Detox from OxyContin

Detox from OxyContin occurs in the first 7-10 days after last dose. Can you detox from OxyContin at home? We compare medically managed detox and outpatient detox here.

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Ready to detox from OxyContin?

Has your body become physically dependent on OxyContin (oxycodone)? Do you think you may be addicted and are ready to treat OxyContin addiction? If so, then consider going through OxyContin detox.

Detox is a process by which you can rid your central nervous system of oxycodone.  In effect, when you withdraw from OxyContin, your brain rebounds or “speeds up”.  But, what can you expect from the process? Keep reading to know more. And we invite your questions about OxyContin detox at the end.

Detoxing from OxyContin time

Detoxing from OxyContin time depends on method of detox. However, symptoms of OxyContin withdrawal usually peak 72 hours after last dose and resolve within 7-10 days. For medically assisted detox, the time frame for detox is rather quick as it aims to address the initial acute symptoms of withdrawal. Detoxing from OxyContin usually occurs over a 24 to 48 hour process as the body is flushed of opiates. After this period, you may be recommended for follow up treatment.

However, if you detox using a taper calendar, this can take several weeks to a few months, depending on the amount and frequency of dosing. While initial detox may be short, there are symptoms that occur in the weeks to months later. Referred to as Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS), trouble sleeping, anxiety, or depression can persist for a long time.

Detox from OxyContin symptoms

Once you have taken your last dose of OxyContin, detox from OxyContin symptoms appear about when you expect your next dose. Detox from OxyContin symptoms include:

  • aches and pain
  • accelerated breathing
  • fast heart beat
  • loss of appetite
  • nausea/vomiting
  • restlessness
  • runny nose
  • watering eyes
  • yawning

As these symptoms occur, clinicians can address withdrawal symptoms using pharmaceutical and over-the-counter aids. If psychological symptoms of OxyContin withdrawal occur, doctors may address these with short acting antidepressants.

OxyContin detox treatment

While not all cases of OxyContin dependence require 24/7 medical supervision, you do need to check in with your doctor before you go off OxyContin. In severe cases of OxyContin dependence or addiction, there are three primary ways clinicians help you detox from OxyContin.

1. Medically assisted detox

A clinical OxyContin detox is usually performed in a hospital or medical facility where you are monitored over a 24 to 48 hour period. Doctors can address symptoms of detox which may arise. During a medical detox for OxyContin, you may be administered either naloxone, methadone, or buprenorphine treatment. These medications help to disrupt the opioid receptors to either clean them out or stop OxyContin cravings. Doctors may keep you on medications while they suggest follow up treatment. Drug-free housing can help after detox as it gives you an environment to recover from detox as well as place to live without the worry of drugs being in your surroundings.

2. Detox with behavioral therapy

Another way you can detox from OxyContin is to combine both a medical assisted approach with one that incorporates behavioral and relapse therapy. This process can be a little longer but while you are observed and are detoxing professionals can refer and put you in contact with addiction facilities and mental health professionals. Behavioral therapy during detox teaches you tools for avoiding relapse and provides you with insight into OxyContin use.

3. Tapering doses of OxyContin

Work with a doctor to slowly lower doses of OxyContin over the period of a few weeks (or more) to decrease the severity and intensity of withdrawal symptoms. Tapering slowly gets rid of the oxycodone from the central nervous system. Unlike a cold turkey OxyContin withdrawal, tapering down gives the brain time to adjust to lower levels of oxycodone without a strong “rebound effect”. While tapering, you can address and minimize symptoms that occur. If necessary slow the taper so you don’t have to experience pain or discomfort.

Detox from OxyContin at home

Can you detox from OxyContin at home? It depends. You’ll need to consult your prescribing physician for an evaluation. Generally, people in good health with minimal oxycodone dependency can detox through tapering with outpatient supervision. Individuals who are pretty motivated to quit using OxyContin and have less of a severe dependence are candidates for detox from OxyContin at home.

