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Can you overdose (OD) on Wellbutrin?

Yes, you can OD on Wellbutrin.

What can you do to protect yourself from an accidental Wellbutrin overdose? In this article, we’ll explore that question in more depth, along with the risk factors for Wellbutrin overdose. At the end, we invite your questions about Wellbutrin and overdose.

Can you overdose on Wellbutrin?

Yes, you can overdose on Wellbutrin. Because this antidepressant is usually indicated for long-term use, you will develop a tolerance to Wellbutrin over time. Therefore, increasing the frequency or amount of Wellbutrin you take in order to achieve the same effects as before is an easy way to unintentionally overdose on Wellbutrin. This is why Wellbutrin should only be taken in the doses recommended by your doctor.

Taking Wellbutrin in an attempt to “get high” – which is not a typical side effect of the medication – can also result in an overdose. In fact, Wellbutrin abuse can always pose the risk of adverse side effects. For example, mixing alcohol and Wellbutrin increases your chances of having a seizure.  And keep in mind that if you’re looking to snorting Wellbutrin good high, snorting Wellbutrin probably doesn’t get you high.

What happens when you overdose on Wellbutrin?

The most common complication of Wellbutrin overdose is seizure. Wellbutrin can also affect the liver when taken in high doses, and causes dangerously high blood pressure. Wellbutrin abuse can also contribute to mental disturbances and psychotic behavior.

How many Wellbutrin is too much?

No more than 100 mg of Wellbutrin should be taken at a time. Although it’s possible to overdose on Wellbutrin, the safe dosage is much lower than what would be toxic. At doses higher than 450 mg per day, Wellbutrin can cause seizures and other serious side effects. The fatal dose of Wellbutrin is fairly high – between 5.4 and 9 grams. But even though Wellbutrin stay in your system for weeks after use, duration of action is around 6-8 hours, which requires normal dosing of 3-4 times a day.

Trusted Helpline
Help Available 24/7

Wellbutrin overdose help

A Wellbutrin overdose prognosis will depend on a number of different factors, including your own size and body chemistry. Because the results of Wellbutrin overdose can be so unpredictable, it’s best to see a doctor as soon as possible after you think you’ve taken too much Wellbutrin. If you experience any symptoms of seizure while taking Wellbutrin, even if you haven’t overdoses, you should seek medical attention immediately and discontinue the medication.

Overdose on Wellbutrin questions

If you have any questions about safe amounts of Wellbutrin in your system, please leave them here. We are happy to try to help answer your questions about Wellbutrin, and will try to respond with a personal and prompt reply for all legitimate queries.

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146 Responses to “Can you overdose (OD) on Wellbutrin?
kathy reed
2:56 am February 16th, 2013

I was told that 450 mgs of wellbutrin which is what I take daily will cause high anxiety. Is this true

1:50 pm February 18th, 2013

Hi Kathy. This is a question for a pharmacist. I’d suggest you call or walk in for a consult with your local pharmacy to evaluate your personal risk of increased anxiety.

6:12 am June 25th, 2013

Pharmacy gave me the wrong dose wellibutrin xl instead of wellibutrin sr which I take 2 times a day. for 5 days I have not slept. I feel very nervous and sick is this common

6:52 pm July 1st, 2013

Hello Pam. I’d suggest that you speak with your pharmacist as soon as possible to report the symptoms and seek possible answers. Yours is a question for a medical professional.

2:16 am January 18th, 2014

I overdosed a lot on welbutrin, Benadryl, Advil, Tylenol, and other medications for a year. I stopped overdosing but ever since my welbutrin overdose my legs always been restless, my heart rates not been normal and Ive never felt “ok” what should I do? What could happen?

9:38 pm January 18th, 2014

Hello Sara. I’d suggest that you consult with a medical doctor or seek a referral to a neurologist. Best of luck to you.

10:59 pm April 17th, 2014

ive been snorting wellbutrin and getting high on
this drug for about 1year how baddly well I
withdrawl if i stop taking this it safe to
stop. &how long will the withdrawls last..I’m
thinking about quitting.

8:37 pm April 20th, 2014

I overdosed a week ago with Wellbutrin 100mg, I took 30 pills and with it I took Lamictin 50mg 60 pills. All I’m left with is a few flashes from hospital and other than that I can’t remember things since the OD, is that normal?

10:53 am May 28th, 2014

My wife took 60 300mg bupropion she’s in hospital now will she be ok

1:46 pm May 28th, 2014

Dominic if I have at look at my experience then she should be ok as long as you responded in time and the doctors treated her right, she will however be very irritated and moody when she wakes up and whatever you do, don’t let them put restraints on her. it will make her more angry. just support her and show her a lot of love, but don’t treat her like she is damaged. My heart stopped while I was in hospital and they gave me adrenalin and CPR and electroshock. but I eventually came back by myself. so don’t give up on your wife.

9:08 pm June 20th, 2014

I’m on 200mg a day and today I passed out for a second, then I thought I was going crazy, couldn’t control my facial expressions and couldn’t stop my stomach from contracting and tensing up now my body is all achy …it’s Friday I will call my Doctor on Monday. Do you think this could be from the Wellbutrin?

2:31 pm June 24th, 2014

Hi, Nicolette. It’s probably a good idea to consult your doctor. Actually stomach cramps, feeling restless, and being unable to focus thoughts are some of the many possible side effects from Wellbutrin. What did your doctor say?

4:16 am July 6th, 2014

I accidentally took 400mg of the generic Wellbutrin (Bupropion), which is twice the dosage I’m supposed to take daily. I now have a horrible headache and loss of appetite. Will I be okay?

9:25 am July 7th, 2014

Hi Rachel. You can call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for a free, over the phone assessment of your risk of overdose or for further help and instructions.

Irma Jiminez
3:54 am July 17th, 2014

My daughter (34) has been taking welbuterol 150mg bid for 10 yrs. tonight she accidently took 2doses. I hr apart. Forgetting that she had. Already taken one.

11:45 am August 4th, 2014

my family member tried to commit suicide by taking her whole bottle of wellbutrin, . The effects are awful. While she isnt dead, she is left with non stop terrible tremors almost like a non stop seizure. She is hallucinating alot and non making any sense verbally. The hospital is not sure how much of this is going to be permanent. Please dont ever take more of this than you should, because this is worse than being in a vegetative state.

