can please ask a Dr first. I am downing Powerade, a nutritional supplement drink (like Ensure) in the mornings and trying to get as much sunlight as I can (like natural light therapy).

    Please don’t think that I am not in any pain and this is easy. I do not mean to imply that. I just keep trying one minute or hour at the time and try to think about something else. Mind over matter, don’t lay on the couch and focus on how bad it is. I know that walking to the kitchen may be a feat but a body in motion tends to stay in motion!

    Day 4 and I am still alive, I am pretty damn irritated & emotional BUT i am getting my clear head back more every day.

    Sorry, I was totally on a rant:
    I am looking for post-quitting help. I had began to think about NA (I like meetings, I visited a couple before I quit) but I wanted to research before I commit to something. I read a post and you mentioned SMART recovery? I will Google that for sure but is there anything else you can recommend besides psychiatrists (I’m not looking for SSRI’s or etc. — Natural, Positive thinking, 12 Step etc–)

    Thank You! 🙂

  232. Just dont mess with it unless you diffently need it. It could lead to dependence like mine first Hydrocone to methadone to oxy and roxy’s then heroin! Believe me it messed up my life for 8 whole years. I’ve been clean for 4 yrs. Feels good not to be a slave..

  233. Hi,I have had chronic pain for around ten years.When I was 8 months pregnant with my 10 yr old son I slipped in the shower and broke my tailbone,then it rebroke during childbirth.I also have other injuries but this is the most painful still.I been taking opiates for 10 years,I stopped cold turkey,on the 6th day I was so dehydrated I went to the emergency room and the doctor prescribed me 5 different meds.When I went to the pharmacy they gave me a hard time because the doctor didn’t date the script and it was from a different hospital so when they called the hospital had no record of me so they denied me my meds.its been 30 days and I am in so much pain I am thinking of relapsing.I searched the doctor online and keep getting the run around.I don’t have insurance and I already owe the ER 10,000 for nothing.What are my options??

  234. Hi Rick, Get a second medical opinion! Opioids are to be tapered very slowly, at a rate of 10% decrease daily. Yes, follow your instincts and ask for a second opinion!

  235. Hello, I am currently going through a 1 Yr. severe injury to my leg. I have been on 60 MG of prescribed Norco for over 7 months now. My doctor just cut my 10 day 60 10 MG intake of these down to 50% over night. My body is telling me that this cut is too much too fast because I am suffering from withdrawls.

    Can someone please get back to me ASAP as I do not want to go on Methadone as I hate this drug anyway but my severe pain requires it. I also don’t want wste the E.R’s time because I’m not dying…it just feels like it!

    Thank you,


  236. Hi, I am 57 years old and have had a rough year physically. A herniated disc in my neck acted up in January because of work and I’m prescribed Lortabs. Took as prescibed and all was OK.
    Then in a work related accident , I tore some ligaments in my knee in May which resulted in scope surgery. Here comes the Loratabs again. I’ve had much pain even after surgery and I spaced the meds out about 1 tab or a 1/2 tab a day to eash the pain. This went on for 5 months and then a stomach wall hernia hit me in November which too required surgery. That surgeon prescibed me the same meds 7.5/500s. I am over the the pain of the stomach surgery, but still have a little knee pain or so I am thinking just to have an excuse for the meds. I totally quit this past Sunday Jan. 13th. I am having trouble sleeping and both legs ache at night. My blood pressure is high in the mornings 150/98 but tapers off in the day. While taking these meds I dranked plenty of water through out the day and night. The thrist has subsided but now I feel an ache in my urinary tract. 4 days into quiting and I feel terrible. My question is will the above eventually stable themselves out on their on or should I see my family physician?
    I really feel for all those guys on this site and what they must be going through.
    Thanks for all you do.

  237. I have been prescribed 2- 5/325 acetaminophen pills for the last 6 months and I am coming down from them now and it has not been pleasant. But what concerns me is I have had a weird stringy diarrhea with red chunks in it. I am sorry to be so graphic, but I have just moved to Hawaii for medical reasons and do not have medical insurance but I am considering going in. Could this be some kind of cleansing effect? Or what is the best idea anyone has about this? Thank you for any response because it has been about 4 days since my last pill.

  238. Hi Laura. Thanks for your message. If you need help with hydrocodone withdrawal, please look into a detox clinic. They are there to help, and can provide you with medications and support that you need.

  239. Please help. I had a back injury. I am taking 1 Norco 5/325, about every12 hours. I am jittery, tired, coming apart. all i do is look to the next 12 hours to take my next 5milligrams. Am i on a high dose? i want to stop will takking 5mgs every 12 hours be bad withdrawl?

  240. Hi Britt. Onset of withdrawal symptoms usually occurs around 3-4 hours after your next expected dose. I’d suggest that you seek medical advice ASAP to learn more about what is happening!

  241. I have abused hydrocodone for the last 5 years, usually taking about 20 10mg per day. I quit 6 days ago and have no symptoms of withdrawal……although I have been waiting for them!!! How is this possible? Could they begin this long after taking last pill??


