What is Adderall withdrawal?

Adderall withdrawal is a set of symptoms that manifests when you reduce Adderall dosage or quit taking Adderall completely. More here on what Adderall withdrawal feels like and what helps relieve Adderall withdrawal symptoms.

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Are you planning to go through Adderall (a combination of amphetamine salts) withdrawal?

Can I just stop taking Adderall?  Not a good idea.  Because of how long Adderall is used to treat ADHD, the body develops physical dependence on Adderall, making it hard to withdraw from the amphetamines in Adderall. How long until Adderall withdrawal starts?  Generally, a few hours after Adderall effects wear off.  Here, we review what happens in the body when you withdraw from Adderall and why. Plus, a section on how Adderall withdrawal feels and what kinds of treatmentscan help ease symptoms. We invite your questions about withdrawing from Adderall at the end.

What is Adderall withdrawal syndrome?

Adderall is a drug that is considered a central nervous system stimulant. It is prescribed if you have ADHD. Like a pendulum, once you are off Adderall you move from feeling on top of the world to fatigue, anxiety, and body agitation. But why does this happen?

Once you abruptly stopped using Adderall or significantly reduce your daily dosage, the body will experience a period of withdrawal. Withdrawal happens because the brain is trying to compensate for the stimulant effect Adderall has on the central nervous system. Because Adderall increases activity in the body, once you stop taking Adderall, the brain rebounds sometimes resulting in extremes symptoms of fatigue, and waves of intense craving. Craving and long period of sleep make it harder to stop a dependence on Adderall.

What is withdrawal from Adderall like?

Withdrawing from Adderall is extremely unpleasant and is one of the worst medications to stop because of the physical dependence that develops over time. Withdrawing from Adderall can also be extremely dangerous. Unlike a depressant that speeds up body during withdrawal, Adderall withdrawal is actually the opposite, slowing the body to such a degree that long periods of sleep will occur. There can be several symptoms that might occur after you stop taking Adderall. The more common symptoms of Adderall withdrawal can include:

  • apathy
  • anxiety
  • abnormally long sleep cycles
  • dysphoria (generalized dissatisfaction with life)
  • extreme fatigue
  • irritability
  • depression
  • disorientation

What does Adderall withdrawal feel like?

Adderall withdrawal can feel exhausting and lethargic. You will probably feel the need to nap more or sleep for longer periods of time. You may feel more agitated/irritable and have a harder time regulating your emotions. There are also increased feelings of depression or anhedonia. Onset of these symptoms starts about 12 hours after taking your last dose of Adderall. And acute symptoms which result from stopping Adderall can last for several months after you cease using Adderall, making withdrawal feel long and tiring.

What helps Adderall withdrawal?

It is important that you are monitored by a physician during Adderall withdrawal so that a medical professional can slowly decrease Adderall doses and taper amphetamine salts to minimize the effects of withdrawal symptoms. If you are using Adderall recreationally (here and there), it may be possible to stop Adderall cold turkey but symptoms will still be severe, especially when mixing Adderall with other substances. If you have been taking Adderall over a long period of time, stopping suddenly Adderall is not advised. Three possible treatments for Adderall withdrawal include: tapering, medications, and home remedies.

1. Home remedies for Adderall withdrawal – For symptoms of fatigue , some people recommend caffeine in monitored quantities can help with fatigue, getting yourself on a regular sleeping schedule, exercise help relegate endorphins in the body, cold packs to help with the increase in your body temperature and talk therapy. Magnesium supplements have also been suggested to help make new cells in the body and activate B vitamins.

2. Medications – Sometimes doctors will prescribe antidepressants such as Wellbutrin to help with depression and apathy that occur during Adderall withdrawal but there should be care in how these methods are used.

3. Tapering – The best way to detox from Adderall is to slowly reduce and tapper your use of Adderall. It can take several weeks to wean a person off of Adderall. During this process you may have intense cravings as Adderall is physically addicting. For this reason, it is important to talk to someone and make sure you have supports available to you to help counter act the intense psychological aspects of Adderall withdrawal.

In general, the recommended procedure for tapering off Adderall is to first reduce Adderall intake in weekly increments until the presence of withdrawal symptoms emerge. After this, the rate of reduction should decease slowly to allocate for withdrawal symptoms. Once the symptoms have waned, further reductions should be made until the last few milligrams of the drug have been administered.

Questions about Adderall withdrawal

Do you still have questions about Adderall Withdrawal? Please share your questions and experiences with Adderall in the comments section below. And we’ll try to respond to your Adderall questions personally ASAP.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have been taking adderol for nearly nine years nows. I am so scared every Month because I literally always run out and when I run out I cannot get out of bed at all I can barely walk to go to the bathroom or take a shower or eat and I am extremely depressed. Some people that take adderol like me, try to tell me that this is all in my mind, but it is not.. I know how I feel. And, please I need a solution? Thank you.

