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Snorting Wellbutrin

Snorting Wellbutrin

If you’re thinking about snorting Wellbutrin to get you high, you need the facts.

We do not endorse snorting any drug, but were, we review what happens in the body if you decide to snort Wellbutrin. We explore the dangers and safety concerns of snorting Wellbutrin. Because even though Wellbutrin is not addictive and  Wellbutrin show up drug tests, snorting this anti-depressant can be dangerous.  We welcome all questions about snorting Wellbutrin or Wellbutrin narcotic use at the end of this article, and will try to answer all legitimate Wellbutrin questions with a personal and prompt reply.

Wellbutrin: What are you really snorting?

Wellbutrin is used to treat depression and seasonal affective disorder. It comes in both sustained and extended-release formulas. Wellbutrin’s active ingredient is bupropion, but inactive ingredients include ethylcellulose aqueous dispersion, glycerylbehenate, methacrylic acid copolymer dispersion, polyvinyl alcohol, polyethylene glycol, povidone, silicon dioxide, and triethyl citrate.

How does snorting Wellbutrin affect the body?

Wellbutrin is an antidepressant that also acts as a very mild stimulant – having about the same effect as a cup of coffee. Wellbutrin works by increasing certain types of brain activity. Potential, relatively minor side effects can occur from normal use of Wellbutrin. However, taking this medication by nasal ingestion can cause far worse problems. Possible ways that Wellbutrin can affect the body include:

  • dizziness
  • drowsiness
  • excitement
  • excessive sweating
  • nausea
  • uncontrollable shaking
  • vomiting
  • weight loss

Snorting Wellbutrin side effects

Even at normal doses, Wellbutrin can trigger unpleasant side effects. While potentially alarming, these symptoms are not usually dangerous. However, more severe side effects are possible, especially when Wellbutrin is not taken as prescribed. Possible effects when Snorting Wellbutrin include:

  • anxiety or panic attacks
  • chest pain
  • confusion
  • difficulty in breathing and swallowing
  • irrational fears
  • hallucinations
  • mood changes
  • muscle or joint pain
  • rapid, pounding, or irregular heartbeat
  • suicidal thoughts and feelings
  • seizures

Snorting Wellbutrin to get high

Snorting Wellbutrin probably doesn’t get you high. However, snorting Wellbutrin results in large doses of bupropion entering the bloodstream very quickly, especially because it’s only available in sustained-release and extended-release forms. Large amounts of bupropion are not intended to be taken all at once, and are not safe. This exposes you to higher doses than through the recommended oral route of administration and can cause very serious side effects. If you snort Wellbutrin to get high, you risk triggering seizures which may land you in the hospital.

Snorting Wellbutrin vs oral

Doctors warn that snorting Wellbutrin is more risky and less effective than ingesting it orally. There’s also no medical or recreational benefit to snorting this drug, as it has only mild stimulant effects and probably can’t get you high. Oral preparations are safer and cause fewer instances of adverse effects.

Snorting Wellbutrin dangers

The side effects of snorting Wellbutrin are very serious. Snorting Wellbutrin can cause confusion, paranoia, and drowsiness, potentially increasing your chance of being in an accident. Snorting any drug, Wellbutrin included, can also harm your nasal and sinus passages, if you snort drugs over time. Snorting drugs can also spread disease, especially if you share snorting instruments with other users. And if you’re considering snorting Wellbutrin, you should be aware of the high risk of mood and behavior problems, and especially the risk of severe seizures.

Snorting Wellbutrin safely

Wellbutrin is never safe to snort. The commercially-available formulas are simply too powerful to be taken this way. Still, there may be ways to reduce harm by taking Wellbutrin within general limits. The FDA recommends no more than 400 mg of Wellbutrin per day, usually given in 1-2 doses throughout the day. Higher doses of Wellbutrin come with serious health risks.

Snorting Wellbutrin questions

Do you still have questions about snorting Wellbutrin? If so, please let us know. We respond to all Wellbutrin questions with a personal and prompt reply.

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Photo credit: National Institutes of Health

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53 Responses to “Snorting Wellbutrin
Treatment Advocate
5:17 pm March 26th, 2012

Thanks for this post. I have heard that snorting Wellbutrin is a common practice among prison inmates and those in treatment. They pretend to take it orally only to cut it up and snort it minutes later.

