Hydrocodone withdrawal duration

Hydrocodone withdrawal duration: How long does hydrocodone withdrawal last? We offer a hydrocodone withdrawal timeline here from start to finish.

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The withdrawal symptoms from hydrocodone are not life-threatening, but are extremely uncomfortable and can make you want to take hydrocodone again just to stop the pain. Here, we’ll review the timeline for hydrocodone withdrawal and invite your questions at the end. Please send us your comments and feedback about hydrocodone withdrawal and we will respond personally to get you the help you need.

When do withdrawal symptoms start?

Emergence of withdrawal symptoms varies with half life of the particular opioid. Because hydrocodone is a short-acting opioid, symptoms of withdrawal tend to appear when the drug starts to leave your body and is eliminated from the blood (more on hydrocodone half life). So, withdrawal begins generally within 6-12 hours after the last dose of hydrocodone.

When does hydrocodone withdrawal peak?

Symptoms during hydrocodone detox usually peak somewhere between 24 to 72 hours after discontinuation. The intensity of the withdrawal reaction depends on the dose and speed of withdrawal. This is why short-acting opiates like hydrocodone tend to produce more intense but briefer symptoms. But keep in mind that because withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable and unpredictable, it’s best to detox from hydrocodone under medical supervision. This way, you can treat possible complications and problems immediately.

When will hydrocodone withdrawal end?

Without intervention, hydrocodone withdrawal usually runs its course without much problem, and most physical symptoms disappear within days or weeks.

Hydrocodone withdrawal questions

Do you have any other questions about hydrocodone withdrawal length, duration or symptoms? Please leave them here. We’ll be happy to find you an answer or refer you to local and national resources. The first step towards getting off hydrocodone is asking more about HOW you can!

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Hi, I am on Hysingla ER for multiply spinal issues, however have recently been to the ER twice for stomach related pain due to opiate induced constipation. I can’t get an appt with my doctor for a month but want to start and tapper off these. My problem is because they are a 24 hour pill I’m not sure how to start backing off? I thought I could at least start to tapper before my appointment and I can’t take the stomach pain anymore. Thanks for any advice!

  2. Elizabeth, get yourself some bee pollen and blend it into a smoothie. Drink two of those a day. It really does help.

    Stay away from caffeine as much as possible. It makes the withdrawals worse.

    You gotta stay strong and fight through it. I promise you that every day that goes by you are getting better even if it doesn’t feel that way. Don’t let it win. Just fight through the bad feelings. Take walks as often as you can. Watch a lot of comedies. Place some games on your phone or computer. Anything and everything to get your mind off the withdrawals.


  3. It’s been four days since my last Norco the withdrawals are intensely painful I feel a little better what can I do or take to make me feel better it’s got to be another pain medication that you won’t get withdrawals from sign Elizabeth Holmes please help.

  4. Have now been off hydrocodone sense Dec 21 2017put on cymbal 60mgs for depression help to get off. Also helps with back pain fell so much better after years on hydro

  5. I want to get off the use of Hydrocodone but do not know what to do about the pain I use it for once I am off of it. I have been in several auto accidents with lots of broken bones , arms, shoulders, wrists, jaw, and back. I have also come through years of incest as a young child, rape and beatings so I am also on venlafaxine for depression. I am now 82 years old so I do not have too many years keft, so maybe getting off of Hydrocodone now is not worth the effort.
    thank you darlene

  6. i have been on norco 10 mg for 4 years i started abusing them several months after starting them i have taken 15 pills within 2 hours to kill the pain but didnt do anything to help with pain know i have to have 8 pills aday and trying to ween off of them now i take 4 in the morning 4 in the afternoon trying to keep going down every several days till i can get down to 3 a day not sure how long i can do this till the withdrawals start in . .so i stopped taking them just to see what would happen for 30 hours no sign of withdrawals how much longer do u think it will take for the withdrawals to start.thanks

  7. I’ve been an addict to these shit pills since I was 15… My dr gave them for my bad scoliosis, and now I’m 23,still struggling, still miss using..since now Tylenol 3s is all they give aside from those I stil crave Hydro. And I’m going off a two week bender of having been on T3s and b
    hydro on the streets…and its my third or fourth day getting off and I am over the vomitimg,but now my stool is an odd color not green or yellow but a more tan with blood, its fucking horrible. And what’s sad all this will be happening in another month I’ll be back on them I so badly want to stop but it always win

  8. Have gotten down to 10mg in am 5mg at night of hydrocodone I have a fractured vertebrae fell jam 10 2017 still some pain but need to stop hydro any suggestions on how to stop please help I have a special needs child having a hard time sleeping very uncomfortable if I don’t take the night dose

  9. I am 68 years old and have been taking Norco since Vicodin was taken off the market. ( Was on Vicodin for around 6+ years) So at least 15 years…my PCP passed away and his practice was taken over by a Pain management company. I have arthritis in my spine ( skull to tail bone) degenerative discs , herniated discs and bulging discs, torn cartilage in both knees, game keepers thumbs, cyst ( 3x4buy27 centameters in my knee, arthritis in both knees…AND CAD…..heart specialist wants low blood pressure and low heart rate…..new pain management specialist wants me off Norco….dosage was 10mg every 4 hours….he cut that by a third and will do same next month so that in 3 months I am no longer taking Norco.
    After 4 days I am starting to be concerned about my heart…have started having palpitations, PB is up as is heart rate….to say nothing of pain levels…I can barely walk with Norco..I am now sitting all day, only moving to use bathroom and grab something to munch on.
    I have started have temple pain and headaches.
    No other form of pain management was offered as I refused surgery and spinal injections. ( Tried them twice…first time they dropped me on the floor, second time I ” lost” 3 days. And got worse not better)
    Questions…..why do I have to stop a treatment that has been WORKING for 15 years?
    How is this going to effect my heart ( have had angioplasty and stents and currently take Ranexa,Lasix and Tenormin)
    Are my symptoms all in my mind or real.
    Is it dangerous for someone with my Heath issues to change/stop medication?

  10. My husband was addictive for at least a year. He recently started taking 3-5 pills ever hour. He completely stopped one week ago. This weekend he seems sad and all he wants to do is stay in bed. He said he’s fine, but his stomach keeps hurting. Is this still withdraws and when will it stop? I’m ready for my husband back!!!

  11. I’ve been taking (1) 7.5 Norco a day for severely years for sever lower back pain. On occasion, (maybe one a week) I’ll take two if I’m working hard outside. My doctor is retiring next year and everyone tell me that it’s going to be hard to find a new Dr. that will prescribe the Norco. I want to stop anyway so this is a good reason to do it now. 1 1/2 weeks ago I started taking 1/2 a dose. My plan is to take 1/2 dose for a while then quite. The pain level is doing fine but I get a headache every day. I usually don’t set head acha. I’ve been taking IB FOR THE headache and the usually help it go away. I’m 63 years old, male, and healthy. My question is, is what I’m doing ok and will the head acha go away. Thanks.

  12. Hi, I’ve been taking Hydrocodone 10-325 for quite a bit of time. I was taking it for severe pain from spine surgery and then a fractured sacrum. Never interrupted. Now, I am feeling much better and want to stop. I don’t know how, and I’m lowering myself. My Dr. left the practice, and didn’t tell me how. Right now, I’m taking one tablet in morning, and 1/2 tablet late evening. At one time I was taking up to six a day. I am starting to feel withdrawal, but I really don’t want to go up on my dose. Also, is there anything I can take or do to make this easier. I think I might be decreasing too rapidly
    Any advice would be appreciated

  13. I have used and abused norco 10’s for 18 years and am 36 have not gone without for 10-11 years. take anywhere from 7-10 a day and have gone threw WD 10 or 11 years ago. The fear of being that physically and mentally sick has kept me from quitting. I have figured a way to get 7 days off of work. In this time i have promised myself i am good to kick. Do any long time users have any suggestions? I didn’t sleep for 5 days i had restless leg/whole body, one lyric would run through my head over and over from 5 days straight. Sweats, diahria, vomitting, mood swings. Hurt to be touched, hurt to lye my head on a pillow.
    I feel the hardest thing for me is the fear, and the fact that i function very well, you would know if i only had a few that day but not if i had taken 8-15. That is what gave me a false sense that i was one of the people that could handle this….. WE ALL KNOW THATS NOT REAL!!
    Anyone like me long time user that has quit and has tips to get through the nightmare of detox/WD?
    Im stronger tan this….. we all are.

