Snorting Tramadol

Is snorting Tramadol effective? How is snorting different than taking Tramadol orally? Do you get high snorting Tramadol? More Q & A about snorting Tramadol, plus info on dangers and effects here.

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Thinking about snorting Tramadol? Know what to expect.

Here, we review what happens in the body while snorting Tramadol, as well as the dangers and safety concerns of snorting Tramadol.  Does Tramadol show up as an opiate on drug tests?  No.  But it can be detected using specific blood test, especially if your employer, school, or the authorities suspect you are getting high off Tramadol.  Your questions about snorting Tramadol are welcomed at the end of this article. We will try to answer all legitimate questions about Tramadol use with a personal reply ASAP.

Tramadol: What are you really snorting?

Tramadol is prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. Does Tramadol have opiates?  No.  It is totally synthetic.  Tramadol is the active ingredient, but inactive ingredients may include ethylcellulose, dibutylsebacate, polyvinyl pyrrolidone, sodium stearylfumarate, colloidal silicon dioxide, and polyvinyl alcohol. So, when you snort Tramadol, you snort both the active and the inactive ingredients of this pain medication.

How does snorting Tramadol affect the body?

Tramadol affects the central nervous system, acting on the brain and nerves. Tramadol works as it binds to the opioid receptors of the brain, dulling the sensation of pain throughout the body. But Tramadol can also cause a host of minor side effects, ranging from drowsiness, to digestive problems, to agitation. Snorting Tramadol affects the central nervous system and can result in any of these side effects.

Snorting Tramadol to get high

Snorting Tramadol can lead to almost instant euphoria, or the feeling of being high. Snorting any drug increases the intesity of the effect of the drug. But snorting Tramadol also leads to large doses of Tramadol in the bloodstream. This quick and immediate addition of Tramadol to the body exposes you to much higher than normal doses than those you would absorb through the recommended oral route. Snorting drugs also raises the risk of adverse side effects. Some of these side effects which are particular to Tramadol, like the risk of seizures, can land you in the hospital.

Snorting Tramadol vs oral

While Tramadol can be snorted, doctors warn against this use of the medication. Oral preparations are safer and less likely to cause complications. Snorting Tramadol causes a quicker onset of effects, resulting in quicker pain relief. But it’s better to wait for the drug to take effect than to experience seizures or overdose.

Snorting Tramadol side effects

Taking Tramadol normally as prescribed can cause sleepiness, weakness, and symptoms which can even be frightening, such as uncontrollable shaking – but these side effects aren’t dangerous. Severe side effects are rarer, and occur more often when the medication is not taken as prescribed, such as higher or more frequent dosing. Snorting or injecting Tramadol can also trigger unwanted side effects The possible serious side effects of snorting Tramadol include:

  • coma
  • difficulty breathing
  • hallucinations
  • heart attack
  • seizures

Snorting Tramadol dangers

The side effects of snorting Tramadol are very serious. But you may not expect some of the other dangers associated with snorting drugs. These include:

1. Accidents – Snorting Tramadol puts you at increased risk of accidents due to the drowsiness it can cause. If you snort a drug and then drive, or operate machinery, you have significant increased risk of accidents.

2. Drug addiction – Snorting Tramadol definitely increases the risk that you become addicted to this habit-forming medication.

3. Illness or disease – Snorted Tramadol can also harm your nasal passages. Plus, if you are sharing snorting tools such as straws or rolled papers you could spread diseases such as Hepatitis or cold/flu virus.

4. Overdose – The risks of heart attack, seizure, and coma are very serious and should be considered if you’re thinking about snorting Tramadol.

Snorting Tramadol safely

Because of the seriousness of adverse effects, it’s not safe to snort Tramadol. But just so that you know, the FDA recommends no more than 400 mg of the medication per day, split into 50-100 mg doses every 4-6 hours. Higher doses run the risk of overdose or seizures. Elderly patients and those suffering from cirrhosis will probably be given lower doses by their doctors because they are at an increased risk of side effects.

Snorting Tramadol questions

Are you considering snorting Tramadol? Do you still have questions about snorting Tramadol or any other drug? If so, please let us know. We attempt to respond to all Tramadol questions with a personal and prompt reply and will do our best to provide you with qualified answers.

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