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How long does buprenorphine withdrawal last?

Buprenorphine can be a useful drug prescribed to treat opiate addiction. Because it is a partial agonist, buprenorphine (used in brand name medications such as Suboxone and Subutex) results in a milder degree of physical dependence and is associated with milder withdrawal syndrome following cessation.  But what kind of timeline can you expect during buprenorphine withdrawal? And do people taking buprenorphine for opioid dependence experience less severe withdrawal than those who abuse buprenorphine to get high?

More here on how long it takes to withdraw from buprenorphine and what symptoms you can expect in the course of the first month after you stop taking it. Then, we invite your questions about buprenorphine withdrawal at the end.

How long until buprenorphine withdrawal starts?

What does buprenorphine withdrawal feel like?  Basically, it feels like a really bad flu.  Buprenorphine withdrawal can start in the hours or days after you take your last dose.

Generally, it is recommended that you gradually reduce your doses of buprenorphine over the period of 2-3 weeks before complete cessation so that the withdrawal symptoms are not as severe. Although the physical withdrawal symptoms resolve after a period of 7-10 days, the psychological withdrawal symptoms can last for months or longer. Symptoms of benprenorphine withdrawal include leg restlessness, nausea, and sweating, yawning, pain, anxiety, irritability, insomnia and cold or flu-like symptoms.

Buprenorphine withdrawal timeline

24 – 72 hours: Buprenorphine withdrawal will usually peak in severity and intensity 72 hours after your last dose and gradually become less intense. During this period, it is common to experience diarrhea, sweating, nausea, dilated pupils, watery eyes and restlessness.

Week 1: In the first week after stopping buprenorphine, week you will probably continue to to feel aches and cramps within the stomach area and in your joints. You may be uncomfortable during this time period and have difficulty sleeping. Mood swings are also common, with bouts of anxiety or depression.

Week 2: After two weeks of buprenoprhine withdrawal, the pain and discomfort of acute withdrawal may not be as severe but you still experience aches. Depression can starts to set in, as well, and you may notice an extreme loss of motivation.

Week 3-4: After three to four week mark, most of the physical withdrawal symptoms will be gone, however you will intense drug cravings may be present for those addicted to buprenorphine. Depression is also common. This time is very important, as you will be very vulnerable to relapse.

How long do buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms last?

Buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms last longer for those who use buprenorphine for longer periods of time or at higher doses. Additionally, those who use buprenorphine other than prescribed (snort, inject, chew) may experience more severe symptoms than someone taking buprenorphine as prescribed. In these cases, physical buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms can last weeks after stopping.

However, psychological withdrawal symptoms can last for many months after cessation. It is recommended that you join a support group or see a psychologist who can help see you through the protracted or post acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS). Many heavy buprenorphine users experience PAWS. With continued use of buprenorphine, there comes a point where the brain produces in an inadequate amount of neurotransmitters in the body. People going through buprenorphine PAWS manifest long lasting changes in the brain as a result of long term use. These changes are slower to reverse and can persist for many months, depending on the frequency and amount of past dosing.

Buprenorphine withdrawal: How long?

How long buprenorphine withdrawal lasts varies depending on how frequently you used the drug and how large the doses were. If you were a heavy user, burprenorphine withdrawal may be more intense and last longer than someone using buprenorphine for a few months. It is also crucial that your family understands your situation so that they know why you are acting the way you do and can better handle it.

Buprenorphine withdrawal duration questions

If you have further questions about how long burprenorphine withdrawal lasts, please ask them in the comments section below. We will try to respond to you personally and promptly.

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624 Responses to “How long does buprenorphine withdrawal last?
7:03 pm April 26th, 2014

I have been clean from buprenorphine for a little over a week. I have been using 2mg a day for the past 6-8 months. how long can I expect to feel “panicked” throughout the day due to my sobriety? and when can I expect my motivation to start coming back? I dont seem to have any right now.

4:24 pm April 27th, 2014

Im 4 weeks off subutex now and am still hurting, sneezing watery eyes, i can cope with this but i have no strength or energy, i have tried my detox worker who has said its all in my mind, can anyone give me some realistic advise please

1:06 pm April 30th, 2014

Hello Simon. There is a condition called PAWS, or post-acute withdrawal symptoms. However, I’m not sure that the symptoms you describe may be related to protracted buprenorphine withdrawal. I’d suggest that you consult with a physician for a general exam and assessment.

Alan Burton
2:27 am May 30th, 2014

How long and how server will symptoms last from been on subutex 12months but 4mg for last month could u please help as important thinking of just stopping and doing my own detox over using nothing thank

8:01 am May 30th, 2014

Hello Alan. Onset of withdrawal from buprenorphine usually occurs 48 hours after the last dose, peaks around the third day and lasts for up to ten days. Cases of withdrawal from buprenorphine are similar to morpliine type drugs and generally moderate in intensity. You can check out a few case studies to glean what you can here:

But you can also benefit from seeking counsel with your prescribing physician and/or asking about best practices in buprenorphine withdrawal from detox clinics around you, or at a local pharmacy. The more information, the better!

5:18 pm July 4th, 2014

I have been off subutex for about 3 months now.I have had little to no energy since I stopped taking it. What is the normal ranges when I should get my energy back?

7:37 am July 7th, 2014

Hello Drew. Low energy levels and fatigue are common subutex withdrawal symptoms. The longer you have been using subutex, the more your body and mind are used to the drug. The duration of the withdrawal also depends on the quantities of the drug you were taking. And, of course, there are the individual characteristics like body mass, metabolism, age, hydration etc. that influence how long the symptoms will last.

6:18 pm July 18th, 2014

I’ve taken 16mg of subitex over the space of ten days.. I do a hard labour job as a Hodd carrier and need to stop taking this stuff ASAP. It’s Friday so have the weekend to hopefully recover.. Is this enough??

3:21 am July 21st, 2014

I am at day 23 off of buprenorphine starting at 16 mg, reduced to 4mg for the last 24 months. I don’t ever remember having this much aches and pains, slowly not as severe but definitely still enough that I can’t ignore it. How long does the lack of energy and body aches usually last?? I am 34, good health, BMI 16%. Female.

2:30 pm July 26th, 2014

The answer to my prayers to subutex withdrawal is GABAPENTIN it is a non habit forming(non benzo) anxiety medication that is also used for nerve pain(which is why it helped my restless leg syndrome) as well as seizures. It really helped with ALL symptoms including energy! Ask your physician about this medication, it has been a miracle for me. I am day 6 off buprenorphine, 4mg for two freaking years.

lydia t
3:07 pm July 27th, 2014

I’ve been on methodone for three years. I usrd fourteen strips of suboxen in a 3 week period and taperd off. Its been 4 fays since my last1/5 piece of suboxen and I feel like I’m dying. I really think the suboxen just prologed my methodone withdrawal. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

8:39 am July 29th, 2014

Hello Craig. Quitting Subutex cold turkey isn’t recommenden by doctors. Ideally, you’d want to taper off gradually. Withdrawal symptoms from Subutex are not pleasant at all and they’ll probably persist for longer than a weekend. The severity and duration depend on hoe long you were using Subutex, the dosage you are comming off of, your metabolism, bodily mass, health status etc. It’s safest to see a doctor and come up with a tapering schedule.

10:42 am July 29th, 2014

Hi Sara. The bodily aches and pains should gradually lessen as you make it further through withdrawal. It’s one of the most common withdrawal symptoms which occcur as your body is working towards returning to physical and mental homeostasis. The fatigue you’re experiencing is a result of your body relying on the drug to give you energy throughout the day. Eventually the fatigue will subside and your energy levels will return to normal. Keep in mind that this may take an extended period of time.

2:52 pm July 30th, 2014

Hello all okay i was on oxy 80s n Roxie 30s for 6 yrs and then myself i switched to suboxone myself then when i couldn’t find those i would get the subutex! Now when i took suboxone i could make 1 8mg strip last me ten days and pretty much the same with the subutex tab! Now i have clonidine .1mg but i went through 2 days of the stomach issues that seems to have subsided now i have the restlessness n crawling skin i need some advice on how long this crawling skin crap last i was on a small dose but for almost a year plz help thanks xoxo

6:46 pm July 31st, 2014

Hello Christi. Symptoms of restlessness and crawling skin tend to peak about 72 hours into a detox and resolve within 7-10 days after last dose. Have you consulted with a supervising physician?

5:27 pm August 3rd, 2014

Please help me! 🙁 I have to come off of them I’ve been taking suboxone 24 MG a day for 5 years! How long will the intense physical withdrawals last and am I just starting it over by taking lortab. It’s not taking the withdrawals away completely. Will it eventually??? I have to have back surgery next week and don’t wanna have pain from surgery AND withdrawals. I need help and have NO support

10:07 am August 4th, 2014

Hi Cassie. Unfortunately, when withdrawing from a substance after taking it long-term, the symptoms are an inevitable part of the process. Taking other medications can help make the withdrawal symptoms less intense and more manageable. However, it cannot take them away completely. Talk to a doctor or a pharmacist to see what you can do about it.

6:04 pm August 5th, 2014

I am 51 years old active man who has had some severe injuries in his life. Being a lifelong firefighter has not helped as I have been hospitalized twice from my job. Getting to the point, I have seen specialist in Houston and Atlanta about my pain. Multiple MRI’s have shown degenerative lower back disease from compression (falls) and arthritis throughout my joints. I was legally prescribed 10 mg percs. and I finally sought help and started the buprenorphine treatment. The only way to stop is gradual and you need a partner to help you who will not give in. Start eating right and treating your body right by working out and staying active more than ever before. Cut your dosage down over at least 3 months and then to every other day, to every third day. You must remain strict ! Weed and Xanax may help but I get drug tested randomly so that is not an option. Above all, seek The Lord, stay in His word, pray without ceasing. You can do anything when He has your back !

3:15 pm August 11th, 2014

I have been using opiates for 21 years. For at least 6 years, probably longer, I started injecting 100MU of Fentanyl/day. I had perfected the cooking method, and could get as many as 16 great shots per 100MU film. Unfortunately it was almost impossible to find that much Fentanyl on the market as the drug became more popular and the prices quadrupled in a very short time. Replacing Fentanyl with Methadone proved to be impossible – I had to get 180mg of methadone/day to get to work – which I have kept throughout my using career. Indeed, I started using at work – in the harm reduction field, which was quite new at the time and its boundaries quite unclear.

Anyway, about two years ago I went through 2 weeks of withdrawal to move to Suboxone. It was pure hell. Every time I would take a 4mg pill, I would go through precipitated withdrawal – and I took one every 4 hours, going through hell until one day I woke up feeling hungry. I needed 48mg/day of Suboxone to do so – half the highest recommended dose in Ontario, where I live. I had bought a huge supply from friends in the US and was getting the rest from my doctor. He wouldn’t prescribe more than 32mg/day on condition that I taper to 24 in a few months.

When my Suboxone pills started to deplete, I decided to go through another full on withdrawal. Fifteen days later I had to give it up – I was good on 4mg/day though.

About a year later, that 4mg rose to 18mg/day – I’ve gone through so many withdrawals, I can tell when I need more suboxone when the wind rubs one of my hair follicles the wrong way.

Today is the 20th day of my withdrawal, and it seems it’s getting worse, not better. I can’t keep food in and I’m always dehydrated, no matter how much I drink. Some of my friends thought I had got a stomach bug because bupe withdrawal is not supposed to last that long. I went to hospital – I have no bugs in me. Does anyone has any idea how much longer this may last? Please no remarks about why I’m doing this way. Even though I recommend tapering to our service users, for me tapering has never worked. Also, I’ve been working towards this in my own way during the past two years.

7:17 am August 15th, 2014

I have been off subutex for just over 3months and have last watery mouth with bad taste, RLS has gone thank god. Wondering when back to normal completley. When I detowed from Meth it only took 3weeks intense yeh but nothing as ad as subutex long suffering drug never take anything ever again. Am told 6months before body back to normal can’t wait hurry up.

7:32 pm August 17th, 2014

Raffi ii came off subutex 2months ago and I am still waking up at 4am or going to Sleep at 4am for 2hours to 4hours my skin is crawling quite badly and have watery mouth this is taking longer than I was told by doctor. Am hoping another week who knows I haven’t a clue how king this last but I pray it’s not much linger maybe someone can help me.

9:41 am August 22nd, 2014

Iv been sniffing roughly 1ml a day for a couple days then avin a couple days off like that for about 4 month… Wat are my withdrawals gunna be like? iv decided to stop now and not had none for 3 days

12:42 pm August 23rd, 2014

I was on 3 8mg Subutex for about ten months. Got cut off by my doc because the DEA was up his ass about having like a dozen more patients than the allowed 100. Anyway, I feel fine physically. Took my last quarter (2mg, if that) about 4 days ago. Note that, although I was Prescribed 3 a day, I only ever took anywhere from a half to one and a half per day. My only issues – as of right now – are not being able to fall asleep, Zero motivation, and obsessive thoughts, like my mind is telling me I need tex, even though my body doesn’t. I’ve been up the last two nights, then took some sedating meds (prescribed 2mg Klonipin, Somas – very strong muscle relaxer, and Unisom), and Finally got in about a 5hr nap last evening. I don’t want to be dependent on anything again. I’ve been to rehab over a dozen times, and detox almost 20 times. I always relapsed, so I got on Methadone, and was on 75mg/day for almost 3yrs. Now THAT detox was F*¢king awful. And after a month off Methadone, I got put on Subutex. I just can’t wait to be symptom free, mentally and emotionally. No real physical stuff going on except inability to sleep. Everything else is in my head. I’ve had post-acute withdrawal symptoms several times before and it seems recouping from getting off tex may end up being worse than the PAWS I experienced before. I’m just hoping I’ll be able to sleep again soon, stop being a filthy hobo who doesn’t even have enough motivation to do laundry or shower everyday. I’m being very antisocial and irritable and paranoid. And still mentally craving Something to take (preferably tex) but I know I’m this far into it, I don’t wanna go back to square one. It’s hard, and it sucks, but it’s worth it in the long run, for sure.

8:27 pm September 11th, 2014

I have been on subutex twice (1’st time for 4 years / was on 16mg at peak but gradually reduced & came off under supervision) After coming off subutex for the 1’st time I was clean & gained full time employment for a period of 6months (clean & off all substances while I was working) I lost my job due to market conditions & I then found it easy to slip back in to old habits & started abusing heroin (injecting again after my employment ended). After using heroin for the second time for a period of approx 2months I got the courage & went back in to treatment & was put on a dose of 12mg of subutex after titration for witch I was taking up until 2/9/14 (last time I took Subutex dose on 02/09/14) While on subutex / Buprenorphine for this second time I again stopped using heroin & was handing in clean drug samples. However during my / this most recent stint & 2’nd time of treatment & not to detract from my overall query I was treat shoddily & put in a basket of bad eggs so to speak & on the 2/9/14 I fell out with the treatment service & my key worker & can’t face going back into treatment for a third time (I would elaberate more on the breakdown in confidence & trust I suffered as a patient while in treatment & on subutex for the second time if needs be but as said I don’t want to detract to much in regards to my query / this message). Basically I want to know withit being 9 (going on 10) days since I suddenly stopped taking subutex now, at a dose of 12mg of Buprenorphine I have suffered stomach cramps sleeplessness felling as though I want to stretch & yawn a lot aswel as frequent lose bowel movements & regular trips to the toilet & severve tempreraure fluctuations- if these symptoms will subside & though I’ve felt a bit better today (11/09/14) if I am out of the woods & if it is possible for me to continue to persevere & will my (the above) withdrawal symptoms will subside even further. As for my mood despite the horrible withdrawals symptoms I’ve faced so far, my mood has been happy & not depressed (though I am on 30mg of Mirtazpine antidepressant & have been since my employment ended with NISSAN Motor Manufacturing working on a production line within a factory a car factory / So I’ve been on this dose of Mirtazipine for around 4/5 months now) I don’t feel able to go back in to treatment I don’t have access to the bad people I originally knew & brought heroin from & I am & have been clean other than my 12mg of Buprenorohine & 30mg of Mirtazipine (I still take the Mirtazipine) for a period of almost 4/5 months approx now. Am I right & is it feasible to continue not taking my subutex or am I setting self up to fail or taking dangerous risks with my health? I don’t want to be a burden on the UK NHS & be involved in treatment especially as it costs so much yet I don’t want to just suddenly keel over 1 day down the line / soon & I don’t want to be addicted to anything rather be & stay abstenant of all illicit & ilegal drugs & not gave to depend in treatment services. Please (I’d be appreciative & very grateful on any advice or opinions you may have regarding my situation / this message. Thank You & I hope you can get back to me?

2:50 pm September 12th, 2014

Hello Christopher. First, know that relapse is common for heroin users. It is not shameful, it is simply a part of your process of getting clean. So, the guilt is unnecessary.

Second, the symptoms of buprenorphine withdrawal vary by individual, dosing history, frequency, etc. You might want to check in with a pharmacist about this, but I’d suggest that you persist in seeking treatment. Buprenorphine is given for at least 6 months in ADDITION to psychotherapy for former heroin addicts as a BASE TREATMENT. You don’t need to suffer alone, and the opiate substitution therapy can persist for months or even years after you stop using heroin.

Go gentle on yourself, friend. You’re doing a good job. Seek help, and you’ll get it. Also. have you looked into going to NA meetings?

4:47 pm September 17th, 2014

I want to know if there are other patients on the Subutex for years like my boyfriend. He’s been on it for at least 7 years and says it’s due to chronic pain, but I think it’s more addiction related. Is there some responsibility of the prescribing physician? Could he really keep rx this year after year?

8:01 pm September 17th, 2014

Hello Amanda. Buprenorphine can be prescribed and used for pain relief; it is more commonly used in opiate substitution therapy.

7:56 am September 20th, 2014

Hi I’ve been using heroin for nearly 18 years and during that time I’ve started and completed cold turkey from heroin, methodone, and subutex, methodone is evil and should be banned, but I’ve found the easiest way to get clean is using subutex, the best way is to taper down at your own spead, comfortably until your down to 0.2, once your at 0.2 and you feel great on that dose, I.e it’s holding you, then just stop, the pain isn’t going to be anywhere near as bad as heroin withdrawels , everybody’s different I.e pain tolerance , if you’ve gone through cold turkey then this way is a walk in the park , flu symptoms for a couple of weeks, get on antidepressants to help you, I’m sorry but people who tell these horror story’s are just newbies to withdrawels, and don’t know what the real bad boys are lol, if you want your life back, you can go a few days with no sleep. And if you end up getting only a few hours sleep that’s amazing and shows your nearly there, good luck from a professional rattler lol

2crazy Tattoo
3:45 pm September 23rd, 2014

I just wanted to put an idea out there for people withdrawing from subs. I’ve been a heavy user for four years and have tried quitting twice before now without success. I’m one week off of subutex and what I’m doing for the withdrawal is taking two oc’s 20mg a day to help fight the withdrawal and seems to be working pretty well just to get through the first week or two and then stopping those before my body gets used to them. My logic is to play a trick on your body by changing to something similar but will still let you withdrawl. Hope this helps

11:20 am October 1st, 2014

imon 6th day of withdrawal, ibut 7 stone on in 2yrs through depreeion and rarely left sofa, im so weak and zero energy evenvgoing to loo iscas struggle andits a flat any advice xxx

6:48 pm October 4th, 2014

I am Trying to Taper off of 8mg of Subutex, I am Also Trying to Deal with Anxiety and Depression , I have been on Subutex for 14 Months , After 8 Years of Prescription Pain Meds , Morphine 180mg a Day and Hydomorphone 12mg a Day , I Also Have been on Klonopin for over 20 Years , I am 56 YEARS old .. I am on Disability From a Back and Neck injury, And have has Surgery on Both ,

7:38 pm October 4th, 2014

I have been on Subutex for 14 Months , 8mg was my Highest Dose , I am on Klonopin 4mg – I was on 8mg , I was Detoxed in 10 Days to 4 mg , I was also Prescribed 1200mg of Neurontin in the Detox , I tapered that Down to 400mg , I also have been on Remeron 30 mg for About 8 months , Also on Propranolol 120 er and Lisiniprol 20 mg , I never had High Blood Pressure Before , I am Feeling Very Sleepy , But Still have Anxiety issues , I am Trying to come off the Subutex , Tapering to 6mg as of the Last 2 Days , I have been Depressed Also , I Don’t know what help I can Get , Because I am on Medicare , I Had Back and Neck Surgery After a Work Related injury , That’s when I became Addicted to Pain Medication , Morphine and Diluidid , I want to get off all these Drugs and Start Living Again.. Please Help. 🙁

6:11 am October 7th, 2014

TOTALLY. AGREE WITH KAT. Gabapebtin took my withdraw symptoms to a bearable level. Played football, had 13 surgeries whine whine blah blah. I was given an insane amount of oxycodone and used Subutex and Suboxone to get off the oxy. Its a big waste of time as the withdraw from Subutex/Suboxone is MUCH longer due to the half life. Day 65 felt as bad as day 1 (sorry but its true) I happened upon Gabapebtin abd was willing to try anything. By God it worked. I felt better, not good, but better after 1 dose. I was shocked and thought I was an isolated case but seeing her blog makes me think there may be something to it. Good luck

12:12 pm October 8th, 2014

Hello…. today is October 8th,2014.. and I’ve been on subutex for about 8 years now. I was taking 8mgs, (3 times daily)….but I have been tapering down the past 6 months. I’m now at 2mgs ( 1 quarter of a whole) “troches”… every 24hours…..the purple gels. I also take 2mg xanax, But they don’t have any effect on me anymore cuz I’ve been taking them approximately 15 years….!!! I’m currently getting ready to stop the bupenorphine…” what should I expect? ” How long will I be in withdrawal? (Physically I mean) I wake up very sick each morning…so I’m thinking it’s going to be very difficult and painful, from just what I have felt ff

12:37 pm October 8th, 2014

How long does withdrawal symptoms last? I’m now at 2mgs troche (subutex) from 8mgs. I’ve been tapering down the last 6 months… I just take a quarter of a whole gel,every 24 hrs. I wake up very sick each morning…and it already feels extremely difficult and bad… Btw, I’ve been on subutex for approximately 8/9 years… I’m currently getting ready to get off them. I also take 2mg xanax…( been on them about 20 yrs),so there not helping me at all. I’m in desperate need of help and support and answers!!!!??? Thankyou Soooooo much!!!

Kathy P
11:15 pm October 8th, 2014

I am titrating off Buprenorphine per my doctors instruction. I have only been on it for 6 months. In doing it this way am I prolonging the withdrawal symptoms? I feel like at times I am having withdrawal symptoms. Is that normal? Would it be better for me to just stop it or the way I am doing it.

Kathy P
12:52 pm October 9th, 2014

I have been on Subutext 8mg for 6 mos. to get off of morphine after 8 yrs. While I was physically dependent on the morphine, I did not abuse it. I am not titrating off of the Subutext per my doctors instructions. I have been taking an occasional Xanax to help with the anxiety feeling and was wondering if that is part of the withdrawal process? Thank you for your input it is appreciated.

12:39 pm October 13th, 2014

Hi Kathy P. Gradually lowering doses can help you taper off Subutex more successfully. It may last longer, but the withdrawal symptoms are more bearable and less intents. So, although the withdrawal may last longer, at least it won’t be dangerous and uncomfortable.

6:57 pm October 14th, 2014

Todays day 2 of my withdraw process.. Ive been on subutxt for a little over 2 years now and oxys for 1 year and a half before that.. ive been keeping strong so far but from what Ive read the worst is yet to come… I made sure I got everything id need to get through this, ext: Z-quil, and other sleep aids, restless legs cream and pills AM/& PM, those seem to really work for me so far…. tylonal AM/PM …./// and a tiny piece of xanex at lunch time and bed time….. if theres something else i can get to help with out going to the doctor please lmk…. this is gonna be a tough 2 weeks or so but im totally ready!!! looking for anything that can make this as painless as possible so just lmk

1:53 pm October 17th, 2014

I last took subutex 48hours ago 0.4 mg an 12 hours before I took 0.8mg I have been reducing all year from 4mg I feel a bit unwell but not like people say it’s like shell 8 years I been taking them but never more than 8mgs could you let me no when it will be at its worst please thank you

Kathy P
5:37 pm October 17th, 2014

I’ve noticed as I am lowering the doses that 1. My pain level is higher and 2. That I am more achy then I’ve been in a long time. It doesn’t help that I live in a damp cold climate this time of year. Does anyone know if this a normal progression while tapering off Subutext?

8:58 pm October 18th, 2014

Hi my partner is in prison and he is on subatex which they are reducing every week at the moment he is on 5 point something i would like to no more about this as i want to understand what he will be going though and what i can expect off him so i don’t take it to heart as to the way he is being with me Thank You for your time

2:38 pm October 19th, 2014

It’s been 5days since I had 1 mg of subutex I feel like carp but not bad I’ve been coming down over the past few months I can’t sleep but someone as said it takes days for iambic to come out an gets bad could anyone no what’s to come

1:17 pm October 21st, 2014

This is the truth about buprenorphine withdrawals, be prepared for a 4 week acute withdrawal, as to be expected the first week is absolute agony, and the same goes for the second week, eyes are watering and yawning constantly, expect to experience extreme fatigue, cold sweats, nerve endings have a burning sensation or crawling feeling under your skin, commonly referred to as “the creepy crawls”, dialated pupils which result in blurred vision and sensitivity to light, muscle cramps in extremities and back, upset stomach usually nausea or knotted feeling, and diarrhea. Severe insomnia is perhaps the most agonizing of all physical symptoms, with bouts lasting several days at a time without a wink of sleep. Do this for two weeks and you are beside yourself, just wanting an hour of sleep so you don’t have to feel the pain of withdrawal. Then on top of the physical symptoms are the psychological symptoms which consists of severe anxiety or panicked feeling, when not feeling panicked you will experience an absolute numb feeling, nothing makes you happy or laugh, nothing makes you sad you are just blah. All the while your going to have to deal with obsessing over your drug of choice to make you feel better, this takes extreme will power and mental toughness to resist that have brought tougher men/women then yourself to thier knees. The next two weeks you will start to feel better and this is huge it means you are over the hump, and all the above symptoms slowly but surely subside getting less and less intense, your energy will be one of the last things that come back, and if you can get out of bed you can start going on walks or short hikes and this may seem daunting but will make your body stronger and metabolism faster therefor allowing your body to get this poison out of you. The proof is in the pudding people, 95% dont and can’t muster the strength to get off bupe. So that means only 5% of people who get on bupe ever get off and I think that is a generous number I think it’s more 1-2% that get off just like with any other opiate. I know this whole process sounds awful and it is but it is also very achievable and the benefits are insurmountable, post acute can last several months but don’t let this scare you it sounds way worse then it is, it usually manifest through stress, but not necessarily so that being said, this does not mean you will feel withdrawals for months you will be feeling amazing after the hell month, your eyes will be clear and bright, your skin will be clear and healthy and you will really notice it in the face, your color comes back and you’ll even have Rosie cheeks again, your mental sharpness will come back and get better and better with time, your motor skills and coordination will come back, your muscles and body will become (and you will feel it,) strong. A little advice if your thinking of quitting bupe, don’t focus on the whole month, take it a day, an hour or minute at a time, focus on getting through a short period and then once you do, do it again, take it in small “bites” until you get through it. Also seek help, tell family or friends what your going threw so they know what they r dealing with, also seek help clinically through a drug counselor or addiction therapist,(not just any therapist, has to be addiction focused) they can give you good coping skills you can use in real life because believe me you will need it, for many months you will have cravings some intense and you just did all that hard work to get off the shit (so don’t go backwards that would be dumb) so you need to be able to deal with triggers and cravings the right way, and remember don’t get high no matter what, no matter what it never fixes the stuff your going threw just makes it worse cuz now your dealing with addiction again. Are these withdrawal symptoms true for everyone? Yes with varying degress of symptoms, including severity, and actual symptoms, of corse it matters how long you have been on bupe, not the dose tho, if you r taking 2 mg or 16 mg of bupe for the same amount of time the withdrawals will be about the same, this is not my opinion it’s fact, the way the drug is designed to work is once your opiate receptors r used to being on bupe less is actually more, you don’t need 32mg a day three months or even one month of being on bupe and actually that much can have adverse side effects with out the benifits you would expect by taking more like with traditional opiates(the more you take the higher you get) not with bupe once your receptors r used to it. Methadone is the only other opiate to my knowledge that is harder to get off of then bupe and believe me I’ve come off them all. Good luck your gunna need it.

1:42 pm October 21st, 2014

hi i am off the subtext for more than 2 weeks. i have been using subtext for 12 years and i am 58 years old and i have tried to give up for more than 14 times and even i have been to detox centre for twice but every time i relapsed . then i decided to go to another country to give up this horrible drug.
i taped off from 6mg to 400 microgram and after that i stopped , i have had all the symptoms they say you can have but these time i have decided to stop it for ever.
if i can do it and going through all symptoms and far away from England ,with my age and using 12 years i think every one can do it just have a fait for god and yourself and see your gp and good luck for everyone and pray for me to go through this poison .

1:46 pm October 21st, 2014

It’s the length of time that makes bupe really hard to get off, I’m from Boston and I was addicted to opiates mainly heroin for ten years and not just heroin before that was oxy 80’s and over the years I’ve done just about every percription opiate they have,but the fact that I’m from Boston and got my shit from “the man” where this is his profession not just some punk, it’s safe to say I get quality product (I’m not bragging just letting you know I have felt the lash of both heroin and bupe) yes heroin comes up and bites you meaning the withdrawal is def more intense, but does not last nearly the length of bupe, so let me ask you this, would you take a sickness for a month or a week of real bad sickness but your starting to really feel better after a week? I’d take the week any day, and I’m not a puss when it comes to withdrawls, seconds feel like hours and days feel like months, I’ll take a week of that over a month any day.

2:00 pm October 21st, 2014

Also I forgot to add in the latter stages of withdrawal don’t get discouraged when you start to feel better For a day or two and then bam you wake up one day and you feel shitty again, your not gunna all of a sudden be better it comes in waves this your body and brain healing starting to make your bodies natural endorphins that make you feel human, your going to experience mood swings but this is a cake walk compared to the first couple weeks so just be glad your at this point where even if it’s fleeting you will have feelings of joy and well being, but just as those good feeling r fleeting they eventually become the norm and the crappy feelings r fleeting and eventually gone.

4:39 pm October 22nd, 2014

hi i am in 16 days still got leg ache and mentally i am not feeling good i can bare the physical symptoms but this mental thing is bothering me a lots and since i have decided to go to another country it makes it very difficult far from my family, the reason i have decided to go to another country because i knew all the drugs seller in my town and every time i had decided to stop it one mental thing happened to me i did go back to drugs but here i do not know no one there for i can not get drugs here , can anyone tell me how long is going to take to me at least become a bit normal, mentally i am very bad and i do not do any thing go anywhere even if i want to walk that night is my night mare i mean my leg start hurting me i can not sleep that night and in one empty room just getting more depress plus i miss all my family in England

4:37 pm October 24th, 2014

i am six days off subutex. This is my 2nd time around, I was off for exactly 6 months this year but just could not feel alive. I could not feel any pleasure even after 6 months. Why is this? Can you tell me? I was on it for 1-1/2 years at 4 mg and jumped at 4mg last December. I used high doses of Gabapentin which made the physical withdrawals very easy to take, but not the mental emptiness and despairThis May I started taking small amounts of Sub and it instantly brought me back to life but only for a short time. So now I am getting off again. I am using lower doses of Gabapentin this time and am doing OK but am really frightened by the long road ahead of me. I just hope I don’t go through such a long PAWS again. Is there anything that can shorten PAWS?
Thank You

8:29 pm October 25th, 2014

If your looking for an answer on how long withdrawls last with any drug. Your answer is, there isnt one. It all depends. There are too many variables to give a certain all round answer. All you need to know is.. Its probably going to suck. No where close to being like “the flu” for some and like “the flu” for others. Again it all depends. And that it may take a while to get through the withdrawls. But its a life long fight. So my advice would be not to focus on how long or bad but focus on taking it one peice at a time. If your worried about how long itll be and all that you just might be creating alot of whats not realy there. Its a fight thats for sure. And if its what you want… It shouldnt matter how long and ect. Just that you are doing it. So stay strong people. It sucks but in time it will be over.

6:17 pm October 27th, 2014

Thank you Ray,
You’re right. Alot of the fight is psychological. When I get distracted by my family and friends I don’t think about whether or not there will be a PAWS or how long it will last. I feel almost normal.
Do not stay on the sofa alone. Get out and try and connect with people.
I am at day 8 and feeling MUCH better. It goes up and down but I have done it before and am SOOO determined to cleanse myself of this evil pill. A word of advise to all of you. If you have the means find a good doctor associated with a detox Hospital. They can prescribe what you need to make the WD manageable. Clonidine, Seroquel and Gabapentin make a HUGE difference. Seroquel gives you an appetite so you get nutrition. Last time I lost alot of weight but this time I am gaining. I have EXERCISED from day 4 and it makes a big difference for me this time around. The first time I quit for 6 months I mainly stayed alone and never got off the sofa. I can feel myself getting better very quickly this time around under a Doctors care. So find a good Dr who can tell you what you need to do.
Good Luck to all.

7:54 pm October 31st, 2014

i am 28 days off subtext and have used 8 years metadon and 4 years subtext at the movement mentally depress and have no energy and physically i have got legless at night and i can not sleep as well . has any body got any idea how long is going to take to me get a bit normal but because of those symptom i crave to go back to use subtext but i am going to keep staying positive and not go back to that horrible poison which rack our life. by the way i am 58 years old

7:12 am November 6th, 2014

I have been taking 2 8mg subutex tablets (dissolving under my tongue) for 5-6 months. I have been ready to stop I hate the money I have to spend bc I don’t have insurance and I’m just over it all!!! So today is Thursday night and the last time I took my dose was last Saturday morning. I feel really good considering I’m “withdrawing”. I have only had the anexity, a touch of RLS, and a little achy. Tomorrow will be day 5, so my questions is will it get worse or better since it hasn’t been bad at all? Thanks for all comments

7:13 am November 6th, 2014

Look up the Thomas recipe too Google it I am also working off of it to help and I feel really good tomorrow is day 5

8:25 pm November 8th, 2014

Hi guys me and my wife both are on day 6 of sub withdrawals. We were on texx for about sixteen monthsdoing about 12mg a day at our peak and then tapering down.We jumped at 1mg. First three days went pretty good for my wife, no real physical ailments except for no energy. I spent two out of the first three nights with no sleep due to a twitch in my shoulder and left arm. Felt like I was going insane. No way to get the damn twitch to stop, even resorted to trying to hurt my arm to try to get crawling feeling out of it. Nothing worked. Anyways wife woke up day 4 with uncontrollable vomitting. Got around 60 mg of oxycodone for here. Didn’t even seem to phase the vomiting. Tried best to keep her hydrated with gatorade. Morning of day 5 not much change until gotlucky and found 2 wafers. Gave full wafer to her and finally an hour later she started feeling bbetter. Last night was first night we both slept since jump. This morning we split a quarter of other wafer and she went off to work. Have talked to her throughout day and she seems tobe doing better. Not sure what would be best approach to how to use rest of wafer, or will we need another wafer? I’m cautiously optimistic that the worst might be over

11:37 am November 9th, 2014

Hi, I’m a 37 year old female who’s been on subutex for 7 years (8 mg). A year ago, I slowly went down to 2 mg. Finally, I went on temgesic and cut down to 0,6 mg. I decided to stop cold turkey 72 days ago. It’s been extremely hard. The acute wd symptoms lasted for over a month but I’m still withdrawing now even after 11 weeks. Symptoms like sneezing, insomnia, cold/hot sweats, heart palpitations just linger on and on. How long till I will feel like myself again? Because it seems to take for ever and ever which is worrying. I’m relatively healthy, in good shape, I exercise twice a week, take my vitamins etc etc. Has the long term use of subutex changed the chemistry in my brain?

5:32 am November 10th, 2014

ive been on subutex for a long time(10 yrs) and for the past few months in preparation to quit taking it I would take about 8-12mg for about 4 days and not take anything else for 8-9 days. Will my withdrawal be as bad? I’m on day 12 right now and not feeling too bad honestly. Thank you!

6:47 pm November 11th, 2014

I’ve been off subtex for 3 months now but I’m still get the strecthing sensation and yawning and and its like my head is still racing can u give me some addvice

11:54 pm November 12th, 2014

I am Suffering severe Anxiety , I have muscle Aches , Feeling Sick to my Stomach , I need help..

6:20 pm November 16th, 2014

I have taken buprenorphine around 4 milligrams a day for about 60 days. I quit cold turkey and am experiencing all the normal withdrawals. How long is this hell going to last? I am 3 and a half days in and its horrible.

12:00 pm November 18th, 2014

Hi Ron. Have you asked for medical assistance for your withdrawal symptoms? If not, see a doctor as soon as possible. They’ll either treat your condition with medications or refer you to someone who can help.

3:17 pm November 19th, 2014

Hang in there. I’ve been off the sub for 12 weeks now and I went through all the symptoms known to man but it gets better slowly but surely. Your body will slowly heal. The mind is complicated but it gets easier as your body recovers little by little. It takes time just like it takes time for a broken bone to heal. Be good to yourself, avoid unnecessary stress and try to make yourself as comfortable as possible. This phase will pass and you’re not alone.

12:05 am November 22nd, 2014

I have been of subutext 5weeks now I ok but still feel depressed I awake feeling great then half hour later I get depressed I have been to work but had to take some zapain for three days does anyone know when I will feel normal again I stopped the zapain when I realised they was opiate based the depression and energy levels are my main concern oh I was on subutex for 9 years 4mg daily

3:57 pm November 22nd, 2014

I have been on subutex for 3 year then i switched to subutex for alittle over a year.. i quit cold turkey. my body is perfect during the day …but when i got to bed i can not sleep at all my legs arms and wrist hurt so bad i cant sleep i went cold turkey 3 day ago and the only problem i have is sleeping…what do i got to do to make thr pain go away or how long will it last i only took a quarter a day when i took them…i feel fine during the day but feel like im dying during the night with my legs, arms ,knees what do i need to do thanks

Dorothy g
2:03 pm November 26th, 2014

Hi my doctor started me on suboxone 8 mg/ 2mg three times a day after a long period on oxycodone 30 mg 12 daily OxyContin 40 mg 6 daily for aprox 7 yrs . I did not abuse the medication it was prescribed that way after 7 failed brain surgeries for Trigeminal Neurlgia and anesthesia Delarosa . I manged to wean myself down to 4 mg of suboxone 2 mg twice daily I was told to go down 4 mg every 4 days and didn’t have a problem until I tried comming off the last 4 mg . I saw my pain doc and he switched me from 4 mg suboxone to butrans 20 mcg / hr and on day 3 I am really severely sick severe stomach cramps chills runs etc .. I have been taking oxycodone 15 mg every 4 hrs which doesn’t work perfect but has made it barable. My physicharist says it was too big of a jump my question is how long can I expect this severe widthdrawl to last ? I have only been on suboxone for about 2 1/2 months any advice or info would be greatly appreciated

12:16 am November 30th, 2014

I took Subutex for a little over 2 months, started at about 2 mg a day, last week or so was down to probably .75 or so. I’m on my second day without, and honestly feel like i can’t even take it anymore. I start a new job in about 10 days. I have about 3mg’s left, in case of emergency.

My question is: since i have to start a new job in about 11 days, and i feel like complete hell right now, would i be better off roughing it from here on out, or should i take very small doses (say, .25) for the next few days and then jumping again? I really can’t afford to be sick when i start the new job.

7:14 pm November 30th, 2014

When I was coming off subutex initially orgasms felt weird as my erections felt a little bit painful. I have now been off subutex for 5 months and in general I don’t experience any withdrawal symptoms. Recently however I have noticed by body feels like I am withdrawing a bit again. I have some of the same sensations come over me like a shiver, just like when I initially started giving up/started to crave my next dose of subutex. I notice this happens quite often if I’ve been smoking weed or just had sex.

I took between 8mg to when I finally tapered off (incredibly slowly) over a period of 3 years. It was way too long but I just couldn’t bring myself to quit for ages.

Have you heard of any similar experiences to mine? My mood has totally changed for the better now and I am far more sociable than when I was using both brown and subs.

7:24 pm December 1st, 2014

I’ve been cutting my dose of suboxone I’m down to a quater of a strip a day or every other day I’ve been on it for a long time a few years the doctors around here are only concerned with money so they don’t try to wean you off so I’m taking it upon myself do I stop cold now or cut this dose in half for a week or two n if so how long do u think my withdrawl will last thanks any advise will be appreated

7:36 pm December 1st, 2014

I’m stepping off suboxone I’m down to two MSG a day or every other day been on it for a few years what do you suggest on my next step cut the dose in half or just go cold from here any suggestions thanks

11:23 am December 8th, 2014

i was on subutex for nearly 18 months i was on 24mls a day and they reduced me within 1 week to 8mls i was meant to take the 8 mls and when i went to the pharmasit they had 35mls of methodone waiting for me i refused to take it but was made to drink some ,since then i have gone cold turkey its now been 1 month and a week i was addicted to painkillers never herion,im now having nightmares not sleeping i suffer with oestioarthurities had brain heamoragh in 2010 my doctor has given me tramodol for my pains and im on 30 mls of diazapan daily which i have been on for 25 yrs is it normal to suffer extreme nighmares and i have no go in me i woulde be grateful to hear from anybody because i cant take it anymore im destroying everything i have good in my life and refuse to go back to cdas or subutex also i dont stop sneezing plse help thankyou traci byrne .

4:18 pm December 21st, 2014

I’ve been snorting about half mg of subtext for about 5 months, I started taking it to help me with a short term heroin addiction but before I knew it…I was addicted, I never realised such a small line could have me hooked. Are my withdrawals likely to still be severe or relatively easily compared to others?

11:21 pm December 23rd, 2014

I’ve been on Subutex for just 3 months and on 1-1.5mg, but yet the withdrawal symptoms are there, even in the 10th day, Hot and cold, sweating, fatigue, chills, insomnia. The worse part is that as i got off Subutex, i had at the same time Malaria and a Flu (i’m on a mission in an Africa country),all the symptoms beside of the withdrawal, really horrible, i just want to get out of my skin, it’s day 10 and i’m really desperate, but hopeful to see the light at the end of the tunel. God i hope it won’t last a long time.

12:22 am December 25th, 2014

Hi I’m brandon i don’t really have a question just sum comments on suboxone withdrawl that will probably ease some of peoples fears on sub withdrawl. first of all i was a heavy heroin user for four or five years. For about a year after that i used suboxone between 8 – 12 mgs a day. then id say for about 3 months i wud switch back and forth between heroin and subs, whatever i could find at the time. I never really cut my dose of suboxone but the day i went to rehab i took about a 4 mg piece of suboxone jus because i had to be on a plane for about 6 hours 2 flights. but anyway i was in a detox center before rehab for 5 days. spent 31 days in rehab. but i honestly. was COMPLETELY BACK TO NORMAL within 2-3 weeks absolutely no p.a.w.s NOTHING. i relapsed 3 months after rehab eventually goin right bak to heroin very quickly at pretty much the same dose 10 15 bags a day. money got tight and i found a suboxone connect again and was on about 4mgs a day. took 2 mgs for about 2 weeks and jumped off. ( g/f is preg so i gotta do it. Days 3-5 were hell iam now on day 7 almost day 8 and can honestly. say all my physical symtoms are gone jus mild fatigue at times. so to sum all this up. i keep hearing and reading it taked months to recover, IT IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT. dont be scared. if i can do it trust me ANYONE CAN DO IT. it will take 2-3 weeks to bak to yur normal self. just give it about a week then start goin on little walks and light excercises drink plenty of water Gatorade for electrolytes stomache as much food as u can when u can. boost really helped when i cudnt eat its a meal replacement drink. and vitamin b-6.
The vitamin b-6 helps turn yur food into energy aand have also herd it helps with anxiety but I’ve never had a problem with that. if it helps I’m 25 about 140 pounds 5-6 i do have a fast metabolism so that might of helped me get rid of the withdrawls faster ( I’ve herd) just set your mind on doing it. i think for the most part after id say 2 weeks its all in yur head after that. most people read everyone else’s horrer storries and then think its going to happen to them. not the case. everyone IS different but i wudnt say one person to another varies from 2 weeks to 2 months. its bullshit like i said. jus believe in yourself i promise u can do it.

