What happens when you snort Xanax?

We do not recommend that you snort Xanax. But if you’re considering this mode of administration, what happens? Is snorting Xanax dangerous? We explore the risks and side effects of nasal insufflation of Xanax here.

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We don’t recommend that you try snorting alprazolam, brand name = Xanax.  Nor is this mode of administration recommended by doctors.  In fact, snorting Xanax is a tell tale sign of how Xanax is abused. But we do want you to know what to expect when you snort Xanax and the risk and dangers involved. so what happens to the brain and body when you snort Xanax? And is it dangerous? Read on for more.

In fact, we hope after reading you will think twice before snorting Xanax. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below. We try to respond to every legitimate question with a personal answer and will get back to you in a timely manner.

What does snorting Xanax do?

When you change the route of administration of any drug, you change how that drug works on the body. And Xanax was never meant to be snorted. In fact, Xanax was created to be taken a certain way…orally. Xanax already has a high dependency rate. But when snorting Xanax, you risk the development of physical dependency on Xanax which can lead to painful and dangerous withdrawal. But what does snorting Xanax do to the body?

Snorting Xanax delivers alprazolam quickly to the brain. How does it happen? Xanax travels first through the nasal cavity past the mucus membrane and directly into the blood stream where it is then taken directly to the brain to work. That is why onset of effectiveness is so quick.

In a way, snorted Xanax works too well because the mode of administration can trigger a euphoric high and intense release from anxiety. All of this happens in mere minutes but can also wear off quickly, as well. In the end snorting Xanax ends up being bad for your health and is not worth the high you get from using the drug this way.

Is snorting Xanax bad for you?

Yes. Snorting Xanax is bad for you. The reason that it’s not advised you snort Xanax is because snorting Xanax is straight up dangerous. Not only can you increase negative side effects of alprazolam, you’re altering the way your brain regulates mood. You can further increase your tolerance to Xanax quickly as well as dependence on the drug, which can make withdrawal severe and painful when you stop taking Xanax. Adverse and negative effects of Xanax can include:

  • aches and pains
  • depressed heat rate
  • dizziness and drowsiness
  • hallucinations
  • irritability
  • loss of focus
  • memory problems
  • nausea
  • short breath

If you or a loved one have a Xanax (alprazolam) abuse or addiction problem…help is available! You can get treatment and get better. Check out this outline of alprazolam addiction treatment programs to learn where you can turn for help and what to expect from rehab.

Is snorting Xanax dangerous?

Yes. Snorting Xanax can be dangerous. Not only do you run a greater chance of side effects, you also run serious dangerous to your health. Because the onset of Xanax is quicker in the body when snorted, these dangers can also affect you without warning which can be scary if there is no way for you to get the help that you need. Dangerous risk include:

  • addiction
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • impaired coordination and judgment
  • overdose
  • painful withdrawal
  • spread of diseases
  • suicidal thoughts

Again, one of the greater dangers of snorting Xanax is the potential for overdose when there is an unregulated amount of Xanax in the system, overdose can happen without you even being aware of it. Signs of Xanax overdose includes:

  • change in movement
  • confusion
  • hard time talking
  • loss of consciousness
  • slowed heart beat
  • stopped breathing

If any of these occur, you need to get professional medical help as soon as possible to be treated.

Is snorting Xanax effective?

When you take Xanax orally it’s processed through the gastrointestinal, or GI tract. This process does take longer for lorazepam to activate and work on the central nervous system. However, snorted doses of Xanax have a relaxing and pleasant effect on the body in shorter time. This may be why people start snorting Xanax … because it can work so quickly.

What makes snorting Xanax more effective is that alprazolam simply bypasses the digestive process and is delivered straight into the blood stream. It then quickly, in all of its strength, does its work on the brain. When you snort Xanax, you risk:

  • accidents from being altered
  • body damage
  • increased dependence
  • increased tolerance
  • risk of addiction
  • risk of overdose
  • severe withdrawal

Can you snort Xanax?

Of course, anyone can make the decision to snort Xanax. But we ask that you evaluate the risks before snorting Xanax. Is the harm to your body worth the effects snorting Xanax can provide? Do you want to run the risks and the dangers snorting Xanax? Yes, snorting Xanax acts quicker on the body and create one powerful high. But, you also run the risk of overdose, seizures, and suicidal thought just to name a few.