2:09 pm May 10th, 2012

I’ve been snorting Wellbutrin for like a week maybe too way more than 400 milligrams a day with neurontin today I fell dwn st and almost had a seizure all because my foot twitched… My question I guess is can u be awake while having seizure

2:17 pm May 10th, 2012

Hello angeloo. Although seizures are associated with loss of consciousness, impaired consciousness is possible as well. I’d suggest that you schedule an appointment with a medical doctor ASAP in order to report the symptoms as well as snorting Wellbutrin. I think that you can benefit from medical advice immediately.

6:22 am July 13th, 2012

My boyfriend is bipolar. He has recently started snorting wellbutrin/bupropion (the purple ones). He will snort anywhere from 2 up to about 15 in one day! What will this do to him???

So far I have already noticed that he is irritable, argumentative, nagging, aggressive, blaming, and sometimes downright mean and scary…looks like his behaviour could be dangerous! He also cannot sleep and will wake me up in the middle of the night for more and gets downright threatening if I do not give it to him. Sometimes it is even followed by snorting cocaine.

What else is this doing to him??? Is it life threatening (for him or myself)???

6:35 pm July 13th, 2012

Hi Christine. This is definitely drug abuse and possible addiction. The long term effects of snorting Wellbutrin or other drugs unclude damage to the nasal passages, as well as increased risk of overdose. I’d suggest that you report this use to his prescribing doctor. But you need to be ready to end the relationship in this case. Your boyfriend is an addict in the throes of addiction, and if you are to call him out on the drug abuse, you could be in a dangerous place. So be sure that you have back up and a plan. But it is time to take action…because things are only going to get worse.

Please continue writing here and asking questions. We are here to support you.

10:33 am August 26th, 2012

During the loading phase of my treatment w/ welbutrin I took more than was prescribed and snorted some of my medication. I regret doing this and want to get my levels right in my body. Should I continue to take my medicationbor stop for a few days to compensate? Day 1 1 300xl
Day 2 2 300xl
Day 3 3 300xl i snorted one of these

7:18 pm August 26th, 2012

Hi Jeremy. Great question! I’d suggest that you call a pharmacist (anonymously) and ask this question directly. We’re simply not qualified to be able to answer this particular question here.

8:36 pm August 27th, 2012

Hello, Thank you so much for finally postly some clear information on the side effects of snorting Bupropion. I have been snorting Buproprion HCL SR 200Mg, 2 or 3 tablets daily for a couple years now.. I am constantly blowing my nose and using Saline nasal spray in order to prevent all of the product to settle in my nose and nasal sinuses.
I know they are not physically addictive, but I have been trying to stop for awhile now with no luck.
Other than the side effects you listed on the Blog, do you know if it can cause damage to my lungs or heart? I would really appreciate your input on this! Thank you so Much!

3:52 pm September 5th, 2012

Hi Kris. There has been a case reported of a teenager who experienced seizure induced by insufflation of bupropion. Other side effects I’ve seen reported are dry mouth and insomnia. I see no reports of side effects related to the heart or lungs reported in research. However, you can get a better idea by searching for these keywords in your internet browser. snort wellbutrin bupropion side effects
Google discussions: snort wellbutrin side effects

3:29 pm September 29th, 2012

My husband has been snoorting Wellbutrin off and on for a while now. The first time I made him stop was when he dropped our 3 day old baby, because he had some kind of episode. I left after that and he had at least 4 more episodes were he would lose chunks of time. Once he stopped we got back together. Well he has started again, and I have to keep them in a lock box so that he does not take more then he is perscribed. And I counted them today and about 10 of them are missing and he says he don’t remember taking them and seems scared about it. So I guess the question is is blocking out and fainting caused by snorting his Wellbutrin?

7:30 pm September 29th, 2012

Hi Chelsea. There’s really no way to determine whether or not your husband has underlying medical conditions which can cause these symptoms except by visiting a family doctor. I’d suggest that you schedule an appointment immediately, and know that doctor-patient confidentiality comes into play when admitting drug abuse.

9:47 am January 15th, 2013

I would definitely have to disagree with the part where it says “snorting wellbutrin probably doesn’t get you high.” From personal experience, I can tell you that it does. The feeling is a little similar to cocaine. A buddy of mine that came from prison actually referred to wellies (Wellbutrin) as “chain gang cocaine.” And as for the seizures, this may be true. But like 6 of my friends and I snorted the stuff for like a month and none of us experienced seizures. The high isn’t too great but it will definitely keep you up all night as if you drank a bunch of coffee or did some meth. If you are thinkin about abusing it; don’t. Just don’t.