  2. I have been getting same services as well started getting medication since I was 7. I have been taking stimulate type medication ànd others in my past. The psch that recently switched medical practices. My issue is that she would not rewrite a prescription I had lost and that was due for refill. Which was 120 mg adderal prescribe daily cut cold turky. Days past I had gotten into a accident that left me coma, tbi and so on. Ido not remember everything other than getting into accident just woke up in hospital. Could that totally being cut off 120mg adderal I took daily for 4 years have something to do with it………. I think I went into seizure that lead me rolling my truck several times and hitting a another vehicle, was told I just lost control of my vehicle…….,. I’m disàbled now and

  3. Okay, so I’m prescribed adderall, but I have a couple questions. I’m prescribed 20mg but today I decided to take 40mg because I like speeding every once in awhile. Now, keep in mind that I also don’t always take my medicine everyday too because sometimes I forget, so will I experience withdrawal with such a low amount?
    And also, is it normal for my hands and face to feel extremely cold, as well as for my skin to be slightly discolored and blotchy?
    Well, I know it’s not normal, but i meant like is it something that should be concerning?

    1. Hi Carter. Use your medication only as prescribed by a doctor. Please, don’t take higher doses since you put yourself at risk.

  4. I only take 2.5 mg bid. I want to quit. Called Dr. and he said that since it’s an amphetamine there would be NO withdrawal symptoms. He’s considered one of the top doc’s in his field. I took just the AM does, tonight I felt ‘crazy’. Disoriented is a better term, so I took the other 2.5, and OK now. Why would he say there are no w/drawal symptoms ‘because it’s an amphetamine’? Or would it be the low dosage? Thanks, Lawrence

  5. Hey Doug, do you consume a lot of caffeine as well? Caffeine withdrawal makes me rage. Adderall withdrawal just causes sustained extreme impatience, irritability, and classic, grade A B**chy-ness. But Furious Primal Rage- thats my caffeine addiction withdrawal, I know ( always followed a couple hours later by caffeine withdrawal headaches, and if I still don’t get caffeine or at least some advil, sometimes nausea and vomiting, without caffeine). But then everyone is a little different. Hope this helps. ~Michelle

  6. I’m taking 30mg of adderall extended release been on it for 4 months. I am determined to get off it because it makes me rage and I don’t like it. But I don’t know how or if you can ween off of adderall XR. Any help would be appreciated.

  7. I was forced to go off 20 mgs a day because I switched psychiatrists and she won’t prescribe Adderall until I get tested fir ADD which I was diagnosed when my 1st kid was. I’ve been on Adderall for over 10 years and been in therapy off and on for the same anoint of time. The withdrawal however has been an unusually high energy level and trouble sleeping unlike others have shared. Would that be another effect? I haven’t suffered the withdrawal too much except I have a short temper unlike the way I am when I’m on it. Thank you for any input.

  8. Question about returning to Adderall after withdrawal:
    I ran out of my Adderall last week because my insurance mistakenly denied coverage. (Adderall XR 40 mg a.m., 5 mg IR afternoon, the IR as needed). I was without for nearly a week and experienced withdrawal symptoms, among them apathy, fatigue, lack of motivation, upset stomach, crying fits, difficulty concentrating.

    I am now back on my regular dosage (2 days). How long would it take for withdrawal symptoms to be gone – immediately after returning to usual dosage? I feel better, but still have lack of motivation and inclination to crawl back into bed, but I don’t know if that circumstantial… Because of the withdrawal symptoms, I wasn’t able to work on a project I don’t want to deal with anyway. I could get out of it citing medical issues and I wonder if it continues to be withdrawal, or at this point if its just not wanting to deal with it. (Side note: I’m also treated for depression and anxiety.)

  9. My 9-year-old son has been on Adderall for ADHD for about a year, starting at 5mg and eventually up to 15mg starting last September. He seemed to be doing well, focusing in class a little better and improving socially. All of a sudden, starting around late Feb., he was becoming more angry and defiant. When my husband and I started a movie without him one night, he got so mad that he threw down a table.

    We noticed that many of his anger issues occurred in the morning (supposed to be getting ready, would play with toys instead; if we took away the toy he became full of rage) and in the evening (same thing, supposed to be getting ready for bed). I asked his nurse practitioner about a 24/7 med, and she said they weren’t as effective as a stimulant, so she raised the Adderall to 20mg. I was frustrated, but decided to try.

    So he got worse, throwing things at us, and at one point when my husband had to restrain him, he said that he wished he had a gun so he could kill us both. We called someone the next day who said to go back to 15mg. We did but no change.

    Last Wed., we went to see the NP who told us to take him off the Adderall altogether, meet the following Wed., and see what to do next. I thought eventually he would go back to his normal self, but he is still full of rage (throwing things at us, calling us “jerks,” taunting, etc.) and acts like he is really young. I’ve been Googling like crazy to see if the Adderall is still in his system and how long it takes to get out. I’ve gotten more confused. I’m praying that this behavior has to do with Adderall still in his body, but shouldn’t it be gone by now?? I haven’t had a good sleep in so long and I just want my kid back.

  10. I was talking 2 20mg xr adderal in the a.m. and up to 4 10mg instant release dextrostat. For 6 years and for no apparent reason my Dr just cut me off. No tapering no nothing. Just come turkey. I am so sick, fatigued, can’t get out of bed, don’t want to do nothing, not even shower. She refuses to give them back. She has destroyed my life. Up until then I lived and functioned normally everyday, and she took it all away. I was diagnosed with stage 3b cervical squamous cell carcinoma in 2009 and that was the start of everything. Chemo and radiation destroyed my body. Since then I’ve been living my life good up until December 1 st even this happened. And I’ve been in bed EVER SINCE. Lost my job, don’t see my kids don’t leave my house don’t do anything. Any advice?