On the other hand, cases of heavy OxyContin dependence, abuse or addiction should consider a medical detox. OxyContin relapse is more likely without the help of a facility or follow up treatment. Plus, doctors can help support the discomfort of OxyContin withdrawal in a medical OxyContin detox.

OxyContin detox questions

Do you still have questions about OxyContin detox? Do you know more about OxyContin detox and what to expect? Do you have experience detoxing from OxyContin? If so, please ask any questions or share any experience you may have with detox below. We would love to hear from you. And we will answer questions you may have personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have been taking 20mg OxyContin (20mg 3 times a day) for the last 10 years (for chronic back pain) and I would love to get off of it. The problem is that I have felt what withdrawal may be like when I have fallen asleep without taking my tablet, and waking up in agony with joint pain and restlessness which takes about an hour to subside after taking my medication. I’ve only done this a handful of times in 10 years but it sticks in my mind and freaks me out when I think of quitting.
    The side effects of OxyContin have affected my life badly, and I am so ready to give it up but my doctor is not supportive of my decision, which then makes me wonder if I should listen to her or get another opinion…

  2. HI- I am on day 4 since my last dosage and not feeling any better yet. I was taking 200mg per day extended release. I went cold turkey am regretting it very much do to the symptoms. Insomnia, nauseau, darrehia, restlessness at night….etc…..Can anyone tell me when this will subside.?

  3. Hi I’ve been taking oxycodine for about 5 yrs. Been on and off. I would get 10 15 mg, over the week ends. I get the with draws but at first I thought it was my change of life. But know what it is. I’m down to 5 on the weekends take 2 a day for 3 days. But I’m going to 1 a day then in two weeks I’m not doing it anymore. I have the depression states that I hate.will they last long? I hate the after affect this drug dose but no more

  4. I am a 37 yr old female with 2 kids. I had a calcaneus fracture (broken heel) back in July 2015. Because the tissues took longer to grow back, my podiatrist referred me to a pain management doctor. Whereby there, he introduced OxyContin 20 mg extended release in conjunction with my Percocet 10/325 and then eventually bumped me up from 20 to 30 mg OxyContin. For a total of 80 mg per day. I have never abused the pills, only taken what has been prescribed to me but my body became dependent on them. My family had been begging me and I finally made the choice. I went cold turkey. Tuesday morning was my last oxicontin. I am now on day five OxyContin and Percocet free. The diarrhea has subsided, The leg cramping has also stopped. He gave me clonidine patches (1 patch per week for 4 weeks) and Hydroxyzine Pamoate 25 mg (3x per day for 15 days). I still feel very weak. I have to go back to work this Friday. I have been loading up on vitamins ( women’s multivitamin, magnesium, L-Tyrosine, b12 2500 mg, focalin, melatonin to help with sleep and Lorazepam to help with anxiety and Imodium ad to prevent diarrhea. Also drinking as much water and Powerade as I can. Is there any thing else you’d recommend to speed up the process. I just want to have my old energy back. I’m still very weak. I do not miss the pills. For anyone reading this, they are the devil. The sooner you can get yourself off of them, the better you’ll be. Any help or idea as to how I can expedite this process, I’d really appreciate it! Thank you!!

    1. Hi Catherine. You are doing very well… The withdrawal process basically depends from the person’s general health. It cannot be sped up. These medications only make it more comfortable and manageable.

  5. I’ve been on 80mg ocycottons 6times a day and 4 20 mg oxycodone 4 times a day for the past 18 yrs I’m now into day 13 of cold turkey and it has been pure hell but in JESUS. Name I’m comeing out the other side you can do it

  6. My husband was in a detox center for 6 days. He is not sleeping. In 5 days since he has been home he has slept a total of 4 hours. He is in pain and skin is burning. We went to emergency room and that didn’t help.

