Snorting oxycodone

Can snorting oxycodone get you high? What dangers or risks are present and can they be avoided? More on snorting Oxycodone effects here.

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If you’re thinking about snorting oxycodone, you should think it through and be informed about possible risks and dangers.

Oxycodone harm reduction includes informing users of risk. Here, we review what happens in the body while snorting oxycodone, as well as the dangers and safety concerns when you snort oxycodone (addictive liability increases, as does risk of overdose). We welcome questions about snorting oxycodone at the end of this article, and will try to answer all legitimate questions with a personal reply ASAP.

Oxycodone: What are you really snorting?

Oxycodone is a prescription drug used to treat moderate to severe pain. It is an opiate agonist, which works by chemically binding to receptors in the central nervous system to change the way that we PERCEIVE pain. Oxycodone hydrochloride is the main active ingredient of oxycodone, but oxycodone tablets may include inactive ingredients such as butylatedhydroxytoluene (BHT), hypromellose, polyethylene glycol 400, polyethylene oxide, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, and coloring agents. Oxycodone can also be combined with other medications such as acetaminophen, aspirin or ibuprofen, which you also consume when you snort the combination drugs.

How does snorting Oxycodone affect the body?

Oxycodone affects the central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord. Oxycodone binds to opioid receptors in the brain, altering the body’s perception of pain and can also cause feelings of euphoria. This is the main reason why anyone would snort oxycodone. Physically, snorting oxycodone can also cause feelings of dizziness, lightheadedness, and even cause mood changes.  But snorting oxycodone brings on effects quicker and more intensely and is not medically recommended (just like mixing oxycodone and alcohol is not recommended).

Snorting Oxycodone side effects

Taking oxycodone orally as prescribed can cause drowsiness, dizziness, and even nausea and vomiting. Severe side effects are rarer, but can occur more frequently when the medication is not taken as prescribed, like when you snort it. These effects include:

  • abnormal heart rate
  • confusion
  • difficulty breathing
  • fainting/loss of consciousness
  • hallucinations
  • seizures

Snorting Oxycodone vs oral

Oxycodone is not medically indicated for insufflation (inhaling via the nose). And although narcotic pain medications can be taken orally, nasally, and even intravenously, oral preparations of oxycodone are safer, because the dose is more controlled. Snorting Oxycodone causes a quicker onset of effects, causing almost immediate pain relief and euphoric effects. But you’re also running the risk of poisoning, toxicity and overdose. Additionally, oral controlled release versions of oxycodone have a longer duration of action when taken orally vs snorted. Controlled release (CR) oxycodone is actually designed to work for over 12 hours, and when you crush an oxycodone CR tablet, you actually break this mechanism.

Snorting Oxycodone to get high

Snorting oxycodone causes large amounts of oxycodone hydrochloride to instantly enter the bloodstream through the nose cavity and tissues of the nose. This kind of immediate action is dangerous (especially with controlled release versions of oxycodone), because snorting oxycodone causes the drug to be absorbed in higher amounts than normal. If you snort oxycodone, you can abruptly stop breathing and can die. This is especially risky with extended release formulations. Plus, high doses of oxycodone might be tolerated by someone who’s taken opioids in large doses before, but they do raise the risk of adverse effects significantly.

Snorting Oxycodone dangers

Snorting Oxycodone has some serious side effects. Snorting Oxycodone puts you at increased risk of accidents due to your impaired abilities. Like other drugs, snorting can also harm your nasal passages over time, and even spread disease if you share snorting instruments. Snorting Oxycodone definitely increases the risk that you will become addicted to the medication. The most serious risk, of course, is that of potential overdose and death.  Although oxycodone overdose amount varies by your personal tolerance to opiates,  you SHOULD NOT TAKE single doses > 40 mg of controlled release oxycodone or total daily doses of of controlled release oxycodone greater than 80 mg.  These oxycodone doses are too much for someone just starting the medicine.

Snorting Oxycodone safely

Oxycodone is not safe to take by snorting. The FDA warns that single doses of controlled release oxycodone higher than 40 mg, and daily doses of controlled release oxycodone 80 mg can cause overdose in those who are not opioid tolerant. In fact, the agency is so concerned about oxycodone being abused by snorting, that they’ve required drug manufacturers to reformulate the OxyContin brand, so that crushing the drug no longer provides access to the full dose of the drug. While this doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of snorting oxycodone to get high or experience immediate pain relief, it makes it harder for people to overdose using this method.

Snorting oxycodone questions

Do you still have questions about snorting oxycodone? If so, please let us know. We respond to all oxycodone questions with a personal and prompt reply.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Hi, I’m inhaling oxynorm (immediate release, not extended). Are there different risks? I’m noticing the more I do it the more undissolved powder seems to get stuck. Can I put it in a little water first? Thanks.

  2. could you please tell what is the smell of the burning oxycodone? how about the harm impact will it give to the roommate or people share the house with the oxycodone sniffer or burning oxycodone smoke taker? how about the contamination will the smoke give to the apartment or house the drug taker live in?

  3. Been clean and sober for many years now with the help of suboxone. Speaking from someone who was in active addiction of opites and many other drugs for 10+years I can tel anyone struggling to get off Oxy and try to live a productive life without withdrawals and cravings to call there nearest methadond/Suboxone/pain management clinic. It saves my life. Nothing is perfect and you may get cravings but if you start on subs, lose your contacts for scripts, have a job/productive routine it’s possible. Fk all that only 5% of addicts get clean because honestly anytime you stay clean is better than that feeling of chasing the high.

  4. Bob has been snorting roxy 30s recently. Mixed with Tylenol, a single 30 lasts over a course of 6 hours. Bob had been snorting these for a few months now. But recently bob has had bad restless leg syndrome at night with no relief. Is this a side effect?

  5. Oxycodone may be addictive. Not may, it is! However for chronic pain sufferers such as myself, if taken the correct way that it is prescribed it outweighs all side effects. I rather live with a reduction of pain, being addicted, then live in agony. For those that snort and smoke, shame on you as you are violating ethics and give responsible users like me a stigma. I If you must smoke then try medical marijuana. If you must snort then be the drug addict you are and snort cocaine! Leave my legitimate oxycodone alone! I am indeed a medical professional.

  6. After snorting pain meds for three days. I blue my nose 20-30 times and a large clump comes out. Never bloody most of the time it looks like the pain meds mixed with normal snot. It burns once this clump comes out till I snort another pain pill. Why does this happen?

