How Long Does Wellbutrin Stay In Your System?

Wellbutrin has a very long half-life and can stay in your system for days or even weeks. More on Wellbutrin metabolism and detection windows here,

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Reviewed by: Dr. Dili Gonzalez, M.D. Dr. Juan Goecke, M.D.

ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Wellbutrin is a popular antidepressant medication. So if you’re taking it, how long does Wellbutrin stay in your body? And can Wellbutrin on drug test be detected? We review the Wellbutrin detection here and invite your questions about Wellbutrin in the system at the end.

Main Wellbutrin Uses

Wellbutrin is an antidepressant medication that works by increasing some types of brain activity. Wellbutrin is also used to treat seasonal affective disorder and help people quit smoking. Getting high off Wellbutrin is unlikely, but you should always use caution while drinking and taking Wellbutrin.  And be sure to report all other prescription medication use to your prescribing doctors.

How Do You Take Wellbutrin?

Wellbutrin comes in three different formulations: it is available as a tablet taken 3-4 times a day, but also as a sustained-release and extended-release tablet. The sustained-released version is only taken twice a day. The extended-release is taken once daily.  Some people try snorting Wellbutrin XL or SR for euphoric effect.  But this kind of administration is less effective and more risk than oral doses and taking Wellbutrin as prescribed.

Peak Levels And Half Life Of Wellbutrin

Wellbutrin hits its peak levels about 7 hours after taking the medication. The medication has a very long half-life, about 33 to 37 hours.

Wellbutrin Drug Testing: How Long Does Wellbutrin Stay In The Body?

Because of Wellbutrin’s long half-life and slow rate of absorption, it’s possible that Wellbutrin could remain in the body for weeks. However, Wellbutrin is not a controlled substance and is not considered a high risk for abuse, so it’s not included in normal drug screens. Still, Wellbutrin is sometimes tested for using a toxicology screen in a medical setting.

It is important to note also that Wellbutrin can create a false positive for amphetamines. Because Wellbutrin can be mistaken for a stimulant drug, if you’re doing a drug test for legal or employment purposes, inform the Medical Officer in charge of test results of Wellbutrin use by presenting your doctor’s note or prescription.

How Long Does Wellbutrin Stay In Blood?

Wellbutrin can stay in the blood for several days. A blood test will likely only be done in the case of a medical emergency – perhaps to see what medications were taken if you experience overdose or a serious adverse effect of Wellbutrin.

How Long Does Wellbutrin Stay In Hair?

Wellbutrin isn’t normally tested for in hair, since it’s not a drug of abuse and it can’t be used to facilitate criminal activity. However, most medications stay in the hair up to 90 days.

How Long Does Wellbutrin Stay In Urine?

It’s unclear how long Wellbutrin stays in the urine, but, according to the FDA, it is well-known that Wellbutrin can cause false positives for amphetamines and other controlled substances on urine screens. So if you’ve taken Wellbutrin within a month or so of a urine drug test, you need to let the person administering the test know. They’ll have to use an alternate test.

Wellbutrin And Addiction

Wellbutrin is not addictive in normal amounts. It does have a mild stimulant activity that might tempt some people to abuse the drug, but this comes with a very high risk of seizures. Still, Wellbutrin is not a medication which can be stopped abruptly due to the risk of adverse effects. So, it is important to always seek medical advice when starting or stopping Wellbutrin. Antidepressant Withdrawal Treatment Programs specialize to assist all those who attempt to quit the drug but find it difficult to stay quit for long. Plus, medical teams can make the process of withdrawal far more manageable by offering medications, therapies, and support.

Wellbutrin In Your System Questions

Do you still have questions about Wellbutrin in your system? Please leave your questions below. We will be happy to try to answer them with a personal and prompt reply ASAP.

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  1. The doc gave me wellbutrin for depression and I took my first one. I’ve been hallucinating and feel 100 times worse than before I took it. Its almost been 24 hours with no relief from the side effects. When will it stop?

  2. What is the half-life of wellburn ir and does it release faster than 150xl ? Does it have less side effects?

  3. I’m a 72 woman and started taking 300 mg daily 3 months ago I and live on the Gulf W Fl n need to know what would happen if I stayed on beach all day in sun

  4. My doctor took me off of wellbutrin.
    I am still having problems with dizziness and
    Memory. How long does it take for the medication to leave your system

  5. I need to ween myself off of this medication. I am taking it for depression, but am NOT looking to quit smoking. Lately my cigs haven’t been giving me the “buzz” i usually feel after smoking, and after researching i found out this med blocks the nicotine receptors that the nicotine affects. I want that feeling back as i feel it helps me in my normal routines and gets me through my day. I havent been sleeping well lately, and have been screwing up alot at work. How can i ween off this medication?

