Vicodin overdose: How much amount of Vicodin to OD?

You can OD on Vicodin if taken in larger doses than directed, even if the dose is only increased slightly. How much Vicodin is safe for you and more on Vicodin overdose here.

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It takes about 90 mg of hydrocodone to overdose, which is the equivalent of 18 Vicodin tablets. But more than 1000 mg of the acetaminophen found in Vicodin begins to damage the liver. Is there anything that you can do to prevent an unintentional Vicodin overdose? In this article, we’ll explore how much Vicodin it takes to OD along with the risk factors for Vicodin overdose. And we invite your questions about Vicodin and overdose at the end.

Vicodin overdose – How much is too much?

The reason people abuse Vicodin is the opiate hydrocodone that it contains. While seeking a Vicodin high, addiction is also possible, but Vicodin overdose is quicker and can cause permanent damage.  But what is more poisonous: hydrocodone or acetaminophen?  And what doses are dangerous?

However, Vicodin only contains 5 mg of hydrocodone – and a whopping 500 mg of acetaminophen, the active ingredient of Tylenol. More than 1000 mg of acetaminophen at one time is technically an overdose, but will only cause damage if this is done regularly. At this dose, Vicodin probably won’t kill you, but you will start to suffer severe liver damage. At doses higher than 4000 mg of acetaminophen per day, poisoning with severe effects such as vomiting and abdominal pain can occur. At more than 7000 mg, acetaminophen overdose can kill you. It may take up to 12 hours for symptoms to occur, at which point permanent damage may have already been done to your liver.

It’s possible to overdose on the hydrocodone within Vicodin, but it would take so much Vicodin that you’d already be suffering from a severe acetaminophen overdose. It takes about 90 mg of hydrocodone to overdose, which is the equivalent of 18 Vicodin tablets. At this point, you would be well over the lethal dose of acetaminophen within the medication and would need immediate medical attention.

Vicodin overdose complications

The most dangerous complication of Vicodin is liver damage. This can cause a range of symptoms, as minor as stomach pain or as serious as a coma. Vicodin overdose needs to be treated immediately in order to avoid potential liver failure and death.

Vicodin overdose prognosis

In an emergency Vicodin situation, receiving medical help within 8 hours is usually enough to ensure recovery after a Vicodin overdose. Since symptoms of overdose may not appear for 12 hours after taking the medication, it’s important to get medical attention if you’ve taken large amounts of the drug, regardless of how you feel. After 8 hours, the likelihood of permanent liver damage – and even liver failure – increases.  And while a Vicodin overdose can be fatal, it can also cause permanent damage to your body without killing you.

Vicodin overdose death rate

Unintentional Vicodin deaths by overdose have been on the rise lately. Part of this is simply because there’s been a nationwide increase in the use of opiate and opiod painkillers. In fact, the misuse and abuse of Vicodin by recreational drug users accounts for a large portion of the increase in drug poisoning deaths. You can find more information about the mortality rate from Vicodin toxic poisoning, or overdose, by searching the CDC’s NCHS, National Vital Statistics System for mortality due to Vicodin drug overdose.

Unintentional Vicodin overdose

The vast majority of drug poisoning deaths are unintentional. It’s easy to understand how someone could accidentally take too much Vicodin. The hydrocodone in Vicodin does create a tolerance over time, so you may no longer be getting adequate pain relief from your prescribed dose. However, while it takes about 18 times the normal dose of Vicodin to overdose from hydrocodone, it only takes one or two extra pills to overdose on the acetaminophen in Vicodin. So, increasing the frequency or amount is an easy way to unintentionally overdose on Vicodin.

Getting high on Vicodin by crushing, injecting or snorting Vicodin high can also result in an overdose.  Finally, others intentionally OD on vVcodin as a form of self-harm or as part of a suicide attempt.

Vicodin overdose amount questions

In closing, Vicodin abuse will always pose the risk of death and overdose. This medication should only be taken in the doses recommended by your doctor. You’re increasing your risk of overdose when you snort or inject Vicodin.

