How Long Does Buprenorphine Last?

The elimination half-life of buprenorphine can vary from 20 to 72 hours. More on the duration of action for buprenorphine and how buprenorphine is metabolized here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Manish Mishra, MBBS

MAIN POINTS: Buprenorphine lasts for 24-28 hours. However, it is a complex medication, with varied half-life and duration of effects based on mode of administration.


Main Effects

Buprenorphine is a prescription drug that helps address cravings and delay withdrawal symptoms for those facing opiate and opioid addiction. In fact, buprenorphine is a semi-synthetic opioid used for the treatment of opioid or opiate addiction. Buprenorphine is also used to treat moderate acute pain. How does it work in the brain?

Buprenorphine is a partial receptor agonist and acts in a way that attaches to specific sites in the brain to inducing several effects. However, the binding process is not “perfect” and buprenorphine occupies central nervous system receptors without causing the euphoric effect of other stronger drugs. In fact, this is the reason why buprenorphine is used in opioid addiction treatment.

The main therapeutic effects of buprenorphine include:

  1. Pain relief.
  2. Reduced cravings for opiates or opioid class drugs.
  3. Suspension of opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Common, unwanted side effects of the drug also include:

  • constipation
  • nausea
  • slower breathing
  • slower heart rate
  • vomiting

Euphoric Effect

It’s pretty difficult to get high on buprenorphine. The medication has been designed to be fairly “abuse-proof.” The euphoric effects of buprenorphine will depend on the level of tolerance that your body has developed toward buprenorphine. People already dosing on buprenorphine DO NOT experience euphoric. Commonly, only opioid-naive people can even feel that they are getting high. Further, it is likely that the euphoric effects will wear off after 8 to 12 hours.

Pay attention though: this number would be different if you are chronically taking buprenorphine for recreational purposes.  Many users will go that far and change buprenorphine for another painkiller on their own, without a doctor’s recommendation to do so, and then experience different effects than mentioned on the product label. Indeed, mixing buprenorphine with other painkillers or prescription drugs increases risk of overdose and death.

Here is a list of the most common buprenorphine effects which can accompany euphoria:

  • constipation
  • difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • extreme tiredness
  • headache
  • hives
  • itching
  • lack of energy
  • loss of appetite
  • pain in the upper right part of the stomach
  • skin rash
  • slowed breathing
  • stomach pain
  • sweating
  • unusual bleeding or bruising
  • upset stomach
  • vomiting
  • yellowing of the skin or eyes

Onset of Effects

How quickly buprenorphine works will vary by individual and mode of administration. However, when taken as prescribed, buprenorphine has a “balancing effect” on the brain and should take effect in the first days after initial dosing. The formulations used in prescriptions usually take the form of sublingual tablets or a film, both of which are designed to dissolve in the mouth.

Well documented prescribing protocols and variations in onset of effect are outlined in this 2005 article from the medical journal, Psychiatry written by University of Maryland School of Medicine physicians, Christopher Welsh, MDc and Adela Valadez-Meltzer, MD, PhD.

Duration of Effects

Buprenorphine has different performance and effects depending on the form that is administered. For example, buprenorphine has very poor bioavailability when administered orally, in the form of solution. On the other hand, buprenorphine sublingual tablets trigger moderate bioavailability. This is why doctors usually prescribe sublingual tablets in the form of Subutuex, or buccal film in the form of Suboxone.

Injection: Pharmacological effects of buprenorphine peak at 15 minutes and persists for 6 hours or longer when given intramuscularly. When given intravenously, the time to onset and peak effect are shortened.

Sublingual: Even though buprenorphine is rapidly absorbed from the oral mucosa, the absorption into the systemic is slower. The time to reach peak plasma concentration varies between individuals and can range from 40 minutes to 3.5 hours

It’s also helpful to know that buprenorphine is highly bound to plasma proteins.  Because of an extensive first pass in metabolism, buprenorphine has both slow onset and long duration (24-48 hours). As mentioned earlier, the rate of absorption is slower by the sublingual route, giving an average peak level at approximately 200 minutes after ingestion.

Half Life

The half life of a drug is the amount of time it takes for 1/2 of the drug to leave your system. Buprenorphine has a half-life of 24 to 60 hours, depending on the route of administration and whether it was used in combination with other drugs. What’s important to know is that buprenorphine has slow offset, and the half life of buprenorphine is greater than 24 hours (24-60 hours). This formula allows for once a day or every other day dosing when treating opiate addiction.

