Tolerance to Adderall

Tolerance to Adderall develops more on a weekly to monthly basis, sometimes taking up to 6 months before a doctor has to alter and change the concentration of the medication. However, amphetamines like Adderall usually take longer to develop a tolerance when used for therapeutic purposes. Adderall abuse speeds up the process. More on tolerance to Adderall here.

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Do you still have ADHD symptoms after taking Adderall (amphetamine, dexamphetamine and mixed salts)? Does your doctor have to increase your Adderall prescription doses to increase its effectiveness?

If yes, then you have or are developing a tolerance to Adderall. Tolerance doesn’t mean you are physically or mentally dependent on a drug, that you are addicted, or that you will necessarily experience Adderall withdrawal syndrome when you stop taking amphetamine salts. Note here that Adderall dependence withdrawal requires medical supervision.  However, if tolerance is occurring you want to watch out for Adderall withdrawal symptoms. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Adderall tolerance. We also look at how Adderall tolerance relates to amphetamine dependency and addiction. We invite any questions you may have about Adderall at the end of this article.

Developing tolerance to Adderall

Anyone can develop a tolerance to Adderall but it happens over a length of time. Adderall tolerance, in general, takes longer than other types of drugs. But those abusing Adderall for the euphoric effect will develop tolerance quicker than someone using it for therapeutic purposes. How does tolerance happen? And what does it mean?

Tolerance to Adderall develops because the body “learns” the chemical makeup of amphetamine salts over time. After a while, the end of the nerves become resistant to Adderall effects on the body. Sometimes, developing a tolerance to Adderallcompletely renders the drug useless. Other time,s this tolerance can progress into in a physical dependence on Adderall. When you are physically dependent on Adderall and try to stop taking Adderall, your body experiences withdrawal symptoms which can be both dangerous and painful.

Adderall tolerance symptoms

In general, tolerance symptoms for amphetamines like Adderall include the following and are important to look out for.

1) No longer feeling the focus Adderall provides.

2) Needing higher doses of Adderall to feel its effects on ADHD symptoms.

3) Only being able to maintain the effects of Adderall for a short time after taking it.

Note here that Adderall has a high potential for developing physical dependency and can even trigger addiction in some cases. If you are worried this may be you, you can review our other articles for further information. But as you use Adderall over time, doctors expect that you will develop some form of tolerance to Adderall. Your doctor will work with you to observe which concentration of amphetamine salts works best for you to adjust for and work around Adderall tolerance.

Adderall tolerance: How long?

Amphetamines, in general, take longer to develop a tolerance when used for therapeutic purposes. Tolerance in this case develops more on a week to month basis sometimes taking up to 6 months before a doctor has to alter and change the concentration of the medication. But when Adderall is abused to get high, tolerance develops quickly. In fact, people can develop a tolerance to Adderall after using it just once. Many try to chase the first high with no success and will take more Adderall, thereby increasing their tolerance at the same time as they develop a dependence.

High tolerance to Adderall

There are different concentrations and potencies of Adderall for those prescribed amphetamines to treat ADHD. This varies because of the ADHD spectrum and the variations that exist. What may be a high tolerance for one may be low for someone else.

Doctors are advised to start people out with the lowest possible dose of Adderall because of the high potential your body has of becoming dependent on amphetamines. This also allows room for doctors to tinker with the levels and dosage of Adderall which can works for you. In general, a high tolerance to Adderall exceeds 40mg a day. To even get to this Adderall dosage is considered rare and rather remarkable. If you are taking 30 to 40 mg of Adderall a day, you have a high tolerance to Adderall and may want to try another medication that can help mitigate ADHD symptoms.

How to lower tolerance to Adderall

Because of Adderall’s high dependency rate, it is considered a little more dangerous practice to lower your tolerance to Adderall. It is safe to lower your tolerance to Adderall as long as you have not developed a physical dependency on amphetamines salts. If you have become physically dependent on Adderall, you will then need to taper your Adderall doses slowly under the supervision of a doctor to compensate for withdrawal symptoms.

The best way to lower tolerance is to stop taking Adderall. But when you do this , ADHD symptoms will once again occur. A couple of months should be good enough to lower tolerance enough to start taking it. If may be best to try an alternative drug to help with these symptoms. Talk to a doctor to see what would be your best option. Also, if you’re abusing Adderall and you stop taking it, you will never be able to reach level zero of when you started taking Adderall.

Building up tolerance to Adderall questions

Do you still have questions about Adderall tolerance? Please share your questions and experiences with Adderall in the comments below.

