Can you get high on Zoloft?

Most people DO NOT get high on Zoloft. In fact, less than 1% of people who take Zoloft get high on it. Learn why not, plus a brief look at Zoloft addiction risk.

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If you are one of many people getting on Zoloft and are worried about feeling high or euphoric on Zoloft, don’t. Getting high on Zoloft doesn’t happen very frequently. And if you want to use Zoloft to get high, don’t bother. We review why here.

Zoloft chemistry and use

Zoloft is a type of medicine used to treat anxiety and depression. Zoloft is from a new class of antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and is thought to work by increasing the amount of serotonin in the brain, which changes the brain’s receptors to serotonin, making them more sensitive to this particular chemical. Similar and popular medications in this class of drugs includes Prozac and Trazodone.  The end result of using SSRIs is increased perceptions of happiness and fullness and decreased perception of pain. In other words, taking Zoloft can increase your quality of life.  But can it get you high?

Zoloft and euphoric effect

Antidepressants like Zoloft do not bring about happiness, they just relieve depression. The most common description of the effects of Zoloft is a gradual feeling that depression lifts.  Not of euphoria or feeling high. In fact, Zoloft starts working only after you take it regularly.  Most people start feeling normal after 3-6 weeks of taking Zoloft – the average time it takes for how long zoloft to work.  Again, people who respond to antidepressants are not euphoric but report feeling more balanced emotional states.

During clinical trials, for example, researchers found that Zoloft infrequently created feelings of euphoria associated with feeling high. These infrequent cases occurred in 1/100 to 1/1000 of people who took Zoloft, the same percentage of people who report prozac high.  By contrast and FYI, trazodone high is not even possible.  So although it is possible to get high on Zoloft, it is highly unlikely that euphoric effect will occur.

Can you get addicted to Zoloft?

Experts are still not sure if Zoloft is physically addictive, or not. Clinical trials did not reveal any tendency for withdrawal syndrome when you stop taking Zoloft or drug-seeking behavior that is typical of drug that produce a high. But Zoloft does affect the central nervous system and doctors need to be aware of past drug abuse because this can lead to misuse or abuse of Zoloft, characterized by tolerance to the drug, increasing doses, and drug-seeking behavior.

Are you struggling with Zoloft? You can give an end to your abuse and addiction problem, and learn more about what happens when you seek help in our Zoloft Addiction Treatment Program and Help GUIDE…and get rid of the grip this antidepressant has on you once and for all.

Questions about Zoloft

Please leave your questions or experiences below. We are here to help you and to help connect you with other people interested in Zoloft. We answer all questions personally and may even respond with a new article! Your feedback and comments are welcomed.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I’m on sertraline normally at 150mg but decided to up the dose to 200mg. I’m a recovering alcoholic and smoke weed. I feel very strange is this normal.

  2. I beg to differ.
    I was prescribed 50mg and I am only 117lbs.
    I was high, it was a head high,
    I’ve cut my dose in half.
    I was having sleep issues before and I think its getting worse
    Im on week one and so far Im starting to feel like a zombie
    Anxiety is more.mellow.
    Appetite surpressed a little but I still eat anyway.

  3. I have been taking Zoloft for almost a year now. Having an addictive personality, using anti anxiety medication was not an option, as it is very easy to exceed the amount you should use. As compared to a benzo, where you feel high and perfect until you don’t and you want to take another pill, Zoloft feels more consistent. I take 100 mg every day, it took me some time to work up to that. I am 22, i exercise every day, eat healthy and would say i’m in above average shape.It is possible to feel like you are doing every thing right in your life and still struggle with anxiety and depression. I personally think seeking help is one of the strongest things to do. Zoloft changed my life for the better and im very thankful. The side affects are well worth it to feel the depression lift and the panic attacks to lessen. If you are reading this and need a sign to speak to your doctor to finally start a medication, this is it! You are important and deserve to feel good. This medication can help.