  14. Been thru hydrocodone withdrawal 3 times. Severity of withdrawal depends on how much norco l was taking. If about five 7.5mg tablets a day withdrawal isn’t too bad, sweating, some chills, mild insomnia, stiff joints and duration of about 3 days. When l was taking ten or more 5mg or 7.5mg tablets a day withdrawal was much more intense. Sweating profusely, feverish & chills to the bone, muscle aches, the twitching & jerking of my legs was the worst along with severe insomnia. Even though l was utterly exhausted l just couldn’t sleep, maybe 30 minutes total 3 nights in a row. Withdrawal lasted about 5 days but still felt like crap no energy for 2 months afterward. If you have an addictive personality like me hydrocodone can definitely get you hooked easily. I became addicted to hydrocodone quickly, it not only took away the physical pain it was prescribed for however it also took away all my mental & emotional pain as well and l felt so good, so peaceful and euphoric that l started chasing that hydrocodone euphoria from the first day l used it and ever since.

  15. Some Background: I am 75 yo & have back pain for years. The last 5 years I have been seeing neurosurgeons who all said surgery was not a good option in my case and provided steroid injections ( 4 per year – only helping 3 weeks or so). I was given a prescription for 7.5/325 hydrocodone which I only occasionally used. I usually managed to ‘get by’ taking NSAIDS… Aleve & Advil (way too many!) until about a year ago when I suddenly developed a SERIOUS arterial bleed in my colon. (I have diverticulitis) – They were able to repair that by with arthroscopy & told me to NEVER AGAIN take NSAIDS & Tylenol was about my only option.
    Now to Hydrocodone:
    As the Tylenol (4 x 650 mg a day) didn’t control the pain my PCP first prescribed Tramadol but that made me nauseous then prescribed Hydrocodone 5/325 up to 4 X a day as needed. Most days I took 1/2 of a 5mg 1st thing in the morning. About a year ago I tried a new neurosurgeon who put me through 12 weeks of PT, epidurals before FINALLY agreeing that a laminectony would help. – That was 4 months ago – the laminectomy did help but I still had low back pain. Of course I was still taking 1/2 of the 5/325 each morning.
    The Point: Don’t take ANY pain pill (opoid) too long.. no matter how small the dosage!!!

    In conversing with a dear friend I discovered that they have a SERIOUS dependency on Hydrocodone and decided that I needed to deal with it!! – I have been doing it ‘cold turkey’ for about 10 days now. – I’ve been through ALL the symptoms that you read about but I’m making it! – I believe my back pain is even better w/o it!!

  16. I have been taking hydrocodone soap 10/325 3or 4 times daily for about two years and six months post stroke. I want to stop taking it and am looking for a schedule to wean myself off of the drug. I took my last dose on Sunday early afternoon. It is not Tuesday early afternoon and my withdrawal symptoms are not good. Nauseau, head ache, and severe leg pain, probably associated with nerve pain from type two diabetes. Can you please suggest a schedule for me to wean myself?

  17. I’m on day 9 of hydrocodone withdrawal. I recieved a script 13 yrs ago and couldn’t stop after that, it only got worse. When I decided I’d had enough of not having enough and being sick. I stopped cold turkey. The day before I had taken 6 hydrocodone 10s and 5 Percocet 10s. Wow. I thought every breath was going to be my last. I’m so confused, when will an dependant/abuser like me get relief from what I think cannot be withdrawals?

  18. This is my second go around with getting off Norco. I did the home taper before and was very successful. This time I’m adding counceling for the reason why I turned back and EMDR therapy for some trauma I endured. If a person is taking 10- 10/325 per day what is an ideal taper schedule? Please help I’m ready for this to be over. Also how long does the restless legs at night typically last? Thank you so much.

  19. Please help I have been taking hydro doomed for 25 years and I want to stop. Extreme fatigue is killing me. H I have no money , how can I get help without it? Home remedies. Mine didn’t go away after a few weeks or longer. I’ve been to a dr who says my hearts okay don’t had other test run. I have been totally exhausted for 2 years,I s because of the hydros? I have been to dr but they didn’t find any problems with my heart or anything. How long will I be this exhausted if this is the problem. Then ins quit on me. Help me please

  20. Hi can u have withdrawl 5 months later was on it 8 years from ,5 knee replacement restless and tired.Please help.ever since I stopped taking the didulad..Still having same feeling.Going to pain management .No help

  21. I took hydrocodone for three years almost 3 years. I would have taken it one year but I was going to have back surgery and then they cancelled it because I had a heart condition so the painkillers lasted another year. Was getting ready to have the back surgery had another heart condition flare up with stents. Anyway that’s why I was on it almost 3 years. The last 6 months of taking it my doctor begin to bring my dosage down down down until I was on 300-7.5mg. for two months. Well I still had medication in my bottle I gave it to my sister to destroy and started detox on my own. It’s been 10 days and I’m 70 years old and I cannot hardly tolerate the pain and the horrible bug crawling feeling through my body. My blood pressure has been 180 over 125 and higher. Today I went to my doctor and she started me on more blood pressure medication but she took blood samples to make sure I did not have electrolyte or potassium problems because I cannot hardly get up and do anything. She was winning me down but I took the initiative to stop cold turkey. I have suffered so bad that I felt like at times I could not take anymore but was determined to give it everything I had. Since its day 10 and I’m still not sleeping but two hours a night for 10 days and the pain through my body is so intense I was wondering how long I’m going to have to go through this. I got RLS when I was 18 years old and I’ve had it all these years. So with having RLS already and the withdrawal giving me more RLS symptoms I cannot sleep except maybe two hours per night for 10 days. I’m very concerned because I do not want to go through the pain that I’m going through much longer. I feel funny in my head I’m having chills still I’m coughing all the time I’m still having doubts of bowel problems I’m still having slight nausea at times my head still hurts but the worst thing is the pain I’m experiencing throughout my whole body. I have forced myself to get up and do little things each day. I have to have some kind of an explanation of when I can expect to live again. I’ve went through many things in my life but nothing compares to this horrible horrible pain. I know you said it could go on for months but I don’t think I could handle months of this pain. I also know you said it depends upon the individual and how long they were taking it. I never had the highest dose and I was told to take one pill every 6 hours which I did. I guess what I’m trying to say is I need some hope and I don’t feel very hopeful. Can you give me any indication whatsoever of how long I’m going to go through this pain to where I cannot stand still I can’t sit for very long I can’t walk around for very long I can’t sleep it’s hell on Earth. I would appreciate an answer as soon as you can.

  22. I have been taking hydrocodone for 2 years twice daily for my knee pain, my script ran out and I can’t refill for 2 more days will the withdrawal get bad in them 2 days

    1. Hi Kathleen. First, I suggest that you consult with your doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule. Then, speak with a pharmacist to recommend some vitamins, supplements, over-the-counter aid, teas, hot baths, and home remedies to ease withdrawal symptoms.

  23. Hello, I am 54 hours clean from oxycodone! I have had no vomiting or diarrhea. I am wondering if it is going to start….I am also so tired and achy. I was on pills for 3 years 30-50 mg a day. How much longer and when will I feel better?

  24. My doctor died suddenly after 15 years. I had to stop my pain medication. I took pain medication for 15 years. It has been eight weeks of no pain medication but I taking100mg of Zoloft a day.
    I still have heart plantations and tightness in my chest.

    My extra bottle of Zoloft expired a year ago.
    I feel the rapid heartbeat is a secondary systom.
    I need a new doctor but want to stay off the pain pills since I came this far. I was wondering how long will this systom last?
    I have not seen this problem listed.
    Any help?

  25. HELP!!! I’ve been on very serious pain med (Fentanyl among many others) and now switched doctors/meds after 15+ years to a different pain doctor/meds. I have been taking muscle relaxants & hydrocodone, currently 10/325 at least 10 years. I have history of pseudotumor cerebri, neck surgery, back surgery, reconstructive foot surgery, brain surgery, Chiari malformation, I suffer from migraines daily, nausea daily, trouble keeping on weight.
    I’m in trouble folks. I need help. I tried to get off of hydrocodone and I lost even more weight. I cannot afford to lose anymore weight. The thing is is I am in so much pain when I do get off the medication due to all of my surgeries should I bother getting off of it is it worth it? oh and I did have a seizure and a stroke just this last Christmas 2016. what do I do? I’m at a loss and I have a wonderful husband who wants to help, that’s all he wants to do is help!