Keep in mind that snorting Xanax is never recommended, nor will a doctor ever prescribe that you snort Xanax. Snorting Xanax is more a behavior addicts engage in as they need to quickly get high. If this is you, you may want to address Xanax abuse and explore the reasons you feel the need to snort Xanax rather than take it as directed.

Snorted Xanax questions

Do you still have questions concerning snorted Xanax? Please feel free to ask us anything related to Xanax use below. We welcome any question you have and we will get back to you personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. To all the parents with kids using this deadly drug, who want to know what to do…. I’m sorry but the answer is nothing. Forcing someone rehab is never effective. They have to want to get better themselves… which unfortunately can take years (it took me 7). I had to hit rock bottom. I’m 33, 14 of my friends died from suicide due to addiction, and overdoses. It took all my friends dying to finally see the line in the sand. I could die or I could recover. Unfortunately it’s up to the addict, not the family, to decide when enough is enough.

  2. This has been very helpful to me. My sister’s boyfriend, who she has two kids with, has a pretty long history of drug abuse. Recently, he has somehow managed to get his doctor to give him Xanax to help with withdrawals from the other things he was doing. I understand how that can help. But he’s snorting them and they are lasting as long as they should. I also found out he was taking a ‘legal supplement called kratom, which has helped my mom greatly, and she was able to get off of pain medicine with it. He takes an absurd amount to get a buzz, and it’s pretty much the only way he’ll go to work. I know most people haven’t heard of kratom, but I was wondering if anyone knew if it was okay with him sniffing multiple pills of Xanax everyday. I can’t find any information on it, and I worry very much for my niece and nephew. They are my whole world, and my sister let’s him get away with pretty much anything.

  3. I have been on benzos over 25 plus yrs for legitimate reasons but now I have had no success in getting off them the withdrawal alone is my refusal and no I haven’t ever been in patient treated now to stay at this dose I have to snort them just so they work either that or increase the oral dosage

  4. I have been prescribed xanex for quite a few years now, for legitimate reasons. Someone recently told me that if you snort it you can go blind. I have never heard such a thing, and I am not finding anything online about that. I have found out it was linked to dementia, and since asked my prescribing doctor to start weening me down.

  5. I am concerned about my sister’s use of pain medication as well as Xanax. I have insisted that she seek help and like all addicts, she said she has it under control and only did it once because she was in severe pain. Is there any literature I can share with her to stop her improper use of her prescription medication. I understand that she does suffer from chronic pain because I suffer from it too; however, I have worked in the legal field and have seen many people give everything up for an addiction so I have built a pain tolerance, which has caused my blood pressure to increase, but I feel that is better than a drug addiction. Please provide any information so that I can help her.

  6. My godchild does zanax he I believe snorts this drug he was very tired all day and achy all over could just about move he also is on method one and very depressed would this cause joint aches and talking funny he’s Luke a different person he won’t admit to anything what can we do.

  7. Hey… my cousins son is 16.. he told me he had taken 2 bars of xanax but has sniffed it… he seems out of it and can’t really control his arms and legs properly… can you please adie what to do ? Does he need to go to emergency?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Phoebe. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  8. I swallow and snort. I get attacks so fast and badly I have called 911 thinking it is my heart problem and swallowing takes to long to work at that point. A mild attack I would say swallow like you are supposed to. Plus my attacks dont last long enough on average to worry about how long snorting it lasts. Lastly yeah it will raise the risk or addiction so be careful.

  9. My brother has severe back problems we both did two tours in Iraq he started having anxiety attacks the last 2 months I take nor so also but he snorted xanax and I tried it but quite honestly I haven’t seen or felt any difference. Other buddy’s warned him about abusing it but I haven’t seen anymood swings or any difference please not being a smart ass just want to understand wither effects please help

  10. I actually use Xanax for its intended purpose, because I have episodes of unpredictable and intense anxiety. A quick-acting, easily-abused benzo is the only thing that really works. I was only looking up snorting Xanax because some of my tablets have been crushed, and so the medicine I actually need is now an inconvenient powder. Looking at this, I guess I should take a pill-sized pinch in applesauce or something? I’m actually glad snorting is a bad idea, my nose hurts just thinking about it.

