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How long does Tramadol stay in your system?

How long does Tramadol stay in your system?

Tramadol will show up on some drug tests, but doesn’t stay in your system long-term.

In fact, Tramadol shows up on drug screens and is detected in tramadol-specific blood and urine screens only 2-4 days after use. However, hair testing can show past Tramadol use, even when it is no longer in your system. Keep reading for information on Tramadol testing, abuse, and resources. And we welcome your questions about Tramadol screening or use at the end.

Main Tramadol uses

Classified as an opiate agonist, Tramadol changes the way the body senses pain to help provide relief. Tramadol is used to relieve moderate to moderately severe pain. Tramadol can also be used to help with neuropathic pain (pain caused by the damage to peripheral nerves). The extended release version of Tramadol is used to treat moderate, chronic pain.

How do you take Tramadol?

Tramadol is taken in the form of a tablet, as needed. Tramadol is also available in an extended-release formula, which is only prescribed to people who need to be able to take the medication around-the-clock. When abused, the pain medication might be crushed and snorted. Tramadol can also be dissolved in water and then injected. Either of these methods, however, can cause serious side effects or death.

Peak levels and half life of Tramadol

When does Tramadol kick in?  In an hour or less. Tramadol hits its peak blood plasma level an hour and a half after the drug is taken. It has a half life of 6 hours.

Tramadol drug testing: How long does tramadol stay in the body?

Like many similar medications, Tramadol does not stay in the body long. Hair samples will reveal drug use further in the past than blood or urine screens, which are only reliable for a day or two.  So drug testing for Tramadol can be ordered in blood, urine or hair samples.

How long does Tramadol stay in blood?

After more than a couple of days, it’s unlikely that Tramadol will be detected in the blood. This detection window for Tramadol in blood samples is a little longer for the extended-release version than for the regular variety of the drug.

How long does Tramadol stay in hair?

Most drugs can be detected far longer in hair than they can be in urine or blood. Hair samples may be able to test positive for Tramadol weeks or months after exposure to the drug. But the Tramadol detection period in hair samples depends on a few different factors, including hair length, dosage, and the person’s metabolism.

How long does Tramadol stay in urine?

Tramadol will show up on urine screens for 2-4 days after use. However, Tramadol may show up a for a few days after last dose with heavy or chronic use. But in most cases, if someone hasn’t taken the drug within 48 hours, the levels are undetectable.

Tramadol: long term use and addiction

Tramadol is an addictive medication with serious side effects when taken long term.  Not only can Tramadol create a physical dependence with long term use, Tramadol  causes seizures even when taken in prescribed amounts over a long period of time.  Furthermore,  suddenly stopping Tramadol will cause withdrawal symptoms which can range from minor and unpleasant to serious.

Problems with Tramadol?

If you think that you might have a problem with Tramadol, you probably do. But there is help for narcotics addicts. A local doctor or clinic should be able to direct you to resources and help you deal with possible Tramadol addiction. Addiction specialists use a medical or therapeutic approach, or a combination of the two. There might be support groups in your area, like Narcotics Anonymous, that can help you through the process of quitting Tramadol.

Tramadol in your system questions

Do you still have questions about Tramadol in your system? Please leave your questions here. We will be happy to try to answer them ASAP personally!

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90 Responses to “How long does Tramadol stay in your system?
10:43 pm May 11th, 2012

I am on my second day of withdrawal from Tramadol, I took it for chronic pain and fibromyalgia and ovarian cyst. I was on it for almost 2 years, and the first day off was hell…shaking, sweating, goosebumps, all over body aches and pains, headache and nausea. Today my 2nd day I have had mild diarrhea and not as shaky,but still sweating, cold, and run down like I just want to sleep but I cannot. How long does it take for the Tramadol or withdrawal symptoms to stop in a person like me. I was taking 100mg 2x a day sometimes more. Please I would appreciate the feedback cause I am not feeling so well.

4:20 pm May 14th, 2012

Hi Erin. I feel for you. In practice, doctors should advise you to stop tramadol treatment gradually, especially after lengthy treatment periods. Withdrawal symptoms for chronic tramadol use occur at or below the maximum recommended daily level of 400 mg per day.

That said, in general, shorter acting opioids like tramadol tend to produce shorter; more intense withdrawal symptoms, while longer acting narcotics produce a withdrawal syndrome that is protracted. Although unpleasant, withdrawal from tramadol is rarely life threatening and symptoms tend to pass within 7 days after you discontinue tramadol use.