  4. I suffered from depression pretty much as long as I can remember, but, “a man” didn’t admit to depression back in the day. It got so bad I had to get help. Crying on a bus?? Started on 25mg now up to 100. I’m 100% convinced Zoloft saved my life.L

  5. I have anxiety that causes physical. Pain in my face and kegs.
    This happened right after menopause I had my ovaries removed and 6 months later it started. I went to numerous doctors and they AL said it was anxiety . I went into.menopause immediately and it was horrabe. Hit sweats not sleeping. I started on cokazapan and it helped. The pain is in my face so. I thought it was my sinuses but Doc says I have rhinutys. I gave now started on 25 mg of zolift and am starting to feel good. I had stomach pains and diarrhea in the beginning g but not now. I am scared to gomuo to 50mg. I don’t want to get sick. How is this drug helping me. Because of my syrgwry did it deplete all my serating levels. I also eat right exercise abs do yoga. Does this drug make you not feel.the pain as much and less sensitive makes you stronger.
    Thank you

  6. This is my third day on Serlain and I didn’t get much sleep the first day and the second only a few hours my appetite is gone and I am “out of it” often I have all this energy yet I don’t want to do anything the only good thing is when I did go to the gym I got a full work out and wasn’t gassed out at all. I hate the shakey feeling it’s been giving me as well are these signs that the dosage is too high or is this common in the first couple of days

  7. I’ve been on 50 mg of Zoloft for about 3 months. It definitely has helped me a lot, the only side effect I’ve felt is very vivid dreams and they can become scary. I’m starting to get used to it though. I know 50mg isn’t really a lot, I’m only 19 and 102 pounds so 50 is plenty. My doctor wants to increase to 100 soon and I’m kind of nervous, but so far Zoloft has been good to me. Also I’ve found that I can’t intake as much caffeine or else I get really jittery. Withdrawal symptoms DO occur though! I went without it one day and had a crazy panic attack. It’s best to taper off of it if you wanna quit. It doesn’t feel addictive, but your body definitely starts to depend on it.

    Also, don’t knock Zoloft just because it didn’t work for you. Everyone’s body is different. Prozac made me extremely sick and paranoid but works well for others. You just gotta find what suits you.

  8. Yes you can get high off Zoloft because I was once addicted to these! I would take up to 7-9 of 200mg of Zoloft tablet’s each day! For about 2-3 years!

  9. Is there a blood or urine test to find zolft or sertraline specifically to determine if someone is using it without permission. Not just anxiety medicine, but specifically sertraline.

  10. Iv just started taking sertraline. And I fell like I’m high and euphoric like I want to clean the house and don’t want to sit still strange feeling in my head just hope it’s a side effect there’s feeling happy then theirs this wanting to come down and yes u can get high on it so pose effect people diff

  11. Hi im breastfeeding my 2 month old and am planning to until he is 6 months old. My pharmacist said that zoloft doesnt go to the breast milk is that true? if it does i really dont want my son to consume it even if there arent any side effects.

    1. Hi Stephanie. I suggest that you consult with your doctor and pediatrician about your concern. It seems to me that everything you consume may impact your breast milk.

  12. Several years ago I suffered a bout of severe situational depression and was prescribed zoloft. It made my extremeties swell, my ears ring, and gave me an all over flu like feeling of sickness. I quit it, did CBT instead and eliminated my depression. Today I discovered that my daughter’s friend is abusing zoloft to get high and that my daughter may very well be doing this too. I discovered a text conversation between the two in which the friend was coaching my daughter on how to obtain meds. Due to this as well as some statements discovered here, I believe zoloft and other antidepressants to be drugs of abuse and possible addiction, especially among teenagers.