  7. I had a contract with my doctor and was receiving 200 -15mg tablets for the last 8 years after a hernia surgery went bad and let me in severe chroni pain. Last month I had a elbow bursa sac removal and I told the surgeon I was already on paid meds and didn’t need any pills unless the pain was worse than I expected. Well it was and I also developed an infection. So when I went back to get my stitches out I asked for 15 pills to make up for the extra pills I took. My doctor is now claiming that I broke the contract and is going to cut me off next week, which I know will have negative health ramifications. Should I ask her to admit me to the hospital? It is not my fault I’m in this situation, I know I’m addicted but I feel not being in pain at least gives me some kind of normal life.

    1. Hi Paul. First download out free e-book ‘The Definitive Guide To Quitting Opioid Painkillers’ to get better understanding of the whole process:
      Then, consult with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule. Finally, if you have any problems, call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab program for you.

  8. Hi, my name is Daniel and I had a question about snoring oxycodone, I found my sisters snoring her oxycodone last year she hasn’t stopped since then and is only prescribed 5 mg, but I have no idea how many she is actually doing and is prescribed 100 at a time, she has a severe back injury that according to the doctors will never go away… Is snoringA 5 mg very dangerous, only if you’re snorting one?

  9. Please help me,I have been on oxynorm for nearly 20 years as well as fentanyl patches and temazapan,I have taken these under the supervision of a doctor,prescribed to me from the pain clinic,I also used to take OxyContin,I have not taken oxycontin for about ten years,I am still in pain everyday,I just cannot carry on like this anymore,my son has never known me well but has known me tired fed up and just addicted to pain killers,I take 30 mg every 4 hours day and night,could anyone please help me,I want to stop taking this medication,I want to be free from drugs and need a detox clinic or something to help me,any advice would be a great help,does anyone know if I can go into hospital for detox,I really need to do this,please any help at all would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you in advance for any help at all.

    1. Hi Shirley. Call the helpline you see on the website to get i touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best treatment for you.

  10. I have recently learned information i didn’t know before so I have been doing some research but still am unsure of my amswer. 9 years ago I started on oxy 5 or and now I’m up to 15mg or 6 times a day. For prob 4 to 5 years now i have been sniffing them. I may just sniff a half to a whole at a time. Sometimes within an hour or 3 i may sniff 1 and a half. It varies. About 2 years ago I would drink sometimes too but then stopped drinking period. But 8 months ago I started having some drinks just one or 2 sometimes more or sometimes none. I have been reading the dangers of this and ive been drinking more lately..but now I am working on never drinking again but am trying to do that safely. In meantime i am still doing my oxy. After i safely stio drinking i am text to safely stop and taper from the oxy but that will b a slow taper stop so that I can do it safely while still being at home with my kids working, taking care kids, daily life n daily chores, and without anyone knowing so I’m not.judged or fired etccc. It’s been 9 yrs now tgat ive been on this prescription and many years of taking it wrong even. I’m scared now that something serious or fatal will happen while in trying to slowly stop it all just because I recently learned about overdose and statistics on all this! So my ?’s are…..with my tolerance and years using as well as the low amounts i take (sniff) at a time, am I at a high risk for overdose or death? Is sniffing 7.5mg or 15mg as risky as sniffing 39 mg? Or is it a little safer? Is sniffing that quantity safer than swallowing 30mg? I’m freaked out over all this now and I’m working on changing n stopping but its safer to do slow…but now I’m worried that in meantime something serious may happen even tho ive been takin this i.r. med for 9 yrs now. I know my tolerance is up which helps make it safer but i know ppl overdose and some die from these meds while using them correctly or abusing them. I just don’t understand the difference or the saftey?? 9 years in and taking this correctly (6 15mg or oxy per day and swallowing one every 4 hours as prescribed ….could I still have an overdose or not)? But luke i said lately i take 5 to.6 in a day but i may sniff a half or whole. I may sniff half every 2hrs for say…is this safe? Or any dif from takin them the other way??

  11. My sister has been snorting about 150 mgs of oxy a day for about 2 + years and has just became honest about this. We contacted all the detox centers in Washington (where we are) and every one had the reaction of “wow, thats A LOT.” They all said that she must ween her self to 70 mgs for 7 days at the very least before they can take her. She never had a prescription and her use has been recreational. The issue here is that she does not have access to oxy at the moment so weening her off safely isn’t an option. Do you have any recommendations or advice on how we can get her through this extreme detox process on our own without access to prescription drugs that can assist her? Thank you.

  12. hey im honestly thinking of snorting my oxy 5mg tablets because of my back pain im scared to tell my doc about the tablets not working because hes my fathers doctor as well im over being pain all the time and just want some form of relief i have mixed feelings about this i really want to do it but im scared to im also on targin 15 / 7.5 any help or advice would be awesome im looking at the tablets now….

  13. The VA put me on high doses over a secade ago after my surgery went wrong. I want to quit but every time I begin the process my pain level goes way up how can I defeat this demon I am an EX hroine china white and have ahigh tolerance to all drugs thats why I quit getting high today I feel hopeless because I am going up against the Gov.

  14. I have been snorting oxycodone for a couple years and i am prescribed them for cronic back pain the last couple weeks i have been experiencing pain in the right side of my chest. It feels like it could be my lung. I went to the ER twice and they keep telling me its costchondritis? Any input i can get will help

  15. Im in the process of detoxing from snorting aprox 90- 100 mgs of Oxynorm Daily, , My last day of this was Sunday, its now wednesday, I hate the damn stuff now, and I’m ashamed to have reached this point. i have not snorted anything at all but have taken orally only one 10 mgs tablet last thing at night on monday and tuesday evening which helped the symptoms .
    Physically I feel absolutely awful, but i know now that I’ve started that i have to continue because its only going to get better each day. . Can i ask , the fact I’ve dropped from such a large dose to virtually 10 mgs is that advisable? Also , i have to add that as of today (wedensday) i am actually beginning to feel slightly better than the previous two days.
    For anyone in the same situation as myself trying to kick oxycontin id say “Keep at it, don’t let this terrible addiction be all that you are”.

  16. Hello,
    Quick question; what is the bioavailability of the insufflated dosage of instant release oxycodone? Just curious if the reward is worth the risk. My friend says it’s almost 100% bioavailability when instafflating this drug, and that does not sound right. Also, is there an article here that talks about issues involved in Rectal Administration.

  17. I find all of this kinda hard to believe because I snorted 125 mgs of oxycodone this morning without ever doing an opiate before and I am fine I have a headache and that’s it

  18. my girlfriend is snorting oxy’s. I just found them. Can I flush them or does she have to “taper” off of them? She acts like a meth user. I’m so worried. Also, she has sores on the inside of her mouth. She is breaking out in sores all over her face. Are these signs of oxy abuse?

  19. How long does it generally take oxycodone IR use intranasally to affect your liver enzymes? Trying to figure out at least how long my son may have been using and why does it make you want to isolate yourself?