    1. Hi Joel. I suggest that you consult with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  6. I neef to flush this crap from my system as soon as possible. I thought they were asprin and i took several of them over the period of a I am having many side effects. What can I do to get ride of it

  7. I was on 300mg of welbutrin for 1 year.went down to 150m for 6months. Went down to 100mg for 1 i stopped taking the 100mg.what can i ecpect as far as withdrawal??
    My doc precribed me Imimpermine 50 mg last month plus klonipin if needed till i can find the right meds to help this horrible depression and anxiety.any imfo would be so appreciated.?

  8. I accidentally took a 75mg welbutrin slow release. I midtown it for another medication . What is going to happen to me???

  9. I’ve been taking Wellbutrin HCL XL 150 for the past 2 months. Doctor said I could quit cold turkey and be fine since I haven’t been on it too long. My question is, when can I resume drinking alcohol again? I last took a pill yesterday afternoon.

  10. To my father Bupron 150 mg sustained release given on yesterday Dt 9/1/2018 in vijyawada Ap , after tht he is in unconsious till now sone times his legs areally shacking like ceizures . Can u please give suggestions what is condition and how much required from my father body.

  11. I have been taking 2 x a day 100 mg each for about 4 days w/zolpidem at night can – having extreme hyperness or anxiety? Going to take the next does shortly can this be a hazard to me? Thanks you- face feels flushed and scalp feels inflamed or sore?

  12. Been on Wellbutrin 150mg 6 months. Been off for 4 days. Going back back on venlafaxine 75 mg. Will I still experience the withdrawals?

  13. Losing most interest in activities with my partner (spouse) and lacking of sex drive went to the doctor who recommends me to take the medicine in a dose of 150mg daily. I’m a diabetic person of the third age but still strong and very different of the common individuals of my age (76). Go to the gym every 5-6 days a week and spend a couple of hours either cycling(3-3.5) miles and later changing to the rest of equipments exercising arms, chest, biceps,shoulders, etc. Also I sleep normally, not all night, but waking up to eliminate urine. Am taking insulin through a pump. My weight has jumped from 198lbs. to 201-203 lbs.and developed a little belly costing me a lot of efforts to get rid of it.Would u recommend me to take this medication? In general not lost the interest in things and activities but in sex do you recommend me?

    1. Hi John. I suggest that you consult with your doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule. Also, think about seeing a therapist for your issues. And, when you have suicidal thoughts, call on the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

  14. I am 56 and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 35..after this I was put on an array of horrible meds one of which was fentynl which a few years back over several horrible withdrawal months took myself off of..among these years I was given several antidepressant and told they help with cronhic pain..most recent and past years wellbutrin. Since I was never depressed before fibromyalgia I decided to try going off Wellbutrin off several weeks felt great not tired muscle pain nausea better but severe drop in libido…I never had orgasm problems before meds and on wellbutrin was off it I cannot have an decided to go back on have nausea headache muscle pain..not sure what to do libido better..yet symptoms are also symptoms of fibro..find it funny though I go back on and they come back..Pharmacists said wellbutrin not going to give orgasm but unlike other antidepressant won’t stop it..Dr. said yes it does help with orgasm don’t know who to believe..dont know what to do now..I dont want to feel sick yet dont know whats going on with libido..if I had no trouble before antidepressant why when off is this happening..doknt know what to do

  15. If I take a 150 milligram wellbutrin at 7am o’clock in the morning can I have a half a dropper of CBD oil in tea at 7pm in the evening

  16. I have been taking two 150mg of Wellbutrin for a long time. I was given a prescription of 300mg Wellbutrin by mistake as my cholesterol med. After taking these 3 pills daily for several days, I was becoming EXTREMELY exhausted in the afternoon.

    Please give me your opinion. Thank you.

  17. How long does it take for Wellbutrin to show up on a urine screen? In other words, if I took a Wellbutrin right now, when would it show up on a urine screen?

  18. I want to get off bupropion; but do not want adverse effects. I did stop one week ago & got bad flu ? like effects. Now I started again 5 days ago.
    How do I best manage this?

    1. Hi Robert. Experts claim that the safest way to quit is by slowly tapering the daily dose. I suggest that you consult with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  19. Dear Addiction Blog,

    I’m kicking myself in the ass right now. I was on 60 mg of Paxil for years, and it literally saved my life. I let my obsession over weight get in the way and I had my primary doctor switch me to Wellbutrin. My diagnosis is Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I’ve been on the Wellbutrin no longer than two months, and I feel like it has made me take 10 steps back. It doesn’t help that I’ve read that Wellbutrin isn’t a great choice for anxiety disorders, because of its stimulating properties.

    I’ve been experiencing insomnia, dry mouth, nausea, too much of a decreased appetite, and just general feelings of nervousness throughout the day. My psychiatrist told me to get off Wellbutrin and start back up with the Paxil. In your opinion, do you think I can experience some relief soon? I haven’t taken the Wellbutrin since Wednesday, and I just started the Paxil again yesterday. I’m trying really hard to fight through this…

  20. Does anyone have a reply to Fred or Raegan questions? Or Fred or Raegan how did that work for stopping and then drinking for those specific times?

