How to withdraw from OxyContin

The best way to withdraw from OxyContin is under a doctor’s supervision. Can you withdraw from OxyContin at home? Maybe. Learn more here.

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Ready to get off Oxy’s?

OxyContin (oxycodone) is effective as a pain reliever because it blocks pain receptors in the central nervous system. But OxyContin is also a schedule II medication and can be habit-forming or addictive. Even if you are taking OxyContin properly, you can go through withdrawal.  So when you no longer need OxyContin, decide to stop taking it, or begin treating OxyContin addiction what’s the best OxyContin withdrawal treatment?

How long does it take to withdraw from OxyContin (how long OxyContin withdrawal lasts depends on amount, frequency and duration of use)? What symptoms can you expect when you withdraw from OxyContin and can you safely withdraw at home? Here, we answer your questions. And if you still have questions or want to know more, please ask us at the end in the comments section.

When do you withdraw from OxyContin?

OxyContin withdrawal happens when your body has developed a dependence to the medication. Physical dependence on OxyContin can take as little as 2-3 weeks of regular dosing. And once your body has adapted to presence of oxycodone in your system, you will experience symptoms of withdrawal if you miss a dose or stop taking OxyContin. Why does your body react when you withdraw from OxyContin?

Withdrawal occurs as the brain and central nervous system seek homeostasis. After weeks, months or years on OxyContin, your body has adapted to the depressant effects of the oxycodone. Some processes “speed up” to account for the way that oxycodone slows down the system. So when oxycodone is no longer in the system, your body rebounds until your brain can adapt. Sleeping can become difficult, anxiety and restlessness may be present, and you may feel the need to vomit.

How long to withdraw from OxyContin?

Each person responds to Oxycontin withdrawal differently. This is why how long it takes to withdraw from OxyContin fluctuates by individual. In general, however, withdrawal from slow release opiates like OxyContin peak between 30 and 72 hours after last dose. Symptoms of Oxycontin withdrawal should start to even out over a couple of weeks as your body begins to regulate it’s brain chemistry. However, protracted withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) can linger long after withdrawal. These set of symptoms include insomnia, depression, and anxiety. The protracted withdrawal symptoms may take a little longer relief and fully recover from.

Can I withdraw from OxyContin at home?

Maybe. While it is possible that you withdraw from OxyContin at home, it depends on the level of the physical dependence present and the risk ofpotential addiction you may have to OxyContin. If you think that you are addicted of OxyContin and need to stop cold turkey, withdrawing from OxyContin at home isn’t advisable. The best candidates for Withdrawing from OxyContin at home include people physically dependent on OxyContin, with good overall health and a strong motivation to quit. Further, it isn’t advisable to suddenly stop taking OxyContin. If you do, you may want to be monitored in a clinical drug detox through the process to make sure that nothing dangerous happens or goes wrong.

Either way, the general procedure for any type of OxyContin withdrawal is to taper down oxycodone dose over the period of a few weeks under the observation of a doctor. This way, you gradually lower OxyContin doses so that your body can regulate and normalize with less OxyContin in the system. This allows you to withdraw at home or in a detox clinic with minimal complications. In this way, you may also benefit from home remedies to treat various symptoms rather than pharmaceutical interventions.

Withdraw from OxyContin symptoms

Once you have decided to stop taking Oxycontin , you can expect withdrawal symptoms to manifest as early as 6 hours after your last dose. As with most opioids, Oxycontin withdrawal symptoms feel as if you are coming down with the flu. You’ll probably experience chills, sweats, and fatigue. Symptoms Withdraw from OxyContin symptoms happen pretty quickly after your last dose of OxyContin has worn off. Other symptoms you may experience as you Withdraw from OxyContin include the following:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • accelerated breathing
  • fast heart beat
  • joint pain and aches
  • loss of appetite
  • nausea/vomiting
  • restlessness
  • runny nose
  • sleep disturbances
  • watering eyes
  • yawning

How to ease withdrawal symptoms from OxyContin

There are a lot of ways you can help ease withdrawal symptoms from OxyContin. Many of which you can get at your local pharmacy and in the cupboards in your kitchen. Listed below are some ways to ease your symptoms of OxyContin withdrawal.

  • acupuncture
  • alternative sleep aids (melatonin, homeopathics, etc.)
  • cold medications
  • exercises
  • increase electrolytes
  • heating pads for muscle pain
  • hot baths or showers
  • massage
  • nausea medication or herbal teas
  • NSAIDs (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs)
  • seek out detox or rehab facilities
  • talk to someone

How to withdraw from OxyContin safely

The best way to make sure you withdraw from OxyContin safely is to consult your doctor. Medical doctors follow procedures to reduce risk of severe withdrawal symptoms for those who have developed dependence to OxyContin. They will taper doses and give you any other medications you may need to help treat withdrawal symptoms (clonidine, naloxone, buprenorphine). The safe way to taper from any opioid includes a 10% dose reduction every week and then 20% every 3 to 5 days. It’s important to avoid large decreases in your OxyContin dose each day. For example, you wouldn’t decrease from 80 mg to 40 mg oxycodone overnight. Other ways to withdraw from OxyContin safely include seeking out a detox clinic. This way, you withdraw while being monitored by clinicians. A clinical detox can also help you from taking OxyContin again in the process of detox.

The best way to withdraw from OxyContin

The best way to withdrawal from OxyContin will change depending on the environment surrounding your OxyContin use. If you haven’t been taking OxyContin for a long time, you may want to taking OxyContin stop cold turkey and address the flu like symptoms. On the other hand, you may want to seek out a detox facility if physical dependency is too difficult to cope with alone. One strong recommendation from doctors is to taper the amount of oxycodone you are using before stopping OxyContin totally.

How to deal with withdrawal from OxyContin questions

Do you have suggestions for how to deal with withdrawal from OxyContin? Withdrawal can be frustrating and complicated. Please ask any questions you may have about dealing with withdrawal from OxyContin and we will get back to you personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have taken oxycontin 240mg 3times per day and 30mg oxycodone 3 times per day. If needed for break through pain if needed for 15years I was given a new pain management doc.that emeditly cut my daily meds by daily meds by 270mg per day witch I have been taking for the last ten of fifteen years.have tolerated with no side effects at all but quality pain management..It has been 3days and iam experiencing insomnia nausia, and extreme anxiety..what do I say to this doc or should I seek alternative help… truly scared bob

    1. Hi Robert. Tell your doctor how you feel. After taking OxyContin so long, you have become dependent to the medication, and every change in the dosage makes you experience withdrawal symptoms. I suggest that you consult with your doctor to help you plan a tapering schedule in order to gradually lower the daily dosage until you reach the appropriate one.