  20. If I were to take 14x5mg capsules of oxynorm, when I have not been on them before, would that kill me, or could I survive but with long term consequences?

  21. I have used oxycodone hcl off and on over 15 years for pain and have been on 5mg 4x a day for pain for a little over 1 year (back, trigeminal neuroliga, hip and arthritis). I had a bleeding ulcer removed in February and have since then snorted it. It is the tiny one with no Tylenol or acetaminophen added due to gastric bypass (liver issues). Is that going to hurt me?

  22. Iam really trying to get off oxycodone I did once before and it was horrible.iam weaning myself now but not sure if Iam doing it write cause I still snort it but I do snort less every 5 days is this ok

  23. My husband & I have been recreationally snorting like ine 15mg oxy, each a day for about 2 weeks, becuz a neighbor gave them to us and we thought we’d just have a little fun. Some days we didnt, but my point is after doing one for about 4-5 days in a row, is that enough to make us go thru withdrawals? Since were not doing them anymore? Keep in mind the total time weve been doing these spuratically is 3 weeks, but this last week it was 4-5 days consistantly.
    My husband has chills, back hurts, stomach cramps, and im achy.
    Is this withdrawal so soon? Frim just one a day, 15mg?
    Thank you for your help. We dont plan on going near them ever again. Oh, iv also heard the minute one wears off, you start withdrawals. Is that for addicts that have done them a long time?

  24. dairy products such as milk especially ice cream will help constipation .I have a bowel movement every morning and during the day .I eat vanilla ice cream everyday and have no problems .not to mention my weight looks good too.but everyone’s different I guess.just an luck

  25. I snort oxycodone 15 mg, 5 a day. I want to know the side effects of snorting such as messing up my nasa passages and will it effect my ears? Also, can a doctor be able to know that I’m snorting by looking up my nose or looking in my ears? Please help, I have a dr appt September 1!!

  26. Hi,, so over 5 hours ago I snorted 100mg of oxycodone on an empty stomach. I drank water because of the taste and threw it all up later. I just threw up again (3rd time) and it was water again but with reddish brown flecks in it. Was this blood? Am I ok? Do I need to go to a hospital?

  27. I’m living with severe chronic pain and have been on various opiates over the last decade. Just recently I was put in Oxynorm 10mg capsules, and for the first time in almost 10 years, I’m totally pain free. It’s a new world for me, but I hate the fact that I’ve got to hide my consumption of Oxynorm. I snort 10mg x4-5 times a day and have not experienced a single side effect from snorting. All the side effects I got from oral consumption of previous variants of opiates is gone. I know this will hurt my lungs and nose in the long run, but for some reason snorting seems to work a lot better than oral consumption. Might be because I’ve had stomach trouble from all the treatments and medicine I’ve had the last decade, I’ve got no idea. But I won’t stop snorting because finally the medicine is working and I’m able to do normal stuff like keeping my house clean and help others with daily chores. I wish I knew why oral won’t work on me, but I’m afraid of telling the doctor in case they label me as an addict. I’m not using any more than what I’m prescribed, and the pain I experience every second of any minute his real and from a previous trauma and following infections which went untreated for several years.

    I’m actually happy and pain free, I wish the doctors could prescribe some sort of nasal spray with the same effect, but I’m not sure if such a medicine even exists?

    I wish all of you good luck if you’re fighting an addiction. Stay safe and never forget to reach out to anyone if you hit rock bottom, you’re never alone, even though it does seem and feel like it a lot of the time.


  28. I snort oxycodone 15 mg, 5 a day. I want to know the side effects of snorting such as messing up my nasa passages and will it effect my ears? Also, can a doctor be able to know that I’m snorting by looking up my nose or looking in my ears? Please help, I have a dr appt September 1!!

  29. I’ve been on these pain meds for 6 years. Started with shoulder surgery and 325-10 Percs. Was perscibed 90 per month. After 5-6 months I asked the Dr. For more. He quickly gave me 150 per month. A respected orthopedic surgeon!! I was hooked now using to feel normal over pain. Had a knee surgery 2 years after. Was perscibed 15mg roxicodone (greens) and 80mg ER OxyContin. After years I’ve decided to stop. But, you find out you can’t cuz the withdrawals are so insanely terrible. You have to WEAN off. My pain management dr is awesome. I’m down to 10mg oxy (pinks) and 20mg ER OxyContin. Soon, he’ll reduce the Mg again until I’m off. I do find myself crushing and snorting the immediate release sometimes when my pain gets really bad. It’s immediate relife. I’ve been so tolerant for so long, swallowing just gets me normal, not “high” or out of pain. I will stop that and continue to wean. I’m skeptical of going the suboxone route so I’d rather wean and be done. I haven’t lost my job or family, I have spent $$ if I would run out of my script early. I guess I’ve always felt that if I’m not hitting rock bottom, I don’t have a problem. Well that’s FALSE. I know some of you feel that way too. You have to admit to yourself that you have an issue. Then please find a dr. Willing to help you get well. Don’t be afraid to admit it to them. They will help you. Best of luck to all


    1. Hi, Someone. Why don’t you call the number you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  31. When I was 18 i starting having severe chronic abdominal pain with vomiting, severe as in screaming for hours on end and passing out from the pain sometimes, and no doctor could find a diagnosis. For years I avoided pain meds at all cost, my mother was an addict and as a child I remember her getting so high she would pass out literally in the middle of chewing her food and sleep all nght with food in her mouth, I would wake her up in the morning and she would start chewing. That memory stopped me from taking pain meds for years even with excruciating pain. However, I eventually gave in, and after 6 years of responsible narcotic use for the pain I was, unavoidably, physically addicted. Then I started giving myself reasons why it was ok for me to take the meds even though I wasn’t in pain. I would think things like “It’s ok for me to take it now because I know it will hurt eventually, so I’m just being proactive” By that time my tolerance was so high 6ml’s of 20mgs per 1ml Roxonal (Liquid morphine taken oraly) would barely effect me. It’s around that time I began blatantly taking it to get high, and would even fake my pain sometimes and go to the ER so I could get IV dilaudid. Despite all this I somehow convinced myself that I could stop anytime, and when my chronic pain problem was solved, surprisingly I did… For a few months. Now I buy my meds illegally and recently started snorting 30mg blues, and have gotten so good at hiding it I know none of my friends or family will be able to find out if I don’t want them to. I’m afraid that one day after I have kids I’ll be found by one of them, on the couch, asleep, with a midnight snack still in my mouth or worse, on the couch dead. Opioid pain meds have a mind of their own, they change you, make you abandon your values and change you into the worst version of yourself you can be. I wish more than anything I would have chose to endure the pain and stuck with my gut feeling to stay away from the meds. This is the first time these thoughts have left my head, no one in my life knows I’m an addict, aside from all of you now. Tonight will be the last night of my life I spend high, drifting in and out of consciousness, alone in my room with the door locked. I came here looking for a better way to get high, but I’ll leave with the courage to get sober. Thank you to the people who were honest and shared their stories, you gave me the courage to say these things for the first time.