  7. Can anyone who has got off Oxycontin experience bad headaches when tapering off this drug. I am doing this on my own at home with no medical help. By far this has been the worst drug that i am having so many problems quitting. I have not taken any oxy in six days now, been on oxy 20mg three times a day for two and a half years. Been on this drug for a total of five years,started on 40mg. The HEADACHES , and feeling like SHIT has been INSANE. I know i will be off this drug soon but, the side effects are just out of this world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi Karl. Yes, original pain can return without regular opioid dosing. Have you tried other non-pain killer options? I wish you pain-free!

  9. can I expect the pain that caused me to start taking oxy to return THIS IS MORE PAIN THANI CAN BEAR..!!!!

  10. I got a little help from vitamin 12 injections, i was tired of having no energy what so ever. The problem i am having is bad headaches , no energy and blurred vision. If you people out there that has a doctor you really have a good relationship with, talk with him. I have been injecting myself with 10 mg of vitamin B-12 every four days and it does help with my energy level. I don’t consider feeling like shit a craving,i just look at it as having the flu that will not go away. I have been on OXY for four years. I started with 40 mg three times a day for about a year and went down to 20 mg three times a day. I had Nerve Entrapment of the Abdominal wall due to scar tissue. This is not a joke, it felt like i had a knife stuck in my abdomen 24 hours a day. It took me” “FIVE YEARS” to find a surgeon to do surgery. Now i am down to 20mg OXY twice a day and 2mg Dilaudid once a day. Started to taper off Nov-3rd-2014, hope to be off this OXY by the First of the year. Also what helps for me is to keep my Stomach Full,feel real bad when i DON’t EAT. To all you people out there, just take it slow and easy so you don’t harm yourself.

  11. I’m now on day 22! I’m thrilled that I got this far… I’m still have sneezing fits throughout the day but I’m sleeping for most of the night. I am so happy that I don’t have that ache you get when are slightly overdue for your next dose… I felt like a slave to that pill. The aftermath physically from all this is that I don’t have the crazy false energy that allowed me to work through pain and tiredness. I am taking everything a little more slow (housecleaning, errands, etc.). I felt pretty depressed week two but I’m not too emotionally up and down this week. The restless legs have pretty much disappeared at night. My stomach is still sensitive and has gone from being constipated for 9 years to needing to use the bathroom constantly. The cravings from week one subsided drastically. The only other effect that is strange is that my sense of smell seems stronger or “off” at times. I hope there aren’t too many curveballs in the coming weeks…

  12. Hello

    I decided I had had enough of being a oxy zombie. I was on it for fibro.
    On Sunday I put myself into a detox center, I was uncomfortable there and left when I was into 24 hour of no OXY . I had brought all my oxy with me and, signed a release for the to dispose of them . This way I would have none at home.. When I go home I was deeply into the first sings of detox. The agitation was the worst thing I have ever experience . Lucky I had observed the drugs they were using at the Detox center , and realized I had them all at here due to different things they had tried to treat my pain. So I immediately took 50 mg of Seroquel, and 600 mg of Gabapentin. I also had Amitriptyline here so I took one 25 mg of those . I have kept up the drug regimen for the last 80 hrs. I have tailored this down to 25 mg of Seroquel 3 times day with 300 Gabapentin . I still feel not great but I beat this shit for sure . If you have any advise for the coming weeks of my body getting back ti normal I would appreciate it. I was on 120 mg of oxy a day for the last 2 years slow release.

  13. Thank you for your reply, I just found a pain management doctor that finally care’s about what i am going through. He has set me up with a calender treatment plan. This is so great because he is going to help me taper of this medication. For me personally i think this is the best way. I think using different medication to get off the medication i am on is ridiculous. Thank you very much and wish me luck.