  11. I am extremely dizzy upon rising in the morning after a few days off Adderall xr 25 mg. I collapsed & hit my head on a wall & needed staples to stop the bleeding. When I discussed this with
    my Dr she said it is uncommon side effect since it’s a low dose. Please advise.

  12. I only took 10 mg of adderall for about 15 days, all in all it did help focus me, I found that constipation and weird dreams were bugging me. I also found that (For Me) it was just a “Plastic Coating” (if you will) over who I am. I am a type “A” personality, I can be extremely annoying, but I am also known for being a problem solver and a top rate mechanic. I found that I was getting limited in my creativity for “McGyvering” things. I also experienced some odd things, on two different occasions I was watching outside and things went into slow motion. it totally blew me away. I Stop taking it. my last one was 25 hours ago. I am drinking a crap load of coffee, I feel a little nervous, and slightly nauseous. I also woke up with a migraine this morning, which is the reason I decided not to take anymore. I think my does was low enough and I didn’t take it that long, that I can stop before it gets too bad. I hope it works better for some of you than it did for me.

  13. I’ve been on adderall for only 2 months and my doctor wants to take me off by its not working. I first took 5 mgs for my 1st month then she put me on 10mgs then 15mgs. I still didn’t notice anything so I went up to 30 mgs without telling my doctor still wasn’t working, I told her about that yesterday it was only for 4 days, now I’m on 15 again til I go off of them. She told me to take 1 15mgs of adderall xr every other day for a week t Gen go on cymbalta after that next monday, will I have withdrawal symptoms if I do that.

    1. Hello Lori. Well, every drug affect each person differently. So,the withdrawal symptoms also may vary from person to person. My advise is to keep up with the doctor’s taper plan, and if you have any problems, seek medical help. Also, consider over-the-counter medications, and home remedies to ease withdrawal symptoms. Good luck, and share with us how withdrawal goes on!

  14. I have just went from blowing through my script for 1 30 IR and 1 30 XR per day in about two weeks, taking 90-120mg a day and having incrediable productivity in my classes. Now, Im down to 30mg per day only in the morning and am going to be off of it soon completely. Im taking 25 mg tomorrow, 20mg Friday, 15mg Saturday, 10mg Sunday and 5 mg on Monday. Luckily I will see my doc on Monday and be honest and open up to him about how fast I blew through my addy. Luckily, my woudnerful girlfriend has agreed to hold onto my pills (thank god we dont live together so this works) and is giving me one a day. I love her so much for being willing to help, and I find that she is the biggest incentivizing factor to help me quit. Because I love her so much, that is incentive enough to stay well grommed, make sure the room is immaculate, and everything. Granted im not as cracked out as I used to be with her, but she loves the fact that we can fall asleap together allot easier! Good luck to everyone. And, as a side note I have 200mg caffeine pills and those are my best friend!

  15. I was seeing a dr at a clinic where there are several Dr’s my last appt was july I got there and went to an exam room and someone I’ve never seen in my life said “she is the dr mine is no longer there” I’ve been using my Dr. for almost 8 years. She did not agree with my trearment plan and refused to give me some of my meds ive been taking for 10 yrs and did not refer me to anyone else so there are several I’ve not had since july. Still looking for one to take over I am on disability

  16. My names Ed, I’m 42. My doctor prescribed 3/30mg adderall tablets daily. I took for little over 3 1/2 yrs then decided to abruptly stop taking because I felt I had a problem. The withdrawal was absolutely horrible I compare it to an opiate withdrawal I was never so tired in my life for 5 months I was full of anxiety and a manic depressant I locked myself in a room and did not want to see anyone should. As I am abnormally tired constantly and depressed more than ever. It is almost the same as going through an opiate withdrawal without the restless legs. You can take my advice or leave it if you don’t I pityou can take my advice or leave it if you don’t I pity you.

  17. I keep seeing this sentence, “Magnesium supplements have also been suggested to help make new cells in the body and activate B vitamins.” Can someone please tell me the type(s) of cells that magnesium supplements can supposedly renew? Also, can someone be more specific about the phrase “activate B vitamins”? I know what B vitamins are and I know what activate means but I would appreciate further explanation please.

    I am still currently taking Adderall and I have been since June 2010. I really thought I would benefit from it because I had tried it a couple of times and when I did so, I actually thought to myself, “I think I could benefit from this.” I feel that I have benefitted in some ways. There were a handful of instances where I took Adderall before my doctor prescribed it to me and I felt like I could do so much if I had a prescription for them. However, once I had the prescription and started taking it every day, I didn’t start doing anything new that I wasn’t doing before the medication. In other words, I thought I would see more benefits from Adderall.

    That’s all I have to say at the moment, but I would really appreciate it if someone could address the questions at the beginning of my comment.

    Thank you.

  18. My doctor just left her practice and my new doctor will write me my opiates and my diazepam. The doctor is refusing to write my my adderall, antidepressants, gabapentin, etc..
    I have been taking 2 20 MG instant release each day for over 6 months; I suffer from seizures so my basic questions are these: I already live in horrible pain how much worse should I expect it to get; also does withdrawal from amphetamine salt heighten my chances of suffering a seizure?

  19. i was taking 20mg adderall xr for 5 days and kept crashing really badly so decided to stop. i’m having the worst depression of my life. it’s been 4 days since i stopped taking them and no improvement. is this possible after only taking them for 5 days?! will i ever go back to normal?