8:14 am August 7th, 2014

I should stop this but if I get a chest pain like almost some punches you in chest during high is that normal? I did do this many time the most I ever took was 23-25 it was scary to see what I saw. Don’t OD on this drug guys you will see stuff that’s moving trust me I seen it but it’s not there for example. I woke up because I saw I herd stuff on my ceiling. water drops falling onto my bed and I saw hermit crabs and a lobster and months spiders voices every wear I even. I feel death guys… Don’t OD……… Also guys it’s a type of high that makes you want to go away… I need talk to my med doc soon about it I’d want to od anymore but don’t want parents to find out.. DON’T OD ! The sh*t I saw is all real scary sh*t…..

7:45 pm September 5th, 2014

Dominic, can you update us how your wife is and what symptoms she had experienced. I found my brother deceased 4 days later after a large ingestion of 300mg bupropion tablets. My family and i want to know what he went through before his death. maybe you can give us some closure if your details matched what we know. thanks. Heidi

11:11 pm September 6th, 2014

Can I drink couple glasses of Vine after 12 hours taken Wellbutrin.
Thanks ins advance.

9:04 pm October 8th, 2014

I’ve been taking 600 to 800mg of willbutrin every day for about 2 weeks.I haven’t had a seizure or any signs of overdosing.just some paranoia..I’ve been told I’m a seizure waiting to this I have psy hological withdrawal when they take me.

3:34 am October 11th, 2014

I donated blood shortly after starting welbutrin, and I ended up passing out. (Very public place, pretty embarrassing.) Also, sometimes I feel nauseous and I can feel my heart beating harder. I just want to know if these symptoms are normal, and if they’ll go away

12:30 pm October 13th, 2014

Hi Curt. You are putting yourself at a higher risk for seizures and developing severe depression. Larger doses of Wellburtin are also associated with siucudal thoughts and actions, so I’d say it’s best to see a doctor and get help for quitting the drug.

1:09 pm October 13th, 2014

Hi Alyssa. I’d suggest you make a doctor’s appointment and get some bloodwork done. Maybe you need a change in diet and a multivitamin. But, in order to be sure it’s not the Wellbutrin causing the nausea and fatigue, see a doctor.

1:57 am October 14th, 2014

I take the 150mg twice a day but it does not seem to help me. Can I take one extra dose to see if it will help me without a possible over dose?

7:26 am October 14th, 2014

Hello Curtis. It’s not recommended by medical professionals to increase doses on your own. So, please make an appointment with your prescribing doctor and explain what you feel. He may switch you to another medication or increase doses, but you shouldn’t do it yourself.

8:18 am November 20th, 2014

Is it bad to take 7 at a time?

1:36 pm November 20th, 2014

I’m prescribed to take 300 mg of Wellbutrin, but I lost track earlier (I’m a new mom so a bit frazzled lately) and accedenitally too another one not even an hour later, I feel fine but this is only my second day taking medicine again since July 2013. Is this considered an overdose?

3:59 pm November 20th, 2014

Hi Emily. Please call your doctor or talk to a pharmacist. Whether it is to much for you or not depends on so many factors, but generally, you should be fine.

4:11 am November 24th, 2014

I overdosed last night not sure how many as I threw up after but I thought u was going crazy seeing thing couldn’t sleep felt like I was in a dream state. Really learned my lesson I didn’t go into ER just rode it out. My question is im a nursing mom when can I nurse again? He has had bottles since

6:40 am December 2nd, 2014

I took 9 150 mg of wellbutrin last week and felt really irritable but nothing happened i just felt anxious and my ears were ringing like crazy do you think i did any permanent damage to any of my organs or am I ok since its been a week and I feel fine

5:18 am December 12th, 2014

My husband took 900mg wellbutrin xl thinking it was ibuprofen. And he is crying now I have dealt with different drugs with him should I take him to the hospital for this?

5:01 pm December 12th, 2014

Yes, Rayna. Get him to the ER or call 911, at a dose of 900mg of Wellbutrin he’s at a high risk of seizures and other serious side effects.

12:57 pm February 14th, 2015

I just brought my 18 year old son home from ICU after an overdose of Wellbutrin. He takes wellbutrin, prozac and abilify and for some reason has convinced himself that Wellbutrin is a recreational drug. I’ve had to hide all “possible recreational” meds in our home in a hole in my pillow and I sleep on them to keep them away. But he found them, while I slept…he took the Tylenol with codeine I had from a dental appointment last week and set it to the side. Went for his wellbutrin bottle and snorted what remained in the bottle. 17 150mg pills. This was the third time he had done this…first time was 2 months ago and he snorted 30 100mg pills over the course of 2 days. I found out after the fact so no ER but I can report that he didn’t sleep for 3 days. When I woke up at 3am this morning and discovered he had found the pills he admitted to having snorted them all over the course of the previous 4 hours. I called poison control 1-800-222-1222 and theyy insisted he go to the ER because seizures are a common side effect of high doses of this medication. I immediately called 911. My son remained coherent. He was given fluids immediately and then placed in ICU on 24 hour surveillance due to an elevated heart rate. Now he is home. He is doing fine but the doctor suggested a follow up with a cardiologist because he found a heart murmur…an odd find because I’ve had my son extensively tested in the past at Vanderbilt because I feared some issue with his heart and after days of a monitoring they determined his chest pain was due to anxiety. Not heart problems. Although every professional I have taken him to tells him he isn’t really “getting high” on wellbutrin he insists they just don’t know. He swears he does. I’ve had his psychiatrist cut them from his prescriptions at this point. Of course, I don’t blame Wellbutrin for any of this. I am prescribed wellbutrin as well, I take it appropriately and it was at my suggestion my son even be given this medication because of how well it worked for me. My son’s fixation on the drug is what makes it dangerous. To the question “can you OD on wellbutrin?” my answer would be “of course. a side effect to an aspirin overdose is death. You may be UNLIKELY to die on an OD of 30 150mg Wellbutrin but seizures are no joke and they are common with high doses of this med. I personally wish that for my son, I’d never heard of Wellbutrin. But then again for myself, it was a God send. Welcome to the life of raising an addict…a life of doubt and contradictions.

3:40 pm February 17th, 2015

Thank you, Amanda, for sharing this story with everyone. I’m sure it can help many who have someone dear abusing Wellbtrin to know they are not alone. I also hope that someone abusing this drug will read it, so they can realize what it does to parents and loved ones. How is your son doing now? Is he getting any professional help to manage his behavior?