  11. My 31 yr old son took 24 Xanax 5mg then beat his wife and claims that he doesn’t remember. My question is is that possible for him not to remember what he did after snorting that many

  12. My friend sniffed xanax through his right nostril before and he noticed that his right nostril is mostly clogged. Can it be undone some way?

  13. My girlfriend swares she is not snorting xanax any more. I find straws almost daily which I assume are used to snort as powder residue is on ends. Is this a gateway drug. How do I know when she had stopped. She also has Ben having a drippy nose from this I assume. Thanks for any help.

  14. My girlfriend takes 1mg x 4 a day. Plus other meds, oxys, clambalta, tramadol. But it seems the xanax has a nodding effect once a week. She nods off into her food, driving etc. But she says she is fine all the time. We ruled out the others, cut back on oxys, etc. Anyone see this? Its really dangerous

  15. I have a close friend who Insists on”Snorting Xanax.” I take Methadone, 20mgs a day, & 2x.5 Xanax… I’m 46 years old & I’ve had the dr.write me the same dose. 01/01/00 He wrote valium for 8 years, What should I do for my friend…

  16. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Everybody has heard that. Xannax is unexplainable. If it was prescribed to you..there was a reason for that. If you’re experimenting with it be careful. Be VERY careful. I had to work the day after trying it for the first time and it was 100x worse than a very bad hangover. I was delirious, clueless & exausthed for 3 days. The street drug “xannax” doesn’t compare to the drug prescribed to those with severe anxiety or depression. Be careful and comfortable with your decisions. I couldn’t tell you what happened to me the night I popped it and the following 3 days were a blurr to me. Please be careful. I don’t understand why this drug is so addictive unless you truly are severely depressed.

  17. My brother is a recovering heroin addict and now snorts zanex ,vicodin and narchos well really any pill that he can get and he has been diagnoised with Hep C. and he complains of not feeling good and that something is going on below his stomach down by his lower pubic area.I was wondering can this be related to the snorting of these pills??? Thank you …Awaiting for your feed back.

  18. I have suffered from depression for bout 2 years things where going ok but the medication I’ve been taken has stoped working I am on new meds now witch is frittata
    I have been on anti depressants for bout two years now I have recently changed meds and now take mirtazapine for bout two weeks now I take one each night but in morning I am finding it really hard to get motivated to go to work I am self-employed and really busy with work I have no confidence to talk to customers and its effecting my work I got given xanax to try and it gave me confidence with customers and my work is getting completed on time . I have started snorting it for bout a week now I know it’s not a long term fix but but don’t know what else to do please help

  19. I prefer snorting over taking orally due to the fact that as long as I can remember (and I’ve been taking Xanax on and off for years legally of course) when I take it orally I don’t feel it at all moat of the time vs when I snort it stops my anxiety and panic attacks in a matter of moments. I don’t abuse it and only take it when needed but I need to snort to get best results or I have to take way more to get half of the results. Why is this? Thank you

  20. Living life has become unbearable. I have been living in pain everyday for the past 20+ years. Pain meds no longer take the pain away just dull it. I have been snorting 10 mg of Ritalin 1-2 times a day for the past few months. Also drinking right much. Just snorted 5 mg of Ritalin & 2 mg of Xanax mixed together. I wanted a drink but didn’t have anything. I just want the pain to go away for a little while. I really feel like it would be better for everyone if I wasn’t here to hurt anyone anymore. I have no life. I don’t abuse my pain meds but what can I expect when the Ritalin & Xanax kick in?

  21. Hello,
    So I’m here bc I have been snorting Xanax for 2 years now everyday and I want to stop and take it orally but I want to know if I will withdrawal or will the pill still work the same and will I still feel it? Does it last longer? Thanks.

    1. Hi Alex. The feeling is different, but Xanax produces the same effects. The onset can be in a different time-frame, and effects may last for a different period of time.

      By the way, you can slowly reduce your oral doses to lower your tolerance gradually. Eventually, you will be able to quit Xanax for good.

  22. I take Xanax for anxiety. I have mixed feelings about it because it takes 45 minutes to work, but once it does work, it works really well. I only take one ever week or two so I don’t have much of a tolerance. If I snort one .5 mg Xanax every once in a while, while having an extra bad anxiety attack, will there be any risks of becoming addicted? Or have an uncontrollable high?