2:56 pm June 5th, 2012

I took one 50mg tramadol one time on sunday, i did not know it could show up on a drug test(urine) otherwise I wouldn’t have taken it. I just got put on house arrest and take a drug test today. Since I only took one 50mg, one time, infact the only time on Sunday, will I pass the urine test on Tuesday??

10:25 am June 6th, 2012

Hi Anna. What’s the drug test? Tramadol is a very specific drug and will show up only on a toxicology screening specifically designed for tramadol. Most standardized drug screens such as multiple panel tests (5 panel, 7 panel, 9 panel, 10 panel tests) do not cover tramadol.

1:11 pm July 3rd, 2012


How long does tramadol stay in your body for a blood drug test?

9:30 pm July 3rd, 2012

Hi Lauren. Tramadol can be detected 24-48 hours after ingestion for a blood based test.

6:59 pm September 10th, 2012

If you take tramadol for 30n days in a row how long will it take to get out of your system for a drug test for a back pain clinic. I have a bulging disk in my back, they burned the nerve endings in November and it helped until last month. I could not get a dr. appointment with my back dr. until October 18th. I do not want the ultram to show up on the test and then they will not give me meds. Does anyone really know they right answer to my question. I do not want to get in trouble. I just need some relief now!! Thank you so much for your help.

11:56 am September 15th, 2012

Hi Connie. Tramadol requires tramadol-specific testing. It won’t show up as an “opiate” in a standard DOT 5 panel test. Because you’ve been using tramadol daily for more than a few weeks, it make take a few days for tramadol to clear your system.

2:16 pm October 1st, 2012

I have a few questions about a hair follice test. We are going through a custody casing and wondering if a prescription for tramadol 50mg, 20 tablets will show on a hair test as an opiate? Also will ocassional, say once a week or so, use of benzo or opiates show as well? The person in question has been tested almost weekly by UA screens and has been able to pass. We don’t believe there is continued “heavy” use of drugs but are wondering just how sensitive these tests are now. The test is going to include drugs of abuse along with the extended opiate panel. Thank you!

2:04 pm October 2nd, 2012

Hi Jess. No, tramadol requires a specialized test because it is not a chemical “opiate” nor an “opioid”. Rather, tramadol is in a class by itself. Check with a lab technician about what specific testing is required for tramadol, because its metabolites are different than most of your known opioids (hydrocodone, oxycodone, etc.) even in an “extended opiate” panel.

Benzo or opiate use should be detected in a hair follicle test and are isolated individually. Good luck and please let us know how it goes!

7:38 pm October 27th, 2012

can i drink after 6 hours of taking a 50 mg tramadol?

9:12 am October 28th, 2012

The main danger of mixing Tramadol and alcohol is their unpredictable, additive depressant effects. The half life of tramadol is about six (6) hours, so that means that you still have half the dose of tramadol in your system six hours after taking it. To be sure that your body is totally clear of tramadol, wait a full 24 hours after last dose so that tramadol can clear your system.

7:47 pm November 5th, 2012

I read on some places that Tramadol will stay in you system for 20 days or so. Is this True? Will it show up on a 10 Pannel Urine test after 6 or 7 days?

11:36 am November 6th, 2012

Hi Amanda. Most 10 panel drug screens will not include a specific screen for tramadol. Tramadol is unique in that it is not detected in even a general “extended opioids” urine drug test. Instead, its metabolites require specific testing. The drugs that are usually included in a 10 panel drug screen include:

cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines and methamphetamines, PCP, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, quaaludes, methadone, and

More info on general employer drug testing from the Department of Labor here:

kim k
1:33 pm December 11th, 2012

Hello, I am on day 3 of stopping Tramadol cold turkey. I have been taking it for mth 100 to 200mg a day. First day chills,sweats restlessness headaches. Second day diarrhea chills, sweats headaches and no appetite. Now on my third day vomiting a little ,diarrhea restless leg syndrome. Will this go away soon I have to go to work tomorrow and nervous I wont be able to go . I need in put please on how long will this last.

Thank you

8:06 pm December 11th, 2012

Hi Kim. Sometimes symptoms of opioid withdrawal can persist for a good 7-10 days. I’d suggest that you consult a pharmacist for over the counter remedies that might help you break through this window of acute withdrawal. Also, seek advice from your prescribing doctor…such as a tapering regimen if you need to return to tramadol to get to work.