2:44 am February 18th, 2015

You’re welcome, Ivana. My son is doing fairly well. He is in treatment almost to the extreme. He has a psychiatrist, a therapist and an in-home counselor. I called all of them the day he overdosed to seek guidance and set a plan of action. Unfortunately we live in the South where the winter storm has shut down everything so all of those appointments have had to be postponed but as soon as possible he must go. He was in alcohol and drug treatment very successfully for a few weeks until he stopped going in late November. He had been passing every drug screen for weeks…I do believe that he began abusing his prescription medication because they did not test for meds for which a person is prescribed (until I suggested they do). He struggles daily and I struggle to help him. He is an adult and reminds me daily of that lol so it does make the struggle more difficult.

To anyone who has a loved one who suffers from addiction to Wellbutrin, no, you are not alone. I understand what you are going through. I was prescribed Wellbutrin when my 20mg daily paxil prescription made me feel groggy…and in the first week of taking Wellbutrin I immediately noticed a difference. I was active again and felt more upbeat. I ask that you are careful not to blame the drug. I’ve seen blaming the drug as a common argument and I can tell you it focuses your attention on the wrong source. The problem lies within the addict. Maybe it’s a behavioral problem and an act of rebellion. Maybe it is a true drug addiction. Maybe the psychiatrist needs evaluate medications because their current meds are not helping and they feel they must self-medicate. Either way, the problem is almost always with the person abusing the medication. Get your resources together, call the doctors, the therapists, bring in family (interventions aren’t just for television) but do focus on helping the person…not blaming the drug or even the drug dealer. Keep the faith! If you are reading this I would say you can agree that you won’t give up on your loved one…I’ll do all I can to help my son…so long as it is in a way that is a POSITIVE in his life!

8:13 am February 20th, 2015

I have been taking wellbutrin xl for about 1.5 yrs, 300mg. Recently my doctor suggested a dose increase to 450 and when I was checking my pillbox for the week I saw that I have been taking 2 300mg. I must have gotten confused bc prior I was taking 2 150mg. So instead of getting 300mg/day I have been taking 600mg/day. I have no idea how long I have been screwing this up could be anywhere from 5 days to 2.5 wks. I haven’t had any highly distinguishable symptoms of this. I have however experienced a terrible mood drop into a depressive episode (which is why I was supposed to go to 450). If I haven’t experienced any adverse side effects such as seizures are they likely to happen after I go back to my normal dose? Also, could the increased amt of wellbutrin have the opposite effect and actually increase depression and depressive symptoms?
Obviously since noticing it I will stop taking a double dose and I am going to get in touch w my doc asap just wondering if anyone had any insight in the meantime. Thanks.

1:26 am March 7th, 2015

I have taken to 300mg wellibutrin xr crushed I’m afraid of taken another one

11:55 am April 5th, 2015

i took 6 of the 75 mgs of wellbutrins cuz i seen it online but anyway i feel realy strange an down like a uper+downer an some vary mild- so far- but i am continuely surprised by how they work…the trip part of this new drug. it appears that its visuals are like that of diph–benidral the alergy mf in high dosage in the case of wellbutrin’s tripy part-comparable to 300mg dose but of corse weight an hight would be a factor an asuming your weight was the same if not close 145 an i have vary little to none torrence an stand a hight of a exact 5feet an 8inches tall, yep one of primary fuction for creating these quit enjoyable effective an also quit pleasurable dew to that of the diph-or name brand /-benidral-/##alegry perversion pills that of witch is the active-drug that pruduce’s in the amount of witch i used 300 to cause the light visual im seeing their is a difference of corse that -diph- at any amount is horrable feeling an is only worthwhile feeling inches total paranoia an what it would be like to step inside of a ranging active manic-mania schizofrentics mind or minds lol idfk ik that im done writing this horror book long essay bboumt all the info on these two drugs ITS SO FUCKING WORTHWHILE MAN COME ON JUS TRY IT U GOTTA HAVE A DOPEAMEINE RUSH AN ADDED SOME – -DIPHENHYDRAMINE-HCL25 ONLY LIKE6-8like i said im shure torrent trippers not satisfied with the horrible trips of diphienrydramine an would searche until thus is found all u gotta do to make it safely consumable is look upusemyexactwords(how do i do a silmple cwe-cold-water-extartion) ight im outa here u crazy kids go trip balls in peace

4:09 am April 20th, 2015

I take 300 mg. Of Wellbutrin a day. I noticed this morning that there was two 300 mg. Of Welcbutrin in each of my boxes that hold my morning meds for 28 days. I was starting the last two weeks and I noticed that the rest of the boxes also had 2 Wellbutrin tablets . I don’t know for how many days I’ve taking 2 tablets. I have not been sleeping but for maybe 2-3. Hours a night. Can an overdose cause insomia?

5:41 am April 21st, 2015

yesterday I took 40 to 50 150mg bupropion …. It was defiantly an out of body experience (not recommended for ANYONE)…. But is it strange that I’m alive?

Vicki S.
2:19 pm April 24th, 2015

I have been taking Wellbutrin 300 XL for a very long time once a day. Yesterday morning I mistakenly took two within an hour. I had problems with addition and subtraction and I felt my heart racing. It is now almost 24 hours later and I still don’t feel my “normal” self. I slept a few hours but was wide awake from 2:30am up to now 8:15am and am still not sleepy. How long will it take to get rid of this awful feeling? I weigh 125lbs and am 5′ tall.

4:52 pm May 2nd, 2015

My pdoc haa me taking 300mg a day is this safe also I take seraquel xr 300 twice daily and paxil 20mg three times daily and diazapam 10mg as needed woriied its to much help please I also have thyroid disorder and take levothyroxine and 500mg of metformin twice a day any advice

6:35 am May 16th, 2015

Not thinking took 2 bupropion SR 150 mg for evening dose..been taking bid for at least a year..should I be looking for some sort of effect.

4:45 am May 20th, 2015

hi i sniffed 14 welbutrins (300) and drank a 26er of vodka am I ok to be okay?

12:34 pm May 20th, 2015

Hi Jay. Can someone take you to the hospital? If not, i suggest you call 911.

4:45 am May 29th, 2015

I have been on one 150 mgs of Wellbutrin for a week & today was the first day I was supposed to take one twice a day. Well, I took 1 this morning & accidentally took 2 tonight. Should I be concerned?