  2. i was on a 120mg of oxycontin for 8 years due to severe fibro pain.

    when i started to feel better, and without the gp needing to tell me, i automatically started to cut down the amount of oxy i needed, in relation to my pain. so, when i started to feel a bit better, i would cut down by 10mg over three days.

    the first day: was not bad, general triedness ensued.
    the second day: sweating and vomitting (a couple of times, but not overally bad) and tiredness
    the third day: just tiredness
    the fourth day: no withdrawls.

    so, i went from 120 to 110mgms

    please note, i was also doing other treatments to help my body with fibro pain, such as general exercise and engaging in various diets which consisted of natural anti inflammatory foods. food IS medicine and causes natural chemical cascades for the better when eaten with health in mind.

    a number of months later, i felt my body, pain wise, was a little bit better, so i did the same thing, dropped 10 mgm . same thing happened over the three day period. i would normally drop 10 mg on a friday, so by monday, i was feeling like i could go out.

    this went on for over some time. my body could do things it could not do a few months before, so i tapered off another 10 mg,went throught the same withdrawl pattern. again, no doctor had to tell me to drop, i just did it myself. to me, the withdrawl affects were no where within range of the severe pain i wnet through in in those early years. in comparison, it felt like a sunny days walk in the park. a walk that felt way too hot and whee you threw up your picnic. if i did not have the oxy there is no doubt in my mind i would have committed suicide.

    anyway, as of today, i take 2, 5mg tablets of oxy (otherwise known as targin), with the view of dropping it all together, when my body has healed a little bit more. i am still prescibed 40mg a day, if i need it, but i have only taken 10 mg for 6 months now. in australia, i only ever paid $6.50 for as much oxy as required per month. this is due to australia’s universal health care. i undrstand in america people pay absurds amounts for medication. i. hope, one day, your country will adopt universal health care, too.the pharmacies are rorting your people, and everyone deserves accessible health care.

    it should be noted, i never felt high from taking oxy.
    apparently, people who are in severe pain, metabolise the medication differently. i have never felt psychologically addicted to the med. i just took it in relation to the pain i felt from fibro. my mindset was very practical. i am thankful for having it to turn to. even at 120mg, i still needed to go to the ER to have morphine, intravenously, put into my veins to make the pain slightly bearable.

    so, bottom line is, you CAN get off the oxy with little withdrawl as possible if you taper off in a systematic way. DO NOT go cold turkey. your body needs time to adjust to the withdrawl. drop at 10mg intervals. if this is too difficult, than drop at 5mg intervals.

    for MY body, the withdrawl formula was 10mg over 3 days.
    if the withdrawls are too much for you, you may want to go 5mg over 3 days, one week, and then do 5mgs the next week. at the end of those two weeks, presto, 10mgs is out of your system.

    then repeat.
    if you have weekends off, start the withdrawl on a friday. the second day is the worse for withdrawl sysmptoms. just take it easy, watch dvds, have water in hand and maybe some electrolyte powder as you will hurl. for me, the throwing up consisted of one to two, 10 minute sessions, with a lot of sweating. so, you want to take in liquids that will put back the liquids and salts in your body.

    millions of people have successfully stopped taking oxycontin using the tapering off method. yes, you will go through withdrawl symptoms, but if you withdraw in a systematic way, then those withdrawl symptoms are contained and manageable. the withdrawl symptoms will stop. you will get through it. you will remain. your body will adapt to normal functioning.

    all the best to you all

  3. Hello! I am new here! But I was hoping to get some advice. For the past 3 months this PM Dr, I am currently seeing for a no fault cause has me on 40mg of Oxycontin 2x a day, & 10/325mg of Hydrocodone 4x a day for break through pain.. At 1 point, she even gave me a Prescription for 10mg of IR Opana (Oxymorphone), but that stuff was way too strong, & scared me the 1x I took it. I do suffer Chronic Pain from my lower back because of the MVA I was in, but also I have Medullary Sponge Kidney Disease, where both of my Kidneys are constantly forming & passing Kidney Stones. I’ve passed 8 BIG Kidney Stones, since I’ve been on the Oxycontin, & I’ll admit it’s been a Godsend. Anytime I usually have a Kidney Stone attack, the day prior I’m in the ER cuz the pain is worse than having kids. Seriously I’ve had 2 kids naturally while passing Kidney Stones @ the same time, & I would rather give birth. But for the 1st time ever since I’ve been on it in June, I don’t feel anything until right before I pass the stone!! But I’ll be honest I’m scared of Oxycontin. I have an appt with my PM on Monday, & anytime I asked her to put me back on Percocet, she said ok, I have NO problem with that but I’m taking you off Oxycontin. And I’m beginning to see she’s acting funny towards me because of the NYS No Fault Laws, & finding out she’s not getting ALL of the $$ she wants (it’s a long story). So the past couple of days I’ve ONLY been taking 1 of my Oxycontin 40mg in the morning.. And the Hydrocodone in the afternoon. Cuz the way she’s made it sound in the past if I want my Percs which ALWAYS worked great with me, she’s not going to refill my Oxycontin Rx. My main question is.. Will I still go through withdrawal if she takes me off of Oxycontin (80mgs a day), & switches me to the IR Percocet? And what dose would be good for her to give me of the Percs? Especially since she has me on 80mg of the Oxycontin, & 40mg of the Hydrocodone? Thanks in advance for ANY help you can give me @ easing my anxiety. I’m a stay @ home Mom of a 5 y/o boy, & 17 month old daughter. So I CAN NOT BE SICK OR WITHDRAWLING AT ALL!!

  4. Please can somebody help me? I have become medically addicted to oxycodone for 8 years. I want to stop. I am terrified of pain.

  5. Hi Lydia, thanks for your reply, I tried to tell my treating doctor that I don’t want to take Endone anymore, however my recent x-ray showed I have compression fractures to T6 – T7 and prescribed more Endone as I had an adverse reaction to the Norspan patches. Over a period of 1 week I have reduced the Endone intake from 6x5mg in the evening to 2x5mg to zero. I have been taking approx. 4 to 6 Panadol Osteo instead but to no avail. Its been 4 days now cold turkey and I’m finding the withdrawal symptoms quite horrible. The feeling of hopelessness makes me feel like doin myself in. I’m finding it really hard to cope. Not sleeping, food is unappetizing, cant relax, I’m quick to temper and feeling quite depressed. I`m determined to not give in to taking them any more but I think I need a bit of help to make it through. Ill try to find a helpline in Australia. Should I ask my doctor for Percocet? Or is that just another pill with a problem?

    1. Hi Mick. Percocet is also a pain killer that contains oxycodone in it. I suggest to redo your tapering schedule, and seek rehab program that can help you overcome this problems.

  6. Thankyou for your reply Lydia, is the help line number listed in Australia? or OS?
    Also is this helpline operational outside of standard business hours?

  7. Hello, Iv been on Endone for 6 years for spinal injury which caused a tumour growth on my left kidney dosage started at 90 x 5mg per month and I have reduced intake to 20 – 30 mg per night with alcohol to increase the effect. I do regular gym exercise to help mobility but keep taking the meds. My doctor has prescribed Norspan patches but they felt like I was overdosing so I removed and discarded them. I went cold turkey for 12 days prior to trying the patches but became very stressed and depressed. I need to find a way through getting off them altogether as my personality changes when I’m going cold turkey. Can you offer any help/advice ??

    1. Hi Mick. I suggest that you call the helpline displayed on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  8. I have been in Oxynorm for two years. Pain is now gone and would like to get of Oxynorm. I used 10-30mg /day, usually in the evening. I can feel my body became dependant. What is the best way to stop this. It is an embarrasment for me to be in this situation. Please help. I must do it from home

    1. Hi Delf. I suggest that you speak with your doctor who can help you create an individualized tapering schedule.

  9. I was on an unprescribed dose of about 120 to 140 mgs of oxycontin a day. Of course when I started it was 5 or 10 mgs a day a few years ago. So to get off of this drug I had to get away from my sources. 15 days ago I flew from Canada to Vietnam. (No I am not using heroin here) I quit oxy’s cold turkey. Needless to say I felt horrible for about 9 days but the truth is I still feel like shit. When will I feel normal again?