  21. I just stopped a 2.5 week regimen because of major side effects. My last pill was 7/18/17. When should the major sweating go away?

  22. I have been taking 150mg bupropion a day for a month or so and seem to be doing fine, no side effects. I have read and researched the warnings. I have a cruise planned in about 6 weeks and plan to have a pretty good time and drink probably more than one might (unless on a much needed vacation). I’m not stupid and currently not drinking at all, I don’t mix meds and alcohol. So my question is, if I want to be safe, when should I plan to wean off, have it out of my system, have my fun, then back on the meds in a safe manner.

  23. I am on day 9 of stopping Wellbutrin 450 mg for 2 1/2 years.. cold turkey! I have headaches, insomnia and I can’t stop eating! I wanted to get it out of my system so I can start using it again in hopes of it working again because I feel like it stopped working.

  24. My psychiatrist is reducing my bupropion (a purple pill with the numbers 415 on it). Each tablet is bupropion hcl 150mg 12hr SA.
    She is reducing my daily dosagefrom 450 milligrams to 300 milligrams. How long will it take my body to adjust to the 300 milligrams daily dosage?

  25. i haven’t taken my bupropion sr 150mg in three days suppose to take twice daily but could not afford it but now i have it, can i take two at a time to catch up?

  26. I took 600 mgs of Wellbutrin 48 hours ago by mistake. My usual dose is 300 mgs daily. My weight is 159. How long do I have to wait to continue taking it? I’m afraid of liver damage.

  27. I just had surgery and they are telling me pain meds will not work while o contrave. How long does it stay in your system to negate the pain meds?

  28. Wish i knew this a year ago. Went to work in Florida to get my family out of Puerto Rico. I’ve been on wellbutrin on and off for years. I was on at the time , i also take 4mg a day of klonopin and have for a decade. I had to get my meds switched to there. Well they have a mandatory pee test before they will allow a person to begin the script , i testes positive for cocaine and was told no and was now in there system. Ive never touched cocaine . So i ran out of my meds , had a few seizures , fell into an depression filled with anxiety and now have tinnitus. Had to go back to PR and lose all the money i spent trying to get started and a waste on doctors.I’m on my meds and “normal” again. But now we are just stuck.

  29. I have to get tested to see if I’ve been taking the wellbutrin thay was prescribed to me. If I just started taking it today will they be able to detect that on the test?

  30. I have been taking by axident Wellbutrin instead of norco 10/3.25 just found out I mixed them up so I went from 150 a day to about 600 to 750 a day and no norco at all both white oval and one says 171 the other 176 on outside of pill. Ears ringing, swets, trimbels, nausea, spinningfeeling and a lot more. What should I do now that I know the problem. Please advise also went to hospital past Monday treating me for inner ear infection! about 10 days total what too do?

  31. I was on wellbutrin for 7 days and stopped cold turkey. I have nauseating bitter taste in my mouth in addition to sweats. Is this normal as I did not have this before taking this drug. How long does it stay in system? This is an awful feeling. Please advise

  32. On 300mg once daily, wanted off and did for 3 weeks. Week three was a bitch and I became mentally unstable and was able to realize that so I smartened up and got back on it. My question is: there are random days where I feel clear headed and pin point focused on literally everything. Those are amazing days, but very random. Is there a recommended alternative that can help me focus from day to day? I don’t feel as though Bupropion is helping, it only surpresses my normal reactions. I’m less likely to have extreme lows or agitation, but they still happen. Doctors want to leave me on bupropion and monitor (they have said that for 6mo) and I’m extremely frustrated. Any suggestions?

  33. If Wellbutrin is causing high blood pressure, how long until ones blood pressure goes back to normal after cease taking the drug?

  34. My wife suffers from depression and is prescribed Wellbutin XL for treatment. She was taking 300mg daily and doing quite well. Two 150 mg dosages pills. When she went to renew her prescription the pharmacy filled it with 300mg tablets, She then mistakenly continued taking two tablets and took the wrong dosage two 300 mg total of 600 mg for three weeks before the depression and bad feelings started to reappear. She has been taken completely off it by her doctor to clean her system out. How long till it will be out of her system, She has been off it for three days and no sign of improvement yet. She has been on Welbutrin for several years.and it has always worked well in treatment of her depression except now when she accidentally overdosed. Thank you.

  35. I am being screened for a drug research program. A blood test is required. How long does Well-button remain in your system? How long should I wait before taking the blood test? Thanks

  36. i was on bupropion,took it for 1 month,the side effects,were to much for me,,i haven’t taken none for about 8 days,yet I’m still feeling the bupropion ,how much longer will it be,before there gone.?

  37. How long will a bupropion hydrochloride 300 milligrams 1 pill stay in your system and will it come up on a five or six panel drug test

  38. My doctor put me on Welbutrin 75mgs last Nov and the pharmacist told me it would take a good 6 months to get into my system, well then in June my doctor upped my dose to 2 a day. I know it causes your heart to skip beats, but, how long does this last and I can not sleep at night. I have panic attacks.