  26. Hi I stop taking the pills for the past two days. I am have really bad dieahria and sweets cold then hot. I’m not able to eat what should I do

  27. Had hip replacement 12/06/16. 5-325 MG
    I have so many side effects to pain meds & almost everything else. I was so sick on the meds so stopped taking on 12/27/16. Last few days have been awful but yesterday got appetite back. But today have some of same symptoms back. My question is can it seem to be ok one day & bad the next day?

  28. I injured my back in 1980, went through three surgeries, and finally, the V.A. said I am no longer a candidate for further surgeries. They started prescribing Hydrocodone in 2003. I was getting 90-120 pills/month for 13 years. This past September, my new doctor told me that recent studies have shown that long-term use of Hydrocodone is extremely bad for me. I had presumed that taking them while under a doctor’s care wouldn’t be bad, and I never “abused” them. Took only what I was supposed to. Well he said I need to get off them, so I decided that I would stop. Have been off them since October 14th, 2016, and STILL having withdrawal symptoms. I expected the pain to return, but the restless leg syndrome, the insomnia, the anxiety, and the depression, are a stone cold b****. Any idea when the last of the symptoms will be abating? I expect a 13 year history of using them means it will take longer.

  29. Hi I’ve been on hydro for about two weeks constantly but previous to that occasionally for two years. I ran out about a week or two ago and I was wondering if it’s possible for withdrawals to peak after 78 hours? For the first weeks I kept myself on muscle relaxers so the only constant symptom is no sleep. Does this sound right? I don’t really know how withdrawal works. Before I decided to take the muscle relaxers I had body aches and diarrhea. I assume it is decreasing but recently I’ve been feeling extra bad and I am off the muscle relaxers. So is it possible for the peak to be now or is it simply because I’m off the muscle relaxers?

  30. I’ve had so many surgeries and been on so much pain medication after total shoulder replacement iPad 2 knee surgeries I’ve had to back surgeries I don’t know what to do anymore my systems built up such a tolerance I had septic shock and was in a medically-induced coma a month what would knock people out just makes me more comfortable I am scared to share this with my doctor for fear of being cut off what can I do I stay awake for up to two to three days and a Time when I don’t have medication I want this to stop what can I do

  31. I have been on prescribed Hydrocodone for about 10 years due to back pain ( only about 1-2 10mg daily). I’ve recently heard that long term use can often cause pain. I’ve decided to try and stop taking the drug. I’ve started taking the drug every other day starting 7/28/16. What would you recommend the next drop in dosage be and when? Thanks

  32. I started tapering off hydrocodone,not cause I wanted to but my drs. Office decided not to prescribe any to any one, for fear from the dealer. This process has consumed my life. Trying to get scheduled for a specialist is a big task in itself. I have some appts. Coming up ,I hope they will help me. I am grateful I have some Norco to taper off with,for I had go cold turkey before is very challenging.

  33. I took my last hydrocodone five days ago after staying on hydrocodone-acetomeniphen 10-325 for four weeks after back surgery. I have experienced jitters and anxiety over the last few days to the point of panic attacks. Is nervousness a common withdrawal experience? If so, how long does the withdrawal phase last?

  34. Been taking 2-3 7.5/325 hydros a day for 12 days. Cut down to two on Saturday and one on Sunday. It’s now Monday/ what should I expect for withdrawal?

  35. I am wanting to stop taking my pain medication. I’ve been on Norco 10/325 for several years now and it is very stressful and I feel as though my life revolves around it.
    My question is whether or not I should taper gradually. The article stated that withdrawal symptoms typically begin 6-12 hours after your last dose. If I am only taking my dose at night before bed, then 24 hours passes between doses. I don’t seem to have any withdrawal symptoms during the day. Does this mean I might not have any, and could potentially just stop taking them?
    Thank you in advance for any advice!

    1. Hi, Isabell. Experts claim that tapering gradually your dosage is the safe way to quit your medication. So, I’d suggest you consult your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule just for you. Also, withdrawal varies from person to person, so one may experience severe symptoms, while other may have mild. It depends of the dosage, frequency of use, human body itself, etc.

  36. I was on 5-325 1 time a day for almost 2 years due to knee and foot surgery would go up if needed but usually one made me feel better now I tried to go off 3 times and the first was during the summer had no problems would take vitamins and ativan and i was fine then started notice had bad headaches started taking them again everyday was told I have some health issue and I want off of them was cold turkey for 6days and started getting depressed and wanting them so I gave in and now I am trying again and the anxiety is so horrible that I have been missing tons of work and just started taking ativan but I noticed blood pressure is going high again so this is a vicious cycle sorry so long but now I called my pharmacist to talk to him about this and he put me on a tapering and the anxiety is so horrible he said since I was only take 1 pill to cut it down to a half for 4 days then a half every other day and when I think of this I get so scared I just want off of this and feel my old crabby self again instead of a cry baby full of anxiety going to my doctor today and telling her everything cause this is horrible the addiction I have on this!!!!!!!

  37. I have been taking 10/325 hydrocodone nearly 3 times a day almost every day for almost 3 weeks now. Its not the first time I have experienced withdrawal, but is the first time I’ve taken this many for this long. I also have a health condition called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia and so I’m concerned on the intensity of the withdrawal with my unfortunate health condition. I’m mostly worried about respiratory depression and I’m wanting to know the intensity of the anxiety. The information will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  38. I was on hydrocodone for about 2yrs taking 120-180mg a day. I tapered down to 5mg a day and took that for a week. After that week, I came across more which I took more than prescribed. I began taking about 100mg a day. I was upset with myself for going back up on my dose after I did so well getting down to 5mg a day. I decided to go see a doctor, who prescribed me Suboxone. I’m terrified of Suboxone because of the horror stories I’ve read, so I decided to take much less than I was prescribed. I haven’t had any withdrawals. I’m tapering my dose so I am not on Subs for a long period of time. Do you think this is a good idea or should I have quit the hydros cold turkey? Will I have withdrawal after stopping the Suboxone? I’ve been taking Subs for 5 days.

  39. I am going on day #4 without Vicodin. I had Percocet my first time in 1997 in the midst of ending a very toxic relationship. I was so euphoric, and I knew I was in trouble. That was the start of the addiction process. I have been on Vicodin prescribed by my MD for over three years, and it was time to lay that albatross to rest. I saw an MD in the ER who was very kind, and prescribed clonidine, lorazepam for agitation, and reglan for nausea/vomiting. Going into day #4 my head is getting clearer. Also drinking lots of distilled water, which really seemed to help. Also ibuprofen alternating dosing with Tylenol 650mg eases the symptoms of withdrawal. DO NOT go over 4000mg of Tylenol I in 24 hours!!! Hang tough all of you out there!!! Just like the Navy Seals, keep telling yourself “I FEEL FINE!!!!” You mind will start to believe this and your body will follow suit!!!

  40. Been on hydrocodone 10 for 3 months. Before that I was on oxycodone 10 for 6 months. All this was from a failed back surgery. I have more pills, but decided to quit them. I have not had any in 24 hours. How long will the withdrawl symptoms last? I have taken 3 of my 0.5mg ativan and in still achy, agitated, and felling really crappy. Like I said I have more pills but don’t them. Any idea of what can help me and how long this will last? I’ve also been taking hot showers, which helps for a little while.

  41. I’ve tapered down to 5mg hydrocodone per day for the past 4days. Do I stop completely now? Will I have any withdrawals?

    1. Hi lostgirl. Depends on how much you were using before you wend down to 5mg, and also for how long were you on hydrocodone. I’d say that withdrawal symptoms will most probably occur as the medication leaves your system, but they can be managed with either prescription medications from your doctor as well as over-the-counter medications from the local pharmacy.

  42. Thank you Ivana. much appeciate your response. total accident last night. I drank a bunch of water and stayed up several few more hours.

  43. I just took another 10/325 at 11:30PM not rememberiing that I had taken 3×10/325 at 6PM and another dose at 9Pm. It was a complete accident. I use for cronic back pain in the evening to alleviate the pain enough to sleep, however now Im concerned to sleep.I have been averaging 6 10/325 per night typically spread out each 3 x 10/325 dose by 4 hours. My oncern is of an overdose..My question is that how long after last dose would i knoow if it was to much? I feel fine, clammy feet but no shallow breathing. Bassically I’ve taken 7 tablets in hours.

