What are oxycodone withdrawal symptoms?

Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms include increased heart rate, increased breath rate, loss of appetite, nausea and gastrointestinal symptoms. More on what to expect during the course of oxyocodone withdrawal here.

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Whether you need to get off oxycodone for medical reasons, or are treating oxycodone addiction…if you’re looking for details about oxycodone withdrawal symptoms, you’re in the right place. Here, we review side effects of oxycodone withdrawal, duration of symptoms, and their treatment. Then, we invite you to ask us questions about withdrawal from oxycodone or help with oxycodone addiction at the end.

Why do oxycodone withdrawal symptoms occur?

Drug withdrawal symptoms occur any time you take a habit forming medication and develop physical dependence on the drug. Often prescribed for pain relief, oxycodone is a very strong medication. Over the course of regular daily dosing, the central nervous system becomes dependent on oxycodone. The brain and nervous system adapt to the presence of oxycodone and its metabolites in the system and send signals to the body to accommodate for the additional chemical. And when you significantly lower oxycodone doses or stop taking oxycodone completely, the body responds with “rebound” symptoms, also known as withdrawal.

What are symptoms of oxycodone withdrawal?

Once an oxycodone user lowers the dosage by more than 1/2 at a time or stops taking oxycodone altogether, the body starts manifesting withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms of oxycodone withdrawal include (but are not limited to):

  • anxiety
  • chills
  • cramps
  • depression
  • diarrhea
  • difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • fast breathing
  • fast heartbeat
  • irritability
  • loss of appetite
  • muscle or joint aches or pain
  • nausea
  • restlessness
  • runny nose
  • sneezing
  • sweating
  • vomiting
  • watery eyes
  • weakness
  • yawning

Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms: How long?

Withdrawal symptoms usually begin 4- 6 hours after the last use of the drug. In general, oxycodone withdrawal peaks 72 hours after cessation of use and resolves in 7-10 days. However, oxycodone withdrawal symptoms may last from couple of hours to several days. It all depends on the doses administered, the period of time the medication was consumed and whether doctor’s advice was followed, or not. Some people for example, who had only used the drug therapeutically may not even realize that they are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Many report thinking that they just have the flu.

Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms treatment

The first step in treating oxycodone withdrawal symptoms is to seek medical help. Doctors can help you set up a tapering plan, when possible, so that you can reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Although tapering may not be for everyone (especially in cases when addiction is present), slowly reducing oxycodone doses over time can prevent intense symptoms of withdrawal.

Further, withdrawal does not need to be painful or exhausting. Instead, medications can mitigate symptoms of withdrawal as they occur. Medicines can also address drug cravgings, as well as sleep or mood disorders.

Finally, you can address symptoms of oxycodone withdrawal using over-the-counter medicines or aids such as Imodium AD, heating pads, muscle ache creams, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs such as paracetemol, acetaminphen, or ibuprofen to treat specific symptoms. Warms baths or long showers have also been used to treat body ache. Massage and central nervous system calming teas such as chamomile or rosemary may also help.

Oxycodone withdrawal questions

Still want to know about oxycodone withdrawal and its treatment? Please post your question(s) in the comments section below and we will answer try to answer you personally… as soon as possible.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I Have been on Oxycodone for 14 years (it started for groin nerve pain which I’ve had since birth following an Inguinal Hernia at birth) over the later years the pain has got stronger and for longer periods and 14 years ago I started Oxycodone on 5mg 4/day, when these became ineffective the dose increased year by year to the present @ 160mg a day Oxycodone + 8x 30/500mg co-codadamol, during this period I was having severe lower back pain and Mri found I have a tumour in the epidural space (pressing the Cauda Equina – Nerves in spine) which is why the dose increased as the pain from this took over the groin pain, on visiting my Dr he said he couldn’t increase the Oxycodone anymore (trying to find someone in UK competent/skilled or brave enough to operate is difficult to say the least), So I have been prescribed Methadone 20mg a day having stopped 160mg Oxycodone & 30/500 Co-Codamol a day, 4 days ago and have had Zero withdrawal symptoms – am I normal??

  2. My sister had a stroke 25 years ago and has had continuous debilitating headaches eve since. She has stopped taking the oxycodone because the drug prices have become staggering and Medicare has stopped paying and she cannot afford it. The headaches have become even worse and she can no longer focus and has such pain that she almost threatens her own life hat cn I as n individual do to help her

  3. Hello well my question pertains to how long am I going to go through this, I was in many car accidents not my fault and been on opana er 30mgs 4xs a day as well as oxycodone 30mgs 6x a day, however even with surgeries, I never took the meds all the time only when needed I hate taking meds, but narcotics have been in my system since 2000, I always had extra just in case but I knew I had to see my pain doc monthly and he just made me feel bad well they started reducing the dose mg last year but this year I went from 4, then 3, then 2 to none on the oxymorphone, then I went through withdraws then back in march them telling me I wouldn’t because I still had my oxycodone which the mgs were reduced and went from 6, to 4, from 30mgs to 20mgs and they were going to reduce again, so I went off cold turkey, honestly if I was educated back when it began I would have went that way, I have a stimulator they also put in but I haven’t used it til after I’m done being sick, to see if my body will heal itself, I tried doing my crunches, listening to Christian music and reading as well as coloring, but I just want to know how long you think this with continue and what are the best foods to eat and if there is anything else I can do, I will get through this and get myself back, thank you for any info you can provide, God bless you all

  4. can anyone give me advice . i know realize am addicted to longtec i take 4x 10ml in 24 hr period
    i suffer with chronic pain after a car crash i really don’t want to be on these tablets . i have reduced to the dose above over 6 months from 120ml .these tablets are effecting my mind i have really strange thoughts and anxiety i also suffer panic attacks please can some help me

  5. I’ve bin on 70 mgs for a while and increase them my self god I so regret doing this as Ive spoken to my doctor and he’s trying to get me back down now I’ve got every side effect going I wish I’d never started talking these long text tablets now I’m on 100mgs big big mistake ?‍♀️?‍♀️

  6. Hello, do I was taking 12 to 14 10mg a day at first I was just crashing them in my mouth for 4 years than I went to snorting for 2 months right there I knew I had a problem. I’m on day 5 my legs were killing me and still getting chills ever 20 minutes o went to the hospital cause I had kidney stones on top of the withdrawal just my luck hoe long should my withdrawals last and when they have 8 mg of morphine did that ? set me back? I appreciate every one’s opinion. Please help. Thank u!

  7. This was the most sensible and helpful site I found on the whole of the search engine. Thank you, for your assistance.

  8. Trying to quit use of drug ran out was taking 15 15mg a day. I’m worried about withdrawal systems. Should I go to hospital. Been taking this drug for 7 years

  9. I have been taking oxyocone several times a day, every day for the past several years. I see a PA monthly for chonric mid back pain and my monthly RX at a pain clinic. I spoke to the PA about the fact that my oxycodone barely took the edge off my back pain. He thought it would be beneficial to me to switch to norCo. I finished my RX for oxycodone and actually ran out of it the day before I was allowed to pick up my RX of norco. My last day of oxyocone I had one pill, which I took that morning. By that evening I had a severe headache. The next day I picked up my norco from the pharmacy and started taking the norco as prescribed. It did very little for my headache. I didn’t think that my headache was related to the changes in my medication. After the 5th day of my headache I went to see my primary doctors PA. She consulted with my doctor and they decided to give me a non narcotic injection that was usually given to people with migrane headaches. She informed me that if my headache didn’t get better in a few hours I was to go to urgent care that evening for a CT scan. Which I did. They didn’t find anything. No tumours and nothing in my sinuses. Now two days later (one week of headaches ) I am thinking that maybe I am going through withdrawals. Is that possible?

  10. I ran out of my tramadol for arthritis so I took Percocet 10 I took2saturday plus 2 tramadol and Sunday I took 1 Percocet 10 and half of a. Suboxone 8mg.I detox off oxy one and a half yrs ago.I feel jeterry im i having withdrawl?

  11. Withdrawing from 2 yrs of oxi different doses over the years No trying to get off of 10 gs 2 a day Stop the night dose 7 days ago But the last few days feeling anxious and shake The pill does no good for the pain in my back imwant to try to getboff the second n pill soon if i can any ideas or suggestions thank you

  12. After shoulder surgery, my Doctor prescribed Hydrocodone 5/325. This dosage was too low, so I returned 50 of the 60 pills I received in exchange for a new script for a 60ct. dosage of 10/325. I also received poor advise from others having gone through shoulder surgery to “take those pain meds when you need them; you’re meant to take them so use them”, etc. However, with my daughter sick and me getting woken up more than a dozen times through the night, my shoulder was hurting and, being awake, I took more as the night went on. Obviously, I was taking more than 2 per day at this point and the result was 60 ct pills down in just over a weeks time. Doc gave me another script for Oxycodone 7.5/325. I was freaked out to find how fast I went through the previous prescriptions, I wanted to just NOT take any more. After a day and a half, I literally felt like I was going out of my mind. I began having severe panic attacks that would last for the entire day. I decided to take the Oxycodone 7.5, but only 2 times instead of 3 as the script stated. It’s been 2 days since I had the severe panic attacks, but I can tell that I am constantly on the verge of having another. Have to wait for Monday to call my primary doc, but has anyone had such an experience, and what helped?

  13. This is the 3rd time taking oxicodon after surgery

    I am taking 10mg ever 12 hours for the last 4 days.
    I have now stopped but feeling withdrawal. Major anxiety

    How long will it last


  14. i take 20mg morning oc slow realease and 20 mg evening slow release oc sometimes it does not last the 12 hrs between doses and i nearly go beserk for 3hrs. been taking for approx 10years. is this normal?

  15. I just read that the “mood disorders” from withdrawal can last for “months?”
    I am down from 120MGS to 5MGS and it took me over a year, to get to this point.
    I have yelled at everyone, my nose runs, I ache like the flu, and I am visibly shaking/tremors.
    How am I suppose to get off the last 5MGS, with all of that going on?
    If reducing from 5MGS TID, to BID, and now qd, continues to last “months”, I am not going to beat this.
    Last summer, I slept through 3 months of it, plus the flu-aches, shaking, everything on the list below, pretty much.
    Why do these horrible side effects take so long to leave our system?
    I was told I was not eligible for out patient, because I have been on opiates too long.
    I am “high risk”, I need in patient and Connecticut does NOT have this.
    I feel doomed at this point.
    9 levels fused. 4 in my cervical spine and 5 in my lumbar spine.
    I have Thoracolumbar scoliosis post these fusions.
    For reasons never explained to me, the neurosurgeons decided to remove the plate from the first lumbar fusion, that fixed my scoliosis, during the 2nd XLIF surgery. Thoracolumbar scoliosis, is way more painful & it is clearly because of that decision.
    Workers comp made me leave that neurosurgeons office, because he did not get that authorized nor did I sign any “consent” form.
    Now I am just living worse off while weaning off opiates.
    ANY direction would be met with gratefulness~

  16. I was on oxicodone for nine months 2pills every 4hrs 5mg and my doctor yes took me out cold turkey what do you think I should do

  17. I have been taking oxycodone 10 mg for my back 2 times a day now I wake up feeling lousy and a lot of discomfort even when I take the 10 it does not take care. Of the discomfort. It makes it worse and worse when it wears off

  18. I am abruptly stopped my OxyContin and I think this is day four or three I’ve been very sick one night and had lots of involuntary muscle twitches and jerks know I am very achy just not well doctor put me on 5 mg to 10 mg two or three times a day versus my 50 mg twice a day where they sent me back to the beginning

  19. I am scared. I’m a 65-year-old Vietnam vet with PTSD and have been an addict since Vietnam. I got clean about six years ago, and then cancer was found under my tongue. Surgery, and a feeding tube down my nose into my stomach, and morphine every 2 hours and Oxycodone every 4, for 5 days. Six months later, found something suspicious again, and once again, a skin graft from my leg was used to patch the place inside my cheek. Same song and dance, the morphine every 2 hours, Oxy every 4, feeding tube and this were for 5 days again. 6 months later the same thing. My addiction came roaring back. My back, which is genuinely messed up gave me the opportunity to get Oxycodone for the last year and a half. I’m trying to stop now, (I’m prescribed 80mg a day, or 20mg 4 times a day) but I only take 2 to 3 because my wife holds the bottle. I crush and snort them all. That part of it is one of the hardest things I am going to have to deal with. I love snorting it. Taking them doesn’t work the same. I need the fast head rush.

    Anyway, I am an artist, in every sense of the word. I write stories, music, draw, make signs, weld things, make things, I just am too fucked up to explain it all, but one of those things is guitar. I love playing guitar and singing. I asked the VA to pay for some to teach me how to build my own. Not to make money, but as therapy. Working with my hands making an guitar to me would be like touching the hand of God. But nowhere can I find anyone, or will the VA ne willing to help me with this.

    But back to the detox. Teh VA next week is going to do a suboxone detox, something like 4 or 5 days, and I’m scared (and the irony of being ‘bound up’ because of opioids makes this next word kind of brilliantly true) ‘shitless’.

    I don’t know what to expect. I know what happened the least time I went ‘cold turkey’ and I remember more than anything the mind games my mind played on me. Making me think I was crazy for instance, (a good friend who was a few weeks ahead of me offered great words of wisdom in telling me that I was not ‘mad’, it was must m mind messing me).