  242. Hi Daniel. You can call 1-800-662-HELP for information about detox clinics and addiction treatment centers near you. If you’re ready to own your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions, help is out there.

  243. Hey my name is Daniel, i am looking for help to get off hydros. Unlike most here i was never prescribed hydros my dumb ass just started taking then. I take anywhere from 15-30 a day and this is the first morning of waking up without any in months. This is about to suck i believe but i really want to stop bad.

  244. Hello Stephen. You can develop physical dependence on hydrocodone even when taking the pain killer as prescribed. When you stop taking hydrocodone, be sure to look into tapering dosage before stopping completely. This is because you will probably go through withdrawal symptoms upon cessation of hydrocodone, and you can minimize severity and intensity of symptoms by cutting back slowly over time.

  245. I take 3-10/325 hydrocodone at one time once a day for back and leg pain. I have been taking them this way for about 2 months skipping a day here and there. Will probably take them for a couple more months. This may be a stupid question, but is this going to hurt me taking them this way?

  246. God Bless You Daniell. I will be praying for you. I could use some extra prayer myself. At least we know we are far from being alone. At this point, time is my worst enemy. My wife works and I am home all day. We live in a complex where nobody speaks English. We all know that the idle mind is the devil’s playground. I really need some one just to hang out with. That would help me so much. Being 58 and all of my family is gone home to be with The Lord, makes it even harder to deal with. It seems every time I begin to “taper” there is no one around to give an “attaboy”…..That’s okay though, I know He has a plan and I won’t suffer very much longer. I am praying you don’t either!! Hang in there! There are about 7 million of us in this together!!! TTL

  247. Hi,

    I just wanted to let you all know that it is very possible to detox at home, not the safest choice, but some of us may not have another choice, I didnt.
    I thought I’d share my thoughts in hopes of helping others. I have been on hydrocodone 350/7.5’s for 2 years and previous to that I was on 500/5’s for 2 years for chronic knee pain/knee surgery. I have always used my meds correctly as the label instructs. My doc just upped and dumped me when I moved 5 hours north and trying to find another pain management doc in my new area proved to be a pain (pun intended). The new doc decided I no longer need my meds and only wanted to give me knee shots (Which I have had, didn’t work) and put me on a medication that I am not supposed to take with current meds I’m taking. So…long story short, I walked right out of there. Making that decision with 3 pills left in my bottle was very difficult. I am now on hour 71 without a pill. Luckily, I started cutting my pills in half 2 weeks prior to having to stop. Must have knew it was coming somehow! My symptoms have been: Pain (and everywhere! Muscular and joint) Extreme shivers (freezing, no way to warm up at all), stomach cramps and diarrhea, general tired feeling (I just don’t want to move at all), headaches, restlessness at night (my hubby said I was having tremors in my sleep), shakes here and there and dizziness. Also, I am VERY moody and snap quick if something irritates me (my poor children/hubby).
    What has helped me so far is: Imodium, I am allergic to NSAIDs so I am stuck taking Tylenol (which is pretty much more just for the placebo effect, trying to trick my mind that I’m taking a pain pill), I am lucky enough to have some muscle relaxers here for my muscular aches, xanax (which I already had for anxiety, but I am only taking half pills only when my anxiety gets too much…and not with the muscle relaxer!), hot showers or baths do wonders, some exercise (but that is hard to do when you hurt), reading books/watching movies, I’m not sure how G rated this board is, but there are other options too that help a lot, and the biggest help of all…SUPPORT from friends and family. I have people texting me/calling me/facebooking me every hour to check up on me and keep my mind busy. I feel that aid has been crucial for my success so far, especially since I live in an area that does not offer any narcotic/detox help, not even a group! I am hoping so much that I am over the hump, but I have a feeling I will be having many more bad days. One day at a time, right? Best of luck to all of you!

  248. I have a problem other than Hydrocodone addiction. My regular family doctor does not dispense anything to aid in withdrawals as it is a narcotic free clinic. I have already asked about it. I get my Hydrocodone from a pain management clinic and all they do is give you more drugs as well. I have been offered the Suboxone program but from what I hear, it is more trouble than it is worth, plus you can get “hooked on it as well”. I can’t afford to go cold turkey as my wife is sickly and needs me there for her. I am trying to taper off as I have been taking 40-50 mg. per day for about a month. As hard as I try to taper, I am realizing that I am an addict and “Will Power” played in an old western……Any suggestions as to where and how to get my hands on something to ease the withdrawals or input of any kind. I know the ropes too. Even after I am clean, the cravings will nag me until I break again. What I really need is prayer, if you will..We know what happens when two or more are gathered in His name! I will pray for each and everyone of you for your complete recovery. I hope you will do the same for me. Jesus is the ultimate physician and His word is true! Any prayer partners out there????

  249. Hi,

    I have been taking Hydrocodone Acetaminophen 5/500’s 2 at a time 4 times per day, about 40 mg per day, for almost a year after an injury. I don’t crave it, but I’m just realizing now that most likely my lack of motivation, irratability, heightened pain, and depression could very likely be due to not having it in my system or a dependancy. I’ve never been very consistent on when I take it, and looking back I’m realizing the times that I have had trouble getting motivated to do anything at all could be because my body has become dependant on either the hydrocodone or the acetaminophin. I plan to tell my doctor this week, based on my description can you please tell me your thoughts. Thank you.