Additionally, buprenorphine has the ability to stay and bind the opiate receptors for over 24 hours, effectively disabling the receptors to make use of other stronger opiates less appealing. For these cases, user cannot not get high on drugs like heroin, morphine, codeine, hydrocodone, or oxycodone.

Injection:  1.2 – 7.2 hours with 0.3 mg  (mean 2.2 hours)

Sublingual: 37 hours.

If you have been prescribed a dose of buprenorphine, you may be interested in how this medicine works and how long buprenorphine can remain in your system. Generally, buprenorphine is detectable in urine for up to 4 days after last use. To learn more about the most common forms of this medication, you can check out the FDA label for Suboxone and the FDA label for Subutex.

If You Miss a Dose

Q: What can you do if you miss a dose of buprenorphine?

A: The Medline Plus Consumer Guide to Buprenorphine suggests that if you miss a dose, you should take or apply the missed dose as soon as you remember it. IHowever, i you notice that it’s almost time for your next dose, you should skip the missed dose and continue your regular dosing schedule. Do not take or apply a double dose to make up for a missed one. Why? Because buprenorphine has a “ceiling effect” that will not make the medication more effective, even if you take it in larger doses. Taking double doses has little to no positive effect for controlling cravings .

Your questions

We hope we’ve been able to address your questions about buprenorphine above. If you would like to know more about how long buprenorphine lasts, please ask us in the comments section below. We try to respond to all legitimate queries with a personal and prompt response.

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  1. I have been taking Suboxone for over a week does it just delay opiate withdrawal and if I stop taking it will the opiate withdraw come back

  2. Suboxone lasts a solid week in the systems of most patients. Some a little over a week. But, it’s Assurance of Withdrawal Protection is 24-48 hours.The ceiling dose, for objective opiate effects, is 12 mg. But doses of 16 mg., up to 24 mg., are usually needed to ‘cover ‘ > 94% of the brain’s opiate receptors — guaranteeing protection. Yet just 4 mg. will stop opiate withdrawals (but will only ‘cover’ 50% of the brain’s receptors).

  3. I snorted it. Will I be out of withdrawl for at least 2 days? I don’t understand this half-life duration stuff. Do you think I will feel okay until Friday?

    1. Hi Courtney. Half-life is the period of time required for the concentration or amount of drug in the body to be reduced by one-half. The duration also depends on some factors: how long have you been taking the drug, general health, age. It is hard to be precise.

    1. Hi Courtney. Buprenorphine lasts for 24-28 hours. However, its half-life and duration may vary depending on the mode of administration.

  4. I can speak from experience on the duration of Suboxone. Actually, the longer you take it, daily, the longer it takes for to slowly seep out of your system. In fact, when I stopped taking it, it took a full week before withdrawal symptoms even appeared. Also, some literature on Suboxone states that higher dosages (16 mg. & greater) = longer half-life.

  5. I was taking 2mg of suboxone and it worked just fine. I was switched to bunivail strips and I have taken up to 4.2 my at once and it seems to not be doing the trick. It seems as if it’s taking forever for it to relieve withdrawals. My question is why is it not working as well as suboxone

  6. I have been on suboxen films for a few months my dose is 2 8mg films per day my doctor wants me to take 2 at once for the day I would take 1 approximately 5am when I get up for work then the 2nd approximately 2pm my doctor says taking 2 at once would stay active in my system longer but I’m afraid i would be too high to function or even worse overdose so I’m struggling with that..

  7. My experience & understanding is: the longer you take Suboxone, daily, the longer it stays in your system (we’re talking about 1 week +, here). A couple of times I was forced to go without any Suboxone. Withdrawal symptoms didn’t appear until just about a week — so that’s a testament to how long it lasts in the system.

  8. Hello my name is ron I am an heroin addict I just started the buponephrene patch and iv been wearing a 7 day patch10mg for about 10 hrs I feel spook tired will this pass or is this what I have to keep looking forward to feeling .pls if any could respond I would appreciate it

    1. Hi Ron. Call a toll-free Heroin Helpline on 1-888-988-7934 to get in touch with trusted and confidential helpline professionals available 24/7. You will speak to a sympathetic, well-trained individual who can help you find a reliable recovery program that will meet your treatment needs.