  10. I see my Pain management doctor tommrow appts have been mixed up I am 66 and have horrfic pain I normally take 4 oxycontin 80 mg day I have 2 left and 9 10 mg valium will I go into withdraw until Drs appt tomorrow yes or no

  11. Hi my name is Tracy I have been taking OxyContin for 3 years I was on 180mg twice a day plus oxycodone liquid for spinal problems . I have managed to cut down to 90 mg a day and I have now been diagnosed with Addison’s Disease plus an auto immune positive ANA . I am in so much pain and in agony yet I want to come of OxyContin . What do you sergest I take . And what if any action . Thankyou xx

  12. I was taking 80mgs of oxyoxycontin 6 weeks ago. 3 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon and 3 more before bedtime. I also was taking 30 mgs of oxycodone. Same as oxycontin 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon and 2 at night. Since I found thid dr he’s got me taking 4 and 4. So I went from 80mgs total 8 a day and from 6 30mg to 4 30mg a day. I think this is to fast. Can you tell me what you think would be the best way to avoid feeling withdrawl?

  13. Am off the Oxycontin at last! Got an epidural to help with the pain and got pain Dr to set out a regime for weaning myself off them.She gave me Clonline (a migrane drug which also helps with most of the withdrawel symptoms.Then I gradually got off them.Still had a week of discomfort and 3 nights of sleeplessness but was able to function “normally”throughout.
    I just wanted to thank any of you who encouraged me and reading these posts was a help too.
    Good health to you allx

  14. Tfankyou for the opportunity to ask questions.
    I have been on 5mg twice a day of Ocydodone Slow release for pain following spinal surgery.
    I’ve been taking them for 10 weeks and want to come off them.
    My GP says I should change to the liquid formula and gradually reduce the dose from 5ml down a ml each week til I’m off it
    I’m worried I’m going to have dangerous effects from coming off it
    I’m also taking fluoxetine 20mg once a day which I’ve been in for many years
    Any suggestions ? Anyone had the same issue,

  15. I have been on Oxycontin for only 2 months. Starting at 10mg twice daily and now on 30mg twice daily. I have been experiencing extremely bad depression and anxiety while on them as well as extreme fatigue. I could easily sleep all day everyday its that bad. I do have depression and anxiety normally and currently take 90mg Cymbalta per day. I have decided to stop the oxycontin because i cant stand the depression and anxiety so have dropped from 30mg to 20mg. How long will it take before the depression and anxiety are back to my normal and i can function without feeling so bad. I could quite happily drive into a tree the way i am feeling, however i have had depression for a long time and i am able to fight that feeling. The anxiety isnt as easy to deal with. I have a rare cancer that i am having chemo for and constant pain was why i was started on the oxycontin but frankly i would rather put up with the pain than how i am feeling. I dont see my drs again till mid next week. Thanks

  16. I have been on 40 mg of OxyContin for a long time. I was given 20 mg pills and told to cut my dose n half every few days. But that means, at some point, I will go from 20 to zero in one day. How hard will this be?

    Please don’t try to sell me things. I have spent so much on my drugs I cannot donate to whatever you are.

  17. I’m taking oxycontin 60 milligrams twice a day I want it I’m weaning off of them I’m down to won the last two days. My doctor is also giving me Ativan to help control the shakes is this a good plan how long will it take me to get it off to get off oxycontin completely

  18. Hi how are you I’m am currently taking from a doc 45 mg a day unfort this last month I went off the deep end and have been doing over 150mg a day I want to stop but have two children and it’s so hard any advice do u like clondine to help

  19. I have been on chronic pain management oxycontin since 1996. I have lowered dosages over the years. My last 5 years have consisted of oxycontin 20mg tid and oxycodone 5mg prn. I have been self withdrawing. Month#1 I stopped prn oxycodone. Month #2 I stopped middle dose of oxycontin. Month #3 I stopped am dose of oxycontin. My problem is trying to stop the bedtime pm dose. This last dose I need to stop is causing major withdrawal symptoms.

  20. Heyy I’m comming off of endocet Ive been just at home trying to kick it but my motivation is gone I’m sick as can be I am perscribed but I’m starting to become dependent and I don’t like it what’s some good remedys to help the withdrawal prosess

  21. I’m currently prescribed 40mg OxyContin 3 x’s a day. And 30 mg Oxycodone 1 at night. However for the last several years I have been cutting the OxyContin in half and taking it 3 x’s a day and only taking 1/4 of the Oxycodone at night.
    I want off of this medication now. I am currently employed and work 40-50 hours a week. I don’t have time to withdraw.

    What can I do? I don’t crush the medicine. I just take a half a pill by mouth rather than the whole pill. Will it help if I take 1/4 every 8 hours and then do an 1/8 every 8 then try to go longer than 8 hours?

  22. Please can you help

    I had a bladder sling operation and was put on 20mg slow release in the morning and night , with 10mg every hour when needed of oxycodone

    I have totally came off most but on Wednesday was my last 10mg slow release at night and this is Saturday and I’ve had terrible sleeps since

    I had discussed this with the doctor to be safely weaned down to this low along and said it would be OK to stop but I’m feeling rubbish

    I’m taking diazepam to try and help, and use co codomol for pain release when need which isn’t a lot now

    How long am I going to be having these withdrawals x

  23. What I found very helpfull is to kick 1 drug at a time, from 3 30mg a day I tried 21/2 ,also I got on a time schedule, is take 1 30mg in the am then 1/2 at lunch then 1 at nite, then I cut back a 1/2 at a time, it took awhile but I was able to successfully kick all the drugs this way. But I read a bit about how to do it online and they the experts say to do it 1 drug at a time.
    I hope this helps.

  24. Hi I was on 5 X 80mg oxycontin tablets a day. Pecribed from my Doctor.Becaus I hurt my back at work.Why so many.Well you can ask him.Also the same time 4x 150mg Lyrica. I come off all the Lyrica myself.After losing all my teeth because of Lyrica.But now I have got myself down to 1x 80mg oxycontin and 2x 30mg oxycontin a day.But I just can not get of the one 80mg or the 2 X 30mg oxycontin.Please can you help.

  25. I was able to successfully withdraw from oxi by just tapering off a half reduction even down to 1/4 tab a day, same for the Gabapentin, u did have withdrawl symptoms but continued the reduction method. I would reduce a half dose for 1 to 2 weeks then reduce again.
    I have weened off ms cotin and flexeril the same way. It works for me.
    I have had addiction issues in the past and spent 6 months in a rehab program in CA, which still helps to this day.