9:11 pm December 26th, 2014

I been off suboxon for 3-1/2 months and my stomach is jacked up everyday I have severe diarrhea I can’t take the stomach pain is their anything I can do to help it stop. Thanks

1:51 am December 28th, 2014

I have been using subutex for about 8 mo. About 4 mg a day then dropped to 2 mg then about 1.5 the last week. I took my last dose 9 days ago. It hasn’t been awful but I have been taking lortabs since then. I plan on stopping tomorrow cold turkey. What can I expect. Keep in mind before the subutex I was taking about 50 mg of lortab a day for about a year.

5:55 pm December 28th, 2014

Over 8 years ago I had five eye surgeries and taking pain pills for the duration, after two years of surgeries I was to have a 6th and decided that I no longer wanted to be dependent on pain pills. I went to my pain management doctor for help because a traditional detox facility was not an option. He suggested Suboxone. I took suboxone for a year when I lost my job due to lay off and insurance. He then put me on subutex. I took 8 mg subutex for two years., Then gradually tapered to 1/4 of a pill. After another three years of 1/4 a pill a day I decided to taper to 1/8th after a week of 1/8th I took the jump and stopped all together, The first three weeks were the hardest. Sneezing, tired, depression, stomach problems, slept maybe two hours at a time. Honestly, it was tough and I seriously considered starting again, but I was determined to stop, It is now a little over 30 days and other than lack of motivation, depression and having a hard time sleeping through the night I am better. To all of those trying to quit, it will be hard but it IS worth it.. I am starting to laugh a little more and doing everything I can to get my energy back. Lack of energy is my biggest concern right now hopefully it will pass soon.

7:25 pm December 30th, 2014

For people who quit cold turkey at a high dose, hang in there. I did the same thing, took 20 to 28 mg everyday for 2 years. I can tell you, the withdraw isn’t mild at that point, and it last a very long time. Just as bad a methadone. I rather of detoxed from heroin. I was throwing up, runs, chills, skin felt super weird and irritated, restless legs, no appetite, everything smelled and tasted gross, severe flu symptoms, and fatigue. Those major symptoms didn’t hit until the 3rd day. The throwing up, flu symptoms subside a little in 10 days, but continue on and on for like 3 weeks. It has a very long half life, believe me, your natural dopamine cant get in your receptors for a long time. After a month or so, those post acute withdraws dont mean shit. Its cake. You will have no problem with them. Just drink some energy drinks, eat well, and some vitamins. Believe me, after you go through that detox, you won’t touch another opiate, especially synthetic opiate ever again. That pain will teach you a lesson you need.

5:18 pm January 1st, 2015

UPDATE : I’m on day 19 off Subutex, the pure horror and agony of withdrawal lasted about 2 weeks for me, after that timeline, a mix of physical and psychological pain sets in, (profound anxiety, panic, severe insomnia), i just couldn’t handle not sleeping for days, it drove me almost crazy, so i took my last resort, (kLONOPIN), it’s not the wisest choice but it helped me a lot, (of course i’m aware i have to carefull with this shit). Hope the best luck to everybody, it’s really not easy.

1:15 am January 13th, 2015

i have a question that i can NOT find ANYWHERE! I was prescribed 16mg of suboxone a day by my psychiatrist. But heres the strange part. i did not have an opiate issue. I went into inpatient detox for alcohol. My psychiatrist suggested that i take ANIBUSE so that i couldnt drink, and she told me suboxone would help my cravings for alcohol. and i used to abuse opiates 5 yrs ago, so she said that even though i was not currently a pain pill addict, i may start pain pills again since i couldnt drink. so i agreed to take this medicine, that id never heard of, because she insisted i would have no issues. i took it for 9 months and i stopped feeling like a human,so i tapered down to 1mg. then she said to go back up to 16mg and take anti depressants. i did. last week we argued and i said i wanted off subs, so she got mad and tapered me from 16mg to 4mg in 7 days.

today is day 6 off the suboxone and ive had the MILDEST of symptoms. HERES THE QUESTION:
since i was taking suboxone for alcohol and not for opiate abuse, is that why im not having severe withdrawals like everyone else?
suboxone doesnt stretch out your receptors like opiates do, since my receptors were never stretched out from opiates it took less suboxone to fill the receptor sites, so, that would mean once the sub leaves my system, my brain wont have to hard of a time rewiring itself?
im rambling on here, but im just curious as to why some people get sick in 2-3 days, others get sick at 4-6 days, and everyone says they are sick and not sleeping by day 6, but im almost to day 7 and have only had slight symptoms. so slight that a common cold would be worse .
could i be lucky because i dint take sub for opiate use?
hope all that made since. Thanks!

7:30 pm January 13th, 2015

I have been on buprenorphine for 5 years now and when I started out my dose was 3 times a day of 8mg. After a few months I was taking 2 8 mg tablets a day. I stayed with that same dose for around 2 years then I went to 1 tablet a day and have been taking it for the past 2 and a half years. I know the longer the medicine is taken the longer the withdrawal symptoms last. I wanted to know what to expect and about how long these physical withdrawal symptoms last. I know there’s not a specific time but I was wondering what the ball park estimate would be. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

7:59 pm January 14th, 2015

I’ve been clean off the subutex 4 months now. I was afraid that I’d never ever feel like my normal self again, I spent hours and hours researching on the internet and looking for answers that nobody could give me, not even my doctor. The thing is, it’s very individual. Some people only suffer for a little month others continue longer. It all depends BUT IT’S ALL WORTH IT. I have never felt so good in my life. Bite the sour apple. IT’S WORTH IT. And don’t ever ever flirt with that poison again. Peace.

3:18 am January 16th, 2015

Oh Anders, i’m happy you’re sober for 4 months, it’s been 33 days for me, and i feel better, not really good enough, i felt so alone while in withdrawal, nobody could understand what i was going through, i felt very lonly, i was all by myself, of course i had the support of my family and boyfriend, but it’s really something you shoud go through it by yourself and it makes you stronger. Good luck.

1:18 pm January 16th, 2015

Hello Amber. I’d advise you to first do a gradual decrease of doses, it will make the withdrawal far more bearable. After you completely stop taking the medication, the physical withdrawal symptoms will resolve after a period of 7-10 days. But, it’s the psychological effects that can persist for months. But, don’t worry, with the proper professional help and persistence you can succeed. I wish you all the best!

3:42 am January 19th, 2015

It’s day 36 off Sub, and i honestly don’t feel really well, can’t even go at work, i’m tired of giving false excuses,
it’s true that i have the support of my family and boyfriend, but the withdrawal is a personal thing noone can understand it unless he has gone through it, and that’s why i’m on this website. I don’t understand that i’ve taken Subutex (1-2)mg for just 3 months, and the withdrawal symptoms are lasting so long (restlessness, mood swings, cramps).

5:26 pm January 20th, 2015

I came off of 20 mg of Subutex, and 6mg of klonopin a day after a year and a half, because I had to. I moved from Portland, Oregon, but before I left, everything was supposed to follow me here to Ohio. That didn’t happen. When I got here, The nightmare began shortly there after. I f there is a hell, I was in it. Torture. Agony. I don’t really think there is a word for it. But, the good news. Today is day 22. Not to say I did this alone. I did self medicate, not everyday, but none the less. Do what you have to do, because if you are like me, I have no insurance. I’ve been to the hospital 3 times. And every time I was treated like a dog with distemper. I swear, If it was legal, they would have put me to sleep. The way I see it, it’s population control. But, I’ve done without their damn help. I’m not 100 percent yet, but I’m much better than I was. Take it from me, subutex is not worth it…. Unless you like slavery. If a doctor offers to put you on, run like hell out of that office. Don’t buy the lie! Because it comes from the deepest part of Hell. I can only hope this reaches the people who need to her this message. Get clean. Go to meetings and stay the hell away from western medicine. It’s poison, and the pharmaceutical companies literally making Billions off of our suffering and it wont stop until we all band together to stop them and boycott their death pills. God be with you all.

12:10 am January 21st, 2015

MY LAST UPDATE: it’s my day 38 off Sub, today i feel really good, it’s been a long journey with a lot of pain and misery, but it was really worth it, i know that maybe some symptoms might come and go in waves, but today i made the decision not to feel miserable anymore. My life starts again and even if this might be my last post in this website, i thank you from my the bottom of my heart for your help and support, it really helped me go through these tough times. I don’t think i’m gonna be on these websites again cause they remind of a time in my life i wan to forget, and i want to move on and leave all that behinde me, hope i could help someone going through this hell and tell him stay strong it’s worth it. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU AND GOOD LUCK. BE HAPPY AND HEALTHY.

11:27 pm January 21st, 2015

i am at 95 days off Sub today. The physical symptoms have been gone since about day 30 but the mental is still here. It’s getting better each week though. The one thing to remember is that taking sub, even once now will awaken all those dormant receptors and I will be at square 1 again. Do not trick yourself into “just one” time. It is all it takes. It’s hard to see now but I have been improved so much each month. I don’t know when but in a few months I may be back to normal. Good Luck to everyone. Never take sub.

3:53 pm January 29th, 2015

it’s day four off subs for me and it doesn’t seem like its getting any better. I’m 20 weeks pregnant and wanted to be off subs before I have the baby. my Dr wanted me to switch to methadone and I said fucK that I’m not having a baby on methadone I’d rather taper off and quit. so when I found out I was pregnant in October my sub dr immediately switched me from suboxone to bupe. I was also told second trimester would be safest to quit that’s why I’m just quiting now..that along with the taper process. in October I was taking 16 to 20 mg a day when I find out I was pregnant. I.gradually tapered from that to 8mg to 4mg a day. I still felt okay, I never had w/d or anything. this past week the last doses I took couldn’t.have been.more than 1.5-2mg. Sunday morning was my last dose of 1mg and I swear I was already feeling it by Sunday night. here it is Thursday morning and I still.have cold sweats can’t sleep or eat etc . I literally have to force myself to eat since I’m pregnant. but it’s hard for me to keep it down. I wanted to take vitamins and stuff like melatonin to help.. was told its not safe for the baby. so I haven’t been talking any thing to help with the w/d like I used to be able to do from opiate w/d. I’m not depressed really ..yet. just bored ans having trouble finding things to do to keep my mind busy. I live in Maine and it’s winter freezing cold so going for a walk is out of the question since I’m cold as it is. I may not be to depressed since I have things to look forward to. I’m recently engaged and my fiance is really supportive and understanding. also looking forward to becoming a parent. I really wish I never got on subs. I had been on them a year and a half and this is my first time quitting. it’s really not worth it to go on them for a long time unless tou absolutely need to. I.know I didn’t need to be on them this long. I just never had a reason to stop until now. and finding information about pregnant women and sub withdrawal is hard. most of the blogs I read are women.who stayed on bupe during their whole pregnancy and their babies were born with NAS and had to be in the NICU for two weeks after birth. I absolutely do not want that which is why I’m quitting now. I just thought the.cold sweats and insomnia would have gotten better by now. it’s like a prolonged w/d or idk if it’s because I’m pregnant or what. I can deal with the emotional aspect of it I just can’t wait for the physical symptoms to subside. reading every one else’s experience …especially some people’s makes me feel better and like I don’t have it as bad as other people. but it helps to read and see what others are going through. I wish there was more info out there from other women who have detoxed from sub while pregnant. best of luck to everyone

5:47 pm February 10th, 2015

Hi guys! I hope your all managing your w/ds ok. I’m not going to lie it’s horrible.
I was doing anything up to 80mls of oxy (sniffing) for 2years just to feel the ‘high’ so so silly of me. My Dad passes away in August 14 from an accidental overdose of oxy. This was my turning point. However I went into subtex and have been sniffing since. On Friday I could no longer get hold of it and wanted to stop for a while prior to this so I jumped from 80ml sub a day. My family don’t know about my addiction so Ive been suffering in silence with a little girl to look after (all my own fault). The last pill I had was Friday morning, by the end of the afternoon I was feeling the w/d.
Day two was worse, all expected symtoms, I inew I wanted out of this but really felt like giving in. I didn’t, I’m sorry to tell you but day 3 was worse, it was aweful although not suffering stomach cramps yet. Worse day so far!!
Day 4. I’m feeling ok, a little better. And speaking to a professional today I should only improve from here… I hope so cause the last three days have been hell. I’ll keep you updated if anyone wants me to. I hope w/d is easier for you than it has been for me, but it is worth it and you’ll see that when you start to feel better.

3:21 pm February 13th, 2015

I have been withdrawaling from subutex for 8 days now. I’m afraid it won’t end. Last time I tried to quit it lasted 14 days before I went back on it. I jumped at 4 mg that time and this time probably around 2-3 mg. I’m also 16 weeks pregnant and im afraid my baby will suffer Wwithdrawal if I don’t stop, even though my dr said its ok, bit there’s a small chance that my lil man could. I don’t want to chance it. How much longer do I have to endure this nightmare? If I would have known about this I would have never taken suboxone and just quit heroin cold turkey.

11:24 am February 17th, 2015

This is the hardest thing ive ever been thru. I am 18 weeks preg and on my 9th day. I cant sleep but a a hour a nite then I wake up in a panic. my legs are still killing me. I wont so much to beat this but I feel as if im being pushed over the edge. please tell me this is gonna end soon feel like giving up!

3:02 pm February 17th, 2015

Hello Sheena. Subutex withdrawal symptoms can last for 3-4 weeks. After this period most of the physical withdrawal symptoms will be gone. I’d suggest that you get into counseling or support group therapy to help you manage cravings and emotions afterwards. Congratulations on becoming a momma! Sometimes, it’s events like this that give you the motivation and strength to begin a new life. Best of luck!

4:25 pm February 17th, 2015

Hi, just wanted give an update. Its day 13 and I feel pretty good. Don’t give in Amanda u can do it. I know the feeling. Went to er last night just to put my mind at ease about the baby and make sure he wasn’t suffering from my withdrawal. Just make sure u drink plenty of water and take your prenatal. I promise it will end soon. Congrats on being a mom it’s so wonderful. As I already have a 7 year old. Just remember u can beat this and never have to go back again or Get up in the morning to get your dose cause u feel crappy. Day 10 was a magic number for me and it gets better everyday. Good luck and hope all is well.

4:44 pm February 18th, 2015

I need some word s of hope but also seek the truth. Today is day6 for being clean from taking 8 mgs probably3-5 Times aweek ,taking suboxone. I can deal deal with everything but the lack of sleep. I’m depending on prayer and meditation to get me through but it seems to not be enough. I feel like I’m going crazy,losing my mind, ready to just snap due to a week with absolutely no sleep. When will i sleep again! I decided to quit to become a better father to my girls. I am25 years old and about 250 pound and was on the subs for about2 years. Somebody help! When will i sleep!?

8:34 pm February 18th, 2015

Today, is my 2nd day off Subutex jumping from 8mg a day. I was at most taking 24mg a day. I have very little energy today. I’m not yet experiencing the full blown withdrawals that I have experienced in the past. This is my third time trying to come off this evil, highly addictive, dependent drug. I now have no choice but to come off this drug because RN school starts back for me in the summer and I know it takes months to get back to normal. Unfortunately, I have zero support from family. I’m pretty much alone in this battle. I will keep everyone on here updated with my progress, from time to time. I hope we can lean on each other. Talk to y’all soon.

6:25 am February 20th, 2015

Im a 21 year old male who has had an opiod addiction for almost 5 years started with vicodin ended on subutex, at this point im a little over a week clean.. heres a bit of background after first switching from illicit drugs to methadone, i developed a year long daily 80mg methadone habit, i made a smooth transistion to 32mg of subutex aside from a terrible night of precipitated withdrawals, i for the past year and a half have gradually tapering my 32mg dose to 2mg at which point i bit the bullet and hopped off entirely about a week ago. My physical wwithdrawals seem to have subsided where as my depression and anxiety are only getting worse, can i do anything to gain some motivation…

1:22 pm February 20th, 2015

Hello Caker. Exposure to bright light is one approach to increasing your serotonin levels. Bright light is a standard treatment for seasonal depression, but a few studies also suggest that it’s effective in the treatment of nonseasonal depression. So, find some outdoors activities that you can engage in, regardless that it’s winter. Also, start taking B-complex if you aren’t taking it already because vitamins B6 and B12 are associated with a lower risk of depressive symptoms over time. Plus, vitamin B6 supports the production of serotonin, melatonin and dopamine in the brain. Another way you can help raise brain serotonin is exercise, you can pick what type of exercise or sport you like. Your diet is also very important, so try to eat foods that contain dopamine precursors including almonds, avocados, dairy products and pumpkin seeds. You can also add inositol in your diet, since it alleviates anxiety and depression and supports nervous system health.

6:43 pm February 22nd, 2015

I’ve been on 24 milligrams a day of subutex for a year now N I’ve not had it for about 2 weeks N I still have ALL of the symptoms I even took a xanex to help one night but I woke up the next morning feeling the same much longer is this going to last

7:55 pm February 25th, 2015

I have tapered down to 2 mg Subutex , I need Advice fast , Because I only have 18 Pills Left and I am out of my State , I Would like a Good Taper Schedule . Been on 2 mg for 2 weeks now , I suffer from Anxiety also , I take Klonopin and Neurontin to help with this Anxiety , I Want to get off this Drug , I am having Problems with my Thyroid not working Correctly .. Any Advice would be Helpful..

6:46 pm March 1st, 2015

I have taken bupernrphine tablets for a month …but from last week i feel little restless in ma legs and not able to sleep ..what to do…..i have dose in 2mg or 3mg a day ….

10:07 pm March 3rd, 2015

Hi Joshua, i know what you’re going through cause the insomnia is the most persistant symptom. I’m more than 2 months off Subutex, and sleeping problem persists, but it’s improving gradually, although not back to normal again. I take Melatonin and Valerian before sleep, i try to avoid sleeping pills and Benzo. (exercicse and relacation seem to help)

5:58 pm March 9th, 2015

Hi! I’ve been off opiates for 10 days. I’ve been off Sub’s for 3 days and am experiencing some harsh withdraw from the subs. I only took them for a week. Started at 8mg and tapered down fairly quickly. I just want to know when this cruelness will end! I thought withdraw from dope was bad, this is killer! I’m just trying to better my life and move on from the dark past of being a user for 6 years! Any advice as to how much longer I’ll b in pain for. Thanks to whoever takes the time to read this. Also, keep in mind that I have not been on sub’s for long. Only a week! And I did taper off.

6:46 pm March 9th, 2015

I’m dating someone who has had an opiate/heroine addiction for 10 years and has been on Suboxone for 2 years. He has decided that he is ready to put it behind him. I am looking to find some information that will help me understand what exactly he will go through and how i can help him. Ive read testimonials and have cried myself to sleep, knowing that he may endure some of what i have read. I am very ignorant to this, as i have never been around it nor known anyone who has. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your advise and knowledge.

11:05 pm March 20th, 2015

I have been taking suboxone for only two weeks, no prior drug addict before. I have been feeling like the flu for the past three days off it… I only took 4mg or 2mg a day… Will this stop soon since I am not a heavy user??

2:57 pm March 23rd, 2015

Hi Alexis. Stopping your medical addiction treatment without doctor’s clearance and consent is not advised. You may think you are not a heavy user of drugs, but that may be because the suboxone is helping you stay drug-free. I recommend sticking to your doctor’s prescription and focusing on counseling and therapy.

5:20 am March 28th, 2015

It took me 3 months to find good sleep … insomnia was the last symptom to recover.

7:44 am March 29th, 2015

I’ve been snorting 16mg of subutex daily for 2-1/2 years. I recently went to get help and was given nausea medicine and was told to just quit cold turkey so I quit. I am at the end of week 5 day 33. The physical withdrawals are down to just not being able to sleep, get motivated, being social is hard, nausea, and slight discomfort. And mental withdrawals well everyone says im not me at all. But still fighting it an have no intentions in giving in. I am wondering if their is anything I could suggest to my Doc to help with sleep and my anxiety which I had before my addiction its just a lot worse now. Thanks hope everyone else has it easier. GOODLUCK

3:20 pm March 30th, 2015

Ive been on suboxone about 4 years. As of 4 days ago I reduced my dose of 24 miligrams per day wich I maintained for about 4 months to 16 miligrams per day. Soon I will reduce to 4 to 8 miligrams per day, then zero miligrams per day. What should my withdrawls be like reducing my doses in this manner? Will my detox be simple and painless or will It will be painfull..?

12:28 pm April 14th, 2015

Hi John. Are you tapering according to your doctor’s schedule? If you are, that’s good, because it’s not advised to be quitting Suboxone on your own. And YES, tapering doses helps you minimize the withdrawal discomfort and makes the process a lot easier. When you finally stop taking the medication completely, you will experience withdrawal symptoms (but they can be treated additionally). In the first day or two you can expect a peak in the severity and intensity of withdrawal effects. The first week off Suboxone is usually characterized with stomach aches and cramps, pain in you joints, difficulty sleeping, mood swings, anxiety or depression (I suggest being in continuous contact with your doctor during this period). Most of these symptoms can persevere into the following week/s of Suboxone withdrawal, although they will be getting milder.

You will need your doctors’ help and support during Suboxone detox. S/he can help prescribe other medications that will help you with your withdrawal discomfort. At home, for your body aches and other pains, use mild pain relievers such as Tylenol or ibuprofen. You can also take warm baths and use heating pads when you experience physical pain. You will also need to deal with psychological withdrawal symptoms. This is why it is important to seek help from a sober friend or family member, attend support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous or SMART Recovery.

3:44 am March 31st, 2015

I have been on Suboxone for 2 years and want to quit cold turkey. My dosage has been 3 a day 8mg/2mg, is this a heavy amount. Please give me the details on the withdrawal, also I am a 57 year old female and could use the amount on hand if the withdrawal gets too rough. I am serious about this. Prior I had an opiate addiction and got off the morphine using suboxone. Now, the original doctor is gone and I’m left trying to figure it out with my pharmacist. Your response would be greatly appreciated. I want off this wheel for good. Thank You

10:08 am March 31st, 2015

Hi Terry. The daily buprenorphine dose should be decreased gradually tapered down over a predetermined period or at a rate you agree upon with your prescribing doctor. Although tapering may ease the withdrawal effects, they will still be significantly present, so there may be no easy way to withdraw from buprenorphine. You will simply have to endure this period until it’s over. Home remedies such as the use of heating pads, gels, massage creams, hot baths and showers can address physical symptoms of withdrawal, and seeking support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous or SMART recovery can assist with psychological withdrawal symptoms. Best of luck to you!

5:25 am March 31st, 2015

ive been on 8 mg of subutex for the last 12 years…just done a lofexedine detox 9 days ago. Had 30mg of diazapam daily for a week and they were a waste of time. Clonidine isnt available in the uk so basically ive just gotta hack the withdrawals..havent slept for 9 days and cant keep food down. Subutex half life is 72 hours so i reckon ive got about a month before i feel ok and probably 6 months before normal sleep returns… I would rather do a straight heroin detox than subutex, at least it would be over quicker….however i plan to stay straight because the last 30 years of addiction havent been too much fun! Always remember people that there are people with problems worse than yourself…best of luck to all, and f##k all dealers ,they are the scum of the earth.

11:09 pm April 4th, 2015

I’ve taken about 10 doses of Suboxone (with some days thrown in in between some of the doses), to get off methadone. Do you think I could get by taking a couple more Sub doses without having to go through horrible withdrawal? Thanks.

Requiem 82
6:37 pm April 5th, 2015

hello guys

I need to know something! Is is safe to use tramadol 50mgx 2 per day? Since now it’s my second day off bupre, & I used only 5 pills x 8mg of bupre (snorting it) for a week to withdraw from Heroin, I need to work, & must socialize, I can’t stay at home to recover, plus sexual wise I’m zero now, & I need to meet with my girlfriend since I didn’t see her already 2 months ago..!! Any suggestions? Thank you

11:47 am April 13th, 2015

I am now on day 48. Still having trouble with sleep anxiety and an achey feeling in my bones that gives me tremors at night. I have found that you just treat the symptoms as they come. The only way to sleep is take 2 or 3 flexeril before bed but not to early cause as soon as it wears of you’ll be up. An I was prescribed 30mg addys for my ADD which seem to help with the rest. Good luck Everyone!!!!

8:53 pm April 13th, 2015

I have been on subutex for more than ten years , seven years of 8mg a day …then spent the last 3 years on 2 mg of subutex a day. I reduced by 0.4 mg every three days until i was on 0.8mg then i just stopped.. Withdrawals were easy to handle and after 10 days were over.. Im still having trouble sleeping after 27 days without but i feel great otherwise..
.I hope this helps someone

2:00 am April 21st, 2015

I’ve only been on subutex a month but really want to get off and learn to deal with life without any substance. I went 2 days on 8 mgs then almost 3 weeks on 4 mg now just 2 mgs the past week. If I stop taking it now will I even feel and WD symptoms? I’m really set on stopping now and would appreciate feedback

12:41 pm April 21st, 2015

Hi Emily. Yes, you most probably will experience withdrawal effects if you stop taking the medication suddenly and abruptly. I’d suggest you do a gradual taper and slowly reduce doses over time. This way the withdrawal won’t be as severe, which is better and safer for you. You can ask your doctor what s/he thinks the tapering reduction doses should be, and ask for advise on which medications can help you treat withdrawal symptoms if their arise.

11:30 pm April 21st, 2015

I have not posted in very long time. I just passed the 6 month mark of jumping off subutex.
It’s been a long and painfull road. The physical symptoms were over after 2-3 weeks but the emotional and mental anguish did not subside untl 5 months. It was the inability to feel pleasure while being in a state of perpetual stress. Very sensitive to any bad news or situation that arose.
after 5 months I was put on Prozac which has helped alot. There was gradual improvement every month but like i said it was very slow. The thing to remember is to never take anything. NOT EVEN once. It wakes up those receptors that are trying to go dormant and sets you back to square one. I know because this is my second time quitting. Just bear it and eventually it gets better.

T Maasch
3:06 am April 24th, 2015

I was on suboxone since the end of 2011 and have now been off for 2 weeks after a fast taper of just a month. I was taking 4 strips a day for a while then slowed myself to 1 in the last month then half the last week. Any advice as to when I’m going to be able get off this roller coaster of ups and downs I can deal with the slight depression but the weak restless aching crap I can’t. Any advice on how much longer this ride will last?

12:06 am April 25th, 2015

I am on day 30 from suboxon. My legs are still aching. I try to do something but have to sit down about every 20min. Is this normal with wds or should I go have it cked out.

3:24 pm April 25th, 2015

Oh.boy oh boy goin on day nine of suboxone wds oh my god it sucks sooooo bad is there any freaking comfort mygod

6:27 pm April 26th, 2015

plz tell me if there is any substitute for buprinorphine..m in use frm last two months..plz help me out by giv me all information about how i gothrough the withdrawl by painless way..tnx

6:53 pm April 27th, 2015

So basically this is no better a treatment than methadone if your using it after a 10 yr methadone “treatment” cause to by-pass methadone withdrawl u have to take it for at least a month. When i took subutex for heroin withdrawl it was only for 6 days… THE RIGHT WAY FOR THIS DRUG TO BE USED!!!! NOT FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME CAUSE IT TAKES JUST AS LONG TO DETOX (compared to methadone)!!! Didnt have any symptoms of withdrawl from subutex when only used for heroin w/d for a 6 day period!

4:49 pm May 1st, 2015

Hi there. I was prescribed buprenorphine for transform migraine and cluster headaches and have been on it for about 3-4 years. I have been off of it for 10 days now and most everything has disappeared except for insomnia and I am literally freezing to death while sweating like crazy. I have been prescribed clonidine but this does next to nothing. How long will this be expected to last. From all that I read this should be over by now. Also sneezing constantly.
Thanks for any advice.

8:33 am May 2nd, 2015

I was taking morphine for six months i was struggling coming off. A friend got me subutex and ran me through the process of injecting aprx. 1mg… it helped soooo much but now im on week 2 of 1mg a day injected…. if i stop now am i safe from severe withdrawl or did i just put myself in a worse situation than before? After reading everyones experiances i am afraid!

5:17 pm May 2nd, 2015

Robert i have a question about subutex and for some reason it wont let me submit it? But i reallllllly need answerd and the sooner the better is there a way i can message u the question?

1:15 am May 14th, 2015

After being on Methadone maintenance for 18 yrs,I managed to withdraw from 90ml daily to 2ml over a space of a year.I then got through the worst of the withdrawals using codeine an reduced that over a month.It’s been 2 & a half yrs now,an do not regret coming off the juice.Shortly afterwards my ADHD symtems went through the roof an I started drinking an smoking 2 joints of a evening.Then a month later I was back to shooting-up smack then I ended up in hospital with infective Encardioitous after using 4 gms of dodgy gear in four days.Spent almost two weeks in hospital but as soon as they took the line out of my Femal artuary I was so weak,but my craving was that intense I shuffled out of hospital,got a bus an had scored Benzos & gear within 20 mins.I was so weak for around 6 weeks afterwards you’d have thought I’d of learnt my lesson,however I’m a lot more carefull nowerdays.I quit the drink,an I’m just maintaining on a £10 bag a day.I’m 47 in September an want sobriety so much now,What’s on offer where I live is short-term Methadone scripts or a 11 day Subutex de-tox,But I believe subutex maintainance even for 6 months would be more beneficial to me,I mean 18 yrs on Methadone never stopped me using,the Subbies might>Anyone have any thoughts on this please share.

3:55 am May 16th, 2015

I’ve been tapering myself off of suboxone for the last 3 months. I was on it for about 2 years taking about 4mg per day. Here is what I did: Went from half an 8mg strip to a third. After a couple weeks cut back to a quarter, then a sixth, then an eighth, finally a sixteenth of a strip (1/2 mg). After 2-3 weeks of taking 1/2 mg, I began adding 6 hours on top of 24, so 24 hours between doses, then 30, then 36, then 42, and now 48. Its been surprisingly easy. Very little symptoms and very mild. Since its Friday and according to this the symptoms peak at 72 hours, I won’t be taking another dose. I’m at 48 hrs now and feel pretty good. Good luck to everyone. Hope someone can benefit from trying the taper how I did.

2:24 pm May 18th, 2015

Trying my hardest to quit it’s taking some time my doc cut me completely off all at once from 3 times a day 8mg tablets and was on them four years doc wouldn’t even give me enough to lower myself off them sick head oops

5:01 pm May 18th, 2015

Hi. I was on methadone maintenance for 3 years. I was on a split dose of 14/14 AM/PM. I switched over to suboxone for a few weeks. I started on 4mg AM and 4mg PM. I tapered down to tiny pieces for about a week. Maybe.25mg 2x a day. I haven’t taken anything in 48 hours. I still feel real bad. I know it hasn’t been long but I was taking such a small dose. Will these symptoms still last 2 weeks or will it be faster cuz I tapered so low? Also I’m not sure if it effects suboxone but I was a rapid metabolizer of methadone. That’s why I split dosed. Thank you.

8:30 pm May 26th, 2015

I went to detox I wE sniffing about a gram. A day I have been tapered on subutex the past 5 days 16 mgs 12mgs 6mgs Nd 2 mgs I took the last 2 mgs yesterday will I feel intence withdrawing during the next week

5:08 am May 28th, 2015

I have been on subutex for 4 years I started at 2&1/4 I have 68 pills to taper off of in one month I’m very worried about what I will go through I have 3 children a good job and I’m tired of being handcuffed to this medication if anybody knows any medication that takes the edge off so you can manage your normal life please comment and any advice I would love to have I was told to take away one third every 3 days but I’m not sure the consequences because I’ve been on it for 4 to 5 yearssay anything or any medications that are helpful xanax Oh whatever or if anybody knows a medication that a doctor can prescribe to help with withdrawals thank you

5:12 pm May 28th, 2015

I went to detox they weined me down with 16 mgs 12 6 4 and 2 i took 2 mgs of subutex when will the yawning and chills stop and how long will my legs feel like this

5:53 am June 1st, 2015

Hi..I`ve been on buprenorphine for 5 years..beginning on a 16mg daily dose and am now down to 1.2mg (3 x 0.4mg pd)..I am having some problems with Restless Leg Syndome (NOT withdrawal related) since reducing to 2.8mg pd..prior to this my RLS symptoms were,I now realise, smothered by the use of the “bupe”..I never had RLS before and I have read on various medical sites that one of the causes can be due to a dopamine lack within the brain (Known as secondary RLS )..have you any knowledge of opiates/bupe affecting users in this way please ? I must stress this is not the usual withdrawal symptoms..when I first became aware of the RLS I was down to 2mg pd and noticed how as soon as I took my dosage of “bupe” the symptoms would disappear..I went back up to 2.8mg pd and didn`t suffer with any symptoms at all but I am again down to a dose whereby these symptoms occur every night..I do so want to be free of the buprenorphine but seem to be afflicted with the RLS which is quite common in people over the age of 45/50 ish..I am hoping that it may be due the long term use I have had of “bupe” and that it is simply a dopamine imbalance that may,given time,rectify itself..rather that than it be a “primary” RLS cause..just wondering if you any experience of this ?
I am a 56 year old male..hoping to see my doc this week but the more input I can get the better as this is truly intolerable to deal with.
Hope you can help.

5:38 am June 3rd, 2015

I have been on suboxone 8mg about a month now. I have been been taking 4mg some days and up to the full 8mg other days. Before suboxone , I had no previous use, I just became addicted because I am scared of going through withdrawal from the sub’s… Will I have horrible withdrawal? If so, what is it like? I was hooked on heroin two years ago, for only two months, the withdrawal was so horrible I thought I was dying but made it through with a detox center.

Will my withdrawal be like getting off heroin? Once again, I have only been on the suboxone 8mg for about a month… Thank you!

8:26 pm June 3rd, 2015

I have used suboxone for the past 3 weeks to get through an opiate addiction. I never used more than 1 mg per day. I used 5 of the 8mg/2mg strips over the course of the 3 weeks. My last (tiny) dose was almost exactly 72 hours ago. I do feel mild withdrawal symptoms, body aches, runny nose, watery eyes and a lot of anxiety. I’m really worried and wanted to k ow if this is the worst? Or is the worst yet to come? Please help.

11:04 am June 4th, 2015

Hi Tonya. Withdrawal is different in duration and in intensity for different individuals and varies on many factors. Generally, you can expect physical discomfort to subside from now on.

8:32 pm June 3rd, 2015

I was having such severe neck and collarbone pain that I was hospitalized because of the pain. During my stay I had a CAT scan along with many other test. After being home for a few days my doctor called me and said she had some good news and some bad news. She said the bad news was, I had bone cancer and the good news was it hadn’t reached any of my organs yet. I was prescribed 80mil Oxycontin 3 times a day and 100mil Fentanyl patch every other day plus up to 6 10 mil Endosets for breakthrough pain as needed for up to 6 times a day. A couple of weeks later I was told they had misdiagnosed me and that the disease I had was Sacodosis and it had broken my collarbone and a rib in my chest plate. They continued to have me on this amount of medication for a couple of years until I told my wife, I believe the prednisone healed me and I don’t know if I’m still in pain or not but I o know that I am addicted. When I sought treatment I was given 16 mil of Suboxone and became addicted to that. I took myself off of suboxone gradually until my last dose 7 days ago and it was 1/8 mil for the last week. I am still going through withdrawal symptoms but today is the first day I was able to stay on my feet for any period of time. I acquired some gabapentin from my doctor this morning and we’ll see what happens with the burning pain in my legs and the restlessness at night. I never had diarrhea.

8:44 pm June 5th, 2015

I have been on Subutex for 2 years,4-8mgs a day. about a month ago I decided I was going to come off of it, finally. So, I took 4, & came off of them over a period of 3 weeks. I took my last little bit 2 days ago, although I had already started to feel like I was detoxing. Today has been the worst by far, I’m extremely depressed, have RLS, chills, sweats & my skin is crawling. My stomach isn’t too bad, & I don’t really feel fatigued. is there anything I can do to help with the withdrawal symptoms? & how long before I start feeling better?

3:36 pm June 9th, 2015

Hi Khrystal. Withdrawal symptoms are expected even when you taper. Gradually lowering doses only lowers the intensity and helps with some withdrawal effects, but cannot completely stop them. Buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms usually peak 2-5 days after the last dose but can persist for a week or two. The symptoms that tend to last the longest are the psychological symptoms and you can use psychotherapy or intense behavioral therapy can reduce those symptoms over time. Home remedies such as heating pads, gels, massage creams, hot baths and showers can address physical symptoms of withdrawal, while there are also some prescription and over-the-counter medications that can help you manage withdrawal. You should talk to a doctor or pharmacist for the use of medications.

8:22 pm June 9th, 2015

my doctor has had my own four, 8 milligram tablets a day for about 3 years. Now I want to wean off them. If I take 1, 8 milligrams tablets a day should I have withdrawls? I’ve read many of these comments and never heard of anyone being on such a high dose for such a long time and so that scares me.

10:28 pm June 10th, 2015

I’ve been off my subutex for 10 days now and its definitely getting easier. In my eyes its an amazing drug. I’ve been addicted for heroin for 17 years and come off it once using methadone and its a breeze compared to methadone. Its the easiest its ever going to get people. Just taper down to a low dose, I tapered from 32mg to 0.4mg in under 2 years. Just keep busy, have music at all times and drink water a lot.

9:10 am June 11th, 2015

Just detoxed from heroin was using 2 grams daily managed to kick with valiun clonidine and1,5 ml or 100ccs if hype a day
I knew AFTER ALL THAT I would have hype withdrawal symptoms.
Can u tell me ASAP how long the bupe we’d will last? It’s my first day clean.. But the wds are already making me crawl the walls.please help me stay clean.
Thank yóu your help,Detra

5:05 am June 12th, 2015

I have been on suboxone 8mg about a month now. I have been been taking 4mg some days and up to the full 8mg other days. Before suboxone , I had no previous use, I just became addicted because I am scared of going through withdrawal from the sub’s… Will I have horrible withdrawal? If so, what is it like? I was hooked on heroin two years ago, for only two months, the withdrawal was so horrible I thought I was dying but made it through with a detox center. Will my withdrawal be like getting off heroin? Once again, I have only been on the suboxone 8mg for about a month… Thank you!

PS. I am not taking this legally, by a doctor. so can’t ask a doctor about it. Too expensive to get from a doctor with medicare insurance.

11:31 pm June 12th, 2015

Been on subs going on year 5, I’ve got down from 8 mg twice a day to 1 mg when im getting up. I’ve had nothing in 4 days & am being strong while pushing myself through it. My question is since I was down to so low a dose I need to know how long this can last. It’s slowing getting better, but I can’t eat, any fluids I put in my body just go out the other end so dehydration is bad right now, no sleep since tuesday, lower back pain. I’m going to see my pcp Monday at 830am

7:10 am June 19th, 2015

I started bup at 8 mg 2 years ago and now I am here at. 2 mg and had been taking this dose for the past 1 month. I would need advise if it is now time to jump off this dose and what kind of withdrawal can be felt after dropping of a small dose like mine. I am very scared and my job is a walk around job. I need to recover soon and have brighter eyes. I feel I am the ugliest person in this world too.

6:53 pm June 19th, 2015


9:18 am June 21st, 2015

I’ve been clean for 25 days off heroin took beuprinorphin
maybe a two or three times in the middle. But I was pretty bad before that using everything I could get my hands on. Methadone, morphine, OP60’s, beuprinorphin. Before that I was prescribed 20mg methadone for 7or 8 years went to prison for 18months got out went back for a couple of years. Dr. Got in to trouble everyone scattered, but nobody would take ous cause we were his patients. So I stopped went to work for a couple of years relapsed and o d 15 times so now I’m 25 or 26 days clean off everything I’m doing it all cold turkey. Thank god it’s over

6:41 pm June 23rd, 2015

Been on 2 8mg sub for two years cut down to a quarter a day for couple months no side effects am i ready to quit

8:38 am June 24th, 2015

hi! I have a question. I have been taking subutex (4mg a day) for about 15 months. My insurance is being switched due to a new job and I was unable to fill my prescription last Friday. I took my last 4mg dose on late Saturday. It is now Wednesday. I have had no subutex for about 72 hours but I am feeling fine. No withdrawl symptoms (other then my mind telling myself I want it) but physically I feel fine. Is this normal? Most things I have read say withdrawals start usually in 24-48 hours. Does this mean I won’t go through withdrawals???

4:34 pm June 25th, 2015

I’ve taken subtex for bout 3 years but this last 6 months I cut myself down to only a tiny piece of an 8 mg tablet prob bout 1mg but this is my 3rd day off of them how long with withdrawl systems last? I’ve heard horrible things just wanna know when the worst is over?

1:00 am June 26th, 2015

Stared subutex on the 23rd and taking 4 mg every 4 hrs for the first 24 then 4 MG’s about every 6 to 8 and it is making me feel worse than withdrawals did is this common? I was taking 40 MG’s of methadone and I waited 72 to 80 hrs before I went to the Dr and started the subutex

11:05 pm June 26th, 2015

Currently taking 20 mg oh subutex for opioid withdraws have been dosing 6 months I’ve missed two days in a row not too bad scared to miss any more. What dose should I move down to for trying to get completely off

6:14 pm June 28th, 2015

My son has been going to a Suboxone doctor for about 10 months for his opiate addiction. Four days ago he had a drug test at the doctors office and tested positive for Meth. Because of this test, the suspended him from the program for 90 days. No Suboxone. He went from two and a half of the half moon pills to nothing. I know that relapse is part of addiction, and the Suboxone clinic people should know that too. Compounding it all, I found out Kentucky recently changed the rules regarding medicaid. My son was private pay for the doctor .. $360 a month plus $80 for “counseling”.. but his prescription was covered by medicaid. With the new rules, since April, any doctor who accepts medicaid (and you must accept medicaid for your prescriptions to be covered) must accept the medicaid payment of $21 per visit. I believe this is the real reason why my son was kicked out. If he were to stay in the program, they would have to take a huge pay cut. I understand it is all about money, but there is a Hippocratic oath involved too. First, do no harm. Well, money speaks louder than some foreign dead guy, that’s for sure.

8:28 am June 29th, 2015

OKAY, peeps… the REAL truth is that the WD’s are bad… real bad, the first week or two. The ‘honeymoon phase’ of the bupe has long ended, and you are ready to quit. Hopefully taper, not jump. Google “subox taper” and you’ll see how to do it. I jumped off 8 mg on Easter this year, and damnit, i’m struggling physically and mentally, but It’s DO-ABLE! YEAH, it’s more addictive than my DOC was, and harder to quit. Yet, I’m a SLAVE NO LONGER to ANY chemical-romance!
Hope this helps one or two peeps if it doesn’t get bumped by the admins!
It’s not easy, it SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS . . . but quitting is do-able. 20 days is a good mile-marker, jsyk. Not over, by ANY means, but an upswing.

