How long does oxycodone stay in your system?

Oxycodone stays in your system and can be detected in drug tests up to four (4) days after use. More on drug testing norms for oxycodone here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Dili Gonzalez, M.D.

Here, we review everything you need to know about the time frame for oxycodone drug testings and detection. We also review the possibilities for oxycodone addiction and what you can do if you need help with oxycodone addiction. Then, we welcome your questions about oxycodone or how to quit taking oxycodone at the end.

How do you take oxycodone?

Oxycodone comes as a liquid solution, concentrated solution, tablet, capsule, and extended-release tablet to take by mouth. Most doses of oxycodone are usually taken with or without food every 4 to 6 hours, either as needed for pain or as regularly scheduled medications. The extended-release tablets are taken every 12 hours. Extended-release tablets are supposed to be swallowed one at a time with plenty of water. The oxycodone concentrated solution is mixed with at least 1 ounce (30 milliliters) of juice or other liquid, or with a semi-solid food such as applesauce or pudding.

Usually, doctors start by prescribing lower doses of oxycodone and then increase this dose over time if the pain is still not under control.  This is to minimize some of the addictive qualities of oxycodone. However, after you taking oxycodone for a period of time, the body may become used to the medication, which means that an oxycodone tolerance has developed. This is the same reason withdrawal symptoms may appear after abrupt interruption of the drug administration. Restlessness, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, yawning, sweating are just a small part of the long list of symptoms.  On the other hand, oxycodone abuse is defined by crushing the pills, snorting or injecting the powder, taking bigger doses and/or taking oxycodone more often than prescribed.

Main oxycodone uses

Oxycodone is used to relieve moderate to severe acute or chronic pain. It belongs to the group of medicines called narcotic analgesics. Controlled-release oral tablet of oxycodone are indicated for cancer and other chronic pains and intended to be taken every 12 hours. In this way, oxycodone considered to be the next best option for cancer pain after morphine.

Peak levels and half life of oxycodone

Peak levels for oxycodone vary for different individuals, mostly due to the body weight, drug abuse history, age of course and slightly gender. On average, after taking a regular release pill with oral administration of 0,28mg/kg, the peak level would be reached at 1 hour. The half-life in this case would be 5 hours.

Oxycodone drug testing: How long does oxycodone stay in the body?

Because oxycodone is a synthetic drug there are special types of drug tests for oxycodone called “Extended Opioids” tests. These tests can detect oxycodone concentrations up to four (4) days after administration, depending on the kind of sample being tested.

How long does oxycodone stay in blood?

Oxycodone blood concentrations are detectible up to 24 hours after the administration. Oxycodone and its major metabolites are measured in blood to monitor for clearance, abuse, to confirm a diagnosis of poisoning, or to assist in a death investigation.

How long does oxycodone stay in hair?

As with any other drug, a single human hair does not provide information about the current presence of drugs in the body. However it has pretty big time window, providing evidence for precise amounts of drug use and approximate timing of consumption in the last 90 days (or longer).

How long does oxycodone stay in urine?

Oxycodone and its metabolites are mainly excreted in the urine and sweat. Therefore, oxycodone accumulates in patients with renal impairment. Urine sample, tested for oxycodone, will show positive even 3- 4 days after the administration.

How long does oxycodone stay in saliva or sweat?

A saliva sample is the most commonly used, non-invasive route for a quick, spot-check drug test. This sample can give information about oxycodone use from 1 to 4 days after the administration.

Oxycodone and addiction

Although oxycodone is a very effective painkiller with lots of legitimate uses, it is also is highly addictive. When abused, Oxycodone can produce a heroin-like high and it is classed as an “opiate”.

Problems with oxycodone?

Do you think you have a problem with oxycodone? Please leave us you questions in the comments section below. We will do our best in providing you with a personal, accurate and prompt answer.

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  1. My aunt has been taking hydrocodone 10/325 3 times a day so she took 2 m523 oxycodone on Friday so she has a urine drug test on Monday so will the oxycodone be out of her system

  2. Hi, I took a prescribed 5mg oxycodone Sunday at approx 5:00am and 5ml of Tussionex, also prescribed on Tuesday at 1:00pm. I than took a saliva drug test on Tuesday at 2:30pm. What can I expect my SDT results to reveal? Will the oxy show up? Will they just show up as opiates or will the show up separately? I don’t know if this matters but I’m 5’9″ and 260lbs. Thank you.

  3. I am quitting percocet after having been prescribed it for a length of time before/during/after surgery. I’m wondering how long before my body is clean of this medication altogether. I’m not talking about drug testing or anything of that nature. I’m just curious when I can assume it is out of my system altogether so I can see what my pain level is like now since I’ve had the surgery. I’m thinking I don’t need to take it any more, but my doctor called this “wishful thinking”. They’re not always right, IMO, so I want to see where my pain level is not taking it. Maybe I can do without, because at my age (63), the medications are starting to pile up. 😉 It’s been a week now, and I still have pain (some days worse than others), but am tolerating it because I want to know see how the surgery helped me. Long story, sorry… but could you please let me know the length of time I can safely assume it’s all out of my system so I can now gauge my pain when not using it.

  4. Ih I’ve bin on this medication for a while now but I’ve bin I slot of pain so I took extra and oh my god I’m am so regretting it now as my doctor is trying to get me lower and I think I’m actually rattling from it I feel like I’m full of flue you name it I’ve got it I wish to god I new what they were and how addictive there are ?‍♀️?‍♀️

  5. Iv had knee replacement 9 weeks oho half way throw they put me on Oxycodone it works for pain so 2 days ago i throw the rest off tablets out knee pain ok but now at night my knees are irritating all night doctors gave me sleeping pills to help now know Oxycodone i drove to mates house 20 is away to drop his chainsaw off and don’t remember doing it what does that say I’m 65 help drug hater

  6. Hey, I took oxycodone yesterday. Just one pill. I have never taking it before. I didn’t like the way it made me feel. I was wondering how long that will stay in my urine for since I only took one?

  7. I been under a doctor care for 22years not want to do it anymore so I wine my self off but really sick it’s been 28 days Today I just want to no when will I feel better IAM 60 year old woman

  8. I am a nurse but also a patient awaiting double knee replacement surgery. I take 15 mg Oxycodone each morning. By the time my knees are getting unbearable again, it’s late in the day and I just start relaxing and go to bed early.
    My question is, about two or three or four hours after I take it – around noon – I get some tachycardia, or rather palpitations because my heart rate is right around 100. I get a little shaky, feeling of unease. I’m also on Lamictal and Clonazepam for anxiety, and various asthma and blood pressure meds, Ambien at night. On paper I look like a real mess! Maybe this is really all too much! I have a good doctor that follows me closely and is an MDVIP so I can call him for anything so I will ask him as well. Thank you for any feedback you can give me.