    1. Hi Tim. I don’t believe that you will experience any damaging or risky effects, especially if you’ve been using the med for quite a while. Call your doctor or consult with a pharmacist about when you should take the next dosage. If you experience any abnormal effects, you can call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 to speak to a poison expert and get guidance on what you should do next.

  44. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with MD, and suffered arsenic poisoning.I was given hydrocodone and neuronten for pain. I have been on a steady reduction from 8 10/325 per day, to 4. But I began to question if my pain was still bad enough to require it, and stopped taking it two days ago. I have mild classic withdrawal symptoms but my disease has pain symptoms which I hope to contact ntrol with just neuronten. Pins and needles in my hands and lower legs can be quite severe. Will withdrawals from vicodin make these symptoms worse? Advil helps a bit.I want to know if the pain I take it for is still there or am I a bit better and can stop taking it.

  45. Josh, I wish we could talk because it lifts my mood too. I’m more afraid of the depression than anything. You sound just like I do my friend. They give me such a metal boost but we both know this isn’t the answer and it won’t end well. Hang in there Josh I can relate to you.

  46. 3:17 AM. Just took my last vicoprofin 7.5/ 200mg about eight hours ago. I’ve been on this medication about 3.5 years at about 40-mg a day. I’m determined to beat this. I know it’s going to get rough because I rely on them to give me energy in the morning, they get me through my day. I have a severely autistic son and he needs me at my best. I’m truly nervous but some of you have given me hope. I’m tired of being a slave to opiates. It’s a false happiness, pray for me as I know I’ll get sick soon. It’s time to get off this merry go round. We can do it. If I have to I’ll follow this up with counseling. I did no step down I’m just truly done with it. I’m tired of being treated like a second class citizen because I have a bad shoulder and back. I’m tired of urine tests, I’m tired of counting pills hoping I make it to my next refill. I’d rather find alternatives to deal with this pain then live like this anymore. Enough is enough. Thank you for this forum and God bless all of you fighting this demon called opiate addiction.

  47. I have been taking Norco mg for approximately 4 months for a broken finger. I started taking 2-3 a day and then 3-4 everyday. I tried to taper off but when I ran out I got severely depressed as I do suffer from depression already. I couldn’t get out of bed, I was crying constantly, having constant thoughts of killing myself, severe mood swings and horrible insomnia. I have a couple norco left but scared of the suffering I will have to endure. I have taken a couple of norco to get some mental relief but my doctor doesn’t seem to understand what a hard time I am having. I prefer to get off this stuff by not going into a facility, any suggestions?? Thank you

  48. I’ve not had any hydrocodone in 8 months, so I am not withdrawing or having any symptoms. I am however extremely sad and have NO AMBITION to do anything except go to work and then lay in bed. I’ve tried cymbalta for about 4 months for depression and it doesn’t work. Hydrocodone is a miracle drug! It cures my irritable bowel syndrome, social anxiety, knee and back pains and also I’m not depressed at all and have a positive outlook on life when I’m taking it. I’m 35, single, have 2 little girls 10 and 8 years old (that live with there mother and her boy friend/the guy she cheated on me with) and I’ve had to move into my parents house after my divorce because of my wife committing adultery. Not at all how I pictured things to be to say the least. Also I’ve had X-Rays on my knee and the doctor said nothing is wrong with it….I have a huge sore knot under my knee cap and i have to straighten out my leg ever so often or I start to get sharp pains in my knee. One more thing, I’ve never been addicted to drugs of any kind so I’m not a pill head or anything like that. My divorce happened 1 year ago so it’s not like she cheated on me because of drug abuse or anything. I’m not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel, I just wish someone could help.

  49. I been off Lortab 10-325 for 4 DAYS. I bee on this Drug for 3 years form Back Surgery . I just went Cold Turkey . I am 60 years old . I want my life back . I was taking 3 per day by my Doctor. How long will this take to get out of my Body and the withdrawals system go Away. Please PLEASE LET me No Thank you

  50. I have been on 100 mg of hydrocodone per day since 1998 and I am worried about how to break free without going insane. Is there a quick method of making detox less painful. Please help money is no object! Thank You

  51. Hi,
    I’ve taken hydrocodone off/on for the past 3 weeks due to severe pain, which appears to have subsided now. altogether I took about 50 pills, about 20 pills @ 5mg and then 30 pills @ 10mg. I haven’t taken any in the last 24 hours and feel fine. But it’s true I’ve enjoyed the calm mood they afford. About 30 minutes after I take one I find increased pleasure in reading or playing music. Their slender euphoria lasts for a few hours for me. Do you think I’m addicted? How long before I feel side effects? I don’t feel any physical cravings, though perhaps if they were available to me I would take them on weekends, similar to alcohol, which I don’t abuse but enjoy a few drinks on Friday and Saturday evenings while reading or watching a movie. How do you know if you’re addicted?

  52. I just wanted to chime in and offer some advice…

    I was addicted to Vicodin for about 3 years. I finally got off about a month ago. The withdrawal is the worst but you have to stay strong and realize how insidious these drugs are. To anyone that is looking at this page – Congratulations. You are one of the strong ones who realize how much these opioid pain killers are ruining your life and you’re taking a positive step. Many people will not realize this until it’s too late.

    The only thing that will heal your body is time but a couple bits of wisdom I can offer are:

    1. Cut out any caffeine while you are recovering. It will make the uneasy feeling much more tolerable.

    2. Soak in a hot bath whenever possible. This helped me BIG TIME.

    3. Get full-body massages if you can afford them.

    I promise you that it WILL get better. It took me about a week to feel somewhat “normal”. I am a month in and I’m still not 100% but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    PLEASE anyone listening, STAY STRONG. Yes, it’s hard but do not let them win. You are better than that. You can come back from this addiction and have a better life than ever before. You are worth it and then people you love are worth it.

  53. been on hydro 10/325 for 6 years for neuropathy in feet I want off doc lowered script to 5/325 3 per day I got it down by myself to 1 or 2 but stomach cramps and diarrhea 10x a day is getting out of hand contacted doc and waiting for response any advised its rough

  54. Day 7 and i feel so much better. At first i thought i was addict to hydrocodone and after researching and discovering it was all physical it helped me better cope with the withdrawal symptoms. I was taking 10 10/325 pills a day for 2 years at first it was for an accident i was in for my wrist and about 8 months in i realized i was taking it more for for the crappy feeling i felt when i tried to avoid taking it anymore due to the fact my wrist hurt just as bad on it as when i didnt take it. A week and 2 days ago i told my doctor i was done with this med and wanted off it was ruining my life i felt dead to my kids and wife. My doctor suggested tapering off which meant i had to take the med still which i was not having he still wrote me a script just in case i changed my mind. I never filled the script and today i tossed it to prove im not addicted and i can over come this. Definitely not as easy as saying it heh day 2 i felt the worst i ever did in my entire 33 years of my life lol but still i knew going back would mean feeling this pain again so i look here and read everyone else’s experience with this drug and it gave me even more inspiration to keep going and not give up. Thank you everyone for sharing and stay positive you can beat this.

  55. it has been 20 days since I’ve had my last hydrocodone pill. I had been taking 6 or 7 10 milligrams a day. Now the anxiety is so bad, I wake up at 130 2 o’clock in the morning with severe anxiety and can’t go back to sleep. When will this end? It almost isn’t worth it. It’s hard to go to work when you haven’t had a full nights sleep for a month. I still have pain, which is what I started taking hydrocodone for in the first place. I’m trying to control it with hot bath tylenol Aleve heating pads icy hot and anything else that I can think of. But the anxiety is getting the best of me. What do I do?

  56. Today January 14,2015 is my first day with out taking hydrocodone,I have been taking 2 a day sine 2012 and since October 2014 I was taking 3 a day will I have bad withdrawal?

  57. Im on day 10 free of this drug hydrocodone. It was the hardest thing I every have been though I was taking 20 pills a day 8 a time 10/325 I would chew them like candy . So last Sat I stop and OMG I thought I was Goin to die on day 3. I saw every hour of the day and night I could not sleep. I was doubled over with stomach cramps.I didn’t have anything to help me cope with the withdrawal symptoms. But I did have faith in what needed to be done but I’m feeling almost perfect I thought I felt good while I was on them but noway I had for got how good I feel sober so if any Goin through this just remember u will feel great.

  58. Hello again Scared. I wish you good luck! Please let us know how it went with your doctor and feel free to ask if you need help with anything else.

  59. I am going in today to come clean with my doctor and see what she will do to help me. She doesn’t know about any of this. I think she suspected but it was never confirmed until now. Hopefully, fingers crossed, she won’t make me go it alone.