6:47 pm July 2nd, 2015

If I’m only taken 1/4 of a subutex and only been doing them for a few months how bad will my withdrawal be and how long will it last

9:46 am July 6th, 2015

If I took Suboxone for 5 days,.(day 1-3 4mg, day 4-5 2mg) per day… )) and take heroin after the last day if taking a 2mg sub will I feel withdrawals again since taking heroin?

This works
4:42 am July 11th, 2015

You all are taking wrong, also too long, & too much. Start w/8ml, if after 45 minutes you don’t feel straight do another 8ml (you will feel amazing) then skip a day, then 6ml, then skip a day, then, 6ml then, skip a day,then, 4ml every other day stay on the 4ml every other day doing 4 times, then drop to 2ml every other day doing 4 times every other day. Then drop to 2ml every other day & do for 3 more times. Then drop to 1ml every other day doing this 4 times. Then drop to 1/4 ml every other day 4 times. After that your done. You’ll be just fine, no withdrawals at all. This was done by me under a Dr’s care that was really trying to help. Most Dr’s want you on longer because it’s all about the money for them, not trying to help you.

This works
4:55 am July 11th, 2015

You all are taking wrong, also too long, & too much. Start w/8ml, if after 45 minutes you don’t feel straight do another 8ml (you will feel amazing) then skip a day, then 6ml, then skip a day, then, 6ml then, skip a day,then, 4ml every other day stay on the 4ml every other day doing 4 times, then drop to 2ml every other day doing 4 times every other day. Then drop to 1ml every other day doing this 4 times. Then drop to 1/4 ml every other day 4 times. After that your done. You’ll be just fine, no withdrawals at all. This was done by me under a Dr’s care that was really trying to help. Most Dr’s want you on longer because it’s all about the money for them, not trying to help you. By day 4 after stopping if your still feeling good you did it. Subutex stays in your body 3 days so by day 4 if your not having any symptoms your good.

8:21 pm July 11th, 2015

I’ve been on subutex for 11 years! Been drug free for 11 years. Started on 8mg and now down to 0.4mg. Feeling dreadful. On my 3rd day. Weird thing is I’ve for spare tablets but this has to be done and I’m so determined but really need some good success stories right now. I personally believe I shouldn’t have been left on them this long and I’m appalled at how I’ve been treated the last few days. Manager not returning my calls regarding needing something to help me. After ringing around 8 times n my best friend ringing they have given me app for Monday to talk about britlofex. Any experiences of these? Doc says withdrawals will last 5 days n I’ll be fine to do school runs etc n look after my daughter/son at home. Easy for him to say! When I’ve been on them 11 years! A third of my life! I’m really not happy with them n when all this is sorted they’re getting a big complaint regarding how they’ve handled this. I asked them to extend my last 0.4 just till my partners got a week off work but they’re refusing. It’s only a month till his week off. I’ve for no motivation, stomach cramps, restlessness, bad bowels, feeling sick/being sick aches pains the lot n just feel they could have helped me last week and given me something to help with this. I’m determined though and I’ve got to do this! Most people would just take a spare out of cupboard but I’m not willing to do that as I’ve done 3 days now. Please share your stories

9:51 pm July 16th, 2015

Update! On day 8 of being on 0.4 and starting to feel bit better. I’ll be dropping the last 0.4 when my partners got a week off work. Feeling more positive now though it has been a struggle

4:04 pm July 21st, 2015

Thanks for the update, Lisa. Keep up the good work and stay motivated!

6:55 am July 17th, 2015

Hello. I was sober for 12 years until I went in for a hernia operation. I had no intentions of using pain medication afterwards, however when I awoke from surgery I already felt high, as though my brain had been rewired right back to where I was over a decade ago. I ended up getting a Percocet prescription and abused them over the course of a week. I struggle with emotional and and mood problems so I was already seeing a psychiatrist. When I ran out of Percocet so quickly I was scared and went to see him. He suggested buprenorphine and put my on 16mg a day. The first day I took it, I got so high it was frightening, but I gotta admit, I felt great. When I told him this at my next visit he said it was unusual, but he had heard that before. I ended up staying on it for 3 years. When I stopped I couldn’t believe how bad the withdrawal was. It wasn’t violent, like opiate withdrawal, however it was about 3 weeks before I could sleep and stop taking 15 hot showers a day for RLS and crawling skin. I tried to stay off it as long as I could but the depression and anhedonia was more than I could bare. After 4 months I went back on it and I have been on it ever since. My question: Last time I quit I was taking a 8mg a day steady. This time I have weened down and the past 6 months I only take 1mg a day. Everytime I get a couple of days off of this and the symptoms start to get bad, I get very frightened and lose all hope I can get through it. Am I going to be on this for the rest of my life?

8:32 pm July 17th, 2015

I started subutex in April. This month I got ganked and I haven’t had any since last sunday. I was taking 24 mg a day, prescribed by my Dr. How is it that I have had zero withdrawal? My stomach is a little torn up but nothing drastic. Sleeping like a baby. While on subutex I began to experience joint pain, sometimes excruciating. When I read these posts, I have to wonder why people seem to be having opioid withdrawal symptoms and subutex seems to be a totally different drug. Just my experience so far. I hope everyone out there is being successful in their road to recovery.

2:22 pm July 21st, 2015

Iv been on subuxone for about 5yrs or more.i started on 16 ml got down to 8ml .got stuck on 6ml for a long time.had enuff so over a week got my self dwn to bout 1ml felt shity .then had no more subs im on day 4 ithink day 3 was the worst .had to use a buprenorhine pach.had that on for 12hrs still got running eyes n shit.but fill littel better.

5:08 pm July 23rd, 2015

Today is day 7 of his withdrawal. The last dosage he took was on Wednesday July15th. It is now Thursday July 23rd. He was using opiates for a few months then went to a detox facility. They gave him suboxine to help detox him. The first 2 days he was Givin 2mg, then the next 2 days, he was Givin 8mg. So he technically only took subs for 4 days. His withdrawal symptoms are not decreasing. He still is getting the chills and his legs are on fire. He also has no energy. He drove to the store and when he got home he was completelywiped out. Please help me in answering, how long he should feel these symptoms. Again, he technically only took 4 days worth of it. Thank you very much.

8:35 pm July 24th, 2015

I was on subutex (legally prescribed) for four years after being on Oxycontin (legally prescribed) for 10 years (60 mga – 150 mg, than back to 60mg/day) . I had systemic hive outbreaks every ~ 4-5 years. After another bout of hives lasting months I was sent to an endocrinologist and diagnosed with an adrenal insufficiency (2011) . I take 25 mg/dy hyrdocortisone, starting 4 years ago. Within a few months that resolved the cycles of vertigo, nauseau, vomiting and fierce headache pain went away.

I went on on Subutex to get of oxy. I’ve had three major surgeries Achilles Tendon repair, removing joints from toes on my right foot that ‘hammered’ after tendon surgery, then knee replacement December, 2014. Every time I tapered subutex down to 4 mg I had another surgery.

After Knee replacement I took up to 24 mg/day subutex. I tapered down fairly quickly, to 10 mg/day in February, 2015. I kept tapering to 1 mg, then stopped July 13, 2015.. I was given Clonopin, muscle relaxant, gabapentin and blood pressure medication.

I feel no draw to subutex: I have a lot left but I don’t want to touch it. I do want this pain, lack of energy and fuzzy thinking to go away. It’s been ten days and it’s not improving.

12:49 pm July 27th, 2015

Hi I was on 40 mil methadone for a few years an dropped 5 mil a day to 25 mill then had to wait 36 hours with nothing then took 8mg bubernorohine then dropped that 1mg a day till I got to 1.2 mg then dropped 1 next day then 0.8 then 0.4 an that was my last dose. All the time I was reducing I was on lofexadine and a couple of sleepers sickness tabs an buscapan’ I’m on day 4 now with no bubernorohine and can’t sleep at all even tho I’m taking sleepers an lofexadine plus I have been taking propranolol’ don’t know if this has helped, but my question is how long will I withdraw from bubernorohine as I was only using it for 12 days’ my legs are the worst of the pain and are driving me mad an they only seem to be at there worst when it’s bed time it’s like my body knows an wants to punish me iv Treyed everything people say on hear only the hot bath works for a little bit, an also I can’t even walk up the stairs without feeling like iv ran a marathon I’m so drained. But I’d like to say I did it so can you ?

2:25 pm July 27th, 2015

So it begins! Been dreading this and not even sure if I am ready to quit the subutex.
Recovered/ing ? addict / 2000 – 2003 intrv. heroin / 2003 – 2006 60mg Methadone reduced to 25mg methadone then switched to 12mg suboxone (taken as 3 times 4mg tablets per day for the last 9 years).
July 2015 – back on subutex to start tapering. Plan was to stop taking the 12mg x 3 times a day and take it all in one go (with a minute 0.4 reduction). They did that specially as I had a psychological block about quitting (my words…lol).
So far I have just managed to consolidate the 3 does into 2 taking 2.4mg in the morning and the 8mg before bed. So this is a minute change yet I suddenly have been feeling unmotivated and less energy at work with trouble sleeping – guess it’s in my mind from what I have read. Probably anxiety related – but felt real!? Going from 12mg suboxone (taken 3 times a day) to 11.6mg subutex (taken twice a day) should be unnoticeable right?
Next time I see my worker he is going to push for a 2mg reduction every 2 weeks – that seems too fast for my liking. So yeah, haven’t even begun my journey yet really and am pretty nervous . terrified. More concerned for my job as my life feels relatively stable now and this all just feels like rocking the boat. I could stop it if I wanted and remain on these tablets longer – but something is stopping me from doing that. I do want off them – just anxious as hell as to what this is going to involve.

3:47 pm July 27th, 2015

My husband has been injecting subutex for 2 1/2 years at 1/2 to 1 pill a day. He is now 15 days off. He is having a problem with urination. He drinks practically nothing but water, but his urine is very dark brown quite frequent. Is this due to withdrawal, or does he need to see a doctor. He is doing this this cold turkey and has no insurance.

4:42 pm July 30th, 2015

I have just stoped methadone after 17 years at 310ml a day a recently thought f*** it am not living like this no more so 6weeks ago I stoped the meth and went on bup been on them 5week I was on 28mg off bup and I have cut it down to 2 2mgz and I don’t feel to bad so I am wondering if the withdrawal is as intense as a methadone withdrawal thank be grateful for advice thanks

4:53 pm July 30th, 2015

I will give give u the key to the door but it all depends on the person as well like everything 1 was on 310mls off methadone a day and wasn’t happy so I seen my cpn and asked to get put on bup in order for me to do this I had to cut down to 30ml a day in order to get put on bup so I did and the key to my success is skunk I got down to the 30 mls and put on 30mg off bup so I didn’t want to be on as much as that I have came down to 4mgs off bup and it is all to do with weed I cant believe it myself tomorrow I will be cutting down to 2mg then half then off JUST HOPE I DONT RUN OUT OFF SMOKE helps sleep motivation helps cramps and get up and go and think outside the box ,the others key is hot shower or even better a bath ?

6:10 pm July 30th, 2015

I am in the process of tapering off of buprenorphine. I started with 2mg daily for about 10 days and now I am down to 1mg or less daily for 10 days. There are days when I can go 30-45 hours before taking a dose of 1mg (or less). I am committed to doing this but getting frustrated. I just want all this pain to stop. How much longer should I taper before quitting completely? What can I expect after quitting totally? Any suggestions on a tapering schedule that may be different from what I am doing now? I really expected to taper to about 0.5mg, stop totally, and then it would all be over with no lingering pain, but that is not happening and from what I read, that’s not realistic. Where should I go from here? Should I continue for another 10-20 days at 0.5mg before stopping? Should I see a doctor?

8:56 pm August 7th, 2015

When you say “heavy users”, what do you mean? I started out on one a day- off and on for about 6 months before I finally went to a doc. I saw this doc for roughly a year, but was prescribed two 8 mg strips a day. Is that “heavy use”? I cut down to 2 1mg pieces a day for two weeks, and stopped on my own. After 7 days I saw a different doc for any kind of help he could give me. He put me on Clonodine and Gabapentin. Today is day 25. I still feel aches. I am still yawning, sneezing and stretching alot every day. I kinda feel like this is as good as it’s going to get physically. Psychologically, the Depression is still on me with both feet. Can I expect more days of this- or should I prepare for weeks?

9:53 pm August 8th, 2015

how long to get additced to subutex,taking 4 mg daily for 3 days please help

1:40 am August 13th, 2015

I was on 16 milligrams of subutex for a herniated disc c5 c6. My last dose was 6 days ago, I just placed on an opiate to help with the withdrawals along with the pain however I am still experiencing severe pain in my neck my shoulders and severe headaches. How long can I expect to feel like this and why are the opiates not working to control my pain?

9:01 am August 13th, 2015

Hey everyone ive been taking 4-6mgs of subutex tablets everyday far almost 1 year, anyone know how long the withdrawal for both mental and physical will end? Please give me an idea b.c i want out. Thank you for reading this and please give me some inputs.

4:31 pm August 13th, 2015

How long will it take if ive been taking 4-6mg tabs everyday for almost a year with mental and physical symptoms. Thanks for reading this and please give me some inputs

4:34 pm August 13th, 2015

I have been on bupe since 2011 and on 20mg recently and tapered in ten days due to financial reasons I took it every day under the tongue, as well as injecting, I am really scared because today is the first day without it I will let you know how I do.

9:56 pm August 16th, 2015

For all.those on buprenorphine. It Is a partial opiate but binds to receptors very hard. Weening down will help the withdrawals will last longer than heroin or oxycodone or any full opiates. I been through detox after detox. Methadone is the worst off all opiates to get off of. First and foremost keep hydrated, walk even though u feel lethargic to help the endorphins. Stop concentrating on your wd symptoms as it makes it worse. Benadryl before bed and try Tylenol.and Motrin for those leg aches but do not overdue it. We reep what we sow folks suck it up.

7:43 pm August 18th, 2015

i took bupreno 20mg+6ml avil in my hand muscle. daily for 1 year. if i donk take it—i feel breathe problm. but now i want to stop it. i dont want any medicine. can i stop it by lock myself in my home? at rehab treatment is only bath//water take shaower

7:58 pm August 21st, 2015

I’m 5 days off my subs which was a 16mg iv habit. I’m in the hospital and they give me 1mg morphine iv every 4 hours. Surprisingly no withdraws I mean I get some chills and spasms but not much pain. The morphine dose is so low I should be dying right now. If I wait like 14 days and stop the morphine how bad will the withdraws be I doubt I’ll get paws for I’ve been on about a year. Idk I might of found the painless subtext withdraw regiment I should be in full.blow withdraw but I feel fine off 1mg of morphine. I cant control the dose only the.nurse can so if I do feel poopy just stick it out a little and I’m fine. Has anyone done this before or have any advise

1:56 am August 23rd, 2015

My fiancé has been on this drug for going on 6 years, he has minimalists his use to about 2mg a day for the last month or so. He is going to a detox program in the morning and I am petrified that it will not bring success, does anyone have any experience with this or does anyone know if I should be concerned? I’m seeking advise and experiences PLEASE, & thank you.

7:54 am August 24th, 2015

I have been on This 5 yrs I was reduced from 100 tabs a monthly to 50 took my Last 2x last Wednesday i have awfully restless legs a dull ache in my back so uncomfortable insomnia generally. Feeling ok apart from this back pain. any suggestion that may help please..

12:07 am August 25th, 2015

I was taking oxycontin and oxycodone 15mg for 4 months due to surgery..then i stopped taking them and started on suboxone for 3 weeks on 16mg twice a i starying tamper to half then next week will stop ..i dont want keep taking suboxone bad wpuld my wd be or expect?

9:35 am August 25th, 2015

ive been prescribed subutex for 4 years now. tablets 2 mg 3 times a day. 6 mg total a day. I usually snort it because its easier than sublingual. its been 25 days off and still feel sick! How long will i be in withdrawl?. ive used perks and vicodin at the worst times to elivate the withdrawl….(every night)

6:21 am September 3rd, 2015

Iv been prescribed subtext for passed five years iv tried sudden detox two years ago and after a month i relapse but got hock on cackling cocain I started taking subtext again to stop the crackcacain it’s been two years and my does is a lot less iv decided to sudden detox again this is my first 24 hours since last does my eyes are blurred no sleep at all iv been sick got heavy period and titch ING muscle in face is there a god to give me straight as I’m sick of being the devil patience sorry for spelling mistakes but my eyes are blurred I’m 44 single mother to four and I can say this is worst then being in labour .

5:11 pm September 4th, 2015

I have been using 1/4 to 1/2 daily for 5 mo and I need to stop using them because of my medical condition I have Cronic pain all through my body and my dr wants to refer me to a pain specialist, I need to stop using them or my pain specialist won’t see me, the pain specialist I want to see is a dr who also is a sub dr so if I do end up having to be on a narcotic that is adictive and they find some forms surgery or other medication that’s is non addictive than he can get me on a low sub plan again. My question is with the low dose and small time frame I have been on these what kind of withdraws and time frame should I look forward to?

6:36 am September 10th, 2015

I was recently at a treatment center where they had me on 8mg in the morning and 8mg at night. When i left the doc gave me (90 8mgs subutex) along with (5mg valium 30) and (amphetamine salts 50mg)along with some gabapentin.. Now my friend left with me and she has been banging it the whole time and her veins are blown so she cant even bang it if she wanted to.. So she hates the taste she only puts little amounts in and says it tasts like shit so always has water or gatorade to either flow it in her mouth and swallow it . but now she has rashes all over her body her lower left back is killing her, her pee is dark and her mouth is always dry.. And she sweats alot her eyes do water and both of her knees are hurting her. Its bad…

2:03 am September 12th, 2015

I have been on suboxine for 4 years I tappered down to 2mgs and today was day 4 of not having it. I took another 2mg because my withdrawals were so bad. Will this make my withdrawals super bad again starting tomorrow ? I want to feel better but I have 2 kids and I have to work. Help!!

11:01 pm September 16th, 2015

I used suboxen or subutek for 7 yrs iv been off it 12 days and my legs are hurting when does it stop

11:35 pm September 16th, 2015

I’m a 33 year old female stopped using subutex after being on it for 3 months I jumped at 1mg and I’m on day 13 I still get the rls really bad the creepy crawlers sweating very bad and can’t focus. Mind you I’m 5 foot 3 112lbs I’m small any idea when it should subside I’m hurting really bad I still have a few pieces of subs left but I just can’t take it after coming so far help please

11:38 pm September 16th, 2015

Oh and I forgot my sleeping sucks it’s like sleeping with a fish out of water

11:53 pm September 18th, 2015

I am in my 3rd week of no subutext n i feel as if this is the worst night mares no sleep yawning crawling out of my skin help me how do i ease this pain im 3 mon prego been on them for a month

11:55 pm September 18th, 2015

I am 3 mon prego this is 3weeks of no subtext been on 8mg for one month this 3weeks is workable someone help

Lori T
6:19 pm September 20th, 2015

I recently came off suboxone after being prescribed 12mg a day for the past eight years. how long should I expect to feel symptoms of withdrawal

5:51 am September 21st, 2015

Hi I’m almost 8 months pregnant and been on a very low dose my whole pregnancy.. I’m almost completely off.. I’m down to 1mg a day and sometimes I forget to even take it.. I plan to be completely off in a week and pray all goes well.. I don’t want to be on subs when I have this baby.. It’s actually been a day and a half since my last dose.. It’s different for pregnant women because we need to really take it slow.. I don’t want to hurt my baby.. But I have high hopes and I am feeling great so far..
Just one more week to go..

3:43 pm September 21st, 2015

Hello Milhu. Please go every step of the way as advised by your doctor and gynaecologist to make sure all the precautions are being followed. If you experience any unusual symptoms report to your doctor immediately. And, congratulations on becoming a mom!

9:00 pm September 21st, 2015

I’ve been using something or another for 10 years the last 4 years I have been on Suboxone. The most I ever used in a day was 1, 8mg strip the last couple months I’ve been taking a 2 mg strip a day. 9 days ago I finally stopped because I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired just wanting a normal life. Days 3-5 are the hardest if you can get thru those days your going to make it !! I bought b12 and b6 pills for energy (didn’t help much) Imodium for the diaherra ( helped a little) and a shit ton of bananas and cashews to help with leg/arm restlessness. I didn’t take any other medicine except smoke weed to help with anxiety ( I’m not a weed smoker but it helped!!). So here I am day 9 and still feel withdraws but it’s bearable. Ive come to far to quit now. I started out like everyone else though scared, didn’t know if I could get thru the w/d’s, no one could reLly give me any straight information. You have to have support and just treat each symptom ! If I can do it any of you can !! (Because I’m the biggest baby ever!!)

J ritchey
10:53 am September 22nd, 2015

Switched off hydrocodone, wanted to get off so doc put me on Suboxone the films. 8mg^2mg twice a day. I have no craving for hydro etc..Been a great drug. But I am now, now, going to get off of the Sub. What should I expect? It sounds worst than quitting hydrocodone. I have been on Sub for 2 months. THANKS WARRIORS.

2:47 pm September 22nd, 2015

I am clean off of subutex for 5 days with no withdrawal….i was a heavy user and discovered kratom which made life way easier….no pain and I am also able to sleep

3:37 pm September 24th, 2015

11 years on Suboxone. Mostly at 32mg per day. Last two years at 24mg. Of course, prior to that I was a heavy opiate user. Did what I thought was a slow taper over three months on my own. On my sixth day. Fever, chills, clammy, everything is running (nose, eyes, sinus, diarrhea). Sometimes just want to cave and take something (imagine that) to feel better. I keep reminding myself that I would have to start all over again. I so want to be free of this addiction and that’s exactly what it is. I just swapped drugs. I was convinced by the treatment community and medical personnel that I needed this to stay clean. Ha!

8:09 pm September 24th, 2015

Well I’m on 3 weeks today no subutex and I jumped at 1mg and was on it for 3 months. The worse thing right now for me is energy right now and sleep and I’m sweating a lot I believe it takes a good month to get the drug out your system them another 30 days to recover fully learning to live without it remember is a long healing process I clean everyday and lots of showers mainly I watch Netflix right now and try to find a good serious to watch on TV I’m the biggest baby when it comes to wd so if I can do it you guys can do it God bless you all I’m here for anyone who wants to talk

7:18 pm September 28th, 2015

Anyone who needs help with withdrawal look up the Thomas Recipe!! It doesn’t make you feel 100 percent but it dulls down a lot of the bad symptoms..

9:01 pm October 3rd, 2015

I have take 6.5mg to #.5 Now todown to !mg Maybe 1.5mg Im starting feel like crap , But Xanax is alot I hope that I ill not give,Cause I met the preson that lives in L.A but i go out there on the 28th of oct You i can do this

9:12 pm October 3rd, 2015

Dam it I hopes I make ,, I find i hard to Belive that that it takes thrre to four weeks No, way Do it right Let out of your mind And try the best not to even thank about it … I Kmow for Fact … Im DONE with $200.00 evert 28 day…point is I won’t be here to want , But to start a New live And Grow up And not to take A pill to Only feel normal B.s so i hope with this post Maybe some coul tell me why All Or Most People Think It like that …. May if you move And you find someone that you Love to tell you that you better then THAT …. I guess real shit is going done tomorrow … I will do this& Maybe I’ll find A new way Coming off of this B.s Johnny

sorry i didn’t spell check by this is CRAZY

3:20 am October 5th, 2015

I am a 50 yo female and was on subutex 24 mg a day for 2 years . At my last appointment my dr announced it would be my last appt because he had decided it. Was time to retire. I’m really mad at him or maybe the system itself because I’ve known for quite sometime that he was totally incompetent to be a dr of any kind. However, I sit here high and dry with no idea what to expect coming off the meds abruptly! This is day 10 off the meds and I feel like I’m gonna die! When will the worst of this be over and is there ANYTHING I can do in the mean time?

2:45 am October 9th, 2015

I have been on subutex for four years and I have stopped after tapering off I am 5 weeks sober tomorrow but my back is in an unorthodox amount of pain restless leg syndrome has not yet subsided and the lack of motivation is unreal I really am at my breaking point is there anything I can do to feel any better? Plz plz help

J in NJ
6:28 pm October 9th, 2015

Personal story on getting clean from a 42 yr old male…

I took subutex for 6 years at about 5mg per day. I wanted off every day but knew from past quit attempts (2) that I couldn’t hold my high level career position when taking at least a month away from any type of ability to hide my detox. So, I was blessed with a layoff after 8 years and given a severance package. That was my window.

Anyway, I went to a wellness/rehab center in Florida. I was ready and fully committed. I knew the train ride would take me to a painful place but it wasn’t permanent.

Here is the best remedy to speed up the process and the only way for me: physical activity and mental commitment to never lay around. It sounds easier than it is. Sitting and sleeping are not options unless you push yourself to help your brain start naturally creating those endorphins and other neurotransmitters. You may have to start with one step at a time literally, but you will feel somewhat better (and proud) after each small victory. My recipe was a slow walk in the AM (mornings are always worst), an interval walk/run after lunch and an intense gym or sprint interval in evening. I was 100% dedicated to physical movement to create natural tiredness and feel better in the moment.

Right now I’m 40+ days off of a 6 year dosage run. I lost 23 lbs, am in great shape and physical symptoms are masked. In truth, I put myself at 70% healed but that’s just fine. I grow at 1-2% per day and found laughter and not being alone compliment exercise as great medicine. I feel that if I don’t exercise, I wouldn’t heal as fast. Jumping jacks work…but all cardio and strength are beautiful moves. Try yoga or hiking. Anything to get the blood flowing.

Also, I’ve only drank water and ate fish every day. Vitamins too.

You have to be ready to fight and willing to push yourself. There’s no magic bullet here. If you sit still, you’re going to be depressed and hurt. For some people this isn’t an option, I know – so definitely consult a doctor ready to try non addictive meds to boost your mood – hopefully temporary (which might mean a year).

Anyway, it’s just my story riddled with unsolicited advice. Move. On.

PS: I still have to fight each day, but it’s getting easier steadily. Sometimes a day setback, but usually multiple days forward. I use a muscle relaxer and melatonin to help sleep.

2:20 am October 13th, 2015

Will you have withdrawl symptoms after taking subutex for 6 days 2 very small doses per day?

9:48 pm October 13th, 2015

I have been shooting 16mg of suboxon for the last year it’s been 9 days now an I feel like crap still! Body aches restlessness can’t sleep when will this feeling go away

10:46 am October 20th, 2015

I have been on buprenorphine for over 20 years and cut them down first then came off them about 4 weeks ago but I’m ok during the day but night time I’m not sleeping, having to get up, feel anxious, fissing, can’t settle, took a mild sleeping tablet prescribed by doctor but that has not helped, its just not affecting me but my partner as I disturb her! To continue I want to know what I can do with myself as I am getting depressed!!!!!

2:11 pm October 28th, 2015

I’ve dropped on a 2 to 3 day period at each drop system from 3.2 to point 6 (I started off on 6 mgs 3 or 4 years ago and was long term 4 mgs then a few weeks on 3.2 there were lower doses in between 4 mgs on the journey to 3.2 but I got so fed up with the incompetence of a certain drug worker at my local treatment center I just thought I’ve had enough and decided to do my own rapid plan. Even though I am getting the 3.2 mgs unsupervised I now no longer have cravings for H or crack that is long gone as I say I have experienced insomnia and depression on a massive scale and not so bad pain in my knees on the way down to point 6. I’ve been 3 days on point 6 and tomorrow I’ll jump point down to point 4 for another 3 days and after that I’ll reduce in crumbs. I didn’t realise the psychological effects would be something that would last for months but it is what is is. Today I felt a strong urge to go back to sleep midway through the morning and feel a lot better for it I think because I have been on less than 1 mgs for over 2 weeks I MAY have experienced semi acute withdrawals or rather the worst of it already.

I will let you know in a few days how it feels when I come off totally but I think my body has finally accepted it’s incredibly lower dose. I’ve snapped at my family when they visited on at least 3 occasions but in a way that is down to them I do give them warning that particular day I wont be a good person to be around and my parents will engage in arguments regardless, which has not helped my withdrawal one bit but anyway mind and body are good at this moment I feel a bit more stable.
Any hints and tips at this stage in the game I will be very grateful for. Thanks

8:17 pm October 28th, 2015

My daughter had her last tapered dose of suboxone 2 days ago. She is experiencing anxiety with panic attacks, leg muscle pain and twitching but I’m concerned also about inability to sleep. Is there anything effective and safe to aid with sleep and also, where can I find a support group and do they often use a partner/couch who has gone through this to encourage through withdrawal?

Thank you in advance for any help

4:23 pm November 2nd, 2015

greetings to all! a lot off good luck everyone everywhere on the fight against this teribble pil! on my 10th day without this pil after using it almost year and half at diffrent dossages. after the first 3 days the nigthmare begins, after the first week you think that the worse behind but than you get horifle pain over all body and the insomnia start… i try my last chance before returning to the pill and do 4 sets of 15 Push-ups thru the pain and it realy works! right now i got my muscels pain because i dont do sport allmost half year now but the insomnia stay and i fount myself go sleep at 7 oclock at the morning 🙁 yestarday i took at 5 oclock one pill of “lorivan” and solve the problem but it realy need to use carefely because more than two weeks use can call withdrawal and this we dont want! my advise after the first week try to rip your body with sport to stimulate the body to return build natural andomorphins that will help you with the withdrawal of subutex, go reapitly to hot showers, hear calm music and you can do it! i on my day 10 and i highly motivadat to stop the use of the pill. you can found yourself go and take more strong drugs because the pill isn’t enough so the best thing that you can do is stop using subutex or subuxon!

5:51 pm November 2nd, 2015

I’ve been on subutex now for about 8 weeks, I am on 8ml,my prescription runs out in 7 days, and I have missed my clinic appointment so I won’t get my subutex now untill 18th October, how long will my withdrawal be and how bad will the withdrawal symptoms be.

10:31 am November 4th, 2015

will a person who is on buprenorphine treatment for opioid addiction become dependent on buprenorphine if he takes the medicine for 2 continious years?

1:44 am November 5th, 2015

Stopped for 13 days and had to take approx. .5mg on 14th day it was so bad…i was. On 8 mg for a year just wondering what to expect its been 3 days since I took.5mg and went 13 days before that which was hell I had to go to walk in clinic one night I felt so bad blood pressure was sky high they gave shot in arm it was so high..what can I expect now tomorrow is day 4 since .5mg

12:17 am November 6th, 2015

I have a couple questions and concerns that it seems like no one can really answer and I totally understand if no one can completely. So I’ll start from the beginning I was taking tremadol for about 2years million brought pain management and I found out I was pregnant so immediately stopped for the sake of my child l, as I was going through intense symptoms of withdrawal I seemed medical help and was put on subutex 8mg twice a day through out my pregnancy I was able to get down to only 4mg twice a day. When my daughter was born she started going through withdrawals and is still in the hospital the doctors that where prescribing me the medication never told me how it would effect my daughter th way it is and now I’ve completely stopped because this medication is ruining my family and is breaking my heart I’m on day 3/72hrs of detox can anyone give me some insight on how long I will be withdrawing? I need to be a good mom to my 19month old and new born and me myself is struggling to get thru this I feel stuck and helpless please help

3:46 am November 6th, 2015

How does one get off subs with medical assistance and not at one of those dumps called rehab places filled with lowly of lows?

Jessica T
8:47 pm November 7th, 2015

Hello, I was taking 3mg of lorazapam for 6 years off and on never daily then the past 6 months I was taking daily. I have been tapering from a 3mg to 2.5mg for 2 weeks, the a 2.5mg to a 2mg for 2 weeks and then doctor cut me down to a .75mg very abrupt knowing I was tapering and disregarded the dangers and my terrible withdrawl. I then two weeks ago was taking a 1.5mg on my own and then dropped to a .5 mg for a week, skipping every other day for 6 days and now have not taken any lorazapam for 2 and a half days. I really wanted to know, When will I be in the ‘clear’ from having seizures and am I safe. Also…what Is the peak of withdrawl and will only get better with each day for me time frame….4 days after quitting? 3 days? A week? I want to feel better and want to be free 100%. NO DOCTOR EVER TOLD ME THE RISKS OF THIS MEDICATION AND MY PSYCHIATRIST DOES NOT WANT TO DO THE SLOW TAPER AND STOPPED PERSCRIBING IT TO ME! I WAS TREATED VERY BADLY AND THEY EVEN TOLD OTHER PATIENTS AND OTHER NURSES ABOUT MY COUNCILING SESSIONS! I AM 25 YEARS OLD AND HAVE LOST HALF OF MY YOUNG ADULT LIFE TO THIS AND WANT TO BE FREE AND ABLE TO WORK AGAIN. PLEASE HELP ME!!

11:04 pm November 13th, 2015

I have been off of subutex for 29 days now. I was using 12 mg a day. I’m experiencing insomnia, lack of motivation, muscle soreness, depression, and diarrhea. What can I do? I don’t want to relapse!!!! I was incarcerated (for non drug related crime) and now that I am out I’m scared that now I know I can get them I will be weak and take some. Please help me I have to go back to work in 3 days and have a 11 month old. I want to be better and don’t want to depend on subutex. I also don’t want to spend that money on dr. Visits that are unnecessary and would rather spend the money on my child!! Please tell me what will make this easier.

8:16 pm November 15th, 2015

im on day 6 of no subutex, the only problems I’m having still are cold chills throughout my body and no sleep ever. I get an hour a night if I’m lucky, I need to figure something out to help me sleep before I go crazy. It seems like it’s never going to end so if you have any advise please let me know. I don’t have insurance anymore so no way to contact a doctor.

5:12 am November 16th, 2015

From my experience, Subutex withdrawals suck ass but are not as bad as withdrawals from percs or dones. I took ALL kinds of opiates ALL DAY EVERY DAY for about 5 years before going to a Suboxone doctor. I was prescribed 2- 8mg Subutex a day. I rarely took 2 a day because 1 a day worked just fine. I tried tapering off but my addictive personality wouldn’t let me… I’ve been on subs for about 3 years. I stopped taking them abruptly (8 mg a day to 0). That lasted for about 18-20 days before I I gave in and started taking subs again. During that 3 weeks, I had full withdrawals that eased off after about 10-12 days, after that it was all in my head!! I’m on day 4 right now cold turkey coming off of 4 mg a day this time. The most important thing I will say is to not substitute one drug for another. I did that last time (during those 18-20 days and wound up in the hospital from Xanax withdrawals, having mild seizures from taking 6 mg of Xanax a day… Trust me you don’t want that shot of Phenobarbital!! I am staying sober this time no matter what!! Wish y’all the best!!

Jeff G.
11:45 pm November 17th, 2015

I was taking about a half to 3/4 of an 8mg subutex daily for a little over 2 years now, I never understood why doctors prescribe 2 or 3 a day, unless said person is doing multiple grams of heroine a day, 1/2 of one did me good all day. Sorry started ramblin, but like I said I’ve been taking 4-6mg a day of the subs. A month ago I was in a bar fight(well if you’d call dude sucker punching me for no reason a fight) but he did some major damage from just one punch, well he had a lighter in his hand and he just ran up from the side and knocked my ass clean out, breaking my cheek bones and eye socket so now I have 4 titanium plates put in on my left cheek bone and a titanium mesh screen under my eyeball on top of the eye socket. Ok backstorys done, sorry I’m writing a novel, just tying to give you a small backstory 🙂 anywho, does subutex have the opiate blocker in it cuz I swear I got the pain relief but no euphoria for about 2 days, and that was IV diladid they were giving me. So idk if it was the subs not letting me get high from it but I’ll tell you what, once those subs seemed to wear off I was counting down the minutes til they came in to give me my pain meds 🙂 so to the point finally, id been on the subs for about 2 years. But they had me on diladid in the hospital and norco for about a month after I was released. Not to make a long story any longer, basically my doc took me off the norco, and I was getting my subs off the street cuz I couldn’t afford whatever the dr visit costs, like 4 or $500 I think. And the person I was getting en from was this cute little thing, and it was her ex that showed up at the bar we were at and broke my face:/ so I’m not talking to her anymore. I had my last norcos a day and a half ago, and I’m REALLY starting to feel it. Cold sweats but I’m hot, my back is killing me, runny nose. Anyways sorry about the freakin novel but if anyone has any input on how long this might last or something to get to make it a little easier that would be wonderful cuz I’m definitely in the thick of the withdraw:/ I know benzo’s help you relax and not think about it as much. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated….thanks

7:00 am November 21st, 2015

Been prescribed 2 8/2 suboxone then subixone film for about 8 years. I had a $25 copay. Last year ins changed to a high deductible. I pay $120 Dr and $320 with a 200 dollar off coupon. Plus insurance premium has went up. I could by drugs on street cheaper. But want to do right thing. Our government hasn’t a clue.Remember reefer madness. And all these new drugs with there side effects. I’m 54 yr old and can’t handle withdrawals ever again especially when I and u Dont have to.

U gonna feel like shit for 3 weeks better have someone lock u up. If u can get to some relief u will. So why go through that. But if you make it 3/ 4 weeks you better stay strong. But if its right there u want be able to resist. So have someone lock u in a room before 5/0 gets u

4:38 pm November 21st, 2015

I have been on subutex for 11 days at 8mg once a day.. I am in treatment but am stressing because I couldn’t make it to clinic to get my doses for the weekend.. Will I be ok until Monday or am I gonna be curled up in withdrawals?

2:08 pm November 23rd, 2015

I’ve been on Suboxone since June 1st 2015 now nov 23 2015.
My question is I’ve never done more than 1.5 mg. mostly .50. Or less
Are the withdrawals gonna be bad if I slowly reduce and skip ?
I really want off of this stuff it has served its purpose
And what is considered a small dose of sub?
4 mg. 2 mg 1 mg. .50 mg

8:12 pm November 23rd, 2015

you people are taking ungodly amounts of Subs daily, good luck. remember, there is no painless way out of opiate addiction and no pill will cure you or relieve you of your escape from the drug. many people focus on what they don’t want instead of what they do. You can it PAWS, TOES or whatever you want, who cares. The idea is if you focus on improving your life and discomfort is the price you will pay to get there so be it. Sitting around analyzing it won’t help.I really believe that if people had a heads up notice on getting the flu in 6 days and nothing would prevent it than support groups would pop up everywhere. Deal with it, you have no choice unless you want to be a slave to a drug your entire life.

11:35 pm November 25th, 2015

Hello I’m seeking information just so I know what I’m in for I was a heroin addict for about a year 1/2 my doctors prescribed me suboxen 32 mg I gradually brought myself down to 1 or mg in just one month I’m still experiencing withdrawls but not as severe I take my last 1 mg tomorrow how bad will it n how long will it take for the withdrawls to go away? Thank u in advanced Ashley

12:04 am November 26th, 2015

One advice I can give to everyone here suffering from depression lack of energy or fatigue buy DLPA it will help tremendously it’s an over the counter natural medicine u might have to buy it online but it’s worth it and cheap just buy it trust me you’ll be happy u did for more info on DLPA Google it you’ll find all the info u need

10:32 pm November 27th, 2015

Hey so I was on methadone for years finally came off . Tougher the sick for two weeks . Got too bad was put on buprinorphine 28mg a day . I’m at a week now and hate it. Always out of breath and tired . Only took 8 mg today. Do u think the sick will be bad or anything much. I’m still sick cause I used heroin while on bup for 4 days . Been 5 days since the heroin 3 weeks since methadone . And a week on bup 28mg a day. What u think?

1:32 am November 28th, 2015

Ive just come off subutex im on my 2nd now and am starting to feel alot better my first day yesterday i went through hellbi felt like i was dieing tookba sleeper to get to sleep got up had a bath went for a long walk and feel so much better my withrawal has stopoed i still feel hot and cold and ake all over i think i feel really good 2nd day off sub you just got to take it one day at a time is all in your mind dont lisson to the bad storys and try and scare you becausebits not true i was on 8mg and was on it for 5 mths if i new it would of been like this i would of never got on it in the first place and and knocked mysekf down over the mths to nothing good luck to every one there stay strong you can do i was feeling the same but if i can do it you can do it stay strong and good luck you can do this just take one day at a time that all you can ive only been off it 2 days and feel so much better just being off it 2 days !

1:44 am November 28th, 2015

I have just stopped subutex 2 days ago yesterday i felt so bad i was withdraw bad i fwkt like i was dieing but today i feel so much better took a sleeper to get to sleep woke up felt a lot better had a bath and went fir a long walk and feel so much better today and im only on day 2 i still ake all over and get the hot and colds its all in your mind you have to try and keep yourself bizy to just take one day at a time i was on it for 5 mths on 8 mg and dropped myself down to nothing if i new i was going to have to go throuh this when i first started takeing subutex i would of never took it in the first place i really feel for people comeing off it who has been on it for years good luck to you all stay strong if i can do it you can do it just take one day at a time it will get better every day you will feel better Good luck !

8:53 pm November 28th, 2015

Suboxone should only be perscribed for 1 week, 2 at the most. Some of us, like myself, have been on this pointless drug for over 3 years now. Basically what this medication is, is legal heroin, vicodin, percocet, etc. so all of us drug addicts dont overdose, rob, steal, etc and can function in the real world with the rest of the “nomal” people.

7:52 pm November 29th, 2015

I’ve been on subs foe 8 years. I just went to Palm Spring to a treatment center to get off them. I was there 45 days going through pure hell. They refused to put me back on them to fly home so they put me on something called Butrans Patch 5mcgs. I barley made it home. It was a waste of a lot of time and energy bc i’m home back on 4 mgs a day. I so frustrated bc I feel like I’ll never get off of them.