  9. Cecilia, I was wondering if you’d be willing to chat with me? I have a very similar story. I was told that buperepheine was non addictive alternative to traditional pain meds and have been taking it for just about a year. I have been hospitalized repeatedly for severe leg/foot edema and discoloration which has baffled my doctors. I was admitted to the hospital again just last week and the doctors scrambled to attempt to control the terrible pain I was in, explaining how buperepheine binds to the mu receptor which doesn’t allow room for treatment with morphine or similar unless its given in a high enough dose to take control over the buperepheine. I asked patients and doctors and even my boyfriend who is a physician has told me that the edema and 50 pound weight gain on my very petite frame in less than 5 months has nothing to do with the buperepheine as well, the buperepheine pain relieving effects have been non existant for the last 6 months. You are the first person I have come across with a near identical story and for the first time I am thinking that I am not crazy as so many doctors and nurses have believed me to be. I don’t know if you come into the site anymore but I would appreciate it if you are willing to talk to me as I feel like I am completely alone. I just cut my dose from 16mg daily to 0.25mg in the morning. However it’s not been more then a few days. I am scared to stop completely even though my gut feeling is to do just that. I don’t want to stay on this one more minute but I have been warned that severe withdrawal with my particular medical history could be fatal. I’ve never felt so alone in my life and I had a life that I loved and I miss it. I spend more time not able to walk and I am hoping to get pregnant this year. It really upsets me to find out that while I thought I was making an informed decision and choosing a medicine that is safe, I actually have been putting myself in much more considerable harm.

  10. The Dr. put me on buprenorphine 8MGSL I may take 2. , I am not sleeping well, I have sores in my mouth, pain in my stomach, and constipation, all of that I can handle. I have been on this 2.5 months. But the worst of it is, this med does not cover my pain more than 6-7 hours in the A.M. I take my 1 at 6am then 1 around 1pm . (I cant take it all at once ). The Dr. thinks it’s all in my head… this is a wonder drug that fits all. Is it possible that I have “break through ” pain? Does this work the same on everyone? I had been on many pain meds for many years. Is this pain “in my head”/

  11. If you want to use suboxone for as short of time, and as little as possible, can you take one at time of wd and wait until you feel bad again to take more? Rather than taking it on a schedule ? Then discontinue use when it wears off & you don’t feel horrible? Thank you.

  12. The longer one takes Suboxone *at* the higher dosages (16 mg. & up), the longer that each dose stays in your system. Accordingly, while an 8 mg. dose might ‘feel’ the exact same way that a 24 mg. dose does, the 24 mg. dose lasts in your system a good deal longer.

  13. Ok so my question is last night about 6 p.m. I took half of an 8 mg Suboxone got me through the night I woke up today about 1 in about 30 minutes ago I took the other half of the 8 milligram Suboxone how long do I need to wait before I can take an oxy technically I’ve only taken 8 mg of Suboxone Within I don’t know 24 hours. Please help me understand more

  14. A small amount of the Naloxone component does get into your system. That’s why some of us initially get a tense or anxious feeling after the tablet(s) dissolve. But the half-life of Naloxone is very short, so that doesn’t last long. So after about 50 minutes post-dissolve then I’ll feel the buprenorphine component coming on and will get full relaxation from then on.

  15. Iv been taking 24 mg of bup…. For almost a month sometimes taking less and iv been off for six days and I still can’t take a pain pill and feel it how long do I have to wait I’m to tires of wasting them

  16. Iv been in bup…. For almost 26 days and was taking 24 MG’s a day sometimes less and iv been off for 4 days and cannot feel a pain pill how long do I have to wait to feel one

  17. iv been on buprenorphine 8 trs.,it probably saved my life,iv come to the point that I can no longer afford a 150.00 a month and another 170,00 a month for the meds my dr.ia awesome but expensive.iv tried cold turkey but almost came totally ready to try the final solution,can anyone pass on way to lessen or beat this crap.i have insurance that wont pay for dr, visits o rmed. ,dout I will be will hve the best paying job iv ever had if cold turkey dosnt work,please help anyway you csn.