  32. I used to snort oxys and have quit and am getting off long acting morphine with the help of my Dr.
    I take everything as directed now …..However, I think I damaged my lungs from snorting them.
    I wheeze so bad and have a hard time breathing….it’s been a couple months and they are just as
    bad. Will they ever get better?

  33. So I have some roxicodone marked 244 and there a tad bit bigger then what I remember Roxies to be back in let’s say 09′-10′. I know they’re immediate release but after blowing 150mgs. I was left with little euphoria. I know they reformulated the OxyCotins back some years ago. Making them borderline indestructible and pretty much useless. Anyways here’s my question. Did they reformulated these as well also? I remember buying Roxie’s years ago and one left me decent , two left me perfect, and three was super noticeable to those around me. So, is there any reason these things don’t seem as powerful as they used to or should I try a new method to help the onset appear quicker or nah?

  34. Are the oxys with the imprint NP 12 ok to snort? I am use to the Oxy Immediate Release 10mg but got some of the NP12s and they seem very hard to crush up. I get fast acting results by doing them this way and with my chronic pain need fast action not to wait around for them to kick in by taking them orally. I fall asleep when taking them orally and my busy schedule prevents me from waiting around and/or falling asleep when taking them orally on a daily basis.

    1. Hi, Jane. Please consider that it is illegal to consume medications other than prescribed, and snorting is an illegal way of administration. Keep in mind that you put yourself at risk.

  35. If I have a 10mg oxycodone but I don’t want to take the full thing, can I cut it in half for a 5mg or will that ruin the controlled release?

  36. Jon make some very strong eddibles from some high thc bud
    and TRY A VICKS Vapor nasal inhaler
    This will help with the physical \mental BURN you get from snorting
    when in the service
    the drug snorters said it really helped get past the craving for the burn in you nasal \head
    the high thc will not kill you but you will get very very high and it will help if you have opiate
    and the opiate craving
    A bonus is the M.J. meds and cbd’s will help mend you body
    and most of all
    Drugs lie to you by giving a false comfort and happieness
    Think about tomorrow without the drugs
    and remember happy time without or before the drugs
    ask yourself for strength to do this and please think of the people you hide your addiction from
    They are the ones you care about the most and you would have the most reason to find your strength for
    Brother I have been their and my greatest strength was found when I told them of my struggles and asked them for help
    if you cannot do this battle alone form your own army to fight it with you

  37. Been a constant snorter for 6 years….mostly oxycodone but also hydrocodone, roxcicet, herion. Been clean 3 days..I can go weeks even a month or two without using. This being said I cannot resist the temptation of it when its available…. Its like common sense says please no…but my brain makes it a goal to get as much of it up my nose as fast as possible. Just looking for advice, rehab or help at this point is not an option.

  38. Hello
    , this is from a experience of pain and opiates , yest they are very addictive when used wrong AND AS PRESCRIBED, yes you body does develop a tolerance that will make you need more drug and YES they are real b! tch to come off of
    MY ADVISE FOR PAIN relief is to try CBD oil
    It is unbelievable how well CBD oil works for pain relief ,I was doing 50-60 mg a day of axy forpain and always needed more
    I tried snorting the drug to get more pain relief BUT afyter 4 days of doing my does ‘
    I had an experience with very labored breathing ( I made my copd give me an exascerdation ( flair up ) the bad news , it scared the living crap out of me
    The good news, it scared me so bad I STOPPED SNORTIN AND STOP SMOKING
    SNORTING with ANY lung weakness ( asthma, copd , emphasema ) can be deadly, when you snort the crushed pill the dust also goes into your lungs and inflames the tissue ,at the same time the drug causes your breathing reflex to shallow and you exhale slowly many times unknowingly you do not inhale for a long time causing your body to starve for oxygen and this can cause you to slowly or rapidly become unconscious
    My breathing attack was the scariest thing I have ever experienced as I sai
    I imeadiatlly hi tthe internet ,
    There was on account where someone else that had had my experience used cbd’s to decrease his pain AND used eddiable marijuana to help manage his pain
    I imeadiatlly ordered cbd oil online ( miracle smoke has an oral dose oil( call and talk to a rep about the oral CBD oil)
    and I bought some non-medical marijuana from a friend the grows his own
    I decided to make eddibles, (Again online instructions to harvest the thc’s for cooking ,decarbolaxin definatly make the nasty taste go way)
    Been to years of self medicating with Cbd’s and edible M.J.
    I no longer have to snort to kill the pain
    my pain level has gone down to I where only use 5-15 Mg a day
    and in the summer when my pain level is the lowest I some time only use my oxys every other day
    I realized that the edibles made my withdrawl very tolerable when I first cut way back ( I like t=o breath and not have panic attacks from restricted breathing 0 so when my girl friend toold me of a friend of here’s who was a heroin addict that was trying to get clean
    I made him a very strong batch of marijuana cookies and we went to see him at 5 in the morning
    We got him awake ( with great difficulty ) and made him get up with us , we brought coffee and had him eat 2 of my cookies and drink 2 large glasses of water
    after about 1 1\2 hours he said he was tierd , I checked his pulse and listened to his chest with my ear
    his breathing was strong and deep and well regulated ( no pause between breaths )
    , We let him go to sleep and stayed with him
    about 6 hours latter we he woke up , we made coffee and he had 2 more cookies and as much water as he could drink,. while he was still awake he related that even though it was almost 8 hours since he had done his normal amount of heroin
    he had almost none of the normal withdrawl cravings that he had when he tried to stop cold turkey before ( especial the terrible feeling in his stomach ) again after an hour 1\2 he was back to sleep , we again checked him out and watched movies until til he woke up again 4 hours later
    More coffee and cookies and water (
    , but an hour later he was ” ravenous ‘ we mad some soup and he had it with bread (easily digested food ) after eating, more sleep we stayed again until he woke up
    he urinated forever , he said his urine smelled and looked terrible , but again was surprised that his withdrawl was ‘ Minimal ”
    we stayed for a while , he said we could leave ( he had a cookie for desert also ) because he was tired again ( I figured it was best to let him sleep through his cravings )
    I checked him out and we stayed for an hour before we left
    and I left the cookies and a pot of coffee so all he would have to do is nuke it
    I believe that the coffee ,being a diuretic and the water helped purge his system of the high dose of heroin ( opioid) and the M.J. cookies helped his body and mind deal with the lessening of opiates
    He started using heroin because he could no longer afford the street or prescription opiates ,and when he did get his script It was gone in 4 days and he was back in pain
    he called at around 2 am to tell us he was doing well and he had more water and cookies with milk this time
    He hasen’t relapsed to heroin yet (4 years latter ) and he is now using 1\3 the pain meds to control his pain
    He makes his own edibles ( great brownies and home made chocolates from Medical M.J. 0
    We have helped many with with drawl, but he was the most strung out
    The detox centers should do studies about M.J. and opiate with drawl
    it is at least worth a try for those of you tryingto manage pain AND GET OFF THE HIGH DOSES
    please try the cbd’s and the Eddibles ( eating the M.J. works the best for pain relief and withdrawl
    it last longer and helps you body and head by giving it a different ‘High ”
    but in itself IS NOT ADDICTIVE and IMPOSSIBLE TO O.D. on
    for your own sake and health I beg you to PLEASE AT LEAST TRY Mediables and CBD’s ( CBD’s are legal in every state and online legally )
    I have been where you are and wish you all the best in your struggles
    Mother nature has many cures and we have but to find the ones that work for us
    Get your life back and you will see that it is worth living when you have less pain
    sorry for the spelling and writing skills
    I am intelegent but have little education ,
    I am 60 years old and look foreward to many more happy years
    a feeling I did not have when I was fighting pain and opiate addiction