  250. Thanks so much!!

    I am really between a rock and a hard place. My family Dr. wants me to start the Suboxone program but I have heard bad things about it. I am not really sure why I go back on opiates again and again other than cravings. I mean bad cravings!! I had it whipped for about a week after detox and went right back on them! What an idiot!!
    As it stands, I have an appointment tomorrow at the pain management clinic for a refill/visit AND today I am supposed to find out what my insurance will pay on all of it.
    You may just be what I just prayed for! I asked God to show me the way to go and I would follow!!
    Not trying to apply pressure here, LOL, but what are your thoughts about what I should do!? Go for the Suboxone or keep my appointment tomorrow (11-8-2012) and see about a tapering plan. Everything seems to be happening all at one time. That’s what I need! More stress and anxiety!! LOL
    Hope to hear from you today and I believe God will give you the answer!!!!

  251. Hi Gary. Tapering off opioids generally results in less intense or severe symptoms of withdrawal. It’s always good practice to taper once you’ve established physical dependence on hydrocodone or oxycodone in order to get best results during detox. Have you talked with the clinic about a tapering regime? Ask your prescribing doctor for some help, and follow up the detox with behavioral treatments which address the underlying psycho-emotional reasons which compel your use.

  252. Hi,

    I, of course have an addictive personality and have a long history of drug abuse. I don’t know where I stand on this one though!? I was in detox for 5 days for oxycontin abuse. I came out and felt great! about a week later, the cravings got to me and I started taking Hydrocodone 10mg. 4 times a day. I even stopped that after about a week. Then I started back and began to cheat taking 5 and sometimes 6 pills a day. This has been going on for about 3 weeks. In full, I have been taking them steady for about 3 weeks. One pill no longer works and I have decided to give it up. What kind of withdrawal suffering can I expect from this if I go cold turkey? Even though, it has been only 3 weeks of steady use/abuse, would I be safer to just stop or taper off??

  253. Hi Lisa. I think that your instinct is right. Weaning and tapering from Norco is certainly more humane than cold turkey withdrawal. I would suggest that you ask your doctor with an inquisitive (rather than accusative) approach for more explanation about the decision. And based on the findings, you can take action to report the physician to your state medical board, or not.

  254. Hello. I have been taking Noroco for 3 years for cronic pain. I have been taking 2 10mg/325 every 6 hours. I called to get my refil yesterday and was abrubtly told that my Dr doesn’t think I need them anymore. I was under the impression that you should never stop taking these but be gradually weaned off of them.

    For 2 days I have been shaking, my legs are killing me and I can’t sleep due to being very restless, and I ccan’t keep off the toilet.
    I feel horrible and I’m wondering if this was the right thing for him to do without talking to me first and starting the weaning off process.

  255. Hi hopeless. Try calling 1-800-662-HELP. This is a national drug abuse hotline and they can refer you to local services which provide sliding scale fees. You might also ask about local resources such as licensed clinical social workers, psychologists, or even doctors who specialize in treating opiate addiction. I wonder if you’ve tried support groups like SMART Recovery, or the 12 step model?

  256. Hi all, I have been battling opiates for 2 yrs now. hell i even went through rehab but fell off the wagon. i have thought about suicide but i dont wanna hurt my family or friends. I have tried to stop but it is a living hell. I want my life back and more so my self respect. I tried to get into rehabs in my area but with no insurance or money…well ya already know how that goes. if anyone could help or has sugestions please let me know. there is a sub clinic in indiana but its kinda expensive and i have read that subs are worse to detox from……..help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  257. Hi Eric. Opioid withdrawal reactions are very uncomfortable but are usually not life threatening. Opioid use can slow the heart and withdrawal can increase heart rate. If you have concerns about your heart health, I’d suggest that you seek medical advice immediately.

    Additionally, chronic hydrocodone use can cause molecular, cellular, and neurocircuitry changes to the brain that affect emotions
    and behavior and that persist after acute withdrawal has
    ended. So I would certainly consider “brain fog” to be one possible side effect as your body adjusts to its former hydrocodone-free state. You can read more about protracted symptoms of hydrocodone withdrawal here: http://kap.samhsa.gov/products/manuals/advisory/pdfs/SATA_Protracted_Withdrawal.pdf

  258. Been taking 4 to 5 10.5/500 for 2 years. I have cut down to 5/500 , broke them in half for 2 days. Yesterday at 11am or about 30 hours ago was my last dose. I have a lot of the symptoms, but I don’t see any mention of fogginess. My brain feels like it’s in a jar, can’t process thoughts too well, blurred eyesight. Are these normal? Does withdrawal put any strain on heart? If someone has artery disease.
    Thank you

  259. Hi Veronica. First of all, you are very brave to consider stopping hydrocodone and addressing the issues that underly the addiction. In fact, claiming your use as abuse is the first step to getting better! Now, it’s just a process of continuing to get to know yourself and to learn to cope with life using other methods. So, good for you!