  18. I wouldn’t use buprenorphine no more than a few days after coming full opioids, these doctors that way over prescribed this sh*^, tell you how wonderful this drug is, but it’s ass backward, they don’t try to ween you off, there job is to try to keep people on the stuff, but what they won’t tell you that it’s harder to come off of than morphine or oxys, or other

  19. My husband uses buprenorphine for pain relief however is adducted to opioids not heroin but suboxin prior. Oxy cotton bc didn’t want neck surgery. I think started when young and got morphing after lung operation however years after
    His personality has changed not for the better and won’t admit he’s hooked and has been fir 15 years on and little off
    I was told it stops being affective and should be a temporary rx
    Thank you. Also should Dr be giving him theses fir years fir pain?

  20. I feel the pain, I used to slam H, used to do everything I could to find pain pills. I used to live paycheck to paycheck, every week I used to owe that paycheck, it was a ongoing sutitutation. I’ve been on 16mgs of subutex for the last 6 years. Finally had enough, compleatly stoped the subs, got on 15mgs of oxycodone once a day for a month then jumped. Was a lot easier than coming straight off the subs, the first time I tried the withdrawal was still continuous after 3weeks. But I was doing some research, and concluded this would be the easiest way. And I’ll tell you its worth a try it worked for me, maybe someone out there can use this information. Hope to all out there it’s not easy.

  21. Guys and gals, I have WD from strong ass opiates and suboxone or bup. There is no comparison,
    suboxone WD is a baby WD. WEAK and YOU WILL SURVIVE NO PROBLEM. The hard part is mental and if you had a buddy system or whatever to help, that would be really good for you. Yes, most of you will get some of the stupid WD symptoms of any opiate but I SWEAR on everything they’re extremely mild if not nil. My biggest complaint about it is, I feel drained and obviously there is a reason why because my body has been depending on these things to give me energy. Another thing, I broke my backk, leg, and had a brain injury so they were prescribed for good reason but honestly I still don’t want to be dependant on anything.. I WILL TELL ALL YOU GUILTY MINDS THIS, look if your popping 40 Norco a day or slamming H, or taking Methadone daily & still slamming H. That is why suboxone was created for people with the disease of addition. so don’t be so ashamed. I have seen so MANY people go from straight losers stealing their Mommy’s coach to Princes & Princesses from taking subs. It literally gave these people there lives back. So I had to just say this because I know many people feel guilty because they have to take it. If you don’t want to, then by all means, wean down and just get it over with. If you need it, try and take it as little as possible, IT WON’T GET U HIGH. Good luck to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I took a peice of a suboxone strip. So between like 2-4 mg 30-40 hours ago. My eyes are still pinned. I’m still feeling nauseous. I’m tired bit can’t keep myself asleep.I’m shaky. I haven’t messed with any opiates in over a year. I don’t remember feeling like this. Am i ok? Is this normal?

  23. Angela;
    I have had a similar situation where I take the subs and then just a few short hours later withdraw sets in. I assume this comes from everyone’s body breaking medicine down differently. For me, I’ve come to find that it’s better if I break up my dosing and split it three ways each day. Meaning, every day I take some in the morning, some at lunch, and the rest at night. At first I took the entire dose in morning and at the same time each morning but then when it would come down it would hit me like a ton of bricks. Since I’ve been splitting it throughout the day it’s much better!

  24. I have been on the Butrans patch for a few months for Post Herpatic Pain from shingles 4 years ago. At first I was on fentanol (lowest dose) for 3 months. I was pleased that the fentanol worked immediately and gave me some very needed pain relief. I was afraid to stay on the fentanol and my pain Dr. put me on the Butrans patch (second highest dose) I made the transition from the fentanol to Butrans fine, but after about 3 months the patch was leaving a really red, sore, itchy area. I have been putting up with that. I was started on the second highest dose and after awhile it did not work as well as it did at first. My Dr. then took me up to the highest dose and it is not working very well either. How hard is it to get off of this patch? Will I have withdrawals (bad)? After I am not on the patch anymore and my pain comes back with a vengence is there any other medication I can take to calm the pain. I have already had 2 intercostals and a radio frequency ablation (the latter put me in bed for about 6 weeks the pain was so intense, and my pain Dr. did not give me anything else. I have lost confidence in my pain Dr. he has seemed to become arrogant and non caring. Guess I am not on the top of his radar for pain. I feel that the procedures I went through for the nerve pain he knew would not help. In the beginning of the shingle breakout, I was put on Gabepentin which was horrendus for me. I lost my memory and ended up losing a 38 year career in Real Estate. I was loopy, could not think straight, and was driving clients around in my car like that. I just couldn’t keep up. I passed out, forgot to take my meds and went into withdrawals. I did not have my pain Dr. then, so when I went to him I told him no Gabepentin or Lyrica!!!! I guess I need to know that if I have reached the top taking Butrans, is there anything else that would replace it for pain, and does it cause withdrawals upon stopping. My pain Dr. told me that there was no possible reason that I had withdrawals going off of Gabepentin! I guess he has never taken it. I tried three times before I got off and the pain was back in all of it’s glory. So the highest form of the Butrans patch is not working. I have an appt with my pain Dr. Feb 1. Any suggestions?