  39. Hi , someone told me u can roll a cotton ball into the powder of a oxycodone and water mixture. and then put the cotton up ur nose and snort it like that ! Is that true ? Or would u say they r lieing and r probably injecting it with a needleand its a cover story?

  40. I got these new oxy 10 milligrams that I’ve never ever seen before but I could crush them I just want to know if I can Snort them. They got the number 10 on one side nothing on the other side and is blue

    1. Hi Seggie. Yes, if they are round pills with 10 imprinted on one side and OC imprinted on the other – that is oxycodone 10mg. However, snorting Oxycodone is never recommended and you can read about the risks and dangers of doing so in the article above.

  41. Just wondering why when I first started snorting oxy80s I got really high and now I get really sleepy instead. I get that I’ve built a tolerance to it but why would it only make me sleepy now instead of helping with the pain I’m in and feeling good?

  42. What happens if you take a 15 mg Oxicodone orally and at the same time snorting the same amount… followed by orally taking a alprazolam 1mg?

  43. Tbh ppl will tell u anything just so u wont do it, my only advice is do not do more than what ur body can handle, but w oxycodone , I will warn u eat before snorting , bc when I did it my first time I was throwing up for hrs lmao, if ur gunna snort a pill if ur small dont snort more than 30 or 40mg , if ur medium dont snort more than 60mg , n if ur big dont snort more than 80mg , also drink water n make sire ur hydrated.

    1. Hello ReadyToStop. You can call the helpline number displayed on our page and speak with our trusted treatment providers that will help you find the most suitable treatment plan for you.

  44. Question for the blogger.
    I have been prescribed 8 30mg oxycodone a day which I snort, use 50mg fentinyl patches, and prescribed 3 40mg oxycotin a day. Went to the Dr for a blood test and it shows I have pertussis which I have no idea how. I’ve always been in top physical shape my whole life before my accidents which now been taking these painkillers for 5 years and for 6 months smoked heroin to bridge the gap when I ran out early many weeks which turned into just smoking H for that half year. But got off herion and back on my regular pain meds.
    Could snorting oxycodone cause pertussis? Or could it have been from smoking H? Maybe from neither but anything you can tell me about this would be great.
    Let me know if you have any info that can help.

  45. My husband has congestive heart failure he’s on dialysis type 1 hepatitis c and his heart is functioning at 10% or less still he continues to snort pills. We fight about this all the time he says that snorting the pills doesn’t affect his lung, but he has been the the hospital once a month for the past four months because he is unable to breathe. Once he is in there for a day or two he starts to straighten up

  46. Jennifer I have the same question as you and can’t get an answer. I really need help as it is getting out of control & excruciating pain. Idk what to do & I’m in fear of losing my job & possibly my family. I’m not happy with myself& can’t get any answers without being put away somewhere.

  47. Will sniffing oxycodone long-term damage your sinus cavity & or cause sinus tumors? If so will they heal on their own after you stop using? Or will there be permanent damage?

  48. @ Mick. I do not know what places you hang out, but the idea that one can “hardly go anywhere” without being exposed to heroin smoke is quite the ridiculous statement! I am 43 years old and have never, ever been around heroin smoke. I have never ever been around anyone who used heroin except when working in the human services field. I guess if drugs and drug users are your lifestyle, then this statement might make more sense. But for those of us who do not run with addicts on a daily basis, being around heroin smoke is not at all common. Another concern about your post is that 10 mg of oxycodone taken within 2-3 days of a standard urine test will almost always show up. You are correct, it is a relatively small dose especially for many of us on this discussion board, but it is not minute and will trigger a positive test result in most people. I don’t mean to critique you, but I work in the field and have a lot of professional experience with these types of things and would not want someone getting the wrong information.

  49. 10 mcg? That is such a small amount you might as well say ZERO. Where did that info come from? You would require an extremely accurate and sensitive test to detect 10mcg in any urinalysis! Certainly the usual 7-panel test used by most institutions would not detect that small an amount of Oxycodone and they could have entered your system through as little as being in the same room as somebody who was smoking a pill or something. Do you really understand quite how small an amount that is? Take a grain of sand. Or salt. Crush it up. Find a particle, and you have probably got that kind of amount.
    I know people who have tested positive for all kinds of things that they (to their knowledge) haven’t even been close to. False results, especially at these kinds of level, are not exactly uncommon. Second hand heroin smoke and marijuana smoke are most commonly found in these ‘false positives’. Probably because these days one can hardly go anywhere at all without being exposed to some kind or another of either, being so common. Sit ten minutes in a room where somebody has smoked half a gram of Afghani heroin base a couple of hours ago and you stand a good chance of ending up with 10mcg/per… YOU DID NOT SAY IN WHAT AMOUNT OF BLOOD – and urinalysis unless performed with extremely expensive equipment which costs a lot PER TEST is not the most accurate of methods.

  50. If someone snorted 60mg of oxycodone all at once, how long will it take to test negative on a urine drug screen? I have heard that the elimination half life if oxycodone is 4.5 hours and to test negative you have to have at least .01 mg in your urine sample. I have been trying to figure out how to do the formula to get the number of hours it would take for one to test negative after taking the 60mg all at once! Thank you

  51. This is my preferred method of taking my prescribed OxyContin. It gives instant analgesia, and as I am well tolerant, there is no danger (I am currently prescribed a third of what I was ten years ago). However doing this necessitates redosing three times daily rather than twice. So I am always left with a week every month with no OC at all and have to improvise with other meds.