11:54 pm May 30th, 2015

I’ve been prescribed bupropion and I been taking 300 mg three time a day morning lunch and dinner i weigh about 245 I’ve never taken more than 1000mg jus feel sleepy later on my question is it harder to od if u take this amount just not all at once?? I’m curious?? Any comments?

@Jay 14×300 mg is dangerous that’s about 4,400 mg that’s like 4 g people od at 4-5 g especially if its all at once

2:28 am June 3rd, 2015

I’ve been taking 300 MGs of welbutrin for 4 months, I had been hospitalized for major depression & suicidal thoughts which is why my dr started me on welbutrin, I didn’t seem To get any relief from welbutrin since I’m still having suicidal thoughts. I guess my question is was I on it long enough because now my dr stopped it & put me on 37.5 MGs of Effexor starting tomorrow morning. I also read you aren’t suppose to just stop taking welbutrin, that you should be brought down off it, any truth to that & should I be just stopping one & starting another ?

11:15 pm June 14th, 2015

Kathy “No more than 100 mg should be taken at a time.” I take 300 mg every morning and I’m not having seizures and shit. Quit writing bullshit because you don’t even have enough knowledge of Wellbutrin to give people any sort of advice. Also I have a huge, throbbing vein on the underside of my penis shaft. Is that normal? I like to puncture it with pins and masturbate . The blood that comes out continuously lubricates me.

9:31 pm June 15th, 2015

my daughter took 5 26 wellbutrin xl 300 milligrams. the shop in about 20 minutes ago, she threw up clear has no visual signs except for her. But I think that’s from crying. do I seek medical attention? Thank you

6:11 am June 17th, 2015

I have been on wellbutrin for years and i have taken it many of ways but only one way i can take it and it works

5:09 pm June 18th, 2015

Hi Shirley. Yes, get her to the hospital as soon as possible. She may need further medical care.

11:34 pm June 22nd, 2015

I took 7 pills…300 mg each. Should I go to ER?

11:22 am June 23rd, 2015

Hi Kyle. Please have someone drive you to the hospital or if things are getting worse rapidly don’t hesitate to call 911.

8:38 pm June 28th, 2015

I took 6 300mg with vodka should I go to the hospital. Or just see what happens first

10:22 pm June 28th, 2015

I took 9 300mgs will I survive or not

12:39 am June 29th, 2015

Hi iv taken 16 wellbutrin xl 300mg and it’s been two hours and I feel fine. is that OK? Or bad?

6:14 am June 29th, 2015

I was filling my pill container with my vitamins etc..Well I came apon the last one which was supposed to be my METFORMIN (my diabetes) pills so apon carefully looking at them the #’s and size were diff so thank God I looked the pill up on Google and I couldn’t believe my eyes, they were 300mgs of BUPROPION I take 2 75mgs of BUPROPION a day…..I am so furious and this is at Harvard Vanguard!!! There is no damn excuse that is 4 times the recommended PLEASE check yor prescription before u take them…..I don’t even want to know what would happen if I took them on top of my 150 mgs thinking they were wellbutrin

Rick K
9:33 am June 29th, 2015

Hi, thanks for reading my question. I have been on Wellbutrin for over a year now and my daily dosage is 450 mg. Due to a change in insurance, my pills were changed and I ended up taking 900 mg for the last three days. I have been urinating a lot and have trouble getting to sleep, but otherwise feel OK. I’m obese if that matter: 5-9, 225. Thank you, Rick

10:31 am June 29th, 2015

Hi Sarah. I’m glad you are feeling fine, but 4800mg of Wellbutrin is a lot. Please have someone drive you to the hospital where doctors can pump your stomach and prevent more serious organ damage.

10:43 am June 29th, 2015

Hello Gave. Call 911 as soon as possible, or if you live with someone who can drive you to the ER – tell them to take you immediately.

10:57 am June 29th, 2015

Hello Gabe. If you are not feeling well, it’s best to go to the hospital and not risk getting extremely sick.

4:16 am July 3rd, 2015

I don’t know about anyone else but I took Welbutrine (300mg) daily, along with/ 400 Mgs of Topomax & 20 Mgs of Celexa and I’m okay. Been on them for years.

10:15 am July 8th, 2015

How long wellbutrin sr takes to get out of body I think I have got epiliptic seizure and I am panicking n feeling tired n fever n strange

12:42 pm July 8th, 2015

Hello Awais. The medication has a very long half-life, about 33 to 37 hours. Because of Wellbutrin’s long half-life and slow rate of absorption, it’s possible that Wellbutrin could remain in the body for a very long time, it may even take weeks.

9:29 pm July 14th, 2015

Are you talking about Welbutrin sr or Welbutrin XL. I dont think theres a big diffrence between the two

3:38 am July 18th, 2015

I took 2 doses of my bupropion 300 mg by accident. I actually forgot I had already taken it until I started feeling nauseous.. Dry mouth and rapid heartbeat. Then I thought about my morning that day and remembered. Is an extra dosage considered overdose? I’m actually at the hospital right now waiting to be seen.

2:27 pm July 18th, 2015

I take 300mg of welbutrin (bupropion)a day, I take a 150mg in the morning and another 150mg at night (as prescribed). Last night I realized I accidentally took my night dose twice. I’ve felt sick to my stomach all night but that’s all. I’m not exactly a big person, I weigh around 120lb so medicine can easily shake me up. Should I be concerned?

2:45 am July 23rd, 2015

I accidently took 400mg of wellbutrim, making it 600mg in a day. I took at 5pm and again at6:30pm. Should I go to the doctor? I took the second dose on a full stomach .

12:41 pm July 24th, 2015

Today is Thursday. Last Sunday morning I missed taking my my usual dose of wlbuterin. I didn’t take it until 3pm Monday. Then I took a dose Tuesday morning, at the usual time, Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Was this unwise? What symptoms could I experience? I am certainly experiencing heightened feelings of depression and irritability. But I am a stay at home mom of 3 kids under 5 so I don’t know if it’s just one of those days (that I haven’t had since starting my medication) I also take citalopram. Should I contact my doctor?

Any advice you can offer would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Mike A.
2:07 am July 30th, 2015

I accidentally took a second dose of wellbutrine xl 450 for a second time within 5 hours (a lot on mind and forgot that I took my meds earlier than usual due to early start). I experienced a moderate vertigo episode. Can I just ride this out? Also should I take it tomorrow or skip?