  60. Hi Scared. Hydrocodone withdrawal is a tuff one. Buy some more of the medication, but don’t quit cold turkey-it can be too hard to go through it on your own. Get a tapering schedule and slowly taper doses down, you’ll still have to buy hydrocodone for a while, but you’ll be saving money in the long run. I’m sorry, but I have to insist on getting some kind of medical assistance. Is it possible in any way?

  61. I have been taking hydrocodone for a little over a year now but I’m up to 55-60mg a day and I don’t get prescribed it so it’s obviously really expensive. I want to quit but I’m so scared of withdrawal!! I know my doctor will not help me get through it and with such heavy use for so long I can’t do it alone! What should I do? I feel hopeless and lonely and it’s worse because my doctor will tell me I’m on my own!

  62. I have been on hydrocodone 10s for a year and 2 months. My dr just straight took me off of them. Im severaly hurting in my legs, hips, back. Sever headache, crying alot no appetite. Just a lot of pain. What do I need to do?

  63. I have had three surgeries in the last 90 days (well, one was oral surgery). I had an appendectomy, a hysterectomy, cysts removed from my ovaries, fallopian tubes removed. I had a terrible summer, surgery, pain meds, more surgery, more pain meds. Then when my OB and I had me on a weaning schedule, I got a toothache and ended up having oral surgery on three teeth. Now, I am detoxing. I am weaning pretty harshly, considering how much meds I had to take. I have taken ALL of them since May- Oxycodone, Morphine, dilaudid, hydrocodone. I am 20 hours from my last dose and I am doing the best I can. I know what to expect. When I was 27-38, I was prescribed pain medication through a pain clinic (well, several) and I came off of methadone and oxycodone, at the same time, through weaning, on my own. This can be done, but I disagree with slow weaning. It just prolongs the inevitable. If you can stomach it, wean down over a week. Sounds harsh, but I am doing it right now. I will take 5 mg at bedtime, just so I can maybe sleep an hour. I went from taking 30 mgs of hydrocodone 4 times a day last week, to 2 10 mgs, then 2 7.5’s, then to 5’s. I have 7.5’s cut in half, waiting for the next two days. This is a process. It gets better. If it makes anyone feel better, last time, I came out the other side and lost 80 pounds. I took that energy put towards endless pill taking to working out and eating right. My blood pressure went from high to low. You can do it, I can do it. My symptoms as I write this are mental confusion, weird skin sensations, headache, a vibrating feeling, and some stomach cramping. It’s all managed by sitting here, listening to my music, and playing word games. KEEP YOUR MIND OCCUPIED. Its literally the most important thing. This will keep depression at bay. Good luck to all!

  64. Hey… Ive been taking Hydrocodone for a little over 3 years. I stopped on Monday and am feeling the fatigue and no energy. And now am feeling the restlessness. Which is very uncomfortable. Ive been taking tylenol 500 x2 every 6 hours along with klonopin 1 mg 2 times a day. I am not very strong willed and want to feel normal. But honestly couldnt tell you what that would be for me with out taking hydrocodone everyday. I have decided that this past tuesday it was no longer my life. Which I do have health issues that causes me to need them but not everyday as I was taking them. I feel alright but am scared of whats to come. Am I at my peak? Will things get worse? Thank you

  65. I have been detoxing for 2 months taking a couple in between for tooth issues.Does that mean the detox will last longer because of use

  66. Hello Willi. You can see your prescribing doctor, he/she can help you create a tapering schedule that you’ll be most comfortable with. This will lessen the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. Your doc can also monitor your health state while you are tapering doses down, and take necessary actions.

  67. I have had spinal surgery 5 times and use about 30 mg of hydrocodone each day and have for several years. I do not abuse my meds but I am fully aware that I am addicted. I want to get off this medicine but I don’t know how. Please help me.

  68. My pain management doctor wants to wean me off MS Contin 30 mg 3/day and norco 10 5/day. So far for the last 2 weeks I’ve decreased the MS Contin to 2/day and norco 4/day. Physically I’m looking forward to the next dose, but managed to do this. Mentally does not seem an issue either. I’m scheduled for a drug delivery system soon implant with MS delivered into my spine. I’ve had 5 surgeries latest spinal fusion L3-S-1 due to spinal stenosis and compression nerve so long that my right leg is so weak with continued numbness in my thigh groin and horrible spasms behind my right leg. I’ve had to retire from my work of 20+years to deal with all this since 2011. Will this drug delivery system really help control my pain so that I can return to work and play golf again?

  69. I am on methidone and xanax, I have tried to get help, my dad recently tried to refinance our home, take a loan, and he was denied because I was gonna go to freshstart in California, I live in michigan, but its 33,000 dollars, we dont have the money, everyone shot him down on loans, I called everywhere and noone takes my insurance. I guess im defeated

  70. Hi 🙂 i was taking hydrocodone 10mg tabs. My routine was 50-70mg between 1pm and 6pm, then anywhere from 80-130mg between 8pm and 1:30am. I did this for about 6 years. I know i was taking a lot and i shouldn’t be expecting to feel 100% so soon, but i detoxed 1 week ago and i am completely past the physical withdrawal symptoms, besides a bit of shakiness. What i am wondering is how do i get past the anxiety that seems to come on out of nowhere and last for anywhere from 10-30 minutes. I truly have 0 desire to take Vicodin anymore, its just i can’t seem to get past the anxiety. I have a friend who gave me a Xanax 5mg which helped, but obviously I’m quite apprehensive to keep taking them. My resolve is such that i detoxed at home, alone, with Vicodin laying all over the place, so i really am not going to relapse, so i wanna know what i can do to help in any way. I should mention that i also ended a 7 year relationship this same week, and besides that i haven’t really changed anything. I still go to work and go home, the 2 places i would use, so the only thing i have changed is not having Vicodin. I know it seems like i should simply change my routine but I’m not in a position to do that quite yet. Any knowledgeable insight will be immensely appreciated. I also have strong support from my family (with whom i work), so maybe try to sit down and just talk to them? Like maybe getting stuff just out in the open? It’s like the 2 biggest parts of me are gone so suddenly, so it caused a lot of stress. Any help is appreciated 🙂

  71. Thank you but i have one question i had been addicted to norcos for about 1 and 1/2 years and its been a lil over a month should i still be having withdrawal symptoms such as loss of appitatite blurred vision and crazy thoughts

  72. I’ve been taking norco 7.5 over 2 years. I consumed 1 or 2 a day. But found myself getting addicted and decided to quit. I withdrawld on day 3 and went in and got help. I was prescribed lanzepam and worked very well. I’m going on week 3 now and feel better. But my stomach is always nausea and hands sweating, head foggy at times. I’ve cut back on lanzepam every other day. I’m confused. Is this normal? My energy level is great in the mornings. But evenings I’m just really sick. Nausea. Kicks in. No appetite.

  73. I started detox from hydrocodone at home. Went about 4 days. The wd pretty much stopped other than minor depression. NO ENERGY, mental. Not much physical anymore. Then on 4th day I used and used day 5. Nothing on day 6, and used again day 7..its now day 8 and I havent used.. but waiting for wd to kick in. Its now been 22 hrs since last dose. Any on been thru the on off on such short period time. When is this wd gomma start again and im um able to function? ?

  74. first of all I would like to thank this support group for every thing that they have done for me the past week or so and if you’re reading this then you’re ready to start from scratch meaning to live a life everyday without that medicine that you’re putting in your mouth.. I have a broken neck then also I have had to have ac-section Gold bladder taking out when my stomach went septic on me none of which is caused from that pain medicine but really help me to get to kno it more clear on the past few years. first yes do not take thiem unless you have to second if you’re reading this you probably already have do not blame anyone at all not even yourself about this.. stuff happens in life regardless if you were looking for or not but you’re on the right path you’re looking into getting rid of something that is going to harm you In the end .. I am on day 7 without taking not one of them I have tried to quit several times before only in the same day to take it again. I know that the second third fourth and fifth day are going to be the hardest of your whole entire life.. there’s no ways to say it in it easy form to you. but for me my family my children looking in their eyes knowing that I was doing it for them and having a really good support person beside me my husband helped me more than anything in the world every person is different every lifestyle is different everyday choices we make are different from each others so I don’t know if this will help anyone out there but it’s true I have 4 kids I have a husband I have a life I had problems I have pain not only meaning medical issues emotional problems too I’m taking them help me get rid of a lot of that but continuing taking them was going to take Wayne my life I ended up in heart failure 32 years old not knowing if my four children were going to have a mother anymore was my awakening that’s why I decided to quit you have to find a reason why you want to quick and you have to said over and over until you start believing it in your heart mind body soul and understand even at the worst times, look at the mirror and say it again.. the things that help me was having a good pain reliever beside you meaning over the counter something that it’s not addictive I took tylenol one time I try to take no products in but it was NOT a good result and then at night I also took tylenol PM and the first 3 days yes you do have cold like symptoms but easy up on the cold medicine if you happen to get some it makes your stomach hurt worse oh and of course imodium that’s going to be your best friend for a while get used to it I know this its going to get better it got better on the fourth day for me.. and please whatever you do once you make it just keep reminding yourself why you quit them and never put them back in your mouth I only hope this helps someone out there..