Kelsey Goode
4:56 pm January 31st, 2013

It causes me to have very intense and vivid dreams. This is the only reason I ever snort it.

8:35 pm May 19th, 2013

Very interesting post. I just want to say to thoose that never snorted bupropion: DONT DO IT! I begun to snort just 50mgs a day and some days ago I snorted about 2000mgs(yes, 2 grams) in a day!!! I am really addicted to it! I use cymbalta, mirtazapine, abilify and clonazepan (theese I swallow normally). I am going in a psychiatrist to help me with this. Hope he can help me. Tanks to all… (ps.: I am from Brazil).

kelsey goode
7:24 pm August 10th, 2013

^ yes very addictive. I stopped somehow though.

9:11 pm August 15th, 2013


I’m on several meds and have intense back pain, today for the first time ever, I snorted 600 mg of Wellbutrin. Will let you know the outcome

2:13 pm August 16th, 2013

So right away there is burning in back of throat. Nose gets stuffed and runny. Back stopped hurting some and I felt more awake and focused. Only slept about 4 hours but otherwise it was positive experience. Should I do it again? The back pain relief was amazing and I even left the house for 5 hours….no anxiety! Best day in long time

6:22 pm August 16th, 2013

When I posted earlier I snorted 600 mg then I had a couple drinks. I wasn’t feeling better so I just snorted 600 mg more. Is this wise? Until yesterday the most I had ever done was smoke pot on 2 different occasions. The back pain and low energy are making me desperate, any suggestion!?

3:24 pm August 17th, 2013

So know more of that. Nothing! Maybe a little more awake but nothing like the other day. Felt like I had a really bad sinus cold. No sense trying that again. Or is there?

5:10 am August 19th, 2013

Hi Jay. We don’t recommend snorting Wellbutrin at all. When you take Wellbutrin orally, what happens?

4:37 pm August 19th, 2013

Not much, I don’t notice effects from most medication. My tolerance is so high I’m regularly prescribed 3 to 4 times the normal dosage. What to do?

Kelsey Goode
5:03 am September 17th, 2013

Same, welbutrin stopped having any effect. When I snort it I feel numb yet visually alert and disassociated. I enjoy it. Along with the sleep and dreams that follow.

1:42 am September 30th, 2013

So I first tried Wellbutrin last spring, almost a year ago. My girlfriend was snorting some of her own prescription and i did a line myself. being an on-again-off-again drug addict, I was interested in the semi-high if gave me. It’s a strange feeling. like snorting cocaine or meth but only getting an undetermined amount of pleasure (with many side effects) from it. It’s really not even that fun–mediocre at best–but the strange thing is, I keep going back to it. I would like to mention that I, myself, have had a seizure from abusing this prescription drug. I had snorted an entire 30-day supply in 3 days. not sure of the total dosage that I did, they were 150 mg xr’s. Two days after I snorted them, I was at the local mall, sitting down in a chair, and I awoke to being loaded into an ambulance by paramedics. it took me a very long time, hours maybe, before I regained my consciousness enough to learn that I had had a grand-mal seizure. I wish I could say that it would have been enough for me to leave the stuff alone. but a year later I stumbled across an old pill bottle while cleaning, and here I go again. Why is this stuff so addictive for me? Im not even sure if the feeling it gives is a “high”. I am worried about the damage it is doing to my nose/sinuses. It burns worse than anything I’ve ever snorted. I read about hydrocloric acid as an inactive ingredient? is that why it burns so bad?

12:54 pm October 20th, 2013

Here’s my opinion on the “addictive” properties. I think you think you’re getting a better and longer buzz because of the residual effects to your body. That certain peculiar but reassuring taste that enters your throat combined with the almost numbing sensation in your mouth lets you relive the feeling over and over for a bit. I just think it is a placebo effect your body reacts to. those sensations are still there I must be buzzing. I think you get addicted to that feeling, not the buzz itself.

10:59 pm October 25th, 2013

Hello. A family member of mine has been snorting wellbutrin XL, as well as several 1 mg Xanax on a daily basis for several months, possibly a year or longer. My question is, can snorting wellbutrin and Xanax mimic symptoms of MS???? She just went to a doctor and had to have a catheter inserted because the doctors suspect she has a kink in her urethra or possible beginning stages of MS. She has no Family Hx of MS and she was not honest with the doctors about the route she ingests her medications and how much she ingests….Please respond ASAP!!!!! Thank you

4:59 pm October 26th, 2013

Hello Chelle. I’m not sure. This is a question for a neurologist.