  39. I took 1 pill a day (150 mg of bupropion xl) for 14 days. I had the worst headaches and a pulsing in my left temple. The left side of my neck hurt a lot as well!!!! So I started weaning off …did 1 day on and one day off four only 4 days (2 pills). Is it dangerous to go cold turkey at this point. It is now the third day of no buproprion and I feel a bit off. Some tingling especially on left side. I hate to put this stuff back in my body as it seems so toxic to me…. Is two weeks of taking it enough to make chemical changes in my brain?

  40. I have been taking a half of a 150mg wellbutrin for the last couple days for my depression, I had seen the doc yesterday and started my other meds today. Monday I have drug and alcohol and I need to know the quickest way to eliminate this out my body so I get no false positives. Is there any factual way?

  41. How long do I have to be off bupropion to enjoy a few drinks without side effects? I’ve been taking the bupropion XL 300 once a day for 9 months now.

  42. I filled 2 weeks worth of pill boxes and left on a trip. Upon arrival I realized I had forgotten to put the Welbutrin 300 extended release tablets in the boxes. I felt fine and now 2 weeks later I still feel fine, sleeping better than ever all night, no depression, no anxiety, no irritability, no headache. I had been taking it for at least five years. Is something wrong with me or my prescription?? Thanks

  43. I have been taking bupropion xr 150 for about a year. I switched doctors and was given bupropion sr 150 and had a terrible reaction, like skipping a dose. I am now back on xr but am still getting symptoms like a skipped dose. Also, do Burpopion SR’s from different companies cause different reactions?

  44. Took wellbutrin 150 xl 10 months. 300 xl 2 months. Tapered back to 150 about 3 week . Then 75 about a wee . How long before it leaves my system and could all my numbness like parsthesia be caused from that 2 month increase

  45. I know that taking Wellbutrin may cause a false-positive for amphetamines in a urine drug test, but is this possible to test for a false-positive in a 5 panel hair follicle test?

  46. I have been out of my Wellbutrin for a week now with out any noticeable adverse reactions, can I possibly stop taking it altogether?

  47. I take 300 mg extended Wellbutrin for depression. I DO NOT use it for any non-medical purposes whatsoever. i just want reassurance that I will most likely be ok. I took a tablet last night because I had missed my morning dose, and then another one 11 hours later with my morning vitamins by mistake.I should have attempted to get back to my regular dosing schedule without potentialy doubling. I have read everything you have written here, and I appreciate the information. Do you think that this is likely to cause any serious problems for me today as the dose enters my system? Thank you in advance.

  48. You mentioned that bupropion can stay in your system for weeks. I have been on that med. for four years & another non-prescribing dr. took me off it cold turkey. I’ve been suffering with dizziness, light headed for 3 to 4 weeks and the systems have not stopped. Can you give me a more definite answer than ” weeks ” ????

    1. Hello, Tom. It varies form person to person, since each human organism is different. There is no strict time on how long drug stays in your system. It’s only a time frame of several weeks.

  49. I broke our in a rash from wellbutrin and my whole body is itchy. I stopped taking it but was wondering how long these symptoms will last?

  50. I had been on Welbutrin XL for many years. I was given the drug for pain management. It was suppose to tell my brain I didn’t have pain. In the last few years I have had increased amt. of pain so figured the Welbutrin wasn’t helping so I went off of it cold turkey. I was having tremors before I went off and now I don’t have those but I have noticed after being off for over a month I have terrible feelings of depression that I can’t shake. Does it take that long to get out of your system. Should I resume taking it? Now besides the pain I am depressed.

  51. been taking this for a couple months im 17 and having trouble getting hard… how long until this is out of my body because im stop taking it now

  52. how long does this medicine stay with you? If taking this medicine can it cause a heart murmur? if yes can this heart murmur fix itseft if you stop taking this medicine? If you taking this medicine for only two weeks can you get a heart murmur? what can a person do to releave this problem? thank-you

  53. I am taking a medication called Contrave which contains Wellbutrin and am experiencing extreme side effects including, but not limited to: agitation, aggression, depression, thoughts of helplessness, anger and suicidal thoughts. I just started the second step up on an 8-90 mg tablet. I have been on the first step for one week and just stepped to the second dosage two days ago. If I stop taking it immediately, how long should I expect to feel this way. It is impacting my life during a VERY important time and your opinion would be greatly appreciated. With great sincerity, MB

  54. Ive only been on Wellbutrin for 10 days but the anxiety has cause too much discomfort. My psy said to stop it. How long will this anxiety last??