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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I’m just curious my therapist that I see every week Faithfully told my doctor that I’m doing very well with my medication and not to adjust it because she’s been doing very well with school and everything else now he ended up only keeping me on the 20th at a Royal XR and he took me off of the 15 mg instant release and I’m only going to get the 20 mg once a month now when he was the one who said “i think you need a little extra help so I’m going to have give you 15 mg as well. game this but now he just stopped the dose of 15mg and kept me on the 20mg extemded release only. this makes no sense because if I’m doing very well and even better than I was wheb i 1st became a patient is this legal my therapist also said k should stay exactly where I am on the medication….sp is it legal what the doctor just did without slowly taking me off

  2. I have been taking 40mg of adderal for 8 years. I moved to a new state and the doctor has messed up my dosage and the pharmacy won’t refill my perscription It has been 3 days without it and have started to experience abdominal pain and heavy anxiety. Is there anything else more serious that can happen to me?

    1. Hi Terence. You are experiencing withdrawals. I suggest that you consult with your doctor to recommend some over-the-counter medications to ease withdrawal symptoms.

      1. L-Tyrosine (as supplement) helps with Adderall withdrawal… it functions by restoring depleted dopamine. Also, taking Magnesium helps, as its an NDMA antagonist. Inositol (also a supplement) helps too.

        I’m not addicted myself, just wanted to help out those who are. Good luck.

  3. I was not a big drinker before taking ADHD meds, but I did enjoy a cocktail at parties, or in the restaurant . But since I started taking Adderall I simply do not like the taste of mixed drinks anymore. I sort of miss my occasional cocktails, and wonder if this is a common side effect? Does anyone else feel this way?

  4. I’ve taken Adderall prescribed by a doctor for depression and I also take antidepressants Been taking 30 mg and 40 mg of Adderall for about a year it stop working altogether I’ve been very fatigued can I just stop taking it all I have is dry mouth and depressed mood Please help

    1. Hi Cathy. I suggest that you consult with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  5. I am prescribed 60 mg a day of adderall. I have been on it for 5 months this time after being on it for 10 years and then stopping for a year. The first 3 months of that year were the worst ever, But the 9 months after were the best of my life. I can’t believe I got back on it.

    1. Hay i have been on it for 16 years and 60 you do not want to do, if i was you I would try not to take it for a week, then go to 40. Anymore and it really starts to mess with you. If you still feel a little off then just drink some coffee. I hope you trust me on this.

  6. Today is my first day of being prescribed adderall. My doctor gave me 10 mg. I started with 2.5 by breaking it. I felt the heart pounding about 30 minutes after and that went away and now I’m just tired. Did I take too low of a dose ? I was afraid to start to high and freak out. Any suggestions would be great.

  7. I have many questions about adderall but the main one that weights heavy on me is that I’m 7 months pregnant, I was taking 30mg xr 2 times a day because as much as im embarrassed to admit I’m severely add with ADHD but not as bad as the add, I stopped talking my medication for the first few months even though it was a living hell I managed,.Then as time went by I got worse unable to function due to the lack of interest or the ability to concentrate it was causing me problems at my job my home life, being a parent to my children. My mood swings was terrible and caused me to become very depressed, unable to sleep all around problems for myself, so I started back around the early part of 12 weeks. I started back again but on 20mg xr then gradually moved back up to 30mg 2aday. I’m scared of the outcome of my unborn baby and the risks I was told by my ob doctor. I’m now just taking my medication 3 times aweek when I know I’m going to have a rough and hectic day.Since I started back with my normal dosage but restricting myself to a few times threw the week my life is coming back togather again and I feel like I’m a human and not a walking time bomb. I do notice though when I do take my medication after an hour I start feeling the baby moving alot almost to the point of extremely hyper and on eased or at least that’s the way I am feeling whenever I’m feeling her move because it’s different than when I’m not taking my medication. Please help me have some peace that I’m not harming my child, and if I am what are the risks and side effects of her being born with different health problems or any other possibilities if any what are the chances if I stopped taking my medication the possibility of her being completely healthy. PLEASE HELP ME HAVE SOME CLOSURE AND BETTER UNDERSTANDING.

  8. in this article you mentioned something about “mitagating” adhd symptoms…does this mean their is a possability of being put on a nother adhd drug just to give you a break from adderall? well adderall actually isnt working for me-more negatives than positives-im talking about vyvanse. i would like to stay on vyvanse but it lost its effects 6 weeks into starting it…i had some left and i decided im going to take that today instead of my adderall-and ohly cow it worked AGAIN! so i do know that my body did not loose its effects from it permanetly….any suggestions or ideas on what i can do to maybe try and get another adhd medication just so i can flip flop when i feel one is needed?

  9. Is there any chance the pharmacutical manufacturers are reducing the main ingredient in adderalls and that everyone is not becoming tolerant to their medication?

  10. Have been using Adderall XR 40 mg for two years. One a day which I always take in a.m. I lost 40 lbs the first year. Second year just maintained the 40 lb weight loss. In Jan 2016 my insurance would only pay for Generic which I dont like. Have used this a year now. Can never find the same manufacturer for the generic. For the past 4 months I am so tired in the evening, I have gained 7 lbs and never had a weight gain before on it. I do not experience the energy burst I use to get. Genuine Adderall through my insurance now cost me 100. a month, generic only 12.00. The difference in the two is like night and day.