    1. Hello A. Your depression needs to be treated, and although the Addreall may have something to do with it, you still need help to manage. Counseling or psychotherapy, along with some medications can help you improve your condition and feel normal again.

  20. I have been seeing a doctor for adhd/ depression. Today i was informed that the new policies that are out no more medication will be given for adhd. So my doctor didn’t refill my meds. he said that i should not suffer from any affects. I have been taking 25 mg of amphetisalts daily for a couple years. what should i do

  21. Hi, I have been taking 30-40 mil. Of adderall everyday for abt 5 years.. I am seeing negative effe in my life recently and I know it has a lot to do with the adderall. Any advice on how to taper off of my dosage safely? I am a single mother of 2 and i work full time and still need to be able to function…. please…any advice…

  22. Because of how Adderall is viewed in my state, I must request a paper script and pick it up from my doctor every 30 days. As I arrived at my doctors office to pick up my prescription this afternoon (Friday), apparently they had closed early, even though I was assured they would be there. I have been without my dosage of 20mg for about 36 hours now. While I called the urgent line at my doctors office to ask if I could go without over the weekend, I have not heard back. Not only am I frustrated about the situation, I am getting a little nervous about whatI may experience not having my meds over the weekend. I have read many of the comments above, as well as the blog itself, but I am feeling a bit disoriented, light-headed, and a little out of it. Plus, the top part of my tummy feels a bit unsettled. I cannot afford for this to get worse over the weekend and I do not know what to do! I am hoping my doctor will call me back with some sort of resolution, but after calling him at 3:40 in the afternoon and not hearing anything back, I am getting the feeling that I may not. I cannot imagine any doctor that would want their patient to feel this way! Can anyone offer me any help, advice, or guidance? I thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Scare. I’m sorry you were put in such situation, your doctor has a duty not to oversee such situations and leave patients without their medicine for an entire weekend. But, you need to keep calm because you can make it. If symptoms become more severe as time passes, you can see the pharmacist at your local pharmacy and ask for over-the-counter medication that would help you treat fatigue, upset stomach and others. You can treat and lower symptom’s intensity with general OTC’s and home remedies. For instance, caffeine in monitored quantities can help with fatigue. Good luck to you!

  23. I have been taking adderall for over 10 years I have been addicted and I didn’t want to go to rehab so I stayed at home for two weeks and slept it out.That was 3 years ago I got pregnant shortly after and stayed off it thru out my pregnancy and 9 weeks of breast feeding. Now my son is 2 & 1/2 and I have become addicted again over this period of time. I also had my first seizure within the past 6 months, bc of a medication called wellbutrin. Okay now that I have told you my past its time for the real issue!!!
    I cannot tell my doctor nor can I call to rehab, I absolutely refuse!!! I will not take the risk of having anything on record that could be used against me in court and risk the chance of ever losing my baby!!!!!!!!! But I have to stop for him also! My sister wants me to stay with her for a month and detox which I have agreed and I am stopping cold turkey no other drugs either. But I am scared bc of everything I have read especially the part about seizures. Any advice Please I need help

    1. Hello Marie. The best and safest way to withdraw from Adderall and to minimize the withdrawal symptoms is by tapering and reducing your doses of Adderall slowly over time. Reducing doses slowly gives your body time to heal and rewire the brain chemistry and return to homeostasis. This can take a longer time, but hopefully as your Adderall is redused you will not feel the severity of your withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, quitting cold turkey will most likely produce severe and harsh withdrawal effects, and yes, seizures is one of them. Tapering doses down is generally done by decreasing your medication by 10% every week, depending on the level of dosing you have been prescribed.

  24. I have been diagnosed by 3 Doctors with AAD and reluctantly began Adderall. For the past 12 years I’ve been on and off Adderall at different dosages. For those of you in the 30mg per day range who have taken it correctly as described you have little to worry about long term withdrawal. At 30mg 3x’s a day especially your withdrawal should be very short. Someone using 40 to 60mg may have a little harder time with withdrawals lasting a few weeks to a month. Don’t listen to those saying 3 months or more as its just not true as I have withdrawan twice at 60mg though it was not easy in 3 weeks your more than half way there regarding happiness coming back. Last don’t withdrawal at a busy time. Do so when you don’t need to think.

  25. Hello Scared. You might feel some withdrawal symptoms. But after two weeks they will probably be mild and subside within 2-3 days. If you feel any withdrawal effects, you can go to the pharmacy and get some OTC’s to make it all more bearable. Of course, if you feel the need or if symptoms get worse, see a doctor.

  26. Hey I had 20mg and took half of the pill for 13 days. Sometimes just a half or half at breakfast and at lunch. I didn’t take one today because I hate it. It makes me feel terrible. Can I just quit cold turkey because I didn’t take it lon? How bad are my symptoms gonna be and last? I’m fresking out that it’s going to affect my brain and stuff! Help

  27. Hi Kirsten. Symptoms of Adderall withdrawal can last anywhere between a few days to several weeks after you last take the medication. No one knows exactly how long they will last, since it depends on many variables.