9:48 am January 7th, 2013

Dear sir, i’ve been taken 1 capsule of tramadol 50mg to relieve my toothache. However, when i found that tramadol is one kind of opioid compound i immediately try to vomit out the capsule as i just took it together after my lunch. After that i don’t feel that my pain was relieved but i felt drowsy. Can i pass the urine test that provided by police? How long it takes to get off completely from body?

1:51 pm January 10th, 2013

Hi Jac. As long as you have a prescription for tramadol, you should be OK and test NEGATIVE for abuse. Just present your prescription to the medical review office in charge of the test (before OR after you take it).

1:43 am January 23rd, 2013

Hi, hopefully my question is answerable. I got ahold of 22 tramadol 50 mgs and I took them within a week for pain and for a distraction from everyday life. I have a UA drug screen in 1 week and will not be taking anymore. I found out there is a good chance I will be tested for tramadol. I’m 165 lbs and only 5’2 I have a rather slow metabolism. Do I have a chance of failing the test based on this information?

12:48 am January 24th, 2013

hi. i am being tested for abuse of tramadol which i was doing..i have stopped taking them and have been withdrawing bad.. its been almost 2 days since ive had any and i just gave a urine to test my levels im perscribed 1 every 4hrs of 50mlg when abusing i wuld take up too 15 a day since the half lifes only 6 hrs my levels shuld be down to a somewhat normal range right?

2:24 am February 3rd, 2013

Hi, I’m pretty experienced with tramadol. A year ago I stopped abusing tramadol. It wasn’t prescribed to me. I abused for about 2years. The other night I found more in my medicine cabinet so I took four 50MG. I’m allergic to some stuff used in It. I heard morphine was in it? I don’t know. I’m wondering if I snort it, I won’t get sick and throw up the entire next day? Is snorting safer?

10:56 am February 12th, 2013

Hello Samantha. Snorting tramadol can bring on nausea and vomiting from a reaction to the opioid qualities of tramadol in the same way that oral ingestion can. Snorting tramadol is, in fact, more dangerous than taking tramadol orally and is not recommended at all.

Concerned Mom
6:14 pm March 1st, 2013

for a heavy abuser who took a large quantity of Tramadol/Ultram (close to overdose amount, but not sure how many) what is the absolute maximum amount of time a Tramadol specific urine test will be positive in the urine? Everything I’ve read says 2-4 days. Day 5, this person is still testing positive.

4:20 pm March 5th, 2013

I took 2 50mg tramadol this morning and i have to do a urine drug screen for my dr on Friday to renew my meds and they send it off to test for tramadol. Will this show up in my urine?

4:25 pm March 5th, 2013

I took 2 50mg tramadol this morning and i have to do a urine drug screen for my dr on Friday to renew my meds and they send it off to test for tramadol. Will this show up in my urine?

3:21 am March 6th, 2013


Tramadol will not show up on a urine test it is not an opiate or any other drug. Just a weak painkiller with no opiate

11:44 pm March 29th, 2013

Ahhhh yeah dont know how healthy this is, but i was hooked on hydrocodine, oxycodine ect. thought tramadol was a wonder drug cause it eased my withdrawel symptoms. Then after around a month of taking tramadol i was in the same boat as I was when i was coming off the codine( the main reason i quit was i took care of my pain, it was for dental pain n my d@&n insurance wouldnt cover the dental work n i had a good dentist who offered to extract all my top teeth which sucks but pain free! and for the price of one) but to ease my withdrawls i used immodiam ad…… not only did it help the trips to the rest room but i didnt feel the withdrawls at all just weakness…. GOOD LUCK TO THOSE GOING THROUGH THREE DAYS OF HELL! just know you’ll feel A LOT BETTER when its over

11:46 pm March 29th, 2013

oh n its an opioid not an opiate, so is loritab by the way so its a lil bit better than a regular pain killer

Morgana Rose
9:47 pm April 15th, 2013

Tramadol does NOT causes seizures with prolonged use. Seizures are a possible serious side effect that some people have, but show up within 1-3 months of starting the medication. Infact, Tramadol is prescribed to treat certain types of seizures in patients who have difficulty taking or are allergic to the standard anti-seizure medications. I have been on this drug consistently (3-4 50mg pills per day) for about 6 years now, took them for 2 years post back surgery 16 years ago (as a teenager) and have taken them off and on for all the years in between that. The seizure disorder I have actually started at a time when I hadn’t taken any of the pills in at least 2 weeks and was during the on and off period. I first started taking this drug 16 years ago and I’ve also extensively studied it in and outside of a lab setting,I’d consider myself an expert on it.