  11. I have asked a few doctors over the years if there was a different drug that I could take because I told then I hated the Adderall. The response was there are no other drugs that will work. this is based on my reporting and history of various drugs prescribed. For example; with Paxil, after three or four days, I suddenly had a horrific experience of an approaching and unavoidable cease to my existence and life. The doctor said impossible but when this happened, he immediately told me to stop taking it and come in the following week. Then he prescribed Concerta and again after a couple of days I found myself talking and expressing my self in a type of aggressive and annoyed and belittling way to my office help! I called up the doctor again and he sounded annoyed and told me to take half the dosage and come in next month, With the Paxil, he said it was not the drug that caused me to suddenly have conscious sense of a fast approaching non existence which he then read how it takes thirty days for it to work and for the person to adjust to it. The Concerta caused me to act and behave and think in a way that i was not consciously able to recognize at first then realized as I was hanging up the phone and suddenly consciously realized how I was! I was appalled at the way I acted and thought and talked in a belittling demeaning way to another person. now after 14 years on Adderall and I be told there is no other drug that i can take to stop the Adderall which I have said I hate it, I still hate it but want to reduce the dosage which when I did stop or prematurely ran out; the ensuing day or days or even week or two was a slow slide into depression and other personal experiences which I don’t need to talk about. I have been through bi-polar periods; a symptomic one time severe deprssion as noted by a Doctor besides the severe adhd. Then there was the sudden need to take a walk and try and deal with a sudden type of agression and perceived hurt that was external but not identifiable and wanting to strike out to stop it. Which at the same time; the Adderall certainly did cause my existing focus to become so hyper-focused which I just learned about now.; ,I later on realized like last year for the first time how it does enhance one’s own pre-existing functioning focus and conscious perceptions and interpretations and understanding and knowledge in ways. Just like those shows with a Individual taking a smart pill>Well; I want to reduce it and also possibly once again throw it out the window. Which of course always ensues to a future cognition and functioning and the way I perceive my own life in a negative slide into more deterioration. I will never enter into any type of program or drug rehab or institution whats so ever. I dont care if god comes down and tells me too! I hated drugs since I was very young and with a passion! As far as the doctor visit and times of vaccinations or shots for some sickness; it was to me not a drug but medicine. Obviously I was lacking in experiences as other kids were smoking pot and doing LSD; and other types of drugs. I never touched these drugs but did not complain or criticize and pass judgment on those who did as my friends. So; I want to reduce and what methods are ways which of course involves many factors. I think I am wasteing my time.

  12. This a question, not a comment.

    I am a grown adult and have been suffering with a severe mental/emotional problem that started at age ten and was non-existent before that. A part of my brain that I intellectually recognize as myself (but do not FEEL like it is me because I can’t control it) periodically plagues me with hours of verbal abuse. It’s not that I actually “hear” it, but it’s more like the voice you provide yourself when you read, your “internal monologue.” It is sick and sadistic, forever pointing out my flaws and all the flaws of external reality that I can’t change. Typically, I cannot find a way to stop it aside from physically pacing around or bobbing my head back and forth, and even these things are weak and terribly temporary solutions (literally only seconds of relief). It “speaks” so fast that, when I try to write down what it is “saying,” I can’t even keep up. Yet regardless its speed, every comment leaves a lasting emotional imprint that takes minutes to hours (in some rare cases even days) after the fact to get over in order to return to normal life. Some (very few) impressions seem to last forever.
    This thing “talks” to me almost always when I first wake up in the morning (though not literally every day), and it can occasionally be triggered as well throughout the day by introduction to a concept I can’t intelligently understand and especially by people saying things I try to understand but which they can’t back up with proof (concepts of faith, self-worth, ect..). It is vulgar and hateful, using the f*** word constantly (though I rarely curse in own my social life) and containing a personal insult or threat in every sentence. It’s as though it’s “making fun of me.”
    As a young adult, I found I can gain the power to “push” this thing out of my mind with alcohol, but it still starts it’s vulgar verbal abuse and all I can do with alcohol is push it away. Also, alcohol seems to exacerbate the problem in the long run when the alcohol wears off, almost as though each drink is a “weight-lifting” session for this thing to gain strength over me.
    Recently, however, someone close to me gave me one single 20 milligram Adderall, and it was as though a whole new way of thinking was introduced. The “voice” ceased entirely for about 6-7 hours, as though it didn’t even exist, and the thought of alcohol disgusted me during this time. You couldn’t have paid me to take a drink. I felt to be in “slow-motion” (much more so than with alcohol) but it didn’t bother me like it does with alcohol. I suddenly believed in God for the first time in my life and felt as though I understood the notions of “confidence” and “self-worth” for the first time as well. I cannot explain how this occurred; it’s just the way I felt. I recognize alcoholic “confidence” is ridiculous, not real, and based in stupidity. The effect of Adderall seemed to be deep, emotionally significant confidence and spiritual faith. Sadly, though, the “faith” effect wore off gradually over the following two days and is now gone entirely.
    Please don’t patronize me with the notion of “trading addictions.” I’m already aware of the idea and in fact have been prompted to reach out to people because of it. My question is whether this medication would lose its effect over time or continue to produce it. It is the first thing I’ve found in my life that seems to actually “kill” this thing (since alcohol merely grants me the ability to push it away). I want some hope because this thing in my head has made me feel tremendously pessimistic over the years. The pill gave me hope. I just want to know if it was real.