  23. Is being a dumb cunt a requirement to post here? Like, wew
    Under no circumstance is xanax a long-term solution for insomnia, anxiety or panic attacks, and i bet my left nut your doctor would say the same if asked.
    Dont blame Alprazolam, blame yourselves.

    If you wanna use it for fun, thats fine, but dont brimg up lame excuses

  24. I have been using this drug for way to long,but nothing else seems to help with anxiety and panic attacks as well as other bonzo’s I;ve tried , but the side effects are getting to the point were I can;t function properly. Does anyone know of an natural alternative to get off this crap.PLEASE HELP!

  25. Been on Xanax for 16 years for INSOMNIA + ANXIETY

    I am also manic depressive


    That’s really all I can say

  26. I weigh about 230 pounds, I’m 5’11 I don’t take xanax offen. Last night around 12:30pm I snorted 1.5 mg and and I oraly took 1mg before bed I slept 10 hrs and I woke up feeling horrible almost like a hangover. What happened?

  27. Dragon62 – how sure are you that he didnt fake the drug test? also you miight want to look into how long xanax stays in ur urine. i used to get oxycontin out of my urine fairly quick. a few days.

  28. I believe my son has been snorting Xanax. 3 times in the last year he has had observed episodes that include.
    Extreme agression (attacked my wife)
    impaired coordination and judgment
    change in movement
    hard time talking
    loss of consciousness
    slowed heart beat
    He is also recently on Zolof and Hydrosazine for Depression and Anxiety and Remeron for sleep / Insomina?
    Two times a DAU was done the most recent showed he had xanax 20ng/50ml in his system. The othere was clean even though he was demonstrating most of the signes listed above in the Dr office at the time the sample was collected. Is it possable that he was snorting it but it just did not show up in his urine?

  29. My soon to be wife has a issue with any Benzo tranquilizer,sedatives it scares me to think of losing her to addiction. She has tried to get help but always seems to go back to using. I think her home life has caused her to mentally check out. Where can I get the most effectivet rehab for her , anywhere in the US I will pay any amount of money to save her. Thanks! Eddie.

  30. Are there any prescriptions that can make your zanax to not work as well? I’m on blood pressure pills,potassium,omeprazole dr, n paxil n have been for yrs,However it seems like my nerve pills are not working
    Which I’ve been on since I was 15 n now 59, So it wasn’t a pill I Wanted to be on,at that time,i needed to
    Thank you n hoping for help n I take .1ml/3 times a day n up til lately,never had to take 3, BUT now on bad days have to take 4 n still no help,,,not at once!
    Don’t WANT to go to,higher dose,JUST thot another pill could b interacting

  31. I just found out that within the past month my 16 yr old son has tried Xanax bars. I also just found out yesterday he is sniffing them now. I don’t know how many he takes or how often. He is a heavy marijuana user. What is my next step here? I am a single mom and his dad is not in his life.

  32. I take Xanax, 0.5 no more than 3 times a day prescribed to me for anxiety. Without going into a long story of why I get anxiety, I will say its caused from severe neck , disc problems that causes the pain to go down my arm and numbness in my hands and fingers.. I don’t take pain meds because they’re only effective for short term, then you need to keep taking more and more, never ending. But it’s the pain in my neck I get that causes the pain and numbness and gives me panic attacks, thinking I might be having a heart attack.. I’m 62 with heart disease killing most men in my family before they ever reached 60. I have been on the same dosage for 3 years and won’t do more then prescribed, again no more than three 0.5 mg in a day. When you’re having a real panic attack and take it by swallowing, by the time it works the attack is over already.. I don’t drink, smoke, do opiates or anything else.. I find that snorting it does make it work faster, much faster. That’s what I want when I’m having a panic attack, quick, fast relief. So I don’t get it, I very rarely have to take 3 in one day doing it this way, so for me snorting is a better route for relief.. Before that I would take one, wait 20 minutes, still not working, making me take another, because panic attacks for me are scary and I just want it to stop as quick as possible.. I know it’s in my head, but I take less this way then prescribed, I don’t get high, but within a minute or so I’m back to normal. I tried the 1st year doing it by swallowing, waste of time, took too long to work. Then after doing much research I started snorting them for the last 2 years and that works exactly the way I was wanting it to, fast and don’t have the need to want more, unless I have another attack.. Either way, I’m sure I’m dependent on them, but I am also dependent on stain drugs, ulcer drugs and blood pressure pills.. If any doctor could stop the pain that causes the panic attacks then I’m all for it.. I can’t take aspirin (ulcer) and any meds, like Aleve, Ibprophen are worse for my heart. And Tylenol is not good for your liver. Look up Xanax and side effects, besides becoming dependent, there’s a lot less risk then any of those other meds and like I told my doctor, if I feel the need for higher doses or they quit working, I’ll wean myself off. And as long as he keeps giving me refills, what’s the big deal.. Better than PANIC ATTACKS, I guarantee it. And as long as it’s not against the law or they come up with another way they can work within minutes, I’m going to keep snorting them.. Not to get HIGH…… For relief