  26. I was on high doses of oxycontin and also taking 4 x 5 mls oxynorm i cut down at home by 5 mls oxynorm week 1 anither 5mls week 2 week 3 i reduced 5mg my day release week 4 another 5mg off my night dose now months later as a result of slow reduction i am down 2 30mg twice daily and i rarely use the oxynorm i feel better in myself even though the pain is worse i have got control of my brain back so i do a lot more to take my mind off it you do get runny nose sweats fevers headaches but they pass

  27. Hi.I have been on oxycontin tablets for about 8 years.I got hurt at work.I worked for the government in canberra.I got put on 5 X 80mg oxycontin tablets a day.Plus 4 X 150 Lyrica a day.I told by a sergon I need my back fixed.But the goverment insurance company comcare said NO.This all happened in December 2003.As now I have lost everthing because of comcare.Now I am waiting on sergery by Dr Halcrow Canberra hospital.He could not belive that Sergon pik and sergon chandren.Both told comcare I need sergery.But that’s comcare for you.Now just get paid from my super pss and a pay from centerlink disability payment to make up the difference.I have come off all of the Lyrica myself.And I have come off 3 80mg oxycontin tablets myself.I asked my Doctor to help me to come off the 80mg and the 2 30mg oxycontin tablets I am still on.He put me on a tablet I forgot the name to see if it would help.I went through that much withdrawal symptoms I could not handle it.luck I had a 80mg left to take the pain was unbelievable.He sent me to the Drug and alcohol team in canberra.He put me on a tablet called CELEBREX.They where working fine.But after my second lot of 30 I told my doctor I am now getting withdrawal symptoms again and somtimes I take another 30 mg.The Doctor from the Drugs and alcohol center.Asked me if I took any a legal drugs I told him no.He said I have to go to the pain management clinic.So he went and seen them.Come back and told me and my Daughter I had for serport.That I have explained to them what you are going through.Because you have to be taken of oxycontin then put on another tablet for your pain.They are putting you on the top of the list.So you don’t have waite 16 to 18 month just to see them.So I recive a letter from pain menergement to fill in this questions and return.As I have called them to find out how things are going.They said they can not find what the Doctor from Drug and alcohol told them.Called the Drug and alcohol to speak to the Doctor so he could help.But was told he was a relief Doctor.I just can not belive the water things have been going.The oxycontin tablets are ruling me.If I don’t take one.zlook out.I don’t have the energy to go to the toilet unless I take a oxycontin.I don’t like it.Waking up and how I feel until I take my 80mg I can not explain.But bad why am I still on this earth.U am now 50 years of age.And now have a little chance of ever going back to work.After Dr Halcrow the new sergon.After getting a scan done.Before the scan they put Dye in my arm.Come back in a month.After I had my scan done.He told me my back is in a mess.Steel rods now ect 4 to 6 hour operation.Why didn’t they do your back when Dr pik Booked you in.As soon as I said comcare.He told me to stop.I have had my own run inn’s with comcare.But can you please help me to get off these Drugs.I am begging you.I have know idea what to do next.But to just take these tablets until it’s my turn to see pain management clinic.I spend all day in bed.I used to do a bit of shopping with my kids.But as the years went on.Now I spend all day in bed.Only to go to doctors to get my medacachion what a life I now have not.All because I got hurt.And comcare refused to let them fix my back.I have list everything even my wife could not take it any more.She left me 5 years ago.I have 3 boys 31.29.27 and one Daughter who is 24.If it wasn’t for my Daughter I would not be here.Sorry for my raving on.I hope please can you help.

  28. Can anyone help I have taken 20mg of oxycodone for 8 years, and moved to central America in which I am on oxycontin 10, I have gotten that down to less than one have but when going any further I get severe off balance, so bad have to crawl across the floor, went to the doctor here no problems in the ears, ect. Then just to check I tried one quarter when off balance it was gone. Do I need another drug to get me over that hump? Any help would be great!! Thanks in advance!

  29. Can long time use of 10 years using OxyContin
    60mg a day have an rebound affect I feel so miserable on it and can feel symptoms of withdrawal
    I may as well go through withdrawals to come of it
    Can this happen ?

  30. I take 10mg morning and 10 mg evening. I have already been reduce by 10 mg. My symptoms were terrible. Sickness aching pain sweating like the flu . I was not advised this would happen. I felt really bad for a few days which I don’t want to experience again. So how much can be reduced by so I don’t suffer?

    1. Hi, Marion. I suggest you consult with your doctor to set the appropriate amount of the dosage. Also, you may speak with a pharmacist to recommend some over the-counter-medications, home remedies and teas to ease withdrawal symptoms.

  31. Hi I have been talking oxycontin 30mg 3times a day is there any medication of the counter to get me out of my withdrawal symptoms please help

  32. Prescribed 20mg.s OxyContin twice a day for several years. Want to come off at home using suboxone. Can I do this and go about my daily life? My psychiatrist wants to take me off klonopin. I have begged him to leave me on it. He insist on weaning me off it since I am on OxyContin although I have been on both for years. I need the klonopin for my anxiety and depression especially now that I want to do this. How can I get him to help me? Can I come off the OxyContin if he takes me off the klonopin?

  33. Doc, I have been taking , 80 mg 4 per day for over 11years.from a auto accident that broke my leg in 11 places , hurt my back ,cursed my foot. Every thing seems to be healed, except my foot feels like some is crushing my middle toes with plyers , this doesn’t last long ,so I can deal w/that . My left leg hurts from time to time but I also deal with that. That was 11yrs
    Ago , before that I was sober for 9 years ,since the early 70s , I abused all drugs ,and drank all most constant , I at the time had a very high tolerance to reds, lures , heroin , meth , and
    pure coke about 4years since 72-6-27 , I quit cold turkey everything at once on june27 87. And was sober and drug free until 10- 17,2004 the day of the wreck. My left leg ways all balled up with my left foot toes shoved into my crotch my l/foot toes up like somebody ways tieng my boot. At the time ,I pulled my foot out of my crotch and tried to rest it on my right leg , the only pain I had was in my femur right below my pants pocket, like a tight tunic , although I saw no blood my hands were sticky , so I thought I might be in mild shock, I could give my name ,dob , time , place ,etc. the doctor toldme if I hadn’t moved I would have got a ride on life lion to the hospital , the ambo guys puting that neck brace bit into my chin. After I came to at the hospital , saw I was awke , and told me , he had been a ortho sergion for 26 years and I had the worst leg he had ever seen . I thought myself how go to the rest room , as I wasn’t going to use a bedpan , I was in the hospital about 3 weeks they gave me all the meds I needed 80 ml 4times a day plus some other pills. It’s been a long time , i can’t do nothing but stumble around the house ,lie in bed, I went from 180 to 275 lbs. before the wreck I was a dock worker, hard riding biker( I guess you can tell I am a man) but ,I was very active before all
    The meds , 4 80’s every 1 every 6 hrs. And I would forget to take one every once in a while, but I am totally adicted to this drug . They call it “hillbilly” heroin , idid heroin ,just chipin
    Nothing major , 3 day binge, I was in the usmc , and overseas, that was heroin , but if somebody sold me 4 of these 80’s , I with my bum leg , would beat them black and blue, cause I don’t get high on the meds at all , and I know the difference ! I just want off this crap , I can do it . I don’t want no rehab, I just want to be sober again . I loved being sober. I am 62 , lived a hard wreck less life , got hepc had it for 25 years, doc said itsin remission , and has been for years I was married had 2 wife’s , 3 kids and that s from 1983 till now, and thank god they are all clean ! So can you help me , do it at home. I don’t know how much longer, I can live like this , and any anti depression is out of thquestion. I have been on this for so long , my tool don’t work, and I can ween myself. PLEASE HELP ! Thank you.