    Again, what’s going to happen? Will I be going crazy thinking I’m nuts? Will the Suboxone help me deal with it? I hear they have a drug, Vivitrol, which is an injection that i supposed to help alliviate the cravings. I don’t but will this be really really horrrible doing a suboxone detox like this? In just 4 or 5 days in the hospitcal. I’m pretty freaked out and would like some positive reinforcement from other veterans who have gone through the VA’s detox program. Especial ly those my age and would like to kno what to expect? Will I be comfordtable? I am scared to be in a hospital where I can’t use my phone to call my wife or use the computer to do writing.

    I need help so bad, I am not a crazy person,but then again, the old saying of crazy is ‘doing the same thing and expectiing a different result” is pretty much a word for word description of insanity. Please, somebody help me as someone comedian used to say.

    I want to love to play guitar again. I want to love to do the things that gave me great pleasure but have been replaced by a ‘nod out’ while watching tv. I want to show my wife my ‘unselfish side’ of myself and not have her babysitting a man 9 years older than her (we’ve been married for 35 years this year). She is the greatest woman in the world, and deserves better than me. I need to feel I will be ok throgh the deto at the VA hospital, in New Haven CT. I don’t know what to expect from suboxone this time. I tried it years ago from “Dr. Bombay” (I’m being facetious here) who was a quack and ran a ‘suboxone mill’. He ddin’d do anything but give me pills and take my money. I was more fucked up (excuse mey language) on the suboxone than the oxycodone!)

    Again, please excuse all the typo’s and grammatical errors.. I don’t have the patience I usually do to clean up my writing which is a very important part of who I am.

    Again, help with what to expect from going from about 40mg a day of oxycodne to “ZERO” in 5 days. It seems to me like suicide doing this, but I have to stop this runaway train and do it now. HELP!!

  20. Hi there. I thought I was over the withdrawals from 10mg in morning dose. I’m still on 20mg at night. I cut 10 mg in August 2017 & again 10mg in November from morning dose.
    Now I’m about 6 weeks out on zero in morning and I’m getting really bad restlessness in morning again. I feel like I’m jumping around and can’t get back to.sleep.
    I was on Oxycontin morning & night for a bit over 12 years. I was started on 40mg in a.m. & p.m. plus Cymbalta an awful antidepressant that I was on for 12 years.
    Now I have this weird jumping bean syndrome I call it.
    Maybe I kicked the morning dose of 20mg to quickly.in past 4 months or because I’m still on 20mg @ night ..it maybe making me more jumpy?
    I’m beat and symptoms are getting worse with this jumpy feeling in my abdomen and legs. I feel like I’m going through the first withdrawals I had 6 weeks ago.
    Thank you

  21. I started taking Oxycodone/Acetaminophin (7.5 325mg) 3 months ago for herniated disk. I also suffer from gastro intestinal issues so the Oxy pill helped relieve this pain too, which gave me my life back. I started out taking 4 day, but the last 2 months have only taken 1 day. I went cold turkey 4 days ago and the withdrawal symptoms (I assume that’s what it is) have been unbearable: nausea, fatigue, weakness, fever, bad stomach cramps, heaviness in chest. I feel like my stomach is on fire…could this be a symptom too? How long can I expect these symptoms to last? I’m 65 yrs old. Thank you.

  22. I have been on oxycontin for about 12 years. I take 2, 20 mg ever 8 hours. I have cut down to 2, 20 mg per day. How long should I go before cutting down even more. Im doing ok. Cant sleep. Thats about all the withdrawal I have at this time. I have had 8 back Sergeys, lung cancer, right lung removed. The oxycontin don’t toutch the pain any more, so I want get of this horable drug. I have had stomach sergery and a flap put im so nothing can come back up from my stomach. So I cant throw up. I am afraid of that withdrawal.

  23. My brother (a terminal cancer patient) ran out of oxycodone/oxycontin and has 10 days before he can refill. He began having withdrawal symptoms and has lost 14 pounds over the weekend. The ER gave him enough oxycodone to get him through tomorrow but he is still feeling very sick. Advise please?

  24. Hi David..after reading all the comments here and being a step down prescription user of oxycodone for chronic pain and having run out several times for stronger pain relief I can say this..I have been on a script of 8-5 miligrams per day(now I am down to 4-5 mg per day with a step down to 3 next month,I know how fast withdrawal symptoms appear..6 hours after the last pill..it seems to me you are not going to have severe withdrawal symptoms.Oxycontin is a bit more addictive but all opioid withdrawal can be real bad.It looks like your short time 30 day supply may not give you the real bad symptoms as longer time use.Perhaps in a couple weeks you can step down as your operation pain starts to lessen.I would keep a short log of how you feel each day and when your pain starts to lessen give your Doc a call and tell him you are concerned about addiction and feel like you could step down to that one only or off altogether.Good luck David..hope your recuperation goes well 🙂

  25. I’ve been taking 30 mg 4x a day for about 7 years. 2 months ago I quit a 30 mg at once and this month I cut another 30 mg. Can I continue doing this or should I at some point start tapering less like one half of the 30 or less since I’m getting closer to the end.
    Kind regards,

  26. I have been on oxycodone / asetphon 5-350 for post therpedic neuralgia after shingles. My new Dr. says I should not take this any more. Can I successfully get off this on my own? By gradual decreasing the pill ? I take 2 a day and can go to 1 a day and then to 1/2 if this would work..

  27. hey, my partner is an ex heroin user who recently had an external frame put on his leg. he was given oxycodone to help with the pain. 2-3 months later and i now know he hasnt been taking it as he doctor suggests. he ran out on friday and couldnt get any more over the weekend and its been hell for the last 24 hours. he is in a bad way, i dont know how to respond.. im so angry with him but dont think that is helpful for him? i have a 2 yr old aswell and i dont know what to do. i feel like the second i leave the house hes gunna go and score some skag

  28. I have been on this oxycodone for about 2 or 3 months now im taken myself off of it i had so much trouble sleeping last tine couldnt stop moving do i need help

  29. I have been taken oxycodone 10mg 325 tab for the past four years usually every 6 hours or when needed. There are times I cut the tablet in half and use 5mg same time frame as 10mg in the past I tried to get off it and I again cut the half tablet(5mg) in half 2.5mg and have taken it using same time frame. When I try to cut off using it after the 2.5mg I start getting restless leg, cramps and insomnia. Am I doing it correctly in withdrawing from the pill altogether?. I can then substitute it with a Natural Supplement CurcuminSorb and Quercenase combined 750mg 3x daily to deal with my osteoarthritis pain, pleas advise if I’m correctly withdrawing?

  30. My boyfriend recently had surgery.
    The Doctor prescribed 2 percecete every 4 hours.
    He took them for 3 days, we didn’t know that we were supposed to tapper. Almost a day later he developed restless leg syndrome. Never had it before! Can someone help answer of this is a short term problem. We are stressing out big time as it is a horrible feeling and affecting his sleep. We are on day 5 of no meds. Thanks

  31. Im going thru it now..its only been 3 days ,I havent slept…dont want to eat and the Withdrawls are intense.. I feellike shooting myself in the head. 🙁

  32. I am a mother who was given oxycodone 30mg for my pain and I need to stop using them can I die if I stop cold turkey what’s the word that could happen

  33. Hi I am a 34 year old female. I had a full hysterectomy in 2012. To make a long story short, the dr didn’t get all the endometriosis out and it grew back. Up through the pelviS, the stomach, and yes even into my diaphragm. I’m from Mi I had to fly to Atl to see an expert, the pain was unbearable. Which brings me here. I started seeing a pain Dr in Mi he put me on 6,000 mgs of oxicotin and 60 mgs slow release morphine about a year ago. I myself decided I wanted off this medication!! I wanted my life back. My pain dr has been no help trying to help me get off. I am a type 1 Diabetic and my husband and I have got me down from 6,000 mgs to 625mgs. But the withdrawals are. Killing me as I get further and further down. I can hardly eat, muscle aches are constantly covered in icy hot, headache all the time just to name a few!! But you know what THIS HELL is worth having my body back and the old me back. When I started cutting 125mgs from the thousands it wasn’t so bad, detox would last 4 days. I tried to cut more than that and ended up vomiting, and with type 1 diabetes that gets you a front row room in ICU. Now that I’m down to 625mg withdrawals are lasting longer. I want off these drugs so bad! Do you think it’s time to contact a rehabilitation center? I want an impatient facility that will keep me hooked to IVS and keep an eye on blood sugar I was really trying to do this myself, but this last small amount/ which is still huge I know but small compared to the hell I have been going through. So please if anyone has any advice or wisdom for me I would greatly appreciate it. This is the first time I have reached out.

    Thanks so much

    1. Hi Mimi. Yes, leg cramps are one of oxycodone’s withdrawal symptoms. Ask your doctor about using medications such as clonidine, short-term benzodiazepines, and baclofen to help relieve the symptom. Your doctor can also suggest at-home remedies and ways to address leg cramps, as well as foods and drinks to avoid (e.g. caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine tend to worsen the condition).

  34. I have been on Oxy for over 10 years due to a back injury,I had surgery about 2 years ago and after surgery my sciatic nerve was worse than before surgery. My Pain management Dr that I had for 10 years retired. I do smoke marijuana in the evening to relax the rest of my mussels from being these from related pain. So last month when I went for my med check up last month my new doctor said they are not real happy about me smoking marijuana ( I live in Colorado where it is legal and my old pain management Dr even wrote me a med Marijuana license so there was not an issue)so my current Dr said that if I just cut back I just a little because my levels were not very high. So I did just that I had taken a pee test last month. When I went back this month Tuesday of this week He told me it was my last visit because my levels increased form my last pee test about 4 months ago because the head of the of the Group of Doctors decided if anyone had marijuana in there system they were to be discharge. If they would have done another pee test they would have seen that I had cut way back and I did as requested. They only gave me the option to wait 5 weeks to get it out of my system.then I could call to see if they would take me back. I also use fenlynal patch 12 mg every other day.I also had hip surgery in Jan of this year for a right hip laybral tear. I felt great afterwords and after about 2 months of recovery I asked to start trying to see if I could cut back on my pain meds so we did and my hip started to hurt just as bad as it did before surgery so they increased my dose again. I had anew MRI and it tore again because the tissue was so bad so I am looking at another surgery either reconstruction or or replacement. I dont think Im addicted. I have taken oxy and fentynal for so long I wonder how much they really are helping I take 10mg oyx 4 x a day but some days I only take one or two I never take them ever 4 hours just as needed. So I was crying when I left the doctors office and I have smoked Pot or taken any oxy since my doctors appt. Im not sure what I want to do I really dont want to take the drugs. Im not going to smoke Pot for the next month in case I really do NEED the meds. and have to call and see if I can be seen ny the office again. My doctor did refer me to a pain management in town but the only pain management. So they gave me no advice of how to stop taking the meds
    continued so I dont know what to expect how will I feel will it hurt my body damage my body but quiting cold turkey I may try taking 1 or 2 oxy a day for a week and just change my patch once a week . But I would prefer to just stop cold turkey if it wont damage anything in my body please advise.
    thank you, susan

  35. I’m on 60mg OxyContin twice a day and 10ml of oxynorm every 4hours and my gp has stoped my repeat prescriptions because he’s beeen told its to expensive !! Help what can I do – I take the drugs because I have cancer – I feel they’ve just given me a death sentence

  36. I have been taking oxycontin for 3 months now and don’t want to take them anymore. How many days will I go through withdrawal before I start feeling better

  37. I have been on oxycodone 20mgfor at least 15 yrs now. I have been having serious issues regarding constipation. I been trying to get off them but gone from 5-6 a day to 2-3. One major help is the use of medical marijuana and has helped me a’lot exspecially during the daytime, bed times my hardest i use the pills for bedtime. i have ran out in the past and get so sick i can’t get out of bed . Now my paincare clinic will not give me script because i use medical marijuana and hoping i get thru this don’t know what to do.

  38. Be strong Stevie, it is better that being on them and reliant upon then to get through the day.
    Jennifer, yes.
    Sasha, read above, the many helpful bits of information are valuable and as Lydia the site monitor says, you may or will definitely need professional support through your come down or detox.

  39. Is extreme itchy a part of one of the withdrawal symptoms of Oxycodone and what about hearing and seing things

  40. I have been on opiates for over thirty years, recently oxcycodone 30mg 10 per day.
    I have multiple chronic illnesses and I am not an addict.
    Now my dr wants to cut me in half because of the new laws.
    What will happen and what withdrawal symptoms will i experience?
    And what about the extreme pain I experience everyday?
    Please help

  41. Ah well it looks lek a answered ma own question. On day 6 CT of oxys. Kidneys r bad e now,aswell as e rest of me. Am always so pesamistic an fail b4 a start things. But even tho am hurting,am really optomistic this time. That alone gives me courage 2 kp goin. Should a just kp drinking plenty of water 4 e pain in kidneys. Keep flushing my system.

  42. I have had two back surgeries the first one December 31, 2015 the second one November 9 2060 and I have been on oxycodone since then I’ve asked to be reduced down every time I go down down to get Percocet 5 mg with 375 of us acetaminophen . I have been trying to not take this I only take it at night but even try to not take it all but then I have such bad insomnia and leg like restless legs and I just can’t get past that I just I end up going taking it because I just can’t stand the insomnia makes me crazy . Is there something that I can do something I can take over-the-counter to help ? I have been clean and sober for 32 years so this is very upsetting to me .