  13. I take the dextro amph Salts as much as 120mg to 200 mg a day without feeling results. What is wrong?? I remember when 20 mg would work great. This happened all of a sudden what should I do

  14. Amanda, one suggestion is to avoid anything acidic right before or after taking Adderal. For example, no orange juice or tart fruit for an hour or so. I also sometimes take a 1/4 tsp. of baking soda if I’ve had coffee before a dose, and it seems to help. For my child, I’d try 1/8 tsp, if he would stomach it. Or, 1/2 tums tablet. I also drink a full glass of water, which I assume lowers any acidity.

  15. I’m needing a little advice. My son is 9 and was diagnosed with ADHD combined type with severe impulsivity and mood disorder at 4 years old. He had to get evaluated at such a young age because his case was so severe they were prepared to refuse him at preschool if he did not get doctor evaluation. After his initial intake with psych doctor and discussing all options we started on Dexedrine. Dexedrine was a terrible fit for my son after 3 months of that we started on Adderall 10 mg XR which was absolutely amazing for my son. Eventually as mentioned above we had to work with the dosage because the doctor said my son breaks down meds extremely fast which is also why he is in fourth grade at only 4’2″ and weighing 56 pounds. Two and a half years ago he was maxed out on his Adderall in 2nd grade and has been taking a 30 mg XR in the morning and a 10 mg short acting instant release Adderall at noon (instant release medicine is only taken on days he goes to school.). The past 6 months we have noticed that medicine is taking twice as long to kick in and it seems like its wearing off after 2-3 hours and it seems like the instant release does nothing whatsoever according to his teacher. His doctor suggested a gene test to check and see which medication and dosage would be best for my son but I’m scared and hesitant at changing his med since hes been on it so long and it used to work so well. I guess I’m just asking for input, advice or anything useful I can use to inform myself with. Thank you so much in advance.

  16. Magnesium nearly eliminated the leg cramps and heart palpitations from Adderall. My experience and research suggests the cheapest form, magnesium oxide, is effective. I prefer magnesium citrate because it seems at least marginally more effective.

  17. Bob,
    Since you’re taking IR it’s going to hit you rapidly. To increase dose, do so gradually and HYDRATE! I had a similar issue months ago in my sleep when I was taking Xr back at that time. Dehydration is the #1 cause. In my sleep, my left side of my body went numb and my brain literally felt fried…I couldn’t breath right and my heart was pounding. It’s crucial that you hydrate very well. Get coconut water and drink it at least 3 times a week. Not from concentrate.

  18. Hi there,
    I have been taking adderall for almost 3 years consistently. It has ALWAYS worked well, and about every week or bi-weekly I would take a couple of days off to make sure I continue to get the effects without building a tolerance. Well for the past 2 weeks+ I haven’t taken a break and this week just feel kind of like immune to it…yesterday in the morning I took like 2 20’s instant release (my dosage for the whole day) and still did nothing. I took a tad more and still nothing…I felt kind of like bobble headed, loopy and fatigued…did NOT feel like doing anything or going anywhere…what is going on?! Like I’m freaking out with finals coming up next week. I took off 2 days ago and still felt that way the day after (yesterday). I’m taking off today and will try to do some sort of activity where I’ll be sweating. I’m also going to take MCT oil and Q-10 supplements to help brain function as well as niacin. But I’ve been taking those all week! Well all but the q-10.
    I’m not dependent because I feel just fine when I don’t take it, besides the ADHD of course…sometimes before and during me relation I get mental fogginess as but that shouldn’t be the issue until next week. Pregnancy is not even possible at this point. I haven’t been having sex.