3:23 am November 30th, 2015

TO EVERYONE. Read the post from J in NJ on Oct 9, 2015
Thanks J in NJ .
I am 47m. I was taking about half of a 8mg strip suboxone per day that I was buying on the street. I tapered down to just a sliver per day. About 22 days ago I stopped all together. I am still feeling the muscle pain and RLS. I have no way to avoid going to work so I am trying to ride it out. The only relief that I have is that my primary Dr. gives me Xanax and Ambian because I was having trouble sleeping before I started on the Suboxone. Without them, Just like J said Sleep would not be an option. I keep hoping that it is going to get better but trust me everyone if you want to do this, sitting and waiting is probably the hardest way to do it. I go to work and find that getting moving is the hardest part. Once you are moving it gets easier. The key word here is easier. Believe me when I tell you though, you are in for an uphill climb. Don’t give up though it does get easier. I have read many stories of people still struggling three or more months later. I am going to follow ( J in NJ post on Oct 9, 2015 ) advice and I will try to keep everyone updated as I go. But J’s post is the best advice I’ve read.
Good luck Everyone

7:14 am November 30th, 2015

This is the most accurate post I have seen on this drug, about six years ago I decided to stop taking it after 2 and a half years on it, I reduced myself to below 1mg a day I used to cut a 2mg tablet in to 4 pieces and took one piece a day, my doctor said that I would have very little withdrawal systems off a 2mg tablet , my God was she wrong as I was starting to get withdrawl about 8 hours after taking one of the 4 pieces I had cut up from the 2mg tablet, I finally ran out of them and decided I wasn’t going back to get any more as had enough, I can remember after about 8 hours of my last piece of the 2mg tablet I started to feel discomfort and knew I was going into withdrawl , it was a steady constant discomfort and when I tried to sleep I had no chance as the pain seemed to get worse I think during the day I was trying to be active as my girlfriend didn’t know and I managed to hide it saying I had a bad flu but at night time when my mind had nothing to keep it busy and I was trying to sleep it was a lot worse, I can remember I googled the systems as I honestly thought something was wrong with me as I was still in pain 5 days later my girlfriend had tramadol on prescription , I didn’t know what they was and what they was used for but found out they help with moderate pain so I thought I’m going to try this things and took 4 , about a half hour later I finally felt a big wave of pain relief Come across me, I managed to get a decent sleep and felt 100 times better, I continued to take 4 tablets a day for a further 3 or 4 days then I started to reduce to 3 tablets for 3 days then 2 and stayed on 1 for a further week, because of the tramadol I’m not entirely sure how long it took for the subs to finally leave my system and I stopped feeling pain and discomfort but it was at least 2 weeks for the systems to stop. I look back on it now and think that I should of never of been on subs for so long and my doctor shouldn’t of allowed it but they didn’t know much about the drug back then and didn’t really know what dose to start people on as they had me on 32mg a day at one point and told me that was the max, I have now heard that they don’t put you above 16mg a day now

6:21 am December 2nd, 2015

My dr is making me change my dose from 2 1/2 films per day to 2 films per day after a year and a half + because he says that theres no evidence clinically according to studies that im benefitting any different than i would from 2 films daily and says that this change will not cause withdrawel in any way is this accurate or is it bs

1:38 am December 4th, 2015

Have been on subtext for 14 days at roughly 4mills a day start tapering tomorrow at to mills dose this sound like a mile is sever case

11:56 pm December 6th, 2015

I have been on approx 1/6 to 1/8 of a 2mg buprenorphine daily. My last dose was around 530am yesterday. I tried to coordinate running out on a day I didn’t have to work but after reading it seems like 72 hours after would be the worst? I am off today and tomorrow. Looking for advise to help me get through the work week and not be so sick. Am I worrying too much? I’m hoping that being such an extremely low dose might help?

2:49 pm December 8th, 2015

I’m currently on day 2 of w/d frm 4mg which I cut down 0.4 weekly till my last 0.4 on sun, it’s now tues, I’m feeling like the worse is over with as I discharged myself frm rehab n went straight to buy some 5 ml diazipam coz just wanted to stop the uncontrollable twitching n just awful feeling, I haven’t had any diazi’s since last night n I’m feeling rubbish but coping. I suppose my real fear is, is tht I’ve been on heroin, meth or bupes now for over half my life, I am now 37, my docs are saying I’ll be fine coz I’ve weaned myself off slowly but I can’t help think this is gunna be harder because of the length of time my body has been relying on this shit, pls lmk if anyone else has succeeded after a long period of time on it

1:26 am December 9th, 2015

I took buprenorphine for several years as prescribed by a Dr. They were 8mg buprenorphine and for several months I was dividing them into quarters and only taking one 1/4 per day. Previously I was on morphine sulfate 30 mg for almost 8 years everything I took was prescribed and I gave regular urine samples. I never took anything other than orally and never purchased from the streets. Any info on the length of physical withdrawal would be greatly appreciated I’m not so concerned about the psychological effects. My last dose was Saturday 12/5/2015. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

6:11 pm December 15th, 2015

9 days in w/d frm 8mg subutex cut down slowly per week but 9 days clear, but for me it’s not getting any easier, infact I’d say worse, has anyone got any advise to help with the hot cold shivers they are the worst, I’m trying to stay positive but so hard when I feel this bad, when will it get easier

11:09 am December 16th, 2015

Hey Kerry. I feel for ya hang in there it will be worth it, I just finished day 10 and I’m not having hardly any of the shivers,my energy is much better and extreme yawning is almost stopped. Hot showers or a bath helped with the shivers. A couple days ago i would feel totally wiped out just walking across the room. I am having some problems still with insomnia, its 4:00 am, haven’t slept yet. Fortunately I had a script for .5mg Klonopin the first 7 days and that really helped but they’re gone so it’s all will power now. Honestly day ten was a huge improvement. My last post is above yours and I was 8mg 2x day and cut back over several months till I was at a quarter of one 8mg/day. It will get better hang on I’m pulling for ya hard. You can do this. It sucks bad but worth it. If you’re up to it post again. I’d like to hear good things from you soon. I haven’t tried it but there is that Help Line # at the bottom. Maybe they have some advice.

2:26 pm December 17th, 2015

I have been using subutex for a little over a year and my last dose was 4 days ago. I used about 1-1 and a half 2mg pills a week. I know everyone is different but I would like some advice. I want to know the reality of withdrawal from this. I know how I’m feeling and would like to know how long is this to last with how much I was doing.

8:42 pm December 17th, 2015

I’ve been on Subutex for awhile I started out at 24mg a day, and I brought myself down to 2mg a day only first thing in the morning. I’m wanting to quit cold turkey, I’ve heard the withdrawls are bad. How do I taper

11:42 pm December 17th, 2015

I went through buprenorphine withdrawal after being (legally, in pain mgt) on up to 150 mg OcyContin for ten years and Buprenorphine for five. I had two surgeries while on
Buprenorphine, so my use went up to 30 mg/day. I quit taking Bupe in mid July, possibly I tapered too fast. The first week was awful, the first month rough with little sleep despite Clonopin and Trazadone. The second month I got up to 4 hrs sleep some nights. My memory was terrible, I was depressed and generally miserable until late October. I had no drug cravings, I had to turn down narcotics for cough and a fractured risk – I don’t ever want to go back.

My main comment is that it took nearly four months to feel at all normal. I know that only 50% of the Mu receptors have been reabsorbed, so I will feel progressively through next July. I stopped taking Clonopin, I still take Trazadone. I am 61 and I can’t seem to sleep more than 5 or 6 hours a night – and I am susceptible to colds and allergy as I never have been before.

9:08 pm December 19th, 2015

I was on Subs for 5 years. Last 2 years I was only taking 2 mgs a day. I quite cold turkey 6 days ago. Day 4 and 5 are the worst. I recommend to to load up on anti-anxiety and muscle relaxers. Baclefon and Xanax is what I’m taking. Don’t take the Xanax for more than a few weeks because you don’t want to become addicted. Benzo withdrawals are brutal. The only support system I have is my mother. None of my friends knows I was on this medication. (Not even my boyfriend). I strongly suggest a support system, this is too scary to go through by yourself. Subs worked well for me. I been clean off heroin for 5 years. Work 3 jobs and have my own apartment. Even though it kept me clean and comfortable I still felt trapped. Like I was dragging a ball and chain around. I always had fear when I forgot my medication when I when I would go to work or sleep over a friends house. I felt like a functioning addict. Anyways, I prepared myself for this. I have no connects and I missed my appointment for drug test so I would be kicked off the program. This is not easy and from what I’ve read it takes a long time to recover. I’m still sneezing and feel like I’m plugged in a light socket. I recommend to stay busy. Work if you can, go for walks, run errands. If your too weak to get out of bed to walk but can’t sleep, run in place. Do sit ups or turn on some music and dance. I know it sounds ridiculous but it releases endorphins and helps you feel better. The more you distract yourself the faster time goes by and you don’t dwell on it. Thank you for reading and I hope I helped.

10:07 pm December 20th, 2015

Hello I’m taking subutex for opioid dependancy iv been on it 14 months and 3 weeks ago I started tapering from 6 mg I’m down to 2 mg and was going to stop taking any all together I was wondering how bad the detox would be because its the holiday season and I have a 2 and 4 year old to cate for as well as college classes starting again in 2 weeks do u think the 2 weeks is long enough to fully detox before classes start and that I’ll be well enough to take care of my kids though out the detox

6:06 pm December 25th, 2015

Hi Tom thanks for answering me bk, took me a while to reply because I av been in a state this whole time, I’m nearly at 3wks nd with it being christmas I caved in and bought some diazipam only 5mg ones which I’ve been taking 1 in day n 2 at night, I had to I was literally suicidal, I av young children n the thought of ruining it for them I had to sort myself out, I’m hopeing if I don’t take them for more than a few weeks I wont get addicted, it’s horrendous especially when I av kids who need me, some days I can hardly get out of bed. Thanku for the kind words tbh nothing helped before but now I feel a little better it really does help, last thing i want is to go bk to where I was. Would love to hear how your doing now, all good i hope ?

6:52 pm December 25th, 2015

Hi Amanda, hope u are okay, after reading this site it just goes to show everyone is different, me personally would taper down to 0.4mg next to nothing which I did but I av still suffered the whole time and I am at nearly 3wks but I av been on opiates of some kind over half my life so is to be expected, you av only been on them a short time so hopefully will not feel as bad, I hope you av support for any bad days, someone to watch the kids but if u don’t feel so bad they will be a welcome distraction, keeping busy is key, you might av a foggy head for a few wks after but reading this it does eventually go, hope u are okay n good luck ?

2:50 pm December 26th, 2015

I’m in congested heart failure and have been on 8mg of subutex twice a day for 2 years recently my dr retired and have not been able to get another Dr any advice would be greatly appreciated. I would like to know what kind effects on going to be facing

8:41 am December 27th, 2015

I have been on hydrocodone for 6 months heavy usage. I am on day 2 of 1/4 tab of subatex how many days do I take it to bypass withdraw from hydro. Thx

9:26 pm December 30th, 2015

I cut down to 1/4 of suboxone last one was two days ago experiencing chills and headache,how long will this last

5:51 am December 31st, 2015

I was taking 14mg of subutex for 2 yrs! I dropped 2 mg every other day over 2 weeks! I tried the Britolfex Dettox which made my blood pressure drop so stopped taking it! How long am l gunna feel so I’ll for????? I’ have a stoma which is causing problems with constant run’s belly ache!
I’m already addicted to benzos and take gabapentin! I’m on day 10 and only eaten 3 cans of soup!!!! I also keep having bouts of retching! Please tell me there is an end this!!!!!
Crookster (female age 49)

7:57 pm December 31st, 2015

I was on 4/8mg sub strips for a year and 8 months. 6 days ago I jumped off from the half strip of4mg. I lost 4/5 nights of sleep BC my body is like pins and needles going from too hot to too cold. Tossing and turning. When will that subside? Being too hot n then right away too cold seems to be the worst problem so far. When should I start to feel physically strong and energized again?

7:19 pm January 1st, 2016

Hi… I have been on 24 mg subtext for about 8 years for heroin substitute. My dr/ drugs worker are cutting me down but I feel they are cutting me down to quickly and I feel no one is in my corner and I don’t know how to fight back . As long as I am going forward what is the rush as I was on heroin for 20 years….. I am just reaching out as I don’t know what to do as it seems to be going to fast for my liking and I am feeling wobbled

12:40 pm January 3rd, 2016

Hi there I have been using buprenorphine for about a year and half take 1 pill 8mg/2mg a day and for the last 3 weeks I have made it to where I brake it in to 4 piece and take a quarter a day I just want to stop but when I do I feel tired and have arm aches the longest I tried to go without is 4 and half days yes I should have keep going it was just hard to sleep with the arm aches …what can I do and how long will it take for the aches to go away I really want to be done I really hope to hear back thank you guys

5:48 pm January 4th, 2016

I started subutex 3 months ago using 8mgtablets taken twice per day. I have weaned myself down to just 2mgs taken twice per day. I thought I could just quit at this lower dose but am having real uncomfortable withdrawals. Should I keep titrating down to half of my current dose or how far do I need to go to keep the withdrawals from ruining my sleep?

6:24 pm January 6th, 2016

I’ve been taking one suboxone a week for nearly a year now cut into small pieces and I am now 5 months pregnant and I just want to stop taking it completely and I was hoping with such a small dose that maybe I can take half of what I’ve been taking for the next week but every other day instead and then the next week not take anything.. But what I was wanting to be sure of is its not gonna harm my baby if I stop from such a low dose so abruptly.. What helps with the physical withdrawal symptoms?? I know soaking in Epson salt in a hot bath can help pull the toxins out of my body but I also want to know if there is anything I can safely take to help flush the toxins out and maybe some vitamins to bust my immune system while I’m detoxing and help with the day by day struggle and maybe something to maintain my energy level.. Because even tho I’m an addic I took the subocone for pain in my back instead of the pain pills because I already have weak kidneys

7:10 pm January 6th, 2016

I am tapering off of Suboxone (it has been 4 Months) I was doing great up until now on one mg) I had been on pain management for 8 years. I am so sick and so very depressed and honestly wish didn’t go this sub route. I never abused meds but got physically dependent. I now wish I wld have weined from meds. Suboxone is a very misleading drug. Also the doctor told me I wld not go thru withdrawal. I feel my receptors will never work again. So very sad!

5:01 pm January 7th, 2016

Hi I’ve been on suboxone for the last 3 years and another 1.5 years on opiates. I was taking one sub a day then wenned myself down.I’m now on 3 weeks clean on the only problem I have is whole body muscle aches and insomnia. Everything else subsided. But these body aches make me want to go do anything that will make it stop. I would be great if they would just go away and I feel that it won’t ever stop. I’ve read that it should only last no more then a month but the body aches have no let up from the first of w/d.I don’t know how much now I can take of this. I’m doing this all alone wit no help. Although I have been given some Lyrica by someone inthe faimily and you would not believe how much it took all the w/d away. Like night and day. But they had no more and so now I am thinking to going to the doctors myself but I don’t know how they will be willing to give me some.

5:00 pm January 9th, 2016

For all those asking about suboxone withdrawal taking like 2 Mg. a day….GIVE ME A BREAK. I’ve been on suboxone for 6 years at 24 MG. a day. Retired moved to Fla. & saved 7 – 8mg. tabs which I took 1 a day. So for 8 day I took 1 tab a day. Stupid. Should have made it 16 days at 4 mg. a day or less. I am now on Day 14 with NOTHING. Diarrhea still can’t sleep, no motivation, weak, sneezing, crapping & brain racing. Soon as I eat…I get tired & can’t stay awake. Hence I cannot sleep more than 3 or 4 hours at night. This Sucks. I’ll get thru the bullshit. May take MONTHS. Screw it..I can do it again & forever. REMEMBER- ONE DAY AT A TIME.

9:01 pm January 11th, 2016

I have been on buprenorphine for a year to ween me off of morphine that I was on for 5 years. I have a chronic pain disease and the buprenorphine helped me off the morphine. Well I got a new insurance and they didn’t want to cover my prescription of buprenorphine so my pain doctor had me quit and gave me a prescription of klonipin. It helps with the flu symptoms but I can not sleep because of thrashing legs and so so tired. I am on day 5. How much longer?

9:17 pm January 11th, 2016

My names Jen I was on her ion and crack for god knows how long about 11 years, I’m 29 and have been on subutex for 8months but for the past 3 days I’ve not taken them. It’s getting easier but it’s the same symptoms as getting of the gear but not half as bad. What can I do without taking more medicine that’s not addictive and help me with the sleep and legs hurting aswell as having no energy. How long till I feel better as I have a full time job and a daughter. I’ve not been to sleep 4 3 nights and although it’s getting better it’s not great. I’m gunna do this if it kills me but how long till I get my energy back( feel human again)

10:54 pm January 12th, 2016

I was taking about 8mg. Strips for bout a year cutting them up into bout quarters. I kind of weened off to nothing last frid . y. It is Tuesday now and I feel horrible. I don’t know what to do cause I got all the sub’s “off the street”

9:19 am January 13th, 2016

2 weeks off subx. My symptoms as of now have been manageable. Still having the sneezing, Tummy cramps, very blurred vision and very sensitive to light. Some nights I can sleep, some I can’t. Cold sweats r gone finally. Leg cramps on and off. Haven’t had to call off work tho and have been able to do daily functions. Happy to be free of that poison. Its a very misleading drug but it did save my life. One day at a time

M. Lutes
10:56 pm January 14th, 2016

I was on subtex for 3 years. I slowly tapered down to 2mgs. After I was comfortable, I stopped. I am on day 6 without subtex. My 3 main discomforts have been fatigue, not sleeping good, and diarrhea. How much longer will this last? By the way, I’ve had no cravings.

12:19 am January 15th, 2016

I have been withdrawn from subtext for 4yrs now and I am still ill. I don’t like to be touched and constantly freezing can’t sleep no energy and I am always snapin at my family and friends.

2:17 am January 15th, 2016

Hi … I was at rock bottom … I had finally got addicted to a drug that literally took over my entire life ( percs, mostly oxys and even heroin. Well I got my wake up call when I got 14 charges on me and got arrested. I almost lost my kids, my house … All my bills were always late. I knew it was time to quit but also knew I needed help!! The withdraws were too much for me … Especially since I have kids. I couldn’t be useless not even wanting to get off the couch. So anyway I signed up for the suboxone program and he started me off at 16 mg a day, the entire time I was on the program which was 5 and a half months I felt very focused and determined. The last month when I tapered down I was getting very nervous and anxious. I went down to one and a half then one then half of one then cut one strip up in 7 pieces. I’m on day three … The yawning is very true … I have just a little diahrea not much, no energy but I make myself get out of the house at least once a day, trying to eat better, taking multivitamins, barely getting any sleep cause of the restless leg syndrome. But I know one thing … It will be sooo worth it in the end! I crave to be NORMAL again and I know its not normal to have to wake up everyday and take something to get out of bed. Its really hard … I’m not gonna sugar coat it BUT you have to stay focused and stay strong. I was wondering if anybody knew how long my withdraw symptoms will last??? Good luck to anyone else out there going through the same struggle. God is good, All the time.

3:35 am January 15th, 2016

guys you can do it , get off little by ltitle cut your strips until you get down to a 1millimeter strip and then drop … you will get your energy back after 2months-3months trust me

9:49 pm January 19th, 2016

I’m on day 5 since my last dose of suboxone street bring on it for a bit over 2years. I started at 8mg & gradually tapered to 6mg the first year. The second year I became motivated & droid down to my”jump of” dose of .5mg. I was on .5mg for 2 weeks. My biggest struggle during titration was between 4mg & 2mg then again difficulty going from 2mg- 1mg. I’ve been using Kratom to successfully attenuate all negative withdrawal symptoms. I started using Kratom on day 3 when the chills & anxiety started to take over. I’ve been sleeping & eating GREAT!

2:34 am January 23rd, 2016

I’ve been on suboxone since it came out in this country. . Between 2mg’-32mg.. usually stable on 12mg. Would say it has been 12 years. Decided after having baby, it was time to stop. Could never wean successfully as I’d always end up back on higher dose as I’ve found you do not feel a buzz like affect at higher doses but when I wean at about 4mg I start to feel a high when I take it then drop in mood.. hours later. I end up taking more to keep from feeling that down/drop. So I stopped at 12mg a few weeks ago. I asked my dr for 300mg gabapentin. It worked so well the first 3 days I had chills but no inner restless

2:20 pm January 23rd, 2016

I have been off suboxone for almost three months, after takin them for almost two years and heavy opiate user for about six years prior to the subs. My question is when will I be back to feeling normal? I still have absolutely no energy and motivation and restless legs. I am fighting through it but everyday waking up to feel this way makes it harder to fight cause I dont know when the end will be. Thanks for your help.

Concerned wife
4:03 am January 24th, 2016

My husband will be entering a long term rehab for 6 mos to a year. He has been taking herion and 18 mg subutex. He will have stopped the H 4 days but still be on the subutex till he gos in. Do you think it’s a good idea for him to stop the subtex 18 cold turkey

7:30 am January 25th, 2016

im currently using klonipin to wing myself off, there the .5 mg how many should i do a day and how many times to not feel the symtoms as bad but still get off it?

Slick Rick
9:41 pm January 25th, 2016

Alright, I am hoping someone can answer this question for me. I was on PK’s for about a year and then started taking suboxone for the following 4 years. I have finally got to the point where I was finally ready to jump and due to scheduling, and me being impatient, I didn’t want to wait another three months to properly taper down so instead I just jumped @ 2-4 mgs which I have been on for the last two years. The first 5 days sucked but remarkably I was still working out everyday (I have been working out for a decade now 3-4 times a week) then I took day 6 off as not to overdo it. Day seven I started back to the gym and this is where it all started getting real bad for me, the workout itself wasn’t horrible but all symptoms of the withdrawal were in full effect so I was walking around like a zombie trying to lift some weights. That night I got 3 hours of sleep. Day 8 was a repeat of day seven and again I only got 3 hours of sleep. Day 9 was a repeat of both 7 and 8 except that night I only got 2 hours of sleep. I figured by day ten I would be doing OK but it was just the opposite, after getting a combined 8 hours of sleep over the past 3 days and having your day start at 2 am (I slept from midnight to 2 am) which means you are experiencing the drawals ALL DAMN DAY, I finally broke around 2pm of day ten for what I believe was the right decision. At that point I was so delirious from no sleep, my body temp. was jacked and my face was beat red and burning excessively, I was in the bathroom all day and my skin…..well you all probably know what I am talking about, I was in full blown withdrawals with no sleep to boot and I had taken Benadryl and Melatonin to fall asleep so I was feeling the effects of those as well. To paint a picture, I was in the fetal position in the shower trembling…..wasn’t good to say the least, I even almost ran over some old lady because I couldn’t stay focused on the road. Anyhow, I ended up taking 1 mg of suboxone in hopes that I would finally get some sleep….and sleep I did, for about 6-7 hours. Today I feel great but I know that is probably a result of the suboxone I took yesterday. My question now is, am I back to square one? will that 1 mg wipe out the ten days of withdrawals I already went through?? Good lord I certainly hope not but I am hoping someone here may have an answer, otherwise I will just have to wait and endure. Good luck to all.

11:19 pm January 27th, 2016

My son was on a medication assisted treatment program (18 mg Suboxone daily) for opiate/heroin addiction. He was taken to jail on Monday for missing a court date and will not be allowed to continue his treatment. How dangerous is this? An of course since he is detoxing in jail, they have put him in isolation with no blankets, pillows, shoes, socks, personal hygiene supplies and no phone calls. Anything I can do?

Slick Rick
4:34 am January 30th, 2016

@ CAR, I hate to say this, but unfortunately there isn’t whole lot you can do. Opiate withdrawals suck, but they are not fatal like benzo’s. A local PD around my parts refused to help a benzo addict and she died as a result and now the PD is getting sued, I hope that doesn’t scare you because its nearly impossible to die from an opiate withdrawal….but maybe you could argue his condition and hope they have sympathy, although I am not sure what they could do for him, its highly doubtful that they would give him his dose and to be really honest, isolation, although mentally disturbing, at least guarantees that he will no seek out a fix.

I am terribly sorry for your son’s situation, I have recently come off of Suboxone and it certainly isn’t the most easy thing in the world. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why jails will not aid in the recovery process. Its not like they can’t regulate the Suboxone or Methadone intake in order to restrict any euphoria since the objective is, in fact, to make your life a living hell while you are in their custody…..simply cut the dose down to 1 mg and AT LEAST help preventive full-blown withdrawals……seems like it would be more beneficial to them as well, dealing with somebody in that state is no easy task either. This is a strange world we live in and now that I am among the contingency of addicts that a product of legal administration (aka Doctors got us hooked) I see the pharma industry in a whole new light. Your son will suffer, especially coming off a dose that high, but he will live. Its strange in our everyday life how we take for granted what two weeks can do to a person, typically it flies by in normal fashion without even noticing it, and that’s the mindset you have to have going into withdrawals, “its only two weeks, I can do this, I have made it through thousands of weeks before, why should this be any different?” but then time begins to slow down drastically because you feel every waking second and your body is so fatigued that it feels like you already suffered though a days withdrawal before the noon whistle even blows. I could sugar coat this and say “your son will be just fine” but the fact is……he is needing. Its a shame they can’t allow him to use the phone a little more because human interaction isn’t just a remedy…..its a necessity. I just spent the last ten days in my apartment alone and it was brutal, I even broke on the tenth day but have since resumed a clean detox. I worry for your son because I had the HUGE benefit of purchasing a whole shopping list of aids such as Immodium, Benadryl, Phenibut, Kratom, B-Complex, Passion Flower, NAC< Multi-V, Advil, Melatonin and a few other things and it was STILL pretty unbearable……plus hot showers which can be a real life saver, my biggest help though? was working out EVERY SINGLE DAY for 30 mins to an hour NO MATTER WHAT! Not sure if your son will reach that side of the jail if he is only staying for a short time, but even push-ups and sit-ups, no matter how impossible it may seem, will at least accelerate his detox by sweating out all that bullshit in his system.

I wish there was more advice I could give you, but unfortunately jail is probably the worst place to be during all this. I wish you and him the best of luck and may the almighty empower him enough to face down this fucking god forsaken drug.

3:33 pm January 30th, 2016

9 years on this evil drug. Rectal surgery 12 years ago started me out on opiates legal when they ran out I got them however I could. When that ended I went to suboxone clinic. 9 years has passed and I am now out of the program. Spent 6 days in psych ward home now with these meds Methocarbomol Mirtazapine Valium 9 days left before I need to be back to work sleep depravation is acute help?

1:59 pm January 31st, 2016

i really don’t understand why you’re having so much trouble with the withdrawals. i have been for 3 years on 8mg , last year was on but more off… so i jumped after a two month stretch. i have no trouble sleeping i just woke up to day5 after 12 hours of sleeping without any help. i feel a bit fatigued, a bit of joint pain, a bit of chills but nobody would know i was going through this if I didn’t tell them. I don’t understand why you report struggling so much. to be honest just reading the forum accounts discouraged me a lot in the past. I don’t know if it is cause I’m not in US so the pills(sublingual) are different or what is it… whatever the case it only gets better. day 5 here i come.

7:49 pm February 1st, 2016

Hi im starting my withdrawal today, i was on 12 ml a day but have been reducing over a year I have managed to get myself down to 0.2 ml in the last week. Does anyone know how hard it’s going to be for me. I have managed this far quite easy with just a few restless nights. Any help would be much appreciated.

12:30 am February 2nd, 2016

Only used 8 mg for 7 dates helped with knee pain…?? Can I just stop??????

8:13 pm February 2nd, 2016

I was taking flexril for about a week and half for muscle spasms .. It didn’t seem to be helping at all so I stopped taking them 3 days ago. Now I have muscle spasms , nervousness, and feeling sick how long will this last

8:30 pm February 3rd, 2016

I have been on saboxon for over a year , have got myself to where I only take one film in a week’s time, if I all together stop will the withdraw be as bad , and last as long ? Please keep in mind I still take a small piece everyday

5:01 am February 4th, 2016

I have been on subutex for 5 years on 16 mg a day, a high dose. It is has been 21 days since I stopped cold turkey. It’s been hard but it is getting better. It is much easier than goin through full opiate withdrawals. I’m never going back to opiates ever again, as it has ruined my quality of life. For the first time in 12 years I feel good about my future.

Oh no....
1:27 am February 7th, 2016

Me and my fiancé have been on subutex for 3 yrs now due to the fact was using very badly. I had made the climb from snorting pills to shooting them. One night I got sick from not having anything to shoot my legs started then diarrhea no sleep I let this go on for 2 days and could not take the legs anymore so I shot 200mg of water for the feeling of a stick of the needle and tried to get my mind on something else other than my legs. Wow what a water headache it took my mind off them for sure that was the last time for that. I detoxed for 11 days then started subutex (snorting) and never looked back now I tried to quit subutex and there is no way of doing that cold turkey so needless to say we are still on them plz tell me how to come off of these without all the bs legs and the rest. Just something to make it easier to deal with plz

7:13 am February 9th, 2016

Will I withdrawal after using sub’s for a month

12:52 pm February 9th, 2016

I have been off suboxone for 10 days,was taking a 2mg strip /day since Jan.Cut down myself to one mg/ day for one month.The restless legs drive me crazy,ive been drinking tonic with quinine,it helps but not quick enough.Cant sleep stomach feels twisted or like there is a bowling ball in it.

1:23 am February 12th, 2016

I have been taking buprenorphine for chronic pain.This last time for four years The withdrawal is nasty ,all the pains and then some joint ache and muscle twitching,and then must not forget the insomnia , I am certain life will be better without this crap in my body.I foud your information most informative.I will not relapse but the lethargy is an absolute killer.TC

9:39 am February 15th, 2016

I’m 25 years old. I have a 5 year iv heroin habbit. Ive been on suboxon-naloxone 8mg strips for the past 2 years. Ive weened down to 1/3 a day which is about idk 3 mg a day give or take. And Ive gone 8 days without and feel like shit but the first week was much worse. I still have restless legs and clammy skin. But my first week was also incarcerated which if anyone in America who has been incarcerated knows withdrawals in jail aren’t as bad as when you are free and doing on your own terms. But I’m free now with 8 days off suboxone and I have to say just sitting on the couch and being a pussy and depressed makes it way worse. Ive been trial and error at doing this for a year and have learned that getting off your ass and going for a small jog will make your symptoms a whole lot better and Ive got some protein and other vitamins to keep my body replenished and have been drinking lots of water. I would say that any average American which I’m from the pac. northwest and still live in America currently so I know that I have to force myself to not let my withdrawals get in my thoughts throughout the day which any American would let get the best of. But in the end, it’s an opiate and it’s all mental. I say go to Africa and see if someone with the same shit is withdrawling and bet they have lot worse shit that makes there mind go into withdrawl,than a pussy was buprenorphine come down. just satin! much less hardcore than any of the other opiates like oc, Perc, dilauded, or heroin which Ive done all and can say subs aint nearly as bad. But don’t even listen to someone that tells you it’s the worse comedown of all opiods cuz they must be cold turkey a high dose or just a over privileged best that has never been in between a rock and a hard spot cuz I’m loving proof. Just make sure you ween down to a small dose for about 90 days and when you do just workout at least 5 days a week and drink lots of water with some supliments which I think makes it a world of difference cuz your body is trying to replenish from toxins it’s not rocket science, for real people. I know it’s easier said than done but trust me on this it’s not that bad. Don’t get in your head and stay active that’s all I can preach on this one. Hope this helps someone and are not a lazy doper which this won’t do anything for you. Suboxone is intended to be a temprary option until your lifestyle is changed. I’m not close to being done with this because this drug is a marathon not a sprint it’s got a long half life and stays deep in your body so just stay positive and stay focused and you will find that it’s not bad at all.

2:55 am February 16th, 2016

My daughter was only on subutex for 5 days the last two days she was down to a quarter of a pill which was 2 milligrams because she was so nauseated she ended up in the emergency room with the emergency room doctors say were severe side effects almost like an allergic reaction but it wasn’t a little ergic reaction it was a side effect reaction because once they gave her fluids she felt somewhat better but then 2 days later she starts complaining of headache mostly and some nausea too. She was on for such a short period of time why she so sick now. She was put on it because she was taking one to live a more than her doctor prescribed vicodin after a very bad car accident. But literally with just one day of the subutex she has not wanted any kind of opiate. I’m afraid what’s going to happen if the headaches continue. Are the headaches from the subutex like the emergency room doctor thinks or is it that she stopped it so quickly because of the side effects that she’s having opiate withdrawal like the psychiatrist thinks. She was on vicodin for approximately 8 months she’s running short sometimes and have nothing for a week or two but we never saw any kind of major withdrawal. The whole thing is very confusing I just want her to feel better. You took the medicine at first from a very bad car accident and she got two herniated discs she’s recently had some acupuncture and trigger point injections that have made her back feel better. But again just a few days later she has her back is much better than it was but its still sore but that the headaches are really uncomfortable. Is it possible to be withdrawing from subutex after taking such a small amount and after only 5 days. She took the medicine at first some of our vehicle accident and she got to herniated discs she’s recently had some acupuncture and sugar. Injections set of made her back feel better. But again just a few days later she says her back is much better than it was but its still sore but that the headache so really uncomfortable. Is it possible to be withdrawing from somebody text after taking such a small amount and after only 5 days. Truthfully she started the first two days as the doctor told her to which is 8 milligrams under the tongue and a half from milligram shoot a 3 times a day after that but by Wednesday she was feeling so well stay for the herself very quickly down to the 2 milligrams Thursday and Friday.

12:02 am February 18th, 2016

I have been clean off of heroin for 15 days now. I took 6 mg of the subtext for the first two days then dropped down to four in one night then to 2 mg in the next 24 hours after that. Yesterday I tried taking my 2 mg and threw up spitting the pill out and not knowing how much I even absorbed from that, today I decided since I felt off yesterday I would just not take anything today and I get hot flashes along with the chills every now and again and am now starting to feel tired. Other then that, those are the only side effects. Like I said I was only on the medication for 13 days and feeling off for two days now. How much longer will these withdrawals last for?

3:37 pm February 18th, 2016

Thanks for the information on how long withdrawal lasts.Dont you just love doctors who go on prescribing for years ?I think its four weeks now day time seems O.K. but what ever happened to a decent sleep.cant get one of them,aches in my arms not painful just not conducive to sleeping it lasts several hours and then its gone as if it never was ,which I wish it would do.Thanks a lot for the feedbackTC

11:33 pm February 19th, 2016

If I am whining myself off of buprenorphine (Not Suboxone ) how low of a does should I get to before cold turkey to minimize withdrawals. I have been on 24 mg for 4 years and have whined myself down to 5 mg a day. Will withdrawals be bad if I can get down to 2 mg per day

4:58 pm February 20th, 2016

Who do I call when ive been on 2 8mg subutex a day and my dr has a “family emergency” and I cant be seen for 3 days… so im gonna be out for 3 days. I feel the withdrawals comijg on already just thinking about it. Can a dr do me that way? Im on 16mg a day. Is there a headquarters number? Plz give , e some advise

10:11 pm February 23rd, 2016

I was addicted to oxycotin for about a year. Then i got “Sober” (Not really), and started using Suboxone 8mg/2mg for about another year, cause i wanted to move on with my life from the pills. I was only kidding myself thinking suboxone would solve all my troubles. I finally found the light at the end of the tunnel, not the BIGGEST source of light, but almost there, and i am on DAY 11 of complete sobriety. Like most people i see in their comments, my energy is GONE….. slowly i get a little more each day, but i cant stand on my own 2 feet for more then 3 hours. And i am DIEING for some SLEEP. When will i finally be able to get a GOOD nights rest? I’m starting to lose my mind a little bit waking up every hour on the hour!! Is there anything SPECIFICALLY i can take to help me sleep that does NOT CONTAIN BENZO FAMILY (Ambien, xanax, valium) ??

3:49 pm February 25th, 2016

Im 11 days clean from subs.I was on 16 mg for 9 years straight.Ive had 5 different doctors.The last doctor decided he didnt want to do it anymore, but luckily another doc stepped in and weaned everyone down.I do believe the faster you come off, the worse the withdrawal is.It took almost 3 months to go from 16mg down to 1mg.IT WAS A NIGHTMARE. Day 11 still sick

11:44 pm February 26th, 2016

After reading the confessions and comments here, y’all have me thinking I’ll never be able to quit subs. I’ve been on subutex for 4 or 5 years now. I usually take about 1 or 2 a day, my script if for 2 a day. It’s a wild drug, I really don’t feel anything anymore when I take it, whether I take a whole one, a half, or w/e. Sometimes when I get down to only having 1 or 2 to make it through the 3 or 4 days till my next appt., I might only do a half a day. When I get my script, sometimes I’ll do 3 a day, I don’t know why because I really can’t tell the difference. I know I need to quit, since my insurance only pays the doctors visit, I have to pay cash for the subutex, around $125 a month at a Wal-mart in Mississippi where I know the pharmacist pretty well. I do have chronic back pain, and I’m 58 years old, and have been using drugs off and on for almost 40 years. I thought subutex was a miracle drug, never realizing how addictive it is. I really don’t know why I’m rambling on about it. Anyway, good luck my friends, I hope we all have the courage to stop using this stuff. I’m not sure I do right now.

3:06 am February 29th, 2016

I am on my 5 day of withdrawal I feel like shit how much longer til it’s over is there anything I can do at homw

8:53 pm March 2nd, 2016

I am on day 7 of being off subs. I was addicted to Percocet and Vicodin (whatever I could get my hands on basically) and finally was sick of chasing a constant high. Last year I started taking suboxone 8 mg a day, then over the past few months I started tapering down (sniff small lines of sub through the day, maybe 2mg a day, if that). Anyway it’s been real hard but if you can make it through detoxing (for me it was 3-4 days) you will slowly start to feel better. I highly recommend tapering down as much as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel terrible, but it’s nothing compared to the first few days. I can’t seem to get comfortable but I’m so tired from lack of sleep. It’s totrure because I am laid off of work but can’t do anything. I’m bored with no energy. I’m trying to just relax and get better but I can’t seem to get off the couch. I’ve lost 14 lbs because I can’t eat (which is ok because I was 170 lbs…), not to mention I have female problems and haven’t had a cigarette in a week. I just really want to feel normal again, so bad. I have heard so many stories of relapses and stories of it taking 3-6 months before feeling normal, I hope it won’t take that long……I just really feel helpless from having no energy. Any advice???

6:52 pm March 3rd, 2016

I been on suboxens for about 6-7 months now. i never used heroin or any other drug except Percocet which is the reason I started taking subs, to get off percs. but when I took percocets it was for about 2 years off an on but definitely took a half or whole every Day after so long. then I was able to take a price an b fine an at times jus quit. I stopped taking subs cold turkey which they say isn’t good but I only been taken them for a few months. my first day symptom I wanted the sub but fought through it and my second day my body felt sick an a few sgajrs for a few hours. I also felt cold. my third Day no vomitting or anything but I feel out of it. felt that way my second day as well. now on my fourth day I have some energy but not for long. more happy than grumpy like the first few days. my legs feel weak and a littleback pain but I also have scoliosis. Can you tell me when I will start feeling normal again please. I have too many kids around an they need their daddy as well as my wife! thank you. from reading alot of questions an a seeds u start to wonder if things will b that way for u. almost makes you want to give up.

8:13 pm March 5th, 2016

I’m on day 8 I was on herion then went to suboxone 8mg for the past 5 years I have bin without for 8 days now an I feel like shyt

4:01 am March 6th, 2016

I was cutting my sub strips into thirds then each third in half and each of those in half, seems like a very low dose but the withdrawals seem to be just as bad as a higher dose for me. How long do you think the restlessness will last ? Other symptoms I can handle but not the jerking and sleeplessness. Any info would be appreciated.

1:04 am March 10th, 2016

I am day 29 post Suboxone and unfortunately don’t see a lot of improvement. My biggest issue is I can’t walk more than a few steps without having to catch my breath and sit down. I am extremely fatigued all of the time. I’ve managed to come back to work out of sheer force of will, but on the weekends when I’m off, I’m miserable. I can barely interact with my grandchildren. My doctor gave me Seroquel to sleep (when I didn’t have a choice or know what it was really for) and I hate it. I hate that stopping it adds another layer of withdrawal misery, but the way I feel when I wake up in the morning isn’t much better. I’m extremely angry with the way my doctor detoxed me (rapid 5 day taper after nearly 8 years of at least 16MB a day). I’m extremely angry that he forced another medication on me that I’m now bound to (Seroquel, truly evil drug) and this his solution to everything is double the Seroquel (not in my lifetime). I hate that the only real relief I get is taking this evil drug and checking out for about 10 hours. At this point I’m not sure what is making me feel so lousy every single day (like swimming through we cement), I just know that I don’t feel better with each passing day, I’m almost starting to feel worse. I can certainly understand the high recidivism rate coming off Suboxone. If I could get my hands on it right now, I’m not sure what I would do.

1:00 pm March 11th, 2016

My ex got me on heroin but stopped about 3 months into it and finished with him I was buying subitex of his cousion since July last year and was snorting 1mill a day since then…. then for 4 days had half of a 1 mill…. and from Tuesday this week are free from any drug and him controll freak cus i was not taking a lot will the side effects go faster it is Friday now and I feel I an over the worst thankyou x

Cliff M
6:52 pm March 12th, 2016

I want to know how long severe withdrawal symptoms (I’m “cold-turkey for over 48 hrs. now) will occur after being on Suboxone 4mg daily for only 2 weeks.

2:56 am March 13th, 2016

I took 1/4 of sub’s for over a year but before was on them for at least 8 years…. I’ve been clean for 16 weeks now but I’m still experiencing sneezing, achy legs and my back is the worst…. When will it pass?….. Please help me what to do, to help along the way.

10:06 am March 17th, 2016

For anyone experiencing withdrawals you may want to look into a product called “Withdrawl Ease” it costs a little
Money but is all natural and had 1,000’s of positive reviews. I have been going through withdrawals for about 8 days from sub strips. I started taking a lortab here and there as well as tramadol and have just prolonged my misery. I found this product online and ordered it today. I feel it may help a lot of you as well. Please go look into it, stay strong and remember you are not alone.

7:54 am March 20th, 2016

My situation is complicated. I’m currently on disability. I lost my pain doc through no fault of my own. I have multiple chronic pain conditions including 5 herniated lumbar disks and trigeminal neuralgia. I was on 3 strips /day(8mg/2mg strips) for about 1 year. I finally found a new pain doc and got off rather quickly. Titration down within 4 weeks. My new pain doc only started me at 15 mg/day of OxyContin instead of his promised 100mg/12 hours of MS Contin. I feel like I’m in paws 20 days later. Horribly anxious, sweats, yawning, overwhelming restlessness. Like I have to move my legs. I already have RLS and its like that dialed up to 11. Abdominal distress and diarrhea and feeling like I have less than zero energy. Just showering and feeding myself is tough. Every day is slightly better but I just don’t know. Taking the 15mg of OxyContin helps for about 4-5 hours but that’s all. My only hope is that my pain doc ups my dose and/or switches me to an extended release dose for both pain and to overcome these symptoms. I’m sorry if I’m not clear about anything but my situation is so huge I’d be here forever. Any advice or help is much appreciated. Thank you.

11:28 am March 20th, 2016

I was taking these tablets for at least 6 years been off them 2 months but still don’t feel right is this normal I was taking 4mil tab daily

4:48 pm March 20th, 2016

I am a gymnastics teacher and a mom and wife. I have had my business for 15 years. It is very physical and that is what got me started on pain pills. Then I decided to get off and go on subutex. Little did I know this would be an addition too. I have been on them for years now and now I’m trying so hard to taper. I pretty much have too. I REALLY want my life back as well. More money, more time with family, more TIME… I have about 20 left and I’ve been taking very little once a day and a little sometimes in the middle of the day before I go to work – to help me spot and be peppy. I am just curious if I should go see a DR and explain my story and see if they can help me. Or, just wean down and see it I can conquer this by myself. I will come clean with my family. But, I’m nervous about coming clean with me. I do not use it to get high. I use it to function. Trust me – I’m tapering now and sometimes I just wonder if it’s in my mind that I feel bad or if I know how good I feel when I’ve taken 1/2 a dose. I’m ready to do it ALL. I just need some advice and hope someone can help me with getting my life back.

2:57 am March 22nd, 2016

I used opioids after back surgery for 11 months. I went CT for 4 days then went to rehab. Used 6mg of suboxone for 7 days. Been home for 15 days. Sleep is a huge problem, and my body is so tired. My mind is finally slowing down a bit. How much longer do I suffer from this? I am staying positive , but this is the worst !

11:58 pm March 22nd, 2016

I’ve been off Suboxone for over a year and still feel like hell.I’m convinced it kills endorphins permanently and will never be “normal” again.