  43. When its said that oxy,codone withdrawel peaks after 72 hours. Does that mean the worse is still 2 happen physically,or is the worse over after 72 hours. Had this habit cmg 5,6 years now. Struggled plenty of times withdrawel of alcohol benzo,s an ops b4,but went straight bk on them without even thinking. A,ve let maself go cold turkey 48 hours in now. Am hoping an determined now 2 c this threw. A few weeks even months of suffering is still less than suffering 4 ever more. Can any 1 anawer about e peak after 72 hours. Stay safe every 1.

    1. Hi Laura. It depends. First, I suggest that you download our free e-book ‘How to Quit Opioid Painkillers’ to learn more about quitting process here: https://addictionblog.org/ebooks/how-to-quit-opioid-painkillers/
      Also, speak with your doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule. Moreover, you may call the helpline on the website to speak with a trusted consultant who can help you find the best detox program for you.

  44. Been on opiates for six years, only about half of them were prescribed. My dose was 20mg Hydrocodone 5 times a day. 100 mg per day keeps the pain away but also numbs so much else.
    My chronic lower back pain was the original reason i began taking them, after a while my same Dr did not remember why i was even on them. We started a taper down plan, because he did not know I was taking double what he was prescribing, he would not know the extent of my withdrawal symptoms. I got turned down for a script request 5 days early. I white knuckled it for the first 3 days, had some offered from acquaintance but declined the offer. I never really tapered, I went cold turkey, not advisable. I used many of the over the counter meds discussed above, they all work to some extent, and at some point if you are to be successful your going to go through some rough days and nights. I am on day 13, I still don’t feel quite right, but I feel like i am starting to feel like myself again. My skin still feels a little cold, or crawly, my nose is still running and I cant stop sneezing. The emotional roller coaster is my big issue right now. I got off of them because I want to see my kids, raise kids, I want to be a Grandpa and not be numb for it. I want to look into my grown children’s eyes and have them see me in there. My oldest daughter got married in Jan, proudest moment of my life and I was high. The emotional pain I feel, for the guilt I carry because of being weak, selfish and dishonest hurts more than any of the bone scraping symptoms from withdrawals. I don’t have a question, but I started reviewing this site because I was curious how long some of these last few symptoms are going to be a part of my daily life. But also to encourage others to keep strong and remember what is important. Good luck all, and god bless you.

  45. Hi this is Larry started about 3 weeks ago with oxycodone on a prescription from my doctor of once every six hours now I can’t walk to much pain. If any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated, thank you very much hopeto here from you soon. here’s my phone number if you wish to call sincer thanks, wish you a great day.

  46. I’ve be prescribed Oxycodon for 60 days after my car accident and surgeries… started at 6 doses of 10 mg for 16 days, then 6 doses of 7.5 mg for 19 days and I reduced it 3 doses of 7.5 mg for 20 days and now I stopped taking the Oxy because I cannot eat and the metal aftertaste… should I experience withdrawal symptoms..??

  47. Hello I’m addicted to oxy 30mg a day but I’m not prescribed them and my doctor doesn’t know…I’d like to quit any suggestions on what to do

  48. A year ago, I was given Percocet for a C-section. I was taking it for a week and a half, 2-3 times a day and then went on a half dose for another week. I had 3 pills left when I decided to wean myself off. I felt like I had the flu and was irritable for a couple of weeks. Now fast forward to this weekend (Sunday nifht) I was passing a kidney stone and really needed something for the pain, so I took a half of one of my half dose pills. I worked wonders (much better than I remember). Monday evening I felt like I had the flu again, but brushed it off as still recovering from the kidney stone. I went to the doctor and he gave me some antibiotics. It’s been 53 hours since I took that Percocet and about 36 hours since ice started antibiotics. I am experiencing all of the withdrawal symptoms listed above, and also have a fever between 101-103. Should I be worried or could this too be withdrawl?

  49. I had knee replacement surgery 5/15/17 and was in the hospital for three days. I dont know what pain meds I received but I went into a skilled nursing facility for 18 days and was prescribed oxycodone for pain. I had a nerve block so I didn’t need the oxycodone right away but when it wore off, three days later, I took 10 mg of oxycodone daily prior to physical therapy, which was 5 out of 7 days. When I came home I only took extra strength Tylenol and went cold turkey off the oxycodone. I am experiencing 11 of the withdrawal symptoms listed on this site, it’s been 5 days since my last oxycodone. How long will the withdrawal last, considering the dosage and duration I was on oxycodone?

  50. My a cancer patient (mys and someone stole my purse. My oncologist told me she couldn’t refill be it was too early and my pharmacy will not fill early, it prohibited, against the law. Have none for 6 days. I take 20 oxycodone, 20 oxycontin and have taken for over 6 years. How long will these horrible withdrawals last? Does the years have anything to how they last? What are the BEST things otc. Haven’t ate in 5 days. Please HELP. Have diarrhea, vomiting, restless legs, stomach cramps

  51. I been taking 5mgs on and off 4months now, I been having constant legs pain like fingers poking all parts of my legs is it possible its from the oxy

  52. My doctor took me from 45 mgs of oxycodone per day down to 2.5 mg before I jumped off the drug. I’d been taking it for 2.5 years for stenosis, knee pain and sciatic nerve pain. I decided it was time to get off and she agreed.
    I’ve been oxy free for more than two weeks and I’ve developed some pins and needles in the bottoms of my feet. Can this be related to my narcotic withdrawal? I’ve had very little pain, but lots of lethargy, the rare craving which I just let pass. Pins and needles is not fun. Could you let me know about this. Blessings, Terry

  53. I take 2 20mg pills a day. I just ask my doctor to reduce that to 3-10mg per day but feel terrible with anxiety and tiredness. Should I not be able to stop this dosage myself rather than going to an in-clinic treatment. I have to stop to get my life back.
    I’m 68 years old and hooked on oxycodone. All my main organs show to be in excellent condition. Should I not be able to stop this addiction and have enough will power to break the addiction? I have a 6 year old grandson I am fighting to be with as well as a wonderful family that I feel I have a lot to offer them before I die. Thanks, Bob

  54. Hello my friends,

    Almost 2 years recreational user here.Min 2×20 mg a day to. 4×20 mg This forum is great to find encouragement. Thank you for having this up for us.
    Day 3 … Its hell all kinds of sh!t going on (remember it is a synthetic heroin)
    I know going cold turkey sucks but it will engrave a massage in my brain to never touch this crap again.
    Get some Advil liquid jells an over the counter sleeping meds.
    The stomach aches are horrible and the restless leg syndrome.
    I have slept 5 hrs in 3 days got the meds today I hope my contention will improve tonight. Oh and the fever is horrible as well.
    I wish you all well keep going no matter what.
    We can do anything we put our minds too.

    Good luck Armin

  55. Taking 5 mg for 6 weeks now. Only taking 2 or 3 a day now for post surgery.Do I have to wean myself off of these?

  56. Can anyone come off of oxycodone with no withdrawl symptons at all. Been on it for 5 years due to back pain and surgeries.how long does it take to come off it with no help.dose was 4 times a day 10mg? How many days is it before u notice withdrawl symptons on oxycodone

    1. Hi Pat. Generally, everyone undergoes through withdrawal, but the intensity and severity is different for each individual. Usually, oxycodone withdrawal symptoms appear as soon as the effects of the last dose had worn off. Moreover, you may download our free e-book ‘How To Quit Opioid Painkiller’to get a better understanding about ending oxycodone, here: https://addictionblog.org/ebooks/how-to-quit-opioid-painkillers/

  57. I have been on oxycodone 30mg 5 a day along with fentanyl patch, Norco, and 4 soma a day i have a great pain doctor only huge problem we r both fearing is I had to leave 1 state to another due to emergency and California won’t fill my rx triplicate I’m out of meds

  58. I used oxy for about 6 months total after i had both shoulders replaced. I was 45 yrs old and my first time ever taking a pain pill. I didn’t know anything about how they work and certainly didn’t know about the withdrawals. I stopped taking them when i noticed i was taking them without feeling pain. I had the worse withdrawals. It lasted for 7 days. I promised myself i would never take anything with out doing my research. Oxy is a great pain reliever however, you PAY for it when you come off them.
    Good luck guys.

  59. I have been using OXY for at least 5 years. I was taking a max of 80mg 2x’s day. I am now taking 30mg 2x’s day plus a max of 5 15mg oxycontin per day for breakthru pain it was my choice to lower dosage. I want off of the OXY completely and know I am addicted. How do I do this? Where? I’m 67 yrs old and this addiction has destroyed me. I don’t think I can physically go thru withdrawAls! Help!

    1. Hi Sharon. First, I suggest that you consult with your doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule. Then, speak with a pharmacist to recommend some over-the-counter medications, vitamins and supplements, teas, home remedies, etc. to ease withdrawal symptoms. Also, consider using some alternative methods to manage pain. Massage therapies and yoga may be helpful. Here’s suggested reading:

      Finally, you may download our free e-book ‘How To Quit Opioid Painkillers’, here: https://addictionblog.org/ebooks/how-to-quit-opioid-painkillers/

  60. I have been on oxycodone for 6 months having 3 herniated lumbar discs and finally surgery. My highest dosage was post surgical at 40mg/4 or 6 hours. All my back and surgical pain is gone. I am physically addicted but not emotionally. I have tapered down over the past 3 weeks. I cut another 50% two days ago to 5mg/24 hours. I would like to take that dose one more day and then go to zero. I have experienced many of the withdrawal symptoms listed above. My question is, when I go from 5mg/24 hours to zero will I have symptoms for 3 more days? Or because I got it down to 5mg/24 hours going to zero should be no big deal?

  61. Hello, my husband has been on Oxy since he was Diagnosed with colon cancer. He went through the surgery in Feb. This week we started the detox process. We are tapering down from 5-6 times a day to 4x a day 10mg. Is dizziness part of the side affects? I kept searching side affects and non of them really say dizziness?

  62. My husband is weaning off of oxycodone now for about three weeks under a doctors care and last monday woke up with double vision. Would this cause it. He had everything else checked out

  63. I’ve been taking oxycodone/acetaminophen plus other meds for about twenty four years. I’m going on seventy four years of age. Other than arthirties, dds and osteoporosis in the spne,
    I’m in good shape. 204lbs.
    I’ve been off the morphine and duloxetin for about three weeks. I haven’t slept for more than three hours a night for months. The last seven days, one hour twice a night.
    Do you think I’ll make it if get off the oxycodon and gabapenten? Oxy 10mg/acet. every 6hrs, gab. 400mg every 8hr. I need to sleep

  64. I have been taking oxycodone after my knee surgery.I only take ibuprofen now. But Im still tired all the time. Is this a side affect from oxycodone?

  65. my doctor has kindly left a note on his system, do not prescribe. i have run out of medication tomorrow and i am set to withdrawl from my medication, normally i get a really high tempreture, wind and severe back pain and bone and nerve pain increases 10 fold, i am on antidepressants also because of my sysmptoms and illness and i think it really irresponsible of my gp to leave me

    A without medication,
    B to suffer further symptoms
    C, knowing i have ongoing mental health problems.

    Any idea what i’m going to go through since i havent ever gone so long without my medication, usual symptoms are only because i have missed my medication for 6-7 hours.


    1. Hi Chris. You need to go to the hospital for help and monitoring. They can take you in and provide short-term medications and alternative forms of pain management as you detox from oxycodone. Your doctor shouldn’t have left you without a prescription cold turkey…

  66. I have been on various opioids for arthritis and intense neck pain for 2 and 1/2 years. My pain med doc had me taking morphine 15 mgs 3 times a day times a day(slow release) and 5 mgs of oxycodone 5 mgs 3 times for breakthrough pain. I decided to just stop both 4 weeks ago . I still seem to be in withdrawal. Some days I am functional about half of the day but the other half I am miserable. I have been getting little or no sleep and have developed restless legs. Is there anything to take to help me at this point?

  67. I started off taking perc 5mlgs and when that didn’t work anymore I started taking 15s and 30s and now wen I don’t have either or I get the withdrawals and I can’t move my body aches real bad but I want so bad to stop taking them completely but I don’t know how to put that into perspective cuz I work and I rely on them or I can’t work I used drugs for 27 years and it wasn’t this hard or painful I’m 46 years old now and I been clean from meth for almost nine years and I don’t want another addiction it’s ugly I need to find a way to stop taking pills and learn to cope with my pain I have arthritis neuropathy diabetes fibromyalgia and carpol tunnel I’m always in pain but I’d rather find another solution to ease my pain cuz I can’t let this take control of my life I have too much in my life to let another addiction take over my life I have 17 grandkids I need to be here for I can’t disappoint them like I did my kids plz help me

  68. I went off 35 milligram of Oxycodone. I was taking 20 milligram Oxy Cotton and 15 milligram of Oxycodone everyday for quite some time. I ended up with pneumonia in the hospital and they reduced my intake by 10 milligrams of Oxy Cotton and 5 milligrams of Oxycodone. I left the hospital 3 days ago and haven’t been taking what they gave me in the hospital. Also I haven’t been going back to the high doses finding out that you can get the flu or Worse pneumonia made me want to stop. I was just wondering if it’s ok for me to just stop cold turkey?