  28. I am going though the worst time ever with my husband!
    he has been on Adderall for about a year, and has decided to stop! He has been so angry! He has been in a rage, throwing things when he gets angry, calling me every word in the book, and very very baligerant…let alone sleeping all the time, and only gets up to eat! I have just been staying away from him, because anything I say I get yelled at! This is not my husband at all! He has always been the nicest most caring person! Please tell me how long do these withdrawls last? He absolutely refuses to go to a doctor! He thinks he knows best…obviosly not! PLEASE HELP!

  29. after one month, every other day, I don’t believe you should be feeling ANY withdrawals. That is not a high enough dosage, nor is it enough time to build a tolerance. . If one was abusing them taking them for a period of a year, than that would possibly bring about mental fatigue, etc..

  30. Hi Jon. I believe it was enough to get your organism accustomed to the presence of Adderall. So, in about a day after your last use you’ll probably start feeling the withdrawals. But, they’ll probably be gone in about a week or so. You can speak with your doctor about ways to taper down doses, use alternative mediactions, OTC meds.

  31. Hi, I’ve been using adderall xr 20mg for month every other day (so I’ve taken 15 total). I decided to stop, am I going to have crazy withdrawal syndromes?


  32. All good points. Trazodone excellent for hyperarousal during withdrawals and has some anti-depressant activity. Melatonin(low dosage around 1mg is also quite good in conjunction or by itself.) Other medications if you can get from doctor is Provigil or Nuvigil. These are not addictive stimulants, but they will help replenish energy, along with slight increase in mood. It will allow you to work during the day, by decreasing drowsiness, along with helping take away obsessive intrusive thoughts about the entire withdrawal process. Naltrexone is sometimes used in combination with Nuvigil or Provigil. Naltrexone greatly reduces cravings, and being amphetamines are so psychologically addictive, less physically like opiate withdrawal, allows you to function and concentrate on things taking away some of the severity of the withdrawal process. Hope I helped.

  33. I am a recovering meth addict clean 11 months now. On adderall for 9 months, I currently take 120 milligrams daily – which actually and that beams 240 milligrams in a 48 hour. During that time I do not sleep. Please help, how do i get off of this stuff and what do I take in place of the adderall for my ADD?

  34. Hi Mark. Just to be safe and sure, I’d suggest you see a doctor or a pharmacist and talk about the best way to come off the Adderall and what you can expect in the means of side-effects, how long can they last, and alternative ways to manage the situation.

  35. Hello,
    I’ve been taking a generic brand of Adderall:
    Amphetamine-Dextro Caps ER 20 MG
    Three Capsules Daily

    I’ve been on this regiment along with:
    A generic brand of CYMBALTA for depression due to an insufficicient amount of serotonin uptake:

    A generic brand of LAMICTAL for Bi-Polarism:

    A generic brand of XANAX for severe Panic Attacks (onset unpredictable):

    The above medications are prescribed by my Psychiatrist

    I am also prescribed from my Family Doctor (Internist):
    VYTORIN 10-80 MG TABLET (high cholesterol)

    A generic brand of ? for HYPOTHYROIDISM:


    ZYRTEC (over the counter- allergies)

    My symptoms at the time I was prescribed Adderall were:

    – Extreme difficulty getting up in the morning
    – Nodding off while driving to work on a major highway (In the AM)
    – Nodding off at work up until about 12:00 noon.
    My immediate supervisor asked me why I was nodding while she was talking to me.

    I’m 52 years old and work in a very high stress level job position for the last 28 years. I would like to wean myself off the Adderall and see if I can function without it.

    At the time I started the Adderall, I was not taking the thyroid medication or the generic of Xanax at the time I began the Adderall.

    Could you please advise as to what my next step should be?


  36. For Tammy
    Tammy I hope this ,message is not too late. Have hour husband start practicing YOGA right. Away . Try corepower yoga if you have available or any other place. It s helping me immensely.
    Good luck, mental drugs are hell!

  37. I have been taking high doses of adderall every day, much more than prescribed, usually around 100mg or more. After experiencing stimulant psychosis I want to quit cold turkey but I’m worried about how my body will react being suddenly cut off from such high doses. Any help?

  38. I took adderall in very large dosage for years… I was prescribed 90 mgs a day but took more like 120 or more… long story short I quit cold turkey… it was very hard but 2 years later and I haven’t touched it and have no desire to… im a happy girl now:)

  39. HELLO AGAIN ALL~! I do sleep just fine, and no longer take anything to sleep ( only took trazadone for sleep, a short period (3 months) after a traumatic event in my family which I am over now) I take 30mg adderall 3 times a day 90mgs total, there is not much info available about long term etc, i I have been on it as prescribed by SEVERAL doctors now, from about 1996 then new dr ( I moved) MOVED many times, always new doctor, and also if insurance or job changed got a new dr, nothing has changed, and my dose did continue to go up, and this is where it is now. I was just concerned about long term effect? also TAMMY posted here about emotional issues tearing up a family?? That doesnt sound like anything I have ever read/heard about this drug in my life, but I am always learning, so am interested in that as well, because i noticed the feelings of being short tempered/irritated towards people OCCASIONALLy , just sometimes, not constantly when I was about time for my next dose, or itf i skipped one, so i was just wondering what she (TAMMY)meant in her post out of curiosity, anyone want to chat more on this line?

  40. Hello Nancyann. Yes, it’s probably best to see your prescribing doctor. Adderall withdrawal does not need to be a cold turkey experience!