10:19 pm August 29th, 2015

Sara, I overdosed on Wellbutrin 2 weeks ago, I had seizures and was in the hospital. Ever since my legs, my whole body actually have been restless and I feel exactly the same, has it gotten any better for you? Please I really need help

9:01 pm September 17th, 2015

Is it bad if someone you know took 2 300mg of c wellbutrin xl. I notice him hearing things his mood is different. He is meaner. He wont eat, not sleeping much. He hears voices. His voice sounds different. Like he has a sore throat. He has paranioa.. He think someone is after him to shoot him. He is acussing me of talking about him behind his back. Accusing me of lying and cheating.. I think he has treamors. Plus he keeps making wierd faces. He hss a bad head ache. I want to know will he be ok? How long does it takes to pass threw his system? Will there be any long term affects? Im very concerned Thank you…

3:32 am September 21st, 2015

hi I just took 7 ib profen and smoked them too! I took 7 300 millagrams of ib profen. do I need to go to the hospital?

11:10 pm September 21st, 2015

I accidentally too 2 150mg buPROPion HCL thinking the bottle did ibuprofen. I’ve never taken them before. I tried to throw up but couldn’t. Will I be ok???

3:37 pm September 23rd, 2015

Hi Kitty. You can call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 to have the risk of overdose assessed. The poison experts will also provide you with guidance on what you should do next. If too much time has passed and you are feeling the symptoms of OD getting worse, have someone drive you to the hospital.

7:17 pm September 27th, 2015

I didn’t remember if I took my dose of 200 mg er and I took one but I don’t remember if I did before but don’t remember seeing pink pill till I took it out.

1:57 am September 28th, 2015

My fiancee and I have difficult time to understand and which one we should pick. She has Wellbutrin 150mg SR twice a day and I have Wellbutrin IR 100mg three times a day. My question is can I take Wellbutrin IR 200mg once into morning? I was told that Wellbutrin is better for reducing the heart risk than Adderall. Let me know. Many thanks.

11:07 am September 28th, 2015

Hi Sherrie. Are you feeling normal? If you are experiencing any unusual symptoms you should ask for medical assistance. Also, I suggest keeping a written schedule and keep track of doses taken manually, so you won’t have to remember.

8:20 pm October 7th, 2015

Ha wow snorting wellbutrin,id say go get sum coke,considering how bad it burns to snort welbutrin.your worse off snorting wellbutrin then me on this.if you like you cartlidge in your nose you wouldnt snort day you feel a chunk come threw your nose.

5:37 am October 11th, 2015

I take 450mg of Wellbutrin/day; 300mg in am and 150mg at noon. I forgot them today, and I was just curious if I could take all 3 now (11:30pm) which I have taken all 3 at once a few time when I wake up late. The ones I take are XL, so I was wondering if I could take them all now, along with my sleeping pills and then take my normal dose tomorrow… I feel the effects of not taking them within a day regardless of if I remember them the next day, so I don’t want to feel like that tomorrow..

Any advice or answer would be helpful!

9:40 pm October 12th, 2015

I was on 2 100mg pills twice a day and went to pick up my new prescription (each pill is 200mg). I accidently took 2 out of habit. I realized about 25 minutes later when I couldn’t stop throwing up lol it was horrible. It’s now 3 days after and I still can’t eat much without feeling pukey. There was no extra clarity or focus or any of the other side effects I found while googling lol just feeling like a horrible flu!

2:44 am October 20th, 2015

My daughter took a whole bottle of Wellbutrin, Otc cough syrup, a couple of Valium and stabbed herself 61 times. This is a serious medication. She had been on it for many years. I believe instead of unconsciousness, she had a psychotic episode. Now she is dead. So you people taking it for fun…..STOP. She has been gone for two years now. Please don’t do this to your family.

10:13 pm October 28th, 2015

my girlfriend has overdosed with wellbutrion 5 days ago…. she is still not responding . I think that it was 60 pills at 100mg. I called 911 soon as I seen her hit the floor . they where there right away to take her.. her hart stoped at the hospital.. they got most of the pills out before desoved . anybody have simmular experiences. I am killing myself over here not thinking that she is not going to pull out of it . anything please !!!!

2:12 am November 4th, 2015

Pharmacy was reading the script wrong and had my husband take 2 150 mg bupropn hcl.along 28th all his other meds and that went on for 6 months what kind his last blood test was not so good

4:54 pm November 4th, 2015

Ive been taking 100 mg of wellbutrin for a little over a month now and ive recently been starting to not feel the same better way i did when i first started the medication. Would it be okay if i took 100 mg in the morning and added another 100 mg tablet in the afternoon?

8:17 pm November 9th, 2015

I have been taking 2 wellbutrin 100 mg a day for quite a while. This month my dr. prescribed contrave on the increasing dosage schedule. This is the 3rd week in the increase dosage period. I was not told to stop the wellbutrin. Today I tried to renew the prescription and called the dr. They said to stop immediately the wellbutrin. Am I in trouble medically

4:23 pm November 24th, 2015

I want to overdose is twenty 150mg enough

12:23 am November 27th, 2015

Hello Catrina. Our team is here to help you if you are addict, not to give you overdose amounts. Please, consider what you are planing to do. There’s always a better choice! If you have any questions about addiction treatment and your options, immediate assistance is available. Call our free hotline to speak with a trusted treatment provider. Stay strong!

3:03 am November 28th, 2015

How come there are no later posts than 2013

2:14 pm November 30th, 2015

Hi Sam. What do you mean? More than half of the comments are from 2015 and the website is updated every day with new articles

5:00 am December 1st, 2015

I purposely od on wellbutrin and was very sick for 24 hours. 2 days later and im still quesy and easily gets “motion sickness” just reading this article even. I dont want to seemy dr. I know she will suggest in patient services…my husband and i are aware of the issue at hand and agree to what needs to be done. I am also still feeling really jittery or twitchy. Should i wait til it is all out of my system to see what the real effects are?? Im worried and unsure of what i have done to myself. Im pretty sure i took 20ish 150mg wellbutrin and 10 60mg duloxetine. What have i done to myself. I thought i was dying and could not breathe at a few points. When i stsrted hallucinating i made myself puke to get some of it out of me…that prbably saved my life.