  9. I am worried that I may have withdrawals from taking oxecodone 10-325 because I did not make a three month follow up appointment I forgot about it. Anyways now I can not get a refill and I am concerned. I have had two back surgeries and I have a lot of pain and this medicine help me cope with my pain. My question is, does everyone have withdrawals? My Dr is not in her office unti Monday morning and this is Friday and I’m out of my medicine. With I have withdrawals right away?

  10. Hi been taking Oxycontin now for 3/4years for severe back, neck arm pain. Had a disc removed over a year ago, and a titanium one put in. Anyway no change on arm hand pain neck or back. I’ve got osteoarthritis in my lower spine and my right hand mainly thumb area. I’ve ran out of tablets and wen this happened before, my body was irritable, couldn’t sleep couldn’t function then I realised then I was addicted to them. Well found out it’s the Opiates in them. So a friend said to take tramadol to take edge of it till got tablets from chemist. It’s the weekend again, no tablets can u recommend anything else than tramadol? Just need something to take edge of the addictive side as well as pain. I take 30mg every 12 hrs but if i do too much pain gets bad. Signed off work signing on, Im trying to appeal a claim for esa but struggling. I want to work I get bored I spend 70% of my time in bed. Kids grown up 2 at school. Get very lonely too.
    So if u can help with the tablets side and the social side be appreciative of advice. I get lonely I’m very isolated. Suffer with depression too. Doctor knows all this on anti depressants too he’s very good but feel something needs to change or increase pain control wide.
    Look forward to ur reply. How will i know u have replied?
    Kind regards Chelle

  11. I am in the process of tapering off of Percocet 10 mgs ×3 daily. I am down to 2.5 mg. ×3 daily.
    Last night I was very itchy. I had gone from 4:00 a.m. until after 6:00 p.m. without taking another 2.5 mgs. I had seen my mother become very itchy when she was without her oxycontin before. I do not see itching as a withdrawal symptom, however, it does indicate there are others that can occur that are not listed. I am prone to metabolizing medication like my mother does. I have never taken oxycontin. This is a prescription I am tapering off of. I would like any feedback from you about the itchy feeling. It occurs if I have gone 12 hrs or longer without taking any. I spoke to the pharmacy, they recommended benadryl. I assumed they had heard this withdrawal symptom before. Of course, I am having other symptoms. Thank you

  12. Why does oxycodone show in my urine if I don’t take any and never did in my life I just take suboxones that’s all

  13. Hi i had two knee.replements and my right hip after that i was home one day and my back was on fire want back to my doctors he told me my back was in bad shape with on pain medcine and was on oxymorine 30mg.twice a day for 5.years I did stop all together by myself it is seven.days when will it get my stomach is.killing and my back is on fire again

  14. i took an oxy on accident mistaking it for a walmart brand pain killer and took it without food. ive had bad shaking on and off as well as throwing up and alight dizziness. i dont know the mg all i know is it had IP and 203 on the tablet. i have only taken one and im an extremely small person. how long until thw throwing up stops?

  15. My 80 yr old Mom had knee replacement about 12 days ago. She did great! But she was taking this oxycodone around the clock for 8 days. She stopped abruptly and has had extreme nausea and hasn’t been able to eat or drink. She went from a rehab facility for her knee back to the hospital. Could stopping that medicine possibly cause this?? Extreme nausea?

  16. 7 years on Oxy for nerve damage. 60 mg day. Quit cold turkey 13 days ago. Can not stop having bowel movement. Not much diarrhea. But going all day and night every 15 min. Still achy. Cramps. But worst of it was days 1-4. But don’t think it’s over after a few days. This is still bad. I predict another 2-4 weeks before I’m normal. Now I’m trying to find best pain meds OTC to help with nerve pain in my eyes and head. Taking Ibuprofen and aspirin but that’s not too healthy for the gut.

  17. I think I’m addicted to oxycodone now. I’ve been taking it for 3 years now for back pain (spinal fusion) and I can’t function without it. Only up to a few months ago, I’ve been taking more than normal. I’m dependent on it to function but it seems like I’m taking it to get high also, unlike before. Before, I would take it just for pain but now I developed a craving for it. As my tolerance for it increases, I’m taking more than expected. 4 a day and sometimes I take up to 6-7 a day. I always run low at the end of the refill and start getting sick because I would have to be reduced to 2 a day for about the final 2 weeks.

  18. I had back surgery Monday morning and given oxycodone 7.5 every 4 hours as needed for pain. My tongue is swollen and feels like it’s burnt. Hurting to eat. Is this a allergic reaction

  19. I took 15mg of roxicodone on Saturday at 10pm m I will be tested for pre employment on Monday or Wednesday This is the first time I took this medication How long does it states in ur system O and what can I do to make sure I pass the drug test

  20. In 2009 I ruptured 2 vertebra and bulged another one. I have narrowing of the stenosis and severe arthritis and sciatica pain. It took 3 doctors and 6 weeks to keep misdiagnosis got until I was as sent for physical therapy. The own looks at me and said No the at am I touching you. I might paralyze you. Got a call to specialist and got me in quickly. Started me on physical therapy for 3 years, a hom reaction unit a tena unit, and a $1,500.00 back brace along with monthly visits with the specialist.
    He in lies the issue. I am 5’2″ and weight about 117lbs. This was years after being largely obese most of my life. Gastric bypass surgery helps me maintain keeping the weight off. The studies have not been in depth long enough to figure out why some people can take a small amount of medication and be knocked out. Certainly not in my case. I was on 60mg of OxyContin 2 times a day and up to 4 Percocet 10/325 mg a day. 120 kolonolin a day and Adderall for my adult onset of ADHD and O.C.D. In 2008, April 25 my house burnt down nobody knows was injured seriously and then July 26 of the same year my husband of 20 years dies in his sleep with a massive heart attack. First time in 20 years w/o life insurance. I have to work 3 jobs to keep us afloat w/o government handouts. I worked 7:45 to 3:15 then 5:00 to 1:00 a.m. The next morning and every weekend I took care of an elderly lady that had Alzheimer’s and I watched and told the family what to expect next, I had formerly worked before marriage in a nursing home. My issue is they now have me on a dermagesic patch with the percs and now doing away with klonopin. Who knows what will end up happening with me?! Keep good vibes coming my way. Much appreciated.

  21. after using Oxycodone for 5 weeks after surgery, I have what is probably an unusual problem. Some times is can look at different objects for just a little bit an then I see little cartoon figures on the object. What can cause this.?