    1. Hi Drew. It could be. I suggest that you speak with a pharmacist to recommend some ointment for itching.

  69. My mother had a knee replacement and the doctor gave her 90 pills of oxycodin. She took the whole prescription within 14 to 16 days. Approximately 24 hours after finishing the prescription she started feeling nauseated, had extreme diarrhea, chills, loss of appetite. Is it possible that she is going through withdrawal and how long will it last?

  70. I have been talking oxycoone 7.5 .5 and hydrocodine 10 mg what ever i can get them i have been taking 8 to 7 a dayfor about 1 year and im sick and tired of it i have no life my family my relationship is rocky i need help to save my life i want to be able to wake up with out thease pills i dont have insutence

  71. I am a 53 year old female. I went to rehab for oxycodone four years ago. I had a tummy tuck in January and since my husband has an oxy habit I have started doing more. My surgery made it worst. I’m trying to go off I need help because I feel suicidal. Please help me before I take my life……….

  72. How can I help someone going through oxycodone withdrawal? I’ve massaged him and given him Tylenol. He’s been tossing and turning and having muscle jerks, pain, sweating and diarrhea. It’s only been 16 hours since his last pill, but he took 60mgs a day. Can I sleep safely if I can’t help.

  73. Just took my final Oxy codone yesterday morning. I had a MRSA infection in my right arm and have been taking about 3 of them a day since late Oct. A month ago I ran out for the first time and I had NO IDEA what that would do to me!!!! They had to give me more and I’m out again and no appt till Friday with my normal primary Physician, so I got an appr earlier on Wed with a different Doc as my primary won’t see me or give me more…amazing, cuz this sucks. I am devestating tired with diarhea, aches, no appetite, etc… Question: Do I try to just go cold turkey from here on out? I have some benzo’s to assist, but those are a bitch to get off too. What should I do at the Doctors on Wed??

    1. Hi Terry. I suggest that you consult with your doctor first. Experts clam that slowly lowering the oxycodone doses is the best way to quit the medication. So, ask your doctor to create you an individualized tapering schedule.

  74. Hey! I have been trying for several months to get off pain pills. I had broken my back a year and a half ago and was in the hospital for 2 months with morphin running through me and percocets. When I went home I was given percoets 7 s and then my insurance ran out and I didn’t have any withdrawals at all. Then probably 7 months later my back started hurting cause the weather change and I started buying oxy 15s I think it was from someone I knew. I’ve been taking them ONLY orally for a little less than a year about 30-50 mg a day so anywhere from 2-5 a day. I’m on day 4 of none at all. So basically my question is, if I was at such a low dosage and taking them only orally about how long will I feel so sluggish and miserable. Absolutely no one knows about this and I have a 2 year old and am at a new job so I can’t afford to be out of commission like this. I’m hoping that since I wasn’t taking too much that it won’t be so bad? Please tell me the worst is over. Thank you

  75. I’ve been injecting 80’s for approximately 8 months, almost daily, usually around 5 times a week (1-1.5/day). I’ve just stopped cold turkey, and I am on day 4 of withdrawal. The first day was not a problem. The past 2 days have been hell. Irritable, restless, insomnia, moody, shaking, cold/hot, notable skin burning sensations all over my body from the inside out, no energy, feeling helpless, etc. I do have a very high/fast metabolism and am committed to quitting. I’ve made the drug inaccessible to me. Day 4 has been extremely better. Should I stay the course cold turkey or I’ve heard about the methadone and zaboxolone???? treatments as well? My personal physician has no inclination of my habit, however, I recently have had bloodwork, catscan, electrolytes testing without any indication of any issues I might have.(I hadn’t used in 3 days). Travel to a clinic is an issue of difficulty. I would appreciate your thoughts and advice as to how to move forward. Thank you

  76. You need to get your husband Kratom. Any kind with red veins. Red vein Thai, horned red, Bali extract. This will save his life. First couple days suck but it offers much relief. Get several ounces to due to his habit he will need it. Take a teaspoon and put it on one sheet of toilet paper and ball it up and parachute it with water. Do not take for more than a month because this too is addicting. But nothing like subs or methadone. He mode well not stop if he goes on those.

  77. After reading what some of these doctors prescribe to step off opiates it really shocks me me. Oxycodone to Methadone or to Dilaudid makes no sense. From that list you are not stepping off anything and for some people one can be more difficult than the other. From my experience here is a much, much better step down program: Strongest class, Oxycodone, Methadone, Dilaudid (or other morphine based drugs TO Hydrocodone TO Trazodone. So, for example, if you been taking Oxycontin (Oxycondone) for a month. Quit, start taking a Hydrocodone for 3-4 days then switch to Trazodone for the renaming 2-3 days. You will need to adjust time frames and dosages depending on step off dosage and time taking the drug. For example if you are taking an insane 50mg of Oxy per day for 8 months you will probably need to start lowering your dosage of Oxy first, then switch to Hydros for 10-20 days, then to Trazodone, etc.

    For me this makes for a much, much smoother transition than going “cold turkey”. However,”Cold turkey” is hard but fast. If you have 3-4 days to lay around and wallow in your suffering (for normal dosages) you will get over it much faster but you will pay with the suffering. A step down program like described above will keep you on your feet but you aren’t going to feel great.

    Just be careful what doctors prescribe to “help” you get off opiates. If you have a doctor prescribing methadone to get off oxys… RUN! They don’t know what they are doing. Suboxone is the newer step off drug. It is similar power to Hydro so it makes sense. Also, don’t forget the Trazodone. It isn’t an opiate but helps with mild pain, lack of sleep and anxiety, all friends of the dreaded withdraw.

    After you’re off stay with the exercise and healthy living and live a natural high that is much better anyways. I know, 2 years and going strong!

  78. My husband has been taking oxycodone for four years . It’s to the point he can’t function without it . He takes about 120 mg a day . And found a doctor who will treat him with suboxin if every thing is out of his system somebody said 48 hours with a ruin test and to drink plenty of water and cranberry juice . If the doctor rejects him I know he will go out and get oxycodone. How bad will withdraw be and when should he take his last dose.

  79. I ran out of my oxycodone over the weekend and substituted tramadol until Mon afternoon. When I got my script I had the Dr lower my dose from 15 to 10. Now I’m sock as heck. My question is am I going through some sort of withdrawal. I seem to have every sign. I hope you can answer my question. Thank you. A very sick individual

  80. I have been taking a small dose of oxycodone for approx 2 months..5 mg a day taken a couple of hours before going to bed. I broke my ankle and had surgery on Dec 6, 2016…I took a much higher dose for a couple of weeks but then started taking it only at night prior to bed. Will I experience withdrawal?

  81. Hi the Farmacy game oxycodone by mistake and i was drinking it 2 tablets every 4 hours for 3 days a I also was drinking my Doctor prescription of naproxen and penicillin at the same time. I stopped it when i noticed that the prescription oxycodone wasn’t for me. I started 1/21/2017, and i stopped it on 1/23/17, its been past 2 months and i still feeling headaches, naunseas, uncomfortable stomach , and constipation, and sometimes loss of appetite. I need some help if these symptoms are normal? because beside that im a healthy person.

  82. cold turkey off of oxycodone 380 mg dr perscribed. its been 72 hrs and now vomitting and diarrhea has started. Severe burning in stomach and bile like bm. Is this normal?

  83. My husband had back surgery 2 weeks ago today. The first week after surgery he took 2 oxycodone IR’s every 4-5 hours. The 2nd week he tapered down to 1 oxycodone per 6 hours and starting after last night he decided to not take any and switch over to extra strength tylenol. He came down with some symptoms in the last couple days. Night sweats, chills, feeling dull, like he isn’t himself, can’t keep thoughts together in his mind. Are these all side affects that would be true for coming down off of the meds? If so how long do they usually last? We haven’t had this before…

  84. i stopped taking oxycodone about a week ago, i don’t feel like myself, sadness, irratibility, no energy. What is my problem. Took the medicine after surgery.

  85. I have been in a pain clinic for 9 years, over the last year and a half they changed my long term med. to OxyContin, I went to the pain clinic last wed. I have not had any meds. since Thursday due to a glitch I was unaware of, they NOW need a p.a. from my ins. comp. I also suffer from congestive heart failure and high bp, I have 80% of the withdrawal symptoms due to this ins. thing
    do you have any suggestions for me since it could be another 1-2 days b4 I get them…
    Thank You,

  86. I am on day 9 of going off oxycodone cold turkey. I have diarrhea, muscle aches (flu like symptoms) Now my mind is all over the place, I forget stuff very quickly, I have a thought and then its gone. It is really scary. I also am emotional, crying. And I become upset easily. What can I do and is this normal. I also am an alcoholic and have been drinking, not every day, but when i do, I black out.. this scares me too…

  87. I tried to come off oxycodone and my blood pressure shot up to 167 and having breathing problems and my heart became real racy, so my Dr gave me a patch to were to quit thinks down! I disagree I think a person can die from withdrawal! Anyone else had any problems like that? Sincerely Cathy

  88. i have been on 30mg of oxycodone for 7 months for a back operation gone wrong , i have reduce intake to 10 to 15 mg and want to get to 5mg,but my problem is lake of energy tiredness an generally feeling like i have a virus. How can i reduce to 5mg with minimum effects? Thankyou

  89. I think im definitely going through severe withdrawal off of oxycodone 30s and 15s ive been sick and haven’t been able too keep anything downso i ran out of my ?s oxycodones and had to pay on the street for the 30s and then the 15s now im vomiting sneezing chills and more tell me please what can I do to get better till monday when i see my dr. Thanks Truly Dawn….

  90. Was taking 60mg oxycodone a day at one time. Doctor cut me off cold turkey i managed to get 5mg tabs from er 20 of them,been taking maybe 15-20 mg per day,how long before i start getting real sick? I found new pm Doctor but got 4 more days before he sees me. What can i do? I was on methadone 120mg a day and detoxed with oxy 10s 30 of them took 1 mo and never got real sick, i kept waiting been oñ oxys now 6 mos. Suppose to take 4x a day but didnt need it i only hurt in am.

  91. I have been on 40 mg per day for 6 months now. If I cut down to 20mg per day for four days, then 10mgs for four days, and then 5mgs for four days, etc , will I suffer too badly from withdrawl. The drug I am talking about is oxycodone.

  92. Over the years my husband has been prescribed Oxycodone Hcl/Aceteminophen 5/325 mg for a severe, chronic, debilitating pain. He has used the above medication to deal with this, on an as-needed basis, despite the directions which states 1 tablet 4X daily. After reading some of the signs of withdrawal side effects from Oxycodone, is it possible that he is suffering from these withdrawal symptoms by taking these tables on an as-needed basis? If so, what can be done about this situation? Any help you can provide would help me greatly. Thanks.

  93. I have been on over 360mg/day of Roxicodone/Oxycodone IR 30Mg for 7 yrs. I take 60-90mg at a time every 2-3 hrs while the supply lasts. My Doc had been trying to taper me for 2 yrs now and I can’t. i do have serious back issues and my MRI is scary. I am still in need of a fusion , however, I won’t get it at my age (under 40). I’ve sub before and for 17 days I was awake with a bad head ache and no sleep. My Dr took one look at me on day 17 and put me back on the Roxi. i asked if I could stop altogether for a few weeks to see what it was like. No thank you. That was 3 yrs ago when I was on 150-mg less than I am on now. Honestly, what can a person expect who can and does take 3-30’s at a time every 2-3 hrs up to 460MG a day. 12-18 30mg’s a day for a solid 5 yrs. I’m thinking death may be a better option than detox. Or, going back to heroin which I’ve been off for 11 yrs,

  94. Where can I go in the uk with help getting of this awful drug I have been taking 15 mg Twice daily for 10 Years since having colorectal cancer and having my coxycx removed and part of my bowel . What to expect .from withdrawal .how long it lasts .My digestive system has become very sluggish and I have regular episodes in A and E because of stomach cramps and sickness .This is becoming more frequent and more severe .

  95. I was taking 2 oxycodone each day for arthritis relief. I stopped taking them 5 days ago.I was on this drug for 2 years. Having some withdrawal symptons-how long does these symptoms last?

  96. I have been on oxy codone for 5 mos. after an extensive operation. At times I do not take any forover 12 hers or more, I feel neauseated, chills, tired. Could this be some of the addiction symptoms?

  97. Ever since I took oxy everyother day for like 4 days and I took hydro two days ago I’ve just felt like I’m in a fog. I get very nauseous and cold and discolored and can’t sleep very well. What has happened to me? Could it really be withdrawals I hardly took any compared to people who have taken it for years .

  98. Hi, I’ve been taking oxycodone for about 6 months now . I take 1- 10 mil in the morning and 1 in afternoon and would like to stop will i have withdrawal ? And is there some over the counter med’s I can take to help ease the symptoms. Thank you, Geoff

  99. I have been taking 150 5mg. pills of oxycodone every month for three years . what will my withdrawls be like because I am quitting them on my own . Do I need medication for my withdrawls . Any suggestions ?

    1. Hello Dave. It is generally recommended that you avoid withdrawing from oxycodone cold turkey. Instead, doctors suggest that you taper down doses of oxycodone gradually and over time until there are minute doses present in the body. In general, the safest way to taper off oxycodone is by decreasing 10% to 25% from your current dose per week. If that seems too abrupt, you can lower the dose every other week.