1:18 pm March 23rd, 2016

hello. i have one question:
Ten years ago i was shooting H, quited cold turkey!
This time I was very “cautious” (maybe frightened is more appropriate word) and although i did relapse, i’ve been snorting for about 6months as little as possible (that means not in the mood “lets party!”, rather than just feel it – ie 0,5g/day but for the last month 1g/day)
So,here i am again struggling to quit, knowing that ALL IT TAKES IS 3DAYS TO A WEEK AND I DID IT!
My question is:
is subotex going to affect this timeschedule?
i mean, i am clean on day 3 and thanks to 6mg subotex/day i feel almost OK. I only have 4 pills of 8mg and i plan to make them last a week.
Do you think by that time the H wd would be cured as if i was going a week cold turkey?
thanks for any replies!

5:23 pm March 23rd, 2016

Stephen I have been wondering the same thing. I’ve only been off for 8 months and was hoping I’d start to have feelings again by now. I’m still numb and feel like I will never be able to enjoy anything ever again. I’d love to here from someone who can say they have gone beyond this stage and their endorphins have returned

5:40 pm March 23rd, 2016

I am a 68 year old woman in a mid sized rural communitywho became addicted to codeine while working full time in health care and waiting for total knee replacement surgery on both knees. At that time preop I was on 10 mcgms of Butrans I went to an OATC clinic and was helped immensely. I have been on a 10mcgm Butrans patch for at leas 1.5 years (weaned down from 20mcgms) All in all a total of about 9 years. I have been discharged from the clinic, have taken as much chronic pain management courses as I could access . Now I am working on decreasing the patch as it seems that the patch is unnecessary in its doseage or perhaps entirety. I am on day 7 have gone through major withdrawal with nausea, vomiting, twitching, spasms, headache, insomnia and at this point am tired and headachey. The plan with my GP is one week on 10mcgms and one week 5mcgms for at least a month. After reading in internet I am wondering if this plan will just perpetuate the addiction?: I have good support and communications with both pharmacy and my GP. Can you suggest where I go from here?

4:34 am March 25th, 2016

I have been on subutex for over 5 years and missed my pick up because its Easter and didn’t know my chemist shut I have 4 days before I can get hold of my carer and I am just shaking at the thought of going without them . I suffer depression and anxiety at the best of times. I think I am in for a ruff ride . Any one out there can give me some kind of help. I worry because I have been on them so long.

1:29 am March 28th, 2016

been trying to get off suboxone been taking 2mg for days , did quit for 2 weeks, but things seemed to get worse at that point and i started back up, can anyone help with this?

1:21 pm March 28th, 2016

I was on subtext 24 mugs for 10 years. I went off cold turkey. It has been 2 weeks since last dose and I am crying as I write this. I am 56 with a very bad lower back and now every part of my body hurts. I want to die. Any ideas to help.? I have as all farm and I have ro are of my animals. I can’t sleep even with Xanax and neuron tin. I was up 3 times with restless legs. I have a script, should I just taper off?

7:36 pm March 28th, 2016

Hi Donna, 24mg is a lot to come off from cold turkey. I tapered right down over a period of 2 years which I know is a long time but I tapered from 16mg right down to 0.4 mg!! And I had hardly any withdrawals at all. I think you should definitely taper down first over a period of a few months and get down to a small a dose as possible. Good luck. All the best. Hope everything works out for you.

1:37 am March 30th, 2016

Hello everyone
I’m 34 years old man, I’ve been doing all kinds of drugs since I was 15, & for the last 10 years I’ve been doing heroine (snorting) sometimes reached 6g per day..!! & since recently I’m traveling a lot within the Middle East for the last 5 years I had to use buprenorphine to avoid the H withdrawal symptoms during my business trips that can last up to a year before I can take a vacation, However just from the point of experience with drugs & using Buprenorphine for 5 years on & off of course since I go back to H every time I go back to my country for vacation, NEVER EVER quit Buprenorphine on high dosage, not even if your taking (0.5 mg), always make sure you taper down so low, so damn low till your dosage becomes as big as a grain of SALT..!! Yeah that’s right as big as a single grain of Salt people, once you manage to taper down to such a low dosage for about 5 days or a week than you can quit, this is the best way to experience as less withdrawal symptoms as possible & to be relieved in a faster time than usual, otherwise you’ll go visit Satan in hell & back for more than a month even more…!! Plus make sure you eat well even you can’t, drink mineral water as much as you can, sleep well, go out from your room or house, listen to music, feel the nature, all these things will help you in your struggle, Cz there’s nothing more ugly then feeling the enxiety, depression & THE PAIN on daily basics…remember I’m speaking out with an experience of drug abuse & withdrawal for almost 20 years, I really hope that my comment can help someone out of his ordeal
Please feel free to ask anything
N.B: I’m not a doctor guys, just an experienced man in the world of drug abuse, & remember things can be different from a body type to another, not all people feel the same..! For some it’s easier while for others are not

7:27 am March 31st, 2016

I desperately wanted to quit a 45-60 mg day addiction to opiates several months ago. A friend gave me suboxone and advised I take about 2mg a day. The 2 mg did not cut it, 4 mg was about the average dose that helped. After taking the subs for two months, I thought I could just stop taking subs and I would be totally addiction free. Boy was I in for a world of hurt! It took a couple of days to kick in but when it did it was absolutely hell. I had quit opiates before and this was way worse. Thanks to forums like this one, I found my answer. What was my saving grace was immodium. Not for the diarrhea( though it did definitely help that) but the opiate withdrawal. Opiates are what is actually in immodium, but their chemical makeup does not cross the blood brain barrier and make you high. That is why it is over the counter. I had started out at about 12 immodium 2x day for about 2 days and took away 1-2 pills every other day. I combined it with gabapentin 300 mg which I had for fibromyalgia, and excedrin to help with fatigue. Believe me, this is so helpful. I have just started experimenting with various supplements to help replenish dopamine that my body is still searching for and so far have had good luck with l-dopa and hordenine every other day alternated with 5-htp. I have also started a multi vitamin. I am 5 weeks clean. I still get chills every once in a while, but do not think I could have made it without the immodium. The other thing I found helped sounds a little silly but hey any port in the storm right? Anyway, because my habit cost me north of $1,000 a month, I would “reward” myself at the end of every week clean. This actually has a scientifically positive effect as well. When you reach a goal your body creates dopamine so not only did I feel good after buying my new whatever, but I actually really did feel good. Best of luck to all!

12:05 am April 2nd, 2016

My advice to ANYONE on subixone, GET OFF IT NOW!!!! My husband has been on it for 5 years, he has been in the house for the last two months, because of other health problems that we found out are linked to taking suboxone. He decided to stop the suboxone, three weeks ago, and tried the “TAPER METHOD”. Good luck on that, the withdrawal symptoms were so severe, ok i understand that it takes time, but he was nauseous, vomiting, thinking disturbing thoughts, the insomnia was horrendous, he looked like he was going into seizures. He wound up in the emergency room for the insomnia, they gave him a benadryl. About a week later, he wound up in a different emergency room, where he told the doctors he wanted to get into detox. SUBOXONE WAS LITERALLY KILLING HIM.

2:36 pm April 4th, 2016

Ive been on 16ml ov subutex for a couple ov years how long will it take till i feel normal

9:05 am April 6th, 2016

I’ve been on subutext for about 4yrs…on 8mag 3x daily. My heart rate is much higher then most, like 140bmp on a regular basis! So I believe my blood flows faster and my body processes things faster. I can’t even go more then 8hrs w out the watery eyes, irritability, and restlessness in my legs. I’d be much better off weening down if I had valium, it’s the anxiety and muscle spasms that get to me so badly. I’m in desperate need of a Dr who will be willing to write my valium in order to rapper on subutext

12:04 pm April 8th, 2016

I quit buprenorphine from 5 months after using for 5 years and I still have pain in my legs, the pain is very strong and I don’t know what to do. I went to 5 hospitals and I still not okay, I am not going to work also, any help appreciated.

4:47 am April 9th, 2016

This is my second comment. I am 68 and withdrawing from a 8-9 year use of Buprenorphine patch. I have had bilateral total knee replacement and became addicted to codeine. This use started at 20mgm and I am away from the community treatment centre and working with my GP to come off the drug completely. I am in my 4th week withdrawing from 10mgm to 5mgm.
I find this site has been very helpful in affirming that what I am going through is normal. I have in my 4th week insomnia nausea a Hong joints and muscles. Because I am retired I have the luxury of being able to laze around if I cat sleep unlike many of you who are trying to fulfil job obligations.
This week I was doing well but got triggered. I had s busy day starting out with aquafitness. I had to go out to my exa’s place to look after my daughters animals. I had quit having any contact with him because I often would have cravings and terrible anxiety. I am on my second day of withdrawal similar to the first week. Hoping tomorrow is a better day
I am going to stay on the 6mgm for another couple of weeks then talk to my GP who is just a great support and then talk to the Health Team pharmacist to see if I can cut this patch into smaller doses and see if that decreased the withdrawal.
One day at a time. If we don’t look after ourselves who will. My thanks to the administrators and all of you who share your stories and are such an inspiration’

12:56 am April 11th, 2016

Hi I’ve been an addict since I was 17/18 was smoking herion till like 4 years ago then I didn’t wanna click of the gear so I started sniffing subutex it was just me and my partner who knew I’ve been up and down from sniffing 2mls to 8mls a day about 3 months ago I jumped from 8mls to 4mls then in the last week or so I was just doing 2mls. My partner came off them then 60days later I came off so now I’ve done 10 days withdrawal. I have two sons under the age of 5 my youngest boys birthday is in 8 days and I want to know if I’ll be better me and my partner have had different symptoms day 1-4 was the worst had no energy whatsoever legs ache couldn’t walk felt like bambi just born again but for the last 2 days I’ve managed to walk and that I haven’t had leg ache at nights I sleep for a few hours wake up and find it so hard to sleep again I didn’t eat for like 4 days now I’m hungry every hour like even when I wake up in the night I keep a yoghurt next to my bed. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done I know I’m still an addict because I still think about subbys and given the chance I’d do them now to feel normal again and never come off them ! Does anyone know when I will feel better and will this addict in me ever stop thinking of subbys !! Also no one knows no doctors nothing. I was buying them and I refuse to tell my doctor because of my sons and social services any advice would help

8:07 am April 11th, 2016

I have been on this terrible medicine for about 14 years and been fighting to get off it for the last 5. I was almost off, SOOOO CLOSE! I started in 2004 being switched from duragesic. I told dr sapphire I couldn’t afford the patches anymore(I have chronic pain from TMD, most call it TMJ and degenerative disc disease etc) and he said I can put you on methadone for pain or you can try this kinda new drug called suboxone? I said I’ve already been through methadone detox and want nothing to do with that and so I was put on bupe.
Ok so for the last 5 years I’ve been on less than 2 mg a day. Last year I had very painful fistula surgury and had to have a seton in my ass for 3 weeks. Talk about writhing in pain! The retarded surgeon only gave me 30 Norco 5s! Sorry, where was I … Ok so I was down to a 1/4 milligram a day, I didn’t get that sick because I did a very very slow cessation. I was at the point I could take .25 mg every other day and not get sick, I was so close to being done, then I had surgury. I did not expect so much pain. The surgeon wasn’t treating my pain(it took everything I had just to roll over in bed and even then sometimes I’d end up on the floor. I live alone in the woods so that sucked)
So in desperation, in the most pain I’ve ever felt , began taking 2mg a day for the pain, the surgeon was so unethical on my post op pain, come on Norco 5! With seton surgury! Didn’t touch the pain.
It’s been 5 monthes since the surgury, when the seton was removed most of my pain went with it so I began to taper down again. Went to one mg for a month, the. A half a mg for a few weeks and in the few days I’m now back down to 0.25 mg a day and this time nothing will stop me.
The hardest part of the withdrawl isn’t the intensity, it’s the length. The withdrawals seem never ending. I’m expecting a lot of sleepless nights and literal “kicking” but this time I have some help. I got a hold of some Tylenol #4 for when the shakes and kicks hit. But yea is rather have a short intense withdrawl then a long drawn out one. Not as painfull WD but lasts FOREVER!

9:36 am April 11th, 2016

I been on subtex for over a year but I have come down 0.4mmls every 4weeks I had my last 0.4mmls last Thursday just wonder can I get any think for my tummy pains

7:25 pm April 12th, 2016

Gone from 16 mil to last dose .quarter of a point 4 tab in 4 weeks no subtext for 4 days and feel ok a little achy but I’m ok and feel happy I’m free so far so good. A lot is in our mind we have choice so choose to believe your in control

7:03 am April 15th, 2016

I was on buprenorphine for 3 months at 3 tabs at 8m .am going on day four and felt week to keep up my energy I took bronkaid 3 tabs a day and with the first 2 200m caffeine tab you can get at Walmart pharmacy. I also have gabapentin. If you where not getting high and taking buprenorphine like it was made for its nothing like a withdraw from Norco our is also in your head stay busy sweat alote like go to the gym cardio push yourself you half to our you will pro long this .weight does play a factor water and food even if you can’t do it eat if not 6 3 meals the carbs are energy your brain needs it.

8:42 pm April 15th, 2016

All I will say as some one on day four off buprenorphine. Day 3 was the worst needle feeling through my body when I got up on day 4 felt better keep in mind I go to the gym and am in great shape I recommend the gym even I’d you hate it dig deep it builds your natural feel good.keep busy don’t think about it make caffeine your best friend and drink a lot of water .make sure you eat your brain needs the food I eat breakfast snack lunch snack dinner.

6:51 am April 21st, 2016

I did buprenphine for about 16 months or a little more but I snorted it but I would cut the pill in four and do it once a day how long will my withdrawal last it’s been five days since I lady did it and still feel sick

11:09 am April 21st, 2016

Dear Alba
First of all try to read my previous comment which is up under the name Michel not Michelle
I hate to break it for you dear but unfortunately when you snort buprenorphine the withdrawal symptoms are usually the worst you can get, & the healing period is much longer, I use to do the same, & I’ve been on & off buprenorphine more than I can remember, anyway u can’t simply quit when you’re still taking a quarter of a pill (means 2mg if the pill that you’re using is 8mg) you’re going to deal with some pretty nasty shit till you start feeling better it might take up to 1.5 or even 2 months, my advice to you go back to buprenorphine for at least a week or 2 while tapering down on daily basics using it only once a day (under the tongue not snorting) keep on tapering down till your dosage is so low that the piece you’re taking look like a grain of salt..!! That’s right so small as a grain of salt, take this dosage for 3 to 4 days than quit & you will see the me dear I’ve tried every way possible with buprenorphine, & so far this is the best.
However people need to know that buprenorphine is not made to be used for a long amount of time, it’s even written on the packet (do not use buprenorphine more than 3 weeks) this medicine is designed to help you quit drugs especially heroin just to avoid the severe withdrawal symptoms, enough to get you on your feet again so you can check in to a rehab center, unfortunately most people are using this medicine for a very long time, years & years..!! As long as you use buprenorphine, as worse your situation will get in time…!
Personally no matter how much & how long I use heroin, I always quit using only 3 tablets x 8mg of buprenorphine making them last up to 2 months, imagine 3 tablets = 2 to 3 months while using it daily (once a day) so when I quit I will have very mild withdraw & for no longer than a week or maximum 10 days, after that I’m back as normal as I ever was.
Please try it Alba
Good luck

8:47 am April 23rd, 2016

I put a 20 micg pach on my arm for 3howers for the ferst time ever .ifill so hill its been 24 howers now how much more time do i hav to go thro this…and wot home remerdis can i tack

2:37 pm April 24th, 2016

I snorted and im quitting today. I havent had amy since yesterday. About how long for it to take for me to stop vomiting?

4:50 pm April 24th, 2016

Hi everybody…
I had abused 2mg Buprenorphine in two stages per day (no more no less) for 3 years, but stopped to take it since 10 days ago. The withdrawal symptoms began after 16hrs & finally maximized after 72hrs; at the interval of 3 to 6 days it was the worst pain & agony I ever felt, I wished for dying every minute & felt like the time was stopped but I didn’t give up because of a supportive partner & NA sessions. after 6 days the symptoms began to decrease slowly, and now at the 10th day there is no pain & could sleep, but feeling energy less, depressed & watery stomach. all of my emotions (nice or painful) are becoming sever & all good memories are blurred, I’m feeling like a child who just discovering himself; it’s hard but sweet to feel sober.

4:43 am April 25th, 2016

Been on subutex for 13 years, i tapered down to 400 microgramnes and as soon as i took my last dose i have felt crappy, no energy, leg pains, insomnia, and constant watery mouth, i think it’s the length of time being on subbys is a contributing factor to how long you suffer, subutex is ok for getting off heroin but it’s far worse to get odf, i was on methadone 6 years before the subbys so I’m not holding my breath for a speedy recovery

5:09 am April 27th, 2016

Hello every 1
I live in lebanon
And the only medicine i can take is buprenorphine.
Ive been taking 8mg for 2 fucking years
And i need to stop it asap.
I work and i cant stop work not even for 1 day
Can any1 help me with what to do plz

8:02 pm April 29th, 2016

I’ve been on opiates for 36 years, I was put on a methadone programme which lasted just as long,so I used both gear and meth, I have now been on subtex for the last 4 years I’m down to taking just 3/.1tablets daily which isn’t even a full 2 g tablet I’m just so terrified of withdrawals, is it possible to get right down and use tramodol or a similar opiate to finally get off this shit,please help

6:46 am April 30th, 2016

I have been prescribed buprenorphine by a UK GP for approx 15 years, dose has remained at 4mg per day throughout. I never used heroin & was already addicted to the drug when I sought help, I have always been open & clear about the reasons for taking it which is due to depression/anxiety. I do not choose to come off the drug as my quality of life is better when taking the medicine. On 28/04/016 I was told by the clinical manager that they could no longer prescribe the drug as I wasn’t a substance user. Instead of reducing me off the drug gradually my dose has been halved for a 2 week period, without consultation & agreement & I was given 1 day notice before this took effect. I work full time & feel I will be rather ill for quite some time which will mean I have to take time off work sick. I am absolutely disgusted. I have been offered no other treatments or any proper withdrawal plans. Any advice please?

3:46 am May 1st, 2016

I have been off 2 weeks buprenphine now and still feel the same as the first week will I feel like myself again

10:18 am May 1st, 2016

Hello i was on a tenth of heroin 3 years got it down to 2 to 3 bags a day a lasts had a hit on Friday started taking subbys only got 3 8mg will this help me can some one help a need my life back pl help

9:08 pm May 2nd, 2016

I live in bristol (england) and feel the time to get clean from subutex is now. Currently on 16mg. I have done a bit of investigating and am thinking of dropping doses every 7-10
When I start.

I’m thinking of dropping my dosage like this.


Any advice? Thanks

7:49 am May 3rd, 2016

I am about 5 weeks in to decreasing the buprenorphine patch from 10mcgm to 5 mcgm, I have good days and bad days and there seems to be no telling from one day to the next. Most of the symptoms are manageable nausea, headache, fatigue forgetfulness, dizziness, and poor sleep Overall I feel ever so much better. I am having a consult with a pharmacist before I remove this last patch. I have been told that it is risky to cut the patch so we will see what pharmacist says. I am trying to walk or swim for at least 20 minutes a day and get out with some friends a couple of times a week and this helps with depression. Hang in there guys. It is a rough ride but the end result will be worth it.

5:31 pm May 7th, 2016

On 16mg for 5 years. Went cold-turkey: no sleep for ten out of last 15 days. My motivation is gone, but so are most symptoms-except yawning. I feel alive, finally. Have been taking L-tyrosine in morning and Sleepezz natural supplement at night. The first 7 days are the hardest. Oh yeah, I ride my bike everyday no matter what. Good luck

9:51 pm May 7th, 2016

I’ve been on Suboxone now for 5yrs. Tapered myself down because my rehab doctor just kept upping the dose. Then he was arrested for running a “pill mill”. After 5yrs I just don’t want to rely on a drug to make me, me. Talked to my primary care physician n he gave me Gabapentin for the restless legs n crawling skin n put me on Paxil for the psychological withdrawal n I gotta say….. It’s helped so much! It definitely hasn’t taken even single symptom away but it sure has helped! I’ve been an addict since I was 22yrs old, I’m 33 now, I took my suboxone as prescribed n I just kept running into “Dr. Feelgoods”. Non of them intended on tapering me down, so I took matters into my own hands but I did it the right way. I didn’t hide it from my primary care physician n because of that I have high hopes on getting clean! Keep it up my addiction survivors! You will get through this! You HAVE to want it. Don’t beat yourself up, that does us no good. It’s all in the past n we can’t change it. Focus on the day you’re going to wake up n NOT NEED a drug to make you, you. The day you won’t NEED a drug to get out of bed! Love all of you for trying!

10:59 pm May 7th, 2016

My only real problem is the severe blurry vision. Has anyone else experienced the blurry vision during Suboxone or Subutex withdraw? Cause that’s the scariest part, for me anyway.

12:10 am May 12th, 2016

I have been on Subutex for several years now come my wife is prescribed them and we are on the verge of a divorce I’m very concerned I’m worried about withdrawal because I do not want to relapse with Heroin. I take about 4 milligrams a day and has been doing that everyday consistently for the past three years. Just trying to find some answers. Thank for your help.

12:31 pm May 12th, 2016

Anything that will help so I can work?? 7 days clean and have a really physical job… No energy and
Super anxiety… I need help

5:43 pm May 12th, 2016

I am here without injecting and using buprenorphine for 24 hours already.Here in my country we get vials of tidigesic (buprenorphine inj . 0.6mg per vial_), daizepam inj and phenergan (promethazine hcl inj_). I was clean from it for 4 and half years, but from past one and half month I started injecting that again.Few weeks i did it in less doses 1 times those combinations and in like one or two days gap.Now from may be three weeks or so I have been doing it thrice or four times a day . Now I want to stop it , I find no relief on doing this. I even fear to abruptly stop this. But from today I have decided to not take it . How can I mange to have smooth days as much as possible. I really to get rid of this again …

4:53 pm May 14th, 2016

It’s been 45 days since my last dose and I still feel sick. I have been taking them for about 3 years and was taking a half a day of the 8 mg. So 4 mg a day. Head hurts, loose stood and no energy !

9:55 pm May 16th, 2016

I have been on suboxone for 11 years. I’ve tried before to detox but not successfully. I am now down to 1.5 mg a day (from 8mg). I am a full time single mom of 3 kids and work full time. I am unable to take time off. I have eight 8 mg strips left and have no way to get more after that. Please help me!!!

12:51 am May 17th, 2016

Today is day 14 without subs although I took Imodium for the first 6 days and it definitely helped . I was on suboxone for almost 6 years and it def helped me start living life again but I was still trapped and couldn’t take it no more so I tapered from 8mg daily to 1/2 a mg in 2 weeks. I have not slept in almost a week and I’m really struggling right now. I’m a foreman for a large construction company and missing work is not a option nor is telling them my situation. I feel so alone and I have 2 kids depending on me to get better but unfortunately I can’t make life stop while I get better. At work I’m sweating but freezing, stomach cramps, diarrhea , and emotionally feel like I have lost someone close to me. I do have waves of happiness and mental strength for this so far accomplishment but it fades fast. I am feeling slightly better but I’m dying to sleep. Would taking Imodium for relief and maybe some sleep prolong my situation? I don’t know but I have a big job to get done by Friday and I feel legitimately scared when I think of work. Any advice would be appreciated unless it’s negative because I can do that on my own. Thanks Chris.

7:31 pm May 17th, 2016

I came of subutex after a methadone/Physeptone 28 day detox and feel awful 3 months later. Don’t have any lust for life and am in a constant state off depression, confusion and anxiety. Seems like PAWs perhaps? but I am dreading this is how life will be for good! Have a psych who prescribes ADs and other psych meds but….don’t want to put people off because most people seem to be full of the joys of spring not too long after detox. Anyone else have similar to me? I would be interested to know I’m not the only one?!

3:08 pm May 18th, 2016

Obviously not everyone feels good, as this wouldn’t be such a long list of stories or horror stories! I feel like the detox using subutex has made life completely worthless, nothing is fun and no sign of improvement. I just slob around feeling exhausted and have put on 3 stone as eating seems to be only pleasurable activity! Damn what happened I used to be fit and full of life!
DAMN u drugs and rehab/detox sods if I had only known about the Paws and read this I might have done things more gradually.

I wish all those still feeling like hell months after detox all the best and would be good to hear of any others, and those who had this and came through and feel good again! One day surely!!

5:22 pm May 18th, 2016

Well, here’s the dirty little secret that you only find by reading the “product data insert” and doing a little math. Suboxone has a mean (average) half-life of thirty-seven hours but it is prescribed on a twenty-four hour basis. Generally, most opiates have an average half-life of only four hours. Simple math tells you that half the drug is still in your system after thirty-seven hours, so if you take another dose in twenty-four hours you are adding drug to you body’s total serum level. This paradox is vaguely explained in the product data sheet. It explains that you eventually reach a “saturation ceiling”, a blood serum level where any additional dosage cannot be used by the body, the extra being wasted. So, if you take 8mgs/day, every twenty-four hours, you have only excreted 2.59mgs the first day, so when you take 8mgs more you now have a blood serum level of 13.41 mgs. The buildup becomes exponential from there until you become saturated. This phenomenon is the reason why you can taper almost immediately, saving you money with no ill effect. However, if you want to quit Suboxone by tapering, you must take into account the thirty-seven hour half-life and forget about dosing every twenty-four hours. You must reduce your blood serum level over time in order for a timed reduction to be effective. If you try to taper by halving and forth-ing until you have the smallest of partitions using the twenty-four hour schedule you will never have reduced your blood serum level at all. You will have the illusion that you will have minimal effects when you jump but you will get the big surprise. You should have saved your money and jumped at 8mgs/day…there would have been be no difference.
Here’s another dirty little secret…reducing you blood serum level by taking into account the long half-life has its own misery. As your blood serum level actually drops there comes a point that saturation no longer occurs so the withdrawals will start at some point after that. The longer you take to reduce your blood serum level the prolonged the misery. Once your body falls out of saturation you will start to have some withdrawal symptoms, how bad depends on the person and how long they took Suboxone, how obese they are, how old they are and what state of health they are in, all are factors. Remember, your body was saturated, each person has their own dosage level where they became saturated, so reducing the dosage based on half-life may require time to reach a symptomatic level and the symptoms may be tolerable to some degree. Naloxzone , the ingredient in Suboxone that prevents the use of opiates, only lasts for hours, which means you can manage those symptoms with some mild painkiller like Vicoden. That’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul but most people who have successfully jumped have used something to minimize the misery but only when absolutely necessary.

10:58 pm May 18th, 2016

I was only on one 8mg strip a day from March 23- May 16. Today is the 18th and I am so tired what is my withdrawal time and when will I get my energy back? I k ow was low DOSE but dang if it’s that bad for one a day I PITY the people who have to come off of more than that!

3:54 pm May 19th, 2016

Been taking 4 to 8 milligrams for about a year so if i wen down to 2 mg a day then quit what kind of withdraws and how long should expect

Dan K
10:56 pm May 23rd, 2016

I’ve been on suboxone for about 2 years now, for the first year, only around 2-4 mgs per day, but got up to 12 mgs once I found a prescribing Dr. I tapered my dose over the past 3 months from 12-8-6-4-2-<1 mgs, 2 weeks between each drop. This past Thursday (its now monday) I did the last of it. I drank for the first 2 days and all was good. Yesterday, wd hit me bad. Today, its already gotten slightly better. The first time I came off sub, I was sick for a month! I went off cold turkey that time, and it SUCKED! This time, the wds aren't so bad, more a nuissance than anything. Can't eat or sleep for more than 1-3 hours, I have been taking neurotin and focalin for energy, and this has helped slightly, but I am out of those now. It's day 4 and I'm feeling alright but restless, bored, no energy, and want to get up but then right back down. I hope this doesn't take a month again, but at least its warm weather. Im starting to feel better, but horrible taste in my mouth, sweating, and scared to relapse. I never want to do this again. Luckily, I was lifting weights for the past year, 6 days per week, so I know how to push through pain. I'm so hungry, but no appetite and I know Im losing weight, big time. Im going to keep pushing and I implore you all to do so, also. Stay strong. It only gets better.

12:22 pm May 27th, 2016

Yes I agree tell you this much is true hell it’s not your job to pay my bill 2 but to keep it real people don’t know how I feel I can do what’s wrong go find me a single mother and seeing her one love home she would be good did the SS will get my Medicaid River I will get it I’m sure even though it’s not my kid the Medicaid office won’t care what I did even if I could not pay my child support that’s a look you support a child that don’t even mind you with a single mother so I got a long to put on a good show and only this I know taking advantage of a sweet young girl so I can so I can keep my Medicaid that rocks my world I’ve got it just because I used her she could never see it because all I had to do is tell her stuff but my life turned out married for love my conscience will not allow me to use people Milestone disability I’m unable to work and they won’t even give my Medicaid another joke I get told her that hearing that this is my last stop if one person can make the decision if I get mad if I get medical attention or not then I think North Carolina needs to look at their new laws that’s a bunch of snot I’m going to go before I say something bad that people say I’m no good that I’m nothing but bad well they already do cuz I got behind on my bill and kicked out of the clinic too I’m still sober to this day it’s only been 6 days I can’t keep feeling this way don’t know how much longer I can fight from taking 20 put a needle in my arm and feeling like I took a flight it will all be gone as long as I stay I won’t care cuz I’m that type of care for you guys everyone over the last few days Seto we listen and we care what you have to say but yet as I speak I feel they just look at me as weak even now I feel my wife is acting weird I don’t know if it’s true it could be coming off of the narcotic and my brains playing tricks on me too if anyone reads this and can come up with a way and help the ones who has no medical insurance and cannot pay stay on their meds it keeps him sober and clean and out of prison someone who shoot IV drugs is not the lowest of the low they just found out but doing them the other way was way too slow they’re not bad people they have a disease you wouldn’t make fun of somebody for having diabetes

5:36 pm May 27th, 2016

I have been off suboxone for 4 months now and still have withdrawls. I found myself wanting my previous drug of choice and decided to go back on the suboxone which I quit cold turkey (I took 3 strips a day for over 5 years and it was bad bad bad!) but before I go back to the streets I decided to go back on the suboxone AND NOW when I take it I get so sick I mean passout sick I can not function even off a 1/4 strip what can cause this? ANY AND HELP IS WELCOME!

11:22 pm May 27th, 2016

I struggled with addiction for 10 years. On buphrenorphine for 7. Taking 24mg daily when I quit cold turkey. Easier way ween down slowly to .5 mg daily. I did take Percocet for 6 days of withdrawal but at day six weened off Percocet to .5mg, then nothing at day 7. It’s uncomfortable hot cold sweats, fatigue, restlessness, diarrhea but it’s really not that bad, I do agree I had Percocet to ease some discomfort but I would recommend doing this if it’s controlled. I was still able to function, eat, be around people, by day 12, I was good. With drawling off buphrenorphine is nothing compared to heroine, oxy, Vicodin. It’s a cake walk

9:48 am May 28th, 2016

subutex is a goverment tool to keep open the door to monitor you and make money out of you they dont care for your well being and health they want to slave you and control you. so the right way to come of subutex and suboxone is to tapper every 4 days till you get to 2mg then jump my friend you wont die!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will chills and and less sleep but please stay away from the horra storys and other chemist over the counter crap. Im living proof it can bd dond znd it will take 3 days to feel better then 4 weeks to get your old self back …and being your self again ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:36 pm May 29th, 2016

IV been taking buprenorphin 8mg tabs for almost 3 years im down to one a day and have been that way for a wile how bad will my withdrawal be from that

1:59 pm May 30th, 2016

I have had my consult with the pharmacist and have removed the Butrans 5 patch. This is the first time in 6 years I hav3e been patch free. I am 60 years of age. I have all the withdrawal symptoms nausea, headache, large muscle and small muscle spasms, aversion to light, headache, runny nose, insomnia, ringing in ears but it has been manageable. No cravings. This is my priority right now. No increase in pain so far. Early days yet. Try to remember that this is your bodies response to a withdrawal of substance that has blanketed your bodies nervous system.and it will pass. Rest, not necessarily sleeping, light exercise, and lots of fluid. Try not to overstimulate yourself through less than supportive folk, too much TV or computer loud noises. You can do it too!

12:10 am May 31st, 2016

I have been taking Buprenorphine 8mg/2mgnalox 3 times a day for fifteen months.
Is this a “high Dose”? How long will it take to get off it?

7:23 am May 31st, 2016

I’m an addict and nobody knows it but me. The ones that know a bit about me think I’m a recovering addict, but I just traded one drug for 2. I’ve seen how family and friends have support, people to help them get into rehab. I am alone. I have nobody to help me, and tho they pretended to help when they found out the 1st time…I had to go through the rehab with no visits, no call, and no help getting into a REAL facility like they got to go into with family help or funds. I got a crappy hospital floor for psych patients. I’ll always be alone. I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m so scared. I don’t know what to do. Every time I trust a professional to help, it only makes me worse. They don’t want me better. They want money. I see 1 single family member about once a month if that. I have no friends at all, not a single one. I’ve destroyed my life, gave my children away so I wouldn’t mess them up too, and I’m at the point where crying on a daily basis only makes it worse…only feeds the fire. I know I don’t have long before giving up. I dream about that every night. Ive always been different….the outcast in school and black sheep in the family. I’m not even sure what I’m holding onto anymore. But, I need them to know this…I need them to know they better not DARE cry at my funeral….

Joe S
6:54 am June 1st, 2016

I have been a beeping orphan user for over a year now I am prescribed 2/8 milligram tabs a day but I stretch it out. Some days I won’t go through the pill some days I do but I’m tired of being chemically dependent I want to get off of this crap I was a heroin user beforehand and then found a suboxone Clinic I’m a male but on Subutex because I paid cash at my clinic.. I have tried multiple times to get myself off of the text but by the 4th day I literally one of to blow my head off. The like I said I have never taken the full 16 milligrams in a day. I snort a line twice a day and have been doing it that way for over a year solid. Any suggestions on getting off of this I really truly do want to get off I’m tired of being dependent please help!!!!

6:27 pm June 1st, 2016

I had a problem with pain pills many years ago and heard about a Methodine clinic that would I went there for about 10 insurance ran out and was offered Suboxone for a year and a half in which i tapered from I think 40 mg down to 2mg..i was at 2mg for about 2 months when I had to money no insurance..its been about 3 days since my last dose and im experiencing withdraw..leg cramps, stomach clinching, mood swings, anxiety, breathing problems..Ive read so many different articles and they all say something different..please tell me how long should i expect to feel like is terrible..

11:38 am June 7th, 2016

Hi. How low a dose is low enough of Subutex to quit cold turkey from? I’ve been on Subutex for 6 1/2 years. I was started at 16mg Suboxone but was allergic to Naloxone (bad acid reflux, gastroparesis (food stays in stomach for over 24 hours without digesting) nausea etc). I was raised to 24 mg, then to 32mg when I was still depressed. (I had no physical withdrawal symptoms from my Percocet 10mg x 4-5/day just severe, suicidal depression by the third day every time I quit taking the Percocet (for back surgery). I never should have been put on it merry alone raised to 40mg/day.

I tapered my way down to 2-4 mg/day back about 1 1/2 years ago butt have let myself very back up to 8-12mg/day. I want it it quick -it barely helps anymore.

Is it common to wake up every morning in Subutex withdrawal and feel horrible until you’ve had your first dose for the day? I had to go back up to a whole 8mg pill under my tongue for an hour nap just to feel human now.

Does that mean I am more addicted than I was? Why should I need more of it now at 6 1/2 years than I did at five years?

How low must I taper to for the withdrawal to be bearable? For me the restless legs were the worst when I was in Sub w/o. The feeling was over my entire body, not just my legs. It was the first and only w/d symptom I had because it was non-stop and so very intense I thought I would hi crazy. What can you take for the restless feeling in your body? I will happily tolerate physical pain and diarrhea but nausea and the creeping crawling skin is too bad to stand.

Am I doomed to stay on this drug forever? I watched my husband jump from 4mg and st day 8 he was sicker than ever. He’s the most enduring person I’ve ever known -can stand shy kind of suffering without a whimper for days. But w/o from Suboxone made him go into the bathroom to hide from me and cry big huge anguished gulps of weeping.

Does it make a difference whether you ate withdrawing from Subutex or Suboxone? Is one worse or harder than the other? I could switch to Suboxone if it make w/d easier or stay on Subutex if that one is easier.

In female, 60 years old, thin (5’3 and 120 pounds) but sedentary because I am always somnolent and exhausted. I was not like this before Subutex.

Thank you for any advice or info.

2:21 pm June 7th, 2016

I asked my Dr.for help wanting off all pain meds he had been prescribing for a accident l was in. He put me on Suboxone 3 a day 8 mg films
I am highly Alegria to the naloxone in the medicne.l asked to put me on Subotex and he said to go back on opoids instead. I just want to be off everything.l have only taken 1 or two a day for 18 days can l just quit without compications? Thankyou for any advice l am really trying to get my life back.

2:42 pm June 7th, 2016

I have been on suboxone for 2.5 months ran out so I had to quit cold turkey how long is the withdrawal process. I’m on day 4 and my heart is killing me

10:14 pm June 7th, 2016

I went to a clinic for a year and two months I wasn’t always on 14mg’s, I started at 8mg’s went up to 12mg and eventually 14mg. I got really fed up with taking it and the clinic eventually detoxed me out 2mg’s every two days. I’m on day sixteen off subutex.I still feel like I’m midly detoxing but it’s not as bad as it was the first week. What should I do? I can’t eat much, or sleep much. Is there anything I cando to make this better or what should I expect?

12:45 am June 9th, 2016

I went to a clinic for a year and two months I wasn’t always on 14mg’s, I started at 8mg’s went up to 12mg and eventually 14mg. I got really fed up with taking it and the clinic eventually detoxed me out 2mg’s every two days. I’m on day seventeen off subutex.I still feel like I’m detoxing and can’t sleep/eat and I’m in a lot of pain. Is there anything I can do to take the edge off or to feel better?

6:18 pm June 10th, 2016

I’ve been clean from suboxen since April 27 so about 6 weeks.
I’m still so exhausted all the time and my restless legs come and go. How long with this last? I don’t have cravings and I’m not lazy I just feel exhausted after I do something…

4:35 am June 11th, 2016

I’ve been snorting a line of subutex a day for a month now. Ive not used for 2days how long will i withdrawal

7:50 am June 12th, 2016

I have been taking subutex 2mg for one week now and now stopping will I have withdrawls

1:55 am June 13th, 2016

I have used over 8 mg sometimes 16 to 20mg a day for 8 years. I have been off buprenorphine for 8 months can’t sleep feel restless is this gonna go on forever? Been in out of mental ward after cessation of this anyone else feel me here? I need to speak with someone who been on this long like me.

9:17 pm July 2nd, 2016

I have been off suboxone for 94 days and still have diarreah…t’s driving me crazy ! How much longer will I have to deal with this ? I was taking them from October of 2012 until March of 2016….

1:09 am July 3rd, 2016

I am cold turkey off xanax for 3 weeks and on soboxon for 4 weeks I feel terrible, how long will this last can’t take much more

3:09 am July 10th, 2016

I have been on subs for a year I stopped cold turkey cause I kept asking my doc to start the process of taking ne off she told me it was to soon and if I stopped and end up back in her office in a year from now I was on percs for about a year due to a severe ankle injury and figured I can live with the pain rather then an addiction so it’s day 6 and I’m just starting to get withdrawals and Im wondering if that’s normal the first 5 days were a cake walk

1:43 am July 20th, 2016

so here goes i have been taking subs for about 4 yrs. im down to 4mg a day im wondering how withdrawls will feel,and also should i try to shrink my dose even further or kick it from where i am. I’m to the point where i can’t complete tasks and now after 4 yrs have every symptom of Adult ADHD and that’s me talking not my demon. Will these also subside or am i stuck and what is the possibility i could be treated for adhd this is effecting things more than the drugs did my job especially

12:59 pm July 22nd, 2016

what kind of withdrawl if I am down to 1/3 strip a day

6:24 pm August 1st, 2016

I’ve been on subutex from 7 days just to help get off my 90mg oxy per day. Been on 8mg for 7 days. I feel good with no cravings. I wasn’t abusing oxy. I had trouble filling it in Florida so I chose to go off it. 7 days of 8mg subutex I’m hoping won’t be a huge deal with withdrawls. I felt subutex not working as well as when I started. So I was growing a tolerance to it. I needed to stop it. Any one who was on it short term let me know how withdrawls were. Thanks

5:32 pm August 3rd, 2016

I have been off subutex for three weeks today, I still have no energy. If I was to take a peice would it through me back into withdrawal? This is so hard.

1:50 am August 9th, 2016

I was on suboxone for 3 years, I recently went a detox clinic to get tapered off the suboxone, I left on my third day, so a couple of days later I started experiencing withdrawals, I mean I had all the symptoms, nausea, restless leg at night, couldn’t sleep for about 3 or 4 nights, and I had no energy to do anything, I had severe body aches, then I found one suboxone tablet and I took less than a quarter of it and I did that for like 3 day’s,. Am I going to go through the withdrawals again, and I did that because I wanted to feel better. But what ever I had left of the pill I threw away….. Please help, I just want to feel normal again??????

9:55 pm August 24th, 2016

I have been on subs for a little less than six months at 4mg a day.I have cut down to 2 mg for the last 3 days with not to much trouble.Not sleeping great but ok a few sneezing bouts and some sweats my stools have been very very soft.I wake up not feeling very well mostly sick to my stomach.Then I take 1 mg and feel better for a couple hours then another 1mg and feel normal the rest of the day.I have a plan to cut down to 0mg by the 15th of September and I’m getting married on the 8th of October do you think I will be over feeling bad by then I hope

10:13 pm August 27th, 2016

I just got off suboxone after over 3 years of dependency. I was afraid to tell anyone around, especially my girlfriend, because of the stigma associated with the drug. I was taking 1mg for months and then 1/2mg a day for months before i finally stopped. I assumed my long taper to a very small amount would make the detox much easier. I was wrong, for months i was getting sick almost everyday and i believe it was because i was taking such a small amount. Now i’m happy to be four weeks off and feeling decent. But i decided to tell me girlfriend what was going on and she basically kicked me out of our apartment and broke up with me. I wanted to tell her for a long time but i just did not. Getting off suboxone is no easy thing but then losing my girlfriend who stuck by me through everything without even knowing it was a real hard blow to take. I know i do not want to get back on anything addictive but i never want to lose anyone again in my life because of my actions. I need someone to talk to but there is nowhere to turn. The day i realized our relationship was ending i reached out to friends and acquaintances through social media to find some type of solace but only one person got back to me and she was my girlfriends friend, a few years back she told me to “watch out” for my girlfriend, i thought this was strange and i never said anything because i thought it was just jealously. But now this girl is turning it into me reaching out for someone to talk to in an online flirt. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Now i’m sitting in misery and ecstasy at the same time. My mind is already functioning on a much higher level that it has since the medications began. Not just suboxone, but doctors, one after the other would prescribe new medications and suggest trying some additional pharmaceutical.
There was a point that i had given up on life. My younger brother died a few years back, at the time i was away trying to get my own life together. Growing up i never let him leave my side. He would regularly crawl into my bed when i was very little because of nightmares. Unfortunately there were no adults at most times to account for the children’s needs. I have memories in second grade stealing mac and cheese and Tini’s from Richdale just so we could have dinner. We could always borrow a cup of milk from one of our neighbors, and most of the neighborhood pitied us. The nights grew more erratic and violent as the years past. It got to a point that both of my siblings would run into my room when someone came home, we would push the bureau and boxspring up against the door so they could not get in. A week after my brother died my best friend died. I will always wonder if i had been home would my brother still be alive, he was only 20 and hadn’t gotten any real chance in life. It haunts me every day because i would have rather it been me. My world is fucked but at least i can see that now. The veil of suboxone is lifting and i am becoming myself again. I can not expect anyone to see the but me.
Be honest with the ones you love or you will forever regret it. Some pains never go away and i would like to think there is some psychoanalyst out that could help but it is hard to trust anyone but my girlfriend. I want to open up and love with all my might. I want to trust.