2:10 pm May 3rd, 2013

hi i need some advice bout tramadol withdrawl iv been off tramadol for 2 days i just came straight off them i was taking 4-5 50g a day for a trapped nerve in my neck when will they be out my system toatally my doc has now gave me co-codamol 30mg/500mg will they help with the withdrawl symptoms

3:07 pm May 8th, 2013

i was taking thirty to forty pills a day. ten at a time of the fiftys. it does give you seizures believe me. it also makes men and women extremely horny. i have since gotten on suboxone and feel much better.

12:53 am May 10th, 2013

Can a person die from Tramadol overdose? How many pills would a person have to take in that case? If an autopsy was done in a week from death, would pathologists be able to find Tramadol in blood/liver etc?

3:46 am June 3rd, 2013

hello am 26 and ‘ve been taking tramadol for almost 6 years in a row i know its horrible and I tried to quit so many times but it didn’t work and I want to quit but am afraid from the pain am going to be in and for how long will take to be normal??

8:45 am June 3rd, 2013

Hello Mia. If you are in need of tramadol for pain, I’d suggest that you talk with your prescribing doctor about cutting back slowly. Can you treat breakthrough pain with NSAIDs instead of higher doses of this opioid? Or are you using tramadol for emotional pain?

4:22 am June 22nd, 2013

i been taking tramadol for a year now, and i have a drug test monday morning will i fail this drug test please help oh and i don’t have a perscription any more please help.

4:48 pm June 27th, 2013

Took 500 mgs on a Thursday at 5pm
The following Friday I was tested at 12pm for a drug screen/alc test for a construction job. That’s 7 and a half days. Still nervous about false positives.. But if it does clear in 1-2 days should I be concerned about any test finding tramadol? Even a gc/ms specifically designed for tramadol shouldn’t find it at that point either right?

12:55 am July 10th, 2013

am using tramadol for emotional pain, I tried to quit so many times but it didn’t work :S I really want to stop it but its in my blood for almost 6 years!! is there any other medication I can take instead of tramadol but without any side effects ??!

3:51 pm August 17th, 2013

I have a prescription for 50mg of tramadol for my severe back pain. I onIy took 50mg OD for 3 weeks and have to take a drug test for Nursing school and didn’t take the drug for 3 days and then took 50mg this morning because I was in agony. How many days should I let pass before I take the required drug test?

9:03 am August 24th, 2013

I have an addiction to tramadol, at my worst 40 a day. I’ve taken 17 in the last 13 hours, but also drank a lot of vodka, mt heart is racing, is there anyway of calming this down or should I just wait? I have been in this situation a fair few times and been convinced that I’m going to die so I don’t sleep. I know it’s stupid but I have too much to deal with at the moment. I just wondered if there was any quick way to sober up.

4:37 am August 26th, 2013

Hello Kim. You can call the Poison Control Center to assess your risk of overdose: 1-800-222-1222. Then, you can taper down off tramadol with the help of a tapering calendar. And you can get help for possible drug or alcohol addiction by calling 1-800-662-HELP.

3:24 pm September 26th, 2013

If i took a 50 mg tramadol monday morning will it show in a lab test the following thursday? 3 Days later…. not a user. was used for a back ache.

11:40 pm September 28th, 2013

Im 16 and have took 6, 50mg of tramadol it’s been 5 hours and forty minutes since. Will I be ok?

7:22 pm October 2nd, 2013

I was wondering if you took tramadol two weeks ago if it will show up in a cotton swab saliva test?

5:21 pm October 9th, 2013

I was prescribed 240 pills of tramadol for two months straight everyday taking doses. I finally came off the medication I got prescribed and 2 weeks later got tested and there was still signs of tramadol in my system how long will it be in my system since I was a chronical user. Please respond this information is very important to me

Penelope Nino
4:30 pm November 25th, 2013

Is there anything that can cancel out tramadol in blood work? My son is in prison prescribed tramadol and they are accusing him of not taking it.
would I B profen or any food that may cancel it out in blood work ?

stacy kangris
6:58 pm December 16th, 2013

If you have used tramadol for 3+ years at a dose of 50mg taking 2 pills twice a day total of 300mg a day how long will it take to get out of your system?