  34. I have been on 15 mg of OxyContin every12 hrs then l have oxcondone 15 mg l
    I can take can take every four hours been on this for about 8 months I want to wean off what would you recommend the easiest way.

    1. Hi, Susan. I suggest that you consult a doctor or a pharmacist to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  35. I am currently on 40 mgs every 12 hours also. Ambien daily and Valium and fetizema. Have been on the OxyContin for about 10 years and am 73 years old. Can I get off.

    1. Hi, Charlene. I suggest you consult your doctor for any changes you want to make with your medications. Also, your doctor may help you plan an individualized tapering schedule only for you. In that way, you’ll quit the drug gradually.

  36. I am 76 years old and have been taking oxycontin 20 mg twice a day for two years. I have bulging discs as well as spinal degeneration which is quite painful. I have found recently that I am very depressed and anxious and feel the medication although helping my pain is making me very nervy so I want to withdraw. Please can you help me?

    1. Hi, Jan. I suggest you consult your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule just for you.

  37. I am very happy to say that i am off of the oxycodone. The tapering down to 1/2 of a 5 mg tablet 2 times daily and then once and then off worked. I am so relieved. Thank you all that supported this getting off and I hope and pray that all of you can be as successful in the long run as I have ended up being. It took about 8 months total going from 40mg on down but I am there now. Big sigh of relief.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Theresa. You’re a true example that everyone may succeed in quitting oxycodone. I’m very happy for you! All the best!

  38. I have been on oxycontin since 2009 to help with neuropathy caused by a side effect of chemotherapy. I have been on dosages varying from 10 MG twice daily to 15 MG twice daily. I have not been regular about taking the dosages, skipping when I had to drive or work a long day when I was active all day. (Pain occurs when I work sitting down) I always had extra pills when I went to the Medical Pain Center….sometimes up to 15 pills during the height of my busy photography season. I am now a candidate for a spinal cord nerve stimulator implant which should allow my to be narcotic free. I still will be taking Lyrica and Cymbalta. I took my last dose ofor oxycontin 2 days ago. (I have to be of it for a month before the trial.) While the pain has been bad at times, I have not experienced any withdrawal symptoms. Why? Or should I expect a later withdrawal due to how I took the doses? And if so, will they be bad? Thanks for your time.

  39. I continued to taper down ending at 1/2 of a 5 mg taken one time daily so now I am off. It has just be 3 days but I think that this is working. Cautious still as we are all watching my depression issues. But considering all the chaos in the family, the time of year and then going off of this I think I am doing really well. Maybe it was contributing to the depression with just being on it.

  40. my dr changed practices and her new partners were supposed to cover her patients prescriptions refills until we could all be seen by her at the new practice. I guess they didn’t count on how many patients would follow her and are now refusing to see me to refill my oxycodone 40mg ER and hydrocodone 5/325. I am starting withdrawals from the oxycotin and wonder if urgent care or emergency room doctors cover this if you would know???

    1. Hi, Sheila. First of all, that’s very unethical, and unprofessional. Patients are those who suffer. Unfortunately, I’m not aware that ER doctors cover refill prescriptions. I’d suggest you call or go to the nearest ER, tell them your situation, and seek for advice.

    1. Hello, Robyn. Have you tried some home remedies like hot baths and teas? Or some over-the-counter medications? Maybe, the best way is to seek help from your pharmacist, or ask your doctor.

  41. My 92 yr old mother cracked her sacrum on Oct 1 and was out on 40 mg 12-hour release OxyContin on 10/31 after having no relief with Norco.

    Now her pain is gone and we have tried to wean her from the Oxy. For several days we only have the p.m. Dose of Oxy. And then after three or four days, stopped altogether.

    She has been nauseous for several days.
    What can I do to help her?


    1. Hello, Jane. Have you tried some over-the-counter medications for nausea? Also, home remedies have proven as helpful in easing withdrawal symptoms. But, if the situation gets worse, seek medial help.

  42. I was wondering about lowering my Percocet 7.5 dosage from 4 a day yo 3 a day I have been on percocets for 8 months but was on Lortab 10 4 times a dat for 6 yrs but no longer worked for my pain. I have nultiple medical issues including degenerative disk disease osteoporosis ms. lupus addisons disease severe degenerative arthritis seizure disorder kidney damage and cirrhosis of my liver from too much Depakote and Tylenol. I just want to try to taper down to 3 a day I also take baclofen 20mg 3x a day and use a tens unit for my pain but I am going through chills nausea and increased heart rate and palpitations in between doses I also have a mitral valve prolapse and have an irregular heart rate which is made worse when I’m in pain and when I take a 7,5 perc with a baclofen it wipes me out. I’m on disability but have to work cause I don’t get Medicaid to help with copays and I must care for my mmr nonverbal autistic 23 yr old son daily ant advice would be appreciated thanks so much

  43. I am now at5mg daily opposed to 2x’s daily. I just started that yesterday so we shall see. I am still having major problems with depression and was just recently hospitalized. The doctors do not think I should go off at all given my trouble with the depression but I figure how much more can it affect me if they already classify me as having “major depression, severe recurrent”. I am sick of having to see the doctor to get my oxy….and the drug tests as if I used God only knows what. I am on this from doctors orders and developed an allergic reaction so had to reduce without getting any relief with the pain. I do not want to be stuck on it due to my mental illness. Any suggestions to ease the depressive side effects or any other side effects with nearing the end would be greatly appreciated. The doctors have told me that this last bit can be hardest of all with side effects and all Is that true?

  44. Hi I’m taking about 5 20 mgs tablets 3 or 4 times a day 4 about a year .could I come off them myself at home .im also taking lyrica 200 mgs 2 times Daly .

    1. Hello Michael. Since you’ve been taking different medications for a long time,I suggest you talk with your doctor to help advise you on creating an individualized tapering schedule to quit OxyContin gradually.

  45. Sue,
    I have been somewhat successful splitting 1 oxi and taking that once in the morning and once at bed time, I have other meds like Gabapentin I take to help with the nerve pain, I have chronic lower back/hip/leg pains but I’m switching to an alternative pain med. here in AZ we have medical marijuna which to me is a better choice than pharmaceuticals for my health n pain. But the withdrawl from oxi is tough, I had to do the cold turkey method with morphine xr and that was a very tough 4 to 5 days.
    I feel some side effects like restlessness when I try to sleep, that’s where the MM helps it also helps with the pain. I’m gonna continue with just 1/2 in am n 1/2 in pm for another couple of weeks then cut that.
    Let me know if I can help !!!

  46. Mike, I too am wanting to go off of oxycodone…..I am currently down to 5mg twice daily. The doctors want me to just stay on it as I had a very withdrawal reaction coming down from 40mg twice daily. But, I don’t want too. SO I am very interested in what you have to say.