  19. I came across this website while doing some research on harmful effects of Adderall, and if they were true or not. I am prescribed Adderall IR 20mg daily, I am suppose to take one 10mg pill in the morning and one after lunch. I noticed my tolerance built up very quickly as i have only been prescribed for the past 2. THE SCARY PART; ! month ago i took around 50mg of Adderral and thought i was having a heart attack. my symptoms were rapid heart rate high blood pressure and extreme anxiety, my left arm then begin to shoot numbess from the armpit area and that is when i called an ambualance. I went to the ER they did an EKG and said i was ok. Did I just have a panic attack, or was this the adderall dose? Since then I will get palpitations while on the drug and when i start getting to the 35-45mg range i start to get panicky. Is this PTSD or legit? My tolerance has skyrocketed and after about 2 hours the effects of a 10mg IRare gone. This is where i find my self in trouble because i try to take te amount to get the feeling i use to feel when i started taking it and then all of a sudden my heart is beating like crazy and i feel like im going to have a heart attack. Does anyone have any feedback or comments on my situation? Am i putting my self at risk for sudden death, or is it just anxiety and panic issues?

  20. I’ve been taking adderall for years. 40-60 mg a day. On weekends I try to give my body a break and sometimes only take 20 mg the whole weekend to get up and motivated on Saturday. Sunday is my day of rest. For the past few months I have been experiencing some very uncomfortable symptoms and I don’t know if it from my adderall or other medications. I take 300 mg seroquel at night and 3 mg of xanex at night for sleep. This is dr. Prescribed and have been on the same doses of those 2 drugs for 10 years.
    I take 30 mg of adderall just before I get to work at 8:00. By noon I feel like I am experiencing low blood sugar but I’ve been testing and it’s normal. So I take 10 mg of adderall, as I have been trying to cut back but, it almost makes my brain more fuzzy so I cave in and take 20 more. (I never exceed 60 mg in one day. ). However by about 4:00 I have the same funky feeling as I have just before lunch. Shakey, dizzy, weak legs and muscle cramps in my hamstrings. Almost a numb sensation from the waist down. Is this some form of withdrawal from adderall leaving my system? Or could it be withdrawal from the xanex I took the night before? I’m horribly uncomfortable and feel like passing out. I tested my blood sugar when I got home and it was normal. Upping my dose of adderall is not acceptable and I think upping my dose of xanex is insane. I need to wean myself off of this crap but last time I tried, I started having pseudo seizures. I spent days in the epilepsy unit only to find out that the seizures were caused by stress. What should I do? What dr should I see? My current general practice dr has been giving me my meds. He concurred with my shrink that I use to see to get clearance. I no longer see a shrink. Don’t feel the need. I do however feel like my body is giving up on me. Any advice would be appreciated. I recently got new health insurance and will have to start over with new dr’s. I’m not happy about that but maybe fresh eyes can help.

  21. I recently changed careers. Doing so cut my daily/weekly work hours between 1/3 or 1/2. I was taking XR30 mg for the last 4 months or so. Now that I have lightened my work load, I have been thinking of lowering my dosage. My last job was considered top 5 most dangerous jobs in the world, the XR 30mg helped me focus working sometimes 18 hour days 300 ft in the air. I have extreme ADD/ADHD. But with my new job feel that I do not need such a high dose. My concern is that if I lower my XR dose it will not work at all, because of the possibility of tolarence I’ve built up.So my first question is will the lower dose of XR work? Also on weekends I do not like to take the XR, due to the fact that I try to relax and take nap in the afternoon, and the XR doesn’t really give me that luxury. Would an instant release just to get me through my midday errands chores be helpful for just on the weekends?

  22. If you take 15mg on Saturday and then 15mg on Sunday and nothing Mon-Fri on a continuous basis, will a tolerance occur? Any advice on keeping the tolerance down?

  23. Good afternoon, I have an important question; I’m on my second month of taking adderall Xr. I started with 15 mg a day but after a month the doctor told me to take 15 mg twice a day. Also taking it with Busparin (anti anxiety pill), because the DR. gave me those instructions. I feel much better since day one of taking adderall Xr but I think that the positives effects could be more relevant in order to be more successful at the time of working with important tasks. MY CONCERN; I exceeded the dose one week ago and then yesterday again (taking two adderall Xr of 15mg at once and 5 hours after two more of 15mg) because I had so much to do and now I’m scared of my tolerance. So my QUESTION is : would this affect me negatively when continuing with my treatment and taking 15 mg twice a day as usual? In other words; exceeding the dose just 2 times in different days will affect me for ever or is not relevant?
    PLEASE a concrete answer! I will appreciate it.

    1. Hi Mark. If the treatment and drug schedule are mainly in compliance with your doctor’s recommendations, then you are safe. It seems to me that you are building up tolerance, since if you have a need to take more Xanax and more frequently – it’s no longer as potent for you as it used to be in the beginning. I’d advise you to speak with your doctor or pharmacist for dose adjustments, or maybe you can take another medication that will fit your needs. Otherwise, I don’t believe that taking a double dose in these several occasions will affect your treatment schedule in a significant way. But, remember to be careful not to run out of pills earlier at the end of the month.