  55. I am taking 150mg. XL bupropion. With 20 mg cipralex,but my depression symptoms haven’t improved, I am feeling the past there were times when I took 40 mg cipralex with 300 mg XL bupropion .a pharmacist told me that XL tablets get released into my blood stream in 24 hours.but SR tablets get released in 12 hours.i am planning to ask my doctor if he could prescribe me either 300mg XL bupropion or 100mg SR & 150 mg XL tablets to make 250mg.if I take 100mg SR with 150mg XL, the SR may be released in 12 hours, the XL will be released in 24 hours so,in the first 12 hours all of the SR plus half of the XL may be released so is that equivalent to taking 175mg SR tablets in the first 12 hours.and 75mg SR tablets in the next 12 taking a 300 mg XL tablet per 24 hours equivalent to taking two 150mg SR tablets at 12 hour intervals?

  56. I was on Wellbutrin for about 2 1/2 years. I was slowly going off of it. Then just stopped taking it. I’ve been off for about 4 months now and I have been having panic attacks, super dizzy 24/7, headaches and feeling sick. Is this normal? I’m worried about the dizziness

  57. I am having sever side effects from this drug even after I have stop taking it. How long before it leaves my body. Is there any help for the side effects.

  58. I am having an extremely rare side effect of Wellbutrin. Since I use it, I feel sexually aroused 24/7 while at the same time I can no longer have an orgasm. Looking it up, it says all over the internet that Wellbutrin does not cause any sexual side effects and is even used as a drug for sexual dysfunction. For me it causes sexual dysfunction. From a neuroscientific perspective this makes sense as it works on the nucleus accumbens (the brain’s pleasure center). It could be that if my pleasure center is being controlled by drugs I don’t experience that much pleasure from other things anymore.. But it makes me so angry that I seem to be the only one experiencing this side effect.

    This issues started after my doctor decided to double the dose. I was on the 150 mg for 2 weeks and then switched to 300. After 2 weeks of being on this double dose I started experiencing this frustrating side effect and I started my google research with no result. I discussed it with my psychiatrist and he said that it was ok to cut the dose back in half. I’m now again on 150 mg for 2 weeks but don’t notice a difference.. the frustrating effect remains.

    How long before it returns?

    Please help…

  59. I started taking Wellbrutrin about 6 weeks ago. About 5 weeks into taking it I started peeing on myself. Having no control of it. Every step, every bend n just standing there. It’s like a faucet being turned on. I called doctor, said yes it could restrict it or have overflow. I have overflow. I stopped taking it a week ago but still am peeing. How long will it take to stop? I am going crazy!

  60. I am getting blood tested for my anti-psych meds. I’m curious to know how long it would take for the blood test to come back normal. I’ve taken 450mg just to boost the dose.
    I am hoping that after 8wks my blood test will show I’ve been on
    Bupropion for a while.

  61. I recently switched my AD meds to Wellbutrin (for anxiety, not depression) and have read many forum posts about the dangers of not drinking alcohol on these meds. I have always drank before on my other meds (except benzos) and had no problem. Regardless, I am a college student and with that comes a lot of alcohol. I plan to simply not take my dose for the days that I plan to drink. I take it in the mornings and usually am only drinking at night. Is 48 hours long enough for the medication to be out of my system for it to be safe to drink? Thanks!

  62. I have been having anger/depression/anxiety problems and finally decided that I needed to seek help. I keep having problems getting into the health clinic. we keep playing phone tag. in the meantime my husband had me try one of his 100mg extended release wellbutrin to see if it would help any. I have heard talk though about it possibly showing up as false positives on drug screens so I was just curious as to how long it will take to be out of my system if I only took 1. and only took it one time? I just don’t want to go to the dr. and they think im an addict of or something when im trying to get help.

  63. I have been taking WB XL 150mg per day for several months…during the last month I took WB XL 300mg per day, and my cardiovascular endurance dropped at least 50% of capacity. I am back to WB XL 150mg (about a week now)
    how long should I feel this side effect of WB… not being able to perform at my máximum cardiovascular endurance capacity?

  64. my husband started WB XL 150mg 12 days ago and had horrible side effects: sleep disturbances, bad agitation, bad anxiety, dry mouth, bad restlessness, headaches, anger, achey-ness, dizziness, frequent urination… had him stop taking it last night and this morning we add suicidal into the mix. have never seen him like this in 35 years we’ve been together, very scary. called the dr and told him that we stopped and asked if i could give him xanax to help him through. given that he was only on for 12 days, how long will it take for these side effects to stop?

    1. Hi disneynutsss. Wellbutrin has a very long half-life, about 33 to 37 hours. So, it will be eliminated from your husbands system within a few days. I hope by then the symptoms will also subside. I would recommend you to seek second opinion from another doctor and ask for medical help if symptoms don’t start to lessen.

  65. WELLBUTRIN coming off I was on 300 mg then went to 150 mg for 4 weeks now. What is my next step one doctor says 150 mg every other day and another doctor say 75 mg 2x a day… which is my next best step

    1. Hi Ken. This is a delicate issue. If you are very sensitive, you may wish to start with a 10% reduction every two weeks, or 10% reduction each month as recommend with other antidepresssants. Most patients find a 50mg taper per week to be sufficiently gradual. If you wish to be moderately cautious, you may wish to taper at 18.75mg every two weeks, cutting up 75mg immediate-release or sustained-release tablets into quarters (see below). If you get withdrawal symptoms when tapering by 18.75mg every 2 weeks, reduce the amount of your dosage decrease to 10% and extend the tapering interval to 4 weeks.