  33. my boy friend snorts xanax all the time. i hate it. it changed him. he never use to do it. he was fun and goofy. but now he is a ass and looks sick and gets anexity many times a day and when he dont have them he goes through withdrawl and its destroying our relationship. he says he is not addicted but i can see he is because he wont take them normal and fights me on them. he use to be on high pain pills because he had back surgery so his tolerance is high but still. please help.

    1. Hi, Alex. Experts claim that half life of Xanax is 12 hours. But, Xanax half-life can be anywhere from 6-20 hours.

  34. I know I should get my doctors advise..but in general, pls respond… I am taking 2-6 mgs of xanax a day, mainly at night, been doing this for a couple/few years..what regimen is best (dosage wise) to quit? TY

  35. There is nothin’ wrong with it.. just do not use more than 0.25g x@n@x. I used to do after 10 b33rs, quite fun. Only thing you have to know your limits … so just try with lower dose … don’t be a moth3rfucking donkey. You don’t have to kill yourself for this moth3rfucking shit.
    I used combine coc@ine , cryst@l m3th, b33r and x@n@x… best in the whole entire universe… but what I said before … know your limits and I mean it dude..
    I do this over 2 decades 0.1g cok3 + 0.1 cryst@l m3th + 0.25 x@n@x and a few b33r … rock an roll … hell ya…

  36. To Ivana @ addiction and your answer to Stacy. For one, after being on first Valium and then Xanax (without a break) for roughly 25 years now, I think the important part of her friend’s action, and I mean you no hurt Stacy, is to address the need, once again, for mental health treatment in this country. I know we’re all different, but I’ve taken Valium and drank a lot and the same with Xanax..I AM NOT CONDONING DOING SO, but I think what her friend did was a direct result of psychologic problems left untreated, and then adding drugs, and I include alcohol as a drug…
    AGAIN, I DO NOT CONDONE THIS, I’m trying to bring the problem this country closes their ears and eyes to, mental conditions.

  37. Man I got shot 12 times I’m paralyzed from the waist down and you can’t imagine the pain I go thru when it rains, it’s hurts aches, burnes, all that shit I just got 30 Xanax yesterday piped a few and I did past out but I take 240 percs a month something gotta give I’m crushing a Xanax down now

  38. She been passed out and I think she sorted Xanax get confused can’t talk same time her speech just go bad all at once and she go around all the time shorted her noise she don’t no where she at half the time and I think she been doing this for a long time because it get worse she was just pass out 1 day but now it 3 times a day please if you got a answer to give to me what it can do to help this girl she needs it bad and I don’t want anything to happen to her. Tell me how I can help this woman she a sweet person but she start on thy and then she just at right by 10:00 am morning she done higher. please let me no what I can get to help her it don’t look to good now I just need to find her same help

    1. To “it not me it my sister law”. You can call the helpline number displayed on our page to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers and find what type of treatment will be best to help your sister in law’s addictive habit.

  39. Hello. So i am here to get some professional advice since i am a heavy addict abuser of xanax. I use about 2-3mg of xanax every night and around 1.5-2mg i snort, to get the high that my tolerence has led me to. To make things worse, i am on methadone treatment of high dose, 90ml a day, i inject heroin and crack together on high dose too, and finally i abuse strong alcohol combined with all of the above, that makes a cocktail of strong drugs that makes my high extremely pleasant, but im aware how dangerous it is and how quickly it can lead me to death, So my questions is, how do i start to dismantle my crazy routine? ive done this for more then a year now and my health is deteriorating rapidly, i can feel my kidneys or liver starting to give up bit by bit, please give me some strong professional advice because i dont know where to start. I would appreciate it so much. Thanks for reading.