  14. I just quit a 9 year oxy prescription. I had my knees replaced and it started prior to that with Ultram then Vicodin. My pain was not being managed and I was upped to oxys. I continued to function and work without missing time. I run a tight household and work a professional job. But this was ultimately killing me because I felt that all my energy was false and that I was a fraud to everyone around me. I decided to taper on my own and went from 6- 40mg doses of oxycontin a day down to nothing over the last month. Prior to that I read everything I possibly could about what I would face. I was pretty upset with all the bad news on the forums. I stopped my last dose this past Friday (10/31). The weekend was extremely uncomfortable. I was laid up all of Saturday and Sunday. I forced myself up on Monday to try and have some normalcy. I went back to work this week on Tuesday. I am sleeping with the help of Benadryl and I’m still sneezing throughout the day. I am able to function but I have cravings and zero energy. I’m also more emotional than typical. However, I write all this to say that looking back, I wished I hadn’t read some of the posts. I did this without a lot of fuss and just put it in my head that it needed to be done. I’m much better today than yesterday and I hope tomorrow will be better. If you are contemplating doing this, please don’t think it’s impossible. It’s not easy, but I believe it’s doable if you decide that it’s time to stop. The one thing I’m most surprised about is that I don’t have as much pain as I had when I was still using. I hope this leaves one or two of you out there feeling like this is not impossible.

  15. Hello Rene. A conservative taper may take from 4-6 weeks. Speak with a pharmacist to set up a personalize calendar for yourself, and know how to address withdrawal symptoms when they occur. Planning is best!

  16. I have been on 20mg Oxycontin three times a day and Dilaudid 4mg twice a day for the extreme pain that arise’s. I have been on this medication for two years.. I am going to taper off these meds. I tried to taper off these med’s once before and was told i was doing it to fast and because of that i had extreme complications. I would like to have a idea how long would the tapering off process would take. These Pain Doctors in Arizona are a pain in the ass when in comes to this medication i am on. I had to taper off Ativan 1mg that i was presrcibed for two years and it was not an easy thing to do. I have seen what Methadone does to people and i do not want to go that route

  17. I have had seven lumbar spine surgeries over the past 15years. None of them have really worked so that I am always in some pain and have difficulty walking. Consequently in order to have some mobility I have been prescribed Oxycontin in various strengths. Over time, I have reduced the Oxycontin to 30mg twice a day because I have developed intense, constant nausea which I blame on the Oxycontin. Endoscopy and Colonoscopy are negative. We even removed my Gall Bladder thinking it had some “sludge” that could be causing my constant nausea. Now I want to stop the Oxycontin altogether to see if that will reduce the nausea and then treat the pain in some other way. So, a long story to get to the point –How can I safely detox that Oxycontin and get my life back together.

  18. Hello Terri. You’ll need to speak with your doctor about dosing levels and tapering. You really need professional medical advice and supervision during withdrawal after long term use.

  19. I have been taking 300 mg.Oxycontin per day for about 2 years now…it all began with several spine surgeries and degenerative disc disease,etc. Anyway, I want to get off all of this…I now take 3 x 80 mg. and 1x 60 mg. Oxycontin (the long acting ones) in addition to 6 Norco for breakthrough pain per day. I have 20 Suboxone pills and I want to do this at home and I don’t want anyone to know…nobody except my Dr. knows I take the pain meds…I am a professional and not an “addict” type of person (I know I am “addicted”….but I never got “high” or wanted to misuse them…always taken exactly as prescribed and no other drugs or alcohol…just anted relief from chronic, pretty severe pain). I think I am at the point where these meds might be causing pain instead of releiving it…My question, if anyone can help me on this, is 1) can I start taking Suboxone at this level of Oxycontin? or should I wean down to a lower level first…..and 2) at what point do I take the first dose? How many hours from last dose of oxy…or how bad should I feel before I take the first one?

  20. I was addicted to oxy for a couple years after i got into a car accident and was injured. couldnt afford the pills and also just wanted to be done with it. i had lost control of my life. I completed an at home detox system/program from a company called pure health group. They have all natural products that really reduce withdrawal side effects. I tried many times going cold turkey but too many symptoms from withdrawal kept me from getting through the day. Then I found this product and was sooooooooo happy! It’s the withdrawal relief complex. So, it addresses so many of the symptoms I was suffering. Check them out for sure, because it works. And if you are ready to quit, they will help!

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