  66. Hi
    I am taking synthroid at 3 am and wellbutrin xl 300mg at 7 am for the past 18 months . Now I would like to add 5htp to my everyday drug schedule. So my concern is that after how many hours intake of wellbutrin300mg should I consume 5 htp to ensure the full absorption of wellbutrin300mg and of course to avoid the drug interactions. Thank you
    Mrs. Senthilkumar

  67. I’ve been taking Wellbutrin via Dr.’s prescription for about 1.5 years. About 25 days ago I took my last pill after tapering off of the drug per Dr.’s orders. I have a drug screen as part of an employment offer this coming week. Since I was on the drug so long, will it still be detectable in urine? I do still have a valid prescription but wondering what to expect.

  68. Hi. I’ve been taking 300mg WellbuterineXL for 14 years, with no real issues at all. Today, I took one 300mg. XL at 8:30 a.m., then accidentally took one again at 8:00 p.m. (meant to take my blood pressure pill, took the Wellbuterine by mistake!). I wondered if this will cause any problems. I won’t take one tomorrow to make up for it. I figured since I’ve been on it for so long, it shouldn’t be an issue. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Diane. Yes, you will be ok because by now you have formed a level of tolerance to Wellbutrin. If you feel any unusual effects please don’t hesitate to call your doctor.

  69. Hi everyone.
    With the help of my doctor we decided to wean me off of my medication. I was taking 150mg of wellbutrin extended release for about a month, along with 5mg of abilify for two months. I was wondering how long it will take for it to get fully out of my system.

    1. Hi Alicia. Wellbutrin has a long half-life (about about 33 to 37 hours) and also has a slow rate of absorption. It’s possible that Wellbutrin could remain in the body for weeks after your last dose is taken. This, of course, is different for different individuals and depends on your health state, how long were you taking Wellbutrin, level of hydration, metabolism, etc.

  70. I took wellbutrin sr100mg twice daily for about 5 weeks for add! Thought this was exactly what I needed much improved on get up and go, impulses, but not much on focus. Had several uncontrolled crying episodes (like for hours) and decided I neede to quit. Cut down to 1 tablet per day for 5 days then stopped. Didn’t notice anything. But then another week or two went by and I’m so tired I can’t stand it!! Its ridiculous. Like I had the flu and need to be on bed all day. I’m not napping, but feel Like it. And I’m not a napper. Never have been. I feel Luke starting again just to stop feeling so lethargic.

    1. Hi Jen. The drug is completely out of your system by now, but the withdrawal may persist for a while as your body and brain heal. Good news is that the worst part is behind you now. Please don’t go back to the medication, because what you are feeling is typical. When you are withdrawing from a medication, the withdrawal symptoms that occur are exactly those that you used to take the medicine for. But, going back is not a long-term solution. Your brain is now learning how to produce it’s chemicals that the organism used to get from the medicine. It will soon return to homeostasis. You can feel better by taking some over-the-counter medications that treat flue like symptoms-they will relieve the withdrawal effects too.

  71. A little confused about how long it takes for Wellbutrin to be sufficiently out of your system to take a drug test and not test positive for amphetamines. Assuming you were using it for smoking cessation, 300mg/day, how long would you think it would take for be 95% confident of passing and not testing positive for amphetamines? Disclosure to the tester, as suggested above, is not an option with these people.

  72. Had to.take slot of xanex to sleep last night after about 2,000 mg up my nose I said no more it makes me anxiuose and irritable but I did another one dam it. Im glad I only have three left then ill get angry frustrated and withdrawl ive been reading doctor statements I cant believe how wrong doctors can be the drug gets you very high for very short period of time

  73. Hello .I have a question for u. One of my close friends had asked the dr for something when she felt a little down do to many reasons her mom has cancer. Her relationship her finances her house was hit by sandy. However she never took them and her other freinds have told her it don’t really do anything. She was so upset this past Saturday she took 11 pills 300mg cause she thought it would be ok and she would just be relaxed. She refuses to go to the hospital its been two days now she feels ok and she just has minor cramps we think from her nerves and the pills. I also read in another blog that weight may also help and she also gained 100 pounds in one year and is weighing over 300. In ur opinion she has been reading bout seizures etc. She feels fine. How long do u think it wil take to leave her system? & do u think her weight helped her tolerate more pills. She totally didnt think these had any affects and.unfortunately when ur plate is that full its hard. Theres no way she will go to a hospital so any advice will help. Ty

  74. Hello Jane. Initial doses for depression treatment with Wellbutrin begin at 100/150/175mg dependent on how its released. Later, your maintenance dose can be bigger amount of the medication.