  22. I ended up abusing oxy after i developed a physical addiction to percs after the birth of my daughter. The abuse went in fkr almost a year bc I couldn’t afford to have withdrawl symptoms while i was trying to be a first time mom. So i continued using, spending money I didnt have and getting into debt.
    I kicked the habit EASILY using Kratom, which is a legal and natural and comes in a powder you can drink or put into capsules.
    It relieves 90 percent of your withdrawl symptoms and gives you a little bit of pep in your step. I used Kratom years ago when I got off of suboxone. I was on it for 4 years for alternative pain management supposedly so i didn’t get high and ruin my recovery. It was the worst drug ever with the longest most horrible withdrawl ever. It makes heroin withdrawl feel like a vacation. Kratom helped me do the impossible.
    I suggest Kratom to anyone who wants to stop. Of course it won’t help the obsession for the drug, that needs to be addressed with support or recovery meetings. But it allows you to keep being a mom, to function at work or just simply not feel like total hell. Its been said to have some additive properties, but in the 5 months of daily use, i was able to stop taking it without any issues. It’s a miracle drug that needs to be utilized way more. You can find it in some “headshops” and online. Its best to find a reputable dealer to get the best quality.
    It has saved my life 1000 times over.

  23. Hi.
    I have used many times because of back problems, and because of a nerve damage in my leg. SO I have gone on and off for many years and think I have been feeling bad for 10 years. So this time I say goodbye for good. I stopped after 6 mnd. use, I just stopped. My doctor will think when I meet him next time that I still stepping down slowly, and I should have used 30 mg this 10 days. But I have had it with feeling shitt. I want it out of my system and never tough it again. This is day 3, I and feel not great, but I survive. I got something called Sobril to use just to take the tops, this I could use together with 30 mg Oxy my doctor sad. But now I only use Sobril, not more then 20-30 mg My question is, will Sobril sustain my addiction, or it ok to use this a short time, its a Benzo. And when will I feel better, this time I used up to 70 mg for 6 mnd. and have stepped down, but from 30 mg, and one day with Paralgin Forte, 10 of them, Yeah I know, but my back was killing me, after that I had it. I feel worse today than yesterday, my stomach is crapp, but I survive if it doesn’t get worse. I was thinking it was better to tak 10 mg again for some days, but I really want to stop this as fast as possible. What approach will be fastest? To stay strong, use Sobril, drop Sobril and stay stronger, or go back to just 10 mg. Sorry about my English. I’m from Norway. Hope you can help me. Robert

  24. I just had my right hip replaced last night. Dr gave me Oxycodone 5mg dosage 1 -3 tablets every 4 hours for pain. If I take one 5mg with stool softener at bedtime ,will I be able to drive my car next day?
    Or must I wait 4 days?

  25. I took 6 oxycodone last week Tuesday, and 4 of them on Wednesday. I now have to do a blood test this coming Wednesday. Will it show up in my system?

  26. I had stage 4 breast cancer and was put on oxycodone Three and half years ago for nerve damage. I kept having severe itching and narrowing of the bowels ,sweats and swelling and painful leg aches My pain management doctor kept telling me over and over that it was not the pills Finally I took it a chance and went off the pills and some of my problems are gone itching swelling narrowing of the bowels ,sweats but the severe leg and toes still ache bad since I was on them so long will I ever recover from this and how long will it take My doctor won’t even see me
    also I can not sleep for more than 2 hours will this ever go away could it damage me for life

  27. Hi my name is Bill,I’ve got spinal stenosis & degenerative disc disease,very painful I get steroid shots in my lower back and it don’t help much,I am taking oxycodone 3 pill every day and yes it helps!! Is this a danger for addiction if on it for a long period?

  28. I had a operation on my back in March . I had severe pain after my op and was put on both slow release and fast release oxycodone ,Few weeks down the track my Doctor told me he wanted me only on slow release so I don’t get addicted . I went off them a couple months after the op for 2wks but woke up one morning in terrible pain and went back on the meds I thought it was my back . I have found out recently I have been having bouts of Gout which I never had before but at least I found out that it wasn’t my operation that has gone bad it was gout . I have gone 24 hrs with one dose but get funny feelings which I believe is with drawals . I was taking 15 mg Targin in the morning and 12 hrs later 15 mg targin s/r. I haven’t had fast release for months but I want to ween myself off them all together now that I have my pain under control and found out why I was in pain . How long will it take me roughly to get it out of my system ? A week ?and a lot of lost energy and feeling warn out for a few weeks ? Hopefully

  29. How long dose it take to be oxycodone free I have cancer and have been taking Oxy for 6 months now I want to stop it’s affecting my breathing and stomach please give me some advice
    Thank you

  30. I Been taking percocet 10-325 for about 2years. My doctor forgot to put in my prescription so I have to wait 4days to fill it. I experienced in one night that i was unable to sleepand was in pain. Would I experience pain and no sleep for the 4days ill be missing it.

  31. For all of you who have questions regarding the duration oxycodone will be detectable in a urine test, the answer is 3 – 4 days. The daily amount consumed will be associated with the “build-up” in your system.

    Without going into a lot of detail, I’ve had brain surgery, two reconstructive knee surgeries and two reconstructive shoulder surgeries. I also have herniated disc and severe sciatica. As such, I’ve been prescribed myriad pain medications over the years. I was on 3-60 mg Oxycontins, 3-20 mg Oxycodones and 3- 20 mg Baclofens (for muscle spasms) each day for years. At the beginning of this year, my insurance chose to apply my deductible to medications as well as doctor visits. As such, my OxyContin script cost me $1150 in January.

    I paid for the script the first month, but made the decision that I was getting off of the damn things for many reasons, cost included. I have weaned myself off of 9 different medications this year and I am now down to only taking 4 – 20 mg oxycodones a day. I would like to be completely free of all narcotics, but I have found nothing natural that helps my pain.

    As for side affects, it all depends on the individual, how long they have been taking the medication, whether they are both physically and psychologically addicted, and how dedicated they choose to be in getting clean. For me, realizing I would have to pay over 1100 bucks a month until my deductible was met became an overriding reason for getting off the Contin. I really didn’t have many bad side affects, but I was still taking the codone for immediate relief, so I cannot speak will full authority.

    Best of luck for those of you who are caught in the hamster wheel. Constant, unrelenting pain makes quality of life non-existent. However, being addicted to any mind or mood altering substance also substantially reduces quality of life. Getting off of all the garbage and enjoying life on lifes’ terms is the best remedy, if possible.