  24. I have been on this medication, at what is stated as a high dosage, however my dosing hasnt changed in 8 years. I have some advice to help trick your mind into tricking your body, so that the hour or 2 that those of us long timers get low spectrum benefits of the meds can at least be as productive as possible. For new comers to the medicine, please be safe. stick to the times alotted to take your meds. Develop and practice good personal medicine management. DO NOT tell your friends or family members and DO NOT give one away…if you give one away, soon you will have 15 new best friends that only come around the first 3 days you get your script. Word like that spreads like wildfire in schools and colleges everywhere. All it takes is one slip of your friends tongue that opens many possible worlds and countless people you do not want or need in your life. Remember it is your business, you are taking care of yourself, and it is nobody’s business how you choose to take care of yourself. as the old saying goes…”loose lips sinks ships” (not to be confused with snitches get stitches, that is a modernized and threatening version of the one used on propagandha posters and traditional tattoos alike…it means that telling even one person can rock your ship and you are unable to focus on yourself, or completely sink your ship and its cargo…everything you have accomplished and are working towards. thus nulifying the purpose of the medicine. Asking for more, is asking to be labeled, no matter how honest and true one is being. I have been with the same psychiatrist for 8 years…1 hour sessions once a week until 2 years ago…i see him once a month for an hour. i have never once asked him to up my meds. The result is that he checks in with me more frequently in regards to how I am feeling. The one thing i did ask, and I am sure that most can relate, is that I go from taking 4 10s a day to 2 20s. Here is why. There are 2 brands of aderall that I know of. Teva Brand (oval shaped) and the other brand (circle) The way my body reacts to the 2 is completely different. The circles make my palms sweat…and thats about it. After months of bouncing back and forth, I figured out why. It has to do with the coatings of each pressed med. The ovals are a bit dustier, leaving a coating of powder on the inside of the bottle, where as the others have a shine to them. I researched the coating and its make up. I learned that because of the way that Late Stage Lyme(diagnosed 8 years ago) effects me, certain receptors overwhelmed by nerve pain actually disrupt the flow of medication to the blood stream due to hypertension, etc. Also the fact that I havent eaten meat in 25 years (real vegetarian) and the coating is meant to interact with certain enzymes in meat. Honestly, I am not smart enough to exlpain the scientific reasons, however i have spoken at length with my doctors and other doctors about the above explanation, and all agree that diet plays a major impact on the effects of ANY medicine. I experience withdraw effects in transitioning between the 2 aforementioned brands. I talked to my pharmacist, who I have been going to for 20 years, and she helped me figure out how to maintain consistency. Since I had started taking 2 10mg at my midday time, I asked my Psych. if it would be ok to change to the 20s because after talking to my pharmacist, I learned that they only carry the ones that work in 20 mg, thus finding a solution to the back and forth between the 2 brands. I still take my meds the same time and same way, I take a half in the morn, half at lunch, and a full one with anxiety meds at 4. Now here is where you can trick your mind into tricking your body. I wait an hour after I wake up to take my meds. This allows me to fully wake up and let the nights rest propel my day, maintaining self control is important and much easier to practice on a daily basis, rather than practicing out of necessity. Drink a legit sized glass of water when you wake up, when you start to feel the effects lagging, drink a bigger glass and drink it with your meds…switch up your med times by an hour in one direction one week and an hour in the other the next week. remember that meds take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes to start working, so if youre in the zone(as an artist, breaking that focus can make or break the piece), consider taking your next dose(only after discussing with your doctor), a half hour to an hour sooner, in order to alleviate the gap and remain poised and effective. Start a short exercise routine for the middle of the day. push ups, leg lifts, stretching…whether in a cubicle, a car, or work from home…take 10 minutes to get your blood moving faster with your mid day dose. As our bodies become accustomed to the ‘boost of energy’ it becomes easy to forget to actually move our bodies …not just cracking your back or neck, but moving the whole body…remembering that the medicine serves more than our minds, will remind the body and mind to keep pace with each other. Nutrition is key. Drink lots of water…8 glasses as recomended by the smartist doctors is a minimum. why would we want the minimum, when more water is more beneficial, for numerous reasons. 1. hydration…salt dehydrates the body, amphetamine salts are no different. Drink water, if you are annoyed by how often you are peeing…youre at the right amount. Make sure to get electrolytes because amphetamines cause severe muscle cramps, spasms, nerve pain…directly related to dehydration. 2. eat smaller, healthier snacks. make sure to get enough protein, B vitamins, ginko is helpful…but you dont need to go crazy. A snickers bar is better than a bag of chips and even many meals. Learn to understand empty calories, because amphetamines continue to work in the body even when resting, thus going through your nutrient surplus more quickly. I eat very healthy and rarely eat candy…but I know when I need food and when I need it, a snickers has enough protein and of course sugar and calories to get me home to real food. Lastly, think about how salt leaves a residue on glass. It does the same to the body. Do not expect the medicine to do all the work, we have to do our part and hold up our end of the bargain. And Never, Ever, ask a Doctor for more because…right there, youre full of shit, giving an excuse, and about to tell a lie. Coffee has been around for hundreds of years and is a great aid for the medicine, especially in regards to physical energy level. I am 33. When I was 18 I bet my then girlfriend that I would not start drinking coffee in college. I didnt…and still dont really. Until someone told me about concentrating coffee and how it takes the acid and bitterness out of it. Coffee finally tastes as good as it smells. and being a concentrate of the coffee bean gives a much cleaner, less aggitated coffee drinking experience. ends! I hope that I was able to help in some way shape or form. Stay Focused my friends!