    Withdrawal symptoms tend to onset when you miss the next expected dose…so it’s possible that tapering has really helped you. But be wary and gentle with yourself for at least the next week. And know that protracted symptoms such as depression or low energy can persist for up to 6 months after chronic opioid use.

    At this time, it might be helpful for you to consult with an addiction MD or specialist such as a counselor to set up a plan for yourself. You’ll want to check for any nutritional deficiencies that your body might have been through, and commit to either mental health treatment or support group attendance. These actions can help you stay off hydrocodone for good and to support a holistic YOU.

    Does this help?

  260. Hello I have been taking 10 mg hydrocodone for about 5 years now. I have quit once before with withdrawl symptoms lasting for about a week for me. 5 yrs ago I was prescribed 10/325 vicodin because of a miscarriage that went bad following a week later of being diagnosed with a rare tumor on my ovary which resulted of surgery to remove my right ovary and tube. After 4 months of being prescribed this medication I became addicted starting to buy them off the streets. Now here I am 5 yrs later wanting off. I know when I get through the withdrawl symptoms I will be much happier as well as feel so much better. I’m not irritated when I’m off like I am when I’m using. I don’t want to take anymore I have no desire to. The last one I took was a 7.5 last night around 8. It’s now 11 in the morning and I’m not experiencing any withdrawl symptoms except the craving and a little bit of diarrhea. Is that to say that the worst is yet to come? Or should I consider myself lucky since the past few weeks I haven’t had much hydrocodone? I hope its better for me this time around since I am set in my mind to be off..

  261. Hi Doug. That’s a great question! Thanks for asking it.

    No, single time use of hydrocodone will NOT provoke withdrawal symptoms again. Instead, it takes 2-3 weeks of continual use for the body to become physically dependent on hydrocodone and to manifest withdrawal symptoms upon cessation.

  262. I recently stopped taking hydrocodone for my bad back. I was taking as prescribed, 4 10/325’s per day for the past 5 years. I definitely had a physical dependance because the withdrawals were bad. I haven’t had a pill in almost 4 weeks.

    I am taking ibuprofen as needed but it sometimes does not help enough. I still have plenty of hydrocodone on hand but I’m afraid to take it. My question is if I take only one pill (when needed for extreme pain) will I have withdrawal symptoms all over again?

  263. Hi Bill. As long as it is prescribed for your headache, one single dose of hydrocodone will not create physical dependence (and then hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms) again.

  264. I need to take 1 hydrocodine for a massive headache i’v been off every thing for 4 months. all i want take just 1 to stoop this headache.

  265. Hello, I have been taking 10-15 10/325 mg hydros for almost 2 years for recreational use. I am totally addicted. I tried to quit cold turkey and it was the worst time of my life. I felt flu like symptoms. I had chills, excessive sweating, I couldn’t sit still, the worst diarhea, and the craziest dreams. I was first introduced to them after I had a C Section and have been hooked ever since. I’ve lied and stole to support my habit. Since I have no medically validated reason to be consuming these, what do you suggest I do to get over my addiction. I miss loving life and I’ve lost my grip on reality. I need to get back being the mommy and woman I know I can be.
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  266. Hi Cara. Thanks for writing in. You can search for local and state detox centers via the SAMHSA treatment locator. I’d suggest that you start there, or call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) (it’s open 24 hours a day) to ask for resources in your area.

  267. I was wondering if you know any places in the cities in Minnesota! I have been going to a pain clinic for over a year now and been on Vic’s, oxycodone as of now and now they also put me on OxyContin! This scares me to death cause I now feel I can’t function without it and sometimes end up taking more than I should 🙁 I have been very upfront and honest with my pain clinic, my regular dr and my husband! But I feel this is a down word spiral and I don’t like feeling withdrawals when I take to many one day and have to cut back the next couple! I am on antidepressants already so I feel I would need someplace that could help me medically with meds to get off! Any help is so needed and appreciated 🙂

  268. Update from Jan here.I saw my surgeon today and finally had the cast removed and was in much more pain with it off???I had already talked with Dr.M about my addiction concerns and he was EXTREMLY KIND and wrote two seperate RXs to help me wean down,explained I would have more pain and why and said to call any time if I needed help with the medication issue.I have actually been on hydrocodone for longer than I thought,but I Always took the bottles in to show I was not running out until well after the time I should have.Sometimes I should have been out and would have 10-15 pills left.Be honest with your Doc,don’t abuse your meds and most WILL willingly help you wean down.Your advice was great!!! Thank you so,so much,Jan

  269. I am seeing a CBT, unfortunately, we have only been able to meet one time. Its not his full time job and that bothers me some. I am waiting to here back from him to get an appointment set. Today, I do feel better as far as anxiety. I also noticed in my daily journal that it appears that it takes about 3 to 4 days to get used to reducing by 1/2. That is why I am keeping a journal so I can keep track of my progress.