  25. I know that very well subutex is also a terrible addicted drug. I’ve been on 8 mg of it for a year and can’t even reduce it a bit, tiny reduction makes me sick too. I believe not a single professional addiction treatment’s specialist have really clue of it.

  26. I have been taking 24 mg of buprenorphine a day, 1/2 tablet every 6 hours for chronic osteoarthritis.
    It does help a little, but my doctor is telling me that it is stronger than opiates. I don’t want to take opiates but i feel that Subutex alone isn’t helping much. I want to get off of the Subutex, but I’ve been taking this amount for about 2 years. How long does the full effect of Subutex last and am I safe cutting down by 8 mg without getting sick?
    Thank you,

  27. I was on a mmt for 9 yrs and just finished a 21 day detox 5 days ago taking only clonidine and motrin for the first 3 days yesterday i took a suboxone my question is will that prolong my withdrawl period like does it start over ive used nothing else but the other meds mentioned but im really regreting the sub can anyone help thanks

  28. I am under a doctor’s care for Post Herpatic Nerve Pain. I have had this pain for overr 3 years after the shingles. I have been on Butrans 15 mcg/hour (seven days) since about June of this year. It has helped immensley een considering that the drug scares me with all the warnings. I am taking it properly, have no history of other opiates or drugs–I don’t even smoke. About the end of October the pain started to come back. My doctor will give me the higher Rx on this and when that continues to work he will not give me any more and then I have to go through withdrawal and have nothing at all. My question is: How long with the higher dosage of Butrans work? Can it work indefinitely? Also, what entails withdrawal from this stuff. Should I take the higher dose and see how much pain relief I get or just stop now and go through the withdrawals. I don’t want to feel the way I did before butrans. I have had two intercostal procedures and an auto frequency ablation, but none of them worked. I have tried other pain drs, holitics, accupuncture,, you name it. I have a tens unit on order.

  29. Its giving me severe anxiety and jaw clenching….when after last dose will i feel relaxed and stop clenching teeth..ive been on it 19 days…hate how restless i feel

  30. Does this supulex heal u completely….like u won’t b taking any drug after using it? And once you stop taking supulex won’t u start the cravings of drugs?…….my brother takes heroin and I need to help him out….plz assist

  31. I dose my son.. one in morning one in evening… one at night. I need to know if this is WRONG. And tell me pls.. how to do it RIGHT. Bc he is getting yellow around his eyes. Also…. is the subutex 8 mgs. 3 times a day to be taken 3 separate times?… all at once….???…. split dose. Please help!!!!

  32. 1st day on subs yesterday. Took 4 mg at 3pm, felt great. Took 2 mg at 8:30pm felt good but got a headache and nausea shortly after. Woke up this morning felt really messed up like I was high. It’s now 11am the next day.. Should I take a small dose? Or let our get out of my system and try again tonight?

    1. Hi Sarah. Call your pharmacist or check in with your doctor to be safe and sure you are taking the medication in dose and frequency that is fit for you.