  13. No way Zoloft fucked me up for life , docs lie abouth it but this is a bad medication , just do sports or fitness and eat healthy and let any doc or shrink shuff it up there ass , they just sucking in money , and manipulate you into a happy feeling so u can work again for the gouvernement 🙂 in a medicated way , whatever you all are doing is wrong , dont ever get meds and dont be lazy just do sports

  14. @Justin

    I have a similar reaction to Zoloft as you. I started Zoloft about a year ago. Depression, Anxiety etc…. Zoloft makes me feel numb. I know what emotion I should be feeling, but it is like something is blocking that emotion or feeling. It is a weird experience. The first few weeks I started Zoloft, I could not even get out of bed. I felt like my head was spinning. Someone else mentioned Zoloft feeling like an amphetamine high. I completely agree. That does not happen all the time. Also i notice everyone takes it in the morning?? I take mine at night. If I take Z in the am, I can’t even function.

  15. I’ve been taking Zoloft for my depression and anxiety for awhile now and have found myself more stable but sometimes I feel numb like I should be upset or angry but am withdrawn and bottle it in I also have experienced out bursts of anger where I feel out of control . my question is what can I do about that would increasing my dose help me with my anger and outbursts or do I need other medicine also I smoke weed regularly are there coradponding negative effects in mixing the two and do I need to take Zoloft forever will I feel dope sick if I go off of it can I die from with drawl thanks for ur time

  16. I started taking Zoloft a few days ago and one 50/mg tablet made me feel as if I were high. Later that night my throat swelled to what almost felt shut completely. Later came shakes sweating and vomiting. I’m a few days in now and the high feeling has gone away but other side effects still remain but are less strong. To those judging others or telling others what they feel you need to educate yourself. We are all different and all have different chemical makeup in our bodies. Just because you felt one way does not mean everyone will.. I’m hoping it with my depression and my temper but only time will tell. Best wishes to all those seeking to better themselves. Don’t give up !

  17. Okay so i made a huge mistake, my Zoloft hasn’t seemed to really help much so I wanted to see what would happen if I snorted it. However, now I am in immense pain and my anxiety is worse because now I’m panicking because this pain won’t go away. My throat and nose are burning non stop, I put ice on my face drank ice cold water, ate ice pops ,, Please can someone tell me what I can do to relieve this pain ?

    1. Hello Brittany. Well, snorting is considered as a way of abusing the drug, which rises the risk of addiction. I suggest you go to the ER, or consult a doctor.

  18. I have a lot of stress, mostly on the job, but with finances also. Been prescribed Clonazepam for quite awile,. Now Doc wants me off of them, he has tried several SSRI’S, But all of them make me deathly ill to the point of going to the emergency room. The Clonazepam has never made me sick. So what’s the big deal all about? Why can’t Dr let me keep taking what works, without all the stomach pain?????

    1. Hello Cherhl. Have on mind that every drug has different effect on each person. I suggest you talk with your doctor, and if s/he doesn’t want to hear about your problem, maybe you should ask for second opinion.


  20. My husband is addicted to pain killers. He went into rehab and has been off of them for 6 months now. But he is a veteran and is dealing with depression and PTSD so his psychiatrist prescribed him Zoloft. I am really worried he’s just going to fall back into addiction. Is there a high likelihood that this will cause him to fall back?

  21. Zoloft Has changed my life… I tried tons of other antidepressants and finally found one that works. I take 75mgs and I don’t want to go any higher…thank the lord. I think it does create a bit of euphoria but hey…

  22. Hi my name is Brenda, I suffer from anxiety never able to sit down for hours, then all of a sudden I’m irritated, angry, and sad it start confusing me as well as my family and others. Everyone always think I’m just crazy for switching up conversation. However, I’ve been on Zoloft for years now 100mg, 50mg. I never seemed to take as prescribed now I’m on 25mg. I can automatically feel the difference very easy on the stomach. I vow to take my Zoloft at 7:30 p.m. I’ve hope someone had benefited from my experience good luck everyone God bless and please try to stay calm. Writing and Reading helps a lot as well.