  41. my heart dr took me off amphetamine salts while in the hospital…i am having withdrawal symptoms…should i see my prescribing physician for help with withdrawing from this drug instead of going cold turkey due to my serious heart condition?

  42. My husband took adderall for about two years for extreme fatigue after having a tick born disease that left him completely exhausted. He had no idea what the medication would do to him. We have been married for 16 years very much in love but that all went to shit because of this drug. It has turned him into a complete selfishness, mean, uncaring man. He stopped taking it 6 months ago after he finally realized what it was doing to him and to our family. He is nicer now but still has no ” loving feelings” for me or any of our kids. He literally has no emotions or feelings at all. He is terrified that he is permantly inhuman and that he will never have normal feelings again. We were a couple who people were always saying” get a room”, very much in love and very happy. Well there’s none of that, and absolutely no intimacy. I’m very much in love with this man but don’t know what to do. We were told that any kind of medications would only mess with his brain chemicals further. I’m scared, lonely and want my husband back. Any advice on any of this would be truly appreciated. Does this ever repair itself or is this as good as it gets? We are almost at divorce. Thanks for listening

  43. I’ve been taking adderall 50 to 100 mg a day for3 weeks, will I suffer withdraw? Don’t know if I have another recovery in me

  44. I went off adderal xr 30 mg cold turkey. Im having feelings of claustraphobia, anxiety, moments of not feeling like I can get a full breath. Almost like a panic attack. Are these side effects as well? Or is it something else?


  45. I have been on Adderall since I was about 19; I am now 27. I came off of it cold turkey in 2010 when I got pregnant with my daughter. I am now pregnant again and am having unbearable withdrawals but do not remember EVER feeling this bad when I came off of them cold turkey with my daughter. While taking them, when I was, I was on 30 mgs a day. However; I did not take them everyday just for work and school. Why am I suffering worse than ever? I have done this before. How long before this gets better? Please give me some light at the end of this tunnel.

  46. I stopped my 30mg of adderall a week ago and suddenly each day im feeling more and more frequently lightheaded. like when you stand up too quickly, i feel like this every few minutes. The only other thing i’ve done differently is start androgel 5 weeks ago. i was feeling great from that. it has to be the adderall. i feel out of it like im going to pass out. My bp is 154/99 any ideas? should i goto the hospital?

  47. Hello again syndiee,

    BTW, I meant 90 mgs in my previous post – not 9! : )

    Anyway – are you sleeping at night? The 90MGS. may be keeping you up at night – leaving you in a constant state of fatigue. 90MGS would be enough to keep me awake 24/7 and I am a big guy 6’2”, 210 lbs. On my last attempt to quit – I mostly slept for hours and hours – I believe my peak was 18 hours straight. ( like I said, I am no doctor, so PLEASE see a good reputable one – perhaps a sleep specialist.) There is the possibility that the sheer amount you take is making you sleepy, because you are not getting enough sleep at night. Plus many medications have what is know as a paradox effect – the meds can actually do the OPPOSITE of what they are meant to do! For example, I myself – if I were to smoke some pot- instead of the effect of relaxing me and making me silly and have fun like it does for most people who have used it – I get very serious and paranoid – the very opposite effects that most people do. I took the time to see what I could find out about legitimate incidences of adderall paradox effect, but I did not have a lot of luck – I found one thread mentioning addreall making them sleepy – but these are anecdotal remarks and comments from what I would consider questionable sources. – but here is the thread – and a person who goes by the name “null0trooper ” mentions adderall making him/her sleepy. I do know that coffee can sometimes make me drowsy. I know so little of what is going on in your life – I am just throwing food for thought out there. You sound very unhappy and desperate. And I feel bad for you. I know you mentioned that you do not have the luxury of taking time to relax or take time from your busy schedule – but there can always be a way – family – close friends that you can trust – can perhaps pitch in , and you may be able to check into a sleep study program. I am sorry you are having such a hard time and I wish you the very best. And once again, please keep us up to date – ONLY when you have the energy. Good luck, and my thoughts will be with you,


  48. HI syndiee,

    I’m no doctor but 9 mgs. a day seems like WAY too much – in my opinion, I would go to a good reputable Dr. and tell him what is going on. Ask around, look on the web for quality Doctors that don’t just toss pills at all of your ailments.The Dr, that got me hooked on adderall did not want to hear ANYTHING about my issues – he would just ask, what are you taking now, “oh you have anxiety? – here’s a script for a thousand xanax.” “I wonder if you have add? here, take this TEN point questionnaire – and viola’ you have add! Heres a bunch of speed to almost make you lose you job” Of course I am exaggerating. but I did almost lose my job, and he did use a simple 10 question multiple choice quiz to “diagnose” a very serious malady and put me on a lot of adderall – and told me I could take even more, if needed.

    I called him Dr, Pill. He is just a glorified drug pusher. PLEASE see another doctor – and please let us know how you are doing.


  49. Hello syndiee. Have you been diagnosed with narcolepsy? In this case, Adderall is recommended and prescribed.

  50. I’m prescribed 30mg ir 3 times a day, total 90mgs. Per day…. I do not have the luxury of taking time off I am a stay at home mom and need to get my kids to school and back and watch small children daily I am already taking (as prescribed) trazadone at night, can anything combat the inability to stay awake during the day? I fall asleep while I’m driving, and it’s really bad……….o ..i have tons of housework i can’t keep up with now now…I’m at a loss….plus i cannot converse with my husband or kids normally as i should…please help!!!