  32. I have taken 1oxycoten 30 mil today never taken one before, just found out getting blood work and urine test tomorrow morning at 1045 amid took the oxy 30 around11am today,the urine test tomorrow at 1045will be drug test the blood work is for normal medical issues urine for drugs,questions will this 1 pill show in my urine test,thank you TERRYMITCHELL

  33. I have a question.I have a high tolerance to oxycodone.I can take alot and not effect me that much.I stayed off oxy for a week but yesterday at 5 am i took 2 30 mg oxys,Then at 5 pm i took another 30 mg,then at 800 pm i took 2 more 30 mg oxys.I had a drug test the next morning at 830 am. Would i test positive or since i have a high tolerance i will be ok.I know its a dumb question.It was only 12 hours of my last use before urine test.Im just wondering

  34. I go to a pain management clinic for chronic back pain and am prescribed oxycodone 10/325 @ 4x day. The last time I got them filled , after 6 days they were stolen by a family member out of my purse, which is why I didn’t report it. I’ve done without for most of the time since, only having a few given to me here and there. I borrowed a couple from a friend and took one today and the other this morning. My question is, I go back to my clinic on Tuesday morning…Will it show up in a urine test if they run one? It needs to be in my system in order for me to get my script renewed

  35. Everybody IWant youto kn9w the way I tapered off of this horrible dryg called percs. I just smoked weed and ate chcolate alot.Drank alot of garorade,orange juice,and drank water. Also I went to the gym this helps to forget about doing drugs. Sorry there is no miracle way to get off of percs but I find this to be the best overall way.

  36. Hi so I took 45 milligrams of oxycodone on Wednesday and I took a 15 milligram on Thursday how long will it take for 60 milligrams exactly of Oxycodone to be out of my system please somebody let me know as soon as possible I would appreciate it so much.

  37. I need to know about oxycodone and xanax, ok? been on them many years. please help and answer my questions.

  38. Trying to detox myself off of oxycodone an I have been trying to clean out myself out by using laxative an colon cleansing so I could get my body cleaned out before I start taking suboxone I’m scared because I had a bad experience before because my body still had traces of morphine or oxycodone in my system so I want to know how long does it take before I attempted to do this detox again really want to stop using please if anyone can tell me how long does it take to clean your body of all traces it been 3 day since I took any pills..

  39. My by-law Daughter-in-Law got Oxycodone from her boss (it was a prescription for her boss). She says she needs them for her back pain. I’m very concerned now that my son no longer lives with her, she refuses all us or the father visits. I’m concerned for her and the children in the house. My son says every time he wanted to have serious talks, she would say ” oh that’s to stressful to talk about, leave me alone, I’m stressed! What can I do?

  40. I’ve been on 2 12 hour plus 2 oxiconan tablets 2 times a day for 3 weeks for back injury I have stage3 copd and have found it very difficult to breath when moveing around

  41. I was taking roxies 45mg a day for a week and a half and I have recently stopped. How long would it take to get out of my system if I run daily and drink nothing but cranberry juice and water?

  42. Hopefully someone can help me on this before tomorrow, I have a rx for oxycodone but have a urine test tomorrow for a new job. Whenjoy my dr had me on morphine sulfate I popped on a drug test and even tho I had a rx they decided I had previously existing problems. I don’t want that to happen with the oxycodone. So if I read the drug testing para graph right my job would have to run a special opiate scan for the synthetic opiates like oxy, whereas codeine and hydrocodone and morphine all have popped on my tests before but my dr switched me to just the oxycodone now. Hopefully I can get off this after my surgery but I need to work in the meantime.

  43. I took just one 5mg oxycodone Tuesday night around 9 or 10 pm…I haven’t taken these since 2014 and took that one only because of the pain from that injury returned. How long will it stay in my urine?

  44. I took a oxycodone at 2 aclock Monday will it be in my saliva test at 3 aclock Tuesday I only took one 5 and I have not taken them in years??

  45. I took oxycodone for 3 years due to a major surgery. I’ve been off them since january of this year. However i still get cold chills from time to time and skin itching. My question is can that be caused by being on the oxycodone for so long.

  46. paul contin, you should stop immediately! Abusing oxycodone in those amounts will quickly result in crippling addiction if not kill you, I’d be very surprised if you’re not hooked already. If you’re not hooked yet stop before you do because detoxing from opioids is agonizing and the longer you’re on it the longer it will take to detox! I was extremely sick for 3 weeks when I cold turkied it!

  47. It really makes me mad when I see that people are taking oxys for recreation and for something so minor as a cold with a sore throat. This is why the federal government is cracking down on its use, hurting the people who REALLY need it. I have been told by 4different doctors that I need back surgery, but no one will do it. My back won’t get better only worse.

  48. Okay here goes. I have been taking pain pills all threw my pregnancy (this is my first pregnancy). Due to me being in pain, of course my doctor would not prescribe me anything for pain, all she kept telling me to do was to look up exercise’ s for pregnant woman and to try that and it that should help. well guess what I tried it and it didn’t help. I feel bad for taking them while being pregnant but that is the only thing that was helping. Before this pregnancy I found out I had pcos which is very painful. And just a few years before that I had broke my leg, dislocated my shoulder and split my forehead open to the skull. Well as of yesterday I quit taking them because I am being Induced Thursday, my question is will my baby go threw withdraws when she comes out?! I’m really hoping not

  49. I was recently arrested with a suspended license I didn’t realize I had from an unpaid ticket. Now on my bond agreement I was told by the judge that it couldn’t not take my Percocet that was prescribed to me by my MD. I’ve had 3 back surgeries and the 5 milligram dose of Percocet per day is not that much but it’s been over two and a half weeks since I’ve taken any and it still showed up in my urine screen which thankfully the deputy didn’t have a problem with since he wasn’t the judge that told me I couldn’t take it. I feel I can’t take it right now and get through this the proper way through the proper channels, so why would it still be in my system and what can I do to flush it? I am currently 260lbs. can that have anything to do with it?

  50. I was recently arrested with a suspended license I didn’t realize I had from an unpaid ticket. Now on my bond agreement I was told by the judge that it couldn’t not take my Percocet that was prescribed to me by my MD. I’ve had 3 back surgeries and the 5 milligram dose of Percocet per day is not that much but it’s been over two and a half weeks since I’ve taken any and it still showed up in my urine screen which thankfully the deputy didn’t have a problem with since he wasn’t the judge that told me I couldn’t take it. I feel I can’t take it right now and get through this the proper way through the proper channels, so why would it still be in my system and what can I do to flush it?

    1. Hi Adam. I suggested you consult a doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule. Also, you may speak with a pharmacist to recommend some home remedies, teas and over-the-counter aid to ease withdrawal symptoms.

  51. I’very been on Oxycodone for three and a half years. 5/315. Lately l can feel more pain than usual. It’s like it’s not controlling it anymore. I’m not sure what to do.

  52. I have been taking oxycodone for around 6 weeks for a back injury. My stomach has swollen to a ridiculous size making me look pregnant, it’s very uncomfortable and it’s just getting bigger. I know it’s a side effect although I’ve stopped taking them 2 days ago there has been no change in the swelling. Does anyone know how long it will take for the medication to be completely out of my system & the side effects to go please

  53. Whoever said they were prescribed Tylenol #3 and took a Percocet is SCREWED! I take oxy for years and or time was given codiene (which is way #3 is)
    WELL! Came out as morphine! I was discarded ad he dust want to hear anything!! Oh, I proved him wrong but by that time it was a whole new can of worms!!!