  33. Hi iv been taking 10mg methadone 1-2 times a day for 6yrs and once to a few times a week id also take a 30mg oxycodone,im trying to get off it but im scared my back will turn to throbbing fire!so my question is will Buprenorphine Hydrochloride (Sublingual)8 mg tablets help?i took half of one under the toung just a while ago,also im 23 and weight only 115lbs,please help!(also i was in a bad car accident a few months ago and i have 3 herriated disks and..well a shit ton wrong im just now able to walk without help)didnt know if it would play a factor on how good it would work.please get baxk to me asap

  34. Hi iv been taking 10mg methadone 1-2 a day for almost 6 years and also a few times a week id take a 30mg oxycodone for the same time period,im trying to get off but im scared my back will turn to throbbing fire,so my question is will

  35. If I can help I did it. I don’t want to sound weird but the first thing you have to do is trust yourself. This has been interesting that’s the way I look at it. I can tell you little problems but me after 62 days after taking 8mgs of suboxone a day for the past 8 yrs. before the sub I was taking full scripts aday of Vic percs done you name it. Now I look and smile and say I beat the deavil that is what I called it. Gaba 750 2 a day or some nuratin it’s better then benzos witch I stopped at same time no joke it was interesting but over now. Stay away from salt I had only family no dr. Now believe it your body can get used to melatonin it works great. First Time someone said that I laughed coming off of 8mg of benzos a day lots or k pin and Xanax now it’s nolthing I got it now it is no where above me. If anyone wants to talk more I’m here I’m still reviving but il tell you it’s a lot easier then a lot of ppl say. TAKE CARE keep up good work and never look back it’s the past

  36. Does buprenorphine stay in your system for the same length of time, whether you take an 1/8 of a 8 mg pill or say, 1-2 8 mg pills?…im saying if you’ve taken it once, will it stay in your system longer depending on the amount you take?…any legitimate answer would be greatly appreciated, thank you…

  37. I’ve been on subutex for about 2 months now. Taking about 2 mg a day through my nose. I’m done with that crap. I got some OP 40s I wanna take. It’s been 48 hours since I last did 2mg of a sub. I’m 150 lbs and have a fast metabolism. How long do I need to wait to successfully feel these oxys ?

  38. I am a hydro addict. Took them 10 years, as many as I could get my hands on, sometimes 20- 10 mg’s a day. No medical reason to take them, one day I took one and it progressed from their. This little yellow demon has took my life and everything in it away! I decided I had to do something. 4 months ago went to the clinic. Doc put me on 6mg’s of buprenorphine. It worked for 2 days, the next day it lasted about 3 hours and the rest of the day I was in withdrawal. Doc increased my dose to 8 mg’s.same thing, lasted about 3 hours and withdrawal set in for the rest of the day. This same process was done until I was taking 24 mgs of bupe. When I was taking that high amount it literally made me throw up profusely. And the withdraws were still present the rest of the day. I decreased my dose to 12 mgs and again it last 3 hours and withdrawal the rest of the day. I have never been stable on this buprenorphine. my goal is to completely stop taking any meds at all. I need advice as to what I need to do about this. And have you ever heard of a situation like mine before. I really want to go to work and be a normal productive person in society. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF LIVING JUST FOR THE PILL. And that is all my life was. Nothing in this world mattered to me but the little yellow demon.Any help, you or anyone can give me will be greatly APPRECIATED!

  39. Taking this drug for heroin addition how long will you be on it for. Like methadone or is there light at the end of the tunnel being drug free all together

    1. Hi Suzanne. Medical professionals haven’t set a strict time period on the duration of buprenorphine treatment for addiction. It’s usually prescribed for as long as people need it to be able to actively dedicate themselves to therapy, learning, improving…

  40. My friend wants to kick heroin…..he has subutex tablets (4) to help him get through it. How long does the 1st pill last after he takes it? What can I do to help him get through the withdrawls? Will this really help?

    1. Hi Susan. When your friend will start taking suboxone and the dosage s/he will take should be determined by a doctor. I realize that the medication hasn’t been prescribed by a doctor, but s/he should at least consult with a pharmacist about this.

  41. Thank you so much Robert for your testimonial! I have recently found myself in a similar yet less abusive situation. Never the less, I too have recently hit rock bottom. My car and meds were stolen I almost lost my daughter and husband. I quit working over a year ago because I no longer had the energy or focus to even care about showing up. My whole life revolved around having pills or finding pills! Just recently my family gave me the option either the meds go or my loved ones go! I went through a week of pure hell detoxing before I found some subzail which is a new better tasting version of suboxin . That was 3 weeks ago and I am now starting to find my self thinking more clearly and slowly but surely getting back to my old self again .
    I just wanted to thank you for your honesty because your story has given me the strength and motivation to keep going!