  270. Addictionn Blog.Thank You.I was very concerned about the addiction issue,but feel better now.I can not take clonidine because I have normally low BP,so that is not an option.I have my pill “list” that I use to keep track of when and how much I took,so that’s good.I will ask for a smal amount of 7.5s then to the 5s and that should taper me just fine,Again,Thank You,Jan

  271. Hi Creg. Yes, constant check-ins can increase anxiety. Have you thought about seeing a psychologist to help you manage these feelings by teaching you techniques to help you control your thoughts? Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) may be very useful to you.

  272. Thank you for your reply, I am scared to death of Xanax from all the bad things I have read about it. I have heard its extremely addictive. I talk to my Dr today and he wants me to keep going the way I am. I am already on Klonopin and he increased that dose a few weeks ago along with an increase of Zoloft. I will keep on the tapering of 1/2 a pill every 9 days, keep eating right ( no caffeine), and my regular walking of 2 miles a day.. I started at 5 1/2. I am down to my 4th day of 4 pills and have not had any cravings for it. I only want it to take it to make sure I don’t have any more withdrawal effects. I am constantly checking on how I feel, which is probably increasing my anxiety? What do you think about this? Thanks again, Creg.

  273. Hi Creg. Yes, anxiety is a sign of withdrawal from hydrocodone. Although it’s possible that anxiety disorder may be underlying hydrocodone use…and the hydrocodone was covering it for a while. While antidepressants like Zoloft can help, you might also ask about the possibility of taking a sedative-hypnotic benzodiazepine like Xanax for short term management of acute anxiety during withdrawal. I am interested in a medical professional opinion about Xanax during withdrawal!

    You’re doing great!!!

  274. I have been on hydrocodone for almost 1 year now. I was taking 6 pills at one point for 3 days. My dose as prescribed was 1/2 to 1 every 6 hours of 10/325. I broke my back and was given these pills by my pain management Dr. Once I realized I was taking theses wrong, I went and told both my family Dr. and my pain management Dr. They put me on a tapering schedule, with Clonidine, 1mg pill every 8 hours, which I take as prescribed. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I have been taking Zoloft 100mg and Klonopin 1mg as prescribed(both pills at 7:30pm). Now, I started my tapering at 5 1/2 for 9 days, then down a 1/2 until I reach my goal to be off this. My MAIN withdrawal is anxiety. I am now on my 3rd day of 4 10/325mg and still have some panic/anxiety attacks. Is this normal while tapering of this. My family Dr. also increased my Klonopin to 1 in the A.M and 1 at 7:30PM along with increasing my Zoloft to 150mg at night. Last night was real bad for anxiety and before that on the 4 1/2 I was feeling better. Now I am not doing good.

  275. Hi Jan. It sounds like you are describing hydrocodone physical dependence, which is different than addiction. You are taking hydrocodone as prescribed, and it sounds like you have no cravings for it…and are not mentally obsessing with using hydrocodone. That is good, as these are the psychological characteristics of addiction.

    When you see your doctor, prepare for the visit by recording a calendar with exact dosing on exact days and list any relevant side effects for the time when you tried to cut back. This will help the doctor understand your needs. Also, ask for a tapering schedule. And ask about possible medications that can help ease hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms, such as clonidine. The symptoms that you describe seem to be related directly to the lowered doses, but you may have decrease dosage too quickly. Some doctors suggest a tapered dosing regime over the course of 3-4 weeks so that you don’t rush the process.

    Do these suggestions help?

  276. Hi! I have been on Hydrocodone starting this past May due an injury in my left ar.Long story short,two surgerys later I am weaning down from 5 10mg per day to TRYING 4 5 mgs per day.I have a runny nose,irritable.trouble sleeping(the cast doesn’t help much with that either)so if I add another 5 mg,I’m ok-The Prescribed and wriiten on the bottle is take one 5mg every four hours.I am TRYING to cut it down more but don’t like how I feel.
    I see my Surgeon Wednesday to have my cast removed and have FULL intentions of telling I Have a Big Problem.I am either addicted or extremley dependant.I went through legit pain managment in 03-05 for the same arm and three surgerys and was on Methedone.I had NO problem weaning off the Methadone,in fact was off in less than two weeks with no ill effects.
    So,what is going on NOW?What should I tell my Doctor,besides my maybe addiction?I KNOW he WILL give me more than enough to wean off as I take my pain pill bottles at every visit to show I am taking less than he prescribes.As of today I should have ran out of my last script but have over 20 left out of 40,plus 15 10mgs and over 11 demerols out of 20.I am not getting high at all,but feel so weird.Any ideas,clues or help here?Thanks,Jan

  277. Hi Davie. I hear you. It sounds like you’ve become addicted to hydrocodone without meaning to! Not all addiction professionals are that expensive, and you might call back and ask about paying a sliding scale fee. Many addiction professionals and doctors can offer their services for people paying out of pocket for a fraction of the cost. Check out SAMHSA’s treatment locator here to search for addiction treatment centers in your zip code or state: http://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/quickSearch.jspx

    Does that help?