  54. I started out occasionally taking a percocet once in awhile for fun or even for legitimate pain of my shoulder or back, but they weren’t prescribed. Then I had a major surgery and was prescribed liquid Vicodin that I stayed on for weeks. I started obtaining percs more often but would only take them at night and never more than one 5 mg. Slowly I saw myself becoming addicted but I figured I had it under control. Nightly use became weekend use when I wouldn’t have to drive… Then daily use but I wouldn’t drive with kids in the car… To all day use and driving the kids where they had to go on 10 mg of percocet. Some nights I would take 20-30 mg just to feel that high I craved. It started out as something to take before sex to lower my inhibitions even though it made it impossible for me to reach orgasm and became something I craved even though I never would steal to get them and would go weeks without them. Because I wasn’t snorting them or selling my belongings to get them and I could go weeks without taking them I figured I had my habit under control. I could stop if I wanted to but just took them when I had access to them. I had another major surgery recently and was put on liquid Vicodin again, and I would take percocet along with the Vicodin. I’m now done with both and am withdrawing since I was taking large doses of narcotics for 3 weeks. Not fun to go through. It will be at least 2 weeks before I could get more percocet so I am trying to get through this withdrawal and be done with the pills completely. While they help with my anxiety and pain and sleep I am afraid of how far I might go since there have been times when I couldn’t get pills that I considered buying heroine and I don’t ever want to fall that far. I’m extremely tired, anxious, restless, upset stomach, moody and overall feeling rundown and crappy and depressed. How long will it take for these symptoms to go away completely and how do I prevent myself from copping more pills when the opportunity arises, because it will and it’s honestly not a situation I can avoid? I want to quit, I just don’t know if I’ll be able to say no when presented with the opportunity to get some, and I’m afraid of needing them again after surgery I have coming up since I can’t take NSAIDS. Is there another drug that helps pain that isn’t a narcotic or an NSAID Ike Motrin?

  55. I’ve been taking oxycodone 4 times a day for about 3 months. I decided I wanted to stop it and have not taken it in 4 days, will I have withdrawal symptoms?

  56. I took myself off 60 milligrams a day which would be 15 milligrams every 6 hours and I did it then a week I got off of it after being on it 8 years

  57. I took half an CR oxy 20mg on Saturday evening. I have a pee test on Wednesday afternoon.
    standard 5 panel test. What are my options.

    I take that about once a week

  58. If you are having a baby in you was taking oxycodone the whole time you been pregnant what will happen with me you and the baby will it hurt the baby or kill him

    1. Hi, Kia. Oxycodone affects the whole body, and it can cause harm to the baby. I suggest you speak with a gynecologist or a pediatrician.

  59. I had a back fusion in my lower back in December of 2015’but don’t want to stay on oxycodone because of the way it makes me fill.Inow down to my last 10 pills is it ok to just stop when I finish them.Or what do you recomend . Lost my job and don’t have money to return to doctor.

  60. I am a 43 yr old women with sever nerve damage to my body from waste to feet with degenerative disk disease and some bulging disk. I am in a wheelchair chair now unable to walk and live in constant agony and pain. I have been taking percacet 10 mg for 13 yr and am at about 10 to 12 a day some times more depending on the pain. I don’t want to take them ne more cause it just isn’t working but I don’t want to live in constant pain either. Does ne one have an idea if I can ever get off these or if I should?

  61. My question is: I have a urine drug test at a doctor visit tomorrow and need to know how long
    oxycodone HLC 30 mg and a 5 mg to pass thru system in urine? last time I used this other than thru mouth, was on Friday 19th about 8pm.. urine test is 10am 23rd. Tomorrow.. Is there any chance to pass this test and if so, how?

  62. I’ll on 15mg morphine time release 1 a day and 4 Vicodin a day but two weeks ago I took like 60 10mg oxycodones then only Vicodin for a week then on Sunday and Monday combined I took 18 10mg oxycodones I have a ua on Thursday today is Tuesday and I’m going through withdrawal will I still have the oxycodones in my system by Thursday

  63. I have had a oxy addiction for years 100 mg a day lately , then last week found out I was pregnant ive gone sense I found out without it . Wish I would had stopped along time ago oddly this time around withdrawals were npt to bad . I want to puke thinking of taking another pill . And they are still here in my home . So for u that dont think therr is hope ues there is . Just do it 🙂

  64. I’m texting for my pain management but I took 30 mg today my test its in 4 to 5 days should b worried about taking 39 mg of oxi

  65. I took 5mg of oxycodone hydrochloride on wed.2/5/16 for the first time for back issues after having 2 epidurals I just got accepted to school and my drug test is Fri 2/12/16 @ 2pm will it show up in a urine test?

  66. I been taking oxycodone for about three days now they are the 15mg and i have a doctor appointment when will they be out of my urine?

  67. Hi, iv been taking oxycodone immediate release for about 2 years now just on weekends, friday saturday an sunday only 15mg once on them 3 days, will this have done any damage to me an could it be this whats making me tired with no energy or motivation all through the week ??? Please reply

  68. Dr taking me off OxyContin 40mg time released times 3 a day for 10 years, this is at my request. I’ve been put on Oxycodone 10mg to start from 120mg down to 90 wasn’t to hard. Then two days later down to 60mg a day very challenging now I’m down to 40 mg these are not time released I’m having terrible withdrawals sick to stomach, restless legs, muscle pain , on and on. Any suggestions on what might help me get through this? Thanks, Bonnie

  69. I took an oxycodone 5mg on Monday at 11am. I was saliva drug tested on Thursday at 3pm. The drug test was a 9 panel+oxy (testing for above 40ng) and passed.

  70. was given ox after having tooth extratied from dds had to stop taking was having bad reaction still nas. and not able to eat

  71. I have been taking this demon drug for 2 weeks for post surgery pain. I am having the most horrible nightmares and I am afraid to sleep. The doctor has prescribed something else but all I really want to know is how long before I can go to sleep without being afraid. Why people do this to themselves on purpose, I will never understand.

  72. I’m really struggling here. I’ve taken an oxy every night to help with pain in my back so I can sleep. I’ve taken it every night in a row for about a week. I don’t have a urine test or anything coming up but I do have to check in with my surgeon due to complications of the high lateral hernia I have in my chest. I know he will do blood work. Is there a way to get it out of blood. But usually when I make an appointment with him its still another 2 weeks before I go in.

    1. Hello, James. Usually, oxycodone can be detected in urine up to 3-4 days after the last intake. But, everything depends of the frequency of use, daily dosage, time, etc.