4:12 am November 25th, 2013

I’ve been addicted to snorting Bupropion since last December, so nearly a year. Personally have not done any other drugs so it was hard for me to know if it really was a “high” I was experiencing. I shared some with a coworker and he said that it mimics a cocaine and/or an ecstasy high. I’ve noticed that the high has changed over time, but I’m still hooked. I’ve done seven, 300mg bupropion xl at one time. In the doses of 5-7, I have had visual and audible hallucinations and felt really dizzy. I usually only snort 3 or 4. They get me super paranoid and I will agree that your hearing becomes more sensitive. Don’t get hooked on it like me. Like all drugs it promises great feeling but in the end you feel hopeless or lonely. I haven’t gone more than 4 days without doing it… So sad :(

1:28 am December 6th, 2013

Don’t snort it. It barely gets you high, at least for me. I was in treatment for cocaine and crack addiction a month ago and I was snorting welbutrin once a day only half a pill with a buddy and on the 4th day I had 4 grand maul seizures as a result and my heart was stopped for 30 seconds. I’m lucky to be alive and am 25 days sober now. It’s not worth the risk trust me. I did coke for 6 years and never had any health problems but 4 days of snorting wellys and I almost died. I’m sure most people would be fine but it’s not worth the risk it???

7:32 am December 14th, 2013

I think the truth about using bupropion to get high is to answer the question of what is YOUR dosage. There’s a balance struck between too much causing uncontrolled mania and your liver to identify and remove the culprit and the perfect amount that gives a nervous jittery teeth grinding buzz that pleasantly wears off into a mood that is well. As far as full on hallucinating it has never happened but then again even cold medicines can do that when you take enough ie dextromethorpan. If your brave enough to test yourself against the seizure ratio then understand that it is like heroin in you should find the sweet spot and try to keep it there with restraint this will help your body to get to know the chemical and agree with its demands instead of opposing it and going haywire and shutting down or relinquishing control. as for myself I treat 150 mg pills peeled and crushed in four segments taken in increments of 30 min and stopping at about 6 segments while on the recommended dosage. This seems to give me a good buzz is nice to my nose and is much less than the heroic doses I’ve read about. It’s like the difference between a few beers or glasses of wine with no hangover or an all out whiskey bender. I hope this guides the curious in a somewhat safer route of enjoying themselves ang getting their kicks.

11:29 pm March 2nd, 2014

Joshua, great reply man. +1. Great harm reduction.

jojo the dancing monkey
9:37 pm March 18th, 2014

I’ve been snorting welbies for a while . I started in prison cause I was a meth addict for will get you high.

jojo the dancing monkey
11:12 pm March 19th, 2014

Its a lame high but it works if your broke and have a few pills on hand. I don’t know why I do it.maybe its the burn or the brief intoxication. I’m a recovering addict like I said so maybe its just my addictive personality. I guess its one of those things where its prescribed to me so it must be ok. Justification!?!

3:22 am May 16th, 2014

Me and my roommate blow wellbutrin almost every weekend when we’re drunk, all of our friends agree when you drink and blow it, it is defiantly worth it but blowing it after you smoke weed or when your sober isn’t great. I think this drug is cool to be abused occasionally but I guess that’s what every one sais before they’re addicted. Also I love cocaine and Wellbutrin always takes the edge off when I’m joansing

12:37 am May 20th, 2014

Hey my name is sarah and I’m very addicted to welebutrin and it’s ruining my life! I know I have to quit and tried a couple times but none of those attempts lasted for than 24 hours. && as I’m reading the effects above saying its not addictive than I guess it’s just my personality. I am on methadone and the only drug you can get away with using is concerta and then led me to welebutrin (welly) before it use to burn at first which caused me to only do a little here and there but as I got use to it… Long story short I do a lot .. Sometimes 10 300′s in one day the generic ones.
The reason I’m telling you all this is I need help; I have a son and a boyfriend who doesn’t do it. We’ve ben together for seven years and use to use with me and when he quit obviously I didn’t but because he smokes weed and I don’t I guess I use that against him .. I’ve Ben doing it atleast 6 months and got pregnant last month but didnt quit even then ( yes I’m very ashamed ) & even tho the doctor told us he doesn’t think that’s the reason I lost the baby even though he’s Ben so supportive I know he resents me a bit for it and well who can blame him ..
Anyway ever since my miscarriage I’ve Ben doing a crazy amount and one day (the first time) I started to feel a lot of the effects and I scared the shit out of me I thought I was going crazy and vowed to quit and obviously didnt but ATM actually at this second it’s happening again & again at this moment I don’t ever want to do this again Nd flushed the rest of what I had but still feel in the morning I won’t be strong enough to follow through . So whatever advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated ..
ps the crazy symptoms I’m feeling are ( the best I can explain it )
* I feel very panicky
* I start thinking about things then a thought that usually just past your mind because I’m so paranoid I start thinking about it and if its a crazy thought. I drive (driving) my self nuts not to think about
* my hearts racing a million beats per hour