  47. I was on prescription OxyContin for 9 years and in July I told my doctor I wanted to get off of it. I was taking 120mg and he reduced me to 80mg for a month which didn’t cause any real problems; I had been taking 120’s for 3 years so the Oxy wasn’t really helping. I refused to go any higher even if my doctor offered an increase.
    He then cut to 60, 40,20,10, and then Percocet per month respectively. I have been off of any type of Oxycodone for 2 weeks now.
    I know some on this list have said it wasn’t that difficult to quit but for me it was agony with little to know sleep. For me it was pain caused by withdrawals. The restless leg pain extended to my arms starting at 40mg and then to my whole torso at 20mg.
    The most difficult time was going from 20mg to 10mg. My body had this deep pain that felt like my bones were trying to break. This lasted for 2 weeks and then tapered off the remaining 2 weeks.
    Once I started taking the Percocet I was able to stop completely after two weeks. It was difficult for me and I can feel all the pain that started me on OxyContin 9 years ago plus some increase in the pain but I feel so much better at the same time. It’s as if I’ve lost 9 years of my life.
    I will never ask to be placed on Oxy again, ever.
    To anyone thinking or wanting to quit, do it if you’re definitely sure. The fact that you’re thinking about it means you want to. If you think there’s a chance you can handle your pain once off of Oxy then you might want to give it a try. You will have to be adamant about quitting though because there are definitely some bumps along the way that will test your resolve. For me it has put me in a much better mental state and a worse physical state as far as the pain but I talked myself into being able to handle the pain increase before I started the tapering.
    As far as being social it has become better. I don’t lay around the house 24/7 doing nothing. I am permanently disabled due to injuries and wear and tear due to being a construction worker but I still want to get out although that is limited.
    Lastly, for me it was the right move and completely worth it. I’d just say that if you are thinking about it then don’t try until you are definitely committed to quitting. It is too easy to give up and start again so you have to be determined.

  48. Geneb-how are you getting on with splitting the 5mg tablets? I have been advised to stay on the 5mgx2 per day as my pain is still considerable.

  49. Hi, I am 19 years old and just had a hip replacement 5 weeks ago I have been taking 15mg every morning and night. However I have recently tried to go “cold turkey” and my sleep has been serverly disrupted by my body curling up into a ball and muscles all tensed I can’t help but throw myself around the bed like a rag doll. I have never felt so powerless over my body and lay awake crying every night with cold chills and major anxiety, can you advise me on how to get off them I don’t want to stay on them for another day but I needed to take more to hopefully sleep.. Help

    1. Hey Carla. Have you tried home remedies to ease withdrawal symptoms? Also, don’t underestimate over-the-counter medications, and if you still don’t feel well, contact your doctor.

  50. Sue it sounds like we are having the same issue, I’ve gone to splitting them and gone to taking 3 of those halves 3 times a day, testing that out now.

  51. I’m currently taking 5mg oxicodone every 6 hr can I drop to 2.5mg every 6hr then eliminate 1 and so on to completely withdral ?

  52. I am down to 5mg Oxycontin twice a day but cannot get down any further.Can you advise how to wean myself of tjis dose please?

  53. I have been on hydrocodone for 3years and then to OxyContion for 2 years. I was taking 168 mg/daily until end of August I decided to get off the Oxy and determine another methods of pain management. I started to wean off the Oxy with the aide of my primary physician and a addiction physician. In Midfle of August I side tracked my protocol of reduction and drastically reduced my intake to 10mg twice a day. I then had a severe gallbladder attack on August 10th since then I have been suffering from flu like symptoms with stomach cramps & diarrhea. The doctors thought it was a combination of gallbladder and withdrawal. Once I change over to the bultrans patch, waiting for prio auth, the symptoms should clear up. I have been told that my withdrawals can be severe because of the length of time on opieds and it could take 8-10 weeks before my chemistry adjusts and I am still on Oxy…. Does this seem correct?

  54. Decreased oxycotin from 40 to 20 mg once daily. Recovering from a very difficult spinal fusion. What do I do after I’ve been on 20 for a week?

  55. Hello,
    I’ve been on doctor prescribed Oxycontin for 9 years for a myriad of pain problems that were mostly caused from physical abuse of my body in my younger years. I was taking 120mg daily for the last few years and the pain was so great that I wondered if I was really getting any relief. I asked my doctor to taper my dosage down and he agreed to but didn’t think I would be able to tolerate the increase in pain by doing this. He decreased the dose from 120mg to 80mg for a month and then from 80mg to 40mg the second month, then 40mg to 20mg which I am currently taking. My pain has defensively increased to more than it was before starting back in 2006 but I want off of this drug, regardless of what my future might be without it. I know this sounds crazy but Oxy has affected my life in a very negative way and it feels like I have thrown away the last nine years of my life.
    Anyway, my doctor said that the next reduction would be one 10mg tablet of Oxycontin daily. I know that this is not going to work because when he went from 80mg to 40mg and especially from 40mg to 20mg the withdrawals were almost unbearable with leg and arm cramps being the most intense result and chills and nausea coming in 2nd and 3rd. I tried heating pads and hot showers and laying in a tub of hot water and while this helped the symptoms returned within 15 minutes of drying off and getting dressed. I also tried Hylands Leg Cramp pills with little if any relief. I also guzzle Gatorade and take potassium pills but I think the sizes of reductions negated any help I might have received. My question is do you think one 10mg tab per day is the right next reduction? Oxy for some reason only lasts for 8 hours in my system and twice daily I have always gone through chills for four hours until my next scheduled dose. This means I’m going to be fine for 8 hours and in hell for 16 hours everyday. It will be like going “cold turkey” everyday. Wouldn’t a better option be to start taking the regular release Oxycodone in 5mg strengths for a week and then reducing it half a tab weekly? If you can recommend what you think and how I should approach my doctor with my thoughts without upsetting him I would be enormously grateful. Any advice is much appreciated.

  56. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have cut my dosage like he said and the doctors and pain specialist I have contacted, as soon as they get my records from my doctor, either they won’t even see me or pass me off to a neurologist and they treat me like I’m the most terrible person ever. I never abused my medication. I always took what I was supposed to take ,or less. I am absolutely terrified about what is going to happen when I run out of my last prescription. I contacted a suboxone clinic and have an appointment this Friday. September 18th. I don’t know what else to do. I saw a neurologist and he prescribed klonopin. I took the prescription to my pharmacy and when I came to pick them up I told them I also needed to get my refill for my diazepam. She told me she could not fill my rx for diazepam because you can’t take them together. I am very upset. The neurologist had my records and I filled out all the paperwork put down all the medicine I was taking and even brought my medicine with me. Can you please tell me what I need to do ? I am 60 years old and need help. I am currently takin 8to 10 pills a day and my pain is a strong 8 to 9. If I take less than 8 per day I get extremely sick and my pain is unbarable. Please help. James

  57. I am taking oxycodone for small fiber neuropathy. My Doctor started me on 5 mlgs every 4 hours as needed. That was in September 2006. As my pain and tolerance increased he continued increasing my dosage. I have been on 30 mlg IR 2 or 3 every 4 hours as needed, maximum 15 tablets per day. My doctor retired September 1st 2015. He told me to try to cut my dosage to 8 to 10 tablets per day and I wouldn’t have any problem finding a new doctor to prescribe what I needed. Noth could be further from the truth.