    1. Hello Andrew. Reaching out for help is the first step – which you just took. I’d advise you to call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in contact with our trusted treatment providers and get informed about the treatment options available to you.

  40. What does euphoric mean? What do you mean by snorting xanax it spreads diseases. I have a friend well not anymore but she always would snort xanax and also pain pills that didn’t have Tylenol are pain pills also bad for you?

  41. #1. Is there a danger to chewing Xanax rather than washing it down?

    #2. 120mgs of Xanax with beer. Results?

  42. I get a prescription once a month for 2mg xanax, and I found that snorting them does in fact give me a better high, and I feel great. My anxiety is completely gone and I feel like I am extremely happy. I do not snort more than one or two a day, but after they are gone, I always have a weird tension headache and my nose runs so bad. I usually don’t have any other symptoms other than diarrhea for the first few days. I’m wondering are these actual withdrawal symptoms?

  43. I’ve heard from some people that it’s a waste to take xan intranasally, but I have witnessed it being done and it certainly DID have a major effect VS. taking it orally. How much someone can safely take greatly depends on their height/weight, metabolism, how much they have eaten that day, and most of all: tolerance. I was started at only 0.5mg of Clonazepam (Kpin) and it worked quite well for my anxiety attacks and to help treat insomnia. Now I’m on 3mg/day and hardly even feel it and need more like 3 times that amount to have the same effect. Once someone develops benzo tolerance they can handle much much more

  44. I have the highest benzo tolerance of anyone I’ve ever known. I will take 6mg of clonopin and 2 xanax bars (4mg) and 90mg of Restoril (3 – 30mg), and still feel hardly NOTHING. When I first started taking the stuff 1mg clonopin would help me fall asleep or stop a panic attack, and 30mg Restoril would knock me out and help me sleep soundly. Benzo tolerance and dependence builds VERY quickly for some people, so for those I don’t think that it would be lethal. I will add that I am on 90mg oxycodone and 60mg morphine for chronic pain due to a car wreck, and yet all this combined I have severe insomnia even when I throw in 10 Benedryl and 20mg melatonin and valerian root. It’s ridiculous and SO frustrating.

  45. To the rest of you, thank you for all of your comments. Xanax addiction is a serious issue in today’s age, with so many people hooked on it (who are actually prescribed). There are much safer alternatives to the use of Xanax. I recommend the use of marijuana. It has over 200 medical uses. Consult your doctor first. Hope this helps. Marijuana will help you live longer if used properly and responsibly. It absolutely obliterates stress, which is one of the deadliest things for your body. EDUCATE YOURSELF 🙂

  46. I suffer from serious anxiety. I haven’t been able to eat breakfast for 2 years because I am nervous to go to work (minor social phobia, stage fright, etc.). I am on the LOWEST dose of Xanax and it has done wonders for me. I feel like myself, am able to eat, and live a more balance life. I can actually calm down at night and go to bed.

    For those of you wanting to get the euphoric high from Xanax… are you d*mb? Yes, I’ve taken a bar or so a couple times in my life when I was young, and know what it’s like. But it’s not worth it, people die from seizures when they withdrawal from this stuff. It makes those of us who use it responsibly look bad. Look at the suicides in the comments above. Go find another, cheaper, safer drug, like marijuana. If you have anxiety, smoke indica dominant strains, NOT sativa. Sativa will cause paranoia and anxiety, whereas I find indicas to relive the former 2.

  47. its shocking how d**b people sound on here… U can snort water if u want… Take too much in, and it’s called drowning. Drugs that are to b taken orally obviously last longer if taken the way described…. For those LOOKING to just experiment, go to college, study Chem u bored f***s. Those who actually have addictive personallities, snorting will always get U hooked faster, if you are just looking to get high. For those with severe anxiety, if u cannot wait for your pill to kick in when taken orally, I could see why snorting half and ingesting the other half might relax you faster but snorting does leave a psychological dependency even with nose spray. I am not a doctor, and I don’t stay at holiday inns, I just enjoy breathing air.