10:26 pm December 19th, 2013

Had taken tramadol for 6weeks until had spine surgery. Took 1-3 tablets per day. Stopped tramadol 6days ago. Feeling horrible. Jittery, heart racing, mind can’t settle, unable to sleep. How long before med out of system? What to take to help sleep. Should heart rate start to return to normal soon?

7:57 pm February 12th, 2014

I took a half of a 59mg Tramadol on Monday morning around 10:00 a m and got drug screened on the following Wednesday….will it show up? Is there really a “specific” test for Tramadol that is not normally routinely done?

3:48 pm March 5th, 2014

My daughter took one 50 mg tramadol on Saturday will it show up on a test today

2:22 pm April 9th, 2014

I’ve taken tramadol 50mg x2 daily, for 3month, stopped Sunday morningI feel sick, night sweats, crying over nothing, doc thinks it’s depression, but I’ve only been feeling like thus since Monday, which is why I think it’s tramadol. If I drink water will this help get rid of it out my system, how long will it take to feel more myself.

David gharzo
10:39 pm May 20th, 2014

what is the name of the drug test for tramadol ultacet ?

8:14 pm June 3rd, 2014

I have been taking Tramadol for 4 years now, and I take it for cronic pain for my back ( I have 2 degenerating discs. I also take it for my knees. I want to know is there something else I can take now insted of tramadol? I want to stop taking it slowly. I truly take it for this horrible pain. But there are certain times I dont refill it on time or I dont go see my doc for I dont have the money fir office visit. When I dont drink it for a couple of days, I feel like I got hit by a truck and I became extremely uncomfortable. What can I do?

11:02 am July 5th, 2014

Is there a reason why tramadol might show up on a drug test even when I haven’t taken it at all. Like food, normal cigarettes, juices, or anything else. Please, I am desperate because I just tested positive…

9:19 pm July 7th, 2014

i think tramadol is opoid agonist not antagonist

1:25 am July 29th, 2014

My sister is in a HPRP program in Michigan. She was given tramadol by her family physician who knows that she is in the program, but since she was having severe back pain that was not being helped by the epidurals she was prescribed this medication. Now she has had a mouth swab, a hair sample and she has to do a urine drop weekly. They said she was positive for more then what was prescribed. Can they actually figure that out through these 3 different tests?

7:39 pm August 9th, 2014

Can ultram or tramadol affect the kidneys or liver. Take 6 tablets over 24 hours…

9:43 pm September 3rd, 2014

Hello…im really freaking out….i had a random drug screen today for work and i took some tramadol in the morning for a migraine..i had previously had a prescription for them but i no longer do. i got them after a miscarriage. i dnt have the paperwork or anything and so afraid its goin to show up in the drug screen n how i will explain it.. Plz help

Mandy Brown
9:20 am September 8th, 2014

I have been taking tramadol 100 sustained released for 3 days. my last dose was 12 hours ago. can I take Mersyndol now but not the tramadol dose?
thank you

2:10 pm September 11th, 2014

I took one 50mg Tramadol for knee pain 2 days ago and have a 12 panel drug screen test which will test for it tomorrow. Will I be able to pass my test?

Concerned momma
4:49 pm October 14th, 2014

Hi, My daughter is pregnant and takes 150mg of tramadol a day how should she stop taking it or is it safe to take while pregnant??

9:27 am October 16th, 2014

Hi Concerned momma. Considering your daughter’s pregnant, it’s not safe for her or for the baby to do anything on your own. Make a doctor’s appointment and also consult with a gynaecologist. It’s not recommended to put her through harsh withdrawal while expecting.

1:45 pm October 20th, 2014

Had to tke a florida drug free work place urine screen. will tramadol show up on this test. It list a comprehensive panel as test to be performed.

8:07 pm October 23rd, 2014

I have been taking Tramadol for 3 years daily for chronic back pain. Caused by a broken vertabre suffered in Afghanistan. Should I be concerned about seizures etc? Should I possibly consider talking with my Dr about changing to something else?