  25. Hi, I have a question about developing Adderall tolerance extremely fast. I was diagnosed with ADHD-PI early summer 2015 and was started on Adderall in mid July, 2015 with a 5mg tablet once a day. But was told to break it in half and take only 2.5mg a day for the first week. That did absolutely nothing for me, but 5mg did, but insignificantly. There were several days out of the month when I took 10mg and it felt about right. It lasted only, at max 4 hours. And it takes about 45 – 60 minutes to “kick in”. It definitely “coalesced” my mind, and I could fire the first time in my 30year life keep conversation. The Neff month I was out on the 15mg XR version of Adderall once a day. I hatred it. One day it would last for 6 hours other days i would not feel anything for hours and then suddenly it would “kick in” only to dissipate an hour later. It was extremely unpredictable. Now I’m back on 15mg IR twice a day because on average it lasts 3 hours for me. For several days it worked perfectly, but now it feels almost like I’m not taking anything at all and that makes me scared. Can I be naturally tolerant to it? Will I be just as tolerant to other stimulants? Or I have to reach a dose that will work and stick with it? The problem is that I’m already taking 30mg, combined, and that will last me about 6 hours, not anywhere near enough for a productive day of 12 hours.

  26. I started Adderall today, 5 mg twice a day I’ve only taken 1 pill so far. I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks, I want to see what kind of a difference this will make in my everyday life.
    My Question: Do all Adderall users eventually become tolerant?
    If so I don”t know what to think about even starting out on it. Should all folks with ADHD change the type of meds they take every so often to keep from becoming to tolerant of one?

    1. Hi Brad. Building up tolerance happens with every substance you take for a period of time. It’s actually a good thing because it proves our organisms are highly adaptable, and is a reason we have survived as species. Tolerance to Addreall really means that your body and brain have gotten used to the presence of the medication. But, when you will decide to quit your Adderall, tolerance is also decreased with gradual lowering of doses.

  27. I have been on adderall for about 6 years. I do not abuse it. Today my doctor cut me of for 2 months. What can I expect? Doctors reason was that I wasn’t attending meeting as much as I should.

  28. I have been taking adderall for 19 years. Tolerance is my issue as I no longer can be prescribed an amount that is sufficient to work for me. When I asked my doctor about something different(because it was apparent I couldn’t be prescribed a higher dosage) he semi-accused me of selling the drug to buy and abuse other prescription drugs while also explaining how the DEA would win in court by assuming I was doing this. Idc about any of that. I am not a drug addict, I am not a drug user/dealer, but I am a married college student working a part-time job and doing side jobs anytime I can outside of 16 hours each semester. My question to him was simple. What else can I do if I can’t get any more adderall? *Read*–I don’t care what it is, I am not presenting a backhanded scenario hoping to find a way for more adderall b/c I have taken 2 30mg XR twice a day for more than a decade and suddenly within the past year it has stopped almost as if it was switched with a placebo. Now, thanks to being honest with my doctor, I have to bring in pills for a count and drug test each week, all the while it’s not enough to help me and ultimately, he never addressed my question about “what can I do?”.

    1. Hi Williams. Unfortunately, that’s how doctors operate these days. But, when your pill count is accurate and your drug tests come back optimal you will probably get an answer to your question. By the way, medications tend to have a lower effect as time passes because your organism gets used to the presence of Addreall and your tolerance to the medication grows. I’m sorry you are the victim of bureaucracy, we all are.

  29. Can anyone help me with this question. I was taking 60 mg a day of Adderall and it was not working. I am a teacher and my thought processes suck without it. Now my doctor reluctantly put me on 90 mg a day. I am still not feeling difference. I tried Adderall XR also, but topped out on that too. I just need something to work that will not cause weight gain. Any suggestions??

    1. Hi Chris. Your organism is developing tolerance to the medication very quickly. This means that your body and brain become accustomed to the presence of the medication’s chemicals and it can no longer produce the same effects it used to. The only way you can feel the effect of the medication is to up your dosage, which you have done. Unfortunately I cannot suggest any alternatives, but I thing your doctor can help you out to find a better solution that will work. The thing is, if it’s a medication, you’ll develop tolerance again, only to a different drug.