11:00 am December 1st, 2015

Hello Jamie. Even though you don’t want to see your doctor, I still will advise you to do it. Or check into ER, just to make sure everything is fine.

4:25 am December 2nd, 2015

if you overdose on WELLBUTRIN XL and start feeling bad, will vomiting help you feel beater

9:18 am December 2nd, 2015

Hello Hiram. If you OD on Wellbutrin, call 911 ASAP, or someone should take you to the ER. Vomiting may not help eliminate drugs from the system if they have not been metabolized, and will not help you feel better. Seek professional help, please!

3:24 am December 15th, 2015

I.took 5 150 mg welbutrin and 4 75 mg zoloft. should i be worried? I feel fine

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:24 am December 15th, 2015

Hi, Sara. If you don’t feel well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk.

7:21 am December 17th, 2015

I just took 6 150mg bupropion XL and 4 10mg escitalopram.
Should I be worried?

2:02 am December 21st, 2015

I’ve been taking Welbutrin xl 450mg for about a year and a half now, I take 3 150mg pills every morning. I might have accidentally taken 6 150mg pills within an hour of each other. That was around 10 am this morning, it is 4 pm now. If I took them on accident would I be ok? Or should I seek help? Just thinking about it gives me anxiety,

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
10:56 am December 21st, 2015

Hi, Jason. If don’t feel well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk, or call 911.

Sue gipe
7:40 pm December 22nd, 2015

I mistook my 100 mg tablet of Buprion for my blood pressure med and for a month took 200mg everyday. Just today I found the mistake and am on the proper dosage, which also meant I was not taking my bp med. . I have contacted my dr but and interested in your answers.

11:47 pm January 2nd, 2016

Yes I’ve bin taking Wellbutrin XL 400mg everyday for six months now. This morning I took by accident half of a broken pill. Roughly 195 mg extended release. I didn’t notice till three hours later that the broken pill is is missing it’s other half. And that I must have placed it in my medicine bowl. Which I just poor all my melds into my mouth when I wake up by alarm then go back to bed. I’m feeling a bit disconnected from my body it’s a fading sensation. It feels like anxiety or the world stoping and your still moving I’m I going to be ok?

8:11 pm January 4th, 2016

I know you will not definitely answer my question , but I think your answer would prevent a terrible decision and its consequences….
Is it possible to suicide with OD Wellbutrin or it just causes seizure, paranoia , and sth worse than a vegetable life?

3:13 pm January 8th, 2016

Hi. I took 150mg Sr of the generic wellbutrin then 2 hours later I accidentally took another thinking it was my potassium. Should I be concerned? Thanks!

6:55 pm January 8th, 2016

My family doctor was overdosing me on Wellbutrin what can I do about it

7:00 pm January 8th, 2016

My doctor was overdosing on Wellbutrin what can I do about it I had seizures my mail man found me had one in bathroom and my pharmacist and doc knew I was allergic to it but they keep giving it too me never took it but how can they get away w that

8:28 pm January 8th, 2016

I havent been able to handle the stresses of life lately and I couldnt find my meds (was on wellbutrin but changed me to something else) i took 3 300 mg each at one time because when i first tried them they didnt work so I did the more must be better. I woke up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding out of my chest, just took deep breaths and fell back to sleep. This morning I feel kinda like I have something lodged in my throat, sometimes shortness of breath, shaky, dizzy and alittle nauseated. I”m thinking its either to much wellbutrin. or a cocktaillof meds. I take 2 diet pills, 2 vitamins per day, i had a headache so i also took 3 aleve then 3 over the counter sleeping get pills (great value brand) guess i’m a little worried as i dont feel right but dont have insurance and dont want to rack up a bill for nothing.

4:24 pm January 17th, 2016

Regina, if your doctor is prescribing more than 450mg of Wellbutrin a day, that is too high of a dose. If your pharmacy is continuing to fill a prescription for you greater than 450mg a day, they are liable for malpractice. A pharmacist isn’t supposed to just fill a prescription because that is how the doctor wrote it. They go by FDA approved dosages and safe medicine practices related to both interactions and dosages.

7:46 pm January 19th, 2016

I realized that by mistake for about 4-5 days I was taking double of my Wellbutrin med which is 300mg . I by mistake was taking 600. I am getting upper body tremors, that still haven’t gone away completely. Could I be left with this , or will it eventually subside.

10:15 pm January 27th, 2016

I take Wellbutrin morning and night, 150mg. per. around 8or9am then around 11 or 12 pm. I would like to take 1 around 4or5pm for to day. My wife is going to the doctors tomorrow, to see if she has cancer. Please let know. Thank you

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
1:07 pm January 29th, 2016

Hi, Carl. I suggest that you consult with a doctor or a pharmacist for any dosage change you want to make.