      Medications such as clonidine can help you manage more persistent or intense symptoms of withdrawal. Plus, you can use supplemental medications, such as antidepressants to manage irritability, sleep disturbance or antiepileptics for neuropathic pain. A pharmacist at your local pharmacy can offer other over-the-counter medications for only a short-term use to help you manage specific symptoms as they occur.

      Please remember that you can always ask for the medical supervision of your prescribing doctor.

  100. I have been on oxycodone 10/ 325 on and off for 10 years due to 4 surgery , became disabled ,Have been taking oxycodone every day for the last 2years and am sick every day I am depressed every day. I stay inside every day . I am afraid to drive or go anywhere. what should I do ? need help Do not want to go to rehab. Please advise. Thank you Donald.

  101. I have a problem I only take 10mg of oxycodone at night and suffer all day what is the best and easy way to get off that

  102. I think I messed up. I am 70 y/o been taking oxycodone for years. By mistake I took wifes Hydrocodone thinking it was Tylenol. I have taken a urine test. Am I in trouble ? What should I do?

  103. After taking 15 mg 4X a day for at least 5 years, I am forced to withdraw because I got a positive urine for heroin. Mind you, I HAVE NOT TAKEN ANY NARCOTIC since 1976!! YES, 1976. I was humiliated, degraded, embarrassed, disgusted to say the least. I quit ALL drugs I had taken in my youth. I am 62, almost 63. I was stunyt?ned, to say the least. I take oxycodone for neck/back pain the past 5/6 years.
    I DO NOT USE ANY HEROIN, OR ANY OTHER DTUG, other than blood pressure, cholesterol meds. My pain dr also gives the the breakthough med 30mg ms contin only twice a day. This Positive urine is not true. The only thing I believe it myst have come from is when I went to AC one night and forgot my oxycodone. A distant friend said she had one extra to givevme. Later on I was told (after the fact), that it was a street drug that mimics my oxycodone, looking EXACTLY like it, markings and all that I took. My BIG BIG mistake. Had I known, I would NEVER EVER have put that in my body Since I was thrown off for two weeks, only getting the ms contin, I am petrified of withdrawels at my age. Especially when I have to work in a few days. How long does the WORST of the withdrawel last..??? Trying to prepare myself for what I am going to have to go through at my age., since I do have high blood pressure. My blood pressure has went down since ive been on oxycodone…now im worried that will shoot right back up
    Any info will greatly help. I have 1/2 of a 15mg left then my withdrawls will begin. I was expecting my usual refill today, until I found out the I sane news. Im not even sure it was the pill…??? Can urine analysis tests ever be wrong???? Im so disgusted with all of this. Especially being CLEAN from everything for 40 years, struggeling to be viewed differently when I was labeled the “addict” in my youth…..please advise this confused 62 yr old. …… sorry so long….wuite upset with all of this…

  104. I am very sick in my stomach but when I take the 10mg of oxy it goes away. I have been on the meds since January on as a need for back pain. I took it once in awhile and as my pain increased I took it at least once a day for the past 2 months. Possibly how long will it take to detox it out of my system

  105. I have been on oxycodone 3 20 mg a day plus 8 oxycocet a day. I was administered them as I have spinal stenosis, which I am in severe pain. I would rater be off them and deal with the pain. I did not realize they were synthetic heroin. Can I be hospitalized in Canada to get off these pills. I do not abuse them at all.

  106. Hi , I’m going through withdrawal from 30-40 mg. daily for 16 yrs after a work related accident falling 3 stories onto my back and hitting my neck. Almost my entire spine is herniated and I successfully reduced my dosage from above 80 to 20 when recently I was hit by a car. I was raised back up to 40 for 6 months and was abruptly cut off when my auto insurance ran out and was told they no longer accept my HMO. I was given a weaning dose of 54 10mg tablets of oxy ir. So I figured I’d switch to another hospital. Well all was going well when my pcp refused to ok my treatment. I have since been hospitalized with a severe upper GI bleed (2nd time) that they can find no cause for after endoscopy ct scan MRI and ultra sound. Im suffering also from nonalcoholic liver damage. Am I in danger now that I’m going cold turkey with only clonidine to help. I’m spitting up blood but no doctor wants to touch my well documented case. I have all of my records but without my primary care physician agreeing to be part of my treatment team no one will write my prescription until I’m out of the woods with the other medical condition. I’m afraid I may die. I have a business a wife and daughter who are freaked out. I have done everything right including requesting the lowering of my dose over the years. I’m afraid of bleeding again. I go to my lawyer tomorrow to take steps in the event that their combined actions lead to my death. What is wrong with this country.
    The pain management staff members have no direct phone lines and have armed guards outside. It is impossible to speak with medical professionals directly these days. What happened? I’m aware that the doctors were informed years ago that oxycodone was not habit forming by the pharm.companies and were snookered and are mad. Our society is becoming an unfeeling narcissistic bunch of greedy asswipes afraid to stand up for ourselves and others.
    Anyway , I’m going through it so any advice is helpful.
    PS I can not tolerate the one tenth mg of clonidine without screaming crying cramps occurring. What should I do. My family doctor thinks anyone who asks for these is an addict and so many doctors are afraid or stygmatized to write these prescriptions. How can they just hang us out to die with no conscience. Any advice is appreciated.

  107. I had two surgeries recently; On the 12th of April, I went in for a cervical fusion. After surgery, every 3 hours I received pain meds. Every other three hours was a shot and the other times was a pill. After release from the hospital I was in a lot of pain. Turns out I had spinal leakage and they had to have another surgery to repair the :wrapping” of the surgical procedure. Again after surgery for aapprox 5 days, I was given pain meds every 3 hours or so. Once released from the hospital, I was given a vile of 15mg’s of oxycondone. I was instructed to take two tabls=30 mg’s of oxycondone every 3 hours for days. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I literally thought I was dying. I never experienced anything so debilitating like that. In most ways, I’m considerably better. However, these night sweats and interrupted sleep have remained. It has been approx 2 3-4 weeks since I’ve been released from the hospital and approx 2 weeks since my last pill. Can the night-sweat withdrawal symptoms still be lingering? It’s been hell. My primary care physician kind of tipped his hat to me. He told me that after such a surgery only then to have gone through the cold turkey, that I was quite strong. He totally understood what I was going through. Told me to anticipate lingering symptoms. Again, can these night-sweats and nightly sleep interruption last this long? Also, other than that, I take absolutely no meds. Never have. Not a big drinker at all and indulge in no drugs at all. Never a smoker. I eat relatively healthy and drink water only.
    Could such a profound amount of oxycondone in a relatively small period of time be the cause of the lingering effects; night sweats and therefore interrupted sleep for now two weeks after I stopped taking the oxy? I don’t remember in my life ever experiencing such debilitation and a lack of energy to do anything. I could not eat. Could barely stand at the toilet. I thought I would crumble to the floor. Also, it depressed you profoundly.
    I’m concerned about how long I will have to endure these night sweats.
    Anyone? Thank you…

  108. My husband had his heart attack at 43, 1993; crushed his heel 2009, now its a block of arteritis. For 23 years his primary doctor prescribed morphine 60 mg and Percocet 10mg/323 APAP. He’s now in the desert and wants to come home, he is out of is pain meds and nitro. Doctor won’t give him enough meds to get home because he needs an apt before refill…Dr. told him to take Tylenol Ex…for a 500 mile drive going to 10,000 ft elevations to get home. I think they are killing inoperative older people who are not money-makers for docs/hosp/ins. It’s the roll of the dice for him with the withdrawals and no nitro to open the one vein or pain meds the pain hits with cold turkey program Dr./RX insurance has imposed. I have put everyone on notice that if he dies because of this, the “Will not harm” policy goes to court. That’s a promise! Nightmare continues: if you have meds and kids (son was 13 with the onset of Dad’s meds), LOCK THEM UP. I lost my only child/son at 29. And it’s said, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Look out AMA!!

  109. Hi,my name is G,I had open heart surgery last year,and I always liked when a dr would give me vikes or percs,so after my surgery I needed more than usual doses for pain so I was taking 12 500 mg percs a day,well I was in a lot of pain so I continued to tell my doctor and he would give me 30 days supply at 12 a day, well after about 6 months,I started worrying myself , I was so weak, then I would take my 2 percs and be strong and feel young,I;m 65,anyway 16 months have passed,and I have been going to an addiction doctor,and he has been weaning me off,I’m down to 3 7.5 percs a day and I am so weak,lazy,no appitite, my legs feel like worms are crawling in them,my muscles ache so much,and if I take 1 perc,,,within 40 minutes,I feel great, and ready for the day.
    Starting today I went down to 1 perc 7.5 in the morning, and oxy 20 mg twice a day if needed, so far I have felt good all day,and I only took 2 oxys all day,my legs feel strong, I am not being lazy, I just want to be off these pills and get back to a normal life and not living by every 4-6 hours on my mind everyday,know what I mean?

  110. I have been on oxycodone for 12 years.I was up to 90 mgs. daily, now down to 45 mgs. daily. I have had none for 55 hours. Just now starting to feel better. Muscle aches are down , they were severe, however my BP is way up. Can I safely withdraw from this by myself? I’m 76 years old in good health. Thank you!

    1. Hi David. I suggest you speak with your doctor who can help you plan an individualized tapering schedule. Experts clam that slowly reducing the drug is a safer way to quit it.

  111. Had left knee replacement 4/11/16 was given oxycodone 5mg 2 pills every 4 hrs (10 max per 24 hr) to 4/20/16. Now at home took 2 5mg every 4 to 6 hrs (max 8 or 10 per 24 hr). As of yesterday 7:30 am was my last 1pill 5mg. I believe im having withdrawal symptoms. How long it it be for??

  112. I have been on endone tablets 37 days, for pain,in all I have had 41 tablets, the last one I took was at 9.30 yesterday morning (9/5/2016), my Dr just told me to stop taking them and changed me to Mobic 15 MG. Now I have very deprested and I feel like crying a lot
    Can you help me out with this problem and tell how long dose these feelings last.
    Thanking you

  113. I have been using oxycodone for stage IV breast cancer with mets to the vertebrate for about three months. Usully just 10 mg day, but now I stopped it because of constipation problems and I have severe diarrhea, weakness, loss of appetite, etc. Is that a result of stopping the oxy? Thank you in advance for your answer.

  114. I’ve been taking 5-8 30mg oxys a day for years……I have to stop and have stopped a few times for a couple weeks to a month but always seem to go back to them out of boredome n depression. I am extremely depressed when I’m off them to the point where I think about suicide every day!! Will the depression go away if I stay off tgem for good? I literally have no motivation to do anything!!! I don’t do my work for my job I don’t take cate of important things I should…..I basically just lay on the couch extremely depressed and miserable!! Fortunately I don’t go through severe withdrawals that other people do I just go through mental anguish. Please tell me I will be happy and my brain will go back to normal and I can be happy and productive again if I stay off them for good.

  115. You can read my last 2 replys about my journey. I was reading some of the latter 2015 blogs, etc and I just want to say that my experience was weening off from March 2015 through August 2015. No matter what opiate/pain med a person has been taking it was “best for me” to ween your body off slowly. Whatever the number of tabs are, doses, etc. the way I did it and my pain specialist had me do it was from (your number) example, I was at six pills a day and went down to 5 a day for about 2 weeks, then to 4 a day for 2 weeks, then 3 a day for 2 weeks, and when I got down to the last of it, (you will know what you can handle) 1 a day for me was 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at night. Very nauseated, trouble sleeping, trouble eating(force yourself to eat even if it is a piece of toast or jello. Stay hydrated. Stomach pain, I went to urgent care because upper stomach pain/nausea was still there a month after stopping meds. Checked for dehydration, etc. Still wake up during the night, restless but I think that is due to pain but could still be from being on meds for so many years. Noticed memory issues. Never take any meds just because a Dr. gives them to you without researching what it is, withdrawal from it, side effects, etc. Hope this helps someone.

  116. After my last dosage which was the 10th April 2016 I stopped the one tablet a day and over the last three weeks it has reduced
    From three a week, to two a week, then the one a week as stated. When will my leg and arm jumping and Heavy RLS stop, as I am unable to sleep. How many days after the 10th April will this stop.
    Kind Regards

  117. I just want to hopefully give someone hope. I was put on Methadone in 2005 when my Dr. wanted me to get off of Vicodin, etc because it was a long acting medication. I had no idea at the time what I was being given until I heard about a lot of overdosing on it. Went from 40 mg a day(2 -10mg tabs twice a day) to 60 mg a day at 2-10mg pills 3 times a day. Did this for 10 years. Wasn’t getting enough pain relief so in March 2015 I started the journey of weening myself off of them. Had to get anti-nausea pills from my Dr. around June or July 2015 and in August was taking my last pill and while I was getting off of the Methadone my Dr. had me increase my oxycodone(Percocet) so I did. On August 18th was my last percocet and I am now pill free. I have a relationship with Jesus Christ and I am sure that made all the difference. You feel so sick you think you are dying but you are not. Talk to your Dr. and remember you need to ween slowly. YOU CAN DO IT. I am now quitting smoking and with my Lord’s help I will conquer it too. Hang in there because it is worth it. Don’t give up 5 minutes before your miracle.