  75. Ive taken Zoloft and paxil for my depression, neither worked I don’t want the do anything.I just want to stay in bed and sleep my life away, but I have a husband and grown children I do want to get better so I can be with them. I was wondering can I be prescribed bupropion hcl 150 mg or 300 mg for my depression. I don’t want to sound stupid when I ask my doctor. I am 90 years old please help

  76. I only took Wellbutrin 150 for four days. My legs and back have hurt so bad. Legs just feeling like they are cramp at any minute. Really bad muscle pain. How long before this goes away

  77. Hi Cynthia. Medical professionals list the risk of unwanted effects upon mixing the two as ‘moderate’. Which means these medicines may cause some risk when taken together. Bupropion can actually decrease the pain relieving effects of tramadol by interfering with how the body activates tramadol. Let your healthcare professionals, doctor, or pharmacist know that you are thinking of taking these medicines together.

  78. Hi I stopped taking Wellbutrin about a month ago. Once I start taking it again will the side effects comeback like the weight loss? thanks for your time.

  79. I cannot taste anything, everything tastes terrible… I’m trying to ween off of taking it. When will my taste come back. I’m have another week of taking one pill a day…. I’ve been on it for about 2 months

  80. Hello Jeff. Wellbutrin has a half-life of ~21 hours, so it will be mostly cleared from your body in 2 or 3 days. So, it should be safe to drink after a couple of days pass.

  81. I took Wellbutrin for 2 weeks to help quit using chewing tobacco and quit drinking, because of all the bad things I read about mixing with alcohol. My question is how long after I stopped taking Wellbutrin should I wait to have a few drinks again and it be safe?

  82. I was on wellbutrin for 22 days for migraine treatment. After a severe panic attic i discontinued the medication. My Dr, one week later prescribed Prozac. The panic attacks continued. I took Prozac for 2 days before realizing the symptoms I was experiencing were withdrawals from the Wellbutrin. I discontinued the Prozac because I didn’t want to get deep into taking this medication if the first one was causing such severe withdrawals. The panic attacks are frequent at times 3 a day, lasting as long as 2 hours. I am on week 3 of no Wellbutrin and am now experiencing panic attacks , crying spells, headache and body aches as well as sleeplessness coupled with RLS.
    How long will this last? I can’t do anything as I never know when the attacks will come.

  83. Hi Sue. It’s probably too small amount you took to have any withdrawal symptoms at all from the Wellbutrin. Just to be sure, you can talk to a pharmacist.

  84. How many doses of IC bupropion HCL XL 150 mg tablets does it take to begin to build up in your system? I’ve taken 4 doses so far.
    I’ve been weaned off of prisique 50mg for a week. My doc recommended taking Wellbutrin, temporarily to boost dopamine levels to minimize the pristique discontinuance symptoms.I don’t want to experience discontinuance symptoms ( w Wellbutrin) so I’d rather not continue w Wellbutrin. What can you tell me? Since I’ve already taken 4 doses of Wellbutrin , is it too late to stop taking Wellbutrin without experiencing discontinuance symptoms?

  85. I just started taking bupropion 100 mg yesterday and felt dizzy today a few hours after taking it and now almost 4 hours later am slightly nauseous, is this normal and how long does this medication stay in my system as far as affecting how I feel? I guess what I’m trying to say is like if a person gets high on some type of drug they feel it for X amount of hours then come down what is the X amount of hours after taking this that I will feel weird?

  86. Hello Lee. Wellbutrins half-life is 20 hours. This means that after a single administered dose, the medication will be present in the system for more than a day. If your daughter has been taking it regularly, it may take several weeks for it to get completely out of the system. Hope she gets well soon!

  87. I think I’m having an allergic reaction to Wellbutrin. I started taking it 3 weeks ago and am now itching all over. Nothing else has changed on my life. How long should I expect the itching to last? I stopped taking it 4 days ago and am still itching.

  88. I have been taking 300 mg of Bupropion with 75 mg of Effexor for 2 weeks and I am feeling more depressed. Should I stop taking the Bupropion? Thank you

  89. Hello katrina. You can see your doctor for help with this question. He can advise you what’s best for you and for your future baby. Best of luck!

  90. If I want to get pregnant. How long dose it take to be out of your system for a healthy baby …. 150 once a day?

  91. Everyone reacts different to drugs!!!!!! i took many including Zoloft, prozac, Effexor and they all made me feel like shit! Amazingly with Wellbutrin i had NO SIDE EFFECTS and after a week i felt it helped me a lot, i was able to concentrate and think clearly! this is like my MIRACLE DRUG!

  92. Hi, I have been on Wellbutrin 150 mg SR (generic form of it) for about 6 weeks. My husband and I want to try for a baby. When will it be safe enough for us to try. By that I mean, when will Wellbutrin be out of my system?

  93. Hello John. This is very concerning, indeed. Report the symptoms to her prescribing doctor and a pharmacist. Check on whether this is typical of Wellbutrin withdrawal, or related to aging issues.