If you have any questions about safe amounts of Vicodin in your system, please leave them here. We are happy to try to help answer your questions about Vicodin, and will try to respond with a personal and prompt reply for all legitimate queries.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Hello~
    I’m watching a Dr. Phil episode on Opiad addiction and am now concerned with the milligrams my doctor has authorized for me. I have chronic right knee pain, a type of arthritis and extreme pain on the right side of my spine right above my tailbone from Scoliosis and arthritis. I am a 51 year old female who has never done any drugs, never smoked a cigarette and does not drink alcohol-ever. I also have had three brain surgeries for a pituitary brain tumor. The tumor put a lot of weight on me so I had gastric, that was successful aiding me to lose 130 pounds going from a size 26 to a size 6. (However, I’m now and 8 or 10, desiring to now loose the 15 I put back on). I am allowed to take six Vicodin pet 24 hour period, 10/325 and two Oxycontin, 10 mg per 24 hour period. I however suffer from depression and ADHD (diagnosed at age 5). So I also take Ritalin 10 mg up to twice daily as needed as well as Vyvanse. For my clinical depression I take Wellbutrin (300 mg) Seroquil at night (400 mg) clonzapam as needed, pristiq, iron (3 Times a day) and Advil PM X 2 at night. I also take Bauer Back and Body trying to not take more Opiods, therefore striving to take as little opioid pain Medicine each day. Should I have any tests done to see the condition and effect these medicines are having on my liver and are there other organs that should be tested too? I do not consider myself addicted because I take medication as needed and never go over the allotted amount prescribed. I take the opiods as needed but most days I do take 4-6 because the pain is between a 7-10 w/o medicine relief. I know this is a lengthy message but I want to stay on this earth as long as possible. Thank you so much. ~ Kim

  2. My sister is 60 years old. Her doctor prescribes 280 10 mg Vicodin per month. It’s nuts to me. She is now having gallbladder issues and kidneys stones weekly. Can I assume all the Vicodin is affecting her organs. Personally I can’t believe a physician would allow this amount.

  3. Hello. About 10 years I attempted suicide and overdosed on vicodin. For the past few years when I get annual blood work my ast (liver enzymes) levels are elevated. Could this elevated ast level be an indication of liver damage from overdosing?

  4. I recently visited my sister. She is 60 years old. During our conversation she let me know she had been prescribed 260-10mg Vicodin per month ands she runs out before she can refill her script. She is noe having gallbladder issues and serve kidney stone. Could her healt issues be related to the ridiculous amount of Vicadin? I am really concerned about her physical and mental health

  5. I’ve been taking at least 12 tabs of hydrocodone 10 mg’s a day, not to mention Codeine 3’s and 4’s over 3 years.addicted yes . Started with surgery and progressed, still in massive pain………medical pot is not covered by insurance and is just too damn expensive…………….luck to all

  6. For those of you who are taking your opioids as directed do not worry. Do not take more than 8 5/325mg a day and never take them all at once. Try to keep your Tylenol at less than 3000mg (not 4000mg) a day if possible to avoid liver damage. Just be smart and moreover responsible and you’ll be fine.

  7. I have hep c. I do not use pain medication. Otc ibuprofen. I have been in several pain over the last two days. Yesterday I took four thru the day snd it helped. What can I do for my pain? Thank you in advance. Sincerely Donna Thomas

  8. I have severe Tonsilitis to the point where my tonsils were covered in white bumps, and my neck looked like I had golf balls in them. I am on 5mg vicodin/335 acetaminophen. I took 5 of these tonight from the severity of the pain. A little concerned of an overdose and paranoid to go to sleep. I guess my question is will I be ok? I am also 5’2 170 lbs.

    1. Hi Vanessa. That is technically 1675mg of acetaminophen. More than 1000 mg of acetaminophen at one time is considered an overdose, but will only cause damage if this is done regularly. You will be ok, only be careful to never attempt taking so many Vicodin pills again. Note that if you do experience any unusual symptoms, you should not hesitate to seek professional medical assistance.

  9. My husband takes vicodin and valuim and he is always say he has a bad he take headach meds excedrine migraine He takes 3. 750 mg of vicodin and 6 2 mg of Valium. He was nodding off today. I can’t take this and we have a 12 year old please help.

  10. Hi, at age 18 I hit a low point in my life and took 8 pills of Vicodin all at once. Shouldn’t that have done severe damage to me?

  11. Hey so long story short I had my wisdom teethg extracted 4 days ago and it was very painful I got prescribed 20 5/325 hydros. I had little appitite and today realised I hd taken 17 of them in a 3 day period.. I feel like all of a sudden today I had experienced overdose symptons I got panicky all of a sudden,shaking,confusion,slurred words,heart pounding rapid,etc do you think it was a reaction form so many hydros in little time with not much food eaten or was I just having a panic attack ?