  75. My New Pain Doctor has taken me off Norco that I have been on over 7 years.my last does was 13 hours ago. I was asleep then suddenly woke up can not go back to sleep feel like my skin is crawling, Itchy and hyper feeling are these the start of withdrawal syptoms?

  76. I just had knee replacement a month ago. I was sent home with OxyContin, hydrocodone, and lyrica. Off the OxyContin the first week but on the lyrica and hydrocodone until three days ago. I have lost almost 20 lbs because I’ve completely lost my appetite in the month that I’ve been on this stuff. I did cold turkey. Highly don’t recommend it. I had all the withdrawal symptoms but I’m on my way to feeling a bit better but I’m wondering because of the short amount of time I was on these drugs if it will take as long to recover. I’m supposed to return to work next week but I feel so weak from not eating I’m not sure if I’ll be able to. Just would like some reassurance that this is almost over.

  77. Ok…so I’ve been on hydrocodone for 20 yrs.
    I had cancer in 1994, and developed horrible full body pain during chemo, that was diagnosed as Fibromyalgia in 1996. I’ve never felt addicted. I usually take 10 or 20 mgs a day, although my prescription allows me up to 80 mgs. Over the past couple of years, there has been a change and increase in my pain levels. I had a positive ANA test for the first time…but have so far not been able to find a Rheumatologist who will accept my Insurance and do the search for what type of autoimmune response my body is having. Here’s the thing. The way opinions and social/political pressure around pain meds is going, pretty much every doctor I see now for answers about any changes in pain and digestive issues, simply blames the hydrocodone Everything wrong with me, is now somehow caused by the medicine I take to try and live through whatever it is that is happening to me. I don’t have any mental attachment to pain killers, I wish I didn’t need to take them. I kind of have the opposite response I would expect if addiction were the cause of the problems. My symptoms do seem to be similiar to withdrawl symptoms, only they get worse if I increase my dosage, not better. I’m not sure what is happening, but it seems that the only way I am going to be taken seriously is if I stop taking pain meds completely…which scares me because the pain I take them for is pretty severe on it’s own. Here is my actual question. I’ve read here that the worst of withdrawal pain, will be over in 72 hrs to a week…but how long will it take in a doctors mind, to stop dismissing my ailments as related to hydrocodone use? How long, in a doctors mind, will I have to suffer the original pain the medication was prescribed for in order to have those worsening symptoms be addressed as something other than a result of hydrocodone addiction?

  78. I’ve been prescribed 20 mg hydro/day. Problem is I’ve been using about 55 mg/day for 3 days. I have about 10 pills left but I can’t stop myself. I’m worried I’ll take these in about 2 days and be in bad withdrawal. Thoughts on what I should do? I do have severe back pain and headaches so that complicates the problem. I need some treatment for that. I have a heavy opiate tolerance from use years ago and I really want the doc to give me a stronger dose. I could manage that ok.

  79. I have been taking hydrocodone for over a yr and I half 7.5/325 I really want to get off of them they are over taking my life an first my prescription was four a day but gradually became 9 to 10 a d

  80. Yeah its horrible but not unbearable i been on and off for a few years started out buying 5 maybe 10 and that would last all week loved the high but with anything tolerance built up had to take more and more and really didn’t even feel the high anymore……ive had days without but only a few here and there…..and damn all the pain you weren’t feeling will be felt back,legs,neck the whole 9 yards but the 1st day is the worst by day 3 you will feel alot better than the 1st but drink energy drinks and take aleve + lots of water and gatorade for (potassium) and magnesiun supplement diarrhea sucks ass but by day 4 and on gets easier…. and after 7 days all the major symptoms are pretty much gone….craving the DRUG doesn’t……listen to music watch movie’s or whatever it is and actually smoking weed helped me tremendously……HOPE THIS HELPS everyone is different YOUR NOT GONNA DIE. ITS A PROCESS

  81. I’m on day 7 and feel much much better, I’m catching up on my sleep, and eating a little bit more everyday…. I never knew this would ever happen to me, it’s my third time trying to stop, so I really hope that this is it and I don’t give in anymore… The first 4 days where hell to me, but after that everything started to feel somewhat okay.
    I’m doing this cold turkey maybe that’s the reason I can’t seem to stop shaking my legs, I just hope that, that does not stay we me!!

  82. I am on day 2 and i hope the worst is gone plus im 8 weeks preggo! No turning back now! I dont feel too bad just take a soma to sleep and feel aggravated at times during the day…my advice is to ween urself off!!!!! And dont take weeks to do it!!!! Good luck!!! Hang in there this is temporary!!!!!!!!! Please do it! Dont give in!

  83. I’ve been taking hydrocodones for about a year an a half now, and I’ve recently stopped taking them, I’m on my 4th day and still feel weird, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, i get headaches and I also have diarrhea. I believe I’m pasted the chills and cold sweats… How much longer will this last??
    I wanna feel better, I have two kids I need to be sober for, please help!

  84. I’ve been on hydrocodone for 7 years to control a chronic pain problem. My doctor suggested that it’s time to try withdrawing. We discussed it and decided to try reducing the hydrocodone pills gradually over time. We’re selecting a few pills and substituting 1 regular Tylenol for each. After all, all the newer hydrocodone pills have the exact same 325mg as a single regular strength Tylenol.
    So that’s what I’m doing now. The first 4 days all I wanted to do was sleep. The pain is reducing, but not as low as before…. time will tell.

    BTW – PLEASE, if you are taking more than 12 of the new or 8 of the old pills get your LIVER checked (it’s a blood test). High doses of Tylenol (acetamenaphen) have been found to destroy your liver, possibly even kill you. It’s a side effect of hydrocodone I rarely see discussed, but it’s in many scientific research papers. I take Milk Thistle for my liver, but there’s only a little solid research showing that it does help.

  85. Hello Chris. Hang in there! The longer you take opioids, the more severe and intense the withdrawal symptoms. Speak with your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist for suggestions on how to treat symptoms, and arrange for support from family, friends, or a psychologist/licensed counselor. You don’t need to white knuckle it alone!

    1. Thank you for responding. I woke up this morning feeling scummy like I’ve been feeling everyday now, no sleep losing will. I’m 23 yrs old and get prescribed 210 10/325s a month. It makes it that much harder just stopping knowing that they’re always around the corner. I’m trying to hang in there but reading that the withdrawals can last months?? I don’t know.if I.can do that, even though I know I should. Lord help me….

  86. Hello. I’ve been taking norcos for 7 years now. I realized I.was hooked after about 4 years. Ive been off yellows for 7 days now with taking suboxane.3 days to help with withdrawals. I’m trying to hang in there but I feel helpless like my wds will never end. When will I feel better and like the old me?

  87. I was put on Hydrocodone following hip surgery. I have an intolerance for codeine. Was not told that I was put on this drug. I took a minimal amount for a three week period following the surgery and then started tapering off. As I began to taper off, I experienced involuntary muscle twitching, extreme agitation and sleeplessness, plus other symptoms that appear on the withdrawal list. I finished the last tapered dose two weeks ago and still am experiencing the same symptoms, most prominently, the muscle twitching and extreme sleeplessness. How long does this or should this last?

  88. Hi Carolyn. Withdrawal responds best to tapering, as you are planning. I’d also suggest you consult a pharmacist to learn more about OTC pain aids that can help, as well as home remedies people use during withdrawal. Hot baths, showers, and massages can ease the flu like symptoms. But time is what is really needed.