6:12 pm August 29th, 2016

The amount of responses and people needing help getting off these long acting opiates like methadone, suboxone and subutex is a testament to how poorly doctors and patients are informed before starting these meds. I truly don’t think they should be taken for more than 3-5 days to get off shorter acting opiates. I’ve been through hell once with a 2 month methadone withdrawal where I came close to committing suicide and no doctors would help me, or even cared. I learned that the hard way by going into an emergency room twice. Now getting off of subutex has been not quite as difficult as methadone, but now going onto my 8th week and I noticed that the post acute withdrawal symptoms are far worse than methadone. It’s way more mental and I’m finally seeking psychiatric care next week and help with my severe adhd which has led me to self medicating all these years. The only advice I can give is to take it one day at a time and sometimes one minute at a time. I get tremendous urges to do drugs and have ridiculous thoughts of doing crazy things like going to rob some dealer and steel his stash. I would never have thought these things before getting off of subutex and frankly it worries me. I feel as though you have to force yourself to keep your mind busy or the thoughts can be overwhelming at times. Once again no doctor will help me with sleep meds even for a week since there’s such a stigma attached to methadone, suboxone and subutex. They just don’t give a rats ass about people that were legally prescribed these drugs and need help. If I could just get some normal sleep for a week that would really help. I’ve tried all the otc sleep meds and nothing even touches this insomnia and manic state of mind. Trazodone and seroquel are horrible and that’s all they will prescribe me. I feel very alone and like nobody understands my situation, which is quite depressing. I’m hoping that I could just be honest with doctors and my upcoming psychiatrist in order to get better and not relapse, but they all seem to just battle me like they try to get rid of you just because of the stigma. Music helps, when I don’t have a pounding headache and walking my dog, vitamins, tons of water,, Still the paws, not my dogs paws, but mine, is just brutal at times. I’ve heard that since subutex is only a partial opioid that your brain produces way more neurotransmitters, or opiate receptors and that’s why your brain goes insane when you try to get off this poison. It’s all these extra receptors dying off and your brain trying to rebalance everything that takes forever. Gabapentin does help and so does sleep meds, but heaven forbid I should ever get a caring doctor that would ever help. I’ve rambled on enough and wish everyone well. I know that time will heal my brain, but good grief our addiction health care and mental health systems are medieval in this country,

4:18 pm August 30th, 2016

I had been on day 8 in my suboxo e withdrawl process and after not sleeping for days I ended up taking a quarter. Will the withdrawl process start completely over?

10:34 pm August 30th, 2016

Hello everyone! Quit background on my history. Im 31 yrs old and started using oxycontin 80s at age 16, with no knowledge of it being addictive. No peers to say hey buddy thats just like heroin if not worse. So, after about 5 years of oxys and percs, i finally went to methdone liquid. I grew to 90 mg a day then tapered to 15 mg a day and tried to cold turkey. No bueno. Went running back to methadone and a few months later was introduced to suboxone sublingual 2/8mg strips. I started at half a strip a day and in 6 months was down to .5mg – 1mg a day. I decided to quit and after what seemed like weeks(in reality was maybe 5-7 days) i was pretty much back to normal. Stayed clean for over a year and after an oral surgery i willing let the doc prescribe me perc 10s. You all know what happened after that. Now, over 3 years later, im 4 days clean from 2mg a day of sublingual suboxone, which i tapered to and took daily for a few months at 2mg a day. I just want to give some encouragement to anybody going through this, stay strong, stay positive! I mean, this s*** sucks, as we all know, and theres no easy way out. But after a week of being clean most people should start feeling better. If you jumped off at 24/16/12/8 or even 4 mg a day your struggle may take longer. But it will end. Im only writing this, not to ask how long will i hurt, but to let everyone know to STOP reading about the hurt. Ive read all my eyes can take about all of our situation and everything written is just negative. Posts like ” oh man you can expect to be going crazy for a good month at least”, or “ive been clean for 3 days, it hurts, im gonna take percs today and try again tomorrow”. That type of literature just poisons your mind. I know because the last time i did this detox, i read and read and read and came to the conclusion i was f*****, im gonna die, might as well get my headstone ready. All that does is bring your anxiety sky high. These last 4 days for me have been horrible, i cant deny that, but i can say that being positive, reading POSITIVE posts and talking to people who understand and/or love you make a difference. The final solution, though i know some of you will bash me for this, is GOD. Give the problem to him and he will fix it. Hes not gonna fix it in the blink of an eye ( if he does, become a pastor because your annointed), but in time it will be over. Ive never been the most religious person, but i have seen his power the last few days. I mean, i slept from 10:45 – 5:30 this morning on day of detox. And that was after a long prayer of thanking him for all hes done and all he is going to do. When its rough, he still deserves the glory. Because only he will bring you from the storm to a sunfilled beach with a big glass of sobriety. Either way, whether you take the spiritual route or the do it myself route just know it will be done. Everybody’s situation is different so everybody has to do it there way. I just wanted to post at least one positive post on the internet in hopes at least one person reads this and knows its not lights out im screwed. Well, you are for a few days, but everyday gets better and this is nothing compared to the prison of being an active addict. Buckle up that belt, and get ready for the bumpiest ride your body will ever go through. And when the wheels stop, a new person will emerge from the vehicle! Good luck to all and god bless!!! And one more thing, to all you people who are on day 5,6,7,8,9,10 or whatever, asking if you take a piece of suboxone/subutex will now will u go into withdrawl again?!!! Stop kidding yourself, of course you will. Tighten up!! You’ve already suffered for days, dont start the process over again. I know we all contemplate the thought of “man if i just took a little bit?” Well, what started as a little bit turned to alot bit, and now we are all at the same point. So please, dont start it over. Stick it out and stay positive!!! Please!! I need somebody to see things through a clear eye as i am. Dont let the temptation trick you, thats all it is, a trick!!! Stay strong and god bless!!

1:33 am August 31st, 2016

I have been taking subutex for nearly a year now. I only take a 2ml twice a week on a Wed and Saturday! I have given it up now (only 3 days ago) and am experiencing all the symptoms mentioned in your article. I haven’t and don’t want to tell my Doctor because I want to do this by myself. Will my symptoms last as long as those who take it everyday? And do you suggest anything that will also help with my withdrawals!

3:58 pm August 31st, 2016

I started taking 3 8mg subs Buprenorphine pills about a year ago in order to cease oxy and MS Contin. After 2 months I realized that one 8mg per day worked fine. Another couple of months reduced to 4mg per day. My pain Dr. retired recently and I really see no need for this stuff as physical therapy works better. About 3 weeks ago I started biting very small (about .1 or .2 for 2 weeks) and quit about 5 days ago. Symptoms are definite but mild. Mainly nervous stomach which will not stop and can only sleep for 4 or 5 hours. I can handle this but worry if this is a long term thing or not. Not knowing what to expect is the hardest thing at this time. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks

9:58 pm September 5th, 2016

What you are experiencing is normal from my experience of quitting Suboxone. Although my withdrawal was quite a bit more painful. I quit cold turkey from 21 mg a day to nothing. It was one of the most difficult withdrawals I’ve ever had, but I was determined not to be controlled anymore by Suboxone and its makers. It took me about 4 months to be able to sleep and not have searing pain in my legs, feet and back. The most important thing to keep in mind, is that it will end and that you will return to whatever was normal to you before you started taking Suboxone. Just don’t give in to the temptation of taking another dose of this poison. I’ve been clean now for a little over a year. I’ll never take Suboxone again. Ever.

12:20 am September 15th, 2016

Hi i been on bupe for about 10 years but never did more than 2mg a day now im taking 1mg of subutex cuz suboxone makes me nausea n headaches from naloxone..Alot of those years i would do oxys on weekends n bupe during the week so i didnt feel crappy cuz i had to function n work n nobody knew but i stopped oxys 3 years ago n i came off suboxone of april 2015 for 5 to 6 weeks n couldn’t take the paws n cravings n relapse for a week than went back on subutex on june of 2015 taking 2mg a day im now down to 1mg i want to come off very badly but very scared cuz i hve to work n being on bupe that long but low dose n did i really screw myself up where i cant never come off?Also depression runs in my family but i dont believe i hve it n will bupe cuz depression i need help n dont know what to do im a male 43 years old bodybuilder please any info will help

9:36 am September 17th, 2016

Hey there. I was on 8ml of subutex, this dose varied from mostly 6 to rarely 14 mls. I snorted it. I had been on subutex for a year. I’ve detoxed now but 5 weeks later I’m experiencing this PAWS I think. Huge lack of energy. My body dips at periods when I snorted the drug before etc What scares me is that sometimes, not only am I craving for subutex but now the heroin cravings are an issue. I’ve been clean off heroin for about 6 months now. I didn’t crave on the subbie. I only have my bf who isn’t very understanding. In a new city. My head gets very disturbed and I’m getting tired of the physical needs. What should I do?

10:25 am September 19th, 2016

My girlfriend is struggling with Bupe withdrawals. She has cut down to 4mg a day for the last 4 weeks but is struggling with a lack of energy and hence motivation. She can’t see that she is getting better and so she has the occasional relapse which I’m sure sets her back quite a way. What advice can you give to enable her to “see the light at the end of the tunnel” and keep motivated? And how can I best help her?

12:29 am September 22nd, 2016

what can you do to boost your energy after 30 days of coming off suboxone?

10:11 pm September 22nd, 2016

I’m in my second week of stopping suboxone. I believe I’m feeling better, however still feeling burning of the stomach and anxiety… Witch is my biggest problem. I have been taking suboxone fourteen months, once a day before discontinuing. Also gotten down to 4/1mg.. That would last me four three to four days. Please how much longer for this stomach, and anxiety issue

5:13 am October 4th, 2016

I would like to share a little info for Veterans. I have been on some kind of opiate for about 15 years. I have ptsd and severe depression. For years I used pain killers (which the va handed out like candy) and any other drug to cope. Trying to get better and make something of my life I confessed to their mental health staff I was addicted to pills and I thought this is why no antidepressant or therapy would work. They put me on buprenorphine 24mg per day. Their substance abuse counselors are a freaking JOKE. They never explain a care plan to me. Just throw the pills at me and make sure I don’t fail a piss test. One counselor told me some people stay on it forever. After 2 years I started tapering down. This year I got myself down to 8mg daily. For 3 years I have been pleading with them explaining my symptoms of hot flashes, anxiety, stress, depression etc. They kept telling me it was my brain craving opiates. Turns out it was ANDROPAUSE caused by low testosterone. Which I had to figure out myself. They had me on a plethora of mood stabilizers, antidepressants, 24mg buprenorphine and 3mg klonopin daily. The only advise the crackerjack counselors would give me is that I need to get out of my house and exercise. Not until now have I learned, out of desperation, how horrible suboxone withdrawal can be. About every 4 days for a month now I reset and the ACUTE phase seems to be right back. I don’t know how long I can keep doing this. I didn’t have the willpower to taper lower than 8mg. I just went cold turkey and have tried to stay away from the pill doctors. I have used up all my anxiety meds trying to deal with the stress and insomnia. This is the big spring va in Texas. Hopefully at other va’s there are more knowledgeable Dr’s and counselors. Good luck

5:33 pm October 8th, 2016

I stopped BuTrans 15 patch after 5 weeks of use. I was using it due to sciatic pain that was no longer being helped with Hydromorph contin twice per day. The doctor was weening me off the hydromorph once I started the patch after two weeks. Due to severe nausea, I asked to go back to the full dose of hydromorph 9 mg twice per day and take off the patch. He agreed and its been two weeks since I have not used the patch. For the last 4 days, I have shortness of breath and I am weak and dizzy most of the day but especially in the morning. Very difficult to even stand up or go to the bathroom. I saw my doctor yesterday because I thought there was something else wrong with me. He was at a loss and only took blood from me. We never discussed withdrawal and I never thought about it till today. I have read a lot and it sounds like after 2 weeks I should be over the worst of it. Could this be the cause of my illness? I have no other symptoms except a bit of diarrhea but I also have a UTI and am on antibiotics for that. It says it can cause diarrhea. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you.

2:15 pm October 20th, 2016

I was on buprenorphine patches 20 micrograms per hour for 18 months 1 patch per week. I was suffering total exhaustion ( sleeping as soon i sat down day or night) and lethargy plus constipation, so i left the last patch on for 2 weeks before i took it off and took nothing else. The symptons are flu like with chills and hot and cramps in the legs and totally unable to sleep, these symptons have been ongoing for 3 weeks with no relief so i am so tired . Can i look to some relief any time soon? Before i started on these patches i had been on tramadol for about 10 years. The flu like symptons and sleeplessness are driving me mad.

7:47 pm October 31st, 2016

hi I am supposed to start subutex tomorrow and have decided not to, ive had a H problem for 34 years and have always been pushed into rehab out patent, after reading I definatly am not going on subutex if the withdrawls last four weeks what the point you withdraw starting it then withdraw getting off it It sounds easier just doing a detox of h that lasts only 3 days maybe 4 IME a single parent and its virtualy impossible to do withdraws when you are on your own with a child ime stressed even more. ide rather go for methadone and reduce down to 2 mil can you help

5:34 pm November 9th, 2016

Hi, I just completed a10 day hospital subutex detox. after 6 years of using 4mg in the morning and 4mg at night. I’m taking 70 mg Effexor to battle the fatigue and depression. I also stopped using clonazepam , and vyvancethis summer. How long do you think the withdrawal of subutex will last concerning the rewiring of my brain.

7:20 pm November 16th, 2016

I used suboxone recreational for 12 to 14 days. Usually around 4 MG sometimes 8mg. Before that I was not using any opiates. Will I have withdrawals? It’s been just about 72 hours now and I feel fine. Can someone please help…

10:21 pm November 20th, 2016

I detox down to tiny pieces now I’m out I feel weak as I start new job tomm idk wat to do I can still eat but I’m weak ! Don’t feel like doing nothing, wat do i do??

10:57 pm November 20th, 2016

I have been on 24 my subutex for around 3 years I stopped cold turkey and I am in week 3 the really bad part of the withdrawal is done I think but I have this taste and smell I can’t gat rid of also I can’t sleep at all noe energy just getting up it seems my legs won’t hold me most of the time

11:06 am November 27th, 2016

I jumped cold turkey from 2mg buprenorphine I’ve been taking snorting for a year. Now I am 18 days clean but I generally feel pretty bad. Body temperature, chills, insomnia, heart rate high. Should I wait for a week or 2 more or what? Hope you answer me…

6:57 pm November 30th, 2016

I’ve been taking Subutex for about 7 months of not having it for 2 weeks we’re going to the withdrawals with Frezing will not stop

1:35 am December 3rd, 2016

I was taking 8mg of Buprenorphine daily for 6 years. I was also taking Adderall 40mg Adderall Tablets daily for 6 yearss. I was also taking Namenda HCL and Equetro daily for a year or two. I quit taking everything all at once. I did not miss a day of work. I did not sleep. On the 11th day I checked into the ER at 0400 and was given a presciption for xanax. I went into work early and stopped at the pharmacy on the ride home. I took the xanax, nothing. I took one, then two, then three, then all of them. No sleep. It was the weekend. I ended up going back onto Buprenorphine at a dose of 4mg daily. (I did not know that 11 days of no sleep can be fatal, I did know that it was day 11 and my heart was in pain and I felt like I was going to literally die).

I became violent and I had no empathy for anyone. I did not feel sympathy. I did not eat or sleep for 11 days. If I would have felt sorry for myself I would have not gotten out of bed to go to work. And I knew that meant certain relapse. So I did not feel sorry for myself. I did not feel sorry for anyone. I was vomitting stomach acid from drinking water. My nerves were on edge. I hadn’t felt like this since I was in combat. It was literally the closets feeling to being under combat stress.

They say unless you have been in combat you don’t know what it feels like, the same thing goes for opiate withdrawals. Comparing it to flu like symptoms is like comparing combat to laser tag.

Anybody out there trying to quit. I think the best medicine would be strong liquor… drinking yourself comatose for days on end. And smoking marijuana when you need to eat. I am serious. I don’t judge anyone.

7:27 am December 12th, 2016

I am looking for advice. I have been weaning off subutex for the last few months. My last piece was about 1/8 on Monday. I also caught a terrible cold. I have taken Med’s for it. However I feel like I could be detoxing. I am extremely emotional, nauseous and terrible headaches. Do I need to get more subutex?

12:32 am December 17th, 2016

Iv been snorting subutex and suboxone for 4 years im so worried my body wont make it threw cold turkey and iv been on suboxone for 6 months i dont see a difference when i try to quit. If i go cold turkey how long will i be in hell for last time i went 2 weeks and everyday it got worse my heart was in the danger zone my doc couldnt believe it got that bad on me. He said hes never seen someones heart so rapid. I passed out on one of his breathing test he gave me my eyes diolated and lights out. Iv been wanting this out of my life for years but the withdraws physically are to much i can handle mental problems but my body gets to weak anani get severe malnutsevere. Anyone have any advice i mean a really hard hard addicts opinion. I could use it right now

11:00 pm January 3rd, 2017

I have been on Suboxone 8 milligrams for 4 years. The last week I cut it down to 4 milligrams and then just quit cold turkey. My last dose I took New Year’s Eve at noon. So I’m going on my 4th day without. I don’t feel too bad just a little restless leg and diarrhea. I would have assumed I’d be real sick by now. I bought tons of vitamins and Hyland’s restless leg medication and leg cramp medication. I have plenty of Ensure because I know I won’t feel like cooking. I took a month off work that ends February 1st. I’m just curious how long it will take for the symptoms for finally start.

4:20 am January 9th, 2017

I stopped taking Subutex and Adderall 6 days ago. COLD TURKEY. I’ve experienced no withdrawal symptoms. I was taking at least 150 mg of Adderall ( 5/30 mg pills) and 8 mg of Subutex every other day. I actually feel good; I have energy, I’m not depressed and no agitation. I was taking Adderall for almost 3 years and Subutex, every second or every other day, for about 2 years. Am I in for a rude awaking within the next few days or am I in the safe zone?

4:26 am January 9th, 2017

I was taking Adderall daily. Just wanted to clarify. I got out of my environment and went to my mom’s house for 2 days. I started to develop an appetite and my thirst has returned. Take a hot shower and force yourself to eat. You need nutrition and calories to get your mind and body revved up again. Think positive and get fresh air. Eat ice cream and pasta. Trust me, you’ll feel much better. And take Ibuprofen. Dude, I wish you well. You can do it.

12:10 am January 12th, 2017

I was prescribed to Suboxone for 10 years. I truly believe I was on it way too long which is partly my own fault due to the fact that I did not want to go through withdrawal. I am 30 years old now and started suboxone at 19. I was on a dose of 1 mg twice a day for the past 5 years. It seemed so minuscule and pointless since I truly have an amazing handle on my recovery. I have never had a relapse since starting suboxone and have no use for opiates. Either way, I am not one to post anything addiction related but there is truly Nothing out there research-wise pertaining to long term suboxone patients that are coming off of the drug. I am 47 days off of Suboxone right now and still feel withdrawal symptoms. The first two weeks were the worst and little by little each symptom subsides. I have been on gabapentin since day three of my withdrawal and it does help a lot but doesn’t take your symptoms away entirely. It dulls them and makes everything more tolerable. But it truly is the only thing that helps. My only symptoms now are under arm sweating which is not normal for me, I rarely ever sweat. I also still feel slight goosebumps on my skin and have a hard time regulating my body temperature, especially without the gabapentin. These symptoms have been dragging on and it’s just a waiting game now. A very long, annoying, dragged out waiting game. I’m not a huge fan of gabapentin due to the way it makes me feel but for now it’s necessary for a somewhat normal life. I will add that it is probably super difficult for me to feel withdrawals since I never relapsed or felt a single withdrawal symptom in almost a decade. I highly advise to not stay on this medication over a year unless it’s a life or death addiction situation. That’s just my personal opinion. I did not need suboxone after the 3rd year and chose to stay on it, this is the repercussion for that choice.

11:09 am January 13th, 2017

I heard they even use this subox for kratom withdrawal..if tge person taking subox for kratom wd what is the dosage.if they took subox for a week…will there be severe wd symptom…or no?my doc prescribed it to me and strictly just for a week.starting dose is 0.5 mg perday for 3 days then o.25 mg for another 3 days and taper down all in one this method will help me stop kratom addiction..and wil i be subox addicter then…thx.i realy need your expert advice

12:15 am January 22nd, 2017


I was on suboxone for 3 years and switched to subutex for the last 2 years, for a total of 5 1/2 years of opioid treatment. From 2011 to 2017. I was on 16 mg of subutex for the last 2 years, I went down to 8mg just for the last week and….PEOPLE IT WAS TOLERABLE!! I was so so scared to make the jump, but I was also just so sick of feeling numb. For me, in my life, it was time for the change. I needed to be completely sober, off everything, just to remember who I was. And, I’m telling you people, I don’t have a high pain tolerance, and after 6 days, I was out and about walking around the mall today feeling better then I have felt in YEARS. Do not let this drug control your life!!! Take control, and just do it! I had a prescription for a low dose of clonodine, and took immodium for stomach cramps, hot baths helped with discomfort and anxiety, and having a lot of support from family and my husband. I feel so happy. So proud. So clear. I could just scream it from a mountaintop!! But I don’t have a mountain top, I have a forum. So, let me tell anyone who will listen, IF I CAN DO IT, ANYONE CAN DO IT!!!

3:57 am January 22nd, 2017

Hello I need help I have been injecting suboxone 2 to 1 mgs 2 to 1 times everyday over a year now probably about 14 months first I was taking by mouth 12mg everyday for 9 monthss I lasted 4 weeks off then I relapsed into injecting it as I said ditto ,am I going to have a heart attack is my concern I am just starting to feel the darkness dimming my light, about a yrae before I relapsed I went in to a clinic they gave me this booster shot and clonidine is my heart that bad now ?need help !!!!!!

4:35 pm February 6th, 2017

I have been on n off subutex for 5 months or so. Recently I have gone 3 days with nothing, then 2 mg then nothing for 4 days. When will this end!!! I am constantly sweaty tired and I can’t find motivation.

5:20 am February 8th, 2017

My husband is in day six of stopping all Suboxone. He was prescribed Methadone pills in 2007.
He is turning 62 and has survived cancer from 2013. Last June his PCP suddenly said he could no longer prescribe the methadone due to changes in hospital policy due to all the opioid epidemic.
It took a huge struggle just to start a tapper off the methadone. When my husband got down to 15mg
of methadone from 60mg, he went to an addiction psychiatrist and jumped to Suboxone.He did this because the PCP was forcing him into a very fast taper with no consideration as to what my husband was feeling. The Suboxone quickly made him feel physically bad.
He started feeling some kind of strange pain in his bladder that he was sure was caused by Suboxone. He had only started in October. He tapered quickly to less than 4mg and then jumped.
The first 5 days were bad but not the worst. But today he got up with extreme vomiting, terrible pain so that he was actually screaming like he was being stabbed. I have never heard him like this in over 30 years. He finally took valium and immodium, He can’t keep anything down.
I don’t know what to do. He is afraid the hospital will be worse. Obviously, he has lived through terrible chemo/radiation as well as heart issues. This is actually worse. And no one cares for
suffering if it is drug related. He was told it was a miracle he survived his cancer, now this is his

8:20 pm February 10th, 2017

I’ve been off suboxone for 32hrs feeling itchy crawling skin ,legs hurting can I take morphine to help

9:13 pm February 13th, 2017

Could pupils still be constricted two weeks after cessation of Suboxone if a person took 20mg a day for two years?

2:51 pm February 14th, 2017

I am 47 years old. I have never in my life been dependant on anything. That was until I had a bad car accident in 2008. I was prescribed pain meds and ended up in pain management in 2013. I was taking 90 mg of roxicets daily for two years. I wanted off the pain meds so I quit going to pain management and started taking Subutex. I have been taking between 3 – 4 mg daily for about a year now. It helped me quit the pain meds but now I had this new addiction. I quit cold turkey and this is my 6th day drug free. The first day wasnt too bad. But as the days went it definitely got worse. I finally feel alot better today but extremely weak. Just wondering if the worse part is over or is there more to come? Any advice would be appreciated.

6:56 pm February 16th, 2017

I’ve been off subs for 41 days now. After 10 years on subs I can finally say I’m clean. It feels good. I still have my bad days which is usually triggered by stress. In knowing that I try to stay away from my stress triggers. Because I was on suboxone for 10 years my withdrawal period was prolonged. It took me approximately 28 days to feel somewhat normal. The 1st week was horrible. I actually had around 8 pills of Percocet 5mg that I would take to help with the WD’s. I would also end up taking around 5 zanex within that 1st week. This helped a great deal. I feel taking the Percocet and zanex helped me space myself from suboxone. I wouldn’t recommend taking the mentioned meds for longer as you could just trade on med for another. The 2nd week was better although I still couldn’t sleep, RLS, and couldn’t eat. I went out and got vitiamns. Your body will be depleted of zinc, vit C, and other essentials. By the 3rd week I still hadn’t moved that far from my couch. No energy, stomach pain, and still wasn’t sleeping. I went and got sleep aid. Horrible idea!!! The sleep aid would just make me drowsy where I couldn’t even get up to take a shower to help me relax. Anytime my body got to feeling unbearable I would take a hot shower, multi a day! By week 4 I was getting out of the house and just driving listening to music. Music was a great help to me while enduring all this. I find myself getting out of breath easily. I can say some of that is due to my anxiety I have now after coming off suboxone. As I sit here today I feel great about what I’ve accomplished! 41 days…. I never thought it would be possible especially doing it all on my own. My spouse has been there every step of the way. He don’t understand drug addiction but I’ve talked and explained every stage I’ve endured while coming off suboxone and he has been great cleaning and cooking and just being there for me. I mentioned that I was on subs for 10 years but the dose I would take is a 8mg pill every other day. When I quit I was taking 4mg every other day. I wish everyone luck!

1:45 am February 23rd, 2017

Had to stop Suboxone cold turkey cuz health insurance no longer covered dosage and it cost too much. Was taking 8mg twice daily for 7 months. On day 19 today but still having lots of pains, is this normal? Any idea when physical withdrawal symptoms will stop or start to get better?

5:27 am March 6th, 2017

I am on 28mg of suboxone,for the last 2 yrs.Of course started on a low dose then got increased.I started age 9 when my mum shoved a serapax down my throat,after my step dad bear me Now 43 I am ar the stage where I get weekly 28mg suboxone on the thursday thats 196mg I used by Saturdy.How long would it take to get out of my system?

6:29 am March 6th, 2017

I’ve been on 32mg aday for two years wanting to quit I feel like I can do it without anything but my wife’s on the same and she’s scared to quit we don’t wanna be on this yeas from now is cold turkey possible

12:11 am March 8th, 2017

what happened to Cassie???

8:27 am March 10th, 2017

I came across this forum and info while looking for info on how long withdrawal symptoms can last from suboxone. I recently started dating someone who was on it for 5 years. High dosag he says. He decided to stop cold turkey going on 5 months ago but I’ve noticed issues at night with him and sleeping g. He talks a lot, seems in pain , thrashing around kicking, laughing rather creepily like something from a scary movie. It lasts hours. Or days. There’s a few days a week he’s fine. If he smokes it helps a tiny bit. But for the past 3 hours he’s been saying the most random sentences and sleep conversing with me and kicking around. Should he ask his doc for a anything? 5 years of usage and using ice and benzos and adderall in between… going on 5 months how long should this last … it’s kinda scary and he always seems like he’s in pain in his sleep he’s always moving around. Ugh. Help.

Mr O
4:56 am March 12th, 2017

I’ve gone from 12mg to 8 in 2 weeks… i’ve felt better but okay i guess. the tough part is to come. I need to detox as soon as possible. but dreading the amount of time it takes. maybe it’s not that bad. just hope by two weeks I feel able to face the world.

4:58 am March 20th, 2017

I have not had Suboxone in 82 hrs.i was only takin .070 at the most at a time for two months meaning I ripped the strips in tiny pieces….I’m not withdrawaling yet…Am I goin too…So scared

5:43 am March 21st, 2017

I stipped taking opiates a year ago. Took only 16mg(spread out over course of few days) to help with some of the dysphoria from heavy adderall withdrawal. Stopped subs cold turkey since i thought it was only 16mg as well as the fact i am no longer opiate dependent. I still got withdrawals three days after stopping. I believe those who have been opiate dependent even yeara ago will suffer sub wds after only ahort term use. Why is it that many many people claim shirt term sub will bot cause wds when i clearly exp them. Albeit not as severe as soneonw who has been on them longer. 3 days after stopping had restlessness anxiety nausea bad dreams and back aches

3:05 pm March 24th, 2017

I have taken in my brother who is determined to get clean once and for all. He’s been abusing suboxone for about 2 years now and in the last 2 months has gone from shooting it up to orally making a strip last a week. He has been completely off of it for about a week now and the first withdrawal symptoms have started hitting him. I’m not sure how to help him although I know just giving up and saying go find you some suboxone is not the answer. How long can I expect just the physical signs and is there anything that I can do to help or make this any easier on him? I’m trying so hard not to be cruel and cold hearted as I do not tolerate drug use of any kind at all but after being estranged for nearly 5 years he turned to me for help and if I can’t help him he has nobody so I know I can’t give up on him or he’ll go back to doing this and more I’m just not sure.

Mr O
7:34 pm March 26th, 2017

Day 6 w/o subs… the worst now is the fatigue.

First 2 or 3 nights were a pain – pure fidgeting cos my arms/legs kept twinging.

Now I’m always hungry.

The horror stories here made me scared of giving up the drug. It wasn’t like heroin w/d… I didn’t puke. I can’t wait till I get my energy again.

Remember to eat people – force a smoothie down you, museli/yoghurt….

Music helped me through this too… The nostalgia you get in w/d is incredible. I listened to loads of music from 70s/80s/90s – the song by George McCrae called Rock Your Baby. Reminded me of being a baby/toddler again. Yes, you get sad during w/d but you have to keep in mind that what you’re doing is a positive thing for your life/health and you will gradually improve each day.

My parents died in the 9 years I was taking subs…. I expected that to hit me – like I’d been coccooned from the grief. But it hasn’t. I went thru the grief on subs. I also expected things like toothache to arise, as if it’d been blanketed by the subs…. no toothache though.

So yeah – the fears I had didn’t occur. I will post when I get my energy back. I never thought I’d get off this drug. But so far is okay.

6:52 pm March 27th, 2017

I was taking butrans 5mg 7-day patch for a year. Great for pain, but getting off is a nightmare. I have disc herniations at L-4 to L-5, and L-5 to S-1. I quit cold turkey and went through a 24 hour flu like bought. Puking and diarrhea, though I would die. Wished I had. Crapped my bed, felt like my gall bladder was going to burst. Put half a patch on and cured my symptoms. Now working down to a quarter patch. Quitting opioids is way easier. Will never touch this horrible stuff ever again. I’d rather live in chronic pain.

10:52 pm March 29th, 2017

After 6 months of 8 mg suboxone use, withdrawals BEGAN at around 72 hours, maybe 4 days. The most unbearable were on days 5 and 6. Anyone who is reading this I thoroughly suggest to TRY and TAPER yourself over a month or so. Give the strips to your husband or your parents so that you cannot give yourself a larger dose than needed. Start by halfing, then quartering, then fifthing, then taking every other day (1/5), every third day (1/5). If this is NOT an option for you, I can assure you that Suboxone withdrawal is NOT as bad as Opiate withdrawal…no matter what “they” say. By days 5 and 6 you will experience body aches, nausea, the sneezes, no concentration, shortness of breath – it feels a little worse than the flu (because depression and craving will also be heightened). But just remember you got over something a million times worse than this so YOU WILL BE OK. Don’t give up! Love you all!

11:01 pm March 30th, 2017

Will 2mg of suboxone a day for 8 days cause withdrawals if I haven’t taken it before and quit completely?

8:25 am April 2nd, 2017

okay, so i was in a detox center for 4 days where they give you 8 mg of subutex your first day and casually wean you down. i still had two more days of taking 2 mg but i checked myself out because it was an aweful facility. i’ve been taking vitamins since i got home and have been totally clean for 5 days now, i just don’t know what to do. i feel every withdrawal symptom under the sun and just don’t know what to do with self. i can’t sleep, i can’t eat. i need feedback. everyone tells me to take it day by and and that everything gets better but i feel like i’m going insane.

3:00 pm April 5th, 2017

I have used tramadol 50mg for 3 years anywhere from 3-9 a day. Last dose was 7 days ago, since then I have made 2 8mg suboxene strips last a week. How bad will withdrawal be?

12:17 am April 7th, 2017

Im currently withdrawing from buprenorphine my back is aching so bad and my wee smells terrible is this normal. Thankyou

6:38 am April 17th, 2017

hi. i have been on bupe for 4 years sadly. i am ready to get off of it but i am so scared. i am down to 3 mgs a day. when i started i was on 32 ( 4 8 MGS) mgs a day. i am so close but so far. I am really scared to get off of it completely because i have 3 children. I know I am going to be sick and I am ok with that but i need my kids to be somewhere else for those 2 weeks that I am sick. I have never misused or mistreated my prescription but my dr. doesnt understand that although I am ready to get away from this forever I cant suffer withdrawals. I want to be done forever but at this point what do I do?

10:45 pm April 17th, 2017

I have been taking 32mg (1 8mg 3x a day, but I take them all at bed time) of Subutex for a few years now. I take it for pain, but my pain has really lessened in the last 2 months and I want to try and get off of it. I’m not sure if I want to just reduce by one pill a week, or go down by half steps for two weeks. I think the latter would probably be better, even though those buggers are small and probably hard to cut in half!

Anyone have any thoughts? Or are we all just asking questions into a great big void, hoping for someone to answer us?

3:13 pm April 21st, 2017

Hello Hillary. When you decide to discontinue buprenorphine treatment, the daily dose should be decreased gradually over a predetermined period or at a rate you agree upon with your prescribing doctor. Doctors and medical experts recommend that you gradually reduce your buprenorphine doses over a period of 2-3 weeks before you can discontinue the medication. Doses are usually reduced by 10-20% from your current dose, every week or every other week.

The process of tapering can greatly lessen the severity and duration of symptoms…but it doesn’t stop the withdrawal symptoms from appearing completely. So, you can still expect to feel some withdrawal between decreases, and once you finally come down off buprenorphine completely. Your doctor or pharmacist can help you create an individualized tapering plan, and may also suggest other prescription medications or over-the-counter remedies to help you treat symptoms as they occur.

mr o
11:40 pm April 17th, 2017

i did it. last sub was 20th March.. almost a month. days 7 to 14 were the worst. i wasn’t rattling but just drained as hell.

i had to do this. i didn’t want to. i had to. you would have to take 2 weeks off – or i had to.

finally feel motivated, less depressed or meh about life.

20mg worth of the poison is on my table. cos i had to stop, i’ve not craved…. unlike the painful crave for heroin that put me on subutex initially. – 9 years ago.

good luck to anyone reading this… this webpage helped. The YouTube vids of fellow sub-rattlers helped in week 1. Sunlight and fruit/pasta/nuts/yoghurt helped in week 2. My bike helped in week 2 and 3. I feel solid inside again. Music helped… the tunes I liked from way back.

12:35 pm April 20th, 2017

My daughter quit suboxone cold turkey 2 weeks ago. She has weathered the withdrawal symptoms, but at night when she tries to sleep (and only at night) she says she has severe nerve pain up and down her arms. It was so bad last night that she almost went to the ER. Is this a common side effect, and can a side effect like this start after week 1 of withdrawal? If this is a probable side effect, do you know how long this could last?

1:30 pm April 20th, 2017

Hi Terri. After two weeks of buprenoprhine withdrawal, the pain and discomfort of acute withdrawal may not be as severe but she may still experience body aches and pains. Other people have also reported pain in their arms when they go to sleep. They usually describe it as severe pain in the hands and lower arms, numbness and like an arthritis pain OR under the shoulders. The weird thing is that everyone reports that this happens when they lay down or sleep.

I’d recommend that you report this symptom to a doctor and see if they suggest any medications or creams to ease this symptom until it subsides.

5:06 pm April 21st, 2017

I’m going from 1 mg to half mg if subutex will i still have withdrawls I have been taking 1 mg for 6 months

1:17 am April 25th, 2017

I was on suboxone for 15 months taking 16mg daily. I am now about 80 hours into my withdrawal. I am not feeling to bad today and am hoping it’s going to keep getting better! But know reading other people ‘s stories I am afraid it will become bad again!! Fact is that I don’t want to be on suboxone,so I have a fighting attitude.. I am now thinking I was just being hooked on another drug.

3:25 pm April 25th, 2017

A person who take 0.4 mg last dose but he begin from 28 mg but now his dose is .4 mg .he is taking this last dose from 4 month but he want to stop this. How can i help him to stop this buprenorphine drug .which medicine can help him to stop this drug.

12:02 am April 26th, 2017

Oh I hate it how medical people don’t know what their talking about. I was taking clonadine for the suboxone withdrawals. Without that, I would have never gotten off suboxone. i also take zofran. I went in to the hospital 3 1/2 weeks after I started my withdrawels, because I thought the withdrawel symptons were over. WRONG! I was in severe distress. My husband ended up calling an ambulance. It took them two hours to find out I didn’t have anything in my system. I started suboxone for pain 8 years ago. I wanted off suboxone. The pain clinic referred me to an addiction place. They would not help because I also use medical marijuana. The pain clinic referred me to a detox center. This was all before I quit. It would have cost us $1,500 00 a day! My husband pays $1,200.00 a month out of pocket for insurance. Finally, my psychiatric nurse prescribed the clonadine. I also take zofran. Without that I would wind up in the hospital again. For the first two weeks, I had to THINK about moving my right leg. I reached for the light and my arm would not move. It is NOT in your head Simon! You need someone who will listen and not make judgments that they know nothing about. Alan, depending on how long you have been on it, I wouldn’t do it on your own. You are gonna need some medicine to get you off from suboxone most likely. I have PAWS. You do NOT want to realize that you have PAWS and no medicine. I couldn’t even miss a dose without severe withdrawels. I’ve had to go to the hospital on more than one occasion because I get so dehydrated from vomiting. I tried to go without it again today, and I barely pulled through. It is a nasty drug. You just have to get prepared before you do anything.

6:19 am May 1st, 2017

I’m in week 3 of detox from buprenorphine. I still have terrible restless leg syndrome and have barely slept in the last 3 weeks. I have no energy and all I think about is going back to it. When will this end. I can’t take much more

11:18 pm May 3rd, 2017

I’m almost ready for detox from subutex. I’m down to 2mg a day. 1mg morning, and 1mg afternoon. During detox under doctors care, aren’t there drugs prescribed to ease the withdrawal,other than methadone?

4:02 am May 4th, 2017

Currently taking .5 mg of subutex while I am 19 weeks pregnant. I have been given the OK by two of my doctors to wean off but I’m having a difficult time. I was on a 1mg dose for about a year but have been on subs for a total of 4 years (starting at 12mg and tapering down to .5) it feels like it’s impossible to get off this small dose. How long should my withdrawals last? Struggling…

4:32 pm May 7th, 2017

I’m day 8 cold turkey off 2 8mg the pain is acute can’t sleep how :'( longer been on them for 2 years

9:27 pm May 8th, 2017

i have been on soboxone for about two years give or take i take 8 mil i thought it would only be a week to get off withdrawals from opiates but doc kept me on it i was prescribed clonidine to ween off soboxone will this help and how do i do it i still get soboxone im thinking start taking clonidine if symptoms get too bad take a little piece of soboxone? Im confused help lol

5:23 am May 9th, 2017

Dear Ivana@Addiction Blog: I began Suboxone sub-lingual treatment under MD supervision in Oct., 2014 at 24mg/once daily, was taking approximately 12mg/once daily by Oct. 2015 and decreased my dose from 8 mg/ once daily in Jan. 2017, to 2mg/once daily by March 1, 2017, and stopped entirely 21 days ago, (4/18/17). The worst of the physical with drawl symptoms have past, but I’m still restless, irritable, depressed, fatigued, and angry. What may I expect for the next couple weeks, months, and what can I do to feel better quicker regarding diet, and exercise. I am active in AA, and attend meetings 6 days/week.
Thank you very much for your support.

Best Regards,

2:20 pm May 12th, 2017

I was prescribed the butrans transdermal patch a year ago for back pain,and have completed the cessation treatment beginning from 15mg then 10mg then 7.5mg and finally 5mg. My withdrawl symptoms are the most of the typical ones, but the worst for me is the restless legs and the insomnia. I sleep for may be an hour at a time but with dreaming. I ended the use of this treatment on Tuesday. Please tell me what I can do to get over this faster. My mental attitude about all of this is highly positive.

10:36 pm May 13th, 2017

i have been taking between 8 & 16mg of subitex everyday for about 4 years now and today i am starting my cold turkey………. ive done lots of research via the internet, reading different people vlogs and watching self medication videos on youtube and i am ready to come off this shit that has had me imprisoned within my body and mind for so long, av had it with this life!
anyways wish me luck and i will try and keep you all posted.. god have mercy on me and help me beat this horrible addiction!!!

7:23 pm May 18th, 2017

Hello.i have been using buprenorphine one mg each time just for the last 3 days.beuase of my lightly opium smoking hobi. I am intending to stop taken it. Can I do so stright away. Your suggestion is very much appreciated.

8:37 pm May 22nd, 2017

I was on soboxone for 6 years than I switched doctors because I moved out of the state I was in. I asked my new doctor about switching me to subutex for cost reasons mainly he agreed I have been on subutex know for about 4 months and I have definitely noticed a difference between the to drugs. The subutex seems like it is little less intense. My question is compared between the two drugs which one has more severe withdrawals. I am thinking its really time to stop all of this madness only for the fact my life still revolves around all of this and I have been on it for what going on 8 years total on this stuff. Please any advice would help me understand. I do understand that I am a drug addict that needs to be completely honest with myself. But I really believe its time for me to stop all of this madness…..

9:53 am May 24th, 2017

I was on 12mg subotex tablet for about 14months I have reduced to 0.8 subotex and I have started my detox I can manage everything but the restless tummy especially at night it’s keeping me awake ant sleep is there any advice on the cos I can handle but can’t go without sleep. It’s been three days with no sleep

2:38 am May 28th, 2017

Started using heroin (which tested later in my system as fentanyl) about 2 months ago. Got 2 12 mg suboxone strips to get off heroin. Took 12mg over the first 24 hours then dropped to 2mg/1 day, then 1 1/2mg next day. Next dose due in 9 hours and I plan to continue tapering down with the remaining 8 1/2 mg I have left. If I taper to an almost nothing dose how strong should I expect my withdrawals to be? I’m very scared as I tried to quit the heroin after just one month daily use and it was the most horrible thing I’ve ever experienced. Any help greatly appreciated

9:22 am June 7th, 2017

I’ve been on 8mg of Subutex for 3 years and I’m trying to come off of it. Can you tell me the best way to do this? I have three kids 12,14 18. And how long it will take.I do take the medication as subscribed under the toung.