  48. As someone who enjoys euphoric highs and is a heavy marijuana user I have tried this method of ingestion before I would say if u r trying to feel like ur drunk without actually drinking this is one way to do it. It brings on an intense high that can last for hours but it does build tolerance fast. U can go from popping one to snorting three in a matter of days. so if u do decide to try this just be very careful because it is extremely good which makes it all the more dangerous

  49. Is it possible to get prickly feelings in body from Xanax if you only snorted about 8 Xanax and get the feelings about 4 years later?

  50. Is it possible for Xanax to sta in someones system for more tham 2 years after quitting the drug? If they only snorted about 6 pills.

  51. How is snorting Xanax possible if it is not water saluable. Please consult with the professionals on this I need to know ! I’ve been reading mixed answers from saying it’s a total waste to saying it’s the most effective. Which one is it ?

  52. Hi Stacy. I’m very sorry about your son’s friend! Worst thing is, people aren’t usually informed of the full spectrum of possible side effects, and it’s the prescribing doctors’ job to do that. I hope he’s remembered for the person he was by those who loved him, and not by this tragic ending of his life. I hope this story serves as a warning for other people to be more cautious around medications and side effects they cause.

  53. My friends son was snorting xanax and drinking alcohol and smoking weed. He then shot himself in the head in front of his three lifelong friends after arguing with his girlfriend. His perception was clouded and suicidal thoughts are a side effect listed. Only 20 yrs old. Not worth it!

  54. If a person suffers from a serious digestive issue is it possible that their body would not absorb xanax or other medications like hydrocodone ? The digestive issue in question would be crohns. Thank you.

  55. Whoever says that snorting xanax is ineffective, in my opinion, is completely wrong.. I have a fairly high tolerance to Opiates and I take Benzos about once or twice a week, but if i snort a whole 2mg bar at once im on cloud 9. As for mixing Benzos with alcohol, it is not a very good idea. Any time i have done that I’ve wound up with two effects, throwing up and time travel. I say time travel because if I have sniffed 2mg of Xanax after about two shots and two beers I blackout and wake up the next day with people telling me all types of dumb shit I did that i have absolutely no recognition of. .

  56. Last night I bought H from a friend of a friend. I have been using for about a year now. Upon delivery, I noticed that the soft actually looks like a bunch of tiny white rocks. I break those down and snort them. I IMMEDIATELY feel dopey. About an hour later I start nodding. The person I usually go through, with their product, I usually need about 3-4 to start nodding (I know that his stuff is cut to hell) By the time I get home and change I am HIGH AS HELL. slept through the night (waking up for snacks every once in awhile and spilling shit all over me while nodding). I just woke up and feel groggy. Is it possible that this guy sold me a bunch of Xanax? How can I tell the difference? Where can I find a bunk kit? And please, don’t judge me. I am seeking help after this. I’m over spending all of my money and feeling like shit all the time. Thank you for your time.

  57. I occasionally snort Xanax. I sometimes feel that it is better than taking it orally. It works fast and I have never had any bad side effects from it the only thing is I get sleepy. I know snorting can be dangerous but if you watch it and know how much you can handle it doesn’t matter what route you take it because it’s in your system either way…

  58. I have been a regular user of xanax since a year ago, and I take a maximum of 2mg per day, but it takes up to 4 hours to make any effect at all, sometimes I have been in the midst of a panic attack and have taken a really high dosage via sublingual but it just takes too long to make any effect, Ive tried snortin .5 mg and 1mg and have felt literally nothing. Am I weird? should I experiment with more? I know about the risks, but honestly I don’t mind. Serious answers please.

  59. Hi Marcos. The information in this article is explaining the side-effects of frequent snorting of Xanax. But, depending on one’s physical condition, there are possible risks and damages that can occur even with one time use.

  60. I agree completely with Darrin. Snorting any sort of substance is abusing it. Not one single doctor is going to tell you that it is ok to take a prescription drug by that route. And because of the overdose risk, it is an extremely selfish thing to even
    think about doing. I am on xanax for anxiety but take it the correct way!! So many people just want to get high these days to escape reality. If your reality is that bad, seek help and if you cannot take medications the way they are meant to be taken, again seek help or stop taking those medications. Life is not that bad people. Try living it sober so you can remember it!!!