  73. If I quit cold turkey how many days until I start to feel better and what are some remedies or medications to help ease the withdrawals cause they get really bad within 16 hours of not takin any opiates.. Never done heroin just oxycotin and hydocodone please help

    1. Hi, Kiara. Stopping oxycodone cold turkey is not recommended, since it may trigger severe withdrawal symptoms. Discomfort of withdrawal may last up to 10 days, or even more. So, I suggest you talk with a professional to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule just for you. Good luck!

  74. I was prescribed oxycodone before and after my neck surgery, I didn’t even know I was addicted until I stopped taking them and thought I was going crazy from my was the scariest time of my life.prayers and god got me through it. I still take a piece of a pill when the pain is too much . but I will never take them like I did before

  75. I am on methadone program and have had a slip used last week 40 mg oxys and 100ml ms contin. I last had ms contin last Friday its now Wednesday so tomorrow its a full five days clean will I have a dirty urine on the 6th day. I have been drinking lots and going to toilet very frequently. Please let me know as I’m suffering from my stupidity an worried I will be kicked off program.

  76. I’ve been on oxycodone for like 6 months now and had to quit cold turkey it’s getting unbearable and I’m do anything to get more. What are some ways to help me detox

  77. It Sucks being on pain medication in recovery! I’ve been sober for 4 1/2 years and heroin was my DOC. It Sucks being prescribed meds I know I need cuz I keep thinking about the next time I can take it. Even though most of me DOESN’T WANT TO TAKE IT. My teeth just hurt so bad ;.;

  78. I’ve been taking oxy 10 and/or norco 10 a min of 130 per month. Off and on for 5 yrs. I was blood tested at work and it came back 6x my prescribed limit. However, because i had a script I was able to maintain my job. I took some this morning and have been lowering my dosage to cut myself off without having serious withdrawal symptoms while I’m at work. I work with the public and the constant sweating and frequent RR trips for vomiting and the other stomach issues is a dead give away I’m withdrawaling. I am looking for assistance and or guidance that will help to clean my system out for a urine and blood test. I’m not sure when the test will be administered as I can guarantee because of the last incident it will be at random. today is Thursday and I return to work on Saturday, any advice and or tips anyone can give me to help clear out my system to pass both of these tests would be greatly appreciated. I really am focused on getting and staying clean however, with my current responsibilities and living status I am unable to go to rehab so I’m trying to self help. I had weaned myself off about two and a half years ago but then I was raped by a former coworker and I relapsed once I started suffering from PTSD it became my scapegoat and now its been like a daily PLEASE HELP ASAP!

  79. Im getting oxycodone every month for these pains I get. And I have a doctors a point ment on Friday for my next scrip. But I haven’t taken any pills since Monday night. Half one on tuesday. And they wanna do a mouth swab to see if it’s still in my system which I know it’s not! But they are gonna need a sample no matter what. So idk if I’m gonna get in trouble for not having them in my system. Or think about taking them away from me. Maybe I’m just freaking out because it’s affecting my job. And lifestyle. What should I do

  80. I have taken Oxycodone 5 mg tabs since knee replacement on 9/22. I am down now to 10 mg/day. My question is how soon would I be clear to drive after discontinuing? Thx much.

  81. I was perscribed percocets after an accident over TEN YEARS AGO, & have been taking them ever since. Last sunday, I just decided I didnt want to be on them anymore.I quit cold turkey. Its been an AWFUL week….anxiety, leg cramps to S.O.B. Any suggestions?!.

  82. If you have NEVER taken Oxy-Acetamin 5-325 and take ONE. How long from when you took it would it take to show if you were given a Random Urine Test the SAME DAY ?

  83. I’ve taken 5 of the 10/325 Percocet on Friday around 3pm, drank a lot of water between Friday and Monday. Went to test Monday around the same time, results were negative.

  84. I have been of oxy for 2 month but I am still want to sleep alot please tell me when I will be myself again I was on it for 5 yrs and 60mg 3 time a day I have rheumatoid arthritis so it did help but my insurance just stop giving them to me so I went off them on my own please I need help

  85. I have been on pain management for 15 years at a dosage of 240 mg a day. My question is, how much opiads would you expect in find in a bolld test and od urine test at any given point during treatment?

  86. I suffer from chronic back pain and have taken hydrocodone for about four years now. I recently was screened out for a urine test to renew my hydrocodone RX. The Dr office test came back showing I had PCP, Methadone, Oxycodone and of course hydrocodone in my urine. I was devastated because I never have taken two of those other drugs in my entire life. The urine was sent to larger lab for analysis’s. It cleared me of PCP and methadone but still showed I had oxy. I did take one or two oxycodone’s but it was over three months ago. I am 61 years old, I have scoliosis, sciatica (had surgery June 1, 2015) I also have taken Ativan for 20 years. Now I can’t get anything for the pain or anxiety. I swear to you that everything I have stated in this comment is the truth. How could they have found oxy in urine when its been three plus months since I had taken one. I have never snorted or used needles to give myself pain meds and I could never do that. I fear needles. I take several other prescribed meds and also some OTC but not OXY. What could possibly have caused this? I am getting so depressed I can’t stand it. I am trying to wean myself off opiates completely and will have to wean off Ativan because I’m down to my last few pills.

  87. Thanks for the response. My surgeon has now agreed with me that because I don’t do pharmaceuticals, the oxycodone combined with anesthesia and another drug I was given was just too much for my system. Five weeks out of surgery and I’m doing much better (taking an herbal enzyme).

  88. I’ve been taking pills for five maybe six years now, an I want off so bad its killing me. My husband he knows something is wrong an just look at me in disgust. I need to do this cold turkey with no meth or sub, but just thinking about the withdrawal scares the crap out of me. What do I do?

    1. Hello Rena. Cold turkey off oxycodone is not the safest and best way to quit. The adverse withdrawal can only be too unbearable and lead you right back where you started. I suggest you consult a medical professional and follow some guidelines that will help you stop use in a more humane way. IF you really want to quit, you need to understand that there is no quick fix and that it will take time for a full recovery AND you will need your husband’s support through this period. Please rethink the way you want to handle this situation and feel free to consult our trusted treatment providers by calling the helpline number displayed on our site.

  89. I had a total knee replacement 4 weeks ago, with oxycodone in the hospital used for pain. 4 days after surgery I was experiencing insomnia and anxiety so decided to cut back on that med and found PT to be more painful than the surgery. Ended up taking it occasionally in rehab but was also given Ativan (0.25-0.5 mg) for the anxiety. The Ativan depressed me and all those meds did was afford me a couple hours of sleep a night. I have been totally off any drugs for 2 weeks now but am still experiencing insomnia, a touch of anxiety (when I lie flat on my back) but am also having trouble breathing (all lung tests were negative). Do any of these drugs have a residual effect for this long?