Zeeva Dax
12:37 pm January 31st, 2016

I have over dosed many times in my life .i tryed when i was 12.just tylenol.i got sick of course it wasnt pleasent.i wanted to dad was sexually abusing me and my mom hated me so much i have told her when i was 9.she slapped me in the face and told me i was a lier.from then on she has never trusted me .she never hugged me or loved me in anyway.i was a cutter also.long sleves is all i could wear.i smoked pot when i could get it .and i continued to hurt myself i wanted to die and i researched at the library how to do it.i have formed many plans and have carried out alot of new plan is to stuff my exhaust full of snow and debrie and take every pill i have .i read you wont know its coming and it be quick.i know longer talk to my parents its been about 14 years now.i have 2 children both older teens now.both my children are soecial needs .autistic and attention girl also has CP.i blam my babies problems on my self cause i did stuff while i was pregnant and now they have to suffer.i over dosed on my husbands welbutrin about 120 pills .i also took about40 ativan and 30 clonazapam and tylenol 3 about 100 give a take .this happened about 3 years husband at that time was cheating and i needed him to stay alive .he was my everything although i never felt i deserved him .he called 911 i colapsed on bathroom floor in a seizer.i peed myself and was yelling and screamin get these demands away fom me.i was handcuffed to the hospital bed while my stomach has pumbed out and charcole put back in.then sent to icu.i spent 2 days there i was a nurse at this time and had worked in this hospital for 3 years.coworkers was dressing me and made me poop in a comoude.i was jumiliated and ashamed.on day 3 a therapis came to see me i convinced him to send me home because it was all a mistake the over dosing and i will never do it again.but as soon as i got home.we got drunk then had a fight i took a bunch pills again this time citalopram 2 months worth.i went to bed and i didnt wake up for 2 days .my vision was blurry and i could pee.hardly walk i stayed in bed for 7 days .my husband thought i had the flu he didnt care that i hadnt made supper or if i was even was a live he was a selfish man cared for him self way to much.after about a week i could pee again but it was bloody.i lost 10 pounds that week all i could do was take sips of water.that was last time i over dosed.but i keep pills hundreds of them stashed seening a therapist but talking just wont take my pain away. I worked hard to get better i got to my therapy .i take SSRI s though.i studyed at school got my CCA then went and studied to be a nurse.but im still unhappy.the PTSD is horrible .i havent slept a full night sleep except if i take a drug called trazodon.that leaves me having nightmares and i feel sluggish and takes hours for me to wake up.i have lot those pills stashed away just in case.i dont think about dying as much now days but its there if i need it.i want tell people that what ever your reasons for od. Are they good reasons.i suffer from PTSD major depression anxiety .social phobia the list goes on.i have no friends cause i feel different then they are i do paint and write .but only on good sad and i cry on zyban 150 cause the welbutrin gave me migrains so we trying zyban see if i can tolerated it.i been taken off work now about a year.i have no husband pays for everything but things are tight.often we sell something so we can buy food.i know im sick .i just wish that in past 30 years that i have been sick that there was something that worked and i could be normal .no flash backs no pain no depression .no anxiety.and im lonely .no friends no family.i wish i had a sister or some gurl who understand and want to talk.i just wanted to say people that od doent help doesnt solve anything although i keep it on the back burner i keep going and i try hard to eat and take care of myself.lovinv myself is the hardest.i keep trying .

7:02 am February 3rd, 2016

I accidentally took 40mg of Prozac and 450mg of wellbrutin 14 hrs apart, what should I do

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
8:58 pm February 3rd, 2016

Hi, Doris. If you don’t feel well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk. Or call 911 ASAP.

6:01 am February 7th, 2016

can someone help me? i accidently took 2 of my prescribed 300mg of wellbutrin xl pills totaling 600mg. should i tell someone? i have had a seizure in the past

6:09 am February 9th, 2016

I took 10 150mg of welbutrin went into hospital for 4 days what if I took 5 more tbe day I got out?? What can happen???

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:22 am February 10th, 2016

Hi, Brookelyn. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

4:24 am February 24th, 2016

How many gm does it take to get “high”

8:28 am February 27th, 2016

I just went to my doctor today & found out I had been unintentionally overdosing on my Bupropion. Last month my doctor had upped my dosage. I had been feeling dizzy & just feeling very off. Very weird sensation only bout a week or so of this feeling. My question is I don’t want to completely stop using my meds but I don’t know how to make sure to correctly fix my problem without harming myself further.


9:51 pm February 27th, 2016

So I took 4 150mg tablets of bupropion hydrochloride or Mylan-bupropion XL and was wondering what the effects will be and if I need to worry I’m about 290 pounds so I’m not the light but was wondering if I need to worry I’m not feeling anything right now obviously because it’s only been 10 minutes but I just need to know if I really need to worry

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:22 am March 1st, 2016

Hi, Heather. I suggest you speak with a doctor or a pharmacist to help you plan an individualized schedule for lowering the drug dosage.

6:57 am March 2nd, 2016

As an intentional of I too 60 welbutrin. It was stupid I survived obviously by Grace of God

7:02 pm March 5th, 2016

I am using at least 15 hundred mgs daily.want to come off slow back to my regular 450 mgs I’m so scared can anyone help me please

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:31 pm March 7th, 2016

Hi, Anna. I advise you to speak with a doctor or a pharmacist to help you create an individualized tapering schedule.

3:12 am March 12th, 2016

I have been on bupropion for three months now. I started at 150mg a day but that just wasn’t cutting it for me. Two weeks ago my dr said to double the dosage. I thought this meant to take 2 a day. I have been taking two 300 mg pills each morning for two weeks. I feel just fine. I don’t feel any different than I did before but the pharmacist freaked when I went to get more because I was out. I’ll now be taking just one 300mg each morning. Do I need to be worried? I have no side effects…

4:24 am March 24th, 2016

I just started taking Wellbutrin XL150 mg. once a day. I also take a lorazapam 1 mg when anxiety starts. Tonight I accidentally took a Wellbutrin instead of the lorazapam. Should I be concerned?

9:27 pm March 31st, 2016

I took 5 of wellbutrin and is something going to happen? Should I talk to my doctor

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
5:08 pm April 1st, 2016

Hi Sally. If you don’t feel well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk.

2:41 am April 6th, 2016

Is it ok to take wellbutrin SR 300 mg in the morning and 150 mg SR at night? Or should I space them out during the day, like every 8 hours?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:59 am April 7th, 2016

Hi Mary. I suggest you speak with a doctor or a pharmacist before doing any changes in taking your medication.

4:15 am April 11th, 2016

I took 400 mg of my medicine wellbutrin. Am I gonna be OK?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:35 pm April 11th, 2016

Hi Hannah. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk.

11:45 pm April 12th, 2016

I normally take 450mg of Wellbutrin XL in morning. I have been on it for 18 years. Today, I took my 450mg at 7am then around 10 I refilled my weekly pill box during some downtime. So I looked at Tues and took 450mg a total of 900mg. So far I’m ok but I’m scared! How long do I need to worry?
Me again. I called poison control they said after 4-6 hours I’m past the danger zone. I’m still scared tho

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:24 pm April 13th, 2016

Hi Kelly. Poison Control’s consultants are experts, so if they said that you past the danger zone, then there is nothing to worry about.

1:44 am May 12th, 2016

I took 500 mg of wellbutrin because i was upset at my fiance and angry about alot of stuff. What will happen now?

7:12 am May 30th, 2016

I take 2 doses of 150mg. I had dental work so I have to take ibuprofen for the pain. Well, I thought I took 4 pills 800mg of ibuprofen but it was 4 pills 600 mg. I just realized it. No wonder I wigged out at a restaurant. The light under us really bothered me and the restaurant was full with lots of kids, I ran out of there. Today i did take my morning dose. I skipped the night dose but I still anxious and irritated. It’s a very intense feeling.