  23. This is my 8th week on a higher dose of Sertraline (150mg). The positives are that I’m now sleeping so much better, and appetite us good again. I’m starting to do more around the house too. I still feel a little shaky and flat mood though, but I’ve made myself go out more to regain confidence. Will this anxiety and flat mood lift soon? Is Sertraline working for me if sleep and appetite are good again?

  24. You guys saying that you’ve felt high after taking 25 mg are dumb. I’m prescribed 150mg daily and never has it made me feel high. It’s most likely all in your head or maybe you are also taking other medication and when it mixes together it has that affect.

  25. Hi I started on sertraline 3years ago I thought I was better so I stopped taking them, only the other day I had a bad do, so I’m back on them how long does it take 75mg to work than you

  26. Zoloft most DEFINITELY made me euphoric the first couple days I was on it, but I also smoked pot at the same time so it was hard to tell how much was one and how much was the other and how much was the combination. Then the first day that I raised my dose from 50mg to 100mg, I got really euphoric and high and dopey a bit after taking it (and had not smoked pot that day or for about a week prior). That lasted for about an hour, and then I just felt good but sober for the rest of the day. The second day I took 100mg I was euphoric again for about ten minutes and then felt my normal up-and-down for the rest of the day.

  27. So the first couple days I took Zoloft I got this really high feeling and I wasn’t sure if I was in reality or a dream and once I thought my heads and feet where missing. Is this normal or no? I’m kind of worried if that made my schizophrenia worse or not…

    1. Hi Sophia. It’s a usual thing to experience when starting a new medication…until your organism adapts to the presence of the substance. But it will be normalized soon. It’s good to report these effects to your prescribing doctor. You may need to be started at a lower dose, which will be gradually increased over time.

  28. I started taking 25mg of generic zololt 20 years ago, I was 38. I increased the dose to 50mg about 15 years ago, I was 43. I have been taking the 50mg every morning for 15 years and my anxiety (GAD) along with mild depression have NOT returned in any way. I could be a poster child for Zoloft.
    Until…. 4 months ago. I started experiencing ringing in my ears, dizziness and a one day episode of vertigo. I’m experiencing more stress than usual at this time in my life, caring for my 84 year old Mother in her home (I have a home of my own so I do not live with my parents). I managed to make it through the holidays with no anxiety/depression feelings and even into the new year. But In Feb I went to see my MD and ask if there was anything I could do to relieve the ringing in my ears. He prescribed a diuretic pill. That was Feb 2nd. I took 5 doses. No way, I stopped the dosage after 5 days. I lost 10 pounds, I was nauseated, my appetite was gone. Kind of sent me in a tail spin of anxiety/depression. A week later I found myself in the ER with overwhelming anxiety feelings. My MD of 34 years saw me on the 18th of Feb and suggested I raise my dosage of Zoloft to 100mg. Now I have always had a hard time with taking meds especially anxiety meds. That is why I started and stayed on 25mgs for 5 years. It worked very good for me then and I was happy I got my life back and went on with life. When I started taking 50mg the same was true. I was in control within 4 weeks and back in balance by 8 weeks. So now, Mar 2, I have been taking 75mg of generic Zoloft for 13 days. I’m still so nauseated, appetite is returning very slowly, I’m having trouble working, and I’m so worried that the 75, 100, or any dose will not help now since my body may be immune it . Anxiety is still incredible!!! Why did my 50mgs “poop out” on me?? And has this happened to others? I need some encouraging words. I don’t want to change to some other anti-depressant EVER!!! Im now 58 and I am more than willing to take Zoloft for the rest of my life.