  89. My husband has been taking a compounded version of hydrocodone for the past several years. (5-Back Surgeries – extensive nerve damage- 20 years) When our insurance no longer supported the compounded his treating physician prescribed Oxy Codone. At that point we realized that we had an addition problem. My husband has decided to forgo all Opiate or Narcotic pain medicine; our goal is not to be dependent on these drugs.

    We are working with the physician to step down the dosage, 40-30-20. Is there anything we can do to lessen the withdrawal systems, without adding other Narcotic or Mood altering drugs.

    Our current work schedules do not allow for substantial down time to seek treatment at a facility.

    Thank you

  90. have been reducing my dose of hydrocodone for approximatly 6 weeks now. I was taking 80 mgs a day and now am at 15 mgs a day. I continue to have pain, and other withdraw symptoms. The pain is most signifcant on my left side, acctually it’s all on my left side and in the saceral part of my back. I am also taking 100mgs of Trazadone, 10mgs of crestor, 75 mgs of plavix, 10 mgs of lisinapril, 45 mgs of protonics and 1 mg of clonazepam at bedtime, are any of these meds contraindicated with the norco (hydrocodone) ? The doctors are continuing to push anti-depressants that cause severe side effects and don’t really help. Is there something that I can do to improve, or end this pain and get on with my life? I have read that long term pain/opiate use can cause supression of the thalmus, is this true? and if so, can it be reversed,

  91. I have abused hydro/acetaminophen 5-500 for about a week. Started out taking 1/1/2 eventually taking 2/1/2 (once a day). Thursday night I couldn’t fall asleep whatsoever, I wasn’t feeling specific symptoms just an overall feeling something wasn’t right so I took one dose. I stopped Friday with 1/2 before I went to a party and got mildly drunk. The next morning I had a mild hangover. Sunday I had diarrhea but that subsided on its own. Since then I have experienced fatigue, best described as a mild flu. I have been drinking a lot of Gatorade since Friday but my urine isn’t telling me I’m well hydrated. I’m also experiencing a slight tightness in my chest at times and I should also mention that I have been on Vyvanse (70mg) for the past 4 years and I do have dysthymia which has been present since I was about 14. I know I don’t need outside help as I can easily say I will never consider using Hydrocodone again and I don’t have or have ever had any drug problems. I will admit I started simply because I was curious. Today I’m mainly feeling fatigue, slight muscle aches, slight tightness in chest, and a general displeased feeling. Does anyone have any advice of things to eat, drink, do, and how long It may take until I’m back to normal. Thank You

  92. Hello Barbara. Call 1-800-662-HELP, the national drug abuse hotline run by a department within the National Institutes of Health. You can get help finding a detox center near you…

  93. Starting day 5. Physical symptoms are as follows: nevousness, twitching, some minor aches, foggy head, real feeling of being detatched from myself. It also feels as though I dont recognize myself mentally, like im a stranger? Weird! I’ve had ambien to take during all this and it helped tremendously. Hopefully im on the downhill side of this misery now! Reading these posts has been a pleasure and reassuring. Thank you.

  94. Ok I hear about these detox places. Is there really NONE in WI? I have searched for help for about three months. I am stoping hydrocodone after over ten years. I am doing it by myself. Any help

  95. Hello A_Peace. Maybe antidepressants can help you for a couple of months until you get back on your feet. You can talk with a family doctor or see a psychiatrist for a full mental health check-up. Depression is TOTALLY NORMAL and a part of the protracted withdrawal symptoms of withdrawal from hydrocodone. But you don’t need to suffer without help. Also, are you seeing a psychotherapist for talk therapy to support your recovery?

  96. I’m 25 years old and I took my last 7.5 hydrocodone on 2/16/2013. I was addicted for about 2-3 years. I am almost 2 months clean but I still have withdraw symptoms. EVERY morning I am extremely nauseous and at least once per week I have vomitting episodes which really suck. Im also still depressed and feel like I am not myself. I was lucky and was able to take about 6 weeks off from work so I could get clean (my job & no body else knew why i was really off work)…but yesterday was my first day back to work since I have been clean. That seems to be the worst place because it brings back a lot of memories of how i used to take a hydro any time a customer would upset me or when i was stressed. How much longer will i feel like this? I am ready to be the old “me” again….

  97. I quit cold turkey after 4 years of taking hydrocodone, after 4 years i was taking about 7 watson 540s a day and it did nothing for me except keep me out of withdrawals. I had to take two at once even to feel it work anymore. My withdrawals were horrible, the only way I can explain them is hell and I wanted to die. now starting my 4th day clean I feel like the worst is over, does anyone know that had taken that much 70 mg of Hydrocodone a day, know if I have peaked?

  98. Hi Nisha. It sounds like you are facing a really big decision: Let the world in on your secret so that you can help yourself and your daughter, or keep it hidden? You can call 1-800-662-HELP to talk to someone about your decision 24 hours a day. You are not alone!

  99. hi i am a 23 year old mother of ome four year old daughter. i have been addicted and abusing pain killers for almost two years now. i would take abt 80mg of hydro a day or 40mg of oxycodone a day. today has been day 3 that i have quit cold turkey, however it has been the roughest day of my LIFE. i do work part time luckily im off today because i have had sever depression, vomiting, diarhea, crampds and ever since day one i havent had amy sleep. i want to go to a rehab or something but ive kept my addiction a secret so i have no one to take care of my child and i dont want to get fired from my job. i dont have a doctor i dont know what to do please help i feel like im dying!

  100. I have been off of hydrocodone for 5 days. I feel I have more energy and the poops have subsided, but I crave to take one. What can I do to stop this? My knee bones hurt so bad and I have tried Tylenol and Advil with no releif. any suggestions?

  101. First of all I can’t say enough for how awesome this website/public service is! So lets start by thanking you for doing such a great thing!

    The more I read through the most the more I realize that its only a matter of weeks before you are free from the opiate prison. Weather it be the stigma… worries of getting more or the fear of WDs. That is truly inspiring!

    I am now a solid month into the tapering process with today being day 0… Nothing for me! Whats freaking me out is it has been a long process with yesterday being the worst. I literally got down to 1 mil of hydro after 8 years of 6 10/325s a day. I can say I was a model patient! I never took more and was very consistent. So hopefully that will help but from what I am reading it looks like the worst is yet to come in the next 3 days even though I am at 1 mil. (approx! cutting these things in tenths is pretty difficult because of the shape!! / yeah you will need a dremol *micro blade tool and a lot of time) So it seems like 1 mil is probably just enough to keep me out of full WD? I have had all the crazy symptoms!!!! Will power!! helps a lot but really is the worst yet to come?

    *When I have more time I will share my process of tapering which I think will be helpful to others!

  102. Thank you,

    Yes, that helps. I do have psychological support through my MD, also AA and NA friends, but my husband is completely the opposite of supportive, and we will probably end up going our separate ways. Other than self-sabotage, living with this man will be my main barrier to replacing addiction with a healthy lifestyle. He’s adamant that he doesn’t need to make any changes in his life, but he’s completely neurotic about what I “might” do.

    I do think I need to taper off more rapidly than my doctor is prescribing because having been on higher-dose opiates for several months now, I have been recently experiencing hallucinations, poor sleep with a lot of lucid dreaming, mood lability, and anhedonia, none of this boding well for my schizoaffective disorder. These symptoms are really bothersome and put me at high risk for ending up in a mental hospital.

    As far as withdrawal symptoms, I don’t experience much with the taper I’m on, except for feeling a little clammy first thing in the morning as last night’s dose begins to wear off. Not a big problem. Clonidine and bupropion are great drugs for some of the withdrawal symptoms, and I might be able to use clonidine if/when I have symptoms if my blood pressure will tolerate it. Bupropion interacts adversely with psych meds I already take (I actually trialed it as part of my psych treatment several years ago, and it didn’t work very well for that).

    I think the best solution I’ve found for stress is learning how to make and keep friends in NA. I have several buddies, and we lean on each other, keep in touch by phone, and get together regularly outside of meetings.

    I would strongly recommend NA meetings to anyone who has a problem with addiction, especially if they are having difficulty getting and staying clean.

  103. Hi Wendy. Thanks for your question. And congratulations on addressing issues of addiction in your life. Do you have support for the psychological nature of addiction? As a nurse, you probably know much about withdrawal (plus, having been through it)…but you also need to address the cravings and compulsion that are behind drug use.

    In terms of dosing, I’ve read that you reduce the daily dose by 10% each day, reduce by 20% every 3-5 days, reduce by 25% per week, and avoid reducing the daily dose by > 50% at any given interval. You reduce until you feel symptoms even out, and then reduce again over the period of 2-3 weeks.