  52. My best friend snorts Oxys and is supposedly cutting down to quit. I don’t think she is and I’m trying to support her so she will quit again. She has done it before and now that she is a parent, I know she can again. I just don’t see any real improvement, if anything now that she knows I know, it is worse. How can I help her?

  53. I’m not snorting drugs or any kind but I have my suspicions about my mom’s old bf and I’m worried becausemy mom and him have a good relationship. This helped a lot

  54. Hi Scott. Get your son to the nearest mental health or substance abuse clinic as soon as possible. They will do an assessment and get him into treatment right away. If he has just started, he can probably stop without too many withdrawal symptoms. However, if he has been doing it awhile, he will go through withdrawal and I am not sure how well a young person such as he will do with these. Indeed, at that age, if taking an oxy will get rid of the withdrawals, I can’t imagine him being strong enough to cope with them when ending them is as easy as swallowing a pill. Thus, the assessment process can determine if he needs inpatient detox assistance. Yet, do not wait and do not worry about him being labeled an addict at such a young age. I know parents who hesitate to get their kids help because they don’t want their children to be labeled, but opiate addiction is very dangerous and immediate intervention is necessary. I am have a Ph.D., but I am also an active opiate addict. Thus, I have first hand knowledge of how dangerous the addiction can be. Good Luck!

  55. Hi, I have a question which no one seems to be able to answer including my physician. I have either asthma or COPD, not sure which. When I use (swallow) Oxycodone, my breathing becomes easier, if not normal. Any ideas as to why this might be? Thank you.

  56. So.. I have been snorting oxys for over ten years now. I’ve been on higher doses, but I currently take 40 mg 4 times a day and also wear a 50 mcg fentanyl patch. I have ridiculous chronic pain in my neck, but the worst is my chronic headaches. They are a result of severe arthritis in 6 of the 7 discs in my neck. So… I have attempted many, many times to get myself to that place where there is NO PAIN. Several months ago I snorted about 45 30mg oxys over a period of about a day and a half. I had extremely severe edema, my whole body was swollen. But my legs, ankles and feet were HUGE; I couldn’t walk. And I also had a murmur in my heart. How is it possible that this didn’t kill me???

  57. Hello and thank you for trying to help your friend. The best and safest thing you can do for him is to get him some professional medical help. Get him to the ER or Call 911.

  58. I was prescribed 5mg Oxycodone for shoulder pain, but never took any. I carry them with me, just in case. I am afraid to share a room with someone I know, as I am afraid that she will go through all my things and take the pills. What should I do?

  59. My son has been clean for some time but he confessed yesterday he had snorted oxy. How long does it stay in your system? I want to be able to drug test him to see if he’s continuing to do it but I want to be sure I’m not detecting what he did yesterday. From my understanding, I need to test for oxycotin not opiates.

  60. I am not here to promote AA/NA but I do want to say that I went to NA for oxy abuse after coming clean. 4 days of the flu then a few days of depression. Hot showers , hyland restless leg tabs ( whole foods) , couple xanax and it was tolerable. I discovered NA was to chaotic and to many high kids coming and going almost like a high school party ( I am 34). I am glad to see them all trying of course. I then started AA and things got better quick for me. More meetings and longer sobriety. The old timers went through the same shit we are or went through except with booze. Booze is no joke when you drink until you withdrawal. I hear its life threatening unlike opiate withdrawal. Go to meetings, get a Sponser and don’t leave until the miracle happens. I’ve been going for 6 months and improvement is happening. No miracle but better than day 1. It took 2 months to grasp what AA/Na was really about. Please try it. It may save your life . God bless you all.

  61. Eric, your concern is the same as mine, although I do not do that high amount every single day, just 2 – 3 times a week and it IS to be out of pain. I can’t imagine childbirth pain if my shoulders and back hurt so much. I also have DGD and RA which makes it worse. Hope you (WE) get an answer. This seems like a great place for info. I saw other blogs and they SU*KED!

  62. I have been on Percocet (Oxycodone) since 2011. Before that I started on Vicodin in 2008 after an injury. I take 10/325 up to 8 times a day, usually snorted because of bilateral Rotor Cuff Tears and 5 Surgeries total on both. I also suffer from Insomnia and Depression and usually take 2mg Xanax and 10mg Valium 4 times a day (not all the time). SOMETIMES (not always) I take over the recommended amount of APAP and I am afraid of Liver Damage and Death. I am 50 and have a HIGH TOLERANCE for pain Medication as I am also on 80mg of Opana a day (40mg every 12 hours). Has anyone taken this amount of Percocet (over the APAP Limit) sometimes and been diagnosed with Liver Damage or Liver Failure?

  63. Hi Eric. Your doctor can help you with creating a tapering schedule that will reduce the doses of oxy you are taking, but it will be done slowly and over time, so the severity of the withdrawal symptoms will be reduced. Also, your doctor can prescribe other meds that treat oxycodone withdrawal symptoms.

  64. I have oxycodone pills 20mg each and now I chew them up then I swallow them and my question is that is this more dangerous and am I damaging my organs or intestines by doiing this? I want to stop taking oxycodone but when I try to stop I wake up in the morning with my whole body hurting really bad and nothing gives me relief until around 6pm I finally give in and take 1 20mg oxy and that completely takes all the pain away and makes me feel better almost immediately I need help stoping. what should I tell my doctor that prescribes me these pills for pain? anything I should tell my doctor that he can subcribe me something to stop taking oxys? thank you and great blog.

  65. I was given oxycodene from a friend to take for a reoccurring shoulder pain but haven’t taken any yet because one I don’t want to be come addicted and two I’m scared of what will happen to me. Any answers to that? Please

  66. Hello Dianne. I can’t tell you the exact side-effects from a particular dose, such as 40 mg. But there are general, underlying risks and dangers from snorting oxycodone. In regards of the respiratory system, they include: slowed breathing, irregular breathing, damage to the sinuses and nasal membranes, it can even cause your breathing to stop, which can be fatal.

  67. Please let me know if there are side effects with snorting 40mg oxycodone, specifically to the the respiratory system and especially to the lungs.
    Thank you

  68. Hi some guy. You can probably start taking it orally, and then gradually taper doses down. This would lower the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. But, just to be safe, talk to a doctor first.