  58. Hi there, I’ve been taking the slow release oxyneo (oxycodone hcl) 40 mgs/twice daily. I need to get off these pills and have a short time line to do so. I’ve notice that by the time the next dose is due I’m already experiencing withdraw symptoms such harsh muscle cramps, some anxiety, insomnia. Hard to focus on the task at hand (my thoughts are mainly about contemplating if I should tak the pill), and total restlessness. Yesterday, I’ve decided that I will start taking 1 dose per day at bedtime (cause it helps me sleep through the night while the meds are working there magic and I’m pain and cramp free). Is oxyneo any different than OxyContin? Do you have any suggestions on how I deal with my withdraw symptoms? Is there any thing about goin from 80 to 40 mgs in one day? I’ve NEVER taken the pill to get high of but I feel like I’ve been a pill popped forever that the uncomfortable the physical symptoms I feel is something I’ve never had to deal with before. I’ve stsrted taking the pills in the beginning of march of this year. Any input, suggestion, and helpful tips to help me get through this would be ultimately appreciated and respected. I’m only 37 and I desperately need to get away from this medication. I had no idea how fast and easy it was to develop an independence to the drug. Trust me, my doctor and my pharmacist warned me about the drug but in the beginning I didn’t have any other solution to help deal with the pain. Please help!

  59. Been off oxycontin 5 days slept last night with sleeping pill. I am 67 and prescribed for 14 years 90 mlg. I am dizzy heart racing. A little agitated. No desire to ever go back to it. When will this stop

  60. Hi I have been on pain meds for over 20 yrs and I want off I was on methodone but I could not find it at any Pharm My Dr put me on 40 mg of Oxycotin and I not going to take then anymore > What kind of syst am I going to have when I stop this med being I have not had any perocets 10 mg in 2 wks and on Oxy 40 med for about 2 to 3 wks
    . What I am asking is it going to be real bad withdrawls Kinda want to know what to expect. Please help me deal with this thanks

  61. Hello, I am a 70 yr. old male , have been on morphine(Kapanol, oxycontin, Endone) for around 14 yrs., due to chronic Arthritis in my lower back. The long term effects from this drug has created a lot of problems for me. I am due to have a Total Knee Replacement soon and have to get off the drugs. I was taking around 110mgs. daily. I have been trying to get off them myself and am down to 10mgs of Targin daily. I’m having lots of withdrawals at the moment. None during the day, but always at night. I need help. What can I do, please… Thank you. Adrian.
    p.s. I have been reducing the rate by 5mg about every 7-10 days for the past 4 months, under medical supervision.

  62. i am taking Percocet 10 mg and oxycotin 20 mgs daily. four doses of the Percocet and 2 doses of the oxycontin. my doctor is keeping me on the oxycontin, but taking me off the percocets. should I be ok, not having severe detox from the Percocet if I am taking the oxycontin? should, in other words, the opiates in the oxycontin cover the detox of the Percocet?

  63. I was taking 20mg morning and night then I went to 20 in the morning and 10 at night, then 10 and 10. So yesterday I took 10mg and the same today but today I am feeling all kinds of things, cold ,hot , nervous, anxiety, racing mind, body hurts, blood pressure is up, nauseaus, etc. Last night during the night I had a dream that was so violent (I have similar ones quite often. But this one I apparently acted out on since when I woke up my glass of water was tipped over and spilled all over the dresser the lamp was knocked over, and a pillow was across the room-still near the bed though. No memory of this although I do remember an awful lot of the dream. I called the advice nurse 1/2 ago and have not heard back. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Theresa. Maybe you should slow down and go for a more gradual taper. Review you tapering schedule with your doctor and ask for suggestions on which prescription medications and over-the-counter meds can lessen the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms.

  64. 5 weeks ago I had L5 and L4 lumbar disc micro discectomy. I Was discribed 20mg OxyContin 2 times daily, 20mg oxycodone 2 times daily and 40mgs endone 4 times daily. Still suffering chronic nerve pain and muscle aching/cramping. Stop taking endone 2 weeks post surgery. Stopped taking oxycodone and OxyContin 2 days ago. I suffer anxiety and depression, regular medication for 12 years seems to now not be working. Sweats, nausea, restlessness, cold symptoms, maximum 4 hours sleep daily, fast heart rate high temp. Low temp. Hot cold sweats. My skin looks see through and am having a lot of swelling in legs and feet. I’m 23. How much longer will this all last?

  65. hello. I am dealing with major lower back pain. I have had 2 unsecsessful surgeries and a handful of fail procedures. I was on hydrocodone. I could stop that for a couple of days without issues. Now this new Doc. I am seeing( since late Feb) put me on both OxyContin and oxycodine. If I stop I get the sweats and vomit. I take the contin 20mg and the codine 10-325 at breakfast and dinner. What is the best method to get this outta my system

  66. I have SVT and have just started an at home detox from oxycontin which was prescribed by my doctor. How safe is it to detox with svt? Im scared ill have a heart palpitation when the drug starts exiting my system.

    1. Hi Daniela. If you experience any heart rate changes, stay calm since freaking out will only increase your pulse. Seek help from your doctor or have someone who can stay with you during detox and drive you to the hospital at any time. If you fear from side effects and what the outcome might be, I’d advise you to get into a treatment facility where your state can be monitored 24/7 until your organism stabilizes.

  67. I have been on 20 mg controlled rel tablets, 1 every 12 hours. I want to get off this drug after 5 months cancer treatment. Please tell me the best way to get off these two doses and what I can expect.

  68. I’ve recently had my script filled & only took my regular doses for 10 days, then discovered that a family member found the hiding spot for them & all but wiped me out. So, I’m left with just enough for a week, but if I cut that in half it gets me closer to the end of the month when I can get a refill. So far, this has been a living hell & I HAVE to do this alone otherwise it draws attention to the person in my family that did this to me. How should I handle this & get through with the least amount of pain & discomfort. Please help!

  69. have been on oxycodone and oxycontin for more than 7yrs.. I have a terminal illnesses being managed.
    have found the PM docs No NOTHING abound the ins and outs of living with AIDS .have cut my dose in half,as Dr is acting very unkind and can tell it won’t be long. this may not help u, but just keeping my mind busy has helped me lower and skip doses. if I am unable to obtain sufficient pain management,there is NO WAY I will suffer from the treatment that keeps me alive. btw, I NEVER felt dependent until the docs MADE ME begin the long acting oxy. when I was allowed to just manage with fast acting, my daily intake was much less,and never was without or felt withdrawls.

  70. Strange nobody has sugested using an agonist. The implications are too extensive for this forum. If you take time to familiarize youself with the chemistry and process , you may be pleasently surprised as to suitable exit strategy.

  71. I started taking oxy to replace alcohol, starting with two 5/325’s, Now after one year I am taking one 10/325 every evening , sometimes adding another 1/3 of a tablet. and do not drink any alcohol anymore. Would this be considered an bad addiction, can i cold turkey off of it with minimal side affects, or should i employ the taper down method. and what would the taper down dosage be.

    1. Hi Jack. Tapering doses down is the way to go off OxyContin. Cold turkey will cause withdrawal symptoms that are just too harsh and severe. It’s best to talk about this withd your doctor, get clear instructions on the tapering schedule and what you should do/take to relieve possible withdrawal symptoms when they occur.