  29. Zoloft has saved my life, I have ptsd, depression and anxiety from finding my husband dead next to me in 2008, I started Zoloft 50mg 3 mths ago, i saw a change in my moods after a week all though they were not fully gone.. But it has helped me alot. the 1st week i was sleepy but my body had to get use to it. I went for a check up today and my raised me too 100mg and im sleepy again but im sure it will pass…

  30. Hi Laura. You should definitely talk to your daughter. She’ll either tell the truth or you’ll know if she’s lying by the way she answers when you catch her off-guard. Most importantly, don’t have a judgemental approach because she’ll just shut you out. You can go further with an open conversation and motherly kindness.

  31. I found ONE ZOLOFT pill in my teenage daughters room. I found only one. If Zoloft does not get you high, then why would she have one? I am going to ask her about it but don’t expect a trustworthy answer. Please answer asap. Thank You.

  32. Hello Stacy. Some research associates use of Zoloft (sertraline) with a rare but serious newborn lung problem (persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn, or PPHN) when taken during the last half of pregnancy, as well as heart defects affecting the septum. The septum is the wall of tissue that separates the left side of the heart from the right side of the heart. Some other possible side effects include anencephaly, craniosynostosis and omphalocele, cleft lip and palate, respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), and autism.

    Zoloft is assigned a “C” grade for safety during pregnancy by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but they also state that effects on unborn humans remain unproven, since researchers cannot ethically test any drug on a human baby.

  33. Be careful taking this drug, I was addicted to MDMA for a very long time. I was prescribed Zoloft after a few Suicide attemts and after the loss of my girlfriend. (150mg tabs) I desided to end my life so I took somewhere around 16 pills. And yes, I did get high very high for days. I have been abusing them ever since. Zoloft taken in high doses will get you high. It is also very harmful to you. serotonin overdose is a real thing. Addiction to this drug is a real thing. Be careful. I am off to rehab tomorrow.

  34. I took my first Zoloft today, prescribed for mood disturbance, emotional reactivity, anxiety and depression. I’m high as a kite. This is seriously the best thing I’ve ever taken. What gives? I’m only 6 hours in!

  35. Thank-you for the pertinent information, I minister in recovery programs and found a loose bottle of Sertraline and wondering if it was something they were getting high on or to help out of depression. I will call them and let them know I have found their lost pills.
    Chris Duffy

  36. Hello Janice. It does sound as if you’ve reacted to Zoloft unfavorably. I’d suggest an immediate phone call to your prescribing doctor to report the symptoms and to seek a suggestion for alternatives.

  37. My doctor had me on 50mg and wanted to increase it to 100 so I decided it would be best if I did so gradually . I took 75mg today and what ever 1/100 to 1/1000 I guess I’m part of that rare percent because I’ve been feeling extremely euphoric all day , I didn’t sleep well at all last night and I don’t feel like I will be able to sleep tonight . My head hurts too .

  38. My doctor prescribed Zoloft because I’ve been going through a lot. I didn’t want to take the medication but I thought it might help me with my over-thinking on everything. I took 50mg last night. When I woke up (which was at 4:30am) I felt very nauseous and shakey. I have a “high” feeling and don’t know if I want to sleep or I’m satisfied sitting and staring at the wall. I feel like a zombie however I feel like if I wasn’t in such a daze I could clean my whole house in a couple of minutes. Feeling like I have a lot of energy but too high to move to fast (I know that contradicts itself but hope someone can make sense of it). I’m wondering if should stop or lower my dose.

  39. Hello,

    I have took 2 pills of Serlain (Zoloft) in february 2013.
    The reason i took it was a few anxiety attacks.
    It was 25mg to start up, but it didn’t feel good at all and i just stopped.

    Is it safe to stop after just 2 pills of 25mg?
    My dizziness and lightheadedness became 10 times worse after those 2 pills.

    I am still verry dizzi after 40 days of stopping those 2 pills.
    Is this something the Serlain did to me because stopping after 2 days and is this irreversible?


  40. hi my names jj im23 year old male from detroit iI have never found zoloft to work for my panic attacts anixity or depression and it dose not get u high but may work for someone else xanax volumes and other benzos work for me though.

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