  94. My mom is 88. She was on Wellbutrin for 3 months. 3 weeks ago we weaned her off on a half dose for 1 week. Next we stopped the med completely. That was 2 weeks ago. She continues to have very explicit hallucinations involving intimacy to the point where she wants to divorce her 90 year old husband due to her seeing him with multiple other women in intimate situations. She kicks him and badgers him on this subject constantly. Other than the above accusations her mind seem normal for her age. We don’t know what to do…She is stressing her 90 year old husband to the point where we are very concerned for his health. Is this normal for being off of Wellbutrin for 2 full weeks? Please help…..

  95. I’ve been taking wellbrutrin for 15 days and it has left me feeling very sick. I can’t handle the side effects so I stopped taking it today. How long will it remain in my system and is there a way to flush it out?

  96. I took wellbutrin 150mg for two days then went for a drug screen on that second day. Will my drug sceen come out as false positive?

  97. I have only taken wellbutrin 5 days and I feel like I have a hole in my stomach…and i can’t sleep..can I just stop since it has been a short time

  98. Hi Janelle. You can call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for a professional consultation and direction on what to do. Or, call a pharmacist for a professional opinion on duration of effect and what you can do to prevent double dosing again in the future.

  99. Hi, I just recently started taking Wellbutrin about a week ago. My dose is 150 mg once a day. This morning I accidently took my pill twice because I was unsure if I had already taken it so I took it again then realized my mistake. So thats 300mg that I took all at once. I’ve been feeling more side effects all day including nausea, dizziness, anxiety etc… Is what I took considered to be a harmful dose? and has anyone every had this happen to them before? if so what did you do? thanks.

  100. Hello Bill. Thanks for your question. This question, however, would be best answered by a pharmacist. Call your local pharmacy or stop in for a consultation.

  101. how long does one have to be off of wellbutrin before starting adderall?
    thanks in advance for your reply.

    Bill Garlock

  102. Hello my name is Julian and I have 17 years my psychiatrist prescribed me wellbutrin 150mgr every day in the morning to treat mild depression and anxiety, I smoke marijuana about 1 or 2 times a week my concern is that this drug can interact with the MJ?

    Thanks for your answer

  103. Hi Alesha. Thanks for your message. We are not qualified to provide medical advice on tapering Wellbutrin dosage. However, perhaps you can go to a walk-in appointment with a nurse practitioner, or talk to your pharmacist about this option? You can also enter the following search terms into your web browser for trust worthy government websites on this topic:” taper bupropion” There are cost-effective ways to seek medical advice!

  104. I have been taking 450mg of bupropion once a day for a couple months now. I dont notice much of a difference besides the headaches I am getting in the afternoon. I want to stop taking it but dont want to have to make an appointment and pay for them to tell me something simple. What is your suggestion as far as weining myself off.

  105. Hi Sarah. It may take a day, or two, for these symptoms to clear up. If you don’t start feeling better within 48 hours after your last dose, I’d suggest that you contact your prescribing doctor or schedule an office visit ASAP.

  106. I took 150mg of wellbutrin xl for 3 days and i had to stop because it made me extreemly sick. I was horribly nausous very lethargic but couldnt sleep at all. I had double vision and constant dizzyness. Well how long after i stop the med will i start feeling normal?? I still feel weak, tired, and lots of heartburn with a sore throat. All symptoms mentioned are ines listed for wellbutrin but i would have hoped it would be gone by now?!? Any info would be great.

  107. Hi Lara. There is really limited research into the effects of mixing bupropion with marijuana. Most is centered around bupropion as a treatment for marijuana dependence. In fact, buproprion might be helpful in patients who smoke weed to help treat depression and assist with smoking cessation. Here are some studies and consulsions I found related to this topic:

    Bupropion has been evaluated in studies with marijuana-dependent participants who were not seeking treatment or planning to quit, but had no outcome on their marijuana dependence.

    Reference Source:

    Likewise, bupropion does not show promise as a potential treatment medication for marijuana dependence, as it worsens mood during marijuana withdrawal.

    Reference Source:

    While this doesn’t really answer your question, it does point to the fact that scientists are not too worried about triggering seizures as people use marijuana and Wellbutrin simultaneously. Do you have a history of seizures?

  108. What happens if I mix a very very small amount of marihuana while taking wellbutrin xl 150g once a day ? Is the risk of seizures too serious?

  109. Hi Laurie. From what I’ve read, therapeutic use of bupropion (Wellbutrin) appears to more commonly cause false positive urine drug screens for amphetamines, but false positives for THC are also possible. I’d suggest that you take your Wellbutrin prescription to the drug testing center and ask for more information from the Medical Review Officer.

  110. I am coming up positive for thc for three months now could it be the wellbutrin I called FDA and rhey said it does happen with wellbutrin.

  111. Hi Jessica. No. Wellbutrin won’t show up on a standard urine screen, such as a DOT 5 panel screen, that are used by many employers. It takes a specific blood test that is looking for antidepressants to detect Wellbutrin.

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