Mcg - j .... 6mg subutex
10:28 pm June 10th, 2017

I currently been put to 6mg of subutex down from 8mg I do not take any heroin Valium it was for dihydrocodiene misuse due to severe back back!! I have had a year from hell just want to get back to my normal self .. how long will it take my to come off this dose??? … all advise is welcome xx

8:27 pm June 13th, 2017

I’m not sure where you get the idea that Gabupentin is not a additive substance,but you are so wrong.After taking 1200mg daily for 10 yrs,I tried to stop,even tapering the dose over a 60 day period.I could not control my temper,had bouts of anger followed by tears.No sleep muscle cramps.It also impairs your ability to think rationally.Get your facts correct before you get someone started down this rabbit hole,all drugs have some sort of side effects,even aspirin.

9:04 pm June 13th, 2017

Tearing my hair out, I am a 51 year old male who went into treatment nearly two years ago and finally got of Bupe, only to relapse a few months later. Initially on 8 mg I have increased my dose up to 16mg as 8 was not holding me. I am now so depressed at the thought of being on this drug for the rest of my life. Outwardly I seem fine but inside I am dying. I keep wishing I would not wake up. Ironically I started a new job 4 months ago, really good, well paid job working from home. The trouble is I am even more isolated. My heart keeps sinking. I don’t think I could bear another treatment centre and all the holding it together just seems insurmountable.

12:35 pm June 22nd, 2017

If you use Subutex (as needed) for 1 week to totally stop Vicodin (used per Rx. for medical issues – not for fun; @ 10/325, 4x daily, for approx. 4 years now), will Subutex withdrawals occur, and if so, how long will they last?… and at what intensity?

I’m now 4 days into Subutex usage (just starting day 5) and find I get by on approx. 6 mg. or less spread throughout the day and it is working perfectly as to having no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever from the Vicodin. It is my intention to try to just go without tomorrow and only take a small amount when/if I feel WD symptoms beginning to occur. Is this “routine” likely to work in order to evade the worst of withdrawals. As to the Vicodin, I’ve tried cold turkey (boy, what a mistake that was). I’ve tried dosing down (doesn’t work for me – I cheat). I wanted to see if I can just live without a pain med for the pain I live with and take the Vicodin for, which my Ortho says is more than likely a “dream” of mine. It would have been nice to have been warned about the taking of this medication when it was prescribed to me, because at this point, the dosage I’m on just is no longer effective and because I’ve been offered some kinds of stronger pain meds that I’ve read really bad things about, I’ve refused them as I feel that while they might help get rid of my pain, I would end up with just another problem with a new medication, that being it’ll work for a while until it doesn’t. I think you know what I mean by that.

6:40 pm June 26th, 2017

My son spent 7 years in prison and during some of the time used suboxone. He has been out ofjail 6 months and sees a doctor and is on a program taking 8mg suboxone daily.He exercises and is training as a boxer and a personal trainer. He decided to stop his suboxone without slowly decreasing the dose. He just stopped taking it. he has terrible cramps, is feeling very depressed, cannot sleep…. all the symptoms stated in your information page. How long do you think this will last. It is now day7and he seems worse symptom wise. He is terribly depressed. He is in terrible pain but is trying so hard to fight through this. I am beside him all the time and we talk and I make really healthy meals and vegetable and fruit smoothies. He does see a psychologist but only every two weeks so has not seen her since he stopped the suboxone. he sees her in another 7 days. I am so sad watching him with draw and don’t know if I can do anything more to make him feel better…. can you suggest anything that may help him. He is determined to stay off the suboxone but it breaks my heart to see this….. any suggestions will be taken on board and appreciated.

8:29 pm June 29th, 2017

Hello my name is Theresa I was taken sobxon for over 7 mos cause I was told they will help me get off perks. I never took a whole one I would cut minds in to 16 one piece a day.but then my body bstart reject it.i I started vomiting or I couldn’t put it in my mouth so I went to my doctor and she gave me my psych meds and I patch and said it will help me with my withdrawals a little well I’m on day 12 but I still feel bed how long will it take for me to feel normal again

2:47 pm June 30th, 2017

This time is grossly inaccurate. Withdrawal really doesn’t start until around day four, the major issues last about 4-6weeks and start subsiding in week 6-ish. Don’t be surprised if the craving and depression cause a (temporary) relapse. Just don’t keep going. This will be a set back in recovery time. The point is not to win the battle but to win the war. Love, peace, and kindness be with you.

Yams man
5:11 am July 1st, 2017

I’m on day 15 I was shitting and puking for 10 days straight I’m a lot better finally sleeping 8 hours after 7 days no sleep the delirium was real seeing faces and thing that were not there I’m not 100% but I can manage and live life I came off 24mg iv habbit while detoxing from 10mg xanax. Im glad I’m coming threw the other end it sucks but it’s time to put your big boy pants on. You thought doing dope would be fun now cry about the withdraws. Want to avoid dope withdraws don’t do heroin. Want to get better excersise break your body if you lay in bed all day you will stay at rest and have no motivation to do anything. Yeah you may cry and puke but after a while you will see how quickly you feel. I’m not talking about squatting 4000lb just run for 20 minutes or swim or anything gtfo off the couch

7:11 pm July 1st, 2017

i have been using Subutex, sublingually for 9 days to get off heroin. Today is my second day of subutex. How long will I expect to be in withdrawel for?
I used about 4 mgs on first day ranging up to 8 mgs and then reducing back down to 2mg and jumping off 2mg. If you could let me know please.
At present I am experiencing restlessness, digestive (bloatedness), irritability, extreme sweats …

Jet S
9:24 pm July 2nd, 2017

I’m a 53 yr old male and this is my 35th day w/o Suboxone. I was on basically 28 mg a day for 1_1/2 yrs (Jan. 1, 2016- May 29, 2017) until 4 days prior to my jumping off. Had 1 left, broke into 4 pcs. Then 2mg a day til I went to rehab. Started running basically non-stop with opiates since 1994 when I got first script of Dilaudid 4mg for recurring back pain after surgery. I was a recovering alcoholic and took every script as prescribed. I was so proud! Pfft! WHEN he started to cut me down I went to pain clinic, got oc 20s, chewed the very first, had a script for 2 80s,1 40 a day in no time and would last two weeks maybe. By this time I was shooting them and the only reason I wasn’t shooting 5 at a time is they wouldn’t melt right. I’ve done it all in the last 23 years. Give me some numbers and I’ll tell who makes it and what it’s for. What color the powder and I’ll tell you where it comes from. Grrr.. not proud of that. Was up to 150 mg of methadone about 13 years ago, whipped it in jail and it WAS NOTHING LIKE THIS… BUT my story has a little twist… So about 3-4 months ago I “found” someone who would trade 90 klonopin 2’s for 9 of my subs every month. That’s the only reason I wasn’t doing 28mg. everyday. Found out now I traded a bad drug to quit cold turkey for a worse drug to quit cold turkey. Got the 90 2’s on Mon. 22, sold 30, coming out of the fog Fri. 26 with no Klonopin left. (Maybe I lost them, somebody took them, don’t know, don’t care. They never lasted longer than a week and a half anyway and usually never sold any. I would notice I didn’t feel well for about 2 weeks after, but I had the subs and the other Klonopin script was just a week or so away so I would get through…. About the second time I traded I talked with someone who I had used with for all those years, was now 3 yrs clean was now putting ppl in rehab. Talk about a Higher Power doing for me what I wouldn’t do for myself. Plus my weight went from 180 or so down to 143 in like three or so months. So this last time with K’s was a little more extreme.) Powers behind the scene had arranged to b in rehab Monday. Went to one rehab for seven days had me on the usual? crap. Biggies were pheno-barb and Librium, among those were muscle relaxers, ibuprofen and Tylenol alternately, (one goes through the liver, the other through the kidneys), no sense in destroying what’s left eh? Trazadone 100 mg. for sleep, never worked for the 20 days I took it. Clonodine for blood pressure which they could never really get down. Was always about 135/97 Was somewhat comfortable. If I only knew now… Powers that b decided that was enough and sent me to second rehab. Took away the biggies and, whammo, the real withdrawals hit like a freaking train. Ended up in ER 4 days later with BP 250/130. Finally got it under control with a med. that gave me a cough. Lost the 7# I had gained at 1rst care unit and left after 12 days total. Needless to say I was not nice to b around. So when I got home the first person I called was the Dr because I figured if he put me on them he would know how to get me off of them. Didn’t tell him the part about Klonopin though. Bad mistake on my part. He put me on Valium 5mg. 2x a day. 14 lasted 10 days ain’t bad for me but come to find out they bind longer than the Klonopin, grrr. So day 7 w/o benzos…. Arms still feel like they are in ice water 50% of the time, started walking about 1\2 mile a week ago with hills but got to push through and making it. It is somewhat easier today. Stomach only about 1\2 the cramps but when it’s time to eat, get the f**k outta the way. Still taking 2-3 showers a day. Gives about 1 1/2-2 hours of relief at a time. Cold Sweating still. So water logged all the time. Still a little shaky depending on what’s going on around me. Especially when stressed. Meetings and after when I feel the best. Still on 90/90. Got a sponsor in NA but go to whatever’s the closest. AA or NA. I only get about 3 hours tops out of a shower so I plan accordingly. But strength is coming back and there is hope. One thing I saw on another site and haven’t seen on here is to take vitamin b-complex and ginsing. Tried both but the ginsing made me too jittery… Still can’t regulate body temp well so will usually have coffee in one hand with something cold in the other. I was always a two fisted drinker anyway…lol OH, and what I take today is 25 mg topamax for back pain so I don’t have to lay down during a meeting but it’s amazing what ibuprofen and Tylenol will do once all opiates are out. I have two rods in back and my back is in the shape of a z above the rods so I know what it means to have back pain with nerve impingement. I ain’t bull sh***ng no one about this. I will on occasion use a tens unit but haven’t had to since I left the 2nd care unit. I take 1 10 mg. Norvasc and 1 0.1 mg clonodine 3x a day for blood pressure. And the worst thing I take is (I think) 15 mg Remeron and once I can sleep the whole night through with it (even with it I’m up, off and on all night though I try to stay in bed from 10-6). I will start to wean off it. I hate flipping on ppl, which the Dr said would happen if I dropped it. Tired of 10 stepping ppl.(Out of the 12 steps of NA. LOOK IT UP IF U DONT KNOW) But like I said when it’s time to eat, my stomach ache don’t care if it’s 3 in the morning… But I found getting out of my head is the best and since I’ve said this stuff a million times at meetings and it only takes a minute, this took about 2 hours…I HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE BESIDES MYSELF. GOODLUCK

Oh and by the way I drink copious amounts of water which helps me sweat as well as go to the bathroom every freaking 1/2 hour. But that’s all good, it just sucks at meetings. And I forgot to say I’m back up to 155# today. If I can do it anyone can, I am the biggest wimp when it comes to any kind of pain… Physical, mental,spiritual. And I would give anything to fight this back when I went into AA the first time…I really think this kind of pain would’ve help make it stick. I would’ve punched the Dr. in ’94 right in the mouth. Maybe. I must be getting better, my sense of humor is coming back. GL PPL

6:22 am July 5th, 2017

Hey everyone. I just wanted to write a post to give some hope to anyone trapped in the realm that is sub use because these posts helped me when I felt like there was no way out. I have been snorting about 16 mg of subutext every day for the past 6-7 years. I never thought I could get off of them but knew I had to or I would just keep living an empty life. I recently went into treatment to get clean and went in cold turkey with no taper. I am not going to lie it was pretty much hell. Even after the first couple weeks were over and I was done with the worst of the physical symptoms the toughest thing was the lathargy and depression. I honestly thought I would just end up using again if this kept up when I got out of rehab. Today marks 45 days of straight sobriety for me and I could not be happier. Sure I still have a hard time with energy levels and some days are harder than others, but I feel 20x better and I have a clarity in which I forgot existed. I don’t even have to many cravings now and I know I will never go back to this awful drug because I finally did it. 7 years later I finally overcame subs and am back to finding the person I once was. Subutext withdrawal lasts a long time and seems unbearable but it is not impossible. I would recommend going to a good 4 week treatment center to detox and prepare yourself for a sober lifestyle on the outside and I can’t stress enough the importance of going to meetings and talking to other sober people. I never thought I could do this because every time I tried I did it on my own. For anyone trapped on this terrible drug and thinking about getting off of it then just know that it does get better. You just need to take it one day at a time and for a shitty as you may feel just remember it ends and never wanting to go through this again it a great motivator. Don’t wait 7 years like I did to get your life back, if you have to opportunity get clean now and be yourself again.

3:36 pm July 5th, 2017

You will feel great after 30 days. And a month after that life will be full of joy and happness from emotions you forgot you can have. I often find my self getting teary from happy scenes from movies or tv show. It’s awesome.

8:14 pm July 11th, 2017

Hi ive been snorting a couple small lines of subutex every day for the past 4mths a 8ml subutext is lasting me about 9 days im 2days in to detox and feel really bad how long will this last? Please help!!!

Jet S
6:35 pm July 13th, 2017

An update to previous post. 45 days out from last piece of sub and 18 days from last benzo. Still a little sweaty but minor(gets bad when I get excited so I try to keep my serenity level high),minor lethargy(but can’t complain, walking 1 mile plus meetings and going here and there daily with no real problem just gotta push myself), and staying up all day helps with the sleep though I still wake up 2-3 times but getting around 6 hours a night. Cut topamax in half and getting ready to do the same with the Remeron. Still haven’t had to use my tens unit, thank God. Continuing to force lots of fluids, taking vitamin b complex and glucosamine condroiten(sp?), that’s all for the physical detox. I haven’t really suffered from the depression everyone speaks about because I’m staying busy with the NA program and when I’m not, I put headphones on and crank it up!!! Like “Rush” said, “…and the magic music makes your morning mood!!!” from “Spirit of the Radio”. They’re not lying! God’s grace, music and service to others gets me busy and out of my head. Best regards to everyone and good luck.

7:34 am July 14th, 2017

I’m 73 year old woman who was taken off opioids nearly 2 years ago.I had many surgeries (19) that averaged nearly 1 a year. So was on many different pain medications. Then they didn’t work and was given different ones which weren’t help. I started going into withdrawals. That’s when I was put in rehab for 10 days and the doctor put me on Subutex. I was not aware what it was and how hard it was to go off of it. When released from the hospital I was given a Prescription and that I was set up with a doctor who would care for me. Well that doctor dealt with pain and had nothing to do with Subutex. He didn’t want to deal with me. I was then on my own. My primary doctor couldn’t do much either. I ended up having to spend a day on the phone until I found a psychiatrist who did deal with patients on Subutex. He was 75 miles from my home,but I had no choice. He would give me a prescription but that’s about it. Again I wasn’t told much about the drug. I Googled it and discovered what it is. I had was taking 8 MG a day and started cutting myself down. I had the symptoms I read about but when I told him he just said that was normal. He never told me if I going about how to go off or what I should expect. I got down to 2MG and I was really having trouble and couldn’t drive. My husband took time off work and took me to the doctor. He told the doctor what was going on and that something needs to be done to help me. The doctor said I was going too fast and I needed to taper slowly. Then he said do this and that. Never wrote it down . Gave me another presentation and told me I should be off with in a month,and I can go back to see him I want. That was 6 weeks ago.Well between my husband and I we tried to remember. I found your site and was doing pretty good,now I just started to hopefully be at the end. 36 hours ago I started taking? 1/2 MG. I’m having a very bad time and afraid I can’t do it . Also I’m having an outpatient surgery on the 21st. of this month. Tonight is the 13th. Should I continue going off or try to stay were I am ? At my age this is taking all I have out to me. Please help me ! Hope you understand what I’ve written.

7:31 am July 16th, 2017

My insurance doesn’t cover my Butrans 20 patch anymore. I’ve been on it for at least 4 years. I also have common variable immune deficiency and every 3 weeks I have an IV infusion lasting 4 hours. Friday was my infusion and today I ripped off the Butrans patch. My pain dr has given me Norco to take every 4 hours instead of the usual every 6 hours. I have read people’s withdrawal stories and I am very apprehensive. I also am on oxygen and 63 years old. What should I expect?

1:13 pm July 16th, 2017

Ive been on subutex since 2004 I was on a very high dose these past few months ive reduced right down I had my last dose on Friday 0.4mg and today is Sunday and I still feel really bad how long is this gonna last I can cope with all of it but the cramps there the worst

Jet S
2:20 pm July 16th, 2017

To Beverly,
There are many factors to be considered, much more than u have given. If pain medicine has stopped working but u need pain control than Subutex may be ur only hope. Just keep it the lowest dose possible to maintain pain control. I’m 53 and abused suboxone until it stopped working. Read my previous post(s). Subutex doesn’t have the blocker in it that would keep other pain meds from working (from what I understand) so after surgery they should be able to give you something else for increased pain. NOW, if u r having problems in controlling ur pain meds, then u r in about the same boat I’m in. Again, read my 1st post but let me add this…I tried for 10 years or more to control my use with different drugs and mixes and how I used them but with no success. I wish I could give u my number or email to share personally my experience and hope and walk u through the process that I went through but alas, people can ruin everything with scammers and such so I will watch this a little closer on a daily basis and reply accordingly. Ps…I took a notebook and my meds to the Dr, told him I wanted off everything but what I needed for my health and wouldn’t let him leave the room until I had wrote down EVERYTHING that he said. If he cares he will stay, if he doesn’t tell him u r going to another Dr. and see if u can’t bring someone else and ur husband. GL, and I will be checking. ALSO, my story is the extreme so go through the blogs to find one similar to yours that will give u a better idea what to expect and what u can do, tc

3:03 am July 24th, 2017

How long do the severe aches and pains last? This is Day 6 for me with no buprenorphine. I was only on 1mg and did a weaning period. The past two days I can barely stand for more than five minutes without wanting to cry. The pain is mainly located in my back.

4:02 am July 26th, 2017

I have been on buprenorphine 8mg for about two years. Should be taking two but only taking one breaking it in half trying to get off this drug. I know I have to go slow I am going to try to only take a half a day. Then I will skip a couple of days and then quit I am scared. That I will not be able to do my job my family will not understand. But I have to get off this drug I have been on it way to long. my ins cut me off but I still pay cash for them. I will be asking for help so if there are any thoughts out there that may make a little easyer for please let me know.

1:28 am July 29th, 2017

I just found this Vlog. It’s really upsetting for me to read the mods responses to people. PEOPLE. 15 yrs on subs it has robbed my life. I was put on them om 2002 for a 6 to 8 lortab a day dependence after nearly being killed when my horse was spooked by an idiot . He honked. My horse reared up flipped on me ruptured my left femoral artery. Broke my neck , back, pelvis. Faces amputation of my left leg. I can’t even go into it. Being given 24 mgs of subutex for that was like being given 100 proof herin for taking baby aspirin. My Dr was a cash n carry Doc. It was the miracle drug. Buy as much as you want guy.
LETS JUST TELL THE TRUTH HERE! Small we? Cut the bullshit. . The ceiling of subs is far far far lower than your f$&&$ktard docs are feeding you. Anything over 8 mgs is a waist of your mind and money. Trust me friends I have forgotten more about subs than most so called ✌🏽Drs✌🏽Know. It should only be used for very short periods at the least dose possible . Between 8 and 2 mgs max then tapering to ,5 then skipping days. Then to .02. Skipping days. Then jump. Get off. If you have been on it for over a yr. and pounding doses anything over 8 mgs. Your in for the ride of your life. You are looking at a full yr min . Yep so you weekenders. Forget about that. So Fing tierd of people lying about how long. It’s long. But there are things you can do. An arsenal of suppliments. Walking. Daily sun baths . Soaks and Kratum. If you don’t know about KRATUM it I suggest you research it. It’s saved lives. The withdrawal and depression from coming off subs is what kills people. The fucker who marketed this drug , I pray they choke on their own money. And the drs who used us a guinie pigs as well. But no live. It’s not just a quick walk in the park. But you do it now you may be able to salvage the rest of your life. I maintained on 1mg and under for 3 yrs due to surguries. No matter if you take 8 mgs or .05 mgs your still in for a chit storm. But do it. Just be be honest for crimmany. Who ever it is typing back at you. Is part of the problem not the solution. 25 grand in dental work. Thousands on subutex. Years of missed parties events. Days with loved ones. When I was the most social person in the world. All for big Pharma. Think of your jump date and the fallowing yr as an investment into the rest of your life. Hang in there. Eat, pray, ❤️ love. Get off suboxone/subutex Beaup…

11:55 pm July 31st, 2017

I have been taking suboxone for a little over 5 years now I was taking 16 mg a day after I got out of rehab for a heroin addiction I got down to about 6 to 8 mg a day but just could not could not take the fighting with my wife over it and it running my life still. So about 14 days ago I took the rest of the suboxone I had and got rid of it and stopped cold turkey. Wow this has been a very long and hard 2 weeks. I still have no energy and severe mood swings and depression. It has been getting better each day but it has been very hard. I will say this my /your doctor can help, there are some medications that do very well to help out like clonidine that one has at least made the last 2 weeks barable and kept me from climbing out of my skin and up the walls. The hardest thing to get past is the not sleeping and crawling out of your skin at night.

3:20 pm August 1st, 2017

UPDATE: 63 days off subs, 37 days off benzos. Update to previous posts… There is hope… Still breaking out in sweat but only when stressed, sleeping 6 hours ALMOST straight through, slightly fatigued but push through it so I can sleep at night.
It’s NOT A YEAR, PHYSICALLY, I’m living proof.
Today I take ibuprofen, Tylenol, blood pressure meds and down to 7.5 of Remeron, have two weeks left then that’s gone also.
MENTALLY what I read is 1 month for every year you used, 30 days it gets better, with me I’m still foggy, short term memory is not great but it’s better… BUT I used for 22 years
Come to NA, don’t use, get a sponsor, work the steps and SHARE WHATS GOING ON WITH U.
SPEND A MONTH for every year u used and if it doesn’t work, WE’LL REFUND YOUR MISERY!!!

2:08 am August 2nd, 2017

hi am vaneet from india ( punjab ) i want to quit drugs buprenorphine
i take three tablets in a day but now i take only two but i try to quit for two days after dat in my legs so much pain and i relapse again i want to quit but plz give solution how to quit if any medicine or any best solution for my legs and cold plz suggest urgent after 15 days Am going to out of country plz help me

9:33 pm August 2nd, 2017

I have been heavily addicted to Suboxone for ~7 years give or take. I have tried countless times to get off it, but after reading the above information, I suspect my case may be more intense than average. I have tried to get off it countless times. It seems my physical symptoms last at least a month. Do you have any idea the timeline it would take for someone such as myself to even get past the physical symptoms? I suppose…I’m just reaching out for help and advice. I would appreciate a response. Email would be preferable. Thank you.

3:30 pm August 3rd, 2017

I was taking subutex for over 5 years. I asked my dr to help get me off them. I was taking 8mg tablets….. I was also cutting them in guarters, but sometimes I was taking more. My dr put 5 mg patch on me for a couple of weeks and said I was drug free. But then I was sick for over 3 weeks, upset stomach, sweating, couldn’t eat or drink. I felt horrible. I went back to the dr, but he insisted it wasn’t redrawl. I landed in the hospital. I still think I was taken off too fast.

9:30 pm August 4th, 2017

I have been snorting 1-2mg of subutex for the past year and desperately want to stop. I am starting to use it under my tongue because I heard the withdraws aren’t as bad that way. Inpatient treatment is not an option for me I am a single mom with a special needs child and I am needing answers as to how best to detox from this. I have been through many detox’s in the past (heroin, methadone) and all were bad but worth it in the end. I really want this..not to be dependant on something every day. I have come real far in my life and feel like I am just stuck. I long to be clean from this stuff but don’t know how to go about it. I also cannot tell my family so support is limited. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

8:17 pm August 5th, 2017

I have been off Buprenorphine patch 15 for almost 2 weeks. I still have upper and discomfort, fatigue, and chills. No energy. How long will this last. Was only on this dose 3 weeks.

8:54 pm August 5th, 2017

I was on subutex for about a year and for the last nine months I’ve only been on 2mg. For about a week I took half a pill and now I’ve been off of it completely for about 3 days. However I’m now experiencing insomnia, irritability, depression and a very sore back. I’m wondering how long this is going to last? I didn’t think it would be this bad since I was on such a small dose does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for me to get through this? This is also extra hard considering I’m a new mom to a 2 month old baby boy who while going through this tough time don’t feel motivated to even care for. Please help! Thanks in advance

2:08 am August 11th, 2017

I had been on Methadone maintenance for many , many years . About 10 years ago my Dr.switched me to Buprenorphine . In April (2017) I moved cross country and made the decision to detox my self . I started at 8ml. . Over a period of 3 months I decreesed very slowly getting down to abou2 ml. day .and then last Thursday took the last that I had . I’m 60 yrs. old and started Methadone maintance when I was 18 yrs old so we are talking 40 years between Methadone & Buprenorphine . The 1st 3 or 4 days were awful and although I’m past the worst from what I’m told I still feel terrible . I have bad chills and 5 minutes later I’m cold . I am so restless I feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin . I still feel like I have a very bad flu and sleeping or even laying still I’m finding impossible. With all this still going on I have to work each day . I have a friend who has been on Methadone and is willing to give me a few 20mlg. Tablets . If I took 5 or 10mlg. A day for a few days would it help or hurt ? I also have a prescription for Alprazolam and wondering if they will help . Please advise me . I’m desperate .!

5:13 pm August 14th, 2017

I have been taking Suboxone 8mg. Day for 3 weeks… used it to detox from norco. I am taking Suboxone only..,.Should I just stop or do I need to taper from the Suboxone

1:40 pm August 15th, 2017

Hi Tom. Stopping Suboxone abruptly is never recommended. If you want to come off of Suboxone, consult your doctor first. Together you will create a tapering schedule and avoid significant withdrawal discomfort. Tapering plans vary from one individual to another, but the recommended daily dose reduction is often no more than 25%, with no more than a 4mg reduction per day. Keep in mind that quitting Suboxone without any medical supervision is not recommended and can be dangerous.

3:41 pm August 17th, 2017

I have been off subutex for 6 days I was on 0.4mg my elbows and knees ache and im having trouble sleeping I’ve been clean off drugs for 5 years I have a 2yr old it’s been hard but I’m determined to do it

Tired of this life
7:48 pm August 18th, 2017

I been snorting herion for years more then 5 years everyday but what I did wasn’t straight herion it would be mix with Tylenol pm but it’s been 2 weeks that I haven’t done herion..I was first taking the first week suboxne then on week 2 I got off suboxne and started taking a generic brand of subutex..the doctor that prescribed the meds keep forgetting to refill my prescription and when I call him I can’t get ahold of him,so my question is has anyone gone threw this?does anyone know if my pain will get worse since it’s day3.i know I might not make sense but sorry just the pain and I can’t constraint..sorry if I misspelled anything thank u

8:55 pm August 22nd, 2017

I’ve been on Suboxone for over a year for pain, how long does it take to get off and I keep having this sinking ,fading away feeling in my head is
this a withdrawal symptom?

8:22 am August 26th, 2017

How long does the pain last, My boyfriend keeps rubbing my legs, He doesn’t understand the withdrawals process

1:41 am August 30th, 2017

I was on the 20mg. Butrans patch for 10 months and decided to wean my self off. I’ve been on the 15mg for a month, I start the 10mg next week for a month, then the 7.5mg for a month, then finally the 5mg for the last month. Should I expect a tough time after the 5mg? If so is there anything I can do to make it easier? Thanks very much.

11:21 pm August 30th, 2017

I just found this sight. Looking at literally a 1,000 pleas for help! I’m almost 50 days off suboxone after 15 yrs. Almost 16 yrs. I had a 6 tab a day Vicodin dependance . I was given subs. It never should have happend. I should have been weaned. We did not know much about subutex or suboxone back then. Please you guys ( please )check out Matt Finches blog. I virtually have no withdrawal. I just returned from over two weeks in Europe . I left on day 21 of my WD. I had a blast. A few things. Calm Support. No I have no connection to them. DL pheniline , Kratum for only the accuse withdrawal stage. Also diet MUST dos. Don’t suffer needlessly. Going into detox only leaves you empty. Going into rehab only works if you are a 12 stepper. And there’s lots of drugs in rehab. Save yourself and your money. Recover like a baller do right at home. If I can do it you can do it. Hang in there. Fight on.

5:39 pm September 5th, 2017

I habe brrn clean off suboxone for 4 days now and I been taking nerve medication and I feel fine other than my anxiety and irritability none of it’s really mot bad. My question is will ot get worse from here on or am I in the clear. I stay busy and pray pray pray and so far im ok. Any help would be appreciated

5:44 pm September 5th, 2017

O been clean off suboxone for 3 days know and I feel fine other than a little anxiety and irritability am I out of the clear or is the worst yet to come. Any information would be greatly appreciated

9:06 pm September 11th, 2017

I am at my 30 days clean from suboxone. I am however still experiencing severe back pain and arm pain as well as muscle aches. Is this normal at this point and how much longer can I expect the pain to last. I was taking 2x 8 mg a day for 3 years. I tapered for a month. I’m feeling so helpless. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thx

9:32 pm September 14th, 2017

I’m on the butrans patch 15mcg/hr and have been on for about 2-3 years. I never planed on being on this for as long as I have, but without it my body is useless and I didn’t realize my body was use to it until a a day without it and I realize that I was having withdrawals (I have seen plenty) I couldn’t take it so I just continued because I couldn’t handle the physical and mental withdrawals I use to cry because I couldn’t do ANYTHING!! Which led to depression and so on and so forth. But now I’m two days without my patch because of no refills yet and now I’m trying to just completely withdraw and it’s so hard because I’m only 23 and I feel like I should be doing things and living my life but right now this is hindering me but I willing to go through it… I don’t really notice it but my Gabapentin do help especially with pain, sleep, and energy now that I think about. I’m going to continue it I take 600mg a night for my neuropathy but it’s seem like it’s going to be a life save for other things too. Hopefully!!

2:59 pm September 17th, 2017

I went from a quarter a day to half a quarter to half of that & took my very last dose 48 hours ago! Not to bad except mentally I’m freaking out! How much longer till I start thinking clearly?

8:37 pm September 17th, 2017

I have been prescribed 16 mg of suboxone a day for nearly 2 years. Doctors refused to wean me off so I quit cold turkey. I’m on day 17 and today

8:52 pm September 18th, 2017

I’ve been doing subutex for about 7 months. Only snorting 1/8th of a pill a day not much and I’m ready to quit. How should I go about doing that. how bad will withdraw be? When i run out i just sweat so bad and i dont feel like getting up and doing anything. Now note: I do not go to a Dr I’m doing this by myself.

12:31 am September 25th, 2017

Hello, been on 12mg x 1 daily of subs for 5 years and have taken as prescribed. I am sick of being a slave to this drug and my Dr has made a fortune off of me the last 5 years. (self paid patient) Today is day 6 of cold turkey and I feel like death! Can’t eat or drink, can’t sleep, can’t focus & my body aches and spasms all over. Please share some advice of how long I can expect this to last. Thank you very much!

11:14 pm September 25th, 2017

I am withdrawing from suboxon i am now at 120 hrs since i last took a strip i was taking 6 strips a day for abot 4 months prior to that i was takeing 3 strips for a year how much longer before i start feeling better. Thank you

10:10 am October 2nd, 2017

Ive been on 10 mcg patches of butrans after my back surgery was on them for 2 yrs the insurance company cut me off and i had to go cold turkey with out being leaned off im going threw hell right now with all the symtoms everyones having ive been in tears because my pain is 10 times worse i cant eat i cant sleep i feel like i have the flew i just cant handle it how long does the withdrawls last if you dont get leaned off the insurance company already had me going threw one day a week withdrawls because i had a bad reaction a few patches later and the doctor told me to take it off when i went threw withdrawls he told me to put it back on and the insurance company would not refill it so they made me strech my patches time please how long does this last

3:50 am October 3rd, 2017

I take a quarter to a half of a gel square subutex daily. I took my last dose today. I’ve been taking it for the past month or two. What will my withdrawal symptoms be like? I truly want to stop for my family! I know I can do it and have the support.

6:49 am October 5th, 2017

Hi guys. I am 33 and have been using suboxone for probably 8 years….after detoxing from opiates at a impatient facility. I never intended to take it this long but the two times I’ve tried to stop were extremely difficult. I was suggested “vivitrol” which is a shot you’re supposed to take after having stopped with the suboxone for 8-10 days. I was on like day 2 and the dr said let’s go for it anyway. I ended up in the ER that afternoon after having been thrown into severe withdrawals that were so bad I was delerious…of course they just looked at me like I was a junkie and didn’t know what to do to help me. No exaggeration I was sick for about 4 months afterwards. The withdraws after being on suboxone for 8 years are horrendous. I passed out twice from the clonidine he was prescribing me. Once in the bathroom and once in the shower. Tried Ambien. Few other meds to assist with the discomfort. Some herbal supplements. Insomnia like no other. Sometimes I would be driving and have to pull over and sleep for a bit because I was sooo tired. So that attempt didn’t work . I’ve been taking it again for a couple years now and have tapered way back. 5 per month. Any suggestions on how to proceed in a way that I make this time a success?? Any input is greatly appreciated

10:21 pm October 8th, 2017

I have been taking Suboxone for about 6 months or so but only 8 mgs, I want to quit cold turkey about how long will the physical withdraw systems last being it wasn’t the full 16 mgs.and I wasn’t abusing the drug.

12:06 pm October 9th, 2017

I’m thinking of swapping from methadone to subutex but I was under the impression that bupenorfen was easier to stop but from your information it looks worse to withdraw

9:29 am October 19th, 2017

Hi, I have been on the Butrans patch for 2 years due to severe back pain. I’m having an inthrathecal infusion pain pump surgery and would like to get off of this first. I was on 15 micrograms per hour and have reduced it to 5 and the withdrawal took about 6 weeks. How long will it take me to go from 5 to 0? Should I take some hydrocodone to help me get through the process? Thank you!

10:58 am October 26th, 2017

Hi,I have been using Butrans patches[20 micrograms] since march2017 ,can you tell me what side effects i will have and do you recommend i reduce the dose slowly i.e. from 20 to 10 to 5

8:16 pm October 26th, 2017

Hi Colin, I got spasms and headaches when I cut down. It took about 3 days until it hit when I tapered. You start to feel better for a couple of days and then it comes back. It took about 3 or 4 weeks between each tapering. I’m still on 5 so I really don’t know how that final cold turkey will go. Good luck.

12:05 am November 7th, 2017

I’ve been on about 2 mgs suboxone for 19 days and quit cold turkey in at 58 hour mark… How long can I expect WITHDRAWL to last or has it peeked I only took 6 or 7full 8mg strips dived thow days I used

7:52 am November 7th, 2017

Hi all,

I’m now on day 4 of no sub’s coming off from 12mg a day. I was addicted to morphine after a bad knee injury that shattered my entire left knee into a thousand pecieces literally. I have to say I did try to quit the morphine cold turkey as well but it was a million times worse than coming off the sub’s . The first four days have taken its toll no sleep and feel like I want to cut my legs off just to stop the restless leg syndrome and the lack of sleep is horrid but I will say this I’m starting to feel better and hopefully day 5 and six this pain will start to ease. To every one in my position stay strong don’t give up if you have to cry cry their is no shame in it espically with what we are going through it is seriously one of the worst things a human can go through and in the end you will be a stronger person for stopping this life destroying habit .

9:51 am November 7th, 2017

I was on 22mgs of Bupe at the beginning of August 2017 and today the 7th of November started on 1.2mgs so i have reduced rapidly but im in a 12 step program and attend NA meetings on a daily basis im looking forward in 3 weeks to be off all together and i know it will be a bit rough but i have clonidine and some Valium available to help me through plus Panadol Osteo for joint aches. Anyother suggestions would be great. Alot is mind over matter.

1:36 am November 13th, 2017

I have selfishly taken suboxone for over 14 years every day, I’m at the point of no return I have tried to quite but my whole body just shut down my children do not know about my addiction nor my boss the day that I stopped I missed 3 straight days of work so I started taking suboxone again, how do I stop taking suboxone and work, where I work at is a place that demands all of my physical and mental strength. What can I do to quite but maintain my sanity?
Thank you.

1:17 pm November 19th, 2017

I have been on suboxone for 15 years I am one patient that has had the same doctor the whole time I had been trying to wein myself off when I found out he was retiring I was prescribed 3 8 mil a day I was at 4 mil a day when I found out I am now on day nine with 0 and sleep is something I used to do I am in living hell will I ever be OK

7:19 pm November 20th, 2017

I have been free if Butrsnd for some time now but still adjusting to life. I am 70 years of age. I think during my withdrawal phase stated 60 by mistake. I became hooked on opiates as a result of medical pain management due to two total knee replacements. Codeine. Suboxone Butrans. I became very psychologically distressed last year am following final withdrawal. I found an MSW specialist in pain and opiates. Turns out my opiate withdrawal had triggered PTSD that was 35 years old from a vicious spousal attack. Quite common. I am stable and have best quality of life for a long time. Wanted to mention this because apparently it is quite common. I was on a combination of opiates and antidepressants for 8 to 10 years all prescription. Depends on duration of use and age in my case and severity of PTSD. Have learned to look after myself. Get lots of rest avoid toxic folk and situations eat well and use meditation I have little it no pain. Tylenol and Voltaten rub only for this lady. Hang in there folks. It will come. Take medical advice with a grain of salt and bond with those who live and support you. Oh also I live alone and have adopted a couple if folk to advocate should I wind up in hospital. I have been told if a few cases where folk have been given opiates against their knowledge and been afficted again. There are other options should that happen.
Damn those pharmsbfolj. Their greed and corruption have caused an indescribable amount of pain. I never want to go through withdrawal again!

7:21 pm November 20th, 2017

I became very psychologically distressed last year am following final withdrawal. I found an MSW specialist in pain and opiates. Turns out my opiate withdrawal had triggered PTSD that was 35 years old from a vicious spousal attack. Quite common. I am stable and have best quality of life for a long time. Wanted to mention this because apparently it is quite common. I was on a combination of opiates and antidepressants for 8 to 10 years all prescription. Depends on duration of use and age in my case and severity of PTSD. Have learned to look after myself. Get lots of rest avoid toxic folk and situations eat well and use meditation I have little it no pain. Tylenol and Voltaten rub only for this lady. Hang in there folks. It will come. Take medical advice with a grain of salt and bond with those who live and support you. Oh also I live alone and have adopted a couple if folk to advocate should I wind up in hospital. I have been told if a few cases where folk have been given opiates against their knowledge and been afficted again. There are other options should that happen.
Damn those pharmsbfolj. Their greed and corruption have caused an indescribable amount of pain. I never want to go through withdrawal again!

11:32 pm November 20th, 2017

I came off but ran about a month ago the withdrawals was awful the first couple of weeks . S month later still have restless legs at time and unexplainable elevated BP in the high 120-130 is this something you have seen??

5:28 am December 13th, 2017

I was using the 10 mcg patch of bupren to get off of opiates then the doctor upped it up to 20 mcg I’ve only used the patches for two months . Will I go through full blown withdrawal if I just discontinue the patch all together ?

11:37 pm December 13th, 2017

Sheri – I would definitely go through your doctor if you want to discontinue the patch. I am more familiar with the bupren pills and I weaned myself off of them. I was taking 3 a day, then the first week I took 2 a day, then the third week 1 a day, then now I only take them as needed until I run out. Now if I take 2, they knock me out at night and I will sleep through my alarm. My insurance no longer covers the pills, so I’m now taking the tab that melts in your mouth. I didn’t feel any effects from it. Even after 2 I didn’t feel anything, but I didn’t sleep through my alarm that next morning.

9:06 pm December 14th, 2017

Dr stopped the Suboxon in four days. I had been on it for nine years at 8/2 twice a day for pain management. I tried get Drs to take me off for years. It’s been 8 weeks and I feel like death. No energy at all. None. Stomach issues bad. I was told to go back on low dose of sub and taper. I can’t go thru this again. Should I seek inpatient treatment this late. Depression is severe

10:54 pm December 14th, 2017

Which is a heavier detox or withdrawal methadone or Suboxone ?

4:00 pm December 19th, 2017

I’ve come off of suboxone 3 times now. This is the last time I’m doing this to myself. I was on for about 7 months this time although I was very careful on how much I used, the most I got up too was maybe a quarter to half a 8mg film a day. I’m on week 4 and just feel depressed, tired, no motivation, and just weird. The emotional side effects slowly go away and after a couple months you should feel normal again.

4:06 pm December 19th, 2017

Neurotin/gabapentin helps so much @Kat it helps with paws , restlessness, makes you feel like you can tollerate life and gives you energy!!

7:33 pm December 19th, 2017

To all suffering from Subs WD, please take Matt’s advice on how to effectively use Kratom. I was on 12m Subs daily for 8 years and took the jump a few months ago. I went through hell and was suffering needlessly & then I found this website and all of Matt’s excellent nutritional and Kratom info. I have been clean for several months now and feel great! May I remind you that I was on a pretty heavy dose for 8 years and if I am able to do it so can you!

Brandy S.
10:07 pm December 24th, 2017

I need some help!! Me and my husband have been on soboxone for 7 years we started on 3 a day at first then finally we had enough so about 6 months ago we started tapering down we are now down to less than 1/2 a mg well I am every couple days he has been without any for 7 days now and he is doing really well but his body is really aching and for me my body is hurting so bad and I’m just restless and irritable can barley get out of bed have no energy to do anything it’s Terribel I have never experienced anything so bad to come off of in my life… I did take a tiny speck day before yesterday so I could go Christmas shopping but today I’m about to crawl out of my skin and the mental part really messes with my head so bad and then feeling bad on top of that it’s almost too much to bear.. can anyone give me some good advice please I’m desperate..

4:52 pm December 30th, 2017

I have been using less than 1mg a day been off now bout a week Im tired, aches, how long will this last? I wasn’t even taking that much!!

2:27 pm January 5th, 2018

I wanted to know, if I was taking 1mg in the morning and 1 mg at night under the tongue how long will I withdrawal for? I took my last does 1/3/18 in the early afternoon. Today is now 1/5/18 about 6am.

9:14 am January 9th, 2018

Two years ago I was prescribed Subutex for heroin use but didn’t always take it because I was still smoking it on top, maybe about once or twice a week.. It’s been ten years of on and off dabbling in the stuff, and now I’m straight up cold turkeying off both substances. Three weeks no subs, and I’m still moving around like a slug and feeling a bit depressed. But nothing like the first two weeks. And even though my appetite is poor, I still try and make myself eat as healthily as possible for strength. Oatmeal and cornmeal porridge, fresh fruit, some home-made vegetable stews and soup helps, when I can manage the effort. I drink lots of orange juice or Orange Flavored Lucozade and water too. I still feel weak and a bit low much of the time, but the worst is over. One more week would make it a month. Hopefully I’ll be feeling much better then. Give it another week and I’ll let you all know.