  12. What you are doing is really terrible. You are scaring people and having them call poison control for taking 2 pills, baffling! You seem to be completely uneducated about this medication and you should refrain from scaring people who are taking it as prescribed by their doctors. Hydrocodone in doses of 5-7.5-10mg with 325mg APAP are prescribed and known to be safe taking 1-2 tablets every four to six hours; it says this on the bottle and yet you are telling these people who have taken that much or even less to immediately call poison control and fill them with fear that they have permanently ruined their livers. You should be ashamed of yourselves; this is supposed to educate people when really it’s you who needs the education.

  13. Hello Brent. If your tests came back OK, then you have no worries concerning your liver. You can talk to your doctor if it’s smart to taper down from Vicodin and quit before the surgery, or after the procedure is done. I wish all goes well!

  14. I have little to no cartilage in both knees, from multiple surgeries. The doc has me on 6 7.5/325 a day for last 2years. I’m going to have my knees replaced. Do I need to go off of the Victorian before the surgery? I’m 5′ 10″ and weight 350. I’ve never taken more than prescribed or with alcohol. Do I need to be worried about liver damage…blood tests by my doc have come back with no worries from him on my liver questions

  15. Hello Lynette. The only way to know if you’ve damaged your liver is to have it checked. But, indicantions such as abdominal pain, yellowing of skin and yellowing of skin and eyes, dark yellow coloured urine, changes in bowel movement, nausea, loss of appetite and exhaustion can be a sign of a damaged liver.

  16. Hi, I usually take 7.5/325 hydrocodone. Because I’ve been taking them several months now, sometimes I take 4 at once for pain relief. My doc lowered the dose to 5/325 to help me get off and about 8 hrs ago I took 8 of them at once. I’ve NEVER done that before and forgot about the acetameophin in them. Now I’m afraid I’ve damaged my liver. I don’t feel any side effect except being nervous cause I forgot about how much Tylenol that is. What should I do if anything?

  17. Hi Terry. If you’ve mixed it with some other medication or start experiencing harsh side-effects, I’d suggest that you call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an expert opinion. But generally, two hydrocodones is not a lot at all.

  18. my husband gets 90 Vicodin every two weeks, for the last year. He takes the 90 in 5 or 6 days. He does not sleep during this time, then he crashes for 3 days. what long term effect will this have on his body?

  19. Scared, If you are experiencing any adverse side effects you should probably go to the ER. Or you can see a doctor or a pharmacist to have you examined, give you advise or take any action that’s needed.

  20. In two days I have taken 16 pills of hydrocodone 5 mg 325 Tylenol I just read up on how you can accidentally overdose on this medicine am I ok now? I will not be takeing anymore of this medicine but should I go to the emergency room now?

  21. What would happen if I took Vicodin with alcohol, or muscle relaxants?
    Would the amount of pills needed to overdose be less?
    I have a friend who is highly suicide-prone, and I believe she has all three of these things in her home.

  22. Hello Chris. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for immediate medical assistance. I’m sorry that we could not respond immediately to your question.

  23. I had filled my prescription at 10 a.m. this morning of 20 Norco 5mg……I took the 20th pill around midnight not realising how many I had taken frequently all day. It’s 3hrs later, will I be ok? I’m worried after reading a few of the comments and never taking another EVER AGAIN

  24. I od on vicodin on wednesday n i felt extremely dizzy, couldnt breathe that well n naushea n many other symptoms n i took at least 6-8 pills of 5 500mg vicodin. I took some dissolved and most as pill form. I want to kno did i od quicker by drinking them dissolved or as a pill?

  25. Hello Ron. This is a question for your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist. Overdose risk depends on a number of factors, including previous exposure to opioids, height, weight, etc. But you’ll need an expert opinion in order to consult on Vicodin dosing.

  26. Taking 15 mg Vicodin 7 times a day. Am I at risk for od ? I take one 10mg norco and one 5 mg. occasionally I take 2 10 mg at once
    Thank you

  27. Hello Chris. Yes, there is definitely something that you can do. I’d suggest that you speak with both a medical doctor and a licensed psychologist. There are very physical effects of drug overdose, as well as psycho-emotional elements that you can address. You might benefit from a general physical in combination with regular psychotherapy. This way, you can address both the cognitive and the physical aspects of drug use…and learn alternative behaviors/thoughts/ways to move out of the depression.

  28. I recently overdosed on Vicodin. I took 18 pills. I went to the hospital the next day and all my test results came back negative. My liver is okay. This was over a month ago. However, I have been experiencing some after effects. This includes a lack of motivation, very little creativity, (and I’m an artist, so this sucks), I have very little to say to friends and family, which is not like me and my sense of humor is almost non-existent. In addition to this, I have been experiencing some difficulty in getting deep breaths and I’ve also been experiencing minor headaches when sitting up in bed and watching tv. I feel as though my personality has been somewhat altered. Is there anything I can do?