    Perhaps ask you doctor for a prescription for clonidine or bupropion to help manage withdrawal symptoms? Also, address the stress with some lifestyle changes. There are many alternatives to pharmaceuticals for stress.

    Does that help?

  104. Hi, I’m an RN who got into trouble with the opiates, not just hydro, at the hospital I worked at and actually started injecting because it was “safe.” I have had addiction problems all my life, used to eat heroin and take pain pills, pretty much anything I could use to get high. I got fired from my RN job and got off the opiates, didn’t have bad withdrawals because even though I took something nearly every day, it wasn’t continuous heavy use. Then this summer, I ran across a basically limitless supply of methadone 10 mg and got myself hooked on that, taking about 120 mg a day. My source eventually dried up, and I tried to get off that, and it was the worst cold turkey I’ve ever done. I went to my MD and told her what I was doing. She prescribed me hydrocodone on a very slow taper, 10% per month. I’m doing my best to comply even though I do sometimes hoard a bit so I can actually feel the stuff.

    Right now I’m taking 8 of the 10’s a day. At what daily dose do you think the withdrawals will be minimal? I need to be functional at my job (not in nursing right now), and I also have a psychiatric diagnosis that really flares with stress, i.e., withdrawal. I don’t want to put myself in a position where I feel like jumping off a cliff.

  105. Hi Jayson. The most uncomfortable and intense symptoms of hydrocodone withdrawal occur usually in the first 72 hours after last use. It is during this time that withdrawal symptoms peaks, which include: mood changes, sweats, diarrhea, extreme drowsiness, stomach pains, and abnormal skin sensations as well as possible respiratory depression. You did good to taper your dose before cutting it out completely. What does your prescribing doctor say about withdrawal?

  106. I have been taking 6 hydrocodone 10.325 every day for 5 months due to a knee surgery for 2 days I took half of a pill and now in about 30 hrs of c/t my withdrawal has not been that bad will it get worse I have just had sweats and cant sleep

  107. Hi Jen. Withdrawal symptoms from hydrocodone tend to peak in the first three (3) days after last dose, and then decrease in intensity but can last for at least a week up to ten (10) days after last dose. Hang in there! Can someone help around the house with your daughter to give you time to take a hot bath, rest, or exercise (lightly)?

  108. I have been on hydrocodone for a back injury for almost 2 years and just quit by taking my last pill cut in half with 1/2 in the morning yesterday and 1/2 last night. My pain is increasing throughout my body. I have sweats and I’m shaking. It feels like my heart is racing I already started vomiting and having diarrhea. I have no insurance and no extra money to get any other medication to help with the withdrawal. How long can I expect to feel this way? Am I going to get worse? I’m at home alone taking care of my 1 year old daughter so I’m concerned if I’m going to get worse.

  109. Hi,
    I have been taking Vicodin for the past year off and on for sciatica and lower back pain, I have been going through my meds within a week and was getting help elsewhere, well kets just say I have ram out of options, I even tried telling my doc I lost my script, (which he would not fill ealry anyways) I have just started abusing them I get 90 a month and I take them all in a week and a half!! I tried telling my doc that I feel like my tolerance is getting high and he said just keep taking as you should because, he feels that the pain should be tolerable with still just taking 3 a day.. but now I am out and am detoxing cold turkey! Its day 2 and I am taking flexerall and Ibuprofen 600 mg for my pain, I tried laying on a heating pad for help but with sweating I can’t seem to do that for too long. So now I am scared that I am gonna be in pain.These withdrawal symptoms are the worst! I just want it all to stop, I hope tomorrow is better or the next day, I can’t stop sweating!! I can’t eat, I try to take immodium but now I am out and have no money to get anymore.. I know that is the least of my worries but, I am also taking dlpa to help with symptoms, but it doesn;t seem to help, I just hope this ends soon, I just want my life back its been off on and on for 2 months now… anyone out there understand where I am coming from or going through the same thing?

  110. Hello Lisa.

    Safe tapering of opioids like hydrocodone generally can follow several general paths (2 to 3 week tapering regimen should be adequate in most cases but can extend to 6 to 8 weeks, depending on how your body reacts)
    o Reduce the each daily dose by 10%
    o Reduce the dose by 20% every 3-5 days
    o Reduce the dose by 25% per week
    o Avoid reducing the daily dose by > 50% at any given interval

    However, you should be tapering under medical supervision, as well. So I’d suggest that you seek medical help immediately and ask for a doctor’s support during tapering and upcoming withdrawal.

  111. if ive been taking 10 pills of hydocodone 10/500 for a year straight[every day] whats the best way to taper? and for how many days do you taper?
    to help with the withdrawl

  112. Hi Jake. Withdrawal from opioids like hydrocodone can actually take longer than just the acute phase of getting the drug out of your system. Opioids affect the opioid receptors of the central nervous system and over time, change the way that our brains work! And there is a theory of “protracted withdrawal” than manifests as depression, low energy, etc. for a period of months after you take opioids.

    I’d suggest that you check in with an MD and ask about ways to support your body during this time. Look into dopamine levels, supporting your endocrine system, and get a full blood work diagnostic done. There may be physical reasons for your fatigue that can be treated.

  113. Hi James. Tapering can definitely help ease withdrawal symptoms, but the worst of symptoms usually comes in the 72 hours after you stop taking hydrocodone completely. You might want to plan this segment of the detox over the weekend and perhaps call in sick if needed. But you might also consult a doctor and seek a prescription for any of the medications which aid detox. The more prepared you are, and the more you plan for treating symptoms, I think the easier it would go.

  114. he im currently on any where from 8-20 hydrocodones a dayish if i have the money and can get them if i taper down to basically 1 or 2 a day how bad will my withdrawal symptoms be the reason i ask is i don’t want to have to miss work if possible.

  115. Hi Joyce. Try not to get overwhelmed by all the steps you are planning to take. Instead, take one step at a time.

    First, for detox I can email you a list of local centers if you email or send me your zip in a contact form (at the bottom of the page). During detox a medical doctor should review suggestions and next steps for you. Maybe one of those will be a treatment or rehab center. Maybe support groups will work for you. But take that first step and get off the drugs…then you can make the next steps as they come.

  116. I’ve done it again after saying never again. I went to a methadone clinic and started on a low dose and immediately dropped my dose by a milligram every week until I got down to a milligram a day. Then I quit going. The withdrawal was terrible I started drinking to try and deal with the pain and WD, well that didn’t help it just added another layer of dependence. After 5 days I went to the ER and they gave me 10 pill that start with an H. I can’t remember the name. I started playing with them again in October. It wasn’t a lot and I thought I was safe because I was unable to get them regular. Then that became an option and I’m the type the more I have the more I take. What are my options for quitting. It makes me sick to take them but the fear of WD is consuming me. I have tried to collect so low dose adivant to help me detox. But I don’t know if that would work. I have some money but not a lot. Where can I go to detox? What should my long term mission be. I’m afraid I’m going to commit suicide because the guilt is tearing me up. I have 60-80 pills now. At one point I could ween back but have been unsuccessful this time. I am scared.

  117. Hi Scottie. Hydrocodone withdrawal generally peaks in the first few days, but can last for a week or longer. Have you sought any medical help at a detox clinic? There are medications that can help ease withdrawal symptoms so that there is no need to go just cold turkey on your own. Plus, you can ask questions directly to experts with lots of withdrawal experience!

  118. I had abused hydrocodone for 3 weeks after my shoulder surgery. I went through three scripts. I have been off of them for over 48 hours and still am going through withdrawl. How long should I expect these symptoms to last?

  119. Hi genrikh. Thanks for your question.

    Hydrocodone may be effective as a sleep aid…but it is not meant to be used to induce sleeping. Hydrocodone can slow breathing and can be very dangerous when combine with outher central nervous system depressants. When taken in combination with Ambien (zolpidem), hydrocodone has caused death in a few reported cases.

    At the least, report your use of hydrocodone and Ambien to your doctor or pharmacist. Your doctor may need to change the doses of these two medications or monitor you carefully for side effects. Or, your doctor may recommend another medication that can be more effective for sleep.

  120. Sometimes I use the hydrocodone as an increasing of sleeping

    pill such an ambien ; together they work good . I take it as often

    as two times a week within 3 month.So far I have not any ad-

    diction. Am I have any risk of it? Thank you.

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