  42. Hi,
    I have been on Subutex 8mg 3x daily for three years for chronic pain and subsequent hydrocodone painkiller addiction (multiple spinal and leg/foot surgeries). Once my specialist detoxed me off of all the hydrocodone (years ago) I have not relapsed back to using/abusing ANY opiates or other controlled substances, nor have I ever had a problem abusing the Subutex. However, for the 1st time ever, I missed my appt., my physician is out of town, & I’ve no refills for my monthly RX of Subutex….this has never happened before & I’m admittedly a little panicked. The last time I took Subutex was today at 8am, the last 1/2 tablet I had (4mg total). I know the half-life of Subutex is 24-72 hours, & I know my dosage is the “ceiling”, right?
    When should I expect to go into withdrawal, and can I take regular opiates to stave off the withdrawal until my doctor returns on Tuesday??
    I GREATLY appreciate any suggestions or knowledge, thank you!

    1. Hi Nikki. It is most likely that the effects of the Subutex will wear off within 8 to 12 hours. I suggest you go to the pharmacy and consult with the pharmacist about your options and what you can do to prevent withdrawal.

  43. Last dose of suboxone I took was about 2mg yesterday at 4pm. Before that I took about 3mg two days prior. My question is, I got ahold of a 30mg oxycodone and don’t know if it would be a waste to take it 24 hours my last administered dose of sub, even tho I rarely take subs. So I don’t think my body would’ve built enough sub tolerance to affect my oxycodone. I need help. How long should I wait to take my oxy?? Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  44. Bozo
    You would need to ask a pharmacist.
    The subutex got me off herion. I feel great now. Thank God for the subutex.

  45. I fill for u poor fucks that have to pay 4 ur subs thats sunny stevenage they over dose u on the shit.ive been a crack,schag ed 4 15yrs.imust say the w.d.s this time wernt that bad.well come 3rd day over most pains but still in it.subuxone is much ezy to come of. Then subutex.or try and get it in apatch form.even better.but there are times were u on these pillss uchange ur drug dealer for a doctor.not much betwenn them.apart from doctors drugs are bit cleaner.good luck all

  46. I am a full blown addict, have been since 26 I’m now 30. Was prescribed 180 lot tabs 90 bars yor 6 yrs sold Prob 75% took the rest. That doc retired and I found one in my hometown who wrote me 30 30mg oxy and 90 tabs 30xans. Sold the oxy for months only took the tabs then one day I snorteda Roxie!! I found heaven, I dabked with them off and on for a month then went into work one mornin had only taken two tab 10s felt horrible sweating nausea, co worker that bought the ROX laughed and said your with drawing dude! I never felt like that for 6 yrs on opiates, snorted a 30 and wah lah 5 min later I’m superman. That was back in 2010. I list that job because I took to many Rox and xan and drank at a good jobsnd hit in a fist fight with my boss. Then I bdgan to run short each month. Quit selling all my med by 2011 and was fully dependent and buying more each month. Changed to another doc who wrote me 105 30mg ROX and 60 2mg xans but I still run out each month stayed sick wouldn’t work couldn’t work without 90 to 150mg of oxy daily. That doc fired me last July I went to rehab and absolutely loved it. Took about a week to start eating and feeling normal again but I made it till the 41st day. I’m a huge boxing fan and the MAYWEATHER fight was on that night I was mad I couldn’t watch it and just so happen a guy stole my watch. Out my hand thru a plate glass window almost bled to death cut my arm all up. Ambulance driver shot me up with fentanyl and er surgeons gave me morphine etc and I left with a script if tabs. That was back in August it’s been 6 or 7 months I have blown over 45k on Roxie’s and heroin. Been a drought here a friend turned me on to suboxone while I was sick today so I took just half a pill at 4 something and felt great like I had done a Roxie and now here it is almost 12 hrs later and the buzz comes on like I just shot a 30. I’m no longer interested in getting high and just getting by I wanna feel fredkin NORMAL without needing a fix as soon as my eyes open. Wow I think I found what might just save my life and get me off this needle and back to my family and friends and most of all back to work. Sincerely Robert from Mississippi..

    1. Hi Robert. Addiction is more of a thinking problem, and I can see you know it well. You will need long-term professional treatment, counseling sessions, psychotherapy, and/or group therapy to be able to resist the thoughts that compel you to use again. Cravings are the point of any recovery process where the risk of relapse is the highest. But, with a strong motivation and the proper support system, you too can maintain a long-term sobriety.