2:44 pm October 27th, 2014

Hello Shanna. Seizures are possible with Tramadol, but it’s always listed as a side-effect associated with withdrawal. You can also be in a greater risk of seizures while taking Tramadol if you suffer from epilepsy, have a history of seizures or head trauma, if you have previously abused or are now abusing Tramadol or in case of overdose. If you have any other concerns, please talk to your doctor.

1:36 pm November 22nd, 2014

Does Tramadol cause a break down in tissues of the body? Skin or organ tissues ?

3:44 am November 29th, 2014

I took 6 50mg tramadol how long will it be in urine? The urine test used Is Icup

5:36 pm December 14th, 2014

After taking tramadol, how much medication is still in my system 12 hours later. Is it safe to drive.

4:50 pm December 16th, 2014

Hi Marilyn. Tramadol has a half-life of 6 hours. So, after 12 hours it is safe to drive, since the effects of the medication have long passed.

7:55 pm December 17th, 2014

Is there any chance Tramadol will be viewed/prescribed as an anti-depressant in the future? I take 3 100mg tablets a couple times a day. I tried everything, to no avail. I discovered Tramadol nearly 2 years ago & have felt better than I ever have.
First, it doesn’t mess me up. It simply gives me a pleasant, calm, & positive mood I’ve always lacked. It makes working & everyday activities enjoyable-simple things! I have way more confidence & motivation, enjoy life a lot more, am no longer stressed out about everything, helped my insomnia & also rarely drink anymore. I could go on, but am at a word limit. Finally, I’ve been told by close friends and family that I am way more pleasant to talk to & be around than I used to be.
So, I think I am a great example why it can be viewed as an effective anti-depressant/anxiety medication-for ME, not all. I call it a “mood enhancer.” Of course, I can’t talk to my Dr. or anyone about taking it w/o being automatically dismissed/lectured. If only I had a prescription for it. Simply being happy shouldn’t be this difficult & spendy :-(

12:13 am December 19th, 2014

I want to know how long tramadol stays in your system so I can k ow when it’s safe to take my new Rx for Zoloft.

6:40 am December 19th, 2014

I take 250mgs of Tramadol twice a day for severe back pain because last year I broke my back in 3 different places, will the Tramadol show up in a random standard UA?

5:51 am December 22nd, 2014

I am 3 weeks pregnant and I have been taking tramadol for about a year know I took my last 2 pills yesterday before I found out I was pregnant and I’m need to stop but this cold sweats,dizziness lost of energy and the worse of all i wanna relax and my body just can’t stop moving it gets worse at night time how long will this continue ? So long is been 24 hours with all this symptoms

12:29 pm December 23rd, 2014

Hello Juliana. My advise to you is to see a doctor, because from what I can read in your comment-you quit cold turkey. You’ll need medical help to treat withdrawal symptoms and go through this without causing your organism too much stress. Of course, tell your doctor that you are pregnant, so he can apply the appropriate therapy methods.

1:44 pm December 23rd, 2014

Hello Beth. I’d suggest consulting your doctor or a pharmacist an this issue. I’d say 12 hours, since the half life of tramadol is 6 hours. Still, doctors know best.

12:25 am December 27th, 2014

Wow, some of these comments are ridiculous! Worrying about driving 12 hours after taking 50mg of Tramadol! Haha! Really?! Cracking 50mg pills in two and taking half? You people must have never taken a real drug in your lives. I’m not saying its a weak drug or anything, but geez…Oh and by golly, look through some of the posts above before you ask a lame question that’s already been covered like 20 times.

10:40 pm December 29th, 2014

I see nobody had a response to my positive review on the benefits of Tramadol as far as treating depression/anxiety. If taken responsibly, I do believe it to be more effective than any other drug on the market (and it’s not even in the same class!). I’m glad, though that the post was fairly allowed as most of the posts are generally negative and involve an unwanted addiction to it. Anyway-I do have some relevant information to the entire subject of the post. Went to the Doctor last week for shoulder pain & anxiety and they required a drug test because they were prescribing actual Painkillers (and Clonazepam). With taking 3-4 100 mg’s, about 3 times a day =1200 mg’s maximum in 24 hours I can report that everything was NEGATIVE. There was an initial false positive for Phencyclidine, but that was it. This is a fantastic, recent bit of evidence as it comes directly from the hospital lab & tests specifically for drug addiction. In the letter, the categories they tested were: Ethyl Alcohol, Amphetamines, Barbituates, Cocaine, OPIATES (for those wondering there…), Benzodiazepine, Phencyclidine, THC (Weed), & Creatine Urine.