    I believe you are going to experience withdrawal symptoms even if you are only on pain killers for a short time. Whatever any of you do, when the pills are gone or you ween yourself off just know that being sick isn’t forever and it is worth it. The problem seen where I live is that when people can’t get the pills they go to Heroin and that is a big mistake. If I can get off of the pills after being on medication for 10+ years, YOU CAN TOO. I now have to tolerate my back pain but I feel so much better. More clarity, no nodding off, etc. Didn’t realize how bad it was til I got off of it. I’ll take my back pain any day over taking pain pills. I’ll be praying for all of you who take your own journey. Don’t give up. You can do it.

  118. Had foot surgery a week ago took 2 5 mg pills every 4 hrs for a week. I am now taking 1 5 mg pill every 8 to 10 hrs. Feel nauseous for a lot of the day. Could this be a symptom of withdrawal

  119. I’ve been taking oxycodone 5 mg every 4 hours (but skipped a few doses, so not *every* four hours) for three days after being discharged from the hospital. Is three days at this dose likely to cause withdrawal symptoms? If so, will it still take a week to get over it, or will it take less time? I have a few pills left. Should I break them in half and maybe try taking half in the morning and half at bedtime? Or am I getting all worried for nothing?

    1. Hi, Shelly. Oxycodone withdrawal may last from couple of hours to several days. It all depends on the doses administered, body itself, the period of time the medication was consumed, etc.

  120. if you have been on oxycodone quit release 30 mgs.for 7-10 years. Will sorting one none and then when you are hurting real bad is that bad for you ???

  121. I have been taking 30 mg of oxycodones for about 3 yesrs ! I take 120 pills a month, i went to detox 2 times stayed 1 week came home next morning very sick, had to start my pills again cause i was so sick and could not take anymore than 1 week off of work! My question is how long do i have to be in detox to be not in pain or can i wern myself

  122. I was taking 300 mg oxy daily… for me was very easy and cheap to get… i have apartments in colombia where its otc in pharmacies… so once a month i woild fly down and bring back… anyways i decided to stop cold turkey… my doctor gave me clonodine klonopin and gabapentin….. what a godsend… i took many vitamins and drank tons of water… i was only really able to eat bananas… i slept pretty well… only major symptom was body weakness but i forced myself to take a drive one hour a day.. my advice is this dont try quitting until you are mentally prepared and done with the chit for good… best of luck to all

    Forgot to add… you have to be careful with dehydration because of diarrhea and lack of wanting to ingest anything… another thing i did was get flector patches and kt tape…. i wrapped my arms and legs with kt tape…. if you have someone willing to be by your side it is much easier… and protein drinks are good to drink daily…

  123. Something that is really helpful for oxy withdraw is powdered magnesium. It comes in different flavors, just put a little bit in hot water and wait for it to fizz, then sip on it kinda like a tea. When you buy it from health food stores it comes in a round container labeled “calm”. It’s soooooo great for those pesky muscle cramps and restless legs. It’s not 100%, but it’s pretty darn good! It works great for xanax withdraw, too.

  124. I am currently slowly withdrawing from oxycodone. I have been taking it daily for at least 5 years. It was prescribed for my fibromyalgia. Which has increased. I have tried for disability for 4 years. AS OF NOW TALKING WITH SS/DISABILITY. I am unable to work even when I get off the drugs completely.I have an appt with a phychiarist for withdrdral. Apparently there drugs they can use (to help with withdral sysptom) Right now I am having memory problems. I am only 58. I finally went to er & they took chest exray and head ct. Came back fine. It’s a slow process, but people amd er doc are surprised I am not dead, please contact me by email if you have any suggestions. I wrote down your phone number. Thanks, Julie

  125. Went through a really bad withdrawal and hallucinations and I was prescribed the medication for a herniated disc in my neck the doctor did not tell me what the side effects or getting off the drug would be and I almost died

  126. Hi all.
    As i stated some nearly 2 years ago . My partner tuck 4 instant 20 mil capsules belonging to me .
    She was dead 2 hours later with full medic cover.
    I have severe pain so was prescribed Oxycodone some 30 months ago.
    It was spiraling out of control , but my Doctor not knowing the true effects of the drug ( i believe the drug company was fined 400 million dollars for miss selling the drug .
    In the UK they are still blind to this knightmare drug.
    I cut my self down to 140 slow release and 2, 20 instant release.daily.
    That was 1 year ago, i suffer cold sweats . a yearning in my gut , Anxiety, and shakes .
    These appear daily at the 8 to 9 hour mark after daily dose. .
    What is not often said is that opioids can cause pain the same as your symptoms before you where given the drugs.
    Yes im a addict the same as any one given this drug.
    No i can see no end to the torment i go through every day for 4 hours till next dose.
    At the end of the day ITs you laying or pacing ,scratching , no sleep that has to deal with it.
    My heart goes out to you.
    But its only you who can master it . if you can.

  127. I would like to get some kind of tapering from the percocet. I can not go to the doctor because nobody in my family knows I take it. If my husband found out I would lose everything I have. I need a taper schedule for 5-325 percocet. I take 3 a day for chronic headaches. Someone help me. I don’t want to feel nauseated all the time. Please help!!!!!I am desperate

  128. I am a 61 year old woman who has been on 30mg of Oxycodone daily for about 10 years for Fibromyalgia pain. About 6 months or more ago I started tapering off without much difficulty until I got to 10mg a day and could go no lower without major withdrawal symptoms so I stayed at that dose for several months before I just decided if I was going to go through the withdrawal pains anyway then I would just get if over with. I took my last dose 3 1/2 weeks ago and I have to say it was hell but I did it. My problem is that I still cannot eat anything without my stomach blowing up and feeling like an alien is going to pop out! Will that get better or have I developed some kind of imbalance in my gut that needs addressing? I was under the impression that the major withdrawal symptoms should be gone by now and most of them are except for the stomach issues. I’ve never had a history of stomach problems so this is all new to me. I don’t know whether to just ride this out and see if it gets better or do something about it. It’s very uncomfortable and painful and I can’t seem to eat anything no matter how bland without this happening. I do not want to take any more prescription or OTC medicines and prefer to keep all my doctoring of myself in the natural realm. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m drinking ginger tea and taking Aloe Vera and it seems to help a little but I still can’t eat anything solid.

  129. I don’t want this email sold or given to anyone. I have been addicted to oxycodone for several years now. I have a new Dr to help me get off of them. I had this episode the other day where I was at a store and totally got distorded, hallucinating, couldn’t find my car, couldn’t walk I had a cane. Some nice people helped me find it, I have no idea how I got home. God it scares me so much I could have had an accident and killed someone. I lost the following day completely ( at home) I could not get my prescription filled anywhere. So I was out for about a week. Nothing even close has ever happened before. Could this be withdral symptoms?

    1. Hi, Julie. I’m really sorry that this happened to you. Disorientation, confusion, and hallucinations may be oxycodone withdrawal symptoms. I suggest you inform your doctor about this.

  130. I have been taking oxycodone 5-325 for about 2years for chronic headaches. It does help to get me through everyday with not as much pain. When my next dose is do, I have horrible nausea and sweating.I take 1, feel okay and then go through the same thing again . I want to get off of it but I don’t know how. Please help!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi, Deb. I understand your situation. I’d suggest you consult a doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule just for you. In this way, you can quit the drug gradually. Also, consider over-the-counter medications and home remedies to ease withdrawal symptoms.
      Good luck!

  131. I am on day 4 of xanax withdraw. I also take pain meds (oxycodone 10mg and MS contin 15mg). I literally just began to get thru the worst part of the xanax. How in the hell can I quit everything? I mean, I am on two different meds. Does this mean I will have different detox symptoms from each one? Thanks

  132. I have been on oxycodone over 3 yrs now I am being wined off and it terrible! My heart races and my blood pressure spikes up and its hard to breath very scary. I told my pain management Dr so he put me on A blood pressure patch low. I spoke to my primary Dr about this and he thinks they are going to fast, what are you to do when I was taking them 15mg 4 times a day? What is the right way? Then he put me on morphine 15 mg every 12 hrs is that cool while trying to get off the Oxycodone? Is that how they do it? I am so confused here and feel bad enough to go to the ER at times. Sincerely Cathy

  133. I was given oxycodone after suffering broken hip, arm and shoulder I took them for around 10 months, I hate taking pills especially this one, I started reducing from 15mg to 10 mg twice a day for 3 weeks then reduced to 5mg twice daily for 3 weeks, I then cut 5mg tablet in half and took half tablet twice daily for 10 days, then stopped totally, I suffered with mild diarrhoea for 3 days and a runny nose and very restless sleep but I’m managing hopefully my body will be back to normal very soon, I’m only 4 days in with no oxycodone

  134. Taking oxicodone for 2years for pudendal neorapathy it stopped helping pain want to get off it reduced it every 5 hours for the last3days how would I continue going down perspiring when melds are about due and several bowel movements today desparate to get off this drug asap

  135. Dear Madam,
    I am utterly desperate and giving up. Please help me as I have a husband, son and granddaughter who will miss me if I weren’t around.
    I have been taking Oxycontin for about 9 years for scoliosis/lower back pain and especially pain in my ribs/chest referred from my back.
    I began getting withdrawal symptoms (absolutely unmistakable ) before my next 12 hourly dose was due. Eventually I was actually getting severe panic/anxiety before it was due and I could not get help from my pain specialist. She said I needed to come off the tablets but provided me with no help to do this. To cut a long and very expensive story short, I knew I had to kill myself to get out of this hell. I failed only because I was sick in the night.
    Through bad luck/poor/unlucky prescribing, I ended up back on them. It is now a year later and the same is starting to happen again. I currently have no pain specialist and my GP is not being any help.
    I need a solution/some help urgently. Please help me as I cannot take this happening much longer.

  136. Hello All, I WANT ALL OF YOU TO KNOW!!! I am a 63 yr old women who was on oxycontin 80mg ER twice aday and 3 15 3 times aday for break through pain for over 8 yrs. Never got high or sleep just dealt with my pain but OMG what a cost to pay. I wanted off of them and had to go to a pain mgr place. I hated it! They put me on a step down program and got off of this God Awfull drug. YES it really helps pain but it is all consuming. It will take your life away. Well I went through pure hell and the pain dr put me on 5 mg of oxydcone 4 times aday. It was making my headaches worse and the other pain I was having. After a month of this crap I stop it myself. Was off of it 3 weeks and pain was so bad 2 weeks ago I took 1 just 1 once aday for 4 days. I want all of you to know I am still in hell over this drug. I feel like I want to hurt someone and the dirreaha and muscle pain and restless leg thing is driving me nuts. Well it has been almost a week an a half s from my last pill but still going through hell. When will this be over PLEASE TELL ME. AND I WANT ALL OF U to know that if I had it to do all over I would of NEVER tooken this crap!! PLEASE ALL OF U. Get the hell off of all of this crap because here we all are bitching about this stuff. PLEASE leave it alone. Yes I am still in God Awfull Pain but I want my life back.Some of you take these drugs and not from a doctor. STOP this is just NUTS and CRAZY. I want my life back Please get yours back. Put the company that makes this out of business. Can someone please let me know about when all this dirreaha and legs and sneezing etc will stop I really need to know I am driving myself crazy needing an answer. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF U —LEAVE THIS CRAP ALONE–AND SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHEN I WILL BE OK like I said I took one for 4 days about a week &1/2 ago.THANK U ALL GOOD LUCK 🙂

  137. I’d like first take time out and say thank you for allowing me to be able to ask a question.

    Question, I have had back surgery on October 1,2015. I was proscribed oxycodone, dulcolax and muscle relaxers. I was told to take the oxycodones every 4 hours if needed. I was also told to take the dulcolax with it just twice a day and the muscle relaxers as needed. So for 3 weeks straight I have been taking the oxycodones and the dulcolax every day like clock work. So on this past Monday I decided to stop cold turkey with the oxycodones and dulcolax and take Motrin instead. Since then I have been on the toilet after I finish eating anything. I have been waking up in cold sweats with the bed sheets soaked, and I feel like crap. I have very little blood in my stool so I don’t know what else to do. At this point my back pain hasn’t even been on my mind.


  138. I had shoulder surgery a week and a half ago was on morphine pain pump for 3 days and oxycodone for 9 days 10 mg every 4 hours. The day after stopping I started with these jittery, jerky feeling. Is this normal and if so how long will it last. Cannot sleep, feel like I cannot set still.

  139. I went to detox a week ago for prescribed oxycodone. 45mgs per day. Detox went fine in 5 days. Now at home 5 days later, I am experiencing extreme crazy legs/arms and can’t shake it off. It’s been about 5 hours of hell. Can’t sleep, can’t sit still and arms are wanting to shake off my body. Is this normal stuff 5 days after getting out of detox center?

  140. I’ve tapered 20mg per day over 3 weeks now on 5 mg past 4 days and have had chills and diarrhea past 2 evenings. Is this normal? I’m on longtec oxycodene.

  141. Took Methadone approx 11 years. Dr. prescribed Percocet 10’s about 2 yrs ago but I never took more than 4 per day and only about 3 days a week. Dr. gave weaning schedule and from March 2015 to August 7th I weaned then stopped Methadone. Weaning off the Percocet began and my last one of those was August 18th. Still nauseated, don’t want to eat, can’t sleep well, can you tell me how long this is going to last. Mostly the nausea. I already went to Urgent Care a few days ago but not clinically dehydrated.