6:29 am June 24th, 2014

So I was Snorting 300mg pills for oh 2 months while i was in treatment. My Question, as well as Warning, is that i have almost completely lost all sense of smell. I haven’t taken anything up my nose in over a month thinking my smell would come back (literally hold perfume to my face & i cant smell it) it also effects Sense Of Taste, obviously.
I was an addict 10 years snorting A LOT of Different things and nothing ever did damage to my nose like this has!
I wonder if anyone else experienced this loss of Smell. If so will i ever be able to smell again? How long does it take to heal your nose?

11:19 am September 19th, 2014

Someone mentioned feeling watched even tho noone was there… Last prescription filled, I made it last a few days but not much. i was soo paranoid, wind would make something move, out the corner of my eye I see it jump thinking someone is there. This was just the comedown the fallowing day. so this roundabout with these pills will be 3 days awake, Ill get to go on a man hunt for shadows. Ive had these shadow people for a long time, when I cant sleep, or get stressed, they come visit me (perfectly sober).

I suggest not to even try this, it is not worth the side effects unless you get 30 pills each month for free. The first one burns the nose, the next one, you wont feel the burn as bad. give it an alittle bit and your nose will stopped up. I havent done one in 6 hours now, my feet keep curling up, my mouth has a mind of its own. Im dizzy and I still have that hum in my ears that some how makes acute sounds amplified fairly well. Atleast its not as bad as dxm, the world keeps turning upside down for me, so I cant do anything for 24 hours after dosing.

7:22 am September 25th, 2014

I have a friend who snorts Wellbutrin and he high big time compares it to cocaine he snorts 4 bupropin 300 XL in a 4 hour time yet it isn’t supposed to get you high what gives?

3:56 am October 15th, 2014

im 16 and have one pill of 15 mg bupropion hcl xl 150 going to use it regardless of your answer so can you please explain how much to use at a time and what serious serious problems can occur like heart failure or a seizure if thats even possible thanks

11:10 am October 16th, 2014

Hello. I used to have a coke problem. I LOVE to snort things. I have since quit using cocaine however I still crave it all the time. Although it’s bad for me, which I understand, snorting Wellbutrin (SR) keeps me away from cocaine. I’ve had instances of people offering cocaine to me and I just go home and snort a Wellbutrin. I think my addiction is more towards the action of snorting. I don’t think they really have help groups for that… mostly just for drug or alcohol abuse. So to try and shorten this a bit… what do I do? I have been snorting Wellbutring for almost 2 months, as well more than I am prescribed. I have been lucky thus far but I’m sure some bad side effect is coming soon. By the way I don’t snort it to get high and it doesn’t get me high. I just like to snort.

3:06 pm October 17th, 2014

Hi Anthony. You can read all the side effects, and possible risks and dangers in the article above. I hope you change your mind after reading it all, since you say my word doesn’t change a thing. Keep yourself safe, kid.

4:04 pm October 17th, 2014

Hi snort_addict. Usually, people seek help in counselling for dealing with their cravings. Our brain connects some actions with their effects. So, your brain remembers the feeling that came after something was snorted, that’s why it keeps seeking it. There are treatments that can help you control it, but only time can erase the connection between the two. Also, I don’t think it’s smart to go snorting Wellbutrin, it’s no good. Plus, you may end up replacing one addiction for another.

4:06 am December 17th, 2014

Just snorted it.gave me a terrible headache and now my throat is burning… What a waste of my time

6:10 pm December 19th, 2014

Do NOT inject these tablets. They frequently cause scarring, ulcerations, and tissue death that can lead to infection and bleeding. People have died from complications arising from this practice.

6:28 am December 31st, 2014

I had no idea that Wellbutrin had serious effects until today. I had to see a substitute doctor and i didn’t understand why he was so skeptical about giving me the medication i have been taking for 3 years.
i am now 24 and have been taking it for 3 years. i was given the meds for 2 illness’ which are now worse. i don’t know if it’s the meds or my mind, hoping for another opinion as i don’t have anyone else to talk to.