6:49 pm January 9th, 2018

It is my 6 month birthday 🎂 being off subutex after about 16 yrs being on it. I did not go to rehab. I was probably one of those unfortunate people that never should have been give subs. I had about a 6 lortab a day dependence after many many surgeries. Nobody inew anything back then. Nobody took me off pain meds. I was not scoring from the streets. I just remixed I would run out to quickly . I became dependent. All the Drs wanted to do was raise my dosage. And got stuck on a drug 3,000 times more addictive. I was on a plain to Europe by day 20 of my detox. Yet it’s taken me months to get my gut hallway right. And fight off paws. If you can at all not do ORT than don’t. But if you do. Stop ASAP. The longer you are on subs, the longer it takes to become normal. I’m through it. But wish back when I knew what I knew today.minday morning quarterback kinda thing… There is life after subs. It just takes a good 6 months to a yr. hang in there. Just do it.

6:28 pm January 12th, 2018

Hi. I’ve been on 24 mg. A day for 6 yrs. I tapered a tiny bit by 4 taking 4mg for 4 days before stopping. I had my script for 100 8 mg. Subutex and tore it up so I wouldn’t be tempted to go get them. You see I’m 54 and watching my health not getting any better. I have open wounds on my lower legs and chronic kidney disease which seemed to get worse when I began these things 6 years ago. So I tank up on Tylenol which is bad for my liver and aleve and I’m only suppose to take that once a WEEK. But have to each day. But I feel like somewhere I have to reverse this or I’m going to die like this and go to the hospital and be treated like an addict and it’s awful just awful how were treated. No.. I want to recover and become an advocate for those very people. Anyway. Right now I’m at about 4 days clean so I know it’s not gonna be easy but Jesus is my all and all and HE will have to get me thru it. So with my eyes on the cross and what he suffered.. I can suffer what I’ve caused by my own hand.

6:34 pm January 16th, 2018

I took subutex for 7 years. I was told WD would be “no worse than a typical flu, for 1-2 weeks”. I am just here to say that I had SEVERE WITHDRAWAL for about 4 months, and then it was just hell for at least another 8. I am not trying to scare anyone, but my idiot doctor had me on 32mg day for 7 years! The only narcotic I ever took was Ultram. He told me it would help my chronic pain without feeling altered. He/suboxone basically destroyed quite a few yrs of my life. That drug is truly evil. There is nothing else as bad as subutex. If anyone is thinking of taking it? DO NOT TAKE IT FOR MORE THAN A FEW WEEKS. Trust me, you are better off weaning straight from whatever it was you were taking, no matter what Opiates you are addicted to. All it does is make the impending WD syndrome MUCH, MUCH WORSE. And BTW, I tapered from 32mg for 6 months down to 1/8th of ONE tablet, and could not believe the Withdrawal Symptoms. Worse than any opiate on earth.

9:38 pm January 24th, 2018

Just checking in again to let you all know how I’m feeling after having posted on the 9th of January. It’s now my fifth week of not using Subutex, yet I’m still feeling tired all the time. To get the endorphin and energy levels up it’s recommended that people withdrawing from Subutex should exercise, but I’m not so motivated. I try and do the long walks but the winter weather and profuse sweating always leaves me feeling damp and cold. At least I can eat more and sleep for longer than three hours, which is some relief, but certainly not enough. My doctor says I should get back on a prescription and taper down instead of torturing myself like this. It is tempting, but I don’t think I will.

12:02 pm January 27th, 2018

ok so here’s my story, my new pcp decided she didn’t want me on 20 mg. g PATCH THEY Called her a 2nd time, she didnt reply, i asked her thru the patient portal…no reply so now I am 1 week off it with nothing to curb side effects. what should I do, i can’t sleep my joints ache bad i can hardly walk b/c of the pain…this sucks how can i make her understand withdraw is painful and i need help

6:23 pm January 27th, 2018

hello thanks for all the info above its very helpfull i just have one ? about my exspeirence ive been on saboxon for 2 years and i was only taking around 3 mg a day never more so here about 2 months ago i was reading about how to tapper down and get off so i did the calender dossage thing and i got down to .50 mg a day and day 2 of that dose the wd hit me big time so i just stopped right there and havnt took any more and thats been 4 days ago ive been taking passion flower and hot salt baths they all help but the only problem im having and cant seem to get over is the lack of motivation :(( just to get up and go somewere for a few min is a nightmare takes everything in me and when i get home im laying back down. any idea on when i will get past this point? whith knowing how long i was on it and the dossage ammount i was taking?

4:00 am February 11th, 2018

I have Been prescribed Suboxone 8/2 mg film twice daily for 3 years never missing a dose. I have stopped cold turkey. My last dose was 1/18 its now 2/10. My PAWS are still causing discomfort. My nervous system seems out of contol. My heart races and blood pressure is down and up. I cant sleep the RLS and desperate need for sleep are begining to take an emotional toll on me. I have NO desire to use. I now fear this drug as this process has taken all of my will. I go day by day hoping each will be better but its a slown drwan out process. Im on probation now and honestly P.O. or no I dont want to do this again. My mind is stir fry. Simple tasks take so much effort. Any Idea how much longer before thos nightmare ends? Suggestions on herbal remedies? Sleep induction? I am desperate. I want my sobriety and frerdom. My addiction has done enough damage to my life and loved ones. This is so hard. Requiem for an addict in recovery doesnt seem to be possible. Im sticking to this. Today I have about 3wks sober but waves of hard PAWS still hit and I NEED SLEEP melatonin has been a fail. ADVICE PLEASE???

5:56 am February 15th, 2018

I am 50years old been on subtex s for a couple years now 8mg to times a day last one I had was only a hafe of one how long will it take for me to get over these flue like things I am prayering and hoping over week end I get it bad be over with buy Monday what u think at least not as bad I got do something I got stop taken them like now so cold turkey here I come I don’t have a choices in matter. Sorry but I do have a choice I need to this for me and my 8year old son and my old man ppl are breaking in taken stuff this one of them so I need just get off of them so I don’t have to worried about this any more sorry for taken up yours time

10:38 pm February 26th, 2018

Stuck on 10 mg patch bupresnorphine but next patch level is 5 mg and the drop is too big.

Does anyone know if you can put a patch of sellotape over say 10% of the active area to reduce the level say weekly?

Would appreciate answer as you can’t cut the patch so is blanking out an option? Allan

7:59 pm February 27th, 2018

hello i was on 4 mg saboxon strips for little over 2 years and i tappered myself down in 2 weeks and stopped for good and i suffered for a couple weeks but i made it thru it and feel fine. the only problem im having is that i still have no motivation or will power to want to do anything. its been 6 weeks since my last dose so is there any hope to me feeling normal again? im in no pain anymore i just dont want to do anything at all. it takes all i have to get out of bed in the mornnings for work. ive been taking the all natural kraytom and it helps me ammazzingly but when it wears off im right back to the no want to mood.

4:09 pm March 8th, 2018

I was down to 0:04mg I stopped this a few days ago I’ve been on them for a long time I do have a care package but up until the early hours of this morning I haven’t used it,I used zopiclone which after a while but just calmed me down I have chills all the time and no energy please can you tell me how long this will last,my legs are killing me and although I’m staying positive I just need to know this will end soon.thankyou

12:13 am March 11th, 2018

Hello – I’ve taken 2mg of buprenorphine for about a year, then .5-1mg for another 6 months. I am out of it now and today’s my first day not taking it. That said, how long will my withdrawals be and how severe given what I shared above? Thx in advance.

4:15 pm March 12th, 2018

Hello, I have read recent post regarding subs and how long WD will last. I was on 12mg daily for 5> years & jumped/quit CT several months ago. It was very difficult the first few weeks and I had all the WS mentioned on your post (and some) Please know that if you take Matt’s Kratom and nutritional advise you will be able to handle this. If not for Matt and others here on this forum I wouldn’t be free of Subs. Don’t give up – you have been a prisoner to this drug for years, so what’s a few weeks of discomfort! It will make you much more humble in the end.

6:01 pm March 18th, 2018

I have been a bupreborphine user/snorter for a year and a half. I would crush 1/6th of a 8.0 mg pill daily. Without it I feel worthless. I have cokd turkey stopped and I feel horrible. Its been a week and a half. I have thyroid disease and I know its effected my adrenyls. I have Zero energy. What do I do about it. Im dragging completely. No drive at all. 😢

11:08 pm March 19th, 2018

Kimberly – don’t quit cold turkey. You’ll make yourself miserable. If you’re snorting some each day, gradually reduce the amount you’re snorting each week until you’re free of it.

1:41 am March 22nd, 2018

I started about 5 years ago. I tapered down about 6 months. Quit in August. I developed svt during this withdrawal. I am now a bit over 6 months free of subutex. It gets better. I still have days the anziety gets bad. My energy is still not what is used to be…yet. But its getting better. Don’t give up on kicking these subs. They are hurting us. It gets better and better

11:06 pm March 25th, 2018

I only take sub for 3 months now 10mgs a day but i want off im scared of detox but my question is how long will my withdrawal be?

12:27 am March 27th, 2018

Carmen – Start by cutting your dose by half for the first week, then by a quarter (you will need a pill cutter) for the following weeks until you are off.

9:35 pm March 27th, 2018

Used 3, 8mg strips for 10 years. Been in physical withdrawal for 6 weeks. How much longer should I expect to experience withdrawals?

9:17 pm March 30th, 2018

I am trying to quit Suboxone cold turkey. I have been taking 8MG/2MG dosage (half in the AM and ha,f in the afternoon) for about 10 years. I was about 60 hours in and had severed restless leg syndrome (RLS) when attempting to sleep. My arms, feet, legs, etc. I couldn’t sleep all night and felt like I was losing my mind. I decided to take 1/4 of one 8MG dose. I finally fell asleep around 7AM. My questions.
1. Am I now basically back at day one of my recovery because I took that small (2MG) dose?
2. Is there anything I can take that will help with the RLS? I can deal with the other physical withdrawal symptoms but this part makes me lose my mind. Clonidine? Anything?
Thank you.

5:57 am April 1st, 2018

Rachel. I was on them for about 6 years. It gets a little better….then comes back. For me its been 6 months since last sub. I still feel the anxiety and depression. But….things are much better than the first 3 months. Keep busy….doing whatever you can find to do. Don’t hang out an watch tv,,,it makes the feeling worse. You can do this.

3:57 pm April 4th, 2018

How many hours does a 6mg dose off Subutex last before withdrawal signs appear? I don’t use any other chemicals and am prescribed Subutex and just wandered how quickly withdrawal begins from last dose.

11:09 pm April 4th, 2018

Hello im wanting to get off subutex but im so scared…im taking 18mg a day..i just recently had a baby 7 wks ago..ive been on subutex for a little over a year but before that i was on methadone for 6 years…i slowly tapered off the methadone and switched to subutex…i want to become clean so bad but im so scared because ive NEVER withdrawed from fiance is willing to help with our 2 kids because im obviously not gunna be able to do anything…is there any kind of medicine’s that i can get prescribed to help with the withdraws

7:31 pm April 5th, 2018

You guys! Are you reading the article at the top of the page? It’s answering all of your questions! Follow the links they provide for more information instead of leaving these hopeless messages. And why isn’t anyone saying they’re talking to their Doctor’s about wanting to get off subutex or suboxone? They can help you. If you’re having psychological distress like anxiety, see a psychologist and get on some meds to treat that for the time being. Not forever, just for now.

7:53 pm April 9th, 2018

I’m day 10 off subutex had 0.2 on day 6. Helped me through the first hell week. I’ve been on opiates over 20 year. I’m not great but I’m definitely better than I was. Don’t listen to the horror stories they just make you feel worse. Yes it’s hard but I can honestly say even though I ache don’t sleep great and get irritated it is getting easier. If I can do it you can. Hang in there…

11:59 pm April 15th, 2018

can weed help when comin off buprenorphine? or can it make it bring on a cluk

9:27 pm April 16th, 2018

As far as talking to your doctor… sub doctor didn’t want to talk about ……tapering. He would only say….maybe one is not enough. Then…two is prolly not enough. He has been an MD for 40 years. Gave up his practice. Took on subs patients only. It was a 7-11. People in and out in 10 minutes. $170.00 …cash…a pop. That’s why people don’t talk about …..talking to the doctor. Its all a money thing. He even told me “you can take these for years.”

1:10 am April 18th, 2018

I have been taking 8mg subozone strips for over a year but over the past month have been taking about 2-3 mg a day. I haven’t taken any in 2 1/2 days. How long will my withdrawal symptoms last and how bad will they get? I have 2 sick kids right now and it’s making it difficult when I’m sick as well.

2:56 am April 19th, 2018

I’ve been on subutex for about 3 years taking 3 8mg a day but in the last 6-8 months I’ve only been taking a half of a 8mg pill every now and then taking a half twice a day but 95% of the time only a half now I want to come off it but don’t know what to expect I work 9-11 hours a day and can’t afford to take off. Any comments to help me out with dealing with this

9:00 pm April 24th, 2018

I am coming off a very low dose of Bup. I am on day 12 of having nothing at all. I am having every withdrawal symptom there is listed here. Including anxiety, irritability, and depression, I was only taking 2 mg and really thought this part of it especially the bathroom part would have subsided by now. My question is… if I were to take any at all would it completely begin the withdrawal at day 1?…

5:14 am April 28th, 2018

Girlie. You have made it this long. It will get better soon. You were not taking that much. Whatever you do….don’t take another peice of that poison.

7:39 am May 2nd, 2018

Hi simon i know you said you been clean for 4 weeks and still experiencing withdrawals. I am very surprised you are still feeling the way you are. You shouldbe feeling fine by this time. Coming from someone whom has experienced withdrawals many times i suggest you find help thru someone else other than who keeps telling u its all in your mind. Talk to a doctor their are many medications that can be prescribed for withdrawals that are non narcatics like clonodine.

4:59 pm May 2nd, 2018

To give you newbees an understanding of what to expect. Suboxone has a half-life of 36 hours. This means that, if you had been dosing on a 24-hour basis you became saturated and no matter how much you halved and forthed to lower your blood serum level you didn’t actually lower your mean blood serum level. So when you jumped off you were still saturated. You typically won’t start feeling any major withdrawals until about four or five days to a week after you quit. You will suffer three problems, diarrhea, fatigue and insomnia. These problems can last up to a year or more. There are many reports of diarrhea lasting for years.Your biggest problem will be your desire to find something to relieve these problems causing a relapse. Zanax for sleep and Imodium for diarrhea plus exercise helps. It will be imperative that you find something to interest yourself in like a hobby or a job. Walking every day does wonders. It will take years to get back to near normal. Because you’ve experienced getting high there may not be any getting back to the state of mind you had before you started using. So don’t use that as a comparison. Just concentrate on improving the quality of your life…you’ll find you are much better off.

5:49 am May 3rd, 2018

Listen to John. He knows exactly what he’s talking about. Sub free for 9 months. Its much better. But I’m beginning to see…ill prolly never get back to my norm

12:14 pm May 19th, 2018

Hi I’m having a bit of a nightmare I have been on 10mg of subutex for the past 2 years. The chemist have made a mistake and I am left with none for the weekend I’m wondering what withdrawals I can expect? Mentally I am unbelievably scared I’ll revert to my old ways of taking codeine. Any advice is very welcome?

9:34 am May 28th, 2018

Leanne….you will be fine. That sub is saturated in your blood serum. Withdrawal won’t start for 4 to 7 days. You won’t have any cravings.

12:50 am June 7th, 2018

I understand that this is a pretty old forum but to others that visit and read like I just did, I feel I need to add to a comment I saw in regards to GABAPENTIN. I Speak from 100% experience when I say this. Yes, it can help with opioids/opioids. However!!! This drug is also habit forming and has a great potential for abuse!!! Especially if there are already issues with dependency. It has horrible withdrawals!! My doc also told me it was non habit forming but this is not true!!

4:55 am June 8th, 2018

I’ve been on Subutex for about 6 years, I’m down to 3-4mg/day which my doctor wants me to start cutting down more soon. My aunt was on Suboxone for about 4 years… she cut herself off slowly and is completely off now. She has been off of it for at least 3 years now and said she still feels like complete shit. She said she has absolutely no energy, she has problems sleeping, bad mood swings, absolutely no motivation at all. I dont want to keep taking this medication but shit I’m not going to feel like total shit for years either. Doctors don’t tell you that your never going to feel normal again after prescribing this medication… it’s the answers to everyone’s prayers in the beginning but you slowly find out it’s actually worst than what you were taking before it. It’s an absolute nightmare I don’t wish on my worst enemy

7:18 pm June 8th, 2018

Hey guys i was on suboxone for over 3 years starting out at 16mg a day and over the 3 1/2 years i tapered down to about 1 or 0.75 mg a day( on subutex then so hard to dose) but its been 7 days since my last dose. Compared to dope this is nothing guys yeah it last longer but taper and pray. Im still experiencing chills and sweating, upset stomach, and little rls and pain but the feeling of finally being off opiates for the first time in 4 years feels good, it gets better but you got to stay strong mentally cause thats the key. Just dont give up use comfort meds youll get through it. But i have a question will the chills pass when the bupe has left my system completely??

9:36 am June 9th, 2018

I have been on suboxone for 11 moths 16 mg. the day after tomorrow I taper to 12 for a month then 8 for a month then so on. Will I have bad withdrawl with this taper?

12:57 pm June 9th, 2018

i have been using 0.5mg suboxone and subotex about 7 month an.and please give me a answer and write asp .how long can I expect to feel “panicked” throughout the day due to my sobriety? and when can I expect my motivation to start coming back? I dont seem to have any right now.

5:00 pm June 10th, 2018

TJ. You are so right. Those gabapenton made me so depressed after I stopped then….it made it all worse!! Mellisa…I’ve been off subs almost a year. I cut down and cut down. It didn’t help. I also have not been been the same. Depression, no motivation, can’t even enjoy my favorite tv shows. People!! Don’t let the doctors talk you into taking this poison!!

12:26 am June 26th, 2018

I used Suboxone for around 5 years. And just quit one day cold turkey. The withdraw lasted about 30 days. I read and took the amino acid DLPA which didn’t do much. So I just hung in there and kept trying. It’s hard but not impossible. Believe me. I wasn’t sure if I could do it. But I’m rolling on day 34 feel great and feeling like my old self. Again my head and thoughts are clear. And after reading alot of stuff on this medication. The only things the doctors are doing are switching one drug for another. And the stuff is bad for you. Any one who reads this get off of it

9:55 pm July 4th, 2018

Hi, I am 56 and I have been taking Buprenorphine since 2014. 2.5, 8mg tabs a day. I have been tapering myself off for a month. I have only been taking a half a day for almost 3 weeks. I have 3 tabs left. I am going to start taking a quarter tomorrow with the rest of my prescription. I have not been abusing the medicine, I started taking it because I had a problem with Vicadon. I have severe lower back issues, lumber # 5 has totally collapsed. I recently moved to Oklahoma from Nebraska. I had a Dr. in Cheyenne WY. The Dr’s here will not fill my prescription because I am and need to take Clonazepam for severe anxiety. My question is, how bad will my withdrawals be and how long will they last once I quit ? I am very scared.
Thank you and please respond to my message ASAP

5:53 pm July 11th, 2018

I have been talking 8mg of Suboxone for about 1and 1/2 years, how long will it take for me to detox from the Soboxon?

11:21 pm July 21st, 2018

Was on 16 mg for 2 1/2 yrs. got off for a month been back on 8 mg for 3 weeks. Please show me a taper with films. It’s impossible for me to go to rehab due to sickness in family I have 10 8mg films left. Please sho me a prtocal

12:49 am July 31st, 2018

The info you need… all above. There is certain time line….for withdrawal. Its dif for everyone. Unfortunately….u can’t really taper with subs. You’re still going to withdrawal. If I could encourage anyone…….don’t take these pills….its a living hell. Sub free 11 months.

11:39 pm July 31st, 2018

I have been on Buprenorphine since it came out in 01 –i think it might have come out in 2000—but 18 years i have been on 8mg- to-16mg mostly 8mgs a day –doc told me i could be on it the rest of my life and it won’t shorten my life if i take care of myself –drink lots of water – eat right etc etc –but i would like to get off –but don’t have the time to go through 2 weeks of withdrawl –So i herd there is a rapid detox a 2 day deal –they put you to sleep for a day an run goop through you —but it is like 5 grand

2:24 am August 4th, 2018

Yes, but after the detox is complete. Your body still has severe cravings, for a long time. Depending on how long and how many you took.

8:37 pm August 7th, 2018

“Pain demands to be felt.” When using opiates and/or Suboxone for so long, our pain is numbed. It has to be felt that is why we withdraw. God set it up that way, and he can make miracles for you too. I’m only on Day 5 off Suboxone, and it hasn’t been too bad YET. I was taking 1 8mg strip over the course of 1.5-2 days. For about 5 months CONSISTENTLY. I supplemented my Norco addiction with Suboxone for about 3 years in total. Right now, my biggest concern is being able to get work done, but instead, I’m cruising these forums lol. My biggest help has been music to keep a positive attitude. You may think that’s the LAST thing you want to do, but just try putting your headphones in and listening to some of your favorite tunes. I promise it has been such a motivator for me!

7:20 pm August 13th, 2018

I took sub for seven years at a dosage of 1-2mg/day. What kept me on it was mostly fear of withdrawal, and though I did try to stop several times over the years, once withdrawal set in, and I started having trouble sleeping, I would give up. That is, until recently. Here is my detox story, for what it’s worth.

I tapered gradually over a period of about six weeks, from 2mg/day down to 0.075mg/day at jump-off. I set a taper schedule, and committed to myself that I would allow myself to take less than what I had written on the calendar for any particular day, but never more, and I stuck with that. I still went to work, sometimes even with no sleep, and honestly, it was ok. One of the quirks of withdrawal is that some of the symptoms are caused by excessive adrenaline in your brain as your body and brain adjust to the loss of the outside opioids. Thus, while getting very little sleep for several weeks due to extreme restlessness was certainly the most torturous part of the experience, it had much less impact on my well-being during the day than I had expected.

I planned ahead for the endeavor. I did my research, and brought the best, most thorough and informed articles I found to my doctor. One thing I found during my decade long battle with my addiction was that while there are plenty of doctors out there who will prescribe buprenorphine for opioid replacement therapy, there are very few who know much at all about how to get you off of it. Thus, I took it upon myself to make my own list of medications and supplements, which I also brought to my doctor. Having a lot of support medications and supplements gave me something to hang my fear on, but in the end, many of the prescriptions I filled went unused. Particularly, I had some pretty potent sleep aids that I thought would help me actually get some rest, and I realized early on that there is nothing in this world that can make life normal during withdrawal. Even with several sleep drugs in my system, I was still inflicted with severe discomfort, restlessness, and insomnia during the night. The only difference was that it was more intolerable because I then had to fight through the thick haze of tranquilizers to move. No thanks.

There were things that did seem to help, though. I would say that gabapentin 300mg four times per day, clonidine 0.1mg three times per day and 0.3mg at bedtime, and some supplements, such as passion flower, ashwagandha, phosphatidyl serine, L-theanine, L-tyrosine, fish oil, etc. did make the process more bearable. Just don’t expect to sleep through the night. It’s not gonna happen. That said, you will get through it. All in all, as bad as it sounds, done carefully, gradually, with the right mindset, it’s not nearly as bad as you think it’s going to be. It’s totally doable, and once you do it, you just might say to yourself “if I had known I could this, I would have done it a long time ago.”

For me, the worst of it was a 2.5 week period in the range of 0.5mg to 0.1125mg/day. Believe it or not, that portion of the taper was worse than the week after jump-off, at least for me. I know there are a million scenarios, and that each individual will have his/her own unique experience, but if I was able to do it with surprising ease, I would venture that the fear is worse than the experience. Work on your fear, and the rest just might follow. To some extent, withdrawal is like hunger. Once it gets bad, which happens pretty quickly, it never gets any worse. As bad as it feels is as bad as it feels, then it gets better. It’s temporary and it has a terminal velocity it can never exceed. I’m not saying it’s fun or easy. It’s quite the opposite. However, I am saying that it’s not bad enough to warrant avoiding it out of fear for the rest of your life. It isn’t nearly that bad if done correctly.

After you taper down and withdraw, things will start to gradually improve. At first, the victory brings overwhelming joy, and you get to enjoy that for a little while, but then the less acute symptoms start to wear on you over the course of the next month or two. This can be hard because you expect that it’s over, and that you’re going to feel great any day now, but it doesn’t happen as quickly as you’d like. You might start to feel like after all that suffering, you’ll never actually be back to normal. Whatever you do, do NOT give in to this kind of thinking. You are healing, every single day, and it does get better. In the scheme of things, a couple of months of waking up with slight restlessness or a weird pinching in your nerves or drenched in sweat or freezing cold is actually a rather small price to pay for saving yourself from a lifetime of chemical dependency. Plus, you will start to regain all the wonderful strengths and skills you lost over the years to the drugs. I can’t stress this enough. Long term drug use causes gradual changes in who you are—changes you don’t always notice, and getting off the drugs reverses those changes, quickly. You get to have your self back, and let me tell you, you are so much better sober. You might not feel that way at first, but I guarantee it’s true. Most of all, it’s a proud moment when you can finally look at what you were doing in the past tense. I used to take opioids, every day. I used to think I needed them, but it turns out, I was wrong. I was addicted to them and for the longest time I couldn’t help myself. But then one day, I did help myself, and I stopped. I don’t take them anymore. I’m free.

Maybe you googled this: I’ve been off the sub for X days, but I’m still so tired. When will I feel better?

Here is my best wish for you. Every time you Google that question, may you find this answer: SOON! Hang in there. The result you’re looking for is coming. Keep going. You can and you will make it through this. Every day you defeat the urge to fix the way you feel with a chemical, you banish that old habit deeper into history, where it belongs. History fades. One day you’ll take inventory, and you’ll be able to say that for a time, you were addicted to opioids, and it was a struggle, but in the end, the drugs couldn’t beat you down forever. You came back from behind, and you won.

2:13 am August 15th, 2018

Jim. Good sub story. And a great way of explaining it. Its been a year for me….the 28 of this month. Its soooo much better. I may even be back to normal!! I’m humbled.

6:39 pm August 20th, 2018

So if I was only doing about 1 to 1 1/2 subtex tabs a week for about a year what could I expect for a detox timeframe? I did my last bit 4 days ago, and am still experiencing aches pains stomach cramps. Also at night I find it helpful if I take a vicodin to get rid of the restlessness in my muscles to help me fall n stay asleep. Is it really helping, or is that just in my head?

6:51 am August 23rd, 2018

One thing…..Don’t use KRATOM!!!!

6:14 am August 24th, 2018

I’ve been taking suboxen 1 year and subutex 1 year my thing is I was getting them off the streets getting 4 8th a month taking very small amounts I pill could last 7 to 10 days my last pill lasted 14 days I mean I’m taking very little I’ve took my last little bit Sunday it is now Thursday and I’m still having stomach issues I was toid by people selling them to me the withdrawal wouldn’t be as bad as other opiates, several years ago I was taking any where from 10 to 20 10 mg loratab a day for about 18 months and when I detoxed from those within a week i was feeling pretty good I had some intense physical and stomach pains but once that subsided I was good but this subutex is kicking my but I did not feel this bad coming off them and I kept my dose so low on the subutex I thought surely it won’t last long, I was so wrong I haven’t slept but maybe 4 hours in the last 4 days. I thought this was suppose to be a easy detox, I took 5mg of oxycodone for over a year and I had no detox. When can I expect to feel better. This is way worse than anything. So they come up with drugs to help you get off other drugs but its more addicting and harder to detox from. I guess I should have read up on it before using I just thought with such a small amount I was taking this wouldn’t happen, and now I’m reading on here it could take a month to get back to normal and up to 3 months to get energy level back. I happen to have gabbapitin and 8 just read on here that helps so I took one of those hope to sleep tonigh. I’m doing this during my vacation and have to be back to work in 3 days 8 hope I can make it. 5his really sucks and I will never do this again.

6:25 pm August 24th, 2018

Never listen to the drug dealers selling to you. You can’t even trust the doctors. Thsts how strong subs are. A piece the size of a grain of salt… still fairly strong. Subs are the biggest lie ever. With long lasting withdrawals. Stick to it!!! I been sub free 1 year. I was taking more than you……you can beat this.

3:34 pm August 28th, 2018

I have stopped taking subs for a few days and the withdrawals are awful, I have done this many a time before but I am determined this time, maybe a stupid question but would co-codamol help? Or bad idea? Thanks.

11:26 am September 3rd, 2018

13days clean im fuking caining i reduced down to .4mg and jumped of that im still shitting water stomach pains are gone but if i dont smoke pot i go into depression withdrawls come back 10fold im convolting in bed without pot to help valium made it worse 1st day 2 vals ko.d me see i done it from being an Ice Addict here in melb austrailia i used smack for 10yrs n methadone got off them was clean shit 8yrs 1 day an old mate says here have this im wtf.s that jus speed he goes im ohhh ok i don really like that anyway im an ex smackhead if its smack na man thanks anyway na its speed Bro so after that i had another 7/8yr ice habit with no control over the hold it had suboxone helpted me get clean it actually makes u not be able inject ice without a dirty hit feeling in ya back of ya head im greatfull for that but man smoking the shit fries ya mentally if on subs i done that got clean slept for a month after realizing i was up a week at a time no worries i could sneaze and that blink was enough of a sleep in away of speaking
Anyways back subs 24mg i was on for 3yrs i reduced down to .4mg i couldnt get anylower why are the valium making me worse what a Zombie fukd feeling vals are yukkk so bongs pot weed is the only thing taking away my depression my convolting my withdrawls the runs i dont have if im choofing atm i got no pot im doing backflips i wanna knock myself but i have a 10yr old son his my only reason im still here i remember being in jail 3yrs ago subs are running the jails atm its ya bread n butter inside your da man u get everything so i was staying on it after it helpted me in jail withdrawing from Ice remember i been threw the On the Horse bullshit methadone was harder to get off but i wanna know why if i dont smoke potam i so sick still 2weeks tomorrow maybe the weed im buying is laced its dampish tight nugs that without it atm i wanna fukn dye even when i smoke sleeps an issue it winds me up like im on ice again im tripping out bigtime theres no help were the experiments on this shit like back in the 90.s when the 24hr detox first cameout were all there lab monkeys we need 2 share as much info as possible as this is a world wide medical issue i can show you all austrailias health system the biochemists have written in writing all medications in austrailia now have cancer causing agents in them as the costs yearly were massive i might post it n show the world the corruption being used against any persons with health issues not just junkies get off the prescribed meds asap i promise ya all.
Any help for us lab monkeys is usefull

1:49 pm September 15th, 2018

Hi. Thanks for writing this article, I found it really helpful. I’ve been on Subutex for 3 years 3 months, and recently completed my taper. I tapered down for a long time, I mean a looong time, since I was at such a high dose (over the recommended 24 for a period of time). Once I got down to 12 though we sped it up & now I’m off. It’s been 5 days, definitely nothing like coming off heroin thank God, but the stomach cramps are pretty terrible. The sweats & stuff is gone but I can’t shake the stomach pain and nausea yet. Any tips? Flu medicine help? Pepto? But one thing I will say is don’t let your provider tell you how short of a time you should be on bupe if you’re a responsible user. A good provider keeps that sobriety safety net in place while one works through all the other things of recovery & a year or less is simply too short. Higher chances of relapse. My 1st addiction psychiatrist was excellent, I’ve made sure to heed his advice, and over 3yrs clean my sobriety isnt my #1 problem anymore.

12:36 am September 16th, 2018

I’ve been taking Buprenorphen (UK version of Subutex) (and various other non-opiate medications) for the passed 10 years due to an irreversible back injury. I started on a dosage of a 5 ug patch (worn 24/7, and changed twice a week), and ended up slowly increasing this dosage to (what was my max of) 125ug patches.

I decided 4 weeks ago that I would rather find an alternative to these meds, as currently the only way I could have gone was upward in dose, and I really didn’t want to be taking more. So I stopped applying the patches two weeks ago.

For the passed 7-10 days I’ve had the following withdrawal symptoms:
* approx 24hrs after stopping – what I would describe as flu-like symptoms, these are still on-going – aches, shivers, hot-cold sweats, joint pains in the hips and shoulders
* started approx 24-36hrs after stopping – stomach cramps and diarrhea
* day 2-4, I slowly became restless, having reduced sleep and lack of energy
* days 5-6, I had probably less than 10 minutes sleep in the entire 48hrs period
* days 7-10, started to get some sleep, in 30 min – 1 hrs sessions, gradually increasing
* day 14 (last night), I slept for approx 4-5hrs in total, and grabbed another 1hr session this evening, stomach cramps and diarrhea have lessened to not painful levels, hot-cold sweat frequency has reduced, and the aches are still there but almost gone
day 15+ , hoping everything is starting to revert to normal ! 🙂

For anyone who is taking this commonly prescribed medication, I wish you all the best in coming off it. I used it thinking my doctor knew what he was doing, I didn’t expect 2 weeks of hell (and counting) to get off the stuff.

11:51 pm September 29th, 2018

Can an anti-depressant be prescribed for the depression. It seems like the withdrawals are worse after using suboxone than regular opiates. Is this true?

1:11 am September 30th, 2018

I have weaned down to 2 mg of Subutex very slowly under a docs care.But I have been depressed nd exhausted the past couple days and I still get head sweating
This has been the most difficult drug I’ve ever been on and very unpredictable with side effects.i want to get off completely as it was given to me to get off methadone I was on for pain seems like it’s taking forever. How long do I need to study om2 mg. Anything less I feel terrible with leg crmos too

9:36 am October 4th, 2018

Tracy. Suboxone/ subutex…….is much much worse that getting off regular opiates. Opiatted take a couple weeks. Supb take over a year. Frpedinf how long u used them. Depending age an body type. Sups have a 32 hour half like. Which means it I been talking them long…… builds up in your blood and body. It takes months to feel better. A year to feel even better. But after a year an a half……….im thinking never back to normal. But at least I’m free of the poison.

9:45 am October 4th, 2018

Subs are the devil. They are the worse opioid. Never believe it when u hear,,,,,,,,it’s like coming off the flu,,,,.or we wing you down so you’ll never notice it. This has to be a money thing. Getting peep off opioid,,,,,,,,,than giving them poison they will never be able to get off of. Also…….its very damaging to your body. Make me Landry

9:37 pm October 5th, 2018

During suboxone withdrawal can it cause you to nod or fall asleep while sitting up or is that something else?

6:33 pm October 16th, 2018

I’ve been taking Subutex for about a year now and I’ve only taken a quarter of one a day, no more than that. I have a surgery coming up soon for wisdom teeth and was wondering how the medicine they give me for the pain May be affected by the Subutex. Will it not work as strongly? I have a low pain tolerance so if the Subutex could block the pain killers in any way then I want to stop taking the Subutex till after surgery. My surgery isn’t until 2-3 weeks from now. How long should I experience withdrawal from the Subutex since I only take a quarter of one pill a day for the last year? Is it safe for me to have the surgery while in Subutex and will the pain meds they give me work if I’m still using my Subutex?

10:25 pm November 3rd, 2018

I took suboxone for 3 months,6mg. a day. I quit cold turkey and this is my 26th day very sick to my stomach. How much longer must I feel like this?

4:53 pm November 12th, 2018

PLEASE…….dont use suboxine!!! The withdrawals are harder than anything.

2:29 pm November 28th, 2018

I was on suboxone for 9mths after being on opioids for almost 15 years…. I decided to taper off suboxone for a little over a month…. the first 4 days after last pill taken were fine. I’m not saying I had no symptoms but they were finite! Now here I am at day 9 and I feel the worse! Chilled to the bone, insomnia, so much joint pain! It’s so weird how the w/d symptoms just started up. Do you know if it is normal?

8:09 pm November 28th, 2018

I was on Suboxene for 6 years, small 2-3mg dose. I am off now for 6 months and still unable to think straight, sleep 10+ h a night and another 2 hours during the day. My ears are ringing like crazy, have no energy and no drive to do anything. Everything is overwhelming and no joy inside. Never thought this would happen. Just watch out if you go off! If you used it for a long time then the PAWS can stay for months and even more (google Suboxene PAWS). It’s easier to get off opoids and energy comes back much quicker than this med. The makers of Suboxene found another way to make people dependent. What a shame. Thinking about going back on so I can finally live again.

4:47 am November 29th, 2018

Yes. That is completely normal. Subs have a very long half life. My withdrawal did not start for 5 days.

5:06 am December 12th, 2018

Totally normal. So.e people don’t start detox for a week.

Mamie H.
11:38 am December 26th, 2018

I have been taking subtext a quarter a day for two months how long will withdrawals last. I cold turkey methadone after a year use will it be as intense

11:42 am January 17th, 2019

Hi. Been off suboxone for 2 days now and feel like dying. I hate being dependant on these things and getting to the point I would give my last dollar for 1 quarter. It’s terrible a d my main issue is the twitching and jerking I’m experiencing. It helps if I take a hot shower, jump straight out and try to fall asleep. I’m so sleepy but can’t seem to close my eyes or even get comfortable. Even with sitting up I feel it in my arms and partly my right leg. I’m so irritated from it and I’ve taken clonidine and muscle relaxers by the handfuls and nothing us helping. I’d rather use again then go through another day like this knowing it may get worse. Plus going crazy from not sleeping it’s terrible. Just need some advice

7:34 am January 22nd, 2019

Reading these comments brings back memories of my Suboxone withdrawal. I’d been on a high dose (16 mg/day) for 4 years, and- long story short- I found myself in a posh rehab w a detox unit, waiting for the withdrawal to start. It took two weeks for it to fully manifest, and I was in hell. They gave me phenobarbital, which got me out of hell, but they took me off of it after 22 days. Back in hell. Looking back, at that nightmarish second month, I’m so proud of myself for not leaving. I went from skinny to underweight; I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I’d try to talk and I’d stutter. I worried the severity of the withdrawal was doing psychological damage. My hands shook. After 3 months, I was eating, kinda sleeping, speaking normally, my hands steady. I was healing. After 5 months, I was sleeping… better (I’m an insomniac.) After 9 months, my bones stopped aching. My brain was clear. Quitting Suboxone was, by far, the bravest thing I have ever done. I know you’re going through the nightmare of Suboxone withdrawal, so here’s the good news: NO MATTER HOW BAD IT GETS, YOU WILL SURVIVE AND YOU WILL BE SO PROUD!!

Crystal S
4:37 am January 23rd, 2019

I have ben on suboxone for almost 10 years and I am beyond sick and tired of being sick and tired!!! The problem, of course, I’m terified of the withdrawals!!! I have heard from several people that it’s far worse than any other withdrawal. The whole point was to avoid that and now I find myself right back in the same hell I have been avoiding for so long. My question is “in your opinion, how long will I experience the physical symptoms, and what do you reccomend to help ease the severity?”

8:15 pm January 25th, 2019

It’s day 20 of no Suboxone for me today. I was on it for 1 year. I started out at 16 mgs. For 9 months I was on 16 month 10 I dropped from 16mg to 8mg and month 11 I dropped from 8 to 4 mg, and month 12 I dropped from 4mgs to 2 mgs and the week before I checked myself into a 28 day detox I dropped somewhere between .5mgs and no more than 1 mgs per day. I got into the detox process and the around the 3rd day my w/d symptoms was at there peak couldn’t sleep a wink and the “kicking” started. My legs were cramped but so was the rest of my body. The only time I could get any relief was whenever I was in a scorching hot shower. I would get in the shower then go straight outside to smoke in 28 degree weather. With my immune system weak from withdrawals I wound up giving myself pneumonia. So around the 5th day of withdrawals pneumonia had set in hard and I didn’t know at the time what exactly was going on with my body. I’ve kicked opiates before a couple times and I remembered getting some kind of head and chest cold immediately after I detoxed so I accounted it to that being the reason. But after about 14 days of detox, I hadn’t slept in 8 solid days or nighta. I couldn’t walk more than 20 or 30 yards without having to stop and sit on the floor for 5 mins before I felt like I could get up and move again. I kept taking Tylenol to knock my fever down. But I was coming to the nurses station every 2 hours for fever reducers and they refused to give me anymore because they couldn’t give me them but every four hours. I finally collapsed on my way to lunch on the 16th day. They took me to the emergency room. Had flu and strep tests done and a chest x-ray and the x-ray showed pneumonia in my left lounge. Was so dehydrated I took 4 bags of fluids and rocephin IV antibiotics then discharged back to the detox… Anyways. Long story short and my question knowing all those details. It’s day 20 no subs. My legs are so weak and sore and so is my back muscles my whole body is weak and I came straight out of detox and got back to work immediately. I can’t sleep more than 3 – 4 hours. I feel like total hell all day everyday. It’s like there’s no end in sight… How much longer can this go on. My Drug of choice used to be meth. And I haven’t done any since December 2017 and I messed up two nights ago and did just a tiny little bit. It made my body feel ok. But my mind was in total torment. I truly do not want to be on any kind of drugs at all anymore and I immediately regretted doing it. So I’ve not done anymore since. But I feel so awful that the thought of getting more is constantly running through my mind… I desperately need some kind of relief. Asap. What the hell am I supposed to do. Do I feel so bad because of the combination of having pneumonia and the lingering withdrawals mixed together. Am I pushing myself too hard. I need to be able to go to work and stay busy. When I’m sitting around doing nothing. I obsess over how bad I feel and my addict mind starts looking for the instant way out. Ive also took the vivitrol shot when I left the detox. And whenever I got it it left me feeling so depressed I have been rolling the thought of offing myself at times. Like I’m so down and depressed that I want to go to sleep and not wake up. I feel like I’m on the edge of breaking down and crying constantly. I put up a good front to everyone because I don’t want them to worry about me. Everyone’s so proud of me at work and at home. I’m proud of myself too. I’m just having a really really hard time

11:54 pm January 27th, 2019

In my case I was on 8 mg for 5 years. The worst is over after 3 months. But it continues …..the not sleeping, joint aches, depression, off anon stomach problems, anxiety. For over a year. But being free of it is worth it. Now I realize, I was trading one drug…for a worse one. Prayers. Get on an antidepressant.

Shelley R.
10:55 pm January 28th, 2019

I went on Suboxone after my breast cancer surgery/radiation had me on OXY for 4 months. They had promised to taper me but NEVER DID. Now I have been on Suboxone since Dec 8th. They have been slowly weaning me down. I have been on 1/8 mg of a 2 mg film for a bit. After trying to go 1/8 every other day… night my legs and arms FLAIL in the bed…I feel like I am going to jump out of my skin. They told me “its mostly all in your head” at this dose. I beg to differ. They now have me on my last 2 (2mg) suboxone films. I am to do 1/8 for 4 days, then the rest 1/8 every other day. Dr. said my urine tested ZERO for suboxone but a level of 12 (not sure what that regarded. Can I be having protracted withdrawal? Can my brain and body actually have memory of the worst withdrawal? I want to jump off this stuff. WHY is it SO hard for me? Def need help or a pep talk

11:39 pm February 11th, 2019

I was on Suboxen for 16months and took around 4-6mg per day. I tapered off to 4mg per day then went cold turkey on 2/1. I am still feeling physical withdrawal. My muscles are very sore, headache, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Any idea of how much longer I have to go through the physical withdrawal?

4:54 am February 15th, 2019

I have been off Suboxone for 4 months. My withdrawal wasn’t that bad. Mostly body aches and fatigue.

These past two month off Suboxone have been a living nightmare for me. I am restless but really tired. I’m in a dark depression that I can’t get our of , Im constantly fearful , irritable, sad, any negative feeling I feel it. I no longer can learn the way I used to,,I’m. In school but can’t focus or remember anything. I feel no joy ,no happiness, nothing. I have zero motivation, Im not my normal self, housework is a challenge and feels forever to do. I feel nothing ,

How long will this go on for ?

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