  142. i have been on 10 mg of oxycondone twice a day for 2 years.i quit 4 days ago, I now have terable muscle ache. It is the only real system, I have a little weakness and trouble sleeping. But I do have my appetite back.

  143. My husband was in the hospital this past weekend. They initially thought he was experiencing kidney failure but then said he passed a kidney stone. He has been taking 10 – 12 (according to him, but his brother told me it was more like 15 – 20) pills a day for the past 9 years. While in the hospital, they were giving him 4 narco painkillers a day. I saw him jerking and shaking a little. He was in the hospital for 2 days. He says now, that he is completely off the pain pills but I have not noticed any withdrawal symptoms since his release, except for the mood swings. And I believe that is more because he is desperate to keep me from leaving him. He has a lot of energy and is “pretending” everything is normal. In your opinion, do you believe he has quit taking the pills? I do not believe he has.

  144. I’ve been on 20mg longtec oxycodone for 6 months for pain relief and had started to suffer nausea off and on and doctor recommended me to cut dose down from 2 in 24 hours to 1 in 12 hours. I’ve been shivery had bit of diaorhea and do no feel well. It’s been cutdown for 3 days. Is this likely due to the cutting down?

  145. Was taking Oxycodone at a low dose 7.5/325 acitaminophen (2) at night for 7 weeks post-op back surgery and came off them completely about 4 weeks ago. Suffered with severe symptoms at first: anxiety, weakness fatique, chills, night sweats and flu-like symptoms. The worst are over but still am dealing with a little nervousness, some chills and shivers. Have had complete diagnostic blood work and examination by primary care and nothing else seems to be going on, so—– how long can these residual symptoms last?

  146. My husband was on 5mg 2X a day for 2 years, he tool himself off because he is going back to work. It has been just about a week, he has not slept, naseua, sweaty foggy. He is under alot of stress as well. Waiting to here from doctor, he needs to sleep.

  147. How much\how often do you have to take oxy to experience withdrawal symptoms? I do not take it every day but I have been taking it about once a week for a few weeks. Is it possible to experience withdrawal symptoms from this?

  148. Hi. I was prescribed oxycodone for use after lung lobectomy. I was able to use 1-3 10mg every 8 hrs as needed for pain. It’s now 7 weeks since my surgery. I was using one pill in the morning and one at night. I last use oxy on Friday morning. The last two days I use one pill in the morning only. I have been experiencing most of the withdrawal symptoms, which is the worst feeling ever! I have not been able to eat or feel that anything is appetizing. How long will the symptoms last and what can I do to relieve them?

    1. Hello Olga. Withdrawal symptoms usually begin 4-6 hours after the last use of the drug. In general, oxycodone withdrawal peaks 72 hours after cessation of use and resolves in 7-10 days. You can address symptoms of oxycodone withdrawal using over-the-counter medicines or aids such as Imodium AD, heating pads, muscle ache creams, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs such as paracetemol, acetaminphen, or ibuprofen to treat specific symptoms. Warms baths or long showers have also been used to treat body ache. Massage and central nervous system calming teas such as chamomile or rosemary may also help.

  149. Long history of back problems, had percutaneous discectomy at l2-3, l3-4, l4-5 and 5-s1.been on oxycodone 5 for quite a few years. Was retired on medical disability in 1999. Dr. has done several epidural blocks with varying results. Changed Drs. a couple of years ago and was seeing pain management specialist for pain meds, valium and soma. However, Drs. were shut down by Feds when found they were billing and prescribing not acceptable to Gov. Asked family Dr. if she would help with scripts till found pain management Drs. and she agreed. Had appt. last week and arrived late. They rescheduled for another date and now refuse to write scripts for pain meds till can be seen again. This will put me out of meds for about 16 days. I am upset that she doesn’t realize what she is doing to me by abruptly stopping oxy wiithout at least tapering me off of meds. Is this normal ? I know a lot of doctors don’t like to do pain thearpy but, this seems to go counter to their oath, First DO NO HARM ! Is my thinking off?

    1. Hello John. It is completely unfair, I agree with you. Can you call their office again and try to get a scrip by explaining that you have more than two weeks of no pain management options? Withdrawal after stopping cold turkey can be very harsh.

  150. I have chronic cluster headaches and have had them for over 20 years. i just recently switched from the Fentynl patch (25 much every 3 days) with 10 mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain to 20mg oxycodone 4 times a day. I’ve been doing this for 30 days now and due to a spike in my headaches this month I ran out 4 days early before I could refill again. I started having flu like symptoms and incredibly restless legs. I find that I withdraw harder and faster with just the oxycodone than I did with the Fentynl. Does this seem normal?

  151. I have throat cancer and I have been on oxycodone for about 6 months. When I quit about 1 1/2 mo ago, no problems. After a couple of weeks my legs and arms became very numb. Oncologist prescribed oxy and zanex and it stopped after a week or so other than a little in my left leg. Thought I was ok until this weekend it started up again. Again the oncologist prescribed the same treatment this morning. I will see him next Fri, but after research all morning I am wondering if this is withdrawel from the oxycoden.

  152. For what it’s worth I will offer my thoughts. I have eight bulging discs, chronic nerve pain in a paralyzed arm, 8 full grade rotator cuff tears, left below the knee amputation and chronic phantom pain. Believe it or not the list goes on. I am a medical professional and have come to master the pain pills. I know more than most of my prescribing drs, if only because we have the same training, then throw in my experience. This is what I have come to do, after 5 years of battling withdrawals, tolerance, grin and bearing pain, I’ve tried it all and this is what works best for me. My dosage ranges anywhere from 60mg-120mg a day. I cycle my meds. Every 21 days I cycle off for 3 days and switch to an equivalent opioid. Whether it’s OxyContin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, or morphine, I change it up on my body every 21 days. My Dr. Prescribes me the equivalent in each every 21 days, then for a few days I bear the pain and take nothing. What really helps on those days is I take a pre-workout (without working out) powder and it provides the energy to muscle through the pain. I have found this to be the only way I don’t build up a tolerance, I can quit anytime with just minor aches, nothing not manageable, and most important when I start taking my cycled med its works effectively. I’m not saying this will work for you. But believe me, I have felt everything everyone on this post has felt. I have 4 kids under 8, just finished my Dr, and run a company. I had to find a way to exist without letting these meds takeover my life. But at the same time, no one should have to live with the kind of pain I feel upon opening Emmy eyes every morning. Balance is the key, and when this doesn’t work I’ll find a new way. It’s a combination of meds, bearing pain when I can, and changing it up on my body to keep it guessing. It’s a delicate balance but I’m happy as I believe I can be. I hope this helps someone. I pray for people like are on this board daily, because I know and live it…

  153. i was only on OxyContin for 3 days 4 a day on 4th day I went to 2 on day 5 I felt like I was coming out of my skin very restless and irritable was that withdrawal? I now was switched to hydrocodone which I’m trying only to take once but I would like to take Tylenol pm at nite and hydro during day???

  154. Dear Tim,
    It looks like no one commented yet on your situation. All I wanted to say is..that I once thought I was on a high dose of Oxycodone and Methadone. The Doctors thought so too. It was 5 tablets of Methadone-10mg daily and 60mg of Oxycodone 3x’s daily. When you said a combination of 800mg, my jaw dropped, seriously. That really worries me. I believe that it may be true that you can build up a very high tolerence, BUT…the amount of mg’s it takes to kill a Person stays the same. Maybe you could cut back by just a tiny amount every couple months. Your body may not even miss it that much. And for Heavens sake, don’t be mixing in Xanax and other downers. That is what has “done in” alot of Hollywood Stars! And NO drinking. I don’t mean to tell you what to do. I’m just a caring Lady with some Nursing background and some experience of my own with pain control. Take care…

  155. I had a tkr on Feb. 20th. and I have been taking 10/325 oxycodon every 4 to 6 hrs. I’mean still having pain, but have been cutting med. by half. I only take 2 to 3 times a day. I am having I think withdrawel. I feel re a lot jittery and just don’the feel good. How long will I feel this way. I started taking Tylenol today for pain and was thinking I would take a Tylenol PM tonight. ANY suggestions?

    1. Hi Letter. You can use a combination of NSAIDs and home therapies to treat symptomatic discomfort. If needed, you can seek treatment from a detox clinic for more severe symptoms such as diahrrea, nausea, and/or anxiety. For body aches and other pain, use mild pain relievers such as Tylenol or ibuprofen. You can also try massages, hot baths, and rest to help with physical pain. Gastrointestinal stress may also present itself, and will need to be treated by drinking fluids and sometimes taking Imodium. You can ask your doctor or pharmacist for other medication that can help you treat other symptoms of Oxycodone withdrawal.

  156. Hello Karen. You seem to have a good understanding of your medical condition and needs. But I’m not sure if you’re concerned about the withdrawal symptoms or the symptoms of the condition? Have you spoken with your doctor about the use of dronabinol, the synthetic THC during the cancer treatments? Would you consider this as a treatment option?

  157. My situation is rather complex. I have had fibromyalgia since I was 30 – am now 73. I experienced a period of relative remission in my fifties but then the symptoms got beyond what OTC drugs could handle. I’ve been under a doctor’s care all this time. About 6 years ago, my symptoms worsened to the point where oxycodone was required to control them. It did and I enjoyed a good quality of life by taking 30 to 45mg every four hours. (I have a high tolerance for drugs and functioned well on that dosage.) As you know, doctors no longer want to treat chronic pain with narcotics so I have been slowly withdrawing for a year and now do 15mg every 4 to 6 hours. My doctor told me to stop titration for four months while I was being treated for cancer – slow-growing malt lymphoma in the duodenum,stage 2. I went through radiation therapy but un-fortunately, the lymphoma was not responsive. It will be some months before inflammation from the radiation has cleared so I can try another round of therapy. Between now and then, I would like to complete withdrawing from the oxycodone. I’m experiencing many of the withdrawal symptoms listed but only mildly so I can maintain my daily routine. I must add that I am taking low doses of xanax (have for many years) and cymbalta. What is your recommendation? Thanks!

  158. All,

    I am not going to go into my whole story as it would take about 10 pages. But I have been on opiate based pain medication since the age of 16. I will be 39 later this year. I use them as directed most of the time. I increase and decrease my dosages based on my symptoms but I have developed a tolerance for my pain medications that is nothing less than insane. I am currently taking around 800mg of oxy a day in a mixture of 80mg OxyContin extended release pills and 30mg Oxycodone instant release tablets. This is the formula that has worked best for my pain in the past mixing the extended and instant release forms. I have been on them so long now that I have no idea if I have even healed. My doctor is not taking me off them as she says I will be in agony. I need to know for myself if this is really the case. I suffer from RA but during the summer I am almost symptom free and I want to spend this summer pill free as well. My question is if it is safe to go cold turkey from that dosage with my extended history of dependence on opiate based medication. I have been on Oxy in one form or another for close to 8 years….

    Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions would be appreciated!!


  159. my wife has been on oxycodone 10mg every 6 hours for 15 days and has stopped as her pain level has dropped to a level she says she can tolerate …. will she be subject to the withdrawal symptoms…

    1. Hi Charles. She might, you never know how quick an organism gets adjusted to the presence of a medication. But, given the fact she was only taking it for two weeks time, the severity and duration of the withdrawal symptoms won’t be complicated. It’ll be over soon, and if she gets a symptom you can treat it with simple over-the-counter meds you can get at any pharmacy.

  160. Veteran, 40mg, 3 times daily. The VA is weaning me off. Started at 30mgs, twice daily. This is giving me problems. I sorta freaking out, but the withdrawal symptoms. I already ack. I’m worried because I am still in pain. Not able to smoke weed, which helps somewhat. I beat herion in Germany. I don’t want to go through that again. But that looks like what will happen. What happens about my pain, the reason I’m on the pills now, when I have nothing for the pain. Hope y’all can ubunderstand the rambling. HELP ME

    1. Hello Ghosst Rydrr. It’s a good thing that you are being gradually tapered down form Oxy. Unfortunately this cannot completely eliminate the withdrawal effects, but it does significantly lower the severity of the discomfort. If you are doing this under doctor’s supervision, s/he can help you take other remedies to treat your withdrawal symptoms as they occur, plus offer some alternative ways for pain management that will help you relieve pain.

  161. Have been taking 30 mg of oxycodone for 4 years my doctor changed me to patches and I could not get them takes prior authorization and I ran out of my meds yesterday what’s going to be the outcome of the sudden removal of this medication? And is it right that he just decided to do this my insurance company said they had no problem with paying for the oxycodone! The Dr told me it was because my insurance company don’t want to pay for this medicine.

  162. Hi Martin. You can also discuss this issue with your GP. I guess the next step is 5mg once a day?! Your doctor can help prescribe medications or suggest which OTC’s will help you manage withdrawal symptoms as they occur and make the final jump as comfortable as possible. Good luck to you! You are almost there!

  163. after taking oxycodone for over 3 x years, I am now on a reduced dose of 5mg ( slow release ) twice a day. I recognise, along with my GP that I no longer have pain and the med is more an addiction which I long to get off. However, I simply cannot do this final lap to cease taking the drug. Is there anything you can advise me to do to help ?