  51. I tapered off rather quickly – but this time I new what to expect – I did take two weeks off from work – I have a job that requires a lot of safety, otherwise two weeks would have been fine. It has been a little over a month – but I can tell that I am still not 100% – I have taken 7.5 MG maybe three times in the last month – and that was only because I felt like I really needed it – and that super small dosage did really help just to take the edge off – I am hoping that I am off forever. I NEVER did have cravings and I do not miss it. – I mostly used it to wake myself up in the mornings – like (mega) coffee.At my peak which I neglected to mention on my previous post that I sometimes would take 45 or sometimes 60 mgs! At this point I would like to say that I am cured of the addiction.

  52. Alright guys, I’m in a bit of a pickle here lol. It is 10:42am……I stayed up all night doing homework for my classes today that start at 1pm and end at 7pm(I have two Tests so I can’t miss). After that I have a hockey playoffs game at 9pm. As you can see there is little time for sleep. I’m irritated, stomach hurts and I’m practically delusional at this point. I’ve been stuffing food down my throat for the past hour but I know that wont be enough. School is one thing, But can you guys think of any way I could have a half decent hockey game tonight. Yes yes this was all dumb, I know. I wouldn’t be asking for help otherwise lol. Im really considering just popping another adderal so I can stay awake for the day but I wonder how that’s going to affect my hockey game. I doubt this will get any responces soon but anything would help. Thanks guys

  53. Hi John. It’s difficult to predict any course of drug withdrawal. You just have to go through it. However, tapering will help you significantly minimize discomfort and severity of symptoms. Be prepared for the symptoms and take time off work to cope. And let us know how it goes! All the best.

  54. If I have been taking 15-30 Mg’s once in the morning for only about 8 months – Given the relatively short amount of time I have been on it, will it be easier to quit? I plan to taper off with the assistance of a Doctor.

  55. Hi syndiee. Unfortunately, scientists don’t know the long term effects of chronic amphetamine use. While assumed relatively safe, experts just don’t know. Lowering dose can affect the severity and intensity of withdrawal, should you decide to get off Adderall completely. I’d suggest again that you seek a more thorough consultation with a pharmacist who is willing to help you research the long term effects of amphetamines and who can help you make a decision about this medication.

  56. good advice, and yes i was prescribed, been taking amphets for 22 years total, started on ritalin… then went up to 90 mg per day of that, ended up on adderall long ago, still on it now. what happens if i just stay on it>? (and not increase no matter what).., (and tty to lower back to 60mg per day) am i hurting myself>???

  57. Hello syndiee. Thanks for your question. No, you are not doomed. Have you increased dosage under the supervision of a prescribing doctor? If so, 90 mg Adderall may be the dose that you need at the moment. If you self-increased your dosage, you’ll need to talk with your doctor and report it. Either way, your tolerance for Adderall may be increasing due to the long-term use of amphetamines over time. This is an expected outcome of taking Adderall for a long time. However, there may be ways that you can work with your doctor to decrease your dosage and/or take a break from Adderall. I’d suggest that you schedule a consult ASAP. And consider that if you are not getting support from your doctor, you always have the option of looking for another who can help you taper or wean from Adderall slowly. Medical supervision during Adderall withdrawal is always preferred!

  58. omg, im scared, im taking 90 mg per day adderall, 30 mg tabs 3x per day prescrebed..( I DO NOT ABUSE) started back in 1995 (ritalin, then changed to straterra, then adderall AND DOSE INCREASING), then just increased dose to keep up when it started to fail, now im worried!!! should i quit?> the guy on this site said he tried and it was horriblE, but he was taking less than a third of what i am!!! AM I DOOMED?? PLEASE HELP!

  59. “body agitation” I actually agree, and like the fact that for once, people know what they are talking about. It is a sad reality, when doctors these days are ignoring the fact that there is for many people, a physical and intense mental impact one has when getting off amphetamine salts even if for only two days. THe feeling is not like opiate WD’s, but more of light headed, dizzy spell, nausea, extreme restless body aches for some..This is noit something for the medical field to take likely. Unfortunately they will continue to unless they start to wake up!!!! Educate our doctors, don’t ignore the fact people taking stimulant medications, legally being prescribed them whether for ADD, ADHD, or for other reasons, who can’t seem to get off them when they want to BECAUSE of the impact as discussed logically in this article!! Clonidine, Monster drinks for many do not help> Mitrazepine, and honestly CANNNABIS(uchhumm..the right kind) CAN HELP. Cannabis, whether prescribed in your state or not, may help because it possibly hits the Kappa receptors. Trazadone, as to the person who mentioned above, may very help help as well for sleep. However, Naltrexone in my opinion WILL not. It doesn’t hit any of the areas, receptors, that would aid with stimulant withdrawals. Naltrexone acts as an full antagonist, hence how would it help increasing the effects of amphetamines even if it did hit the dopaminergic areas that amphetamines bind to??

  60. Hello JR. Thanks for your questions.

    1. With Adderall, there is a “Crash” phase of withdrawal, an intermediate phase and a long-term withdrawal phase. While you may have avoided the crash, you may experience lingering, persistent side effects rather than very intense, sudden withdrawal symptoms.

    2. Yes, the fatigue will pass. While this intermediate withdrawal phase from Adderall differs by individual, it can take several weeks to start to feel normally energized again.