  29. Once again we see the fact that a demonized substance hydrocodone is actually safer than an otc one, that being the tylenol(aceteminophen)in vicodin or generic hydrocodone/asap mixture.

    The drug war getting its tentacles into the doctor patient relationship is due to the higher doses of the tylenol in the vicodin. There are probably more patients today who die from suicide for lack of pain control than patients who die from the hydrocodone/asap mixture drug. Wheras just 5 or so years ago a family doctor did not have to worry about rx ing vicodin, now you must go to a pain management specialist. And he or she has the “Sword of Damacles” hanging over their hear: the fear of getting locked up if he/she rx’s vicodin or any other opioid. The truth of the matter is that in a logical political and legal milieu the doctor should not be culpable for a patient who deliberately overdoses. Additionally, more pain patients now being denied opioids for pain are increasingly committing suicide. If you have have half a heart and mind, controlled dependency and a person allowed to live a more pain free life is by far the lesser evil than the drug war.

    Norco(r) has the least amount of tylenol(aceteminophen). It is 10mg of the opioid and 325mg of the tylenol. break it in half and compare that to the usual 500mg of tylenol with 5mg of hydrocodone. When you break in half a norco you are still getting the same 5mg of the opioid and a very safe 162.5mg of the much more pernicious and deadly socially and legally accepted tylenol(acetaminophen).

  30. I suffered neck and back injuries due to a car accident. I had two surgeries done and I have been prescribed vicodin ES for the last two years. I have been taking 3 to 4 pills daily and some days when the pain is unbarable I would take more than 4 a day. After reading your post, I am worried about liver damage.

  31. I’ve been taking oxy’s and hydrocodon every day for the past 12 days with doses as high as 30 in oxy and 30 in hydrocodon. Will I be okay?

  32. Hi Miah. You’re probably OK with taking a second dose a couple of hours before you should have. However, if you notice any symptoms such as difficulty breathing or a slowed pulse, call an emergency medical service. Or to be sure, call 1-800-222-1222 which is the Poison Control Center for an expert opinion.

  33. Hi Lucy. I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s sudden death. To find out how many Vicodin he may have taken, I’d suggest that you consult with an expert such as a toxologist, pharmacist, or a medical review officer at a drug testing facility. You need an expert opinion.

    Accidental drug overdoses (especially involving opioids like hydrocodone or oxycodone) have never been higher in the United States. In fact, drug overdose rates have more than triples since 1990. You can find more statistics about the overdose and death rate caused by hydrocodone by:

    1. Do a Google search for opioid overdose statistics

    2. Search the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) database

    3. Check out these CDC webpages to start your reading:

  34. My husband had 5 teeth extracted and was prescribed Vicodin. The procedure was done first thing in the morning. He fell asleep late that night and when I awoke he was cold to the touch and had passed away in his sleep at age 46. The postmortem exam report states it was hydrocodone and acetaminophen intoxication. The amount listed on the tox report is 192 mcg/ml Acetaminophen and 1.46 mcg/ml Dihydrocode. How many could he have ingested? How often does this happen, what are the stats?

  35. Hi Pam. You are right to be concerned about the long term effects Vicodin has on the liver. In fact, the manufacturer of Vicodin (Purdue Pharma) is currently sponsoring a clinical study about this same topic:

    Why? Because opioid metabolism takes place primarily in the liver. But it’s not just the hydrocodone you need to worry about – acetaminophen may cause severe liver damage when used in high amounts or over time.

    I’d suggest that you schedule a consultation with your prescribing doctor and air out your concerns. Seek more information also with your pharmacist, and continue asking questions. Perhaps there is another alternative pain relief medication that would work better for you.

  36. I was recently in a car accident where I was hit in the back end (because the driver of the vehicle that hit me was distracted and was trying to plug in her phone to charge). MRIs show a total of 7 herniated discs in neck, mid back and low back. I am in severe pain. I have already had I injections in neck and low back with several more to follow. In the meantime, doctor has prescribed Vicodin for pain relief. The amount is 7.5/750. Directions state to take 4 times a day as needed for pain. I do not like to take during day because I don’t like to feel “out of it” and try to take only at night so I can get some relief to sleep. I have on occasion had to take one during the day and another at night. I have been doing this for approximately 3 weeks. Should I be concerned about long term damage to my liver? My concern is that I do not want to take anything that is harmful, however, the pain is unbearable.

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