8:08 am June 2nd, 2016

I was prescribed wellbutrin back in Dec. I didn’t start taking it until Sunday, a wk ago. I took only a pill a day, 150 mg. for 3 day but on Thurs I went ahead and took 2 pills as prescribed. I’m also taking imitrex for migraines, which I was sure to talk this over with my physician and make sure that I could take the two together. I had taken an imitrex, maybe 2 hrs before I took my last dosage of wellbutrin for the day. Two hrs later, I had a weird sensation in my legs and hands and went to lay down. Thought that I was ok but 2 hrs later, my nightmare began.
I was hallucinating and had a hard time walking to the bathroom. I had a horrible headache and my ears were ringing. I noticed that my pupils were dilated and I just had a feeling of not feeling well. This lasted for 2 hrs and then i thought all was well. I got up, but as I tried to open the cat’s food sack, I couldn’t even hold it. My hands were shaking so much and I couldn’t grasp hold of a cup, a bottle of water. I went and laid back down and this was the worse stage. I could feel as though a”high” was coming over me. I was scared. My whole body started shaking from my hands to my legs and feet. I tried to go to sleep but it was like when you fall asleep and feel like you are falling and your body jerks and catches itself. This just kept happening over and over. At this point, my heart started racing and I blacked out twice in a row. I was afraid to go to sleep at this point. I stayed up all night. I thought that I was going to die. I was seeing things in my room and was totally scared. The next morning, I lost control of my legs. I couldn’t walk. I’ve never dealt with such in my life. I ended up going to the emergency room and they gave me Lorazepan for my tremors and told me that I would just have to ride the rest of the dose out. I have never been so afraid in my life. I thought that I was going to die. I guess my question to you is, what is a safe beginning dose to start someone out on wellbutrin. I think that my dosage was way too high. 150 mg twice a day. I really am afraid of this drug at this point.

5:44 pm June 22nd, 2016

Just as a warning:
I’m not an addict; however, my whole life I’ve just been fascinated and curious about the effects of drugs. I’ve tried a few, but only once, essentially for my own education. I know that sounds odd, but it’s given me a wealth of knowledge you cannot obtain without trying any type of drug. I have not, and will never, try heroin. I won’t list the substances, but there’s been more than 5 “harder” drugs I’ve tried once.

Now, I don’t drink. I’m prescribed a couple controlled medications that I do not abuse, but obviously have tried a larger dose of them once each…let’s say “for science”. I also take 300 mg of Wellbutrin, Extended release, once per day. It was a life-changing drug for me. I was curious about the recreational value of the drug, so I took a very large dose. I didn’t count, but somewhere around 10-15. Horrible mistake.

I was basically seeing things move that were stationary; like a picture of someone or something. Driving home around roads I’ve traveled for over 15 years felt completely unfamiliar. My apartment felt different. It was completely a psychoactive experience…but absolutely miserable. I did not feel sick or anything like that, but the next day I felt completely idiotic. I couldn’t speak well, and my line of work, which involves testing instabilities of software and websites……was impossible.

I wrote this here if anyone out there is googling “Wellbutrin recreational” etc, might read this and STAY AWAY from large doses. Also, bare in mind I’ve been taking 300mg per day for two years, so if someone who has never tried it took the amount I took, the results could be devastating. Just stay away from drugs. The only drug anyone should take is cannibis, in controlled amounts. Cheers!

4:37 am July 7th, 2016

Last night I was hospitalized for an od of buproprion. I took 50-60 150mg xl
My experience is driving me nuts. I was hallucinating in the er, then I felt like I was having an out of body experience. Anyway today I checked out AMA. they wanted to admit me and while I know I fucked up, I’m not CRAZY. I’m at home now still feeling so weird. Like I can’t get enough to drink, I’m a Lil shakey, I’m in and out of sleep, I feel dazed, like everything is in slow motion. Oh BTW in er they didn’t even pump my stomach. I feel I was treated way bad.,..

11:40 pm July 11th, 2016

Never take too much of this drug I’ve overdosed and thought I was dying went blind,and went to the hospital,was afraid too sleep despite my gf saying sleep you’ll b OK I knew if I closed my eyes I’d die I’ll never do it again,teust me,dont do it!!!!!!!

11:39 pm July 14th, 2016

I just found out today that since Tuesday around 11:00am my fiance has taken 17 150mg wellbutrin sr over the last 2 days.She has ben experiencing hallucinations (visual, and including other senses such as distortions in taste and a general metalic taste), anxiety, unable to sleep and tremors. When the tremors started she would take another 150 mg. and the tremors would stop. She is epileptic and was prescribed the wellbutrin. Ant suggestions on what I can do to help her?

7:53 pm August 24th, 2016

Wellbutrin xr comes in 150 or 300 mg s … So taking 100mg is where ? America ? UK??

1:11 pm September 20th, 2016

I take my medicine at night the dose is 300 I took it last night around 12:30 a.m. and this morning at 6 30 had a bad headache and by mistake took another dose so that means I’ve taken 600 what should I do I’m a diabetic

4:55 am September 26th, 2016

Hi, yesterday I accidentally took an extra Mylan Bupropion XL 300mg a few hours after my regular dose. This was about 3:30pm yesterday. I assume if the worst was going to happen that it would have happened last night sometime. I’ve been feeling tense with lots of energy which kept me awake last night. Despite being very tired today at work my body and brain functioned at a fairly high level due to tense energy [for my entire 12hr shift]. Other than that, I don’t really have any other symptoms. However I’ve read online that bupropion stays in the body for a good while and that taking too much of it can cause things like seizures to occur days later. Do you believe I’m still at risk? I did not take my regular dose today to try and even things out some for tomorrow when I plan on carrying on my regular [300mg] intake.

7:19 pm October 10th, 2016

I took 600mg wellbutrin/voxra a day on prescription.
I almost died since it built up in my body, my blood works are all good now, but i still have blood pressure problems, kidneys ache and lasting tinnitus that gets worse when dehydrated, tired or eaten certain stuff, watch out for side effects.

11:55 pm October 14th, 2016

My doctor increased my dosage of buprophen which is generic form of Wellbutrin from 300 to 400 milligrams a day I got my new pills yesterday thinking they were the same as what I had been taking, they were 100 mg instead of my old ones were 200mg long story short I took 200 mg too much 600 mg total instead of 400 mg as prescribed. Feel a little flushed and kind of like when you take niacin . What should I do? Been drinking a lot to try and flush it out of my system.

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