  278. Well, I have been reading your blog which has givin me a great deal of motivation. First of all I am NOT a druggy, in fact I look down on them, and suddenly found by reading your website that I had got myself into more trouble than I even imagined. I didn’t even know that Hydros were an opiate. So, I did it the hard way, cold turkey, will never forget how sick it made me. I’m on day 18 and feeling proud of myself and found out that my pharmacy had called in for a refill without me asking. YES, I made the damn mistake, I graped on and popped it down my throat. Now I feel like I’m back to square one! My physciain’s nurse send she wouldn’t refill it unless I came back to see her, every three months, but they went ahead and, no only did it, but gave me a script with a refill. ARG! I looked up some doc that helped you recover from addiction from them and he wanted $f400 for the first visit. Sorry bud

  279. Hi cm2121. Yellow NORCOs are dosed at 10/325 ratio of hydrocodone bitatrate to acetaminophen. I’d suggest that you talk with your prescribing doctor to seek advice about tapering, and to talk about cutting back to either a 7.5 or 5 mg dose of hydrocodone. You can then report the restless leg symptom and monitor your state in case there are other medications which can treat the acute withdrawal state.

  280. Hi I been taking 1 yellow norco a.day.for about a year I always.take them in halfs which equal to.1 a day mattering on pain I would take a max of 2 one day.but then take maybe. A half or none the.next. How.should I taper? I have been back to a.half or.quarter.a.day.should I expect withdrawl symptoms? I.do have restless legs kind of a.weak feeling but not bad. Is this fron norcos? I did.just have.the.flu so still getting over that.

  281. HI g-baby. Thanks for your question. It’s really best to withdraw from opioids like hydrocodone and oxycodone under medical supervision so that you can tell the difference between withdrawal related symptoms and possible medical problems. I’d suggest that you check in with a medical doctor, either in an inpatient detox center or an outpatient appointment. You need to know if this is related to withdrawal, or not…and the only person who can help is a medical professional.

  282. ive been snorting viks and perks for 4 months now and finally quit two days ago. ive had the craziest head pain and there not head aches..there more of a numbness feeling ..what could it be?

  283. Hello Jodi. I am so sorry to hear about the pain that you are experiencing. Withdrawal from hydrocodone can be very unpleasant, but the worst of the symptoms don’t last much after 3 days, or so. Discomfort can linger for a week, or two. But once you reach 10-14 days, you should be feeling better.

  284. I’ve suffered from chronic low back and hip pain for more than 10 years. And, for more than 10 years I’ve been on either Lortabs or Norco’s. Predominantly, I have taken far more Norco’s due to the reduced amount of Acetaminophen. I became addicted to the Norco fairly quickly due to the amount I was prescribed and how quickly I’d build up a tolerance for them. I’ve had a total of 3 different doctors over the past 10 years. None were seen at the same time. I simply switched for one reason or another. This most current doctor I’ve seen for close to 4 years now. At one point last year, he was prescribing 280 10/325 Norco’s to me a month. Over the 4 years I’ve seen this doctor I’ve repeatedly admitted to him that I was addicted to the Norco’s.This year I decided I was ready to eliminate Norco’s altogether so as to not damage my liver. The doctor and I tried Methadone, Cymbalta, Lyrica, Morphine and Fentanyl. None of them helped the pain after the first and/or second dose. Except for the Fentanyl. I was allergic to that. As a last resort, I was sent to a neurosurgeon to explore the possibility of getting a neurostimulator implanted. I underwent a Mylogram (excruciatingly painful), a trial implant done under conscious sedation (also excruciatingly painful) and then on May 17th, I got the permanent implant (under General Anesthesia Thank God!). Since getting the permanent implant, I have learned that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. I’ve had to go to the Medtronic rep at least once a week (on Mondays only) to get adjustments made to the equipment. There have been several times when I truly was unable to use the stimulator at all. I ended up with C. Diff. after getting the permanent implant due to the antibiotic the neurosurgeon prescribed. Ultimately I spent a total of 4 days in the hospital in Isolation and was discharged still having C. Diff and feeling just as bad as I did the day I was admitted. Upon being discharged, I was given paperwork that told me to follow up with my regular doctor. So, on May 13th, that’s what I did. I had 2 complaints for him. The first was that I had recently began having horrible night sweats. I’m 45 years old and had a complete hysterectomy in 2000. I also complained that the brown liquid diarrhea was back. He said the diarhhea was because I most likely still had C. Diff and he prescribed a powder that had to be mixed quickly with a liquid and drank quickly before it turned into gelatinous goo. As for the night sweats, he said it was most likely a side effect of morphine withdrawals and that those symptoms would last about 6 weeks. He then sent me on my way and said he’d see me in September. I was confused and extremely angry. Then, on the 18th I called and left a message for my doctor saying that I was afraid I was going to run out of Norco’s before the end of the week and could he please call in a refill. I got no response until the following day after I left a second and more urgent message. The neurostimulator battery had gone dead and the recharger was not working. So, I no longer had the benefit of the stimulator to alleviate any of my chronic pain. And, now I was out of Norco altogether. The nurse called me back fairly quickly and told me that I would NOT get anymore pain meds until the 26th and that it wasn’t their problem that the stimulator was malfunctioning. That’s it. She hung up! I couldn’t believe it! Not only did my doctor NOT offer any advice or help when he claimed I was having morphine withdrawals the week before, but, now, he was allowing me to go cold turkey off of Norco’s after being on them non-stop for 10 yars! I’m still so angry that I filed a complaint with the Medical Board. My questions for you are: How much longer will I suffer these withdrawal symptoms? I’ve literally alienated every member of my family. I am not kidding when I say that I may very well be homeless before this week is over. Second, assuming I really do get my Norco’s tomorrow, I’ve contemplated not even taking them at all for fear of being cut off cold turkey again. I have barely survived this ordeal this past week I don’t think I could go through this again and survive it. What can I do to alleviate some of these issues? I’m suicidal, homicidal, I’ve quit eating and have lost over 10 pounds in just 3 days and I’m miserable. What can you tell me to help me?