  164. Pain meds. After withdrawl. I have bursitis, headaches, broke 3 ribs and messed up my neck and shoulder, oa, fibro., bipolar
    So far nothing else is working. I tried vicodin oxycontin scared me, aleve, tapering but scared of side effects.
    I take 2.5 6x a day. I don’t feel this is alot but my shrink feels ANYTHING is vettrr than narcoticks.

  165. I have been off Hydrocodon-APAP 10-325 for nine days. I took two pills twelve hours apart on the day nine. I have been doing this on my own. Withdrawal has been bad. Since taking the two pills, am I going to go thru the withdrawal again, and will it be as bad?

  166. Hello
    I think I am an example of adult ADHD. I always used to be hyper all my life. Now I am 33, since a year I have stopped consuming milk as well as gluten products and I am feeling very nice. I am always calm and I can think clearly. Since I am a vegan I take b12 tablets daily and it helps me a lot. Recently I had vitamin d tablets after reading about it on the internet about how good it is but I have had a bad experience with it after having it I have become a little hyper again and I think I am going through withdrawal symptoms after not consuming it. Today is the 30 th day after I had d but still I am not feeling as good as I did before. Please suggest what should I do? And how long these symptoms will last?

  167. Thank you, Chante, for your feedback. I’m very happy you are succeeding in your goal and that you feel good. I hope you inspire others to walk your steps of patience and relaxation, towards success.

  168. Hi… I have been checking to see if anyone responded to the posting I posted. I see no other posts as of today Monday December 15th. Since my last post, I have decided to just try to reduce my intake of the three prescriptions I have been taking for several years. I started on 4 15mg oxycodone about 3 weeks ago to 3 then 2 for the last 6 days. Yesterday I only took 1; 1/2 in the morning half during the night as I was having some muscle tensions… very uncomfortable feeling. I haven’t took any meds today.. not even my xanax. I am trying to just stop them all as the dependency situations are simply not for me. I’m weak and tired but that’s all really. Some dizziness and headache come and go but seems to be caused from 24 hours in my bed… my body is not used to just resting like this… I am feeling great! I go see me doctor Wednesday and instead of him putting me on suboxone or kadine- I can tell him I took myself off!! Some idea’s that helped me- benedryl at night, lots of fluids and try to eat regular! Hot showers and body massages helped a lot! Rest! Take it easy; stay in bed and just let your body rest. Hightened sensitivity was something weird I was feeling when I touch my hair or make a fist; from what I read- it’s normal!

    Good luck to anyone who is trying to make major moves in their life. It is scary, it’s not 100% easy but not hard as you may think. Worth the effort to get the toxins out your body!

  169. Hi. I have been doing an awful lot of reading lately primarily because I have been prescribed to 15mg Oxycodone 6x per day for about the last 3.5 years. I have asked my doctor about “getting off” the medication as I seemed rather physically dependent yet the pain was still present. *car accident… several discs dislocated and herniated as well as some minor nerve damage….* I am in my 20s and have a few young children. I have never used recreational drugs. I just want off the oxycodone the safest and most efficient way possible. My PCP suggested switching me to Kadine and went on to inform me that it would be our best move… I did some research and Kadine is a form of Morphine and I do NOT want to be dependent on any medications. My PCP also suggested suboxone or methedone; once again, I do not want to be on any medications where I am physically dependent. I am deeply afraid of going through withdrawal symptoms primarily because my children need me everyday. They have no one like a grand parent or aunt who can help out with basic necessities such as baths and dinner etc. I guess what I am trying to ask is what is the best way to get off and minimize any withdraw symptoms from home? I am in fear that my doctor is now making this dramatic switch with anyone who has or is on oxycodone without honestly considering “what” and even “how” are we supposed to switch but still be able to do what we have to on a daily basis and as for me that is to work and take care of my children… not to mention the holidays- I am worried I won’t be “ok” and my kids need me…. I want them to know I am there for them and they don’t have to be scared seeing me in a rare form (from all that I have read…)

    I am so scared to be completely honest. Terrified. I also have been prescribed for several years now Soma 350mg 4x daily (which I mainly take during the evenings to assist with sleeping) and 1mg Xanax 3x daily for severe anxiety.

    Any advise would be more than appreciated. Just to say- as I’ve been reading, it is scary, it is serious, always speak up and don’t be ashamed whatever you personal situation is… your stories are easing my days these past few weeks; I am sure they are doing more for someone else! I applaud all that is working towards change!

  170. I start Oxcodone on NOv 10th. The pills were 5 mg. I took two a day after I came home from the hospital. I’m on the second day of half the dose of Oxcodone. I would like to know how long it takes to set rid of the additional muscle & joint pain. I also cannot sleep at night. I also have emotional outbreaks because of this drug.

    Please help.

  171. Hello, I have been on Oxycodone and OxyContin for 7 years, for the last 15 months my doctor had me on 20mgs every 4hrs so 120mgs daily, now she is cutting me down, 30 mgs daily.. I have had extreme bowel movements and extreme nausea along with a lot of other issues.. it’s been 3-4 weeks and the issues are just starting to slow down but still there.. now she wants to cut more? She is not adding anything to help.. is this a normal reaction, should I still be feeling withdrawal symptoms? Also is she doing this right? The nurse she has and her seem to think I should have no issues with cutting down every week or two? I have always done exactly what she wanted but this is horrible… and now because I am saying I am having issues cutting down she wants me to find another doctor but I am having issues doing this.. Was the dose she had me on too high? Because this seems to be the feedback I am getting? She also had me on more oxycontin which I have asked and then cut down because I thought that was the “bad” drug, but This seems worse to cut down..? Should I be feeling this bad still?

  172. Hello Peter. Yes, trouble sleeping ( falling asleep, staying asleep AND sleep routine problems) are symptoms of opiate/opioid withdrawal. Seek medical advice from your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist about addressing these symptoms.

  173. Was taking 20mg morning OC 20mg night. for 8 to 10 years. Have stopped the 20 mg in the mornings and keep falling asleep during the day as well as muscle cramps etc. Do not sleep well at night but during the day just drop off to sleep while sitting with people. Can this be a sign of withdrawal

  174. I had a TKR in June 2014 I’m taking oxycodone 5mg every 5 to 6 hours. I want to stop taking it so I tried several times not to take it at night and the pain an Restlessness was horrible. I woke up my nose was running at the very anxious

  175. Boyfriend and I have been on them for yrs almost ten for me and 5 or more for him! doing it cold turkey as none of our friends or family are aware of the mess we are in! we are on day five or six and have managed but with the help of another st drug !!!! we take prescibed sleeping pills to sleep sometimes they work sometime not! My question is, what makes my boyfriend jump twitch kick and flice all over the bed after he has gone to sleep ??? im scared for him, I mean we both have awhile with restless legs and aches but his is sooo extrereme when he sleeps ???

  176. I was on/off a couple days and I feel terrible!!! I feel sleepy but can sleep, jittery, sad, anxious, burpy…are these the withdrawal symptoms, I’ve been off 36 hours from my last tablet…how much longer will this last?

  177. I took oxycodone for pain following a double knee replacement for about five months, but in gradually tapering-off doses, and stopped taking it when the prescription ran out and the pain had lessened. About a month after stopping it completely, the pain in one knee became intense, for reasons not yet determined (still awaiting test results), so I requested and received a refill. One dose not only got rid of the pain, but I am still pain-free 14 hours later. I have been feeling totally exhausted and barely able to function, and sweating a lot. Now, after one dose, I feel great, and this leads me to wonder if I could have still been suffering from withdrawal effects a month and a half after stopping the drug. My doctor is awaiting lab results to see if there is an infection, but that seems unlikely. Any thoughts?
    Thank you very much.

  178. I was prescribed oxycodone 15mg 4 times per day for knee pain. I very rarely took more than two pills daily. Last week I took 4 tabs a day for two days. After that I stopped completely. Can I actually be going through withdrawal? I feel depressed as hell, just want to sleep all day, I can’t sleep well at night and my mood is in the gutter. Can this be after such a short period? Should I just try to halve my dosage to 7.5 mg daily then stop altogether?

  179. Hi Melissa. The duration of withdrawal symptoms from oxycodone varies from person to person and it’s linked to the individual’s metabolism and how long oxycodone was used. It can take about a few weeks for someone who’ been taking the meds for a longer time, even if they took them as prescribed.

  180. I have been on oxocodone 30mg for 5 years. I have lupus /RA/ 6 disks out and nerve damage. I stopped my medication 3 days ago and I’ve been taking Benadryl every 6 hour ‘cuz it helps with the detox symptoms. How long will this last?

  181. Hello John. Check in with your doctor, but Imodium AD is typically used when helpful. The fever and discomfort and insomnia peak at around Day 3, and resolve within 7-10 days. Hang in there! And call a detox clinic for a consult if things get particularly uncomfortable.

  182. Total Knee Replacement surgery 4-1-14. Prescribed Oxycodone 5MG pills post surgery. Week 1 post discharge hospital = 80MG/DAY. Week 2 = 50MG/Day. Week 3 = 30MG/Day. Week 4 = 22MG/Day. Started taper Week 5 = 15MG/Day. Week 6 thru Week 8 continued to taper from 15MG/Day to 7.5MG/Day. Very difficult for me to taper from these small quantities. Switched to Hydrocodone 5/325 on doctors orders end of Week 8 and was not successful in keeping pill (5.5MG/Day) down. So went Cold Turkey. Now 72HRS from last Hydrocodone (1.25MG/5 HRS) and 5 days from Oxycodone (7.5MG/Day).

    I am at the end of my rope. I felt I was on limited use and managed a taper program down to 7.5.MG Oxycodone/Day. I have all classic withdrawal symptoms including flu-fever w/ temps averaging 101F to 103F running several hours. Today (Day 3) = 12 Hours no let up w/ hi-temp. Exhausted and extremely frustrated. Can you please make an opinion when I can expect my withdrawal symptoms to subside? When will fever break to < 99F?

    Should I start Imodium AD?

  183. Hello Angie. Yes, once you interrupt withdrawal by dosing, you’ll need to go through symptoms again. However, depending on the dose amount and frequency…withdrawal symptoms could be more or less intense. Medical supervision is always recommended during oxycodone withdrawal, so be sure to seek help from a detox clinic or your supervising, prescribing doctor.

  184. Hello Alain. Your dosage will need to be managed by a prescribing doctor in order to minimize the pain and withdrawal symptoms. Tolerance is a known outcome of long term use of opioids like oxycodone. However, you might want to consult with a pharmacist to get additional feedback. Good luck in adjusting your doses.

  185. I am taking 20mg 4 times a day for chronic pain from oesteoarthritis . I wake up in the morning from withdrawls symptoms every day around 6ham
    I take a dose and then 3 hours later I take another one because symptoms appear again.
    I take a dose 4 hours later 1pm
    I take the last dose between 4pm and 5 pm sometimes I take one extra dose later if pain is really
    bad but it really bothers my falling asleep
    I don’t know if I am taking the right dosage? I would like to remain at 4 doses per day.
    Can’t see my doctor I had for 17 years because I moved to another province and I have to find a new doctor before I run out. I don’t want to go cold turkey done it before and it’s terrible.
    My doctor prescribed Elavil and Ativan to help me go to sleep.
    I also take apo-gabapentin for my neuropathy I take only at night because makes me to drowsy
    during the day.
    I don’t like taking all those pills but seems like I have no choice

  186. Hello Graham. It’s possible that the fatigue is a symptom of withdrawal. Experts recommend that you cut down by 25% at a time, but no more than 1/2 the previous dose. Did you set up a tapering schedule with your supervising doctor?

  187. i have been on oxyies for 2and half years.i hab 3 diskes removed,and fusion,10/325.i have tryed to cut down from 4x to 1 time a day,since i have been doing this for about 2weeks.i have had no go i just sit in a chair and sleep,is this from cutting down to fast…..

  188. Hello Susan. The time it takes to withdraw from opioids is generally related to your dosing history: doses, amount, frequency, and length of time you used oxycodone. However, you can expect acute symptoms to resolve in 7-10 days of cessation. The longer term symptoms such as problems sleeping and mood disorders can linger for weeks to months later. Check in with your supervising doctor to see if you can benefit from the prescription of antidepressant medications, or not (to be used for a short term period of 3-6 weeks). You certainly don’t want to trade one addiction or dependency for another. But there are protocols for treating protracted withdrawal symptoms from opioid dependence (PAWS).

  189. I M withdrawing from oxycodone and methadone It has been since Feb 1 and I am extremely weak. I am also having difficulty sleeping, and feel like I need to eat because I get real nervous about how long does this nonsense take to complete the get out of my system

  190. Hello Alain. You’ll need to discuss your particular case with your prescribing doctor, who understands more about the context of your medical history and physical needs. Withdrawal occurs when dosing is interrupted after a period of physical dependence. How long do you expect to be taking pain medications?

  191. I was taking 50 mg of morphine sulphate daily in two 25mg doses. Morphine made me dizzy and drowsy. I asked my doctor to switch me to something else. He prescribe oxycodone 5mg four times daily. After the next day I went into withdrawls from the morphine so I increase the dosage to 10mg x 2 plus 1 5mg daily after speaking with my pharmacist ( doctor away vacation) and it worked but after a night sleep I feel the withdrawl symptoms in the morning. Should I worry?

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