  72. Brandi, you should not be in that much discomfort from reducing the dosing you were on previously.
    I’d advise you to speak with your provider so they may adjust the dosing, you will be “aware” of the taper, but not in extreme discomfort. What you are describing mimics someone that has abruptly quit, and are in the throws of intense withdrawal. It is not the same for everyone obviously, as some have many symptoms that are troubling, and others seem to handle the withdrawals in an easier manner. The dosage you were on is high, and for an extended period of time. I would suggest acupuncture coupled with meditation. You may look into hypnosis as well. I am sorry to read about your fusion and the outcome. Did the surgeon not explain the success rate to you? Did you get numerous opinions before you had the operation? I wish you success and well!

  73. It’s vital that the medical community make each and every patient well aware of what they are getting into before they start any medication. I have yet to see this side of responsibility from medical professionals. Instead they write you a script, the patient fills it, and in no time, you find yourself reliant on a drug that is VERY difficult to get off of. Your body is an incredible machine, and the brain can trick the body into thinking you are in more pain than you really are. In other words, the brain may send signals all over making one think as though they really do need the drug in order to survive. Called ghost pain, or symptoms that aren’t actually there, making you believe you truly are in more agony than the actual truth. It’s a fierce drug, and I am highly against it. There is no such thing as a quick fix, and with all of the holistic, naturopathic avenues one may delve into, I firmly believe individuals are being over prescribed. The United States has a very long road ahead, if this is how they operate in the medical filed. I recommend acupuncture, bio feedback, hypnosis, literature and research to carve a new and freeing life of harmful drugs. You’ve got one body.

  74. I have been on 360mg of oxycontin daily and 15mg of oxycodone 4 daily for almost 7 yrs along with several others like 450mg lyrica, 60mg cymbalta, wellbutrin, and a new one called venigran. I had a back fusion that went wrong and left me with severed nerves. I have lost all feeling in left leg and always have severe pain. My pain doc is trying to ween me off the oxycontin and oxycodone. Its been fine til now. He cut my dose by 90mg a day. I am experiencing hell rigjt now!! I have not slept much since monday. I havent eaten due to nausea and pain, joint pain, severe headache, dizziness, and chills/sweats. Im still taking a low dose so why the huge withdrawal? Will it happen again when doc cuts me down again?

  75. Hello Walt. You’ll need a step-down program individually planned for you by your prescribing doctor in order to set up a tapering calendar. Set up an appointment, or speak with your pharmacist, about best practices in getting off oxycodone. Some basic principles: don’t scale down more than 50% at a time, taper about 25% dosage per week; monitor symptoms and taper slowly to reduce or eliminate withdrawal discomfort.

  76. I have been on oxcycodone for over a year. I take 2 5mg tabs a day. My last week before my refill is due…suddenly disapeared, by someone I know. Do not want to report it. Worried about withdrawals. Have only 1.5 left till my refill in 5 days. Any ideas or imput how my witdrawals will be and how long before they start. I have left over tramam I havnt taken in over six mths. Can this help at all till I get my refill

  77. I’ve been taking Oxycotin 10 mg three times a day and tow 10 mg oxycodine pee day. I have managed to lowere my use to only 2 Oxycotin 12hr time release a day. This is the third day on Onyxotin only.
    I’ve been on the Meds for 4 years. What would recommend in getting off completely.

  78. Good evening! My husband have a bad medical problem. On February of this year he got hospitalize the doctors diagnosis was Pancreatitis. He was given heavy medication also he end up getting a heart attack at the moment he has a defibrillator. Since he been home he goes to pain management for the last 11 months he been taking Oxycontin 15mg he was taking 30. When he don’t have the medication he goes true withdraws. He wants to get off the medication so he is asking his doctor to continue lowering his mg. He wants to detox we want to know can you get a heart attack wile detoxing can a person die wile detoxing. Should he detox at home or go to a detox clinick. Any advice you have is help full. Thank you for your time.

  79. I can take percs, vics, oc all of that I have been on vicodin for 4 years but i have to take 3 7.5mg at once but can take up to 20 in a day i have a very high tolerance I have gone through all the withdrawl just can’t get past that 3rd day i will sleep all day well try to sleep i have 4 kids under the age of 6 and a job i do it everything by myself my house everything so i can’t afford to go through that but i do not want to be on these anymore i dont care about my condition which is called chiari malformation of my brain i just want off of these pills n to feel normal with out having to take a pill so if i take 20 7.5mg of vicodin in a day please explain how to taper down i get my script in a few days and i want to try it i take like 2 or 3 every 2hours so please some1 explain to me how to cut it down myself????? Thanks!

  80. Hi Debby. I will send you some links from other articles that I believe you may find benefitial. To help you understand what’s going to follow and what your options are:
    On the course of treatment or OxyContin withdrawal symptoms:
    And, to find the right treatment facility near your, you can use either: or

  81. I have been on OxyContin for 10 years plus oxycodone 10mg PRN.( not everyday) also have a couple cocktails daily. Fibromyalgia/CFS and multiple spine disc problems. A pain mgmt doc recently overnight cut dose in half. Also cut neurontin from 1800mg a day to 300mg, also overnight. I have been miserable. I want to stop OxyContin as I it has masked other problems that needed treatment. Please, what is the best course for me? Hubby & I even talked about treatment facility. I am not abusing, but I want to be safe while detoxing.

  82. Hello Kevin. Acute withdrawal symptoms from OxyContin usually begin within hours or days after you take your last dose of OxyContin. It can take from 4-10 days for the body to balance out its chemicals and for you to start feeling normal again. As far as the pain goes, you’ll probably start feeling it as the medication’s effects start to wear off.

  83. hi my question is I’ve been on oxcycodone for 3.5yr. for herniateded t6 10mg.tabs eight time’s a day.I wouid like to know where the pain starts and the withdrawal begins? Any info would be great thanks Kevin

  84. Hello Emil. Have you consulted with a pain management specialist? It seems best to seek advice from a specialist, in your case. I wish you all the best!

  85. I have been on both oxycontin and oxycodone I have cervical and lumbar disk disease multiple disk herniations 2 touching the spinal canal and a displaced Thecal sac and 2 regular hernias 1 with a screen and neuropathy due to a right hand trauma I would like to stop these meds but im not sure I could tolerate the pain.

  86. Hello Ethel. You may need a prescription for a lower dose of oxycodone to help facilitate a withdrawal. Seek professional medical help from a prescribing physician for more info on best practices in tapering off OxyContin than trying to do this yourself.

  87. How do you reduced the amount of OxyContin when the strength is 80mg and the lower doses are more than 90 percent . Do you adjust the length of time Between pills ?

  88. Hello Gene. Have you consulted with a pharmacist? Perhaps there are other types of specific and smaller dropper that you can use?

  89. I am currently on oxycodone liquid. 100 mg/5 mL 20 mg/mL (30 ml bottles) It was originally prescribed for throat cancer, both before and after my surgery. It has taken some time, but my pain has been regressing and I want to get off of the oxycodone completely.

    As much as a year ago, I was going thru six 30 ml bottles per month. I have been able to get this down to one 30 ml bottle every 3 weeks. My problem is that I now us an eye dropper to measure my dosage. I take 3 drops every three to four hours. I tried to reduce it to two drops, but I go into withdrawal symptoms. How can I calculate 5% or 10% reduction using an eye dropper? By going to 2 drops, it is a 33% reduction which I can’t tolerate. Can you help me figure out how to work out a 5% reduction? I am on a feeding tube permanently so that is why I have the oral soultion. I hope you will email your answer to me. Thank you.

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