  47. Thank you, Cecilia for taking the time to write your experience and story. I’m sure someone can find it useful and inspirational. I’m glad you listened to what your body was telling you. All the best, Ivana.

  48. First off I apologize for my pre-conceived idea of what a person addicted to drugs is. We are not uneducated, unemployed, unkept etc. Most live in excruciating pain, have busy lives, work hard, keep families and try to get buy day to day. I started with Fibromyalgia-I know most people feel this illness isn’t real but until a better diagnosis is found, I’m here to tell you the pain can be indescribable. I spend most days laying in a hot bath because its the only way I feel slightly human. I sleep in the bathtub. Then I developed diabetic neuropathy in hands, feet and legs. Now 3 herniated discs in C spine and 2 in lumbar spine. 2 heart attacks-5 stent implants in my heart-finally quadruple coronary bypass and chronic angina. I’m not trying to convince you I have a lot of pain, just giving you my background. I was put on Vicodin in 2001 for my angina, prior to that I was treated with neuronitin, Cymbalta, anti inflammaty drugs, Amrix, lyrica, Elavil, so many others I cant remember. Took 5/500 Vicodin for years until it didn’t work any more. I would run out long before my RX was do and would beg borrow and anything else to get more. I found out about Suboxone in 2007 and got a prescription from a pain doctor who seemed drugged himself each time I saw him. I was on 8mg three times daily. It was wonderful-I never wanted more and it helped immediately especially with my neuropathy. Even when I changed doctors I was told by each doctor it was great for pain-the cost of $450 each month was very problematic. I was finally told by a pharmacist that there was a generic in 2011 and since I was taking it for pain I could use it, the Buprenorphine was covered by insurance with a copay of $10-yea. I had been having extremely swollen feet and legs and hands for sometime. My normally tiny feet and ankles were 3 times the size which my Doctors could not explain and I started throwing up with excruciating stomach pains. My throwing up in volume on a daily basis with the horrible stomach pain sent me to the ER many times by ambulance. Visits to multiple Gastroenterologist and tons of test found nothing. Until September 2014 when I started tracing my swelling and vomiting to the month I started taking the Suboxone in 2007. I also realized that I started with insomnia at that time along with weight gain and loss of libido. I told this to my doctors but was told the Suboxone (Buprenorphine) could not be the problem and they didn’t suggest getting off it since it helped with my pain so much. I think it was a cop-out for them not wanting to change my RX with all the new laws regarding narcotics. In September 2014 I took myself off the Buprenorphine-I took myself off Vicodin and Oxycontin in the past but this was 1000 x worse. It took me a month + of the worse withdrawals I’ve ever been through but the week after I stopped taking the Buprenorphine my swelling went completely away-I haven’t vomited once nor have I had any stomach pains since. I’m sleeping like a baby and have lost 20 pounds and I have a sex drive again. You can’t tell me it wasn’t the Suboxone/Buprenorphine all along. Yes, my pain is back and I’ve been in misery for the last 2 months so I had to go back to Norco but the side effects from the Bups was not worth all the swelling, vomiting and stomach pains etc…. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s easy to withdraw from Buprenorphine and the side effects are few-it’s not true!!

  49. I am desperately looking for suboxone or anything that will help me get off dope..
    I don’t have the money it takes to pay for all the Dr’s appts.
    Northern va area
    Someone plz plz advise me

  50. Hi Chuck. Buprenorphine withdrawal will usually peak in severity and intensity 72 hours after your last dose and gradually become less intense. You can expect diarrhea, sweating, nausea, dilated pupils, watery eyes and restlessness in this period. It will be hard for the first two weeks, but it will be getting better gradually. But, psychological withdrawal symptoms may persist for months. Be ready to get doctor’s help at any time and have someone to drive you there. You can read this article for more info:

  51. Hello..i am a recovering opiate addict…i was wondering if anyone knows of a walk in subotox clinic in richmond.
    I have a friend who is desperately seeking help there!!

  52. Hello, im an idiot. I have used norco at a rate of 4-6 times a day for 3 months. I flushed my pills with the idea I could use one 8mg suboxone broken up over 4 days to surpass the acute wd of norco. I’m now worried I have traded a mild wd for an intense bupreborphine wd. I did only take roughly 2mg per day for 4 days, but have read horror stories on the effects. Im hoping you can give me a heads up on what I’m in for. Thanks.

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