  285. Hi Jeff. It’s hard to say what to expect during any term of opioid withdrawal. Given your experience, you know what is possible. It would be a good idea to make a plan for tapering with your prescribing doctor, and schedule some check in phone calls (at the least) when you plan to stop Lorcet completely. Medical supervision is always recommended during withdrawal, not only to monitor symptoms but also to provide necessary help, if needed. Do you have a back up plan for treating the arthritis with some other intervention?

  286. I have been taking Lorcet 10 mg for 2 months straight. In the past ( 12 yrs ago) I was addicted to opiate meds. It took 8 yrs of slavery to opiates. In and out of rehabs. I had my first full check up from a legit doctor whom intern said my body is riddled with arthritis. He prescribed me Lorcet 10. I take as prescribed 3 a dy. Then noticed I was taking 4 a day. I cut that in half and have been taking 1 1/2 a day. For the last 2 weeks. The first 3 days I felt like I was losing my mind, but things have gotten better. I have about 18 pills left and would eventually like to tapper down to a half a pill for 1 week. Should I expect sever dts? I know this all to well and promised myself never to go through it again, but I am truly in pain, but scared to death of the way I might feel. Especially the anxiety. Remember 2 months as prescribed then 1xtra for about 2 weeks now one and a half till my last week then one half. I guess I should stock up on immodium and maybe a benzo? I am already taking extra vitamins b12, b complex and a multi along with protein shakes and Acari berry. What do u think will b expected?

  287. Hi Jayne. Your doctor may hesitate to prescribe you clonidine because s/he lacks experience with the drug, not from any wrongdoing or lack on your part. Many people who undergo opiate detox and are prescribed clonidine do so in an inpatient treatment setting. So maybe your doctor does not feel comfortable prescribing clonidine in an outpatient scenario.

    You are doing great! And I appreciate your resolve to not take hydrocodone again. If your symptoms continue, you might seek a second opinion or look into checking into an inpatient clinic just to get some help.

  288. Hello and thank you for your response. You are right in so much as I think I have a physical dependency and not an addiction because I do not crave the drug whatsoever.

    Unfortunately, I called my PCP this morning and advised that I’d stopped taking the hydrocodone last week and had withdrawal symptoms and I asked for help. I told the Nurse practitioner when she offered only Immodium or Kaopectate that I have taken Immodium for years (for chronic diarrhea) and that I’d stopped at the pharmacy to see my friend who is a pharmacist and he told me about a drug called clonodine (clonidine) that would help me with many symptoms. The doctor would not give a prescription for it. I do not know why and the Nurse could not tell me why.

    I did however get a script for an anti-diarrheal. I can’t help but feel like my doctor is punishing me. Especially because the Nurse told me that if the diarrhea doesn’t clear up in two days that I should take hydrocodone again and try to wean off of it.

    I’ve just been through two pretty awful days. I won’t take hydrocodone again, EVER. I don’t care if I catch my finger in a garbage disposal.

    I just hope the script for the diarrhea works, without eating, I am afraid of getting sick(er).

  289. Hi Jayne. It sounds like you may be physically dependent on hydrocodone, which is different than addicted to it. If you are a hydrocodone addict, you will have cravings for the psycho-emotional effects of the drug when you are off it. If you need hydrocodone for pain, that’s medical need.

    Also, as long as you are withdrawing under medical supervision, cold turkey is one way to do it. However, I am concerned that you may going through unnecessary difficulties, especially for your symptoms of diarrhea and general discomfort. There are medications that doctors can administer during a medical detox which might be of help to you. But I applaud your efforts nonetheless, and think that you are brave and courageous to get off the hydrocodone.

    Does this help?

  290. I fear I am addicted to hydrocodone after ten years of use of medically supervised use. I didn’t know I could become addicted and asked my pain mgmt. doc and my pharmacist. Both of them indicated it was not a concern as long as I had pain and followed dosing instructions. Given the withdrawal symptoms I am having, (which are seemingly minor at this point) I think they were wrong. I quit taking the all hydrocodone cold turkey two days ago and do not have HORRIBLE withdrawal symptoms that are unbearable, but my back and leg are very painful. I don’t want to take any so that I can get a better understanding of what my pain truly is, but wonder if I’d be better served tapering, rather than just stopping abruptly. I’m already two days in. My WD symptoms are yawning, increased back pain, feeling cold and diarrhea (which I have chronically, anyway.) Thank you for any responses.