  90. My 11th old son recently had surgery for a broken tibia. He has been given endone tablets. Can you please tell me (weight 37kg) if he has had two tablets for the first 4 days, down to 1/2 a tablet on the 5 day, 1 tablet the 7th day. How long would all the medicine take to clear his little body? This is the most drugs he has ever had in his life (obviously only ever been panadol or kids medication type thing over the counter. As he is young and knows no better I am not concerned in that way but just how long it stays in his urine & blood stream?

  91. I’ve been taking oxycodine 30 mgs for pain for about 5 weeks when I stop I go thru bad withdrawal how do I taper off completely without going thru those feeling? Is there another medication that can help me get off?

    1. Hello Keith. The generally recommended tapering rate is 10-20% off your current dose, lowered every week or every other week. Still, I believe it’s best to consult your doctor or a pharmacist about tapering doses and how to manage withdrawal symptoms.

  92. I have been taking oxycodone for pain but it is giving me bad constipation sometimes. Is there anything I can take that will help with this? I have taken stool softners before but after a while, it loses it’s affect. A quick response would be great, thank you!

  93. Hello guys and gals, I get prescribed oxycodone 5mg immediate release for kidney stones. My question is I took two on Friday and one Saturday, I have a job interview sometime this week with a law enforcement agency but even prescribed I don’t want it to show up. I’m 6’1″, 220, athletic build and my metabolism is pretty good. How many days am I looking at? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

  94. i take 20mg of oxycodone.. and sometimes i take a little more… i get mine from a doctor..i took a drug test last month.. i know i passed, because they never called me back.. when they take urine, do they measure how many milligrams of oxycodone in your urine. because im allowed 20mg a day.. but like i said, i have been taking a little more.. can i drink more water to lower the milligrams, or is there something i can take. or do they even measure the milligrams in your urine

  95. I was piss tested on 7/22/5015. I have a prescription for hydrocodone 10/325. However I get about 40 15mg oxycodone from the street at leasrt twice a month. the morning i was tested I had consumed about 30 mg. of oxycodone that morning. How will that affect my pee test?

    1. Hi Courtney. Your organism eliminates the same amount of all substances at home as in a facility. If you are planning to do this on your own, consult a doctor first. Some people, based on their health state, are better off detoxing in a detox center under medical professional’s supervision. However, if your doctor gives you clearance to withdraw and detox at home, you will also be prescribed medications to help you with withdrawal symptoms.

  96. i have been off oxies for seven days. Still having problems with my legs hurting& restless. also some sleep problems. How much longer will this last? any thoughts on what would help my legs. PS. Tapered off. Still went thru hell. Appreciate any feedback. Thanx.

  97. I’m tryin to wean off from taking 90mg daily of oxycodone. I cry uncontrolably, jerk, freeze, then burn up and immediately start freezing sgain. I’m now down to 1/2 pill twice a day, which estates to 15 MG per day. I had pancreatitus.

    1. Hi Charyl. Has your doctor suggested any prescription medication or over-the-counter meds that can ease your withdrawal symptoms? Maybe you are cutting back doses way to fast or not doing it gradually enough.

  98. I’ve been taking oxycodone 5 milligrams for 2 weeks to the surgery how long will take for me to get out of my system I weigh approximately 250 and 47 years old been drinking a lot of water I also been taking 5 milligrams volumes for about 2-3 months how long will it take for that to get out of my system

  99. My family was mad because I wiuld not sale my percet to them I take about 40 of them every 2weeks for chronic pain but my family called me a druggie because I wont sale them is 40 to much every two weeks if im in pain

    1. Hi Melissa. Are you prescribed by a doctor to take those 40 pills every 2 weeks? Do you really need them? Selling them is illegal and is not the answer, but if you are taking more and more, that may be concerning your family.

  100. I have taken tramadol for about a month. I took 2-3 a day I’m now off them for a week but I have taken the oxycodone for 4 days. A pill a day. I’m stopping them. So my question is how long is the withdraw stage.

    1. Hello Teri. The worst effects will appear a day or two after you quit use, and then they begin to subside. Withdrawal is different for everyone, and so is the duration of symptoms. I suggest you check out the following article to review the withdrawal effects time-line and learn what you can expect. I’d suggest you taper down your doses for a more milder detox, plus medications can help you manage symptoms successfully. Ask your doctor or a pharmacist for guidelines.

  101. I was in a nearly fatal car accident 11 yrs ago. Brokke c1,2&6, arm had 6compound fractures,3 1/2 wk coma, lost my spleen,3brain bleeds obviously have a Traumatic brain injury and Post traumatic stress disorder. I have a new pain managment Dr. I take 4-5 oxycodone a day. Im going trough perimenopause.Hot flash my butt, I’ve been at it for 5constant days, urination rediculoss!!! I went to Dr TODAY and hes telling me my levels are not what they should be.Im eating 120+a mo and methadone. WHY IS HE REPORTING MY LEVELS ARE NOT WHERE THEY SHOULD BE. HELP EXPLAIN THIS PLEASE, HE TREATS ME LIKE CR*P WHAT DO I DO AND HOW CAN I CLEAR MY NAME. PLEASE HELP NOW….HE WANTS TO SEE ME EVERY 2WKS,150$ DISABILITY DOSENT ALLOW ME TO AFFORD THIS. PLEASE HELPIS IT MY SWEATING AND URINATION CAUSING THIS?

    1. Hi Charles. Although, the effect of oxycodone in human reproduction has not been adequately studied, Oxycodone has been linked to cases of impotence in both, men and women. Scientists found that opioids, like oxycodone, may influence the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal or -gonadal axes. The result of these influences were decreasements in testosterone levels.

  102. I was given Oxy after a surgery for pain. I had to take 2 pills every 4 hours up to 4 times a day for 3 days. Because it was making me so nauseous I stopped the 3rd day and 2 weeks after I am still experiencing nausea at least once a day. The doctor told me that these effects could last 2-3 weeks…is that right?

  103. Hello Carmela. Reach out to a hotline in the case that the depressive thoughts get too strong: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Suicidal ideas, while strong at the moment, can pass but need to be addressed ASAP. Acute withdrawal from oxycodone usually takes 7-10 days, but if you think about suicide at any time, reach out for help.

  104. hi been on oxycondon 20mg twice a day sometimes I take up to 4,I ran out and can’t see my doctor for two weeks,I finished them four days ago and feel like hell,I really don’t wanna go back on them no more but wondering how long does this feeling last,I have been on them for years,cannot help this feeling of not wanting to do anything, I feel suicidal, don’t wanna feel like this help

  105. Hi Julie. I’d advise you to go see a doctor, the reaction you have to this medication shouldn’t be overlooked.

  106. I have been given oxycodone for pain following surgery. After approximately 1 week, I have developed red rashy skin and I can’t stop scratching. How long before I feel some relief. Its been 3 days since taking any oxycodone.