  69. Ive been snorting oxys for about 6 months now anf enjoy it like any one else who does it. I realized the last time I was out for 5 days and felt my body letting me know. Depression, sleepy, stomache aches, runny nose, not caring about work. I can admit that when I found more it all went away and I never want to feel that way again. What Can I do to help me not feel so horrible and getting through trying to quit cause the pain I get makes me buy more. Dont want to be addicted to these awesome horrible pills no more. Help me stop?

  70. I have chronic pain and have been suffering for years now. I’m on 10 mg opana twice a day and 15mg oxy 5 times a day. I have an extremely high tolerance and because of my age, I’m 29 my Dr’s won’t up my dose and I’m still n a lot of pain. My friend told me I should try to snort it for better pain relief. But I’ve never done drugs before outside of my prescription pain meds so I’m nervous at the thought . Well I have smoked grass in the past. Anyway if I tried to snort it what will be a safe starter for me? As I’m up to taking 30mg oxycodone orally to begin to get some pain relieve. Tour insight would be much appreciated.

  71. Hello. This forum has been very helpful. I have Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and suffer with slipped disks and knee issues. Chronic pain is my life. I’m on 15mg oxycodone quick release and 20mg extended release oxymorphone. But my tolerance is so high now that neither meds work anymore and my Dr won’t higher it at this time. Is it safe to snort my 15mg oxy to get better and quicker pain relief. I need help. I’ve also been on the e dose of oxy for over 2 yrs. Just doesn’t work but Dr’s r hesitant because of my age I’m 29. And “too young ” for a higher dose right now as I’ll b on pain killers for the rest of my life says my dr. Advice please

  72. Hi Jennifer. It’s a good start that you are willing to stop the habit. Here is an article that might help you get a better idea about what you’ll be facing:
    Of course, seeing a doctor to help you with a tapering schedule and having medical help available at any time during tapering and withdrawal is very important. Let us know if you have any other concerns.

  73. I have been sniffing oxycodone for months now. I want to stop on my own but don’t know how. When I go without it for a couple hrs I have really bad jaw pain that will not go away until I snort it again. I need advice on how to stop safely on my own!

  74. will snorting codene prevent constipation….im taking 10 mg a day for back pain…..I have tried many things to prevent constipation while taking them orally but nothing is working ” like metamusel and drinking tonns of water” but if there was a different way of taking them I would do it..

  75. I just snorted have a pill of 20mg strong release kind and it gave me the effects of being on oxy like 5 minutes after but really intense. Now I have the other have of the pill, can i take that oraly now? is there a way to inject my oxycodone time release pills? 20 mg? and how? I need help so I wont do it wrong. I already inject another opied almost daily called buprenorfina. 0.3mg 1ml. I would apreciate the help on how to make them injectable. thanks.

  76. @Random; I know its hard but you need to get to a meeting (NO EXCUSES!!) have a friend drive you or take a bus (there are meetings in practically every city at all times…..yes there are that many of us) Go to the main site: and see when you can get there, once a the meeting all you have to do is just listen, and then just talk to the women there and they will be more than happy to come pick you up and take you to more meetings because one addict helping another is without parallel and we only get to keep what we have by giving it away. FREE YOURSELF !!!! FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!! I can’t promise that it will be perfect or even easy but I can promise it will be a lot better than the crap you are living in/with now.

  77. Hi, No I haven’t in a long time. My license is suspended from totaling my car when my blood sugar was too low so I don’t have a way to get myself to meetings until the DMV finds my diabetes to be controlled and allows my driving privelages to be re-instated. I finally quit drinking and smoking so now I am dry and loosing my mind. I wish I knew other people in recovery.

  78. Hey again, Random. The people that can completely understand you are addicts in recovery. We’ve been there. We’ve thought those things. Have you connected with Narcotics Anonymous?

  79. Yes, but if you tell them what you really think and feel, they have you committed because they worry you will harm yourself. There is no one to talk to. You can’t tell people you wish you were dead. Some drugs ruin you forever. Meth will ruin you forever and no amount of clean time ever restores you to whole again. I think the people on this particular site are just here to discuss Oxy which is an ok drug in high doses for helping you tolerate pain but probably not strong enough to kill a real addict. You would need a big dose of heroin to take down a real addict. A line of Oxy up your nose won’t do it. It’s a waste of time.

  80. Hi random.

    Addiction does suck. And it can make you want to end your life. But there is a solution. Have you ever talked openly with an addictions specialist about what’s going on with you?

    I wish you peace!

  81. If God isn’t ready to take you, it won’t matter how much you use, you just end up in the ER where they will treat you like shit and then off to a psych ward for an “evaluation”. Some addicts can’t overdose even when we try really hard and use so called lethal doses of drugs and alcohol combined, nope, no luck, we just wake right up and walk it off like it never even happened. It just wastes good meds, gets you locked up and lands you with people who are actually dangerous and want to kill you in a loony bin. You don’t get to peacefully drift off to heaven if you snort Oxy. It does suck being an addict. I think most people looking this shit up want to say how many pills do I need to swallow to die? Right? Is that the question? How many pills should I chop up and snort up before I’m dead? But that sounds bad so we present it in away that won’t alarm anyone to 5150 us. Is there a safe place to talk about addiction? It doesn’t feel like it. (P.S. For the constipated guy on Oxy, buy Phillips Milk of Magnesia, it’s in a blue bottle, it’s cherry flavored. Take two big swigs of that a day with water. You will go to the bathroom)

  82. I have a question about the effects of insufflation. A good friend of 20 years was snorting Roxy 30s. He had a brain aneurysm. He didn’t tell the drs that he was snorting them. I’m wondering if there is a strong chance of that or is he snorting other things that he’s not telling me about. I know for a fact he snorted the very large morphine 15mg. Do you think either of them is the culprit or just predisposed genetically.

  83. Hi Danny. What a testimony! I hope that you are doing well and that you enjoy every moment of life. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Best to you.

  84. I was on 30mg roxycodone,valum and klonopin for 4 months the Doctor prescribed me.I started to not myself I told my wife that it felt I needed to talk with someone and and after that day I don’t remember nothing witch was 2 days later I overdosed on snoring 100 roxys,30 valums and 40 klonopin….I guess I layed i n my van for 2 to 3 hrs That’s what a nearby garage person forgot a tool at work and seen me there and called the law.The Ems came and tried to revive me they put me a medical duce comma.I don’t remember 2 days before or 3 days after the comma.I am so ashamed i always said how can someone do that.The drugs took me to death and back well god had another plan for me.I have a beautiful wife that bend married to for 20 years and a great son that is 19 that took care of me and been standing by me for 2 months of withdrawals.I talk to a center for mental health….”””””””””””I’m over alot of side effects but it is 30 degrees outside and I sweat so bad how long or is it ever going to go away””””…I know i shouldn’t be writing this All the doctor’s said I should be DEAD.My wife told me everything once they found me she was at work my boy was to but they was there at the van when they was working on me….I WISH I COULD TAKE THAT DAY BACK BIT I CAN’T FIND IT IN MY HEAD ANOTHER THING I WROTE A SUICIDE LETTER AND CALLED MY FAMILY AND SAID I LOVED THEM IF ANYTHING HAPPENS.I DON’T REMEMBER NOTHING THEM DRUG ARE AWFUL and she showed me pictures from the hospital it made me sick.I had so many hoses coming out of me and hook up to a breathing machine

  85. Hi Shannon. I’m not sure; you’ll need to seek the advice of a toxicologist or coroner. From my reading, stimulants can cause a stroke due to increased blood pressure and heart rate. But oxycodone is known to slow heart rate. Keep looking and let us know when you find an answer.