  30. I was on 120 mg of Dexedrine as a child and 90-120 mg of Adderall or with Dexedrine I can work with 60 mg/day is not any issue. I am sure I have a tolerance but I usually take less than I am prescribed. I have no issues at all when I go off of them but everyone else complains about how obnoxious, blunt and rude I am.

    For the new “Adult ADD” generation though. 25 mg of Adderall XR a day is pushing it to addiction. Some of us who have taken this since childhood have larger tolerances but the doctors used to give us very high doses as kids too.

  31. I take 60mg daily of adderall and it is not doing anything for me. I am a teacher and cannot focus on anything lately. Tried up to 60 mg of adderall xr and eventually the effects wore off. I dont want a pill that will make me gain weight. Any suggestions?

  32. Hi Gina. When your body becomes tolerant to a medication, one dose of the med that used to work and give you the wanted effects, is beginning to become less effective for you.

  33. Question about tolerance. I was prescribed Adderall 10 MG twice a day and anxiety pills all on the same day. I have sever cognitive problems with my thinking, memory, and attention span. When I was first taking two 10 MG pills a day I noticed my attention span has improved well. I noticed my thinking process was a little better but then after 7 days I increased to taking 3. I tried 4 once and I finally felt like I could talk easily and organize my thoughts and people even noticed it. I’ve been on this medication for 13 days. Am I building a tolerance?

  34. Hello Donna. Your case makes sense to me! You might want to start your search for more information here:

    Get informed about long term, high tolerance dosing on amphetamine combinations. And look into scholarly articles/studies on the subject. Consult with pharmacists, and then approach your prescribing doctor with your findings and concerns. It may be that you need to go through a period of “managed withdrawal” in order to lower your tolerance and make the medication more effective. Or, you may decide on dosing alternatives. Whatever the case, get informed and then perhaps chart out your dosing over the years. Steady increases in doses combined with decreased therapeutic effect are PREDICTED. And should be treated as a function of the medication, not as abuse.

  35. I have a genuine question in regards to tolerance of adderall. I have been doing a lot of research on the subject lately because of my fear of mentioning to a physician, reason being I DO NOT want to instantly labeled be a Medical Proffesional as an abuser or “drug seeker”. It’s sad to feel that way but today’s society it happens more than you would believe. Personally, I really don’t stress over the general concern, I do understand the abuse of prescription drugs is rising rapidly, however I AM the one who lives with this condition everyday of my life. I have an extreme and as mentioned, an individualized ADHD condition, I don’t want to jeopardize or be labeled as an abuser in the medical field. But I have developed a true tolerance to the medication over the years, like maybe around 20 or more years, I currently prescribed two 30mg twice a day. I have been on this dosage for approximately the last 10 years. I know that I have built a tolerence to the medication, however I am someone who appreciate the benefits that this medication does for me, now don’t get me wrong, years ago the physician I used to see, we “played” around with different types of medications and the range of doses, in conclusion, we “tweeted” it to my needs, I don’t abuse it, I need it. Without it I can’t focus on anything, my thoughts, thinking, capability to deal with daily tasks in pretty much intolerable. The worst part is that I can’t get my brain to stop feeling all over the place, I can barely focus on a conversation with someone, watching a movie, reading, driving somewhere.
    I just would like to hear some advice on how or what are my limitations of the dosag, because it is becoming to be a crippling feeling, hell, as much time I have been spending on the issue is making my condition increase because it’s just something else my brain has to deal with. And what I mean is, my brain feels like a huge sponge, it’s like my brain crave too much information, regardless of what the information is about. Sounds crazy but I feel like nobody really understands my true thinking abilitiesand challenges of trying to function.
    Anyway, I would like your advice and if I could ask for an increase in my dosage without feeling like I’m not going to be understood.
    Thank You,
    Donna from Illinois

  36. I see that you said if one abuses adderall then stops taking it, they’ll never reach level zero of when they started. What exactly does that mean? Does it mean that their attention span and focus level will be lower than before they ever took it? I take it only when I need to study, as I function normally in every aspect of life except cognitively.

  37. Hi Jonathan. Hmmm. This is a great question, and one that an expert can answer. Ask your pharmacist for more advice…especially given the duration of your use, I’m not sure if you’ve hit a ceiling effect or if what you register as wearing off is still a part of the therapeutic action.

  38. Hi,

    I have a question about Adderall tolerence:

    I’ve been taking prescription Adderall XR for ADD for a long period of time—over 15 years—at a consistent dosage of between 30 – 40mgs a day … At this point I feel that the drug is pretty much just wearing off after about two or so hours after taking it—which is tolerance, right. Is the way that I feel after it wears off the same as the way that I’d feel naturally, had I never started taking Adderall XR? Thanks.

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