10:28 am January 3rd, 2015

Hi, my name is Jessie and I’m 16 years old. I have a question about the life of Welbutrin (how long it will last) I recently overdosed with this medication and I recall taking it at 3:32 pm and it kicked I’m 10:21 am and lasted for at least 3 days. I suffered from major hallucinations verbally/eye wise.

I’ve been taking this medication for about a year and since having a high pill tolerance I can take up to 1,350 mg.

4:43 pm January 14th, 2015

Hello Jesslyn. Did you by any chance take another substance, a prescription pill or alcohol while on the Wellbutrin? What did the doctors say?

snow like precipitation.
9:59 am February 11th, 2015

yeah snorting welbutrin definitely gets you high. I know this from experience as well. it burns like hell for a while. If you try snorting the time release capsules you don’t get high instantly, it takes a while. DO NOT snort more! I had a friend who snorted some time releases, didn’t feel high, snorted some more, and wound up in the hospital 45 minutes later because he dropped on the sidewalk and had a grand maul type seizure. easy does it..

A concerned Mother
1:16 pm February 15th, 2015

My son has a terrible addiction to quite a few drugs. He has been in rehab pushing 60 times NO lie!!! He has a family that is loving and caring but this not even phase him. I personally sectioned him after an arrest for heroin. I thought that it was the worse day of my life! He constantly seeks ant kind of high. Currently he is in rehab. Yesterday I received a call that he had a grand mal seizure and was at the hospital. The seizure was so bad that he had no memory to who what where and when!!! This lasted for 20 min or so from what I was told. When I got to the hospital an hr from my house driving in a blizzard I did not know if my son was brain damaged, dead or alive!!! HIPPA is what stopped more explanation! I was told that it was from WELLBUTRIN!!!! As a mother’s intuition as well as a nurse I thought about the side effects of crushing these pills due to his history! My son has NEVER had a seizure before. I am afraid for his life every day. I am more educated now thanks to this site!!! So for all of you PLEASE take my words to heart. You are killing yourself as well as every one around you! Please be honest with someone about your issues and you will be surprised how many WONDERFUL hands there are out there without judgment! PEOPLE LOVE YOU!!!!! Bridges will be rebuilt! It is not what you have done…it is what you do NOW! Please grab on to the right helping hands and DO NOT LET GO!!! Thank you for this blog I have learned a lot!!!! Pray for my son Bobby please!!!
Signed an unconditional loving MOTHER

1:48 pm February 16th, 2015

Concerned Mother, my heart breaks as I read your story. Thank you for taking the time to write such a warm and loving warning to everyone reading this. How is your son doing? I hope he’s doing better and I wish him a successful recovery. I know your story will reach to many hearts. My thoughts and prayers are with your family!

7:39 am February 26th, 2015

Questions about wellbutrain all the info abouve is so wrong ypu can get exstresmly high on it for a very short period of time I dont like doing it often but tonight ive taken about 1400 mg snorting thats the only way the high takes effect but I shake see things eyes dilated will I be ok ive done it before many times it is like speed I have 1 mg xanex do I dare try to sleep cause well keeps you awake

11:28 am March 14th, 2015

I have bipolar disorder and have been crushing Wellbutrin and snorting it in very high doses (10-12 300mg pills at a time) for about 6 years. I do this about three days a month, while I have my prescription, then the prescription runs out and I don’t do it anymore. It’s reportedly not addictive, but I can’t seem to stop doing it. Taking it in these large doses Does get me very high. I have never had a seizure to my knowledge, perhaps because I’ve developed tolerance, but I have had whole body twitches that come and go quickly. I believe I have damaged my sinuses and nasal passages because I blow my knows a lot. What concerns me most is my liver and my lungs. I’m deathly afraid of what my lungs look like right now. Can you develop tumors in the lungs? Can it give you lung cancer? Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

1:37 pm March 14th, 2015

I’m not sure if we are allowed to post links here, but here is one that details various Canadian doctors’ opinions that Wellbutrin is both addictive and that it gets you high, similar to meth or crack. I just thought it would be good to reference an alternative opinion to what many Wellbutrin sites are saying, that it’s not addictive and that it does not get you high. I think this is incorrect information. Please see below if you’re interested. Thanks.

12:28 pm March 16th, 2015

Hi Tracy. We don’t usually allow sharing of links from other websites, since they usually tend to be spam. But, this one I’ll allow. It contains useful information that everyone should read and can benefit from. So, thank you for sharing, Tracy!

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