  86. Can snorting oxycodone cause problems with your teeth and gums? Can it cause necrosis of the jaw bone or problems with the bones of your mouth?

  87. Hi Deb. Snorting doesn’t affect the liver any more than taking oxycodone orally does. There have been rare cases of hepatitis and cholestasis have reported as the liver becomes inflamed from the obstruction of normal bile flow after use of oxycodone. But, from my reading, oxycodone is not associated with the development of fatty liver.

  88. I am under the care of a pain management doctor. I have suffered from chronic pain most my life. I take oxycodone, not oxycontin. I have been sniffing it because by the time I can take my next dose, I need it to work fast. I was wondering if this has anything at all to do with non alcoholic fatty liver disease. There are other reasons behind it such as high cholesterol, being overweight, bad diet, etc. But I am wondering about this.

  89. Hi worried. Look for dilated pupils, which may be a side effect of quickly administered doses of oxycodone. Other than a blood test, there’s no real way to be sure of HOW MUCH oxycodone is in his system at any given time. And set limits: if he snorts, are you ready to leave him? Take a look at your boundaries and get firm on what you will accept and what you will not.

  90. hubby has been snorting oxy behind my back for a couple years(verified by friends) he admits to under 10 times lol due to a neck surgery he has a limitless amount but swars he dont snort now ofcorse i dont believe that but what can I watch for i dont want to loose him to this crap he is very good at hiding thigs from me so the obvios rolled up bills and lighter is never out

  91. Hi Junior. I think that many people can relate. You’ll need to change the people, places, and things that you do in order to get off Vicodin. Also, look into inpatient or outpatient drug treatment so that you can get to the psychological reasons you use. Call 1-800-662-HELP for a national government hotline that can hook you up with local resources.

  92. Hey everyone, i first had oxycodone when i was 18. I was prescribed when i had my wisdom teeth removed, first time i took it i was in so much pain like i was crying thats how bad the pain was then i took it again the next day for a lil bit of pain, I loved the way it made me feel, i felt good and was up for anything good mood everything about it felt awesome. Then at work someone would always sell me Vicodins and loved it as well soon it became an addiction i dont go to the point were i steal or anything but now im afraid to stop CT because of my job i cant function without it, i dont even feel high sometimes when i snort 60 mgs of blues, i just want to feel normal and get my life back when i was enjoying my family without pills playing basketball, problem is i sell blues and have so much access to them. I NEED HELP!!

  93. Yes, one more question. First thanks 4 the insightful info. after reading your answers about snorting pain Rx, it’s no longer an option 4 me, however, can u please tell me what I can do, to not become so queezy, n constipated while taking it??? Crackers, or toast w/cottage cheese have’nt been working. Thanks Again

  94. Ive been taking oxycodone since 92. Im 50 yrs of age and have cronic pain not only do to my 5 bulging disks but for both of my knee’s that were replaced, in 05 and 07. I had to take somthing tonight to stop the pain. Ive recently had both rotator cuffs done. When i had my 1st knee done, i did notice that i was getting addicted. I stopped for a week…… The pain was excruciating… im talking about the knee. The addiction was know better. Hot sweats and chills durring that same week. Im talking about , one minute your fine and the next your not. I do admit,,,, this drug spells DANGER!!!!
    The thing that saved me… is knowing before you take it and learning the side affects. Ive been an asthmatic since i was born. Ive delt with surups, shots, pills and inhailers. Luckely for me. I hate pills!! Im on a pain clinic plan now for my back, knee’s and arm pain. Just last week i re-tore my right rotator cuff. Im not looking forward to my next opperation. Its going to be more painfull and take twice as long to heal. And all the side affects to boot. If you think its fun to take oxycodone and to get a buzz. Please consider this. I will be constipated for 4 – 7 days (without taken a dump) . Now thats a friggon blast!!!!

  95. I would like to share my heart to those inclined to addiction of this drug, and other pain meds… just how easily deceived the mind, the body and the spirit of the person can become. If you take these it is not the warning that “you MAY become addicted” rather “you WILL become addicted”. As this article illustrates the whole outcome or purpose of these medications are designed to deceive the body, to mask/fool the pain, and sadly enough the thought or the idea that a person would dare admit to addiction is also packaged in deceit… denial is one of the greatest symptoms and the most dangerous, and should be placed at the top of the list.
    I have witnessed such destruction due to these drugs… I’ve watched chldren leaving the arms of their moms and dads by case workers… ripped from the security of their family crying and screaming for the arms of their mommies. I’ve seen young people rob their parents of any and everything they can get their hands on for the drug… lying becomes their truth and they know not the difference any more. Not only are the families destroyed but those friends around them also
    but the saddest of all is the violent destruction brought against the innocent child who has to suffer.

  96. Hi Lori. Crushing an OxyContin breaks the controlled release and provides you with an immediate rush of oxycodone, enough to overdose. Good that you vomitted. I would suggest a visit to an ER, to be sure that things are OK. Or at the very least, a check in with a medical doctor.

  97. Hi.
    I didn’t snort OxyContin, but a friend of mine gave me an 80mg controlled release tablet today because I have a toothache. I did crush the pill though.. And an hour or two later, I was vomiting. After reading some info on this med, I’m actually very scared. Will I be ok!? I’m afraid to go to sleep. Please help!

  98. Hi Joseph. Tolerance to oxycodone or any opioid develops over time, and the timeframe is highly individual. It’s unlikely that only a few oral doses of oxycodone lead to increased tolerance for oxycodone and therefore dangerous and highly risky to snort oxycodone afterwards.

  99. if someone has taken 10mgs of oxycodone orally a few times will snorting 1 5mg possibly kill them or is there enough tolerance built up?

  100. Hi Anon. Oxycodone, when taken in really high doses, slows down the central nervous system so much that normal breathing slows down. Taking too much oxycodone can cause your breathing to slow down, become more shallow, and possibly stop, depending on how much medication you have taken.

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