So, I realize testing differs everywhere, but that’s a great indicator of what to expect if you’re looking for some good news!

John Romine
8:28 pm December 30th, 2014

I am having an anxious feeling taking Ultram. Is this normal? I am having trouble sleeping and breathing. What should I do?

10:49 pm January 19th, 2015

I have major depression with Pipolar,the depressive side I was taking mirtazpin 50mg , Ablifiy 15mg clonazepam 2mg morning and night .
I stop mirtazpine and Ablifiy .i start taking tramadol 50mg in time I got up to 200mg a day with 4mg clonazepam at frist I was feeling good but now I am depress with little mood swings , racing thought ,very stress worry fear please hep what do I need to stop tramadol but I scarred of the side effect plus I mental proplomes to begin with like I mention earlier . thank U your Advice is very helpfull

9:42 am January 28th, 2015

Got prescription for tramadol from 1 doc and morphine from another. Doc who writes traml knows about morphine but won’t write for it. Gives me tram for intense days. Doc who writes scrip for morphine will test me in 2 days
Took last dose this morning. 2 50 mg tab. Should I b ok for test in 2 days, BTW averaged 2 tab per day 2 to 3 times a week b4 today.

6:59 am January 31st, 2015

Hey, i take tramadol in oral drops(around 30-40 drops a day)which should be around 200mg if at 40, i buy them at a normal drug store and they dont ask for anything so i dont have a prescription,if i take a urine test to check for drugs will it show up even if i stop for around 3 days?, and could i get in any type of issue for not having a perscription.the test is for a job interview.

11:46 pm February 25th, 2015

I have to take a hair follicle test tomorrow for court. I take tramadol. Will it show up on a 10 Panel extended test?

3:53 am February 26th, 2015

Hey i go to a suboxen docotor and its tomorrow!,and i took three 50 mg trammadols this morning,its not till 2:30 tomorrow, but i need to know if itll even show up,if.i can drink.lots of water to get rid of it,or am i wasting my time,i know i shouldnt of taken them,but i didnt know if they was a narcotic or not,i was told bysbysomebody they wasnt,please help!

1:42 pm February 27th, 2015

Hi Elle. Most commercial opiate immunoassay screening tests do not cross-react significantly with tramadol or tramadol’s major metabolites. In order to be detected, chromatographic techniques need to be used. But, you should be fine even if they do find it, if you have a prescription to it.

5:31 am March 6th, 2015

I was recently given a drug test at my doctors office and showed up negative for tramodol when i take it several times a day. I had even taken three the morning of the test. The doctor is worried because it didnt show up that i am not taking them. Why would or could this happen? I also take naproxen, gabrapentin, flexeril, docolase, and muralax. Could any of those interfere with the test? I am upset because it came out that way and i am worried that he will stop my presciption. Without it..i cannot function. I have fibromyalgia, three bulged disks, pinched nerve, and endometriosis along with many other problems and im a single mom. My babies depend on me. u cant afford to be in bed in pain all the time..

5:52 pm March 6th, 2015

Wish I had a doctor that would be upset if I WASN’T taking Tramadol. Expensive buying it off the street, all because it’s viewed negatively with the other PK’s, when for me it’s the best anti-anxiety medication I’ve ever taken-and I’ve tried them all.

7:56 pm March 9th, 2015

I took 6 tramadol fri and I pee a lot will it show up on any kind of urine tests and I Also weigh 170

7:03 pm March 13th, 2015

Ivana @ Addiction Blog, Tramadol is now tested for on 10-15 panel tests especially for those in pain management or involved in treatment. Are you certain that 48 hours, give or take various factors, is really the detection window. Every other source claims 3-4 days, and even on this very blog you have said that other opiate medications like hydrocodone which has a shorter half life than tramadol have a window of detection of about 3-6 days. I see a lot of conflicting information here.

1:32 pm March 16th, 2015

Hi Concerned Citizen. Yes, after administering a single dose of tramadol, it shouldn’t be detected in a person’s organism after about 48 hours have passed. In people who take tramadol more often and for a period of time it stays detectable 2-4 days after cessation of regular dosing. Of course, these are just the general estimates and the detection time varies for every individual and depends on many factors.

11:09 am March 23rd, 2015

Is it true that tramadol is effective in delaying ejaculation?

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