    3. Until such time as your body has totally come off Adderall, you can try any of the following alternative treatments to help improve symptoms of extreme fatigue brought on by Adderall withdrawal. The most basic one is: rest.

    4. There are many alternatives to treating ADHD. Many of them are applicable only to a specific subgroup. Oligoantigenic (few-foods) diets have convincing double-blind evidence of efficacy for a properly selected subgroup of children. Enzyme-potentiated desensitization, relaxation/EMG biofeedback, and deleading also have controlled evidence of efficacy. Iron supplementation, magnesium supplementation, Chinese herbals, EEG biofeedback, massage, meditation, mirror feedback, channel-specific perceptual training, and vestibular stimulation also show promise as ADHD treatment alternatives. You might want to also check into single-vitamin megadosage, zinc supplementation, laser acupuncture, and essential fatty acid supplementation. However, RDA vitamin supplementation, non-Chinese herbals, homeopathic remedies, and antifungal therapy have no systematic data in ADHD. And keep in mind that while some alternative treatments for ADHD are effective or probably effective, each worksmainly for certain patients. You can find more by doing an internet search for these keywords:

    site:.gov AHDH alternative

  61. I took Adderall everyday for the past 12 years. I took Adderall XR 10 – 30 mg per day for approximately 9 years and Adderall IR 20 mg -30 mg per day for the past 3 years . I would always split the daily doses up and never take the whole pill or capsule all at once. Somedays I may have taken half and somedays the entire dosage. Never did I take more than the prescribed dose, therefore I NEVER abused the drug….at least from prescribed medical perspective. The main thing I liked was the sometimes super natural energy it would give me. I also had to take 1/3 to 1/2 of an Ambien every night to sleep. It always worked and then I would offset the dragging feeling the next morning by taking more adderall. I can relate to most all of the blogs…….ups and downs, euphoric feelings to lows. I became very irritable to aggressive at times. Other times, I’m just totally carefree and happy go lucky. The zombie mode is the come down. I began taking it to stay focused on my work but it only worked for short periods of times, then I would still lose focus or delve off into some obsession area of my life for hours at a time, from researching history or researching types of golf clubs to buy. Go figure! I would spend time spontaneously on things that I had no business spending this much time researching due to other more important priorities. Additionally it has killed a big part of my motivation and business drive, which I used to have a lot of. It has also killed a big part of my desire to be social. Sometimes I wouldn’t feel like talking to anyone. My family sometimes never knew which guy they were going to get. Luckily my family life is still good. My social life has suffered but it is far from non exisetence. Bottom line, is that Adderall changed who I was. It distorts ones “real world” thinking. You have read all the blogs and the majority of them I could relate to. I’m now in my early 50’s and decided to just stop it all last Friday. Why? Because of all the aforementioned reasons and I didn’t like who I had become. So on Thursday I delved off into obsessively reading all the how to quit Adderall blogs. Very scary stuff but motivating. So, I had this grand plan to wean off like most people suggested. One medical website laid out this 2 month step down plan every two weeks. Well, from taking 30 mg per day of Adderall IR, I went to 5mg on Friday and then I just quit. Why? Because I felt I could. It has now been 3 full days without any Adderall. My thinking is much more clear. My once “cut up” personality seems to be coming back. The side effects thus far have been feeling very tired with the need to take several cat naps a day. Last night I slept without a piece of an Ambien for the first time in years……although it was a restless sleep. I have a strong desire to stay off of Adderall but still have the ADD or ADHD….in other words my lack of focus. My apologies for the dissertation but just writing all this has helped in an odd way. I do have just a few very important questions: 1. Is it possible that I was on Adderall so long that the withdrawals haven’t even started yet? I’m just surprised how easy it has been so far compared to all the horror stories I have read. 2. Will the extreme tired feeling/fatigue subside? If so, how long will it take for it to go away? It’s really pretty bad at certain times of the day only 3 days into “cold turkey” 3. What can I do to re-gain a reasonable energy level? Exercise? Coffee? Red Bull? 4. Finally, what can I do for my lack of focus which is originally why I started taking Adderall 12 years ago? I have never been officially diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD but here is no doubt that I have always had a short attention span and had trouble staying on task for certain projects. I have always been very compulsive and the Adderall greatly intensified that tendency to a dangerous level at times. I never want to start taking another prescribed drug that produces the same side effects and screws with your mind such as Adderall. Is there anything else out there that I can take on an as needed basis that helps with energy and focus? What about Provigil? Does Provigil have the same tendencies as Adderall? Thanks in advance for answering my questions and commenting on anything I have written.

  62. I found trazadone and naltrexone helpful for stopping adderrall with minimal discomfort. Trazadone restores the ability to sleep and is an effective anti-depressant. Naltrexone tapers cravings and impulsiveness and also attenuates the effects of amphetamine should one relapse.

  63. Hello Courtney. Amphetamines like Adderall should be administered at the lowest effective dosage and are adjusted according to your personal therapeutic needs and responses. If you are being treated for ADHD, it’s rare that Adderall doses exceed a total of 40 mg per day. Usually, the first dose is taken on awakening; additional doses (1 or 2) at intervals of 4 to 6 hours afterwards.

  64. What is the average dose of Adderall? Is 15mg of Adderall XR an average dose? What about 10mg at 4pm everyday in addition to that?

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