  107. Ive been on them for years. I stop a week then im back into i knowi want to quit i dont want my everyday life be sonsumed of being high and not really even high just feeling normal just taking it so you feel bettere that is not a life to live be easier said then done right i just always find my sekf going bacj to them is it that i can control my high? Or do i have an addiction? I want to quit what are my options how do i do it and stay ckear. For life

  108. I was a pedestrian hit by a car and given oxycodone 5/325 my back and neck pain but was given hydrocodone 10.25 this last time is it the same? Which is stronger ? Are the nausea side affects worse?

  109. Hello Jane. Oxycodone can cause long lasting changes in brain function. I’d suggest that you consult with a pharmacist and a psychologist…and start to sort out the individual from the drug effects. I truly wish you the best!

  110. My husband has been using oxycodone for about 12-15 years. And the last 4 years he has made some terrible choses and put our relationship in a mess. What kind of thing would this long term use do to his mind? Need to know.

  111. Hi Jack. Have you talked to your doctor about this? If it is the oxycodone hurting your breathing you might need to switch medications or your doctor may need to adjust your dose. You should be examined to be sure what’s causing this reaction.

  112. I am having problems at night with my nasal passages. I am having trouble breathing. I am taking oxycodone for pain from an accident two weeks ago. I am afraid that oxycodone is hurting my breathing. As a result I have not taken any oxycodone since last night. I do not know if I can now stand the pain without it, but I am trying. My question is do you think in the next day or two this will clear up my breathing problems in my nasal passages.

  113. I completely agree, I recreationally use OxyContin now and again, but also realising what I’m going to be in for, the shear pain and scary withdrawals that are going to be thrown into the mix is enough to put me off wanting to do it again for at least a few weeks, I will simply use another drug which isn’t a Class A – I don’t drink or smoke or stay on the same drug week in week out as this is what leads to dependence – I only treat myself once a week and I avoid amphetamine but will use a small amount of mephedrone, ketamine and also visit my local head shop where I may buy a packet of white powder which is a legal high which does a similar thing to Mephedrone. I enjoy using OxyContin on the odd occasion but will only do it once, but will make it worth my while by having 180mg, knowing and understanding that I will be paying for this amazing few hours by being subjected to a Heroin-like withdrawal for the best part of a week. Understand I don’t fool around with class A’s with the exception of OxyContin, I think the ultimate buzz which OxyContin is, it would be fair to say the payback is worth it, as long as it’s not on a regular basis.

  114. Your probably much better of sticking to ket and a bit of mkat rather than developing an addiction for oxycontin if I’m allowed to say that, I love the high and the nice effects that oxycontin can provide but I know only too well the horrors and the torture that come part and parcel with this highly addictive super-powerful pain killer. You have to remember this stuff is basically heroin that has been professionally developed in a lab with the aid of the governent so straight away this tells you oxycontin is provided for only the most extreme cases where the pain is so great it would simply be easier to die. I’m not condoning the use of ket and mkat but as long as it’s treated with respect and used in small amounts on the odd weekend, this is probably the safest alternative to using ANY of the class A drugs that are out there, OxyContin included with this. Be sure to understand that what you are tampering with here is a stigma free Heroin – would you go out and take Heroin? Of course not, we all know it’s wrong – its associated with misery, homelessness and filth – but OxyContin is incorrectly assumed as JUST being a lovely pain killer – it’s heroin – please understand this, don’t be fooled…for a lovely weekend on the stuff you will be paying for it for the next week with aches, pains, diarrhoea, sleepless nights, depression, feeling hopeless, the Chinese burns in your legs keeping you awake at nights is like the feeling of being tortured – would you really want to put yourself thru all that and still be craving more of the drug? It’s a nasty one – BE WARNED

  115. I have two 1.8 complex cysts on my kidneys and leasons on both kidneys. Had car wreak in 1981 and reptured spleen,lacerated liver. Also L2,L5 disk problems SERVERE PAIN WITH SCROLLEOSIS BUT HAVE BEEN ON THIS DRUG FOR PAIN 4 YEARS NOW AT 30MG.IS THEIR ANYTHING THAT WOULD WORK BESIDES DRUGS…

  116. I recently acquired a taste for OxyContin, since September this year I started “treating” myself to taking it at the weekend on a fortnightly basis – I would buy 20 tablets each containing 40mg, and start off with a 200mg explosion shortly after eating a treat lunch time meal (buffet lunch or a few of McDonald’s finest burgers with all the extras and the sides), a few hours later 120mg then last thing at night, 80mg – I would spend most of the day playing all the best retro console games on the old Skool golden era game consoles – after having my last 80mg dose at night I would drink a big dose of some Promazine liquid and drift away on the computer games for a couple of hours…the following day (Sunday) I repeat the same process as just mentioned, only on the Sunday it feels even better. The following day and a half I feel tired and a little agitated, then from Tuesday evening to Friday afternoon it’s agony, all the side effects and horribleness – then from Saturday all the way thru to the next Fri I feel quite normal – with no complaints. But on Saturday I know I’m going to do my fortnightly treat again. Should I stop? Should I be worried? Maybe…but on the fortnightly weekend I won’t have this stuff I save my money to buy a few grams of mkat and ketamine, knowing I’m not going to be in OxyContin agony pain for the next days…

  117. My son is starting to snort oxy again. He did it yesterday. I want to start drug testing him. How long does it take to go through his system. When I drug test him, I don’t want to see the result of what he did yesterday. Thanks.

  118. Hello, I did a 10 bag of smack, and a 5mg of oxy on Thursday. Will I be cool to pass a drug test this Monday? ,I have a relatively high metabolism, & weigh 101 pounds, 5’2 , it’s kinda hard to say.

  119. Hi Deanna,

    I don’t know if this will help, but I just wanted to let you know that there is always hope. I just had surgery on my back (I had severe pain in my leg) and I am doing much better, but I thought at the time that I would never get better. I got to the point where I was pretty broken and my faith was tested, but I am convinced that God loves us and that Jesus still heals (even if it is through surgery). Hang in there, get some support, things will change.

  120. I am an addict but I am also in severe pain. I HATE my life, my addiction, but I don’t know how to quit AND deal with the pain. If I don’t find relief soon I would rather be dead. I have NO quality of life. I feel so hopeless and so helpless.

  121. I took oxycodone three times about two days ago for a cold with a very painful cough. I stopped taking it because it was making me nauseous. I’ve woken up in the middle of the night the last two nights and had to throw up. Not violently, or anything, I just wake up and my mouth is all water and my stomach feels wrong. I don’t feel sick, my cold is pretty much gone and I’m eating normal. I’m not sick during the day, the only thing different I’ve done recently was take the oxycodone so I think that’s what’s causing it. I know nausea is a common side effect, how long after taking it does it usually last?

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