  291. Hi Joyce. Thanks for reaching out. You don’t need to go through detox alone. In fact, there may be detox clinics near you. Please send me your zip code (via email or the contact form at the bottom of every page) and I’ll search the SAMHSA Treatment Locator database for you.

    All the best,

  292. Where should I go to seek help. I have been getting mine from the streets. Iwas taking 6 7.5 a day a week ago but when the guilt set in it jumped to over 10 a day. I’m scared and I don’t want people to know.

  293. What a wonderful success story! I am so happy for you and interested in learning more about your non-narcotic analgesic options. And I hope that your experience can help others who are thinking about or going through the same thing. All the best!

  294. I am doing very well. I have been completely free of hydrocodone for about three weeks and I am surprised how well I am doing considering the duration of time I took them. The diarrhea has taken a while to subside but all other withdrawal symptoms pretty much gone. I am making an appt. with a pain mngmnt physician to discuss alternatives for my chronic pain. Being free of narcotics has allowed me to reevaluate my pain level with clarity that I did not have during those years of narcotic use. That is the challenge ahead of me but I am just taking it day by day for now.
    I thank you for checking back with me. I am sure I’ll have days I want to take them but so far, so good.

  295. Hi Lisa – Just checking in …. How are you doing with the withdrawal and getting/staying off hydrocodone?

  296. Thanks about info. I am now at 48 hour period without and i feel pretty good. Slept pretty well last night. I’m sure this will wax and wane but happy to not feel like I’m jjumping out of my skin. The metropolol i take for high blood pressure helps quite a bit with excessive heart rate. I increased my dosage and it was a godsend. Still getting some chills but I am the happiest I’ve been in a week. I do appreciate your advise and if it worsens, I will see my dr.
    Wish me luck!!

  297. Hi Lisa. I can appreciate your desire for privacy. But know that doctors and addiction specialists suspend judgment in cases of opiate withdrawal. And you might be able to get references to additional help if you ask your doctor. What I’m trying to say is that drug use is less and less stigmatized, especially for people who want help.

    To answer your question about hydrocodone withdrawal, though….medical treatment usually involves supportive care and medications. It sounds like you are doing your best to manage and care for symptoms at home. But if you were in a detox, you could be given medications to help ease symptoms.

    The most commonly used medication for opiate withdrawal is clonidine. Clonidine can reduces anxiety, agitation, muscle aches, sweating, runny nose, and cramping. Other medicines can treat vomiting and diarrhea.

    And maybe try to call a pharmacist and describe your symptoms and condition. At least it’s still anonymous, right? Then, you can pick up come O-T-C drugs, if needed, to directly target time specific withdrawal symptoms that you are going through.

  298. No. I am stoic that way. It is very tough for me to admit I have this problem to a website much less my dr’s. This is why I am asking you?
    Any self help or over-counter help? I’ve been taking hot jacuzzi baths, NSAIDs, Herbal Tea for warmth and cleansing, heated blankets for aches, etc.. Thank You…

  299. Hi Lisa. Withdrawal starts as you reduce and then totally cut out opiates. Tapering like you did is good practice, but you might be in for another week, or so of discomfort. Doctors recommend that you always withdraw under medical supervision. Have you notified anyone that you are going through withdrawal?

  300. I have been taking 8 tabs 7.5/500 daily for chronic pain for 9 years. Last week I cut down amount to 1 tab per 24 hr period except for yesterday, my 5th day, I took 1/2 tab. The first 3 days after my reduction was very uncomfortable but when i felt i could not deal with the discomfort any longer, i took the 1 tab that i reserved for each day. It took the edge off but i still had withdrawal symptoms. I am now on my 6th day and at the 24 hr. period since my 5th dose (1/2 tab). I seem to be doing ok so far. Some aches, a couple times had flushing and cold (goosebumps). Not as much yawning. Appetite is better. My question to you, given the scenario above, do you think I am out of the woods with a full blown withdrawal because of the way I reduced or will I go thru another phase of withdrawal? My worry is that by keeping the small amt. of medicaction in my system, then stopping cold turkey at day 6, and given the period of time I took this drug, would it put me backwards with withdrawal symptoms?
    I appreciate any info. you have.

  301. Hi Chris. Thanks for your question. Yes, you can expect withdrawal from hydrocodone if you were taking 10 mg a day. Physical dependence becomes clinically significant on hydrocodone after several weeks of continued use.

    But why are you asking about liver damage?

    1. Were you taking hydrocodone in combination with acetaminophen? If so, elimination of acetaminophen is principally by liver metabolism. Although my reading does not indicate long term liver damage as a serious adverse side effect of taking hydrocodone over the long term.

    2. Do you have risk factors for developing liver disease or have you been diagnosed with liver disease? Patients with severe hepatic disease should monitor effects of hydrocodone therapy with serial liver function tests.

  302. I have taken 2 10 mg hydrocodine every day for 2 years. I always took a half each time. I have not taken anything in over 36 hours. Should I expect withdrawals at this point? Also should I worry about liver damage?

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