  61. Snorting any kind of pills is a very stupid thing to do not only stupid but deadly think about your family and friends before you die like my best friend who o d d on 3 ” bars” of snorted xanax thank you for reading this hope this helps thank you

  62. I have snorted xanax and taken Xanex regularly the last 4 days. Even smoked it in a joint. What are my sideeffects of short term use?

  63. This information has been helpful, I just caught my 25 yr old son cutting up a powderXanax to snort he is a recovering heroin addict, is now on suboxone I thought the suboxone would help him from having the desire or need to keep using ? What will this do to him taking both he was shooting up his suboxone in the past also messed up!

  64. My husband has been on xanax for years. Sometime in the past six months he has started snorting it. He is now trying to go back to taking it orally. He is suffering what I think are withdrawal symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea). He says that since he is taking it orally he shouldn’t be having withdrawals. What do you think?

  65. Anything CAN be snorted. But that doesn’t mean that anything SHOULD be snorted. All Benzodiazepines (such as Xanax) are almost entirely insoluble in water. Being that the mucosal membranes in your nose are mostly water – you would actually be wasting Xanax by snorting it.

    If you want the full effects of the medication, take it how it’s supposed to be taken – swallow it. No other route of administration will work for Benzodiazepines. At least, not without the proper solvents. (Water, is not one of them)

  66. Hi Casey. Snorting Xanax is not safe at all, and what makes it even more dangerous is drinking alcohol along with meds like Xanax. In cases of emergency like these you should call 911, because he might overdose or hurt himself accidentally while he’s under the influence and unaware of his actions. You can also call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  67. My friend snorted some xanax yesterday night I’m not sure how much. But he couldn’t get to sleep and seemed disoriented. I would think he was asleep, then he would get up and walk around my room he ended up walking into my closet and he then he collapsed and ended up falling on my leg. He also seemed really irritable. I think he also drank some alcohol too. He wasn’t able to function very well he kept falling and not knowing what was going on and he was restless; it seemed like he was asleep, but awake at the same time and couldn’t tell the difference. I am concerned, are those behaviors normally associated when you snort xanax? I am afraid if he continues and acts the same way he’ll end up hurting himself or someone else like he did last night when he fell on my leg.

  68. My daughter snorted Xanax a week ago and got very sick. Her bones hurt and she sweat profusely for days. Up until this day she feels sick like she gets cold easily, bones hurt, and still does not have an appetite. Should I be worried and take her to emergency room. Is it possible she has irreversible damage?? It’s like she’s had the flu for a week. It was her first time trying it.

  69. I believe my 18yr. old nephew passed away from an overdose of xanax. will this show up in the autopsy blood work?

  70. Hello Melinda. Yes, Xanax is addictive. Especially when snorted. But it is a CNS depressant, a different type of drug than stimulants. Its addictive potential is present, but lower than that of cocaine.

  71. My boyfriend just recently snorted xanax I’m not sure of the amount. He was previously addicted to klimax and cocaine. He has been of those for a year. Is xanax just as addicting?

  72. I snorted xanax once just to try it. 10mg, i smoke weed and used to be addicted to narcotics, and let me tell you it was crazy. i had to make myself “sleep it off” because i couldnt function.

  73. Snorting Xanax gets you VERY high… Itranasal is the preferred route of administration of this drug by benzo fiends

  74. Hi Kat. We’ve consulted with medical doctors on your claim. Snorting benzodiazepines actually increases the amount of time the drugs stay in your system, and greatly quickens onset of action. When snorted, drugs enter the bloodstream via the nasal tissues, and then very quickly cross the blood-brain barrier. In addition to faster onset, longer duration of effect occurs because (as you mention) Xanax needs to pass through the liver to be metabolized. This does not mean that when snorted, the drug is not active. It just means that when snorted, it takes longer to metabolize and LEAVE the body. To be clear, regardless of efficacy, we never recommend snorting Xanax.

  75. This is wrong. This is so, so, so wrong. Benzodiazepines require absorption through the gut in order to work. Other than the injectable formulations, which have to be chemically altered, snorting Xanax means whatever post-nasal drip the stomach absorbs is all the high you’re going to get.

  76. Hello Star. The amount needed to overdose on Xanax will vary from person to person but is fairly high. The dose is generally based on your body weight, previous exposure to Xanax, metabolism and other factors. Try calling the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an expert opinion and medical advice.

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